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It's day 48 in the BBCAN5 Odyssey.
Big Brother 19 Starts June 28 2017 on CBS & Global
There are


By a Vote of 6-1, Sindy was Evicted
Kevin was her one vote to stay.
The program ended with the HoH competition in progress. 
Karen had won an advantage in the competition by being the first HG to get 1500 steps on her step-counter.

Demetres has won HoH!
Kevin and Bruno Have Been Nominated For Eviction!
Today's PoV competitors are: Demetres, Bruno, Kevin, Ika, Dre and William. Jackie is hosting.
William won the PoV!
William did not use the PoV but did use the Secret PoV on Kevin. Demetres nominated Karen in his place.
Karen & Bruno are on the Block
House Stats Chart Alliances and Deals Chart
Updated: April 24 Updated: April 22

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Update Entry
Wednesday, April 26, 2017  Eviction Eve
Mortys TV Pop Poll
Good Morning Canada! Here's a brief recap. Everyone thinks that the live feeders feel that Karen is gold, as she is so odd/funny without trying.

Karen continues to tell Bruno that he is staying. [It's one of her many conspiracy theories. ~BadTyper] Karen gives Bruno tips for the remainder of his game, says he must get rid of Kevin and Jackie for his own good.

William and Kevin talk; apparently Jackie thinks Will hates her (not sure why). Kevin said it's good that Will tried to make her think otherwise.

11:52AM BBT: Kevin confirms with Demetres that they will trust each other for the next two weeks, they don't want to make a final four deal as they need to build trust with one another.

Kevin states that he is going to be badmouthing Demetres and Ika, but not to believe any of it, he tells Dillon that he is pissed that Bruno is on the block. Demetres and Kevin say that if Karen gets HoH then they are on the block together.

Dre and Dillon talk about how Demetres and Ika have all the power and have been dictating who goes home, this may be old news but Dre is no longer as close to Ika as she was. Dre says she is just pretending with Demetres and Ika. Dillon promises if he gets HoH Demetres and Ika are going up.

Dillon and Dre are hoping Bruno goes tomorrow.

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Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

I said nothing!

Kevin lays a guilt trip on William

It's a little slice of heaven.

Turns out not everyone loves the fuzzy bunny.

The houseguests hear voices from home...  Ika's boys.

Bruno's kids too, laughing and giggling.

More disturbing than bunnies-- RATS!

Kevin works on William.

Ika works on Dre.

Kevin works harder on William.

Ika works on William.

William does not use the PoV.

Before to PoV ceremony was adjourned, BB calls Demetres to the diary room.
Full coverage of tonight's live eviction episode will not be posted here until after 11PM.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Sindy got the boot, 'The Six' was down to a Shaky Four and with Ika fixed on payback, the war of The Four was heating up.

While Kevin and Bruno braced for battle, the newbies waited for the vets to dig their own grave.

At the HoH competition, it all came down to Bruno and Demetres. But the Greek pinned down the win and claimed the crown for the third time this season. Despite being in hot water, Kevin and Bruno kept their veteran cool and pitched targeting the newbies. But that the nomination ceremony, the Greek chose to declare war and nominated Bruno and Kevin.

Tonight, who'll blow a casket in the bunniest PoV ever? Will William use his secret PoV? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us he put up both Bruno and Kevin because he tried to trust them but can't. They've let him down time and time again. Kevin's his target, because Kevin is a good liar and hard to read so that makes him a big threat. If he doesn't take Kevin out now, Kevin will probably come after him soon. He put Bruno beside Kevin to ensure at least one of them is there on eviction night.

Bruno tells us this is horrible. He's on the block beside Kevin plus there are two vets on the block. The vets have cannibalized each other instead of going after the newbies.

Kevin tells us his alliance is falling apart. The jury house is filled with vets. He feels the control slipping away and he's worried.

Bruno and Kevin reassure themselves to play the veto; one of them will win and come down and they can focus on the replacement nominee.

Kevin goes to see Demetres in HoH. Kevin says he's very angry and thought they could make a great move together but he's not vengeful. Demetres says he made valid points but so does the rest of the house. Demetres feels that if he doesn't win, he was going home. William told Demetres (says Demetres) that Kevin wanted him out. Kevin denies it. Kevin tells us he's concerned that he told William he wanted Demetres out and William told Demetres. The conversation ends awkwardly.

