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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
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Big Brother 19 Starts Wednesday June 28 2017
There are



Nicole Wins Big Brother 18


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Update Entry
Thursday, April 20, 2016 Summer is on the way....
It's not too soon to think about Big Brother 19, it starts June 28 2017 on CBS & Global * There are .  The web site Dirty Celebrity Laundry reports there are some spoilers out on the upcoming season. Olivia Marie reports "Julie Chen Hints All New Cast, CBS Axes All-Star 2 Season" Right after "Big Brother 18" wrapped up last year, Chen explained that CBS "probably" will never air another all-star season because it received the worst ratings in the series history. She went on to explain that most BB fans prefer watching an all new cast.

Apparently, CBS did a research study and found that most "Big Brother" fans didn't want to see an all-star season, but didn't mind when they brought a few veteran players back.

Although, 90 percent of them revealed they felt that the vet had an unfair advantage in the game the second time around.

You can read the whole story at:

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Update Entry
Thursday, September 22, 2016 There's Got to Be a Morning After
People who Talk About Money Are So Crass
Yes, it's that time I hate where I have to ask you to donate to keep this thing going. I'd like to point out that I try to respect my readers and not use popover ads or tricks to spam you, I just beg like a peasant at the end of the season. So if you've enjoyed the service I provide, please donate a few bucks. And if you have helped as a live feed updater, please DO NOT donate, the time you donated is worth more than money to me, THANK YOU!
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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Big Finale Night!
The Big Big Brother 18 Finale is Tonight!

9:05AM BBT: For the final time this season, FotH while BB wakes the HG.

9:15AM BBT: Paul is in the kitchen making coffee for himself and the other Final Three. He tells live feeders that they will be saying goodbye in 30 minutes. Nicole is drying her hair. Paul comes in and says he can't believe today's here finally. They are both yawning repeatedly.

9:25AM BBT: Paul is pacing around, wondering who is still watching them. He and Nicole say they will do one final dish wash (there's still 12 hours until the finale).

9:30AM BBT: Paul advises Nicole on what dress to wear with her pink shoes. Paul can't wait to see his dogs today (he lives in LA and thinks he'll be in his own bed tonight). James has been in the shower. Paul says he had a nightmare last night and James says it was all their fighting last night. Paul wants to take a long wake-up shower. Paul is looking for his cup in the kitchen but Nicole shouts from the bathroom area that it's in the Safari Room.

9:35PM BBT: Paul finds his cup and fills it with coffee. Paul stars singing he's on the top of the world and FotH. Nicole asks Paul if feeds are going off at 9:30AM. Paul starts washing the dishes while Nicole puts away the clean ones. James is sweeping the kitchen floor. He says BB told them to clean up the kitchen. Nicole wipes down the counter tops. The sink is full of of water, so James sticks his hand in to unclog the drain.

9:45AM BBT: Paul says he listened to country music all summer long because of the Texas boys in the house. Raise 'em up! He pitches a TV movie where Paul goes to the country. Paul and Nicole thank the Live Feeders for watching. See you on the outside, Nicole says. I hope you enjoyed watching this stupid crap. Paul adds.

9:46AM BBT: BB Paul and Nicole talk about cell phones. James wants the next Samsung phone [Uh, hope it comes with a fire extinguisher!] and out of the blue, Paul asks, do you remember when Victor couldn't pop his balloon at the carnival? Feeds turn to Jeff's reels and the Live Feeds for BB18 are over.

While we have a break, I'd like to thank the people that wrote the daily updates on this page: App, aarongru85, BBLuver, BBquinn, bebeJM, BigMDGirl, BlingitonBB, BlondieeeGirl5, Brotayjax, butfirst, Cassondra0222, DRG, Dade, Drummer1, ewillie, Fuskie, Goldylucks, Granny0214, headintheclouds, IndyMom78, Jayman228, Jinx, jrgisme83, katdam, kcinala, Kekila, Kitten_200, Kueszoo, Kylebucnner, MelissaOnlyChild, mj074, Moonpetal, picklepear, Rach444, sandilee, TabzLynn, TeresaC1975, thebeststeph1, ThomasCharles, and Wakela.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:30PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.

This season on Big Brother, three duos made it to the final six - the showmance, the bromance and the Nicomance. Victor and Paul thought they had a Final Four alliance with Nicorey so they flipped James' girl but Nicorey betrayed their deal and they sent Paul's better half packing. With no choice but to team up, James and Paul made sure Corey was no morey. With only the MotorMouth, Super Safety Girl and Captain Camo remaining, the stage was set for the final three-part HoH competition.

Now, after a summer of confrontations, bromance, showmance, tears, and epic battles, it all comes down to this.

Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to the Final Two? 13 HGs have departed and tonight, nine must make a difficult decision. Who will be crowned the winner of BB and walk away with a half-million dollar prize? And who did America crown their favorite HG? Find out now, live on the 90-minute season finale of Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother. Paul, James, and Nicole. They each made it through most of this game as part of a powerful duo. But their partners have all been evicted and tonight they head into the battle for half million dollars alone.

Who will reign as the final HoH of the season? Who will be evicted and who will be the winner of Big Brother? We'll find out tonight - live.

#ButFirst, the last we saw the HGs, they were chasing their tails in part one of the final HoH competition.

We are taken back to part one of the HoH competition where the HGs, dressed as cats, are chasing the red light moving throughout the backyard. Paul tells us that this competition is bizarre. They have to follow a laser beam until it lands onto one of three stations. Then the endurance mode kicks in and we have to hang on until that laser beam re-appears. The last person hanging on wins part one of the HoH competition and automatically advances to part three. Nicole tells us she is going to hang on like she never has before.

James tells us endurance competitions are his thing. He needs to take advantage of this, beast this competition and skip right to part three.

Paul tells us even though he made a Final Two deal with both Nicole and James, he doesn't trust either of them. So he has to make a Final Two deal with himself and do this on his own. James jokes he'll never play with the laser light with his cats ever again. Paul tells us standing on two buttons and hanging onto two buttons is hard because it's slippery, nothing really to grab and it's uncomfortable.

The window part rocks back and forth while the HGs are on a tiny platform and hanging onto a tiny curtain cord. James tells us he has milk and litter on his shoes, this is not easy!

Nicole tells us that all of a sudden this wall jerks forward and I'm flying! I'm literally holding up all 100 pounds of my weight by my freaking hands, but I do not want to let go because this is for half a million dollars. Elapsed Time 1 hour, 12 minutes. Paul swings forward and back as well and suddenly both Nicole and James fall off. Paul wins part one of the HoH competition!

Paul tells us he is now one step closer to winning a half million dollars. Now you're boy can take a long cat nap and see who will be facing him in the final competition of the season. Paul dives into the milk after winning.

Nicole tells us that she is disappointed she fell off. She thinks it's super weird that James fell off the wall so quickly after she fell off, but she's glad she gets to play James in part two because she thinks she can beat him. "James, I'm definitely bringing my A-game in the battle of the returners!"

James tells us he's disappointed in himself, he really did want to win. It's so frustrating!

