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It's day 58 in the Big Brother House.



By a Vote of 5-1 Rockstar was Evicted
Fessy Wins HoH!

Power Apps Tyler has a one-time immunity that can be used at any nomination or veto ceremony before September 6th.

Celebrity BB champ Marissa Jaret Winokur and her partner-in-gameplay Ross Mathews host Off the Block. The the aftershow that airs on Facebook Watch. 

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Update Entry
Friday, August 17, 2018  Nominations Today
9:00AM BBT: Desperately Seeking Snoozin'

10:23AM BBT: Faysal is standing in the bathtub in the HoH room. There is some water in it. Tyler comes in. Faysal starts saying how he is a man of his word and all he asks is if he doesn't put him up and if Tyler wins the veto to keep the nominations the same. Also, keep him safe next week.

10:52AM BBT: Kaycee and Fessy in HoH room. Fessy in the tub. Talking about loyalty in the game. Fessy wants the house unified in their vote so next week the vote is easy as well. Kaycee says she understands he must be upset because people were lying to his face.

Sam and Brett in the joined bedroom. Sam is cleaning around JC who is still sleeping. Talking about music.

10:27AM BBT: Angela joins Tyler and Faysal in the HoH room. He repeats the same thing to her. She is not going up but if she wins veto, keep the nominations the same and keep Faysal next week. (Side note: last night Haleigh told Faysal to make sure when he talked to them to make sure he asked for her safety too. Faysal has not mentioned Haleigh to Tyler or Angela)

11:23AM BBT: Fessy and Haleigh laying in HoH bed talking. Fessy saying the house should stick together this week and keep nominations the same.

11:24AM BBT: Fessy says he doesn't think Angela would take Brett off if she won veto.

11:25AM BBT: Fessy telling Haleigh he's not doing pawn or backdoor bullshit. Haleigh asks what his reasoning is for putting Brett up next to Scottie. Fessy says it's because he doesn't talk with Brett so he doesn't trust him. He wants them on the block on Thursday.

11:26AM BBT: Haleigh asks Fessy what's supposed to happen? She's supposed to win HoH next week and him the week after?

11:29AM BBT: Haleigh and Fessy still laying in HoH bed. She tells Fessy she wants him to make whatever move he wants to make that's good for him.

11:30AM BBT: Fessy tells Haleigh that Kaycee brought up a good point - that she isn't close with Brett.

11:44AM BBT: Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are stretching in the blue bedroom. Scottie comes by to get clothes from his locker. He asks them if they are that sore, they all say yes, isn't he? He said not at all. Kaycee asks even his shins or kneecaps? Scottie said he is fine. They say that Sam said she wasn't sore today either. Angela said Sam was ice skating the whole time.

Kaycee said she keeps cussing. She has so much passion, she feels she has to cuss to get it out. She said she has to apologize to her parents, her Mormon side of the family, etc.

They said if JC has to make a live speech, it will need a long delay, with someone on the bleep button the whole time. Kaycee gets called to the DR.

11:54AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are talking about their conversations with Fessy. Angela said he isn't into backdooring anyone, Tyler agrees. Tyler said Fessy said they are both(Fessy and Tyler) big targets, and they need to get it going. JC comes in, wants to know who is sleeping. No one is. He said he needs to go to the DR, but Kaycee is in there. JC said production told him he will be in there a long time, so he got his coffee. BB tells JC to put on his mic. JC, Tyler, Angela are talking about last night's competition. JC said when he went fast, it was too many steps. He said he couldn't even get the 5K.

BB calls Fessy to get a new battery.

12:00PM BBT: Fessy goes downstairs to get his battery. JC asked how he slept, he said fine, but it was cold. JC said most people complain about it being hot. Fessy said it was at first, but was cold in the morning. He said they gave him little slippers, he feet don't fit.

Sam is at the table and says good morning to King Faysel. She asked if he broke anything up there, he said the bathtub. Fessy gets his battery and is looking for the Advil. Angela offers him Pamprin. Tyler likes Fessy's hat. It is a black and white checkered beanie. Fessy feels he looks like a thug in it. Tyler wants to borrow it one time.

Fessy goes into the lounge to speak with JC. JC starts saying what he thinks, Fessy said his mind is already made up, and he wants Scottie and Brett on the block. JC said he will support him. Fessy goes back upstairs and tells Haleigh he spoke with JC. She asks what he said, Fessy said JC supports him. Haleigh is napping/laying in the HoH bed as Fessy does things around the room. Fessy turns on the shower. WBRB

12:10PM BBT: Fessy is taking a shower in the HoH room while Haleigh naps.

Sam is talking with Brett at the kitchen table. She is talking about bees and beekeeping. She said she knows a lady in West Virginia who leased her bees out to Florida mangrove farms in the winter. She said the winters in West Virginia are harsh (not really!) and this protected the bees, while they were well fed, and she got paid for them. The farmers would bring them back in the spring.

Sam is asking Brett a lot about his grandparent's ranch. He says they only raise cattle. He is talking about one summer when he worked at a driving range, picking up balls with a machine. He said they don't own it anymore (grandparents). He said it was a little town. They always go for Thanksgiving, and he goes whitetail deer hunting. Shotguns are the only weapon allowed. He loves it there. It is 8 hours from Boston.

12:17PM BBT: Sam tells another story to Brett about an incubator for chickens.

In the blue bedroom, Tyler, Scottie, and Angela are just chatting. Tyler says something is in the ceiling, it will be there forever. They are talking about which are lights and which are microphones. Scottie is talking about different magicians, Chris Angels, David Lane and David Copperfield. Scottie tells about a time when one of them (Copperfield I think) was at a toy store, vanished, then came back as a giant robot. Tyler said Sam can do that.

Scottie says he is a pariah. No one slept in the pink bedroom last night but him. Scottie was talking about going upstairs last night, and they had already finished the bottle of wine. He said they (Haleigh and Fessy) were going to sleep, so he left. He said JC stayed up there for hours. Scottie isn't sure what is going to happen, Tyler thinks he will be fine. Scottie said how Haleigh came down this morning to brush her hair, then went right back up again. Brett comes in.

Tyler, Brett, and Scottie are talking about a friend of Bayleigh's that ate baby powder. That leads to other eating disorders.

Now discussing the neon lights on the wall, and what they are, a cactus, eyeball, hamburger, banana, doughnut. Tyler wants one when he leaves. They discuss how expensive they are if they are real neon. What happens to them when the season is over? They are talking about throwing them away, selling them or a prop department. They don't think they sell them, it wouldn't be cost effective.

12:22PM BBT: Scottie telling Tyler (Tyler laying down in community bedroom and Scottie sitting up across the room) that he was going to talk with Fessy last night but didn't get the chance. He wants to go talk to Fessy to get a feel for if he's going on the block today. Tyler says he doesn't think that's going to happen. Tyler asks if Scottie has talked to Haleigh and he said he hasn't.

12:24PM BBT: Brett walked into the room so Tyler, Scottie, and Brett start talking about random things.. like the fact that Bayleigh had a friend that used to eat baby powder.

12:31PM BBT: Tyler gets dressed and leaves Scottie and Brett in the blue bedroom. Brett said the beds never get made in there. Sam comes in, talks to Scotie and Brett but can't make out what she is saying. BB tells her to put on her mic. She said they are right, and she goes to get it. Brett is trying to make the beds but isn't sure where things are supposed to go. There is a blanket/poncho that they are confused about. Scottie is just sitting on the chair, watching Brett make the beds. Talk about random stuff.

12:35PM BBT: Fessy and Haleigh are in the HoH bed. Haleigh wants to hear his speech. He said he and Brett get along well, but Brett won't talk game with him. He mentions Scottie being shady, wearing a Swaggy C shirt when he voted him out. He wanted to mention a final three deal with Haleigh, and she said NO. She doesn't want to be a part of the speech. He is going to do the walks like a duck, quacks like a duck at the end of his speech. Haleigh is saying she doesn't feel good because he is putting up two of her friends. He said they aren't really friends, someone turned on her last week. Haleigh said she wants to stay up there all week, but she can't. He said she can. Haleigh said she has to go downstairs and make friends (a little late??)

Fessy said people will be coming up to them, Tyler, Angela etc. She said this is the last day she hangs out in his room. He said to stop stressing about the nominations. She is playing asleep, and really tired, but he wants to cuddle and more. She tells him don't, but then lays on top of him. He kisses her face and covers them up. She says she needs to get up. He asks why she says she needs to make friends. She is going over who voted Rockstar out. She said Scottie said he would keep her, Brett and Sam never made a definite answer. Fessy took his mic off, so he is very muffled under the blankets. She keeps saying she needs to leave but doesn't get out of bed. She turned her back to Fessy and said she is sleepy. He keeps kissing on her.

12:45PM BBT: Haleigh and Fessy in the HoH room. Fessy going over nom speech [sounds like he is planning on nominating Brett and Scottie since both of them said they voted for Rockstar to stay and obviously one of them is lying]

12:48PM BBT: Scottie joins the HoH room saying that he was talking to Brett about absolutely nothing. Scottie then proceeds to tell Haleigh that Sam hates her and how when Haleigh was upstairs drinking wine in the HoH room Sam commented how Fessy was going to have a "real good night". Scottie telling them how he pushed the beds together in the blue bedroom to make a mega bed.

