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Meme Contest!
We're having a contest to see who can make the best meme of the season. Each week I pick a winner to go on the the finals. This week's meme was submitted by Andrew from the FaceBook, it's "King & Warrior Princess"

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Zach and Frankie: Is there a showmance brewing?
By a Vote of 9-0, Amber Was Evicted
Donny and Nicole Won HoH
Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta, Donny has nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction
In the Battle of the Block, Caleb a Victoria were victorious and dethroned Donny, leaving Zach and Jocasta on the block, and Nicole HoH.
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Update Entry
Friday, August 1 2014  Nominations Today
9:00AM BBT: Good morning.

9:03AM BBT: Victoria and Nicole are doing ADLs in the HoH bathroom. Nicole asks if she can open the door for more lighting for her makeup. Victoria says not yet as she doesn't have her extensions in yet.

9:19AM BBT: Victoria tells Nicole that she can't believe Amber is gone. She has wanted her gone since day one.

9:22AM BBT: Victoria talks about how girls don't know how to do their makeup. She says you just go to the Mack or Macys counter, buy $50 worth of make up and they will do your make up for you.

9:24AM BBT: Christine and Donny eating breakfast.

In the HoH bedroom Victoria tells Nicole now she knows why she brought so many clothes into the house, she needs them for so many ceremonies. Victoria tells Nicole that BB knew she needed all the clothes for the ceremonies because she will be the center of attention. She tells Nicole she was told that BB wasn't in control of if the girls touched her stuff. She couldn't believe that others would be touching her stuff. It's so disrespectful.

9:33AM BBT: Victoria and Nicole talk about Aaryn's hair in the house. Nicole can't figure out how Aaryn got her hair to curl with that curling iron. Victoria says that most likely her extensions were fake. Victoria's are 100% human hair. Nicole: "How did you know Aaryn had extensions?" Victoria says she can always tell if someone has extensions. "It's obvious." Even her Dad can tell now.

9:46AM BBT: Donny and Nicole talk. Nicole practicing what she is going to say to Zach. She is concerned if she can say karma.

9:55AM BBT: The HGs are starting to move around. The wake up call was at 8:15AM someone says. Frankie is complaining about his allergies. Says he couldn't breath and that's why he flipped over onto Derrick's back during the night like a turtle.

10:01AM BBT: We have reels.. Nomination ceremony about to begin? Donny and Nicole had not yet been called to the DR.

11:40AM BBT:  Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta, Donny has nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction.  Nicole is worried her speech was bad and Derrick tells her it was good. Frankie comes in and says, "You were good, it is all perfect." Everyone in the kitchen hugging Zach.

11:45AM BBT: Victoria is upset and Frankie gives her a hug before doing stretches with Caleb behind the couches.

Donny tells Nicole she did a wonderful job at the nomination ceremony. Frankie offers to make everyone salmon. Derrick and Hayden are in the storage room talking and Derrick says, "Caleb came to me last night and said he trusted the two of us." We get FotH.

11:50AM BBT: Jocasta is in the bee hive room and tells Zach, "Communication is key and we have to stay focused and always talk to each other." Zach: "Yeah we have to win."

Frankie is coaching Victoria in the bathroom. Frankie tells Victoria it’s really important for Victoria to connect with Caleb before he battle of the block. Frankie warns her Caleb is military and not to take his direction as yelling at her but more like precise instructions. Victoria says she knows and she needs that. He urges her to go make amends and do some team bonding with Caleb.

Victoria immediately calls Caleb into the fire room and does exactly what Frankie told her to do. Caleb says she’s stronger than Jocasta and he’s definitely stronger than Zach and he thinks they will be fine. Caleb says if the competition is something she just really isn’t good at then he should be strong enough to carry them both through it. He says to go in with a good mine, fight hard and they will make it happen. As they leave they remark that the Princess and Beast mode are ready to play.

12:00PM BBT: Victoria asks Donny in his HoH room “what if we (Caleb and Victoria) throw it and Caleb pulls himself off with the PoV?” Donny tells her not to panic and says he’s thought it through. He’s hoping that Victoria and Caleb win the BotB. Donny says he likes Jocasta but if it’s hot outside she won’t perform as well as Victoria. He says even if they don’t win, she has enough friends in the house to be saved and not to worry about it this early. Donny reassures her she is definitely not the target.

