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Thursday,June 8, 2006:Two Dozen Questions Answered By Diane Henry
Earlier this week Yana caught up with Diane Henry from Big Brother 5.   Diane's fans gave Yana twenty-four questions, and Diane came through with the answers:

nursie: Do you think you might have won the money if you had played hard to get with drew?

Diane: I absolutely think I would have won the money had I not had my head stuck up my own ass thinking about boyz and not the task at hand.

nursie: I must be crazy: Was that you or your sister on desperate housewives ?

Diane: I know that's the undying question right now, and yes, that was me.....and some of my fantastic work during my stint as a background actor! LOL

StephenV:  If you do make it to BB All Stars do you think you will have a target on you as being untrustworthy? Follow up..What will be your strategy from being evicted right away?

Diane: If I was to make it on the show, I would assume that everyone will probably have some sort of a target on their back. I was trustworthy to some and not to others on my show, so I guess it just depends on how you look at it. And If I was to ever do another Big Brother, keep in mind...that strategy wise, I would no longer be basing my decisions on how they affect me as well as my baggage, Drew...

StephenV: What did you think of the comments about your character on a lot of the message boards during your season? Follow up: Did you think it was a fair assessment of the way you presented yourself in the house?

Diane: From what I saw, I was pretty content. The few that were what I call "haters" were usually all done by the same screen name so I just always assumed it was the same young girl that hated me for being with Drew. Other than that, you win some and you lose some. Not everyone is liked by all. Being in the public eye just teaches you to let shit roll off your shoulders and just ignore it. Doesn't bother me. I am secure in who I am now.

StephenV: What two people would you like to see in BB All Stars other than people from your season and why?

Diane: Oh, I don't know. From who I have met I would love to see Marcellas, Danielle, or Alison.....or maybe some people that I know would also want to have tons of fun set aside from all the slicing of Howie.  I love a good sense of humor. Marvin was the best though.

StephenV: What do you really think of "all star" seasons on any reality show? Do you agree with it or do you believe in people had their chances and time to keep new contestants in them?

Diane: I think an "all star" season is nothing other than a production company making the most money they can from a regular season show.  Some people do it for money, others do it for more exposure, some for experience and life enjoyment..... it's hard to say.... I believe they are ok though, and usually entertaining.

StephenV: How often to you read reality TV boards?

Diane: I usually surf by one or more whenever I am on the internet not doing business, more so during the BB seasons though.

StephenV: Do you post often?

Diane: I used to post on my site all the time as well as others. I post whenever I am not busy or just when I feel like it. Currently I am even posting at Jame's website and going to do a chat too with some of the others. And I always do interviews for fans and send pictures.

StephenV: If you had the chance to do any reality show other than BB what would it be and why?

Diane: It would probably have to be "The Amazing Race," purely for the fact that it would have to be stimulating, exciting, and I could travel the world seeing all the culture and different things that we don't see here in America. Knowledge alone, fascinates me.

StephenV: How successful do you think you'd be at it?

Diane: Hmmmmm, well I quit smoking a long time ago, so I bet I could move faster, LOL, and I think that I am very street smart, more than the average person, so I think that would help. And last but not least, I swear by the Bible I am a human road map and compass. (very good with directions....)

REZEVILGB13: Who do you keep in touch with from BB5 and if your in BB All-Stars (with Jase) will you forgive and forget?

Diane: From my season I keep in touch with Will, Lori, Scott, Drew, Marvin, Cowboy,  Jase,  Mike... as far as the Jase thing... it's my human nature to forgive and forget, that is of course unless you like kill my dog or something, LOL.

KingofRealityTV: Tell her King hearts her and thinks she is hot!!! (not a question LOL)

Diane: Queen B hearts you right back!!!!

Cajunboiler: I consider you one of the best BB players I have seen (I've been watching since BB3 so I unfortunately missed Dr. Will's season). It's a shame great players have to receive 3rd place (like Janelle) or 2nd place (like Danielle).

Do you have any regrets from BB4?

Diane: Thanks for the compliment. LOL, well I was on BB5, even though I am sure that's what you meant, and only one regret. Just focusing on the money and nothing else, not even Drew.

