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Update Entry
Saturday, May 13, 2017  Kevin Wins the Final PoV
5:39AM BBT: In the blue bedroom, Kevin gets undressed and gets into bed. He puts his mic on and starts talking. He says he feels so bad for them, but he's in the final three! (Kevin must have won the PoV!) He keeps talking to himself saying that he will have the sole vote to evict between Ika and Karen. He says he has to pick Ika... she's smarter, better in every way, played a better game, better competition threat. He has to go final three with Demetres and Karen. One last final battle to see if he can get there. He's going to sleep and will start studying again in the morning. He needed to win, or he was going home. He takes off his mic and goes to sleep

5:47AM BBT: Demetres and Ika are in the bathroom area. Demetres has been waiting for Ika to finish showering. They head to the HoH room. They talk while Ika moisturizes.

Demetres is looking sad and Ika says can you please not look like that. Demetres says "it's brutal." Ika tells Demetres that she's glad that he won the HoH competition and didn't throw it to her. He would never forgive himself. Demetres says he thinks that Ika has more invested in this than he does, and Ika disagrees. He has his family too. Demetres says he doesn't want to talk about it. Ika tells him he can't think in terms of who has more invested. He deserves to win this game and he can't beat himself up over this.

Ika continues her pep talk after a pause, saying that no one fought harder for her in this game than Demetres did, and no one would have. He gave a hundred percent.

5:54AM BBT: Demetres and Ika snuggle. Demetres says he still feels like this is not how it was supposed to go. Ika points out that he said he only saw one of them in final two. Ika continues reassuring him that he did everything he could and he can't beat himself up. BB says "Goodnight houseguests. Sleep well." Demetres says he's not giving them a reaction. They can fn take this show and... Ika tells Demetres to stop, and we get "Time out!"

When feeds come back, Demetres tells Ika that he doesn't want to spend one fn day in this house without her, let alone however many are left. Ika tells him he'll be OK. He has Karen, and he has two HoHs to think about and the final two questions. He has to get all the questions right or it's all for nothing. She starts coaching him. Demetres says he doesn't want to talk about it now. Tomorrow. Lights go out.

Kevin Won the final PoV. On Wednesday Kevin will vote to evict either Ika or Karen.


Today's updates were written by App & Tamajama

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Update Entry
Friday, May 12, 2017  Day 63 Kevin & Karen Nominated
8:20AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! The lights just turned on in the BB house. BB asked Kevin to please arrange a house wide battery change.

Karen is up out of bed, heads downstairs to make some coffee, fills up her water bottle, refills the ice trays and then heads to the DR.

8:33AM BBT: The feeds are on Ika sleeping in her bed in the pink bedroom and we hear the rooster crow. Karen enters the room and told Ika the coffee is on. Karen sat down on Ika's bed and Ika starts telling Karen a story about how she woke up at 4AM. She continues by telling Karen that she went to Demetres HoH room to apologize She told Demetres that her being angry had nothing to do with him and that she is just angry at herself for not winning and then the conversation took a turn for the worst. She was remembering the entire season and she feels resentful because she don't know what he has done for her in this game. She said that he won competitions but that was for him as well.

Karen asked Ika what Demetres said to that. Ika said that Demetres told her it was a lot of pressure to win the competitions to keep her safe and him winning was not for himself it was for her. Ika said that she told him it was beneficial for himself. Ika said that she asked him if he would have done for her what she did for him week one and he said he did not have the skills to do that. Karen said that would be accurate.

Ika said they discussed him dragging her to the end and Demetres told her that he could tell she feels resentful. Ika said that Demetres told her that if it wasn't for Ika and Karen week one, he would not be here and winning the competition last night was very selfish. Ika said that she told him he was right.

Karen shares her wisdom about how Ika is allowed to share her feelings, she is allowed to feel the feelings that she does and the new generation thinks that you shouldn't. Ika said that Demetres also told her the most important win is the PoV so Ika asked him if it is the most important one then whey did he have to win this one.

They discuss how every competition is important, how Demetres said he feels like crap and how he said if it was not for her and Karen he would not be here. Ika thinks that Keeping Dillon would have ensured she would have won that competition. Yesterday Ika keeps talking about how Demetres has not done anything to keep her safe and she wants to know what has he done that has been a selfless decision because she has done that for him. Karen said that when there is a prize involved you see people's true colors and she gets up to go and get coffee.

9:12AM BBT: Karen and Ika have showered and then sit in the wash area to start doing their make up and hair. They talk about how Kevin is really nosy and about how Bruno used to listen in on the HoH conversation. Karen shares her wisdom about how things don't always work out the way you want but it always comes back around way better.

Meanwhile, Demetres is in the kitchen making a shake and we can hear noise from BB setting up the PoV competition outside.

9:28AM BBT: Karen is done blow drying her hair and her and Ika are back to chatting about what they think the competition will be today. Karen said that from previous seasons she knows it will be built for a big strong guy to win so either Demetres or Kevin will win and be the one deciding who goes to the final three.

Meanwhile, Demetres is just laying on the couch up on the landing

9:38AM BBT: Ika told Karen that nominations are today. Karen is going to take her stuff in the HoH so that she can eat first and be ready to be on HoH lock down. As she walked to the HoH room she realized that it is locked so she sat her stuff down by Demetres who is still laying on the couch and told him that it is still locked. Ika is dressed in her red dress, she says she thinks that red is her color as she heads to the DR.

9:41AM BBT: Karen is in the kitchen fixing herself something to eat and we hear BB say please get up. Demetres is still laying on the couch on the landing and after he heard BB say get up he said and do what.

After that Demetres gets up and walks into the wash area saying he don't want to deal with this today. Karen asks him if he don't feel good. Demetres said that he is just tired, tired of being here and then the feeds switch to Kevin sitting up in his bed in the blue bedroom.

8:20PM BBT:  The feeds were down most of the day for the taping of The BB Canada Awards.

 Ika and Karen are worried that they don't know their dates/days for events that may be asked at PoV competition. Also, Karen and Kevin are on the block.

10:20PM BBT: Demetres Nominated Kevin and Karen. This means if Kevin wins the PoV, saves himself, Ika goes and Kevin has the sole vote that determines whether Ika or Karen goes home.

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Update Entry
Thursday, May 11, 2017  Live Eviction Tonight = Meet The Final Four
8:00AM BBT:  Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day! The bedroom lights are still out in the BB house, but Karen is up out of bed and getting in the shower.

Shortly after that, Ika is up out of bed and heads to the wash area. Karen finished up with making coffee and brought a cup to Ika in the wash area.

Ika and Karen discuss last night when Ika and Demetres got up to make bacon, but BB told them to go back to bed. The discussion turns to some of their experiences as a mom.

