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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)

It's day 46 in the Big Brother House.



By a Vote of  9 - 0 Frank was  Evicted.
Frank opened his secret room envelope live on stage.  It was a one-way ticket, he was not able to return to the house.

Paul won HoH
Zakiyah, Corey, Natalie, and Paulie are Have-Nots
Time to launch a whole new way that you at home can affect the game. It's called "America's Care Package" and it's how you can send one lucky HGs an advantage. Each week, a different care package will be in play. All you have to do is vote for which HGs you think should receive it. Please note, once an HGs receives one care package, they are not eligible to receive another. The first care package is a Never Not Pass - the HGs who gets this cannot be a Have Not for the rest of the summer. CLICK HERE for voting and complete details.

Big Brother told the houseguests about the the Care Packages twist.
Natalie won the first Care Package, a Never-Not Pass.  For the rest of the season, she can not be made a Have-Not.
Bridgette and Paulie are nominated.

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Update Entry
Friday, July 29, 2016 Paul Does Some Nominatin' Today
9:00AM BBT: The house is still quiet. Paul and Michelle are asleep in the the HoH room. Natalie, Nicole, Paulie and Zakiyah are asleep in the Have-Not Room.

9:04AM BBT: The feeds are down; looks like the HGs are being woken up.

9:20AM BBT: The feeds are finally back on, but the lights are still off in the HoH room. The lights are on in Tokyo bedroom and everyone is still asleep. Paul, Nicole and Natalie are told that there are fresh batteries in the storage room, so they get up to get some.

9:21AM BBT: Paulie and Zakiyah are in bathroom area doing ADLs. Natalie is called to the DR.

9:25AM BBT: Nicole is called to the DR.

9:26AM BBT: BB announced that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Paul turned on the HoH room lights and went down to get his batteries.

9:35AM BBT: All the HGs are back in bed sleeping.

10:00AM BBT: Natalie woke up and headed to the kitchen to put on her mic, then headed to bathroom area for ADLs.

10:10AM BBT: Natalie is in the upstairs loft area, stretching and exercising while the others sleep.

10:14AM BBT: Feeds went back down to FotH.

10:38AM BBT: The feeds are back up. The cameras are focusing on the HoH room and bathroom area. You can hear someone in the shower.

10:40AM BBT: Mystery solved. Natalie walked out of the shower. Grabbed something from the counter and went back in.

10:43AM BBT: Zakiyah and Natalie in bathroom area doing ADLs. Natalie tells Zakiyah that she didn't sleep well last night, she ate too much food before midnight since she was going slop; so she had a tummy ache last night.

10:47AM BBT: Victor and Corey is in the kitchen. Natalie, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle in bathroom area doing ADLs. Corey left the kitchen to go do ADLs in bathroom area too. Victor making breakfast.

10:50AM BBT: Paulie is talking to James in Have-Not room. Paulie says that he told Paul that he will be the pawn if he puts up Bridgette. James said that Nicole also said she would go up too.

10:55AM BBT: Paulie told James that Victor told Paul he would be pissed if he was put up as a pawn. So Paul decided not to put Victor up. Paul was called to DR.

10:58AM BBT: Paulie told James that everything should go smoothly this week and they will be all set for the double eviction either next week or the week after.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

11:13AM BBT: Michelle and Zakiyah in the bathroom area talking about who will get America's vote. Big Brother told the houseguests about the Care Packages twist..

11:15AM BBT: Zakiyah and Michelle talk. They said each of them will get one because of the evictions and there are five of them. Corey and Nicole are talking. Corey is concerned about going home. Nicole telling him he isn't going.

11:21AM BBT: Paulie, Michelle, and James talking about what possibly the care package will be. Michelle is sure it will go to Bridgette because America knows she is going on the block. Da'Vonne says that a Have-Not pass would be the least one that anyone can get.

11:34AM BBT: Bridgette washing dishes in the kitchen. James and Michelle general talking about girls.

11:43PM BBT: In the kitchen, Bridgette is still prepping food. Paulie sitting there. They are joking about the care package containing food. We then get FotH.

11:53AM BBT: Natalie got the first care package. It contained the Not Ever pass, and Natalie will not have to be a Have-Not for the rest of the summer. She also got socks and then we get FotH again.

11:55AM BBT: Natalie says that she got the care package because America loved her speech when she was on the block. She got socks because James keeps stealing hers and she got stickers from the store Claire's. She says her friend helped packaged the care package because she knows she loves Claire's.

11:59AM BBT: The care package was parachuted into the backyard. Natalie says she is so surprised. It had dental floss, socks, stickers and her pass in it.

12:00PM BBT: Natalie in bathroom area complaining that she wasn't wearing a bra when she opened the care package.

In the Tokyo bedroom, Nicole said that when Paul was trying to determine who to put up as a pawn, Natalie said that she shouldn't be put up because she is a Have-Not.

12:04PM BBT: James has a theory that the reason Natalie got the Care Package is because if Natalie was a Have-Not, then James and Natalie couldn't cuddle.

Natalie told Zakiyah that James is more excited about getting the package than she was.

12:06PM BBT: Paulie came into the Tokyo bedroom and told Nicole and Corey that Victor was in the kitchen making eggs plus garlic rice.

12:07PM BBT: Paulie said that if he had gotten that package, he would have said "return to sender."

12:16PM BBT: In the Tokyo bedroom, Michelle asked Paulie, Victor and Nicole if they liked Season 15 besides the situation. Victor asked, "What situation?" The others tell him of the racism issues.

Paulie told them that after he is done with his DRs for the day, he plans to shave his beard off. He then says that he plans on putting up Natalie each week for a pawn since she can't be a Have-Not.

12:18M BBT: James and Bridgette are in the kitchen eating. Natalie walks into the Tokyo bedroom and asks if everyone in there was mad at her for getting the package. Paulie starts teasing her saying that he is Paul is licking his lips because Natalie is now fair game for being put on the block. Natalie told him to stop being mean.

12:19PM BBT: Victor walks up to the HoH room to talk to Paul. He tells him that he walked into a conversation between Paulie, Nicole, Corey and Michelle. He said that they are all pissed at Natalie because she never does anything. Paul said that he knew that they were all pissed.

Victor told him that Michelle was thinking about coming up there to tell Paul to put her up. Paul says he would do it if they came up and asked.

