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Week Twelve and After: Project DNA
Drew Daniel Wins Big Brother 5!
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There were many memorable moments from Big Brother 3
Wednesday, October 27, 2004:  A Short Update
I've got apologize for my hasty exit from my Big Brother coverage. The 82 days I spent covering BB left me so far behind in work, personal matters, and just day-to-day ADLs.  When the show was over I intended to write my usual "Final Rant," and post a few updates, but I just never got back to it.

Most importantly, I'd like to thank everyone that made a donation to help with the expenses.  I intend to write to each of you, I still haven't made the time for it yet. For a while I was "tardy," then "pretty damn slow," and now I think I've reached "bloody rude."

If you've been reading the The Big Brother Message Board you already know everything I do.  Diane moved in with Scott, and chatted with her fans last week (read it here) she's still friends with Drew.  One of their fan sites has some interview links here. There's pictures from the wrap party here, there's Cowboy sightings, Marvin's still complaining that Adria and Nat were in a hotel while he tried to sleep with a light in his eye,  Karen's posted her cast caricatures on her web site here, and there's so much more, but it's all been posted by BB fans on the message board.

Today was a big day for Drew, his big debut on a network soap.  If you saw him act with Cowboy on the live feeds, you'll already have a pretty good idea of what he's capable of.  Drew played a reporter at a fashion designer's press conference today on the CBS drama, "The Bold and the Beautiful."   I'm posting the clips in a high and low format.  The lighting in Drew's scenes wasn't good in this format, so he looks better in broadband.  imageDrew on B&B 150KPS [3 minutes]   imageDrew on B&B 250KPS [3 minutes].

Drew Wins Big Brother 5!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004:  The Big Day    Drew Wins!
8:00AM Shhhh They're sleeping.  They had a really restless night.  Up and down, tossing and turning.  Just nine more hours to go. 

10:15AM Tapping the monitor has no effect on them, they are still asleep.

11:15AM  BB played a science song about water being a solid, a liquid, and vapor being a gas, then went into the theme song from "The Greatest American Hero."  They took a walk around the back yard.  Drew's nervous, Cowboy's just anxious. Waiting Part 1[5 minutes]

2:00PM  They've just been doing their ADLs, ironing clothes, cleaning the house, packing up their stuff.  It's almost over.

2:30PM Based on what Drew told Cowboy, they're going to do things different thins year.  When they leave the house, there will be a crowd of 300 people outside.  They also said the jury wouldn't be in the house, they'd be pulling the keys out by themselves.  300 Screaming fans [10 minutes]

7:30PM The last supper, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, is followed by The last prayer [3 minutes]

Tonight's Broadcast:
Of course the show recapped from from the start.  You can recap from the start too.  You can recap all the way back to BB2 by using the archive menu at the bottom of the page.

As Drew said, there were 300 fans and family members waiting outside Julie's studio.  Back at the jury house, we got to see the reaction to Diane's arrival!  Diane said, "I guess it was a good game move on his behalf, but he may pay the price for it.  We'll see what happens.   Marvin tells Diane she was played like spade.  Adria jumps in to defend Drew, "I don't want to sit here and talk about Drew in that fashion because I think  we have to look at it from a game point of view." and Marvin jumps on Adria, "Why are you always defending Drew's ass?"

On the subject of how Cowboy played, Karen said, " Cowboy crawled up into Drew's behind and just sat there."

Marvin asks, " Well, do you think it's possible to play the game without lying to somebody?"  Will says, "I think that it possible. I think that as... it can take you as far as it can.  I think Nakomis played very honorably. "  imageDeliberations in Paradise [5 minutes].

The jury gets to question the HGs.  Will wants to know from Drew how he played the game better than Cowboy.  Natalie wants to know three things Cowboy did to further himself in the game.  Marvin asked Cowboy, "Are you a racist liar, or a lying racist?"  They didn't cut the boys any slack, and IMHO, they both answered their accusers very well.   imageDefend Yourself [8 minutes].

Julie says the jury will vote live!  The jury is assembled in Julie's studio.  Each jury member has two keys, they'll put the key of the person they're voting for in the box.  Adria goes first, then Natalie, Karen, Marvin, Diane, Nakomis, and Will.  They each get to make one last statement to the HGs before they put the key in the box. imageVoting [5 minutes].

The Final Vote

Voted For:

Voted For:

Voted For:

Voted For:

Voted For:

Voted For:

Voted For:

The Big Brother 5 reunion is first, before the votes are counted.  Julie introduces, Mike,  Lori, Holly, Scott, and Jase.  Last year, everyone left the house angry, and had mended all their fences, not this group. This reunion looked like it should have been hosted by Jerry Springer.  imageReunion [6 minutes].

imageThe Votes Are Counted [7 minutes]. On hand to meet the winners, April and Chason to meet Michael, Drew's mom and dad, and his brother Ben.

Monday, September 20, 2004:  Tomorrow's the Big Day

Morty Poll

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Morty Poll

Who do you think WILL Win?

What's that Jury thinking?  Who will They pick?


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The boys got up around 11:00AM and were put on outdoor LD. While outside they could see a crane putting a large canopy in place. They wonder if it's for the wrap party (it might be).  I missed the end of the LD, I think it was short.   At Noon they were eating, Cowboy still playing cards.  Cowboy's still talking about press interviews and starting his sit-com.

They did laundry, Cowboy didn't have a fresh pair of boxers for Tuesday, and Drew just wanted to kill some time to make the day go faster.