9:15AM BBT: Ika and Karen continue to chat as they are getting ready for the day. They start talking about other house guests that have left and how they are going to be seen as being drug along to the finals, but they do not care. Ika said that winning competitions is not everything. Karen said that she has great relationships with the others in the house even though she did not like them just so they would not target her and no one did target her.

9:31AM BBT: Ika and Karen continue to talk about the other house guests that have left and Karen shares her wisdom of where she things the others went wrong in the game. Ika said that she is the most hated person in Jury and everyone that has left trashed her on their way out so she must have done something right.

9:34AM BBT: Demetres is up and took new batteries to the wash area for Ika and Karen. Karen told him that they already got theirs and then they discuss last night again when Demetres was going to bacon. After Demetres left the room, they start talking about how different Ika and Demetres live. After that discussion, Karen shares her wisdom on decision making, dealing with people and choosing careers.

9:44AM BBT: Karen and Ika continue to chat then the feeds switch to Kevin in the HoH bedroom with the lights on and him sitting up in bed trying to wake up.

9:45AM BBT: BB called Dillon to the DR. After watching Kevin sitting in his bed for a few minutes, the feeds switch to Dillon coming out of the DR. Demetres is laying on the couch down stairs, Dillon walked by him and went and sat on the side chair by the dining table. Demetres and Dillon decide to get up and make a shake. Live Eviction Today is on the screen in the living room.

9:52AM BBT: Dillon and Demetres go into the pantry and Demetres said that they should have known it was going to be a robot (because he looked around and seen robots all over the pantry walls) that came out of the wall for William. Then they talk about how it was totally random that William got the secret PoV. After their shakes are done, they sit at the kitchen counter and talk about how it would be to have to go to jail, how weird it would be to have to come out after a long time and then they advise kids that are watching to stay in school and don't murder people.

Dillon made a comment Live Eviction Today and as he said that he is living it he walks back over to the corner chair and sat down. Demetres talks about going to take a shower and then they start talking about movies that they have seen. .

11:18AM BBT: Karen, Ika are in the pink bedroom talking about how they are the ones that have played a honest and loyal game and the others haven't. Ika asked Karen what Dillon was saying and Karen said it was just that last minute talk and then Dillon walks in the room so talk turns to what they are going to wear. Demetres entered the pink bedroom and Dillon told them not to give Kevin the power.

After Karen left the room, Ika and Demetres talk to Dillon for a bit about how they have played a loyal game. [Trying to rack up the jury votes. ~Sassy2565]

After Dillon left the pink bedroom, Demetres told Ika that he (Dillon) is throwing in the towel. Ika said that he tried talking to Karen this morning. Demetres said that you can't blame him. Ika said that she woke up and seen Karen gone this morning and so she ran out to make sure that Dillon was not trying to talk to her. Ika said that you never know because this is when crap hits the fan and how Karen said that if Kevin was not here it would be a different story about what she would do. Demetres told Ika that Karen told him that this is not the best game move for her (Karen). Ika is laughing and saying that Kevin staying in the house has saved them and it has been a blessing in disguise.

Karen walks in the room and Ika told her that Demetres is practicing his speech and he is saying that every day since day six has been a blessing for him to be in the house. They start discussing the game and how Kevin thinks that he played so good and how they tricked him...and as this discussion is going down the feeds went down.

Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Karen tells Ika she's keeping Demetres.

Umm, candy...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Baywatch.

HoH competition, "Solve for X"


It's hard to believe that we are one week away from our massive Season Five season finale. The lines have been drawn in the house and tonight, the Fab Five will become a Final Four. Welcome to eviction night here on BBCAN!

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after the triple eviction slammed the Odyssey off course, Jackie and the French Connection were sucked into the black hole of jury and only five remained. To fill the vacuum of power, the HGs faced off for HoH but nobody could match Kevin's memory and the card-shark reclaimed the HoH crown but with no allies to speak of, it was a party of one. While Ika and Demetres prepared for the worst, Kevin confirmed their fears and booked their spots back on the block. With her back against the wall, Ika erupted.

With tensions high, the HGs took their fight to the beach in an oceanic PoV where Kevin rode the wave to victory.

Then Big Brother served up an ice breaker. With the HGs flash frozen, they were toured and skewered but when Dillon's mom showed up with a special guest, the champ melted on the spot. Things heated up when Kevin went back to business and tried to nail down Karen's vote.

At the PoV ceremony, Kevin had all the power and turned the game on it's head by saving his rival Ika and naming Dillon the replacement.

Tonight, how will the HGs react to Kevin's risky move? And who will be evicted? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Hey everyone and welcome to BBCAN. This week started with a sense of deja vu. HoH Kevin nominated Ika and Demetres for nomination - again. And when Kevin also won the PoV this week, his poker face stunned everyone when he took Ika off the block. Let's see what happened after that stunning move.

Demetres tells us this is the first time he's been legitimately speechless in this house. Kevin tells us this week there are only two votes; hopefully this move will create a split and he can break the tie and send Demetres home.

Ika probes for more details from Kevin, who tells her this move is best for his game.

Kevin tells us Demetres is a competition beast and could win the final competitions. Ika is apologetic with Kevin for her speech and as he heads to HoH, she tells him she kinda did something to his room as well.

Ika tells us before the ceremony, she and Demetres got very petty and messed up Kevin's room. They unfold all his clothes, spread glue on the taps in the bathroom. They jump on his bed and then hung his stuffed pig in a noose. Ika tells us she thought she was going home so she acted very petty. She rushes to clean Kevin's room and tells us of all the things she could've done, they killed the pig. Who does that? She calls herself horrible while cleaning, saying she deserves the evil coming her way.

In the DR, she "prays" to the BB gods apologizing for what she did and asks them to get her to Final Two. After cleaning, Ika apologizes again. Kevin reminds her it's 4-1, very clear lines drawn. It's fine.

Demetres tells us Dillon being beside him is best case scenario. He just needs to swing Karen's vote and he's staying. Dillon says to everyone in Kevin's eyes Karen will vote for Dillon, Ika will vote for Demetres and Kevin will make the final decision.

In the HoH bathroom area, Kevin tells his pig they'll get them. Karen joins to talk to Kevin. Karen tells us before Kevin pulled the stunt in the PoV ceremony, she'd decided to keep Demetres over Ika. But with Dillon on the block, she has a new dilemma.

Karen asks Kevin what he was thinking. Kevin tells Karen he's thinking it's 4-1. It's in her hands whether Dillon goes or not.

In the DR, Karen calls Kevin a slithering snake. He thinks she'll do HIS dirty work? Kevin admits to Karen that he'll vote Demetres out if it's a tie beaker. Karen tells us Kevin is convinced that "little old" Karen won't make a decision that will weigh against her heart. News flash: he's wrong.