Kevin tells us he thought he had William more under his control but the fact that William is spreading things through the house makes him question if William was under his control at all.

Kevin takes William into the storage room and asks if he's playing him. William denies it, Kevin mentions what people are saying. William says he doesn't talk to anyone in the house, Kevin doesn't know who to believe.

William swears on his mother's life that he has never played Kevin. He doesn't talk to anyone in the game, just listens. Only Dre he talks to. William admits he may have told Dre Kevin wanted Demetres out.

Kevin curses when he realizes in essence, it did come from William.

In the DR, William chuckles. "Sorry, Kevin, I guess I did tell Dre."

Kevin tells us he's guilt tripping William because he wants to play on his sensitivity and get more loyalty long term. Kevin hugs William before leaving the room, saying, "I'm not mad, just disappointed." That conversation again, ends awkwardly.

Bruno talks to Ika about his nomination. Ika says she believes Bruno is loyal, but Demetres is his own person. Ika assures Bruno if he's on the block against Kevin, Bruno will not go home. She says when she saw both of them on the block, it hit her that they were both vets. Bruno reminds her there's only three of them left. He adds that they are all the idiots in the house. The newbies are laughing at them taking each other out.

Ika tells us she was truly OK with these nominations just the other day but after seeing two vets on the block she's not as OK. Kevin is a snake and sketchy and has to go but Bruno isn't so bad. He could help Ika out later. She's thinking - she doesn't know.

Ika approaches Demetres in the HoH room, concerned about how it looks if Ika is the only vet left with all the newbies. Demetres thinks she's fine and that she won't be a target if both boys leave. Ika says Karen doesn't stop saying she wants all the vets gone. She wants to outlast all the "vet giants". Are they playing into the newbie hands? Demetres says no. He's never thought of it like that.

Ika starts wondering if Dre has been lying to her about things William has been saying to make her hate the newbies now. Ika doesn't trust anyone, she says as she leaves the room.

Time to pick players for the PoV competition! Demetres picks Ika, Bruno picks William, Kevin picks Dre.

In the storage room, Kevin tells us he said he won't throw Bruno under the bus, but he will if he has to. If Bruno wins and pulls himself off, that's devastating. He's not giving up, there's no way. He's going to win today. He can't let these people win.

Time for the PoV competition! The backyard is decorated with fire and caskets and Ika says "no no no" over and over as she gets into the casket.

Ika tells us she knows BB will throw cockroaches, maggots, snakes in with them. She's losing her mind.

Jackie, dressed as an angel, appears. "HGs, this weeks PoV competition is called 100 minutes of heaven and here's how it works. Your job is simple - hit your buzzer when you think 100 minutes has gone by. The HGs who buzzes in closest to 100 minutes will win the PoV. BB will have some heavenly surprises throughout the competition that hopefully you will enjoy. Your time in heaven starts now!"

Kevin is rubbing his chest slowly, counting. 6000 seconds is the 100 minute mark.

Demetres tells us counting is secondary to trying to figure out when to hit the button.

The first heavenly surprise is bubbles, which distracts Demetres as he tries to pop them.

Next up is a "Hallelujah" song. The music goes on repeat, Dre tells us it does not distract her but Ika tells us she can't wait for it to be over.

A hot guy and hot girl come out dressed in angels costumes bring out chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Demetres tells us it's heaven while Ika tells us she can leave. William wants the angel boy in his box, he's counting abs now, not seconds.

The angels come back with white bunny rabbits, placing one on each HG. Ika freaks out and screams, not letting the bunny touch her. She's scared and Dillon tells her it's way more scared of her than she is of it. Ika's freaked by the red eyes (apparently not knowing that's normal for pure white bunnies).

Ika does not stop screaming as she curls herself out of her casket. Bruno tells us he feels sorry for the cute little bunny. Ika tells us she is staying in the casket because she cares about winning the veto and not letting Demetres down.

Demetres tells us he sees Kevin and Bruno looking solid, looking unfazed and keeping track of time. He does not want them to win and have to name a replacement nominee. The lights go off on all but Demetres. He hears laughter, knows it's his dad and it's breaking his focus. It's kind of creepy.

Each HGs gets the same treatment, laughter from a family member. Tears break out when Ika hears her kids laughing. Ika tells us it's the best and worst distraction.

