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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
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Sunday @ 8PM
Wednesday @ 8PM
Thursday @ 9PM Eviction Night




Nicole was evicted by a vote of 9-1
Michael won HoH!
Michael nominated Monte/Joseph/Terrance for eviction.
Playing in the veto competition are Michael, Brittany, Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Jasmine and Turner. Taylor is hosting.
Brittany & Michael won the PoV in an OTEV competition.
Michael used the PoV to remove Monte/Joseph/Terrance from the block and nominated Kyle and Daniel as the replacements, with Daniel as the target.

The bestie groups are:

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Update Entry
Monday, August 8, 2022 PoV Meeting Today
9:00AM BBT: BB wakes the HGs up.

9:45AM BBT: Brittany is meditating in the loft. Daniel goes up and knocks on the HoH door, then hears the shower running. He wants to make his last-ditch pitch first with Michael. Joe is out in the backyard getting some early sun.

9:55AM BBT: Daniel is in with Michael in the HoH room making his pitch. Jasmine/Indy/Alyssa are in the backyard couches waiting for him to come back. Daniel's pitch is rushed and simple- safety if he stays off the block. If Taylor targets Michael for evicting Monte, he'll target her for him.

9:58AM BBT: Michael hears Daniel out, then says he didn't sleep last night struggling with the decision. After Daniel leaves, Michael wonders if Terrance told Daniel he didn't want to evict Monte because he was afraid of Taylor coming for him.

10:01AM BBT: Two minutes later, Jasmine goes to the HoH room to "check in". He's really tired. Bless your heart, she says in a pure southern drawl. She's on his side whatever he wants to do. And she didn't drink his cider. Michael says maybe you can help with an investigation.

10:03AM BBT: Michael tells Jasmine that first, everyone said Daniel, now everyone says, Monte. They're both targets but Daniel has won competitions and Michael hasn't promised him anything. Jasmine understands. Terrance/Indy/Alyssa are on the backyard couches while Jasmine pitches in the HoH room.

10:07AM BBT: Michael tells Jasmine that the odds of Monte winning either HoH or Veto every week are low. This won't be their only chance. That is what they are afraid of, Jasmine claims, but if Daniel's the target, then let's do what we have to do.

10:10AM BBT: Jasmine leaves and Michael grabs an energy drink from the HoH fridge, takes a sip, then lays down to watch the spy cam. Daniel is in the kitchen as Jasmine comes down but she doesn't talk to him. Kyle/Joe are slouching in the bathroom area.

10:15AM BBT: Kyle comes up to HoH. Everyone (Leftovers) is on the same page and knows he's willing to cut her (Alyssa) if necessary, especially once we're at jury. He says she spilled the beans about everything. It won't work unless we need her for a number.

10:17AM BBT: Kyle says Jasmine is sneaky. Terrance isn't a threat. Indy isn't a threat. Do we push to seven and get rid of all of them? I don't know. Michael wonders what it will look like if the seven go against someone with a broken foot, doesn't know the game and hasn't won anything.

10:19AM BBT: Kyle says Alyssa wants to kiss and I'm like, we have no privacy, but we agreed last night we're ready to go all the way and have sex in Michael's bed. Michael says you're kidding. Kyle says he's kidding. She's so young, Kyle says, I don't know what I'm doing.

10:25AM BBT: Monte replaces Kyle in the HoH room. Jasmine grabbed him to go to the Cars bedroom and told him she's been working with Michael all week and the target is still Daniel. Michael says she's backtracking to cover herself because he implied he's not going after Monte this week.

10:27AM BBT: Michael replays his conversation with Jasmine and Monte is ROFL. She came to him right after. They aren't even subtle, Monte says. Michael says Kyle saw her (Jasmine) run to Alyssa. Monte says they threw in the towel (to save Daniel).

10:29AM BBT: Monte and Michael think they (the other side) will start making the case that Kyle is the bigger threat. Monte says if they do, it's not a thing. We're solid. It's just what they're doing, not what we're doing. FotH for the Veto meeting.

11:43AM BBT: Michael used the PoV to remove Monte/Joseph/Terrance from the block and nominated Kyle and Daniel as the replacements, with Daniel as the target.

11:59AM BBT: Taylor and Brittany comes outside and Taylor Turner she had to come so no one saw her skipping. It's a good day, she says. Turner starts snoring and BB says no napping. The snoring always gives you away, Taylor says. conversation is light in the kitchen.

12:05PM BBT: It's breakfast time in the BB House (yes, I know, it's after noon). Taylor tells Brittany Kyle is going to talk to her about Alyssa. Personal or game-wise, Brittany asks? A little of both. He really likes her. He's afraid he's giving them a reason to distrust him.

In the backyard, Kyle tells Turner he doesn't know how he should act as a pawn. Should he campaign? Turner says he better or he might vote him out! Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine regroup in the Space Age bedroom but I can't hear them.

12:07PM BBT: Taylor says she told him to go for it, especially if they're on the block. The fact that he came to them about it makes them trust him. Taylor says they were told 10AM  wakeup and 10PM BBT: lights out, but the house is chaos 24x7.

12:12PM BBT: Brittany and Taylor in the backyard laugh over Jasmine's attempt to walk back her efforts to get Monte out. Amazing, Taylor says. Scary, Brittany says. They have a job to do this week, Taylor says, we'll clock back in again next week. Alyssa joins them outside.

12:26PM BBT: Kyle, Monte, and Terrance have been talking about their work. Kyle says Chicago sounds scary. Terrance says you know where to go and where not to go. Stay out of the south side. Jasmine has completely changed course and is interacting with Monte as good friends.

12:30PM BBT: Michael has joined the backyard lounge group. Monte/Jasmine in the kitchen. Daniel/Kyle/Terrance at the dining table. Outside, they wonder how long the Besties will last. They're running out of who can be nominee Monte comes outside. Taylor gets up; Michael grabs her seat.

12:32PM BBT: Michael and the other late-night HGs are really tired. At the dining table, Terrance is talking about the sources of Chicago's problems-no resources, no services, no hope. You need something, you just go and get it because nobody will give it to you.

12:34PM BBT: Daniel says he walked an hour to school, and his awareness went up after his brother's death. He always thinks someone is after him since then. His brother was his protector. He drives ridesharing and there are areas in Vegas he won't go to.

12:35PM BBT: Indy/Alyssa have gone inside, leaving Brittany/Michael/Monte (and sleeping Turner) to talk game. Will the other side try to campaign? Michael thinks the reason they didn't approach him with the plan before Veto was they were afraid Monte would win it.

12:38PM BBT: Monte thinks Daniel's last-ditch effort to put the target on Taylor was Terrance's doing. Their execution was with military precision-one after the other came up with the pitch. What can you do?

