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Cameron won the Zombie resurrection competition, and Jared's game is dead.
The power is up for grabs, and all the HGs competed for the title of HoH.
Cameron won HoH!
Cameron nominated Felicia and Mecole for eviction.
Playing for the Power of Veto were: Cameron, Felicia, Mecole, Blue, Matt, America; Jag hosted.
Cameron won the Power of Veto with a time of 7:59

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Update Entry
Monday, October 2, 2023 PoV Ceremony Today
As of 2:00AM, Cameron's plan to backdoor Cory was off. Things could change, as it often does, in the Big Brother house.

8:38AM BBT: Felicia is up and starting to make her bed. Gold Swirlies for a moment. All four cameras shifted to Cameron sleeping in the HoH room.

8:43AM BBT: Felicia is in the storage room changing her battery pack and getting ready for the day. She is smelling what looks like melons [?] and takes one to the kitchen. Se also has her clothes for the day and Bible in tow. She set the melon down in the kitchen and went to look in the backyard before going back inside with her clothes and Bible.

8:45AM BBT: The feeds shift to the HGs sleeping in the upside down room for half and Cam sleeping in HoH room for the other two.

8:50AM BBT: The feeds are still on the HGs sleeping in the upside down room and Cam sleeping in the HoH room. 

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Update Entry
Sunday, October 1, 2023 Day 61
10:08AM BBT: Cam, Felicia, and Cirie are on the patio talking in bathrobes, and having coffee. Felicia tells Cam he's on fire (doing very well in the game), and he replies he's doing his best. Felicia then says to Cam (in an accusatory, unpleasant tone), "I wanted to see Zingbot, Cam." He replies that it would've been hilarious, that "Zingbot would not have been kind to you," making no apologies or regrets of any kind.

10:09AM BBT: Cory and America on the hammock, half-dressed, idle talk.

10:12AM BBT: Cam, Felicia, and Cirie are still together on the patio. They're looking at the mural on the outside walls of the backyard. The mamas don't seem to understand part of it. Cam explains to them that the part on the horizon (not the forefront) is the same image, upside down (or reversed, or something). They all look at it. The mamas start to see it, then talk turn to whether one of the buildings is the Empire State Building, or another building. And exactly what city it is (is it New York, and the Burroughs, etc.).

12:06PM BBT: Cam and Bowie meet up briefly in the storage room. Cam tells her the plan is still the same. Bowie mentions a few comments Felicia made in reference to going after Cam. Cam kinda laughs and says, yeah (as in, that's why she's on the block). Cam leaves and heads immediately to the HoH.

12:10PM BBT: Matt and Cam are having a serious strategy session in the HoH room. They're discussing back-dooring Cory this week. Cam tells Matt he thinks Jag seems reluctant. Cam says it's a team vote, and he won't go against the team.

Cam says he has a "gut feeling, the kid's got to go." They discuss others, specifically Blue, who want them (the Fugitives) to take the shot at Cory. Matt says he's down with the plan to go ahead and take the shot at Cory this week (backdoor).

Matt says it'll be an awkward few days. Cam says Cory will pace and "run holes in his shoes" and they reminisce about Izzy's eviction week (the similarity). Cam says evicting Felicia would be the "easy house" move, and evicting Cory would shake up the house, and all the relationships in the house.

They return to talk about Jag's reluctance about taking the shot at Cory.

Matt mentions Cory is very nervous right now. Cam agrees and says yes, of course, he's nervous right now. Cam says he understands Cory, saying "he's playing my game" and strategizing. He says Cory knows they (the Fugitives) can beat him in the physical competitions.

Cam mentions his gut feeling again about back-dooring Cory, saying "When I get a gut feeling, I'm right."

Matt tells Cam he'll talk to Jag (to figure out where he is, and why).

They both agree that if Cory is on the block with Meme, the vote would be 6-1.

Cam says Cory is building coalitions in the house with everyone but them. Matt says Felicia basically sold him out yesterday, telling Matt that Cory would come after them (the Fugitives) the first chance he gets.

