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It's day 70 for the BB Canada Houseguests.



By a Vote of 1-3,
Jared was Evicted from the BB Grand
The Brothers Won HoH
Nikki & Tim are Up for Eviction

Cass won the PoV, Cass saved Tim, Joel went up in his place up.
Nikki was evicted 3-0
Kelsey Won HoH!
Kelsey Nominated Cassandra & Tim for Eviction

Tim Won the PoV
The PoV ceremony was on Sunday instead of Monday,
Tim used the PoV and saved himself. Joel is the replacement nominee.
On Thursday, either Cassandra or Joel will be evicted.

Countdown to the Big Brother Canada finale:

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Update Entry
Thursday, May 6 2016  Day 70: Meet the Final Four!
8:53AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day and the lights just came on in the BB house!

8:56AM BBT: BB just announced Good Morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up and we see Joel is the only one making his way out of bed.

8:58AM BBT: BB announced again that it is time to wake up and calls out each of their names.

9:01AM BBT: Cassandra tells Tim that it is better to be a voter this week instead of the next HoH. Cassandra just realized that she has the self tan stuff on her hands and it is so dark. Tim asks if she washed her hands after she put the tanning cream on and she said yes and then they start talking about dreams.

9:05AM BBT: Tim told Cass that her hands look so bad and if she does go tonight... and then she interrupts him asking if he is voting her out. Tim is not sure what he is going to do and if she will go against him next week. Cassandra thinks that the brothers will vote for Joel to stay just to make it a tie and make Kelsey be the deciding vote so they do not have to do it.

9:08AM BBT: Nick and Phil are up and taking a shower while Tim and Cassandra are still laying in their beds wondering what they are going to wear today.

9:11AM BBT: Tim and Cassandra both crawl out of bed and look for what they are going to wear today. Cassandra makes a comment about girl power and then she followed that with "yea Kelsey if you believe in that" and left the room to go and brush her teeth. Tim also went into the wash area where both brothers are still showering.

On the other feed we see Joel sitting in the living room on the table in between the blue couch and "Live Eviction Today" is on the screen. Joel got up and went into the kitchen where the coffee pot is finishing up perking and then poured himself a cup.

9:18AM BBT: Phil is called to the DR and asks Joel if there is some coffee as he passes by the kitchen. Joel told them that there is . Joel made his way up the stairs as Cassandra was on her way down. Cass went into the kitchen and Joel came back down the stairs to sit at the dining table.

9:21AM BBT: Feed one is back on May two and feed three is blacked out. Tim is on feed two in the shower and Joel is still at the dining table while Nick is in the kitchen. Cassandra was just called to the DR. (not many words are being spoken so far).

9:23AM BBT: Cass is out of the DR and Nick is asking if they know if the eggs on the counter were sitting out all night. Cassandra thinks they were and she was going into the storage room only to find it locked.

9:26AM BBT: The pantry is now unlocked and Nick is mad because it was the last of their eggs. Cassandra walked over and gave him a hug. Cassandra has the baking soda and is going to take it up the stairs to try and wash the stuff off of her hands.

Nick asked Tim if the eggs are bad now that they stayed out all night and Tim said that they are fine and that some people keep their eggs at room temperature so Nick is happy about that but is unsure of Tim's answer because he called out to BB and asked if the eggs are still good left out overnight. Nick comments he would look it up but you know and then said that he does not want to be sick for tonight and then asks BB that if they can get back to him in 15 or 20 minutes that would be cool because that is when the eggs will be ready.

9:31AM BBT: Joel still sitting at the dining table quietly while Nick is still in the kitchen. Cassandra is in the wash area trying to clean her hands while Phil is brushing his teeth. Tim walks down stairs to find there are still two eggs left in the carton and asked Nick if he could put them in the water with Nick's eggs. Nick said that it would be fine.

Tim asks BB for some more toilet paper and wonders if Kelsey cleared out of the HoH room yet. Tim cannot wait to hear about her movie and made his way up to the HoH room and then came back down with a hand full of dirty dishes. He set the dishes down and grabbed more toilet paper out of the storage room and went back up stairs.

9:36AM BBT: Tim, Cassandra, Phil and Kelsey are in the wash area talking about Cassandra's hands and the baking soda did not help to take much of the stain. off of her hands. Kelsey wonders if she can finish her movie today (Into the Wild) and she thinks there is about an hour left to watch.

The boys left the wash area and Kelsey tells Cass that she is feeling guilty about Raul and Jared. Cassandra explains to Kelsey that she is afraid that Tim is going to vote for Joel to stay. Kelsey said that she will talk to them later. Phil walks in and talk turns to what they are wearing today. Cass is taking toilet paper to the HoH and then Kelsey tells Phil about a dream that she had last night.

9:42AM BBT: Joel leaves the dining table and heads into the kitchen while Tim sits down at the table asking Nick if he slept alright. Kelsey walks downstairs and she is trying to decide if she can finish her movie. Tim explains that straight after rehearsal she has to be out of the HoH room Nick said that they still need to talk. Tim is explaining that she has to pack up and it is sad because she has to pack up the photos. Kelsey said that it is not so sad because they are almost done with the game. Kelsey starts talking about the movie that she was watching after she told Cassandra that she can shower in the HoH.

9:47AM BBT: Tim is talking about seeing people after they get out of the house. Kelsey is in the kitchen cooking while Nick, Tim and Phil are sitting at the dining table. Phil goes into the kitchen and Nick asks Tim if he thinks that Cassandra will throw the HoH and Tim said yes there is no reason for her to try and unless it is a competition that she can actually think she could win then she won't even try. Tim said they might not be able to see each other compete and Kelsey said that she will be able to see. Kelsey don't think that she will even try.

Kelsey, Tim, Nick and Phil are all sitting at the dining table discussing Cassandra and Nick said to let her have a little false hope until next week. Tim is worried that she might say something for the others to get him out and they all three tell Tim that will not happen and that Cassandra is going after Joel.

Cassandra walks out of the DR and Kelsey told her that she likes her better when she is on the block then when she is HoH. Cassandra walks upstairs and Kelsey heads into the kitchen to tell Tim and Nick their eggs are going to be so over boiled.

9:54AM BBT: Kelsey sitting back at the dining table is talking about finishing her movie again and explains the screen kept saying check your router and Tim said maybe they did not pay their subscription... and then we get locked out.

9:58AM BBT: The feeds come back with Kelsey, Tim, Nick and Phil sitting at the table. Tim said that they will be fine as long as she (Cassandra) don't win any competitions. Tim thinks that they have Cassandra on a leash. Phil said don't tell her that though. Kelsey is explaining that she said to Cass the conditions if they keep her.

Phil wonders if Joel feels bad enough to win the competition tonight. Tim and Kelsey both think that Joel would try and win the HoH if he stayed. They discuss how Joel planned on getting him and Nikki to the end. They wonder what Nikki will do when Joel walks in. Kelsey said there goes her winning vote from Nikki. Nick thinks it will be heated in jury if Joel tells a lie.

They joke about Cassandra having dual personalities. Nick worries as soon as the competition rolls around and she gets excited who knows what will happen. Tim said that he is proud of Cassandra this week and this is his favorite week of game play. Kelsey thinks that they will be fine but the worst thing that could happen is if Cassandra wins HoH. Kelsey thinks that she is getting sick and Phil tells her to drink a lot of water.

Tim and Nick get up to get their eggs. BB just announced that the HoH must pack and vacate the HoH room. Tim said because of the treaty he is not worried about if he wins or the brothers win HoH because they are not coming after each other next week.

10:06AM BBT: Joel is in the shower while the brothers and Tim are in the kitchen talking about music.