12:38PM BBT: Brittany says she and Michael call the others The Convenience Store because they go with whatever's on the shelf. They laugh. Monte says if they campaign against Kyle, that's low. They've already asked what he thinks of Kyle, looking for something incriminating.

12:40PM BBT: Jasmine comes out. She found the origin of the ant infestation. She killed one and the others came after her, so she got the spray, and they went Charge and came after her. Even the snack drawer they cleaned out was infested. Indy comes out. She killed 300 ants.

12:42PM BBT: Indy asks Michael how he feels. OK, it never feels good. The price you pay for HoH, Indy says without knowing. He's done for the week, Michael says. Indy wonders which Festie Besties Kyle will join. Terrance is outside. Talk turns to Steak and Shake and In and Out.

12:45PM BBT: From burgers to shakes to ice cream, the HGs move on to Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts. Jasmine asks Brittany to describe her house's layout. Daniel is outside now and at some point, Turner got up and went inside. Either that or Terrance is sitting on him.

12:49PM BBT: Indy is comforting first-time nom Kyle in the Cars bedroom. Alyssa is laying next to him. Jasmine wants to buy a house in Alpharetta (north Atlanta) where she can get a lot of land. Brittany says when she lived there, what is now John's Creek was called Alpharetta.

12:51PM BBT: Jasmine realizes they have north Atlanta in common and they start sharing shopping, neighborhood, and stories. In the Cars bedroom, Indy is still making sure Kyle is comforted, or preventing Alyssa from providing comfort. She's playing with the draws string on Kyle's shorts.

12:55PM BBT: Brittany grew up in Atlanta before she moved to Austin. Her sister lives in Dunwoody now. Both Jasmine/Brittany bought their houses a year ago. Brittany's was new construction. They bought a foundation and got to pick from a menu of options for the rest.

12:58PM BBT: Indy leaves the Cars bedroom and Kyle rolls over on his side to face Alyssa, one hand behind his head, the other across her stomach. Kyle says he could leave. Alyssa counts the votes and says no. He says it won't be an emotional decision, people will vote game.

12:59PM BBT: Kyle just wants one more week, he wants to get to Jury. Alyssa is holding his arm close to her stomach, caressing it back and forth. Kyle thinks Jasmine/Terrance will vote against him. Terrance voted out Nicole to stay with the house, Alyssa reminds him.

1:00PM BBT: Michael gets up from the real estate conversation in the backyard. Kyle is now caressing Alyssa's cheek as she counts votes for him to stay (and they say romance is dead). Kyle says this is his last kiss because he has to go out and socialize.

Out for a couple hours. Someone else can update Kyle/Alyssa making out (again).

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Update Entry
Sunday, August 7, 2022 Relax, It's Sunday

7:30AM BBT: The Houseguests are still sleeping. I imagine they will be allowed to sleep in until 10AM given it's Sunday Fun Day.

10:03AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:15AM BBT: The feeds return. Michael is awake and wearing his blue HoH robe. Daniel is awake downstairs. He tells us Good Morning and says that they got Jackson 5 to wake them up. He is pleased to see that they got some more granola last night.

10:18AM BBT: Taylor and Terrance are also up. Daniel is making coffee. Taylor's favorite coffee drink is brown sugar oatmeal. Daniel likes regular or iced coffee with creamer on the side.

10:20AM BBT: Michael is talking to the cameras in the HoH, barely above a whisper without his microphone. So, we aren't hearing any of it.

The feeds switch to Daniel giving shout-outs in the backyard. He says that there is a chance that he is going to stay. Just a chance.

10:24AM BBT: Daniel's talk is interrupted by BB calling him to the DR. Taylor takes her coffee out into the backyard. She is pleased to see the hammock is in the shade.

10:28AM BBT: Jasmine and Terrance talk briefly in the bathroom area. They hope they can get Michael to make the move. A big move before jury.

Meanwhile, Taylor is on the hammock: From the block to the penthouse. That's the plan.

10:32AM BBT: Taylor from the hammock: No way that I would keep him here. Unless I had a premonition that I was going to win HoH and can send him out myself. No way I keep him. At least I know who the enemy is now. What do you mean get rid of Monte? She then sneezes loudly.

10:38AM BBT: Michael has locked himself out of the HoH so he is stuck walking around downstairs in his robe. Jasmine joins Taylor in the backyard with some watermelon.

10:42AM BBT: BB has left Michael a spare key to the HoH in the storage room. He is thankful and rushes to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Taylor vents to Jasmine in the backyard. The HGs left all the clothes outside by the laundry area, some even on the ground, and they are now covered in ants.

10:50AM BBT: In the backyard, Jasmine asks Taylor what she thinks about nominations staying the same. Taylor said the only reason she would want Monte to go is so she can take Daniel out herself. And she will tell him that herself. But, she understands the house's appeal to do it right now.

10:56AM BBT: Taylor tells Jasmine that she would be OK with Monte leaving this week if that is what the house decides. Jasmine says that surprises her. They joke that Monte looks like one of Taylor's exes. Jasmine says that Monte told her the same about Taylor. They laugh.

11:00AM BBT: Terrance and Daniel have joined Jasmine and Taylor in the backyard. They are glad that they got real cowboy boots and hats for the competition not dollar store stuff. They joke that they can walk into The Dollar Store and spend over $60 dollars in there.

11:10AM BBT: General chit-chat in the backyard. Jasmine and Indy are preparing to go and layout. Brittany is in the DR.

11:25AM BBT: In the HoH, Taylor tells Michael that Daniel threw her a terrible pitch to keep him. Michael says that their attempt to split up their alliance has only made their alliance stronger.

11:35AM BBT: In the Golf bedroom, Taylor talks to the cameras. She may have to send Terrance out this week. She is OK with doing that morally because he did make a pitch to get rid of her. However, she doesn't want to evict a black person before jury.

11:45AM BBT: In the backyard, Daniel and Terrance work on his strategy. Terrance tells him that all he has to do is give them enough to make them think in this game. You can't be afraid to say things. Daniel says this move would be huge for those considered weaker players.

11:47AM BBT: Daniel needs to remind Michael that his resume is out of control with all the wins and that he is vulnerable after this week.

12:00PM BBT: Everyone is up and about. Not much going on. Terrance and Daniel have been talking about their favorite liquor in the backyard. BB keeps asking Joseph to put his microphone on. Joseph and Taylor discuss that besties has to end after next week or no one will be left.

12:15PM BBT: Terrance, Daniel, Brittany, and Michael are talking about the OTEV competition in the backyard. The costumes were all out and the wetter it got, the heavier it got. BB knew what they were doing. It was sauced.

