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Friday, May 26, 2006:  Amy Crews of BB3 Got Married!  See Her Wedding Pictures Here
The blushing Bride Her special day. Amy & Hubby Don

Amy, Danielle, Dana, Will, and Allison in LA.

Amy Crews and her girlfriends
Click a pic to enlarge!
On May 13th Amy Crews from BB3 was married and she was nice enough to send us some photos of her special day.  You can click on the thumbnail photos below to enlarge them. 
Friday, May 26, 2006:  James Rhine of BB6 Answers Your Questions
James Rhine was gracious enough to share his time in a phone interview with Yana.  But Wait!!  You can meet James in person, this weekend at the TV Reality Convention in Nashville TN.  Visit the official James Rhine website at: for more information!  You'll also want to check his site for coverage of the All Stars Edition of Big Brother.  (Also be sure to scroll down to read Yana's interview with Scott Long)

Yana: Hi James.
James: Hi

Yana: Thank you for doing this interview for us…
James: In the house I know I was full of shit all the time, but you know outside of the house when I say I’m going to do something I try to do it…

Yana: What we did is we posted a thread for fans to post questions in, so these questions are from the Big Brother fans…
James: OK

Slowpoke:  How hard is it for you to plot and plan against houseguests that you really have become attached to… Just for a win?
James: Well, I was only attached to Sarah (laughs)… I thought I had an attachment with the with Sovereign, but the moment Howie put us up all bets were off… The only one I really wanted gone bad was Maggie… But every week someone else went home that wasn’t me I didn’t care who it was… After you get put up from both sides of the house and you realize that you have no friends in there you really could care less who goes home…

Yana: I wanted to kick Howie we I saw what was happening on the live feeds…
James: I had no clue it was coming, I was so blindsided…you know when Howie’s little deal with Maggie started, I learned this from watching the show… It started when Maggie was HoH… Howie and Rachel made a deal with Maggie if she kept them safe they would keep her safe for one week… That’s one of the things the show didn’t touch on as much as I thought they should’ve… But theyhad to make me look like Mr. Bad Guy so…

Yana: You really didn’t come off that way, most people didn’t see you in that light at all, because we saw or read about the live feeds… So we knew it didn’t work…

StephenV:  Did you think pretending to be a teacher was really going to get you further in BB?
James: Well, if I told them, being a teacher was a perfect profession I think, because it’s a none threatening profession, everyone pretty much has good opinions of teachers… When you have the summer off you don’t have to explain why you aren’t working and plus by choosing something like philosophy I knew no-one in the house was going to have any idea what I was talking about, and wouldn’t be able to ask me questions about my job… But my old profession before going back to school was a corporate investigator, where I used to interrogate people, for my company… So going by teacher (laughs) was a lot smarter than going by hi I use to interrogate people…

StephenV:   Were you surprised that the other HG’s actually believed you were of all things a philosophy teacher?
James: The other house guest were pretty stupid… I would make up stories about all sorts of stuff and just watch them believe it… It was easy… I mean they weren’t the brightest… I mean Kaysar was pretty smart… The only person actually that knew I wasn’t a teacher was Mike… Mike, you know was on to me, which was one of the reasons he had to go also…

Yana: We just felt so bad for Mike…

James: You know what Mike’s a little bit strange, but he definitely got a bad rap… That’s one of the reasons why, you know I think, a couple of those nerds are so hated, because they took it beyond the game and made it so personal…

Yana: I have seen a couple of interviews with Ivette where she owned up to what she did and apologizes for it, so I have a lot more respect for Ivette that I ever could for Eric or Maggie…

James: I respect that Ivette has owned up to a lot of the stuff… Ivette is the only nerd herder that I talk to… It’s funny because that whole fight between Mike and Eric was actually started by Rachel… She was the one that went to Eric and said that Michael was talking about his family… We’d all been drinking…

Yana: We that watch the live feeds knew… Some of us, not everybody though…
James: Some people chose to ignore it…

StephenV:  If you decide to do BB all stars, will you take a back seat approach rather than ruffle feathers too early and have a target put on you?
James: If I’m asked to do All Stars then my strategy would depend on whom the other houseguest would be… You know I have no idea… Last year I was thrust into the fact that I had to win vetos in order to stay in the house… Hopefully this year there’ll be enough ego’s and people trying to prove points that I can sit back and you know like I did the first couple weeks of the show, but I felt like I needed to win that veto because I thought Mike was a real threat you know I bit into what the nerd herd said about him… Otherwise I wouldn’t have volunteered to do that… I was trying to do a favor for the house… I was like this is like some sexual predator here and I want to get rid of him, otherwise I would’ve just sat back and let the warring factions go at it…

StephenV:  Will this include keeping your extreme political views to yourself?