12:52PM BBT: Haleigh saying how it pisses her off. That Sam pisses her off. Scottie saying how he was in the bathroom while Sam was flirting with Brett and when he came out she tried to play it off with jokes. Fessy says he doesn't care to watch the HoH room monitors because he doesn't car who is talking to who. They are speculating if next week is going to be a Double Eviction.

Scottie says that things are real awkward down there (referring to the kitchen).

The HoH room group is now talking about what Fessy got in his basket compare to what Haleigh and Scottie got in theirs.

12:58PM BBT: switched camera three in the living room with Angela and Kaycee laying on the couches. They are talking about how quiet the house is. They are now whispering speculating who Fessy is going to put up. Angela asking Kaycee if Fessy told her she was good. They are wondering why the nom ceremony is taking place so much later than normal [me too!]

JC comes out of the Diary Room and Brett gets called in.

LR group says they wish they had alcohol. JC talking about how he was having alcohol deprivation and the wine last night made him tipsy.

1:03PM BBT: Feed switches to Tyler and JC in the blue bedroom. They are talking about how drunk JC got last night. They start to whisper about Fessy's nominations. JC tells Tyler that Fessy told him it was going to be Brett and Scottie. JC telling Tyler how the plan last night was to put up Brett and Kaycee with a plan to Backdoor Tyler. JC tells Tyler that he needs to be careful.

1:09PM BBT: JC and Tyler are talking veto scenarios and whether or not Tyler will have an opportunity to play. They keep cycling through different scenarios.

1:12PM BBT: Feeds follow JC into the kitchen with Sam. Sam is doing the dishes. She tells him she loves her and kisses his head. Sam tells JC how cute he looks in his hoodie. JC is asking Sam if he can clean her underwear for him. She says yes. Camera follows JC to the HoH room and he rings the doorbell and goes inside.

1:14PM BBT: Switch the camera 1 inside the HoH room. JC telling Haleigh, Fessy and Scottie how the house feels so empty and telling them where everyone in the house is. They continue to talk about how lit JC was last night. Fessy asking JC if that was the most lit he has been in the house and he said no and starts recounting the time he was most. They start talking about diary room sessions and it cuts to Fish.

1:15PM BBT: Fessy gets called to the DR. They think it's time for nominations. Scottie leaves the room and Haleigh gives Fessy a look.

JC tells Fessy he is a little concerned. They are worried about Scottie winning veto and next weeks HoH. Haleigh tells JC about what Sam told Scottie about Haleigh being upstairs with Fessy. JC is denying that Sam was even in the same room as Scottie last night. They are speculating that Scottie lied about what Sam said in efforts to get Sam to go on the block. Fessy is in the bedroom getting his HoH robe on. Cuts back to fish.

1:21PM BBT: The feeds come back on and they are still rehashing the Sam comment. Fessy saying that Sam HAS said explicit things like that before during her HoH when she nominated Haleigh.

Fessy changes into his Swaggy C shirt. Fessy lost his microphone. Haleigh telling Fessy and JC that Kaycee came up to apologize to her and that she thought it was sweet. Fessy found his microphone. Haleigh tells them that Angela came to her and told her that she knows she lost her best friend and that if she needs someone to hang out with she can hang out with her.

JC talking about how he doesn't think Tyler is really in an allowance. He says that Tyler feels picked on and that's why he is down there sad. Haleigh said she's going to go check on Tyler and leaves.

JC talking to Fessy about Tyler being worried that if Scottie takes himself off the block that who is going to be the replacement. Fessy said they will talk about that when the time comes because he's not sure now. Fessy restating that he doesn't think Scottie is going to win the veto. JC says with Fessy's back being messed up that it's a possibility. Fessy thinks the veto will be more mental than physical this week. JC leaves the room.

1:26PM BBT: Camera three - Haleigh downstairs hanging on the couch with Angela and Kaycee. They are talking about how they wish they had an expresso machine. They are talking about all the things they need to ask for, Xanax, Ambien etc. Sleepy time tea, stress free tea.

Fessy goes into the DR but they don't think it's time for nominations yet after all. They are trying to remember what time the nomination ceremony would happen before the hacker twist.

1:32PM BBT: Brett in kitchen with Sam. [Brett is shoveling food in without even chewing in between bites. Tyler was doing the same thing earlier. Slow down and chew people! No one wants you to choke! ~YaYakelly]

1:34PM BBT: Sam is in her room, looking for something, Tyler is face down on the bed. In the living room . JC is sitting while Kaycee, Angela and Haleigh lay on the couches. He is discussing Cuban food. We get FotH/WBRB Nom time?

1:36PM BBT: Feeds are back. Angela and Kaycee left the couches, Haleigh still laying down, talking with JC. JC is complaining about being tired and bored. Haleigh just saying umm hum. JC says he isn't even motivated. He sings a little, but doesn't get called out for it. He wants to create a never before invented food. Haleigh wants to eat healthier this week. JC is trying to decide what to make.

Kaycee is back, and they are talking. Kaycee wants tamales, but they don't know how to make them. They think Sam will know. Sam though tamales were a vegetable. They laugh about her being a white girl. JC and Kaycee said they will talk about girls for Kaycee and boys for JC. He said when they get out of the house, they have to keep each other from making a wrong decision. JC talks about his last boyfriend, they went to Disney and JC had a Minnie Mouse shirt that was kissing his BF's Mickey shirt.

JC likes to match, not just who he is dating, but friends. It makes him happy to wear matching clothes. Someone asks who, and JC said his ex, he can't say the name because he didn't sign a release. He said the only reason they know his name, is because JC keeps calling Tyler Kyle... FotH

1:48PM BBT: All feeds are on the blue bedroom. JC can be heard off camera. Sam is doing something to her bed, Earlier she told Brett she was going to decorate it. Tyler is in the next bed, still face down, and Angela is in the next bed , covered by the neon green blanket. Scottie was talking to himself, and got called to the DR (Guess not time for nominations yet).

Today's updates were written by awood44, bigbrotherfan85, GrannySue1154, IndyMom78, Kelly6, Kekila, Kitten200, MonkeyGirl, Paganmom, pierceka, Pokerlady, roachie, SometimesITeach, and Tissues.  
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Update Entry
Thursday, August 16, 2018  Live Eviction Tonight
Tonight's HoH competition will be a slippery slide for the HGs. Watch the competition play-out live on the CBS All Access feeds, start your free trial tonight.

Join us during and after the evictions in the chat rooms.  Just log into the forums at: and click on "Chat Rooms" in the upper right hand corner. Our forums and chat look great on your mobile devices without any extra apps to download.

In addition to our social media, this website, and chat, I added a video gallery to the forums. Here's the link to the #BB20 Videos, but browse the whole video board, you'll find some funny videos you can watch while the feeds are off, or as we call it, "FotH" (Front of the House or Fish of the House). You can post links you your favorite videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other sites on our gallery.

8:43AM BBT: The lights are off, all the HGs are still in bed. Scottie and Haleigh are in the HoH bed.


10:27AM BBT: Two cameras are on Kaycee doing her ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) in the bathroom. The other two cameras are on the HoH room-- no movement.

Tyler and Sam whispering really low in bed. Kaycee is in the bathroom area doing ADLs.

10:40AM BBT: Angela and Kaycee in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking general talk. Rockstar trying to figure out what she is going to wear tonight for the live show.

10:42AM BBT: Angela is talking about working out and how in the hotel she got good workouts in and we get a brief FotH.

Mortys TV Pop Poll
10:47AM BBT: Rockstar and Sam now in the kitchen making a cup of coffee. Angela eating peanut butter while Kaycee sits there wrapped in a blanket drinking her coffee.

10:58AM BBT: After a brief FotH Haleigh is taking her things down the stairs to the pink bedroom. Kaycee, Scottie, Angela and Tyler are talking general talk in the kitchen. Sam is making her bed for the day as Brett lays with his eyes closed.

1:00PM BBT: In the pink bedroom, Rockstar and Sam are talking:

Sam: I don't know what to do Rockstar.

Rockstar: What do you mean?

Sam: So no one knows who the hacker is? Man, that blows.

Rockstar to Sam: Our assumption is that it's Angela and she took a risky move because she thought Tyler would be able to take her off with the veto so if she's going to cancel one of my people she's probably going to cancel Fessy but they don't think you are going to vote for me because you put me up and you voted for Bayleigh to stay so no one really thinks your with me. So people think you're going to vote for Kaycee which is a good thing.

Sam: What happens if I say I'm voting for Kaycee and I vote for you and everyone finds out I lied I can't do that.

Rockstar: Well, don't lie anymore I told you not to.

Angela walks in and Rockstar says Sam is changing but I'm sure you can come in if you want.

Angela: OK, I'm just trying to find everyone. [and leaves.]

Rockstar to Sam: She's ( Angela) following me around here like crazy.

Rockstar offers Sam clothes to wear, her jeans don't fit.

Sam to Rockstar: I wish I could leave here and go to the little house.

Rockstar: I wish that you would stop saying that.

Sam: I would love to get the F out of here, everything about this place and all the people in here make me extremely uncomfortable.