Kevin tells us he's never been more determined in his life to win anything. His one brain will beat their four.

In the HoH room bath, Kevin says it kills him that they're willing to let Demetres win the game. They can't win against Demetres. Kevin tells us he's worried about Karen. He thought it'd be a no brainer for her but now he's scared he'll get burned.

Karen goes to see Ika in the storage room. She tells Ika she'll never vote to keep Dillon over Demetres. Karen tells us it will suck to go against Dillon but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Ika tells us Karen is good. She is a guardian angel.

Dillon tells us he feels blindsided and is pissed off. What is Kevin thinking? Why not just take one of the duo out?

Dillon approaches Kevin. Kevin explains he didn't want Ika to be voted out. Kevin says Karen might flip on Dillon but if it goes to a draw, he'll evict Demetres.

Dillon tells us his BB life is in Karen's hands and that makes him nervous. In this house, things change in an instant.

Karen tells Dillon she'll vote for him to stay. Dillon asks her not to flip on him. She's the only one who can keep him safe. Karen retorts that Kevin will flip on him.

Kevin is searching the living room for hiding spots. Upstairs, Karen and Ika are watching. Ika tells us Kevin is so sneaky. Karen tells Dillon about it. Ika tells us Karen is convinced Kevin is looking for a secret veto.

Kevin tells them he's looking for his glasses that he lost in week two, which none of them believe. Kevin says the Kar-anoia is strong right now. Dillon says he's tried the glasses on and there's no prescription in them, he doesn't need them. Kevin tells us he really is looking for his glasses. Ika tells us the Kar-anoia is spreading in the house!

Dillon and Karen head to the backyard to watch the Baywatch movie. There's candy, popcorn and soda with a big screen TV. Karen and Dillon sit on one side while Kevin sits alone on the other.

In the DR, Karen drools over Zac Efron. Dillon tells us the movie is hilarious and amazing. Took him away from the stress of the game. Thank you BB!

Ika and Demetres are playing pool discussing Karen's vote. They're both wondering if Karen will change her mind and keep Dillon.

Ika tells us the thought of losing Demetres is completely devastating. All season she's had a hand in everything, not having a hand for the most important moment kills her.

Ika tells us Demetres has come a long way in the house. He's learned a few things - today is his final exam. She tests him on the slang she uses, and he passes both of them. He doesn't get how the "weaves" of her hair work, but that's OK.

Kevin chats with Dillon; who's a little dragged down. Kevin tells us his new plan is to make Dillon hate him. If he does, Karen might keep Dillon just to spite Kevin.

Kevin tells Dillon Karen's been his final two pick for awhile and he was just playing Dillon.

Dillon feels his time is up. Karen's body language has changed towards Dillon. Kevin thought they were so close for a long time. Kevin explains he only did it because he thought Karen would never vote against Dillon. It comes down to Karen hating Kevin more than she loves Dillon.

Kevin reveals his ploy to Dillon and says he has to make Karen think he hates Kevin so Karen will keep him.

Dillon heads to the living room to chat with Karen. He asks her for honesty. Karen says she's at a crossroads thanks to Kevin. She can't save him like she wants to. Dillon thought they had a better relationship than that.

Dillon tells us he was there for Karen when no one else was. Dillon, in tears, reminds her of this. He was there when everyone turned their back on him.

Karen tells us she has a heart. It comes down to, does she screw Kevin Martin or does she stick with the person she's loyal to?

Time for a peek at the jury house, beginning with Jackie's entrance. Bruno tells us the weather hasn't been that great, so they've been playing a lot of board games. One of their games is Guess Who with the pictures being the HGs. Demetres is referred to by Neda as a lap dog.

They think there is a double eviction happening for the next entrance and that there will be two HGs coming.

Jackie tells us she's proud she made it that far in the game by herself. It was mixed emotions and adrenaline when she left. She's excited to let the jury know what happened when she left. She's excited to see them and hopes they're happy to see her.

Neda is bummed to see Jackie; she loved her in the house and doesn't feel it was in anyone's best interest to get her out.

Dre sends William in by himself next to fake a double eviction. Bruno probes for information as Dre slips in and announces triple eviction. Jackie is speechless.

Bruno tells us he's happy Kevin survived the triple and saved himself. Dre says it's three vets and now three newbies have joined. Dre tells us she's happy and sad. At least she's with William.

Time to check in with the HGs. Arisa shows the HGs clips of their iconic tasks from the week. Marsha the Moose, Time Warp. Dillon says he teared up again seeing the clip of his mom. It was the best moment. Time for the live vote and eviction.

Final pleas:
Dillon - As HGs living here we experience a lot of highs and lows. It's nothing compared to what people outside the house go through. This is a shout out to them. Depression or mental illness are not your fault. There are people who love you and care for you. Stand up, Canada!

Demetres - Week 1, I was so close to being evicted and it changed everything for me. I appreciate every day in this house. If it wasn't for this house, I never would've met any of you. The relationships in this house made this experience for me. I love everyone in this house and I couldn't ask for a better group to be with.

Ika votes to evict Dillon.

Karen votes to evict Dillon, earning a loud "Boo" and negative reaction from the audience.

By a vote of 2-0, Dillon is evicted from the BB Odyssey.

Dillon tells them to kill it, Karen says she loves him. He loves them too. He says goodbye to the Odyssey and heads into a very loud, cheering audience. We see his mom and niece Hailey in the audience.

Dillon says BB is a tough game, he gave it his all and here he is now - no regrets. He doesn't know why he couldn't convince Karen to keep him. She had other plans, he guesses. What are you going to do? He hopes not Kevin wins.

Goodbye messages -
Kevin: It's too bad Karen turned on you. I didn't want you out. You're super likeable and could've won the whole thing.

Demetres: I know we started off wrong this season, wish I'd worked with you from the get go. You're trustworthy and honest and it sucks you're leaving.

Ika: *teary* It sucks to see him go. He's well liked in the house. Just remember you are a champ, keep your head up high.

Karen: You're the true representation of don't judge a book by it's cover. You came in as a man beast and I need to make the huge decision to send you out the door. I'll miss you.

Dillon is teary eyed by the end of the messages. He gets a huge final applause.

Time for the HoH competition!

This competition is called "Solve for X" and here's how it works. In front of you is a monitor that will slowly reveal information about the Odyssey's space log relating to a specific week of your journey. Your job is to solve for X based on the information revealed to you. The tough part is some of the details are the same for multiple weeks. The first to buzz in will get to answer will get a point if correct. If incorrect, the others get a chance to buzz in for the point. The HGs with the most points wins HoH.