James: I’ll talk politics with anyone that wants to talk about it… If someone should vote me out because of my politics then they shouldn’t be in All Stars…

StephenV:   More than likely only two or three from your season will be allowed to be in BB All Stars, who would you like to see in and why?
James:  Janelle and myself are the two people that deserve to be back in there… We played the game, we lasted the longest and people were scared of us… Janelle I think is an amazing competitor and I think she’d do wonderful… As much as I love Kaysar he’s already had two chances… He’ll be a popular choice, so if Kaysar is one of the 20, which I am assuming he is, he’ll be a popular choice and I’m sure he’d be back in the house, but Janelle is just what Big Brother is all about, I mean she manipulates people, she plays a great game, and she’ll get in your face and that’s what they need to see you know… She’ll be voted in regardless…

Yana: This one was for Sarah so I will send it to her… He just wanted to know if she thinks she could survive All Stars without you…
James: She probably could’ve won last season if it wasn’t for me… (laughs)

Yana: We all just love Sarah… She’s so sweet and we all thought Maggie’s comment about a poo cake was uncalled for…
James: Maggie’s just a bitch… That’s what’s so frustrating, like everyone’s come to me Kaysar, Howie, Rachel, shit even Ivette, and said "You know we can’t believe you were so right about Maggie", I mean she wasn’t a cop, but she was still like this incredibly manipulative person… Probably kicking her out any of the weeks they could’ve would have that alliance would’ve fell apart… You know a lot of good it does me now (laughs)…but it is good to know that people have told me "Oh shit maybe we should’ve listened to you"…

StephenV:  Did you guys finish school or are you still going?
James: I have to live here for a year before being considered a resident, so that’s one of the reasons why, if asked to do All Stars I would do it because, I’m not in school… (laughs) got one year of under grad left, you know, I need to finish this damn thing before I die… So I have a year left and some expenses too…

Blakcat:  Are you two still together and happy?
James: Sarah and I are together… She made my stupid ass move to Chicago to be with her and her family and I just spent the last 8 months going through a miserable winter, but the relationship is perfect…

Yana: she also wanted to know: Would you do it again?
James: I would do Big Brother again in a heartbeat… Without Sarah any day… Big Brother is NOT a game to bring a relationship into… Not a player like me… I can’t play where I have to worry about somebody else, and that’s one of the things that hindered me was that I didn’t give Sarah enough credit and I thought I had to play for two people the other time…

Yana:  Did you realize that the live feed viewers knew pretty early on about you and Sarah because of the kisses?
James: Yeah I’m sure… I didn’t care about what the live feed viewers thought of me or what anyone thought of me… I was there to win some money and to have some fun… and I was going to be myself… That’s why in the diary room I always told the truth…Those other 12 houseguests you know, I didn’t give a rats ass about, Now I have respect for some of them and despise for other ones, but that’s just the way it works…

Vannatc:  Hi Sarah and James… Are you happy you went on the show together now that it’s all over and done?
James: Yeah we’re glad we got to experience it cause there are a lot of things that you know you wouldn’t understand, like if I was in a relationship with someone else right now, she wouldn’t understand, just like I didn’t sleep through the night for two months cause I would wake up thinking I was still there you know… You have like post traumatic stress disorder from the place… Especially having to fight as long as I did by myself… It’s rough…

Yana: You looked so sad sometimes…
James: Yeah some of that was… I mean yes I had to look like I was completely out of the game cause that was part of my strategy… I remember going into the diary room and I kind of thought that maybe the diary room, not that they were giving away my strategy, but that they were kind of dropping hint towards everybody just to make the game more interesting… Even when I went to the diary room I took some of my spunk away from me because I had my focus and I knew that I just had to make it through that last week and then I was home free… Unfortunately that’s when BUSTO got HoH… But in sequester you guys saw me… I was a dick… (laughs)

