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Week Three: Nate Uses PoV and Dave Goes on the Block
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Monday, July  28, 2003:  Which will it be? Dave or Jack?

During Justin and Dana's nightly massage ritual they could hear the cameramen on the other side of the wall.  Dana remarked, "I don't see how they can watch us and not get hot."

1:00AM BBT   Dave and Jack both think that Jack will be leaving Wednesday.  They [Dana's group] told Jack they'd vote out Dave.  Both sides are playing games with each other.  Both Dave and Jack have told Dana that if they are in power next week, their goal will be to evict Nate or Ali.  In truth, they hold no grudge against Nate, although they admit it didn't help their plans,  and consider Ali a strong player. 

It bothers Jack that his kids are watching on the internet and there's so much profanity, and grab-ass going on in the house (he expressed this opinion to Dave who was the first to have sex in the house).  Dave's concerned that the internet people (hey, that's us!)  are exploiting his words.  

Mystery Solved!

Why does Jack sleep this way?  It's a habit left over from his FBI days.  Jack told BB in a DR interview that while working surveillance, one agent sits in the front of the car and does the watching, while the other sleeps on the backseat.  You must be ready to move at any time, and you could get tangled in blankets.  It's a habit that drives his wife, Pat, crazy because he not only kicks off his covers, but hers too.

Shocking Conspiracy Theory:
The ever vigilant feed watchers at  noticed what could be either a goof, or a clue to the next plot twist.  The CBS BB web site has this fancy graph to show the eviction votes.
The graph shows that each week there is one less HG than the week before, EXCEPT the third and fourth weeks which both have ten HGs.  So the $500,000 question is "Why?"  Did the graphics department just goof?  Or will there still be ten HGs next week at this time? (see update, theory trashed.)


Useless Fact:

Jack is the only HG
(so far) to have never caused a FotH by singing.

At this point in time it looks as if it will be Dave that's voted out.  Despite your many emails asking for an answer, and emails giving me opinion, I resisted making this prediction.  I still have hopes that Dave will do something today to change Dana's plans. The mysterious extra guest on the graph could be the answer to our prayers.  And before you all start yelling that CBS did this just to save a popular guest, you should know the extra block was there before Michelle was voted out, and may have been there from the start.  The most plausible theory to the extra place on the grid is that it's a goof caused by Scott's expulsion. 

11:00AM Wake-Up Call & End of LD  By 11:30 everyone's up and by Noon everyone's been fed, and are thinking about 2:00PM when Burger King arrives. 

Noon:  Ali has a talk with Robert.  She tells him it would be great if we could all get away for a few days and come back friends.  She's asks if he's mad at Nate, Rob says "No, not at all."  She tells him that she only has a problem with one person in the house, and she even appreciates Justin,   "We had an agreement from the start:  I would never put him up, and he'd never put me up, and I know he wouldn't, and I'd never put him up.  I'd never come after you or Jee either."  Robert says he knows that and is sorry things are like they are."  Ali told Robert that she would yield to Dana's  preference to vote the majority.  Following the exchange, Robert ran back to Dana to related the story in mocking tones and omitting the conciliatory remarks of his own made to Alison. 

The rest of the afternoon consisted of the usual card playing, discussions of Jee's morning erections, Jun's tender breasts, and Nate's lack of masculinity. 

Chart Scandal Bogus:  Dave's pitch to Dana's team is really important now because the mystery of the voting chart was solved by several people that wrote to me suggesting that we check last year's chart.  It was the same graphic, and despite the layout, there was one less HG the following week.  Amy's return didn't effect that part of the graph, as it happened later in the game.

At 2:30PM Dave took an Offer to the Three Stooges.  Dave offered himself to them as a pawn, and a tool to further them in their efforts to evict Nate and Ali, and later, if needed be the one to help them evict Dana and Jun when the numbers start to dwindle. After the offer was on the table, Dana entered the room, and they called Jun in to discuss.  As Dave left he rolled is eyes at the camera to indicate his low opinion of their intelligence (and his superiority) in the matter.  But in fact, Dana's group doubted his truthfulness and were not impressed.  They did believe that he was truthful about being able to get Erika to do anything they need.  Justin told Dana that he'd rather keep Dave in, but Dana fears he'll re-team with Nathan.  Jun reminded them that Dave was trained in the military to lie.  Justin was the only male in the room with his own opinion.  Jee and Rob agreed with whoever was speaking at the moment.  They called Dave back in to talk to the girls. 

