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Emmett Naked:  | Perez Hilton discovered Kenny took some nude selfies of himself, and let it all hang out  | The New Big Brother Canada House is located in Leslieville Toronto, in Southern Ontario

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It was on day 78 in the BB Canada House.


Brothers Win Big Brother  Canada




Big Brother Canada 5 Starts March 15!

February 15, 2017

Get ready BB Fans! -  Big Brother Canada returns this spring with its fifth season premiering on Wednesday, March 15 at 9 E/P. The new season will air on Wednesdays at 9 E/P, Thursdays at 8 E/P, and on a new night on Mondays at 9 E/P on Global.

This season, the series promises to deliver fans even more of what they've come to expect from   Big Brother Canada - drama, fun, and shocking surprises.

Also this season, don't miss After the Eviction Live, a weekly Facebook Live chat featuring an extended evicted houseguest interview hosted by Arisa Cox and presented by The Brick. Every Thursday night, following the live eviction episode, join the conversation by heading to  Morty's Facebook Page.

Stay tuned for more #BBCAN5 details, coming soon!

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Update Entry
Countdown to Big Brother Canada:
'Big Brother Canada 5' exclusive: Casting director Robyn Kass offers advice on upcoming auditions! SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 BY MATT CARTER

We're certainly in the midst of a "Big Brother" storm with season 18 just ending and "Over the Top" just beginning, but if you are in Canada and you've got a hankering to try out for "Big Brother Canada" season 5, you should know that auditions are right around the corner! You can visit open calls in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Halifax starting on October 1, and some other cities are coming in the days that follow. You can check out the bottom of this article for specifics; or, you can visit the official site  to find out more information about how to apply, open calls, or creating a video online. -Read More-

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Update Entry
Friday, May 13 2016  There's Got To Be A Morning Show After

Excited fans and press turned out to see all 16 Big Brother Canada houseguests on The Morning Show today.  You can watch The Morning Show, all previous episodes of BBCAN4, and the Side Show, in the TV FanForums Screening Room. You have to be logged into the forums, but there's no commercials or BS. Hurry, this content won't be available forever.

The HGs did a Q&A on Facebook

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Update Entry
Thursday, May 12 2016  Two Hour Finale Starts at 7PM TONIGHT!

6:30PM Side Show on Slice
7:00PM Two Hour Finale
And on Friday, the Houseguest Hangout on Facebook

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 7:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE or on the NEW BBViewer .

Click Here For a Slide Show of More Images from Tonight's Show
Wait for slides to load, it takes a while there are a lot.]
Kelsey: "In a season of wild cards, I'm the one no one saw coming."

Tim: "I've lied to be who I'm not, but discovered who I can be."

Brothers: "We survived to get here, to have this chance. We've been everything to everyone."

None of them are playing for second place, all have been targets. They all want to win Big Brother Canada. "This is my/our moment", they all say separately.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, in a season of wild cards, Big Brother was more unpredictable than ever, forcing the HGs to play harder than ever. At times, the tension was unbearable but the bonds these HGs formed were unbreakable.

Right from day one, the HGs had zero clue what or who was coming their way. Nick and Phil were dealt the first wild card of the season - for the first time ever, two brothers would play together as one. The odds were stacked against them, but their biggest hurdle was their own brotherly love/hate relationship. And just when the other HGs started getting cozy, Big Brother played another Wild Card and dropped two international legends into the house.

Straight away, Nikki railed against her new mates and the house would never be the same. New to the Canadian game, Tim wasn't looking to win. The Master from Down Under was searching for a worthy apprentice. One by one, his early recruits underwhelmed but with Cassandra, it was love at first fight.

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Jared's puppy love bloomed with Raul. They formed the first formidable alliance in the house and the Third Wheel became everyone's favourite punching bag. But it was Kelsey who took all the hits and while the house ganged up on the cool kids, away from the crossfire, a new force emerged - The Mighty Middle.

Week after week, they controlled the vote but when they tried to expel Kelsey, it turned out to be just a week in detention with Loveita thanks to another wild card shocker.

When Big Brother forced their hand, the HGs bet on Kelsey.

Back in with the shady bunch, Kelsey was ready to start fresh. And when the hate kept coming, she showed Big Brother high that no one puts Kelsey in a corner. But in a moment of truth, all the bad blood washed away when Ramsey received news of the outside world.