12:20PM BBT: Indy joins the HGs in the backyard. She jokes that she is going to kick Kyle and Alyssa out of her room and put them in the Have-Not room. She said no more Have-Nots. She is going to call it the Have Naughty.

12:25PM BBT: Indy asks Brittany about her knee. The cut on her knee required 6 stitches. Indy is fascinated with blood. She loves medical TV shows and should have been a doctor.

12:30PM BBT: Today is a hot day at the BB House, with a high of 9976° and 38% humidity. Daniel says it's hot even in the shade. Monte goes into the bathroom after Kyle comes out and says OMG! Kyle apologizes for the smell. Alyssa is putting on her bathing suit.

12:45PM BBT: Indy impatiently waits for Monte to get out of the bathroom. Monte steps into the shower to change clothes and is talking to Indy. Go away, she says. She doesn't like being talked to while doing her biz. Monte heads to the Cars bedroom and grabs his ballcap and sunglasses.

12:55PM BBT: Monte goes to the backyard and tries to climb onto the yellow duck in the pool. What's up, America? In the Cars bedroom, Terrance tells Joe it's a game of self-preservation. You know I got you. Terrance then tells Daniel at the dining table that Joe's on board and will talk to Michael.

1:10PM BBT: Taylor, Michael, Turner, and Brittany are on the backyard couches in the shade. Jasmine joins them. HGs move from the backyard into the kitchen when they get hot, grab something to drink, then head out again. They are in and out of the fridge in the kitchen and storage room.

1:40PM BBT: Everyone but Turner/Daniel are inside getting lunch. Daniel feels alone since Nicole was evicted and expected to be backdoored. Turner goes inside for food and Daniel tells himself he'll say anything he has to say to stay. Alyssa/Kyle are floating in the pool.

1:50PM BBT: In the kitchen, Indy says it's 15m until her fasting is done. She's fasting each day until 2PM to lose weight. Joe is cutting up an apple. Kyle/Alyssa are floating (at a respectful distance) in BB innertubes. Michael has an almond allergy (Nicole had a peanut allergy).

1:55PM BBT: Daniel is still in the shade in the backyard, counting votes. Monte is trying to figure out how the GoPro works. Alyssa explains to Kyle why she was in a bad mood last night- she felt she didn't really know him after their talk in the hammock. Everyone else is in the kitchen.

2:00PM BBT: All feeds on Kyle/Alyssa floating in the pool. Alyssa says her mother's birthday is in two weeks. She talks about her parents and then asks him to talk about his. Daniel is in the Golf bedroom alone. Monte gets in the Pool in a blue BB floatie tube. Indy is sunning.

2:20PM BBT: Joe comes outside and dips a foot in the water. Kyle and Michael are in the backyard hiding in the shade. Daniel joins the kitchen snacking group: Terrance, Jasmine, Alysa, and Taylor. There's a nice 3-plate fruit spread.

2:35PM BBT: Terrance gets a new container of cinnamon. Indy is in the pool. Taylor and Joe are folding clean towels in the bathroom area and sharing info. BB tells the kitchen HGs to return the kitchen knives to the storage room (they can only have knives while they use them after the BB2 incident).

2:40PM BBT: Brittany had a DR session where her knee was examined. She got more antibiotics. Terrance/Jasmine bring food out to the backyard table. Taylor is on the bench next to the cactus. Daniel is going to work out in the heat. The HGs move around but the story stays the same.

2:45PM BBT: Joe and Brittany share fruit in the backyard. Joe offers the extra fruit to Terrance/Jasmine at the backyard table. Terrance tells Jasmine she'll never have a chance (to get out Monte) like this one. Joe found a nail on the ground in the backyard. Wear shoes, Terrance advises him.

2:50PM BBT: A third of the pool is in the shade and that's where Kyle/Indy/Monte are floating. Daniel says this is Vegas heat. How can people live like that, Jasmine asks. Kyle rolls over on the shark floatie. Monte trades the tube for the duck floatie. Indy leaves the pool.

2:55PM BBT: Indy/Jasmine are now laying on the loughes; Indy is in the sun, Jasmine in the shade. Alyssa/Terrance are at the backyard table snacking on the fruit plate. Joe brings them lemonade. Kyle is flat on his back on the shark floatie. Monte is on his back riding the duckie.

2:59PM BBT: Joe brings out ice for the lemonade. Taylor moved from the bench to a chair. Yep, it's a thrill a minute in the BB backyard. I'll be back if anything game-shaking happens.

3:38PM BBT: Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa are enjoying hte backyard and charting about toxic relationships. Alyssa says her last relationship, she just up and left and then he went crazy calling all of her family and friends.

Conversation turns to abs and then plastic surgery and how Alyssa's boss would got to Colombia for two weeks and come help me with something new.


3:42PM BBT: Terrance has reached a new milestone in the Big Brother House, and Jasmine says she is really proud of him. He is enjoying a float in the BB Pool.

3:50PM BBT: Indy is going to go to Rio to relax after the season. She has three TV shows she wants to push but can't talk about it until October. Turner tells Kyle his knee is still sore (The HGs in the OTEV competition got cut or banged up somewhere; Brittany has stitches in her knee).

4:25PM BBT: Monte leads Jasmine through some exercises for her foot. She only wanted to do 10 but he made her do 25. She's still wearing the boot. I didn't make you do anything, Monte says, you made yourself do it. Most of the backyard is in shade now and the HGs are in and out.

4:35PM BBT: Monte asks Brittany if she can exercise with her knee. She says the doctor said no, at least not yet. Michael heads up to HoH. Joe/Jasmine/Turner/Kyle tries to take a selfie with a GoPro. Jasmine has the boys sit on one couch but the light is bad so she moves them.

4:50PM BBT: Alyssa decides to have a staged pillow fight for a picture. They need more people though. Alyssa, Jasmine, and Indy pose with pillows overhead while Turner takes the picture. Kyle/Daniel are in the kitchen with Joe not talking. Michael walks through returning to HoH.



Previously, on Big Brother, with Kyle and his Festie Bestie Daniel winning the golden power, the Vegas performer was worried about putting his bestie Nicole in danger. But after HoH Monte gave him the green light to not use the veto, Daniel completely changed course and the chef found herself on the chopping block. Daniel thought he'd sealed Taylor's fate, completely unaware that she was protected by the dominating Leftover alliance.

With Monte planting seeds to Nicole's allies about her fate, it led to Nicole receiving only one single vote from Daniel, the man who inadvertently sent his Bestie to Restie. Needing to pick a new set of besties, Taylor joined some ladies outside the Leftovers. Tonight, earning the HoH will be no walk in the park for the HG.

