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Update Entry
Friday, March 20, 2020 Nominations Today
Will Sheldon's reign as HoH become another Groundhog Day where everything is just a repeat of last week?  We'll find out as soon as the nomination ceremony is over.

BB turned the lights on at 8:15AM to begin the day, but it wasn't until 9:30 that the HGs started moving around. It sounds like Sheldon is going to take another shot at getting Minh out this week.

Jedi Reported: "I was watching Jamar do an Instagram Live with Michael (formerly of The Evictors) just now.

Lots of playing "what if" about had different things been done.

About Kyle, I don't know if anything was said before I joined the chat (attendance hovered around 1000), but whenever anyone asked about it, Jamar didn't want to talk about it.

Later, though they were both saying they were surprised that Kyle actually got sent home. Jamar said "don't blame it on me, is not because of me, not my fault". (Since neither of them was there, they can't really know anyway.)"

John-Luke and Brooke are out playing pool. The furniture... I mean Angie is watching. [Just watch, she'll win the game because they all forgot she was there].

Carole, Chris and Minh-Ly are in the kitchen cooking and talking about Keto diet and how Carols four year old has never had fast food except Sammies. two camera is on the pool table, two in the kitchen. Very boring day, no strategy talk.

1:00PM BBT: Vanessa and Susanne were talking about Sheldon (HoH). It looks like he wants to put up Carol and Minh-Ly. Vanessa told him it wouldn't be wise to put Min up right away as she is a competition beast and will just pull herself down. Susanne thinks he should put up Madeline and Rianne but said that they made up, which is stupid because he will have to get rid of them eventually.

1:13PM BBT: Minh-Ly just pulled Sheldon aside to say she loves him and isn't confused any more AND... FotH

Brooke is talking to Sheldon about someone (Carole?) self evicting if there isn't a double. FotH again. Looks like they are talking about something they aren't supposed to and they keep cutting us.


Carol wants to leave this week, she is homesick and misses her kids. She wants to wait until she can be officially evicted on Thursday, rather than quit.

8:43PM BBT: After a long blackout, the feeds return.

11:54PM BBT:  The feeds return after another long break.  Sheldon nominated Carol and Minh-Ly for eviction.

Today's Update by RoxsTruth

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Update Entry
Thursday, March 19, 2020 Eviction Day
Yesterday, I said that BB would address Jamar's removal from the house, and they didn't-- they are now saying it will be on tonight's show. The feeds will remain off until after tonight's show.


Arisa is broadcasting from her home and she says she is fine, but is trying to protect her family. She continues that it was a very difficult week and production decided to remove two people from the house because emotions have been running high. This is no ordinary Thursday!

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an HoH free for all Sheldon was the bell of the balls. His KVBS earned the keys to the kingdom and lasered in on their top targets. After weighing his options, the wrestler put up Maddy next to his target Rianne. Not everyone was stoked with the methodical move, and while Sheldon protected KVBS, Vanessa started to stray. But once her three allies learned she was leaking intel to the enemy, they reeled the east coaster back into the fold.

At a pivotal PoV competition, it was all up in the air until The Evictors Maddy and John-Luke lip locked down victory. Faced with naming a replacement nominee, Sheldon had to put up a dangerous option. And even though Minh-Ly's main man Jamar didn't approve, Sheldon didn't flinch when showing Minh-Ly the backdoor. Tonight, how will the mischief-maker manage being on the block? With tensions rising, who's heading out the door next? Find out now on Big Brother Canada.

We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 17. Jamar says so weak, super weak. Minh-Ly says to Sheldon this is turning him on sitting her butt on the bench. Sheldon says Minh-Ly has no allies, so he has no blood on his hands. Minh-Ly is strategizing and she's thinking. The wheels are turning. Jamar is disappointed in Sheldon. Everyone is playing weak and no one wants to go after the big dogs. The only person that sees eye to eye with him is Minh-Ly. It's a weak move. Jamar tells Minh-Ly he had two big dudes on the couch and didn't take a shot at either. Minh-Ly tells Jamar how he needs to campaign for her about keeping the balance in the house. Minh-Ly asks Jamar to go to the Expedia room, or outside, or the swamp room because she needs a kiss.

Sheldon goes into where Brooke is showering, and Brooke is concerned Minh-Ly might throw some stuff her way. Sheldon says Minh-Ly thinks she has the votes, she doesn't know they are targeting her. Brooke feels pretty good about Minh-Ly being a replacement nominee. She keeps hearing rumors about herself and she doesn't mind Minh-Ly being out.

