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Emmett Naked:  | Perez Hilton discovered Kenny took some nude selfies of himself, and let it all hang out  | The New Big Brother Canada House is located in Leslieville Toronto, in Southern Ontario |

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Big Brother Canada News
Big Brother Canada seeks Season 3 houseguests [October 15, 2014] By: Debra Yeo Staff Reporter If being locked up in a house under constant observation with a bunch of strangers sounds like a good time to you, you may be just what Big Brother Canada is looking for.

Producers are seeking “the biggest and boldest personalities” in the country as houseguests for the reality show’s third season, to air in spring 2015 on Global.

Open casting calls begin this Sunday, October 19, in Vancouver and Calgary, with stops in Regina, Halifax, St. John’s, Montreal and, finally, Toronto on November 23 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Houseguests must be Canadian and at least 19 years of age by March 1, 2015.

Potential contestants can also apply online at by Nov. 24 with a short video about why they would make the perfect houseguest.

Shaw Media also announced that the Big Brother Canada Side Show will return to Slice in 2015 with a new one-hour format and more behind-the-scenes footage. It features Big Brother host Arisa Cox and co-hosts Peter Brown and Gary Levy.

Big News at Shaw!  [June 6 2014]  Yes Big Brother Will  Return but on Global!   Shaw unveiled its primetime lineup for the 2014-15 season and "Big Brother Canada" will return for its third season. "BBCan 3" is also moving from Slice to Global. It looks like "BBCan" has outgrown its roots and is becoming more accessible to viewers on its mother channel.

"We very purposely put 'Big Brother Canada' on Slice in order to give Slice a real kick, to bring a new audience to discover Slice," said Williams. "Those two seasons of huge numbers put Slice on the map in a big way that it hadn't been before. Then ultimately there's a business decision here. 'Big Brother Canada' is a very expensive show to make and specialty platforms can only generate so much revenue, that's just the way our business works. A bigger platform generates a bigger revenue, even if the audiences are relatively similar. So we really believe by moving it to Global, not only will we grow that audience one step further but we have an opportunity to monetize it quite differently on the bigger platform as well."

Jon Wins BB Canada! 
The Winner  Second Place 

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Update Entry
Friday May 9 2014  Wake Up Canada!

[Click Images to Enlarge]

One of the first stops for the guests was to watch the first episode of the season.  
Here's the whole gang on The Morning Show  
  Here's a video clip of Arlie and Adel's last time in the BB house. Morty Video 
The backyard interviews with the jury, Jon, Sabrina, Gary, and Peter are now up at (click the blue "Load More" bar to see the whole list of interviews).

Ahh, but wait, there's more, here's a who bunch of backyard interviews from Big Brother Daily. And the web site has backyard interviews and post finale pictures.

BTW, were you wondering who got the last two votes that Arisa didn't reveal, they went to Jon also.

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Update Entry
Thursday May 8 2014  Big Finale Tonight!

Mortys TV Pop Poll

The polls in the final Twistos Twist are closed and Canada's Vote has been recorded, but our poll asking who you want to win is open! Be sure to tune into Slice tonight at 8:30PM when all the evicted HGs reunite for the first time on the Big Brother Finale Pre-Show. Then at 9:00PM the two hour finale begins.  We'll see the three part HoH competition, the first part is usually an endurance competition that all three remaining HGs compete in. The two losers of part one go head to head in part two, which is usually a multi-skill competition. The the winners of parts one and two compete in a simple True/False final competition.  The winner of the last part is the last HoH and selects who they want to take to the jury.

   Paul tweeted this picture of the BB15 and the BBCAN2 HGs hanging out together.  Click to enlarge to see who you can pick out of the crowd.
We have seen tweets from @BigBrotherCA that The Terminators alliance (GinaMarie, Judd, Spencer, and BB15 winner Andy), as well as Dan Gheesling are in Canada for tonight's big finale.

2:30PM BBT:  Big Brother posted this video showing Jon trying to relax while Neda primps for the finale.

3:00PM BBT:  This just in, here are new jury house photos with Heather. -Click Here-

[Click to Enlarge]   

3:40PM BBT: Liza Stinton @LizaStinton tweeted this picture of her Andy, Talla, and Amanda enroute to the finale.

