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The Big Brother Canada House was located in Leslieville Toronto and for the second time, the BB house studio was sold and the BB house had to be torn down and rebuilt at a new location. The BBCAN house is now located at Studio 550 in Etobicoke, ON Canada - See it on Google.
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By a Vote of  6-0 Ryan Was Evicted
Next week will be a TRIPLE EVICTION!.
 Johnny Won the HoH Competition
Derek & Kaela are Nominated
Derek & Kaela are the Have-Nots
Johnny, Derek, Kaela, Ali, Maddy, and Paras played in the PoV competition.

Derek won the PoV
Derek used the PoV, Ali now on the block with Kaela
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Update Entry
Wednesday, April 25, 2018  Triple Eviction Eve
11:00AM BBT: Paras and Maddy are chatting in the white bedroom trying to figure out how their vote is going to go. They are thinking about keeping Kaela so they can get Derek and Kaela on their side.

Paras is concerned about how Will is going to vote and that he might be mad at them if he is blindsided by the way they vote. Maddy thinks that Will is just watching out for himself anyway and does not think he will win HoH anyway. She does not believe that Will would put them up before Olivia and Ali anyway.

11:21AM BBT: Will, Kaela, and Derek join Maddy and Paras in the white bedroom and proceed to make their plea at why they should vote to keep Kaela this week.

11:31AM BBT: Johnny, Ali, and Olivia join the group in the white bedroom and it turns into another house meeting with disagreements, talking over each other and yelling. Maddy suggests that since her, Paras and Will are considered a threesome, then they should probably have a chat later to decide who they want to keep.

12:15PM BBT: The house meeting is over with Johnny and Kaela being the only two left in the white bedroom still talking about who said what.

1:50PM BBT: Johnny and Will are in the HoH room chatting about Maddy and Paras leaning towards keeping Kaela in the house. Johnny can't believe that they would want to keep a strong duo in the house because they will have a great chance of winning the HoH. Will said that he told them he wants to keep Ali and he is tired of the back and forth on who to keep. Johnny said that Derek and Kaela will win the game one-hundred percent. Will is going to have a chat with Maddy and Paras later on because the two of them are stubborn. Johnny said that if Maddy and Paras turn on him and keep Kaela then he will put them up the next time he wins HoH.

2:19PM BBT: Will is called to the DR as Paras and Ali join Johnny in the HoH room. Ali tells the two what her gut feels about who will go up in the triple if Paras, Will or Maddy win. Paras tells Ali not to talk about her game and what she would do because she does not know. That is the same thing that Ali was just telling Kaela during the house meeting. Ali said that if she had no loyalty, she would have called out Johnny and Paras during the house meeting and if that is not enough to prove loyalty then she does not know what is.

2:35PM BBT: Will is back from the DR and Johnny asks Ali to leave so that he can talk to Paras and Will. Johnny proceeds to throw his pitch about why it is better to get rid of Kaela this week. The discussion lasts for ten minutes and then Will wants to go out and have a cigarette.

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 7:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.

I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 7PM, you have another chance at 10PM ET.

We'll be late posting the coverage of tonight's show because we could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Johnny says he just nominated Kaela and Derek and he feels AMAZING! His target is Derek because he put him up last week and he's stronger in every area.

Derek says this was the one thing he and Kaela didn't want to happen.

Kaela says it sucks they are on the block together but she is going to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Paras says Kaela, you came after me this week? Well now you're on the block and I'm going to have a fun week.

Johnny is talking to Kaela and Derek in the kitchen and they are talking about how it's not personal it's part of the game and it's not fun being on the block. Johnny tells us yeah, it sucks for you guys but I'm having fun.

Paras is in the red rose room venting about Kaela and Olivia comes in with Johnny right behind. They thank Johnny and he says he was ready to put them up. Alejandra came in and she says his speeches are so fun. They talk about Johnny saying let the showmance showdown begin.

Johnny says he now needs to talk to everyone and make sure they'll keep his nominations the same. He doesn't really trust anyone in the house but he has the most trust with Will and he could help him with the other side of the house. Will says he'd rather send Derek home. Will is hoping he gets to play in the veto.

Johnny goes into the HoH room and Olivia is in there. Johnny says he trusts Liv more than Ali and he wants to pick her brain. Liv says if she wins the veto she would keep nominations the same. Liv says worse case scenario is Derek wins and takes himself down.

