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Thursday, September, 16 2021 Celebrity Big Brother 3

Celebrity Big Brother
will return for a third season in February of 2021.


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Update Entry
Sunday, October 27, 2019 And after Big Brother
Julie Chen tweeted out this picture on the empty diary room and now people are talking.  What does it mean?  Is it a clue?  Is there a Celebrity Big Brother in the works?

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Update Entry
Thursday, February, 14 2019 On The Very Next Day

Today, Lolo tweeted this message to her fans and haters, and to the fans of Tom Green, whom, she feels are misguided.

I would to thank everyone that contributed their time or money to make our coverage of Celebrity Big Brother 2 a success. This season the number of followers on social media was very impressive. This area of participation is run by Fuskie who coordinates the schedule and every aspect of our Twitter feed and Facebook postings.

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Update Entry
Wednesday, February, 13 2019 Finale Night

8:00AM BBT: We have wake up FotH.

8:17AM BBT: BT HGs are starting to move around and doing ADLs. Tamar and Lolo still in bed. Ricky says no more sleeps.

Correction. Lolo in the bathroom area. Her bed looked like she was still in it.

8:33AM BBT: Dina asks Kandi if they have to get dressed for the show right now. Kandi says she doesn't think so. Dina says they have to do the POP TV thing. Kandi says true.

8:44AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar in the bedroom talking. Lolo asks if Tamar had changed her mind about taking her Final Two. Tamar says she was talking about Kandi and Dina. Talk turns to Ricky telling Tamar that she doesn't have a choice on who is going. Lolo tells her she does have a choice. It wounds like Lolo is voting for Kandi to go. We get FotH.

8:49AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar had been joking and talking to the live feeders. When Lolo leaves the room, Tamar says to the camera, "I'm also over this bullsh*t that's been going on in this house and that's been going on between (Ricky and Lolo). I don't know who they think I am. I ain't ever been known to take it lying down. They tried it. And you know that don't necessarily mean we ain't going to be friends after this, but we ain't friends right now. Yeah. They going to tell me last night I ain't got no choice and they going to kick Kandi off. and don't tell her. Man."

Lolo comes back in the room talking about how it'll be weird when the cameras go down. She's going back to flat iron her hair. She leaves the bedroom. Tamar's alone again and she says, "and it's hard to be cool with people who back stab you right before you go to sleep. I'm astonished at the greed and the lust for money that is in this house. It's the most craziest thing ever. I don't think I've ever been around this type of people before- that's so cut throat. And then my ass started playin-" Ricky walks into the room.

Ricky: Pretty much packed up?

Tamar: Except for my wigs.

They talk about it being cold.

8:52AM BBT: Tamar's been staring at Ricky with her sunglasses on. Then she shakes her head and looks away. I don't know if Ricky saw her or not. No talking for a couple of minutes.

Tamar: You said you didn't feel right after yalls conversation because she (Kandi) said she wanted to go down in history? [Tamar giggles. She was referring to Kandi saying she wanted to be the celebrity to be on the block the most so that next season, anytime a celeb is on the block more than once, people will joke about how they're trying to beat Kandi's number of how many times she was on the block.]

Ricky's silent for a second then he says, "Yeah, and it wasn't just that, it was accumulations of different conversations but yeah that was one of them."

Tamar: So you were feeling like that all day yesterday?

Ricky: It wasn't until after I talked to her, and then, after I talked to her I started thinking about it more and more and I was thinking 'why?'. It's one of those things where it hit me as, it wasn't just one thing, it was a lot of different things. One after another. Why would we keep her here? It doesn't make sense.

Ricky: It's not personal. I like Kandi. I think she's a sweet person. But not today. [Not meaning that Kandi did something wrong or mean today.] Do you feel bad? I mean you saved her when you had the opportunity.

Tamar: I don't know if it's bad, I'm just a little confused.

Ricky: About?

Tamar: About how it all came about.

Ricky: I was upstairs and I was thinking about it and it didn't sit right with me. I told Lolo that I don't feel good about this (keeping Kandi) and I told her. And Lolo said 'not again, you're changing your mind?' and I said just hear me out. she thought about it and told me to talk to you about it. in my experience, that's exactly how it came about.

Tamar: You have to break down the strategy behind Dina because maybe that's the part that I don't understand.

Ricky: There's no strategy. I mean my understanding was, in the beginning process it was flip of a coin- Kandi or Dina, Kandi or Dina

Tamar: Well, how she (Lolo) broke it down to me was, and this is probably why I feel so uneasy about it.

