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Friday, January 28, 2022
This is a collection of old news and obituaries from the Ask Morty TV News page.  Dates, where shown, represent the date the story was originally posted on the web site.  Because these are old stories, links within the stories may no longer be active. For current news and schedules, click here.  
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Meet, Greet and Beat the Geeks

[October 31, 2001]  Comedy Central has a new show in the wings, a daily pop-culture game show called "Beat the Geeks,"  which pits contestants' knowledge of TV, movie and music trivia against three resident "experts," i.e., geeks, in each area. The daily show kicks off December 10, and challenges contestants  to put the Geeks back in their rightful place and win a variety of prizes. For the Geeks, it's a shot at fame and a chance to prove that the time spent down in the basement by themselves was well worth it.

But who are these Geeks? For TV, it's Paul Goebel, an actor, comedian and winner of TV Land's "Ultimate Fan Search,"  who is the self-proclaimed King of TV; for music, it's writer and music producer Andy Zax, who wrote Rhino Records' famous RMAT trivia contest in 2000; and for movies, it's Marc Edward Heuck, a self-monikered "film snot," whose love of film goes back to the fourth grade, when he wrote a pitch letter to the president of Paramount Pictures.  Hosted by comedian J. Keith van Straaten, the show will also have a "special guest geek" each week who will specialize in a specific genre or entertainment project.

TV Land Programming Executive, Laura Hunter, Dies at 39

[October 31, 2001]  TV Land executive Laura Hunter, passed away on October 29 in Stanford, CA, following a yearlong bout with cancer. Hunter, who most recently served as Senior Vice President of Programming for TV Land, was diagnosed with cancer in November 2000, shortly after relocating from Los Angeles to New York to assume her responsibilities with TV Land. She was 39 years old and resided in New York City. Full Details

Facts of Life Reunion November 18

[October 30, 2001]  Original cast members Charlotte Rae, Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields and Lisa Whelchel have returned for "The Facts of Life Reunion"   The TV movie will focus on Natalie (Cohn) asking her former classmates to reunite in Peekskill, N.Y., after she receives two marriage proposals.  Airs Sunday, November 18th at 8:00PM.

Actress Diana Van Der Vlis died at age 66

[October 30, 2001]  Diana van der Vlis, an actress popular on Broadway and in such television series as "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," and  "Alfred Hitchcock" has died. She was 66.  Best known to TV audiences as Dr. Nell Beaulac (1975-1976) on "Ryan's Hope," she returned in 1988 to play Sherry Rowan.  She was best known as a Broadway actress and was cast as Cordelia Biddle opposite Walter Pidgeon, who played her eccentric father, Col. Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, in "The Happiest Millionaire."  The role earned her a Tony Award nomination. New York Times critic Brooks Atkinson described her as "an uncommonly talented young lady" who "plunges into the temperamental whirlpool of Cordelia's adolescent emotions and makes a stunning performance out of them." 

Van der Vlis died October 21 in her home of Missoula, Montana. She had suffered from respiratory problems, but the cause of death has not been determined.  Van der Vlis is survived by her husband, Roger Donald; a son, Matthew of Los Angeles; and a daughter, Adrienne of New York.

Kathleen Ankers - Late Show Player and Designer

[October 30, 2001]  I was so sadden to hear on Monday's "Late Show With David Letterman" that Kathleen Ankers died over the weekend.  Kathleen was an Emmy winning set designer, who did the sets for David Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell, Craig Kilborn, MTV and ESPN.  She won our hearts as Helen, the librarian of the NBC bookmobile, on the original "Late Night with David Letterman.".  She returned many times in many roles in Letterman sketches, such as the foul-mouthed CBS page.   Kathleen was a multi-talented lady that also created many of the great props used on early Letterman shows,  she was 82.

First Homer, Now a 'Tainted'  Seinfeld

[October 29, 2001]  First we lost "The Simpsons" episode  "Homer vs New York City,"   now it's "Seinfeld."  With anthrax scares shaking up mailrooms up and down the East Coast, Columbia TriStar Television has yanked an old episode of the sitcom, in which George Costanza's fiancée dies from licking tainted wedding invitations.  Full Details

"Our Gang" star Eugene Jackson dies

[October 29, 2001]  Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson, who starred in the classic 1920s silent comedy "Our Gang," died on Friday at age 84, the Los Angeles Times has reported.  Jackson was just six when he was signed up by the legendary producer director, Hal Roach, who took one look at his childish Afro hairdo and dubbed him "Pineapple."  Jackson, who made his film debut in 1923, appeared in dozens of movies and ground-breaking black television series including "Julia" and "Sanford and Son."