Time for part two of the HoH competition. The winner will of this competition will face Paul live tonight to see who will become the final HoH of the summer.

Nicole walks into the backyard and comments how cool it is. Nicole tells us it's like a giant amusement park. She hopes the competition has something to do with being smart because she's kind of smart.

"Tonight's competition is called Snapshot. Here's how it works: Reveal the first roller coaster clue and then make your way up to the top level. Pick the three HGs you think match the clue. Place them in your roller coaster car and push them down the ramp. When you think the car is in the camera's view, press the button at the right moment to take a picture of the HGs in the roller coaster car. To count as correct, the picture must contain the three HGs and the two bars at either end of the roller coaster car. If your photo is incorrect, you'll have to make your way through the nightmare line and start again. The HGs who takes three correct photos and buzzes in with the fastest time will win the competition. Get ready to play Snapshot!"

The first clue is "Never a Have Not." Nicole tells us she knows Glenn was never a Have-Not because his BB career was over because he could be. Bronte was never a Have-Not and neither was Frank; he bragged about not being a Have-Not all the time.

Nicole tells us the trickiest part is that you can have all the right answers but if you don't take the photo at the right time, you're screwed. Her first picture missed the second yellow bar, so she has to start over. She will count two more seconds later than last time, but this feels like a waste of time.

Her second picture is taken properly; onto the next clue. Who has won one veto competition? Victor, Bridgette, and Michelle. Nicole tells us the run through the line is brutal. She's exhausted and out of breath and feels like it's an endurance competition. Next clue is evicted with five votes. Paulie, Bridgette, and Bronte are Nicole's guesses. Her third picture is correct and her time is locked in. She's happy she studied so much and comments she's out of shape.

James is up. He tells us this competition is super important. If he wins this second part HoH, he can advance to round three and potentially secure is a spot in final two. Talking about who was never a Have-Not, James says he remembers Jozea running around in his underwear in the house but doesn't remember him eating slop. Frank is too "bougie" to be a Have-Not and he would cry and complain. He has Bronte in the back of his mind, but he is just going to roll with Jozea and here we go.

James tells us he checks his picture and the car is not even in the frame! At least Jozea, Glenn, and Frank are having a good time on the roller coaster. At James' physical expense!

James finally gets a picture but realizes he got a HG wrong. He knows it's Bronte.

James comes to the clue about winning one veto competition. James tells us that Victor won Zingbot, Michelle won OTEV, and Bridgette won the veto competition that got her ankle broken with Frank. She definitely paid the price to win that veto.

James tells us that there could only be a few HGs that were evicted with five votes. It had to be Bridgette, Paulie, and Bronte.

The third round is crucial. He knows he has a good chance of beating Nicole, and he's feeling good about this one. He made up a lot of ground with clue two and number three.

James finished the competition in 17:06. Nicole finished the competition in 7:24 seconds - she wins part two of the HoH competition! Nicole jumps around cheering. She's so excited! Paul tells us he's stoked.

Nicole tells us, This couldn't have worked out any better because he's made Final Two deals with both James and Nicole. He thinks Nicole deserves it more because she's worked her butt off to get where she is. James does nothing and he doesn't want to reward that but honestly, he thinks he can beat both in the end. Nicole tells us she's torn - Paul has played such a great game, but she feels strategically she can beat James. What has he done? She doesn't know what the right choice to make is, if she has to make a choice. James comments that Nicole smoked him like a cigarette.

We head to the jury house, where the jury is all gathered in the backyard with Dr. Will Kirby to discuss the Final Three. Will asks them who they think will be joining them now. Victor hopes Corey or Nicole, Michelle wholeheartedly agrees, although she'd rather see Nicole. Corey joins them and there is screaming and cheering. Michelle called it, she cries out. Paulie hugs Corey tightly. Natalie can't wait to hear what happened. Corey explains what happened, and Da'Vonne's face gets passive when Corey mentions James was out of the HoH competition pretty early. Everyone claps when Paul was announced as the winner of HoH and veto. Natalie is surprised James voted Corey out. Will wonders why James deserves to win the game. Natalie says James protected her and himself and did not give people reasons to put him on the block.

Michelle says James' social game was phenomenal. She went from hating him to loving him. Bridgette says the best part of his game was not getting blood on his hands, doing what the house wanted. Zakiyah says he flew under the radar. She hardly ever paid attention to him. Da'Vonne says James played a very safe game, EW! She wanted to see him take a risk. Victor says getting blood on your hands, taking risks - that's part of the BB game and James did none of that. Corey says James has been checked out for the last six weeks, following Natalie around like a puppy dog. Michelle and Natalie says that was his strategy, Corey scoffs that it is not.

Coasting isn't enough to win the game? Will asks. No, they all agree. Paulie says if James sitting beside someone like Paul, who has played an excellent game, it's going to be hard. Da'Vonne nods in agreement. Michelle says Paul is very good strategically. He can lie like no other - she wishes she could lie like that. Other HGs agree, they all think he's a great liar. Zakiyah says Paul is a great manipulator, strategist, and played a great social game and was great with competitions. Will says he's a pretty well-rounded player.

Corey thinks Paul was a medium player, shielded by Victor a lot. Victor defends him, reminding Paul was safe six times and won when he needed to. And that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

Da'Vonne says the conflicting argument is Paul the person and Paul the player. Paul the player is phenomenal. Paul the person, calling Michelle what he did, rubbed people the wrong way. So what would you call Paul in real life? Will asks.

Evel Dick, Michelle says. Obnoxious, Da'Vonne replies. Mean, adds Natalie. Victor says he's admitted that he's a jerk. Da'Vonne concedes he owns it but that does not absolve him. Natalie says he's played a great game but the words he's said are unforgivable. Will asks Natalie if she'd not give someone the money because they say the wrong thing to her. Natalie admits she's bitter towards Paul, but they've all been playing great games because they're Final Three. She respects Nicole's game 100%.

Will asks Meech what Nicole's best move was and why she should win the game. She tells him to come back to her so he moves onto Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne says convincing everyone to get Da'Vonne out. Meech scoffs that's not a big move. Paulie says she kept not only herself safe, but Corey safe too. Then she won competitions too. Meech adds that there were fewer people playing then. Corey adds that whichever way she wanted the votes to go, they seem to go the way she wanted. Natalie objects that she took the easiest ways out - Jozea was an easy target, and so was Meech the week Meech went. Corey says that was a big move, Michelle disagrees.

Corey says Meech was strategically the smartest, most beneficial move. Meech thinks it was a personal move. Victor and Corey both defend Nicole's decision.

Everyone stares at Meech, who gets tears in her eyes and says stop, she's about to cry. Dr. Will wonders if Meech came into the house not liking Nicole. Meech wants to change the subject, and Will says she seems to just really dislike Nicole. Meech doesn't think she did anything, that's all. She tells Corey to stop giving her his ugly smile. Meech breaks into tears because Corey is laughing at her, while Paulie smirks and Zakiyah tries to calm her down. Corey says he's not laughing at her, it was a strategic move. Meech says good, end of subject.