Bruno also tears up when he hears his boys. Bruno tells us he tries to block out their voices but it's really hard. We are at 69 minutes now.

Kevin tells us he's keeping his rythm going, not losing focus. Then the angels bring out three rats in a glass tube for each casket. Then the rats get poured into the casket. Now Dre is freaking out too.

Ika is crying and even William is squirming. Ika hops out of the coffin, eliminating herself.

Dre tells us the rats are crawling all over them, their little feet are all over their bodies. William encourages Dre to keep counting. Dre tells us she wants to win to prove to the vets what she's made of and make sure Kevin or Bruno get sent to jury.

Bruno tells us he's not letting the rats distract him. The Hallelujah song starts again, causing William to tell it to shut up. William hits his buzzer finally and gets out.

Demetres tells us by his count they were only at 85 minutes. Kevin hits his next, followed by Demetres. Demetres tells us he buzzes in after Kevin because he feels they are under 100 and his being closer will beat Kevin.

Bruno tells us he feels everyone else is too early. He has to trust himself and his counting. Bruno buzzes in, followed by Dre. She thinks they're under 100 minutes so she'll be closest.

Time for the results! The two HGs with the worst time, buzzing in 27 minutes over are Dre and Bruno. Everyone is surprised.

The winner of the PoV, buzzing in at seven mins and four seconds over is William!

William tells us he's shocked, he cannot believe he won. He has the secret PoV and this veto! He has no idea what he's going to do!

The HGs all realize how far off they all were. Kevin tells us losing the PoV with his life on the line was the worst option, but William winning is the next best thing. He has to convince William to use it on him.

In the pink bedroom, Ika and Dre discuss if they think William would use it. Dre doesn't think so. Ika tells us she doesn't want William to use it on Kevin. Kevin is shady, he's a snake, Kevin is her target and she wants him gone. Ika tells Dre she has to talk to William.

In the storage room, Bruno and Kevin discuss William's using the veto. Bruno thinks William would use it on Kevin.

Kevin approaches William in the blue bedroom. They have to talk quickly because Jackie might be on her way in. Kevin wants to be real and honest - everyone will take him out if he stays on the block. It's all up to William. If he doesn't trust him, then send him out, Kevin says. He's better for William's game than Bruno, Kevin adds. William wants Kevin to stay.

Dre, Demetres and Ika in the HoH room, still wondering if William will use the PoV. Ika says she'll kill him if he uses the PoV. Ika tells Dre to talk to William. Dre says William doesn't want to make Ika mad.

Ika tells us she's flat out going to lie to Dre; make William think Kevin's not the target, even though he is. Dre tells us she needs to convince William not to use the PoV. If she says Demetres and Ika will be mad at him forever and they have the votes to keep Kevin, he might not use the veto.

Dre interrupts Kevin and William and asks for four seconds. They have a quick discussion in French that consists of Dre delivering Ika's message. William is suspicious why he can't just use it then if they're going to save Kevin anyway. Dre says she wouldn't tell him that if she thought Kevin would leave. She is convinced she is in a position to make sure Kevin stays. William says it's not that he doesn't trust them, he wants to be sure though. They get interrupted so William says they can talk more later.

[The guillotine remained France's standard method of judicial execution until the abolition of capital punishment in 1981. The last person to be executed in France was Hamida Djandoubi, who was executed by the guillotine on September 10, 1977.]

William tells us Dre stresses him out so badly. She wouldn't do anything to stab him in the back but she's acting kind of sketchy. His two favourite people in the house are asking him to do different things and it makes him wonder what to do. William goes back to cuddling with Kevin.

When William leaves Kevin, he joins Dre and DemIka in the HoH room.

Ika tells us she needs to make sure William does what he wants. She's protected him in this game and she wants him to return the favour.

William tells Ika he doesn't know what to do with his veto. Ika tells him not to use the veto. His allegiance is to her, not to Kevin. She's been fair with him, she respected his HoH. She asks him to respect his knight's HoH and not use the PoV and she'll keep his peasant boy (Kevin) safe. William admits Bruno won't help his game at all, Kevin will shield him. Ika says he has three shields right in the HoH room.

