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Big Brother Will return in 2015
Do you have what it takes to compete for $500,000?
Apply to be a houseguest on
Big Brother 17

"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews


And Then What?
Robyn Kass @Kassting All #BB17 semi finalists have been contacted. Thanks again for an amazing turn out. #BBfansrule
The Big Brother 17 summer premiere arrives on June 24, 2015 when a new cast enters the Big Brother house and competes for the half-million dollar prize. Are you ready?

Think you can out-last a bunch of strangers living in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording your every move 24 hours a day for half a million dollars? Now’s your chance! Big Brother is casting in San Francisco and Miami!
Fans who know and love the show can get ready for more epic challenges, heads of households, juicy showmances and bromances, surprising eliminations and have-nots.
Big Brother will debut with a special two-night premiere on Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25, both at 8/7c. The Thursday edition, featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen, moves to its regular time period on July 2 at 9/8c. The Sunday broadcast premieres June 28 at 8/7c.
Which houseguest will walk away with the grand prize of $500,000 at the end of the summer?
You must tune in to find out!

Zach Rance Updates Fans On Life After Big Brother By: Matthew Boyer @ | February 9, 2015 Big Brother found a standout Houseguest this past season with Zach Rance who added a lot of entertainment factor to the BB16 summer. Now in a new interview Zach is revealing his latest adventures and what’s on his horizon including his thoughts on another season.  -Read More-

 'Big Brother' Star Zach Releases a Rap Single And His Lyrics Address Some Major 'Big Brother' Rumors  [December 31, 2014] by Allison Piwowarski @  Attention Big Brother fans. Don’t you dare forget about Zach Rance, one of Big Brother’s favorite players from this most recent season. In fact, he (and I) will not let you forget about him. Back when the reality show ended, and he was reintroduced to the real world again, Zach told Bustle that he had big Hollywood plans to make it huge on screen, but only four months post-Big Brother, Zach is making a name for himself in the music scene, as he just released his first rap single (under the name Rizzle) called “Sawagoo.” - Read More-


Christmas With The Houseguests
Click Images For Slideshow

Caleb is spending the holidays with he new girlfriend, Ashley. Cassi Colvin, looks great in her Christmas wrappings. Former BB castmembers get together for a toys for tots drive at the VFW in Portsmouth, NH.
Big Brother 14 winner, Ian Terry spends Christmas with his family. Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren is seen here surrounded by his fans. Big Brother 16's Amber Borzotra poses under the Christmas tree.
Rachel Reilly-Villegas looks beautiful posing with with a canine companion. Hayden and Nicole clown for the camera in their holiday pictures. Caleb Reynolds pose on an outdoor adventure with Ashley.
Big Brother 14's Ashley Iocco plants one on her plush pal. Elissa Reilly-Slater posted this artsy photo on her social media accounts. The Calafiores tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

Hayden Voss  plays Pac Mac in his Pac Man jammies-- maybe a Christmas gift from Nicole. That's BB15's Howard Overby behind his girlfriend's hand that reads "I said Yes!," Howard got engaged for Christmas. Caleb takes his girlfriend new new heights-- on a ski lift.

Michael Fairman Interviews Zach and Cody [October 23, 2014] Last week soap columnist Michael Fairman caught up with Zach Rance & Cody Calafiore to talk about showmances, exhibitionism & Frankie’s “Ariana Grande” Bombshell as Big Brother comes To The Bold and the Beautiful!  [It's a nice interview, you should check it out} -Read More -

BB16's Zach Rance Turns Outs of Charity In Florida [October 25, 2014] Zach Rance was on hand today to help raise funds for a local Florida charity event, the Housel Family AML Fund.

The charity is raising funds for Samantha and Ashley Housel, twin four-year old girls battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

This will be Zach’s second event to support the charity which has already raised over $30,000 in the the past week as they aim to reach $100,000. Supporters can get a photo with Zach plus an autographed pink hat for a donation to the cause. All of the money donated is going directly to the fund.

Visit their GoFundMe page & their Facebook page for more details & a way to donate.Morty Video

Another Cast Interview! [October 25, 2014] 103.7 KVIL Zazza Mornings DJs Give the guys of Big Brother 16 finish up their interview and head outside for one final challenge..  - Read More -
Hayden and Nicole at the Deckerville-Ubly volleyball match.   

Update on The Status of HayCole [October 24 2014]  Yes, a month after the finale, the BB16 Hayden and Nicole romance is still on. Do y'all have a high tolerance to "cute?"  You can see they're spending a lot of time together by following them on Twitter, @lovelyhaycole

Watch The Big Brother HGs takeover The Bold and the Beautiful [October 24 2014] The worlds of daytime and reality TV will collide during two episodes of the ever-steamy The Bold and the Beautiful during a spooky bikini Halloween party with 13 past Big Brother houseguests.

In the story, Liam (played by Scott Clifton) and Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) are looking to kick-start their new romance. What better place than at a party at Bikini Beach surrounded by people who are half naked?!

They are joined at the party by oft-shirtless hunk Carter (Lawrence Saint Victor) and never-shirtless Big Brother contestant Donny Thompson, the season 16 Fan Favorite as voted on by America.

  Get a sneak peek at the Halloween Big Brother takeover of The Bold and Beautiful!
Thompson will also change costumes constantly as an wink and homage to Big Brother houseguests this season who believed he was everything from a ninja to paratrooper to CIA spy to officer for Homeland Security. He is actually a groundskeeper.

In addition to Thompson, other former Big Brother alums to make the scene will include Season 16’s Amber Borzotra, Cody Califiore (this season’s runner-up), Nicole Franzel, Zach Rance, Caleb Reynolds, Devin Shepard and Hayden Voss. They will be joined by perennial faves Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, who got engaged this summer, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who married in 2012, and Rachel’s sister Elissa Slater will; be on two episodes at 12:30PM. October 30th and 31st. of The Bold and the Beautiful, so set your DVR!
Big Brother's Frankie Grande Is Headed to Broadway by By Patrick Gomez [October 21, 2014]  Frankie Grande's dreams just keep coming true.

Only months after he crossed off becoming a Big Brother contestant from his bucket list, Grande has now booked his dream role in the Broadway musical Rock of Ages.

"I'm so unbelievably excited," Grande, 31, tells PEOPLE of being cast as Franz in the rock musical. "I have wanted to play Franz ever since I first saw the show. I think it is one of the best, funniest, most clever roles."

Grande began his Broadway career in 2007 when he joined the cast of the ABBA-inspired musical Mamma Mia! and had gotten close to booking the role of Franz – a character who was cut from the 2012 film but is a major role in the stage production – numerous times over the years. - Read More -
What are the HGs Selling on eBay? [October 17, 2014] Victoria and Zach have mended their fences in the name of "capitalism" (not that there's anything wrong with that. You can own a piece of the "ORIGINAL" pink hat that Zach Rance wore ALL season and was ripped apart by Victoria Rafaeli, if the price is right! Victoria's eBay Auctions.
  Click Here for Amber's Auctions
  Other sellers that collect autographs from celebs, have posted signed items, although the items may be legit, you are not buying from a former HG.

