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By a Vote of 5-0,  Donny was Evicted
 Caleb Won HoH
Caleb Nominated Nicole and Christine
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Update Entry
Friday, August 29 2014  Nominations Today
Welcome to Big Brother, the reality show/competition/human behavior/social experiment that after 16 seasons still has power to anger, excite, sadden, and puzzle it's fans. Last night we saw Nicole try to help Christine win HoH, after Christine has done everything in her power to screw over Nicole. This proved to me that no matter what lame twists the producers come up with, it's always the houseguests that bring us the unexpected.

Last night Donny was evicted, and his emotional farewell caused many fans to get a little misty over his departure. Last night America sent a message into the Big Brother house.  We did our job; we selected three people to represent us:  Derrick, someone sworn to serve and protect us, putting our lives and safety ahead of his own, Frankie, a symbol of our diverse free spirit, and Donny, a common hard working man with a gentle heart. We choose these people in the hopes they'd stick together and work as a loyal team, and they didn't. Donny says he understood why America denied Team America the reward, and after the HoH competition Derrick went to the fire room and apologized to the cameras/live feeders about their TA mission, he said also said he got the picture and understands; we hope so.  Frankie yelled and asked his fellow housemates what Donny did in BB to get such a large fan base, judging from the crowds reaction when he walked out of the house. I hope Frankie will understand too.

Oh these crazy, mixed-up people, what will they do today?

9:00AM BBT: Oh, that's right, they'll sleep today.

9:46AM BBT: We now have FotH maybe a wake up call?

10:04AM BBT: All the lights are on and all the HGs are still in bed.

10:25AM BBT: Derrick is up and headed to the bathroom, takes some aspirin. He rinses his hands off in the sink (no soap) Looks around the kitchen for a minute and heads back to bed.

10:53AM BBT: All HGs still sleeping.

11:12AM BBT: Victoria wakes up for a few minutes. Seems to be moaning a bit in discomfort. Seems to move a bag of ice over from her ankle. And bad to bed.

11:21AM BBT: Victoria is up. She has made her way to the DR and then back out. She is now in the kitchen. She picked some cereal out of a bag and then left the bag on the counter. She is standing outside the storage room. They haven't let her in.

11:25AM BBT: Victoria gets called to the DR. We hear a leak - Victoria saying "thank you" and a man saying "we are still working on it."  She then comes out and heads to the storage room for food.

11:43AM BBT: The houseguests are getting up for the day. They are moving slow, most of them are sore from the HoH competition. Caleb and Frankie are limping.

11:45AM BBT: Victoria putting on make up. The guys in the backyard. Caleb tells Derrick that he is going to put up Christine and tell her it's for a back-door option. He will put up Christine and Nicole together. He says that Christine can take herself off and then can put up Victoria. Derrick wants to tell Christine that Nicole threw her under the bus last night and so this is why she is up.

11:55AM BBT: Frankie is hobbling out to the backyard. Says he can't even move. They all compare pain. BB asks them to lower the awnings. Frankie yells that they can't even move. No one does the awnings. Frankie says that he wants to request a medic. He asks Victoria if they gave her the ace bandage and says he will request one as well.

11:58AM BBT: The HGs are all outside. They may be on an outdoor LD. We get a lot of FotH as the HGs say things. Frankie says he can't believe his sister watches the feeds every night. He says that she looked so good and healthy. They talk about the videos from home that saw last night.

12:03PM BBT: Frankie is talking in his different voices about telling Derrick last night to keep going D-nuts. Derrick says, "I didn't hear you." Christine: "I heard you."

12:05PM BBT: Cody goes to check out the pool and checks the vacuum that is in it. Frankie is on the couch talking about his bruises on his ankles, "You can see that my ankles are swollen."

12:08PM BBT: Caleb asks, "What do you think we will see inside?" Frankie says, "Definitely not Apple Pie." Derrick: "You should have said more slop." Frankie says, "I was hoping she would have said 'yes you can have apple pie.""

12:21PM BBT: Frankie and Cody talk about which PoV competition is the hardest. Frankie says, "I hope I get picked to play tomorrow." Cody: "Everyone plays." Caleb: "No one will be the host?" Frankie: "Yep."