 And which of the besties will find themselves on the chopping block? All this right now on Big Brother!

We pick up on Day 30 and Taylor is so excited to be in the house. She chose to join Indy and Alyssa so she can protect The Leftovers. Indy tells Monte she is afraid of Taylor. She did not want Nicole to go home and she is not happy that Taylor is her Festie Bestie.

Daniel is whispering to himself that no one is here to play Big Brother. He says seeing Nicole walk out was not fun. Seeing the lack of support was not good. He says it sucks to see your game crumble when you have waited ten years to be here.

Daniel is talking to Alyssa asking why she did not play for herself. He asks what she is doing. Alyssa says Daniel is very emotional and there was nothing she could have done to save Nicole. Daniel says Alyssa could have given Nicole respect.

Daniel tells Monte that he and Michael are going to go to the final two and one of them is going to win it. Michael is flattered but he does not want Daniel putting his name out there as someone who can make the final two and win. Daniel says he respects Monte's gameplay.

Daniel tells everyone to play for themselves because they cannot split the prize money. Daniel tells Kyle that Monte has zero class. Kyle says Daniel is putting a huge target on his back and he is worried this will put them on the block this week.

Daniel is talking to Monte and Turner and he wants to know what happened. Daniel says he is trying to hear Monte out and he says Monte has a massive alliance behind him and he wants to understand what is going on.

Monte says he will have a one-to-one conversation but all Daniel is doing is trying to put the attention on him. Monte says he suggested Daniel not use the veto so this emotional turmoil he has going on is really his fault. Daniel says Monte is hiding something.

Turner says Daniel is absolutely losing his mind. He says Daniel was told not to use the veto and he did it anyway and lost his best friend. You cannot complain after you set this plan in motion. Taylor is just glad Daniel is not yelling at her.

Daniel says he is aware going into the HoH that he has no one. He has no backing and if he does not win then he goes home. This is the most important competition for him this summer.

It is time for the HoH competition! One at a time, the HGs will walk across balance beams to get to park benches. They have wide balance beams that take longer and narrower balance beams that have shortcuts but are much more difficult to navigate.

If the HGs touch the ground, then they have to start over. The fastest HGs to navigate the balance beams and lock in their time will become the next HoH! Daniel is up first and he says his best friend just went home and he needs this win.

Daniel does well and sets a time of 16.49 and he is in the lead as the first HGs to go. Monte says Daniel winning HoH would be the worst-case scenario. Michael says he and Brittany are the only ones without a teammate outside the alliance so he needs this win.

Michael says he has to go the narrower beams in order to beat the time. He takes off and does well and locks in with a time of 11.79. Michael takes the lead and Daniel is eliminated. Michael is feeling great and he hopes he can hang on to the lead.

Joseph is up next and he thinks Michael winning is ideal since his team does not have a pawn and that would give them security without showing their alliance numbers. Joseph makes it halfway down the red beam and falls and has to restart and time expires.

Jasmine is up next but with her boot from her sprained ankle, she does not make it very far and is eliminated. Alyssa is not where she stands in the house so she wants to win this HoH. She plans on taking the longer beam because she has terrible balance.

Alyssa makes it halfway through the second beam and is eliminated. Terrance is up next and he tries the narrower beams but he falls and is eliminated. Brittany says this is best case scenario where Michael is in the lead but she will still try and win.

Brittany does a mix of the beams and only makes it to the middle before running out of time. Taylor is next and she has a vendetta against Daniel and she wants to get the blood on her hands. She makes two attempts but falls both times and is eliminated.

Kyle is next and he is all in on the Leftovers, but he and Alyssa are very close so he wants to win to keep the alliance safe and Alyssa. He does a mix of the beams but he just comes up short. Indy is next and she tries the quickest path but takes too long.

Turner is next and he says Michael is in the lead so he knows The Leftovers will be in power. He is not going to just let Michael have the win because he wants the power in his hands. Turner takes the short path and takes a nasty fall and is eliminated.

Michael has won the HoH! He is checking things off his BB bucket list. He wants to protect his alliance but he will keep in mind this is his HoH and he is going to set things up for his game.

Michael is so psyched to win this HoH and even though he is an alliance with big opinions, he is going to do what is best for his game. Monte says sorry Daniel it looks like The Leftovers are in power this week and he will be gone even if he is kicking and screaming.

Daniel says there is a possibility of himself going up but he is going to talk to Michael to see if he has a fighting chance in this game. Michael and Brittany hug and they celebrate being safe this week. Michael says Daniel is viewed as the biggest threat.

Michael says he does not trust Daniel, but he does not know if he is the best move for his personal game. Brittany says she is excited because they went from being the highest risk in the alliance to having safety is overwhelming.

Taylor joins Michael and Brittany to celebrate and they are discussing backdooring Daniel. Michael says pawns are between Turner and Jasmine and the three guys. Taylor says this is the best-case scenario if she could not be HoH this week.

Alyssa and Indy and Taylor are talking and Alyssa says she is happy they are working together. Taylor wants to talk to them and see if she can rebuild some trust. Indy says Taylor still has a big target on her back and that puts her game at risk so she does not trust her.

Kyle accidentally hurts Jasmine's foot and he is apologizing and she says it is OK. Joseph offers to grab some ice. Turner is not sure if Kyle actually touched Jasmine and the tape does not look like he did.

Turner says a fly could touch Jasmine's foot and she would act like she was thrown off Mount Kilimanjaro. Joseph is talking to Monte and they want to talk to Michael so it does not look like he and Monte are running the show.

Joseph says he, Monte, and Terrance goes on the block ensures they have more people playing for veto and they can ensure the right target goes home this week. They say the worst-case scenario is that Terrance will go home and their volunteering can create goodwill.

Jasmine has selected a muffin and she says sometimes a warm pastry will make her feel good. She picks another muffin and puts the two in a baggie to save them for later. We see Jasmine go back and one of her muffins has half missing.

Jasmine says there is a muffin man on the loose in the house and it is up to her to find out who it is. Turner says when is the Festie Bestie's ending because he has had it with Jasmine. He goes a little bit crazier the longer he is with her.

Jasmine heads upstairs to talk to Monte and Joseph and she wants to know who ate half of her muffin. She says was it, you Joseph? He says he did not do that but he should have. Jasmine says everyone is lying to her face, that muffin did not do anything to anybody.

Jasmine wants BB to tell her who ate the muffin. She says if someone has some footage they can release to her that would be great, and the producer says, "Sorry, we can not do that." Turner owns up to eating the muffin and says this could be a $750,000 muffin.

