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Sunday,†October 14, 2007:††Daniele, Honestly...

Daniele Donato Interview
(October 14, 2007)
By Yana and Fans


Q: What was your biggest fear going into the house?

Daniele: To be completely honest, I had no fears, I’m thinking.. “ok I need a break from reality and just want some excitement in my life, so this will be a nice change of pace…”

Q: Were you and/or your father aware that each other were accepted to be on Big Brother 8 prior to the start of the show?

Daniele: No I was not. We both applied separate, we did however see each other at the open call audition, but did not speak. It was extremely awkward & with that I guess that was my only fear was he could possibly be in the house as well.


Q: I was a HUGE Daniele fan this summer, and I was wondering what YOUR side of the spider-under-the-bed story was. The whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous and hilarious to me, so I just wanted the viewers to hear it from you. (From - Nmora)

Daniele: Well, there was a spider crawling by my bed and Zach & I were going to throw it threw the hole in the wall, Zach killed it & we scooted it under the bed because it scared me when Zach threw it at me. We were going to go back and pick it up once we got a tissue, but Jameka never gave us the chance…

Q: During that final endurance HoH competition that water looked so cold that we don't know how any of you lasted any length of time. How bad was that shower you took after?
How hard was it watching your Dad hang on for that long?

Daniele: Honestly the shower was Awful. NEVER put burning hot water on frozen skin. It burnt my skin really bad. And watching my dad was sooo hard to do. I was stressing out & just felt so bad for him, I kept going in the house because it was hard to watch without crying.

Q: Dick gave Zach credit for underestimating him and the strong game Zach played at the end. There were several moves made that helped you two out through this game by a couple of different houseguests. Apart from Dick, who do you feel helped you in the game?

Daniele: You know its funny because every week I would sit there with my dad and go, “who woulda thunk it..” every week we were aligned with someone new, someone we never thought we would actually team up with. So either tons of people helped, or we used tons of people. Haha however you want to look at it.

Q: If you could be guaranteed that the end would remain the same (you and your father in the final 2) what would you change about your time in the big brother house?

Daniele: Oh wow that’s a tough question. Well, I would have voted to keep nick, and I would’ve told people how I really felt about them (ie Dustin, Amber).

Q: Some people happen to agree that Amber's jury question had nothing to do with the game. Do you think that her question rattled you to the point that you couldn't effectively answer the remaining questions?
Do you think because nothing rattles your Dad is why he did better at answering them?

Daniele: Honestly I wasn’t rattled, My intentions were to answer questions with much ambiguity because I did not want to in ANY way campaign against my dad. Period, end of story.

Q: You were wearing a dress similar to Janelle's for the season finale. Did you know at the time she had worn a dress just like it before? Or did someone else pick out the dress for you?

Daniele: Actually it was the same dress. I had no idea that she had worn that dress the year before, so it was just coincidence.

Q: On the show, you seem to be emotional at times. Were you really upset, or was it a tactic to manipulate the other HGs, specifically your dad, to do what you wanted?

Daniele: I think that with this topic I may have been portrayed wrongly… I am a very emotional person and in the house my emotions were all over the place. At times it was strategy, but strategy because it was about getting my emotions out at the right time in front of the same people. So it was definitely real emotions but they were used strategically.

Daniele was the only HG shown via the "potty cam."

Q: Do you believe that you would have been in the final two had it not been for the AP votes and your Dad's actions during the season?

Daniele: I really have no idea. It would be a completely different situation you know? But if everything was the same, no I do not think I could have made it to the final two without my dad.

Q: Although you've said in other interviews that "My dad played his game and I played mine", didn't you sometimes use your Dad's attacks to advance your team (and thus ultimately yourself) in the game, such as when you encouraged your Dad to attack Zach during the endurance portion of the final HoH competition? If you disagree, can you explain the difference?