12:02PM BBT: Derrick and Cody (The Hit Men) are in the HoH room. Derrick says, "We need Caleb and Victoria to win." They know Zach won’t throw it. Cody says Nicole wants Zach out. Derrick and Caleb want to solidify an alliance with Nicole and Hayden before Frankie does. Derrick says Nicole doesn’t trust Christine as far as she can throw her. Cody says he feels the same way about Frankie. They agree they would rather Zach come down and Frankie go up. Cody said he already planted the seed with Nicole asking her if she wanted to sit next to Frankie at the end and she said no.

12:11PM BBT: Jocasta, Donny and Nicole are in the the HoH room. Donny is literally too small for his britches, he comes out in overalls that have become too big for him. Donny tells Jocasta to think positive thoughts and that she isn’t anyone’s target. Jocasta says I’m not sad but it’s not exciting because she’s been up four times. Nicole says she’s sorry to Jocasta. Jocasta is already coming up with excuses saying she can’t eat, that every time she prepares to compete her stomach has issues because of something and it turns out for the worst for her and it's happening again today. Donny keeps saying she has friends that will keep her here. Pep talk ends when Frankie walks in with food for Nicole.

11:53AM BBT: Victoria is talking to Caleb: "I know we haven't been close but right now we are best friends and allies and I will listen and I will not freak out and I am willing to work with you to get ourselves off the block for the week." Caleb: "The only thing is it is different is when it is a guy and a girl but like the cake one two guys would have lost that, and with Jocasta, you are stronger than she is, and I am stronger than Zach, and I feel we will be just fine no matter what it is. Just go in with a good mind and fight hard."

11:56AM BBT: In the HoH room Donny and Derrick and Cody are talking about Victoria being in the house after everything she has been through. Derrick: "Well she is up there now and anyone can win so it is out of your hands now she has a chance to win."

The Meme of the Week

We're having a contest to see who can make the best meme of the season. Each week I pick a winner to go on the the finals. This week's meme was submitted by Andrew on FaceBook, it's "King & Warrior"

Want to know more about the contest?

12:00PM BBT: Donny talking about his HoH basket and going through it saying he has eight boxes of Pop-Tarts.

Frankie is in the kitchen making tuna for lunch.

Victoria comes to talk to Donny.  Donny asks her how she is feeling and she says fine and he says stay positive and compete and being sad won't help. She says, "I am not sad but it isn't exciting." Nicole: "I am sorry Jocasta." Jocasta: "No it's fine, but I just can't eat and every time I go to compete my stomach is turning." Victoria: "What if we throw this BotB, and Caleb pulls himself off with PoV?" Donny: "Don't panic, I hope you win and I think as hot as it is outside Jocasta won't last long."

Donny: "Don't worry, if you win remember, I am playing veto also and if you get HGs choice you pick Hayden. You are not my target and I hope I get de-throned today but if it goes to Thursday I hope I can save you so please don't worry about it this early."

12:04PM BBT: Donny tells Victoria to not look around her at the BotB competition only look at what her hands are doing and communicate with Caleb.

12:17PM BBT: Zach and Cody are in the Earth room talking. Zach asks Cody: "If Caleb wins the veto, who is Donny's replacement?" Cody: "Me. I know Donny doesn't want Victoria going home. If Caleb wins and I go up... he's saying, 'you're my target.""

Cody tells Zach that he doesn't care who Nicole would put up next to Zach, cause he would not send Zach home.

Cody: "The best case scenario: Me and Jocasta win and then you win the veto and leave them the same, then Victoria goes home." Zach: "You would stay for sure over Caleb anyway, but we don't want it to get to that point."

12:29PM BBT: Frankie is talking to Zach in the Earth room and Zach tells him not to worry that her is going to win the BotB so to cheer him on. Frankie says, "I will." Zach: "I am glad I have Jocasta and not Victoria."

12:31PM BBT: Frankie: "We need to get them to backdoor each other." Zach: "Who Donny and Nicole?" Frankie: "Yeah it can be done. We can do it." Zach: "That's good."

Zach: "I'm going to take a nap." Frankie leaves and goes to fire room and gets in bed for a nap also.

12:35PM BBT: Derrick and Victoria are in the Have-Not room talking he says, "What is up?" Victoria: "I'm stressed." Derrick: "I know being on the block sucks but being up with Caleb is good." Victoria: "I'm nervous though cause if Caleb throws this BotB I could leave."

12:38PM BBT: Caleb and Zach are in the rock rm. Caleb says, "Hey we get a new outfit to wear so that is cool. I hope this competition is fun." Zach: "Yeah I hope it is fun too."

Victoria is in the Have-Not room crying with Derrick rubbing her arm.