Amber somehow got her bunny slippers back from Caleb, and is selling them on eBay.

Big Brother 16 Winner Derrick Levasseur to Appear at Central Falls RI High School [October 9, 2014] Derrick Levasseur will hold a public meet-and-greet from 4 to 5:30PM Friday, October 10th at Central Falls High School. Doors open at 3:30PM at the auditorium of the school at 24 Summer St., will include a brief speaking program with Mayor James Diossa and Council President Bob Ferri before a question-and-answer session with Levasseur.

Big Brother Star Zach Rance Sets Record 'Straight' on Frankie Grande Showmance [October 7, 2014 By Brandon Schultz Out Magazine]
'Let’s be real—guys give other guys massages. It’s not a big deal.'

Suddenly, 2014 has become the year of the hetero-homo bromance in reality television. Zankie, the relationship between Frankie Grande (gay) and Zach Rance (straight) is the only thing people are still talking about from this summer’s Big Brother 16. And the trendiest topic to emerge from America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21, airing now) is Willthew, the relationship between Will Jardell (gay) and Matthew Smith (straight, but famously prefers “no labels”). -Read More-


'Slut-shaming is ruining my life' BB star abused over TV romance while married [October 4, 2014 By Nadia Mendoza @Britian's Daily Star] A BIG BROTHER housemate from the US version of the show has fallen victim to online abuse after flirting with one of her roomies.

Ordinarily, viewers can't get enough of romances blossoming before their eyes. Just look at our very own Steverly. Yet on this occasion, the lady in question was married on the outside world.
And despite bidding farewell to her Romeo + Juliet moment of BB16, Christine now needs help for the 'slut-shaming' that is being thrown at her.

According to TMZ, the network CBS were forced to set the reality star up with previous housemate, BB13's Shelly Moore, who is now coaching Christine on how to re-enter actual reality. Following the finale last week, Christine tweeted: "I let that stupid house destroy my spirit."

On her eviction night, the 23-year-old was booed intensely by the live audience, with the epic reception being described as the "loudest boos in the history of Big Brother". -Read More-

TMZ shared some of the Christine hate posted on social media, including, "Christine is a motherf*****g trash ass thot bitch motherf****r whore cheater scum" and "Karma is a bitch you cheater!"

Big Brother fans are always passionate and vocal, and they may sometimes take things a wee bit too personally. (Weirdly enough, Christine was booed louder than the controversial “racists” of last season.) Christine told TMZ that CBS set her up with BB13’s Shelly Moore, whose family received threats from fans after she backstabbed beloved Jeff and Jordan.

Shelly is now giving Christine advice on getting back into the real world. Shelly’s first rule is to stay off social media and keep your private life private. Smart. (Although not likely, considering how much attention reality stars get online and how much they tend to feed off the attention.)

And for anyone wondering where things stand between Christine and Tim, she told TMZ, "My husband and I, we're golden."

51-year-old  Dick Donato appears on VH1's  Couple's Therapy with his girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer, and on Wednesday's episode, Donato reveals to the rest of the cast the diagnosis he received in 2011 that changed his life.  
Dick Donato Reveals He's HIV Positive [October 1, 2014] Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato (AKA Evel Dick) returned to reality TV, appearing on VH1's Couple's Therapy, and he's using the spotlight to open up about his personal struggle: living with HIV.

Donato told People Magazine that when he was brought back to compete on Big Brother 13, the producers called him into the house's Diary Room. "They told me that something was wrong with my blood test," he says. "They had done two HIV tests. One had come back positive and the other had come back negative." The show's doctor took more blood. Two hours later, Donato learned the life-changing news. "When they told me, I just went numb," he says. With little explanation, Donato left the show. "They had a car take me from CBS to my mother's house. She was the first person I told."  -Read More-

More Media! [September 30, 2014] The Morty's TV updaters are still on the job and , Jayman228 wrote: "I figured Morty and group would like to see this. Beginning of Derricks interview, it made me appreciate the interview because I didn't realize he went through that and all."

There's a lot of interesting info in these videos, like just what was in the HoH basket picture that Derrick didn't like? Remember the first week when Derrick got news about his daughter being in the hospital what was that about?  Derrick answers all!
On the Block with Spencer & McCrae joined by Big Brother 16 WINNER Derrick Levasseur On the Block with Spencer & McCrae joined by Big Brother 16 Runner-up Cody Calafiore

TV Guide Exclusive: A Big Brother-Palooza on The Bold and the Beautiful by Michael Logan @TVGuide [September 25, 2014] The Bold and the Beautiful's October 30th Halloween episode will feature appearances by Donny, Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin, plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan.

Donny Thompson:
He's not just "America's Favorite," he's also a soap star! Big Brother 16 contestant Donny Thompson wasn't named champ on last night's season finale of the CBS reality hit — he was evicted from the house weeks ago — but at the end of the show, the North Carolina groundskeeper did bag $25,000 in a viewer popularity poll. -Read More -

l-r Cody, Mike Boogie, Derrick.  
Let the Tweeting Begin!  [September 26, 2014 ] Now that the HGs are out of the house, they're making up for the 94 days of isolation and silence by taking to social media. Yesterday Derrick tweeted a picture of him, Cody and one of their BB icons, Mike Boogie Malin. You can stay in touch with Derrick on twitter @Derrick_L13. During the season I enjoyed following Zach's dad, his brother Peyton, and even their dog Tiger, but now you can follow Zach Rancy Pants himself on twitter @ranceypants.  Zach now has 175,000 followers, almost enough to make him a social media mogul.

  Cody Calafiore and season 15 winner Andy Herren.
@Cody_Calafiore got to meet last season's winner Andy Herren,  Cody posed with  Big Brother 14 finalist Danielle Murphree, Big Brother Canada 2 winner Jon Pardy (that's the guy that Derrick patterned some of his gameplay on) Big Brother Canada's Neda Kalantar, and here's Cody with Rachel Reilly-Villegas.  

I thought we'd see a major reaction from Caleb and Frankie when on the finale, Julie told the HGs the top three vote getters in the America's Favorite Player were Nicole, Zach, and Donny. Here's the video of Julie reading the results and awarding Donny. [Click Here]

Derrick appears on The Talk. [Photo not available, artist's conception.]  
All the HGs thought they'd be on The Talk, but only Frankie and Derrick got to talk with Julie and her ladies. Click Here for Video.

After the finale, Brian Haug from WIBW of Topeka Kansas was in the backyard to interview the HGs. Brian asked Cody what he thought when he heard that in addition to the Team America mission prizes, Derrick also won $50,000.  Guess what, that was the first Cody heard that one.  For one brief second, Cody had that, "Are you F'ing kidding me," look on his face and then quickly recovered and said he was happy and had no regrets. 