Daniele: My dad is a very IN YOUR FACE kind of guy, as well as a player. I like to do my thing quietly & abruptly. Working with my dad was extremely difficult because our tactics were so different, but by that time, I suppose you can say I had gotten use to it and after that week,  Zach had said a lot of things that were very rude and ignorant and quite frankly I was angry at him and yeah I did encourage my dad to knot him. At the time, I felt as though he deserved it.

Q: You and your Dad turned on Jessica and Eric before they had a chance to do it to you, and you hoped that they would understand that it was just strategy. Do you think that you would have been able to understand that it was just strategy on their part, without taking it personally, if they had managed to be the ones to turn on you first - and ended up final 2?

Daniele: Of course I would understand its just strategy, I mean I would’ve been mad the game was up & mad at myself for not acting sooner, but I don’t have to be…


Q: What was your best and worst moment/experience in the house?

Daniele:  Best moments : Nick, Joe's impersonations & dancing., winning.. haha.
“Honestly”, my favorite weeks were when my dad and I were on the block together, we got a long the best & had fun.
Worst moments : crying. I hated crying in that house. & fighting with my dad.

Q: They always say that hindsight is 20/20 ... what do you know now that you wish you had known while you were in the house?

Daniele: That Eric was Americas player… haha.

Q: When you hear the name Jen, what is the first word that pops into your head?

Daniele: Fable.

Q: Amber seems to forget that we all saw her on Showtime After Dark and live feeds and we heard comments that she made about you and other HGs and some people in general. What do you think of the comment Amber made about her being portrayed differently because of editing on the show?

Daniele: I haven’t watched the entire show yet, so its hard to say, but from what I’ve seen, its accurate & I truly think she set herself up. As what the buck says, “the people who say they’re good people are usually the worst kind of people.”

Q: Have you been watching any of the re-feeds and the Show? If so...
Is it weird watching yourself and the other HGs? I have only seen some of the show & I thought it would be weird, but its just funny realizing why people did things exc.
What was your reaction to watching the show and what surprised you the most about it?

Daniele: So far I've only seen 16 episodes, I was surprised that the reason Jameka gave up her HoHs was because she told Eric she would play for him…. Yeah..

Q: Have you learned anything about yourself that you might want to improve on?

Daniele: I've learned a ton about myself. Don’t take things for granted. That can touch on MANY subjects.

Q: What is your impression of the HGs now that the show is over and you have had the chance to speak to them outside of the BB house?

Daniele: Haven't talked to many people. Same impressions really, nothing really surprised me, saw everyone's true colors in the house.

Q: Has your opinion changed on them? …
If so, who and how specifically?

Daniele: I'm a lot better friends with Kail then I thought I would be. I simply adore her to death.

Q: Do you see yourself keeping in touch with any of the HGs other than Nick and your dad? If so, why them in particular and not another?

Daniele: Kail. Just left Rainbow Oregon actually. Most beautiful place!! Kail and her family, I will definitely visit regularly.

Joe. It's Joe, who doesn’t love a lobster??!!

Honestly that’s probably all. Others maybe over text or myspace but I'm not going to fake being friends with people I’ll only talk to those I actually have interest in keeping in contact with. & they have my number…


Q: At the very first glance at your dad, did you think "oh shit" or "Alliance baby"?

Daniele: I knew I would have to align with him, but emotionally, it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be to just see him. It really hit me.

Q: Shirley (Yana's Mom), jclacy43, ElleNaturelle, tinytina333: (asked the same question): Hi Daniele. I just wanted to let you know that you were my favorite this year, and if you couldn't win, at least it was your Dad, and also do you think, now that the show is over, that you, Vincent, and your Dad will be closer?

Daniele: Thank you!! Seriously, thank you. and yeah I know life isnít going to be perfect, but you know were getting a long really well and texting and calling all the time, trips planned for the very near future, so I'm definitely liking where all of this is headed.

Q: Did you think in a million years that Big Brother would help you and your Dad get closer?