Dieteckogirl:  How do you think the show has affected your relationship?
James: It strengthened our relationship because, we have this incredible bond, but it also stressed the relationship a lot, cause I had to deal with the way the way the show portrayed my relationship like with her parents, and there’s certain events I’m asked to do and she’s not asked to do, and I can tell she gets upset sometimes cause maybe she wasn’t asked to go to this function or that function, and that’s gotta be hard on her… Casue I know if the roles were reversed I would be upset… You know if Kaysar were to get to do something that I didn’t get to do I’d be kind of upset, It’s worse when you live with the person… (laughs)

CarolynFL: James, With the players all known entities, are alliances already being formed?
James: I learned my lesson the last time about alliances… (laughs) Don’t trust it… Since the 20 haven’t been released if anyone is starting to form alliances in the fact that only 12 are going in the house I really think like half of some peoples alliances might not get in and half might get in… I mean paranoia is what surrounds Big Brother, and what makes it such an interesting game… So first HoH is gonna pretty much toss any alliance out the window… Like you know if… Trying to think of two people without naming any names (laughs) If you saw like Jun and Dana you would naturally assume that those two would be friends and that they had an alliance… If you saw like Jase and Diane you would think "Ok these guys are gonna work together" You know what I mean? Just because they were on the same season, and their friends now outside the house, and stuff like that… It all changes from week to week… All the people that played Big Brother (laughs) are selfish and wanna win for themselves first… Deals will be made and deals will be broken… Its just part of the game…

UVPnolimits : James my favorite player of all time, with All Stars starting up soon, if you make it in, you would probably be the first one voted out since you are so good at comps. My question is do you feel you will have that same magic to keep getting off the block each week?
James: Well, if I’m in All Stars and I have to phrase it with an if every single time, or if I’m one of those 20 I’m hoping that there’s going to be you know, I was the biggest threat in my season because honestly there was no competition in my season… other than Janelle, Kaysar was intelligent just lacked the physical part of it, Howie was funny, but lacked the you know thinking for himself part… Stuff like that… Rachel I think would’ve been an amazing competitor had she not been sidelined by her partner… But when you look at the nerds, physically they was nothing on that side… Eric was in good shape, but he felled at the competitions… My only thing was I couldn’t win the damn HoH… I think there’s going to be a lot bigger targets depending on who would be in All Stars… Everyone knows that Alyson is a vicious competitor… You know someone who wins HoH…  Hardy, wins HoH and could potentially win veto’s and is another one in amazing shape… Veto’s safe yourself, HoH’s change the game… I think the people that change the game are the people that others will want to target first… Why go after me or Dr. Will so to speak, when we can’t win the HoH to save our lives (laughs) You know You wanna go after the people you are actually threatened by in the HoH competition because that where it comes down to… Cause that’s the only time you’re safe…

Yana: A lot of people have been talking about what an excellent team you and Dr. Will would make…
James: The problem with Dr. Will is that I’m friends with Nicole and she’s told me James if you ever work with Dr. Will (laughs) She won’t even give me the guys number, I wanted to talk to him when I got out and she was like James if you ever talk to Dr. Will our friendship is over… You drove me nuts, I got chills watching you, because you reminded me so much of him, but she’s like No…Dr. Will he’s gone from the game… I’m sure he’d come back for All Stars if he were invited… He doesn’t seem like the type person that would even watch any of these other seasons… He won and got his money and has a great career… His personality he’s be like who the hell are these people trying to do what I’ve already done? You know what I mean?