Derek and Kaela are in the red rose room and Kaela says since Johnny won HoH none of them have been talking to her. Derek says it doesn't make sense for Johnny not to take the opportunity to make final five. Kaela doesn't see Johnny making it to the end unless he wins every HoH and PoV he can. Kaela says one of them has to win veto.

Johnny is heading into the HoH room and Kaela is in there. She wants to put a bug in Johnny's ear and let him know where she stands so maybe he'll save her. Johnny says if Derek wins veto and

Kaela says I know I'm going home. Kaela says she has no one in this game, she has Derek but now it's come to this.

Johnny says he'd rather Kaela stay than Derek. Kaela says she is not here to play for someone she is here to play herself. She says she will do whatever it takes to get herself further in the game. She tells us it's not a great spot but if it comes to her and Derek she is going to pick herself 100% of the time.

We have a digital set up for the veto competition. They will be "downloading" some of the iconic moments from this season.

In each round, they will be shown a series of images and asked a question. They will have to find the corresponding images to answer the question. The last HGs in each round will be eliminated. The last one standing will win the PoV and a cash prize of $5,000.

Maddy says it's been 50 days in the house and she hasn't won anything, but Mark her words! Today she is going to get this. Derek says they are in serious trouble and one of them has to come off the block to survive. Johnny says if Kaela wins, it's not the worst thing, but if Derek wins, that's no good.

The first round they have to bring back photos of competitions that were won by females. Johnny is the first to finish and he is off to the next round. Derek is second. Kaela has one wrong. Kaela says she doesn't know what she's missing. She's having a brain freeze and this is not good. She's fighting for this veto for herself because her life is on the line.

Alejandra locks in and is correct in third. Paras is incorrect also. Maddy locks in and is correct in fifth place. Kaela is finally figured out what she did wrong and she locks in again and she is correct. Paras has been eliminated.

They need to bring back photos of competitions that Hamza competed in. Maddy says she is a Big Brother superfan and she has been studying since day one. She says this is an easy question. She is the first to lock in and she is correct.
Johnny locks in behind her and is correct.

The other three are looking for their last photos. Derek is correct and Ali locks in right behind. Kaela has been eliminated.

Kaela says Derek has been her rock, but he can NOT win. As much as it sucks her best chance to stay is sitting next to Derek.

Ali is in front of her large computer pretending to type in questions. She says she needs internet access right now. Is her family OK? Is Trump still president? Did Khloe have her baby? [Yes, Yes, and Yes.]

They need to bring back photos of HoH competitions that were played on odd-numbered days. Alejandra locks in first and is wrong. Maddy locks in and she is correct. Johnny locks in and he is correct. Derek locks in and is incorrect. Ali cannot figure out what she is doing wrong. Derek makes it back and he is correct. Alejandra has been eliminated.

For the next round, they need to bring back photos of competitions Erica did NOT compete in. Johnny says Erica was truly this season's competition beast.

Maddy says she is not only killing this competition but she is lapping these guys. Maddy says they thought she wasn't a threat but here she is and she is taking this one.

Johnny and Derek are both looking at the photo field and it's going to be a tight race for the last spot. Johnny says his mission this week is to get the pretty boy out of here.

Johnny thinks he has the last photo and Derek is freaking out. Johnny runs back and locks in and he is incorrect. Derek thinks he has it. He runs back and locks in and he is correct.

Johnny has been eliminated. Johnny says all he can think is Maddy needs to win her first competition at this very moment.

The final round, Maddy vs. Derek. They have to bring back photos of a nominee competing in a veto competition. Maddy says this is the easiest one so far.

Both HGs have two photos this time. Derek says Maddy has been killing this competition. He's going to grab whatever she grabs and outrun her the rest of the game.

It's down to the last photo and Derek is fighting for his life. It's all or nothing right now... Maddy get out of the way.

Derek grabs a photo and runs back. He locks in and is correct and wins the PoV and the $5,000. He says he feels incredible! Derek says Johnny put him on slop and put him on the block next to his girl. See it, believe it, achieve it!

Kaela says Derek good for you. But it stinks for her. She is not going to roll over this week. Derek goes to celebrate in the catacombs. He's pumping himself up and says that's how you fight Canada!

Maddy and Johnny are talking and Maddy apologizes and says this is so bad. Johnny says this wasn't ideal. He tells us Derek winning PoV was a disaster for him. Now he has to either put up one from the trio or one from the duo. This was not good for his game.