Ricky: How did she break it down?

Tamar: Di-

Dina walks into the room and then walks out after mentioning something about a flat iron

Ricky: She can't win anything

Tamar: But she told me that she said she's going to take her with her. [She was pointing at Dina's room and Lolo's bed.] Lolo told me that Kandi said she's going to take you with her. I'm so confused right now.

Ricky: To me, I don't think they can win so I don't care. I think if anyone had a chance to win, it would be Kandi. But Dina-

Tamar: You trippin'. Dina almost won the HoH.

Ricky which one

Tamar: The one Lolo just won.

Ricky: No she didn't.

Tamar: Yes she did. Ask Lolo. She almost won the veto that Lolo won.

Ricky says those were memory and this next game will be about the game. She doesn't know anything about the game.

Tamar: I'm glad it feels right to you but it doesn't feel right to me. I didn't sleep at all.

And that's the end of live feeds.

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Full coverage of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother show may not be posted here until after midnight PST.

Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, after the first four celebrities were sent packing, the house was divided. Tom, Kandi, and Dina on one side, and Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky on the other. But it seemed Kandi and Tamar were most loyal to each other.

A double eviction first body-slammed the wrestler out the door, then canceled The Tom Green Show, leaving only five.

Now, after a crazy season, it all comes down to this. Who will rise to power? Who will be evicted? And who will ultimately be crowned the winner of a quarter of a million dollars? Plus, all 12 celebrities will return tonight and one will win America's favorite!

Julie Chen-Moonves greets us from the Celebrity Big Brother finale. Tonight, Ricky, Dina, Lolo, Kandi, and Tamar head into battle as three competition and two vetoes decide who will make up the final two. Plus the rest of the cast will be returning to decide who is the winner.

But first, when last we saw the final five, they were soaring to become the final five in a competition hosted by last year's winner Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Tamar recaps the rules of putting together the puzzle and she wants to win so she can control who she can keep safe and who goes on the block. Lolo can't play and she's hoping Ricky or Tamar will win.

Kandi rushes back and tries to hit the button to give herself more time and she just misses it. Kandi is tired of being on the block and she wants to win, but this competition is tough.

Dina was a gymnast and the acrobatics is so easy for her and finally, she's in a competition she can win. We see her timer running out and her board demagnetizes. She can't figure out why the puzzle isn't sticking up there and her time runs out and Lolo informs her she had to hit her timer. Lolo doesn't want to be excited, but go Tamar and go Ricky.

Ricky feels like he's the most athletic person. He's not worried about swinging, he's worried about recognizing the colors and putting them together.

Kandi has finally gotten the hang of the competition, but we see her timer running out again and she heads back. Lolo on the side is chuckling. Kandi is hoping Tamar will win because Ricky won't hesitate to put her on the block. Ricky has just a couple of pieces and Tamar has a little over halfway. Ricky has his finished and he heads to back to hit his timer and Ricky is the new HoH!

Ricky says there is a new HoH time and he's going to final four. He shows us his excited face. Tamar is happy Ricky won, but she's a little upset she didn't win. But she's playing both sides of the fence so she's in a great position. Kandi says she'll be back on the block again, same bat time on the same bat channel.

The HGs head inside and it's immediately time for the nomination ceremony. Everyone gathers around the table and Ricky has his nomination block. Ricky's first nominee is... Dina. Ricky's second nominee is... Kandi. Kandi says she's going for the world record. Ricky nominated them and everyone knew the deal.

Dina says she guesses they were good players. Dina says she's happy that was the deal.

Ricky says he nominated Dina and Kandi because they don't sleep with him. He says but there's still veto and the game begins now. Dina says you have to get rid of the best players so she's happy. She has to win this veto to make it to the end.

Kandi says when she first got there she just didn't want to go home first, but now she's top five and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She needs to win this veto.

Tamar and Ricky are talking and Ricky promises a Final Two to Tamar. Tamar says the veto competition is very important. Ricky says he'd put Lolo up if Kandi or Dina won veto and Tamar says maybe it's time to get rid of Lolo. Tamar says she needs to give herself every chance she can to win the game. So bye Lolo!

It's now time for the final veto competition of the season. We see a security-themed competition. Their mission is to steal four artifacts in the museum in the fastest time. They'll be instructed to steal a specific item. They grab the item and take it to the case and if they are correct, they'll be given the next clue. But it's not that simple. They have lasers in the room and if they trip a laser it will set the alarm off and they'll have to go back and reset it. Are you ready to play Veto Heist?