12:42PM BBT: Caleb and Christine in the living room talking about the Bible. Victoria in Have-Not room crying alone.

12:44PM BBT: Derrick is back talking to Victoria, as she cries, he says, "You just have to win today Caleb is strong and he is fast he isn't like Jocasta he will carry you all the way if he has to. Hopefully it is something physical cause Zach can't beat him no way."

12:52PM BBT: Victoria goes to the HoH room to lay down with Nicole in the HoH bed. Most of the HGs are in bed sleeping now.

12:56PM BBT: All the HGs are now in bed resting and Donny listening to music.

1:24PM BBT: All the HGs are sound asleep.

1:32PM BBT: Donny is up reading his letter from home and walking around his the HoH room.

1:43PM BBT: Victoria is now up in the kitchen making her a drink, Donny is walking around the kitchen and bathroom area. Donny tells Victoria not to panic, "Be confident like Caleb cause Caleb is strong and confident."

Donny to Victoria: "You have friends here that will keep you and as long as you have friends here and they keep you it doesn't matter why they keep you as long as they keep you so that is a good thing."

1:54PM BBT: Victoria ask Donny if he wants to get married and he answers, "Someday, but I am a little scared about it 'cause I want it to last, 'cause a lot of people's ends and I don't want it to end."

Christine is being called to the DR and Donny says, "Here we go." Christine is hosting the BotB competition. Victoria goes to wake up Nicole.

2:00PM BBT: The BotB is in progress.

3:10PM BBT: Victoria and Caleb won the Battle of the Block, Zach and Jocasta are still on the block. Donny is de-throned and Nicole is the sole HoH.

Victoria is happy and Zach is in the Have-Not room taking his shoes off.

Zach gets in the shower as Donny sits and waits to get in the shower wrapped in a towel and Zach says, "I blew it Donny."

Victoria is in the bee hive room talking to Nicole and hugs her, they then head to the bathroom area.

In the living room Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Jocasta and Hayden are talking about if Caleb declines something they will get him and maybe put him on the block.

Frankie is in the the HoH room with Nicole and tells her it was an awesome competition the best since we have been here and Nicole says, "Yeah it was awesome."

3:19PM BBT: Caleb has to shave his head, he’s on slop for two weeks and he has to walk around tied to Victoria as Adam & Eve for 48 hours.

3:38PM BBT: Sounds like the BotB was some sort of dominos game where you were challenged with punishments to prove how far you'd go to win.

3:43PM BBT: Caleb tells Zach in the storage room that he should have lost on purpose because all the punishments suck so much.

4:00PM BBT: All Cameras on the kitchen. Just laughing and talking about head shaving and such. Frankie is cooking salmon. Caleb says that the slop reminds him of MRE's. (Meals Ready to Eat), military food.

Cody tells Nicole if he wins PoV he won’t use it.

4:05PM BBT: Cody, Christine, Nicole and Victoria in the HoH room. Nicole asks “Who would take Zach down?” Christine and Cody don’t think Caleb would. Christine says Zach and Jocasta are the only people who would use it. Nicole says “What about Frankie?” Cody and Christine say he wouldn’t.  Nicole said there were two people who would have put her up so she had to win the HoH this week. She wanted to know if Christine knew that is why she did not throw the HoH competition. Christine said, "Sure of course!"

4:14PM BBT: Nicole is worried about not being able to compete for HoH next week.

4:21PM BBT: Victoria says that she made an Adam and Eve costume for a client. Caleb complains about the hair shaving over the slop.
   "When they shave my head I might even cry."

In the rock room, Caleb tells Cody that shaving his head will really bum him out, "I might even cry."

4:36PM BBT: Jocasta and Hayden are washing dishes.
Derrick gives Hayden's nail a fresh coat.  
In the the HoH room, the HGs talk about the ghost supposedly in the BB house and how Derrick spoke to it. Victoria is rubbing Cody's leg, and playing with the hair on his leg. The group is talking about how opposites attract. Caleb is complaining about being chained together. Victoria says to think positive. Caleb says they have to compromise. He doesn't want to spend 8 hours in the bathroom or in Derrick's lap.

4:45PM BBT: Derrick suggests to Victoria that she trim her hair in solidarity of Caleb shaving his. She said she won't do it. Victoria tells Cody that she is going to rub his leg. Derrick tells her to watch the elbow. Cody says he is OK with the elbow. Victoria asks if that's an inside joke.

