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Tonight!  Meet the Big Brother Canada 4 Final Three!  Previously on Big Brother Canada... The brothers nominated Cassandra and Tim for eviction, then the brothers won the PoV.  The plan was to keep the nominations the same and vote out Cass, but that was (in BBT) a long time ago.  Tune in tonight to find out how Nick won the PoV, and has Cass worked her magic to change the game again? IMHO, Cassandra has been the "twist" this season, no goofy crap manufactured by the producers, just one crazy girl that talks her way out of every situation.  I can't wait to tune in tonight to find out if Cassandra's luck has really run out.


Tonight's Show on Global TV at 9:00PM
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The HGs have no idea but tonight is a surprise eviction. In less than an hour, just three will remain in the running to win this season of Big Brother Canada. Who will be a part of tomorrow's massive finale? Our surprise eviction episode starts right now.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Tim won the veto and abandoned the Threeakshow, HoH Kelsey put up Joel as Tim's replacement beside Cass the target.

Desperate to survive, Cass campaigned like never before, rebuilding bridges with lies, crocodile tears and dynamite. And then, in exchange for their vote, the Persian Princess cut a deal with the enemy. On eviction night, Joel took the hit and the black widow claimed another victim en route to final four. At the HoH competition, with a ticket to final three on the line, the Persian Princess came out swinging but when the going got tough, Cass backed down. Tied with Tim going into the final round, Nick pulled out the win, earning the brothers their third HoH of the season.

With the finale looming, Kelsey put her onesie to work and shored up the brothers loyalty.

Meanwhile, Tim and Cass continued their feud but behind closed doors, the dynamic duo's relationship was stronger than ever. At the nomination ceremony, the brothers stayed true to Kelsey and put up Cass as the target and Tim as the pawn.

Tonight, who will win the most important veto of the season? Who will be the season's final three after a surprise special eviction? It's all happening right now on Big Brother Canada!

Welcome to Big Brother Canada, where by the end of the night, we'll know which three HGs will battle it out for the grand prize on tomorrow night's season finale. So here's where things stand as of now. The brothers are HoH and Tim and Cass are on the block. Tonight's PoV challenge could change everything.

Let's start by telling the HGs about tonight's special eviction. Arisa interrupts the HGs and calls them to the living room , and groaning starts amongst the HGs. Cass complains she doesn't look good today for Arisa. Arisa breaks the news of the special eviction. Arisa tells us it's time to get caught up on what's happening in the house.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. The brothers tells us their target is Cass, but it's all down to the PoV. They need to win the veto and hope Kelsey (the lone vote) will take Cass out. Cass tells us Kelsey is the sole vote this week. Cass is clearly the target, and she has a lot of hard work to do to get out of this hot water. Tim tells the brothers he's won the most nominated of Big Brother Canada - four times.

Cass tells us the last veto of the season is usually about past events that took place in the house so she needs to start studying. Tim tells us he's in an interesting spot right now. He'd like to let Cass win the veto so they can go final two but he's also tight with the other side so he's keeping his options open. Cass and Tim in the blue room discuss how "they" think they've won the game.

Cass goes to see Kelsey in HoH and suggests Kelsey throwing the veto to her if there was an option of them being final two. Kelsey doesn't answer, she wants to see what happens. Cass tells us she's pumping Kelsey's tires and making her feel like they're BFFs so she won't vote Cass out.

The PoV competition takes place at the jury house. Well, the jury dollhouse. The set is decorated like a doll house. Out front are For Sale signs with each jury member's face with the company logo BBCAN Realty. The quote at the top of Jared's says "My hair is worth more than your home". "Hello and welcome to the jury house. With the jurors on their way to finale to choose a winner, you'll notice that their house is empty and up for sale. But they took off in a rush and left some things behind. Your job is to run in and collect 18 clues, one at a time, that relate to the specific juror. Once you've correctly matched the jurors with their accomplishments, hit the buzzer to lock in your time. The HGs with the fastest time will win the PoV!"