First equation is revealed. They are looking for the HoH. Ika buzzes in first with Neda as the answer and is correct. Second equation - looking for PoV winner. Demetres buzzes in first with Dillon and is correct.

That's it for tonight. You can find out who wins HoH on Monday night. That's also when you can see the BB Awards with special guest from Season Four - Nikki Graham!

Be here on Wednesday for our special eviction so you can meet the Final Three. And one week from tonight is our huge two hour finale. Good night and remember, someone is always watching.

Catch the post eviction show After The Eviction #LiveonFacebook - Presented by The Brick on Facebook

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Did you miss tonight's episode of Big Brother Canada See it Here 

9:25PM BBT: Feeds back briefly to Demetres mopping floor in his new HoH room. Kevin and the girls talking in the kitchen then Kevin leaves and Demetres comes down and the three talk about how Kevin got tricked big time and how he is now changing his story. [None of it really matters as the PoV winner decides which of the three will leave and who goes on with them and Demetres to the final three. ~DRG]

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Update Entry
Wednesday, May 10, 2017  Eviction Eve
3:00pM BBT: Dillon is aware that he is going home on Thursday. Kevin's plan of Karen keeping Dillion has gone down in flames. [If that was the plan?] Karen and Demetres talked in the bedroom about making sure that Kevin goes home next week.

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Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, with Ika on the block as the target, the game savvy vet struck a deal with HoH Kevin that sent the scarlet starlet packing. Then BB unleashed a massive shockwave - the triple eviction.

But when Demetres won the HoH, Kevin felt relief until DemIka shredded the deal. Despite a bad case of block shock, the second timer crashed the PoV competition to rewrite his history in the game.

Reeling from the betrayal, the lone wolf threw in the howl and planned his payback.

At the most important HoH of the season, Kevin 2.0 aced the memory test and redemption king was in the drivers seat. Then Kevin got back to business and nominated Demetres and Ika for eviction.

Tonight, who will sink and who will win the PoV? And how will Kevin handle the wrath of Ika? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Ika is very upset by Kevin's mentioning broken promises during his speech. Everyone has broken promises this season; just say he's scared. Kevin tells us they are in the final stage of the game where competition wins mean everything. If he can get Demetres out, he can win the final few competitions and win it all. Ika tells us it's one thing to put her and Demetres on the block. But don't lie and talk about broken promises; just say you're scared! She rants to Demetres about it. Demetres takes her to the pink bedroom. Demetres tries to calm her down, he says everyone knows he's scared and it's good she called him out on it. Light him up, Demetres says. He heads down to the kitchen and joins everyone else. Ika joins and there is nothing but awkward silence.

Ika tells us Kevin thinks he's logical but he's very emotional. Everyone in the house would've put him on the block. She's not holding back, she doesn't care. Ika rants to Karen and Dillon about the broken promises comment. Karen says Kevin is rattled. Dillon tells her she needs to try and calm down. Ika says all she's stating is facts.

Kevin comes down, admits he has broken promises. Kevin says he thought what they had was legit. Ika points out that everyone else he broke a promise with thought it was legit too. Kevin was giving his reason for his nominations; the reason should be legit, Ika counters. Ika says tell the truth.

The fight quickly escalates and it's hard to make out what Ika and Kevin are saying. Demetres shrugs when Kevin tries to explain himself.

Kevin says he's not scared, he's not running anywhere. Ika says she said their game scares him, Kevin admits that. Ika tells him he better pray to God she leaves this week. She tells Dillon and Karen that they'll lose if either take Final Two because the jury is bitter and will award Kevin. Her game is way better than his but he'll win because they're bitter. Kevin says that's their decision, not his.

Time for the PoV competition!

The HGs are dressed like Baywatch actors and the backyard is decorated like the beach. The HGs get a promotional "trailer" for the PoV, the movie.

"Lifeguard's, in this PoV competition, you'll be put to the test in this Baywatch movie inspired lifeguard training course. On go, you'll first scan the beach for trouble. You've each been assigned a colour. When you find the dummy that matches your colour, you'll race to untie your buoy before climbing up and over the wall. You'll then race through water to rescue one of your five dummies, bringing them back over the wall to safety. You'll do this five times. Once everyone is safe, you'll search the beach for your puzzle pieces and assemble them to spell Baywatch in the shape of a surfboard. The first HGs to correctly solve the puzzle will win the PoV. As well, the winner will get to see an advance screening of Baywatch, coming to theatres May 25."

Kevin tells us he needs to win and keep all the control. Demetres tells us the knots are not easy and he needs to win the veto to give him and Ika a chance at staying this week.

Ika tells us if Kevin wins the veto, he'll keep nominations the same. The HGs are not leaving them in the house together; it's not going to happen.

Dillon tells us he may not be the Baywatch lifeguard seen on TV but Big Country is here to save some lives!

Karen tells us she's in it to win it. It might look like she's cruising, going up to the bar at a Mexican resort, but she's trying her hardest. If it was up to her, the challenge would be something multi tasking or ultimate gardening.

Kevin tells us the challenge is tough; so much going on and he's exhausted. Ika tells us in this challenge they can help each other out. She tells him his dummy is by the boat.

Demetres catches up to Kevin, who is in the lead. Kevin tells us the sand is thick and heavy and there are a ton of puzzle pieces.

Demetres tells us everyone in the house thinks he's just muscle but he's got mental too. He can go toe to toe against anyone in a mental challenge.

Kevin tells us puzzles are his thing, and this is his time to shine.

Karen tells us the kids are way ahead of her but she's not giving up. Dillon encourages her as he starts his puzzle, telling us three horses racing to the end.

Ika tells us she's way behind the guys. No catching up. Her best bet is to help Demetres. Kevin tells us the fact Demetres has a second set of eyes helping him is a huge advantage.

Demetres tells us all the pressure is on him when Ika starts helping him. Demetres thinks he has it, yells check but doesn't. He realizes he's missing a piece and goes looking for it while Kevin frantically puts his puzzle together.

Demetres thinks his is correct but has four pieces incorrect. Kevin thinks his is correct but has two pieces incorrect. Demetres thinks his is correct but has two pieces incorrect. Kevin thinks his is correct and... is right! Kevin wins PoV!

Demetres tells us he can't describe how he feels right now. He was so close. All he had to do was flip two pieces and he had it. He's devastated and it feels like all their hard work all season just went down the toilet. Kevin gets to pick two people to join him for the screening of Baywatch. He picks Karen and Dillon.