Daniele: Hopeful, yes, Expecting results, no. Who woulda thunk it?! :D

Q: Are there plans to attend counseling with your Dad now that the show has ended and keep working on your relationship?

Daniele: No plans, as of now we are doing really well, my family is all very stubborn, including myself. We all like to be in charge and be right, its hard when you’re so persistent and it causes a lot of head butting.

Q: Is there any truth to the rumors that you &/or your dad will be appearing in another reality show? If so can you give us any info on it?

Daniele: Well.. I can neither confirm nor deny.. but there are offers flying around & meetings in the works so, who knows…


Q: Have you had any contact with Kris? We didn't see him at the finale, so just wondering what happened there because it seemed like you and Nick were pretty much together once you left the Big Brother house. And without invading his privacy, are you content with the way the situation resolved with Kris?

Daniele: Okay, this is the first and probably only time I will touch on this subject. We chose who we wanted to be at the finale. I don’t want to bring Kris into any of this for respect and his privacy.  I was not married,  and yes I feel awful about the way things happened but it was not planned and you cant help emotions, but yes you can help how you act on those emotions.  It wasn’t the best way to deal with it by kissing Nick in the house,  but it happened and that’s it.

Q: Were you open to developing feelings for a HG, or was this something completely unexpected?

Daniele: If you saw any of my interviews before entering the house, when asked about a “showmance” my answer was.. no, not going to happen.  Of course I wasn’t expecting it and definitely not looking for it.

Q: I heard that you would be making a trip to Minnesota soon with Nick. Do you plan on meeting up with Janelle there?

Daniele: Did go to MN, didn’t get to see Janie.

Q: Have you made it to Minnesota for a visit yet? If so, how was the Starcevic ranch?

Daniele: Yes, I did go to Minnesota for almost a week, its lovely there and his parents are terrific. Unfortunately, I’m not made for the country and my allergies were simply awful the entire time. Also, his cat Simba is a butthead.

Q: While you were in the house was it hard for you to keep your true feelings for Nick to yourself when he would tell you how he felt about you? It looked like you wanted to tell him so many times.

Daniele: It was hard and so “frustrating” because he would get so upset at me for not telling him how I felt. It was a very confusing situation to be in and was extremely hard on emotions.

Q: On the subject of Nick... People have speculated that you and Nick did "something" under the covers in the Big Brother house. Any comments? (A lot of people argued for most of the season you didn't do anything and the rest argued you did.)

Daniele: We kissed. Period, end of story. The reason we were under the covers so much was because we liked to talk with our microphones off and not get caught.

Q: Will you and Nick live together when he arrives in CA and are you taking that trip to Europe with Nick?

Daniele: NO. I will not be living with Nick. And yes on Europe, hopefully soon.

Q: At what point during the show did you know that you and Nick would be together (you were hesitant to show your feelings while he was in the house)?

Daniele: “honestly” never.

Q: How are you and Nick doing?

Daniele: We are doing well. Just took a road-trip cross country and just taking things slow.


Q: How is life outside the house like? We know it's only been a short time, but what things did you take for granted, miss, etc?

Daniele: I've just been laying low. Hanging out with my best friend Lindsay ALL the time. I took fast food for granted for sure. Haha.

Q: Once you got outside the house, were you surprised to know you were not thought of by everyone as America's Sweetheart?

Daniele: No. not at all.  My dad was the one constantly saying I was.  You know everyone thinks that I think so highly of myself, but going into the house I knew people are gonna love me and people are going to hate me. I know I'm nowhere near perfect, but I'm ok with that. I just didn’t want to be Americas least favorite. Hehe.

Q: What is the biggest adjustment you have had to make since leaving the Big Brother house?

Daniele: Watching television.. I use to be so obsessed. I still don’t watch it yet, I need to start, hello project runway is starting…

Q: Past big brother houseguests have always said that the experience is much different that they thought it was. What was the biggest thing that surprised you about the whole big brother experience?