3:30PM David Concludes his Pitch.  Dana asks if he'll be their sex slave through the game if they same him.  Dave leaves with, "I'm going to leave now so that Jun can tell you she doesn't believe a word I'm saying."  He was right,  and so was Jun.  Next they called in Erika, who backed up Dave.  They asked her that if she got HoH, would she put up Nate and Ali.  Erika, "Do I have to answer that now, can I get back to you in an hour?"   Dana tells Erika that the reason she ended up on the block with Michelle, wasn't just Robert, it was Nathan's doing.  They also regret getting rid of Amanda, which was Nathan's doing too.   They could not deliberate the matter because Alison joined them.

BB in the Ratings

Big Brother's ratings are about were they were last year on this date.  Although BB didn't make the top 20 last week, the numbers are down, only slightly from last year. Last week's live eviction at 9PM performed well enough for a 5.7/10 in the ratings and second place to NBC's "Law & Order" with a 7.7.

Erika goes to Dave and they check each other's stories.  Jack enters too.  I must say that Jack and David are really mature and while they're competing against each other this week, they don't lie to each other, or Erika, or exert unfair pressure on her.  The three of them stand far above the other ten players in terms of maturity, brains and behavior (and no, I have forgotten Dave's night of passion).

As Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Nathan shaves his arms while Dana plans to evict David. 

It wasn't until 4:15PM that Dana got to talk about it.  They agreed that they'd rather have David, but it would be safer to keep Jack.  At 4:30PM they were keeping Jack.  At 4:33PM Erika got back to Dana and told her she'd put up Nate and Ali next week, and Dana promised they won't put her up for the next two weeks.. 

Around 6:00PM, the entire house is outside working out.  Jack was keeping up pretty good with the youngin's.   If they vote out Dave this week, it would be kick to see Jack win HoH, since no one thinks he can.  Baby, Work Out! image

8:25PM The HGs see a rare occurrence, it rained.  The rain didn't stop Dave from taking a swim, followed by a soak in the hot tub.  Robert came out to hang with him and and extolled the values of Viagra, which he can hook you up with.   Dave told him about the mental preparation he went through before being deployed to Iraq. 

Sunday, July  27, 2003:  Nate Uses PoV - Now It's Dave and Jack!
1:30AM BBT   The HGs went through 11 bottles of champagne yesterday, why they're still awake is a mystery.  I think a lot of it's sexual frustration.  Some may call that amorous feeling "the warm fuzzies," but these people are just plain horny.  The HGs want the next luxury challenge to be for and hour in a room without a camera (they won't get it).  Dave wants to be alone for a while, Dana and Justin want to share the room, and you can mix and match the rest. 

In the HoH room Justin is telling Dana that Ali is trying to seduce him, and that she told him that Nathan is going to use the PoV today to save Ali.  "I swear I'll slap that mother fucker if he does."  Dana replied.  She's pretty certain that Ali is lying (she's not) and just feeding Justin misinformation just to irritate her.  "I can't even look at her.  She makes my fuckin' stomach turn."  Justin wants to "get that little wuss [Nathan] in here right now. He won't lie in front of the three of us.  That little pussy would be too intimidated..."  Dana tells him not to do it,  she doesn't want them (Nate and Ali) to know they're thinking about it. 

At 2:00AM Dana sends Jun in to get Nathan, who was already in bed, and he tells Jun he'll talk to her in the morning.  Ali asks Nate what's wrong and he won't answer her.  "Are you mad at me?"  "I don't want to talk about it now." Nathan replies.  He's angry that after the champagne she told Justin too much of their plan, and tried to seduce him.

With Nathan refusing Dana's request, she summons Erika and Jack to her royal chambers.  Jack says he doesn't think Nate will not use the PoV, "It makes no sense."  

Jee: "If their boy [Nathan] turns on them and uses it, they'll put him up themselves."  Justin: "No they won't they need the numbers." 

Meanwhile, Nathan's in the oasis room, and Jack grills him on if he plans to use the veto.  He denies it, admits he thought about, denies it, implies he will, denies it, and says that if he does, it's not personal, it's just strategic, because "it doesn't matter, they want me out." Nate says he "wanted them to think I was going to use it, I wanted to scare them."  An FBI interrogation turns into a house meeting [20 minutes] image

From the May 16, 2001 issue, Police Blotter page:

Saturday, April 28, 2001
Officers responded to a report of an altercation in Tower B at 5:02 a.m. Upon arrival officers confiscated a meat cleaver and several cans of spray paint from a person who had been involved in an earlier incident.