Rockstar: Stop saying that.

Sam: But it's true.

1:05PM BBT:

Rockstar: By saying that it makes it easier for them to put you up.

Sam: Fine [laughing] I would love that, I dare you.

Rockstar: I need you if I stay here I need you so I need you to stop saying that.

Sam: Are you going to pick me over Haleigh.

Rockstar: Not a fair question I never asked Haleigh that about Bayleigh potentially yes potentiality no I can't say.

Someone is walking around opening doors, can't see who but can hear them in the background.

Sam: This is why I want to leave this is why I wish I could just leave.

Rockstar: What the awkward.

Sam: Yeah everyone just sneaking around being super quiet shystey on each other just makes me sick to my stomach I just want to go around slapping this shit out of each other including myself no need for it, it's stupid the whole thing is stupid --- look I'm going to hulk out of this shirt with my F'ing arms. [Upset about the fit.]

Rockstar: Do you want a different shirt?

Sam: No I want to throw up, I do, but I won't."

Rock gives her a hug mumbling can't hear what she's saying sounds like Rock is trying to encourage her to stay in the house and send the people they don't like to jury to her. basically telling her to play it cook if she gets voted out. Switch to talking about eviction outfits but saying she doesn't want to wear the outfit she picked to leave in but wants to look OK.

1:30-2:00PM BBT: JC keeps getting into trouble for singing, BB keeps telling him to shut it down and he says he will if it is said in Spanish. He tells BB he does not speak English today.

JC and Tyler are in the kitchen talking about Sam and JC says Sam will not vote with them cause Angela threw her under the bus, Tyler tells him that is not what happened, he tells JC that Sam and Angela had a one on one and Sam said she wanted to go home so Angela said maybe we should put her up. Tyler says we will see where Sam votes.

2:00-3:00PM BBT: Brett, Tyler, and Faysal are in the kitchen and can hear the workers outside talking, Faysal says they said something about slime so now he thinks it is the slide competition.

In the bathroom area, Scottie is getting a haircut.

In the pink bedroom, Faysal tells stories when he was 12 years old and took some kids goggles.

More talk about hearing workers talking about slime in the backyard Brett says the slime is supposed to look like ice.

HG are all getting ready for the next HoH lockdown before the live show tonight. Kaycee in the lounge room practicing her speech.

3:10PM BBT: Sam and JC whispering and Sam is trying to flip the vote to keep Rockstar she asks him we are keeping Rockstar here right and JC says that Kaycee is more trustworthy, Sam tells him that Rockstar is more fun than Kaycee. JC is trying hard to get Sam to vote Rockstar out. JC tells her but next week could be a double eviction and we get FotH.

3:13PM BBT: JC talks to Sam about he doesn't want him and her to be the only votes to keep Rockstar though Sam says OK then we keep Kaycee and JC tells her yes. Sam then says she likes Rockstar better than Kaycee and she can not help her feelings but thinks that Rockstar is a better player at this game than Kaycee is.

JC then tells her that once Rockstar leaves here then Brett will get closer to her and they can be a trio. Sam then pinky swears with JC to vote Rockstar out tonight.

3:17PM BBT: Sam tells JC she will keep Kaycee but she needs him to stay close to her as she will be all alone now, JC says to control her emotions so the house does not see them.

Tonight's Show is on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM ET
Remember, you can watch Big Brother 20 as it airs on CBS ALL ACCESS or HERE.

The Final 2 Pinky Swear

Tyler with his father.  Tyler's dad passed away when Tyler was 17.

The Hacker takes away Fessy's Vote

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show will not be posted here until after tonight's endurance competition is over.

Another week, another hack, and potentially another stab in the back.

Previously, on Big Brother, Tyler told Sam he had a secret power causing Sam to lose trust in him. With Haleigh running the house, she put two level sixers on the block. But after Kaycee won the hacker competition, she secretly swapper herself with one of Haleigh's besties.

In a must-win veto for both sides of the house, it all came down to Tyler vs. Rockstar and it seemed like the Pagan Witch had conjured victory. But fate is a cruel mistress.

At the veto meeting, the hunky lifeguard saved the bikini babe and Haleigh put the hacker right back on the chopping block.

Julie greets us and tells us it's day 58 in the house.

In the Big Brother house, there's a fine line between an ally and a lie.

We pick up on day 55 after the veto ceremony and Tyler tells us he used the veto to save his girl Angela and Haleigh put Kaycee on the block. But if things go smoothly, Kaycee isn't going anywhere.

Kaycee says she's back on the block, but she can cancel a vote and she's not going anywhere. She just needs to show her acting skills and act sad.

Rockstar says she's still on the block, but she's a boss B and she has a lot of strength. Haleigh is annoyed how this week went. People want to vote out someone who's not a great competitor vs. someone who's an athlete floating through the game. Sam talks to Rockstar about whether she has the votes to stay.

Tyler talks to Kaycee in the lounge room and Kaycee says the speech was on point. Tyler says it was all true. Rockstar comes in and asks Kaycee if she's OK and Kaycee says she's good. Rockstar says to expect the expected in this game. She asks to talk to Kaycee alone and Tyler leaves.

Rockstar apologizes to Kaycee and she says she feels Angela is entitled and Kaycee wasn't supposed to go home. Kaycee says Rockstar thinks she's going home? She's that confident but she'll be seeing differently on eviction night. Angela goes into the lounge after

Rockstar leaves and Kaycee goes over her conversation and Angela is so mad.

Kaycee and Angela are talking and Kaycee says it will be 5-1 and Angela says blindsided again. Kaycee says they'll cancel Faysal's vote. Kaycee tells Angela that Rockstar said she was entitled. Angela says Rockstar is right, she does get what she wants. And what she wants is another beautiful blindside.

Tyler and Sam talk outside and he's explaining why he used the veto on Angela. Tyler says Sam is questioning him and he understands because they've been in a Final Two since week 1 and he has a lot of irons in the fire and he has a lot of deals. He's trying to be loyal to them all until he absolutely has to choose a side. Tyler tells Sam they have to get rid of Kaycee. Sam says her trust is in him. Sam tells us she trusts that he's doing what he's doing for the good of both of them.

Haleigh and Faysal are in the HoH bathroom area and she says he's annoying her right now. He sits on the edge of the sink and it breaks. Haleigh says well... there we go.

She says why would you do that and Faysal says he just leaned against it.

We then see Haleigh getting ready for bed and Faysal is going to sleep in the HoH with her. Faysal turns the lights out and they are cuddling. Faysal says he cares about her more than the game and they kiss. He says he's been waiting 54 days.

Haleigh says it's finally happened. It's a thing. Whatever. She imagines her dad watching it and she wants to throw up.

Rockstar is in the kitchen and she wants to talk to Brett. Rockstar says as far as she's concerned she sees Brett has been distancing himself from people he was really tight with in the beginning. Rockstar says she needs to get the votes to stay so she wants to talk.

Brett says everyone would be flabbergasted if people knew they had a secret alliance. Rockstar says they were at each other's throats in the beginning, but they're working together towards a common goal. Keeping herself safe.

Rockstar names their alliance Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brett tells us Rockstar is eating out of his hands. He's going to build up her hopes and dreams and take them away from her.

Brett is outside with Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee and he's telling them about his "alliance" with Rockstar. Brett goes up to the HoH and Haleigh asks Brett if he'll help Rockstar with her speech.

Rockstar starts going over her speech and Brett starts giving tips. Brett tells us he's in deep, some people are going to be mad about his vote, but he's going to deny until he dies.

Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh are in the HoH. Rockstar is saying it's really interesting Brett came over to their side. She thinks she will stay and Haleigh and Faysal agree. Faysal says there is no way they are not canceling my vote.

Rockstar counts the votes and says they have Sam, JC, Scottie, and Brett. Faysal laughs and says she's unevictable.

Julie welcomes us back and says Tyler has been a competitor this summer and according to his family, it's a position he knows all too well.

We meet Tyler's mom, Charline. She says Tyler may come off as a dumb surfer dude from the beach, but he's a Midwestern child who's never surfed a day in his life. She says he's also a competitor outside of the house. Charline says he's a bowler.

We meet Mary, Tyler's grandmother. Mary says Tyler was an excellent bowler. Charline says he was extremely close with his father and he was 17 when his father died. He gave up bowling when his father died.

We go to a bowling alley and see bowlers and we see Neil A. McKinnon who is the mayor and they are cheering on Tyler as a town. Charline says Tyler is a huge, huge superfan and he's learned so much from watching the show.

Charline says Tyler is a very genuine person and that's why he's connected with everyone and that's going to get him a long way. She knows his dad is watching over him and he is so proud, they are all so proud. The mayor presents Charline with the Key to the City for Tyler.

Who will join Bayleigh in the jury house? Time to go to the living room.

Kaycee gives a huge thanks to the all-girls alliance, not just the first one that failed formed by Haleigh and Rockstar. She shouts out to mom and dad and her friends. She loves the HGs and she'd appreciate it if they kept this little peanut in the house.

Rockstar does her shout-outs to her family and she loves them. Rockstar says Sam has never been excluded from everything. Rockstar says there's a clear alliance with Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler and they even have meetings with them all and if they keep Kaycee in the trio, then they are empowering them. Three strong players will knock each one of them out and these are some competitive, beautiful people that can win competitions, as they've seen.