12:20PM BBT: Victor points out that Natalie is now a Never Have-Not, the only time she was on the block she was taken down and she doesn't win competitions. Paul said that he'll talk to Paulie, but if she is already on their radar then he can let them take care of her.

12:22PM BBT: In Tokyo bedroom, Michelle asks Corey when he knew he didn't like Natalie. He said literally within the first 30 seconds of talking to her that first day. He said the first thing she said to him was "OMG you are so hot."

12:22PM BBT: In the HoH room, Paul sends Victor downstairs to get Paulie. Victor asks if he can be up there in the room during the conversation. Paul says he doesn't care.

12:24PM BBT: The cameras switch views. You can see Victor standing in loft area staring down at kitchen.

In kitchen, Paulie, Natalie and James are eating. Natalie is asking them what else do they think will be in the boxes and what has BB given as prizes in the past. James mentions $5k (which is actually one of the box prizes, but to be used as a bribe).

12:25PM BBT: In Tokyo bedroom, Zakiyah said (in reference to Natalie) "Floaters grab a life vest."

12:26PM BBT: Victor was finally able to get Paulie's attention and motioned for him to come upstairs. Zakiyah had noticed that Victor was standing upstairs watching everyone.

Talk in Tokyo bedroom has now turned to Victor and wanting him to be on the block.

12:28PM BBT: Victor turns on the HoH TV. Paul notices that Da'Vonne is downstairs spying on the others.

12:29PM BBT: Paulie comes up to the HoH room. Paul tells him that his thoughts are that everyone hates Natalie.

12:32PM BBT: Victor is worried about Paulie being on the block. Paul and Paulie tell Victor that strategically to put Paulie up. They plan on telling James to get better control of his girl because she is becoming too sassy.

12:34PM BBT: James and Natalie go in Safari Room. James tells Natalie that he overheard the others in the Tokyo bedroom saying that Natalie needs to go up on the block as a pawn since that is what she is there for.

12:35PM BBT: In the HoH room, Paulie says that if Bridgette some how gets down, they will put Da'Vonne up in her place.

1:03PM BBT: Victor was telling Paulie and Paul about the goodbye videos. He said that in Natalie's goodbye to him, she said that Victor disrespects women.

1:06PM BBT: In British bedroom, James is explaining to Da'Vonne what happened about Natalie not getting put up. He said that before Paul even spoke to Natalie, James talked to Paul and told him that Natalie would be willing to go up but she isn't good at competitions. So she might lose PoV to Bridgette. Paul said don't worry about it. Da'Vonne said that she is most pissed that everyone is afraid to put Victor up again. James agreed with her.

1:08PM BBT: Victor says to Paulie that she ran his name through the dirt on national TV. There is no way to recover from that. Paulie pointed out that in their contract, they have no say over what anyone says on the show about them.

1:09PM BBT: Da'Vonne told Natalie that she should feel intimidated because of the others. She thinks that the only reason Natalie isn't doing good at the competitions is because she gets too much in her head.

1:11PM BBT: Paulie goes down to Safari Room where Bridgette is. He tells her that it looks like it will be the two of them up on the block.

1:11PM BBT: Paulie tells her that the plan is that 1 of them will get taken off of the block and another person will go up in their place. He tells her if she gets to name someone for PoV competition to name Victor or Corey.

3:15PM BBT: James and Natalie are sleeping, James is snoring. Bridgette is sitting alone in the kitchen is doing her nails.

3:24PM BBT: Natalie and Paulie are talking in the kitchen. Bridgette called to DR. Natalie hugs Paulie; she asks if he is OK. Paulie says he is fine going up.

3:28PM BBT: An exciting afternoon in the BB house. Natalie is at the kitchen table mangling a grapefruit. She is taking everything thing off of it, the peel, the lining etc. Not much left. Paulie playing chess by himself.

3:45PM BBT: Natalie throws her grapefruit away and says the ants are out of control. They are all over where the trash can is. She simply shuts the door. BB has restocked the storage room. Bridgette and Natalie go in to check it all out.

4:04PM BBT: Zakiyah and Bridgette are talking about the care package and how many days they have been in the house. Just general chatting.

4:08PM BBT: Zakiyah asks Bridgette how she stays so positive. Bridgette explains that out of the HGs spots - she was picked. She says she feels special that BB picked her and Zakiyah should too. Zakiyah says she has lost her confidence and wants to get it back. Bridgette told her she should feel good that she got picked. She says high or low, she is excited to be there.

4:24PM BBT: Natalie has joined the conversation with Zakiyah and Bridgette.

Talk turns to how they are all huggers. Zakiyah and Natalie can't believe that they found people in the house (showmance) General conversation in the kitchen. Just about life.

4:55PM BBT: Jeff Reels - time for the nomination ceremony.

6:10PM BBT: The feeds are back and Bridgette and Paulie are nominated. Bridgette is up in HoH where Paul is saying he's been perfectly honest with her - she isn't his target, he doesn't play emotionally. Nicole asks Paulie who he would pick to play Veto. She offers to play.

6:15PM BBT: Paul assures Bridgette she has the numbers but says he cannot speak on anyone else's behalf. FotH.

6:20PM BBT: Paul says this is all he's telling her and he won't talk to her again. General chit chat in the Have-Not room room. Paul says, "If you trust me, things will be OK. If you get paranoid, things could turn bad. There's a method to my madness and you have my word."

James is tossing a ping pong ball against one of the dressers in the Have-Not room. Paul won't tell Bridgette who his real target is.

6:25PM BBT: Paul tells Bridgette to talk to Da'Vonne or Paulie if she gets scared. She asks who she should pick if she gets HGs Choice for Veto. They agree she should pick Natalie and either Paul or Paulie would pick Corey. Paul says he never listens to what people say other people said, he only goes to the source. Paul talks confidentially as if to say to Bridgette that nothing in the house gets past him.

6:31PM BBT: After FotH, Victor is holding his breast and dancing around, swiveling his hips, speaking in Spanish as if he's a male dancer. The other HGs joke that BB has a translator checking to see if he's quoting dialog from movies or TV shows. They joke that he has no accent when speaking English but does when speaking Spanish. Paul assures Bridgette he is making smart moves as opposed to wreaking havoc for a week. He wants to think he's controlling himself. Bridgette says he did great.

