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Hi Everybody!

Each season we exceed all records in  system usage on the server that the main page is hosted on. 

How much should you give?  You can donate as little as $5.  Every year a few people embarrass me with large donations.  As I said, there are more important, worthier causes than my web site.  But if you can spare few buck, we'd appreciate it.

It's very important that I stress one point:  Please pay only for what you feel you've already received.  I can not guarantee service.  You are not buying access.  You could pay today, and we could shut down tomorrow. In the 18 years I've covered Big Brother, I've always reserved my right to quit if I don't feel up to the task. This could be the season!  

How To Donate  You can charge your website donation to a major credit card by using PayPal, no account is required.  This is not a recurring charge, it's a one-time contribution. Just click the PayPal button.

If you're not comfortable using your credit card on line,  you can mail a check or money order to:

MKH Industries
PO Box 1462
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

What do you get?  My thanks!  I've done my best to keep everything running, but I know the site is often difficult to connect to.  I regret that I do not have any plans to upgrade the services, as Big Brother only lasts about months, and the cost of operating the site go on all year. 

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