10:09AM BBT: Kelsey is packing her stuff in the HoH room while Phil watches. Cassandra walks in and promises Phil that she is throwing the HoH because if they keep her safe she owes her life in this game. Phil is alright with that.

Tim is in the kitchen cleaning while Nick is still eating his eggs. BB just told Kelsey that the pantry is now open so Phil runs out the door and Cassandra asks Kelsey if she thinks she is still good. Kelsey said that she thinks that she is fine and then BB called Cassandra to the DR.

10:13AM BBT: Tim and Phil are cleaning the kitchen while Kelsey is in the HoH cleaning and going to read her letter one last time.

10:20AM BBT: Tim is cleaning the kitchen while Kelsey and Phil listen to the iPod in the HoH room. Phil thinks it is going to be a good week. Kelsey wonders if anything crazy will happen today. Phil said even when they are just chilling their heads are still in the game. Kelsey is really happy that she won this HoH and it is the one that she needed to win the most. Phil said if they get the HoH room this week it will be such a party room because they will be celebrating the final three.

Kelsey thinks that only ones that will have to actually compete in the end is her and Phil. Kelsey thinks the brothers will have Nikki and Maddy for sure and she will have Jared and Raul for sure. Phil tells Kelsey that he is taking her to the final two for sure and he would come in second to her. Kelsey thanks him for saying that she deserves to win and she is taking the brothers to the final two for sure and then they discuss Kelsey's letter that she is still reading.

10:28AM BBT: Phil and Kelsey still in the HoH listening to the iPod and reading her letter.

Phil comments that it will be a fun week if all goes to plan. Kelsey thinks it will go as planned and it will be good. Tim walks in and talk about maybe having a party tonight. Cassandra walks in the HoH room and said what's up. Tim said that if he don't vote for her he is voting for a safer risk. Cassandra said that she is throwing the HoH. Tim said that they (Kelsey and the brothers) might try and help her to win the Veto and get him out. Cassandra keeps saying she is throwing the HoH. Tim said that he is not worried about tonight he is worried about the veto.

Kelsey thinks that it will be such a fun week. Tim wants to forget that they are even playing a game and just enjoy the week. Kelsey thinks it will be awesome and then follows that with but who knows what can happen.

Cassandra leaves the room telling Tim that she needs him to stop asking her the same questions over and over. Kelsey thinks that if they keep picking on her she could change and advises them to go to Cassandra and tell her that they trust her. Kelsey feels so bad for Joel.

A Sneaky Scoundrel Afoot

Joel did something with Kelsey's cigarettes last night. First video shows Joel sneaking down to get her cigs from kitchen and brings them into the toilet. The second video shows him putting them back on the counter, timing seems to check out since you can see the eggs are still on the counter.

The videos are from Soozie. Thanks ~M
10:35AM BBT: Tim and Cassandra meet up in the wash area and Cassandra whispers that she don't know if she wants to throw the HoH. She is worried about Tim screwing her over. Tim said that he is not and they laugh about screwing the others over. Cassandra thinks that she should throw the HoH to the brothers and win the veto and then discussion turns to what they are going to wear today.

10:44AM BBT: Cassandra walks in the HoH room and said bad news she can't say her speech because BB said it is too long and they told her not to use the different voices. Kelsey said the boys trust her. Cassandra said this is her time to show that she is loyal and the boys need to win the HoH.

They are hopeful that there will be a party tonight. Kelsey wonders how Joel is doing and feels so bad for him he is like a puppy at the pound.

Cassandra asks if she can read Kelsey's letter and Kelsey said sure. Cassandra reads Kelsey's letter and then proceeds to decide what she is going to say in her speech tonight. Cassandra is going to eat, Kelsey is going to do her hair and Phil stays to listen to the iPod.

10:52AM BBT: Cassandra stops in the blue room watching Tim trying to decide what he is going to wear. Kelsey walks in the blue room and again says she feels so bad for Joel who is sitting by himself down by the DR on the white chair.

10:54AM BBT: The feeds just went down. (So as of now they are voting Joel out and Cassandra is supposed to throw the HoH tonight).

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Update Entry
Wednesday, May 5 2016  Eviction Eve
12:00PM BBT: Good Afternoon Canada! Just a quick reminder, the updates you read on this page are taken from the, and so far, today nothing has been posted. When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and spam-free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  Come on, share, it's not difficult.  

There's been a disturbance in the force...
Look who shook hands on a final three deal!
(And May the 4th be with you.)
Updated:  11:05AM BBT: While Cassandra is down in the white chairs engaging in her second favorite activity (eating) the brothers Kelsey and Tim are in the HoH comparing notes about how Cass and Joel are handling this week and what things will be like going forward.

They are planning on voting out Cass, but Tim brings up the likelihood that if Joel wins the veto next week he has a chance to make the finale and if he were in the final two then Joel would win the show.

Nick points out that there is still the final three competitions where they have great odds to beat him and if they all make final three together he does not care what happens. [Yeah right, you would love to spend three months in the house to go out in third place. ~DRG]

Phil says the final HoH is three parts and is very hard. He tells Tim he has a good chance of winning it as do he and Nick and Kelsey. Tim states that it may be his flaw but he is not thinking strategically from here on out. [Other than to keep telling them all he is not here to win, that is. ~DRG]

Nick thinks after tomorrow it will all be kind of chill. The people who really know the game are all in this room and they are the folks who have not lied throughout the game. Tim says the only way is if he and Cass work together next week and if either of them win that veto. [Next weeks veto winner has the sole vote as to which of the two nominees goes unless the HoH wins the veto in which case the HoH decides who the sole vote will be by whom he does not place on the block. ~DRG]

Kelsey says it is bound to be a week coming up in which they say to themselves they should have known this was going to happen. She says they want Cass here but right now they are going off of a liar's word (Cassandra) but they also know that Joel is a liar. Nick brings up the fact that Joel is not really saying anything right now and Tim adds that they have to wait to hear what he has to say, [In his upcoming big open forum this evening. ~DRG]

Nick says that he will have a really hard time forgiving himself if Cass pulls this out and then she gets on of them out next week, while the others are all saying they all have to be in the room when Joel lays his cards on the table.

Kelsey seconds Nick's sentiments about feeling bad if the keep Cass and she sends one of them home next week. Tim's response is "Let's just get her out then." He goes on to say the only thing that could go wrong is if she wins the veto and does not send Tim home so what about if he says he is OK for that to happen. [Where have we heard this before? ~DRG]

Nick adds or if Cass gets HoH. Phil says it is the same with Joel and Tim adds or if he wins veto and does not send Cass home. Tim swears that he would send Cassandra home and Phil is quick to say he believes Tim. Tim says he wants her out in order to separate his game from hers because if they are the final two the jury will compare his game to hers and what she was able to do that he refused to do will bring his game down and he just wants to be viewed as his own player now. [Now that all the major dirty work is done ~DRG]

Nick swallows it all hook and sinker and tells Tim that is why he can take his word. Kelsey says that while she does think that he thinks that. but there is this little thing in side of him that. [She makes a hand gesture suggesting a mastermind or puppet master.]

Tim says his worst fear is there will be one of those moments of live television where Cass lied to you and he does not want to do that. Phil says that Cass regrets it and Tim does not think she would do it again (telling the brothers she would not use the veto and then saving Tim instead).

Kelsey says it would not be good for Tim's image but it also would not be good for whoever got sent to jury. [Anticipating a bitter voter ~DRG]

Tim says that he is giving them his word that he is not going to play a consistent game of playing his way and then play her way at the last moment just to get to the finish line. He would not make that deceitful move as the ends do not justify the means to him.