5:08PM BBT: Derrick, Christine, Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta, Victoria and Caleb are in the HoH room. Hayden is putting on Nicole's striped kitty cat socks. They are the type that Donny would refer to as High Drink of Water socks. His leg hairs are poking through them and they are so stretched out you can no longer tell that it is kitty cats on the sock. Frankie leaves to go lay down in the Earth room with Zach.

5:12PM BBT: Frankie and Zach are talking about the PoV. Frankie says everyone would probably be happiest if the nominations remain the same. Frankie encourages him to pick Hayden to play in the PoV if he isn't already playing. Hayden is his best bet. Frankie mocks Jocasta talking about being someone who is loyal and keeps her promises at the live show last night. He says she has never made a promise to be loyal about.

5:22PM BBT: Donny has joined the HGs in the HoH room. Nicole has painted Hayden's fingernails pink. Zach gets up and leaves Frankie so Frankie and Victoria go to her bed in the fire bedroom. They are talking about woulda coulda shoulda during the PoV.

5:26PM BBT: Frankie asks Victoria how many competitions she won. Victoria says four. She is trying to name them but can't. Frankie refreshes her memory and Victoria goes off topic about weeks she wasn't nominated. Frankie "What the fuck are you talking about?" Frankie literally takes her week through week through her life.

5:33PM BBT: Caleb has joined Frankie and Victoria at the fire bedroom. Frankie says that was an amazing competition. Caleb says he hopes he only has to cut his hair short and not shave it. Frankie says he'll be cute for the finale. Caleb "No, I will not. I have a discriminatory tattoo on the my head." He talks about being young, drunk, and stupid. The moment they shave the top of his head we will see it. He hopes they at least let him do a Mohawk. He says he will tell BB that he is not proud of it.

5:38PM BBT: Victoria thinks they will get their outfits at midnight. Caleb says that two weeks of slop is going to suck. Caleb and Victoria are talking about sleeping arrangements. He says they will probably have five or six feet of rope between them. He says what girl wouldn't want to be chained up next to beast mode cowboy? He says he doesn't mind being chained but he never agreed to shave his head. He is dreading that.

5:42PM BBT: Caleb is talking about playing the BotB with Victoria. He can't believe that she was stacking the dominos going the wrong way. Frankie says how awesome it was when it was finished. Caleb "That's what happens when you have Beast Mode on your team." He tells Frankie that he can see himself playing in All-Stars. Frankie "You and Jessie." Caleb "He won't want any of this."

5:44PM BBT: Feeds 1/3 are on Frankie alone in bed in the fire bedroom. Feeds 2/4 are zoomed in on the fire room door.

5:47PM BBT: In the HoH Nicole is telling BB that she wants to see Jessie because he is such a hunk. She hopes BB finds a reason to bring him into the game.

5:51PM BBT: Donny, Christine, Nicole, Derrick, Victoria, Jocasta Hayden and Cody are in the HoH. Hayden says they have three days of mayhem and four days of crazy. He says before Amber left there still felt like there were still lots of girls in the house. Now that she is gone, it feels like there are no girls left. Christine "That's because she was a whole lot of woman." Derrick "That's because she popped into every room every five minutes."

6:07PM BBT: The HGs in the HoH are talking about how bad the last season of BB was. Christine and Hayden both think that Adam was hysterical. As they discuss previous BB seasons and HGs, Derrick falls asleep while sitting up on the couch.

6:17PM BBT: Donny and Hayden left the HoH and went downstairs to cook up Nicole's eggrolls. They take the eggrolls back upstairs. Christine hops up to the door to scare them when they come In but nobody jumps. Donny says they are having a Friday night party up there.

Nicole is worried she showed her bare bum to live feeders by accident in the HoH bathroom earlier. Jocasta said she put a scarf on the door knob to the bathroom when she had to poop. Others say they hold the door knob if they hear someone walking nearby. [I guess the door doesn’t lock. -SCRTsqrl]

6:31PM BBT: Not much is going on in the BB house. Cody and Frankie are in the kitchen. They are talking about hoping the future twist in the house is no more twists. Frankie says his nap wasn’t long enough but he doesn’t want to be up all night, and adds that there is no point to do so. Cody agrees.