Ricky is first and the first clue is to grab the artifact from the competition the first female HGs won. Ricky knew it was Natalie in the football competition and he grabs it. He trips a laser, but he gets the football in and he's correct.

The second clue was to grab the item from the competition that Ryan. Ricky goes and grabs the blocks and he's correct. The next clue is to grab the item won by a time of 3:07 and Ricky knows it was slaughterhouse and he grabs the bunny mask. The final clue is to grab the item from the first competition Natalie played in and Ricky knew it was the Rockstar one. He hopes his time is good enough.

Lolo is next and she wants to win the veto not only to guarantee her spot in the final four but also to keep nominations the same. She seems to be moving fairly quickly and she's staying focused. She finishes and says she hopes she did good enough.

Dina is up next and she's strategically good at navigating, but then we see her trip the lasers four times in a row. She grabs the football and again trips the lasers. Dina says crime doesn't pay but winning celebrity big brother does.

Tamar says the pressure is on her because she has to win this competition so she can secure the final four. Plus she can backdoor Lolo and she can go go. Tamar drops the football and Tamar starts screaming and we see the HGs inside can hear something. The football trips the laser.

Kandi is next and she says she doesn't have time to be tripping no alarms because she's competing against an ex-football player and an Olympian. She seems to be doing OK, but she's taking her time. She thinks she did pretty good and she didn't set off the alarm much. She's hoping she pulled it off.

Dina finished with a time of 5:34. Tamar finished with a time of 13:22. Tamar is currently in the lead. Kandi has a time of 9:53 and she is now in the lead. Kandi is hoping she can win this thing. Ricky finished with a time of 9:21 and he takes the lead. Kandi doesn't look happy. Lolo's time is next and she finished with a time of 5:08. Lolo has won the PoV! This veto secures her safety and ensures she'll be competing in the final four.

Kandi says, of course, Lolo won the veto, but this is her fourth time being on the block. She's survived three times and she's not giving up. Tamar says that competition was hard. Anthony will be joining Julie next for his thoughts on the HG.

Lolo holds the final power of veto. Will she use it and put Tamar's game at risk. Lolo goes to talk to Ricky and Lolo says leaving Kandi in the game makes her nervous. Ricky has a hard time imagining people voting for someone who hasn't won. Lolo pitches taking Dina down and putting Tamar up and creating a tie and let Ricky vote out Kandi.

Lolo tells Tamar her idea and Tamar doesn't look pleased. Lolo says or she just wants Tamar to vote for Kandi to leave. Tamar says she doesn't want to go up. Tamar says what?!? Is Lolo really thinking about putting her up? She is NOT going on the block. Tamar pitches taking Dina out because she could be a threat. Lolo says she has to think about her end game because she's so close. Lolo says she's going to think about it.

It's time for the veto meeting. Lolo has decided not to use the power of veto. She values both of them in the game and she thinks they are both amazing players and she wouldn't know who to save. Lolo says using the veto wasn't worth upsetting Tamar. Whoever leaves the house could determine her win or loss. She'll be mad if she came this far just to lose.

Tamar says she is voting Dina out of the house, she can go meet her catfish. Ricky says he might need to be the one to break the tie and it could potentially make someone mad. But he's not scared, he's ready for anything.

Julie welcomes back Anthony Scaramucci. Julie talks about the twist and she wants to know how hard it was to be in there and not compete. Anthony says the only time he let up was in the horseshoe competition. Anthony says watching Marissa, the slower you play the longer you last and that's Dina.

Julie asks if it was hard to hide it from the HGs and Anthony says yes, he got very close with Ryan. But he needed to keep it to himself. Julie wants to know Anthony's thoughts on the HG. Anthony says Ricky is an assassin and he's a competitor. Anthony says Tamar is OMG! She is so out there and so much fun to watch. Anthony says you can read about people, but you don't know them until you meet them.

Anthony says Lolo is such a competitor and he loves her emotion. Anthony thinks Kandi is one of the smartest people he ever met. They taught her how to play chess in the first 24 hours and now she's beating them. Julie asks Anthony if he thinks Donald Trump has a chance to survive his first term. Anthony says he does, especially if the economy continues to do well and he'd like to see him succeed. Anthony says we need to work together and get it together as Americans. Anthony says people want change, they don't want an establishment president. Anthony will not vote for a winner, but he will be reunited with his former housemates.