8:30PM BBT: The Pre-Show begins with all the non-jury evicted HGs on stage with Arisa, Gary and Peter.  Included are Scott and Nate, the two secret HGs that didn't enter the house.

They debate whether Sabrina was only brought along because she'd be easy to beat, or did Sabrina's own gaming save her from being evicted when being put on the block six times!

And what about Neda?  Did she ride Jon's coattails, or is she a Big Brother mastermind.

Ika says Sabrina is a narcissist who cried her way to the final three. [Hey, if it works, it works. -Morty]

The last few minutes of the pre-show were dedicated to showing highlights from The Side Show.

The last comments:  Gary says Sabrina wins.

Tonight's Big Big Brother Canada Finale on Slice TV at 9:00PM.  Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.


Canada, our season of secrets is about to reach it's epic conclusion. Since day 1, you have been a secret player. BB granted you more power than ever before. You have used it wisely. Tonight Canada, you play your most important role as the final jury member. Who did you vote for? All the BB secrets have been revealed except for one - who will be the winner of $100,000? BB Canada, our season finale of secrets starts now.

Arisa is in the house to greet us. "The three remaining HGs are upstairs getting ready for the big finale but this is where it all went down. Nominations, evictions, blindsides and this season a whole lot of secrets. Tonight this is also where we will find out who will ultimately win it all. But just before the finale, let's take a look back at this season of BB Canada."

This season, on BB Canada... it was a season of secrets, powerhouse alliances, volcanic flashes, enduring friendships and heartbreaking decisions. It all started within minutes of entering the house, when mastermind Sabrina immediately formed an alliance and the First Five was born. They would have total control of the house from the get go. Week after week, Sabrina and her powerful crew systematically eliminated their enemies.

While the First Five flew the roost, Jon and Neda flew under the radar and bonded over their mutual dislike of Andrew. Meanwhile, inside BB's hidden war room, three secret guests competed for the final spot as an HG. Canada's first massive twist rocked the house when Allison was voted in as the final HG.

The first weeks were exceptionally stormy, marred by explosive nomination ceremonies, epic personality clashes and bad blood. Through the division and conflict, unlikely and meaningful friendships grew. When Canada stepped in as HoH, the BB house was turned completely upside down as Canada delivered a message to the First Five, signaling the death knell for Sabrina's alliance. Jon and Neda saw their chance and took it, playing pivotal roles as First Five-er turned traitor Arlie led the charge to continue what Canada started and after the dust settled Sabrina was all that remained of her precious alliance. The fall of the First Five saw the rise of the Sloppy Seconds and the formation of everyone's favourite target - The Gremlins.

Life as a Gremlin was humbling for Sabrina. She would suffer on the block, week after week. With Jon dominating in HoH and PoV, superfan Neda felt the time was right for another big move. She convinced Jon to help her game by backdooring his bed bud, Arlie.

From this point on, Neda secretly controlled the house culminating with the betrayal and eviction of fellow Sloppy Second, Adel. In a shocking HoH tiebreaker, perpetual competition loser Sabrina won her first competition of the season. She earned a surprise spot in the final three. When Jon won the final veto of the season, he secured his spot next to Sabrina at the finale. At the special eviction, Jon dashed Heather's hopes, ending her BB dream.

Tonight, it's a three way battle to the finish. The likeable threat, Jon, secret superfan, Neda, and sole survivor, Sabrina. Only three competitors remain. Who will make it to Final Two and who will win the title? Find out now, on BB Canada - the finale!

"12 evicted HGs have walked through these doors, all falling short of their goal. Tonight it's the winner's turn. It's show time for our season two finale," Arisa says, walking through the BB house doors into the studio. "Hello everyone and welcome to the BB Canada season two finale. It all comes down to this and tonight someone will win $100,000, a $25,000 shopping spree to the Brick and a trip of a lifetime courtesy of our friends at Twistos. But before we find out who wins it all, we need to know who the next HoH is. This is the biggest one of the season and it will be played in three parts. The winner of the first and 2nd will go head to head in the final part of the competition. The winner of that will be named HoH and will choose who they want to take to final two."

