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I know my list needed some work, so I've started deleting the dead links.  I'll begin adding new links once I complete verifying the old ones.  Thanks for your patience. 

Aldav's Big Brother 8 Edition
Al digs up all the headlines, links and the most provocative pictures of the day and puts everything on one page for you.
BB Chatter
Big Brother USA mega-site! News Flashes, Chat, Live Feed Updates and Screencaps! All on a blazing server - fast Fast FAST!!!
Big Brother - Buddy TV
Buddy TV is huge site of TV stuff and their Big Brother department looks really good.  This is a new listing (as of 2007) and worth checking out.
The Reality BBQ - The Roast with the Most!
Features commentary, photos, archives, polls, transcripts, and more. Spamgirl's Web site, Always current and up-to-date, always first rate.
Our pal Howie has his own web site, and is running even when he's in the house. So check out the fun world of Howie.
This has nothing to do with Big Brother, it's another enterprise owned by Dr. Will Kirby.
Will Kirby's MySpace Page
Will has a MySpace page, who would have thought that?
The Doctor is In. This is his general "show-biz" site where you can see what he's been up to, and what's coming up. You'll also find links to his store, where you can buy t-shirts and Chill Town thongs, and other fashionable items created by the Evil Doctor.
Reality TV Addict
Live Chat, Transcripts, Image Galleries, and Secrets Revealed. Now covering all the popular reality shows.
The Big Brother Site
Headlines, Updates and polls, and a really cool design.
One of our members has branched out on her own.  She'll be helping out this season and giving us a day off or ten :-)
Alexis is back with more Big Brother updates, opinions, screencaps and has offered to help with the Show Coverage at Morty's.

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Big Brother Updates
Headlines, Games, Journal, chat and news.
Fans of Reality TV
The Big Brother forum of Fans of Reality TV. Info on other popular reality shows too.
"We cover all things media but specialize in reality TV. We have recaps, interviews and reviews. Check out our message board and Big Brother live feeds."
I Love Reality
Information, links, cast info. Includes casting info and resources for almost every reality show. Big Brother info going back to BB1
Joker's Updates
Information, links, cast info. Includes casting info and resources for almost every reality show. A Morty Favorite!
Daily updates on reality-based TV and Net shows as well as chat, trivia games, forums, links and articles!
Reality Reel
Reality Reel offers reality show updates, as well as movie news, world new, polls, chats and so much more.
Reality News Online
Analyses of the events in the Big Brother 4 house (only BB4).
Reality Stars
Has commentaries from the stars of past Big Brother shows (pretty cool).
Reality TV Planet
Assorted reality TV stuff.
Reality TV Fans
Just links to reality TV sites. This site can't be very good, Morty's isn't even listed!
Reality TV's Most Memorable Contestants
Reality TV site dedicated to the unforgettable contestants of the modern Reality Games.
Online source for TV Producers and companies buying original reality-based shows to produce. Writers pitch your show.
SirLinksALot.net  Sir Links a Lot is a complete directory of Reality Show TV Websites.  Click Here for the Sir Links a Lot  Home Page, or here for Big Brother 8 Links
Survivor Sucks
The EZ-Board forum for Big Brother
Latest News On Reality TV Thousands of fans served.
Big Brother pictures, videos, news, and much more. Feed reloader availale here!

Previous House Guest Web Sites:

Big Brother 1 Cast and Fan Pages

Jordan Fan Page
Info on her radio show, and her book.  See also Big B TV for a story on Jordan.
The Curtis Kin Page at BigB TV
Curtis was the runner-up on BB1, he's considered the forgotten brother, but the smartest.  Here's short bio of Curtis
Will "Mega"
Will Mega ran for Philadelphia City Council.  See his web site, bio, and goals.
Chicken George's Tribute Page
A message board for Chicken George Fans
PraiseJamie.Com - In Praise of Jamie Kern
Includes lots of pictures and info, and a mailing address for Jamie, and info on the other HGs from BB 2000.  A really good site.
Big Brother Cassandra Waldon
A nice quiet dignified site for a nice quiet dignified person.  You'll also find her bio address on Big B TV

Big Brother 2 Cast and Fan Pages

Will and Chill Town
Updates/fan page of Will Kirby and Chilltown
Shannon Dragoo Photos
A gallery TV captures of Shannon..  See also her story on Big B TV
Hottie Shannon Yahoo Group
A gallery TV captures of Shannon.. 
The Real Hardy
A very well done fan site. 
Justin is Cool
Justin Seblik left the BB house before the first eviction, but he still has fans.
A Nicole Fan Site
The personal chef from Atlanta, Georgia's fan site.
The Daly Dose
Jeff and Autumn Daly official site.  Includes photos and contact information. 

Big Brother 3 Cast and Fan Pages

Rachel's BB3 Blog
Daily Weblog for BB3 and only BB3
Jason Guy
What's Jason up to?  Where can you see him?  It's all here
Amy Crews
This is the site given to Amy from a fan.  It's a beautiful and wonderful tribute.
Officially Marcellas.  Keep track of Marcellas. An excellent site with a purpose. 