Cajunboiler: Do you regret backdooring Karen?

Diane: Nope, not at all. She was planning on getting me out the next week remember.... I just consider myself subconsciously quicker.

Cajunboiler: Will you join revenge of the houseguests if you are not going into the BB house?

Diane: Sure, if they ask me.

Cajunboiler & Surfgirl: How has BB changed your life?

Diane: My gosh, how has it not changed my life. For starters I live in LA and just love life in general here, which I was struggling with before BB5.  Even though financially it's tough out here...  I wake up everyday to sunshine and have truly and spiritually connected somewhat with myself. I have the most wonderful friends out here and have met some super hottie celebrities and just regular boys in general, and have even kissed my all-time crush.  See, all of that would have never been possible without BB. :-) Those are just a few to mention.

Cajunboiler: If you were in Lori's position in BB5, would you have taken the $10,000? $10,000 is more money than 3rd place receives, right?

Diane: I've thought about that question before and I would say probably not. Lori will tell you herself, she is money hungry LOL, but I have a little more patience to try for the bigger picture in the long run. And we ended with the same amount of money thank you.

Surfgirl: Did Cowboy get on your last nerve?

Diane: Everyday...except for when he was sleeping, LOL. But there were times when I loved him too.

Surfgirl:  Knowing that the close bond you had with Drew might of cost you the win, looking back on it now, would you not of bonded with him?

Diane: I still would have bonded with him for sure, I just would have screwed him over first had I known.

April: Do you keep in touch with anyone from your season?

Diane: Look above for answer :-)

April: Who have been some of your favorite houseguests not from your season?

Diane: I really really liked James from season 6, I thought he was super witty, also liked Kaysar, liked Janelle but thought she was way too harsh, loved Danielle, Jack from season 4 I think.

ElleNaturelle: Are you currently seeing anyone? If so, is he better than Drew (that's a no brainer, he obviously would be).. okay, How has your "relationship" with Drew changed you with regards to potential boyfriends you meet? Do you trust as easily or what?

Diane: LOL,  Good question. I am not currently seeing anyone in particular, but I date a lot. It's fun, but no one special yet. It takes a strong man to be able to handle all of me mentally and spiritually. I've had a few out here break my heart, LOL, but I hear it's normal for California boys, but don't worry... for every boy that breaks my heart I end up breaking twice as many myself (not that I mean too).  And I never compare anyone I date to Drew, all men do suck but they are different.  And my relationship with him was one of many that I have had and will have so I never let it affect the way I feel about someone completely different.  But overall I trust no men.... period. Not just from my experience with Drew but from others. I honestly don't know if I will ever be able to trust a man.  Surely one day.... but there's no rush. Being single is something I have enjoyed almost my entire life. I've never seen a couple not fight, and that's something that usually scares me away from potential boyfriends. Who's wants that kind of shit ya know? LOL

Morty: We've heard that when you voted for Drew to win the grand prize, you made a mistake and used the wrong key, it was really your intention to vote for Michael "Cowboy" Ellis. Is this true? If it is, did you tell Drew?

Diane: No, not true. As much as I should have voted for Cowboy out of spite, Drew played a better game than he did, and that is what I based my decision on.

Morty: If you had it to do over again, who would you vote for?

Diane: Cowboy.  He might have at least bought me something, LOL.

Diane: I feel so privileged. Thanks Morty. Thanks again to you Yana!

Yana: Thanks again Diane

Thursday,June 8, 2006:Yana Asks Beau Your Questions
Yana contacted Beau Beasley from the Sun and Fun Capitol of the World, Miami Beach and Beau doesn't hold back.  Here's his answers to your questions:

nursie: Was it difficult pretending to really like people (April) that normally, outside of the house, would really grate your nerves?

Beau:  when you're in the house, you can either trust someone or not. if I liked someone in the house- it showed and if I didn't- you knew (for example: me and Janie fought in the house due to the 'obsorbant' amounts of liquor, LOL).  Things have changed since my season ended. I became very close to Janelle as well as Ashlea. Miami Beach is a small town and we always see each other. I actually just had lunch with Ivette today too! I tried to be friends with everyone in the house because I had to live with them. I didn't really pretend to like people.  My alliance (in the house) was my back bone and I knew I was safe with them.

crappysucks: Are you kicking yourself for playing along with the sheep and having no game of your own?