"I'm not crying cause I'm a have-not. I'm crying cause Frankie is so mean. He is just a mean person."  
Derrick: "Aint nobody got time for this, beef liver? I don't think so. I aint eating this shit."  

12:50PM BBT: LD is over and HGs go inside to find Mushrooms, Frankie says it is Snot roast. Caleb says it looks like gizzards. Caleb it is up to you to choose two HGs to have slop for the week and this combination of meat and Mushrooms and garlic are theirs for the week. Derrick says I will do it. No one else will speak up so Caleb keeps asking for someone to volunteer but no one will. He says this is hard. Caleb selects Nicole. so Derrick and Nicole are on slop this week.

12:53PM BBT: Nicole goes out to the backyard crying and says, "I am sick of this and I understand this is a game but I don't want to be on slop for two weeks in aq row, and I have to win everything now to stay in this house cause I will be up every week. I am going to be fine but I am going to be so weak this week. I am so sick of it and I don't know what I did wrong. This sucks." Victoria comes out and asks her if she wants to talk. Nicole: "It doesn't matter I am fine. Don't tell anyone I am crying."

12:58PM BBT: Frankie in the fire bedroom telling everyone that he doesn't give a crap what Nicole thinks she was in the jury for a week and had amazing food cooked for her, "So I don't give a crap if she is on slop now this is Big Brother not Big Best Friends."

Nicole still in the backyard crying saying I am going to freaking be nominated.

12:59PM BBT: Derrick is going to the backyard where Nicole is sitting and asks her if she's OK, "It's going to be alright." Nicole: "Yeah, Derrick, I know but I just got off I am just frustrated with it cause I am now a Have-Not two weeks in a row and I struggled the first week."

1:01PM BBT: Frankie: "I don't care what anyone thinks and Christine pointed at me for not being a Have-Not twice. Do you think she knows I am mad at her?" Caleb: "Yeah."

Nicole is in the backyard telling Derrick it's like being kicked when you are down. Derrick: "It blows. It's a game there is nothing you can do about it."

1:03PM BBT: Derrick: "I will make some good food this week, Nicole, and the beds are not that bad and the showers if you shower outside it isn't as cold."

Christine comes out listening. Caleb and Cody are in the HoH and Caleb says, "I almost put Victoria there to be with Derrick but then decided Nicole."

Caleb: "I will say, 'Nicole I nominate you 'cause you have already played this game and came back." Christine, I don't know what I am going to say, maybe, like: 'Christine, you are not my target this week it is the person that had the buy-back and came back in this game and has already played the game.""

Caleb is trying to get his speech down and wants to tell Christine that it is nothing personal and he hopes she wins the veto and gets Nicole out of the house again, "And we all know that we all want Nicole gone."

1:10PM BBT: Victoria comes to the HoH rm. "It feels like a knife is stabbing me, I can't even stand it." Caleb: "We are all beat up."

1:11PM BBT: Derrick goes to HoH room and says, "Caleb, I know how you are but when you get a chance talk to Nicole OK?" Caleb: "Is she out there crying?" Derrick: "A little bit."

Derrick: "Donny has got America's Player." Cody: "No he hasn't." Caleb: "He hasn't done nothing in this game." Cody: "He wasn't a personality on this show. He wasn't loved all game. He had a beard. He had no personality."

Nicole is now talking to Christine in the backyard. She says she missed her period by two weeks so she's stressed, "I felt so weak last week and I know it is a game and it is fine I just didn't expect it. But I am fine I think it is just my hormones."

Christine: "I joke about being heartless in this game but really I am not.." Christine says Caleb was told to put you up and Nicole says, "Really?" Christine says, "Yeah but I've got to go sleep." She goes inside and Nicole cries saying, "Frankie told him, why does he hate me?"

1:17PM BBT: Nicole is talking to herself and says, "I have to win this veto I will dye my hair, I will burn all my clothes and I will take slop the rest of the summer. I am going on the block and there is nothing I can do to change his mind cause of Frankie. Maybe I should take all the rewards and take a vacation 'cause I have no chance in this game..." and we get FotH.