Police issued a citation for disorderly conduct to student Alison K. Irwin when she became disorderly after being asked to move her vehicle from Schenley Quadrangle at 5:55 p.m.

2:40AM The whole house in the oasis room, even Dana and Ali.  Jun re-caps, "Nathan didn't get up to talk to Dana, now he's up to talk to Jack."  Jack tells Dana that Nathan hasn't made up his mind.  "I really don't know any more than I did when I talked to you a few minutes ago."

Little does Jack know, that Dave's working on a coup within their small group, to have Nathan use the veto, and swing the votes over to oust Jack.  Dave's thinking is that Ali's a stronger player and more valuable than Jack who lacks cognitive abilities to win HoH, and lacks the physical skills to win PoV.  

Later, Ali tells Nate that she wasn't drunk when she told Justin, she faked it so Justin would believe her.  A long make-out session follows and the love birds don't get to sleep until 4:20AM

Still yet another crisis looms ahead in the Big Brother house, they ran out of toilet paper last night. 

10:45AM BB Wakes the HGs  Conversations throughout the house pick up where they left off last night.  12:30PM Nate tried to make a deal with Dana [12 minutes] image Nate tries to make a deal with Dana.  He tells Dana that if he uses the veto, he can promise her that Ali won't come after her.  Dana won't commit to the plan and tells Nate she doesn't believe that if she gets HoH next week that he could stop Ali from putting her up.  Dana tells her team [7 minutes] image   She tells Robert of the offer and they both laugh that they thought Nate was smarter than that.  Dana has big regrets that she didn't put Nathan up against Alison.  Dana will be putting up Dave if Nate uses veto. 

1:15PM Meeting Over  The PoV meeting wasn't shown on the feeds.  Jack and Nate repair to the patio after the meeting.  Jack tells Nate, you pissed a lot of people off.  Dana leads Dave to think that Jack is leaving,  and although the plan was to oust Dave, but Dave's doing some talking in the HoH. Dana says she'll tell Jack the night before so it doesn't take him by surprise, but Jun and Jee's conversation still indicates Dave's going.

Nate: How did you learn to cut hair?
Ali: Do you really want to know? I practiced on my cats.

2:15PM Dana takes Ali's sheets out of the dryer seven minutes after she put them in.  The HG's Burger King lunches are late.  Ali will be giving hair cuts to Jack, Robert, Nathan and Dave after lunch.

7:30PM Jump Jive an' Wail image

A dentist was in the DR today to see Nate and Ali, they've been complaining of tooth pain.

It's been pretty quiet the rest of the day.  Jee and Robert are back to practicing mutual admiration---   telling each other about all the women that will be throwing themselves at their feet (that's how they said it).  Jun  cooked oxtail,  imitation crabmeat and other delicacies from the supplies they won on Thursday.  most of the guys have fresh haircuts.  The dishes were done by 10:00PM and I hope they al go to sleep, I need the rest. 

Just a reminder, there's some new pictures and a movie of Justin pulling off Alison's towel on the Hot Clicks page.

Saturday, July  26, 2003:  Nate and Ali go on Dinner Date
1:45AM BBT Nate and Ali Get Smarter   Nate, after 21 days just figured it out, and even took his theory to Ali, "I think you still have feeling for him, why else would you care."  Of course Ali protested  to the hilt, "I don't even find him attractive anymore."  And Ali's catching on too, she suspects Jee and Jun have a secret alliance.  Nate doubts her.  They also talked about their futures, stardom and relationships. Pillow Talk [45 min] image

The HGs slept late today, BB let them sleep 'til 10:30.  At 11:30 BB told the HGs there'd be a luxury challenge in 90 minutes. 


Dave 26.82
Nate Out
Dana 16.25
Erika 14.82
Robert 21.03
Alison 11.4
Jack Out
Jee 27.5
Justin 20.9
Jun 28.31

First Luxury Challenge:  The HGs selected balls to determine the playing order.  The game was "Tipsy Waiters" and the prize was a Champagne Dinner.  Each HG filled a glass with champagne.   Dave took a healthy gulp before filling his glass.  Then, in the order that was determined, the HG would sit in a chair that spun them around for 30 seconds.  Then you had to leap out of the chair, to to the stand were your champagne glass was, put it on a tray, and carry it to another stand.  When you ring the bell, your time is calculated and logged on the scoreboard.  If you drop your glass, you're out. 