It's time for the night's first live eviction. Kandi says it's been a pleasure to be in the top five. She loves Lolo's honesty, she's so happy she had this time with Tamar to get things together and she hopes it continues.

Kandi says Ricky is the one who kickstarted her in the game. Kandi says she loves Dina and she thinks she'd beat anyone because she is so wonderful. She asks to stay because she wants to make Celebrity BB history for surviving the block.

Dina says this has been an amazing journey and she's gotten to know them so much more over the last week. She loves Lolo's determination and her spirituality and she's such a good, good girl. And she's going to find her a husband. Tamar just makes Dina laugh and Ricky, she has learned so much about astrology and he taught her how to be more verbal. Dina can't say enough about Kandi and she loves her. She says Kandi beat her in a lot of games of cards. Julie has to cut Dina off.

It's time for the voting to begin! Ricky will only vote in the event of a tie.

Lolo votes to evict Kandi.
Tamar votes to evict...Dina.

We have a tie and now it's up to Ricky to cast the deciding vote. Julie informs them with one vote each, they have a tie. And now Ricky will decide who will leave the BB house tonight. Ricky stands and he votes to evict Kandi. Kandi goes and gives hugs and heads out the door. Kandi and Tamar share one more moment at the door.

Julie says the live audience openly gasped when Ricky evicted her, is she surprised? Kandi says she's a little surprised, but she knew they wanted to get rid of her. Julie says game wise did Ricky do the right thing? Kandi says no. Kandi says she's a woman of her word and she promised she would take him to the end if he saved her. She didn't think she'd even make it this far. Julie asks if she enjoyed it and Kandi says yes, she made great friends and she plans to stay in touch with everyone. Julie says and she buried the hatchet with Tamar and Kandi says they needed this and they turned it around and they really supported each other.

It's time for the final HoH and this HoH will immediately evict two HGs and choose who they want to sit next to. They are judges for a show called Celebrity Lookalike Junior.

They see videos of kid look-alikes of the final five. Julie says she will show them seven videos, each featuring a celebrity lookalike. During each, the junior will make three statements and they need to identify the false statement. They get a point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins the final and most powerful HoH.

They get their first look-alike of Tom Green and he says he was the second HGs saved by the PoV, he won a competition in a tiebreaker round, and he was nominated three times. Everyone answers A and they are all correct and they all get a point.

Time for the second video of Ryan Lochte. He says he was on the chopping block for three days, he nominated four HGs during his HoH, and he played in the same number of competitions as Jonathan. Ricky and Tamar answer A and Lolo and Dina answer B. Ricky and Tamar have two points and Lolo and Dina have 1.

Next is Natalie Natalie Marie. She says she was nominated on day 21, she didn't play in the first three veto competitions, and she won exactly two kick the competition battles. Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky answer B and Dina answers C. Tamar and Ricky have three points, Lolo has two points, and Dina has 1 point.

Next, we have Kato Kaelin. Kato says he won the first two competitions he played in, he was the first HGs to use the power of veto and he lasted more than 21 days in the house. Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar answer C and Dina answers B. Tamar and Ricky got four points, Lolo has 3, and Dina has 1.

Anthony Scaramucci is next, and Anthony says Mooch's veto was the first veto to be used on a nominee, he was in the house for over 150 hours, Kevin Frazier announced he wasn't a real HGs on day 6. Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar answer B and Dina answers A. Ricky and Tamar have 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1.

Jonathan Bennett is next and Jonathan says Joey, Ryan, and he were all evicted with 6 votes, in his eviction plea he said he was an ally to every person there, and he was the first player to picked to be a power pair. Tamar and Lolo answer A, Ricky answers B and Dina answers C. Ricky is correct and he has 6 points, Tamar has 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1.

Joey Lawrence is last and he played in exactly two competitions, he was nominated on days 8 and 13, and he scored $25 million on the worldwide rollout. Tamar and Lolo and A and Ricky and Dina answer C. Ricky and Tamar are tied with 6 points. It's time for a tiebreaker.

In hours, how long was it from when Kevin Frazier announced the first breaking celebrity news alert until Julie told them Kevin had delivered the final news alert. Tamar answers 15 and Ricky answers 185 and he is the new HoH!

It is now time for Ricky to decide who he wants to send to the jury and who he wants to face off against.

Dina says she loves him and they'll be friends and she's learned so much for him to grow and go to the gym and to take care of her.