Kaela says Derek winning was horrible for her game. She says her best case scenario is for one of the trio to go on the block. She's pitching to Olivia and Alejandra and says she wants the floaters out and she wants Johnny out. She says it would be good for them to keep her. Ali says Kaela is desperate to save herself and they could help her. If they help her now, then she could be loyal to them later.

Alejandra and Olivia are talking in the red rose room and they are thinking about keeping her and Derek in the game. They are trying to figure out who to target to get put up. Ali says if they save them, then they won't put them up. Ali says it's almost counterproductive because the reason they kept him was to take the shot at Daela. Ali says Maddy is really good with mental competitions because she studies her ass off. Ali says they can't let Johnny onto the fact they are maybe keeping Kaela until after he's made the move. But then they have lost him after that.

Paras and Maddy are talking about who should be put up between Liv and Ali and they are thinking he should put up Liv. Paras says they kept him so he could choose a side but he's still playing both sides. Maddy says she feels good about their relationship with Johnny but he needs to put up Liv as an act of faith.

Johnny is talking to Maddy, Will, and Paras and they are feeling each other out. Johnny feels like Liv is in an interesting position and Maddy says she feels safe and Johnny disagrees.

Johnny says he might put up Ali and Maddy says why not Liv? Johnny asks what's the difference. Maddy says there isn't really and Johnny says he hopes they don't want him to not be cool with her because they are cool with everyone. Johnny says Maddy thinks she's some sort of mastermind and it's annoying. Johnny is going to do what he wants and what's best for his game.

Johnny invited Will to the Hasbro house party and they are playing Operation.

Olivia and Johnny are talking and Johnny wants to know what she thinks about a nominee. Liv says maybe Maddy or Paras. Johnny says if he does that he risks them voting out Maddy or Paras and he can't do that. Johnny says it comes down to her or Ali. Johnny thinks Ali might take it a little better. Liv says if it comes down to her or Ali, she's going to push for Ali. Johnny thinks Ali would have voted to keep Ali and Liv won't say anything. She says she's hesitant to say anything.

Alejandra goes to talk to Johnny in the HoH and she says she wants to have a candid conversation. She wants to know if her, Liv, and Johnny are working together in this game and he says yes. Ali wants to know if Johnny is 100% with them until the end.

Johnny says his plan is going up in smoke here this week and he's trying to figure out how to keep that from happening. Ali says she will NOT vote out Maddy.

Johnny says if he puts up one of the other three that leaves him and the remaining two along with Daela, Liv, and Ali. Alejandra says she wouldn't do that.

Ali tells us she's lying through her teeth and she's hoping Johnny buys it. Johnny says he'll think about it. Ali leaves and Johnny says he can't believe she thinks he believes that bull crap.

Paras is talking to Johnny in the HoH and she wants him to prove they are with him by putting up Liv. Paras says Alejandra is gunning for Johnny hard.

Johnny says then why wouldn't I put her up? Johnny says doesn't it prove I'm with you if I don't put one of you up?

Paras says she's paranoid but one thing about her is what you see is what you get. Johnny says what stinks for him is whatever side he chooses will have the numbers this week.

It's time for the veto ceremony. Derek gives Kaela a chance to explain why Derek should use the veto on her. Kaela says while she'd love for him to use it on her, he earned and she will support his decision.

Derek has decided to use the PoV on himself. He says Kaela is an amazing woman and his best friend in the house and he doesn't want to see her go.

Johnny must now name a replacement nominee. His replacement nominee is Alejandra.

Johnny says he chose her because he sees a lot of value in the strategy of her next to Kaela. He also says she's a social assassin and if anyone can break up Derek and Kaela it's her.

Ali says well she's on the block but giddy up and let's go and she's going to fight. Kaela says it's not looking good but she's going to talk herself out of this one. She says it can and will happen.

Arisa says this week Big Brother is cleaning house in a BIG way. It's time for their triple eviction.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E22, was written by Indymom78.   

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board

Today's update by Sassy2565 & TV coverage by IndyMom78
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Update Entry
Tuesday, April 24, 2018  Expect the Unexpected

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 

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Update Entry
Monday, April 23, 2018  PoV Ceremony Today

8:15AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! Today is the PoV ceremony. The lights are on in the BB house but the house guests are still sleeping. After fifteen minutes, Maddy gets up to do a house-wide battery change and BB announces to the other houseguests that it is time to wake up because there is one hour until the PoV ceremony.

