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The Big Brother Canada House was located in Leslieville Toronto and for the second time, the BB house studio was sold and the BB house had to be torn down and rebuilt at a new location. The BBCAN house is now located at Studio 550 in Etobicoke, ON Canada - See it on Google. Here is a guide to watching BBCAN in the USA.

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Premiere: Wednesday March 3 at 7PM, then, Wednesdays at 7PM ET/PT - Thursdays at 8PM ET/PT & Sundays at 8PM ET/PT



 Big Brother Canada Season 9 Starts March 3rd

Countdown to Big Brother Canada 9

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Update Entry
Saturday, February, 27 2021 Houseguest Replaced

As I previously reported, Big Brother Canada producers decided to remove houseguest Ethan Quance from the house. After it was announced that Ethan had been cast to compete in BBCAN9, social media turned up some unsavory behavior in his background that disqualified him from participating on the reality show. Ethan has been replaced by Kyle Moore. The handsome 26-year-old from Red Deer Alberta is an unemployed hockey coach, who plans to make as many connections as possible and dominate the competitions in hopes to become the BBCAN9 champ. Kyle says, "I think I was chosen because I am a charismatic and athletic guy, who loves taking risks and has lived an interesting life."
Big Brother Canada
premieres Wednesday, March 3 @ 7PM on Global TV in Canada, however, there are instructions for viewing shows and the live feeds in the USA posted here.

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Update Entry
Friday, February, 26 2021 Pre-Premiere Drama

Social media has been buzzing about one of the BBCAN9 houseguests having an unsavory past.  The RUMOURS are that one of the HGs, already in the cast listed below, is being called a "racist," a "sexist," and "brawler."  Global TV, the Canadian network that airs Big Brother Canada, responded on Thursday with this statement:

 Today, Global TV and Insight Productions were made aware of some significant concerns regarding an individual who has been announced as part of the Season 9 cast for Big Brother Canada.

We take this information seriously and acknowledge the impact these concerns raise for both the production and those involved.
While much of what has been brought to our attention remains unproven, we cannot proceed with casting this person and this individual will be replaced ahead of the season premiere.

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Update Entry
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Meet The Houseguests

Austin Dookwah

Austin Dookwah

Age: 23
Hometown: Newmarket, Ont.
Occupation: Realtor/Model
"My strategy is to lay low and act unassuming at the beginning - then school everyone in the memory comps toward the end."
Morty Video

Beth Bieda

Beth Bieda

Age: 27
Hometown: Tomahawk, Alta.
Occupation: Homeless Support Worker
She find a ride or die on day one! "Lay more low at the beginning, pull a Tyler (BBUS) have secret alliances around the house & like Paras or Mitch make other people do my dirty work."
Morty Video

Breydon White

Breydon White

Age: 23
Hometown: Calgary
Occupation: Anthropology Student

"My strategy is to be liked so much by everyone that they can't get rid of me. Also, to be a master manipulator."
Morty Video

Ethan Quance

Ethan Quance

Age: 22
Hometown: Banff, Alta.
Occupation: Line cook

"My strategy is to win every competition possible!"

Ethan was removed from the house prior to the premiere.

Jedson Tavernier

Jedson Tavernier

Age: 25
Hometown: Aurora, Ont.
Occupation: Personal trainer

"My strategy is to keep my educational background a secret & get into a undercover alliance of 4 to 5 people. Win when necessary, (avoid being a target). Work a strong social game."
Morty Video

Josh Farnworth

Josh Farnworth

Age: 30
Hometown: New Westminster, B.C.
Occupation: Film production coordinator

"My strategy is to start a four-person secret alliance with a potential showmance in the alliance."
Morty Video

Kiefer Collison

Kiefer Collison

Age: 32
Hometown: Old Massett, B.C.
Occupation: Radio host

"I will be very social. Try to build relationships with other houseguests."
Morty Video

Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore

Age: 26
Hometown: Red Deer, Alta.
Occupation: Unemployed Hockey Coach

"I will be likable and develop connections with everyone in the house."
Morty Video

Latoya Anderson

Latoya Anderson

Age: 34
Hometown: Pickering, Ont.
Occupation: Police officer

"I'm going undercover. The HGs will not know I'm a police officer and that I have a degree in criminology. I will be a fashionista/fashion designer."
Morty Video

Julie Vu

Julie Vu

Age: 28
Hometown: Vancouver
Occupation: Social media influencer

"My strategy going into the house is be extra friendly, find real common interest with everyone, form a four-person alliance, and dumbing myself down."
Morty Video

Rohan Kapoor

Rohan Kapoor

Age: 26
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Strategic partnerships manager

"My strategy is to create an alliance with 5 people, all with different skill sets. I plan to be quite active in the 1st half of the game by destroying the plays & calling the shots."
Morty Video

Tera Gillen Petrozzi

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi

Age: 37
Hometown: LaSalle, Ont.
Occupation: Mom/spin instructor

"If the HGs think I'm a super positive, vertically-challenged mom having a mid-life crisis, perfect! Less threatening I appear, the easier it will be to walk away with the cash."
Morty Video