While the boys were getting lunch together, they started going through the cabinets and putting things they wouldn't need in the storage room, and I realized it's almost over.  It's a very strange feeling that I get every year at this time.  It's such an eerie feeling when you see a shot of the house, empty and lifeless.  It's like when you move out of a place you've lived in for a long time.  You may be moving to some place better, but you look around at the empty house, and you feel all nostalgic, thinking about all the good times you had.  Cowboy took another long nap today, and when he got up, he and Drew were talking about how this will be their last night in the BB house.  As anxious as they are to get out (I've heard "I can't wait." a hundred times today), they admitted they'll miss the place, and so will I. 

I'd wake up in the morning with my laptop in bed with me so I'd hear BB say "Good morning house guests, it's time to get up and start your day."  One night Drew's snoring woke me, luckily it woke Diane too.  She poked him in the ribs and said, "You're snoring really loud."  Countless nights of them giggling and kissing until 3:00AM, gee, think that'll ever happen again?  Learning to listen to twinspeak, trying to find a feed that didn't have Holly's voice, oh so many memories.  Oh wait, now Drew and Cowboy are having a farting contest.  I can't wait for this to be over.

From 9:00PM to 9:30PM The guys got to watch some video of BB.  Between that and some music, live feed watchers have had another day of fish and napping. 

Drew was reading his Bible at 9:45PM by 10:00PM Cowboy was in his bunk.  By 10:40PM everything was quiet in the BB house.  I guess it works like the night before Christmas, the sooner you go to bed, the sooner it'll be Christmas day and you can open your presents.

Sunday, September 19, 2004:  Today I Have Off, Right?
I thought I would have yesterday off, and it turned out to be a very busy day.  The boys were interrogated by the jury.  We didn't get to see it, but they talked about it afterwards.  Early this morning I posted an additional 45 minutes of audio clips from last night, so you might want to check out yesterday's section, 3:00PM on. And today should really be slow, please....  The clip, Cowboy's Secret [43 minutes] was linked to the wrong file, it's been corrected.

11:00AM Woulda Shoulda Coulda   It's wake-up time and the subject of conversation is all the things they had wished they had said during last nights interrogation.  At 11:30AM they're put on an outdoor LD.  .The LD was over soon, then it was nap time.  Cowboy thinks he may be running a fever, he's still not feeling well, Drew's just tired today.

2:30PM BB Gives Cowboy and Drew a game to play in the BY, a combination of horseshoes and golf.  Cowboy says he'd rather have a porno movie on the plasma screen, Drew says, "Oh yeah, Jenna Jameson."  But alas, they don't play horseshoe golf, they don't watch porn, they take another nap. 

6:45PM Nap time is over.  BB has replenished the propane supply for the BBQ grill, so they're firing up the grill and having shish kabobs, baked potato, and corn on the cob. Dinner isn't ready until 8:15PM, they sit down and Drew says grace, thanking the Lord for the food and all the opportunities they have been given.  Cowboy tells a long story about his paper route and how he delivered papers at two in the morning on New Year's day with a fever.

Cowboy mentions a movie coming on at 9:00PM. He's pretended to have watched TV and movies in the BB house before, and I've had to explain to feed watchers that he didn't really watch "CSI," or "Bonanza,"  it's a joke.  But tonight, I think the joke's on me.  At 9:00PM we got fish, and I think they really are watching a movie tonight. 9:40PM ˚°◦ FotH ◦°˚  is over, and the boys are on the putting green, maybe BB just gave them music for a while. 

At 11:00PM we were back to ˚°◦ FotH ◦°˚ . When the feeds return,  Cowboy's playing solitaire, and Drew's in the shower.   They're still talking about the jury up until bedtimes.  Drew tells Cowboy how upsetting it was to see Diane leave in shock the way she did, but he thinks Diane is back at the jury house making out with Marvin.   Drew wants to see how Diane acts on Tuesday at the finale show.  Will she be want to be with him because he has the money and Marvin doesn't?   By 1:15AM they're asleep.

Saturday, September 18, 2004:  The Jury Questions The Final Two
There's just two guys left in the BB house so there isn't going to be anything to report.  In the past BB has given the final two some things to amuse themselves, but for the most part it's just two guys hanging out in some empty trailers.

I'll still be watching, but don't expect much until Tuesday.

Last night, after midnight, Drew and Cowboy are still up talking.  If he's telling the truth, we get a glimpse into Drew's thinking that brought him to this point. What I really thought [22 minutes]

1:15PM  They're still asleep!  BB finally wakes them by playing Brad Paisley I'm Gonna Miss Her. 

2:20PM Outdoor LD 

So who's Going to Win?
I give my opinion on this every year, and every year I'm wrong, so here's my prediction for 2004: Diane's vote could go either way.  When Drew put her on the block, the week they voted out Marvin, she told Drew that if he ever screwed her over he would not get her vote.  She's got quite a temper, but calms down quickly.  Just for the hell of it, I'll give her vote to Cowboy.

Nakomis says she's not bitter, but when Julie asked about her vote, she said she wouldn't vote for Cowboy.  After being caught by Julie in that moment of duplicity,  I think she'll give her vote to Cowboy.  Why not?  Drew is no one to her, she'd look good in the public's eye by voting for her brother.  Cowboy might give her the $22,000 she wants for a house, but Drew wouldn't.

Karen really doesn't like Cowboy,  calls him a snitch and a sneak.  She's also not a Drew fan, said it was like talking to Bevis and Butthead.  But I think she'd vote for the Butthead over the snitch.  I give her vote to Drew.

Marvin liked Drew, didn't like Diane.  Drew voted out Diane, I think Marvin will think that's pretty cool.  Then there was that question:  "Marvin said the houseguest he would hate to discover he was secretly related to is A: Holly B: Michael." Marvin picked Cowboy, he'd rather be related to Holly.  Marvin really doesn't like Cowboy, one vote Drew.