The Leftovers are meeting in the HoH room except for Joseph. They are discussing their thoughts and say Daniel is threat number one. Monte says the ideal situation is a pawn and a backdoor. Turner offers himself as a pawn. Monte pitches his besties as pawns.

Turner says this is a perfect week to go up and if things go wrong he can lose Jasmine. Monte pitches his team because it covers their tracks and it is ideal. Taylor says put someone else up like those muscular boys. Michael is still thinking his options through.

Kyle and Alyssa are in the storage room and they are cuddling and Kyle is asking if they are in a showmance. They kiss in the storage room and Alyssa never expected to meet someone so perfect and that makes her so happy. Jasmine sticks her head in and asks if they know who ate her muffin.

Daniel is going to talk to Michael and he wants to let him know that he is not a threat to his personal game and can be a number to help him get further. Daniel says Michael would win with stats over him because Michael has won four and Daniel has won two and he has his vote.

Daniel says Michael could use him to take a shot at someone he is close with and he will do any dirty work he needs. Michael says when someone is an easy target he has to weigh giving the house what they want versus doing what is best for his personal game.

Michael says if a backdoor plan is in motion and if veto does not get used then his hands are clean. He says keeping Daniel could be good because Daniel could take shots for him that he might not be comfortable taking himself.

Michael is in the HoH room and Brittany joins him and they start talking about nominations. Michael says it might cause too many waves to not get rid of Daniel and Brittany says but it is all about who strikes first because they are in a strong group.

Brittany says it is obviously Monte and Joseph. Michael says if Monte makes the final 6 he could see Monte winning and the hardest to beat in competitions. Michael says making unexpected moves could earn respect. Brittany says timing is everything in Big Brother.

Michael says The Leftovers going to the final seven is great in theory. But is this the week to draw the line in the sand and take the first shot? Or is it better to do what the house wants and get rid of Daniel?

It is time for nominations! Michael has nominated the Festie Bestie's of Monte, Joseph, and Terrance. Michael says he loves and adores all three of them and does not want them to take it personally and they are some of the strongest in the house.

Terrance is surprised that Michael called them out because he put strong people on the block. Daniel says after all the drama this week, he is not nominated, and seeing huge threats on the block is big for his game.

Monte says he is on the block with Joseph and Terrance but he is good with it because they agreed to the plan and he has confidence they will go out and win PoV and even if they stay on the block Terrance will be the target.

Michael says he has two huge targets on the block and if veto gets used Daniel can still be backdoored. He says he has waited a long time to have this HoH and he is not going to let it go to waste.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S24E14, was written by IndyMom78.

5:20PM BBT: Brittany tells Jasmine she trusts all the girls wholeheartedly. Otherwise, the final seven will be all men and the women will be laughed at. It was only girls nominated during Monte's HoH. The crowd will go wild if Monte is evicted, Jasmine predicts, more than with Daniel.

5:25PM BBT: Brittany tells Jasmine she doesn't know what Michael will do (with the Veto). If he keeps Monte safe, it means he keeps his promises and Jasmine would be able to trust him too. Jasmine is skeptical. Kyle/Alyssa pose for a pic. Jasmine thinks they'll work out of the house.

6:05PM BBT: In the Cars bedroom, Kyle says he and Alyssa wouldn't survive outside the BB House because she would bully him for everything he does wrong. He lives his life the way he wants. He was a cheerleader and Boy Scout in HS (why am I not surprised).

6:10PM BBT: Alyssa wouldn't have met him if he hadn't been a Boy Scout or Cheerleader. She calls him a cheerleading Boy Scout and he cringes. He asks her advice on how to be more manly outside the house. Don't live with your parents, she teases.

6:12PM BBT: Kyle defends his living arrangements, saying it's a separate basement apartment. Kyle says he moved into the apartment because he got lonely living alone during COVID isolation. His roommate left to stay with his rich parents.

6:14PM BBT: If he were to have a dog in their house, Kyle says, there would have to be rules (dogs don't follow rules- they set them for their human parents). He doesn't want a dog in an apartment, though. He gives a shout-out to his friend in Hawaii (where he house sits).

6:15PM BBT: Kyle asks Alyssa if she's prepared to accept the consequences if she cuts his hair? She is willing. Monte could do it, Kyle prompts. She might mess up and feel guilty.

In the HoH room, Joe tells Michael/Brittany the other side wanted Brittany out first, then Michael.

6:20PM BBT: Joe promises Michael/Brittany he has their back. Alyssa says Sarasota, FL is really small (it's not) and she knows everyone (she can't). He worries he wouldn't fit in. Alyssa's friend Jenna has a BF also named Kyle who is nerdy. Kyle says he's not nerdy.

6:25PM BBT: Kyle is worried Alyssa has so many friends.

In the HoH room, Michael tells Brittany that he threw the HoH to Jasmine in week two after she agreed to keep them safe. Brittany didn't know. She tells Michael that Taylor "likes" Joe.

6:40PM BBT: Kyle/Alyssa snog intensely before she goes to organize her drawers. Kyle sits up and grabs a pillow to place in front of his waist. In the backyard, Monte and Joe head out for a workout. They think Michael is right behind him, but he wasn't.

7:15PM BBT: Monte is leading a workout for Alyssa, Joe, Taylor, Indy, Michael, Kyle, and Terrance on the GoPro. Terrance goes to the DR, saying he is feeling chest pains. Turner takes over the GoPro. Brittany is watching the workout- she can't participate due to her stitches.

7:30PM BBT: Jasmine is alone in the Golf bedroom. Daniel asks if the other HGs are outside. She says yes. Jasmine heads to the backyard and wishes her hubby HPB again. Daniel is alone in the Golf bedroom and says it's great when he's alone in the house. Terrance comes back and says he's OK.

7:45PM BBT: Kyle laughs when Michael asks if there are any weights less than 25lbs. Kyle spots Michael as he lifts the 25lb weight. Mote tells him to do it again. Jasmine lifts a 10lb weight. Out of the blue, Indy shouts when this is over, we'll all need therapy.

7:55PM BBT: Michael is trying to keep up with Kyle's workout. How does that feel, Monte asks. It hurts, he says back. That's what you get for putting me on the block! Turner is continuing to film them on the GoPro. The HGs head up to the backyard balcony to watch the sunset.

8:15PM BBT: The backyard workout continues under the backyard lights. The HGs are on mats doing leg lifts. When they are done, Monte wraps up the GoPro video with thank yous and shout-outs. In the Cars bedroom, Terrance tells Turner they have enough votes to evict Monte. Fire, Turner says.

8:35PM BBT: The HGs find alcohol in the storage room. HGs gather excitedly in the kitchen, except for Brittany who is alone in the loft, watching the Turner, Monte, Jasmine, Terrance, Joe, and Daniel below. They are waiting for everyone to gather. Kyle and Alyssa come out of the storage room.