1:22PM BBT: Frankie and Cody saying they can't believe they have been in this house this long. Frankie says, "I thought I would be the first one out, I didn't think anyone would like me."

1:25PM BBT: Nicole says, "I don't fit in with these people at all. These are not my kind of people. Derrick, I love him he is playing a great game. I just can't wait to see who is going up against me probably Victoria."

1:31PM BBT: Cody and Christine are in the HoH bed talking about Caleb's pictures. Victoria is laying on HoH couch and Derrick heads downstairs. Caleb and Derrick are in the living room talking about Nicole being upset. Caleb goes to the DR.

1:35PM BBT: Frankie and Victoria are talking about making food. Derrick is in the kitchen making food for him and Nicole.

1:38PM BBT: Frankie: "I didn't realize how much medical attention I seek, I'm at the DR at least twice a month." Victoria: "Really?" Frankie: "Yes."

1:44PM BBT: Nicole is still talking to herself in the backyard again about going on the block. Nicole: "How did Judd survive the block in a double eviction? Good job Judd. OK Donny, I will be sitting in your seat this week to try to get some of your powers."

In the HoH room Victoria is talking about people dying.

1:47PM BBT: Derrick goes to backyard and says, "A little bit of bad news is the pork cheese stuff is not good. I just tried pan frying it and it fell apart cause of the cheese in it."

Derrick: "I talked to Caleb and he asked how you was, I told him you was a little upset and he said not to take it personal."

Nicole says it is personal, "'cause it is personal, and I don't even want to talk to him about going on the block either."

Nicole: "I bet Frankie is happy that I am in this house another week so he can make my life hell. I can't wait 'til I see his face when I win veto tomorrow." Derrick: "There ya go that's what I like to hear."

1:54PM BBT: Cody leaves the HoH room then Victoria follows him out. Frankie and Christine go out also. Caleb is in the DR.

1:55PM BBT: Cody says to Derrick and Nicole: "17 days from Thursday then we will be done with this place. I am so ready to go home and see my family."

Cody asks Nicole how she is and if she is pissed? Nicole says, "No I am just over it, and Donny warned me that they would make me a Have-Not."

1:56PM BBT: Derrick says he was mad at Donny cause he would never agree to go up as a Have-Not. He says that is what pissed him off the most because Donny would never volunteer and he was only a Have-Not once and the rest of them twice. [Not Frankie. -Morty]

Nicole: "Well I volunteered last week." Caleb comes out and tells Nicole sorry. Nicole says, "It's OK, Caleb, I understand it's a game I was just shocked that's all."

1:59PM BBT: Derrick and Frankie are talking in the Have-Not room. Frankie: "It's a game is she upset?" Derrick: "Yeah, she is but she knows it is a game." Frankie: "She better not come crying to me or I will punch her in the face."

2:04PM BBT: Frankie and Derrick are cleaning up the Have-Not food on the table. Nicole is making herself some food. Cody and Caleb are in the the HoH room talking about putting Nicole and Victoria on the block and the possibility of Christine winning PoV and pulling Nicole off the block, then they both play for HoH next week. "But if I put Christine up..." and Cody interrupts, "that Christine will hate him and that is not good for your game." Caleb: "I do not want Victoria to play in the PoV, so by putting Christine up Victoria won't play."

Caleb: "I will say, 'Christine I know you don't want to go on the block but we have the votes to keep you and we don't want Victoria playing and if Nicole wins then Victoria goes up and Victoria goes home."" Caleb says to Cody: "I want you to talk to her cause she trusts you, but I want her to win but if she don't she is safe. But if she wins and comes off I don't want her to go after me next week."

2:10PM BBT: Cody says, "Yesterday, and I love Frankie, but yesterday, he did something I didn't like and Christine talks a lot, and she is frustrated about Frankie and she said that Caleb was the one trying to get Donny to stay and I knew it was Frankie not you, so I told her it was Frankie so I don't want you to think it was Christine, it wasn't."

2:12PM BBT: Caleb tells Derrick what he just told Cody about nominations. Derrick: "It's all going to be the same next week with all of us so you have nothing to lose by putting up Nicole and Christine." Derrick says she knows this is Big Brother and she knows we are not taking her to the end.

