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My Final Rant, Or: How My Heroes Fell
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First off when there were rumors that Big Brother 6 was going to be an All-Stars edition I said I was against it and those shows are never as good as a regular cast.   However, as the hype started to build for this season, I was getting really excited.   How would these great players compete? Who would align with who? Would they really bring in a cast-member from Big Brother 1? Just imagine, Evil Dr.   Will from season two trying to outfox Danielle "The Devil" from season three.   Then, add in the Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar from BB6, three of the most popular players in reality TV, I was stoked, I couldnít wait for July!

Look Who didn't make it back into the house: Bunky Miller, Dana Varela, Monica Baily, Lisa Donahue, Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, Ivette Corredero.    Mike "Boogie" Malin did make it in, and according to our poll, he was liked less than any of them.  
Prior to the first show, the public got to vote in six players, and former HGs were popping up everywhere to campaign for your vote, and they were popping up in our chat room too, which was a blast.   So the big night rolls around, and we get to see who the All-Star cast will be.   Julie announced the four girls to be picked first.   Janelle, Erika, Diane, and Nakomis, and right away, I noticed that Alison was missing from the Americaís vote contestants.   You see, we had done our own poll, of more than ten thousand people, and Alison beat Erika, Diane, and Nakomis.   Julie went on to announce the four guys, Howie, Kaysar, James, and Jase.   Once again, not the four guys our poll picked, we had Howie, Kaysar, Will and Marcellas.  

Hereís what went wrong: Fans were using automatic voting software to bump up their favorites, and the CBS web site was allowing each person to vote as often as they wanted and at some point they capped the voting at 400 votes per person (IP address).   This is the same problem with American Idol voting.   The network wants to say "50 Million People Voted." so the numbers sound so big and important, but it wasnít 50 million people, it was a small fraction of people voting hundreds of times.   We should really campaign for a "one vote per phone number" system on all these shows.

Julie asked the remaining guests if they were surprised they weren't voted in by the public? Marcellas said he was devastated, "After all I am America's gay sweetheart." Well dry those tears little buckaroo, the fans liked you better than James, Diane and Nakomis, CBS just doesnít know how to take a poll.   Julie picked the next six keys: Will, Danielle, Marcellas, Alison, Mike Boogie, and the final key went to Chicken George.   Wait! Mike Boogie? He only got 1% of the popular vote, he came in dead last.   Why would the producers put him in there? Well, as we would later discover, the producers really wanted Dr.   Will (so did the fans) and Will told them he had demands, Bunky was out and Boogie was in, or no Evil Dr.   Will was pulling strings and getting his way long before the show started.

Regardless of the method, we ended up with a great cast, and Boogie, and I couldnít wait to see what my favorites from past seasons would do, and as a fan of season six, I felt sure that they got together, looked at their goofs, made adjustments, and would steamroll through that house to the final four, well, maybe three.

Letís see how my heroes fell in order of eviction:

Alison was the first evicted.   Alison is a cutthroat player.   Nothing stands between her and the finish line, get in her way, and youíre history.   Unfortunately, we already know that.   Not only did we see her take-no-prisoners approach in BB3, she gave an encore performance on The Amazing Race.   To win, Alison needed to shed her ruthless image and take them by surprise.   She should have sobbed and said she was homesick, that she missed her boyfriend Dr.   Jason, acted weak until she could build up an alliance.   What she did was to try to mastermind a coup in the first week, she told everyone that her relationship with Jason was on the rocks because she lied to him, and then started playing secret agent by hiding in pottery.   She showed sheís a threat, announced sheís still a liar, and overplayed the game.   So much for Alison.  

Nakomis: I know that Iím going to upset a lot of Nakomis fans by saying this: But I donít get it? Why is she a fan favorite and so trusted? She promised Cowboy that sheíd never nominate him, and then she did.   She promised him he was safe and only a pawn, but he was not.   She lied like crazy, which on this show isnít a bad thing, but letís not sugar-coat it, I wouldnít trust her to pack my parachute.   After being nominated she almost made it to safety, but she was a double agent for Chill Town, so she would have been evicted later anyway.

Jase: Will said it best; in that he broke the rule of being a nominee by being conspicuous and making the voters feel uncomfortable.   If he had kept his mouth shut and started washing dishes and folding other peopleís laundry thereís no telling how far he would have gone.   Quiet and helpful would have saved him until his alliance with Chill Town did him in.

Diane: In general, this just isnít her game.   Donít get me wrong, she seems like a nice person, but in BB5 she was constantly in trouble, calling out alliances, blabbing to the girl alliance every word Drew said to her and she just doesnít do well under stress.   Drew took her to the finals by evicting the people she pissed off (Holly Scott, Jase.).   Itís a shame the whole Mr.   & Mrs.   Smith rumor had to taint the game

Kaysar: Kaysar, dude, what went wrong? He was completely off his game.   He was always so depressed it was quite clear he didnít want to be in the house, and it made his eviction easier.   He goofed on several levels, but Iíll get to those later.