Tina Thistle

Tina Thistle

Age: 42
Hometown: Paradise, N.L.
Occupation: Graphic designer

"My strategy is to be the friendly Newfoundlander! I will also want to really meet and size up the competition first, then my strategy will evolve from there."
Morty Video

Victoria Woghiren

Victoria Woghiren

Age: 27
Hometown: Hamilton
Occupation: Youth advocate

"Strategy is to be fun, present, & approachable. Plan to make a female bestie, divide & conquer. I will also find the strongest guy in the house & see if they want to secretly work together."
Morty Video

Tychon Carter-Newman

Tychon Carter-Newman

Age: 29
Hometown: Montreal
Occupation: Urban planner

"My strategy is to be in a co-ed alliance balanced with social, physical, and mental strengths. Also, I want to make sure I establish a relationship with everyone."
Morty Video

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Update Entry
Friday, February 18, 2021 Start Counting Down!
Big Brother Canada Season 9 Starts March 3,  2021

Canada’s Global TV broke the news today that the new season of Big Brother Canada will start in just two weeks, on March 3, 2021 @ 7PM. The broadcast shows will air Mondays @ 9PM, Wednesdays @ 7PM, and Thursdays @ 8PM. The live feeds are free!

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Update Entry
Tuesday, February, 2021 Expect the Unexpected
The last we saw of BBCAN was on March 24, 2020 when the BB House went dark due to restrictions on TV production during the COVID pandemic-- until yesterday!

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Update Entry
July 2020 BBAN9 Confirmed!

Big Brother Canada Renewed for Season 9; Host Arisa Cox Named Executive Producer

Global, a Corus Entertainment network, and Insight Productions announced today the greenlight for Season 9 of Big Brother Canada, and the promotion of series Host Arisa Cox to Executive Producer. Commissioned by Corus Entertainment for Global, Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions and helmed by Showrunner and EP Erin Brock.

"We have reached a turning point in history and as the fight against racism and issues facing Black, Indigenous and people of colour around the world have been pulled into the spotlight, Big Brother Canada is seizing this moment to become a leader in the reality TV world," said Arisa Cox, Host and Executive Producer, Big Brother Canada. "Our top priority is bold, lasting change by embracing the rich diversity of Canada in front of and behind the camera. Both are vital. And as one of the biggest and best reality TV shows in the country, we have both the ability and the responsibility to do just that. I’m thrilled to join Erin and the producing team, and work together to ensure Big Brother Canada meets this moment."

As an Executive Producer, Arisa now plays a critical role in all storytelling aspects of Big Brother Canada. In partnership with Erin and the EPs, Arisa's responsibilities now include key creative input on the show’s real-time storylines, casting and outreach, and increasing BIPOC representation across the board, among others. Global and Insight Productions are working together to implement anti-racism policies and procedures that foster a creative environment where equity, inclusion, and diversity can flourish on and off camera.

"Arisa Cox has been an integral part of Big Brother Canada, always armed with an arsenal of bold and bright ideas, thoughtful insights, and a deep passion for the show," said Erin Brock Showrunner and Executive Producer, Big Brother Canada/Insight Productions. "We’re passionately committed to leading thought-provoking conversations, telling uniquely Canadian stories, and reflecting the diverse culture of Canada. Arisa has always demonstrated a fierce commitment to these ideals and I’m excited to elevate our partnership and to continue to make trailblazing content."

"Big Brother Canada is an original production like no other and we are so proud of its unprecedented success across platforms. It is the ultimate social experiment and, oftentimes, a microcosm of our own society," said Lisa Godfrey, Vice President, Original Content, Corus Entertainment. "As producers of original content in Canada, we are dedicated to paving new paths for creators to thrive in all aspects of storytelling, and are honoured to recognize Arisa Cox’s longstanding success as a Canadian storyteller in her new role as Executive Producer."

Set to debut on Global in spring 2021, Big Brother Canada is one of the most internationally revered iterations of the Endemol Shine format. Pre-production for Season 9 includes a thorough review of current production practices and the development of new ones, anti-racism personnel policies, racial-equity training, and more. Additional announcements regarding Season 9, including casting opportunities, will be made at a later date.

Commissioned by Corus Entertainment, Season 9 of Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions Ltd. in association with Corus Entertainment and Endemol Shine. Executive Producers are John Brunton, Erin Brock, Eric Abboud, Trevor Boris, and Arisa Cox.

Corus Entertainment’s Original Content team driving its slate of unscripted series is helmed by industry executive Lisa Godfrey as VP Original Content and supported by long-time TV veterans Krista Look (Director of Lifestyle) and Lynne Carter (Production Executive).

Stream past season of Big Brother Canada on the Global TV App available on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku streaming players, Roku TV™ models and at

Global is a Corus Entertainment Network and is available through all major TV distributors, including: Shaw, Shaw Direct, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Telus, Cogeco, Eastlink, SaskTel and the new STACKTV, streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video Channels.


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