The classic shorts were better known as "The Little Rascals," a name they were given in the 1950s when they were recycled for television. 

He died of a heart attack at his home in Compton, California, survived by his wife of 55 years, Sue, and three children. 

Happy Days to Become a Musical

[October 28, 2001] TV producer Garry Marshall is developing stage musical  "Happy Days".  based on the '70s sitcom about Richie and Fonzie and friends.   Marshall held three readings of his script at his Falcon Theatre in Burbank last weekend.  Marshall said he wants the show's score to include period songs from the '50s as well as a few new songs, but he has not yet hired anyone to write the music. 

Paramount Pictures, which produced the "Happy Days" TV series, is providing seed money for the musical, Marshall said.  Marshall said his initial goal for "Happy Days" is a tour and not necessarily Broadway. "It seems to be the right time to make people smile about a period of innocence," he said. Marshall said he has consulted the creators of a production about "The Brady Bunch" for advice on turning sitcoms into stage shows.   

Meanwhile, Marshall is also working on a script for a musical based on "Pretty Woman," the 1990 movie about a prostitute and her wealthy client. 

Pitches and Pilots

Did You Know?:

"Leave it to Beaver" was to be called "It's a Small World"  A pilot was made with Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) and Barbara Billingsley (June), but Ward and Wally  are played here by different actors. Harry Shearer appears as the Eddie Haskell-like Frankie Bennett.  This pilot is not lost, and is shown at the Museum of Radio and Television.  Why not write TV Land and tell them you'd like to see it!  Click here.

"Pilot I Love Lucy Audition" Determined to break into show business, Lucy schemes to  replace the ailing clown in her husband's nightclub act. Kinescoped on March 2, 1951

[October 26, 2001] TV Land will explore the development of some of the most popular sitcoms ever seen on television when the network presents "Inside TV Land: The Pitch" on Friday, November 16 from 8:00-9:00 PM. The newest installment of "Inside TV Land"   will feature in-depth, interviews with numerous television creators, stars and well-known network executives as they re-trace the development of  various hit shows from the original pitch to their broadcast premieres. Then, immediately following from 10:00pm-Midnight  TV Land will telecast the pilots of "I Love Lucy,"  "Hogan's Heroes," "Get Smart," and "The Brady Bunch."  Although TV Land is heralding these episodes as "rarely-seen," the "Hogan's Heroes," " Get Smart"  pilots are shown regularly.  There are thousand of truly un-aired pilots that could fill months of Fandemoniums.  

Thanksgiving Leftovers

[October 26, 2001]   The cable networks aren't stopping with A Full Platter of Thanksgiving Marathons, there will be plenty of leftovers on Friday.  TNN is running  "Star Trek,"   A&E will have "Murder She Wrote." , fx will air "X-Files" on Friday 10am-2am.

December:  Merry-A-Thon, Boy Geniuses, & more...

[October 25, 2001]   'Tis the season of giving and TV Land is unwrapping a special holiday package for its viewers. Tune in from Saturday, December 22 at 6:00am to Monday, December 24 at 6:00am to see a never before seen line up of holiday classics airing back-to-back. The Line up will be from some of your favorite shows including: "All in the Family,"  "The Andy Griffith Show,"  "The Dick Van Dyke Show," and "The Beverly Hillbillies." Also including: "I Love Lucy" Christmas Special During the TV Land Merry-Thon Weekend tune into a seldom seen "I Love Lucy" Christmas episode. Join the Ricardos as they travel back down memory lane to  reminisce about some of the best moments of "I Love Lucy." This special holiday treat will air Sunday, December 23 at 9:00pm repeating Tuesday, December 25 at 9:00pm.  