11:10AM BBT: Tim continues that to him it is not win at all costs. Kelsey says that they would then be going by both you guys' words and while she has a hard time with Cass she does believe that Cass would get Tim out. Tim says he thinks that she DEFINITELY WOULD. it's for her family in Canada and her biggest fear this whole game has been "have you been making me a laughing stock."

After the veto when he told her that all bets were off she came storming in demanding from him, "What the fuck was that? I have never been more humiliated in my whole life. Now you are working with the brothers and Kelsey?" Tim replied, "No, this is not about you right now Cass. I'm just done with all this crap. I'm not with you, but help yourself. I won this veto for myself and it is a turning point for me in the game." He thinks she is worried that the whole game he has been using her and she is the bad guy while he is the good guy.

Tim goes on to say that Cass has always been that if he was no use to her she would get rid of him. Every time he has gone against something she wanted or he has told the truth to someone that exposed her lies, she threw a tantrum and didn't speak to him for a day or two. When Tim did not win Kelsey's HoH this week she told him he was supposed to win the competitions for her and left him and went huffing and puffing around. When he won the veto she told him he was dead to her. [More like when he did not use the veto to save her. ~DRG]

That is how Cass works she always thought that I was here to help her game, Tim says. Kelsey says that he was though. He agrees and says that is how a narcissist works as soon as someone does not give you what you need for what you are doing the supply that you need is cut off. You are no use to me -- DONE.

Nick poses the question about, "What will happen next week if Cass is still in the house?" Kelsey says "Yes." Nick goes on to say that right now she needs something and is being all nice but then if she is here next week she will be "I fooled them again." Bad Cass will come back out and she will think she can still work with Tim, Kelsey thinks she will try and offer Tim a really sweet deal.

Tim tells them she does think that she is repairing bridges with you guys. Kelsey observes she is doing this now while she is in power and that is Cassandra's game too to always go to the power and make some sweet deals. Tim goes back to telling them that he openly believes that Cass would vote him out and he has heard she has said that to others throughout the game. Phil has heard it before but Tim reports Cass has never said it to his face and she has denied it whenever he asked her directly. However, this is the first week that she is like there is no next week.

What Do You Think?

What a crazy couple days in the Big Brother house.  Alliances have dissolved, both inside, and outside, the house as some fans turn their backs on Cass, others cheer for Joel, and it looks like most want the confetti to fall on Tim next week.

Tonight's show gave us a lot of insight into why things changed in the house, but what do you think?

11:15AM BBT: Kelsey clarifies that Tim is saying that if Cass stays that next week they will go against each other one hundred percent.

Tim interrupts her starting to talk about if Joel stays by saying that he will vote Cass out if he has the chance and it is his decision. Kelsey goes back to if Joel stays and Tim is quick to say he does not know what will happen. He is like do I want to beat the guy that screwed me over and beat him at the end to make a point to say that you screwed me over and I could have voted you out but I kept you 'till this point to prove that you had a weak game. [Notice how he is not thinking strategically in the least? ~DRG]

Phil thinks that Joel would still win. Nick thinks taking him to the end is still a win for Joel as he has always said he wants final two. Tim says that Joel has been the brain all along and even last night he was explaining. Kelsey agrees that Joel is a lot smarter than he lets on. Tim says he does not know how the competitions work and Joel is like his search engine for reality TV. So he goes up to Joel and asks if this has ever been done and what happens when you have a player like this and Joel is like the text book on how to play this game and Tim has used him for that. Kelsey agrees.

Nick says they all have done that at one time or another. Tim has asked him before each competition what it means if so and so wins or if so and so wins to work out his strategy as he would not have been able to do that by himself. Tim states he will still do that. Kelsey remarks that it is what Joel is doing right now. He is plotting what to say to each of them in order to make them want to keep him in the game. Tim feels that is what Joel did last night. He went through it all with Tim and Tim just did not want to hear it (this was just before Tim joined them in the hot-tub).

Tim said to himself this is Joel doing that thing proving he is still useful to him. At least with Cass he can say shut up and she does not have any further use for him in the game. Phil suggest that they just put it all on Joel and if he does make a case that he is still useful they would vote to keep him and then checks himself. Phil says they will see later today if Joel has just defeated himself or if he does have some master plan to save himself and if he comes in with some master plan then maybe we keep Cass.

Tim offers that there is a right answer strategy wise. The three of them all want a plan that they want it to be unanimous for next week and it is just risk control which one is less risky to keep. Tim goes on to say that he is worried about keeping Cass in that she does work with all you guys. Phil does not think that Joel would work with Kelsey and maybe he would work with the brothers. Tim says his mind says not to get Cass out this week and Nick says he woke up with the feeling they needed to get her out this week. Kelsey replies that is because you do not trust her, but do you trust Joel? and will you get Joel out next week? Telling Tim that is what they need to know from him. Nick is all for making a plan and sticking to it because you guys have been honest.

Tim says he would be more comfortable with the decision to get Cass out next week. Kelsey inquires as to why he would not feel comfortable doing that with Joel and Tim's reply is that there are more unknowns with Joel as far as he is concerned. [As much as he tries to sell them the opposite he knows that Cass would keep him if she had the power. ~DRG]

11:20AM BBT: Tim considers the two options and then the feelings he would feel if either of those two options were to happen. He says if he wins veto the two options are does he save Cass or does he send her home. He would feel more comfortable with the feeling of sending her home. [Don't throw me in the briar patch said Br'er Rabbit to Br'er Fox. ~DRG]

He would tell her last week your fate was in your hands but this week it is in my hands and I feel more comfortable sending you out. Phil comments that he sees where Tim is coming from with that. Tim goes on to say that Joel he does not know it is an unknown how he would feel because he is still a little bit getting over what Joel did this week.

Tim is unsure if he wins the veto and the choice is to keep Joel or send Joel home. The wild card in Tim wants to show Joel forgiveness and thereby make him feel really guilty that he broke up the Threak show and be the better player in keeping you. But he quickly adds that it would mean one of you two go home. He says he does not know that feeling and that is how he won the veto by just focusing on the feeling of winning it. He then throws in that he also does not know the feeling of winning the show against the brothers. [...and can't help but let out a little giggle ~DRG]

He tells them it is not something he can think about. Kelsey asks if he means winning and Tim responds that it is hard to explain it is just how he plays the game it is just something magical or like psychic. He knew that the brothers and his paths would cross again in the game. [It is a pretty confined space after all, not to mystical there. ~DRG]

He goes on to say he knew that when they voted Kelsey back in that she would be there in the end and she would have their fate in her hands at some point. Kelsey says she knew it too and was not sure she wanted to make it so far but she knew if she went back in she would make it to the end. Kelsey thinks it is amazing that they voted her back in knowing what could happen and how they did not even hesitate.

They are all sure that Loveita would not make it far if she returned. Joel told Kelsey the odds are that when someone comes back they don't last more than a week or two. [Maybe in BBUS but anyone remember Gary? ~DRG]

They tell Kelsey that she came back more of a game player than before she left. Kelsey says it was in part Loveita but she also spent a week watching the game. Tim says it is a weird reason but he has always seen that he and Cass have each others fates in their hands and it is why he tried to vote her out early. He tempted fate early on and it did not work so he let it go. Tim says he feels nothing with Joel and that is why he thinks he is going this week.

The brothers offer that if they have the veto and either of Kelsey or Tim are up against Cass or Joel they will use the veto on them. (Really even if Joel is HoH and the other one of the two would have to be the replacement? ~DRG]

Kelsey relates that she told Cass that she does not think that Joel could win the game now because of what he has done. Maybe if folks do not know all about him but if Cass left and spilled it all to the jury then Joel would not win. She tells Tim that she also told Cass that even knowing that Joel could not win if she had to choose between taking Joel or Tim she would take Tim.