Bridgette thinks where Nicole's game failed was that the girls in the jury are bitter. She stuck with her guy's alliance. Da'Vonne says Nicole was not her cup of tea and (Paulie smirks) she's wanted Nicole in the jury house. But the fact is, Nicole is in Final Three because of decisions she made. She made an alliance with people who would protect her, learning her lesson after BB16. For the vets, this was about redemption and she can't believe she's building a case for Nicole but Nicole was Geppetto and the men were Pinocchio. The jury claps and laughs but Meech adds that Nicole's game was not better than James or Paul's.

Dr. Will reminds them that they'll have to consider who to award the half million dollars to.

Julie tells us: One week from tonight, a new cast for Big Brother is moving into the house. It's called Big Brother Over the Top. It's all live with many more opportunities to interact, including crowning the winner. And the first vote begins tonight.

Which of the former Big Brother HG do you want to send into Big Brother Over the Top? From S17, self-proclaimed BB superfan Jason, or from this season, self-proclaimed BB Messiah Jozea? To vote, go to to subscribe and vote!

It's time for the Final HoH competition. Julie greets the HGs in the backyard and tells them for the last time this season, the power is up for grabs! Paul and Nicole are the only ones eligible to compete as winners of parts one and two.

This competition is called "Scales of Just Us". To win, they will have to prove just how well they know the members of the jury. Julie will read the beginnings of statements made by each of the eight members of the BB jury. For each, Julie will give the choice of two possible endings. Nicole and Paul will have to decide how they think the juror completed that statement. The answer will be either A or B. For each correct answer, they receive one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of 8 questions will tip the scale in their favor and be crowned the final HoH.

Question 1. Da'Vonne said the HGs whose behavior I was most shocked by was A. Zakiyah' can you give your game for a man? Or B. Frank's...I didn't expect him to play the way he did. Nicole and Paul both answer B and both are right! Both receive a point and reset.

Question 2. Zakiyah said the most shocking moment was A. when Victor battled himself back into the Big Brother house, or B. When Paulie didn't use the veto to save me. Both answer B, and are both wrong. They reset and move on.

Question 3. Bridgette said the moment she is most afraid to have her friends and family see is A. her crying all over the DR couch or B. her cuddling with Frank...what was she thinking? Both Paul and Nicole choose B, and are both wrong. No points. Still tied with a score of 1 each. They reset.

Question 4. Paulie said the strongest competitor was A. me! or B. Victor. Nicole picks A and Paul picks B. Paulie said Victor, so the answer is B. Paul takes the lead 2-1. They reset.

Question 5. Michelle said the best thing about living in the house was A. the fact that I'm a super-fan and was living out my dream, or B. Freaking winning OTEV! Both Nicole and Paul pick B, and both are wrong. They reset.

Question 6: Natalie said the most embarrassing moment for me was A. When Zingbot said she had hairy armpits, or B. There was actually no embarrassing moment. Nicole answers A and Paul answers B. The correct answer is B and Paul is in the lead 3-1.

Question 7: Victor said the most annoying thing about the house was A. how dirty it was or B. constantly getting stabbed in the back. Nicole answers A and Paul answers B. The correct answer is A. Nicole gets a point making her score 2, with Paul still at 3.

The last question. Corey said his favorite moment was A. crushing the Slip and Slide competition or B. when he won the double eviction HoH and Veto. Both answer B and they are both correct.

Paul is the final HoH! The scale tips to let Paul down. He claims the giant HoH key and Julie tells him he will have to decide who he will evict and who he will sit next to when he faces the jury later tonight. Paul is pacing around with the HoH key and is emotional as he hugs James and Nicole.

Paul must choose now to evict Nicole or James, guaranteeing the Final Two. Paul is thrilled when Julie tells him he's guaranteed to win the half million dollar prize or the $50,000. Paul stands, faces Nicole and James. He tells James towards the end of the game he worked really hard for himself and for both of them. Unfortunately, when he needed him the most, he went behind Paul's back and made a deal with Nicole. Paul has worked too hard to be stabbed in the back one more time. So sadly, he's evicting James and taking Nicole to Final Two.

Paul hugs James and James tells him he earned it. He teasingly jokes he's taking Pablo and then says he's kidding as he leaves and heads into the studio.

James hugs Julie and sits down while Nicole hugs and thanks, Paul. She is confused as to what Paul just said to him, and Paul tells her not to ask questions right now. Nicole says it shocked her. She's in shock. No one in the jury heard that. It is what it is. She thanks him for taking her, and he says she deserves to be in the Final Two. She worked hard in that competition Paul agrees. James says he tried to be sneaky about the Final Two deal with Paul but Nicole must've told him which caused him to be evicted.

Julie wonders if James is surprised he made it to Final Three considering how little he did in the competition this year. Not really, James says. He took a lot of advice from some of the greatest players. He was told last season by Vanessa that he was on her target radar since he won so many competitions last season. James says he came into the game this season wanting to win as little as possible and let his social game take him as far as he could go. Julie says that worked - right to Final Three! Julie brings up Natalie. James didn't want a showmance going into it. It opened his eyes that he's ready for a relationship. Hopefully, she reciprocates. Who knows? Julie says shortly he and the other 8 jury members will vote for a winner for Big Brother.

Julie tells us that the fate of the final two now rests in the hands of the jury. The jury members are brought onto the stage and take their seats. Julie welcomes them all back and notes that there are only eight of them because moments ago, the final HGs was evicted, becoming the ninth and final member. Julie asks Da'Vonne if she has any guesses and Da'Vonne says "Please God, not Paul." She needs Paul to stay in the house. Julie invites juror number nine to come out and the camera focuses on Natalie looking sad as James comes out. James sneaks over to give Natalie a hug.

Julie brings the jury up to speed, telling them that Paul became the final HoH and evicted James, choosing to take Nicole to final two. All of the jurors are about to lock in their votes, but they will have a chance to ask questions of the finalists.

The juors have been asked as a group to come up with three questions for each. Julie turns to Paul and Nicole in the house and explains that the jury will be asking them questions.

Natalie asks the first question of Paul. "As a jury, we believe that you are a very good BB player, but that some of the things you said were vulgar and crossed the line. Why should I give you my vote when you didn't give me respect." Paul says that was spicy and hopes they realized that when he walked in he was just as crazy as the way he's going to walk out of this house. He can't hide his personality or his craziness. It's nothing but love for them...just having fun.

Michelle has the second question. Nicole, as a jury, we're having a hard time pinpointing the one move that should earn you a half million dollars. What move would that be? Nicole says when she knew it was five vs. two (Her and Corey). Natalie won HoH and she had to convince Natalie to put up two of her own allies. That was the week Michelle got co-HoH and she knew how Michelle felt about her so she had to go through Natalie and Corey to get to her to ensure Paul and Victor got put up.

Corey has the third question. Paul, some of the jurors think you're a great strategist but I don't see it. Please tell me why I'm wrong.

Paul: Umm, six times on the block and only two votes to evict and I'm still in this chair? Always a bigger target in the house that wasn't me? I think I'll take that.