Cam and Matt look at the TV screen and notice that Jag and Cory are going to the hammock to talk. [As a side note, I'm getting concerned about Matt's plastic flosser addiction LOL ~Angel411]

12:45PM BBT: Jag and Cory are talking in the hammock. Cory tells Jag that Cam is "playing the middle" between him (Cory) and America, and Matt and Jag.

Cory says he's not really sure where Cam is. But that Cam leaving would be better for all of them. He mentions to Jag to think about going after Blue.

Cory says he thinks Cam trusts Matt and Jag more, but Cam knows he's better off with him (Cory) and America with winning competitions.

Cory's been talking somewhat nervously almost nonstop; Jag is mostly taking it in, responding with "yeah... yeah... " and listening. Cory says that Cam in the house can "fuck up our shit more than anything else," then noted that Cam can't play for HoH next week.

Cory then says they need to think about getting Cam out next, or, that they could "pussy out" and put up Blue and Cirie. Jag is noncommittal, just saying, "There's a lot of time... "

Cory finally asks Jag point blank, "Do you agree with Cam being the next target?" Jag artfully skirts the question, and says (again in a noncommittal way) "Maybe; dude just wins competitions."

1:00PM BBT: Matt and his plastic flosser joins Jag and Cory at the hammock, shutting down the current game talk between Cory and Jag.

1:05PM BBT: Cory is in the hammock with Jag and Matt sitting next to them Cory gets up to go inside because he's hot and overdressed for the sun. Felicia has wandered over to them, and takes Cory's place on the hammock. She does a little campaign pitch to Jag and Matt. She tells them she'll vote with them (maybe anticipating the potential for a backdoor?) and then mentions that the mental competitions are coming, and says she'll help them study. She then says she can see the two of them (Matt and Jag) in the final two. There's a short awkward silence. She then tells them she has "No ill will" against Meme, and will never speak badly about her.

1:24PM BBT: Cam and Cory are talking at the bar in the kitchen, across from each other. Cory is chattering away and seems a little nervous. Cory mentions numbers, and how few of them are left. Cam just says it should be a simple week. Cory replies that next week should be, too (after just suggesting to Jag moments before that Cam should be next week's target).

[This is turning into a full-on poker game conversation, really interesting. Cam is super chill, Cory is babbling away ~Angel411]

Cory continues to talk game and strategy, Cam replies he's not thinking too far out. Cory appears to be on an entirely different track. Cam tells him that in any scenario, he (Cam) is probably the target next week. Cam is skillfully arguing with some of Cory's game strategy talk, without appearing the least bit argumentative. [Cory continues with more philosophical game talk, and Cam's having none of it ~ Angel411]

Cam finally tells Cory that his (Cory's) anxiety is from trying to control unpredictable outcomes that'll happen in the future. They discuss big game moves vs. "happy moves." Cam points out that those who make "the happy move" end up out of the house.

Cory then questions, with certain game moves, whether or not "the time is now." Cam replies "You're asking the wrong guy. The time is now." Cory tries to reframe his point, and Cam again says "The time is always now." [This conversation got deep with the unspoken, and I'm pretty sure they were feeling each other! ~ Angel411]

Cam then says to Cory, "This week can be boring. Let it be boring. Then Thursday, bear down." He then leaves the kitchen and walks outside to the patio.

2:41PM BBT: Cory and America have a charming Lunchables date on the balcony overlooking the backyard. America brought a throw from the living room to put over one of the pub tables to make it like a restaurant, and put a small potted plant on the table to enhance the ambience. They ate lunchables and traded capri sun straws as one does (in 3rd grade). The whole thing was very flirty, but they confirmed Camerica is their preferred moniker, and Cory outed America's closeted nerd she tries to keep hidden.  See Video Here



Join us in the CHAT ROOM tonight during tonight's episode of Big Brother starting @ 10PM ET.