Daniele: OMG EVERYTHING to the max.  Not one thing was how I thought it would be, everything I never imaged happened. I now have much more respect for EVERY past houseguest.

Q: I'd love to know if you intend to start posting in your Livejournal again? I think it'd be a great way to keep your fans posted and stuff. I loved you as a person, so I'd be interested in continuing reading!!! (From - Rnettleton)

Daniele: I'm really not sure, I never thought my journal would’ve gotten to the entire world. I was actually really embarrassed when I found out it had. Its just weird. But I am debating it, maybe if I get enough people harassing me to do it.. ;D

Q: I would like to know what your thoughts are on the fact that of all the houseguests are selling normal items on eBay, and what you think about the fact that your items are selling for hundreds more. I would also like to know if you realize that you have so many fans, not just the ones bashing you relentlessly.

Daniele: Well thank you very much. I think its silly people are paying so much. I'm just a normal average girl from orange county, but if its hot.. I have bills you know. Hehe. Its silly, but flattering nonetheless.


Q: Is an entertainment career in your future? We've read that you wanted to go back to school for education, which is great, but still wondering if there were an opportunity would you go for it?

Daniele: I definitely want to go back to school, the only reason I stopped going was because I couldn’t afford it (I was paying for it on my own). As for entertainment, I'm not going to go looking for anything, if it falls in my lap, ill take it. But I truly didn’t and still don’t expect anything from this experience.

Q: Many people said that they love your unique fashion sense! Have you ever considered becoming a clothing designer?

Daniele: Well thank you, thank you. I love fashion. I need to learn how to sew. !!!  But if I had my dream job, id be a fashion photographer.  Someone teach me how to sew…

Q: Have you received any offers to do TV appearances, modeling jobs or anything else, as a result of being on Big Brother?

Daniele: We’ll see…

Q: What exposure are you hoping to gain from being on BB? Would you consider doing more reality TV? Shows like Survivor or Amazing Race or Acting/Modeling?

Daniele: I expect nothing, like I said I wont be searching for anything, if it falls in my lap, ill take it.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Daniele: Hopefully graduated, taller, blonder… just kidding. Just happy.  And still in OC.


Q: Since you live in a town (Huntington Beach) with a dog beach do you ever take Mufasa there? Or to the Dog Park they have there? (Marty)

Daniele: I take him to the park ALL the time. He loves it. The beach, not so much.. only for BB tv.. haha.

Q: On the show, you were portrayed as being somewhat spoiled. Are you upset by the way in which you were edited to appear?

Daniele: For those who think I’m spoiled.. its so ridiculous to me that it's funny. Yeah, I have stuff, but everything I have I have worked for myself. I've never been handed anything in life so everything I have, I have earned. If you think I’m spoiled, you seriously don’t know me.  I work so much to pay my bills and I didn’t grow up in orange county, I moved there after I could afford it. I've gone through times working over 80 hours a pay period (serving) just to be able to pay rent.

Q: Yana says, "Hi Daniele! First, Thank you and congrats. I am so happy for you and your dad!!!
I just love the way you dress and love how you do your make-up. I was wondering about a couple of things. First, where do your do your shopping? Also, what kind of make-up do you use? Plus I love your make-up train case...where did you get that?
I hope to see you in more shows. Thank you again for your time."

Daniele: Thanks Yana, you're a sweetheart.  I shop EVERYWHERE.  I love Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and I love outlets! I’m a bargain shopper-deluxe I use mostly MAC makeup. My case is a MAC case.

Q: You were very good at NOT exposing yourself during the show. Would you ever consider doing Playboy?

Daniele: No. I would not. I'm a very conservative girl, and I don’t like being naked.. ever, so no.

Q: First off congrats on a great summer and a new found budding relationship. My question: How do you feel about meeting your fans and would you ever consider say, having lunch or dinner and drinks with them if they were ever in your neck of the woods? (Ladee Di)

Daniele: I love meeting people. Everyone is so nice to meet and of course I would hang out. :D

Q: Secondly, have you ever considered a career in modeling? (After seeing the reality awards show pics with you and Nick, OMG you're gorgeous and very photogenic, not to mention the camera loves you, girl - you should certainly consider it.)