Other specials for December include: "Nick at Nite Fa La La La" on December 9th and 25th, and "Boys Night on TV Land" on Thursday, December 20, a night of programming dedicated to the Boys of TV Land.  In celebration of the release of the Nickelodeon feature film "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius."   Nick at Nite will bring viewers four hours of back-to-back episodes of its resident genius, Woody from Cheers. Tune in Sunday, December 16 from 9:00pm-1:00am for "Woody Boyd Genius"  and delve deep into the mind of Woody Boyd.

A Full Platter of Thanksgiving Marathons

[October 25, 2001] Cable networks will be serving up marathons on Thanksgiving.  Nick at Nite is inviting viewers to join the Keatons for a four hour marathon of "Family Ties."  Lifetime would like you to spend the day with "The Golden Girls,"  TNN is offering a traditional family dinner with 12 hours of "The Waltons" and A&E just wants to ask you one more question-- "Would you like some 'Columbo' with that?"  And Morty's got the line-ups (courtesy of of Pavan Badal, of course).  Click here for "Family Ties"Click Here for "The Waltons"Click Here for "The Golden Girls,"  or Click Here for "Columbo."  Court TV  will have a "Homicide: Life on the Street" marathon 6am-12am,  fX will have " Buffy  the Vampire Slayer" 10am-2am  Comedy Central will have a "SNL" marathon 10am-11pm. You'll have to check your TV Guide for those schedules. I've also been told there will be football games on too.

Gilligan:  By Popular Demand

[October 22, 2001] Since the TV movie, "Surviving Gilligan's Island: The Incredibly True Story of the Longest Three-Hour Tour in History" aired last week, I've received a lot of Gilligan questions about the 1988 reunion on Fox TV's "Late Show."  Actually, most of the questions were asking what show the reunion was on.  Now for the first time in over a decade, you can hear a special 15 minute version of this historic moment in TV history.  CLICK HERE.  

Inside TV Land: Two New Episodes

[October 18, 2001] "Inside TV Land: The Pitch" premieres Friday November 16th, 2001 at 9pm. "The Pitch," (Inside TV Land Episode 7) features interviews with several Hollywood notables, in which  they discuss their efforts to get television networks to add their programming ideas to network line-ups. The Pitch examines the popularity of several great comedy series and traces the history of those show changes from conception to air.

Next up:  In February 2002, "Inside TV Land: African-Americans in Television" (Episode 8) will present a multi-part look at the historic role and significance of African-Americans in television, both in front of and behind the camera. 

 Popeye Returns to the Cartoon Network

[October 18, 2001] Aaron Barnhart of TV Barn reports that Popeye cartoons will be returning to The Cartoon Network with newly restored footage on October 28 with a late-night series, "I'm Popeye,"   Full Details

No Classic TV Channel From Fox

[October 14, 2001] You might have read  on our news ticker that Fox was considering a 24 hour classic TV channel.  Well forget it, the plans are off.  Zap2it reports that Jeff Shell, president and CEO of Fox Cable Networks Group, which also owned FX and Fox Movie Classics, says the there's little demand among cable operators right now for a new network given America's current economic environment.  In fact business isn't so hot at Fox in general.  Full Details

History Repeats with Gilligan Movie

[October 14, 2001] When "Gilligan's Island" debuted in  1964 the critics hated it, but it didn't matter the ratings were great.  Last night CBS aired the movie "Surviving Gilligan's Island"  the critics hated it, but the two-hour movie about the longest three-hour tour in history helped CBS win the night in the overnight metered market ratings.

TV Land Schedules More Fandemoniums

[October 14, 2001] As fast as I can type a schedule, TV Land can change it.  Fandemonium weekends where supposed to end October 1st, then they were extended to November 4th.  Now it appears we'll have 48 hour marathons to the end of the year.  The schedule TV Land schedule I have as starting in November, well frankly I'm not sure when it'll start.  Here's what's planned to air:

Oct 20-21 "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Oct 27-28 "Diff'rent Strokes"
Nov 3-4 TV Land Loves New York
Nov 10-11 "Gunsmoke"
Nov 17-18 "The Facts of Life"
Nov 24-25 "I Love Lucy"
Dec 1-2 "Laverne and Shirley"
Dec 8-9 "TV Land to Go"
Dec 15-16 "Starsky & Hutch"
Dec 22-23 "Merry-A-Thon"
Dec 29-30 "Three's Company"

Edward Asner to Receive SAG Life Achievement Award

 [October 12, 2001] Edward Asner,  best know for his role as Lou Grant on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," will receive the Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild.  Asner won three supporting actor Emmys for his role as TV news editor Lou Grant on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and two more for lead actor as the same character in the more dramatic spin-off series "Lou Grant." He also won Emmys for his roles in the miniseries "Rich Man, Poor Man" and "Roots."  Asner, 72, served as SAG's president from 1981-85 and has long been active in supporting convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, will be the 38th recipient of the award.  The annual SAG awards are scheduled to be broadcast at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 10, 2002 on TNT.  