 "Natalie said the person she most wants to maintain a friendship with after the game is A: Michael. B: Drew."  Natalie selected Drew.  Two votes Drew?  Or will Adria prove they are two separate people and vote for Cowboy?  They were pretty close to both of them, and Drew did put Adria up for eviction.  One vote Drew, One vote Cowboy.

And then there's Will.  Will couldn't take his eyes off Drew, but Will's question, "Will said if he had to marry one houseguest, it would be: A: Drew, B: Scott."  Correct answer was "B  "  ?? Whoa!  What's up with that?  Considering that Will has seen Scott's, err.. equipment,  Will must really hate Drew, but I'm going with my gut here, he'll vote for Drew.

So Drew wins by one vote.  Now here's why I'm wrong every year:  I picked Allison last year. The jury was ready to give it to Alison, and then they got to ask her questions.  They found her to be cocky and unremorseful, and they switched their votes to Jun.  I think enough votes are on the fence this year that these two guys will have to be very careful what they say.   Highlights from last year's conclusion [20 minutes] image

3:00PM Cowboy: "You think you'll vote this November?"  Drew: "Oh yeah, for sure."  Cowboy: "So  you're a  Democrat?"  Drew: "No, Republican, my whole family is Republican, most of Ohio is Republican."  Cowboy, "That's what I am.  I shoulda known, most lawyers, they have money, they're Republicans." The BB GOP [6 minutes]

Cowboy and Drew Will Face the Jury Tonight at 8:00PM
(I really doubt this will be shown on the live feeds)

Drew pumps iron, Cowboy primps for the jury

7:50PM The jury will be late.   Cowboy's in the shower, Drew's in the cloud room talking to his reflection in the window.  He's practicing what he'll say to the jury.  "I think that you really can't judge the nominees by  financial backgrounds. I think that any one of you would want, and I know that if I were on the jury, I would want the person that played the game the best.  I think that I would like to stress to the jury that you would look at how I played the game.  I won HoH four times, nd hopefully to you it shows that I didn't ride anyone's coattails to the end. I hope that you respected how I played the game.  I tried to keep my word throughout the entire game and be honest with everyone as much as I could. Unfortunately, it came down to the end yesterday where I had two promises with two people that I had to pick between... , I was never scared to play as hard as I could in competitions... "

At 8:30PM The producer, Alison Grodner, told the boys there'd be an outdoor LD while the jury was assembled.  With their freshly pressed shirts, they went outside and played cards while they waited.   They both wished each other good luck.   Over Cards [1 minutes]

Drew was really impressed by the book, The Purpose-Driven Life  he's mentioned it often throughout his stay in the BB house.  He suggested to Scott that he read it, and told Diane he'd buy her a copy.  As he plays cards with Cowboy, he suggests it to him.  He tells him that you only have to read three pages a day.   Another book Drew recommends is Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul in which the author writes, "If Christian men are going to change from a pitiful, wimpy bunch of "really nice guys" to men who are made in the image of God, they must reexamine their preconceptions about who God is and recover their true 'wild' hearts."  The
Books That Changed His Life [3 minutes]

9:10PM ˚°◦ FotH ◦°˚  11:15PM The Inquisition is Over!  And the boys aren't happy about some of the questions.  They're most unhappy with Marvin who accused Cowboy of being a racist and Drew for using Diane and voting her out.  Karen asked Cowboy why he voted out his sister.  Adria sounded critical of Drew [All this based on what Cowboy and Drew are saying, the inquisition wasn't shown on the feeds.]  They're both really surprised at the animosity they faced.   After the Lovin' [31 minutes]

Midnight:  Drew is really mad at Diane.  He said he won't be getting laid, "But Diane might.  She might be with Marvin right now. How can she call me a player?  I wasn't going around kissing every HoH.  And she says she doesn't remember who she kissed.  Well I remember who I kiss."  Drew says you can always tell when Diane is lying because she says she can't remember. 

Drew feels that Marvin is a hypocrite because after he was on "The Young and the Restless"  and saw all the girls giving him attention, he told Drew that he should dump Diane when he gets out of the house so he can enjoy all the girls he'll get with his fame.  He was telling Drew to use Diane now he's accusing him of doing just that.

Later, in a moment of brotherly bonding, Cowboy tells Drew his deepest darkest secret [No, not the jock itch story again.]  Cowboy's Secret [43 minutes]  There's a lot more on this clip too.  There's more jury talk, more of Cowboy's life, and more about Marvin.  They talked to 3:00AM.  After a while they got very repetitious.  They spent a couple hours talking about Marvin asking if they were racists, but Marvin was only given a couple minutes to talk to them.

Friday, September 17, 2004:  Drew Daniel & Michael Ellis: FINAL TWO!
I think tonight's show might be bigger and more exciting than the finale.  Tonight, Drew and Cowboy will square off in the final part of the three part HoH contest. The winner of this HoH contest will vote off one more HG,  thus determining who the final two will be.

Drew told Cowboy he's going to throw the match so that he'll win.  Drew needs to do this so that he doesn't break his word to Diane whom he promised to take to the final two.  Drew tried to throw the first part to Diane so he wouldn't be in this situation, and then Diane would do Drew's dirty work and kick out Cowboy,  but things didn't work out as planned.

If Drew wins HoH tonight, the resulting eviction will make Evil Dr. Will and Danielle look like Mr. Rogers and Mother Theresa.  I've heard that a few viewers would even enjoy seeing Diane get kicked out, oh hell, most viewers!  So this should be big. 