9:30AM BBT: All of the houseguests spent the past hour getting ready for the PoV ceremony and now they are in HoH lockdown.

9:58AM BBT: The feeds go down, time for the PoV ceremony!

10:42AM BBT: The feeds are back and Ali is the replacement nominee. Most of the houseguests are sitting out by the hot-tub in the sun and then the feeds switch to the red bedroom where Olivia asks Ali how she is feeling. Ali said that she is feeling alright, but she is pissed off. She is going to win the triple and send Johnny out of the house. Olivia said that she can help and suggests that they go and lay outside for now. Ali has to eat something first.


Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 9:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.
I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 9PM, you have another chance at Midnight ET.

We'll be very late posting the coverage of tonight's show because IndyMom78 is covering The Voice and Fuskie is covering American Idol. We could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

Previously on Big Brother Canada: When Derek refused to use the veto, Johnny and Ryan were locked to the block.

The house was ready to bury Johnny. From the DR, Will tells us that when you have a target that big you gotta take a shot, "We gotta get rid of Johnny," he told Paras.

But the morbid man-of-war maniac never stopped believing.

Then, a call from the crypt put Will in touch with Marsha the mummified Moose. Marsha offered Will a secret mission, and when he took the bait, he tried to screech his fellow houseguests. When will failed to complete the mission, he informed the house they'd be on slop for the rest of the season. But in the end, the gullible Eastcoaster got screeched himself when they told him their mission was to see that his mission failed.

And when the jig was finally up, the Ding-Dongs helped revive Johnny's game. Olivia went to work on Paras, and Johnny brought Will on side, and at crunch time, Ali helped complete the flip. And on eviction night, a unanimous vote helped save Johnny's undead bacon and sent big red off to Big Brother's jury.

Tonight: Who will pop their top to win the next HoH competition? Will the house still be sweet on Daela? Or will the sugar rush end in catastrophe? The sour grapes are right for the pickin' on Big Brother Canada.

We pick up on day 48 after Ryan's eviction. Johnny tells us he just pulled off a resurrection of his life in the game. He continues to says that he's thanking everyone in the house, but he's not forgetting that they all wanted him out.

Ali tells us it was not an easy feat to flip the house and have them keep Johnny. Ali believes that Johnny will be loyal to her.

Paras also feels that keeping Johnny will be good for her game, and a number for her, Will, and Maddy.

Kaela tells us that she and Derek wanted Johnny out of the house, but when it came down to it, every single person wanted to keep him. The only way Kaela feels she and Derek will be safe is if Kaela wins HoH.

In the backyard, there are four candy volcanoes, each with two ropes, one on each side.

Arisa explains, "This competition is called 'Slippery Slope,' and this is how it works. Holding on to your rope, you'll climb up your giant candy and try to stay on as long as you can if you step off you are eliminated. The last person standing will be the new Head of the Household. This challenge starts-- now!"

While Johnny stands on the giant candy and reflects on how he managed to talk everyone into keeping him, but he feels he must win this competition to remain in the house.

All the players are hanging onto their ropes to remain perched on the slanted edge of their giant candies. The candy erupts will small gelatinous balls shooting out of the top.

After 35 minutes, Big Brother has the competitors step up their game by having some slippery goo pour down the sides of their candy.

Paras tells us how difficult it is to hang on the rope. She says that she's been throwing competitions and now she's out to win this one so she can show everyone who's really been running this game.

Paras tells us she can't find her footing. Kaela says, "I really think I can win this competition I feel really solid in my upper body and my feet are pretty solidly planted. I've just got to outlast the seven other people."

Maddy is first out.

Olivia tells us that her feet are sliding on the slime, and then she's out too.

Right after Olivia goes out, Alejandra follows.

Now we're down to Paras, Kaela, Johnny, and Will. Then Kaela is out. You can see that Johnny is pleased that Kaela has been eliminated. Kaela tells us she doesn't feel comfortable with anyone remaining in the competition.

William notes that this is the same three that were left in the first HoH competition "So by right, I should drop next." Johnny: "Oh ain't that the truth." William lightens the mood by pretending to fart. Will lets out a few primal yells and fakes a few more farts, but you can see the oilman is in pain trying to hang on to the rope. He tells us his forearms are burning, his legs and he's down.