8:45PM BBT: Turner goes upstairs and finds Brittany in the loft. They begin a game of bumper pool, comparing OTEV injuries (Turner first hurt himself in the HoH competition). Now that the HGs are inside, Daniel heads outside to lay solo in the hammock.

8:40PM BBT: Brittany tells Turner she feels fine. She's cleared to compete at her discretion if she keeps the stitches clean. Turner joins Michael in the HoH room and updates him on Terrance saying Monte will be backdoored (Monte is already nom so he can't be backdoored). They laugh.

9:10PM BBT: Half the house is gathered in the bathroom area, the other half around the dining table. General non-game small talk in both locations. Michael is watching Brittany/Daniel/Jasmine/Terrance, occasionally smiling, but not participating in the conversation.

9:15PM BBT: Brittany, Terrance, and Jasmine are talking about their wedding days. Michael and Daniel are listening and Turner is snacking.

The wedding talk continues.

9:20PM BBT: Alyssa is hanging out in the lavatory while Kyle showers, Kyle asks if she is ready for the alcohol tonight.

9:25PM BBT: Jasmine speed talks about her wedding day, and photography issues, Brittany tells them that her brother officiated her wedding and had guests sit before Brittany entered.

Terrance says his was interrupted, someone forgot the solo performance.

Talk continues in the dining room about weddings.

9:30PM BBT: Wedding talk continues about ex-partners showing up at their weddings.

9:32PM BBT: Michael and Monte are in the HoH room.

Michael tells Monte that several houseguests have indicated members have agreed to vote to evict Monte.

Michael says he plans to say he is not going to keep Monte, Joe, and Terrance on the block. His reasoning will be that if the house wants Monte out, and they want Daniel out next, there is no real reason to switch the two of them.

Michael says he probably won't give a snarky speech, although he wants to since he and Brittany will be vulnerable next week.

9:35PM BBT: Monte says it will be interesting to see how they will react when Michael uses the veto. As of now, no one is talking game to him, he thinks Indy and Jasmine will approach him after the veto ceremony to talk about an alliance.

Monte says they have alcohol tonight, they might make sure Alyssa drinks, she spilled information to Kyle last time. Michael plans to take his cider down as well.

9:40PM BBT: Kyle, Turner and Brittany, Alyssa are in the shower. General talk.

The kitchen is full of people cooking, and hanging out. General talk.

9:47PM BBT: Daniel and Terrance are in the backyard looking at the clouds. Terrance goes inside to the loo while Daniel plays at the billiard table.

Terrance comes back, and reports on the houseguests who are in the lavatory area.

Daniel says he used to talk to Turner, but he hasn't recently, Terrance says Turner says the same thing about Daniel.

Terrance says Turner is cool with Monte going home, but as soon as Terrance talked to him, Turner went to the HoH room to speak to Michael.

9:55PM BBT: Daniel heads into the house, he wants to talk to Michael.

Cooking in the kitchen.

10:06PM BBT: Jasmine and Terrance are in the bedroom. Jasmine is fussing about Indy not telling her what was in the meatballs, she says she just wanted to know what is in it, she isn't going to eat it.

Terrance says "she will be humbled."

Jasmine is worried that Michael might not make "the move"

Terrance says he doesn't know if Michael has the guts to do it, he says Daniel and Kyle are in the lavatory waiting for Michael but Turner is in the way.

Terrance is worried that his part in trying to get Monte out will come out if Michael doesn't keep nominations the same.

Jasmine thinks Michael is worried that Daniel will come for him next week, she doesn't think Daniel will though.

10:10PM BBT: Terrance says he met the goal of being in the jury.

Terrance wonders why production gave them drinks, Jasmine says she isn't drinking it. Terrance says maybe it's a trick, and if they drink they unleash a power in the house.

Jasmine whispers that she will talk to Michael in the morning, and Terrance says he wants to keep them the same. He doesn't understand why it is so hard, they may not get the opportunity again.

10:16PM BBT: Jasmine and Terrance continue to cover the reasons Michael should want Monte out. They think Brittany has no chance to win HoH next week.

10:17PM BBT: Daniel, Brittany, Kyle, and Michael are in the HoH.

Daniel tells Michael he has received a lot of positive reinforcement.

Kyle says he wants to work with Brittany and Michael going forward.

Brittany says what if besties are done this week, but the deal is until besties is done?

Daniel says he has no desire to go after Michael and Brittany. He guarantees two weeks or so, and Kyle agrees.

Michael says if nominations stay the same, what does Daniel see happening this week, what is the backlash going to be?

Daniel says the game will go however Michael wants, the house wants Monte to go home.

Daniel says he is good with Joe, and Terrance loves Michael.

Daniel says Joe's goal, according to Terrance. is that he just wants to be here.

Kyle says he agrees with Daniel, Joe and Terrance don't seem to be vengeful types.

Michael says his hesitation is because Monte didn't put him and Brittany up last week, and he made a promise to Monte he wants to keep

He also says he is worried that next week he will be exposed, he has not had any reassurance from anyone else in the house.

Michael asks Daniel how he would feel if it were Joe or Terrance to go home instead.

Daniel says he would just be grateful he did not go on the block.

Michael says the Festie Bestie twist makes this a lot to think about.

Kyle asks how Joe and Terrance would feel about staying on the block.

Daniel says Terrance has been talking just in case scenarios to Joe.

Daniel says as far as he knows Monte has no idea what the house has been saying. (Monte knows)

Michael asks Daniel if Monte were to go home this week, what would the house look like next week.

Daniel says he has no plans, he doesn't know, but he is open to discussing it

Michael asks him if he has heard a direction the house will go next, Daniel says he has not.

Kyle says he has not heard anything this week except Monte.

Daniel insists he has no target, he would just feel liberated.

Daniel asks Michael to think about it, he wanted to talk about it tonight because tomorrow Michael will be busy. He tells Michael if he has any questions later to let him know and they can't talk about it.

Daniel and Kyle leave Brittany and Michael alone in the bedroom.

Michael says Indy, Jasmine, and Alyssa told Daniel they would vote Monte out.

Michael says Daniel will not honor his deal, he can't put up the others.

Brittany is called to exchange her microphone, they decide to go downstairs, and the charcuterie board is done.

10:30PM BBT: Dan has been in the HoH room for the last half hour pushing the plan to backdoor Monte (he can't be backdoored since he's already nom). He means getting Michael to not use the veto and leave Monte on the block. After he leaves, Brittany/Michael laugh.

10:38PM BBT: The board is beautifully done.