Kyle and Maddy our outside and Maddy thinks Rianne could have been beneficial for her. Kyle says he has to schmooze Maddy over so if she wins HoH next week she won't put him on the block. Kyle promises her that he isn't coming after her. He says she's so far from his hit list and he's not asking for reciprocation, he just wants her to know that. He says he's in a vulnerable position.

Jamar is in the color comic room and says he wants to turn up on everyone right now. He says everyone is playing scared to saying it's too early. Everyone is playing Kyle's game and just to get airtime. Minh-Ly comes in and says if she leaves this house, then he's next because he's rogue, and doesn't have a lot of allies. Minh-Ly says she needs to stay for his game as well. She says he's definitely going to touch the block, he can see what will happen if she goes. She thinks Kyle was behind this and Jamar says he was. He's been behind every HoH so far. Minh-Ly says it's not always good to be volatile. Jamar says when she's ready, he's there. She wants to do her investigation. They kiss.

The HGs are called to the living room on March 15, 2020. They have some news from the outside world. They are informed about COVID-19 and that it is now a pandemic and all of their caretakers are fine and healthy. As they know, the virus started in China, but it has now spread to the world. Most cases are China, Italy, and Iran. Susanne is concerned about her family in Italy, and Maddy is informed her parents canceled their trip. They want to send their love to their families and if their families need them, they will be there in a heartbeat.

Angie asks if BB will be impacted and the answer is they just don't know. They will get updates as they get them and if things escalate, then they will let them know. They want to give them an opportunity to decide if they need to stay or not. Have-Nots are canceled and they all get letters from their families so they can see confirmation from themselves. They all hug and pray. Rianne says it's a shock to hear, and it's overwhelming being cut off from the outside world. But the letters are a huge comfort for all of them.

Jamar is reading his letter first and he is getting emotional and they tell him no one has been infected and he can play in peace. Chris reads his, then Maddy, then Angie. Kyle reads his next followed by Carol, Hira, John-Luke gets emotional during his and Maddy and Brooke comfort him. Minh-Ly goes to give John-Luke a hug after he finishes. Everyone is emotional.

Hira and Brooke are in the HoH room and they are listening to music. Brooke says she has so much empathy for stars because they can't leave the house without getting pictures snapped, plus the tabloids. Brooke says she can't imagine what it would be like to be under a microscope like that all the time. She says just kidding.

Susanne is talking to Rianne and Susanne wants to know who she feels comfortable within the game? Rianne says she doesn't trust Kyle and Vanessa. She wants to be happy Rianne, but she also wants to plant seeds because she wants to take shots. Rianne tells Susanne that Kyle was in Chris's ear all week during his HoH. Rianne says if Kyle, Chris, and Vanessa stay a long time, then they will steamroll the house.

Susanne then goes to Chris and she tells him a lot of people have Kyle in their head and Chris says they need him in the house. Chris says read his voice when he tells the truth and when he lies. Susanne says he's a good liar. Chris says he's been watching him and he thinks he's close to figuring Kyle out. Susanne says she hasn't lied to Chris yet. Is that a lie? Susanne says she wants to build trust with him. She doesn't think Chris lies to her, but she thinks he doesn't tell her the whole truth. Chris says she's the only female he tells the truth to.

Day 18 and Jamar is talking to Angie. Angie says a few days Carol made a joke about the police would target Jamar if he were in PEI. Angie thinks it was harsh and Jamar says it was a bad joke and ignorant, but he doesn't think she's a racist. He says they don't really talk much at all. Jamar says it won't happen again. Angie thinks Jamar should talk to her and let her know that it wasn't OK so she won't do it again. Angie says Carol needs to understand the ramifications of what she said. She says it's never OK to just say it off the cuff and it's never funny.

Jamar and Carol talk and she says she thought they had a relationship where they could joke around a bit, but maybe she was wrong. Jamar says he's never been in trouble with the police in his life. He says the joke just wasn't that funny to him. Carol says fair enough. She doesn't feel that way about him and she doesn't want to present herself that way to anyone. She says she made a joke she shouldn't have made and she apologizes sincerely and he says he accepts it and they hug.

Sheldon is talking to Brooke, Maddy, and Rianne and he says people have been lying to him and he's not sure who. Sheldon tells us he put them both on the block and he needs to make sure if they are here next week they are good. Sheldon wants to make sure he and Brooke are good with them and maybe work with them. Rianne and Maddy go to discuss it in the restroom and they want to know if Sheldon and Brooke are working with anyone else so they ask and Sheldon says no. Rianne appreciates them wanting to work together. She says it's nice not to feel like public enemy #1.

Minh-Ly asks Vanessa in front of Susanne and a couple of others why Vanessa told her not to tell anyone that she was asked to throw the competition. Vanessa says she didn't do that, she said maybe they shouldn't win. Minh-Ly says Vanessa is snaking her right now. Vanessa tells Minh-Ly that Rianne is being nice to everyone and she doesn't think Minh-Ly will get the votes to stay. Vanessa says people are lying to her face. Minh-Ly decides to call a house meeting.