Time for the live voting to begin. The hacker comes on and cancels 's Faysal's vote. Julie says with that the BB hacker twist is over. Time to vote:

Angela votes to evict Rockstar.
JC votes to evict Rockstar.
Sam votes to evict Rockstar.
Scottie votes to evict Kaycee.
Brett votes to evict Rockstar.
Tyler votes to evict Rockstar.

By a vote of 5-1 Rockstar has been evicted from the Big Brother house. We'll deliver the news when we return.

We're back and with 5 votes to evict Rockstar, she will be leaving the BB house. Time to deliver the news. Rockstar gives hugs and she whispers something to Sam. Rockstar says all right guys, kill it!

Julie says Rockstar looked speechless, was she shocked. She says she was not expecting that. She thinks the little trio did their work and talked a better game. She wants to know who she thinks was the one person who voted to keep her. She thinks Sam did because Sam has late night conversations with her and they have a bond and friendship.

Julie wants to know if she feels betrayed by anyone. Rockstar says whoever came up with that hacker twist. Julie says don't look at me!

Julie wants to talk about the veto competition. Rockstar says she doubted herself and that was a lesson.

Julie says she came so close to winning things and her last two more evictions, why was she such a target. Rockstar says because I was fierce. Julie wants to know why Rockstar waited so long to switch up her game and Rockstar says it wasn't her idea, it was Brett's. Rockstar says her strategy was to ride or die with her alliance. Rockstar thinks Haleigh and Faysal are good.

Good-bye messages: Faysal says hopefully he's not next and if he's not he's tearing the house part. Angela says the only person is calling her princess is her big brother, so she can go back to calling her, Angela. So she heard Rockstar calling her an entitled little B and says she gets her way, and she's right since Rockstar is gone. Brett says he doesn't know what happened but...she's an idiot! He says she played right into his hand and Mr. and Mrs. Bye-bye.

Julie says do they know you're a jury vote? Rockstar says the two people she called entitled are still in there and are still entitled.

It's time for the HoH competition! This competition is called Glow and Flow. It's a slip and slide competition. They will need to retrieve "rave fuel" from their barrel and deposit it in their large glow stick. There's a smaller glow stick for $5000. They have to get to the ball to rise to the top and grab the ping pong ball and they win HoH.

This HoH begins now! Faysal is the first down with everyone else behind. JC and Sam are the slower ones. Faysal is lapping everyone. JC is struggling and Sam is very delicate. Kaycee is losing balance but hasn't fallen yet. The race is on and it's time for a commercial break!

Zingbot is back for the veto competition! Which side of the house will win this crucial HoH? We check back in and Faysal is still booking back and forth. JC is starting to go for the money. Julie says it's very entertaining for them. Julie wishes them luck and says good night.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S20E23 was written by IndyMom78.

7:08PM BBT: The feeds are back up and the competition is being shown. Fessy, Scottie, and Tyler appear to be in the lead (in that order).

Fessy appears to be in the lead, with Scottie a close second, followed by Tyler. Sam seems to be in last place.

7:10PM BBT: All of the HGs are going for the large tube to fill, except for JC, who is going for the $5k and filling up the smaller tube. [JC's progress isn't great anyway.]

7:12PM BBT: Brett's tube is looking good too. Fessy still in the lead. Scottie still in second.

7:14PM BBT: Fessy continues to be out in front of the others with his progress, followed by Scottie and Brett.

7:15PM BBT: Haleigh is cheering Fessy on, giving him pointers as he goes. Sam also cheers him on from the next lane. JC has filled about a third of his $5k tube.

7:18PM BBT: Fessy has won HoH for the week. JC continues to fill up his tube.

7:24PM BBT: The feeds have been on fish, WBRB, since 7:20PM.

7:48PM BBT: The feeds are back and the HGs are either cleaning themselves up or snacking.

7:49PM BBT: Sam says that they need some dish soap in the shower to get the grease off of their bodies. She heads to the storage room to get some. Angela and JC are in the shower.

7:50PM BBT: Haleigh is washing her shoes in the kitchen sink.

7:51PM BBT: Fessy is asking for some Advil in the storage room, "my back is on fire". Scottie thinks he has some and is going to look. He came up with one pill. Haleigh had a bottle of Advil in her things.

7:56PM BBT: Haleigh is cleaning the sinks in the bathroom area and says, "We should cook a nice dinner tonight."

8:00PM BBT: Scottie, JC, Haleigh, Tyler and Fessy are talking about the competition. Haleigh tells Fessy that he was ahead by 9 laps. He said that he dropped the funnel once and fell twice.

8:02PM BBT: Scottie says that he feels there will be a double eviction next week. Fessy said he knew his vote would be canceled when nobody was talking game with him.

8:08PM BBT: Sam makes her bed up in the blue bedroom and thanks Rockstar for the extra mattress pad, that she may actually get some decent sleep now.

8:09PM BBT: Haleigh and Fessy are in the Jenga room and Haleigh reassures Fessy that Scottie was the one vote to keep Rockstar.

They discuss who they should put up and agree to talk later tonight. He doesn't want any one-on-ones until tomorrow. He said he wants one of the boys out.

8:11PM BBT: Fessy says Angela and Kaycee are not threats to their game. He doesn't trust Scottie, but Haleigh does. While he said they'd talk about nominations later, they continue to run through the "what if's."

8:16PM BBT: Fessy is talking about putting up two guys and if one comes down, he'll put up Sam because nobody will stay in the house if they're next to her on the block.

8:25PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are in the storage room discussing how to play Fessy. They feel confident that they're not targets.

8:27PM BBT: Fessy tells Haleigh that he's not going to waste his HoH on some BS, that he's making a big move. She asks what that is. He doesn't know, but it'll be something.

8:31PM BBT: Haleigh tells Fessy that nobody knows about their showmance, that Sam asked if she had one with Brett. He said "as she should" and looks at her funny since he's been a little jealous.

8:31PM BBT: Haleigh tells Fessy that they need to make deals this week. "I know".

8:31PM BBT: Kaycee and Angela are in the kitchen making dinner, while Tyler and JC watch on.

8:33PM BBT: Fessy said that JC thinks that Scottie is an emotional player and he has a crush on Haleigh, which is why he wants Fessy out.

8:35PM BBT: Haleigh tells Fessy that they need to go over the numbers and study tomorrow.

8:36PM BBT: Fessy tells Haleigh that Sam thinks he's gay. Haleigh tells him that Sam has a crush on Brett. Fessy tells her that she looks hot today.

8:40PM BBT: Fessy passes Scottie in the living room and they quickly whisper about Scottie being the one vote. He's going to test the house by asking who voted for Rockstar, knowing it was Scottie.

8:48PM BBT: In the blue bedroom, Sam says that she wonders if the shower is free yet. Brett says that Haleigh is in it now. Sam wonders why she isn't waiting for the HoH room shower since that is basically hers now.

8:55PM BBT: Tyler comes out of the shower and Fessy goes in. Angela and Kaycee continue cooking in the kitchen. Haleigh is sitting on the bathroom area couch.

9:05PM BBT: Fessy and Haleigh talk in the bathroom area. They talk about the audience cheering loud for Rockstar. Haleigh taking a shower and Fessy heads to the kitchen.

9:18PM BBT: HGs roaming around the house. Eating, chatting and showering. No game talk.

Looks like Angela and Scottie are working in the kitchen, Angela cleaning up and Scottie cutting a pizza. Neither of them are talking, Kaycee is cleaning dishes.

In the hallway, JC and Faysal are talking.

JC says something to Faysal related to being put on the block, Faysal tells him he does not want to talk about game right now, no one talks to him all week and now everyone is stopping him to talk.

JC follows him to the storage room, he tells him that he is not giving advice, he is trying to tell him (Faysal) that he wants to know from him what is up.

Faysal: You are safe JC, calm your titties down.

JC: Scottie voted for Rockstar to go.

Faysal: who voted for her to stay.

JC: Sam told me, Brett.

Faysal: I believe you.

They are talking about whose vote being canceled, JC thinks it was Scottie, he says he was watching his reaction.

Faysal tells JC that both JC and Haleigh are safe this week, one person will leave but he is doing what is best for his own game.

JC tells him not to play Haleigh's game (in a roundabout way), but to play his own game because next week there will be seven people still her.

Faysal: I told you I was going to win HoH, I told you that last night in bed.

JC: They are freaking out, you are walking around like a fucking asshole.

Faysal: I don't care, last week...

JC: Just be careful, you need votes, you need to know who is coming after you.

They continue to talk, JC says he was watching Scottie when the hacker announced the canceled votes, Scottie reacted by bending over and nodding.

Faysal asks him how he knows they didn't have the votes to keep Rockstar.

JC says because I walked into the room and Scottie and Brett stopped talking. He goes on to explain why he thought it was so. He also says Scottie has done other sketchy votes.

Faysal: We will figure it out.

JC: No, I just want to make sure you have us safe next week.
Faysal leaves the storage room.