Tim throws out that he thinks they all feel that about each other now and that is the strange weird comfortableness they feel. Kelsey says that it is the same between keeping Cass or Tim she would keep Tim even though she thinks they all could and should beat Cass in the finale.

Kelsey continues that it is the same with Cass and the brothers she would lose to the brothers but she would take them over Cass. She is not afraid, after all she worked with Jared the whole game knowing that she would lose to him if they were final two. Tim just likes the fact that though they have all played with different people they have all played "integrous" games. [Is that anything like Tetris?? Is there an app for that?? ~DRG]

He does not think that many in the jury would say that they played a dirty game. Kelsey acknowledges that all of them probably have lied at one time or another but that is not their strategy it is just the game. They did not lie unnecessarily or go to people and make shit up for no reason. Tim thinks they did not lie to people or use the friendship to trick people to get what they wanted. He was never willing to do that.

11:31AM BBT: Kelsey states that she feels she has real relationships with all of the people in the house. Phil agrees for himself. When Kelsey had a target she didn't make best friends with them she told them they were the target and fought to get them out.

Tim adds that when someone was coming after them they did not go and try to be buddies with them. Kelsey feels that would be fake or phoney and Tim avows that he can't do that.

Kelsey relates how when she was in the room with Loveita that Loveita told her she had to get back in the house and get rid of Cass but she told Loveita that she had a good relationship with Cass and if she can go around and make up all those lies and get stuff done then Kelsey sees her as someone that can help her one day. If she is on your side you can steer her in that direction and she will go do stuff for you. [So it is not OK to fight dirty but it is OK to hire a mercenary to fight dirty for you??? ~DRG]

Tim says, "Exactly right." Phil says that Tim did that the whole game with Cass. Kelsey relates the time that Cass told her they needed to be actresses and go make friends with Maddy and she just told her that she could not do that and Tim chimes in that he cannot do that either.

Tim cannot believe that the others would fall for that and Kelsey says she thinks they just did not care. Tim says the only reason it worked for Cass what that she had other people working for her winning competitions and such. Phil chimes in that she had Tim as well.

Tim cannot wait to see the side shows of how people have analyzed Cass and Tim as he does not know that he fully sees it himself. Phil tells him that Cass was huge in the game and Tim as the voice of reason was major.

They talk about how Maddy adored him and he wondered why then she turned on him right before Ramsey left. Nick talks about how much catty jealousy there was this season. Kelsey says it was so stupid and asked the girls if they could not just work together.

Nick relates several incidents with Maddy. Tim talks about how all the boys had two girls around them fighting. Phil pipes up that he had none. Kelsey says Maddy was the core girl that was toxic and infected all the other girls. She had a hard upbringing but everyone has had hardships to overcome. Kelsey says Maddy was bullied in school, but now she is that person and Tim agrees. He goes on to say that Maddy ostracized herself and was not the victim in the house.

11:39AM BBT:  Talk turns to how Tim and the brothers have helped each other at times but someone turned him against them probably Cass. He says Cass told him a lot and they all comment about how much she lies to people and makes it seem believable. She sets herself up for every future lie. They reminisce about Dallas and how he wanted Tim and the brothers out and how he said day one that if anyone else came in the house they should take them out right away. Tim chimes in that they should have voted him out week one and he would have been OK with it.

He continues to say that what he loves about BB is that it is a story written by the HGs and not the folks behind the walls. [Clearly he has never met Allison Grodner EP of BBUSA. ~DRG]

Kelsey says that was her big campaign week one to not campaign at all and not talk game with people when they came and asked her what was going on. If this was her only week in the house she just wanted to have fun. Then eventually she asked folks who they wanted to have in the house to have fun with for the 80 days the game lasts. Paige did not campaign either but the other girls did. Nick says they all assumed he would keep Paige as he had a thing for her and she was the ultimate pawn but he knew it would be trouble for him if she stayed.

Tim goes back to relating how Cass told him everything but much of is was not true. He saw her do it to Loveita. The brothers say she sets her self up each week. They think Joel is more calculated but Cass changes when she gets the power. The difference is Joel will keep his word if he shakes on it. Nick says you have to shake his hand. Tim feels he can read Cass but he can't Joel and they all are just now starting to see what he is capable of. Nick thinks he can read Joel.

Tim laughs at Cass and says no one takes her game serious any more while folks do still take Joel's game seriously. He also does not think they have seen the full extent of what Joel is capable of.

11:46AM BBT: Nick is OK with anything while Tim says it depends on the trust in each other and the chance of Cass winning the veto is minimal. Kelsey wants a decision of the three of them and Nick says the three of them have played integrously. Kelsey says they have made decisions for the good of the group. Tim says this is not a new alliance of three players it is just three players agreeing to go to the final three. They agree that whichever of the nominees stays this week will go the next.

In this light, Tim suggests then why not keep the person that is most comfortable to live with in the house this week. Kelsey adds and the one they are all sure will not win the game. They are both equally snakes in the grass.

Tim suggests they need to make this a treaty declaration like when world leaders come together at a conference. Nick wants them all to stand together like a wall and show you can play the game "integresly." [Their word I know it aint in no dictionary ~DRG]

Tim wonders if it has ever happened before and he is told it has not which he likes. Phil tells him it makes for a good story too. Nick thinks it is a cool ending to a really catty season. Kelsey and the brothers like the idea. Tim then goes on to say he does not know if he can live with someone on slop for another week and to have the smell of slop in the house. Kelsey says it could work for them in that he is weak and will not do as well in competitions.

Phil says his journey with Cass should end now and with Joel next week. Nick too wants Cass out this week.

Tim needs to think about the feeling of Cass screwing the brothers over again. He thinks it will not happen as they are too deserving to be there.

The brothers say she liked the thrill of being the evil one in the house. Kelsey debated about winning the veto and taking Tim off just to show Cass.

Tim is back to finding out about Joel's betrayal and how at the veto he learned he was on his own and had no one but himself. Tim wants to come up with a name for the treaty. The Treaty of the Three or the Threaty is suggested.

Kelsey wants to hear out Joel and then make the decision about who goes this week. The cornerstone of the treaty is that they will be the final three. Kelsey has told Cass and they wonder about telling Joel.

Tim is back to saying that Joel screwing Cass over is a part of why he thinks Cass deserves to be final four as she never screwed Joel over. Tim describes their alliance and how weird it was.

Kelsey says they thought the big move was getting out Cass but the real big move is to get out Joel the one that no one knew about. They speculate about how the jurors will react if Joel walked into jury. Tim wants to be the last remaining member of the Threak Show and Kelsey announces she is the last member of the Third Wheel. She and Tim hug it out.

They go back to trying to name the treaty. The Final Three Treaty seems to be the choice. [Call me jaded, but bottom line this seems mostly to be about Tim buying one more week for Cass with some progress having been made. The brothers are still not keen on keeping her. ~DRG] [Huge thanks to DRG for filling in this huge gap. ~Morty]

12:38PM BBT: Tim and Nick are in the kitchen, Tim in the kitchen Nick sitting on the table. Just general talk about where to buy houses, and the risk for fire.

Joel and Cass are in the pink room chatting about winning competitions. Joel says there's a lot of factors that would help him stay, he wants to lay out factors into how to base decisions. He doesn't want to do it the Mitch way, but wants to say the logical points and see the big picture and make decision on that. He doesn't feel like he's got a campaign he doesn't feel like he can go to people openly and offer anything, and say from here on out I'm staying loyal to (Tim Cass, Brothers), he also doesn't think he can campaign in private, he doesn't feel he has much to offer, He feels he will be alone after this week (If Cass goes), or today he said.