Big Brother 4 Sites

Wanna see lots of BB4 pictures displayed on artist background?  This is the site for you, beautifully well done.
Galactic Cowgirl's Reality Ranch
Home of cartoons and other humor bits... plus live feed updates, message boards, spoilers and more!
The Men of Big Brother
Lots, and lots of photo galleries featuring the men (and boys) of Big Brother.
Dana Varela Fans
A web site dedicated to BB4 Dana
A David Lane Fan Site
A web site dedicated to BB4 David Lane, Army Ranger and stud. 
The FBI Guy
A Fan Site Devoted to former FBI agent Jack Owens
The Giovinco Family Mafia
A humor fan site with a Soprano style.  Really, really well done!
The Original Jee Choe Fan Page
Meet Jee Choe. He Is A 23 Year Old Bookkeeper From New York City.
Jun Song Fans
Very well done, but hasn't been updated since July 25th (September 14).
Jun Song Big Brother
Very well done, and up-to-date.
Justin Giovinco Fansite
A fan site for Justin produced by his friends.

Big Brother 6 Sites

Cineplex City Big Brother 6 Forums, photos, nice design.
The House is Back
Reality TV forums.

Can You Name All The Big Brother HGs?

William "Mega" Collins 1st Evicted 16 Days
Jean "Jordan" Jordan 2nd Evicted, 29 Days
Karen Fowler 3rd Evicted, 43 Days
Brittany Petros 4th Evicted, 57 Days
Cassandra Waldon 5th Evicted, 71 Days
George "Chicken George" Boswell 6th Evicted, 78 Days
Jamie Kern 7th Evicted, 85 Days
Curtis Kin 2nd Runner-Up, 87 Days
Josh Souza 1st Runner-Up, 87 Days
Eddie McGee Winner , 87 Days

Justin Sebik Disqualified, 10 Days
Sheryl Braxton 1st Evicted, 12 Days
Autumn Daly 2nd Evicted, 19 Days
Shannon Dragoo 3rd Evicted, 26 Days
Mike "Boogie" Malin 4th Evicted, 33 Days
Kent Blackwelder 5th Evicted
Krista Stegall 6th Evicted, 43 Days
Bill "Bunky" Miller 7th Evicted, 57 Days
Hardy-Ames Hill 8th Evicted, 64 Days
Monica Bailey 9th Evicted, 71 Days
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich Runner-Up, 78 Days
(Dr.) Will Kirby Winner, 78 Days

Lori Olsen 1st Evicted, 13 Days
Tonya Paoni 2nd Evicted, 20 Days
Amy Crews 3rd Evicted, 27 Days; (Returned, 41 Days; 10th Evicted, 76 Days)
Eric Ouellette 4th Evicted, 34 Days
Josh Feinberg 5th Evicted, 41 Days
Chiara Berti 6th Evicted, 48 Days
Gerry Lancaster 7th Evicted, 55 Days
Roddy Mancuso 8th Evicted, 62 Days
Marcellas Reynolds 9th Evicted, 69 Days
Jason Guy 11th Evicted, 78 Days
Danielle Reyes Runner-Up, 82 Days
Lisa Donahue Winner, Winner, 82 Days

Brandon Showalter Disqualified before start, 0 Days
Scott Weintraub Forfit, 8 days
Amanda Craig 1st Evicted, 12 Days
Michelle Maradie 2nd Evicted, 19 Days
David Lane 3rd Evicted, 26 Days
Dana "Buzzard Crotch" Varela  4th Evicted, 33 days
Nathan Marlow 5th Evicted, 40 days
Justin Giovinco  6th Evicted, 47 days
Jack Owens, Jr  7th Evicted 54 days
Jee Choe  8th Evicted 61 days
Erika Landin  9th Evicted 68 days
Robert Roman  10th Evicted 75 days
Alison Irwin, Runner-Up, 82 Days
Jun Song,  Winner, 82 Days (Includes two days in NY)

Michael Lubinski, 41 Single, Eastpointe, MI 1st Evicted,   14 Days
Lori Valenti, 26 Single Actress/Model Los Angeles  21 Days
Holly Michelle King, 20's Single Model Los Angeles  28 Days
Scott Elliot Long, 26 Single Sales Rep., Pittsburgh, PA   35 Days
Jason "Jase" Wirey, 28 Single Actor, Long Beach, CA 42 Days
Charles William "Will" Wikle, 26 Single Nurse New York NY 49 Days
Natalie Montgomery-Carroll 30 Married Birmingham, AL 56 Days
Adria Montgomery-Klein, 30 Web Designer Birmingham, AL. 63 Days
Marvin Latimer, 36 Single, Mortician Conway, SC  64 Days
Karen O'Neil-Ganci, 30 Married Portrait Artist Spring Hill FL 70 Days
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon, 21, Hostess San Antonio, TX 75 Days
Diane Henry, 22 Single Cocktail Waitress Burlington, Ky. 78 Days
Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, 23 Engaged Dad Security Officer Durant, OK
Andrew "Drew" Theodore Daniel, 22 Single Recent Grad. Urbana, OH.