Once again, in some areas BB will be pre-empted, check you local listings or use the Yahoo "Search Listings by Keyword" feature at: type in "Big Brother 5" and fill out the form to select your line-up. 

Get RealPlayer SuperPass. 
For $9.95 a month you can see all the excitement.

8:20AM Wake-Up Call  After an hour of polite conversation, they are put on outdoor LD where sacks out on a chaise, and Drew naps in the hammock.  Cowboy tells Drew about bull riding.  Drew didn't know that they put a strap around the bull's scrotum to make it buck. The Cowboy's feelin' a bit poorly today.  Then by 11:45AM,  it's nap time again. 

By noon the natives were getting restless. Diane complaining she has to pee, Drew complaining that basketball would be better if they'd let him cut the bottom out of a bucket. to make a hoop.  Cowboy is quiet!  12:50PM LD is Over!  1:00PM During a fish break, the HGs were told that tonight's show will be live, but BB will not tell them at what time it starts.  They consider their options of things to do, taking a nap is the choice of Drew and Cowboy. 2:30PM The HGs were told they have three hours until the live show begins.  Drew and Cowboy remain a sleep, Diane has showered and fixed her hair.

3:30PM We've had nothing but fish for an hour, there was a brief return to the feeds, then fish again.  

4:30PM With just a half hour before show time, Drew is alone in the back yard reading his Bible and praying. 


Tonight's Broadcast:
Round One:
   Julie tells us that tonight we will see the final eviction, but first, the last broadcast left three people in the backyard hanging on to their keys in Earthquake portion of the HoH contest.   Cowboy helps Diane with her hair, and he's out.  Then Diane and Drew have a plan that Diane will win, but before Drew could throw the competition, Diane let go of her key and fell off the column.  IN the DR, Drew says, "Next thing I know, Diane is on the ground. There's no way Diane just fell off that thing. Diane threw it tonight and I know it. For me, it was a huge surprise, so that could really change things for Diane."  While Cowboy is in the DR, Drew tells Diane that this changes things, the plan is different now.   
imageThe night the Earth moved [7 minutes].

Round Two:  There are two giant strands of DNA in the backyard.  It's a puzzle with questions, like: "Who put the salt in the margarita glass during the Margarita Madness Challenge?"  You then slide the correct HG's photo along the strand of DNA.  Right answers get a bell, wrong answers get a buzzer. 

Michael finished first.   Diane cries alone in the house saying, "You're definitely going down Cowboy, you're going down hard.  You don't deserve to be in this game."  Drew and Cowboy knock knuckles in a salute to the four horsemen and reaffirm their promise to take the other to the final two. imageLook what's in my gene pool [7 minutes].

Where are they now?  The first evicted HGs, Mike, Lori, Scott, Jase and Holly are featured is a segment about life after Big Brother.  Mike has no regrets and isn't recognized in public.  He thinks Diane's played a smart game.  Lori's also happy with her choices, she got the $10,000 and split to enjoy her life.  Scott's happy too, now even more people ask him for his autograph.  He holds a grudge against Jase, and they haven't talked since the show. Jase and Holly are together and are a happy couple.  Jase still harbors some resentment against Scot, but it doesn't matter 'cause he's got Holly.   imageMike who? [5 minutes].

Round Three:  Is a simple Q&A contest involving the opinions of the jury members.   Question one: "Karen said her biggest regret was: A: Not breaking up Drew and Diane or B: Voting out Adria instead of Michael. The correct answer is A.  They both got it wrong.   Next question:  "Natalie said the person she most wants to maintain a friendship with after the game is A: Michael. B: Drew."  The  correct answer is B. Drew gets one point. Next question, "Marvin said the houseguest he would hate to discover he was secretly related to is A: Holly B: Michael."   The correct answer is B.  Drew now has two points. Michael has none. Next question:  "Nakomis said the person whose behavior shocked her most was A: Michael, B: Jase."   The correct answer is: A,  Drew still has the lead by two points. Next question. Adria said, out of all the houseguests, the best manipulator was A: Diane or B: Will. The correct answer is A. The score is currently Drew with three, Michael with two. Next question. "Will said if he had to marry one houseguest, it would be are: A: Drew, B: Scott."  Correct answer: B 

Julie: "Congratulations, Drew. You are the final and most powerful head of household. Now, Drew, you have a very big decision ahead of you. Right now you are guaranteed second place. Who you choose to evict could determine whether you win or lose this game." imagePart 3 [6 minutes].

Drew Casts His Vote!  Then comes the moment we're all waiting for, Drew has to choose between Cowboy and Diane.  Julie: "Before you make your decision, I'd like to give the two nominees a chance to plead their case as to why they should be by your side on finale night. Michael, why do you think you should remain in the Big Brother house?" 

Michael: "Drew, I know you got a tough decision tonight. We had a word since day one and I know that and I know that you are close to her, so whatever decision... I love you. You're a brother to me."

Diane: "Drew, I wish I had something great to say to you, but I care about you more than anything in the world. You know that, and whatever decision you make, I respect you if you vote to evict me today, I would still respect you and care about you as much as I do. You are the reason I'm still here. I want to you know that. I want to thank you for that, period."

Drew: "All right, guys, obviously this is a very tough decision for me. I have to choose between a girlfriend and a best friend. This is the hardest decision I have to make in this house right now. I want you guys to know this week I've had to keep both my words to you. Right now I'm going to shock one of you but I'm sorry. I hope you understand, this is just a game and just strategy, okay.  Right now Diane, you and I had a talk last night and you told me about some things that if you and I were here in the final two that scared me, so in terms of numbers with people on your side in the jury so at this time, I choose to evict you, Diane."