So here's an interesting fact, the HGs are all paid a stipend of $1,000 a week for appearing on the show, whether in the house or jury, however, this money deducted from the final two's prize money. This means Donny (with his Team America prize, America's Favorite Player prize, and his $15,000 stipend) won more money than Cody.

Donny told Brian that there were moments that he was sorry his girlfriend talked him into being on Big Brother. I remember him laying laying in the ice room crying that he would never leave his girlfriend, friends, family and his job to gamble on winning money ever again.  Last night he said that even though there were times in the house where it "hurt his brain," he would like to be on Big Brother All-Stars. Donny also revealed that he and Zach would be taping their guest appearances on The Bold and the Beautiful on Friday.

Derrick and Frankie were on The Talk this afternoon where Julie Chen announce that Big Brother has been renewed for the next two summers.

If you're wondering what happened to Jeff Schroeder's backyard interviews.  Jeff was in the backyard talking to all 16 HGs, but for some reason CBS decided to post the videos, rather than stream them live.  Here's are Jeff's Backyard Interviews

As Julie says, we have one last prize to give away, it's for our Screamin' Memies contest, and the winning meme was "Tim Who?" and submitted by Andrew, one of our Facebook friends. click here for a slideshow some of the best memes.  Andrew wins an exclusive "Big Brother Audience" t-shirt, so this is genuine, and not something you can buy in the CBS store. There are so many good memes, I'd like to give everyone a shirt, but there's only one.

Every year I get a lot of praise for my coverage of Big Brother, but the truth is, it's not my coverage, the updates are written by an elite team of fans that donate their time, ignoring their families, to bring you the best coverage on Big Brother on the net. This season's writers were:  6Borders, Aceplanet533, Awiski, BBHeavenC, BBLuver, BBLurkerPlus, BBSheriff, BigBroFanTX, BigMDGirl, Brotayjax, CajunBoiler, Cassondra0222, Cathy, Chief, CoDkiller87, CortneyIrene, Cotizzle, Dade, DawnMarie, DRG,  Drummer1, EmilyCaitlin, Fuskie, GeorgeCTV, GetMisted, Goldylucks, Gwennylou, IndigoAquarius,  jayman228, JEDI, jkuzma, Kekila, kitten_200, laladoopiedu, loghing62, Monadyan, Morty, nma1985, omahaguy, Phortune, pierceka, Sayre,  sassy2565, SCRTsqrl, slowpoke, snancypants, Spikes_Luv, SueZqueZ, ThanksBB, VetoPlayer and XanderLESQ.

Please don't go away, we're here all year 'round here's some of the stuff that's coming up.

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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 24 2014  Big Finale Tonight!

7:58AM BBT: Can you believe it, the final three are sleeping on their last morning in the BB house.

8:34AM BBT: You hear a door shut in the house but all the HGs are sleeping.

8:48AM BBT: Camera four is on the Memory wall... just three HGs remain in color. The HGs continue to snooze.

9:04AM BBT: And the HGs sleep....

9:15AM BBT: We have FotH! It's the final wake up call of the season.

9:29AM BBT: Cody and Derrick are brushing their teeth. Victoria iks applying makeup. Everyone is in the bathroom area.

9:34AM BBT: Cody pretending to cry as he says he will make the last pot of coffee of the season. He then starts singing and we get FotH.

9:34AM BBT: Cody pretending to cry as he says he will make the last pot of coffee of the season. He then starts singing and we get FotH.

Cody, Derrick, and Victoria are in the living room thanking the live feeders. Cody tells the live feeders thank you! He says it was amazing. Victoria: "Thank you for watching us. We are very appreciative and we love you very much. It's been an amazing summer." Derrick: "Thank you, it was a great experience. I had a blast." Derrick says he loves that it was unscripted. He is looking forward to being back on the feeds after this year. He loved it and appreciated every moment of it."

Cody says that every time Victoria was talking he looked up at the cameras and gave a puzzled face. Victoria says she hopes we enjoyed the eyes rolls when Cody talked to her.

  The HGs say their final goodbyes to the live feed viewers.
Derrick's favorite moment in the house were just talking, playing pool and sunrises. Victoria's was the fire room and giggling. She can't wait until the final tonight. Cody's favorite was a lot of the stuff Zach did. Derrick: "My favorite moment was when Zach got a wedgie. I laughed my ass off." We hear a final holla! Derrick and Cody say seeing their family videos was amazing.

While the final three are saying their goodbyes, Zach comes over the house speakers and says: "HOLLA, you Froot-Loop dingus!"

9:56AM BBT: All three HGs are sitting on the couch in the living room talking about past HGs. We keep getting Hollas from the production. Derrick says that he loved the competitions. They got better as the season went on. He thought it was amazing what BB did for the competitions. Derrick says it was unbelievable what BB did for them. Derrick suggests people apply for BB17.

Derrick: "It was a pleasure playing with you guys, but I'm about to smoke Cody tonight!"

9:58AM BBT: Victoria's final thoughts: "It has been amazing. It has been great being the final girl with these two guys." She can't wait to see the winner. Derrick's final thoughts: "Thank you for all the love and support. I know you are the reason that this show actually happens. He says he will be talking to the feedsters when he gets out." Cody says that he didn't realize how important the feeds are but now he can't wait to jump on and talk. Then he blows kisses and says good bye,

10:00AM BBT: They head to the kitchen to goof around with the limes and we got to FotH. The live feeds are complete.
Tonight's Big Finale on CBS & Global TV at 9:30PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
 They survived the Battle of the Block twist, they survived the Team America twist, they survived the BB Rewind twist. Now, either Cody, Derrick or Victoria will walk out of the house a half million dollars richer. The most twisted season ever comes to an end tonight. Welcome to the LIVE season finale of Big Brother!

This season on Big Brother, at the beginning of the game an eight person power alliance was created but secretly, Derrick and Cody formed and alliance within the alliance. When one of the Bomb Squad's founding members went off the rails, they had no choice but to make him kick rocks. After rebranding themselves the Detonators, they started blowing up people's games. When Zach Attack's wild behavior starting affecting their game, they decided to take out one of their own. With Derrick secretly controlling the game, he began targeting his biggest threats. So first the cop took out the groundskeeper and after Nicole compared Derrick to a BB legend, Derrick had no choice but to send her packing too. With Victoria posing no threat, the guys thought they had a clear path to the final four so the Bombinators gave Christine the pink slip. With the end in sight, the Hitmen decided their best chance at final two was to turn on their allies.