Tamar says he's one of her favorite people in the house and she wants to see him do good and she wishes him the best of luck. Lolo thanks Ricky for pulling everything out of her in the competition and she's grateful to have played with him and she's enjoyed being on his team and she hopes he takes her to the end.

Julie tells Ricky he has a big decision to make. Julie asks him to go to the head of the room and select the final two HGs to be evicted. He loves getting to know Dina and he evicts her and he enjoyed working with Lolo and he evicts her as well. There are hugs all around and Tamar can't believe it. Lolo is saying her bag is heavy and Lolo and Dina come out.

Julie says the place is in shock and she asks Lolo if she's in shock. Lolo says yeah, she saved Ricky multiple times throughout the game, she could have sided with Tom and Kato. She felt like it was a very one-sided deal and she wanted to honor the alliance they had.

Julie asks Lolo if he made the right move for the win? Lolo says it's hard to tell, but yeah, she would have had more votes for him. Lolo isn't sure she'd want to continue a friendship outside of the game and she feels like he crossed the line.

Julie asks if Dina is upset and she says no. Julie says are you just so happy you made it this far and she says yes. Dina says the experience was amazing and she loves Lolo and she made 11 friends. Lolo says second place gets $50,000 and that's not much after agent fees and taxes. Julie says you think Ricky will finish second and Lolo said maybe.

It's now time to welcome the jury. Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Natalie Natalie Marie, and Tom Green. They all take their seats. Julie brings out juror #7 and Kandi comes out. Juror #8 comes out and it's Dina. And juror #9 and they see Lolo. They are all giving out hugs. Julie tells them to sit down and she brings them up to speed.

Julie says a little bit later they will cast their vote for who they think should win, but first, they get to question the finalists. Julie goes to Ricky and Tamar and Tom gets the first question. Tom asks Ricky what was his biggest game move? Ricky says his biggest game move was not freaking out on the block and having faith he had allies to keep him safe. Tamar's biggest game move was gunning for the two people who were going to take the whole competition, Tom and Kato.

Natalie congratulates them both and asks what their biggest regret in the game is so far. Ricky says his biggest regret was not winning Slaughter House. He said it sent a lot of things tumbling and a lot of things came out. Tamar says her biggest regret was getting too emotional. She sometimes let her emotions overshadow her trust and she might have made more friends in the house and she would have seen more clearly.

Ryan asks why they should choose Tamar over Ricky? Tamar says Ricky is an amazing human being and she is a huge fan of the show and she believes she played the game to the best of her ability and she did what she had to do to be in the chair she is. Same question to Ricky and he says he played the game hard and at the same time he tried to give good advice to people he spoke to even if it was against his best interest.

Julie says it's almost time for the jury to cast their votes, but first, they get a closing statement to explain why they deserve to win. Tamar gives honor to God and thanks CBS. She says coming into the BB house turned into a spiritual journey for her and meeting them all was a blessing and she doesn't doubt for a second it wasn't meant to be. She lost her job publicly, she lost her husband and her home, and she lost some friend, but she made a promise to herself to never give up and always be kind and she's asking them to be kind to this girl and help her be the best person she can be. She says she's so nervous and she loves them all.

Ricky says he's thinking of things he said to make them mad and he apologizes. He wanted to show the world who he really was and it's been a struggle and the whole time he's tried to honor and be himself, his moody, quirky, nerdy self. He has a couple of sayings he likes to live his life by, keep it real, and keep it moving. He remembers a conversation with Ryan and Joey about being a perfect role model and he thinks the winner models all of their experience.

Jonathan is up to vote first and he says hello, first of all, he'd like to say something... Julie, you look really pretty today. He's going to vote for someone that had his back as much as they could. Ryan is next and he wishes them good luck and that's all he has.

Joey is next and Joey says congratulations and he said from day one it was one person's journey to win. Kick butt! Kato is next and he steps up says congratulations and he says Tamar, sorry about slipping on shrimp and they played fantastic and he considers them friends.

Natalie is so excited to see them both and she loves them both and she hates that she has to do this. She loves them. Tom is next and he says this is a tough choice for a lot of reasons, but he does congratulate them both and he's going to vote for the one who made him laugh the most. Congrats guys.

Kandi is next and she says this was life-changing for the both of us, glad both of us made it. Dina is next and she'd like to pull a Metta now and say she doesn't know which one. She loves them both. Lolo says in this game you can make decisions based on deals or based on your heart...that's how she will cast her vote.