Tim is up first and tells us he wants to win so he can take himself off and control his own fate. He can put Kelsey up and vote her out, saving him and Cass from the block for the second week in a row. Clues are things like "Nominated on Day 22" and "Has Never Not pass" and "Never a Have Not". Tim tells us he doesn't study very much here. He knows he should but he likes to wing it on the day. He really wants this - he should've studied harder! Eventually Tim gets it right. It cost him a few minutes, he tells us. Could cost him the game.

Kelsey tells us she needs to win because if Tim or Cass take themselves down, she's going up. Kelsey tells us this challenge is fun. She knows all of the answers to all the questions, and she gets to run around a new house. She thinks she'll rock this challenge. Towards the end of the game, the challenges turn more mental and she's been preparing herself for this. Kelsey gets stuck trying to find the last clue, which is above a picture hanging on the wall. Kelsey gets frustrated with herself when she finds it and locks in her time.

Cass is up next and tells us she has to win the competition - her Big Brother Canada life is on the line. Cass is in the jury dollhouse; there's no way she wants to go to the actual jury house. She gets stuck on the same last clue as Kelsey did and once she places it on the sign, she rushes to buzz in. She's incorrect, though, and cannot think straight because of the pressure of the competition, she tells us. She finally figures out her error, fixes it and locks in. She's correct but looking very upset, telling us she feels she took too long to figure out her mistake and is frustrated because she knew her information.

The last up is Nick, who tells us the brothers plan to leave the nominations the same and want to win so they can decide with Kelsey who to bring to final three with them. Nick mutters that he's a bull in a china shop as he bangs into things. Nick tells us he and Phil walk around like dinguses but behind closed doors they are constantly studying. He's more than just a pretty face, Canada, Nick tells us. Nick gets stuck where no one else did - looking for the key to the sliding glass door. He eventually finds it (in the pocket of the jacket at the front door) and rushes back upstairs for the next clue. He also briefly gets stuck at the place Kelsey and Cass did but locates it quickly. He buzzes in and is correct. Nick tells us he is feeling pretty good about his time.

Time for the results. The winner of the PoV, guaranteeing a spot in Final Three, with a time of 2:40 is Nick. The brothers have won PoV!

Nick tells us no one can beat them, this is their competition. Big Brother Canada Four is theirs!

Cass tells us losing this veto is the worst possible thing for her game. She knows the plan is to take her out, she feels like everyone is against her. Cass says on the way inside that the competition was her funeral.

In the storage room, the brothers feel like they have all the power and have won the game. They think if Kelsey lies about taking Cass out, she'll mess up her own game. It's all in Phil's hands for the final HoH. Kelsey joins them and gives Nick a huge hug. They warn her that Cass will be big time campaigning. Kelsey says she doesn't care. Kelsey tells us she needs to decide what's best for her own game.

Up in the blue room, Cass is muttering to herself about how to keep herself in the game.

First step, make them feel sorry for her. Cass tells us Kelsey could vote to save her but her best plan is to play the emotional card with Tim and get him to fall on the sword for her.

Tim joins her, and Cass is severely depressed. Tim says her best bet is to work on Tim, not Kelsey. Tim doesn't want them to turn on each other. At the end of the day, it's Kelsey's strategic decision. Cass says unless he tells her it's OK, that he wants to go. Tim says then he was a coach, not a player if he does that. Cass says he said he was a coach.

Tim comments on Cass' pouting lip. He's never seen that face, he knows she's not acting. He really wanted it to go down differently. She dissolves into tears. Tim tells us he never thought this would be part of his game. He thought he was strong and knew himself. There's a side you don't bring into the game. You don't mix business with pleasure... it puts you in hard positions in the game. Tim tells Cass he needs to sleep on it overnight.

Moments after the special announcement from Arisa, we see the HGs reaction. Cass tells us this is her last chance to talk Tim into taking the fall for her. Cass asks Tim in the blue room if he wants her to stay. Tim says it's not his choice, Cass breaks down into tears and says she can beat them. She knows he thinks she can't, but she can. Tim says they needed this veto. Tim tells us he's weighing this all in his head. It's breaking his heart that he might take this from her. He's got Cass' fate in his hands, and he might break her heart by her being sent home. He doesn't know if she will be OK.