Nate dropped is glass and was disqualified, Jack fell down, and Alison won completing the task in just 11.4 seconds. The HGs got to keep the bottles of champagne.  See Dave and Jun Spin image   (Video caps by "Dreamer" of

Allison selected Nate to be her guest at her romantic dinner.  Oddly. Ali says she's never been on a regular "date"  before.  Nate says he's only been on one date. 

My Opinion of the Day:  Each season the egos of the HGs never fail to amaze me.  From the first week they were talking about how exciting it was going to be when they get out and are famous and go on Letterman.  Although this group knows more about the show than any previous group, none of them noticed that the evictees don't go on Letterman, only the winner.  Even those kicked off of Survivor get no closer to Letterman than Rupert's Deli.  For the last couple days, as my eyelids droop from the monotony of a house without Amy and Marcellas, this group keeps patting themselves on the back saying "We're definitely the best group they've ever had."  Today Dana went so far as to say "They should just hire us to be on all the time."  This exchange took place during a game of cards, boy, there's good TV.  Only David seems to get it, when he replied, "Why is this on TV?"   Dave's message to us image

Under the heading of plotting, Ali continues to tells everyone she doesn't mind leaving, but in reality, her and Nate are positive that Jack is this week's dead man walking.  I can not confirm that they intend to pull this off using the PoV, or just by votes.  Since I haven't heard them counting votes, I assume they're going to use the PoV.  Although Dana said the substitute would be Erika,  David has also been mentioned.  Nate's a target of Dana already, this will really make him a marked man. 

Fight the Boredom!  It's getting to be that it's not safe to take a shower in the BB house.  Ali could throw ice water on you,  or Dave could try to take away your towel.  You would think we'd have a collection of nudes by now, but no such luck (the hot stuff collected so far is here).  See Dave shower image   (Video caps by "Dreamer" of

Nate says that he wants to use his Big Brother money for electrolyses, because he hates hair " gets all over my chest, I hate it."

9:15PM The Dinner:  I think some of them though that Ali and her date were going out for dinner, well they did, out to the patio.  Nate tells Ali, "I wasn't sure you were going to pick me."  Ali:  "Who else would I pick?" Nate: "Well maybe David." Ali: "Why would I pick David? He's the most annoying person on the show."

The dinner included steak, lobster, oysters, cheese bread, vegetables, and two more bottles on champagne. 

Ali: "I'll visit you, if you promise to come visit me."
Nate: [Sarcastically] "Pennsyl--van--ia"
Ali: "Have you ever been there?
Nate: "See...   Don't knock it until you've tried it, punk.   It's colonial.  Do you know what that is?
Nate: "Like I care.  What is it?"
Ali: "Very Civil War-ish"
Dinner at Eight with Nate and Ali [22 minutes] image

Friday, July  25, 2003:  Nate Wins PoV Challenge Today

Morty's Mailbag

Morty, Morty, Morty! I was all set to present a donation to you but after the stunt you pulled tonight I'm withdrawing that notion! To insinuate that Nathan is a "queen" is pure horse hockey. He's already told us about his ex-girlfriend... where were you? Give the guy some credit here. You know some people in this world still have morals. I'm extremely disappointed in your post tonight and doubt I'll be back to your site again - and I'm not even rooting for Nathan to win! You really overstepped some boundaries on this one!


Hi Pogo,

Sorry to offend. The remark is offered in jest, simply mirroring the popular opinion that the lad is narcissist and metrosexual.

Skip the donation, but please continue to stop by and perhaps you'll enjoy one of my barbs directed at another house guest.


2:00AM BBT The HGs are up late again tonight.  With the house equally split, so are the conversations.  Half are talking about that "rat Dana," and half are talking about "psycho Alison."  Nate and Ali discuss getting rid of Jack and David. 

While we wait for something to happen, I've shared one of the many emails I received at right.  I'd like remind everyone we're just here for fun and slander, don't take it seriously. 

"I've been to Michigan and Indiana but I haven't been further east than Arkansas."

Nate Won PoV, Says He Will Save Ali!

10:30AM BBT  Wake-Up Call:  10:45AM Second call, and five minutes later, still another.  Jack tells his inside circle (Dave and Erika), that they must win HoH next week.  They'll put up Justin and Dana, no decoy, one must walk.