6:35PM BBT: Bridgette says Paulie warned her she was going up so she's OK. He says his target is not her problem, the more she stays out of it, the better off she is. They hug and she leaves. He does a quick jig in HoH. Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen. Paul comes down and says he's going to try to cook something. Nicole is stuffing her face while Corey watches. It's James, Victor, Michelle and Paulie in the Have-Not room. Da'Vonne also in the kitchen.

6:38PM BBT: Paul pops into the Have-Not room and joins in the banal discussion about girls and boning. Zakiyah also in the Have-Not room. Looks like everyone but Nicole, Corey and Da'Vonne in the Have-Not room just chatting. Da'Vonne doing the dishes. Nicole puts some foil over the bowl she was eating out of. Corey just watching.

6:40PM BBT: James, Michelle, Paulie, Victor, Nicole, Corey, and Paul are all in the Have-Not room. Michelle is talking to them about being at Universal Studios. She once rode the Simpsons ride with rapper Future. Victor and Nicole are sharing a bumper car and he is rubbing his fingers through her pony tail.

6:45PM BBT: Bridgette and Da'Vonne are in the kitchen. Bridgette asks where everyone is. Da'Vonne tells her that everyone is in the Have-Not room. They are both kind of surprised by that. "When does that ever happen?"

6:50PM BBT: Zakiyah tells the gang in the Have-Not room that she loves the Have-Not room. It's her favorite room in the house. They discuss that one of the lights in the room doesn't work through the light switch. Victor turns the lights out and indeed one light remains on.

6:54PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Bridgette are alone in the kitchen. Da'Vonne is finishing up the dishes and Bridgette is making cookies. She tells Da'Vonne that she wishes that that they had marshmallows in the house. James walks in and asks what she is up to. She says that talking to plants and making cookies is her new strategy.

7:03PM BBT: In the Have-Not room, Paul is talking to Corey, Michelle, Zakiyah, Nicole, Victor and Paulie about the lingo he uses in his daily life. BB tells someone that they are not allowed to talk about production. Zakiyah begins to twerk. We see FotH briefly.

Paul and Zakiyah leave the Have-Not room to go cook some food. Michelle says that she tells guys she has a boyfriend, and it works every time. We see FotH briefly again.

Michelle talks like Paul and Victor have been talking. Michelle wonders if the girls outside the house really like Victor. Nicole says that Zach Rance used to say funny stuff, and he had a lot of people that like him. Michelle asks Nicole if Zach has ever had a girlfriend? She says she thinks so. She says that Zach is really fun and she really likes his sister Payton. Nicole says that girls in America seem to have liked Caleb. She says she's never met anyone like Zach or Paul.

Paul walks in and wonders what she is saying. She tells him. Da'Vonne goes into the Have-Not room and asks if Paul wants the noodles also? He says yes.

7:11PM BBT: Everyone in the Have-Not room says that they really like Zach. They talk about his intro video being a little bit cocky. Nicole says that is nothing like his personality. We see FotH twice briefly.

The HGs keep using the word fool before their sentences. Paul says he's not going to waste a beer on his steak when he can put it in his mouth. Michelle says she likes beer battered fries. She says she likes wine.

Michelle asks Paul who he is picking for Veto if he gets to choose? Paul says, Victor because he's a good competitor.

Nicole asks what they want to do tonight? Paul jokingly says, bone.

Michelle tells Paul that he should choose Nicole to host the Veto competition because she's never hosted. Da'Vonne says that she's making BBQ chicken also, but they need to get the parmesan because Victor is about to eat it all.

Everyone leaves the Have-Not room, except Paul and Paulie. Paulie tells Paul that Bridgette told him that she only trusts them and Corey because they are such straight forward guys. They fist bump each other.

Paul is walking around with his HoH robe on. They keep talking disgusting in Spanish. Paulie says they are in the corner making dick jokes. They leave the Have-Not room.

7:17PM BBT: Paul thanks Da'Vonne for cooking. He tells everyone if they want Sushi they can get it from his refrigerator.

Paulie goes to the bathroom area, knocks on the bathroom, and then walks in. Paulie comes out of the bathroom, washes and dries his hands, and goes to the kitchen.

Michelle asks Paul if she really can have some of his Sushi? He says, yes. Michelle and Nicole get all three packages of Paul's sushi.

They sit at the coffee table in the HoH room and start scarfing it down. Michelle spits out hers because it was frozen. Paul goes up to his the HoH room and eats some of it. Nicole says they need to eat the sushi today because it says to eat it by today. Paul tells them to go crazy. Michelle says that she is asking for different sushi. Nicole tells Paul that he has to eat it tonight. Michelle says that all of Paul's potato chips are gone already.

Michelle finds something crunchy to eat and starts shoveling the chips into her mouth and chomping into her microphone. She offers the bag to Nicole. Nicole says that she is good.

7:25PM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle that she thought she would miss Frank, but she really doesn't. Michelle says that she doesn't miss him. Nicole says that she wouldn't have been able to eat an avocado today if he was still there. They go to the upstairs phone booth. Michelle types in Paris and we hear the recorded message. They are trying to see if the Paris room is open. It opens and they go in the tunnel. BB tells Nicole to stop that. Nicole says that you can see the cameras in the tunnel. Michelle goes in the Paris room. We see FotH on camera four.

Nicole wonders why they called her out like that. Michelle says if they say something they will leave. Michelle says she wonders how long it will be until people notice that they are gone. Michelle says it smells really good in there. Nicole says that you really can't get away, so it's nice being in that room. Michelle likes the blankets in the room. Michelle wonders if anyone saw them by the phone booth.

Michelle is sitting on the lounge chair Nicole is laying on the blanket that has yellow pillows on it. Nicole hears someone. She says it only took five minutes for people to wonder where they are. Nicole says someone told them to check Paris.

James is dialing Paris on the phone. Nicole tells Michelle not to let them in. The door doesn't open for James to go in. He leaves the upstairs phone booth. Paulie and Corey are by the phone booth now trying to get in. Paulie and Corey go to the Paris room now.

Nicole tries to hold the door shut. We see FotH.