2:15PM BBT: Derrick: "Christine is more dangerous than Nicole." Derrick to Caleb: "She almost beat you last night bro. She was one scoop away from beating you. Well this boy says if Nicole comes down and Christine goes home I won't be upset at all."

2:23PM BBT: Caleb: "If I put Christine up, and she wins veto and then next week she wins HoH will she put me up? I have to think of my game." Derrick: "Dude, you just put Nicole on slop and then you're going to put her on the block, and if she wins PoV she will do the same thing so it is the same." Derrick says, "I'd rather go against Nicole she is weak, but Christine can be strong she proved that. But one of them has to go home 'cause they will save each other."

Caleb: "Do I say: 'Christine I put you up 'cause I think you will work with Nicole?'" Derrick: "No, no, no, you say we want you to play in the veto." Frankie: "Put Nicole up, and tell 'em they are threats and she is a Have-Not this week and I don't want to see the damn tears I am over it I don't care."

Derrick: "Tell Christine she is going up and tell her by putting her up it guarantees that Nicole or Victoria goes home this week."

Caleb: "Christine is more physical than mental if you ask me." Frankie: "No she did the metal one too."

2:34PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody to go grab Christine. Cody: "Me?" Caleb: "Yeah, you are the only one who can move and you are used to grabbing her."

2:36PM BBT: Cody wakes up Christine to go to HoH to talk to Caleb and BB calls Christine to the DR.

2:42PM BBT: Christine comes into the HoH room. Caleb: "Nominations are coming up and we have gotten here 'cause we have saved each other and we have always been a five. I do not want Victoria to play this PoV so I need to out some one up against Nicole as a pawn, and if I put Victoria up then one of you aren't playing the veto for sure and I need her not to play." He tells her this is the best way to do it to make sure that Nicole doesn't win, "but I am doing this because I think you can beat Nicole."

Caleb: "If Nicole wins, then Victoria goes up and she leaves and you are still safe. So I just want you guys to know what I am going to do so if it is you Christine I just want you to know what I am thinking, and all around I know all of you guys are competitors."

2:47PM BBT: Caleb says, "Nicole came up here last night and said that she is a country girl with a country guy and then she threw everyone under the bus, but I didn't believe her at all. I believe you. All I want is her out of here." Frankie: "Yes we want her out."

2:50PM BBT: Nicole is laying alone in the sun on a lounger. Caleb is still in the the HoH room going on about why to put up Christine and everyone is agreeing with him.

Caleb: "One of us five need to win so Nicole can go back to jury where she belongs and Victoria can go in a double right behind Nicole."

Caleb: "I told Nicole last night that if I didn't put her on the block then next week she would be put up anyways and she said, 'No I wouldn't I aint the biggest target."" Caleb says, "I told her to her face that she will not make it to the end of this game. She told me that others were a bigger target that she talked to people." Christine says, "No one talks to her." Frankie: "That's her strategy."

3:07PM BBT: Nicole is outside on the backyard couch.

Frankie, Derrick, Caleb and Christine in HoH room talking about the HoH competition. Derrick tells Christine, "If you win the veto you can say, 'I have decided not to use it, oops Nicole, I did it again.'"

3:11PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria in the bathroom area. They start to talk about the HoH group having to turn on each other and we get FotH.

3:20PM BBT: Caleb is singing so we get FotH on and off. Feeds come back and Frankie talking about how sore he is all the time from rehearsals and that he just goes right back the next day for more. He knows he will be fine for the Veto tomorrow.

3:22PM BBT: We have Jeff's Highlight reels - must be time for the nomination ceremony.

4:27PM BBT:  The feeds are back and Caleb has nominated Nicole and Christine for eviction.

4:38PM BBT: Food is being prepared. Nicole said Caleb's nomination speech was harsh and that Frankie was smiling.

Cody promises if he wins PoV he'll use it to save Christine  
Christine meets Cody in the storage room, Christine tells Cody that she knew it was her because she feels like the outsider, Cody promises if he wins PoV he'll use it to save her.

4:43PM BBT: Cody and Christine at the kitchen table. Christine says she hopes that BB doesn't show her using the S word. She used it twice last night. [Then she should stop saying it. -Morty] Cody says he wants to hear her yell the F word. She giggles. Caleb talk about how long they have made it in the house.