9:32PM BBT: Faysal comes into the kitchen where Haleigh and Scottie are having a domestic moment about whether she wants her pizza more done or doughy. He stands there and watches, Haleigh looks up and sees him watching. Her only reaction is widening eyes.

Faysal asks JC how his clothes are getting to the HoH room, JC laughs at him, they tease back and forth, JC calls him the "hacker" (Scottie, the suspect is right there). JC says something low to Faysal, ending with "I can tell you right now.

Scottie is eating pizza, talking about stomach ailments, JC turns it down, says not for him right now, Faysal goes to serve himself a slice, Haleigh is cleaning up, and doe does not offer any domestic assistance to Faysal. She offers to wash Scottie's plate after asking him if he would like her to chew his food for him.

When both of the men say their back hurts,

Haleigh: My back hurts too...

Scottie: You were in the DJ booth, right

Haleigh: Ummm yeah

The conversation goes to live feeders, Faysal wants to know if his mom knows he won yet. Haleigh says, in the beginning, Faysal had "lapped" the other contestants, so his mother had to assume he was the winner. They say the audio was cut when people were cursing. Faysal said he fell, the others said the stage vibrated. JC says that is so, it did. JC said he knew he wasn't going anywhere in that competition, so he decided to have fun with it. He thinks it would be fun to see Rockstar doing that one.

Brett sits down by JC, who is mixing a cup of protein powder.

Kaycee and Angela are whispering in the blue bedroom.

Angela looks stressed, Kaycee is making fun of Faysal's ego.

Tyler: the good thing is everyone was telling him they were voting for Rockstar to stay.

Kaycee: I was honest.

Tyler: I don't think he's on to JC yet.

Angela: I think the best thing to do is to keep our mouths shut this week.

Tyler: Even if you guys go on the block... (notice he did not say "we")

Kaycee: I don't think he will put both of us up (indicates Angela and herself)

Tyler thinks as stupid as that seems, it is possible, after watching Haleigh's HoH last week. He says he is cool with Faysal trying to backdoor him. (he does not say why)

Angela is on camera fussing with her microphone, she seems out of sorts, Kaycee is laying on the other bed, she wonders if Haleigh knows she didn't lie about her vote, and Scottie knows she didn't lie.

Tyler: Scottie has no idea, you remember last week? Scottie has no idea you are on to him.

Angela: JC has a big influence

Tyler: Not as much as you think he has not been voting with him lately.

Angela: And we are back to this.

Tyler: We get hyped up for 10 minutes then we lose.

Angela: ...going to the jury house with Bayleigh and Rockstar.

Kaycee: We need to boost his MF'ing ego.

Angela: You need to flirt with him.

Kaycee laughs and makes a face.

BB calls out Kaycee and Tyler to put microphones on their shirts.

Kaycee: I love you guys.

Tyler: Love you too, we're OK.

Tyler leaves the bedroom.

Kaycee and Angela are talking about the competition, Angela had no idea that Faysal was that far ahead. She didn't realize there were filter holes in the tube, so she was trying to get it in the small tube.

Kaycee says Faysal told her she was never on his radar, Angela tells her he told her the same thing when she didn't put him up during his HoH.

Both are relieved they told him about their votes.

Kaycee says Haleigh probably feels like shit because we are both still here

Angela: I'm super nice to her...

Kaycee: That's awesome.

Angela: It's not hard because I like her, I do not like Rockstar, that was too hard.

Gossip continues about Haleigh, her youth, her immaturity, how she needs to be forgiven because she is a little girl., then transitions to the competition again.

Kaycee: I don't see him putting up JC.

Angela: He will put up two people he wants gone.

Kaycee: Maybe Brett and JC.

Angela: Maybe Brett and one of us.

Angela tells Kaycee Faysal might put up both Brett and Scottie because one of them lied to him about the vote during Rockstar's eviction. Angela says though that Haleigh put them up out of nowhere, and Faysal seems smarter than that. Angela also believes her plan was to backdoor Tyler (she is correct).

JC comes into the room, Angela hugs him, says she needs to hold someone. He gives her a hug. JC mentions Scottie, but it is not clear why he said the name. Faysal comes in, flops on the bed.

They are talking about when Faysal will get his HoH room, Angela says she is sore and tired. They wonder if the veto will be physical.

Brett comes in, he says he may have a bruise on his foot. They are talking about falling down, stumbling, and running into each other.

Faysal and Angela are talking about the "hacker", and whether or not next week will be a double eviction. Faysal says he hopes he gets them some good music, he starts singing it.

...and FISH for a few seconds

He is describing Rap music, and he ordered wine for the other houseguests (actually, Haleigh told him she wanted wine if he won HoH and demanded that he get it for her --I was eavesdropping last week and heard that)

Faysal says he wants the least blood on his hands, Angela says to make sure the person you pick goes home.

Faysal says he has no one left, he names house guests who are gone, he says the remaining people don't tell him anything.

Angela says that people wanted her to do their dirty work for them.

Faysal is wondering if one-on-ones are what he wants to do.

Kaycee says for him to do what is best for his game.

Faysal mentions the shady votes, he says he is upfront with how he votes, he is on the wrong side, the only time was his vote for Bayleigh because of the unanimous vote. Faysal is happy there is no hacker now.

Angela asks him who is targeting him, but he wonders if people say they are "cool with" him, but are not. He doesn't feel he has made any enemies in the house.

Brett comes into the room, FISH for a few seconds, when the feeds come back on, Brett is leaving the room.

9:42PM BBT: Haleigh and Scottie are whispering on the bridge. Scottie asks Haleigh who Fessy is putting up. She says he doesn't know yet but Scottie is safe. Haleigh tells Scottie that Fessy plans to put up Tyler and Brett. Haleigh tells Scottie that Fessy is worried Scottie would take Tyler down with a veto. Scottie tells Haleigh that he would do whatever Haleigh wanted him to do.

9:50PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee whispering about Angela being fake. She says she can be fake to Haleigh because she likes her. She says she couldn't be fake to Rockstar because she did not like her.

9:53PM BBT: Haleigh tells Scottie when Fessy asks who voted for Rockstar to stay, he needs to raise his hand.

9:34PM BBT: Sam and Tyler chat in the bathroom area. He asks her if she is OK. She says she is sad but she did what she had to do. She hopes that Rockstar knows they are friends outside of the house.

9:36PM BBT: Brett is talking to Angela and Kaycee. They are whispering. It sounds as though he is going to tell Fessy he voted to keep Rockstar.

9:42PM BBT: Haleigh and Scottie are whispering on the bridge. Scottie asks Haleigh who Fessy is putting up. She says he doesn't know yet but Scottie is safe. Haleigh tells Scottie that Fessy plans to put up Tyler and Brett. Haleigh tells Scottie that Fessy is worried Scottie would take Tyler down with a veto. Scottie tells Haleigh that he would do whatever Haleigh wanted him to do.

9:50PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee whispering about Angela being fake. She says she can be fake to Haleigh because she likes her. She says she couldn't be fake to Rockstar because she did not like her.

9:53PM BBT: Haleigh tells Scottie when Fessy asks who voted for Rockstar to stay, he needs to raise his hand.

10:06PM BBT: JC tells Tyler who is in the blue bedroom... they enter the room.

10:09PM BBT: Haleigh and Scottie are on the skywalk talking about how their alliance has broken down.

Haleigh stops talking and listens, she says they are talking about bed situations.

Scottie says he is moving their beds further away from the others.

Haleigh is listening to people downstairs, she hears JC laughing and talking about the food.

Haleigh: F' JC, he's next on my list.

Haleigh is hoping to push Faysal into putting Kaycee on the block. She says next week she has plans for whoever is left, she says she reassured Faysal that Scottie is working with them, he put himself out for them with the vote. Faysal wanted to know if Scottie would say it in front of the house, and Haleigh says, "I told him you would, that you are a f**ng idiot.

Scottie laughs about his lack of social skills, that he makes mistakes every week and he is still hanging around. He calls himself a patsy, he seems to be happy about how people perceive him.

Haleigh asks if Sam told Rockstar she would vote for her to stay, Scottie thinks she did, but Haleigh says Sam never really said the words to Rockstar. Haleigh says she needs to find out if Sam lied. (apparently, Haleigh forgets that one must WIN the HoH competition before nominating others) Haleigh continues to gossip about Sam, saying she has a crush on Brett, that Rockstar told her about it.

Scottie says if he wins HoH he would put Sam up and blow it up.

Haleigh says she doesn't know if they can work with Brett in the future and they need Faysal to trust them. Scottie will do some talking and tells Haleigh to get where she can listen, she says sound doesn't travel down, so don't do it on the skywalk.

They are quiet so she can eavesdrop on the kitchen, she says they are talking about the competition.

Scottie: You win next week and do it again.

Haleigh: Final 8

Scottie: Only 5 people have to go before the final three. we just have to wait out 5 HoH's.

Haleigh: I wish Tyler would work with us, he has all the competitors.

Scottie: He won't.

Haleigh: I know.

Scottie: Faysal is just bigger and stronger.

Haleigh: But we are rational.

Scottie: That means if they win next week me and Fessy will go up.

Haleigh: You think?

In the bathroom area, Sam is talking to Brett, she tells Brett that she does like him, but she doesn't want him to do things that would hurt her.