We pick up after Heather's eviction. Neda tells us she is in the final three for BB. After all the work she put into the game, she can't be happier right now. Jon tells us he loves the idea of the fairy tale scenario of he and Neda sitting together at the end. As good as that sounds, he wants the best chance of winning at the end. Is sitting next to Neda his best chance? He doesn't know. Sabrina tells us Heather leaving really sucks for her game. She was the one person she thought would bring Sabrina to the end if she got to final two. Now Sabrina has to win two of the three competitions and be the one to choose who to take with her. Not the other way around.


Part one of the HoH competition. Jon tells us when he gets into the backyard, he sees boats and water. Is he in Newfoundland right now? Neda tells us she is not a sailor. This competition is not up her alley. "Dear HGs, your journey continues with this stormy HoH competition called BB Bailout. This is how it works. You are standing in a sinking boat and must bail all the water out. If the water passes the red line, you will completely sink and be eliminated. The last person bailing will advance to the third part of the final HoH competition."

Jon tells us they are given one little cup to bail the water out. Sabrina tells us she is in the final three with two people who have been in an alliance from the beginning. She needs to win to save herself. Neda tells us even though she believes both Jon and Sabrina will take her to final two, she'd rather win and guarantee her own safety. Jon tells us he feels he needs to win this first competition to get to the third competition for his own safety. Neda tells us it's pretty easy, so of course she knows something else is going to happen. Sure enough, lightning and thunder start, and pouring down rain. Sabrina tells us the rain is freezing and is like ice picks hitting you. It's horrific.

Jon tells us the boat starts taking on a lot of water from the rain. Neda tells us she feels like more water starts getting in her boat than out of it. And then the wind comes, as if the rain wasn't enough. The storm passes, and Jon tells us he is relieved - no more rain. It comes back again though, as fiercely. Neda tells us she feels the cold like other people feel a hammer smashing their kneecaps. Sabrina tells us her mascara is burning her eyeballs. Neda tells us she is smashing her hand in the boat and it's hurting. She keeps looking at the red line that the water is slowly inching closer to. It hits the red line, and Neda is out. Neda tells us it sucks being the first one out - she really wanted to win the competition. Jon tells us he can't let Sabrina win. Sabrina tells Jon to stop putting water in her boat.

Sabrina tells us in those moments, she was calling upon all the men who are strong in her life. Her father, her grandfather who has passed away. Even Leonardo DiCaprio - he was in the Titanic. He knows what Sabrina is feeling right now!

Neda tells us Sabrina is actually killing it in this competition. Jon tells us the girl has gone absolutely nuts. Physically right now, he is absolutely mangled. He dislocated his shoulder in the game on day 13 so with every swipe, he is praying his shoulder stays intact. They have been in the boats for over two hours and 12 minutes. Their boats are pretty even, and Jon tells us he cannot believe it. Sabrina tells us her arms are killing her and she's so frozen she starts tensing up.

Sabrina's water hits the red line and she's out. Jon has Won Part One of the HoH competition. One down, one to go.

In the DR, Sabrina is crying. She tried so hard. It feels like she is facing another uphill battle. They have each other and she has herself. Jon tells Sabrina he'd be happy to stand at final two with her. Sabrina begs him not to lie, he says he's not lying. He's not promising her but he's saying it is a possibility. Sabrina tells us if Jon isn't lying to her, this could change her game. Is the sun coming up?

Later, Jon goes into the bathroom area and offers Sabrina a final two deal. Jon tells us he really needs to cover his bases in case she wins part two of the competition and then the third. Sabrina tells us these people have been playing her since the beginning. Jon tells Sabrina if she wins part two, they're final two no matter what. Jon swears to Sabrina on his family, his girlfriend and she swears on her Nona. Jon tells us it's not his proudest moment but he wanted to reassure Sabrina. Sabrina tells us she doesn't want to rely on him. She wants to carry herself through the game.