Ika says Demetres doesn't want anymore blood on his hand by having to nominate a replacement nominee. William didn't have to during his HoH. They'll keep Kevin safe. Ika and Demetres both say it helps their game to keep Kevin.

Ika asks William if he wants to feel the wrath of Ika?

William tells us Ika is in his face right now, trying to scare him into not using the veto. But she doesn't know he has the secret PoV so he'll do what he wants.

William heads back to the blue bedroom and spills the "plan". Dre joins them and Kevin asks who is better for her game, him or Bruno. Dre says she doesn't like either of them.

Kevin admits there were moments he was playing William, but he was never going to go after William and would protect him.

Dre says Kevin is putting William in a bad position by asking him to use the PoV. Dre doesn't believe if Kevin stayed he'd do anything for William. It's easy to say, he doesn't have any other option.

William tells us he needs to think about his game long term. Maybe not using the secret PoV is the biggest move he can make.

Time for the PoV ceremony.

William gives them the chance to say why they think he should use the PoV on them. Kevin: We have an awesome relationship in the house. Do what's best for your game. Bruno: I know there's no chance you'll use it on me. It's all good, congrats on winning it.

William decides not to use the PoV. There was a part of him that wanted to save Kevin but at the end of the day, it's best for his game to respect Demetres' nominations.

They start to adjourn the PoV ceremony, then the lights flash red and Demetres is called to the DR.

Everyone wonders what's going on.

Will the secret PoV be played? And who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow night! On Big Brother Canada!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E19 was written by BBLuver.

Did you miss tonight's episode of BBCAN5? You can watch it here.

Today's update was written by BadTyper with TV coverage by BBLuver

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Update Entry
Tuesday, April 25, 2017  Day 46 in the BBCAN Odyssey
Bruno campaigned to Ika, she tells him it's not set in stone that he will leave this week. He tries to explain to Ika that Dre is in a great position Dre, "They're licking their chops at the chance," to go after DemIka.

Ika assures Bruno, "You'd have no, me, Kevin, Demetres... going to the end and then battling it out?" Bruno: "I would LOVE that."

Ika tells Bruno she thinks he's genuine, but he has to show that to Demetres. DemIka is worried that if Bruno and Kevin both stay, and Ika is evicted, they'd turn against Demetres. Bruno: "Whatever you need, I'll do it. I don't want to go home sitting beside Karen, are you kidding me?" Ika: "Let me talk to Demetres, and you also have to talk to him too, with the same honesty..."

Bruno goes to Kevin and tells him that they have to promise a Final Four to Demika. Kevin is down with the plan.

Kevin: "We have hope?"
Bruno: "We have hope"
Kevin: "We have hope, dude!"

Ika tells Bruno that Demetres is alone in the HoH room, so he should go talk to him. Ika tells Kevin that she realized that if they don't do this deal then she and Demetres don't have the numbers anymore. Ika is concerned that even if they get Demetres on board, they may not have the numbers to keep Bruno.

The updates on this page are taken from the, and right now, nothing new has been posted.

When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it. 

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Update Entry
Monday, April 24, 2017  PoV Ceremony Today
9:00AM BBT:

They're speaking French, so I'm lost.

Bruno and Jackie are sitting outside by the hot-tub, not talking.
If someone says something in English, please post it here.

William did not use the PoV but did use the Secret PoV on Kevin. Demetres nominated Karen in his place.

12:38PM BBT: Will used the secret PoV on Kevin and Karen was put up as replacement nominee, and she is very upset. The house knows there was a secret PoV now but they do not know who had it. Karen is so sure she will be going home now and that she knew someone had a secret PoV and is sure it most likely was Jackie or William. Kevin is thanking William, but it is uncertain if Will told Kevin or not.

6:30PM BBT: Up in the HoH wash area Ika is in the tub while Demetres is sitting next to the tub talking to her. The discussion starts with Demetres saying that it's hard to talk to Bruno he feels bad, but he has F'd him so many times in here and Demetres has tried to be his "guy" so many times but he has just betrayed them so he is going home.

They discuss their relationship in the house and how they will have a hard time getting into a relationship with someone else because of their relationship being televised. Demetres said that he thinks that he feels kinda good about Kevin staying. Ika said that they have no choice. Demetres said that Karen does not like Kevin and Ika said that she wants Kevin out of the house so bad and that PoV with the car is coming up and Kevin knows it very well.