The Pop TV PoV Challenge

1:15PM  The PoV contest is over, it appears that Nate is the winner.  He tells Ali that he'll tell Dana and her Stooges that he won't use it, then at the meeting use it to save her.  On a day where is sounds like I'm picking on Nate, I've got to say, this isn't a good idea.  Dana has already threatened him, if he uses the veto, Dana will

"My internet rating better be high or I will be pissed off."

replace Ali with Erika or Dave.  IMHO, Nate stands a much better chance of winning teamed with Jack, Dave and Erika, than with an Ali team.   During the PoV challenge Jun sustained a black eye when her and Ali got hit in the face with balls [insert your own joke here].

The Broadcast:  The first segment reviewed the weeks events.  We saw Jun complaining about the other HGs leaving a mess in the kitchen, and later a piece that highlighted her fun side.   The food drop challenge image   We saw Jack give his pitch to Dana about sticking with the numbers, a speech that somehow had a boomerang effect.  Then we saw Robert homesick and crying image    And the final segment was the nominations image  

Odds for Big Brother 4
(Odd calculated by John Avello of Bally's Paris)
 (For entertainment purposes only )

Houseguest: Opening
Jack 4/1 4/1 4/1
Erika 4/1 4/1 4/1
David 15/1 6/1 5/1
Justin 12/1 12/1 7/1
Alison 8/1 12/1 10/1
Nathan 6/1 6/1 12/1
Jun 25/1 22/1 12/1
Dana 15/1 15/1 15/1
Robert 10/1 10/1 18/1
Jee 40/1 18/1 40/1
Michelle 7/23 20/1 20/1 --
Amanda  7/16 22/1 -- --
Scott  7/12 18/1 -- --

Alison tells Erika that she doesn't mindimage  leaving next week because there are some people she doesn't want to be sequestered with if she were to make it to the jury.  But earlier we heard her planning with Nate that he'll use the PoV to free her at the meeting, and not tell anyone before.  He exit plan is that if she finds the she's been voted out, just before the live show, she'll pee in the toilet and float Dana's duck on it for her to find after the show.  She's proud of this idea and told several people.  Dana explains things image

10:00PM Erika tells Jack that Dana's confident that she has Jun's vote.  Erika and Jack don't think she does, but all indications show that Jun's on Dana's side.  The FBI guy isn't getting the best information.

Another complication is that Dave's starting to get bored.  He's been penned up in there for 21 days, there's too much down time and he's missing his truck, the beach, and challenges with more purpose.  He's been making a lot of tie-dyed shirts, look for them on eBay this fall.

Plans are made and scrapped before I get a chance to type them.  At one point this afternoon Jack, Erika, and Dave considered that if  Jack survives, they would not  nominate or vote  Dana out. They think that if you took her all the way to the end she could be useful to go against in front of the jury, "no one would vote for her."

Between planning and scheming, there's lots of trashing the other players.  Dave and Jack are above low insults, but Dave'll yell "bitch!" if he thinks it'll get a reaction.

Thursday, July  24, 2003:  Food Competition & Nominations Today

He looks like a lucky dog, but they call him a pussy behind his well rubbed back.

1:00AM BBT Just because you become HoH doesn't mean you're relieved of your nightly backrub duties.  Justin's in the HoH for his massage, Jun's supervising the backrub and the plotting.  Dana's pretty sure she wants to nominate two of the elite seven.  I won't go into detail because I can't type as fast as they can change their mind.  Jun takes the story back to the HRD where Ali is giving Nate a rubdown, and Erika is all ears. 

"She's making out with my ex-boyfriend, right in front of my face.  Even though I have no feelings for him, that's like so disrespectful."

Wow, were they up late last night, past 3:00AM, Dana and Justin up past 4:30AM.  We've got Ali blowing up about Dana touching Justin in front of her, Jack and Dave reminisce about "Get Smart," general scheming, Jack teaches strategy to Nate (tough student), Erika explains that the elite seven are safe, "Dana's not stupid." and other random musings. There are some fun moments, but no important news bulletins.  The clip is just a long sample from feed 4 and not level adjusted.  The jumping from scene to scene was BB, not I.  Listen if you wish.image  5:15AM Zzzz  Sleep at Last

8:00AM Wake-Up Call "Good morning HGs, you have 30 minutes until the food competition. "  9:00AM Operation Food Drop. "The food drop is on its way. Are you ready to play paratroopers?"   The HGs got a camo outfit and helmets.  The object of the game was to catch colored capsules, each color representing a food group:

Red Meats, poultry and seafood

Dave Catches Dinner in his Helmet.