Welcome to Part Two of the final HoH competition. This competition is called Walk the Plank and this is how it works. Your goal is to create a path to each of the four corners using the planks that connect your fellow HGs to the clues on the blocks. And be careful, because each plank must apply to both blocks it is attached to. Once you think you have solved the quadrant, head over and hit the buzzer, which will light up if you are correct. You can then head back, grab your next set of planks and work on the next quadrant. The HGs who finishes in the fastest amount of time will win part two and move onto part three of the HoH. Neda is up first.






Neda tells us this challenge is really complex. The hard part is that each person's name has to make sense on both sides. Neda gets the first one correct and moves onto the next one, telling us she hopes she's on a roll now. The most important thing about the challenge is the time. You have to know your stuff, but you have to put it down quickly. Neda lost a lot of time in the second round but blew through the fourth round. She's a nervous wreck, she tells us. She doesn't know where she stands, and she's nervous that Sabrina will know the answers so quickly and that she might have messed up her game.

Sabrina tells us that she studied these dates and the game so she tears through the first three quadrants surprisingly easily. The 4th one is wrong, and she is trying to figure out why. She tells us she doesn't understand, it's not clicking. She thinks she has it right, tries again and is wrong. A third time, third time wrong. Sabrina tells us right now $100,000 is on the line. She is literally so frustrated that she wanted to run something over her face. If Neda wins, she is done. She finally gets it right - it was the secret PoV that saved her that messed her up and it now might just send her home. Sabrina's time was 49 minutes and 31 seconds. Neda's time was 26 minutes and 52 seconds. Neda has won part two of the HoH competition!

Neda tells us she is so proud that she won after thinking she completely messed it up. Sabrina comments "So I'm out? Yay." and walks inside. She tells us it's the first time she can't save herself. She can't persuade anyone, she can't strategize. There is one competition left that she's not a part of and she has to pray and hope that Jon keeps his word when he says he wants to take her to Final Two.

In the kitchen, Jon and Neda hug and celebrate being in the Final Two. Jon asks Neda to promise she won't mess with him and he won't mess with her. She never directly answers him, rolling her eyes at him. He protests that he's nervous, and she says he always is.

Let's take a quick visit to the jury house, where a special guest was trying to get some insider information. All the HGs are outside, discussing who is going to win the game. Adel thinks the Sloppy Seconds dominated. Arlie says the sloppiest move was Adel not putting up Jon and Neda. Adel says that is why he is sitting with them. In walks Dan Gheesling, winner of season 10 of BB US.

The jury members are thrilled to see him, screaming and hugging him. Dan reminds them that he has won the game before and has been to the finals twice, but he has never been in the jury house - what's it like? Arlie says he hated Allison's guts before he saw her in jury but once she came in, it all went away. Dan asks if that's because they're both mutually losers.

Dan asks who their guesses are for who is coming in next. Adel thinks it will be Big Jon, Rachelle says Heather, Allison hopes it's Neda because she instantly evicted her and it burns. Arlie wants to see Jon. Dan asks if they want to see the people who evicted them, Allison says she'd love it. Rachelle quips that it already happened for her. (Adel) Heather walks in to loud groans, Dan asks her to fill them in on what happened. Heather catches them up to Sabrina winning the HoH. Arlie is thrilled Jon went on the block. Arlie tells Dan Neda tricked Jon into evicting Arlie. Jon wouldn't have come up with that on his own. Dan asks what Jon did do on his own, Allison said manipulate. He manipulated her when he was talking to her. Even though you know you can't and shouldn't trust him, after a two hour conversation, you're like, "Yeah, this kid is awesome. I'm going to listen to everything he says."

Dan wants to talk about Neda. Allison and Rachelle don't want her to win. What did she bring to the table? Heather says Neda played a huge game, a lot of the moves she made or made Jon make were thought out over weeks and were very strategic. She likes that. Arlie was Neda's biggest threat and she snipped him, Arlie says. It was brilliant. She killed the first, middle and end of this game. Because Jon was so convincing, Allison believed the two of them together. Dan asks who was the leader of their alliance, Heather says Jon won more of the competitions and did things Neda couldn't do without looking like a threat. Arlie says Neda walked through the whole game with a big Jon shield right in front of her. Adel says Neda is the dam of BB Canada.