Demetres wonders where they go from here if Ika won HoH next week. Ika said that people make themselves targets, but they will discuss it together, they discuss everything together.

They also discuss Karen and how she asked Ika when she became an option to go on the block. Ika said that she explained to Karen that Demetres had to make a decision on the spot because he did not think he was going to have to name a replacement for the veto. Ika told Demetres that Karen thinks they are working with Kevin and Bruno now that they have gotten into Demika's heads. Demetres said whatever she will find out on eviction day and if she gives him an attitude he will say something to her.

Demetres hopes that it will be a tie and he will have to stand there in his little bear outfit. [He does not have it on yet, but it should be soon. ~Sassy2565]

Demetres said that he will probably be sick of the bear outfit in about an hour... and then at 6:35PM BBT: the feeds go down.

7:38PM BBT: The feeds are back up with Dre and William in the blue bedroom talking in French. Bruno and Kevin are in the wash area and Bruno said someone is in a bad spot. Bruno uses the water closet while Kevin sweeps the wash area. Apparently William did tell Kevin about the secret PoV because when Bruno comes out of the water closet Kevin told him to go in the pantry and touch between the two mirrors on one side and it's obvious there is something there.

Kevin follows that with that is the only thing he (William) told him and asks Bruno how is there a secret PoV in the house and they do not find it, they have to give the kid props. Bruno asked if there was clues and Kevin told him Will said that he would show him one clue and he touched the door. Bruno wonders if there was other clues around the house. Kevin said that is all he was told but he is going to ask him more tonight.

Bruno is going to the storage area to see it and then he is going to take a bath. Bruno asks Kevin when he thinks they should go to Ika and Demetres and tell them about the Dillon thing (?). Kevin said that he will talk to them tonight. Bruno leaves to go and check the storage area.

The camera follows Bruno to the storage area where he is feeling the walls but can't seem to figure out where it is so he heads back upstairs to ask Kevin. They both head back down to the storage area so Kevin can show him.

Meanwhile Dillon is in the kitchen cooking while Karen sits at the counter watching him. Bruno and Kevin head back to the wash area and talk about the secret PoV being crazy. Kevin asked Bruno what he thought when the horn went off and Bruno did not know. Kevin said that Jackie is coming but she does not come in the wash area so they continue to discuss the secret PoV.

7:47PM BBT: Ika walks in the wash area and told Bruno that he can go in the HoH now because she was just washing off. Bruno went into the HoH wash area where Demetres said after that ice dunk a nice warm shower. Bruno replied hell ya.

The feeds switch to Kevin and Ika in the wash area and Kevin tells Ika that Dillon asked him now that he is safe who are they going after next week. Kevin said that he told Dillon his head is spinning right now and he does not know. Kevin said that Dillon asked him if he is going after Ika and Demetres and Kevin said that he told Dillon he does not know and if Karen stays he will probably go after her.

Kevin asks Ika if she made a truce with Dillon. Ika said it was a one week truce and Dre has been telling him to work with her and Demetres but Ika thinks that Dillon senses that it is not real.

Kevin tells Ika that Dillon thinks Kevin will be vengeful to Ika and Demetres and he does not know that they are working together so Kevin is going to play it that way. Bruno walks in the wash area and Kevin rehashes what he just said to Ika. Kevin then says that Karen is revengeful right now. Ika tells Kevin and Bruno about her discussion with Karen. Ika leaves the room and Bruno said if Ika and Demetres are on board then they already have Kevin and William's vote. Bruno does not think Ika and Demetres will be on board.

Kevin wants to let Ika and Demetres know that Dillon and Jackie are going after them. Kevin said that Ika saying Kevin will make himself a bigger target trying to save Bruno is not a good sign.

They agree to think on it and as Kevin goes back to sweeping he says Ika and Demetres are key.

8:00PM BBT: Ika and Dre are in the HoH talking about Ika's conversation she just had with Kevin. Ika told Dre that Dillon spilled beans about them four working together and that she lied to Kevin and told him the truce with Dillon was just a week thing, but she does not thing that Kevin believed her.

They discuss how Dillon is going to anyone in power just like Jackie. They also discuss how they need to keep truce with Kevin just in case he wins HoH next week. They agree that Kevin would be more willing to work with them if Bruno is gone.