Daniele: haha well thank you. I think modeling might be fun, but again its nothing I would seek out, they’ll have to care enough to find me. :]


Q: Has your father agreed to pay for your college education, and if so, where will you be applying?

Daniele: Yes he has. And I was attending Long Beach State University, but I don’t want to go back there, it depends if I decide to continue with my photography major or switch to education. My dream school is Brooks.

Q: Will your Dad be purchasing anything for you in the future (seeing you can't "share")?

Daniele: A CAR!!! Yippee!! I cant wait. Really, I’m ecstatic.

Q: Have you purchased a new vehicle yet and what kind will you look at and/or purchasing?

Daniele: Haha, not yet, but ASAP!! I currently have an ’00 eclipse. I think I want an ’08 spider eclipse. Nothing too showy.

Q: If you had won the grand prize do you believe that you would have gifted any of the winnings to your father?

Daniele: I don’t know why everyone think I wouldn’t, the answer is yes, I would have definitely helped him pay off a lot of bills he was behind on. And a Europe trip.

Q: Daniele, Did you get Nick the monkey? I hope not, they can be mean, and fling their poo at 'ya!! You won, just by repairing your relationship with your dad!!! Congrats! Hope to see you on TV again soon!! (From - Whatjelly)

Daniele: No, no monkey for him. Haha. I heard they're mean too.  Maybe ill adopt one at the zoo. Hehe.

Q: Have you purchased anything crazy and frivolous for yourself with your prize money yet?

Daniele: I really haven’t had time to spend anything yet.  But I'm really good with money, I plan on saving most of it.


C: Donnie from Mechanicsville, MD says: Hey Daniele! I absolutely love you and I was rooting for you literally from week one. You are by the most amazing BB player ever, and you definitely deserved the 500,000! Good luck with everything in life and Maryland sends their love!!!!!! Absolutely incredible!

Daniele: Wow, thank you so much Donnie. That really means a lot to hear. <3

C: Loved watching you this summer you definitely played the best game despite the votes. Congrats! Hoping you put Nick's shirt on eBay because you now have the real thing to hold on too. (From - Janiegirl2)

Daniele: Thanks Janiegirl.!! & the shirt has been thru eBay ;]

C: Daniele, you have many fans at Morty's TV ( & we were rooting so hard for you & your Dad. Please know that the majority of us are terribly embarrassed by the low IQ's & lack of humanity that a few loudmouthed bashers displayed this year. (From - dumblonde)

Daniele: Thanks blonde, you know, no matter what people are going to have opinions. People will say how awful you are in even more awful ways. You just have to let it go and not take it to heart. My dad says, “consider the source” and its so true. “if you're criticizing me, at least you're giving everyone else a break”

C: Congratulations on your win. Thanks from Cheryl from room 1(15) we all loved watching you. Good luck.

Daniele: Thanks Cheryl!!!

C: Hey Daniele loved you on the show (From Kelsey).

Daniele: Thanks Kelsey!! <3


Q: Donnie from Mechanicsville, MD says, I am applying for Big Brother 9 and I am worried. I am in college and have about a year left. Do you think it is worth taking the semester off and what advice can you give me about applying?

Daniele: “Honestly” try out. It’s a chance of a lifetime, if you make it, take summer school next year. Advice? Cover your heart with cement. Haha.

Q: What do you have to say to your fans?

Daniele: I love all of you more than you know. All of the wonderful letters and comments really mean a lot. Especially those of you who can relate to the parent situation and to hear so many people saying that its an inspiration is heart warming!

Q: Any final thoughts or anything you would like to say to people out there reading?

Daniele: Whether you love me or hate me, you’re still talking. To those who love me, I really adore all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those who hate me, I don’t care.


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