Julie: "It's official, Diane, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."

Julie: "Diane, tonight you were evicted by Drew. What is your reaction to him voting you out?"

Diane: "Shocked. I'm very, very shocked but I understand why he did it, for strategy purposes, I guess. I don't know."

Julie: "What do you mean?  What was the conversation that he referred to right before he evict you?"

Diane: "Apparently, I take it that he thinks that the jury would vote to give me the money instead of him, obviously, so and that's why he put me out, and I don't blame him. I don't remember saying that at all."

Julie: "Are you saying he made it up?"

Diane: "No I'm thinking he just knew it. He's smarter than I am, so he probably counted the numbers and knew what he was getting into because, I don't know."

Julie: "He really thinks... you think Drew really thinks he can win against Michael and not you?"

Diane: "Drew can win against Michael. I think he knows that. It was in his best interest to keep Michael next to him."

Drew: "Diane, over the weeks you and I have grown closer, and I can honestly say that you and I are great friends, and I love you and I'll see you. Things happen for a reason, and sometimes you don't know right at the moment why they happen, but later on in life, you kind of figure out maybe why it happened, so I loved getting to know you and we spent so much time together, I don't know if we're going to be the same having to be apart for more than a minute, but I'm looking forward to it after the show. And I guess I'll see you later."

Julie: "What are you thinking? What are your thoughts after hearing that?"

Diane: "I could have got a better good-bye message from Drew."

Julie: "What is going to help you determine who you vote for to win?"

Diane: "I have the biggest decision now. I mean honestly. Drew lied to me, I guess at the end of the show, so that might hurt his vote for sure."
imageDiane's Eviction [6 minutes].

After an outdoor LD, Drew and Cowboy go back inside to find BB has left them a bottle of Champagne. Drew opens the  bottle and pours a glass for him and Cowboy.

In the storage room, they have more food, including tonight's dinner, Chinese food Sweet and sour chicken, General Tso's chicken, chicken fried rice and Dr. Pepper (Cowboy's been harping on BB getting him Dr. Pepper since the first day.  At some point they gave him a couple bottles.)

Drew: "Well, I've now made a girl cry on national TV."  They talk about the Earthquake competition and how Drew doesn't believe she lost by accident.  Cowboy agrees that she just gave up because she was depending on Drew.

7:00PM They haven't stopped talking about the jury, the game and what people will think of how they played.  Drew just doesn't understand Diane.  Drew says he read her passages from the Bible about judging others, but she didn't learn from it.  Drew says there were many times when she was so mean spirited and judgmental. 

Cowboy says that his first wife wasn't Christian, but she went to church with him and got saved, and on Easter she was baptized.  Cowboy says that now he thinks he'd only date girls that are Christian.  Drew agrees.  A Crazy Couple [9 minutes]

 7:45PM Drew takes a nap!

Stuff:  I was busy making up the clips from tonight's show so I'm not sure when these comments were made.  Cowboy's jokingly telling BB that for Drew's HoH reward, he'd like a picture of April and a letter from Chason.  Cowboy says Drew's already got pictures of everybody from home.  And Drew says, "Yeah maybe this time they'll send me a picture of my girl."  Cowboy has a look of recollection, and says, "Ohhhh yeah..."  I don't know if Drew was referring to Vanessa, the girl he just starting seeing before Big Brother, or if it's another female they've spoken of before. 

They have the BB rule book and start going over all the stuff they were told during the orientation week.  Drew recalls his bewilderment when he read how to do laundry with a washboard and tub. 

They talk about going on "The Early Show," "The Late Show with David Letterman," and "Live with Regis and Kelly."  Cowboy wants to ask Dave to use his influence with CBS to get him a sit-com.  They both agree that Kelly is a hottie [from South Jersey of course] and Cowboy hopes to get a chance to kiss her.  [Why not, Jase did.]

10:10PM The two remaining horsemen celebrate their victory by galloping through the house with the putting green hole markers between their legs like a child's broomstick pony.  They start in the backyard skipping along making horse noises, Then they run through the whinnying and yelling "To the horsemen!"  The great horseman got all tuckered out and retreated.  Drew tried to make a better basketball hoop from a bucket, but every time he said he wanted to cut the bottom out, the BB voice would say, "Drew, Michael, stop that."

10:30PM Drew still hasn't been given his room or gift basket for winning HoH yet.  This is normally done by 7:30PM.  The boys are behaving now, after a few card games, they start a quiet game of chess.  

11:30PM  Cowboy asks Drew about Vanessa.  Drew says he only got to see her every two weeks, and on the weekends she'd go out partying.  They agreed to take a break from each other while he was on the show.  He says he'd still like to get a picture of her in his HoH package. [They still didn't give him his room.]  Drew's sure Vanessa's "high tailed it out" when she saw him kissing another girl.

Midnight Drew's reading the Bible, but that doesn't stop Cowboy from talking.  he has the letter BB gave him from his biological father, "I got this the second day-- I've read it a million times since then.  I wonder what he was thinking when he wrote it?"

Thursday, September 16, 2004:  Cowboy Talks, All Day
11:15AM Wake-Up Call.  Will Drew throw the third part of the HoH so that he won't have to break his word to Cowboy and Diane?  What would Diane do if she knew what the boys were thinking?