Voting is now complete! Up next, we'll get some jury reactions and take on the season!

Anthony has joined the jury. Julie asks Jonathan as he was watching, what surprised him the most? Jonathan says one of the biggest surprises was that everyone thought he was a threat and he's never been called a threat in his life. Jonathan says he didn't win anything, the only thing he won was because he was teamed up with an Olympic gold medalist. He says the more he watched, the more intense it got and people got into the game.

Julie draws attention to Anthony and no one is mad at him. Julie asks Joey about the bromance between him and Ryan. Joey says it's a crazy journey and it was an amazing ride and you meet unexpected people and Ryan is such a genuine guy and they text late at night. Joey says he knew of Ryan Lochte, but didn't know him as a human being and he is a genuine person.

Julie goes to Ryan and asks if he feels he got to show who he was and Ryan says yeah. He says people see headlines, but people who watched got to see the real Ryan Lochte. Julie asks how surprised he is to walk away with these friendships. Ryan says he's walking out of the house with two really good friends he'll have for the rest of his life.

Julie goes to Tom and says after leaving, what kind of perspective did it give him to see things outside of the fishbowl. Tom says he didn't realize how intense it was. He expected it to be competitive and he would have to let off steam at night and when he came out he felt some stress and felt strange and he went online and seen all the amazing comments and he felt better. He says the Big Brother community is such a great community.

Julie turns to Kato and asks what surprised him the most about playing Big Brother. Kato says people don't understand. He says he's a guy who needs sleep and Tom would snore, and then Jonathan, and then Kandi, and he was going crazy. That was the toughest part. But the friendships were great and his life used to be soundbites and it's not anymore.

Julie says something that remains a secret is who won the Power of the Publicist power. She let Natalie reveal and she asks Tamar how hard it was to keep it a secret. Tamar says after she won, she tried to talk to Tom and he refused to talk to her so he felt like it was out of order to tell anyone else in the house she had it. Tamar says she didn't have to use it and she wasn't going to use it because she was worried it would build a wedge between her friendships. Up next we'll find out who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

After a jampacked 29 days, it's time to reveal the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. Julie will now reveal the votes. Jonathan voted for...Tamar. Ryan has cast his vote for...Tamar. Joey has cast his vote for Tamar. Kato has cast his vote for Tamar. Natalie has voted for Tamar. Tamar is shocked! Ricky gives her a hug. Julie tells them to come out. The jurors go to celebrate with Tamar and Ricky's wife runs up and jumps into his arms. Tamar's son tackles her.

We're back and Julie reveals Tamar won unanimously. The only other time BB had a unanimous vote was season 10 when Dan Gheesling took it home. Tamar says she's so grateful and she thanks, everyone. Julie congratulates Ricky.

It's time to reveal America's Favorite Houseguest. The winner is...Tom Green. Tom says that is amazing and thanks America! He loves everyone and it was so much fun. Julie thanks them all for an amazing season. Don't forget regular Big Brother is right around the corner, I'll see you then.

Tonight's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother US, S02E13 was written by IndyMom78. [And I can't begin to say how grateful I am for TV cover by IndyMom78. Thank You! ~Morty]

Fuskie's View
I think what Ricky felt was his offering spiritual healing was taken as game strategy. He played a quiet, sneaky game. He came across as disingenuous and juries hate that. I think picking Tamar for Final Two rubbed more than just Lolo the wrong way.

Tamar mostly controlled her temper after that last ninth-hour FotH incident and genuinely reconciled with Kandi. She held true to her values, refusing to stab Kandi in the back in the face of pressure from her own alliance.

With the Jury Questions, Tamar came across as more prepared and sure of their game. Ricky looked like he hadn't really thought through what the questions might be and his claim that he advised the other HGs even to the detriment of his own game fell flat.

But it may have come down to Tamar having the better story. She has had a rough couple of years and between her and Ricky, Tamar could make good use of the money. But ultimately, I think Tamar was just true to herself and that's what the jury members saw, especially those watching from home.

In the Morty's TV Facebook Group poll of who members most wanted to win, Tamar earned just 11 votes. Kandi earned 224 votes. I expect a lot of fans would have preferred Kandi being showered with confetti instead of Tamar, but this is how the game is played, and the jury has spoken - the best HGs won.


Today's updates were written by Fuskie, Kekila,  Kelly6, reneshe, and Roachie.

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