Dan asks Rachelle what Sabrina's best move in the game was. Rachelle didn't think she'd win any competitions and is proud that she won HoH. Dan says she survived 6 evictions and won the final HoH. She won herself to the final three.  Allison would love to vote for her to win. Dan points out they are missing a chair in the jury house. Heather tells the group that Canada is the 7th jury member - everyone cheers. Dan says he has experienced two juries - a critical one and a bitter one. And regardless of if it is Jon, Neda or Sabrina, they've beaten everyone in the jury house. He implores them to use their final question to help determine who they will vote for, not to use it for the limelight. Allison wants them to convince her, so if they can do that they'll get her vote. Dan wishes them luck with their important decision of crowning the next winner of BB Canada.
And don't forget BB US is coming back on June 26!

Tonight is a big night for all three finalists. Arisa welcomes and congratulates them for making it this far. What were the highlights? Jon says being here right now, lots of ups and downs. Met some amazing people, the whole experience has been phenomenal. Neda says literally walking through the doors on the first night and realizing she was on BB was the best moment of her life. Sabrina says walking into the house and realizing she was on BB, this was amazing. Both think making it to final three is great too. Time for part three of the HoH competition! Arisa reminds them what they will win if they win BB Canada Season Two.

In the backyard, Sabrina and Jon take their spots at their own booth. Sabrina is a spectator. Since the jury will determine the winner of BB, let's see how well you know the jury. Arisa will read a question about the members of the jury and the answer will be either A or B. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and whoever has the most point at the end of seven questions will be the new HoH.

1.) This juror was the only person to get a question wrong in the BB Blindside competition. Adel or Arlie? Answer is B, Arlie. Both are correct. (Neda switched her answer just as Arisa was starting to say what the answer is.)

2.) What day was Rachelle evicted on? Day 59 or Day 57? Answer is B, both are correct.

3.) Out of the five jury members, how many sat next to Sabrina on the block when they were evicted? three or four? Jon asks Arisa to repeat the answers, she repeats the question. Answer is A, three. Both are correct.

4.) This juror was the first person to become a Have-Not for the second time when picked by Rachelle. Heather or Arlie? Answer is A, Heather. Both are correct.

5.) This juror replaced Rachelle on the nomination block on day 47. Adel or Arlie? Jon has Arisa repeat the question twice. Answer is B, Arlie. Both are correct.

6.) Out of the five jurors, how many were evicted the first time they were nominated? Two or One? Now it is Neda's turn to ask Arisa to repeat the question. Answer is B, One. Neda is incorrect, Jon is correct!

7.) Allison was evicted unanimously. If you think she was the second HGs of the season to be evicted unanimously, answer A. If you think she was the third to be evicted unanimously, answer B. Neda has Arisa repeat the question. The answer is B. Jon is correct, Neda is incorrect.

Jon is the final HoH of the season!

It's time for Jon to choose who he is going to evict, and who he is going to take to Final Two with him. Jon says what a ride it has been. He has grown to love Neda more and more as a sister every minute in the house. It's been so amazing that they've been there together right until the end. Sabrina, they haven't always been close but these last few weeks he has really grown to see her as a person and has taken a liking to her. With that said, Jon chooses to evict Neda. Neda hugs Jon tightly, and then Sabrina who looks stunned.

Neda is greeted in the studio to very loud cheers, and Arisa gets them to give her a standing ovation. Arisa tells Neda she thinks a lot of people lost a lot of money tonight. How shocked is she by what just happened? Her best friend and ally in the game just cut her? Neda says touché; she was planning on doing the same thing to him. She is really shocked though. She planned this game 30 steps in advance and she did not see it coming. She did see it in his face when Jon faced them. Neda jokes that she should've kept Adel around. What did she do wrong? Arisa tells her she is known as a mastermind. She played a flawless game that just fell apart. Clearly not, Neda says. She thought she'd at least make it to Final Two, even if she couldn't win against Jon.

Arisa says a lot of people say Neda was the puppet master who brought Jon all the way to the end and then he cut her. Neda agrees and says Jon would've had a hard time beating her. He would've had Canada's vote - Canada loves Jon, everyone loves Jon. But - aw, man!