Victor has the fourth question. Nicole, you were obviously aligned with Corey in the game and seemed to be aligned with several other men in the house, myself included. Do you feel an equal part in the decision making or do you feel you were riding our coattails? Nicole feels she was the brains behind a lot of it. She planted some seeds and worked behind the scenes a lot. A lot of the times things were going how she wanted them to go so she sit back and let it happen.

Zakiyah has the fifth question. Paul, why do you deserve to win the $500,000 over the person sitting next to you.

Paul: Sorry Nicole and past vets. This is my first time playing this game, but I can honestly say I worked my ass off. I'm loud, I'm crazy, I was always a target, I got in everyone's face, I didn't hide behind the scenes, I was always up front gunning it. I was involved in everything. I played with my heart and I will walk out with my heart still in my hands.

Paulie has the last question. Nicole, why do you deserve to win the $500,000 over the person sitting next to you?

Nicole thinks she deserves to win because she gave 100%, 1000% of the time. She was working day in and day out. Anything negative, she tried to turn it into a positive. As a vet, she had an even bigger target. They all knew her game - if they watched BB16, they all had a chance to see what her game was like. That was a disadvantage to her. She had nothing to hide. She gave it her all and here she is.

James is given the chance to ask one question. Paul, when James lost the second HoH competition, it seemed like he jumped ship to Nicole. Was he ever planning on honoring the Final Two deal?

Paul says he had Final Two deals with both James and Nicole. He had both of them to see who was most honest and truthful to take to Final Two. Nicole relayed everything back to him, but James did not. He wanted to see who was most loyal and honest to him in the end.

Julie reminds us that the jury is just moments away from casting their votes to determine who will win Big Brother, but before they do, she checks in with the final two. Julie tells Paul and Nicole that they each have a chance to tell the jurors why they deserve to win Big Brother. Paul is up first. He stands, saying "Berlin... totally kidding! Guys, I know the second you walked through the doors, you saw me and said there's the loud and crazy one. Easy target. Which explains why I was on the block six times. But that's why I had to work my ass off every second to get to where I'm right now. The two times that I seriously needed to save myself I won the veto and pulled myself off the block. The rest, I teamed up with the right people at the right time to make sure there was a bigger target in the house. Paris? I was the first one in there, and I had the round-trip ticket, which prevented five HGs from coming back into this game. All I could count on was the loyalty of my partner Victor and my social game. Other than that, I had no help. Not even a Care Package from America. After Victor was clipped, I literally won my way to the end. I won the HoH that placed me in the final three, I put the most powerful couple on the block and I won the veto that split them apart and sent my biggest opponent Corey out of this game, leaving me the last-standing newbie amongst two vets. Then I won part one AND part three of the final HoH competition, tying me in at a total of seven competition wins, which is the most -- no offense Victor—in-house competition wins of this entire season. But what I'm proud of the most is that I accomplished all of that by staying true to my crazy self, and not having to change a single thing about me. My cards were shown this entire game because I had nothing to hide. I told you guys I'd break some rules but there's one rule that I'll never break and that's rule #1... FRIENDSHIP!!

Nicole applauds Paul's speech and says, "Good speech, dang!"

Julie tells Nicole she has the floor and Nicole stands, saying, "Crap that was good!" Nicole says "Hey guysssssss.... snake joke... first off I just want to say I'm so happy to be here. I'm a super fan sitting final two. I've been watching the show since I've been eight. If you could see my pit stains they'd be down to the floor, but anyways... Day 1 I come into this house, called a snake. Day 2, fighting my life on an island, and I have to convince two strangers to let me take the HoH and the power. Day 3, convince another stranger, Paulie, to volunteer to be a pawn on the block and that was just the beginning of my game. Then I realize Nicole you're here to play Big Brother, not Big Baby, let's go. I made an alliance with Corey two hours after knowing two. We worked all the way up to day 58 without even hardly hitting a bump in the back. Once Paulie left we were completely alone and I had to convince Natalie to put up two of her allies. Michelle won. I had to go through that obstacle and realized I have to start winning competitions. I won the next HoH and veto, made an alliance with the two strongest guys in the house...Victor and Paul... as a final four deal. When Corey and I had to strike against the strongest duo we did and from there on out it was winning competitions and using strategy." She stalls a bit and finishes saying she's here and gave it all she got and that's all she can say. She flops down on her chair and Julie thanks her and turns to the jury members.

Time for the jury voting to begin! One at a time, the jury members will step up to the voting box and enter the key for the HGs they want to see crowned as the winner of Big Brother 18.

Da'Vonne is up first. She loves them both, congrats them on their hard work. She wishes it was her key she was entering into the box.

Zakiyah is up next. She loves them and congrats them on their gameplay.

Bridgette is next. She says great game and here goes!

Paulie follows. He is going to break the ice. Very hard decision, they both played a great game. One avoided the block a lot, one was on the block a lot. Both played a great game but he is giving his vote to whom he feels played the best all-around game.

Michelle is up next. Congrats, guys. As a superfan, this is such a tough season. There are so many twists and obstacles and you made it to Final Two. Congrats! (Wow, that was nice, Paul says)

Natalie tells them yay, congrats! They kicked butt and she's so proud of them! Paul comments that everyone is being so nice!

Victor follows. He jokes that they must be thinking he's going back into the house at any moment. (Everyone laughs loudly) There are no more Buy-Backs, only the vote. He says he is voting for who he think played the best game. Paul says he loves him, Victor says he loves him too - sitting ducks for life. Quack, quack, Paul replies.

Corey tells Nicole she's looking good. Paul says thanks, bro! Paul, Corey nods and smiles. He loves them both, they both played a great game, he's proud of them.

James is up last and says there's lots of feelings and emotions going on. They both played a great game, and he's proud of both of them.

Julie welcomes us back to the finale of BB and says welcome back to the first five evicted HGs - Glenn, Tiffany, Frank, Bronte, and Jozea. They nod in agreement as Julie says they must be dying to know who won the 18th season of Big Brother. And we're going to get to that right now. Julie addresses the Final Two. She's going to pull the key revealing who each juror voted for. The winner will win $500,000 and the runner-up will receive $50,000.

They need five votes to win. Paul and Nicole hold hands.

The votes are:
James votes for Paul
Corey votes for Nicole
Victor votes for Paul
Natalie votes for Nicole
Michelle votes for Paul
Paulie votes for Nicole
Bridgette votes for Paul
Zakiyah votes for Nicole
We are tied at 4-4.

Da'Vonne's final vote will decide the winner of Big Brother Season 18. Paul has his eyes covered and Nicole hides behind a pillow.

Da'Vonne has voted for Nicole. Congratulations, Nicole! You are the winner of Big Brother! Nicole jumps up and down, shrieking and screaming. Julie invites them out and confetti reigns on stage while Nicole screams "Oh my god!". Paul follows behind and hugs her.

Da'Vonne has voted for Nicole. Congratulations, Nicole! You are the winner of Big Brother! Nicole jumps up and down, shrieking and screaming. Julie invites them out and confetti reigns on stage while Nicole screams "Oh my god!". Paul follows behind and hugs her.

For the first time ever in Big Brother history, a woman has won the game against a man in the Final Two! Time for the reveal of America's Favorite Houseguest! The person who received the most votes will take home $25,000.