The BB CAN family was down one player but the game was far from over. After Ramsey's self eviction, huge pillars of the house were torn down, one by one. Kelsey could only watch while her rock, Jared, was finally broken.

With the Third Wheel destroyed and the Middle disbanded, an unlikely threesome took the spotlight - the Threeakshow. When they chucked Phil/Nick on the block, a rival between Tim's freaks and the brothers was born.

Down to just five players, high stakes turned to all out war and Kelsey chose to side with the brothers. While Phil and Nick gained an ally, the Aussie lost faith in his alliance when he thought Joel broke ranks in a pivotal PoV. The wild one was finally un-caged. Tim was done with teaching and had his eye on the grand prize.

With the finish line looming large, the brothers busted their way to Final Three. At last, the brothers were united as one. Confident Nick/Phil had her back, Kelsey closed the deal when she cut Tim's best friend Cass and then there were three.

Tonight, in a showdown no one saw coming, it's wild card vs. Wild Card vs. Wild Card. Kelsey, the comeback Kid, Phil and Nick, the long shots and Tim, the legend.

Three competitions remain, who will make it to Final Two? And who will win it all? Find out now on Big Brother Canada - the finale!

This is The High Roller room, the beating heart of the BBCAN Grand. This is where plans were put into place to pick off 13 unlucky gamers, one by one.

This season was all about big moves, it was about playing the hand you were dealt. Those caught bluffing were sent packing. Unbreakable bonds were dismantled as Big Brother dealt a shocking set of Wild Cards.

Now, on finale night, it's all or nothing. But before we can crown the king or queen of the BBCAN Grand, we need our final HoH. This is without question the most important one of the season - the winner will be guaranteed a spot in Final Two.

The HGs are led into a backyard full of snow and ice and cold. The brothers tease Tim that this is what Canada is really like.

Tim tells us it's like an arctic wilderness. It's so cool!

Phil tells us he knows it will be a grueling competition. "This is part one of the final HoH competition called The Tip of the Iceberg.

You'll start by wading into the frigid ocean to collect ice chunks and using them to complete a puzzle path leading to the tip of the iceberg. You'll then race to retrieve a rescue plan that has fallen into your ice crevice. To do so, you must pour water you collect from the ocean into your pipe which will float the flare to the top. The first person to grab their flare and signal to be rescued will win part 1 of the HoH competition and go right to part three."

Phil will compete in part one of the challenge, Nick will compete in part two if necessary and Phil will compete in part three if the brothers make it that far.

The challenge starts and the HGs gasp as they get into the freezing cold water. Tim tells us they each have a colour of an iceberg to find, so they have to spend more time in the water finding them.

Phil mutters that he sucks at puzzles. He tells us the last time he did a puzzle was in grade two and he thinks he ate a piece then.

Kelsey tells us it's harder than she thought - pieces were not fitting together the way she wanted. Tim tells us he loves puzzles and this one isn't too hard!

Phil tells us in life, when he sets his mind to it, he can achieve it. This is no different.

Kelsey tells us the boys have their first level done before she's even found her first piece!

Phil is the first one to complete his puzzle and now has to collect water to reach his flare. He is followed closely by Tim. Kelsey is still looking for puzzle pieces while Tim asks her if she's trying. Is she throwing it?

Tim wonders to us if she and the brothers have some kind of deal - conserve energy so she can win part two and go final two together. Kelsey insists she's not and she doesn't feel good about herself right now.

Kelsey tells us in this moment, she's hearing all the negativity everyone threw at her during the show. She's Jared's shadow, the girl in the showmance, he carried her to the end. When Nick yells out that she's the best looking girl, Kelsey tells us it was the last thing she'd wanted to hear.

Tim tells us he feels like the underdog. In Australia they don't give up. Even when you're behind, you keep going. Phil gets excited when he sees his flare coming to the top. He tells us that Tim has underestimated him through the game and this is his time to show who is boss.

Nick thinks it would be great to beat a former BB winner. Phil gets his flare out first and wins the first round of HoH.

Tim tells us he has to play round two. He was hoping to win and get a free pass to the finish line.

Kelsey tells us she didn't give up and she's not going to in the next HoH either.