8:12PM BBT: The feeds switch to Karen and Dillon in the pink bedroom and Karen is giving her ideas about how the secret power of veto holder can save two people because that is how they work. [Only because it was that way previously. ~Sassy2565]

Dillon leaves the pink bedroom and Karen continues to sit in there and talk to herself. The feeds then change to the kitchen where some house guests are just having general chit chat.

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.


Full coverage of tonight's live eviction episode will not be posted here until after 11PM.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, as HoH Dillon put up Demetres as the pawn and Jackie as the target but when Demetres won the PoV, Dillon got caught in a slug fest between veterans Bruno and Ika.

When the bell tolled, the Champ dropped the gloves and took a swing at Sindy. With Sindy on the block, allies Kevin and Bruno's game showed signs of a power failure and as the campaign for votes began, Jackie got closer to Ika. Then Demetres got caught getting closer to Ika.

Going for broke, Sindy used every trick in her playbook: peer pressure, guilt tripping and water works! But when Sindy tossed Ika's name into the mix, her campaign hit a roadblock. And by eviction night, the house was no longer listening and Sindy hit the road to join her "best friend" Neda in jury!

Tonight, who will rock, roll and paddle their way to HoH victory? With only three veterans left, will their game finally blow up? The fireworks start now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after Sindy's eviction. Ika whispers to Demetres that Sindy thought they were being shady to her but she was working with two of the shadiest people in the house. Bruno tells us her leaving is bad for his game. She was the glue holding together The Six. Without Sindy here, he and Kevin are very vulnerable to the rest of the house.

Kevin tells us The Six alliance has been destroyed with Sindy and Neda leaving.

Ika goes after Kevin and tells him not to be fake, she knows he campaigned to get her on the block. Don't lie to her face, Bruno and Kevin are two of the shadiest people in the house.

Ika tells us it's risky being mean to Kevin right before HoH but once she's crossed, she wants them to know. She's going after him and she will ensure he goes home.

Demetres follows Ika into the storage room to calm her down. She's still going to go after Kevin and Bruno, even if they win HoH. They're shady.

William joins Kevin, who is depressed. William takes his hand and Kevin whispers he wants to cry. William takes Kevin to the Main Bridge and Kevin whispers he shouldn't hang out with him or they'll make William a target too.

Kevin starts to cry as William stays with him and tries to comfort him. William encourages him to win HoH. Kevin doesn't want anyone to see him like that (crying) and heads to the bathroom area. Bruno is there and comforts him. Kevin feels weak, Bruno says he's not weak - that's Kevin's girl. Channel that into winning HoH. Bruno tells us they need power; it's critical they win HoH.

We forward to the HoH competition, previously aired on Thursday's show. The competition is three parts, the first being a hike where they have to transport 150 rocks. The first four to win round one will advance to round two. Karen only has to transport 75 as the winner of the HoH advantage.

Dillon encourages them as the competition starts. He reminds them all to breathe. Kevin's strategy was to take as many rocks as possible and not drop them - except he does drop one and has to start all over. Karen tells us she doesn't want to embarrass herself by not getting into the second round when she has this huge advantage.

Jackie tells us last week she formed an alliance with Kevin and Bruno called The Peasants. She hopes one of the three of them wins because she doesn't think she'd go on the block - they 'd rather work with her. Bruno is done first, then Kevin, then Demetres. Karen is 4th.

Time for Round Two. The HGs are in a paddle boat. Here they will paddle like there's no tomorrow. The first two HGs to paddle 150 strokes will move onto the third and final round. Dillon again reminds everyone to breathe again.

Demetres is the first one to break 100, followed closely by Bruno and Kevin. Demetres hits 150 first, followed by Bruno.

Kevin was slightly behind with 144.

Time for Round Three - The Final Round. There will be three more activities, bean bag toss - toss six bags into the hole. Disc-golf, tossing six discs into the target, and five pin bowling where they must complete a strike.

They have to complete all activities in 150 seconds. If time runs out, they have to start over. The first do so will be the new HoH. The whole round is very close.

Demetres manages to finish first and wins HoH! ParticipAction will be throwing a party for all HGs to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

In the DR, Kevin is very upset Demetres won. Bruno tells us his game is in danger. Demetres tells us he can control the game this week. He can't believe he won again.