Cass thinks Tim could win, but he's won once already and she wants to win it. She knows she can win it. Tim hugs her and says he's not her Prince Charming. Yes you are, she says earnestly.

Both start packing. Cass tells us she doesn't think she has Tim, ultimately Kelsey is her only vote.

In the bathroom area, Cass is putting on make up and telling Kelsey that it's not too late to change her mind. final two, Cass says. They can say they had a girls deal all game so she won't be breaking any word. What's stopping you? Cass asks, while Kelsey remains silent. Cass says Tim will take the Brothers, not Kelsey. Kelsey tells us Cass is making some really good points.

Arisa calls the HGs back to the living room . Nick and Phil need to decide what to do about the veto they won. Nick stands up and says they have decided not to use the veto today. The nominations will remain the same.

Final pleas for Tim and Cass. Kelsey has the one and only vote.

Kelsey says goodbye to Cass. They can all agree they would love to get to know her more outside the house and outside the game, but for now they have to say goodbye in the game. Cass hugs everyone. Tim says he wishes he could've given it to her. Cass tells them to kill it. Tim drops to the couch, saying he hasn't been in more of an awkward situation. The brothers encourage Tim - Final Three!

Cass joins Arisa alone in the studio.

Cass can't believe she just left the house. It's so shocking for her. She was in her onesie an hour ago with no make up on. Arisa comments on how she flipped the house last week. Cass says this week it was so quick, she didn't have enough time and there wasn't enough people left. They thought Tim was not a bigger threat, apparently. Cass hasn't had time to think it through yet.

Cass says Tim is very smart, he's won the game. At first it was strategy, but they also became friends. Cass is putting her money on Tim to win. He will be the first player to ever win two Big Brothers. She'll be happy for whoever wins. Cass loves seeing Arisa's outfits every week in the house. When Cass is told the finale is tomorrow, she mock screams in horror. She was one day short. So close, yet so far.

Arisa tells us after Cass leaves the stage, there is one piece of business we have to get to with the final three and it has to do with jury. Let's tell them.

Arisa drops into the living room and tells the HGs that Canada is the 9th vote after Ramsey's self eviction. The HGs clap happily. Arisa tells the HGs that Canada got to ask questions like the other jury members. They'll be answering them momentarily.

The HGs are brought separately into the High Roller room for the questions Canada has for them. Why do you think you deserve to win over the other two HGs?

Brothers: They've been competition beasts with three HoHs, four PoVs, and they got themselves right off the block by winning their fancy haircuts.

Kelsey: It's difficult because she adores the other HGs in the house with her. Looking back, comparing herself to them. She and her alliance became a shield for others in the house. She's the last one standing but she is still standing and she surged ahead. For that, she deserves to win.

Tim: No one plays Big Brother like Tim does. He does it in his own style and keeps everyone guessing. He's not predictable. He's not afraid to stand out from the crowd, to pull the big moves that will put a target on his back. This is why he stands out over the other two.

Next question: What was the best lie you told in the house, and how did it help you?

Tim: He has to confess, the relationship with him and Cass was more than what it seemed. He didn't want the HGs to know how deeply in love they are with each other. He giggles and says he is lying now. He didn't love Cass, but he did muddy the waters to confuse the other HGs. The confusion he caused was strategy.

Kelsey: The best lie was the week she came back in the house and was trying to change her game a bit. She went to Ramsey/Maddy and said she and Jared should form an alliance with them. Mitch exposed it quickly and after that, she realized making lies and deals you know you couldn't uphold is very dangerous and it is good to try and be as honest as possible unless you have to lie.

Brothers: Do you have to lie to win the game? I don't think so! We choose our words carefully and are very conscious of how we look in the BB house and what we're doing so we never have to lie. It's important to protect yourself so nothing you say will come back to haunt you. Body language is just as big as communication that comes out of your mouth and we have been very successful in showing proper body language to ensure we don't need to lie.