Green Dairy products
Blue Fruits & vegetables
Orange Breads, pastas and cereals
Yellow Snacks and Desserts
Black Beverages (including beer and wine)
Gold HG choice from a wish list the HGs made

Meanwhile: During the FotH, we got to see Michelle being interviewed for Extra and ET. 
(click here)

Each capsule came in on a small parachute.  The capsules had to be caught in the helmets and dropped into a container. They cannot use their hands. Once a capsule touched the ground, it's out of play.  Dana: "One last surprise. Anyone been craving a little outside, feel good comfort food? Well, if we catch the special red-and-gold parachutes, we can all have Burger King each day we want for the entire week! "  The food drop challenge image

The game resulted in a large assortment of food, including Burger King, which they had for a 10:00AM brunch!   Click Here if you want to read the complete food list.  All together, they collected 113 items.

While the food challenge was on, live feed viewers saw the FotH, and Michelle being interviewed for Entertainment Tonight image   Michelle was also interviewed on Jackie & Bender of Kiss 106.1 Seattle Washington with Chuck the Movie Guy. Listen if you wish.image 

At time point the nominations were foremost on everyone's mind.  Dana appears pretty adamant about it being two guys, and she'd like to break up the power structure that's forming by ousting one of the elite 7.  Each of the guys have pleaded their case, David  gave it the hard sell, "If you put one of us we will all go after you next week." 

3:30PM Justin stays cozy with Dana, who may hold his fate.  She must announce her nominees in just 90 minutes from now.

1:30PM:  Robert has a long talk with Erika. An interesting turn around; Rob tells Erika that he told the producers when he was selected for the show that he doesn't want to be sequestered, and especially sequestered out of the country.  He said he couldn't stand to be  away from his daughter that long.  He said that he knew he'd be an early evictee, and his goal was to just not be the first.  He feels he's ready to go home.

So how sincere was Robert?  Robert's been told about the plan to evict the exs.  After nominating Erika (well, getting Jee to nominate her),  it would be fair to assume she'd go after him.  As you may have heard in the over night clip, the boys were really stunned to find out they didn't control the power.  Although Rob's been homesick, this could just be a ruse to leave with his head held high.  I've yet to hear him volunteer for eviction.   

5:15PM. A technical glitch caused a delay.  The nomination process has not been completed.  5:45PM The live feeds return, soon after,  it appeared that Jack and Alison were nominated!  The nominations image

"The thing that gets me is that she looked me in the face and told me I was safe."

6:35PM Erika tells Dave and Jack, that if they use the PoV to save Jack, Erika goes up.  Earlier I stated that Jack, Dave and Erika threw the HoH contest.  In this same conversation we learn that the three tried, but hit their buzzers late.  They feel they've made some goofs, and should have kept in Amanda and  David should have used the PoV, to save Erika, and forced Jee to put in Dana.  Nate joins the threesome and calls Dana a big time traitor.  David feels the plan should be to evict Ali, but the fact that Erika and Dave discussed this at all means they're loyalty to Jack isn't as strong as it should be.  Ali, of course, just thinks Jack will leave and she'll have the majority of the house to get revenge on Dana next week.   Ali says that if she wins veto she may not use it because she doesn't want Nate or Dave to be put up in her place.   Random Aftermath image

9:40PM Dana has official joined the alliance of the Three Stooges, telling them she liked them better than the original alliance from the start.  Make no mistake, this new stooge isn't going to be a Shemp, I see her as the new Moe.  Both factions have noticed Jun's brilliant positioning, she's on both sides, she's on no one's side, and has the power of making either the majority in the vote.

Stooges Number Five Tonight:  Jun tells Dana that she's on her side, Dana believes Jun, and so do I.  This makes the teams five and five.  If the nominations stand, it would insure Alison's eviction,  a fact that doesn't seem to upset Ali.  She's been giving her team instructions for revenge for when's gone.  Because Ali's not important to her team, the vote could be the third unanimous eviction of the season.  This is, of course, is assuming that Alison is Dana's target.  Sadly, that chat rooms haven't even given the new alliances names yet. I'm sticking with "The Five Stooges," and "A Jack,  A Joker, and Three Queens" you figure it out image.