Tim tells us this game isn't just about competitions. It's an opportunity to learn something about yourself. It's what you can take home if you want to play that way. The final four bond about home being a place that comes within. Life is a game. Let the game change you for the better.

Time for part two of the HoH competition. The backyard is set up as a poker board.

Welcome to part two of the final HoH. This competition is called Holy Craps and here is how it works. You will start by knocking off a poker chip that you'll then solve using the three dice in front of you. The answer will always be faces of fellow HGs or names of previous competitions. You will start off with three dice. With each additional question, a die will be added, making it harder. By the end you will need to use six die to solve the final clue. The HGs who finishes in the fastest time will join Phil and Nick in part three of the final HoH.

Kelsey tells us she's studied day and night for this final challenge. Being in this house, you just know that you'll need to know your dates. Who won what, etc. It's part of the game. Kelsey struggles on the last question - she's sure she's right but the buzzer says she's wrong. She's at just over 22 minutes. Kelsey tells us she's been preparing for this moment and it's all unraveling in front of her eyes. By the time Kelsey realizes her mistake, she gets over 50 minutes and tells us she would never forgive herself is she just gave up. She finally figures out her error, corrects it and locks her time in.

Tim is upstairs in the bathroom area preparing for his turn. He tells us he's a wild card. He doesn't think he understood what a wild card was until this game. He's getting emotional about it which he thinks is stupid to get emotional about. That's been his journey in this game, understanding what a wild card is. A wild card's strength is that he's not like the other cards, he does things differently. Tim doesn't know if that's to his advantage or detriment.

Tim's turn for part two of the HoH competition. Tim starts out with his first chip and three blocks and thinks this is easy. He uncovers his second chip and 4th block and quickly solves that one too. He starts to think he can really do this as he moves on to his 5th block. Finally, he's on the last chip and starts matching up the HGs with the date they were voted off. He presses the buzzer, and he has three wrong. He goes back and changes out a blocks at the end of the row - but the blocks that were wrong were at the front and now he has four wrong. The more blocks he changes, the more he gets wrong. but he doesn't know how many are wrong or which ones.

After 28 minutes, Tim is thoroughly confused and has no idea what the answer is. He never learned the dates so he doesn't know which ones were even and which ones were odd. He wishes now he had studied more. Tim decides to throw in the towel. He tells BB he forfeits and walks out off the competition board and into the house.

Calling out Kelsey's name, Tim tells her she's won. Kelsey was still upset with her own performance and doesn't understand at first.

She realizes he quit and can't believe it. She wanted to win but not this way, on her own merits. In the DR, Tim says the way he sees it, he ended the competition on his own terms so that's not quitting.

Tim tells us since he didn't breeze right to part three, the only way to come first or second in this game, is if the winner of the final HoH takes him with them.

At the hot-tub, Tim talks the brothers and says he won't vote for them if they take Kelsey over him. Kelsey will win if she is in final two. Tim swears they will win against him.

Tim tells us if he can get the brothers to think they're being fooled by Kelsey, it's going to make it tighter. Phil says he believes in their game, it will come to light with the jury and in their speech. Tim says it could cost them the win. They could be giving away $40,000 each by taking Kelsey to the end. They tell him not to be bitter and vote for who he wants. He says they're not getting him, they say they are. Tim says he will think about who made the smarter move, which is Kelsey at this point.

After the commercial, we check get to say hello to the first five HGs who received an early checkout from the BBCAN Grand: Paige, Sharry, Christine, Dallas and Loveita.

Arisa welcomes them back and asks Paige what was her favourite moment of the season. Paige loved the puppy and kangaroo party. Arisa asks Sharry about the final three. Sharry did not see this coming - she cannot believe three wild cards, huge targets, are at the end. They should've been out the door.

Christine wasn't close to the brothers besides being bed buddies. No one was really close to them and that made them get to the end.

Dallas knew how dangerous Tim was; he got to the end by being strategic and an entertaining legend. He has nightmares about koala bears. Dallas thinks he deserves to win and hopes he can do it.

Loveita, who was so close to going back in the house, thinks Kelsey will thank her a bit for their time together in the house where Loveita kind of was a sensei to her. She doesn't expect any money from her though.