So they took out one of the most dominant players of the game and then they gave BeastMode a devastating judi chop. With only Derrick, Victoria and Cody remaining, the stage was set for part 1 of the three part HoH competition. Now, after a summer of outrageous behavior, romance, tears and epic battles, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to final two? 13 HGs have departed, and tonight 9 must make a difficult decision! Who will walk away with a half million dollar prize and who did America vote as their favorite HG? Find out live tonight on the 90 minute season finale of Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother. Fans have said that Derrick strategized his way to the end, Cody flirted his way to the end and Victoria floated her way to the end. But no matter how they got here, the half million dollar grand prize is now within their reach.

After 97 days, 44 competitions, and 14 evictions, it's time to crown the winner of Big Brother live tonight. But first, when we last left the HGs, they were flying high in part 1 of the HoH competition. Whomever wins will advance to part three live later tonight.

Derrick tells us winning this HoH competition is crucial. He and Cody have worked all summer to get to final two. Victoria winning would be a disaster. Victoria tells us she made it to final three but she's not stopping now. The prize is around the corner and she is going to win it.

Derrick tells us the rain is no joke. It's a torrential downpour and the wall is intense. It's parallel to the ground and it's excruciating. Victoria tells us she is in pain and can't feel her fingers. She is the first to fall off. She tells us she feels like she lost a golden opportunity to control her own fate in the game; it's the worst feeling in the world.

Derrick and Cody discuss what to do next. Cody tells us the plan was for him to win the endurance competition and Derrick take care of Victoria in the second. Cody offers to study for the next competition with Derrick.

In the DR, Cody is concerned; he doesn't feel he can beat Victoria? Cody is frustrated by Derrick having doubts about beating Victoria in round 2.

Victoria tells us she is counting on Derrick to win this one for their final two deal. Derrick tells us he really wanted Cody to throw this one to him and face Victoria in round 2, but when that doesn't seem likely, Derrick throws it so Cody wins. Cody tells us he is so pumped, he doesn't even have to worry about part 2. Derrick just has to beat Victoria and they'll be sitting together in round 2. Victoria tells us it's worst case scenario competing against her best friend in round 2. She has to win, she can't leave her destiny in someone else's hands.

HoH competition part 2. Derrick tells us he walks into the backyard and it feels like he needs his hat and whip cause he is going to find a crystal skull. Then he looks up and there is a golden wall and man, it is intimidating! "Welcome to part two of the final HoH competition. To begin the game, step off the secret stone and race up the wall and turn the tiles to reveal different faces. The goal is to place the faces that were on the chopping block on the night each eviction occurred. You'll place each pair of nominees in the correct order from first to 14th. The HGs that correctly places 14 pairs and steps on the stone in the fastest amount of time will play against Cody in part three of the final HoH competition. Get ready to play Big Brother Egypt!"

Derrick tells us this competition is difficult. Not only do you have to remember who was evicted, but who was on the block next to them when they were investigated. Not to mention climbing up and down a huge wall at the same time. Seeing this reminds him how good of a game he played this year; he wasn't nominated once through 55 nominations and re-nominations. Derrick hopes his best was good enough. Victoria has been nominated nine times; if anyone is going to know this competition, it's her.

Victoria tells us if she can barely remember their face, they probably left early so her strategy is to work older to newer. The hardest part is going up and down the walls. She is slowing down because she is going ledge by ledge and that's taking a lot of her time. Victoria and Derrick both get them right on the first try. Their times are revealed:
Derrick: 3:29
Victoria: 30:03
Derrick won part two of HoH! He will compete against Cody in the final HoH of the summer!

Victoria tells us it sucks. She hopes Derrick honors the final two deal they made at the beginning of the summer. Derrick tells Cody he got them all right on the first try and it still took 15 minutes. Cody tells us the only way Derrick and Cody don't make final two is if the biggest backstab on BB history goes down on finale night. As far as he's concerned, that's not going to happen - he hopes.

Ultimately the winner of BB will be chosen by the jury. All the jurors are outside discussing who the next HGs will be to arrive and they all say BeastMode - no one is going to send Victoria home. Nicole would love to see Cody walk through the door. Caleb is brought in and is warmly welcomed.

Dr. Will, who is "hosting" the chat, has Caleb explain his eviction. Caleb explains about the Hitmen. Jocasta thinks it is quite interesting that Caleb got rid of Frankie because he worked with him the entire game. Except when he tried to get Caleb put on the block with Nicole, Caleb reminds him. Frankie hotly reminds Caleb that actions speak louder than words. His actions in this game have never been disloyal to Caleb. Ever. Caleb disagrees, his talking to Nicole is an action! Frankie says that is not an action, it's a word! He pulled Caleb off the block twice and would've taken him to final three.

Dr. Will redirects the discussion back to the final three. They discuss Derrick. Zach says Derrick thinks a lot before he speaks, which is a great aspect. Caleb says Derrick is a manipulator, and uses strong methods, like his child. Frankie says he did it to him with his grandfather. Nicole says you feel guilty when he betrays you. (Everyone else verbally agrees) Nicole adds she is going to look back and be so disappointed in herself. Caleb doesn't know anyone who has made it to final three and never been on the block once, especially with a BoB and four people on the block at all times. And never once!

Dr. Will says that is an impressive statistic. So is he a master manipulator or did he have an alliance with everyone? Frankie says there are others in the house that tried that theory and it did not work and the fact it worked for him makes him a master manipulator. Donny says he stabbed his friends in the back and tried to work on the as they were going out the door to jury.

Caleb says he has enough people in the jury that he has lied to and big enough lied, that Caleb wouldn't want to send 6 people to jury that you're close to and expect them to vote for you. Jocasta mentions that Derrick fake prayed with her and that's something you don't do. She doesn't play that. She is going to stay bitter, no sugar comes from that. Zach says he said he'd lie, cheat, steal and kill to win the game so he respects Derrick's game. Donny says everyone praises Derrick more than Cody, but they are equally worthy and Cody was capable of winning more competitions than Derrick. Caleb calls Cody smart, he didn't show his potential at the beginning of the game but showed up when there were less people. Christine echoes that Cody is smart, he flew under the radar for awhile. Zach has nothing against Cody; he's flawless and should win the game. Caleb thinks his best move was to get so much information and not say anything about it.

Frankie asks Caleb who flipped him against him. Caleb thinks it over and says it was both hammering him. Christine says she is impressed that the two of them played so well since day two. What was Derrick's best move? asks Dr. Will. No one can answer that. If you're in the final three, you've done something right, Dr. Will says.

Which brings up Victoria. They all groan - loudly. Frankie says the girl was on the block nine times. Both times he was on the block, he had nervous break downs! Her nine times means she has strength. Zach says Victoria thinks she is away at summer camp. Dr. Will says they are in the jury house; she is playing Big Brother! Hayden says he doesn't think Victoria is very smart but she is dumbing herself down in the house. There are moments when she displays smartness. Some jurors agree, some disagree. Donny says she did something right or she wouldn't be here. Zach says she is not acting dumb, she is dumb. Dr. Will says you don't have to win things to be the best at Big Brother.