Brett tells her that he would not take advantage of the fact that she likes him. Sam tells him that Rockstar has a family, she is a parent, while on the other hand, she (Sam) is single. She tells Brett that she does not want him to dance around her and wants him to tell the truth. She feels like there are things going around, she has decided they are not important to her, however keeping a game relationship is important to him.

Tyler comes in, Brett is quiet, it is obvious Sam has been very direct with him about the rumors.

Afterthought: Sam told Brett that if he needs her for a game plan, all he has to do is tell what she needs to do and she will do it.

Sam is making fun of Faysal, "Hiii myyyy name is Fay see, I'm frum Chant ooooo gar Tennnnneseeeeeeeeee." [As close as I can get to spelling it phonetically, say it slow and smooth real loud. I think you will get it!]

Sam chases them out so she can have her private shower.


The houseguests gather on the skywalk, singing and making noise, pounding and yelling. Great fun!

Faysal inserts the key

The door is stuck-- and then... it opens!

Faysal gets a red HoH robe, everyone is looking at his family photos. Faysal points out his dad in a photo taken in Pakistan. Sam came to see it but is off to take her shower.

They ask Faysal to read his letter.

Tyler sees code red, there are socks, flaming hot Cheetos, wine (Cabernet),

The letter is from his mother and father. A few words in, Faysal starts getting teary-eyed, they mention his dog, Cooper, they are safe home from a visit to Pakistan, they are proud of him.

Letter reading gets harder, Faysal is finding it hard to keep his voice as the letter ends.

[No matter if you are a fan of Faysal or not, he was very touched by his letter, a special moment I was happy to see. ~GrannySue1154]

Faysal gets a hoodie, a hoodie with no sleeves, he finds Pakistani flavored rice, he offers to make it. He sees cereal, pickles, Cheez-its, cashews, a hat, a white bandana.

Cookies and cream ice cream and tea (Haleigh is going through the fridge)

Faysal: Mangoes! I love mangoes.

Faysal says he doesn't think he will have one-on-ones tonight, he is playing straight up, he has been left in the dark, he knows the game is who can lie cheat and steal the best... he doesn't want to hear people tell him who to choose. He names people he has lost in the game, and he has decided not to have formal one on ones.

He asks who kept Rockstar. Scottie raises his hand. No one else does, then Brett says he voted to keep Rockstar, he apologizes to Kaycee. He didn't want the whole house to know it.

Scottie calls Kaycee an actor.

Kaycee yells back at Scottie, she tells him she is loyal. She says she is not close to Brett. She says people are acting weird with her.

Scottie says give specifics, calls out that she cannot.

Brett continues to say he voted to keep Rockstar when Haleigh says Brett wanted to talk to Scottie about what happened.

Brett said I did do that.

Kaycee yells at Scottie that she talks to him more than Brett.

Faysal tells them all to leave, Haleigh is included.

To camera: Well I didn't expect all that, but I will take it. Hahahahaha! Yes! Well.

He can hear yelling as the houseguests go downstairs.

The camera shows the repaired sink.

10:48 PM BBT: Scottie goes into the bedroom, he sees Kaycee,

Scottie: You OK?

Kaycee: Yeah I'm fine dude.

Scottie goes to the bathroom, Sam is still in the shower, Angela is in the room at a side mirror.

10:51 PM BBT: JC is talking to Haleigh

JC is talking fast, the general idea he is putting out is that he should stay out of the voting issues with Rachel and Brett, that he had no idea and it was news. Haleigh agrees that she is in the dark with it too.

JC says Rockstar followed him in the bathroom, she thought JC had done something, Haleigh tells him that Bayleigh told her (Rockstar)

JC. Who told Bayleigh?

Haleigh: I did.

JC Why did you do that.

Haleigh: I was trying to get Angela up.

JC tells Haleigh that doing things like that are not a good idea.

Haleigh makes the excuse that no one tells her anything.

JC tells her that he doesn't tell her anything because she tells.

Haleigh: Bayleigh was the only person I could...

JC tells her that she must not tell anyone, this is a secret, she must keep it a secret.

Haleigh agrees. Yes, she will keep the secret.

JC: I think Scottie is the one that flipped this vote.

JC tells Haleigh that Scottie has feelings for her, and he sees her with Faysal, and that hurts him. That maybe sometimes girls see guys as friends, but guys see it more. He tells her that Scottie puts his game in jeopardy for her, that he is playing an emotional game.

Haleigh: He needs to go.

JC tells her that he will be telling Faysal this. (this might be a warning to Haleigh)

JC also tells her that there was a rumor about Brett and Rockstar being allied, and Haleigh says that Rockstar told her Brett approached her. JC goes on with the story about Scottie's behavior when the "hacker" canceled Faysal's vote, he is convinced that Scottie was also the person who voted to keep Rockstar.

Haleigh apologizes for telling Bayleigh that they could not trust Rockstar. She makes excuses that she has no idea where she stands with people in the house.

JC gives examples of Bayleigh being sketchy in the house, and that somehow Scottie was in on it. JC says he was leaning toward voting Bayleigh out because of how she behaved towards him. Haleigh remembers the pita chip incident, and JC said that really tipped the scale for him.

JC believes that Bayleigh was the root of the problems in the house (my opinion while eavesdropping).

Haleigh tells JC that no one but Scottie talks game with her, JC tells her that he mentioned Haleigh and Faysal as a joke about showmances. Later Scottie went to Faysal to tell him JC was spreading rumors. (JC had already told Faysal about the joke)

JC says that Scottie is working to turn Faysal's allies against him so Faysal will be evicted. JC tells Haleigh that it is not beneficial to have Haleigh and Faysal as a showmance, but he would not gossip about them to push his own game forward.

JC tells Haleigh that she is responsible for throwing Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee into an alliance with her HoH, but Scottie has her back.

Haleigh tells JC she has no one else in the house.

JC tells her that she has put herself in this position, it may not be what she wants to hear. Bayleigh is gone, Haleigh needs to go forward. He tells her that Scottie has her back.

Haleigh: If he is after Fessy, he has to go.

JC tells her there are other people she needs to be concerned about who want Faysal out, Scottie is trying to play in an emotional way.

JC: I do think he (Scottie) likes you. He likes you. He likes you in "that way"

Haleigh asks for JC's trust, and he says he expects her to be honest with him, and work with him going forward.

They decide to go get the wine opener, they are sneaking into the HoH room, Faysal hears the bell, he does not answer.

He has his headphones on, dancing, pacing, enjoying his music. He finally hears the doorbell, checks to see who it is and lets them in.

Faysal: Well, that was fun.

Haleigh: what are you doing tonight, are you going out? Can we drink at your house?

They are laughing about people downstairs still arguing.

They tell him they want to drink the wine, he says they can each have a little cup. Haleigh gives him a wide-eyed, I don't like that star, then goes to get cups.

When Haleigh returns with the cups, Haleigh rings the doorbell, he teases her, makes her say her name over and over. They are opening the wine, Faysal teases them, then agrees they can drink the wine.

They are trying to figure out who the vote was, JC thinks Brett was waiting for the one on one with Faysal. Haleigh fills up JC's cup with wine, then her own. They all settle in on the HoH bed.

11:28PM BBT: JC tells Faysal that Scottie likes Haleigh. He has noticed body language that indicates it (the same I mentioned earlier this evening during pizza time)

JC believes that Scottie has orchestrated the movement of Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee toward each other in the game so he would have three people to vote Faysal out to separate him from Haleigh. He warns Faysal to be careful, that Scottie was very close to him in the HoH competition.

Faysal says he has told Haleigh that he does not trust Scottie.

JC says Scottie will never put Haleigh up, he has her back, but he would 100% put Faysal up.

Faysal says at first he didn't believe Brett was the vote for Rockstar to say...

Haleigh throws out a bomb, she tells them that Bayleigh and Scottie had a final two deal that was made when Scottie was HoH and that they had a list of people in the house they planned to use as a basis for their play.

JC is talking, he stumbles a little over his words, Faysal reaches for his cup.

JC giggling: no way you are not taking this away from me.
Faysal: you have to walk downstairs.

Haleigh: I'm staying.

They continue to talk about things that have happened, JC says nothing you can do, the damage is done.

JC is having trouble, having had a few sips of happy juice, he is having a very hard time translating the Spanish thoughts in his brain to English, then actually saying words. He says a few words in Spanish, Faysal translates loosely.

Faysal tells them he has on his bloody socks, Haleigh goes and gets the red HoH robe (it is inside out). She says it is hot, so she takes off everything but her underthings and puts it back on. Haleigh gets JC's cup to add more, Faysal tells them no, Haleigh giggles and pours anyway.

Haleigh: You are not done until you can't feel your face.

(This is a fun conversation to follow. You can find it on camera 1 at 11:28PM BBT:)

JC repeats that Scottie likes Haleigh, and wants Faysal out so he can have Haleigh to himself.

Faysal: So put Scottie and who up?

JC To Faysal" No no no don't put Scottie up. He will win HoH next week and then put you up and get you out.

Faysal: So backdoor Scottie?

Haleigh: NO don't backdoor Scottie.

JC suggests that Faysal put up Brett and Kaycee, so Scottie thinks Faysal does not believe Brett voted to keep Rockstar.