UVPnolimits: Are you and Sarah planning to have children and how many?
James: Sarah wants four girls… I say Hell No… That’d be my worse nightmare… Having 4 daughters… especially like from the age ranges of 16 to 20… I mean I’m a guy and I had my fun when I was single… That’s the last thing I want is to have to worry about 4 girls… (laughs)… and the guys that they’re dating… I mean I’d have a heart attack at like 50… I’d love to have a son and a daughter…

BBFan7: James who would you like to see in the All star house not from season 6?
James: I would like to see, just the people that played the game… I don’t want all stars to be a popularity contest… I don’t want people voted in because they thought they were funny… Each season had it’s people that were there auditioning You know what I mean? I wanna see game players… Jennifer (season 5) played a good game… boring as hell to watch, but played well… She put my ass to sleep… I just watched the tapes when big brother made me, but I’d honestly think she deserves to be in there… Danni from season 3 is in my opinion the best player ever, because Will got nominated and got off, but Danni never got nominated and that’s impossible in that house… I’d love to see Nicole from season 2… Roddy, I think Roddys a great competitor…

SamTheCat: If I vote for you are you going to make promises to people on the by swearing on the bible before the competition has even taken place, and then take it back once you’ve won? Just kidding… Have either of you had a chance to view other seasons and if so which players games do you most admire?
James: I admire Danni, I admire Dr. Will, who else do I admire? Um really I haven’t watched 4… I don’t remember 5 cause I just breezed through it in sequester… Like before the show… I like Roddy, I thought Roddy put a little too much pressure on Amy… I just didn’t think that was right… I still liked him as a player… I thought he was a smart guy… They need more intelligent people in that house… I like Jason from season 3 cause he played the game… He’s a good guy… You know what I mean? He’s one of those people that I don’t think did lie at all… That’s pretty impressive… and by the way I swore on the treadmill and there was no one in that house that believed I was putting up Howie and Rachel… That was just their little excuse to get rid of me… No if I get to go back into the Big Brother house I would lie just as much if not more… But they’re going to be a lot more strategic… Hopefully this time I’d be by myself… And I’d be able to be a lot more calculating without Sarah there telling me not to lie…

SamTheCat:   What do you think were the reasons or strategies used that made past winners win over everybody else?
James: The reason like past winners won is because they were the first ones to do it… I mean like Dr. Will won because no one had seen him before… I remember April talking to me when I was playing both sides of the house about how I’m like Danni from season 3… It’s like those types of people that set the precedence… I’d love to see like those people in All Stars cause I want to see how they work when their strategies are already out in the open… My strategy was like to win veto’s to keep my ass in the house… There’s nothing you can really do about that (laughs)… First I was lying to them, but once you’re called out then it’s just wit… and it really becomes, down to the wire of how well you can work other people… I think everyone going into All Stars whoever it is that’s what their going to have to be like, because everyone knows how they played the last game, and it’s going to be crazy…

Francis3:  James, if you go back into the house will you go super ass kicking James, Lie to your face and smile James, Don’t let the door hit cha where the good lord split cha James? If I paid you would you?
James: (Laughs) I’ going to go in there and I’m going to let more of my real personality show I’m going to be a lot more fun… I’m just going to be me… Being me it’s going to be the same way… I’m learning these other houseguests by watching the shows… How I react to each person is going to be completely different… The men are more in your face and the women are more behind your back… You have to take that into consideration… If I have a problem with an Alyson so to speak, I don’t think she’s going to get in my face… She’s going to go to everyone else behind my back… Like an April… You know who I’d love to see? I’d love to see Karen from season 5… Because if I make it in I’ll make her life a living hell… (laughs) She has said so much shit about me online… I’m going to keep her till the final two just to torture her ass…

Yana: Yeah we thought she had lost it… We kind of thought that Rachel had lost it too cause she would be in the backyard early in the morning talking to herself…
James: Yeah Rachel did lose it… she’s cool as hell… Rachel’s just funny… She’s a good person… You know what Rachel was really also someone that I thought was hindered by her partner as well… I’d like to go in with Janelle… I’d love to go into an All Star with someone like Rachel also, because Rachel can lay under the radar… She is the one that cooks and cleans whereas Janelle leaves her mess all over the place and just because of she you know young and beautiful she draws a lot of hatred from other women… Rachel is still very attractive but older and more mature… She just carries herself differently…

Yana: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us… You are wonderful… I hope to see you in the house…
James: Thank you and please don’t forget about my site . Also don’t forget about the Reality TV Convention in Nashville, TN. This weekend… you can get tickets on my site…

My site will be having a party on Saturday night for fans… Howie, Rachel, Jun, Dana, Sarah and myself we’re all going to be there partying with the fans… The fans are who I want to meet… They are the one’s that made us popular…So if you’re going to be there come on out… Tickets are going fast and we only have a few left, but you can get them on my site… The money will be going for the party and to help off set you know for our travel expenses… Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 26, 2006:  Scott Long Answers Your Questions!
Earlier this week Yana took your questions to Scott Long from Big Brother 5.  Big thanks to Scott for his time.  Here’s what he has to say:

VanaTC: Scott, Do you want to be on BB All Stars?
Scott: No comment!!!!