Last Night: The kids continued with their high jinks after I stopped watching.  Diane had a lot of wine to drink, although she said was pretty bad wine.  I stopped watching when they went to bed, but here's what they say happened: 

At about 12:30AM Diane wasn't feeling too good after drinking.  The kids are staying in the cloud room tonight.  Diane feels sick and gets up to go to the bathroom.  Drew lays on the floor and Cowboy puts on his shirt and glasses and ring and lays in the bed.   When Diane comes back to bed Cowboy pretends he's Drew. Drew adds the illusion be providing his own voice, asking how she's feeling etc..  She jumps into bed and Cowboy's rubbing her back, as she is about to kiss Drew, she sees that it's Cowboy. Hilarity ensues.  Drew:  "THAT was insanely awesome! That was the best prank ever"
Diane: "I hate you both- I cant breathe! I leaned over to kiss you and I was like oh that' s not Drew! weirdest thing ever"
Diane:  "That was the ultimate Big Brother prank"
Cowboy: "It was better than the first time I did it."
Drew: OHHH shit!  That was great "
Diane:  "I think that just killed my buzz- I think I'm actually OK now."

Diane's still sick and trying to puke.  Drew tries to help by making vomiting sounds.  When they come back from another trip to the bathroom, Cowboy sneaks into bed with them, Cowboy's in the middle.  Diane Catches on and tells Cowboy that's he's lucky  that , "I didn't grab anything strange!!"  Drew tried to convince Diane that she kissed Cowboy.  Diane gets up a few more times sick, and Cowboy just can't sleep so he gets up and makes popcorn and plays solitaire.

Today:  At 12:15PM Diane's still in bed, she says the room spins every time she tries to get up.  A little later BB calls for an outdoor LD, now Diane has to get up.  They're on the patio playing cards.  Diane wants to go the McDonalds and get a Big Mac.  Drew wants a bacon cheeseburger and Cowboy has a hankerin' his A&W Food stand back home.  The LD was brief, over at 12:35PM.

1:45PM After a marathon conversation featuring Cowboy telling Drew how they're best friends, and Drew can have the bed in the HoH room after he lets him win ("I'll sleep on the floor.'), and how he'll be best man at the wedding.  BB "Arthur" tells Drew there will be an announcement regarding today's events in ten minutes.

When we return from a brief fish break Cowboy is in the DR and Drew and Diane are really bashing the Cowboy.  Drew: "I've got a theory for you. Call me heartless. But, I think that like this game, life is full of choices. You make different choices you live with the consequences. Getting married is an expense. Marriage and kids is expensive. It's your choice. If you are gonna want to do that, don't complain about it.  You don't tell it to me everyday."

Diane: "He knows, if you win it he wants you to feel sorry for him."
Drew: "Don't use it in the game."
Diane: "You never verbally promised to take him to the final two, did you?"
Drew: "No."

Cowboy comes out of the DR and I can't tell what they told him, but it's set him off on another speech. 

2:20PM Diane's in the DR.  Cowboy's still telling Drew how much he means to him.  The emotion overcomes him and he starts crying.  Diane joins them, Cowboy's composed himself, and Diane starts talking about the wrap party and not wanting to see anyone.  "Hey Cowboy, how is it that you two made it this far without pissing anyone off?"    The three have recorded goodbye messages to each other, and any of the three could be leaving. Cowboy's Tears [9 minutes]

Cowboy and Diane talk about Scott, wondering if he really posed in Playgirl, Diane says she has to get the April issue and see for herself.  She mentions the Playboy issue that had some of the Survivor girls in it.  "The Survivor chicks got a million dollars for posing in Playboy." Diane tells him.  Cowboy: "If they give me a million dollars I'd pose for Playgirl, shit. No, I don't think I would."
Diane: "You could be in Playgirl as far as just putting your hat over your shit. If Playboy gave me a million dollars, I'd probably do it."
Cowboy: "Nude?"
Diane: "Yeah, I turned it down right before I came in."
Cowboy: "You did?"
Diane: "Uh huh."
Cowboy: "Was it not gonna pay?"
Diane: "No I just didn't want to expose myself to the world."

BB calls them to the storage room, the delivery is all the items they've been talking about.  Chili and corn chips to make a chili pie, Fruit-Roll-Ups, Cheez-its and more.  Their suitcases are also there, it's time to pack.

Cowboy tells Drew that he has more shoes than a girl, and as he packs, Diane sees clothes he's never worn.   Diane's just lounging she says she's already packed.

4:50PM Nap time. [Let's hope they stay there until 6:00PM, I have to watch Survivor on the East coast.]

5:45PM Cowboy just hasn't shut up all day long. They're playing basketball and Drew says something about Diane, and Cowboy asks, "Well you didn't give her the idea you were taking her, did ya?"  Drew says, he did, "I said we'd look out for each other... l I kinda had to do that." Cowboy tells him that now Drew can't win HoH, it's the only way he can do it without breaking a promise.  Drew tells him, "I was just in a bad situation, I had to say things to Diane or you wouldn't have be here."  Cowboy says he understands.

6:00PM Diane's still in bed, she's only been out of it a few hours today.  At 6:15PM she gets up and goes to the DR to re-record her goodbye message.  It's been bothering her that it wasn't very good.

7:15PM  Cowboy's still talking to his brother, his best friend, "You'll see the true me tomorrow, when I choose who will stay. It was meant to be that two Christian guys will be the final two."  

BB gave them more food than they can eat before it spoils, so Diane, who hasn't a clue how to cook, says she's "Going fuck around with some food."  She like a little girl in the kitchen, going through all the motions she's seen the grown-ups do.   She's chopping and dicing, but warns Drew and Cowboy, she's just practicing and it isn't intended to be eaten.

Drew brings an Announcement from BB:  They will have to go to bed early tonight (midnight) to be up early for a long outdoor LD.

