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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)

TONIGHT! Big Brother 20  at 8PM. We'll see the PoV competition, the veto meeting, and another eviction.

On Thursday, September 19, at 9PM See the Final Nominations, Final PoV Competition, a live Veto Meeting, and a Live Eviction!

On Sunday, September 23, at 8PM The final three, reminisce about the season, then start of  the three-part finale HoH Competition.

Big Big Brother 20 Season Finale! Wednesday 26th at 9:30PM.
Don't miss the Live 90-minute finale where the winner of the 20th season will be crowned!

It's day 92 in the Big Brother House.



By a Vote of 4-0 Haleigh was Evicted
Tyler Won HoH
Sam & JC were nominated for eviction.
Angela Won the PoV
Angela used the PoV save JC
Brett was put up as the replacement.
Brett was evicted 3-0
Angela Won HoH
Sam and JC were nominated for eviction.
Kaycee Won PoV
Kaycee did not use the PoV, Sam and JC remain on the block.

Celebrity BB champ Marissa Jaret Winokur and her partner-in-gameplay Ross Mathews host Off the Block, the aftershow that airs on Facebook Watch. 

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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Feeds Return Tonight


'Big Brother 20'
9/19/2018 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Julie Chen's sign-off last week on 'Big Brother' wasn't a one-time stunt -- 'cause she did it again for Wednesday night's episode, and got major love. Sources at Tuesday night's taping tell TMZ ... Julie opened the show by saying ... "Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to 'Big Brother.'" Her words were met with a thunderous show of support from the audience.

TMZ broke the story ... Julie wants to stay on as the host of 'Big Brother,' and CBS won't ask her to go. Assuming they renew the hit show for another season, she's likely to stay put. -Read More -

Yes! The feeds will return tonight! Big Brother will air tonight at 8PM ET/PT with a special eviction episode. If you are not caught up on spoilers, the Super Secret Spoiler in the Spoilers at a Glance box appears to be accurate. Click the button to see who was evicted, who won HoH and who is on the block!

Now that we are down to the final four houseguests, there are fewer conversations to report, and more black-outs on the live feeds. A couple days ago I wrote that our updaters are dog-tired, OK, this isn't really true, they are absolutely tireless, I just like the picture of the dog. What is true, is that they've been pouring a lot of time into writing and the duties of real-life are catching up with all of us. This means they have less time to spend updating.

I think we've done a great job and I'd hate to see the season's coverage fizzle from lack of helpers. It would be great if some of you readers with live feeds could pitch in and post an update the TVFanForums, so others can read what's going on. Please help fill the gaps. I cut and paste your posts, format them for this page, and then you get your name listed at the bottom as "Written by."

If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, real easy. Then just watch the live feeds and post descriptions of what you've seen and heard, like you were telling a friend what they missed. Every line of text you type is appreciated.

Remember, Celebrity Big Brother is planned for this winter on CBS and Big Brother Canada follows in March. 

Tonight's Show is on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM ET
Remember, you can watch Big Brother 20 as it airs on CBS ALL ACCESS or HERE.
Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show may not be posted here until after 11PM.

Under Construction

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S20E37 was written by IndyMom78.



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Update Entry
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Eviction Today

OK, here's what we are expecting:  At some time today the feeds will go down and Tyler and Kaycee will vote to evict either Sam or JC. To keep the results a surprise, the feeds will stay off until after Wednesday's broadcast.  It sounds like Sam is going, but you never know what kind of last minute nonsense that could change Tyler and Kaycee's mind.

This is a break for our Jewish fans, as Yom Kippur begins tonight and ends Wednesday evening. Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism and is observed with a period of fasting and intensive prayer.

The other big news today is that Julie Chen quit her show, The Talk. In this article from People Magazine they report that according to CNN, Chen will continue to host Big Brother, while other sources suggest that she will leave that gig too after next week's finale. As reported before, this is the last season of Big Brother that CBS has under contract, however Deadline reports that Celebrity Big Brother is still expected to air this winter. #SaveBBUSA.

8:46AM BBT: Kaycee is up and goes into the bathroom.

8:52AM BBT: Sam is up and in the bathroom area.

8:53AM BBT: Kaycee comes out of the bathroom and heads back to bed. Sam is up for a few more min in the bathroom area then in the kitchen before heading back to her saucer in the Have-Not room. Lights are off again in the house.

9:01AM BBT: The feeds went to past seasons of Big Brother.