Joel says a Twist would be pretty great right now where in season one and Canada votes to save someone. Cass asks Joel if he voted the brothers out over Cass, he never actually answers the questions he says we're not in that situation.

They talk about something in the backyard and ruckus and BB tells them to stop talking about production.

Back in the kitchen still General chat about going over Blue Mountains, where Tim lives, and where he went to school and worked.

12:44PM BBT: Joel says, "Tim never did say to me, 'Joel you have my vote,' until I had a personal talk with him and Nikki about my personal life, he interrupted and said, 'Joel you have my vote.""

Joel asked if he picked HGs choice would he fight for him; Tim told him he couldn't answer that but he would just give him that he would vote for him to stay over Mitch. He says he will talk to the HGs and talk to them.

Joel was in the DR most of the morning, and he's going to bring everyone down stairs to the dining room or living room and be like, "...alright here's all the different things you guys think you are basing voting on, and based on this I would be a better option to stay and then it's in their hands."

Cass asks him what the factors are. He doesn't know the factors. [I don't' know why he's telling Cass these things. ~Mausie]

"Who's more trust worthy, who's been more loyal," Joel doesn't feel competitions really play into it, he doesn't feel either of them are a threat on a competition level, he says, "Now that we're getting down to it, there's only two or three competitions, that have big stakes. The person who wins veto would hold all the cards."

Cass asks Joel who he would save and says he wants to get through this eviction, and if he does get through this eviction, "you can never know," and believes if he does get through it, he will have to win one of the two competition, in the final four to get to final three.

Joel says, "If I was sitting on the nomination couch after the veto is done, whoever has the veto would save me... if I don't go this week, I'll go next week."

Phil goes into the pink room to find his laundry basket, and Cass tells him she brought it to the laundry room and is doing laundry.

Cass says she may sleep in the pink room tonight and asks what they're doing and Phil says, "Just chilling."

12:54PM BBT: Joel says he's hidden and kept things inside, and that is why he took the brunt and took a lot of shots yesterday, and deservingly so (his words). Cass says, "Time to make some coffee." Joel thinks if he doesn't leave he'd have to win, Cass says the same thing, and the feeds go black.

12:56PM BBT: The brothers, Kelsey, Tim and Cass are now in the kitchen just chatting. Kelsey asks Joel hoe he's doing, and Joel says he's coming up with something good, and Cass says, "Ya, he is."

2:58PM BBT: Cass is giving Nick a massage and he loves it he tells her how he loves how she goes for it. Tim is in the blue room in bed under the covers. [Nothing much really to report.]

Phil is in the HoH bed listening to music.

Cass leaves HoH and says, "Come find me if you need me." Nick and Phil leave the HoH room.

Cass has joined Tim in the blue room, but there is no chatter. Kelsey is now in the HoH bed listening to music.

3:14PM BBT: Joel walks into the HoH room.

Tim tells Kelsey the brothers and himself are trying to think of some arguments to keep him in the game, he wants to bring everyone downstairs and tells them the factors why he should stay, and after that, the ball is in their court, and the chips can fall where they may, but if they have something before that they want to address or say he's happy to listen.

Kelsey said that right now they are trying to figure out moving forward where everybody's heads at. Tim, the brothers and Kelsey know where they want to go, and the route they want to take, with Cass she thinks she's leaving. Joel thinks that after yesterday his head is more on the chopping block, and what transpired in the hot-tub and nothing is certain now.

Kelsey says the more time they had to think about things the more they realized he's played them the whole game, and doesn't want him to think they hate him.

3:26PM BBT: The conversation weirdly moves to bowel movements and they said they're "Shooting the shit literally" and Tim says the decision feels strange this week.

Kelsey wonders if there should be more fighting but it seems quiet and then Tim mentions, if the PoV situation had not happened, "You never know where things will go in this game."

Phil says that honesty is the best policy and it can affect the jury vote. Tim says the people in the jury have the majority but the people in still left can help sway the vote.

3:36PM BBT: Everyone has moved from the HoH room to the pink room where they are going through clothes and may trade items. Joel is just going to watch because he's got limited clothes to share. [He gave them up in the PoV competition]

They are trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow.

3:59PM BBT: Tim put on one of Cass's skirts and couldn't get it off, he thought it was a dress. Cass walks in and says, "You better not be going through my bag, if anyone goes through I'll lose it."

Kelsey asks to borrow a skirt and Cass says not if she's leaving.

They move from the pink room to the blue room where Tim's items are. Tim gives Cass the "gay boots" made in Australia. Cass really wants them. Tim give Cass another "jumper" [that's Aussie for sweater] and it really suits Cass.

4:10PM BBT: Tim says he has many denim vests but they did not make it into the house, and he is happy that he's getting "rid of a lot of shit."

Joel is looking on. Kelsey is looking through some of his jewelry items

4:31PM BBT: Kelsey has always wanted a long sleeved Bull Dog shirt and they want to play a joke on her and say Tim gave it to Joel for his purple shirt. She is currently in DR.

The brothers have gotten a few things from Tim and many things Phil has on they always say DJ Phil and he's a DJ looker and has a good look to be a DJ.

5:00PM BBT: Nick asks Joel what is his rationale for choosing the brothers for his final two since he has clearly wanted them out for a while? Kelsey pounds the question saying why the brothers now when you were going to save Tim to backdoor the brothers? She answers her own question by positing that he thinks the brothers are the strongest competitors along with Tim and he is hoping they will take each other out.

Joel eventually answers following Phil's suggestion that he would take the brothers to final two due to the personal relationship they have. Kelsey won't let it go and tells him he has never gone by the personal relationship they had thought the whole time he was playing by his heart and he was not which is (you guessed it) Fine, but you don't make decisions based on personal relationships you make them based on how you can win the game.

6:25PM BBT: The HGs are starting to gather for Joel's open forum campaign meeting in the living room.

Cass settles with her mug in hand on a blue couch next to Phil who says his headache is brutal and that he is getting Ibuprofen. Joel sits in the white chair he brought in from the dining room table, Nick is opposite his brother and wonders where the other two are to which Joel replies they are in the HoH and he has told them to come down.

Tim comes in and the brothers talk about if he is still open to trades as they like what he is wearing. Kelsey has finally arrived. Joel takes a big sip from his water bottle and begins. He says this is the first time his back is up against the wall and not only is it the first time he is on the block but he feels he has to lay everything out on the table and explain why he thinks it is better to keep him in the house. He warns them that he has a lot to get through and they should feel free to ask questions afterwards if he is not clear or they don't understand something he said.

He starts by saying that yesterday his entire game was exposed and everyone saw the type of game he has been playing so now he has nothing to hide form here forward. He knows a lot of people feel deceived and played by him and it is understandable. He will just say that everyone has probably felt played or deceived at some point in the game. For himself when Loveita was put up and back doored he was not let in on it and felt very deceived but he talked to himself and told himself not to take it personally and everyone had different reasons for what they did and he needed to find his way forward and let bygones be bygones. That is just one moment for him and it does not excuse anything he has done.

Joel goes on to say tomorrow is a very big decision and they all are weighting a lot of factors and he does not know what they are for everyone so he will lay out potential factors why he should stay.

Firstly from a personal standpoint you probably want someone who does not cause much drama and is more peaceful.

Cass chimes in that she is a drama queen with a smug smile on her face. Joel now turns his attention to a bunch of game related factors and he is obviously quite nervous and speaking haltingly.