Wednesday, July  23, 2003:  Michelle is Evicted - Dana is HoH
1:00AM BBT The big eviction show is tonight, and the HGs are up whispering they're plans and strategies.  The turtle room three (Dave, Jack & Erika) are giddy about the coup they expect to pull off today.  In the oasis room Jee visits Robert and Justin, to continue their six day ego feast of "Oh, wow look at the power we have..."  I haven't heard Michelle ask anyone if she's staying, she hasn't cried in days, I can only assume that if she's evicted, she'll be surprised and upset.

Here's what I think will happen image image

1:30PM Preening for the live show has begun. They've got over three hours to go, but ya gotta look pretty on TV.

"Fresh off the boat [Bleep]. He is like a puppet. You know? People telling him what to say. You make me uncomfortable."

What I left out:  I was accused of leaving this out of my recap of yesterday's show.  The truth is, it was in the first two minutes of the broadcast, and I missed it.  Now armed with the closed captioning transcript, I present to you, the wicked side of Erika: 

Following the eviction ceremony where Jee said she makes people nervous, which we saw here, Erika went to the DR to vent and said: "I make people uncomfortable? Korean piece of shit.  Fresh off the boat [Bleep]. He is like a puppet. You know? People telling him what to say. You make me uncomfortable. I didn't realize I made you uncomfortable. I was angry by his speech because I know I don't make people uncomfortable.  I don't -- maybe because I don't talk a lot. Maybe because he is with Robert."

I'd like to note that closed captioning transcripts are not always word-for-word.  I've been told the correct line was, "Fresh off the boat immigrant." 

The Broadcast:  Julie started by asking David and Robert how it feels to have their exs on the chopping block.  Robert said it feels good to know that Erika is leaving.  After they teased us with three DR votes,  they did a friends and family image piece with clips of Michelle and David's parents talking about them, and Erika's mom talking about Robert, and Robert's roommate Jorge trashing Erika.  Julie asked Jee how he feels about competing with Jun, and if he thinks it's possible tonight's vote could end in a tie, and what he'd do.  His answers were as expected, it'll be a Michelle landslide, and if it's a tie, he'd break it by voting out Erika.  The DR voting has been a tease, with only showing Justin and Robert voting to evict Erika, and leading us to believe the others want to keep Michelle.

The "Where are the now?" image segments included Jason (who's singing and still friends with Dani), Lori (who's working a at radio station and bartending), Roddy (who's writing and not seeing Chiara),  and Danielle (who's a fitness trainer).

The Live Eviction image came after another tease, showing Jack and David voting to evict Michelle, this left it tied 2-2.  Julie read the vote 6-2.  They gave us a nice long time to look at the reactions of Robert and Jee.  I think it was everything I hoped for.  When Michelle talked to Julie I have to admit I had a lump in my throat.  Michelle was crushed that she was betrayed.  Her father and brother were there to meet her.

Eviction Vote Number 2

Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Voted For:
Michelle was evicted by a vote of 6-2.  The HoH only votes in the event of a tie.

The HoH Contest image  was three groups of three, first of the three to buzz in with the answer to a question goes on to the next round. Justin won round one.  David was eliminated, Alison went on to the final round.  Nate was eliminated next, leaving Robert and Dana.  Dana made it to the finals.  Of Dana, Justin, and Alison, Dana won by default, through the others wrong answers.

For the Jack, Erika, Dave team, Dana's being HoH could be strategically a good thing.  Dana knows that Jee, and Robert were going to nominate her if David used the PoV.   This way they can use Dana to do some dirty work without becoming targets.  With Dana in charge, she shouldn't be so paranoid, and therefore easier for all to live with. 

Dana's HoH Gift Basket

So happy now

Cowgirl Jun Checks Out Dana's Room

By 7:02PM, the three stooges were on the patio licking their wounds.  It was so funny, Justin thought one of the stooges turned on him when only two people voted Erika, then he remembered that Jee couldn't vote.  If Justin can't count to three, I'm sure he's unaware that the HoH competition was thrown, because Jack's group knew the dangers of being HoH and having to lay your cards on the table during nominations.  Remember, Danielle made it to the end without being HoH.  Robert & company were all smiles chuckling in front of the others that "it's just a game, no hard feelings" 

7:20PM Nathan seems very nervous that Dana has the power,  Jun is eating again.  For those of you who've never had live feeds, let me say that the post eviction mood in the house is always solemn.  Even when a villain is ejected, there are so many thoughts and emotions that run through the HGs, it always leaves the house in an eerie calm. 