In the HoH room, Hayden is concentrating on painting Nicole’s nails. Jocasta says Hayden is the full package. Nicole is critiquing his efforts and telling Hayden how to correct his mistakes. She said it’s streaky, too thin, he got a little on her skin but ends up saying “it’s good enough for me”

6:33PM BBT: Hayden and Donny comment on how scared Nicole looked on her first day in the BB house. Nicole said she was, that everyone was so loud! Nicole said she felt like an outsider right away. Christine mentions that Nicole is the only girl left from the group she came in with. Talk turns to how crazy Joey was streaking around the house. Jocasta wonders if Joey would get married nude because she said she’s a nudist and it is what she prefers. Victoria walks in and they speculate what her costume is going to look like. Will it be before or after Eve eats the apple? Victoria says she wants it to be cute. Donny says it will probably be a leotard with leaves. Christine says the paper she had said bikini.

6:36PM BBT: Derrick goes down into the kitchen where Cody and Frankie are. They discuss how long Caleb has been in the DR. They assume he is in there for so long because of his hair. They are debating whether or not Caleb really does have a derogatory tattoo on his head. Derrick doesn't think so but wonders why someone would say something like that if they didn't really have one. "Who would do that?"

6:40PM BBT: Caleb has come out of the DR. Every time he mentions his hair the feeds go to WBRB. After this happens several times, all four feeds switch to Donny, Jocasta and Christine in the HoH. Victoria joins them and says their costumes are coming very soon.

6:42PM BBT: Sarcasm in the HoH room. Jocasta tells Victoria that she is being tied to someone who has the best stories in the house (Caleb). Victoria makes a dirty face.
Introducing Adam & Eve!  Can you imagine if he was chained to Amber for 48 hours?  the poor girl would sel-evict.  
Victoria checks out her butt in the mirror.  Is she wondering if the outfit makes her butt look big, or is she checking for aphids?  
In the kitchen Caleb says he is only tied to Victoria for 48 hours but they have to wear their Adam and Eve outfits for the week.

6:53PM BBT: Derrick, Frankie and Caleb are talking about his upcoming hair cut. They joke that he should go ahead and shave his eyebrows too. Caleb "Why not, lets do it."

6:55PM BBT: Victoria and Caleb are called into the DR. They get claps and hugs from their fellow HGs. It is time for them to get into their Adam and Eve costumes and chained up together. Frankie jokes that he is probably going to need a cold shower after seeing Caleb in his costume.

6:58PM BBT: On the way to the DR to get their costumes Victoria and Caleb have a little spat about her shoes. He tells her to leave them because they won't be wearing any. Adam and Eve didn't have shoes. She says BB will want her to wear her wedges. They said they love her wedges. Caleb "You think Moses had high heeled shoes? Leave them." Victoria "They will want me to wear them." Donny "Just take the shoes with you."

7:01PM BBT: Most of the houseguests sitting on the living room couches waiting for Victoria and Caleb to come out of DR.

7:15PM BBT: Caleb and Victoria just stepped out of the DR. Caleb's head is not completely shaved, and they are both dressed like Adam and Eve.

7:28PM BBT: Victoria is wearing a bikini and Caleb is wearing a speedo. They have leaves on them to resemble Adam and Eve and they are chained together with a vine. This is the way they will be for the next 48 hours.

7:35PM BBT: Caleb: "I look like a walking Q-tip" Frankie: "A hot looking Q-tip."

7:42PM BBT: The houseguests are still in the living room chatting about the Adam and Eve costumes. Victoria and Caleb are called back into the DR.

7:45PM BBT: Cody asks Nicole to come snuggle and she sat down on the other couch.

7:48PM BBT: Now they are discussing sleeping arrangements. Caleb and Victoria are going to sleep in the HoH with Nicole sleeping in between them.

7:54PM BBT: Not much going on in the BB house now. Frankie is in the kitchen cooking, no sign of Zach and Donny. Caleb and Victoria are still in DR and all others just sitting in living room general chat.

7:56PM BBT: Caleb and Victoria are out of the DR. Victoria has shaving cream and Caleb has razor, it is time to shave Caleb's head. They all head into the bathroom area to watch.

Jethro does some fancy ciphering.  
This picture is just for the boys back at the Newport PD.  

7:59PM BBT: Following a hair prayer from Caleb, the sheering begins.

8:00PM BBT: Caleb is getting his hair shaved off by Victoria in the bathroom. Everyone is getting a good laugh out of it.

8:08PM BBT: Derrick steps in to finish off Caleb's head shave. It appears they are using a #1 guard so he isn't going completely bald. Caleb asks Victoria if she would let him cut hers off to make for good TV.

8:11PM BBT: Caleb runs his hands across his head like he just entered Basic Training back in the Army. Without the Drill Sergeants in his face, yelling at him to get down and eat some grass, maggot.

8:13PM BBT: Christine has Cody on the couch in the living room getting her nails painted, while the finishing touches are done to Caleb's head.