Previously on Big Brother, the double eviction saw Cameron and Jared booted, but a twist from the Scaryverse sent them back into the game. With normal game play out the window, a spooky showdown between the Zombies would commence.

Cameron and Jared went to battle in a boneyard braw. After three nerve-wracking rounds, the Space Zomboy got one step closer to resurrection. With chaos unleashed, new alliances were forming. Matt, Jag and Blue teamed up with America and Cory, but the trio also formed something new with Cameron.

Meanwhile, AmericCory also cut their own side deal with Mecole and Felicia, which put them on Matt's radar.

With a live do-or-die competition before him, Cameron took the reigns, and he earned a new lease on his BB Life. But it was sadly sunset for Cirie's son. Tonight, the game resumes with the Final 10 competing for HoH. Who will win the power and which two HGs will be put on the chopping block? Find out right now, on Big Brother!

We pick up on Day 58 after Cameron wins the resurrection competition and Jared leaves the house. Cameron cannot believe he worked his way back into the game and it is time to play the cramp out of the game.

Cirie says Jared was sad because he wanted to be there so bad. But the gloves are off because those she loved are gone and the rest are serpents and snakes. Jag is so stoked that Cameron got back in and Blue is sad because she'll miss Jared. Blue's one goal is to win HoH and avenge her Poohbear.

It's time for the HoH! Cory says this HoH is crucial. America says she and Cory are working with Matt and Jag but also with Felicia and Mecole, but she's not sure she can trust them.

Cameron reads the dir croons for the HoH competitions and the HGs must complete a puzzle. The first HGs to assemble their rocket and launch it will be the new HoH! Cirie says this HoH is critical for her because she's a lone wolf. Bowie Jane is excited and the power has shifted. Cameron says he's on level 10 adrenaline and he's calm, cool, and focused.

Blue says she sees a flat piece and puts it on first. She wants to win and send Cory on him. Jag says he, Matt, or Cam winning would be golden. Mecole needs to win because she can only depend on herself. Matt has proven he can win veto competitions and he wants to prove he can win HoH competitions, but he's not good at puzzles.

Bowie says her hair makes her look a little alien so this is her competition. She sees the stickers and starts matching the puzzle outside of the building spot. Cameron says he heard about a variety of different alliances. America tells Matt and Jag about the Felicia and Mecole alliance and she doesn't realize Cameron was close enough to hear.

America's strategy is to match up the stickers. Cory says he's a brain guy but he's apparently not good at puzzles. Jag says there is a lot of pieces and he's feeling rushed. Cirie says she thought she was good but then everything turned French. Felicia says she thought she was good, but pieces get mixed up.

Blue says she didn't have high expectations because it's a puzzle competition but she's slaying it. Mecole says she was going good until she realized there were stickers. Cory says Matt, Jag, and Cam are all close and he realizes they could win and keep him safe or draw the line in the sand.

Jag is in the zone and he's trying to pick up the pace. He feels really good. Matt sees it's between him, Jag, and Cameron and that's great. Cameron has three pieces left and he isn't worried about anyone else. All he has to do is execute. Cam finishes and hits his button and he has won HoH!

Cameron says he went from out of the house to the top of the house. Blue is frustrated because she keeps getting close but Cameron winning isn't the worst case for her. Cirie says Cameron won again. Of course, he did. But she's does that make Felicia feel? Felicia says Cam came after before and he could again. He's like a gnat.

Cameron is hoping all the groundwork he laid down paves a path for him. Mecole says Cam is a wildcard and her fingers are crossed this week. Cory says he should be able to sleep well this week. Cameron tells Cirie that Jared told him to take care of her. Cirie says she feels so alone that she might have to consider trying to work with Cameron.

Jag and Matt are talking about how they're working with America and Cory and then Blue and Cameron. Jag wants to discuss this with Matt and Cameron because America and Cory are playing a smart game. Felicia says Cameron could put up her and Mecole and Cameron is a wildcard because you never know who his target is.