The jury members are brought out to huge rounds of applause. Adel gets the loudest cheers and tosses his black "Wallah, Bro" t-shirt into the audience. Heather gets the second loudest cheers. Arisa asks what is going on at jury house - has the game ended or are people trying to pull strings? Arlie says people are always trying to pull strings. The game hasn't ended until the winner is crowned. How does Canada having the final jury vote change the dynamics of the game? Heather says it changed the entire game the first time, let's see if it will change the game a 2nd time. Rachelle says Canada having power during BB has been crazy. They broke up the First Five and they'll probably do something crazy again. Arisa asks the audience not to say anything and asks the jury who they think was just evicted.

Arlie hopes it is Jon but thinks it was Neda. Adel thinks it was Sabrina. Arisa brings out the final member of the jury. When Neda comes out, Heather is so upset. Arlie and Rachelle are the first to hug her, followed by Allison and then Heather and finally Adel. Neda keeps repeating to them that "it was Jon". Arisa tells them all to take a seat.

Neda is the sixth member of the jury. Neda is still shocked, Allison is also surprised. She thought Jon and Sabrina would both take her. Neda quips "So did I!" Adel says Jon is the pride of NF. He knew what he was doing all season and took home the gold in Adel's eyes. Arisa asks if their votes are locked or does Neda walking out change anything. Arlie says he was going to vote for Neda, but Jon giving Neda the axe makes Jon look good.

Jury members get to ask questions. Arlie first: "Big Jon! Who gained the most from me being eliminated from the game and why?" Jon: "Arlie, I'd like to start out by saying you look absolutely phenomenal. Clothes on and everything!" Arlie interjects to joke about Jon buttering him up. Jon: "By you leaving Arlie I think... both me and Neda played the game together the entire time. It was mine and Neda's decision to get rid of you because I knew ultimately I knew you and the goof troop weren't getting me to this seat right now. So you leaving made a harder road for me but you're like a brother to me, the fact that you left killed my heart but it was game buddy. And you do look great, seriously!"

Allison: "Hi Sabrina, you look beautiful! OK, so you were very honest and open about the strategic moves you made through the game while other people made the strategic decision to watch and fly under the radar. Do you doubt your decision and why?" Sabrina: "I think it was a good decision because people started realizing the more honest and loyal I was, the more I might be to them when they needed it in the game. Like maybe right now. So I think showing how honest and loyal I was was a good thing for me." Sabrina blows a kiss and says "I love you!" Rachelle is called up next and Sabrina cries "Oh, Rachelle!"

Rachelle says hi to Jon who says, "Hi sweetie, you look great too!" Arlie is heard in the background chortling. Rachelle says Jon always says his strategy was to be his goofy self. Did Jon have another strategy other than to be popular and if so, what was it? Jon says being popular was news to him. His strategy was coming in and playing the game to the fullest. He knew he had to leave his heart at the door and make decisions for him to get further in the game. He didn't know a lot about the game. His strategy was to be a goofball and see how far it got him.

Adel is up next. "Sabrina, your heart is gold but your mouth is uncontrollable. Canada put you on the block! I want to know how it affected you psychologically and strategically going forward." Sabrina: "It shocked me and gave me more motivation to play better and distance myself from some people in the game. Being put on my block by my country could be demoralizing. But I took it in stride instead and I made it make me a better person in this game."

Heather: "Sabrina, it seems like you can cry on demand. Are you truly an emotional player or did you use it to further your game?" Sabrina tells Heather she looks beautiful and then says she has problems apparently because she really cries all the time and 10,000x more in the house. Her mother's last words before she left were "Don't cry, Sabrina!" Sabrina says, "Sorry, ma, I cried even more than I thought."

Finally, it's Neda's turn. Jon shouts out that Neda looks great, and Neda's stony face turns into a smirk. Neda: "So Jonathan, other than evicting me, what other move did you make that was solely your own decision an not mine?" Jon bows his head and then meets her gaze. "Every move I made in this game was to better my game." Neda cuts him off and repeats the question. Jon: "I evicted Arlie, Heather, Adel and you." Neda asks if those were solely his own decisions, Jon says, "100%."