In the pink bedroom, Ika kisses Demetres to congratulate him. She said if he hadn't won, they'd be going up this week. Bruno tells Kevin he's (Bruno) going to be the target this week.

William comforts Kevin next. Kevin tells us King Demetres wins again, Queen Ika doesn't have to do anything. The King and Queen are in control again.

In the bathroom area, Karen tells Ika she's been mean to her all day. Ika says she sucked at the challenge too. Karen says she didn't suck, she made it to round two. Only because of her advantage, Ika says. I earned it, Karen replies. Bitch. Bruno hides in the shower listening. Karen wonders how an old woman is supposed to compete against the boys who are beasts. Ika says they are, but that doesn't mean Karen sucked any less. Karen says talk to her when Ika is 53. If she was a shallow, small woman, she'd be crying right now instead of calling Ika a bitch.

Who wants to see my HoH room? *cough* Again *cough* Demetres got a new rug from The Brick.

Demetres tells us the room is as exciting the third time as the first two. His message is from his buddy James. They are travel buddies and work together. James says when he left, he probably thought all the workers at the shop would fall apart without him but they haven't. They hired another Greek guy almost immediately after he left, he's better than Demetres in many ways (all HGs are laughing).

In all seriousness, they hope to see him at the end. They miss him and are watching all episodes. Take care, Greek. The HGs applaud and Dillon makes fun of James joke about hiring a replacement.

First night in HoH, Demetres and Ika drink his entire bottle of tequila. Demetres says they're celebrating another week of being safe.

Ika dances around the HoH, and when Dre takes a shower, Ika peeks in on her and then gets in with her, taking her clothes off. Demetres catches the clothes that come flying out of the shower. He says he's on the wrong side of the shower curtain. Demetres tells us he's not telling any of the other boys about this.

Bruno tells us being on the bottom sucks but this is BB so anything can change and they need to form a plan and get to work.

In the hot-tub, Bruno and Kevin discuss. Their thoughts are that they need to play the vet card and approach Ika with that. Now they're not sure whether or not to reveal "The Peasants" alliance. If they don't and Ika founds out, they can't repair it. They are each other's ride or die.

Time for Canada's 150th Party! Everyone out to the hot-tub! They get there, and it's decorated in white and red and Canadian flags everywhere. Everyone is all "Haves" for the week to celebrate! The party begins as they cheer to Canada being 150 this year. Dre tells us she's eating poutine and it is delicious! Hi Quebec!

On the TV, messages from home appear. Dre's sister hopes she's enjoying herself. Misses her a lot and can't wait to catch up on dance classes in Montreal.

Kevin's mom shows a picture of the middle of Alberta (full of snow). Says his family and friends are watching, be true to himself. Big hugs, she loves him! Kevin tells us he's a total mama's boy, to see her face touched his heart.

Dillon's mom and niece love him and miss him. They're proud, keep it up! Hailey blows kisses.

Karen's husband says she's a winner, she's doing great. They're proud of her, they'll see her at the end.

Will's family are proud of him and where he is in the game. They expect a vacation when he wins. Demetres parents wish him well, keep up the good work and good luck.

Jackie cries when she sees her sisters and dog. They can't wait to play hockey with her when she's home, along with their brother.

Ika's boys miss her and say she's doing well and they hope she gets to the end. When she gets home, maybe they can go to the gym and see how her old son has improved with basketball.

Ika tells us her sons are her biggest motivation. Not only in this game but in her life, and how she is as a mom. She breaks down crying in the DR.

Bruno's wife and kids wish him a happy birthday. They love and miss him and love to watch him on TV. They're behind him 100% and #TeamBruno (which both kids repeat). They thank Big Brother for their messages and then group hug.

Jackie tells us she can't describe this emotion. Dre tells us this is a reminder that everyone has a family member to support them, it's great to come together. It's beautiful, love in the air.

The evening ends with fireworks, which the HGs love while screaming Happy Birthday, Canada! They then start singing the national anthem (very off key, of course).

Dre tells us Demetres is HoH and it's perfect because the war is between Bruno/Kevin and Demetres/Ika so everyone in the middle are pretty chill for the week.