We check in with the final three, who are all dressed up. Arisa congratulates them and tells them they all look gorgeous. How did they evade the targets on their backs? Kelsey went with her relationships she made in the house. She had some really great people in the house with her; without them she's not sure where she'd be right now.

Tim stayed true to himself. The crazy, wild guy from Down Under. brothers have big hearts, people see that. They're genuine and trustworthy. People see that.

Time for part three of the HoH competition which will be Kelsey and Phil.

Kelsey and Phil are standing in front of a buzzer; they will be answering questions. Since the jury will ultimately decide the winner of BBCAN, let's find out how much you know about them. The answer to each question will either be A or B. Each answer is worth 1 point. The HGs with the most points after seven wins.

1.) On what day was Cass nominated for the second time. A - 64 or B - 65. Both are correct with A.

2.) Which juror was the last to drop their sword in Trading Fates? A - Cass or B - Joel. Both are correct with B.

3.) True or False: All jurors competed in the PoV competition directly before their eviction. A True or B False? The answer is A. Kelsey is correct.

4.) Was Joel nominated for the first time before or after Raul was nominated the second time? A before or B after. The answer is B - Kelsey is correct.

5.) Which of these two veto competitions had more jurors participate in it. A End of the Rainbow or B Who Can You Beat? The correct answer is B, they're both right.

6.) Of the jurors, how many had at least one HoH reign? A four or B five. Correct answer is B. Kelsey is correct and since she has 6 to 3, Kelsey wins the final HoH and is guaranteed a spot in final two!

Kelsey has to decide who she is taking with her to final two and who she will be evicting. Kelsey decides to evict Tim, taking the brothers with her to final two. Tim says goodbye to them and leaves the house, entering the studio to loud cheer and a standing ovation.

Arisa comments that Tim was so close in the second part of the HoH. Tim reiterates he didn't quit that competition, it was more that he didn't really want to win. It might sound crazy, but that's his crazy head. The whole game was that decision. He could lie, or manipulate. He could win! But he came for an adventure and he got that. Tim didn't want to rob the HGs of their chance to win, remembering how it felt when he won in Australia. He wants that for one of the final two. Arisa says that's the mark of a true Wild Card.

Time to meet up with the jury. They have yet to find out that Cass is joining them. Jon Pardy, winner of Big Brother Canada 2, joins the HGs. He starts right away picking their brain.

Jared says they've got lots to talk about. Mitch reflects back on the game. His views have changed since being in the jury house. He's gotten new info that's changed his opinion every week.

Cass joins them, saying they saved the best for last. Cass immediately apologizes to Joel. Nikki is excited to see Cass but annoyed she can't win now. Cass quickly catches them up, including telling Jared about how cozy Phil and Kelsey are.

Nikki is infuriated that Cass was voted out over Tim. Maddy is upset that Cass is there, she can't vote for Cass to win. Cass says Tim manipulated, but was loyal to Joel and Cass.

Maddy says Kelsey made nothing out of her return to the house. Jared thinks she got one of the best players out - Mitch: Two brains are not always better than one, Mitch says of the Brothers. Nick was a better mental competitor and they were both good in physical challenges but beyond ... Joel thinks they did not get double the information by being two people but they did what everyone wanted instead. "A Neda," Jon quips.

They have a lot to consider. They are defining their season and hold every single bit of power. Jon wishes them luck on their decision.

The jury is then brought on stage for the finale. Arisa wastes no time in having Tim join the jury as the final member. The jury reaction is mixed, with most not being happy that Kelsey and brothers are Final Two.

Mitch gets to ask the first question. He says his vote is undecided so fight for it. (Going against what he said when he left, which was that if anyone from the Third Wheel was left, that person had his vote. Kelsey should automatically get it.) His question is for Kelsey. Was your relationship with Raul and Jared part of a strategy and her being manipulative or actually a friendship?

Kelsey says coming in to the house her strategy was to make friends, not alliances. There was no strategy with Jared or Raul. She just connected with them. She never would've done anything to manipulate them. She left the house for Raul on day 28 and she campaigned for him to stay and she thinks Jared knows how deep their relationship is and she fought harder for Jared sometimes than she fought for herself. So - it was a good strategy in the long run because they were awesome competitors but she didn't use them in any way.