Ashlea Evans, 22, Single Fashion Design Student, Plantation, Florida  1st Evicted, 12 Days
Michael Donnellan, 28, Single Artist, Orange County California 19 Days
Eric Littmann, 36, Married, Fireman, Boston Massachusetts  26 Days
Kaysar Ridha, 24, Single, Graphic Arts Designer, Irvine California  33 Days returned for  more
Sarah Hrejsa, 22, Single, Retail Manager, Chicago Illinois  40 Days
Jennifer Vasquez, 27, Single, Arena Football League Dancer, Plano Texas First Juror, 7th eviction
Rachel Plencner, 33, Single, Horse Breeder, Parker Colorado 8th Eviction
James Rhine, 29, Single, Loss Prevention Manager, Atlanta Georgia 9th Eviction
Beau Beasley, 25, Single, Personal Shopper, Pembroke Pines, Florida 10th Eviction
Howie Gordon, 34 Single, Meteorology Student, Chicago Illinois  11th Eviction
April Lewis, 30, Newlywed, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Dallas Texas 12th Eviction
Janelle Pierzina, 25, Single VIP Cocktail Waitress, Miami Beach, Florida 13th Eviction 75 days
Ivette Corredero, 25, Single, Waitress, Miami Beach, Florida 80 Days
Maggie Ausburn, 26, Single Emergency Room Nurse, Las Vegas Nevada 80 Days

Alison Irwin,  BB4, 25 Medical Sales, Meadville PA  First evicted , 10 Days
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon, BB5, 23, Hostess/Artist,  San Antonio, TX  18 Days
Jason "Jase" Wirey, BB5, 30, Single Actor, Taylorville, Illinois  25 Days
Diane Henry, BB5,  24, Single, Actress, Los Angeles Callifornia  32 Days
Kaysar Ridha, BB6,  25, Single, Graphic Arts Designer, Irvine California  39 Days
Marcellas Reynolds, BB3, Single, Fashion Stylist, Chicago, Ill/Hollywood CA  46 Days
Howie Gordon, BB6, 35 Single, Meteorology Student, Chicago Illinois  47 Days
James Rhine, BB6, 30, Single, Loss Prevention Manager, Chicago Illinois 50 Days
Danielle Reyes, BB3, 34, Married, Property Manager Vacaville, California 60 Days
George "Chicken George" Boswell,  BB1, 47, Casino PR  Los Vegas NV 60 Days
(Dr.) Will Kirby, BB2,  33, Single, Dermatologist, Marina Del Ray, CA 65 Days
Janelle Pierzina, BB6  25, Single VIP Cocktail Waitress, Miami Beach, FL  67 Days
Mike "Boogie" Malin, BB2, 35, Single Restaurateur Hollywood, CA 72 Days
Erika Landin,  BB4, 36, Single, Casting Director, Los Angeles,  California 72 Days


Amber Siyavus-Tomcavage 27-year-old cocktail waitress who works at Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is also a single mother.

Carol Journey  21-year-old student from the University of Kansas and is part of their dance team.  She is the daughter of Kansas State Senator Phil Journey.

Daniele Donato  20-year-old Hooters girl from Huntington Beach, California. Dick is her estranged father, with whom she hasn't spoken in over two years.

Dick Donato  44-year-old bar manager and professional Tommy Lee impersonator from Los Angeles, California. Daniele is his daughter.

Dustin Erikstrup  22-year-old shoe salesman from Chicago, Illinois. Dustin and Joe used to be a couple, and had a bitter breakup.

Eric Stein is a 27-year-old talent management assistant from New York, New York. He grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York. Eric is "America's Player."

Jameka Cameron 28-year-old school counselor from Waldorf, Maryland.

Jen Johnson 23-year-old nanny from Beverly Hills, California.

Jessica Hughbanks  21-year-old Wichita State University student,  Jessica and Carol were best friends as young teens, but had a falling out and went their separate ways.

Joe Barber i23-year-old receptionist from Chicago, Illinois. Joe and Dustin used to be a couple, but they ended their relationship.

Kail Harbick i37-year-old business owner from McKenzie Bridge, Oregon who works as a real estate agent for Prudential Financial. She and her husband also own a bar in Blue River, Oregon.  A devout fan of Big Brother, Kail had previously applied for the show twice before this season.

Mike Dutz  26-year-old painting contractor and BMG model from Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Nick Starcevic 25-year-old former College American football player from Kimball, Minnesota. He played college football at the University of Minnesota, Crookston and performed oral sex on another guy.

Zach Swerdzewski 30-year-old graphic designer from Burbank, California. Zach is a fan of the late Steve Irwin  and owns a company called Dolphin Crash.

America's Player

It has been revealed that Eric will be "America's Player". Each week, he will attempt to perform tasks determined by a national vote. For every five tasks Eric completes, he will receive a $10,000 bonus. Voting will take place on cbs.com and via text-messaging.


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