Nebartist: Scott are you going to wipe your butt before you go on TV again?
Scott The butt from the Surreal Life was actually done by Maven and Alexis Arquette. It was a planned idea that we thought would shock the rest of the cast and yes it did just that....There was so much more to the Surreal Life that you guys didn’t see. so much more!!!!!!!! It was insane!!!!

Diane Henry

Shockalot: I know you and Cowboy have kept in contact and a friendship but to what extent do you keep in touch with the rest of the cast from your season?
Scott: Diane!!!! My Girl!!!!!!!!! Love her....Holly also.. talk a lot with her sweet butt...she’s great...and the rest well blah blah

Jase who?

Surfgirl: Scott, did you and Jase ever resolve your differences?
Who's Jase?

Jase and Holly

Surfgirl: Scott, did Holly's voice make your ears bleed?
Scott: I love Holly

Deceptacon: How did the Playgirl thing come about?
Scott: Just was born and became a hottie....jk...won a contest at an event. Offered me a contract.

King123: Scott, I was one of your fans. Do you think BB-Allstars will be worth watching? Considering we already know everybody, some people think it will be boring.... do you agree?
No Comment...sorry

Camper: Scott - If given the chance, what changes would you make to the format of the show (IE: challenges, rewards, punishments etc) to help spice things.
Scott: More hotties to look at!!! LOL.. I think they could pick better people...more interesting and better to look at....

theekenny: What’s your casting story...from BB5, that is.... I’m sure it’s a good one.
Scott: I was wild....wacky and just me....just be you and the rest happens....and I made the head execs piss there pants with my stories...oh and ACTING goes a long way....I love to act like someone I am not.....everyone needs to ACT.

Cherokee: Scott...When Cowboy and April got married...I know you went to the wedding. Did you stay at Cowboys house? And who else from Big Brother attended the wedding?
Scott: Yes I stayed there with DREW. It was great.... It’s a shame Drew has been very distant with a lot of people.. He’s a good kid.

Cherokee: Do you still have contact with Cowboy and his family?
Scott: Yes.

Cherokee: Were you pissed that you didn't make the cut for The Surreal Life 6? How far into the audition did you get before they cut you?
Scott: I wasn’t pissed at all.... Maven even said it should have been me picked.... The producers-some of them felt the same way after the show was done. I knew in my heart I would be the best pick and fit.. The women screwed me over because they kept flirting with me and hitting on me and it was pissing the guys off.... The rest you can figure out..... All in all I got to meet and still talk to some of the cast and had a great time.. Maven and I talk every day.

Dietekocgirl: What are your future plans?
Scott: ACT. ACT. Be me and happy. Make my family proud. ACT more and make a move in the business industry. Investments and ACT more!!! I love it and damn i can do it. LOKL.

Dietekocgirl: What have you been up to since Big Brother 5? (Do you think that the Big Brother 5 experience created opportunities for you)?
Scott: BB5 opened a door of endless opportunity!!!! I loved it and still do....I am trying to break away from that though....I want to be known as an actor and right now no reality stars have done what i have done besides a few. I am SAG and working which is key...and i intend to work a long time and improve every day. This isn't a stint that 99% of reality stars say...I am here and working.

Dietekocgirl: What do you look for in a girl?
Scott: Teeth and Hair

Dietekocgirl: Are you still single?
Scott: Yes....always!!!!!!!!!!! well maybe??? LOL

Dietekocgirl: Are you and Diane still close?
Scott: Yes!!!!!!!!! That’s my gal!!!

Pretty1434: Scott who would you like to see in All Star?
Scott: You tell me????????

Francis 3: Still one of the most entertaining BB houseguests, IMO.
Scott: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Life’s a garden dig it!!!!