Raul's question is for Kelsey. By having Raul and Jared in the game, outside of their alliance, did she ever use another strategy or alliance to get her where she is now?

Kelsey says she knew having them there was good for her mental stability, not just her game. She did create other relationships beyond them. She was close with Cass, the brothers and even Mitch. She feels she brought everyone together. She encouraged them to stick together before she left on day 28. Arisa cuts her off and she says "Is that it? OK."

Maddy's question is for the Brothers. They obviously had the biggest advantage in the game by being in two places at once but the jury thinks they failed. Can they explain how their advantage benefitted their game? This is Nick's question.

Nick says despite the fact that they are two players walking around with a bigger target because they are two, as seen on night one. A lot of people had a hard time keeping one story straight. They had to keep two stories straight at all times, without sometimes being able to confer with each other. The minute they were together, they were viewed as scheming or gaming. Phil adds that it wasn't a story, what everyone knows is them. Maddy shakes her head - that is NOT what she wanted.

Jared tells Kelsey she looks great. He's proud of her. How did her strategy change once Jared and Raul left the game?

Kelsey felt alone once they left. She relied on them for so much more than game, mental stability too. She won that last HoH, which was the first brick laid in the path that got the brothers to working with her. It seemed natural they'd continue to work together since they had Jared and Kelsey's backs the week he left.

Nikki's question is for the Brothers. She wants to know how they feel about ruining her birthday by evicting her? Why should she vote for them?

Phil pulls out a UK flag and waves it around. He seriously loves her and he's sorry. He didn't think she'd be the one evicted. Let's get melon and vodka and go hard tonight!

Joel is up next and his question is for Kelsey. Why does she deserve to win over the brothers who didn't get evicted and come back into the house?

Kelsey thinks she was evicted day 28 because of her heart, the same reason she was voted back in on day 35 but it's her head that has gotten her to the finale. She's never feared strong competitors, she's worked with them, fought for them and that's why she's there. She couldn't rely on winning competitions, but she won a pivotal one that was the first brick laid to the path to final two.

Cass gets lots of cheers when it's her turn. Her question is for the brothers - Phil specifically. Phil hurt her feelings by calling her a liar and a sneak. This is BB - you have to lie sometimes. Tell her the best lie he said to get to this point.

Brothers both think this is a good question. Phil doesn't think you need to lie to win the game. You just need to be good at which words you use in certain situations. That's all you have to do. Phil says he never blatantly lied. Cass asks him if he wants the question repeated since she's not getting an answer. Nick, who is not thrilled with the answer, says the biggest lie they told was within the first two minutes they were there - when they denied knowing each other until they were outed as brothers.

Nick says he loves her and wishes her a Happy Birthday, which Kelsey quickly seconds.

Tim's turn. His question is for the Brothers. They've played a pretty much flawless games. What did Kelsey do better?

Phil says Kelsey has a huge heart, she wasn't afraid to show it. She created great, real relationships.

Yours were fake? Tim asks.

Phil says no, he thinks those were strengths for both. She was true to her word, she took them to final two.

You weren't true to yours? Tim asks.

Phil says no, he didn't say that. All of a sudden, Phil realizes what the question means and says Kelsey didn't win competitions but utilized her relationships with people that could.

Arisa breaks the news to the jurors who didn't know - Canada is going to be the 9th and final vote. Arisa reminds them of the emotional and most real moment of the season - so Canada is taking his place in the vote. However, Ramsey and his family are here tonight and Ramsey is an honourary member of the jury. He is welcomed to the stage to a standing ovation as Maddy cries right away. Ramsey hugs everyone and then sits in the empty chair, representing Canada.

Arisa updates that Ramsey's dad is out of the hospital and doing much better.

Final pleas.
Kelsey: Day 1 when I walked in, I walked in blind to what this game was. I wanted to come up with my own strategy. I wanted to play this game with kindness, and positivity and integrity. I wanted to be a positive energy that everyone wanted to be around. I wanted to make friends, not just alliances. I wanted it to be about persuasion, not just manipulation.

The Brothers: Great moments are born from great opportunity. I'm standing here next to my brother, who is also my best friend. In North American history, siblings have never made it to finale, much less won. So please join us BBCAN4 cast and make history right here. You all know the true Nick and Phil, who we are, how big our hearts are and our social games speak for ourselves. We won seven competitions and were nominated only once. To save people we love. We'd cherish this the rest of our lives. Nick says he wants to share this moment with Cass - Happy Birthday.