8:18PM BBT: Caleb hops in the shower and realizes he is still mic'd up.

8:24PM BBT: Donny, Christine and Cody are out in the living room.. Derrick is sweeping up Calebs hair.

Nicole is up in the HoH with Hayden talking about how uncertain she is who she would want to put up if Zach comes down. Hayden says he is terribly afraid that if Jocasta is still up on the block during voting, that she will go home.

8:27PM BBT: Still in the HoH room, Nichole explains how she says it would be a waist of an HoH if Jocasta goes. If she puts up Frankie up against Zach that they would still be stuck with one of them. Hayden says that Donny would seriously vote Frankie out before Zach, and that Frankie has a really good chance to win HoH next.

8:33PM BBT: Still up in the HoH room Hayden and Nichole are pow wowing over what way they need to go. Nichole is so scared over Zach gunning for her.

Down on the couch, Cody, Derrick and Christine are joking how Derrick will live vicariously through Cody when they are out of BB. Derrick tells Cody that his wife will be checking to see if he is talking to Cody again about the amount of women that he is now dating and will want him off the phone immediately. She will love and hate Cody all at the same time.

8:34PM BBT: Caleb sitting out in the kitchen with Victoria discussing on how they should have played so they wouldn't of had all of these punishments.

8:38PM BBT: Looks like a little "Jedi training" is going on out at the couch with Cody reciting the postions some things were in at the competition. [ I think, I came in a bit late on that conversation.]

Zach has made an appearance and is by himself in the kitchen. Caleb begins talking about Army regulations on hair cuts and how you could get "scuffed" for incorrect cuts. He is doing all of this while wearing the crown in the living room .

8:47PM BBT: Looks like Frankie is making some cookies in the kitchen with Christine and Cody. Victoria is being drug around by Caleb. [He maybe taking the whole Adam and Eve thing a bit to literal. Just kidding.]

8:53PM BBT: Frankie gets Nicole in the HoH room and asks her what she wants to happen this week. Nicole says she wants Zach to go. Frankie really emphasizes that she should try to keep the nominations the same. [Almost as if he realizes he's her target if Jocasta comes off.] He says it would really suck if Donny wins the Veto and pulls Jocasta off the block.

8:56PM BBT: Nicole rehashes how Zach asked to be put up by her down in the storage room, and how she wants him out even more now that he is running around saying she is his target. Nicole continues to tell Frankie that her and Hayden haven't really talked about the PoV and what would happen. [Stuttered way to much in that lie.]

9:08PM BBT: Caleb, Victoria and Donny are down in the living room talking over the BotB competition. Nicole and Frankie still in the HoH talking game and how she needs to worry about next week and the votes she will need.

9:09PM BBT: Caleb admits to making up the lie about him having a questionable tattoo on his head in hopes that Victoria would cut hers off.  He tells Victoria that she would've went straight to Ellen if she had, and that she could have gotten some serious TV time off of that.

9:15PM BBT: Frankie is back in the HoH bed with Nicole talking about being a Have-Not and how miserable it is when people are loud downstairs while trying to sleep.

They then move onto Amber and how they think she'll react to the other houseguests when she watches what happened. Nicole says she was not cool with Amber ever since she nominated her. She then mentions it's amazing how one competition can change this game.

Frankie thinks Caleb will lose his mind being on slop for two weeks. Nicole says being a Have-Not is what you make it. She wasn't deprived of food and went to bed at a decent time. Seems like Frankie may be volunteering to go up as a have-not if Nicole has to choose. Frankie is also talking about issues he would have if he becomes a Have-Not.

9:20PM BBT: Caleb is still  talking to Donny and Victoria on how he feels the nominations should stay the same. Jocasta has had her chance to save herself.

9:25PM BBT: Frankie tells Nicole how that if he becomes a Have-Not that he would have to up his medication for his condition about his circulatory condition he has. Evidently BB told him that they would help him if he became a Have-Not.

Downstairs in the kitchen there's just general chit chat around the middle island.

9:28PM BBT: Nicole telling Frankie about her nursing class that she would've been in had she not been chosen for BB in the HoH.

9:30PM BBT: Nicole and Frankie are still in bed in the HoH talking about New York City. Frankie loves it. Nicole says she doesn't think she could survive there, but she could possibly survive in Chicago. Frankie says New York is his favorite place on earth followed by, "Why are the back of my ears so scaly?" Nicole points out that they are dry and may be peeling. They then go on a search for Neosporin. Frankie and Nicole hug and he leaves the HoH room.