Last question: What would winning Big Brother Canada mean to you?

Brothers: Coming into this game, Phil had one goal - to win. When he saw Nick, he knew his plan had changed. Nick says the brothers had been drifting apart but the game solidified them and winning would mean the world to him (chokes up) and it would be life changing for the both of them. "Love you, bro" they both say.

Kelsey: She wants to prove to herself that you can come into a house like this and play a game like this and win using an unorthodox strategy like trying to be honest and trying hard not to manipulate or lie. You have to do this in this game to move forward, but to try and do it in the best way possible. It would feel like such a huge accomplishment and it's her biggest dream to win.

Tim: He's already won once, but has anyone in the world won twice? He doesn't think so. Canada, this could be your world first. Let's do this together! To be accepted in a country where he's a visitor, a stranger and to be voted the winner would mean so much to him and to Canada. Let's do this first, Canada! Choose me as your winner!

Kelsey thanks everyone for listening and blows a kiss.

The brothers thank everyone for their support. "Don't be a floater, be a Paq voter!"

Tim thanks everyone for listening. Choose him as the winner and we're welcome down under anytime!

Now that the HGs have answered Canada's questions, it's time to fulfill our duty as a member of the jury. Go to for all the details and to vote for the winner.

Tomorrow night we'll crown the winner of Big Brother Canada tomorrow night, talk to all the HGs and look back at an epic season of Big Brother. See you tomorrow night, and remember - someone is always watching!


The coverage of tonight's  Big Brother Canada, S04E31 was written by BBLuver.


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Update Entry
Monday, May 9 2016  Two Integrous Guys in the Final Three
The feeds are off for the season, so there's so little to report.

While we wait for the next episode, which is Wednesday at 9PM EST, Jedi investigated the Paquette brother's use of the word "integrous."


adjective  in·teg·rous \in-ˈte-gr-əs/\
After hearing Nick (and possibly Phil as well) use the word "integrous" as if it's their new favourite word, I did some research.  I tried looking up "integrous" and "integrious" on, but it had no entries.  (It did have some amusing suggestions for which other words I could possibly be looking for, such as:   indecorous, inodorous, and intercourse.)

When I Googled2"full of integrity", I found a few places saying that there was no adjective form of "integrity", and never had been.  BUT THEN, I came across a few that quoted a source, and here is the best (most complete) answer, from

Q: I wish “integrious” were a word meaning full of integrity. There is no simple way to say someone has integrity.

A: Would you believe that this came up during a WNYC discussion back in 2004? Some of the proposals for an adjective to use in place of the missing word were “honest,” “upright,” “trustworthy,” and “sincere.”

In fact, we once had both adjectival and adverbial forms of “integrity,” although only for brief times in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Oxford English Dictionary has an entry for the adjective “integrous” (meaning “marked by integrity”), recorded in a work by William Morice in 1657: “That an action be good, the cause ought to be integrous.” The OED also has an entry for the words “integrious” (adjective) and “integriously” (adverb). The only citation in the OED is from the diary of Sir Henry Slingsby (1658):

“Such was their integrious candor and intimacy to me in my greatest extremes. … Being so integriously grounded, as it admitted no alloy or mixture with By-respects or self-interests.”

Another adjective was recorded more than a century later in the poet Robert Burns’s first Commonplace Book (1784): “To maintain an integritive conduct towards our fellow-creatures.”
The noun “integrity” first appeared in 1450, according to the OED, and originally meant the quality of being unspoiled or in an original, perfect state. It’s related to “integer,” “integral,” and other words having to do with wholeness.

The moral meaning of “integrity” came along in the next century and meant “soundness of moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue, esp. in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.”

This sense of the word was first recorded in Edward Hall’s Chronicle, Hen. VI (1548): “So much estemed … for his liberalitie, clemencie, integritie, and corage.”

Alas, all the old adjectives are now described as obscure and rare. But words have been known to come back from the dead, so who knows?

HUH!  Who knew that Nick was a Renaissance scholar, unbeknownst even to himself!

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