Jocasta says she'll vote for Victoria because that would be amazing. Caleb says he'll vote for her too if she is in final two. Hayden wonders if that is a personal burn. Zach asks what they are voting for - who they like or who played the best game?

Dr. Will thinks that is an excellent question. What is the most important factor in choosing a winner? Christine thinks competitions are big but social game is bigger. Nicole is overwhelmed; she doesn't know what she is going to do. This is making her think more deeply than she ever had. Dr. Will cautions them to choose their questions for the final two wisely as the answers will carry extreme weight.

Question 1: Caleb said "My favorite moment in the house was" a) when I went on that amazing date with Amber or b) when dag gone Brett Eldridge sang in the frickin back yard! Correct answer: A. Derrick gets a point!

Question 2: Frankie said "The fatal error I made in the house was" a) putting my faith in BeastMode Coward or b) Convincing everyone to push that stupid button. Correct answer: A. Both get a point!

Question 3: Christine said "The HGs who I think needs a reality check the most is" a) Frankie, he only thinks about himself or b) Donny, I'm not buying his nice guy act. Correct answer: A. Both get a point!

Question 4: Donny said "The most annoying thing in the house was" a) no one believing I'm just a regular old groundskeeper or b) getting people to be quiet when it was my bedtime! Correct answer: B. Cody gets a point!

Question 5: Zach said "The HGs that made the worst nomination decision was" a) Frankie, because I gave him my BB life and he stabbed me right in the heart or b) Me, when I put up my own alliance member. What was I thinking? Correct answer: B. Derrick gets a point!

Question 6: Nicole said "The moment in the house that I'm afraid to have my friends and family see" is a) doing my unitard striptease, sorry Mom and Dad! or b) kissing Hayden. So awkward! Correct answer: B. Cody gets a point!

Question 7: Hayden said "The most shocking moment in the house was when" a) Jocasta was blindsided in the double eviction. Sucked for me too. or b) when Caleb took $5,000 over the veto. Correct answer: B. Both get it wrong!

Question 8: Jocasta said "Rating my game play on a scale of 1-100, I'd give myself" a) 100! Can't do no wrong with Jesus by my side! or b) 90 of course. A girl don't go lower than that! Correct answer: B.

They both get it wrong so it goes to a tie breaker question. The answer will be a number. The person who comes closest to a number without going over wins. If they both go over, then the person closest to the number wins.

Question: In seconds, how long was part 1 of the final HoH competition from the starting horn to when Cody won?

The correct answer is 3671 - Cody's answer was 3120 and Derrick was 3013 so Cody wins final HoH!

Cody has to choose who to take to final two with him. Cody chooses to evict Victoria and go to final two with Derrick. Victoria wishes them good luck, crush their final speeches. She loves them. They love her. Victoria enters the studio to cheers. In the house, Cody says they did it. final two! Last color face going to black and white.

Victoria says she played this game with her heart. She has been nominated week after week. People like Frankie freak out when they are nominated. No one realized she was nominated first week and it kept happening. She fought as hard as she could and stayed extremely loyal, didn't throw anyone under the bus and is proud of her gameplay.

The fate of Cody and Derrick now rests in the hands of the jury. The jury is brought back out to take their seats on stage. Julie brings in Victoria last and tells the jurors that Cody was the one who won final HoH and evicted Victoria. They get to ask the final two a question. They agreed on three questions for each finalist.

Question 1 by Christine: Derrick, throughout this game you have denied responsibility in sending any of us home but we all feel like you sent all of us home. Which is it?

Answer: The answer is yes, I never wanted to be the forefront of anything but I always had influence. It was my strategy to stay behind the scenes so I was never having any blow back from decisions that were made.

Frankie: We the jury feel like Derrick was the puppet master of the Hitman alliance and you, Cody, merely his puppet. Won't you tell us if we're wrong?

Cody: I played a huge social game, that's what I was doing. Frankie, I'm really glad you asked that question because I had the single hand in sending you home so I'm really glad it's you asking that question because I convinced your best friend to turn on you and send you out of the house. I feel I played as good a game as he did.

Caleb: My boy, Derrick! You know what? A lot of us think you used your family to manipulate us. Do you feel doing so crossed the line?

Derrick: Absolutely not. There are different things that you do in this game to get ahead. By no means did I ever use my family as a strategy to get ahead. I think you all know they mean the world to me and no matter what happens tonight I am going to be seeing them very soon and by no means was it a strategy.

Hayden: My boy Cody! What was the biggest strategic move you made personally in this game?

Cody: One of the biggest moves was the week everything was going down with Zach on the block. I went to Derrick and called Christine out, even though she's one of his best friend's in the house. They flipped the script, kept Zach and got people out that were targeting Derrick.

Nicole: Derrick, why do you think you deserve to win over Cody?

Derrick: Nicole, you were one of the few people that initially acknowledged what I've done in this game. I've done 55 nominations without ever being nominated. I don't know if it's been done before, but never with that many nominations but that was the plan all along. So for that reason alone, I feel like I deserve to be the winner of Big Brother.

Donny: Cody, why should you win over Derrick?

Cody: Derrick is my BF in this game and I'm not going to bash him but my social game was a huge part of getting to the end because a lot of people in the house, early before the jury, were feeding me a lot of information. And the information that I was taking and feeding to Derrick and making decisions together was really what pushed them past the point.

Victoria: (gets to ask any question) Derrick, was it your plan all along to remain loyal to the Hitmen over me?

Derrick: Victoria, you and I are friends and I wanted to bring you as far along in the game without jeopardizing my own. I think getting you to the final three, I did that. As far as the strategic part of this game, Cody was a huge part of that, and I think as a friend and ally I couldn't betray him and expect the jury to vote for me in the end if I had that opportunity. Regardless of what happens in this game, you'll be a friend outside the house.

Time for the jurors to vote for who they want to win Big Brother. We check quickly in with Cody and Derrick for final plea.
Cody: Hearing that I was viewed as the puppet, it hit me a bit in the heart, but I respect what you guys are saying. I kind of played this game and gained the the trust of about nine of the jury members and gained the trust of about all of you. I had a hand in a lot of the decisions made in the house and the puppet that sends a Beast Caleb out, a Beast Frankie and a Beast Donny out and then brings us to final two, in my vote, that's no puppet in any play. Thanks guys.

Derrick: You guys know I came to play the best social game I could, and I think I did that. Like I said, through all the nominations, my key was never removed from the memory wall, not even once. In addition to that, I will still able to win four HoH's and I did that on my own and that's why I am sitting here and feel I deserve to be the next winner of Big Brother.

Jocasta first - She loves them both, and I guess fake praying works, right?

Hayden (tough act to follow, Julie says): I hate you both, but I am voting for the person who is going to give me the best tip on my pedi cab.

Zach: I love you guys. I wish I could vote for both you Froot-Loops. I love NJ but I gotta say Rhode Island is where my heart is at.