7:33PM Alison's Mad that her answer to the HoH contest question: "What bedroom has the fewest beds?"  Answer: "The love room."  should have been accepted as correct.  Alison says "That's the producers fault.  They're the ones that call it that.  And Jon knows it.  I know you're listening Jon."  Jon is one of the associate producers on BB.  7:48PM Indoor LD  Dana tells Robert about the plan to kick out the ex's and not to worry. She says she is going after Dave and Jack.

9:00PM Dana Gets Her Room:   Sunflower seeds pictures of her bed and her fish,  notes from home.  her pillows from home,  a "Bayside" t-shirt, her slippers, Pepsi and other goodies.  I'm not sure if I've ever seen an HoH happier with their room.  I think Dana going to be very easy to get along with this week. 

The food arrives at 9:15PM.  The houseguests have to select their favorite foods to win in tomorrow's food contest.  Dinner was followed by the girls kissing Dana's butt.  Dana says she'll take care of them, "we've lost too many sisters, the estrogen level is dropping."

Tuesday, July  22, 2003:  Voting Day

Dave leaves a message on the supply room door regarding the PB&J diet.

So they vote today, but we don't see it until Wednesday.  And stop writing me,  I really don't know for sure what way it'll go.  And believe me, it's not from lack of observation. The talk is still that Michelle is leaving,  but these people just aren't laying their cards on the table. 

There's only a couple votes I'm positive about, Jack's voting against Michelle, and Robert's voting against Erika.  I truly believe that Jee, Robert and Justin are the dumbest of the dumb,  but I'm not sure that Jee isn't getting info from Jun, which would mean that Jee knows the plan to evict Erika was a fake.  And Dana and Justin are so close (and Dana's an insecure nutcase), I'd think they'd confide, although the other HGs know she's nuts and give 'er the ol' mushroom treatment. 


Justin and Robert discuss what to do next.
image image
(click here)

I have seen Ali say the wrong things to the wrong people, and I have no idea why.  Today she told Dana she voted to evict Michelle, Dana said she did too.  Jun was on-board with the Michelle eviction (and told Dana she voted Michelle), but you can watch her all day (and I have) and not know what her true motives are. David keeps telling the stooges that he hates Michelle and she has no business being in the house, even a stooge could get the idea he's not voting Erika, or maybe he is and the joke's on us.   Justin's just cheerfully ignorant, I'm pretty sure he's sticking with his team and voting against Erika.  Justin's a great, this guy will never have a stress related condition, he thinks he knows what's happening and that it.  He doesn't run around spreading rumors or questioning what he thinks he knows, it doesn't bother him.  Nathan still thinks he's in charge,  but he's so hungry for food I'm not sure the game is paramount to him at the moment, if he's playing today, he'll vote Michelle out, if he's hungry, might be Erika. 

The HGs were up pretty early today, they got up early to take naps and tan.  Dana thinks that no matter who gets HoH next they'll go after her, and she's probably right.

The Broadcast:  Showed more of Michelle's reaction to being nominated Jee's plan, Ali and Nate sparring with boxing gloves.  In a DR segment, Jun said that her and Jee are "silent partners" to make it to the end.  Other clips with Jee indicated that he either hasn't fessed to to the alliance, or is unaware of it.  The next segment was about the history of duckball, leading up to the duckball PoV competition image.duckball PoV competition, which Dave won. Throughout the show they showed clips of Dana, establishing her paranoid personality.  Then we saw Jun's birthday, image.Jun's birthday, followed by the salad bikini. image If you think CBS edited, they didn't, you saw it in real time! Last on the show was Dave's great PoV speech.image

David Admits Sex:  I guess they were bored, so Dave told Erika and a few of the others that he had sex with Amanda and misses her.  Erika didn't seem offended or disappointed in David.  David seemed embarrassed that he had sex under nightvision cameras, Erika said he'll leave the house with a "stud" reputation, not a bad rep.    The subject started because David says they (BB) told him in the DR that they talked to his mother about  his night with Amanda, and David said "Like, I'm a child.  My mother knows I have sex."

9:00PM After a rather dull night that included watching Nathan paint his nails, Jun told Robert that he's really disappointed in her fellow houseguests.  She considers them childish and spoiled and she's tired of cleaning up after them.  Immediately after she goes into the kitchen only to find another mess, "What do they think I'm the Chinese fuckin' maid?"  I thought she was Korean, but what do I know.


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