The top three vote-getters were Victor, Natalie, and James. With more than four million votes, the winner is Victor! Congratulations, Victor! You are America's Favorite Houseguest! Paul screams something at Victor, who is shocked. He says being evicted three times wasn't so bad. Julie says thank you for an incredible season. We'll see you all one week from tonight on Big Brother Over the Top. And we'll see you next summer for another summer season on CBS. From outside the Big Brother house, with all Season 18 HGs, have a good night!

Coverage of the Big Brother 18 Finale was written App & BBLuver.

The Backyard Interviews :: Reported by Cassondra0222

Jump to: | Glenn | Frank | Bridgette | Tiffany | Julie Chen | Da'Vonne | Natalie | Victor | Bronte | Michelle | Corey | Zakiyah | PaulJames | Nicole |

Jeff points out the camera to Glenn and they are getting ready to start his interview. Jeff welcomes us back here to the very first HGs of the night. He says it's ironically the very first HGs evicted this season. He asks Glenn what's up? Glenn says hello to everyone. Jeff tells him they are live. Jeff asks Glenn what he thought of this crazy finale? Glenn says it was crazy, exactly the word crazy. He says people voted ways that he didn't think they were going to vote. He says he didn't know what the hell was going on and it was crazy. Jeff asks Glenn where his vote would have gone if he could have voted? Glenn says to his boy Paul. He says that's his boy and they clicked right away. He says it was Paul, him and Victor in a group right away. He says he really played the game. He says he was him and he sent all of his energy over to him.

Jeff asks Glenn if he was in the house would he have teamed up with Paul right away? Glenn says they were. He says him, Paul and Victor had a clique already. He says they didn't get to see everything that went on before the Live Feeds started when he cooked for the whole house and was making his moves. He says hopefully they will on another season.

Jeff asks him if people recognize him when he's out places? Glenn says they do everywhere and it's crazy. He says he was only in four episodes. He says the other HGs are going to have it worse. He says he gets a lot of love from people his age. He says they give him credit for being older on the show and he really loves that. He says CBS recognizes that and realizes the people on Live Feeds are his age. He says some people even stopped watching when he was evicted.

Jeff says you never know what's going to happen. Glenn says Jozea has an opportunity to come back to BBOTT. Glenn says he should be kicking him in the shins. Jeff says there's a vote out there. Jeff says this is a season of showmances and asks Glenn who he would have been in a showmance with? Glenn says he would have gotten in a flirtmance with Tiffany and Natalie. Jeff asks him what his favorite moment of the season was? He says he watched and it was good and bad.

Jeff asks who's vote he was surprised by most in the end? Glenn says, James. Jeff says he can't wait to ask Paulie and Zakiyah why they switched their votes to Nicole. Glenn says they didn't get to see the season and they didn't get to see the round table. He says they didn't get to see anything and then they saw James sitting there. Glenn says he was wrong when he was guessing. Jeff jokes about America's Favorite HG. Glenn says he wishes they would give them the breakdown of the votes. Jeff gives Glenn his dollar store gift. It's a coconut in a small tree with a red shirt on.

Jeff says he loved him for the time he had on the show. He says everyone out there did. He wishes he was on there longer because it would have been an interesting dynamic. He tells Glenn he's a good dude. He says his emotions would have come out and he would have been a good player. He says he may see him somewhere else on TV. Glenn says Jeff is a class act. Jeff asks Glenn how it feels to be back in the house? Glenn says it's fun. He says it brings back good memories and show memories. He says it's fun again. He says the experience was fantastic and he wishes he could do it again. Jeff says he has memories for a lifetime. Jeff says that's Glenn and they will be back with the next HGs very shortly.

Jeff is back with Frank. He asks Frank how he liked the finale? Frank says they didn't let them watch it. He says all they got to see was when they came out on stage. He says he can comment on the vote, though. Jeff tells him to do that. Frank says it was close obviously and he thinks everyone liked to see that. He says it was 5-4. He says he was surprised the way some of the votes went. He says he was surprised at Paulie's vote. He says he was also surprised at James' vote. He says even if they went the other way Nicole still would have won. He says he's kind of happy Nicole won and that's who he was rooting for in that final three. He says that's who he wanted to see win and he thinks she did the best.

Jeff says it's been six years since a woman won Big Brother and the first time ever a woman won against a man. Frank and Jeff both say they didn't know the second part of that. Frank says you would think they would know all the facts since they are Big Brother players. Frank says it's amazing and he's happy for Nicole. He says she still won competitions. He says she stayed under the radar just when she needed to. He says she did everything great. He says he's surprised two vets made it to the finale. Jeff says she knocked her speech out of the park. Frank says he didn't get to see that. Jeff says she made her case in her speech.

Jeff says he was a fan of Frank's and he couldn't have gone home at the worst time. Frank says he didn't have a chance to battle back and he doesn't have any hard feelings. He says it was great to see Bridgette and her bubbly personality. He says he wishes he could have done some things differently. Jeff asks if he has been thinking about it? Frank says he has and he hopes he gets another chance to come back on All-Stars. Jeff asks if the third time would be a charm? Frank says or it could be three strikes and you're out. Jeff tells him he hopes there is an opportunity to come back for All-Stars. Frank says he hopes he's in there with him. Jeff so, no man, I'm going to be doing this. He says he likes where he's at. Jeff says that's about it and asks Frank if he wants his gift? Frank wants to get it and he's excited. Jeff gives Frank a gas mask with his and Bridgette's pictures on it. Frank says he has a lot of fiber in his diet. Jeff says he loves him and tells him to have a good night.

Jeff comes back with Bridgette. He asks her if she's happy to be back? She says oh yes, she made it to finale night. She says the jury house was really tense and awkward. She says she was hiding away with Da'Vonne, Natalie, and Michelle. She says the tension was with Paulie. She says he was trying to verbally attack them. Jeff says the jury house usually mends fences. Bridgette says that's what they were told, but it didn't happen. She says Paulie would flip a switch when the cameras came out. She says it was awkward a lot. Jeff calls her the cute cabbage patch. She says that's what's up. She wants to go on the scales because it looks like fun. Jeff tells her she might be able to.

Jeff asks if she was shocked by the outcome? Bridgette says not really. She says she feels that Paul played more, but Nicole was a great competitor. She says if Paul would have taken James the outcome might have been different. She says it's a hard decision because Paul said some things. Jeff tells her this is the first time a woman has won against a man. Bridgette says congratulations to Nicole. She is excited to see Frank. Jeff tells her she is always perky. Jeff asks her what her favorite moment was in the house? Bridgette says she made a lot of friends. She says she may stay in touch with everyone except Paulie. Jeff gives Bridgette a cute doll for her dollar store present with pictures of her and Frank on it. She says she loves it and it looks like her. She says she's her favorite. Jeff thanks Bridgette and they hug. He tells her to have fun tonight and see other faces.