In the pik bedroom, Demetres sits on the bed, looking devastated. He tells us he feels so defeated. He and Ika are Kevin's targets this week and one of them are definitely going home, Kevin won't use the PoV on them. Ika joins him, and Demetres says that was his competition to lose. Ika wonders which of them they'll keep in the house. Demetres says they'll do what's best for their game. Ika tells him not to beat himself up.

In the storage room, Kevin celebrates, muttering no one wants him to win. It's like a funeral in the house when he wins something. Kevin tells us he can do whatever he wants. He's going to put himself in the best position to win the game. Let's get started. In the storage room, Kevin decides to mess with them a bit.

Karen joins Ika in the pink bedroom. Ika starts crying and Karen hugs her; Karen's as disappointed as Ika.

Ika says she's going to walk into jury and everyone is going to cheer and be so happy to see her there. It sucks. Karen says they had to try so hard to take her down. Sometimes evil wins, but not in the end.

Ika says if Demetres leaves, she'll leave after him. Demetres has a better chance. Ika begs Karen to keep Demetres, she says she will.

Demetres calls HGs to the living room . "HG's, the BBCAN Odyssey's time regulator has been malfunctioning and over the course of the day may experience some glitches. If you hear a command from BB, you must obey or the entire house will be punished."

The HGs groan. Ika says BB is so petty. Karen tells us they're at the mercy of BB. Out of nowhere, BB will order them to rewind what they were doing or fast forward to speed things up or pause to freeze completely. Karen tells the HGs she thinks it's a fun task.

The first task is to fast forward. Karen was eating, so Ika tells her to eat faster. Ika is working in the kitchen and speeds around. Karen says it's too hard sitting and she can't eat that fast so she starts washing dishes. The next task is for the HGs to pause. (Demetres is in the middle of putting a shirt on).

In the midst of the pause, Trevor Boris, Akitchen area Marsha the Moose, enters the hoouse leading a tour group. Everyone does selfies and poke Demetres' muscles. The HGs faces crumple with stifled laughter.

Ika tells us she literally cannot move, don't try it! What is this, a zoo?

Dillon, in the backyard by himself, smirks as the tour goes at him. The tour guide says he's champ - his last fight was against a buffet and he lost.

There is a comment about how smelly the house is, and how bad the cleaning is. Once they leave, BB says play and they all react.

Kevin says that was amazing, Ika cannot believe that just happened. Demetres says it's weird to see other people. It was priceless, Kevin says.

BB orders the HGs into slow motion next. Dillon and Karen playing pool, Kevin coming in from the hot-tub. After going back to "play", the HGs go back to normal until the next pause. This time, Sarah enters with a joker costume and a cream pie. She puts it in Kevin's face while Demetres and Dillon try hard not to laugh. Sarah pies Dillon next, then moves onto Demetres. Ika screeches "Sarah!" Sarah pies Karen next, saying in space you don't have to respect your elders. Ika cannot stop laughing. Sarah says she doesn't miss when she shoots, unless she's trying to win a competition. Sarah misses Ika's face. Ika mutters "love her". After Sarah leaves, BB says "play" and they all scream they love Sarah. Demetres cleans the backyard where the pie fell when the HGs are told to rewind. Kevin swims backwards.

The HGs are told to pause again. This time, Dillon's mom enters, ordering him not to break the freeze. Dillon's face crumples and he begins sobbing. She's brought his dog, Jake, who comes over to him right away.

Dillon's mom kisses his cheek, she loves him so much, he's done so amazing. She's trying to be stoic and doesn't want to cry. Hailey's watched every week and is proud too.

BB says "play" and Dillon hugs his mom tightly. Dillon tells us his mom is the strongest woman he knows, he'd give his life for her. This is the best moment in the BBCAN Odyssey.

Dillon takes his dog into the backyard to play. Dillon tells us his mind is blown. The HGs pause as Dillon's mom and dog leave with one last encouragement. The HGs hug Dillon once BB announces play again.

BB orders the HGs into slow motion next. Dillon and Karen playing pool, Kevin coming in from the hot-tub. After going back to "play", the HGs go back to normal until the next pause. This time, Sarah enters with a joker costume and a cream pie. She puts it in Kevin's face while Demetres and Dillon try hard not to laugh.

\Sarah pies Dillon next, then moves onto Demetres. Ika screeches "Sarah!" Sarah pies Karen next, saying in space you don't have to respect your elders.

Ika cannot stop laughing. Sarah says she doesn't miss when she shoots, unless she's trying to win a competition. Sarah misses Ika's face. Ika mutters "love her". After Sarah leaves,

BB says "play" and they all scream they love Sarah. Demetres cleans the backyard where the pie fell when the HGs are told to rewind. Kevin swims backwards.

Karen tells us Kevin won the veto; stick a fork in her eye. Worst case scenario. What's best is to keep Demetres in the game to get Kevin out. Dillon thinks they need to get Demetres out.

Karen thinks they only get Kevin out by keeping Demetres. Demetres will be more loyal to them. Dillon says they're not worried about loyalty.

They need to get Kevin and Demetres out so they can get to Final Two. Kevin is their biggest threat, they both agree. If he stays he wins the game. They need him out, and Demetres can do that, Kevin pushes.

Kevin goes to see Dillon and Karen in the bathroom area and asks about their eviction vote. Karen admits she wants to keep Demetres, which Kevin tells us he does not want.

It's a huge red flag for Kevin. Maybe it's time to make a big move so Karen doesn't get that choice. Karen heads to the pink bedroom and tells DemIka as a fan, she wants someone to win who deserves to win. She starts crying and they hug her. It's not about the money, she wants the right person to win.

Karen tells Demetres she wants him to win, he deserves it. Demetres says that's the nicest thing. Karen encourages him not to give up or get defeated. When you're at the lowest, you need to dig deeper and claw your way back out.

Ika loves Karen, Demetres loves Karen. They all hug.

Time for the PoV ceremony. Kevin tells us after talking to Karen, he's convinced he needs to do something drastic and flip the house. Every move from here on out determines if he will be a second time loser in the game or if he can win the whole thing. Demetres tells us they're sitting ducks, he feels so defeated. He knows Kevin isn't going to save either one of them. They are given the chance for a plea.

Demetres: I know you're not going to use it. You're scared to play me in next week's veto. You should be, I don't think you can beat me twice in a row. Don't use it.

Ika: You've always told people you're a logical. All season you've been anything but logical. Last week when we tricked you, instead of playing us like a logical you got emotional and started spilling everything like the Queen that you are. So take the veto and shove it up your ass.

Kevin uses the PoV on Ika. She rolls her eyes and Dillon's mouth drops open. He puts Dillon up as the replacement nominee. Ika wonders what is going on. Dillon laughs and says "What?"