4:46PM BBT: Derrick tells them that they have 20 days exactly from today until the game is over. [Wrong! It's 26.] Caleb says one of them will be half a millionaire. He says he knows several who have millions just chilling in the bank.

4:49PM BBT: Caleb is chatting with the girls. He says they can call him, "Daddy," he won't mind. Then he tells the HGs that they can help themselves to the HoH room and snacks as they like; the door is open.

4:55PM BBT: Christine is now hacking from congestion. She heads to the bee hive. Christine whispers that she is done with the stupid Bomb Squad. They never tell her who is going up. That she is now playing for herself and if that means next week she doesn't want to put up Victoria, she won't. She leaves the hive.

4:56PM BBT: There seems to be a towel-gate going on. There are no clean towels. Cody left them in the dryer so now they have none. Victoria tells him that BB will bring them to them.

5:08PM BBT: Nicole goes into the DR with Derrick. She is crying and tells Derrick that it is harder then she thought coming into the house again. Derrick tells her that it isn't going to happen. She says she was more worried about what Caleb was going to say then going up. Derrick tells her that she has to win the PoV to stay another week. Says he will talk to her anytime she wants.

5:11PM BBT: Frankie decides to take a nap in the HoH bed (he asked first) Caleb explains that his nominations were to protect his army that he was leading. That if he could lead men home from the war he could protect his army in the house.

5:19PM BBT: Cody and Christine are lying in the fire room. She is rubbing his arm. and they are holding hands. They are laughing over the names they called Donny.

5:25PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie talk about fan sites that rank them. Caleb says that he and Frankie are rated first and second on the sites. Says that they have run the house from day one.

5:29PM BBT: Victoria goes into the Have-Not room. She tells Nicole the vibes are weird. Victoria says they are all kissing each other's butt.

5:41PM BBT: Nicole tries to explain to Victoria that these HGs don't realize that they have to turn on each other. Victoria says it's a boring season.

5:46PM BBT: In the the HoH room, the HGs go over dates and what happened when. Nicole and Victoria are still talking about how Nicole can try and stay.

5:54PM BBT: The HGs in the the HoH room continue to Jedi train.

5:58PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria discuss past HGs and if they bashed HGs or were mean. They say Dan never bashed HGs. They talk about how Christine feels she is better then everyone in the house.

6:05PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are talking about eating and Nicole says, "I can't even eat good food."  She says Caleb told her last night that he couldn't even trust Christine and now they are up there saying she is a pawn.

6:10PM BBT: Nicole tells Victoria if she goes on the block after veto she has hers and Derricks vote, "But if you win veto take me off and we can get Christine out." Nicole says, "You are in a very good place in this house."

6:14PM BBT: In the HoH room Derrick and Cody are talking about their letters and getting HoH baskets.

6:17PM BBT: Caleb is saying they are going to get a lot of Hollas in within the next 20 days 5000 is a lot.

6:21PM BBT: Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Frankie and Cody in HoH and Derrick says Victoria is going to the bathroom then she will be up here as they watch the spy screen.

6:31PM BBT: Most HGs are leaving the HoH rm. Caleb is going to take a nap, Frankie is going to take a nap. Derrick, Cody , Christine and Victoria are in the kitchen no talking going on.

6:33PM BBT: Derrick needs some Advil and Victoria asks if he ate? He says he did that's why he is taking the Advil now.

6:38PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in bed taking a nap. Victoria sitting alone in the kitchen.

6:45PM BBT: Christine laying on the couch in the living room Derrick is washing dishes he found in the other rooms and he tells Christine that some of these have probably been in them rooms since week two or 3.

6:47PM BBT: Christine gets up and says I think I need to go sleep for awhile I have a migraine. Derrick says, "OK, homie."

6:53PM BBT: Derrick, Cody, Christine and Victoria are in the bathroom area and BB plays a holla for Derrick.

6:55PM BBT: Derrick is talking about how much it took and how many trips it took to fill that bowl on the snowman. He said, "I knew everyone was ahead of me, so I went for the $5,000."


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