Beau: Let me tell you.. I did have my own strategy...  the beauty of it is that people still don't see that! it was to become friends with everyone and let them create their own drama between themselves. I outlasted 9 people without even being put on the chopping block and I'm pretty damn proud of that.

Catwishes: Are you disappointed in the way Ivette treated you in the game? You came in as her partner but her loyalties were with Maggie (and the other sheep) foremost over everyone else.

Beau: I know where Ivette's loyalty was... it was me. being in the house was like being locked away from the world. I made friends with other people and didn't care if she made friends with others. it was a game.

Samthecat: Hi Beau

Is it true you guys weren't allowed to discuss who you all were planning on voting for while in the sequester house, because I recall Howie saying somewhere that the reason he voted for Maggie over Ivette is because Rachel told him to. If there was a rule against discussing voting, how strictly was it enforced? Did you ever try to persuade Jennifer or April to vote for Ivette instead since she was also part of 'the friendship'?

PS I enjoyed seeing that interview CBS did with your mom and sister during BB6
PPS A little fashion question - what's hot this spring?

Beau:  Hi Samthecat!
Yes, we were not allowed to talk about our final vote. The house we were sequestered in was on a farm and was really spread out. We were obviously able to walk off and talk to one another whether we were being watched or not,  they didn't know what we were talking about.

At the end, we all agreed that if our alliance held the final two spots, we were already the winners!!  My mom and sister didn't have an interview with CBS.  There was a hurricane headed towards so Florida when they were scheduled to film it. sooooo,  I'm not sure who's mom and sis you saw. Sorry!

Well, it's officially summer and the empire look is back. high waisted pants/skirts. see for further details! also, wedge heels and paten leather are totally in, too!

CarolynFL: Having had almost a year to reflect upon your time in the BB House, would you have done anything differently in terms of game play and alliances?

Beau: nope, when I got out of the house, I left the game behind me. I'm not one to harp on the past, unless someone REALLY offended me. (for example: Marcellas)

CarolynFL: What was the best offer you got when you got out of the house? What was the strangest?

Beau: I've had lots of press since being out of the house. lots of magazine press as well as an exclusive follow up story with CBS. I haven't really had any strange offers, thank goodness.

CarolynFL: Are you still friends, real friends, with anyone from the BB6 house?

Beau: I see Ivette, Ashlea and Janie every week.

Jem: I want to know how Beau feels about his peepee crashing our bandwidth for the month the day after it was posted on the site. :)

Beau:  Hahaha! I didn't know it crashed your bandwidth! "Sorry BB it was Bo-bo's big chocolate pee pee!" as Howie would say!

April: were you and the rest of the sheep aware how much the majority of viewers disliked you all?

Beau: Grow up! please!

uvpnolimits: Do you regret how easy they let Maggie play the sheeps?

Beau:  She didn't play us... we won the game when we had the final two seats at the end! I still wish Ivette would have taken the big money- but what can you do about it now? What's done is done! Move on and have a glass of champagne!

Cajunboiler: Would you consider aligning yourself with former enemies such as Janelle and Kaysar if they were to make it into the house?

Beau:  I've said this before.... Janelle was a great player. she studied the game before going on the show... I had barely even seen two episodes! I think I did pretty good for not knowing the game at all.

Cajunboiler: Are you and Marcellas friends?

Beau:  Are you fucking kidding me!?? NEVER!!!!

Cajunboiler: Marcellas got heavily offended by you in the house. Do y'all talk often or have y'all talked at all to each other?

Beau:  I have no clue as to why he would be OFFENDED by me! I never said anything about him. I kept telling April to stop comparing her and I to Amy and Marcellas in season three because we were completely different people. If he took offence to that, he needs to grow some balls!

Cajunboiler: Do you think you are an "All-Star" BB player?

Beau:  Can't say, sorry!

Cajunboiler: If CBS asks you to do all-stars, will it be because of your strategy in the BB house or because you are the only "sheep" to consider doing an All-Stars edition?

Beau:  Ask CBS mister smartass! :o)

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