Cirie is called to the DR while Cory is asking Survivor questions and Cirie is saved. Cory is a massive Survivor fan and she is his Survivor Google. Cory is reciting Survivor facts and Cirie says he knows more than she does. Cirie says she's glad in the DR because Cory wants to talk Survivor.

Jag, Matt, and Cameron celebrate and they have called themselves The Fugitives. Cameron asks who they want on the jury because the next person to leave will be the last one evicted before the jury and he wants the jury pro-Cameron. Meme and Felicia are thrown out and Cirie is tossed out.

Cameron says Cory is a threat and Jag says they have to think about who is the most dangerous. Cameron says he's taking all their input in, but he's ultimately going to do what is best for his game.

Mecole says she is a naturally clean person. Her house is spotless, but the Big Brother house? Not so much. We see her disinfecting everything. She says this house has funk. two cans of disinfectant spray probably isn't doing the job, but it's all she's got.

America says she learned how to kiss at 26. Cirie hates when you kiss someone for the first time and their mouth is too wet. America says no one ever told her what she was doing wrong as a kisser. Cory finds it hard to believe America is teaching him to kiss. America says she kissed washing machine style. Bowie Jane says she practiced on her hand.

Cory is in to talk to Cameron. Cory says it's fun to watch the roller coaster from the outside but not fun when you're on it. Cory says he hasn't really betrayed Cameron and he wants to build on their relationship. Cory says he feels very comfortable and he needs Cameron to win competitions.

Cory asks Cameron what he needs from him, he'd like to play in veto. Cameron doesn't know why Cory is so comfortable. He likes chaos and since he is HoH, no one should be comfortable. He says the persona Cory is protecting could be his downfall.

Blue is in to talk to Cameron and he says the best part of being HoH is people come in with their little black books and start throwing names out and start driving the bus. He takes in as much info as he can. Blue throws Cory under the bus and wants him gone.

Felicia is in to talk to Cameron and she says they haven't talked game. Why is that? Cameron says he never felt there was an invitation for game talk and Felicia says she wasn't a pusher in any conversations. Felicia says she very one was chasing him because he's the number one player in the house. She says her gut tells her that he is putting her on the block and he says Felicia is the greatest persuader in the house.

Felicia says Cirie is the real threat. But truth be told she is a threat but she's going to do whatever she has to in order to stay off the block. Cameron asks if he's Final Two would she vote for him and she says yes. She says that sincerely and she would be one of his four votes. She says she's asking him to let her keep playing.

Mecole is in to talk to Cameron and she says he should be damned proud of himself. She says it has been amazing to watch. Cameron knows who his target is this week, but he needs to sit his target next to a pawn and that is a very important decision. He tells Mecole she is not in any danger this week. Mecole says he is cryptic and she thinks she's going to be a pawn and she doesn't like the odds.

Cameron says he doesn't want things to be weird. Mecole says Cameron should be careful because they are about to see a side to her they haven't seen, and if she stays, then Cameron will be a target. Cameron again reassures Mecole she isn't in any danger.

It's time for the nomination ceremony! Cameron's first nominee is...Felicia. His second nominee is...Mecole. Cameron says there are many aspects to this game and Felicia has had many and she is a tremendous competitor. Cameron says he's no stranger to sitting next to friends and he apologizes to Mecole.

Cameron says Felicia is his target because he doesn't want her in the jury house and he doesn't believe she'd vote for him to win. He says Mecole is her best friend and he doesn't want her winning the veto and saving Felicia. Cory says Cameron didn't go rogue and nothing crazy happened.

Felicia says Cameron makes her nauseous. She doesn't know why he wants her out but she is winning veto because she doesn't want to have to ask people for their votes. Mecole says her game face is on and she is going to fight for that veto. They are going to have to drag her out because she's not leaving without veto in her hands.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S25E25, was written by IndyMom78.

6:15PM BBT: All ten houseguests are eating dinner (meatloaf) together.

8:00PM BBT: Live feeds are on RCHS.

Note:  Due to some network outages, the has been experiencing connectivity issues tonight.
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