Time for the votes. Each person has to insert the poker chip with the name of the person they want to win. CRYSTAL CLEAR: The name of who they want to WIN is the one to insert.

Mitch says congrats, sometimes dumb luck can win this game.

Raul says may the best bitch win the game.

Maddy says she loves Dallas as she waljs up. Never thought she'd be doing this, Maddy says, dropping the chip in.

Jared says you're not entitled to a vote, but you've earned mine.

Nikki says congratulations. Unfortunately her winner joined her in jury, so one doesn't have a choince in this.

Joel says in a season full of crazy luck, you may go down as the luckiest winner in BB history.

Cass says the Black Widow strikes again. Bye bitches!
Tim says his winner is the one who wants it the most. If you want something the most, reach out and grab it. Congratulations, this is what dreams are made of.

Ramsey delivers Canada's jury vote. Ramsey says he's confident Canada made the right decision and it's an honour to cast their vote.

We are shown clips of some of the dramatic moments in the BBCAN Grand over the season. After seeing the clips, Nikki says she doesn't always cry. She's usually a happy person - except in that hell hole. She did have a really nice time, and she'll never forget the puppies or kangaroos.

This game was personal for Jared; it was difficult to drop it going into the jury house. They have a crazy bond.

Raul says being part of the BB family, he's proud. Coming from Mexico and having an international family, he loves them all and will keep them in his heart. Joel did not deal with confronation well, but stayed out of the way as mch as possible.

Mitch does not regret going nuclear. It was an opportunity to have fun, like a board game.

For the first time ever, BBCAN had an international feel. Jace and Veronica (the other two internationls not voted in) are there for a quick smile and wave and then clips are shown of the "international invasion" that happened this season.

Nikki had so much fun in there. It's been the hardest BB she's ever taken part of but she loved it. Tim just wanted to make sure these guys didn't hate him so when he comes to Canada for a visit he has a couch to crash on.

After the commercial, Arisa says there were more dynamic duos working inside the house this season. Jared and Kelsey, Cass and Tim, Maddy and Ramsey, Nick and Phil... we are shown clips of each duo. Arisa comments that Maddy was part of two duo's - would she recommend that for future players? Maddy fumbles over her words, and then comments that Nick was so clingy, it got embarrassing. She's the happiest she's ever been with Ramsey.

Kelsey comments that both Raul and Jared brought her back down to earth, whether she was sad or upset. She loves them both.

Arisa tells Cass and Tim they loved to watch them, the old married couple. Will there be wedding bells in the future? No, both agree together.

The results are in. Time to find out who beat the rest of the house inside the BBCAN Grand. One HGs is about to win $100,000, a $25,000 home shopping spree at the Brick and a $10,000 makeover by Oxy Clean HD. The winner needs 5 votes to win.

Here we go:
Canada voted for Nick and Phil
Mitch voted for Nick and Phil
Raul voted for Kelsey
Maddy voted for Nick and Phil
Jared voted for Kelsey
Nikki voted for Nick and Phil
Joel voted for Nick and Phil
The Paquette brothers are the winner of Big Brother Canada, Season 4!

The brothers escort Kelsey out of the house.

There is confetti falling, hugging and crying happening, loud applause and screaming from the audience. Complete and utter chaos on the stage as Arisa gets the brothers for a final word. Phil has nothing to say, he's processing. Their biggest struggle in the house was their secret blown up by Arisa. Phil says he just peed.

Arisa says Tim and Cass also both voted for the Brothers, so it was 7-2.

Everyone will be reunited tomorrow on The Morning Show at 9AM. Thanks for watching and being incredible fans. Good night for now, and remember - someone is always watching.

Huge thanks to BBLuver for writing this coverage of Big Brother Canada, S03E32, and many others.  And thanks to App for writing the coverage that BBLuver didn't.

I hope to see everyone back in 40 days for Big Brother 18.   ~Morty

Did you miss anything? You can watch previous episodes of BBCAN4, the Side Show, and some episodes of The Morning Show, in the TV FanForums Screening Room. Hurry, this content won't be available forever.

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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