Jeff is back with Tiffany. Jeff asks her how it feels to be back? She says it's like Deja Vu. He asks if she would come back in if she could? She says she has mixed feelings and would have to think about it. Jeff asks how it was to watch the gameplay from home? She says she was surprised by some of the HGs gameplay. She says they did a good job and the Final two deserve to be where they are. She says she's happy for Nicole. Jeff asks if the outcome is deserving? Tiffany says yes. Jeff says he thinks so also. He says she played a really good game. He says she made a great case for herself. He says that Paul had a run-a-way no matter who he took. Tiffany says they played two different games and he had to keep fighting for his life, so he could have been something wrong. She says she was asked who she thought would win when she was evicted and she says she said, Nicole.

Jeff asks if BB fans gave her crap about being Vanessa's sister? She says people respected her for being herself. Jeff says she didn't want to be emotional and asks if she was surprised how emotional she got? She says yes. She says her favorite part was getting to know everyone and experiencing it. She says she was rooting for Victor for a while and it was cool to watch. She says she's happy he won America's Favorite. Jeff says if she and Frank would have gotten together it would have been good. She says she shot herself in her foot not starting to really play early. Jeff says she went in with a big burden. Jeff asks Tiffany how she feels about Da'Vonne? She says she is happy and it was like a pressure cooker in the house. She says they should be cool outside the house. Jeff says he took it easy on Tiffany and got her some eyeballs because she wasn't seeing things clearly in the beginning. She says that's hilarious. She is happy they are candies. She asks Tiffany if she would play again? She says she thinks so.

Jeff is back with Julie Chen. He thanks her for talking with him. She says anytime. She tells him he is a seasoned pro and she's ready for the tough questions. Jeff asks her what she thought of the outcome? Julie says she is a little surprised. She says going into tonight's live show that Paul had it in the bag. She says she thought he would be filling one of the two final seats. She says Nicole was waffling to take him if she won the final HoH.

Julie says when Paul answered the jury questions he lost the game right there. She says his speech was good. She says he wasn't that great in the end. Jeff asks if anyone would have flipped their votes? She says maybe.

Julie says her favorite moments was seeing Victor win the competitions and get back in the game and then seeing him win America's Favorite HG. Jeff says he was very deserving of it. Julie says nothing would hold the guy back. Julie tells Jeff he came back to get bounced again? Jeff says no. She says his wife won, he got a wife out of it, a baby on the way, and he's the host of his own show.

Jeff asks Julie what's up with Big Brother Over The Top? Julie says you have to subscribe to be able to watch it and there will be 12 HGs and 1 returning HG. She says if you subscribe you get to vote for Jason or Jozea to come back. She says you also get to ultimately vote for the winner, and they will have other powers that she can not reveal right now. She tells everyone who stops subscribing needs to keep it going. She says it will take you through the end of December. She says it starts next Wednesday at 10PM EST. She says there will still be a live eviction.

Julie Chen says there are new ceremonies called Safety Ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday that have never happened before. Jeff asks how she keeps up with it all? She says she does it season by season. Jeff says he didn't get her a dollar store gift for the HGs. Jeff shows her Victor's and James' gifts. A Messiah candle and goggles for James with Natalie's picture on them. Julie asks if they came up with a name for the baby? Jeff says they didn't but she will be the first to know since they are besties now. Julie says they are besties. They both give peace signs with their hand.

Jeff is back with Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne says hi to everyone. Jeff asks her about Jason coming back. She says she wants Jason to come back. Jeff says he wanted a camera on her the who time in the jury.

Jeff asks her what it's like to be out of the jury house. She says she was suffocating and Paulie's show in there ruined it. Jeff says the moment she watched the tape and him not using the Veto to see her face was awesome. Da'Vonne says there is still a wedge there between her and Zakiyah. She says she needs to know her worth. Jeff asks her what her downfall was this time? She says talking so much. She says she will pack duct tape if she can come back.

Jeff says the fans like to see her. He asks what else she could have done to get past everything? She says she could have won competitions and giving James that Dub Step competition was a huge mistake. She says she should never have trusted James. She says he was flinging her to the boys and she found out in the jury. Jeff says she was trashing Nicole a little. She says it was gameplay. She says Nicole played a hell of a game. Jeff asks if she was surprised by the outcome? She says yes, she thought more people were going to vote for Nicole. She says Nicole played a game and it's not a popularity contest. Jeff asks if anyone changed their votes? Da'Vonne says everyone went in with the votes they were going to get. She says James would have lost if he was with Paul. She says she is happy with America's Favorite.

Jeff asks would she come back? She says not after this because she needs a break. Da'Vonne says she can't wait to get to her daughter. Jeff gives Da'Vonne a web of lies gift with a little hair whip. He says Jordan braided it for her. She thanks Jordan. Da'Vonne loves it. They hug it out and Jeff gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Jeff says they are back with a special treat and since they have some time before the next HG, Da'Vonne is going to do some DR sessions for them. Da'Vonne says Nicole just won the entire game and she never thought she was going to put that key in there for her. She says she deserved it and she did her thing even though she was a slithering snake. She says she got rid of all the girls. She says she did her thing and she's proud of her. She says she loves Paul with his loud self and this has nothing to do with their friendship, but he had to give it to her. She says bye Felicia to James. She says congratulations to Jordan and can't wait to see her baby. She says they will be back with the next HG.

Jeff comes back with Natalie. He says she's the smallest and cutest HGs this season. He says she seems exciting being back in the house. She says she's really excited about the finale and she wanted a girl to win this season and Nicole won. She says she's not surprised by the outcome.

Jeff asks her about the votes. Natalie says her vote wasn't swayed by the speeches. She says she is proud of James to have been in the final three. She says James may have had a better chance to win against Nicole rather than against Paul if that was the case.

Jeff asks if was hard being in the jury house? She says she was trying to chill and have fun and she walked into an atomic bomb. She says she was cordial to Paulie.

Jeff asks what Natalie is going to do tonight? She wants to call her mom, sister and best friend. Natalie wants to follow her dreams after the show. She wants to entertain and dance. She asks if Reality TV is a plan? She says she would do it, but she wants to go back to her family to see if she gets other opportunities.

Natalie's favorite part of the season was to learn the game. She says the worst part was being away from her comfort zone. Jeff asks if it was harder than she thought? She says a million times harder. Jeff gives Natalie a school bus with her driving it and James' picture on the bottom of it since she threw James under the bus. Jeff says he's sorry for the zinger. She says Zingbot zinged her hard. Jeff put Jamesy on the bottom of the bus with James' picture. He tells her to have fun tonight and good luck with everything after this. She tells him he's hilarious.

Jeff comes back with Victor. Jeff tells him it was all worth it to win America's Favorite HG. Victor says he was not expecting this and thanks them for their love and support. He talks in Spanish also. Jeff tells Victor his beard looks awesome. Victor says he took tips from Paul on how to care for it. He says he may keep it for a couple months. He says Paul may have had a better chance to win against James. He says Nicole is such a strong competitor. He says he really wanted Paul to win. He says Nicole had everything set up perfectly. Victor says Paul had it in his hands on who to pick, but Paul didn't want to. He says Paul told him the girls may have been better. He says, in the end, Nicole knew what she was doing. Jeff says he was surprised.