(Julie reminds everyone not to reveal their vote - in other words, don't do what Zach did. Unless you're pulling our leg. It IS Big Brother)

Donny: I hate that I left my skittles at home.
Nicole: You both played a great game, I love you both and I am voting for who I think played the best.
Christine: The last thing I am is a bitter juror. I am very impressed I got duped by the Hitmen. This was a hard decision but I am going with my gut.

Frankie: Cody, you look hot! But I've still had better. Good luck and may the best HGs win!

Caleb: There is a lot I can say to both of you. The only thing I will say is you are welcome on behalf of the Bomb Squad to be exactly where you are. And I am voting for who I think played a better game.

Victoria: Love you both and I'm very proud to be considered the HitMen's little sister! I am voting for the person who has remained loyal to me since day one in this game.

Now that the voting is done, we get to see Joey, Paola, Devin, Brittany and Amber. (Joey's hair is pink)

Julie reveals the Team America twist to the jurors. The HGs look dumbfounded while Frankie and Donny grin. Nicole thinks Donny was a member, Frankie and Zach.

Julie shows them a clip of how TA was formed, how they discovered each other and their missions. In the DR, Derrick explains how TA worked. Zach's face when he finds out the Amanda twist was a plot was "No way." The jurors are stunned and surprised. Lots of chuckling, giggling and "No ways!" accompany this.

Zach owned up to being related to Amanda for some excitement. Cody says Derrick being part of TA surprised him the most. He's over it.

Julie says there is one secret in the house that only one person knows. Derrick turns to Cody and mouths "It's me."

Derrick says everything he told them about his life and family is all true. He didn't want to be judged before they knew him so he kept one fact from them. He's not a part time rec coordinator, he is a cop and has been for 10 years and undercover for three. Thanks Nicole for saying I was too cool to be a cop! You were right, by the way, Frankie!

BB shows Derrick's casting interview where he says that will be his strategy. Victoria's reaction is one of shock. She thought she knew Derrick. She called him out, he tried to prank her the other day by saying he smoked cigarettes. Derrick calls out that isn't true.

It is time to crown the winner of Big Brother.
Jocasta voted for Cody
Hayden voted for Derrick
Zach voted for Derrick
Donny voted for Cody
Nicole voted for Derrick
Christine voted for Derrick
Frankie voted for Derrick
Derrick is the winner of Big Brother 16!

Cody and Derrick leave the Big Brother house and come into the studio. Streamers and confetti are shot out, loud cheering and clapping! The HGs all hug each other.

The final two votes - both Caleb and Victoria both voted for Derrick. He won 7-2.

There is one more prize to hand out - America's Favorite Houseguest. The person who received the most votes will take home $25,000. CBS received more than 10 MILLION votes. That is the most in the history of America's Favorite Houseguest. The top three vote getters were Zach, Nicole and Donny. The winner, by over 5 MILLION votes, is Donny! All HGs go hug him.

Derrick asks his wife what to do with half a million dollars; she's the boss. If you want to be a part of Big Brother next year, go to

Derrick will be on The Talk tomorrow to talk about how he did it.

From outside the Big Brother house, I'm Julie Chen. We'll see you next summer!

Yes, I'm still working on the pictures of tonight's show, but before you leave, I want you to know the BBLuver wrote tonight's play-by-play, and wrote most of them this season.  Of course I'm also grateful to XanderLESQ and Fuskie for covering the nights that BBLuver couldn't. I'll have a complete list of updaters on tomorrow's page. -Morty

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Scroll down to read the backyard interviews.

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Watch the backyard interviews here:

Live from the Backyard we have Brian Haug from WIBW of Topeka Kansas.

He is interviewing Paola. She says this was a super boring season, but Derrick was the best for sure. Her favorite players were Donny and Derrick this season. She says she would have tried to make the all girls alliance work and keep Joey's mouth if she could go back. She looks forward to partying with the house guests and fans tonight.

Joey is now up. She says she wishes she could have made it farther in the game. She has pink hair now because she tried to bleach it and it turned that color. Joey said BoB made the game really hard by making everyone bitter if they got put up on the block. Joey says she got voted first for TA and is a little upset about being vote out first.

Joey said she didn't care for Frankie's impression of her. Joey said she should have been kept in the house to be entertaining.

Amber is up next to be interviewed. Amber says there is no way she will go on a date with Caleb, ever. She says he is probably different out of the house, but she's still not interested.

Amber says she did not watch the show when she went home, but she watched the live feeds. She got dirt on everyone. Amber is going to confront people for sure now. Amber says if she could go back and play the ice competition with the snow and penguin. She is sad she didn't get to do an endurance competition. Amber would redo the puzzle BoB. She's terrible at puzzles.

Amber says Donny is her favorite house guest this season because he reminds her of home. He was comforting and nurturing. She was bothered when she left that everyone felt she was fake but Donny got her and was nice to her.

Brian plays five things with her. He says obsessed and she says, "I'm not saying this." He says, "Mastermind" she says, "Derrick." "Let's Do that Again: "Victoria," Nobody Got Time For That: "Zach, "Over It" Amber. She is over everything. He brings up her hatred of bananas. She says she can't stand the texture or the skin. He has brought a banana suit for her to dress up in to take a selfie with her. He asks her why she wouldn't eat a banana if Caleb ate a pickle for her.

Hayden has now joined Brian. Hayden says that Derrick was always going to win in his mind. Hayden said he had to vote for Derrick hands down. Hayden was stunned by Team America and that Donny was a part of it. Hayden said he couldn't believe Donny was so sneaky.

He says he likes Nicole and he's going to give it a try with her. Hayden doesn't know what he's going to do with the money he won. Hayden says his pedicab is in Long Beach, CA, just south of LA and to look for him. [Hayden is associated with The Long beach Pedaler Society. ]

Hayden says "obsessed" is Victoria with clothes and makeup. "Mastermind" is Derrick. Hayden says he would never have taken Derrick, because he would have won regardless of who was there. "Let's Do that Again" - The whole season according to Hayden. "Nobody got time for that"- Staying the house. Hayden say's he's not over the season.

Joey interrupts their interview. Hayden says the best part of being in the house was being in the house and making personal connections. Hayden says he has no plans on moving in with Nicole but they will date. They take a selfie.

Up next is Devin. He asks him what happened to his alliance? Devin said it was too big and unpredictable. He said it got too crazy in the house. Devin doesn't think it was a bad decision to bring Amber and Christine in, because his move got a lot of his alliance to where they were in the game. He wanted the votes for the alliance.

He asks him why he had the house meeting. Devin says he regrets nothing about the meeting and he felt bad about what he did to Donny. He played the game only for himself and his daughter. Devin said the best was moving in the house and winning an HoH and BoB.