11:00AM BBT: The feeds are still showing past seasons. We may already have feeds down until tomorrow night?

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Update Entry
Monday, September 17, 2018 PoV Meeting Today
8:31AM BBT: All HGs are asleep. Sam is restless in her large saucer.

8:51AM BBT: Sounds like someone walking around loudly, but no one is on camera. Possibly construction in the backyard. Sam is moving around quite a bit in her saucer. No one else is up.

8:56AM BBT: The house is still dark. JC gets up and goes into the storage room. Looks like he exchanged his mic or battery. Instead of following him, cameras go back to sleeping HGs.

9:08AM BBT: All the HGs are sleeping.

9:31AM BBT: We have FotH/WBRB Must be wake up time?

9:42AM BBT: Feeds are back. Sam is in the kitchen. BB calls for Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela to get new batteries from the storage room. Tyler and Kaycee don't move in their beds in the blue bedroom. Sam is called to the DR

9:44AM BBT: Sam is called to the DR, Kaycee gets up out of bed and goes to the bathroom , IN the HoH room Angela is up and turns on the shower.

9:49AM BBT: Feeds are still on an empty bathroom and a sleeping Tyler in the blue bedroom.

9:50AM BBT: BB again tells Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela to please change their batteries. Sounds a little more stern this time. Again no movement in the house (on camera)

9:53AM BBT: Kaycee is out of the bathroom, washes her hands, then goes to the storage room to exchange her battery. She comes out and goes back to the blue bedroom to crawl back into bed.

Sam is back in the kitchen

9:58AM BBT: Angela is out of the shower and goes to change her batteries in the storage room. Sam in the kitchen making a cup of coffee. Tyler and Kaycee I bed sleeping.

9:59AM BBT: Angela comes downstairs. Sam asks if the coffee pot is working. Angela said she didn't know it wasn't, is it plugged in. Sam said she doesn't know she hasn't tried it yet, she was just asking. (Does this make sense to anyone?) Tyler gets called out to change his battery. Kaycee gets called to the DR.

10:09AM BBT: The feeds are back. Sam is still in the kitchen. Tyler is still in bed in the blue bedroom with a T-shirt over his eyes.  Sam in the kitchen getting cereal for breakfast.

10:21AM BBT: Tyler is now up and getting his hair put up in a bun then gets dressed. Kaycee in the bathroom area doing ADLs then heads to the blue bedroom to get the Veto necklace then heads to the DR. Sam in the bathroom area doing ADLs.

10:30AM BBT: Time for the PoV ceremony. They are now showing previous seasons of BB.

11:16AM BBT: The feeds are back. Angela is in her short, pink HoH robe, Tyler, Kaycee, and JC are with her in the kitchen. Sam is in the Have-Not room. She is talking to the camera. Looks like a light fell. She asks if it is OK, she is going to leave it, as there are only about 9 days left anyway.

11:17AM BBT: Feeds are back. Kaycee did not use the power of veto. Sam is in the Have-Not room. She is talking to herself saying she is over it. I'm tired of trying to figure it out. Then she goes up to the camera and asks if it's working (apparently something fell and maybe hit it). She says she is going to leave it then because the tape doesn't seem to hold and she's not going to worry about it.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the other four HGs. They mention the floor is still sticky from last night's whip cream fight. Kaycee thanks them for their support. She asks if her speech made sense. JC teases her (apparently she may have messed up her words a bit). Angela is pushing a towel across the floor with her feet to try to get the stickiness to go away.

11:19AM BBT: Sam is still in the Have-Not room (which she refers to as her apartment). She is asking questions of the camera like she expects an answer. She is mumbling a lot as well. The other houseguests are in the kitchen. bored, and wondering what to do today. JC is kidding Tyler about wearing makeup, and Angela wants his make up tips. They are trying to decide what to eat.

11:24AM BBT: BB says HGs remember to enjoy yourselves today, these are the good old days. JC says you know how I'm going to enjoy today Bob? With a big ass nap! Sam is still alone in the Have-Not room, just standing there talking to herself. She says I can't remember.?... silence... ..I can't remember. That would be fucking crazy. And it scared me because dude was like you can come to California. She says you don't just meet dudes on the internet uh un. And I had only been on a plane once, twice. There is just no way, that is too far fetched. She can't remember the guy, what he looked like, what they talked about...but he did live in California.