JC tells Faysal to talk to Brett and tell him that he is backdooring Scottie.

(I don't know if the plan is to actually backdoor Scottie, or to fool Brett, at this point JC is jumbling his conversation around.)

JC asks Haleigh who is coming for her, she mentions nearly every female in the house.

JC tells Faysal if he puts up Brett and Kaycee up, and wins veto he should take Brett down, leave Kaycee and add Scottie.

When Haleigh asks if Brett is someone they could use later, JC and Faysal both say no.

JC: Brett was working with Rockstar that says a lot.

Faysal: and you (to Haleigh)

JC: Ummm

Haleigh: me" (Faysal gives a direct stare, eyebrows raised)

Haleigh: I voted against him twice

Faysal: does he know that?

Haleigh giggles: no

JC is laughing at Haleigh's luck with her friends. Rockstar out on your HoH and you backdoored Bayleigh.

They are giggling while they say it is not funny. (it is)

JC is ratting out Scottie for moving beds around so he can sleep near Haleigh. He tells all this, Haleigh already knows he is moving beds, she is red-faced. Faysal takes it pretty well, he gets up and paces around the HoH.

Haleigh does damage control, Hey Fessy you're brother is cute, your sister is cute...

Haleigh whispers to JC "Don't tell Fessy."

JC keeps on. He tells Faysal that Scottie told him (JC) that Faysal gave him his bed.

Faysal: Do you know who's fault this is?

He points at Haleigh

Haleigh: Why is it my fault?

Faysal: Because you cuddle around all these guys and let them rub your legs and pet your hair...

Haleigh goes for subject change again.

JC keeps going, repeats the Scottie gets Faysal out and has Haleigh to himself.

Haleigh tries to explain why she didn't tell Fessy she was the hacker. It is a very confused excuse, something about she didn't want to make him mad.

JC: By keeping a secret:

Haleigh: Uses

JC: That makes sense, cheers.

They click mugs, then all three of them say "no it doesn't.

Faysal tells them it is getting late, they tell him no no no.
Haleigh diverts back to his family photo.

Now she gets the letter out to read.

Faysal finds the wine bottle Haleigh hid, it is gone. She denies she hid it.

JC wants to sleep with Faysal, Faysal tells him to go sleep with Scottie.

Haleigh asks JC to be in a showmance.

Faysal: will you all get your lit asses out of my room?

Haleigh ignores him.

JC decides they are all going to Pakistan together.

Fessy: Bye.

JC and Haleigh finish their wine at the same time.

Haleigh wants to go comfort Scottie, he is in the skywalk. They are watching him, he knocks on the HoH door. Faysal doesn't want to answer it, Haleigh makes him answer.

Faysal tells Scottie that JC and Haleigh have come into the HoH to drink his wine. Haleigh tells him to go request more wine..

Scottie seems a little awkward.

Faysal wrestles for the headphones but Scottie takes them, Haleigh gets them back. Scottie is watching all this.

Faysal asks him what everyone is doing. Scottie tells them where everyone is, he says Kaycee won't talk to him, Brett played Jenga with him but didn't talk.

JC and Haleigh are looking at Faysal's photo, they are teasing him that he looked better before he came here.

JC says he is going to bed. He gets up, and can barely walk. He stumbles in the bathroom, he says he sees three toilets.

(let's hope he aims for the middle one).

Scottie leaves, tells Haleigh he loves her, he steps back in and asks if she is coming down. She says yes.

Faysal repeats what Scottie to them.

JC: He is in love with he man.

JC is looking for something in the basket with no protein., they are eating cookies.

Faysal decides to do a "cheers" for television with the cookies. He checks the mirror...

He makes a toast, shouts out to Swaggy C, his mom and dad.

JC finds beer, he opens it. Chugs it.

Faysal tells Haleigh to take off his robe, she says no.

JC is taking the jerky.

Faysal tells them to pick up the trash.

Haleigh is opening the Cheez-its,

Faysal: Are you opening the Cheez-its?

JC: He doesn't care.

JC tells Faysal he likes Tyler better, that Tyler will be his husband. Because he can boss him around.

The other house guests are opening a gift from POP TV. Coconut water, snacks and lotions.

Haleigh and JC are hanging over the rail yelling about what is there. Everyone says they are "wasted"

Everyone is enjoying the snacks, JC walks across the table and sits down. BB tells him not to climb on the furniture. JC tells them he is getting down, but he does not move. On the third warning he gets down, grumbling the whole time.

11:59PM BBT: Haleigh, Faysal, and JC are in the HoH room. Haleigh is wearing Faysal's red HoH robe. JC is talking about Scottie potentially winning the veto. Faysal calls JC drunk.

12:00AM BBT: Faysal wants to know why JC's nose is bleeding. JC and Haleigh laugh and Haleigh tells Faysal that JC just dripped wine on his nose, it's not blood.

12:00AM BBT: "I don't know why we're stressing, I'm going to win HoH next week," Haleigh says. Faysal says, "you don't want me to come for blood." [That is if he can tell the difference between blood and red wine...]

12:00AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are talking in the blue bedroom about their goodbye messages to Rockstar. Angela says they asked her in the DR if she really wanted to say that because Rockstar will be in the jury. Angela says she said, 'yep!"

12:01AM BBT: Haleigh reminds Faysal she beat him at the last veto competition.

12:02AM BBT: Tyler and Angela both agree that Faysal and Haleigh hate them. Tyler says, "we can't go home this week." Angela asks if there are microphones in the jury house before she asks BB to turn off the lights.

12:02AM BBT: Haleigh and JC have drunken conversations in the HoH room while Faysal watches, it's hard to follow JC's conversation, but it seems like he's telling Haleigh that Scottie likes her.

12:03AM BBT: Angela and Tyler try to figure out what JC is going to do this week. "He's our little warrior," Tyler says.

12:04AM BBT: "We're going all the way," Tyler tells Angela, she agrees. They talk about the HoH competition, Tyler said he knew Faysal was going to win. Angela said she didn't even see him, she was watching Scottie.

12:05AM BBT: Tyler says he loves Brett's lying voice, he says Brett is "really good at it." He and Angela laugh.

12:08AM BBT: Faysal talks about not putting Scottie up, but picking him to play veto and then telling him to keep nominations the same. "I don't want Brett or Kaycee to go home," Haleigh says. She takes the remote to watch the cameras in the HoH room.

12:09AM BBT: JC says Scottie would never put up Haleigh because he likes her. JC says Scottie wants Faysal out so he (Scottie) can have Haleigh. Haleigh says, "very true."

12:10AM BBT: Haleigh raises her hands and says she'll make a secret side deal with Tyler, so they'll have a secret alliance. JC says, "I don't care what you and Tyler do." Haleigh says she didn't tell anyone she was the hacker so they wouldn't be "pissed" with her. [But... didn't she tell everyone?]

12:11AM BBT: JC keeps saying Scottie will put Faysal up if Scottie wins HoH. Haleigh keeps saying he won't, JC says he will because he wants Haleigh all for himself. JC blames all of the flipped votes on Scottie.

12:12AM BBT: JC talks about Brett going home this week and then tells Haleigh sorry. Haleigh says she doesn't care if Brett goes home, that they all have to go home eventually.

12:12AM BBT: Faysal says, "OK guys," and acts like he's going to kick them out. Haleigh and JC both say no and Haleigh says, "we're just getting started in here," before she grabs his pictures to look at.

12:14AM BBT: Faysal says Scottie only likes Haleigh because she "entertains it" with him. Haleigh says she doesn't "entertain" anything, that she's just friends with Scottie and they know everything about each other.

12:17AM BBT: JC and Haleigh ramble drunkenly for several minutes. Faysal tells Haleigh she doesn't need the calories from the wine she's drinking. Scottie walks upstairs and they start whispering. Haleigh asks if she should go talk to him. JC says no.

12:18AM BBT: Haleigh asks if they should invite Scottie in, Faysal frowns and JC says no. Scottie starts to leave the upstairs balcony and Haleigh tells Faysal to go get Scottie.

12:19AM BBT: Scottie walks into the HoH room. JC says they're drinking water.

12:20AM BBT: JC and Haleigh beg Faysal to ask for another bottle of wine. JC says to tell them that his back hurts and he needs more wine. "This is the best idea ever!" JC says.

12:22AM BBT: BB tells Haleigh to turn the music down, Haleigh says, "please stop telling me what to do." Faysal asks Scottie what everyone downstairs is doing.

12:26AM BBT: JC gets up to use the restroom, he says, "I see three toilets." Scottie gets up to leave, tells everyone good night and says, "love you," before asking Haleigh if she's coming down. Haleigh says she'll be down soon.

12:27AM BBT: Faysal, JC, and Haleigh laugh about Scottie saying "love you," and asking if Haleigh is coming downstairs. "He's in love with her," JC says. Haleigh laughs.

12:29:AM BBT: Faysal says they need cheers because it will be "good on TV." Faysal says, "shout out Swaggy C," and JC says, "Ugh, no."

12:31AM BBT: JC says he's chugging an entire bottle of wine if he wins HoH. Faysal asks if they can pick up the trash they left on the floor, JC says, "that's what you're here for."