7:34PM BBT: Nicole says that Corey got a stop that because only one person can be in the tunnel at a time. Nicole says that was the second the HoH room. Michelle says it was Pandora's box also. We see FotH again. Nicole says that she didn't find anything. We see FotH again.

Corey and Paulie like hanging out in the Paris room. Michelle says there is a bad ass camera. Paulie says the Paris room is a super chill room. Michelle says it's a secret metting space. Paulie says they should meet there when everyone is sleeping. Corey says, here they come.

James goes in the Paris room. He says, "What's up mother f'rs." Michelle says it's supposed to be secret. Michelle asks if anyone followed him? James says, Victor. James says he should hold the screen so no one gets in. BB tells James to stop that.

Victor is opening and closing the upstairs phone booth. Paulie says Victor is everywhere, he's like Frankie. Victor leaves the phone booth area. He burps and excuses himself. He says he's trying to block the door so they can't get out. Da'Vonne says that would be funny. Victor says it would be funny, and he would get a stop that.

7:41PM BBT: Paulie says Victor tries to talk game and call shots. He says that he wants Da'Vonne and short stuff (Natalie) out next. Paulie says he likes the way it feel to have a shaved head. Nicole tells him that his hair style looks really good now. Corey says it looks better with a little hair back on his hair. Michelle says Paulie should put some eyeliner on. Paulie says he doesn't want to draw on his eyeball with eyeliner. Nicole says she doesn't know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and be able to see. She says she is scared that someone is going to take her glasses away.

Michelle tells Paulie and Corey they need to sleep in Paul's bed so Victor doesn't. Nicole says that Paul wants his bed to himself. Michelle asks Paulie if he's worried that Victor will put him up next week as revenge? Paulie says, no. Paulie tells Michelle that she should sleep in the HoH room with Paul, so that Victor doesn't sleep up there.

Paulie says that he volunteered to go on the block, so when they ask Victor to do, he will tell him he did it so it's no big deal. Michelle says if she wins HoH she will probably put Natalie and Victor up. James says it's tight in the tunnel.

Paulie says, "So, this was a second the HoH room?" Nicole says, yes, because they had two HoH's. Nicole says that it was nice because she was secluded, but could go out to the regular HoH at any time. Paulie asked where the rewind button was? Nicole says it was in the Have-Not room. Nicole describes how the second the HoH room was set up. She says it brings back memories.

7:49PM BBT: All the food in the Paris room is made of rubber or foam. James and Michelle tap glasses together pretending to have dated for one year. They pretend to drink wine from the glasses.

Michelle says she didn't realize that the Big Brother HD logo has mirrors in the name. Michelle tells them that Paul said he will choose Victor if he gets to choose for PoV. James says Bridgette will pick Natalie. Michelle says that's good for them. We see FotH briefly.

BB tells Victor to stop that. He is sitting in the kitchen. James says there is to much stuff helping the HGs now like the round trip ticket and the care packages. He says that last box will be something really good. Paulie says they may be able to evict someone on the spot. James says that's never been done before. Nicole says that's scary.

7:54PM BBT: Paulie says that it would be cool to be able to axe a vote. We see FotH. James says that it could be where you take two votes away secretly. Nicole says that nothing is secret, because you have to open them in front of everyone. Michelle says that things are a lot calmer since Tiffany is gone. Paulie says it will be more calm with the next one gone. Michelle says it will be technically two gone next week. Paulie says, it should be a double eviction. We see FotH briefly. Michelle says it's one of three people that would go home next week. Michelle says she would like for them to win, they win Veto and Victor goes home. Paulie says they could wait until August 18 to make sure he doesn't come back. James says maybe they got alcohol. Nicole says that Natalie wouldn't be that excited because she doesn't drink. Michelle says that Natalie fakes it a lot, so she doesn't believe her anymore.

James tells Michelle not to be another Victor, everyone is having fun. James says he doesn't prank people anymore because Victor tried to have him evicted. Paulie tells him he should keep pranking people.

Paul goes to the Paris room. He says that Da'Vonne was asking who were all up there? Paul says that Victor listed it all in numerical order.

Paul told them they could lock his the HoH room door. Paulie says everyone who is in the Paris room. Michelle says that her and Nicole were trying to see how long they could be in there before people found them. She says, it was 5 minutes. Paul says he though they were messing around in his room, so he knew they were there. BB tells Victor and Natalie to stop that. James asks why everyone is looking at him. He says he can't leave them alone for two seconds before Victor is trying to bone his girl. Michelle wants to try Paul's drink. She says it's good.

8:02PM BBT: Paulie says if they don't have Fast Passes for amusement parks you are screwed. James wonders if the theme parks will be open when they leave the house. Paul says Disney Land is open year round. Paulie says he just realized there is a bird on the bench.

Corey pops his toes. Nicole asks Paul if he's naked under his robe? Paul says, yes. Paul asks James if he's going to the BB Canada wrap party? He says he doesn't know. Paul says that he wants to go. He says that he has family in Canada.

Nicole asks Paul if she can shower? He tells her that he told her she can. He gives her the key to get in his room. She thanks him. He tells her to put the key on the table in the HoH room. She leaves the Paris room.

James says Texas is the Lone Star state. Paul says he finds it funny that Victor is trying to bone. Corey says it's weird because he is so nice to Victor. Paul and James tell Corey they should call Victor out about disrespecting him and his girl.

8:08PM BBT: Corey says that he has pretty thick skin and he's hitting a nerve. He says that when Victor talked about dreaming about Nicole and having a wet dream he was pissed. He says he doesn't know what Victor's problem is. Michelle says that she was trying to egg Victor on with giving Corey a back rub and complementing his muscles. Corey says that Victor was listening to everything, and was getting pissed off. Corey says that his friends give him crap all the time, but Victor is becoming annoying. Paul yells for someone to reveal themselves. James looks in the tunnel, and says no one is in there it's someone behind the wall. He says he will be the gate keeper. Paul can't believe that Da'Vonne was asking who was in the Paris room. Paul says that James is about to get merked.

BB tells James to stop that. He's messing with the bird on the bench in the Paris room. Paul yells to Nicole through the wall to please lock his the HoH room. Paulie asks her if she's naked? She says, no.