11:31AM BBT: Sam is in the Have-Not room talking to herself, trying to remember something. She says I really am fucking crazy. Then says can we did already, what the fuck. I'm over it. She says it's not like y'all fucking tell me anything anyway. She says I'll put the request in. The other HGs are chatting in the kitchen, general talk.

11:34AM BBT: Sam in the Have-Not room talking to herself. She says this is not normal, I don't live in misery. I'm getting the fuck out of here. I'm getting the f**k out of here. She is rummaging through her clothes in her suitcase. She says she is tired of being made to look like a fucking idiot, I just look stupid all the time. She says she would like to return to her side of the mountain, please. Says she'll never show her face again.

11:47AM BBT: Not much going on. Tyler is making eggs. He tells of his mayo prank on Angela (put it in her face wash). They think she is looking around to see what he did. He wrote I'm sorry on her bed with candies. She doesn't know why. They don't know if he should tell her what he did or not. JC and Kaycee have different ideas. Angela is in the HoH room, putting things away and cleaning the candy off her bed.

Kaycee said they have been in the BB house for 30 days, three months! She is excited that BB 20 is in 9 days.

11:48AM BBT: Angela is in the HoH room. Sam is in the Have-Not room. Tyler, Kaycee, and JC in the kitchen talking about Tyler's prank of putting mayo in her face wash. Tyler says she doesn't know, she thinks he put face wash in something. JC says she doesn't strike me as the type to say oh I put mayo on my face haha! Tyler says she said she used the face wash and he wrote I'm sorry in Reese's candies.

11:55AM BBT: Angela is listening to music in the HoH room. Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee in the kitchen. Tyler says Angela doesn't know what he is sorry for. They are wondering what happened to her, she was just going to change. Tyler says maybe she is trying to get me back. Kaycee says check your face wash, hair stuff and anything you drink.

12:00PM BBT: In the kitchen, JC tells Kaycee they should go check on Sam. He leaves. He comes back and says I'm grabbing a coffee first. He says he feels bad about the situation. He says she probably hears laughing and feels excluded and he hates that because he knows what it feels like. Kaycee says she'll check on Sam after he does.

12:03PM BBT: In the kitchen, Kaycee says she misses wings. She says we're going to Hooters and I'm getting some spicy garlic, a 10 piece with extra ranch and fries! JC laughs and says he loves how she knows her order. JC says he wants to see her flirt with the servers. She says no. Tyler says they flirt with me. They agree to go to Hooters while they're in LA. They all think Angela is plotting revenge upstairs. Tyler is sure Angela used the mayo face wash this morning.

12:08PM BBT: Tyler, Kaycee, and JC go to the HoH room to check on Angela. They want to see if she found out what Tyler did (put mayo in her face wash). She was going to take a nap. She is suspicious of them. She wants to know what is going on, Kaycee said it is cold downstairs, much warmer up there. JC goes downstairs. Angela feels they are in a prank war. It doesn't end with the whipped cream. Tyler said trying to throw ice on her was the end. She wins, as she threw powder on him in the shower. Earlier, in the kitchen, JC said the mayo will cause her face to break out. JC wants her to use it until the finale, then her face will be all broken out. Kaycee said that would be terrible, she would be mad, but Kaycee is laughing.

Sam is in the kitchen, then heads upstairs to feed the fish.

Tyler apologizes for the pranks. Angela is still wanting to know what is going on. She knows it is in the face wash. Angela thinks it is sunscreen. They say yes, then Tyler says no. Angela smells it, then Kaycee wants to smell it. She wants to know what is in it. They said she needs to guess what is in it. Kaycee said she is going to leave. Tyler says no! She guesses mayo on her second guess! Tyler locks himself in the shower, and she squirts it on him. She said she used it in the shower this morning Tyler keeps saying he is sorry. Kaycee said she is just a spectator.

12:18PM BBT: Sam is washing dishes in the kitchen. Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee are still in the HoH room. She is still talking about the mayo in the face wash. She said it is all his fault if her face breaks out. Kaycee gets called to the DR. Tyler needs to shower. Angela says he can shower up there, he says no.

12:40PM BBT: Sam and Tyler in the bathroom area. He asks if she is all right. She says uh huh (she is brushing her teeth). Then says she wants to leave on a positive note if she is leaving. She says that has been her advice to everyone. She says she is not meant to understand everything. She says God has a plan and if she is meant to leave now she'll leave. She says I'm not going to pester everybody. She says I'm not going to beg, plead or offer because I have nothing to offer. Tyler says I love you no matter what. She says back at u. He says we'll talk more. Sam says she has nothing bad to say about JC. Sam says the people who she would've chosen are still there with her and that's good. She says she was disappointed in herself in the veto competition. she is proud of herself for quitting smoking.