The worst was getting nominated, but he left with a smile on his face. Devin loved the Team America game. It brought some spice and it was great. He didn't care that Frankie had 1.5 million players. If America wanted you, you were a good player.

He does the five things, "Obsessed", Devin says, Caleb. "Mastermind"- Derrick, "Let's Do that Again"- every moment of the house, "Nobody got time for that, "Jocasta"- Devin says Momma J used to say it. "Over It" - Over the interview. He walks away.

Jocasta has now joined the interviewer. He asks what her best memories in the house was. She says when Donny saved her with the veto and when she became a member of the cast. She says her faith was not part of her strategy. She was more reserved in the house and that's not her at all in the house. She's very direct and outspoken and loud in order to last.

Jocasta says that Donny saving her was a good thing and she was very happy to be safe. Jocasta told Derrick that fake praying works, what does that mean? She says that she knew Derrick would win, but she kept a promise she made to Cody that if he made it to the final two she'd vote for him.

He asks why she was a target? She said who would want to sit beside me? I had a family just like Derrick. Brittany and I were mothers and no one wants to sit next to them.

Her five things are, "Obsessed"-Caleb, "Mastermind"- Derrick, "Let's Do that Again"- Jocasta, the whole season, "Nobody Got Time For That"- Victoria, "Over It"- The mirror.

He asks her about the Team America twist. Jocasta said she was stunned. She liked it. it was a great twist. She wants to know why America didn't choose her. She thinks BoB threw the game for a loop, because everyone used it to help someone lose. Her best moment was Amber and her winning BoB, losing the HoH and knowing the answer and she froze. She'd love to redo her last week in the house.

 He brought a stolen Gideon Bible from the hotel (he aid he'd return it before he leaves)  to take a selfie with her. She refuses to hold a stolen Bible in a picture.

Christine is up next. Christine says her exit was awkward. Her boos separated her from the other houseguests and she might get on All-Stars. She says she shut down that night during her interview.

She regrets nothing in the house, though. Christine says she wants to say she hated BoB, but she made it to the final six.

Christine says they all talked in jury about Derrick's game about how he would pinpoint things in people and play off it and now it makes sense that he was a cop.

She said she had no idea who Ariana Grande was and didn't go into the house to meet her or her sibling. She says, "Obsessed" is her with Big Brother, "Mastermind"- Derrick, "Let's Do That Again"- Big Brother again! "Nobody Got Time For That"- Frankie, "Over It"- She's over a lot of the people in the house. She regrets saying that now. She only wants to talk to Hayden, Nicole, and Zach when she leaves.

Brittany has now joined the interviewer. Brittany says her downfall was speaking too much and calling people out. She was close to Derrick and he wanted to work with her, but he couldn't manipulate her, so he masterminded her demise.

She feels like Team America helped Derrick and harmed her game and helped get her out. She would have acted quicker and formed alliances if she could. She said seeing her kids at her eviction and being with them was amazing. They watch the show together and brought them closer together.

He asks her about the Bomb Squad. Brittany says no matter what she did their numbers were bigger than anyone else's.

Her five things are, "Obsessed"- Caleb, "Mastermind"-Derrick, "Let's Do That Again"- Zach, "Nobody Got Time For That"- Show "Over it"- Her when she was in her last week.

Zach is up. Zach is talking about Zankie. He says Frankie is the funniest person he's ever met and he's one of the smartest people he's ever met. He's his best friend. He's straight and single and he likes women.

Zach said he couldn't keep his mouth shut and that ruined his game. He has no regrets, but if he hadn't told everyone his entire game, he would've made it farther. He told Nicole and Victoria his entire game, what was he thinking? He wants to kick himself in the face.

Zach says the OTEV was the highlight of his season. He saved his own life by winning. It required a lot of luck and he got lucky in that game. Some of the live feed viewers want to send Zach golf clubs and he's super excited about it. He said he'd love to play golf with Caleb.  Caleb says he's really good,  but Zach thinks he can smoke Caleb any day on the golf course.

Zach was blown away by Team America, he said something was off when all of their stuff went missing. He wanted to be part of it more than anything. Brian said Zach looked mad about TA, but Zach told him he was only mad he wasn't selected to be on it, because he's all about messing with people.

Zach wanted to win, but he wasn't going to change who he was to do it and he wasn't going to shy away from stirring stuff up. He says when he goes back for All-Stars he'll have a different game, but the same personality.

Zach says he's writing his own dictionary now for some more of his phrases and lingo. Zach says he's not sure what he'll do next. He says he has some opportunity. He says he'll be on Bold and the Beautiful with Donny.

Zach says he got the pink hat when he had a bad haircut. He got it sweaty and dirty on purpose so that he didn't give it back. He says Victoria stole it back and cut it up so he wouldn't find it.

He says "Obsessed"- Ariana Grande, "Mastermind- Derrick", Let's Do that Again- OTEV, "Nobody Got Time For That"- Jocasta, "Over It"- Over Team America. He's still mad he wasn't part of it. He tells Zach he has over 144k twitter followers. Zach is stunned. Zach is happy Derrick won, but Cody was stupid for taking Victoria. He says he's going to throw a drink at Cody later at the party for being so dumb.

Donny is up next. Donny is so happy that people outside the house loved him. He said it would have been great to win, but he's happy. Donny says he chose to play Big Brother. He didn't sign up to play with Frankie and Derrick and if he had his choice, he would have not chosen them. He says he had no choice because America chose them. He says he wasn't being greedy or selfish, he just didn't want to mess up their games.

Donny said he wanted to keep his beard for four weeks and then he asked producer Rich Meehan if he could shave, he said they'd get back to him and never did. They can only shaved on live show days and they never gave him an answer. He says he was glad that he didn't shave his beard.  He was supposed to shave it for tonight's show, but just before the barber was about to cut it, the producers told him that he needs to keep it for some upcoming gigs they have for him.  Because they planned on showing the barber cutting it during the live commercial in Survivor, so they just had him get a little trim.

Donny says he is shooting Bold and the Beautiful on Friday. He says he has no idea what he's going to do on the show, just like he entered this show.

Donny says he went to bed at midnight, which wasn't early for him. He doesn't regret not staying up with people who stayed up until the morning. He loved the alone time in the day. He got to the point where he didn't like some of the people there and loved the alone time. He says the BoB forced the weaker players up. He said it helped him because he was able to beat the weak players.

Donny says he would do All-Stars again for sure. He says he has no regrets this season. There was no way he would have gotten into the eight person alliance, but in the future, he wouldn't be so quiet and form more alliances. His five things, "Obsessed"- Donny with reality TV shows", "Mastermind"-Dr. Will, "Let's Do that Again"- Big Brother, "Nobody Got Time For That"- The lies and the deceitfulness in the game, "Over it"- Missing his family and he'll get to see his family and girlfriend.

Donny says he wants to keep in touch with all the houseguest and he'll let his girlfriend run his twitter when he gets out.