So the game is now between Johnny and Paras. They've been at it for an hour and six minutes. Johnny can't see Paras from his side, and he tells us his arms are in pain. Johnny to Paras: "Hey, Paras? Whatever happens, you want to guarantee we won't put each other up? You have my word, 100%, I'still going fight to the end, but we got each other, eh?" Paras: "Yup, you got my word." Paras starts to lose her footing.

Daela thinks that they'd stand a better chance of staying safe with Paras over Johnny because they put Johnny on the block last week.

Paras drops, and Johnny is the new HoH. "Oh talk about a sugar high. The butterfly of death has returned. Good luck bitches, I got the power this week."

As HoH, Johnny must choose two Have-Nots for the week. Without hesitation, he names Derek and Kaela.

From the DR, Kaela angrily tells us she's been on slop more than anyone else in the house. "Clearly Johnny is sending a huge message to us and I don't think we're safe this week."

When Ali and Johnny get alone in the red room, they celebrate their side's victory. "Congratulations, this is why we kept you," Ali tells Johnny. From the DR, Ali tells us that it's great for her that Johnny won HoH since she was responsible for keeping him in the house last week. "We have to keep him close and make sure he's on our team."

Meanwhile, in the white room, Will tells Maddy and Paras he's glad he didn't win, "No blood on my hands." They talk about how savage it was of Johnny to send Daela to the catacombs, "He wants them weak..." Paras says. They go on to plan what they'll tell Johnny about Liv and Maddy being on board with the idea of evicting Johnny last week.

Daela realizes that one of them is going home this week. "Johnny basically knows we didn't get votes for him. Every single person threw us under the bus this week. And I bet you they all kept Johnny to go after us, 'cause right now, no one's talking to us.' Kaela tells Derek.

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Johnny got Operation for Hasbro game night and pictures of his husband, Jamie, and his family. The video was from Jamie and his best friend Karen.

It doesn't take long before Daela are in the HoH room and Johnny's ear. Johnny starts off by telling them that he was sincere when they were in power about working together, but the fact that he ended up on the block, indicates they were not as sincere to the alliance as he was. Johnny feels that they played him.

Daela says that everyone in the house wanted Johnny on the block. Johnny feels that Daela were the ones that wanted Johnny on the block. Johnny asks how they feel about bringing everyone into the HoH room and getting to the bottom of who's idea it was to put Johnny on the block. Daela says OK, bring them in.

Kaela tells us she knows her and Derek are going on the block, so it doesn't matter what's said at the group meeting, they have nothing to lose, and Kaela will say anything to keep her and Derek safe.

Derek: "Every single person came into the HoH room last week and wanted Johnny to be the target and to home, so I wasn't the only one saying 'Johnny's got to go.'" Alejandra agrees with Derek saying she didn't make up her mind about who to evict at first. The HGs agree that Kaela was more on board with keeping Johnny at first. Derek says he was always on the fence.

Daela starts pointing fingers at Paras for heading up the movement to evict Johnny, she is adamant that she didn't want Johnny out. Paras blames Ryan but admits that during Kaela's HoH, Paras told her that Johnny was coming after them.

William tells the group that in Big Brother everyone has broken deals.

The meeting breaks up but Kaela and Paras stay. Paras tells the truth about wanting Ryan on the block, Flashback to day 35: "Ryan was the OG idea... " But Kaela has a different view of things and the conversation between Paras and Kaela gets heated.

Paras goes to the white room and tells Maddy about the accusations Kaela made. Maddy assures Paras she has her back and it doesn't matter what anyone else says. Maddy thinks Kaela is trying to drive a wedge between Maddy and Paras.

Johnny suspects there's more to Paras than the sweet innocent girl she appears to be, "There's a reason she's never been on the block."

Johnny invites Maddy to share his Wendy's dinner perk. They do a little studying while eating.

Later Kaela tries one more time to sell Johnny on not putting up Daela, saying that keeping them gives everyone that wanted to nominate Johnny, a better target, Daela.

Olivia and Johnny chat. Johnny would rather not put up Kaela. He sees that Will is aligned with Paras, Ali, and Maddy.

It's time for the nominations. Johnny makes the obvious move and puts up Daela. At the ceremony, Johnny tells Kaela he nominated her because of a lack of trust, and Derek-- just out of revenge. "Let the showmance showdown begin!"

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Derek or Kaela fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday 7PM BBT: on Big Brother Canada!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E21, was written by Morty.   

Derek, Johnny and Kaela do some star-gazing
Today's update was written by Sassy2565
The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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