Dillon and Dre discuss the idea of taking both sides out and having just each other left. Dre confesses she doesn't want Ika or Demetres in the finals. Dre tells us she doesn't want Ika to win the game. She doesn't know if she can fully trust her again after she's be playing the middle so long. Dre tells Dillon after Bruno and Kevin are gone, they can take Demetres and Ika out because they don't need them.

Kevin tells us their only plan with Demetres and Ika is to convince them that siding together against the "middle" of the house planning to take each side out is the only way to gain a lead in the house.

Bruno and Kevin approach DemIka in HoH to pitch the plan. They comment about how Jackie runs to both sides and tells everything. Ika wonders if they are working with Jackie, they say no, they were all Have-Nots together. Ika says part of it is trust; Sindy told them before she left that Kevin and Bruno wanted to backdoor DemIka. Ika's not sure how to move past the distrust.

Ika tells us they have great points, but she doesn't know if they can be trusted. This could be a turning point in the game. Kevin and Bruno leave it with them.

Jackie tells us she was feeling good about The Peasant alliance, but she saw how long Bruno and Kevin were in HoH and is now concerned. Bruno tells Jackie the talk didn't go well. She corners Kevin who admits they made a pitch. Jackie assumes they threw her under the bus and Kevin doesn't straight out answer her. Kevin asks Jackie why she was so happy after they won HoH, Jackie says she wasn't, don't put that on her.

When Kevin still can't meet her eye, she curses at Kevin. No one in the house can be trusted. She storms right into HoH and apologizes for not trusting Ika, who tells Jackie exactly what they said. Jackie tells them about The Peasant alliance. Jackie breaks down, she's sick of being used in the game. She tries to be a good alliance member and have no secrets with who she is working with. She asks them what they want to know, she'll do anything to get the two of them out. Their alliance name? Kevin thought of it - the peasants will slay the Queen. DemIka both laugh, they think that's funny.

Jackie promises to vote out whoever they want if they keep her off the block. If she wins HoH, she won't put them up. Demetres has never put her up. Jackie promises she'll prove herself with actions.

Ika goes to the pink bedroom to tell William and Dre about The Peasants. Ika tells us she's glad William was there because then she can make sure he understands they chose Jackie and not him and that they said William and Dre are sitting pretty. Ika gives away the theory that the middle will go after both sides. William leaves and Ika wonders to Dre if he will tell, Dre assures he wouldn't. William tells us he doesn't know if Ika's telling the truth so he heads to the blue bedroom and confesses to Kevin. Kevin says he mentioned Dillon, Jackie and Karen in the middle. He says he didn't say what Ika is accusing him of and wonders why Ika is lying.

William leaves the blue bedroom and Kevin's face falls. Kevin tells us the fact that Ika distrusts them that much is bad. It's going to be impossible to repair their relationship before nominations.

He discusses with Bruno options. If one of them is up against someone else, they have options.

Ika comes in and they try to swear they have her back, but Ika says the trust is too broken. They've promised her before. Bruno says the four of them have no choice, they all need each other. Ika says she needs trust, and she'd rather go to who she can trust.

Bruno plays the vet card. How embarrassing will it be when all the vets are in jury and the house is left with just newbies? Bruno knows she sees it, she can't not see it. Ika tells us she's not an emotional player, she thinks with her head and they 100% make sense. But she doesn't want to be responsible for having Demetres make this decision only to ruin his game later on.

Ika talks to Demetres by himself and the only person they know who won't turn on them is Dre. Ika believes Bruno tells the truth because he has no other options. They've trusted them so many times, can they trust him again?

Time for the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us it's getting close to the end, decisions start to make or break your game. No matter which shot he takes, it will hurt relationships in the game. Demetres has been HoH three times. He's learned to make his nominations count.

Facing the HGs, Demetres nominates Bruno and Kevin. He nominated Bruno because he's a good physical competitor and he hasn't shown with actions why he should be trusted by Demetres in the game. Kevin was nominated because he's a good social player and is hard to read.

Bruno tells us it sucks being nominated, especially beside Kevin, his ride or die. He has to win veto.
Kevin tells us his time is not up yet. They need to play veto and then figure out a way out of the situation.

Who will win the PoV? Will Kevin or Bruno fight their way off the block? Find out on Wednesday night!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E18 was written by BBLuver.

Demetres earns himself a bear suit, then goes about trying to explain to Karen how the PoV works.
See the video on the video board.

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