Marcellas: Another one that just didnít play this year.   Hereís where I think Marcellas went wrong: He seems dawn to pretty people, and he shuns everyone that buys their underwear at Target.   It wasnít of any help for him to team up with Janelle or anyone from season six.   It appears that alliances of two do very well in this game, i.e., Jason and Danielle, Drew and Diane, Mike and Will (I can hear Jamesí voice ĎThis is not a team sport.í) Marcellas would have done best to team up with Chicken George.   No one would have expected it.   Marcellas needed to get out of bed and wash some dishes with the Chickenman.   Marcellas has studied this game for three years, and thereís no excuse for not knowing that the bitchy one is going to be voted off.   All George needed was a guiding hand (brain) and they could have ended up the surprise couple of the year.  

Howie: I know there are lots of people out there that arenít fans of Howie, but the guy makes me laugh, so Iím a fan.   Howie didnít make his best showing this year, and I feel kinda let down.   I didnít mind him throwing Boogieís cap when he was evicted, I thought he could have behaved worse.   The problem was, he helped Chill Town and didnít see what they were doing.   I thought that by the time George got to the sequester house, Howie would have realized George wasnít the problem and it was really disappointing to see him still mad at George.  

James: In season six I wanted to like James.   I thought he was just a little excited and nervous and made really bad choices.   He started off last year by saying he was a high school philosophy teacher, I donít even think there is such a thing.   Then he swore to his alliance that he and Sarah had never met, so when this spool of lies unraveled it branded him a liar within his own alliance.   Not trusting him, they planned on throwing him under the bus when they no longer needed his vote.   Sensing this distrust, James tried to make other deals.   This year, I figured James would have seen that you need to stick by your alliance, make them feel secure, show them you can be trusted.   Nope! He ran through the house yelling that his own alliance tried to throw him under the bus.   He blatantly jumped from side to side shouting "This is not a team sport!" "My own team threw me under the bus!" "If youíre not on a team, youíre a floater, my team hates floaters." I heard from so many people that said, "I really want to like James, but heís such a weasel." What a way to go out .   .   .  

Danielle: Oh what a disappointment! Iím such a huge Danielle fan and she did terribly.   Her mistakes are so obvious.   She tried to find a "Jason" and she picked James.   How in the world is he like Jason? Danielle, if you couldnít find a 27 virgin Baptist, go for the next best thing, take the Muslim.   I admit that Kaysar was way off his game, but if anyone could have whipped him into shape it was Danielle.   She had a choice between putting up Will or Boogie, but she puts up Kaysar.   I guess she had no way of knowing Erika had a thing with Boogie before she came in the house, but instead of telling Will to get Janelle to fall in love with him, she could have had Kaysar control Erika.   Danielleís supposed to be the devil.   Next time you start a Legion of Doom, make sure itís not your Doom the legion is after.  

George: So nice to see someone from my favorite season.   Producer Arnold Shapiro wasnít sure about casting George and asked him if was really going to try and play the game.   You see, Big Brother One didnít have any real scheming in it, they ended up with eight nice people taking turns on being nominated.   George said he went to the audition for the free medical exam, his insurance didnít cover routine visits, and when accepted to go on the show, he said he would try it because he loved to meet new people.   At first he didnít think heíd get far, so the money wasnít a foremost issue in BB1.   Shapiro didnít want George just meeting new people, he wanted an All-Star that would scheme and plot.   George didnít have many schemes or plots, but he really stepped up to the plate and played hard.   For a while there I really thought it could be George and Janelle in the final two.   I think Shapiro should be very pleased with the effort made by George.

Dr.   Will: A near-perfect game! This guy is amazing, and I donít know how he does it.   Before the show started, I figured Will would have been the first kicked out.   Even if you forget what a genius player he is, he won once, he got his prize, goodbye.   Second week, an easy week for the HoH, Will says he needs to get back to the office, put him up, send him home.   When Will was still there the third week, I really believed heíd win the game.  

Janelle: Last year I applauded the producers for picking Janelle.   My readers would write, "Big Brother needs more older people." "Big Brother should have two gay guys." "Big Brother should stop filing the house with models." I said "Big Brother needs smarter HGs." And they gave us Janelle.   Beautiful, funny, and an IQ of 140.   Now I have a question: "How did she get so dumb in just one year?" What happened to her fire? She was so easily manipulated and keep saying things like, "I donít wanna put him up, he might get mad at me." And then at the very last minute she did give us one of the most amazing moments in BB history when she said, "I vote to evict you Dr.   Will." I think that was better than Marcellas not using the PoV to save himself.   The look on Boogieís face was priceless, oh wait, no it wasnít, it came to $500,000.