Donny says Derrick was the best player in the game, but he promised Cody his final two vote, which is why he voted for him. He also knew Derrick would win the game. Donny says he wasn't surprised that Derrick was a cop, but he never trusted Derrick at all. He apologizes to America that he says that since they put them together. He says Caleb didn't trust Donny either, Donny says he never got that, but he doesn't hold it against him, because it was good TV. He says that he was proud to go out under Cody's HoH reign. He says he knew the Bomb Squad wasn't over because Devin and Christine verified it. Donny says his favorite moment was the first double eviction when he won the veto to save himself and beat three competitions beasts.

Nicole is now up. Nicole says her biggest regret was trusting Cody, because he ruined her game. She says she would go back and only trust Hayden. They are dating and are going to try and make it work. She says she might be willing to move, but she doesn't know. Nicole had to wear two different outfits. Nicole said the Frog Suit was awful, but the Germitard was awesome. She said the Frog Suit helped her because they felt sorry for her. She said her favorite moment was giving Zach a wedgie. Her least favorite was when Hayden got evicted in the first double eviction.

She said her strategy was thrown off with the BoB. She said this season you needed to look strong instead of weak. She loved Team America and thought it was fun, but didn't really affect the game too much. She's jealous she wasn't in Team America. Nicole says it means the world to her that she was in the top three of favorite houseguests.

Her five things are, "Obsessed"- Caleb, "Mastermind"- Derrick, "Let's Do That Again"- Her "Nobody Got Time For That"- Frankie, "Over It"- Victoria. Nicole said Derrick was super good and a huge mastermind and keeping that secret was impressive. She's happy he won and he deserved it. He gives her a frog to leave with.

Frankie says he loves Zach with his whole heart and if Zach proposed tomorrow he'd say yes. He says Zankie is doing Amazing Race and then they are going to get married and have children. Frankie says he's going to to do some fun videos and a PTSD video of his transitioning back to real life.

Frankie says if you have almost a million followers, then you are a mogul. He was listed as one of the most influential tweeters in New York City. Frankie says Team America was fun at first, but the felt like it cost him the game and he trusted Derrick way too much. He knew Derrick was the one behind his downfall, but he had a blast doing it. Frankie says Nicole said something bad about cops and Derrick got offended, so Frankie knew, "Only a cop would defend cops..."

Frankie says he's going to stay the closest to Zach. He says they have plays for world domination. They are going to be best friends for years to come. He's still working on it. Frankie says the emotional stress is the hardest thing in the house for sure. He lost track of who he was. His biggest accomplishment was winning the most competitions ever. BoB helped Frankie's game. He and Caleb were targets but BoB was designed to put up weak players for the first half of the game.

Frankie says he does regret putting Zach up, but he had no idea what Zach was going to do. He regrets losing his trust in the first place, because their trust was shot. They have since repaired their friendship. "Obsessed"- Zach, "Mastermind"-This Game, "Let's Do That Again"- Big Brother All-Stars."

Caleb is up now. Caleb says he's speechless about Donny. His beards have legs. Caleb says he's a groundskeeper, but thinks he was something earlier in life. He's still stunned that Derrick was a cop. Caleb says the Team America had no influence on the game. Derrick and Frankie didn't do anything to jeopardize his game or him as the leader of the alliance. But they did get him.

Caleb says his attraction to Amber hurt his game. He was worried about getting her attention and it threw her off. Once he kicked her out, he opened up to who he was and wasn't trying to please anyone. He wanted to let his real colors show. He knows he's a character, funny, outgoing, and always coming up with stories. It hurt him but after she left he became the big player he needed to.

Caleb says the rewind button was in a way cool, because they got to redo the week, but Frankie was really rude during that time and that's what made people turn on him and send him out. He was too full of himself and he opened himself up for it. Caleb said he got the HoH he should've won.

Caleb says his best moments were meeting everyone and hearing stories from cultures and backgrounds. He said getting to know 15 other people was awesome. He had no regrets for anything. He played the best game he could and stayed loyal and wouldn't break his character for anything and would leave with his head held high.

Caleb says Zach's zing was the best one in the house. He thought her zing on him was funny. He didn't like the Cody and Christine zing, because it went too far and crossed the line. He says the BoB kept the weak players on so they lose which meant strong people didn't get put up. It helped his game since he was so strong. He liked it a lot. Caleb says he has no idea what he's going to do next, but he feels like the sky's the limit. He's going to just follow in God's footsteps.

His five things are, "Obsessed"- Himself "Mastermind"- Derrick, "Let's Do that Again."- HoH, "Nobody Got Time for That"- Beastmode, "Over it"- Me.

Cody is up now.  Brian asked Cody if he watched the last season of Survivor, and if he didn't feel like Woo. He says he got Woo'd. He's the Woo of Big Brother. He says, "It feels go, though." He says he would never regret taking Derrick. He says he would have made a lot more money, but it's not in my character to break my alliance. He is stunned about the money Derrick made and just found out on live TV that Derrick was supposed to have won an extra 50k. Cody looks for Derrick around the yard for him.

Cody says, "Man, I still don't regret taking Derrick. I'm sure everyone is going to bust my chops for it." He says, "Man, the saddest thing is that there was no mouse and I look stupid."

His favorite memory is when Zach would dance in the house and Zach's comments. Cody says he doesn't feel betrayed by Derrick, he literally was his best friend and they were the closest. Unfortunately, they didn't get to talk much because they didn't want to tip anyone off that they were working together. He says he knows Derrick's character and he probably hated keeping those secrets.

Cody says he hopes that Christine doesn't take their friendship in the house as a negative thing. Cody says he really was close to her and would love to be friends with all of them and be friends with Tim and would hurt him if they couldn't. Cody says Hayden better watch his back because he's about to steal his girl, Nicole.

He says BoB helped his game in the beginning because it kept all his alliance off the block. He managed to get through the game unscathed for the most part. The Team America thing was awesome and everyone thought it was Zach. He was like, Donny was the nicest guy and he was smoking us. His favorite Zing was Kathy Griffin's to Victoria.

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Jeff's Backyard Interviews

Jeff interviews Caleb, AKA BeastMode Cowboy

Jeff interviews Cody, second place winner BB16

Jeff interviews Princess Victoria.

Jeff interviews Donny, America's Favorite Player.

Jeff interviews Derrick, winner of a big pile of money.

Jeff interviews beautiful Brittany in the BB backyard

Jeff interviews Hayden, who wants to buy a bike with his money.

Jeff interviews Christine, who has no regrets.

Jeff interviews Frankie, the social media mogul.

Jeff interviews Amber, who won't date you even if you eat a pickle.

Jeff interviews, Joey, the first evictee of the season

Jeff interviews Paola.

Jeff interviews Nicole.

Jeff interviews Devin.

Jeff interviews the ever unpredictable, always entertaining, Zach

Jeff interviews Jocasta.

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