Daniel and Brittany are in the storage room.

Brittany says she saw Nicole and Daniel as separate people, and she voted her out because she felt that Nicole's apology to her was sincere, but there was no offer for anything positive going forward.

Brittany says people lied to Daniel's face, she didn't like that.

She tells Daniel that Michael's word is good.

Daniel says he appreciates that Michael heard him out, that meant the world to him.

Jasmine and Terrance come in to return cleaning materials.

Brittany says she would much rather come to him and tell him why she made a decision.

Daniel tells her that he will stand behind his promise of safety for the next two weeks. He says he is ready to talk it out and move forward.

Brittany says she knows Michael is weighing the pros and cons, and if Michael does make the decision to keep nominations the same it is set in stone.

10:40PM BBT: Brittany tells Daniel it's not her decision to make but she does have Michael's ear. Daniel says if they have any questions, he's available. He gives her a big hug, thinking he's made headway. They join the other HGs for dinner.

10:45PM BBT: The HGs worked up a nice dinner spread and are eating at the dining table except for Daniel/Brittany in the storage room. Daniel continues his pitch to stay. I have nothing to hide, he promises. Brittany says she has no game connection with Taylor. He makes a pitch to be on the Jury.

Brittany tells Daniel that she does not want anyone in the house to feel ostracized or alone.

Daniel says he has lived with that this week, and he says that sentiment means the world to him. Daniel says Taylor asked him why she was his target and he told her, "You're not, anymore."

Daniel says he hopes to go to the jury, he loves the game and he would vote according to the game.

Brittany says she is on board with a "clean slate" and she hopes to talk to Michael later to see what he is thinking, but she will support Michael's decision.

Daniel hugs Brittany and thanks her (sincerely).

10:52PM BBT: The cameras move to kitchen where houseguests are enjoying Indy's spread.

11:00PM BBT: General talk in the dining area.

11:12PM BBT: Daniel is on the hammock, says no one in the house is drinking, and calls it a weird vibe.

Daniel is enjoying a Coor's Lite, he tells the camera that was the first beer he ever had, and it's a family staple now.

Daniel says, "If this is my last week I'm glad it happened. I did something right to be here." "Pretty unreal."

Brittany is talking off camera and Terrance is as well.

The three of them are looking at the moon.

Brittany goes inside and leaves Terrance alone with Daniel. Daniel says that Michael's biggest setback is that Monte promised them safety if Michael keeps him safe. Daniel says that has already been broken, and Michael already put Monte up.

Daniel repeats the conversation he had with Michael.

He also repeats his conversation with Brittany.

Terrance says he will talk to Brittany.

Daniel says he promised safety until besties ends and Brittany asked him what happened if besties end this week. Daniel said he offered her two weeks and told her hadn't thought of that. He tells Terrance he did think of that but didn't plan to make any other offer until she brought it up.

Terrance says Michael may leave the nominations the same, and that could result in him (Terrance) being voted out.

Daniel says everyone loves him and that won't happen. The two of them head to the dining area while Daniel continues to plot.

11:30PM BBT: Taylor and Monte go to the billiards table. Indy comes out to the backyard and watches from the table. Complaints about the ants. Indy goes back inside.

Taylor tells Monte that Daniel did open the red wine but did not drink it, he got two beers instead. (Daniel had one, Terrance said earlier he had two put away)

Monte says Daniel doesn't act any kind of way when he drinks, he is cool with it.

11:38PM BBT: Jasmine and Terrance are in the bedroom.

Terrance, "We'll see."

Jasmine whispers back, we hear the word, "Brittany"

Jasmine goes to the kitchen, Daniel is saying that Indy hid the white wine saying only the girls can have it.

Daniel goes outside, he says he doesn't drink it anyway, why hide it from him?

Indy returns, and the girls finish off the white.

Michael tells them there is cider in the fridge if they want it later.

11:41PM BBT: Indy asks Jasmine if she is OK.

Jasmine tells Indy that Michael may not "do it."

They immediately talk about cleaning.

Talking in the kitchen about drinking.

11:50PM BBT: The houseguests laughing and drinking wine in the lavatory area.

11:55PM BBT: Monte wants to go inside to see what drama is going on. He hasn't had a beer yet. Taylor tells him to loosen up. In the bathroom area, Brittany says she can't drink while on antibiotics. Taylor says don't ask, just do it. Alyssa says she holds her wine glass like her mom.

12:00AM BBT: [Darlings this is the time we say goodnight. I'm off to thank the Lord for my day, cuddle these puppies, and get some sleep so I can greet a new day. Find something that makes you smile today then share it with a friend. goodnight Dears, hugs ~Grannysue]

12:00AM BBT: Taylor and Joe discuss their flirtmance. Joe asks what to call it in the DR. Jaylor is a lame name, she says. Indy, who has been drinking a large glass of white wine, says Kyle/Alyssa should go to the Have-Not room and have some "fun". Not now, Kyle says.

12:20AM BBT: Indy wants to put some ice in her wine to make it last longer. Too late, Kyle says. Brittany says she won half of two Vetos. Alyssa says she sliced her knee open so Michael could win. Kyle/Michael are playing pool in the backyard. Kyle/Michael play pool in the backyard.

12:20AM BBT: Alyssa is a bit tipsy, telling Brittany her babies are going to watch BB and say their mom is amazing. Brittany returns the compliment, saying Alyssa is skinny and beautiful. If only she looked like Alyssa at 24. Everyone loves your Mem0ry Wall picture best, Alyssa says.

12:25AM BBT: Joe says his brothers are level-headed and usually right. He used to work security and tries to not cause a scene (that explains why Joe is always trying to be a mediator). Alyssa was called to be on BB on Feb 22, so her phone lock code is 222 (thanks for that).

12:30AM BBT: Alyssa is listing everything she gave up to be on BB: two breakups, her jobs, and her BF's birthday. She thinks she, Kyle, Michael, and Brittany should work together. Her passion, she says continuing to talk, is to listen to people.

12:35AM BBT: Alyssa continues rambling about visiting Brittany in Austin. She hopes Brittany doesn't see her as a punk kid. Brittany says she's a cool friend. Alyssa says her parents watch the live feeds 24/7 and now are watching her. She's living her mom's dream (on BB).

12:40AM BBT: Alyssa assures Brittany she supports Michael whatever he decides. Brittany says Michael keeps his word but he is struggling with the Veto (he's not). He's just not sure if this is the right week.

12:45AM BBT: Brittany is worried about the girls getting picked off. We'll have our moment, Alyssa says, it just hasn't been her time yet. She says she's an emotional person but not an emotional player. She'd pick Brittany over Kyle if it came down to it.