12:32AM BBT: JC says he doesn't have friends in the house, he just likes Tyler because Tyler is his "boyfriend" and his "future husband." Faysal doesn't understand why JC thinks Tyler is more attractive than Faysal.

12:33AM BBT: Haleigh says, "Tyler would be more attractive if he was more confident." JC says he likes him that way so he can "be the boss."

12:33AM BBT: BB tells them to check the storage room. JC and Haleigh celebrate in hopes of more alcohol. Sam rushes to the storage room to see a basket of goodies. .

12:34AM BBT: Kaycee reads the note, it says, "Dear houseguests, the competition was tough, but you handled it like champs. Here are some items to help you relax and refresh a bit, from your friends at POP."

12:35AM BBT: Tyler carries the basket out to the table. There are cold compresses, snacks, and lotion. JC yells over the balcony, asking if there's alcohol.

12:39AM BBT: JC gets in trouble for climbing on the furniture when he climbs on top of the table. All of the HGs snack on the gift basket, general chatting.

12:45AM BBT: Angela gets back into bed, Tyler says he's going to bed also.

12:47AM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal are cuddling on the HoH bed. Faysal says, "back to back" and tells Haleigh she better hype this up in the DR.

12:53AM BBT: Sam and Scottie are talking about drinking in the kitchen with Kaycee. Sam says she'll teach Scottie how to drink when they get out of the house.

12:55AM BBT: Kaycee and Scottie hug and Scottie apologizes to Kaycee. They talk about their earlier argument, explaining why they reacted the way they did.

1:00AM BBT: Kaycee tells Angela and Tyler about her and Scottie making up. Kaycee says Scottie is "just trying to get on my good side." They start whispering. Angela says they need to talk to JC.

1:02AM BBT: In the HoH room, Haleigh tells Faysal what to say to Angela and Kaycee tomorrow. Haleigh wants Faysal to tell Angela that Angela needs to be "cool" with Haleigh.

1:06AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh talk game for a few minutes before they go back to cuddling and kissing. Faysal says, "perks of being HoH... midnight kisses."

1:08AM BBT: Faysal says Scottie slept upstairs with Haleigh last night and she must've kissed Scottie. Faysal then says Haleigh kisses everyone. Haleigh pulls away and says, "are you kidding me?!"

1:09AM BBT: Faysal tells Haleigh to calm down and they go back to cuddling and kissing. Faysal tells Haleigh she "got a good looking guy," before Haleigh lists all of Faysal's good points.

1:16AM BBT: JC enters the HoH room to talk to Haleigh and Faysal. He says he doesn't want Faysal to have blood on his hands and putt up Brett and Scottie.

1:22AM BBT: JC leaves after talking game for a few minutes. Haleigh asks Faysal if he wants a back rub. They get on the bed to kiss some more before Haleigh tells Faysal he needs to tell JC what he's really doing.

1:24AM BBT: Haleigh tells Faysal what she would do if she was HoH this week. They go back and forth talking about putting Tyler and Scottie on the block.

1:25AM BBT: JC climbs on top of Kaycee in the blue bedroom, he says he's "fucked up," because he drank half the bottle. Sam asks why no one is sleeping in the pink bedroom. Kaycee said people who sleep in the pink bedroom go home.

1:34AM BBT: JC and Tyler go into the storage room to talk. JC says Haleigh and Faysal are stupid, that Faysal isn't going to put Tyler up. Tyler isn't so sure. JC says when Tyler talks to them, to just let them speak. Scottie walks in.

1:38AM BBT: Scottie leaves and JC tells Tyler, "I don't want him here!"

1:39AM BBT: JC tells Tyler that it's "for sure," that Kaycee and Brett are going up tomorrow.

1:40AM BBT: JC goes into the Have-Not room to talk to Brett. Brett asks him if there are any updates. JC says he doesn't want Brett and Tyler to be on the block together. He says he doesn't know what Faysal is going to do, but he's doing to try to backdoor Scottie.

1:43AM BBT: Brett says he's probably going up, JC agrees with him. Brett asks if JC knows who else would go up. They both agree probably Kaycee.

1:47AM BBT: Kaycee, Angela, Tyler, and Sam are all in bed. JC finishes talking with Brett and goes to sleep with Sam and tells everyone about his DR session. Haleigh and Faysal are cuddling and kissing in the HoH room.

1:56AM BBT: Lights are off in the pink bedroom and blue bedroom, but the group in the blue bedroom are chatting. Faysal and Haleigh are still kissing in the HoH room.

2:11AM BBT: Haleigh says she needs to go downstairs, but Faysal says she's staying upstairs. Haleigh says she needs to hang out with Angela. Faysal tells her they're going to celebrate tonight and she can hang out with Angela tomorrow.

2:12AM BBT: Haleigh says she doesn't want to hurt Scottie's feelings, because she's supposed to sleep with him tonight. Faysal doesn't understand why she can't just sleep upstairs with him, Haleigh says she doesn't want to hurt Scottie's feelings.

2:13AM BBT: Haleigh says she's going to talk to Scottie and then come back up and sleep with Faysal. Faysal says he's not waiting for her. Haleigh doesn't move.

2:15AM BBT: Haleigh says again she's going to go talk to Scottie and take her make up off. Faysal says he could go with her.

2:19AM BBT: Haleigh leaves the HoH room and climbs into bed with Haleigh and JC, the lights are off but everyone is joking around. Scottie is in the DR. Faysal listens to music in the HoH room.

2:24AM BBT: Sam gets the glow sticks out and says they're going to have a rave. Haleigh starts dancing with the glow sticks. JC jumps up and down on the bed.

2:29AM BBT: The HGs in the blue bedroom and pink bedroom (everyone but Faysal, Scottie, and Brett) beg BB to play music for their rave. They promise not to complain anymore if they do. BB cuts the feeds.

2:31AM BBT: The feeds are back. HGs are still having fun with the glow sticks.

2:38AM BBT: They bring the rave into the Have-Not room and throw the glow sticks on Brett. Faysal is watching the feed of an empty hallway.

2:48AM BBT: The rave has quieted down, Scottie is out of the DR and in the kitchen. He walks into the pink bedroom and they throw the glowsticks on him. He starts dancing and chanting, "eat, sleep, rave, repeat."

2:51AM BBT: Haleigh leaves the rave and goes to the bathroom area to get ready for bed. Scottie is still dancing in the pink bedroom.

2:55AM BBT: Scottie does a flip onto the bed and throws the glow sticks into the air. BB tells him to be careful.

3:07AM BBT: Haleigh goes up to the HoH room and gets into bed. The bed is empty, but the lights are off.

3:20AM BBT: For a while, Scottie was jumping around in the bedroom he's all by himself. It looks like he has some sort of glow sticks he was slinging them all around jumping around the room by himself. He started this around 2:30AM then he did a jumping flip on to one of the beds and big brother told him to please be careful so he stopped. He then laid horizontally across a few of the beds... since no one else is in the room with him... and he threw the glow sticks on top of him and all around him and then he went to sleep like that

Haleigh was in the bathroom getting ready for bed for quite a while. She stayed in there for around 20 minutes and then around 3AM she finished and went upstairs to the HoH bedroom. She got in Fessy's bed and put his music headphones on, but Fessy is not in the bed... it doesn't even appear that he is in the HoH room...

Haleigh is in his HoH bed by herself right now. I can't tell where he is because the cameras are only on the HoH bedroom and the other bedroom right now... but can't see Fessy anywhere.. almost 3:30 a.m., and he still is not in the bed with Haleigh or in the HoH bedroom. [Seems strange... where is Fessy? ~Pokerlady]

3:32AM BBT: The cameras just showed Fessy, finally, he went to the storage room then he went back to the kitchen. He is now going back up to the HoH bedroom...

3:34AM BBT: Faysal finishes using the restroom and gets into bed with Haleigh. Faysal asks if she wants to talk. They pull the sheets over their heads and start kissing.

3:44AM BBT: Haleigh and Fessy are in bed in the HoH room... a lot of kissing and rolling around under covers has been going on.

3:53AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are still kissing. Haleigh tells Faysal to go to sleep.

4:01AM BBT: Still a lot of kissing and rolling around in bed going on. Two cameras are on Hailey and Fessy, the other two cameras are both showing Scottie trying to sleep, the bedroom room by himself it looks like he is having trouble sleeping, He is still laying horizontal across a few beds, Scottie seems very restless...

Faysal and Haleigh try to go to sleep, but Haleigh gets up to give Faysal a back rub.

4:11AM BBT: Haleigh asks Faysal who he's going to nominate. Haleigh says she honestly doesn't care what he does. They cuddle and try to go back to sleep.

4:12AM BBT: Faysal says something and Haleigh says no, followed by, "because we're on TV, Fessy!" She says her Grandpa, Uncle, and Dad are watching.

4:15AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh start kissing again. Everyone else is asleep.

4:33AM BBT: It looks like Faysal and Haleigh have finally gone to sleep. All is quiet in the BB House.

Today's updates were written by bigbrotherfan85, GrannySue1154, IndyMom78, Kelly6, Kekila, Kitten200, MonkeyGirl, Paganmom, Pokerlady, roachie, and SometimesITeach.

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