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Shocking Video    Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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First, a word about Morty's Shocking Video:
Some of the video clips on this page contain language not suitable for children and some adults.  If you are offended harsh language, please select one of our other links. 

The clips on this page require the Windows Media Player.  If you are using MS Internet Explorer,  you
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Fred & Barney Sell Winstons

    See Fred and Barney lighting up behind the house so they can't be seen.  This is a real commercial for Winston cigarettes that ran on TV in the early 1960's.  If you thought Joe Camel was geared to kids, wait 'til you see this!

Rough on the Beaver

    Barbara Billingsley was asked about June Cleaver's remark, "Ward, you were a little rough on the Beaver".  The TV mom replied,  "I don't remember saying it, but I must have,  I''ve seen it on t-shirts."  Well the truth is, she didn't say it.  But here's a great line she did say.

The First Dirty Word

    When was the first time someone said a four-letter word in prime-time?  You'll never guess.  It was during "My Favorite Martian" on March 28, 1965, in the episode "We Love You, Miss Pringle."  Prime and proper, Doris Packer delivered the line that made TV history.

Not For Kids

    What goes on behind the scenes of a kiddy show?  Can a gay owl find true love with a fem frog?  Tune in to find out...

No Gas for You!

    In the mid-seventies our nation was in the midst of a severe gas shortage.  This didn't stop the gas companies from advertising.  This spokesman takes a break from the script and tells the truth.

What is Your Problem Eunice?

    I love this clip from "The Carol Burnett Show".  Vicki Lawrence ad-libs some great lines that never made it to TV.  This clip isn't very good quality,  so listen for this classic line:  "What is the problem Eunice?  Is it your time of the month?  Are you riding the cotton pony?"

See Dick Sell

    After the filming of "The Dick Van Dyke Show,"  Dick does a PSA for the ADA, but what's with LSMFT?  He recites the "Lucky Strike" slogan,  but his show is sponsored by "Kent", and neither mean healthy teeth.

How Far Will Carol Go?

    The kids are at it again.  This time Carol plans a prank to crack up Tim Conway and gives everyone an eyeful in this magic moment from "The Carol Burnett Show"

It's Tough to Work With Kids

    After the filming of "The Danny Thomas Show", the cameras role again to shot a commercial for "Post Toasties".  After a full day of work, young Angela Cartwright doesn't have her mind on the stage directions.  Not really shocking, but a piece of TV history.

Father Duffy is Full of What?

    Tim Conway has a knack for cracking up everyone he plays opposite. After Tim makes his remark about Father Duffy, the cameras roll again, then Carol get her revenge in this magic moment from "The Carol Burnett Show"




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