12:47AM BBT: Indy joins Allyssa/Brittany. She's dreamed of being on BB for 22 years, but she wanted to be on BB Brazil. A friend said to apply for BBUS but she wasn't a US citizen. Once she got her citizenship, she applied and got on. Her manager said she wanted Brazil but got USA.

12:50AM BBT: Indy says people don't usually spend 24/7 with other people. In the BB House, they get bored, and have fights. She wishes people would just call her a bitch to her face than talk behind her back. Brittany loves how open Indy is. Jasmine says it's just a game.

12:53AM BBT: Brittany tells Jasmine she's funny. I am, she asks? Taylor joins the girls, and says she likes Indy too, she's real. I'm real, Jasmine argues, I have moods. I like to make people happy. Terrance comes out with towels and Taylor asks if he's trying to get off the block.

1:00AM BBT: Terrance asks Taylor about TayJay (Taylor/Joe) and she says it's just fake. Daniel says he and Joe have similar types (of girls) outside the house. He's equal opportunity: very version, not every virgin. Terrance has never watched the Live Feeds. Daniel won't.

1:10AM BBT: Alyssa tells live feeders this is the best experience of her life. We should apply and maybe meet the love of your life. Or win $750k. Daniel scares Alyssa while she's talking to her family. Her mom and grandma are watching.

1:20AM BBT: Alyssa asks Joe to feel her leg- she just shaved. Would he like this on a girl? She starts twerking, swinging a towel around. In the backyard, Indy tells Turner there are mirrors in a Feng Shei home (true, it is calming). Turner has heard this.

1:25AM BBT: Alyssa claims she and Kyle haven't kissed on the mouth (they have, repeatedly, maybe a little tongue too). She says Kyle is scared to be a nominee She says Taylor/Joe should share a bed and she and Kyle can share a bed. They discuss their couples names.

1:30AM BBT: Taylor claims BB wants her to be with Monte. Alyssa says Daniel needs therapy. She wants to make the season fun with romance. Taylor says everyone is pro-Kylyssa and pro-Jaylor. Alyssa says if nominations stay the same, Joe/Terrance will be fine. She wants girls for Final Two.

1:24AM BBT: Alyssa calls Kyle an angel. She wants to corrupt an angel. She's a bad, bad girl. Taylor tells Alyssa Go Team. Go Team, Alyssa replies. Alyssa says she'd have sex with her best guy friend but not with her best friend's guy.

1:30AM BBT: Alyssa says if you hang out with a guy every day, sex is inevitable. Terrance asks Taylor if she has a platonic guy friend. FotH before there's an answer. Joe says the cider is missing. Indy says Alyssa took it. Michael gave it to her, Alyssa says. CiderGate!

1:50AM BBT: Joe says if a girl values friendship over sex, he's done it. He has girls that are just friends. Taylor agrees it's possible. Daniel disagrees. Monte doesn't have female friends he's not attracted to. Monte teases Taylor- you working on that?

2:00AM BBT: Indy says she's asked everyone about the about the cider. Joe asks if it was just moved, did she ask Michael? No, she admits. Turner says he has female friends that are just friends. There are billions of people- there have to be male/female friendships.

2:05AM BBT: Turner elaborates on friendships between the sexes: We are not monkeys. We don't walk around trying to fuck everyone. Indy has a lot of guy friends and nothing happens. Joe says most men think with their dicks. Michael and Indy head inside as the debate rages.

2:35AM BBT: Kyle is surprised Indy hasn't gone to bed yet. Alyssa says it's late. Daniel says goodnight. Alyssa asks Kyle why he didn't say a word outside. If you are single and attracted to someone, why not be in a relationship? Kyle agrees.

2:40AM BBT: Alyssa trips up Kyle on her birthday (she claims he doesn't know anything about her). Alyssa gets the hiccups. Kyle accuses her of faking. He can't scare her now, she knows it's coming. She asks Jasmine to scare her. Why does she have Febreze? For my bed, Jasmine says.

2:45AM BBT: Alyssa announces Kyle annoys her. Why, he asks, then apologizes for whatever the reason. She's just bored. Kyle wants to go to bed and says goodnight. Then he realizes his laundry is unfolded on his bed. Jasmine/Alyssa think Indy is mad at them (about the cider).

2:50AM BBT: Taylor/Joe are in the backyard hammock. Joe says Indy/Jasmine are trying to start an alliance with them but they have to go home (Jury actually). Joe says Alyssa is investigating. Investigating what, Taylor asks? If I'm cute. She goes after innocent guys, Taylor says.

2:55AM BBT: Taylor likes Kylyssa. Joe says Kyle is going to have to break Alyssa's heart to keep The Leftovers. It will hurt more the longer she stays. Taylor thinks he'll be fine. Joe says Alyssa is a deadly player. She could blow it up. Daniel now, she says, Alyssa next.

3:00AM BBT: Kylyssa lay down in the loft. You are my favorite person in the world, she says. Kyle is annoyed they can't spend all day together. They decide to go into the Have-Not room together. They lay down on the butterfly floatie even though it's "gross". Can anyone hear, he asks?

3:02AM BBT: Michael/Brittany are in the HoH room and wonder where Kylyssa are. He thinks they are sneaking. Tonight's the night, Brittany says. She thinks people are more honest after a few drinks. Michael agrees. The girls are on board to evict Monte. Michael doesn't want to lose numbers.

3:10AM BBT: Michael is surprised that other than Daniel, none of the others came to him today to promote their plan. Michael will talk with HGs more in the AM and say he is using the Veto and will help get Monte out next.

3:15AM BBT: Michael/Brittany go to the Have-Not room and surprise Kylyssa. I just came for dirty towels, Michael claims. We were just talking, Kyle claims. Brittany laughs, they're like Mom and Dad. Michael says he's going to leave the door open. Everyone laughs awkwardly.

3:20AM BBT: Michael/Brittany return to HoH and start Jedi training (matching days and competitions/ceremonies). Brittany doesn't think Alyssa would put them up but she's not sure about Jasmine. Alyssa wants a final four with them and Kyle. Michael would agree to it.

4:35AM BBT: The HGs in the bathroom area give late-night shout-outs to family and friends: Turner/Joe/Kyle/Taylor. After the others head off, Kyle asks Joe what he should do about Alyssa. He tells Joe about Michael/Brittany walking in on them in the Have-Not room and is worried she'll affect his game.

5:20AM BBT: Taylor/Joe/Kyle finally leave the bathroom area and head to bed. Lights go out in the house. Loud snoring in the Cars bedroom (Terrance).

Today's updates were written by: Fuskie, Goldylucks, GrannySue1154, and MamaLong.

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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