Ika tells us she's never ever speechless. (speechless)
Kevin tells us he took Ika off the block because Karen and Dillon were going to vote to keep Demetres and he wants him out. No one saw that coming and hopefully this is the final piece for him to take home the prize.

Demetres tells us that's a great resume building. In the last two weeks he had both Demetres and Ika on the block and he'll only get out Jackie and Dillon. Kevin is the worst mastermind.

Who will be evicted - Dillon or Demetres? Find out at the live eviction tomorrow night!

Did you miss tonight's dramatic episode of Big Brother Canada Watch it Here!

Coverage of tonight's Big Brother Canada, S05E25, was written by BBLuver.

11:07PM BBT: Feed 1 and two are on Karen and Demetres in the bathroom area. Demetres says that being on the block on week one kick-started his game.

The talk then switches to Ika being upset with Demetres. She asked him to throw the competition to her and he told her that he wouldn't do it. Demetres thinks that Ika is trying to end things before the show ends. It doesn't look like he really cares, or maybe he's just acting. He said "something about that girl just drives me mental." The conversation changes as Kevin walks in.

Feeds three and four are on Ika in the bedroom. She has a cookie try with foil on it with a line of Cheerios. Could be study aids, I'm not sure what she's doing, but she's barely moved or said a word.

Here's the link to the Thursday update thread on the forums.

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Update Entry
Tuesday, May 9, 2017  Day 60 Expect the Unexpected
Not much to report. Dillon started campaigning for Karen's vote last night, and the campaign is still on today. Dillon showed Demetres Kevin's secret study fortress (in the HoH bathroom ) and they moved around the candy sprinkles that Kevin uses to count things out.

3:09PM BBT: Right now, Kevin is talking to Piggy about tricking Karen into thinking he wants Dillon gone so that she'll split the vote and he can vote out Demetres.

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Monday, May 8, 2017  Day 59 Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday there was a PoV ceremony and Kevin used his PoV to save Ika and put up Dillon. His thinking, as I understand it, was that Karen would not vote out Dillon, and would in fact vote out Demetres, Ika would vote to evict Dillon, there'd be a tie, Kevin would break it sending Demetres to the jury. 

Karen is now quite smug, she claims she'll have no moral dilemma voting out Dillon, leaving the final four: Demetres, Ika, Karen and Kevin. I had a lot of faith in Kevin, so I keep thinking there's something I'm missing in this scenario.  And, unless there's a new twist in the rules, Kevin does not get to compete in the HoH competition this week, therefore, no matter who wins HoH, Kevin will be nominated for eviction, and he'll have to win the PoV to save himself, unless I'm missing something...

What do you think?

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Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Demetres won the PoV and saved himself, HoH Kevin put up pawn star Jackie as insurance that his target, Ika would go home. So Ika went to work until even Kevin switched his target. At the eviction vote, the scarlet starlet headed out, but not before a blue goodbye.

Then Big Brother unleashed a massive shockwave... a triple eviction. After separating facts from fiction, Demetres won the first HoH, then nominated Dre, William and Kevin.

Then in a A-B-"see saw" PoV competition, Kevin bagged the win and took himself off the back, so Demetres immediately put up Dillon as a replacement nominee, and when the vote to save went down, the French Connection said "au revoir" to the Odyssey.

Tonight, who will win HoH and lock down a spot in the final four? With $10 Gs on the line, will Karen shred everyone's game? (we see a plaque that says "Can't play Final Four veto"). It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Kevin tells us it was a crazy night in the BBCAN house. Dillon tells us the house was rocked by the triple eviction. Kevin tells us, "just like THAT, Three HGs gone!" Ika tells us that all the madness started the night before the triple. Dillon came to her and fed her information about Dre, who Ika thought was loyal.

Dillon tells DemIka and Karen that Dre has been flip-flopping about keeping Ika or sending her home. We see a replay of Ika's speech from the block. Ika tells us that Dre thought she could double-cross Ika and keep Jackie? From the DR, and using her own name as a verb, Ika tells Dre that she can't "Ika Wong" Ika Wong. She has the numbers. We see a replay of the eviction.

We see a recap of the commercial break following Jackie's eviction. Dre is angry about Ika's speech. She is super angry at Dillon and calls him out for not being trustworthy. She tells him that he does exactly what Jackie does. Dillon points out that she has flip-flopped every day. She shouts that she told him she can't be a bad person and vote Ika out. Dillon and Dre shout back and forth.

Dillon tells us telling Ika that Dre was gunning for her was definitely all strategy. He thought it would tear those two up. He thought it would tear that two up and put Demetres and Ika vs Dre instead of Demetres and Ika vs Dillon. Dre is livid and screaming at Dillon. Dillon tells her she is just mad because she got called out. She twerks and tells him he can kiss that ass. Dillon asks why everyone has to be so crazy. Arisa then calls them all to the living room for the triple eviction announcement.

Dillon tells us telling Ika that Dre was gunning for her was definitely all strategy. He thought it would tear those two up. He thought it would tear that two up and put Demetres and Ika vs Dre instead of Demetres and Ika vs Dillon. Dre is livid and screaming at Dillon.

Dillon tells her she is just mad because she got called out. She twerks and tells him he can kiss that ass. Dillon asks why everyone has to be so crazy. Arisa then calls them all to the living room for the triple eviction announcement.

Kevin tells us he is terrified. He went home on a triple eviction in season three and has never gotten over it. It's haunted him for two years. He can't play in the HoH, and he really doesn't have many friends in the house. There is not much he can do to survive this.

We see a recap of Demetres winning the triple eviction live HoH competition. Kevin tells us that he knows that Ika and Demetres and he have been after each other for awhile, but three days ago they made a deal to work together. We see a clip of Ika and Kevin shaking hands on the deal.

The next clip shows DemIka and Dillon discussing nominations, saying they should get rid of Kevin. Ika tells us that she and Demetres want Kevin to believe they want him in the house, but they don't, so they have to manage him until they can get him out.

They tell Kevin they are nominating Dre, Will, and Kevin, and evicting Dre and Will. Kevin tells them he is having flashbacks.

Kevin tells us that he's pretending to be OK with being nominated while Dillon is standing there, but he is NOT OK with going on the block. Kevin pleads with them after Dillon walks away.

Demetres tells us that Kevin is a huge player and great at competitions...he has to take a shot at Kevin now. We see the triple eviction nominations, followed by Kevin's PoV win.

Kevin tells us "YES! I saved myself from the triple eviction! This is amazing!!!" We see Kevin telling Dillon his plan to save them, and then he goes to talk to Karen, telling her they can't save William and the two of them control the vote. He tells her they have to save Dillon.

Ika asks Karen what Kevin told her, and Karen tells her... Ika clarifies that Kevin is evicting William and Karen confirms.