It is so silent in the studio audience, you could hear a pin drop. Arisa comments, "It just got frosty in there." She thanks the jury and turns to Jon and Sabrina - they have one final plea to convince the jury to vote for them. Jon is first.

Jon: "Guys, coming into this game I honestly knew diddly-squat about what went on in here. But seeing the people before me right now (the jury) and in the house, I knew I had to start playing the game and quick. As soon as Andrew was nominated by Canada, I knew I needed to start playing. I had win the veto to ensure Andrew went home. After that it was a win your way to the end scenario. The only way I was getting here was to win my way. I won two HoHs and two vetos. I left my heart at the door and made some very hard decisions in this game. There wasn't one minute I wasn't playing the game. I didn't take a minute off the entire time. All I am asking is to vote for who played the best game in your minds. Personal, emotional attachments aside, vote for who played the best game. And, you all look great."

Sabrina: "From the moment I walked through these doors I started to play this game. I created my First Five alliance. But, once Andrew was gone, I realized all I had was me and my beautiful Rachelle. I had her back, she had mine. I was put on the block six times after that, managing to use persuasion and my strategy to keep myself safe. At the same time, Rachelle had to leave and that's when I was down to a one woman alliance. I only had myself against the house. My whole game was exposed to the house and I had to pick up the pieces to get myself where I am right now. I'm up against an amazing player, but guys, vote whoever you think deserves this game. I love you guys, thank you and you all look beautiful."

It is time to vote for the winner of BB Canada, Season Two. Each person will insert a key with the name of the person you want to win. Arisa pauses, and says she cannot stress this enough (she must be remembering Topaz from last year) and repeats that the key is for the person you want to win. Does everyone understand? They all do, and the audience chuckles as Topaz yells something from the audience. Arisa jokes if Topaz puts her hand up, she quits. They all chuckle, and Arlie is told he is first.

Arlie inserts his key. "You were a beast in this game. You did what had to be done. Clean sweep!" Allison inserts her key. "This one is for the (last word sounded like 'boys', could have been some kind of Newfoundland slang or reference)". Rachelle inserts her key. "Pinky sworn." Adel inserts his key. "Wallah, Bro! Wake Up, Canada!" Heather inserts her key. "I am honoured to make this vote for the best player of the game and someone I care deeply about." Neda inserts her key. "I am voting for the person who played the best/my game." The studio audience cheers loudly and Adel congratulates her on a good job. Arisa says on behalf of the country, she will cast Canada's vote as the final Twistos twist of the season. "Unprecedented power," Arisa says as she locks it in.

Thousands of people auditioned to be on the show this year and we had 15 amazing personalities. Even though some of them left earlier than others, we will take a moment to get caught up with the first seven HGs: Ika, Sarah, Anick, Paul, Andrew, Kyle and Kenny. Looking sharp, Arisa says! Each of them have a lot of memorable moments in the house. BB shows a clip as a reminder.

Arisa tells the HGs they've been missed in the house. Anick, you've had the longest time to decompress from the whole thing. Has that helped? Anick says definitely, she thinks everything happened the way it was supposed to, everything happens for a reason. She didn't have any haters when she came out. The house wasn't ready for the love revolution! Arisa says maybe Canada was. Paul/Andrew, you guys are sitting side by side. You had a lot of words in the house - how are things now? "Until you go in the house, you don't realize how it affects the way that you think. A lot of things are said and done that you may not do on the outside," Andrew says. "I don't hold anything against anyone on the outside. Paul and I had a drink and we're buddies now."


Paul clarifies that he thought Canada got the vote right for the game. Outside the house, Andrew is a nice guy but don't forget outside you can come up with what not to do in the BB house. Andrew had the only showmance of the season. Andrew can't wait until the show is over so he can go over and see her. Allison missed him the whole time and is so happy to see him. Kyle made a very deep friendship with Adel, when he taught Kyle to pray, that was a moment. What did it mean to him? Kyle says it meant the world to him. It was perfect. He was so happy when he asked Adel to pray and Adel let him. He memorized the prayer and wants to lead it for Adel the next time they get the chance.