One factor is trust. Both of us have shown we are not trustworthy. Cass has broken deals while he has been in between and playing both sides which is now no secret. While his stuff has boiled to the surface now Cass has been given multiple opportunities to rebuild trust so is it fair to say to him that he had a chance and you blew our trust and is it fair to say that Cass deserves a third or fourth chance?

Kelsey jumps in and says that those are just the number of times that Cass was caught while he was doing it more and was just caught now so this would not actually be his first chance.

Cass interjects that he has broken trust maybe even more than her as she remained loyal to the Threeak Show threesome. Going forward Joel posits that in a final four situation he is someone that would be all alone as there is clearly a lack of trust between him and the other three remaining HGs if he were to make the final four so he would be an easy one to get out from a game standpoint at that juncture.

In terms of competitions which at this time in the game are very very important he believes it fair to say he and Cass have performed equally so from that standpoint it is probably a whitewash between them. All the other HGs and particularly the two competing for HoH tomorrow have done much better than he and Cass.

Another factor which came up yesterday was the potential for jury votes. He personally does not think it fair to say this person will get this vote or that vote as he honestly believes there are no guarantees about who will vote for whom. And while some may say he has played a whale of a game and will like the things he has done others will not and will say they cannot reward him as they feel backstabbed.

There are many examples of past seasons of Big Brother and/or Survivor where something like that came into effect such as Dan in BB 14 who obviously played a great game but was not rewarded by the jury since he had backstabbed him after they put a lot of faith in him. Or like Russell who played Survivor twice.

6:54PM BBT: Tim now turns his attention to this weeks PoV and asks what Joel would have actually done.

Joel says he would have used it on Tim leaving no option but to put up Nick and Phil. Tim does not believe him and asks if he would not have used it on Cass? Joel says, "No, because I wanted to disguise that I had a relationship with Cass still."

Kelsey says, "But at this point we all knew-- was because you wanted to work with Tim until the end, because he is a stronger competitor so having him in the game was better for you? Had you used the veto on Tim the brothers would have gone so when you shook my hand you were lying to us and it was complete bullshit?"

Joel: "Yes." Tim asks why did he think he would win the veto with Phil's help in round four, "Why not come to me and say, 'Tim..."" Kelsey interrupts saying Joel did not want Tim to win it to which Tim replies that he would have given it to Joel if Phil had been eliminated.

Kelsey keeps saying he did not want Tim to come off the block as then Joel would replace him there. Tim says he would have thrown the competition to Joel but Phil assures Joel that he was never going to let Joel win that competition.

Joel says at one point in the competition he believed Phil would throw it to him as at one point he helped Joel. Phil says enough to keep him in that round but he never would have allowed Joel to win. Joel was the only guy Phil could not have win that competition and he was not going to risk it.

Joel then relates that it was him being delusional during the competition.

Both Tim and Phil admonish Joel that he took the game into his own hands when he should have worked with Tim. Nick says if they had talked in the pit about working together to get the brothers out they could have done it easily.

Kelsey says she did not understand because she would not have been able to vote and the alliance of three would have stayed intact and they all could have come after her next week.

Nick asks if it was wanting to keep playing both sides or was it wanting to take ownership for all the big moves.

Joel answers that at the time it was not wanting to get caught by either side. Tim points out that there was no outcome whereby he would not have been, and Joel agrees adding that he honestly did not think about that in the moment and now it is coming back to bite him. [So there it is from the goat's mouth, he is a choker not a shower. ~DRG]

Phil comments, "That sucks, man."

Kelsey drives home the point that Joel wanted to get the brothers out last week and this week, but now he wants to work with them.

Nick clarifies further that he shook their hand and he would have gone back on his word. Joel, "Yes."

They are all wondering since the Threeak Show wanted the brothers out why did he not work with them but instead made a move on his own?

Joel responds that he thought that the brothers believed he was with them one hundred percent. they and Kelsey say they did and Cass says they thought he was with them one hundred percent. [So there is, the problem Joel is too skinny a dude to be 200 percent anywhere. ~DRG]

Kelsey admonishes him that it is just too late in the game to try and play both sides. [Clearly Joel drank his own Kool-Ade, and like Cass thought he could get away with it forever. ~DRG]

Nick tells Joel you can't take two girls out on a date at the same time. [As if Joel will get a dating reference. ~DRG]

Cass's addition is you can't take a brunette and a red head. Joel states that all he is saying is that he is coming completely out in the open now and he was not thinking straight when it came to all of that stuff and he felt like he could appease both sides but clearly it was a mistake on his part not to just say he was in with this group or he was in with that group. Phil clarifies that now Joel wants the brothers to be his final two and Kelsey throws in that she would be his target next week which draws Joel's one word reply, Yes. Phil thinks that Tim is his final two since clearly Joel cannot beat them.

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Jared hit the trail for jury, BB dropped a bomb. Just before the HoH competition, Cass cut a side deal with Phil to avoid payback and when Nick bagged the win, he had clear targets in mind but Phil tossed his little brother aside and put up a wild card. After winning PoV, all the pressure was on Cassandra. But at the last minute, Cassandra trashed her deal and used the veto to save Tim, forcing Phil and Nick to put up Joel as a replacement. By a unanimous vote, Nikki became the fifth member of the BB jury.

The events of the evening nearly tore the brothers apart. But when Kelsey won her first HoH of the season, the brothers' game and relationship were back on track.

When the final five finally kicked back, Tim's slip of the tongue exposed the Threeak Show and sent Joel over the edge.

Backs to the wall, Tim and Cass tried to expose the brothers to Kelsey and all hell broke loose. When the smoke cleared, HoH Kelsey stayed true to the brothers and put Tim and Cass on the block.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Cass tells us she's not surprised Kelsey nominated. Cass just got rid of her curly haired party pooper boyfriend so this is Kelsey's revenge on her. Joel tells us he's loyal to the Threeak Show and it's his job to play the middle. They're in deep trouble right now but playing the middle will keep as many options open for them as possible.

Tim tells us he thinks Kelsey is drawing a line that she and the brothers are against him, Cass and Joel, the Threeak Show. He hopes no one from their team goes home this week. They're in a tight spot - this week is going to be hard work.

In the blue room, Cass thinks it's cool that she and Tim are on the block and they have to fight against each other. Tim reassures Cass that they're smart but it was always going to get to this point. It's not over yet - this needs to be their smartest week yet. Cass whispers that Joel needs to win the veto and take one of them off. Kelsey is then forced to put the brothers up. Cass tells us they can finally get the brothers out and the Threeak Show will live. Both beg the Big Brother Gods to let Joel win the veto.

Later, in the backyard, Tim whispers to Joel that there is a plan. Cass joins and they hurriedly whisper that he has to win the veto and the brothers cannot win. Joel tells us that this is intense. Tim jokes that they're the kids and Joel is the parent based on his reluctant expression.

Later, inside, Joel tells Kelsey he wants to win a competition and stop embarrassing himself. Kelsey tells him not to stress, everything will be OK. Joel tells us he's trying to tug at Kelsey's heart strings. She's an emotional player, and maybe she'll help him out if she thinks he really needs to win this for his ego. Then he can turn around and help his alliance. Kelsey tells him everyone is giving it their all, no one is judging and that's all he can do. Kelsey asks what Joel would do if he won, he says he'd leave it as is.

As Kelsey seems to believe him, Joel heads to the blue room to sell the same act to the brothers. He starts with Nick, who asks the same question about using it. Joel quickly answers no - he would not use it. Joel tells us he thinks he's convinced them, gained their sympathies and is hoping they'll let him win it. He can then save his alliance. In the HoH room, Joel is listening to Kelsey's music. He asks if he can "bop" his head and "do his thing". Kelsey eats an apple and is busy in the bathroom area while Joel listens to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. Joel's thing consists of lip syncing and adding some dancing and actions to the song. She does not get the privilege of witnessing this (Thanks, BB!).