"Time Tunnel" set for TV comeback

 [October 12, 2001] The 1966 sci-fi adventure series, which revolved around two young scientists working on a secret government project that allows them to travel back and forward in time is returning.   Whether the remake ends up at ABC or Fox is now the subject of a battle between the two networks.  No matter who ends up with it, it looks like they've committed to 13 episodes.  Full Details

The Simpsons in the News

[October 8, 2001]  I knew it would happen:  Because of the events of September 11th, you won't be seeing the episode "Homer vs New York City."  Fox announced that the episode has been pulled from syndication.  Some fans felt the episode would be a tribute to the Twin Towers. Others felt that the sting of seeing Homer's hijinks at the Twin Towers would be too painful.  Fans are still debating their decision on posting boards and in chat rooms.

New Season:  On October 31, 2001 Fox will present the annual Halloween episode of "The Simpsons,"  Treehouse of Horror XII   In "House of Whacks," a Hal 9000-style home automation computer takes a fancy to Marge, and unfortunately sees fit to dispose of Homer in the process. Next, following a gypsy's curse, Homer becomes Death incarnate as everyone in his presence either dies or mutates in "Curse of the Dummy." Finally, in "Wiz Kids," the children are tutored in the fine art of transforming frogs into princes at the Springfield Elementary School for Wizards, a la Harry Potter.  The season premiere of "The Simpsons" is on Sunday, November 4th. (The "Treehouse of Horror" episode is considered a special, not the season premiere.) 

Eat Me:  Hitting the grocery aisles later this month will be not one, but two new cereals based on the dysfunctional 'toon family: Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal and Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch. Full Details

Rose Marie Gets Her Star on Walk of Fame 

[October 3, 2001] A ceremony was held this morning at 7083 Hollywood Blvd to unveil Rose Marie's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  "I'm usually not speechless, but I am now, I am so honored and thrilled. I respect this business so much and everyone who has supported me - including all my fans.''  Rose told the crowd.  78 year old Rose Marie, who was born Rose Marie Mazetta, started her career as a child star in the 1920s.  To all of us at Ask Morty, she's Sally Rogers of "The Dick Van Dyke Show"  Dick Van Dyke and series creator Carl Reiner were also on hand to honor Rose.  Her trademark is the bow in her hair, that she still wears today,  has some personal significance on which Rose Marie has so far refused to elaborate.  Rose joins cast members: Morey Amsterdam, Mary Tyler Moore, and Dick Van Dyke, who also have stars on the Walk of Fame.

 Two TV /Movie Composers Greats Die

[October 17, 2001] Oscar-winning composer and lyricist Jay Livingston died Wednesday. He was 86.  His partnership with Ray Evans gave us such hits as:  "Silver Bells," "Que Sera, Sera" "Mona Lisa," and TV themes like "Bonanza" and "Mr. Ed,"    as well as movies themes: "Tammy" from the 1957 movie "Tammy and the Bachelor," "Almost in Your Arms" from the 1958 film "Houseboat" and the title song of the 1964 film "Dear Heart."  

Livingston was born on March 28, 1915, in the Pittsburgh suburb of McDonald. He met Evans in 1937 at the University of Pennsylvania, where they were both students.  The team's final project was the recording, "Michael Feinstein Sings the Livingston and Evans Song Book," due for 2002 release.