Arisa: "Ika, you are a warm loving person in real life? Are you surprised about how harsh you came off? The letters from home was the craziest bit of TV." Ika giggles and says they did a good job of capturing every bit of Ika - the good and the bad and the fabulous! Sarah, tells us about the reunion with your kids. Sarah says there was a big spectacle at the airport with lots of tears. She missed them so much. Kenny, do you think you made the right move keeping the fact that you were gay a secret until you were well into the game? Kenny thinks for this cast, it didn't have a bearing in the game. He doesn't regret it, it led to a beautiful moment in the house and probably his favourite moment in the game.

Arisa: "10 weeks ago we promised this would be a season of secrets and we weren't kidding. It's time to reveal what some of those secrets were... "

"This season was filled with secrets and it all started in the walls of the house. Right under your noses, a BB secret room. In week two, BB moved three BB HG's including Allison into the room. Just steps away from you, they spent a week watching your every move and in the end Canada voted, making Allison the final HG of the season and BB threatened her with eviction if she gave up her secret." (While they are showing this, they are showing the HG's faces, with jaws dropping and wide eyes as each HG is stunned)

"When Neda won HoH, she was taken away and sequestered in a secret room for an instant twist. BB also had a secret fan meter in the house, giving viewers a chance to influence the game by unlocking secret missions. At 2 million, the fan meter brought back Marsha the Moose and her secret tasks. At 6 million, the fan meter unlocked clues to a secret PoV. Allison discovered a secret clue, leading her back to where her journey began and her secret PoV. The fan meter unlocked a strategy session with Jillian and Emmett for PoV winner Neda. It all went down in the walls of the house during BB's season of secrets."

Nate and Scott are given a cheer, as they are in the audience watching. How floored are you right now, Arisa asks the jury. Neda knew there was a clue in the flowers for the secret PoV! Allison says it wasn't hard to keep the secret of the secret room. Rachelle asks her who she is? Arisa asks Nate and Scott how hard it was to be secrets? Scott says he's kept lots of secrets his entire life, no biggie. Arisa asks Jon and Sabrina what floored the most about what they just saw. Jon asks if that was their season right there? All Sabrina can repeat is "Oh my god!"

"There was plenty of secrets, but plenty of drama. Fights, tears, we had it all. It was like they were on a soap opera." We are shown a clip entitled As the Big Brother World Turns.

"Sabrina, there were a lot of tears in the house. Can you look back now and laugh a bit?" Sabrina says a little bit - she's such a loser! She cries all the time, she was so stressed in here! Arisa points out that Sabrina wasn't the only crier. Arisa turns to Sarah and Kenny, Kenny says it's kind of embarrassing. Allison cried a lot too. Allison mutters, "I know." Arisa says you can't be embarrassed, because being inside the house is one of the weirdest things you could do with your lives, and they did it, and you survived!

Time to crown the winner of Season Two of BB Canada. Arisa will pull out a key, let you know who the voter was and how they voted. You need four votes to win.
Canada - Jon
Allison - Jon
Rachelle - Sabrina
Heather - Jon
Neda - Jon
Jon is the winner of Big Brother Canada Season Two!!

Both HGs are allowed to leave the house and join the studio. The jury rushes to hug Jon and Sabrina. Arisa pulls Jon out to the front of the crowd, telling people to move out of the way. Jon yells "Wake up!" repeatedly, eliciting cheers. Jon hugs Arisa, telling her she looks so beautiful. Jon doesn't know what to think right now and says this was the best experience of his life. What was his biggest trouble? Being away from his family, friends, people he loves. What was the moment he realized he might win? When he beat Neda in the final HoH competition. (As he's answering the questions, standing with his arm over Arisa's shoulder, blood drips from his fingers onto Arisa's upper arm. He apparently cut his fingers on the door frame when exiting the house.) Sabrina won $20,000. Arisa thanks the 17 HGs, and catch a reunion of all HGs tomorrow on Global's morning show at 9AM. Thanks for watching, it's been a slice.

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