The HGs are treated to a movie theatre night in the living room - complete with refreshments. Cass tells us it's a treat from Shomi to get them pumped about their upcoming PoV. Joel tells us Cass and Tim have their own date on one couch, Phil and Kelsey have another hot date on another so he gets Nick as his date, lucky him. Cass tells us they get to watch the first episode of a TV show called UnReal on Shomi. Joel tells us he and Nick are an odd couple. Joel is tall and lanky, Nick is short and muscle-y but they love a good cuddle session every once in awhile. Nick comments that he has the best date in town.

Joel is lifting weights alone in the living room . Joel tells us he needs to dig deep and win the PoV today because it's the best for the Threeak Show. To win, it's going to take brute strength. He is a competitor and is capable of winning - this is his coming out party.

Up in the bathroom area, Nick is coaching Phil, giving him encouragement to win. We head to the backyard for the veto competition.

The backyard is decorated like a movie theatre, with a huge tub of popcorn. "Welcome to the BBCAN Grand Cinema. Tonight, we have a special screening of Cassandra's life on the line!" Cass tells us, grimacing and adding "four stars."

"HGs, it's time for you to Shomi who wants the power of veto? This competition has five rounds. Each round will be based on one of Shomi's famous collections, which are playlists of TV shows and movies, organized into themes for you to find something to watch. In this challenge, before each of the five rounds, a collection will be created with the titles available on Shomi and that collection will be revealed on the big screen. BB has chosen the titles from the first collection and the newly eliminated HGs will arrange the collection for the next round. Your job is to memorize the titles as well as the order they are presented in. You'll find all the titles you need, plus some you won't need in the giant box of popcorn. When you find the title you need, bring it back to your tablet one at a time and recreate the collection. The last to correctly finish their collection in each round will be eliminated from the competition. The last player standing in the last round will win the PoV! And a special entertainment package from Shomi, worth $5000!"

Let's get this challenge popping!

Tim tells us he's worried that if he wins and takes himself off, Cass is going home. The fate of the Threeak Show is in Joel's hands.

Kelsey tells us the popcorn box is huge and the cards are so small - it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Tim screams out that he's never ordering popcorn again. Kelsey tells us in this challenge they're allowed to work together and she and Phil are taking full advantage of that.

Kelsey then starts helping Joel. Joel tells us his strategy is to get Kelsey and Phil to help him so he can win and then turn his back on them to help his own alliance.

Tim notices and tells us something fishy is going on with Joel and Phil. He doesn't know what and doesn't like it one bit. Cass is eliminated in round one and she makes a collection of ugly cry movies since she's ugly crying.

Tim tells us since something is happening with Joel and Cass is out, he is fighting for himself. During round two, Tim sees Joel give Phil a card and internally freaks out. Phil makes Joel promise he won't use the veto.

Kelsey is eliminated in round two. Tim tells us between rounds, they have to go inside while BB resets. Tim takes Cass into the storage room and says he doesn't believe Joel is still with them. Tim tells us he'd like to believe Joel is with the Threeak Show, but he doesn't. The Threeak Show is over! Cassandra agrees.

Kelsey selects a collection of Saturday morning cartoons for her round and round three starts. In the DR, Joel wonders why Tim isn't trying to throw it to him like they planned. Joel is so confused. Tim is also confused and he tells us he can't trust Joel going forward in the veto and as far as he's concerned, the Threeak Show is dead. Joel is eliminated in round 3. Joel tells us he was supposed to be the hero and win. He let his alliance down, let himself down and now might be going on the block.

The winner of round four will win a one card advantage for the final round, round five. Tim tells us his heart is pounding - he wants to stick it to the little punk (Phil).

The last round has 10 titles and Tim wins a 1 card advantage as he won round four. Tim tells us it's quite symbolic - the Threeak Show deserted him, he's alone in Canada and he's trying to find the one card he needs, which is American Horror Story Freak Show. Tim finds the last card and tells us that it hits him. His alliance may be over but the show is not. He's the biggest freak in the house and he's ready to play alone. Tim finds the final card and wins the PoV! And the $5000 entertainment package from Shomi. [Good luck using that in Australia ~Morty]

Tim yells out that there's only one freak show in the house, and it's him. It's over, he's playing for himself and he's angry. He's tired of the lies and the back stabbing in the house. He doesn't want to put his fate in any of their hands anymore. There's no more alliances anymore for him. Here's a wild card - the beast is awake!

Kelsey congratulates everyone while Tim rushes upstairs commenting he is such a freak. He didn't go in that to win it but he was in a trance and angry. Cass follows him into the blue room to ask him about the show he put on. Cass is angry, she was just humiliated by him. What does he mean about being alone? She's never done anything to him. Tim says he's just not interested in this anymore. He is playing alone. Tim says they can talk about things this week but...

Cass is hurt and upset. She saved him last week. He got her to do all his dirty work for him. Tim doesn't want to talk about it now, he's not in the mood. Tim says where he's from, you don't trust alliances, you work alone. Tim reminds her he told her to do whatever she wanted with the veto like he's said the entire game. Tim adds that Joel is clearly not working with them, so all bets are off. "With me too," Cass says. Tim says he doesn't know - what was he supposed to do, give up? He leaves and Cass curses.

She goes into the pink room and confronts Joel, who confesses his motive was for them to help him so he could save his alliance. Cass recounts the conversation with Tim.

After both are changed, Cass admits how hurt she is by Tim's words. She gets teary eyed that he would even say such a thing after everything she'd done for their alliance. Joel tells us it's not over until it's over. Tim winning the veto is great for their alliance but that's only half the battle. The only hope for them to stay alive is for Kelsey to put up the brothers. Cass dissolves into tears as she realizes she is likely the one going home on Thursday. Joel promises to fight for her. He'll talk to Kelsey and try to convince her to put the brothers up. Cass does not want to be on the block next to Joel. Joel tells us he is going to do his best to get the brothers up.

Kelsey joins Joel in the pink room. He's so depressed and is almost crying talking to her about going on the block again. He reminds her that the brothers have never felt the heat of the block. Kelsey is adamant that the brothers would go if she put them up. Joel tells Kelsey that it will be 1-1 (Joel to keep the brothers, Tim to keep Cass) and Kelsey can be the tie breaker. Kelsey tells us she feels bad for Joel and doesn't think he'd break his word. He's been loyal to her. She has a lot to think about.

Joel goes into the blue room to talk to Tim. Joel asks him if Tim is mad, when Tim says yes Joel explains his motive to get Kelsey and Phil to help him win so he could help his alliance. Joel promises he was not helping Phil or Kelsey. Tim tells us he doesn't know if Joel tells the truth or not but he also doesn't care. He's done with alliances. All he needs to do is work out what he is going to do with the veto.

Tim tells Joel the Threeak Show is done and he needs to decide if he is going to save Cass or take himself off. Tim thinks Cass will go if she's on the block. Joel feels like an idiot that he screwed things up for everyone. Tim thinks it will be awesome for her if he doesn't use it on Cass because it's her dream to win. Joel reminds him he won it fair and square. He has to try and live this down. Cass rubs people the wrong way but she's also the only other person who loves the game as much as he does.

Cass joins them and asks if she can talk to Tim alone for a minute. Tim says they'll catch up soon to Joel. Cass says she's not asking for a meal ticket but he's always said that at this point in the game he'd save her and cut himself loose. Cass breaks into tears, after all the works she's done and all the finger pointing she's taken. He's been the good guy to everyone.