Paulie says that Da'Vonne asked him if everyone is afraid of the Safari Room when she was in there the other day. Everyone except James hides in the Paris room. Natalie goes in there looking for James. She finds him and tells him he's such a jerk. She says she hates them. She asks him why they would do that to him? James says they were trying to scare her.

Natalie finds the rest of the HGs that are hiding. James says if anyone else comes they want to hide. James says they should get Nicole and Victor in the Paris room by themselves. Natalie leaves her water bottle on the little table. She says she will BRB (be right back). We see FotH.

8:18PM BBT: Natalie leaves the Paris room. She tells Victor to come there that she found something. She asks him if Zakiyah is with him? Natalie takes Victor and Zakiyah in the Paris room. Zakiyah asks why everyone is hiding? Natalie starts to laugh. She says they were trying to scare them. Michelle says, abort, abort, abort.

Michelle and James come out from hiding. Paulie, Paul and Corey come out from hiding also. Natalie leaves the Paris room. She says she spilled her water.

Paulie asks if there are cameras in the tunnel? Victor says, yes. James says they have Go Pro cameras in the tunnel. Paulie says you literally can't bone anywhere in the house. Victor says you can bone in the tunnel. Corey tries to figure out where you can go where the cameras won't see you to bone. Paulie says all they have to do is tell him stop that for two minutes, that's all he needs right now.

Paulie talks about Dub D's. Paulie says, but when you wake up it's not that back. Victor talks about only having pre-come. She is shaking his body like he's having a seizure. Paul says he can't. Paulie says he looked like he is sitting in an electric chair. Victor talks about a girl that keeps sucking on him after he's gone, and then he shakes his body.

8:26PM BBT: All of the guys talk about the Paris room being humid and hot. Paulie says that he was having a hard time breathing in there earlier. Paul says if he was going to bone in the house he would do it in the Paris room, and he wouldn't care if there are cameras in there.

Paulie says if Michelle comes out him full force, there's only so much he can take. Paul says that the other women hate them. Paulie and Victor say they don't care. Paulie says that they don't have to be nice to girls anymore after the show. He talks about being rude to Les. He says that they own the rights to them and can completely fuck with their lives for the next year. We see FotH.

8:31PM BBT: Paul says they complain for doing nothing all day. He says that they go to the DR a couple times a day. Victor says that he told Lindsey he had to stop complaining the other day. We see FotH. cameras all go to the bathroom area. Nicole is brushing her hair and talking to Michelle about napping. Nicole wants to take a nap in the Have-Not room. Michelle says she's not napping because she woke up late. We see FotH again. Michelle wants to brush Nicole's hair for her. Zakiyah offers to brush it also. Michelle asks Nicole how long it takes to blow dry her hair? Nicole says it takes a long time. She says she has a $250 hair dryer that she got for Christmas. She says it's mint green, and Jessica Alba has one. She says she will have it for the rest of her life. Michelle says she loves having wet hair. Nicole says the she usually always uses a blow dryer. She says this is the first time she is letting it go.

BB tells the guys in the Paris room they are not allowed to talk about production.

Nicole says she usually blow drys and straightens her hair a lot. Michelle asks if she likes to straighten or curl it more? Nicole says she likes to curl it more.

Michelle tells Nicole how they hid in the Paris room. Paul, Paulie, Corey, James and Victor all leave the Paris room. Paul says that he is going to throw up. Paulie says the Go Pro cameras are only facing the exit. Paulie hurts himself in the tunnel and laughs. Paul is the last one to crawl on.

Paulie says he knows what bottle service on Saturday night's feels like. James, Paulie and Paul all talk in Spanish about their penises.

In the HoH room, Victor tells Paul that Zakiyah is like a leech, and aggravates the hell out of him.

8:39PM BBT: James says best friend in Spanish. He says the whole cast is going to be speaking Spanish, and they won't be able to translate it all. BB tells James to stop that. Natalie tells James she doesn't know if she's allowed to teach him Spanish or not.

Paul says he doesn't know how his dick has stayed in his robe. Paul goes in and out of the HoH room. He yells something about his penis in Spanish. Natalie says that her mother is going to kill her.

James says, "There goes the vanilla ice cream." Natalie wants to know if all of it's gone? Her and James look down to the kitchen, from the couch area upstairs.

8:41PM BBT: The HGs are calling each other assholes and other bad words in Spanish. BB says, "I said to knock it off."

Natalie and James go downstairs. Natalie wants to get some ice cream. Paulie speaks more bad words in Spanish in the kitchen.

James says that he knows someone who works for Lockheed Martin.

Natalie asks how many BB seasons the ice cream scooper has been there for? James says it was there last season. Natalie says she sees scrapes in it and says she's really proud of her observation. We see FotH.

8:45PM BBT: Victor, Paul, Paulie, James, Corey, and Natalie are all sitting at the kitchen table eating ice cream. Victor says that his hands are all sticky now.

Natalie asks the guys what's the most romantic date they've ever been on? Victor says it was his anniversary, he took her to McDonald's. He says he got a super size and she got a kids meal.

Paul says that he took his girl to Italy on a gondola and it was romantic. He says they went to London also. He says she was an ungrateful piece of shit. He says he was in London, so he had to pay to send her. Paul says he paid $1,500 for her to go, coach.  Corey says that he doesn't want to think of his right now.

Natalie asks what the worst date their ever been on? Paul says he went to a coffee shop and was only there for five minutes and left. Victor says he met a girl on Tinder. He says they met in real life, and she used an older picture on Tinder. He says they hung out and were friendly. He says he never talked to her after that.

Da'Vonne goes in the kitchen to get a cookie. She goes to the bathroom area. Michelle is worried that they will be seen as mean girls. Nicole says she is feisty, but she's not mean. Michelle says that she only doesn't like one person, big woop. Zakiyah says she can make faces.

Michelle asks if they are having ice cream? Zakiyah says it better not be all of it. Zakiyah stops the shower that she was turning on to go and get some vanilla ice cream.

Michelle says that she wants to try going a whole day without talking. She asks if she should try it? Da'Vonne tells her no. She says she enjoys their conversations.

Michelle whispers to her that she is super annoyed with Natalie. Michelle says that she is pissed because Natalie just wanted to make it to the jury. She says they asked her to be a pawn, and she didn't want to be a pawn. Da'Vonne says, true. Michelle leaves the bathroom area.