Francis 3: Have you thought about TV commentary shows like VH1's "Best Week Ever"?
Scott: Maybe later...right now ACTING is what I'm focused on. I have met and worked with great people....One of my good friends is the director of X3 now...I am great friends with a lot of big named people but I keep it quiet. I don't splurge to much or say this is what I'm doing and that..... I have done a lot of roles and some have aired and some have not so in time the ones that matter will be the BIG roles....Where I can define myself as a great Actor. I’m working on a role in The Soup of The Day with Paul C and Scott Z from the Formally known which was a great place for everyone!!! I miss that damn fish!! LOL. I also just asked to be in Entourage and I am out of town currently so we are working on rescheduling soon. Paul C and Scott Zakarin both have taken a huge and serious step into the entertainment industry and are making a lot of moves right now and im proud to be involved with them. Check out my work and there’s. and they have a great myspace link as well. You can find it on my profile. They believe in me and I also believe in what they are doing. Like I said some things I don’t say but what we have going here is one of the projects and companies that are growing and making moves in Hollywood. The more I am there in Hollywood the more I meet people and learn. It’s amazing from last year to now. You kinda know when you can throw Andy Dick in a pool and get away with it.... LOL... LONG STORY!!!

Well thank you all and its been a pleasure pissing a few people off and hopefully inspiring and letting people know that the Savage is serious about what he does. Lets not look down upon people with a DREAM. We all need them and its what’s most important. Hope to see you all soon somewhere and keep Livin!!!!!

Savage-Scott Long

Sunday, May 21, 2006:  You Can Talk to Kaysar of BB6
Kaysar, the graphics artist from Irvine California (he was Michael's neighbor) hosts his own chats at his new web site:  Chats are usually on Friday nights, however,  tonight (Sunday, May 21) Kaysar will have as his chat guest: Janelle of BB6.  Janelle is the 26 year old blonde with genius IQ.
Friday, May 19, 2006:  Yana's Looking for Reality Stars & Questions to Ask Them
Yana has been tracking down some of our favorite reality stars to find out what they've been up to.  Here's your chance to get your questions answered by the people we've spent our summers with.

If you hurry, you might still be able to get a question in to Scott Long of Big Brother 5.  Scott Long, one of the most talked about houseguests  from Big Brother  has agreed to our request.  He will be answering questions from his fans at Morty's TV in an upcoming interview.

As you will recall, Scott was the houseguest that presented himself as an NFL football player.  He posed nude for PlayGirl magazine, and was voted out when his buddy Jase retaliated for Scott's agenda that included voting out Jase's girlfriend, Holly.  You can re-live Scott's surprise eviction in the clip:  imageScott's Eviction [11 minutes].  Scott has been appearing in a film project called, "Soup of the Day" click here to see an episode.  If you have a question you would like to ask, CLICK HERE.  And be sure to check back and read Scott's replies (date to be announced).

If you aren't a member of our forums, you can email your question to: 

Danielle Reyes, runner-up from Big Brother 3, who you either loved or loved to hate, will be answering questions from her fans at Morty's TV in an exclusive interview. If you have a question you would like to ask, CLICK HERE. And, be sure to check back and read Danielle's replies (date to be announced).

Yana has also been in touch with James and Sarah the young conservative couple from last season.  They only knew each other a sort time before entering the house, but it was apparent from the start they were a couple.  Yana got a tentative "yes" from them to be interviewed.  Get your questions in now!  

Of course you'll remember Beau Beasley from last year, he was the personal shopper from Florida that once worked with Ivette.  Yana's been in touch with Beau too, and she's collecting questions to ask him. 

Diane Henry from BB5, the girl who had the crush on Drew Daniels, and cast the deciding vote that won him the $500,000 said she'd be happy to answer some questions, and I'll tell you mine advance:  "We've heard that when you voted for Drew to win the grand prize, you made a mistake and used the wrong key, it was really your intention to vote for Michael "Cowboy" Ellis.  Is this true?  If it is, did you tell Drew?  If you had it to do over again, who would you vote for?" 

To round out Yana's list, she's heard from Coby Archa and Will Wilke, what would you like to know about them?  Remember, if  you aren't a member of our forums, you can email your question to: 


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