Jeff asks if the speeches swayed anyone's votes? He says the speeches didn't, but the roundtable did. Jeff says Victor had some amazing moments this season. Victor says it's his backyard. He asks Victor's favorite moment? He says winning the Battle<Back competition, getting the belt and watching the confetti flying. He wants to get his belt. Jeff says he probably will. Victor says it was awesome. He says he would come back if he's asked to. Jeff tells him he played fantastic and he's happy he won AFH. Jeff gives Victor a knife for everyone stabbing him in the back. He says he will keep this. Jeff knights him the John Snow of Big Brother. They hug it out. He pretends to stab Jeff in the back and they laugh.

Jeff comes back with Bronte. Jeff asks how she feels to be back? She says it's crazy and it's over and she's shocked. He asks how it was to go back to the real world? She says some people recognize you. She says you have fans and haters. She says it was hard not to be there for the other HGs. She says she wanted to get in there and defend them and kick Paulie's ass for what he said. She says she was crying a lot. She says her friends and family have been watching. She says her mom watches Live Feeds. She says she didn't know she was live. Jeff tells her the shirt was slipping jokingly. She says her shirt slipped in the shower. She says she is surprised on the sex that was going on in the house. She says two out of the three showmances had sex in the house. She says she is surprised at how many people recognize her and they are die-hard fans.

Jeff asks how the burden of being a mathematician was? She says she's trying and she was helping people on Twitter. She says she is making a YouTube video on Calculus. She says if Paul would have taken James he would have won, no questions. She says there are no stars in LA because it's too bright. She says the women in jury wanted a woman to win. She says Paul was such an underdog and it was meant to be. Jeff says Nicole played a great game and he is shocked by the outcome. Bronte says she thought Paul had it in the bag. She says he supported Jozea. She says he may regret it by taking Nicole. Jeff asks her if she would play BBOTT? She says she would do it. She says it's addicting. She says she doesn't know if she would do any better. He tells her to enjoy the night. He gives her a unicorn coloring page for her gift. He says she's too cute to zing. They say, "Go Team Unicorn, do do do do!" She tells him to enjoy his baby. He thanks her.

Jeff is back with Michelle. Michelle says she loves Live feeders and it's pretty cool being on the inside. Michelle says her family really doesn't know about Big Brother, but she hopes they learned. Jeff asks if she's ready to see what the Live Feeders thought of her gameplay? She says she probably doesn't think she did a good job. She says she would walk back into play BBOTT. He asks her what her favorite part of this was? She says just being there. She says she never though as a super fan she would be in the backyard. She says it's so surreal.

Jeff asks if it was everything she imagined? She says there was a lot more to this game. She says it's hard in the pressure cooker not to go with her gut. She says she would have talked Natalie into putting up Nicole when she was Co-HoH. She says James would have never voted her out so her hands were tied. She says her biggest move was convincing Paul to take her to the end. She says James would have lost if Paul took him. Michelle says she's disappointed that Da'Vonne voted for Nicole. She says there was nothing she could do. She says she knew Victor would get AFH. She says she is playing with a legend and he's going to go down in history. Jeff asks what people are going to remember about this season? She says Victor and the jury fight.

Jeff tells her they have a 2-hour tape package of her crying and she believes him. He tells her he's joking. She says DR. Will was mean at round table and said she wishes he was the one doing it. Jeff is trying to compliment her. He says he's glad she didn't have her blue dress on again. She doesn't seem to understand what he's saying. Jeff gives her a Wambulance with a picture of her comic book on top. She thinks the gift is cute. She says she looks like a 300 lb. Michelin man in her comic book. She says she doesn't think she even gained 15 lbs. on the show. She says she will buy a pink onsie. She is going to try to make herself look like it and take an Instagram photo. She says she is there with Jeff and she loves Live Feeders.

Jeff is back with Corey. Jeff says it's unbelievable Harry Potter. Corey repeats what he says. Corey says he loves Harry Potter but he doesn't know why he was dreaming about him. Jeff says that was one of his favorite moments of the summer. Jeff says there is a video out there. He asks what he thought of the outcome? Corey says when her face popped up there so he knew Nicole would win. He says he thought James would vote for her, but he was happy when Da'Vonne voted for her. He had a gut feeling that she would win. He says Paulie and Zakiyah loved Nicole. He says the two showmances would be together. He says Nicole had their backs all season.

Corey says it would come down to one vote if she was against Paul in the finale. Corey says he and Nicole aren't going to rush anything, but he hopes things progress between them. He says there is a chance for them and he wants her to take him on a date now. Jeff says he hopes they work out. He tells Corey he got engaged in the backyard. Jeff asks Corey's favorite moment? He says he was trying to do a striptease for Nicole when he was unveiling his costume, but it was busted because of the argument. Jeff tells him he may be able to give her one tonight. Corey gets excited. He says he's ready to get back to his real life. He says he's ready to see the show. He says he's not really worried about it. He says he's ready to see what's going on in the real world. Jeff tells him that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals.

Corey wants to know the Presidential candidates. Jeff says he doesn't talk politics. He tells Corey Brangelina broke up, and wipes an imaginary tear from his eye. Corey says he would go back in the house right now. Jeff says he's always surprised by that answer. He gives Corey a bobble head that has Harry Potter on it. Jeff tells him to have fun tonight. Corey thanks his supporters, say his will and they hug it out.

Jeff is back with Paulie. Jeff says he's the one and only Paulie and he was very entertaining this season. Jeff asks him what he thought of the Finale? He says it was a crazy Finale. He says he's seen many of them and this one made history for sure. He says he had a hard decision. He says it's a credit to both of their games to make it that far. He says Paul has to bring the floater to the end if he wanted to win.

Jeff asks if he should have taken James? Paulie says if he wanted to win. He says Nicole is a player and she deserves the $500,000. Jeff says she stayed off the block. Paulie says that's zero F's. He says if she wasn't in a showmance she may not have been on the block next to Corey. Jeff says he thought the jury would have been bitter toward Nicole. Paulie says him and Corey had to have been smooth talkers. He says he wasn't going to let people talk or vote bitterly. He says if you are going to sit to the girl power motive if you want a girl to win. Paulie says Da'Vonne had something to do with it because she thought about things from a game perspective. He says they went around about it in the jury house. He says Da'Vonne wasn't going to ruin the integrity of the game.

Jeff asks why he and Da'Vonne got heated? Paulie says the girls were being mean to Zakiyah because she wanted to get to know him outside the house and he wasn't going to let them treat her badly. He says there is no reason for them to talk badly about her. Jeff asks if he regrets using the Veto on Zakiyah? He says Victor may have thrown Corey up there, so he doesn't know what would have happened. Jeff says most of the questions to him were about Paulie. He says they were confused about his ride or die with Zakiyah since he didn't use the Veto. He says you have to be with someone that you know would have your back. He says to protect the two of them he tried to separate from her but it didn't work. He says Corey stood up for him. Jeff asks if he's bitter toward anyone? He says he left Day 65 and the switch went off. He says he was not like by others or other teams but he was loved by his team.