Kevin uses the PoV and Dillon is nominated. Dillon tells us "Big Country" is sitting on the block, but because of the relationships he has built in the house, he feels like he's going to be OK. We see the eviction replayed, and Dillon is safe.

After Dre and William leave, Ika points out that they told Dillon they thought Kevin should play because they thought he was the better player. Dillon pipes in and says they told him Kevin deserved it more. Kevin blows up their alliance, telling Karen and Dillon about their final three called "The Business People."

Kevin tells us that he tells Karen and Dillon, right in front of Ika and Demetres, about their deal. He wants to expose everything at this point. He knows Demetres is not playing the next HoH. He needs to befriend Karen and Dillon for the best chance to survive the final five.

It's time for the Final Five HoH competition. Demetres is hosting. As outgoing HoH, he will not compete. This competition is called "Drunk Speeches." They have heard all types of speeches this season, some dramatic, some hilarious, and others plain desperate. Now you are about to hear what those speeches would sound like IF they said them while drunk. Your job is to listen and identify the day each speech was given using the numbered cards in front of you. The HGs who answers the most answers correctly will become the new HoH.

Kevin tells us that he NEEDS to win this HoH challenge. He just survived the triple eviction by the skin of his teeth. These people do not want him in this house anymore. Ika tells us this is the most important HoH of the season because whoever wins it is guaranteed final four. If she doesn't win it, she and Demetres are in danger once again.

We hear the first speech is from Bruno. Karen tells us that this is hilarious. Big Brother has taken famous speeches from HGs and made them sound drunk. It's hard, because she has to figure out who is saying it and what day it happened on?

Kevin tells us that as a second-chancer, he knows how important it is to have everything memorized and he has done hours and hours of studying. Simply put, he worked harder than these other HGs for a competition like this. The answer is day 48... Karen, Kevin, and Ika get it right.

Dillon tells us he hasn't spent a lot of time studying his days. He feels like it's going to bite him in the ass.

The next speech is Cassandra. The correct answer is day 20, and they all got it right.

The next speech is from Dallas. The correct answer is day 10, and Kevin is the only one who gets it right. Kevin tells us this is a trick question from Big Brother, because Dallas wasn't on the block. He wasn't supposed to make a speech but he did anyway, and Kevin knows it's day 10.

The next speech is from Neda. Karen tells us that she can't tell if it's Jackie, Cass, or Neda. Who the hell's voice is that? Ika tells us that she knows this is Neda...she remembers her use of the word "decipher". She knows for a fact it's day 14. Demetres tells them the correct answer is 14. Everyone but Karen got it right.

The next speech is Gary. Dillon tells us that he knows this is Gary, and he knows it was backwards week, but he's not 100% sure his answer is right. The answer is day 22. Kevin is the only one who gets it right. Kevin is in the lead. Ika is two behind and there are only two questions left. If Kevin gets the next one right, he will be the new HoH.

Jackie is the next speaker. Ika tells us that Jackie has sat on the block so many times, and it's confusing to her...she doesn't remember what day it is. Demetres announces that the correct answer is day 17. Kevin is the only one who got it right.

Kevin is the new HoH! Kevin is elated as he tells us that he wins HoH after the craziest day ever! He can't believe it! All the studying paid off! He had to execute and he did!

Ika tells us that Kevin wins HoH and she feels upset, sad, hurt. Final four was right there... she could taste it! It's depressing.

Demetres, Ika and Karen talk in the kitchen, agreeing that this was the worst outcome.

Meanwhile, Kevin is celebrating alone in the wash area. In the DR, he tells us that he won HoH... feels amazing! He knows Ika and Demetres just lied to him and put him up in the triple eviction, but he can't be emotional. He has to see them as game pieces and figure out what is the best move for him.

Karen, Dillon, Ika and Demetres are eating supper and talking about having their bags packed all the time from now on. Kevin comes out asking who wants to see his HoH room. Kevin tells us that he was just in the HoH room, but it feels great again. He loves his dresser from the Brick.

Kevin gets a message from Pili. She tells him if he's seeing this, he has won HoH for the second time and he's also survived the triple eviction.

Yayyy! Final Five Kevin! Kevin tells us that he met Pili in season three and fell head over heels for her in that game. She knows the emotions, the highs and lows that he's going through, and it feels great to have her cheering for him.

Pili goes on to tell Kevin he has an amazing amount of love and fans in the outside world. She tells him "I miss you, Babe." Karen teases Kevin about being called Babe and they all toast to final five.

Ika tells us that Kevin winning HoH is quite devastating. It is. She thinks he will put her and Demetres back on the block and this time he will want to get one of them out. She talks it over with Dillon and says that she is not going to talk to Kevin. Mostly she feels bad about not pulling out the wins she needed. Ika tells us it's a pattern. Every single time they're in trouble, he saves them, and every single time he needs her, she fails. It just sucks.

Ika asks Dillon if he thinks that she ruined Demetres game. He says no, but she feels bad and starts crying.

Karen is called to the DR. They make a big fuss, teasing her, and Demtres says it just "adds to the Karenoia." Karen says she's not telling them nothing.

Karen goes into the DR hall and is greeted by Marcia the Moose. Karen is excited and wants to know where Marcia has been all season. Marcia has a mission for Karen. Her mission is to scare the crap out of the rest of the HGs.

Marcia asks if she watched Ika do the letters, and Karen says yes. It's Karen's turn to turn up her acting skills. She is to go to the bridge and assign game-changing punishments to other HGs. She has to milk it because they'll all be watching. If she succeeds they will close down the Have-Not room for the rest of the season and she will tell them it was all fake and a secret mission from BB. Karen is thrilled and can't wait!

Karen tells us that she is SO EXCITED to do this. She's waited all season to see Marcia and she picked Karen! Karen has always wanted to be an actress and this is her opportunity. She really has to lay it on thick!

Karen goes to the bridge and the HoH screen shows her. Ika screams Kevin's name to wake him, and all four watch as Karen reads the card from BB: "Karen, in a season of big moves and bigger moments, BB would like to give you a chance to make your mark and earn $10,000. Your job is simple. To earn the money, you must assign one game-changing punishment to each HG. We see the punishments: Lose 1 juror vote, solitary 48 hours, never vote again, can't play final four veto. Ika shouts to Karen to shred it!

Karen keeps reading...if she assigns the punishments, she wins the money. Karen's voice wavers as she reads that it's not an easy choice and she should take her time. Ika notes that Karen is so scared, "aww, she's crying. Aww Karen. Poor Karen."

Karen sounds tearful saying she can't do this, they have come so far. This could change of their games. Dillon says it will. Karen keeps talking it through tearfully as the other four HGs as Ika notes that Karen is scared. She says money isn't everything, and Dillon approves, saying "good job Karen."