In the kitchen, Christine, Zach, Jocasta, and Cody are laughing.

In the living room, Derrick, Donny, and Caleb are talking saying this is BB right here. Caleb is sitting down next to the DR door where Victoria is. The topic of conversation is Caleb's shaved head. Derrick talks about him shaving Caleb's head. It's riveting conversation. Derrick yawns. Caleb has been wearing his crown this entire time too.

Feeds switch back to the kitchen where Nicole and Frankie have joined the crew. The kitchen crew is still laughing. Frankie says he has been cage diving before. Zach is very intrigued by this.

Nicole walks to the living room and rubs Caleb's head. Nicole asks "Is Hayden sleeping?" Caleb says, "I don't know." Nicole then walks into the bedroom calling, "Hayden?" Donny laughs because she just asked if Hayden was sleeping then starts calling his name not knowing if he is sleeping or not.

9:38PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are in the the HoH room now talking game. Cody says, "I am so beyond sketched out by Frankie. He literally went to Hayden and Nicole to try and link up..." Derrick interrupts with non-game talk.

Cody says, "Let's say Donny wins PoV, takes down Jocasta, it's down to me, you, Christine, and Frankie that are the only ones to replace. Also Hayden, but Hayden ain't going up." Derrick says they have to solidify an alliance tomorrow. Seems like Derrick and Cody want to solidify something with Nicole and Hayden. Cody talks a bit about Frankie.

9:45PM BBT: Nicole is in the HoH. Nicole is telling Derrick and Cody that Frankie wants Jocasta to go home this week. She is basically spilling what Frankie was telling her earlier. Nicole is saying that Frankie said that he thinks Nicole doesn't have the votes to get Zach out. Nicole says she doesn't want Jocasta to go home.

Cody and Derrick both say they are scared of Donny. Nicole is telling Cody that Donny probably would've nominated Christine instead of him if Caleb and Victoria lost BotB and veto was used.

Cody doesn't seem so sure and believes Donny would've nominated him. Derrick is asking what happens if Frankie wins veto and Zach gets taken off. Nicole doesn't know. Nicole tells Cody and Derrick that Frankie said that he is ready to get blood on his hands and it is going to be a bloodbath. Nicole: "He's trying to scare me. He through my name out there last week and didn't care. He tries to make an alliance with me then throws my name out there like he doesn't give a crap." She says he is close with Caleb, Zach, and Christine.

Derrick says Frankie's won three HoH's too. Cody says he has heard that Frankie will eventually target Cody. Nicole: "I don't give him any information." Nicole says Frankie tries to make an alliance with everyone. She then says she wants to stay true to Derrick, Cody, and Hayden. Nicole: "[Frankie] is ready to backstab. I don't know who, but he will go crazy." "He makes stuff up all the time." Cody: "He goes and says a bunch of shit. He literally just bullshits." Cody says that Frankie even told him that everyone shows Frankie their cards. That scares Cody.

Nicole says that Zach and Frankie are using production as a strategy and weren't called out for it. Nicole: "That's scary." Nicole is a lot more talkative with Cody and Derrick than she was with Frankie.

Nicole: "Do you think you guys can protect me from Zach if it is a double eviction?" Cody and Derrick assure her they will. Derrick says that you can't control Jocasta's vote, but you can control Zach's vote. Nicole does not want to sit Jocasta next to Frankie. She wants Frankie and Zach on the block together. They all say this would be the perfect week for Donny to be pulled for PoV and save Jocasta.

9:59PM BBT: Nicole: "I'm getting too cocky." "I'm excited."

Cody and Derrick are now trying to poke fun at Nicole with alliance names such as "The Dictators." They are all now thinking about what to call this alliance. Cody suggests "Wolf pack" such as the four people in the hangover. Nicole doesn't seem too fond of it. They want it to be fun like "Quack Pack" or "Goof Troop."

In season 14, they couldn't use the name "Goof Troop" because it was copyrighted. Derrick suggests "The Funyuns." Cody: "I love funyuns." They want Hayden up there to help come up with a name, but he is downstairs socializing. Derrick says, "The Quad Squad." Cody loves it, "That's so sick." Nicole likes it too. Nicole says, "What is up with the word 'squad' this year?"

10:10PM BBT: The talk is now about Christine. Nicole is talking about how she feels uncomfortable about Christine because of three things that have happened. She doesn't say what, but she does say she would never tell Christine she is nominating Frankie.