8:52PM BBT: Back in the kitchen, Michelle is getting herself some ice cream. She says it's disgusting, but she continues to eat it. Zakiyah is singing and leaves the kitchen.

Michelle is scraping her spoon on the metal cup she is eating from. She asks how boring the house gets to when you are down to seven people? James says it's very boring when you aren't in those seven people. Da'Vonne asks Victor is he's bleeding? He says he must be.

The guys keep swearing in Spanish. Natalie says that her mom is going to kill her for teaching them all these curse words. Victor has a scrape on his ankle. He says he's not limber. Paul says he's going to feed his dickhead fish. He says another responsibility he didn't ask for. Paul tells Natalie to make sure her feet are clean before she gets on his bed. He tells her to make sure she doesn't step on his pillow and give him some foot fungus in his eye. He tells her not to look up his robe, or she won't like what she sees.

Paul goes to the HoH room with Natalie. Natalie gets scared that Corey was naked in the shower. She says he can't fit in the shower. Paul says he loves how everyone leaves him alone in his the HoH room.

Natalie asks why he couldn't get some good candy? She asks him if he likes Scotch? He says he hates Scotch. Natalie feeds the fish. She tells Paul that he would get the silk sheet. Paul yells at the fish to calm down because the fish are so hungry.

8:59PM BBT: Natalie tells Paul that she wishes that Bronte was there to enjoy his the HoH room with him. Paul says she is a mathematician. He says that Bronte wasn't a good liar. He says that Bronte told Victor not to trust Paul. Natalie says she misses Bronte. Paul says she's not dead, and she will see her soon. Natalie is laughing at everything Paul is saying.

James and Paulie are the only two left in the kitchen. Paulie is washing dishes.

9:00PM BBT: Victor and Michelle are in the Tokyo bedroom. Victor says the walls are thin and you can hear about 95% of what people say. Michelle says that you don't get to have the clothes you want. She says she really doesn't dress like a homeless person.

Michelle says that a lot of people in the house are fake. Victor says that they say fool a lot. Michelle says that they copy what Paul says a lot. Michelle says it's casting gold. Victor says it would be dope if they give them a dog.

9:05PM BBT: In the HoH room, Natalie tells Paul that coming on this show was a big risk for her because she has worked for everything her whole life, nothing was ever just given to her. She got her internship on her own, they declined her and then she worked her way in. She wants to say that she got things on her own.

Paul said that he started his company on his own, too. She asks him if he has a website and he said that he was quoted like 8G's for a legitimate, good website and so he thinks that after this he will invest in it but at the time he just couldn't do it. She says that she definitely wants to get some of his stuff and he says that he will get her sizes and send her some stuff. He wants to send stuff to everyone.

9:10PM BBT: Down in the Tokyo bedroom Michelle, Victor, James, and Michelle are talking about where everyone should sleep. Corey is in the room, too. James suggests that Victor and Michelle should bunk up so that all the beds are boy-girl, boy-girl. Michelle says that Da'Vonne won't have anyone and James says that she isn't looking for anyone.

Da'Vonne is heard from another room asking what James said. He repeats himself and he goes out of the Tokyo bedroom saying that she's not looking for a man on the show. Then he comes back and says that Victor is looking for a bunkmate. Victor says that he never said he was looking for a bunkmate and James said HE said Victor is looking for one.

Camera four is focused on Corey the entire time and Michelle says that the camera loves Corey and he says he loves the camera.

9:15PM BBT: James heads to the HoH room and jokingly says to Natalie and Paul, "What are you two doing?" Paul and Natalie say they're just chatting and James says SURE they are. He says that he is checking her cell phone and saw that she has been hanging with Paul. He then tells them they are trying to figure out sleeping arrangements and asks her where she wants to sleep. She starts to come downstairs and James says all kidding aside, she can hang out upstairs with Paul.

Zakiyah comes into the room. James says that Paul extended him an olive branch and looked out for his girl and that's Friendship... it won't be forgotten. Paul says that he extended a branch. "Olive" branch is not in his terminology. He then asks them to look out for him next week.

9:20PM BBT: James calls picks up the phone in the HoH room and calls downstairs. The phone rings and the HGs downstairs debate answering. Michelle says they should in case there are more clues. Victor answers talking in rapid Spanish. James hands the phone to Natalie and she translates some for him. She tells James what to say.

Camera three and four switches to Paulie and Corey who are now in the bathroom area. Paulie says that if things go as planned, one of them will pull him down and Da'Vonne will go up.

Corey asks if that's what he wants. Paulie says he would rather Da'Vonne go home than Bridgette but that if Bridgette goes home, that's OK, too.

Corey says that he's getting so sick of Victor. Paulie says that he would have been fine with him doing a little work for them, but he's in every room and in every conversation. Corey says he's trying not to do anything emotional right now.

Paulie says that he's trying to see what the girls will do while he's on the block because he knows what the guys will do, but he wants to know what they will do if he's on the block next to Da'Vonne. He's positive that Zakiyah is working both sides of the house.

9:25PM BBT: Corey says that Paul asked Nicole how her fans will react when she finds out that her fans aren't on her side. Paulie says that he honestly thinks Nicole made that up. Paulie honestly thinks that the girls have something going on. He honestly thinks that Da'Vonne has a lot of shit on Nicole that could ruin her and it will come out when she goes on the block. Corey says that James told him that he doesn't know if he should trust Nicole that much.

James comes down because Paul wants everyone to come up to the HoH room to hang out. Paulie tells James that he wants to find out if the reasons Da'Vonne and Nicole want each other out is because they each have info on one another. Michelle is called to the DR.

James says he can try to get out of Da'Vonne if she has anything. Corey asks James if there's something he's missing with Nicole and James says he doesn't know anything, it's just the whole Frank thing, but he could have been lying.

Michelle comes into the bathroom area to fix her makeup. James asks if they are going to Paris. Michelle says Victor is planning to shower and then Victor is called to the DR.

9:31PM BBT: Up in the HoH room they are talking about music. Natalie asks them Zakiyah if she liked the country music James had. She says she didn't listen because she hears a lot of country where she's from.