Jeff asks what is going on with him and Zakiyah? Paulie says they are going to see each other outside and they want to get to know each other outside the house. He says he's going to give her the respect she deserves. Jeff says they can make it work. Jeff's gift to Paulie is an apple pie and a butterfly. Paulie says it's all good. Paulie says he hopes all his fans enjoyed watching him and the way he played the game. He says if not, F you. He says he's kidding. He says they can get to know him outside the house. He says he would go back and play again. Jeff tells him he's a talker. They hug it out and Jeff says holy crap. [Cleaned that up a bit.]

Jeff comes back with Paul. Jeff says he's with the second place winner. Paul says there is so much #Friendship. He says Nicole is a sweet girl and clearly she's a snake and he smiles. Jeff says he's a great player.

Paul says he thought he would be the first player out. Jeff says he was entertaining all season and his beard is on point. Paul says that's friendship. Jeff says he told him he didn't want to see him until September. Paul says it's September.

Paul says it was hard to live with everyone all summer. He says there are a lot of immature adult babies and some are mentally unstable. Jeff asks if it was a lot harder than he thought it would be? Paul says if you don't have a mind of a warrior and you are in line for casting they need to get out. Jeff asks if he was always going to take Nicole? Paul says he was always going to take Nicole. He says he thought there was a bitter jury and they were a bit over the top. He says that's a plug for next week.

Paul says he is happy with the way it turned out, because he wasn't going to change who he is for a sum of money. He says he's not pissed because he wouldn't do anything over again. Jeff asks who he will keep in touch with?

Paul says Victor and Glenn, but he doesn't has to keep in touch with any of them. He says he can finally tell them he doesn't have to hang out with them and they are weenies. He says he was all the time screaming with a duck around his waste. Jeff asks if he saw Pablo? Paul says he heard he was in the crowd. Jeff asks if he misses Pablo? Paul says yes. Jeff says everyone would remember Pablo and him in his Secret Service outfit.

Jeff has Paul search him. He says Operation Friendship complete. Jeff asks if TV is in his future? He says if they want to see more of him he will be there. Paul says he would play again but thinks he will be evicted right away. He says he had to be with everyone, now he doesn't. Jeff says they are friends. Paul tells everyone all of his social media's are Deadskull Apparel, Burbank CA & Instagram.

Jeff gives Paul an inflatable dolphin named Fernando. It has a picture of Michelle holding Pablo on the other side. Paul didn't know they were live. Jeff tells him Jordan's favorite part was his blindside dance. He does it for Jordan and tells her congrats on her child. Jeff thanks him.

Jeff comes back with Zakiyah. Jeff asks Zakiyah what it's like to be out of there? She says she's free, ready to be out of there and ready to turn up tonight. She says there was a lot going on in the jury house. She says she wants to take her mind out of it all.

Jeff asks if there was tension the whole time in the jury house? She says there was no tension with her. She says she hung out with Paulie and didn't want to let it ruin her fun. She says her and Paulie are going to see where everything goes outside the house. She says they are going to hang out and she's going to go to his friend's wedding. She says everyone has an opinion about her talking to him. She says he's arrogant and has a smart-ass mouth. Jeff asks how she feels about the way people treat him? She says she can see why they did, but that's him and he's bad boy.

Jeff asks how he feels about him not using the Veto? She says she was hurt by it, but he apologized to her it at the round table. She says he trusted the people to use their votes and had he not known he would have used it.

Jeff asks if Zakiyah would change anything? She says no. She didn't do anything wrong and she made it to the jury. She says she has no regrets. She says she is very happy that her girl Nicole won. She says she was going to give her his vote no matter what. She says she is going to go to Paul's Halloween party and kick it with him. She wants to have a great relationship with everyone. Jeff asks what her favorite moment was? She says her birthday was a great time and she has many good memories.

Jeff tells her that his wife is happy for her. Jeff gives Zakiyah a cup that has toxic poison in it . Jeff has a picture of her and Paulie on it. Jeff tells her there are more than those pictures. They hug it out. Zakiyah gives out a shout out to Jordan and her fans. She says they weren't judgmental or hateful. She says haters going to hate. Jeff tells the Live Feeders to be nice out there. They hug it out.

Jeff is back with James. Jeff says Jeff has been in the house for 99 days. James tells him to take it easy. Jeff says it's tough to go out third place. James says it is tough. He says he didn't think that Paul was going to take Nicole but expect the unexpected.

Jeff asks if he thought he would make it to the end? He says he was shocked he did make it so far and he changed things this season. James says he got good advice from Derrick to have a great social game and not get into stuff he didn't need to. James says Vanessa told him last season he was winning competitions. James says he was throwing competitions this season.

 Jeff says James had blinders on with Natalie. James says that's what Paulie said also. He says he didn't come in for a showmance, but they connected and it happened. Jeff asks James where he and Natalie stand? James says he doesn't know because he hasn't really gotten to talk to him. He says she was holding his hand on stage and that is a good sign. He says hopefully they are on good terms. Jeff says America is pulling for them and they are Jatalie.

Jeff asks if this season or last season was harder? James says game-wise last season was harder because he had to win more competitions to stay alive. He says this season the hardest part was being in a showmance to look out for Natalie and his game. He says he had the Execs and the 8-Pack. He says everyone wanted to throw up Natalie as a pawn.

Jeff tells him he will be on the Big Brother After Show tomorrow with Paul and Nicole tomorrow. Jeff tells everyone to get questions in if they want to get them in. James tells America to take it easy on him and to have the questions ready. Jeff shows James the goggles with Natalie's picture on them. James thinks they are awesome. Jeff tells James not to party too hard tonight. He says he can't promise that. Jeff tells him to go party he earned it. James says, "CBS All Access."

Jeff comes back with Nicole. Jeff says we are back with the winner of Season 18, Nicole. Nicole says it's weird. Neither one of them thought this would happen.

Jeff says Paul had a great game. Nicole says Paul had a great game for sure. Jeff says she had a great game also. Nicole says she didn't know that anyone knew her game.

Jeff asks what it felt like to come back to play and win this season? She says she didn't get to take a lot of naps and she had to play really hard this season. She says she had five naps total and she naps every day in real life. She says Corey hated her because all she wanted to do was talk about game . Jeff asks what the turning point was? Nicole says she can't believe that Michelle did not put her on the block and she knew she was doing good.

Jeff tells her she will be on the Big Brother After Show tomorrow with him. He tells everyone to get their questions in for her. He says there is a separate segment for her. Jeff wants to know what will happen with her and Corey? She says he's a super good guy.

Jeff gives her an orange cone with her Super Safety suit on it. The safety cone has a B&W picture of Hayden on it with an X through it and a color picture of Corey on it. [She's not pleased with the joke.] Nicole says they will see everyone on the Big Brother After Show tomorrow.

Jeff wants to thank all of the Live Feeders, CBS, everyone at CBS All Access and the captain of their ship, Mike Miles. He tells Nicole they will see her tomorrow. He tells Mike he's sorry to see him go, but they are friends forever. He says he can't believe he's there in the backyard, it's always great. He says he will see everyone tomorrow on the Big Brother After Show. He tells everyone to take care.

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