Erika: I hope when she gets out and sees the tapes and really studies the game, sheíll see she was a pawn A pawn that made one great move in talking to Janelle the night before her eviction.   Erika, stop taking credit for the sun in the morning and the moon at night.   I think sheís going to be very hurt by the things Boogie said, so I wonít add any more to that.  

Boogie: Erika keeps calling him a spoiled brat, and he truly is.   One year for Christmas he asked for a hockey jersey and got it, but the lettering was the wrong color.   He was so mad he threw it outside in the snow.   He complained all through the season that the show catered too much to the internet viewers.   It damn well should.   At $40 a pop weíre major stock holders in Big Brother and we want our moneyís worth.   This means adults that donít talk about the producers by name, and not giving shout-outs every five minutes to people that havenít signed releases.   I know, Iíve already heard his reply, "Eat-a-dick," he said it many times.   He won, so screw us, and maybe Iím no better for not being a better sport about this myself.  

Now, about the Sovereign: Guys, what were you thinking, didnít you learn anything from season six? First of all you shouldnít worry that you look like a team, everyoneís going to think it whether you are or not.   You should have stuck together like glue.   Each HoH should have been a breeze with the support of the three other team members, but no one got support, everyone ran off, leaving Kaysar, and most often Janelle alone.   This is how Will got to her, by holding her hand and giving her encouragement.   That HoH room door should have been locked to Chill Town and anyone else.   This was a winning team, which should have just plowed through the house.   But Howieís off promising safety to Chill Town, everyoneís trying to make a deal for next week, when next week another member of the SOV is going to be HoH.   James was part of the winningest team in BB history, and leaves because theyíre not throwing him the ball enough? Thatís crazy! You donít quit the team when theyíre winning.   I blame part of this on Kaysar.   The SOV was like a team of stooges with no Moe to lead them.   When Kaysar should have been cracking the whip getting the knuckleheads in line, he was off smoking his hookah telling Erika how he wanted to go home, he was lonely and depressed.   Howie too would shrug his shoulders and let Janelle nominate who she wanted.   They should have planned all this out in advance, they should have had a roster of evictions from the start, and just gone down the list one at a time.   The opposition tried to take out Janelle from the start, a futile waste of energy.   Kaysar was the only victim of opposing forces, James and Howie were taken out from within, and look who made it to the final four, Janelle, but instead of it being Howie and James with her, it was Chill Town and Erika.

I didnít understand why everyone feared Chill Town.   Will has never won HoH, never won PoV, Boogie canít remember anything from ten minutes ago, and yet this alliance of two was at first, the most feared.   There was no reason for it.   There was no reason to ever speak to Will or Boogie on a game level, because from the standpoint of power, they had none! Their only power was given to them, willingly by their enemies.   Why? I kept waiting all season for the lightbulb to go off over someoneís head and see what Will was doing.   It never happened.   I watched it, I saw him do it, people were just stabbing their alliance members and friends in the back, because Will told them to.   Amazing!

So it looks like there will be a Big Brother Eight.   Along with all the mistakes the HGs made, the producers made their share too.   Since the beginning nearly all the same rules have been in place: No singing.   No talking about people outside the house that have not signed a wavier.   Producers or any DR staff member are not to be refereed to by name.   HGs are not permitted to say how theyíll vote.   HGs are not permitted to reveal what was discussed in the DR.   And if a HG breaks these rules, who is punished? We are.   There has never been a penalty nomination, or as they do in other countries, the HGs loose money or privileges for breaking the rules or not wearing their microphones, but here, they just let the paying customers listen to theme music and watch screen savers.   Hamsters can be trained.   There is no reason for a HG to know the names of the production assistants (PA) or give shout-outs to them.   In other Big Brother houses they use a voice changer in the DR so the HGs donít know who theyíre talking to.   All this talk about liking one PA over another, and all the names, it just feeds the rumors that the game is fixed.   Enforce the rules, train the hamsters to be good HGs.

On the subject of rules.   Iíve always felt there should be more.   These people have it way too easy.   And the All-Stars felt they should had things even easier.   How did they figure that? All-Stars should be able to take adversity to new extremes, but they wanted to sleep later and stay in their robes all day, because theyíre reality TV stars and have agents and lawyers.   In BB1, if you didnít get out of bed in time there was no hot water, good rule.   For $40 a season I want to see my hamsters run around the wheel, not lay in bed.   The diet restriction stuff is old.   Canít each individual earn their food? If they want to give it to someone that didnít work, thatís their business.   It just doesnít seem fair that for some arbitrary reason half the house canít eat.   There would be much more drama if it was up to the winners to decide how much of their food theyíd go without to feed the losers.

I could go on like this for pages, but then youíd think I donít like Big Brother, and for some crazy reason I do.   In fact, I Canít Wait for Big Brother Eight!

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