Cody, "I love quad squad." Conversation has switched back to the alliance name. Nicole says we need a signal in case we need to talk to each other. Derrick is suggesting some code words like "red" or "nails." He refers to when he played baseball and how signals changed. Derrick is now talking about how Victoria will come up to him in a group and say, "Derrick, I need to talk to you now." He says he feels bad for her because she is someone's daughter and feels lost in her, but he isn't talking game with her.

Feeds switch to Victoria checking herself in the mirror in the kitchen. You can see nearly the entire house in the kitchen. Feeds then switch back to the HoH crew. Nicole, Cody, and Derrick quickly switch topic has Caleb and Victoria walk into the HoH.

Caleb says they have to sleep in those outfits. Nicole, "I'm going to have two naked people in my bed?!" Caleb is getting frustrated with Victoria and getting snippy in his voice as they try to get comfy in the bed. She wasn't listening to him about how they should sleep/lay down with the chain attached to their wrists. Derrick, Cody, and Nicole laugh with one of them saying they are like a married couple.  Nicole says this is so funny. She ask if they can switch arms and Caleb says yeah we will have to so we can sit there on the bed. Nicole ask Caleb do you feel different and feel that your hair is gone? He says yeah I have had my hair for seven years.

10:27PM BBT: In the kitchen Zach and Christine are talking about tattoos. Hayden, Donny and Jocasta are sitting and listening to them. In the HoH room is general talk about Survivor and that they get a million dollars if they win that game.

10:31PM BBT: Caleb says he had to choose which game he wanted to play and he chose BB first but they was going to put him on survivor .Caleb said I think I could go right into survivor since I have already been through all the stuff for Survivor cause that lady robin is over both of them.

Game talk has ceased in the HoH. Caleb and Victoria still up there. Caleb is listening to music. Talk is of PETA. Derrick says he likes PETA and the undercover work they do. [Hint hint, houseguests.] It has quieted down a lot with just random chit chat.

They are talking about Survivor and the Woo/Spencer situation where Woo found the clue in Spencer's pants. Derrick knows the prize is $1 million, but Cody was skeptical, then accepts it. They then talk about how the winner doesn't find out they won for months. Caleb then brings the conversation back to him saying that they were going to throw him on Survivor first before this. Nicole says "that's cool" then Derrick quickly takes the conversation back from Caleb.

Cody says he didn't like Hayden Moss on Survivor because of his attitude. Caleb brings the conversation back to himself saying, "I think I would jump right on Survivor. I made it through all the interviews for it. The same woman, Robyn, she's over both. She has a big hand in both."

They then talk about Allison Grodner and feeds switch to the kitchen where the other houseguests are chatting. the topic is tattoos. Zach, Christine, Jocasta, and Hayden are there with Donny walking by.

BB says: "You are not allowed to talk about production." Zach says his mom has his and his brother's name on her arm. We can now hear Donny off screen brushing his teeth vigorously as the kitchen crew continues talking.

10:40PM BBT: Victoria, Cody, Caleb, Derrick are in the the HoH room. Caleb believes the first person leaving this week is the first member of the jury. Cody is now listening to the headphones. Caleb says he thinks most people would vote to send Zach home this week. Caleb believes he may be called to the DR soon to talk about his haircut since he hasn't been called in since he had his shaved.

Downstairs, the topic still seems to be tattoos.

Frankie has made his way to the HoH room. The topic is last year's HoH competition that Elissa won with the baseballs being thrown at the wall. They also talk about Candice, Judd, Jessie, and Helen coming back into the house. Derrick really seems to know his knowledge of this competition even talking about Elissa falling off but catching herself and never touching the ground. They then speculate if someone comes back and participates in a challenge like that. Derrick also mentions how Amanda tried to say Elissa couldn't do that, but Elissa ended up winning anyway.

10:53PM BBT: Frankie leaves the the HoH room. Victoria seems to have fallen asleep. Not a moment later, Victoria says she has to pee. Everyone else seems to have left the the HoH room. Victoria and Caleb are now trying to figure out how to comfortably let Victoria use the bathroom. Derrick makes his way down the stairs to the kitchen where the majority of houseguests are still laughing. Cody is running his fingers through Christine's hair.

Caleb and Victoria now head down to the kitchen. Victoria says she heard everyone from upstairs while laughing a little.

In the living room, Hayden and Frankie are doing ab workouts while Cody and Nicole sit on the couches. More houseguests now join the living room .

Derrick and Cody whisper in the bathroom. Don't know what they are talking about. Derrick and Cody know Frankie would not use veto on Zach, but they had to act stupid for Nicole.

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