James goes into the British bedroom and talks to Da'Vonne. She wants to know what people have been talking about. He tells her that they are all getting sick of Victor. He says that there are plans to backdoor Victor and that Corey is especially sick of him because of the Nicole thing. She tells him that he hasn't heard of anything with regard to him or Natalie. He says that even if things changed with regard to her he doesn't think anyone would tell him because they all know he's close to her. Da'Vonne says she thinks she's going to go up to the HoH room because she hasn't been up there all day.

James heads to the Have-Not room and says HELLO to Nicole who is laying down in a bumper car. They talk for a minute and then she is told to put on her mic so James tells her he's sorry and they stop talking.

9:35PM BBT: In the HoH room Paul, Natalie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Da'Vonne are all talking. No game talk, just chatting. Natalie tells everyone that her grandfather shot and killed someone. She doesn't know the story because no one will tell her. Zakiyah says that her great-great grandfather was an activist and some Klan members killed him in Savannah, GA.

Paul says that his grandma's dad was a Russian mob leader in the 1800s. He had an eagle tattoo and that's back when people didn't get tattoos for shits and giggles. Zakiyah wonders what he would think of Paul's tattoos and Paul says he would probably think he was a fruitcake.

9:40PM BBT: Paul is talking about his sister and that she wants a breast reduction. Natalie says that she wants hers bigger. Paul says that her boobs are huge. Zakiyah says that she is evenly proportioned and she doesn't like it when girls look like they are going to tip over. Zakiyah says she likes a big ass. Paul wonders how much a boob job costs and they talk about it.

The camera moves to Corey and he is smiling like he just can't believe he is listening to his conversation.

Da'Vonne has gone downstairs to the kitchen and she's talking to Michelle. Michelle asks where Bridgette is. Da'Vonne says that she says that she messed up. Michelle says that she kind of feels bad. Da'Vonne says she is happy that Bridgette made it to the jury so she can go put her feet up and relax.

9:45PM BBT: The conversation upstairs has changed a little. Paul now asks if there are dick implants. Zakiyah and Natalie explain that there are some that help men to perform. Then he wonders if there are ass implants. Natalie says that her cousin (?) had one and was having trouble getting pregnant. She got her implant removed and then got pregnant.

Paul is just leaning up against the headboard and he is just amazed. Natalie asks what the guy's feelings are about women with boob jobs. Paul says he doesn't care. It's their bodies and they can do whatever they want. No answer from Corey. Zakiyah says they should talk about dick implants now. Paul agrees and Corey gets up and leaves the room.

Paulie has just gotten out of the shower and is laughing at the conversation. He is told to put on his microphone.

9:50PM BBT: Paul starts to tell as story about a girl he had broken up with in high school who started talking about the size of his "ween" in front of a new girl he had started to date. The story is hard to follow, but it seems that it involves three girls and they all run into each other somewhere. Natalie says that it sounds like a telenovela. Natalie says she's ready for bed and leaves the HoH room.

Paul fills Paulie in on the conversation and he says he came in on the tail end of it. It seems that Paul, Zakiyah, and Paulie all believe that Natalie already has fake boobs and that Paul and Zakiyah were having a hard time keeping a straight face when she was talking about fake boobs. Paul says that's why Corey was having a hard time keeping a straight face, too.

Downstairs, Corey has come into the Have-Not Room where Nicole and James are laying down. BB has said the lights have to stay on right now. Corey is saying that he is sick of Victor and that he has to force himself to laugh at him.

9:55PM BBT: James, Nicole, and Corey are discussing what time they can turn off the lights.

In the HoH room, they are talking about eating some sushi and decide to call downstairs. Zakiyah calls and Da'Vonne answers using a different voice. She stands in between the British bedroom and the Tokyo bedroom. Zakiyah can not tell who it is so she hands the phone to Paul. Paul thinks it is Nicole and, using the same voice, Da'Vonne says this is definitely not Nicole. Eventually, she uses her own voice and says, "Get off the phone with your lyin' ass!" they are super impressed with her.

Now they call again and Nicole answers using a different voice. Zakiyah hangs up. This goes on for a few minutes until finally Paul gets Nicole and asks her to come up and eat sushi with him.

10:05PM BBT: Paulie has now come into the Have-Not Room to join Corey and James.

Nicole comes into the HoH room. Paul tells them he needs more tattoos. He starts showing Zakiyah and Nicole all of them. As he is explaining one that is related to his grandma, Victor shouts out from the HoH room bathroom area that his grandma was with Paul when he got it.

Camera one focuses in on Paul's body as he is explaining all of them. Corey is called to the DR. Victor comes out of the HoH room bathroom area and sits down in the HoH room, joining Zakiyah, Nicole, and Paul.

Downstairs, Paulie gets up and James asks him if he's getting up. Paulie says he thought that James was asleep so he was just going to go walk around. They both decide to leave together. James goes into the British bedroom with Da'Vonne and Natalie. Da'Vonne asks who else is sleeping in there and James says that Victor is.

10:10PM BBT: Paulie goes into the Safari Room and Michelle is in there. She asks where everyone is. Michelle says that she has to be careful about what she says to Da'Vonne. Paulie says that Da'Vonne will tell everything she says to anyone and everyone. He also thinks that she has stuff on Nicole. He also says that Paul got a 21 and she was still trying to hit the box. Michelle says she was, too. She says she wanted to win for the basket. Paulie says she wanted to win so she could control who went up.

Michelle asks who Da'Vonne wanted up and Paulie says, Nicole. Paulie says that Natalie is useless and he doesn't want Nicole up there. He said he'd rather be up there so he has a chance to win and he won't pick Da'Vonne. Michelle says with her luck, her name will get picked. Paulie says that she won't win, though. Paulie says Da'Vonne is doing just what Frank was doing. Michelle says that she trusts his judgment over anyone else and has his back. She says she does want Victor gone sooner than later, though. Paulie agrees. Michelle asks if he thinks Da'Vonne is trying to get Natalie on her side and Paulie says Da'Vonne is trying to get everyone on her side.

10:15PM BBT: Paulie tells Michelle that Da'Vonne and Bridgette had a long conversation and during it, Da'Vonne told her she would get to the bottom of the whole bullying thing. Michelle says that pisses her off.

Paulie tells her that the other day Zakiyah got mad at him and he told her that she can't get mad at him because there are people in the house who will use it against them. She told him that ‘she' had already tried. He says that was interesting. He wanted to know if that had happened just once or even weeks ago because if it had happened a lot, they definitely needed to clip her wings.