Minh-Ly is in the middle of the living room and everyone is there. Minh-Ly says she wants to get to the bottom of who's spreading rumors and who's creating lies and who's making her a scapegoat. She says she has heard that she said Sheldon was in a five-person alliance that he was in and that's not true. Minh-Ly thought she had a good relationship with Vanessa. Minh-Ly says Kyle was talking crap to him. Jamar says Vanessa are you playing me? Vanessa says yes, I'm playing the game. Jamar says you don't want to go against Kyle? Vanessa says we're together, she thinks that's pretty obvious.

Minh-Ly says if you want (the house), then she will go against Kyle and Vanessa and help them the house take them down. She says she's not afraid of whether she can win competitions or not and if they vote to keep her she'll go after the predators in the house. She says they need a balance in the house or Kyle and Vanessa are going to take them out one by one by one. She would bet on it.

Arisa is back and she says this has been an extraordinarily difficult week. She says it's important to know they didn't show the entire house meeting. Jamar was removed from the house for things that were and were not shown on live feeds. Arisa says here's the moment the house found out. Minh-Ly is crying and Susanne says it was not his fault. Rianne says Jamar is a really good kid. Brooke and Rianne are comforting Minh-Ly and says she needs to keep in mind he had her back.

Additionally, Arisa says production witnessed a pattern of problematic behavior from Kyle and he has also been removed from the game. Some of these issues were shown on live feeds, and some were not. They've decided to hit a reset button and Minh-Ly and Rianne are safe and since Sheldon's HoH was disrupted, he will be eligible to compete.

Production tells the HGs about Kyle being removed and they are shocked. Production says they didn't make this decision lightly and it was made with a very heavy heart, but they stand firm behind this game. They will NOT tolerate any behavior that they deem contrary to the spirit of the game. One of the great things about the game is it takes people from all walks of life and different places and gives them a chance to get to one another. This is a gift to be there and they can prove to everyone they can do better.

Vanessa says her heart hurts. Maddy says they all have to do better. Angie says we have to work together. Vanessa says let's reset right now and start over. The HGs are giving hugs and Brooke and Sheldon head up to the HoH room. Sheldon says it's very unsettling. She was aligned with Kyle and he had a lot of trust there and this is not how he thought his game was going to go and he didn't think this was how the season would start off.

The rest of the HGs are all downstairs hugging and Brooke says Sheldon just needs some time. They all say this takes work and they have to do their very best and hold their heads high. They are with Micheal, Jamar, Kyle, and Nico in spirit. They say they can start this season over again and make it an amazing season.

Rianne is just so happy she survived the week. Minh-Ly says she agrees. Rianne says it's like a whole new ballgame. Minh-Ly says if none of them touch the block, then they can do what they want. Minh-Ly says they are going to watch the show and talk about how much of a witch she is.

It's time for a new HoH! The competition is called snooze you lose. They will start out in sleeping bags. They will slide down and hold onto a bar and that's when the competition starts. If they let go, then they will slide down into the pillows. The last one holding on will be the new HoH!

Sheldon says all three people he put on the block last week are still here so he needs to win this competition. Rianne wants to win this so bad because she wants to make a big move not a weak move and she doesn't want to be on the chopping block again. Hira wants to win this he wants a letter from his wife and news about his daughter. Chris says this is HoH to lose. He wants to be a competition beast and win this. Carol slides down and she is the first one out.

Brooke is squirming around and she's super lanky. Her hands are slippery and she's not doing well. Angie is struggling and adjusting too. Angie is out. Chris says this is tough for someone big like him but he's hanging in there and it's going to take a lot for him to let go. Brooke is out. Maddy is struggling. Rianne is out. Minh-Ly says she's a cat and she has nine lives. She was almost out last week and she feels like this is her chance to take control of the game. Which HGs will hang on to win this pivotal HoH? Find out Sunday!

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother Canada show may not be posted here until after 11PM.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S08E08 was written by IndyMom78.

The feeds returned right after the show ended at 9PM. We learned that Sheldon won the "Snooze- You Lose" HoH competition.
The houseguests got beer and wine to celebrate Hira's birthday, even the Have-Nots. This is the first night the HGs were given alcohol.

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In the USA most public gatherings and entertainment venues are closed due to the COVID-19 virus, so what a great time to stay home and watch the free BBCAN live feeds and do some reporting so others can enjoy the BBCAN experience too. If you don't know how to watch BBCAN, there's a guide here; if you live in Canada, just go to

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