On Tuesday Composer Raoul Kraushaar who wrote the theme music to such classic TV shows as "Lassie," "The Fugitive" and "The Untouchables," died at the age of 93 on Tuesday.  During a 55-year career, he wrote the music for numerous television shows, including "The Abbott and Costello Series" and "Father Knows Best." Among his most famous film work was "Cabaret" starring Liza Minnelli. He also provided music for cartoons such as "Yogi Bear" and "Huckleberry Hound." Born in France in 1908, the son of an orchestra musician, Kraushaar lived with his aunt after his mother died and as a teenager he stowed away on a ship headed to New York. In 1926, Kraushaar studied musical arranging at Columbia University and in the 1930s moved to Los Angeles to launch his career. The first film he was credited for was "Round-up Time in Texas" with Gene Autry in 1937.

ABC Airs Two Halloween Classics

[October 18, 2001] The classic half-hour animated Halloween-themed Peanuts special, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, will air on the ABC on Tuesday, October 30 at 8:00pm.  This program was originally scheduled to air October 25. In the 1966 half-hour animated special, "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," The PEANUTS gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin, while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween party.

Also scheduled on the 30th is the Emmy Award-winning "Boo! To You, Too, Winnie The Pooh" 8:30pm. This program was also originally scheduled to air October 25.  "Boo! To You, Too, Winnie The Pooh" received its Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Storyboarding (Phil Weinstein) in 1997, as well as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music and Lyrics (Michael & Patty)  BTW, October 14th was Winnie the Pooh's 75th birthday.

Where's the Honeymooners on Hallmark?

[October 7, 2001]  Were you excited to see "The Honeymooners" in color?  I was.  The Hallmark Channel announced they would be airing the rarely seen color episodes of "The Honeymooners,"   starting today.  But they didn't.  I didn't even know they scrapped the plans until a reader e-mailed me asking "what happened?"  I don't know.   Aaron Barnhart's TV Barn ( is reporting today that a Hallmark spokeswoman told him yesterday that plans to air these episodes, which were going to start this weekend  have been "shelved indefinitely".  Why?  They're not saying.  One of my readers suspect a royalty problem,  one suspects a conflict with TV Land's "exclusive" cable rights to "The Honeymooners" and I suspect I quality problem with the prints.  Many of us looked forward to seeing the black and white episodes of "Petticoat Junction" on TV Land, only to have the network back out due to the high cost of restoring the prints to the quality standards the channel is known for.  The mystery of TV Land's "pushed back fall debut" could simply be that editing and preparing the original material is taking longer than expected.

Columbus Columbo Day Marathon on A&E

 [October 7, 2001]  The A&E Channel is celebrating Columbus Day with a "Columbo" marathon of 6 two hour TV movies featuring Peter Falk as the rumpled detective. The marathon begins with Columbo traveling to England to visit Scotland Yard, where he ends up helping in a murder investigation, in "Dagger of the Mind."   Here's the schedule:

8:00AM :  Dagger of the Mind
10:00AM:  Columbo: Undercover
12:00PM:  A Friend in Deed
2:00PM:  Columbo Cries Wolf
Candidate for Crime
6:00PM:  Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo

Peter Falk fans use the monthly schedule at TV Now

Halloween Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Marathon

[October 5, 2001] Cartoon Network's canine supersleuth Scooby-Doo will encounter 24 hours of spooky ghosts, scary curses and menacing villains during the "Halloween Scooby-Doo Where Are You! Marathon."   Click here for more Scooby-Doo. Also on the Cartoon Network, Cartoon Theatre has twice the frights in October with a weekly double feature of Cartoon Network's scariest movies. Each 7 p.m. airing repeats the next day (Sunday) at 10 a.m. For the complete spooky schedule, click here.  

Rose Marie Gets Her Star on Walk of Fame 

[October 3, 2001] A ceremony was held this morning at 7083 Hollywood Blvd to unveil Rose Marie's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  "I'm usually not speechless, but I am now, I am so honored and thrilled. I respect this business so much and everyone who has supported me - including all my fans.''  Rose told the crowd.  78 year old Rose Marie, who was born Rose Marie Mazetta, started her career as a child star in the 1920s.  To all of us at Ask Morty, she's Sally Rogers of "The Dick Van Dyke Show"  Dick Van Dyke and series creator Carl Reiner were also on hand to honor Rose.  Her trademark is the bow in her hair, that she still wears today,  has some personal significance on which Rose Marie has so far refused to elaborate.  Rose joins cast members: Morey Amsterdam, Mary Tyler Moore, and Dick Van Dyke, who also have stars on the Walk of Fame.