Diane says she regrets the choice she made, she would much rather be here with Nakomis than with Cowboy, "It would have been easier to beat her." Drew says the Nakomis is smart, and Diane clarifies, "I mean she never could have stood on the rock thing as long as you did."  [No  logic there, Cowboy lost that competition in 15 minutes, does Diane think that Nakomis would have lost sooner?]

9:00PM Dinner is served.  The fish Diane prepared is more than just experimental, it's so tasty too.  The boys like fish and the tarter sauce.  Heady with success, Diane says that she is going to go home and cook for her family.  After dinner the guys cleaned up in the kitchen. 

10:15PM Yet another card game is in progress. 

11:45PM The kids are getting ready for bed. Cowboy's already tucked in reading his Bible.  Drew is reading his Bible aloud to Diane.  They should be under the covers sucking face pretty soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004:  Cowboy Wins!  Part 2 of The HoH Contest
11:00AM Drew woke up brushed his teeth.  BB Woke Cowboy with the theme to "The Jeffersons."  Cowboy tells Diane and Drew that after BB, he'll go home, and will probably be back in January to work on his TV show.  Have y'all been around emus? [15 minutes]

Nothing Left to Report:  As I recall from seasons past there's nothing left for me to report.  If they follow what they've done in the past, the next part of the HoH competition will be a timed race where the two contenders perform various tasks related to life in the BB house.  They compete separately and will not know or be told their times.  The race wasn't shown on the live feeds in the past.  On Friday's show, they'll tell them who won part two, then Drew and the other winner will face off in a really short trivia challenge game conducted in the BB house living room.  The winner of that game, which Drew and Diane plan to throw so that Diane wins, will pick the other person to go before the jury in the big finale.  [Update:  Today's competition was a timed challenge requiring knowledge of past events.  Cowboy won. Drew says part three will be tomorrow.]

At 1:30PM there were fish on all four feeds.  As the show starts to wind down, BB has been entertaining them with music at various times.  We don't get to hear it, so we get fish, then when the feeds return, the HGs start singing, and we get fish again.  Drew did ask BB for a heads up as to when the next competition will be today, but there is no confirmation when it will take place. 

From 3:45PM thru 4:45PM we've had nothing but fish.  When the feeds returned,  Diane is crying.   They competed in another question and answer challenge. Diane did OK until a question about who salted the glass in the Margarita Madness challenge.   Other questions were about the Morph-o-Matic.   

Diane Loses Part 2!

Drew kisses away Diane's tears as they cuddle in the cloud room.  Diane says the Drew must win tomorrow's challenge. Diane says "He [Cowboy] doesn't deserve to win this game."  She says how glad she is to have Drew, he's so strong and smart.  [Her opinion.]  Cowboy must have figured out that he's been had at this point.  Drew can't keep his lips off of her, and he hasn't talked game with Cowboy since he evicted Nakomis.  Cowboy paces around the house while the other two make-out. 

5:30PM Drew tells Cowboy that the final part of the HoH competition will be tomorrow. BB told him so.  They get a few minutes to whisper their strategy for tomorrow.  Cowboy gets Drew to reassure him, "Two of the four horseman."  At 5:50PM they move their talk to the gym. 

6:00PM Cowboy says to Drew, "You know,  because of you I can get my teeth fixed.  It will cost about four grand bit it has been bothering me for several years. First or second I can do that. And if I win I want you to come out to my ranch."  Drew's pumping him up with agreement and support. Horseman Loyalty & Jock Itch[9 minutes]

7:00PM There's an outdoor LD that lasts for about a half hour.   It's just casual chat.  Afterwards, Cowboy is called to the DR and Diane starts trashing Cowboy again. Trashin' the Cowboy [4 minutes]

8:15PM Drew and Cowboy are in the bathroom.  Cowboy starts reinforcing the commitment.  He talks about how proud his family will be.  The plan is that Drew will throw the third part of the HoH competition so that Cowboy wins HoH.  This way Drew will not have to look bad by choosing Cowboy over Diane. Cowboy: "If it's an obstacle course, you know what you have to do."   Drew: "Yeah, keep my shoelaces untied."

Cowboy keeps telling Drew not to worry, he can be trusted,  "You know we'll be friends for life, and true friends are better than girlfriends, well, you know what I mean." 

8:35PM Necessity is a Mother...  Drew really misses playing basketball, so Cowboy comes up with a plan to make a basketball hoop out of the bucket BB gave them to mix cement in for a craft project.  Drew gets the tools out to remove the bottom and BB tells him he should stop.  They come up with an alternate plan and attach a box to the top of the punching bag.  Diane checks out the spiders in the backyard while the guys play basketball.   They play their make-shift game for an hour.

10:00PM The night's recreation moves inside and they play cards while consuming their allowance of beer and wine.  There's food and plenty of stories from Cowboy, who's still not at a loss for words.   11:30PM The card game continues.