Karen then notes that 48 hours in solitary wouldn't be that bad. She focuses on the ten thousand dollars and then says "what would Ika do?" and notes that Ika shredded the letters.

They are all watching fearfully as Karen begins assigning punishments, giving Dillon the "solitary 48 hours." Ika and Dillon are freaking out. Karen speaks to Ika's picture saying not to give her that look, because Ika would do it too. She takes Kevin's picture... "you think you have the jury votes, so you can lose one." She assigns Kevin the loss of a jury vote.

Karen keeps talking to Ika's picture as she places Demetres picture on the "can't play final four veto" punishment, and Ika's on the punishment of never voting again. She finishes with a statement that she came to play, and they're still playing.

This game is still on and they know it. Yup, she is this big a bitch.

In the DR, Karen says it's going to be so fun to see these HGs sweat!

Karen leaves the bridge and is greeted by Dillon and Kevin. Dillon tells her they saw everything. Ika has gone to the HoH shower and is crying about not having a vote. Demetres follows Ika trying to calm her as she has a meltdown.

Kevin hugs Karen and tells her she had to do it. Kevin congratulates her. Karen goes to the HoH room where Ika is bawling. Ika says that she is not mad at Karen, she swears, but she is very upset that she has worked so hard and now she doesn't even have a vote.

Karen tells us that she thinks she's done a really great performance. Hopefully it's done the trick. She reports to Marcia and says she thinks it went pretty well, but Ika is pretty upset.

Marcia asks if she went for Ika's edges, and Karen says she thinks she ripped Ika's heart out, she's having a complete meltdown. Marcia ask if there is a bit of Karen that thinks it was fun. Karen says that when Ika finds out, yes!

Marcia tells Karen she has succeeded in her mission... great job! Karen tells Marcia she loves her. Marcia replies "love you too. See you never!" Karen tells us that now it's time to break the news to the HGs that it was all fake.

Karen addresses all the HGs in the LR. She tells them BB wants her to inform them that once again they have all been played. That was a fake mission that Karen was tasked with. She doesn't get ten thousand dollars, they don't get punishments, and the Have-Not room is closed for the year. They are all relieved.

Dillon tells us that Karen pulled a fast one on them. She got them all fired up. He has to give it to her... she's like a Hollywood actress. Ika tells us that BB is the pettiest of them all. They tried her... they didn't have to do her like that.

Demetres tells us that he's almost 100% sure that he and Ika are going to be on the block again this week. They are going to have to rip through some scenarios and figure out how they are going to get out of this mess.

Demetres and Ika talk in the bathroom area speculating on what Kevin wants. Ika advises Demetres to take Karen to final two if he is left in the game without her. Demetres tells us that he and Ika haven't campaigned to Kevin and Kevin hasn't spoken to them. Somehow they are still here, but getting out of this this week is going to be difficult.

Karen tells us that there is a bed in the pink room, the third from the door, which they have named the third bed revenge. Every time a HGs sleeps or lies in that bed for over an hour, they go home.

This morning, Ika popped down on that bed and they were all in shock and told her she had to get those clothes off and get in the shower immediately.

Even though she didn't lie down on the bed, at this point in the game, they can't risk it. Kevin lays on the bed saying he is not superstitious. Karen tells us that it's going to suck him into the spell, then says "fingers crossed."

Kevin tells us that nominations are coming up, but he needs to go deeper into the game. The competitions coming up in this game are EVERYTHING. Whoever gets these final pieces of power will make the final two.

In the HoH room, Kevin tells Dillon to run scenarios with him. He uses pillows to run through scenarios. Kevin tells us Dillon has a chance to win some of these competitions, so he needs to make sure that if power does fall in his hands, Dillon will keep Kevin safe.

Outside the HoH room door, Karen overhears Dillon telling Kevin he doesn't mind taking Kevin to the final.

Karen reports to Demetres and Ika that she can hear Kevin running scenarios in the HoH room.

They talk about whether Dillon would listen to Kevin and take Kevin to Final Two, and that Kevin has all the jury votes at this stage. Ika says Dillon will promise anything he has to... she knows what Dillon is doing. Dillon is playing.

It's time for the nomination. Kevin tells us that there are only five people left in the house. If he names a target, he has to hit. He has to figure out how he can set himself up for these final steps in the game. Kevin goes to the bridge and sits in the chair.

Kevin tells us that at this point in the game it's not just about his relationships with the HGs. He has to think about who these people have friends with in the jury house. Who could possibly vote for who in final two situations.

Kevin selects Demetres and tells us the guy is an absolute force. He's won four HoHs and two PoVs. If Kevin wants to take out a competitor this week, it should be Demetres.

He selects Ika and tells us that she's a threat to win this whole thing. He respects her game and he thinks the jury house does as well.

Karen. She's gotten a free ride and has been coasting for a long time. If he wants to sit with strong players at the end, Karen has to go. Dillon. He's a super likeable guy. If he gets to the end, he could have a lot of support in the jury house. Kevin tells us it's the final five. It's business time. The people on the block this week should be terrified. He makes his selection and leaves the bridge.

Kevin addresses the HGs gathered in the living room . As HoH, it's his duty to nominate two HGs for evictions. He asks Odyssey to show him his first nominee. It's Demetres. Demetres takes his seat on the block and Kevin asks Odyssey to show him his second nominee. It's Ika. Ika moves to sit on the designated seat.

Kevin explains his nominations. To Demetres he says that Demetres promised to go to the end together but then put Kevin up in the triple eviction. Demetres is an amazing competitor and Kevin has to fire back. To Ika he says she is an amazing player in this game.

They both survived the block this week and that doesn't happen with dynamic duos very often. Kevin says good luck to both and that it's just a business decision. Ika responds with a challenge, asking how many business promises Kevin has broken this season. They have all broken promises... she tells him that he should just say he's scared and that's why they are sitting there. Kevin says the ceremony is complete.

Ika tells us that she and Demetres stand in Kevin's way of getting to an easy road of final two. It's a good game move, but don't stand there and talk about broken promises, because Kevin has broken the most.

Demetres tells us that he and Ika are not campaigning to Kevin at all. There is no more game to play with this guy and they have burned bridges continuously. Right now, they just have to beat him in the competitions, and that's it.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Ika or Demetres fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 9PM Eastern!

Coverage of tonight's episode of Big Brother Canada, S05E24 was written by App. [Hey App, thanks, great job! ~Morty]

Did you miss tonight's Big Brother Canada?  You can watch it here.

 And then what happened?
The updates on this page are taken from the, and right now, nothing new has been posted.

When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it.      

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