Cass tells us she's crying some crocodile tears right now. She's at the lowest point in her game and needs to do anything to stay. Cass reminds Tim that he says he'd get someone to the end and now is his chance. Cass says winning doesn't mean as much to him as it does her.

Tim tells us they've worked together as a dynamic kind of duo in the house and it's a really testing, trying moment. Tim asks for some space so he can think. Cass feels like he likes to see her upset. Tim hates to see her cry. Cass cries again and asks Tim if he really wants to win. Tim doesn't know, Cass wants to win so bad.

Tim tells us maybe it is time for him to bow out. If it's authentic he can't ignore it.

Time for the PoV ceremony!

Tim uses the PoV on himself. Something stirred in him during this PoV competition; it was a turning point for him in this game. He and Cass have been a formidable duo during the game, but the competition made him realize he doesn't want to be in any alliance. The game is about lying and deceit and he doesn't want a part of that anymore. He wants to work alone and keep his fate in his own hands. He tells Cass to do what she does well and get herself out of this difficult situation. Her fate is in her hands, not his.
Kelsey has to name a replacement nominee. She says the brothers had her back and Jared's last week 100% and she refuses to nominate them, so Joel is the replacement nominee.

Cass tells us Queen Cass is in trouble. This will be her toughest week yet and she will have to campaign hard, throwing Joel under the bus. Don't worry though, Canada, you will see Queen Cass on finale night. [Sitting in the jury? ~Morty]

Joel tells us it's upsetting to be beside his longest ally on the block, someone he wanted to go to the end with. He doesn't know what will happen if he stays in the house. He will be a lone soldier.

Tim tells us he had to use the veto on himself. This week's PoV made him realize exactly how much he wants to win the game. He would've regretted it if he'd used it on Cass and then ended up leaving.

Who will win be evicted from the BB house - Joel or Cass? Find out tomorrow night on our 'live' eviction show!

Coverage of tonight's Big Brother Canada was written by BBLuver.

10:16PM BBT: The brothers and Tim are chatting on the blue couches. Phil asks if Cass will really throw the HoH. Tim says that if it does not look like she is doing it he will gladly throw it to the brothers as long as they promise to nominate the girls. He quickly adds he knows the nominations do not matter next week as the veto is everything but if Cass is going to start her shit he would rather not be on the block.

They wonder where the girls are and Phil says that Kelsey is watching her movie and Cass is in the DR. Tim asks if they want anything to eat and no one is really hungry but Tim wants to know what a healthy snack would be.

Cass comes running out of the DR and Phil calls out HGs to the living room. Tim asks her the time and it is 11:01.

The other feed shows Joel on his bed alone in the pink room. He was lying on his bed but now is crouching by the door listening.

There's general chatter about after the game going on in the living room. Talk goes back to Cass throwing the HoH tomorrow if she wants a good week in the house. Nick says that if they see her trying then she has no chance to win once he gets to jury.

Nick goes on to say, that saying you are playing for second place is a strategy at this point in the game every single season.

Tim returns to wondering what he wants to eat.

The other feed shows a messy but empty washroom then locks out only to return to the same empty room.

Chatter about after the game until that feed also locks out and returns.

The brothers start talking about their niece which gets Tim talking about his nephew and niece.

Joel comes out of the toilet revealing why BB was showing us the empty washroom. Everyone needed to know if he washed his hands or not and the answer is yes. He returns to his self inflicted exile in the pink bedroom.

The guys downstairs keep talking about what they want to do after the game ends landing eventually on talking about going to a Canadian resort in Cuba. They are unaware that Americans can now travel to Cuba.

Tim thinks he might not be able to go there as he is Australian and not Canadian. Tim wonders if it is safe and they assure him it is very safe. Tim wants to know if he should bring the burritos or not and does not get an answer.

Now he wants BB to put on an eviction day breakfast or brunch. Phil says they get a continental breakfast.

Joel is still flat on his back with his legs Indian style and one arm awkwardly bent behind and underneath his head.

Tim puttering about the kitchen muttering to himself. He is asked what he is making and the answer is tea. One brother asks him to heat enough water for him as well. Tim agrees and says he thinks he will go to bed as he clomps up the stairs. He remarks he is still not recovered and this has been quite a week but he is glad he and the brothers are good now.

The boys wish for a physical competition tomorrow and then they talk about needing to study tonight.

Tim pokes her head into the HoH room and confirms that Kelsey loves her choice of movie. she is in bed with the large headphones on.

Joel now up on his side leaning on one elbow as he picks at his face.

Phil in the washroom stretching looking like he is pretending to be an airplane.

Nick out of the toilet, and yes, he too washes his hands. Phil heads in and Nick leaves the washroom. Tim now at the mirror putting his hair up and Phil comes out and says he is going to go run some dates with his brother.

The brothers are down in the kitchen prepping for Jedi training by getting some liquid caffeine.

Joel still on his bed as he must have fallen into the hole that Dallas left in that mattress.

'Tis the night before eviction and all through the house not a creature is speaking not even one louse.

The brothers are back to the living room where they begin asking questions of one another. Nick in the white chair and Phil sprawled out on the love seat. Kelsey comes by and says that this thing (the Shomi?) is not working again and the feed cuts out.

The feeds are back to Kelsey coming and sitting on the arm of the loveseat. They start stealth whispering and Nick says they need to tell Cass she has a chance of working with them if she throws the HoH to give her more of an incentive to throw the HoH competition. Phil says that Cass is in the DR.

Kelsey goes to get some cereal. Tim says goodnight and heads upstairs to the blue bedroom.

Cass comes out of the DR and tells Phil she loves him as she sits next to him on loveseat facing him. He tells her he hopes she is a good person tomorrow and she promises she will be. She teases him that she will try for a little bit then says she will throw it. Phil then says they will all compete equally for the PoV.

Phil says that sometimes lying scheming people like her win the game and she responds when has she ever won a competition. He starts to threaten her if they go home because of her and she cuts him off by asking if he is Loveita with trust issues. She again promises to throw the HoH and will bow out. He says he did not realize she had been working against them the whole game.

After the HoH she says they have a clean slate. They promise her they will says she was good to the jury if she keeps her promise to throw the HoH and she swears she will and then will get Tim out. They again promise her that if she makes the final two and they don't they will have already paved the way for her. She keeps saying she loves the brothers and she really wants to go to the Gala.

Cassandra is told to fix her microphone and gets up and hugs each of the brothers. she heads to the kitchen again saying once more she loves the brothers. The brothers decide to make some food settling on hard boiled eggs and Cass heads up stairs calling out for Tim.

10:50PM BBT: Cass finds Tim and asks him if she is throwing the competition tomorrow and he says once she is safe tomorrow they can't do anything. She says she will see what the competition is and if she thinks she can win she will try otherwise she will throw it obviously.

Cass wants reassurance that Tim is not voting her out and then says that they really need to win the veto. She wonders how dumb are they to be keeping her and Tim says he is gob smacked that they are doing this. Cass says they are the Cannibals because they are eating the brothers alive. They are laughing about going to the final two.

Kelsey and the brothers arguing about how to train while Kelsey is sitting eating her cereal. She criticizes their studying and then is given the task of training them.

Tim and Cass now start their own Jedi Training as Tim sips his tea and Cass eats her cereal. They are whispering very quietly.

The brothers back to squabbling about Phil not being good at studying and Kelsey hushes them and resumes questioning Nick as Phil sits on the floor by them and Kelsey rubs his head.

Today's updates were written by DRG and Mausie. I'd like to add your name here. Just post updates on our forums, in this thread. You need to log in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and spam-free.

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