He tells her that Da'Vonne wants to break up Zakiyah and Paulie and Corey and Nicole. He says that Da'Vonne doesn't know about the relationships between them and Michelle. Michelle tells him that Da'Vonne just told her that she trusts her. He says that she keeps going around and telling people that and that she is clearly trying to form something.

10:20PM BBT: Corey walks by the Safari Room and comes into the room. Paulie tells him what they are talking about. He says that they have all been doing a good job dispersing and that's why Da'Vonne has felt comfortable talking to all of them. Michelle says they can do it this week or they can do it the double, too.

Corey says they control the votes either way. Paulie says that's true and she's not going to win. Michelle says apparently she hurt her knee, too.

In the HoH room, they are talking about why Natalie won the care package. They are wondering if it's because she is well liked or whether it's because she complained a lot when she has been a Have-Not. They say that she can't win again.

Paul says he feels like no one likes him. Zakiyah thinks that it will be him, Natalie, James, Michelle, and she's not sure who the other one will be. Paul wonders who has gotten booed when they left the house. Paul says he talks to the livefeeders once in awhile but he doesn't know if they care. He asks what he has to do as the HoH. Nicole says he will answer three questions, he gets three tweets, and he get's a snapchat that's it. Paul asks if she's allowed to tell him what her questions were. She says she's not sure.

10:25PM BBT: In the Safari Room Michelle is saying that she is skeeved out by Da'Vonne right now. She says that she feels like she can't hang out with Nicole. Earlier Da'Vonne asked her how long she was up in the HoH room with her and she said it was five minutes. Michelle says that they have to promise her that if Bridgette wins next week they will have her back. Paulie and Corey say they think she would put up James and maybe Paul. She asks who they would vote for and they say hopefully they could pull one of them down and maybe should, would put Natalie up. Paulie says if Tiffany hadn't been such a fuck up, Da'Vonne would have been gone that week. Michelle says she's glad Tiffany is gone though because the house has a different feel without her.

10:31PM BBT: Corey says that Da'Vonne hangs out in the living room and reads the Bible, but she's really just watching and listening to everything. Michelle leaves to get something salty to eat. Paulie asks Corey if he's OK because he can tell that Victor is getting to him. Corey says that he's not going to let him get to him. Michelle asks if Victor called him fat. Corey says that he called him an idiot.

Meanwhile, James and Natalie are talking to the camera in the British bedroom. She is thanking America for the Care Package. She is really appreciative of it and honored to be the first Care Package recipient and she will hold that win strong. She says that James is really jealous because he was America's Favorite last year and he was expecting to get it.

10:35PM BBT: Natalie thanks, James fans for voting for her to get the first Care Package. She says she is sure James will get one and it will be an even cooler one. James thanks, America, too and says that she would have died as a Have Not for another week and he wouldn't have gotten any cuddle time. He also apologizes to Frank's fans for taking him out but he had to go. Then they hear the phone ring and James run to get it. He says HELLO a few times and then says she hung up on him. Natalie asks if it was Nicole.

James gets a call back and they say it's Dominoes. Paul asks what the specials are and Natalie says, "The special is your mom!" Paul thinks that's pretty funny. The conversation between Corey, Paulie, and Michelle is breaking up in the Safari Room now. Paul is asking James and Natalie to come upstairs. James asks if they can just talk on the phone. He says to come eat some guac and Natalie asks if they can send a messenger. Paul says NO. They need to come get some. James says that Paul really wants them to come over to his house. They decide to get up and go upstairs for Friendship.

10:45PM BBT: Nicole says she's going to get some water and then go with Meech. Corey asks if she's going to sleep with him later. She says YES. They hug and then she lays down next to him and he strokes her shoulder. Bridgette walks by and they say goodnight to her. They ask her if she's wearing Frank's shirt. She says YES and Nicole say she is breaking her heart.

10:50PM BBT: Nicole heads to the Safari Room to hang with Michelle. She tells Michelle what she told Corey. Natalie is called to the DR. She leaves Paulie, Paul, Zakiyah, Victor, and James in the HoH room talking about boning and using condoms. Michelle and Nicole are talking about how badly they eat in the house.

Michelle asks if Nicole thinks for sure that next week is double. She wonders if there will still be a Care Package during the double week. Nicole says that there's no helping you during double week. Nicole asks her who she would put up. Michelle says it depends on who goes home this week. She says if Bridgette doesn't go home this week, then Bridgette. Nicole asks if Bridgette isn't going home this week and Michelle says she thinks people are talking about changing it.

10:55PM BBT: Nicole asks if they are thinking of getting Da'Vonne out this week instead. Michelle says that Paulie brought it up to her, but not to say anything. Michelle says that they need to have her back if Bridgette wins next week or during the double.

Michelle asks what Bridgette has against Nicole. Nicole says she doesn't know other than what Frank has told her. She says Frank was mad at her for not getting rid of Da'Vonne the week that they voted Tiffany out. She says that she's sure Bridgette holds that against her, too because that was Bridgette's HoH.

11:00PM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle that a lot of people really want Da'Vonne out, even James. Michelle says that Da'Vonne just told her that she trusts her and James. Nicole tells Michelle that Da'Vonne confronted her and said that Nicole and Zakiyah are too close. Michelle says she can't deal with the paranoia with her. Michelle said she felt weird when the three of them were in the bathroom today and she came in and asked what they were talking about.

Nicole asks when Da'Vonne told Michelle that she really trusts James. She said today. Nicole said that he could be working her and working with Da'Vonne. They discuss that it seems like Da'Vonne and James are close. Nicole said that Frank said James and Da'Vonne are not close.

11:05PM BBT: Nicole asks Michelle how she feels about getting Da'Vonne out and Michelle says that she's on board. She also says that Paul is on board which she says is shocking because he was all about getting Bridgette out. Nicole says that Zakiyah will be upset. Michelle says that she thinks she knows.

Nicole said that last night Zakiyah said she didn't want to waiver from Bridgette at all. Nicole asks if Da'Vonne has any idea and Michelle says she thinks she must because she is acting so shady. Michelle says it's one of those things you have to balance out because she just doesn't want Bridgette to stay longer than she should.

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