12:50PM BBT: In the HoH room, Kaycee and Angela are saying why a lockdown, something is happening. BB calls all the HGs to report to the HoH room for a lockdown. Tyler comes into the room, followed by Sam. Sam says I was just about to get into the shower. JC finally comes into the room. JC says do you know what the hell is going on? We have reels now.

2:20PM BBT: The feeds are back. Sam is in the bathroom area. Everyone else is in the kitchen. JC says you think they were fixing equipment, maintenance? That's all it could be. (Sam noticed something wrong with a camera in the Have-Not room so maybe they fixed that?). Just general talk.

2:31PM BBT: JC, Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee in the kitchen. General cit chat. Sam is alone in the bathroom area grooming.

2:45PM BBT: Angela and Tyler in HoH bed. Kaycee sitting alone in the kitchen.

2:51PM BBT: Kaycee is alone and silent in the kitchen. Angela and Tyler in the HoH bed. Tyler says they are going to be so shocked when we tell them. Angela says you think so? He says they'll be shocked but say I knew it. Angela says I think they know but we play it off so well they constantly second-guess themselves. Tyler says they have no proof. Tyler says so sneaky, it's fun. They both say "we're good". Tyler says Haleigh said she heard us.

3:03PM BBT: JC is singing in the kitchen, something about a poopy shower. Sam is singing in the shower. BB: "Please stop singing."

3:05PM BBT: Kaycee is drumming on the island in the kitchen. JC sings to her drumming about the HGs. He is making up the song as he goes along. He sings about Tyler being the girl of his dreams.

3:12PM BBT: JC is still singing about poopy children and someone's sexy legs. Tyler gets called to the DR. He says "Thank God".

While he is gone JC and Kaycee add to the song verses about someone wearing so much cologne that he can't breathe.

3:24PM BBT: JC, Angela, and Kaycee are hanging out in the kitchen making up a song. BB is not telling them to stop singing. Probably because it is painfully obvious that the words coming out of their mouths have not nor ever will be copyrighted by anyone... except maybe a 5-year-old with a jump rope.

3:32PM BBT: The next verse in JC's songs involves someone who wears dirty Chacos and only eats Chex Mix.

3:34PM BBT: This song about a girl with weaves, dirty Chacos, too much perfume, and more has a name now. "The Real Tyler". 

3:50PM BBT: JC is still singing his unique song. Tyler and Angela have abandoned the others to go upstairs and cuddle.

4:14PM BBT: JC and Kaycee have gone up to the HoH to show Angela and Tyler their new verses to the song. When they finish BB says "You have got to be kidding me." So they decide to do it again, in honor or "Bob".

4:21PM BBT: Kaycee and JC have just shown Angela and Tyler all 5 verses of "The Real Tyler" Angela "From the top guys." Tyler "NO!"

In case you didn't get enough:

4:38PM BBT: In the HoH, JC, Kaycee continues to sing. Sam is eating an apple in the kitchen.

4:49PM BBT: JC and Kaycee have taken their act on the road. They are in the kitchen continuing to work on their song.

5:03PM BBT: Angela, JC, and Kaycee eating in the kitchen.

5:06PM BBT: Angela has finished eating. She tells JC she has to go lay down and heads to the HoH room.

5:22PM BBT: Angela sleeping. Kaycee put on her Veto costume for her DR session.

The updates on this page are taken from the, and right now, nothing new has been posted. Please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here

11:58PM BBT: Kaycee and JC have been doing a word game in the kitchen for quite a long time. I think they are just saying any words that start with S. They alternate who has to say a word and can't repeat any. If they say one that's already been said, they just have to say something else.

12:01AM BBT: Well, as we roll into another day, Sam has joined Kaycee and JC in the kitchen with the S word game.

12:31AM BBT: Ugh, the game has moved into the blue bedroom (Sam left about 5 after midnight). JC and Kaycee still playing.

12:56AM BBT: Ugh, s-word competition still going on JC and Kaycee in the blue bedroom

We are short on updaters tonight. Please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  -Morty

Today's updates were written by BBLurkerPlus, Fuskie, Goldylucks, Grannysue1154,  Indymom78, Kekila, Kitten200, Monkeygirl, pierceka, and, roachie.

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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