Holly King
Occupation: Model
Age: 20s (Some sources give her age as 34)
Hometown: Los Angeles
Motto: Live like a cat: be sexy, sneaky & have nine lives. Considers herself: "Fun, funny, happy" Wanted to be on Big Brother "For 'Blondekind,' not to be poor anymore and to raise money to open my cat rescue center." Holly is a vegan, not only shunning meat, but dairy and anything else taken from animals. Holly's was in the movie, "Director's Cut?"  View Trailer [2 minutes] image  Here's Holly as the Gamers Gear Gal  
Adria Montgomery-Klein
Occupation: Web Designer
Age: 30
Hometown: Birmingham Al
Marital Status: Married
Considers herself outgoing, fit and energetic, a leader and a great cook.  Says she will miss her husband, Lenny, the most while in the BB house. Has a twin sister, Natalie, with she switches in and out of the house with.  Even their mother can't tell them apart.  Adria took second in the Ms. Fitness Kentucky 1999. See Natalie here. Their birthday is June 24th

Diane Henry
Occupation: Cocktail Waitress
Age: 22
Hometown: Burlington KY.
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "Treat people as they treat you."  Fears there might be "snotty women" in the house.  Diane has a twin sister, named Lindsay.  Diane has two tattoos (back and ankle) and a belly button ring.  Lindsey has no tattoos. Diane, has pointy ears Lindsay doesn't. Lindsay doesn't drink.
Natalie Montgomery-Carroll
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Age: 30
Hometown: Birmingham Al
Marital Status: Married
Began playing BB in the house as herself on August 5th.  Her husband's name is Breck.  Has a twin sister, Adria, with she switched in and out of the house with during the first five weeks.  Their birthday is June 24th.   Natalie took first place in the Ms. Fitness Kentucky 1999.

Karen O'Neil Ganci
Occupation: Portrait Artist
Age: 30
Hometown: Saddle Brook, NJ
Marital Status: Married
Motto: "Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining!"  Describes herself as" Creative, extroverted, competitive to the point of insanity."  Click here to see a web site with her artwork.  Currently resides in Florida. Karen's husband, Larry, is also her manager. 
Andrew Theodore Daniel 
Occupation: Recent graduate
Age: 22
Hometown: Urbana OH
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. "  His twin brother's name is "Benjamin Elliott Daniel." Both Drew and Ben attended The University of Miami ."

Jason Wirey
Occupation: Firefighter
Age: 28
Hometown: Decatur IL
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "'F' them if they can't take a joke." What three adjectives best describe you? Crazy, crazy, crazy Who is your personal hero? Brad Pitt: he has it all Why did you want to be on BB? "Paydirt."  Worked under the name "Jase Skyler" See Jase's talent agency reel, Click here. Jase has appeared on "Will & Grace," "Arrested Development, " "Fifth Wheel," and "Skin."  Until recently, "Jase," as he prefers to be called, lived in Long Beach California. He claims to have served in the Air Force from 1995 to 99.
Jennifer Dedmon 
Occupation: Restaurant Hostess
Age: 21
Hometown: San Antonio TX
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "I'll sleep when I'm dead. Coffee is God. I'm happy with myself no matter whose skin I'm in."   What three adjectives best describe you? "Artistic, stubborn, odd."  Yahoo profile.  Jennifer goes by the name "Nakomis" from the poem "Hiawatha's Childhood,"  it means "Daughter of the moon."  Nakomis is an artist on paper and skin.  She had her own shop in a local mall.  She is the half sister of Michael Ellis, they have the same father, Guy Dedmon. Nakomis calls herself a "born-again-virgin," since it's been over a year since she had sex.  Has a boyfriend, "Donald."

Marvin Latimer
Occupation: Mortician
Age: 36
Hometown: Conway, SC
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "Live a life with no regrets." Considers himself: "Maverick, mercurial, dynamic. Too real for some people."  A gourmet chef.  Appeared on "Weakest Link." Marvin is rumored to have an identical twin brother named, "Lorando," who live in Los Angeles.  Marvin's Own Web Site:  See Marvin's profile from Click Here
Lori Valenti
Occupation: Yoga Instructor
Age: 26
Hometown: Boston, MA
Marital Status: Engaged
Motto: "Just smile."  Describes herself as: "Personable, dependable, happy"  Wants to be on BB for the money. Didn't tell the producers she was engaged. She now lives in LA, two blocks from the studio. She was evicted on July 22, 2004, the second HG to leave.

Mike Lubinski
Occupation: Commercial Painter
Age: 41
Hometown: Eastpointe, MI
Marital Status: Single Father
Motto: "It's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose." Considers himself: "Competitive, loyal, smart"  His personal heroes are George W. Bush & Rush Limbaugh.  Mike was the first HG to be evicted (July 15, 2004).  Ironically, that episode of Big Brother was sponsored the anti-Bush movie, "Fahrenheit 911." 
Michael Ellis
Occupation: Security Guard
Age: 23
Hometown: Durant, OK
Marital Status: Engaged
Motto: " If you want something so bad that you can taste it, don't let nothing get in the way of your dreams."  He's playing for the money.  Michael is Jennifer Dedmon's half brother.  Michael has never met their common father.  He's planning on marrying a girl named April on December 9, 2004 this will be his third marriage.  His birthday is December 12th.

Charles William Wikle
Occupation: Nurse
Age: 26
Hometown: Tupelo MS
Marital Status: Single (Gay)
Motto: "Revenge is a dish best served cold. Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill." Describes himself as Autonomous, engaging, authentic.  Is in it for the money. Ran track in school.  Wears size 11 sneakers. Currently resides in New York City. Charles goes by the name "Will," and has done modeling and some acting. Attended Belhaven College, and got his nursing certification from Colubia University.  His father is Dr. Charles Wikle of Tupelo, MS. Wikle said his dream job is to run a medical clinic in South Africa.
Scott Long
Occupation: Sales Rep
Age: 26
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Marital Status: Single
Motto: "No pain, no fame" Describes himself as "Savage, outgoing, relaxed" Wants to be on BB for $500,000; exposure; "to be an American icon!" Posed nude in Playgirl. His birthday is June 15th. Scott never applied to be on BB, they contacted him after someone saw him break up a fight. He auditioned at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.  He has lied to many of the HGs about his previous salary, the car he drives, and even his birthday.


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