Nick News Turns Ten 

[October 3, 2001] In 1991, Nickelodeon felt it should provide news coverage and an explanation of the Gulf War that kids could understand.  They hired veteran journalist and former NBC News anchorwoman Linda Ellerbee to do a special "Nick News." Ten years later, Linda's still explaining the news to kids.  A recipient of Emmy and Peabody awards for "Nick News," 57 year old Linda Ellerbee has just finished editing "Turning Ten: A Nick News Celebration," which airs 8PM on October 4.  Full Details

Johnny Carson's Tonight Show: A New DVD Set 

  [October 3, 2001]  Did you know that  650 feet underground in a Hutchinson, Kansas, salt mine, 4,000 tapes of "The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson" are stored in a fire- and earthquake-proof room? From these tapes, a new DVD collection has been made.  The new set offers seven hours of highlights of "The Tonight Show" from 1962 to 1992 , adding new footage to the previous release of a videotape set.   Carson fans will be able to revisit comic routines by his Fern character  along with faux psychic Carnac the Magnificent  and superpatriot Floyd R. Turbo (complete with earflaps).   The DVDs also include script notes -- which provide a rundown of guest appearances, commercials and performances. The DVDs also present the show's history, beginning with Allen, biographies of Carson (who will turn 76 on October 23rd), sidekick Ed McMahon, bandleader Doc Severinson, and producer Fred de Cordova, who died last month.  

The collection is priced at $79.99  How can I buy it you ask?  Well first you drive to the Santa Monica Freeway, to the Slausen Cutoff,  or just click here. Did you know that you can special order any episode of "The Tonight Show" for $99?  You supply them with the date and details of the show, and the folks in the Hutchinson, Kansas salt mine will see if it exists.  Many episodes from the '60s do not.  

In the late 70's,  the tapes were stored in a warehouse in Camden, New Jersey.  When shelf space started to run out, they decided to destroy "old stuff".  Included in this "old stuff" were early Carson shows,  all of "The Hollywood Squares" with Peter Marshall, and hundreds of hours of other classic moments we'll never see again.  It's because of this, that I never trust people from Camden.  

AMC Monsterfest October 26-31 

[October 3, 2001]  More of a movie thing than at TV thing, but it's being shown on TV. . .  American Movie Classics salutes the monsters and the leading men who gave birth to the horror genre.  Includes: "Frankenstein,"  "The Mummy,"  and "The Wolfman."  On Halloween, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Bela Lugosi classic "Dracula." 
Full Details

  Barnabas Comes to Collinwood  in October!

[October 2, 2001]  The Sci-Fi Channel started running the rarely seen pre-Barnabas episodes of the classic Gothic soap "Dark Shadows"  in  the Spring.  Now we're getting close to seeing the star of the show, Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins.  Here's what's coming up:  Jason McGuire makes his first appearance on Thursday of this week,  John Karlen as Willie shows up on Tuesday, October 16th and Barnabas follows shortly after.  Also, on the subject of "Dark Shadows,"  "House of Dark Shadows" will be shown on Turner Classic Movies  on October 31 at 1:00am,  that's 1:00 a.m. on Halloween morning, not Halloween evening.

The Honeymooners Many People have Never Seen! 

[October,1 2001]  IN COLOR!!  Not colorized, filmed in color.  From 1966-1970 "The Jackie Gleason Show" presented the "Honeymooners" most are musicals,  no really, I'm not making this up.  See Jackie Gleason and Art Carney sing and dance their way through 43 hour long "Honeymooners" on the Hallmark Channel beginning Saturday, October 6 at 7:00 PM. New episodes will be broadcast each Sunday evening beginning Sunday, October 7 at 11:00 PM.
Full Details

TV Land Pushes Back New Schedule 

[October,1 2001] The folks at TV Land are trying to see if we're on our toes.  The last Fandemonium was to be on October 13-14, now it looks like there'll be at least two more. A yet to be named Fandemonium will air on October 20 & 21, and "Diff'rent Strokes" on October 27 & 28.   The new schedule, that was expected to begin after the "Lucy" Anniversary week,  is now expected to start on November 1.  There's also a rumor that the paid programming will also end in November (see story below).  It's my belief that this is a test, let them know, the test failed. 



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