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Update Entry
Saturday, March 25, 2017  PoV Competition Today
8:00AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! Since the premiere of the live feeds, the wonderful AM coverage has been written by Sassy2565; I have not seen her online today, so she might be talking a day off..  Won't you please help fill in for her by posting an update or two to let other fans know what's going on? When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and spam-free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here. 

The HGs competing in today's PoV competition are: Neda, Jackie, Cassandra, Ika, Emily, and William.

12:40PM BBT: Dre and Cass are in the blue room on one bed, Gary is sleeping on another. Cass tells Dre she is going to hustle hard for the PoV. Ika, Emily and Will are playing in PoV.

Cass says she doesn't think Emily will try hard for it. She asks Dre if she thinks Wm. will try hard for it... Dre says yes. Cass says she is out the door if Jackie wins it. (Late last night, Gary and Ika briefly discussed trying to save Cass, then they changed their minds, saying Cass is bad for their game). Cass tells Dre that if she wins PoV she is going to make all the others feel like their living in Hell.

12:49PM BBT: William enters the blue room. Small talk about comfy beds (as compared to Have-Not cave room) and food.

Screen Cap by Cathyar

12:55PM BBT: Everyone is in the bridge room looking at their photos on the wall.

12:58PM BBT: In the HoH room, Kevin and Ika are discussing what Dallas told Ika about the Wise Guys alliance and that he said Kevin is the more dangerous of he and Bruno.

Demetres enters and Kevin leaves. Small talk.

Feeds flip back to the bridge and the photos. They're discussing how each others' pictures look.

12:59PM BBT: All the feeds are on the bridge and the discussion is still about their pictures and who looks like what they really look like.

1:09PM BBT: Bruno, Jackie, Emily, Dillon, Karen, Neda, and William are in the HoH room discussing cars and driving. No game talk.

1:14PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Dillon asks Ika why she is mad at him. Ika doesn't say anything. Dillon tells her to grow up. She walks out of the room. He again says, "Grow up."

1:16PM BBT: Dillon and Emily are in the living room and Dillon tells Em about his bathroom area encounter with Ika. Em tells him to not even try anymore. Dillon says Ika said "FU" to him twice (I didn't hear her say that). Em says, "You tried." He says he can't do anything else. Em says she doesn't want to play in PoV. He keeps repeating he can't believe how Ika is giving him the silent treatment. Em says they'll talk about it later.

BB tells Sindy to please get up after having repeatedly told her "nap time is over". 10 minutes later, BB says, "Sindy, please wake up or else be prepared to face the consequences." Dillon and Em yell to her laughing and repeating she should be prepared to face the consequences. Sindy throws a pillow at them.

1:41PM BBT: Cass, Ika, Demetres, and Gary are in the bathroom area. Ika says she is going to study for the competition. Ika asks Cass if she told Jackie that Ika was starting rumours. Cass denies it. Cass says she doesn't trust Jackie anymore and she thought they were close. She says Jackie threw her under the bus. Ika tells her Jackie told her that Cass said Ika was starting the rumours. Cass says no, she said Bruno.

Cass is upset that Jackie is trying to turn everyone against her. She says she would have had her back. Gary tells her she has her back.

1:53PM BBT: Gary and Dre and Cass in the kitchen. Cass tells them the PoV competition will be the mixed up faces. BB tells them to stop talking about production.

Gary tells Cass she needs to go study the faces. Cass leaves and Gary tells Dre that Cass shouldn't be asking them to work so hard for her. He says she needs to make it happen herself. Gary tells Dre that it's only week three and they shouldn't be having to work so hard this early. Dre says if Cass wins PoV, she wants to still work with her. Gary says he is "over her."

1:58PM BBT: Dre asks Gary why they shouldn't work for Cass. Gary says because it is too early. Dre asks Gary to think about working for Cass. He says that if they do that, they will lose a lot of "comfortability". Dre says she is uncomfortable anyway. They agree that if Cass doesn't win PoV, they won't have the numbers to keep Cass. Emily walks in.

2:01PM BBT: [Side note: This updater is a Cass fan, so my comments may be biased a bit, but am trying to be objective. ~Cathyar]

2:09PM BBT: Gary's is roaming around the house, checking out where everyone is. Fees flip to Ika, Neda and Bruno in living room where all is silent. Cass goes in and says she wonders what Dallas is doing right now. No response. She says, "No comment from the peanut gallery?"

Then the feeds flip to Gary and Jackie in one of the bedrooms. Gary asks Jackie why she flipped on Cass when they were so close. Jackie says she confronted Cass and Cass didn't defend herself. She says she feels like Cass threw her under the bus. [Last night, Jackie aligned with Bruno and Kevin and they have her back.]

Jackie tells Gary that Cass tried to get her to lie for her. She says that Cass told her Ika said Bruno was the one who started the rumours about Mark and Cass wanted her to throw Bruno under the bus to Demetres, but she wouldn't. Jackie says she never even contemplated it. She says Cass told her not to tell Ika. After she told Bruno this info last night, Bruno and Kevin vowed to protect Jackie. She says it's hard being on the block next to Cass and she is going to worry about winning the veto. She says she didn't expect Cass to tell Neda to put her on the block. She asks Gary if he is close to Cass. He says that Cass latched onto him and wouldn't let go and that he wants to be free in the game.

Gary tells Jackie it'll be better when Cass is gone. She says she realizes now that Cass was trying to get her to do her dirty work. Gary says Cass plays too aggressively, where he wants to take his time and think about things. Jackie says she wants to play her own game and not Cass' game. Gary claims to be playing the game alone.

2:25PM BBT: Feeds three and four show Kevin teaching William how to juggle in the kitchen area.

2:26PM BBT: On Feeds one and two, Gary tells Jackie that if they align, he doesn't want to "share her" and that they keep any info they share to themselves so they won't have to worry about their "stuff being blown up." Gary tells her she has a good chance to win the veto and that she should go study the pictures.

2:31PM BBT: Gary is channeling is masculine side today and taking on the persona of Gerald. [LOL!!!] Last night, he and Ika were talking about how being on BB makes them find their true selves and Gary mentioned something about "when he transitions," so it seems he may be in the process of that in his real life... not clear though.

2:33PM BBT: Cass, Bruno, Ika, Neda and Gary now in the lounge where the pictures are. They're studying the pics. Cass says Ika's is the best pic.

2:34PM BBT: Gary and Jackie now in storage room getting food. No game talk. Gary exits. and feeds go to William still trying to juggle in the living room .

2:43PM BBT: Neda, Gary, Bruno, Demetres, Ika, and Cass still studying pictures. They are anticipating a morph PoV competition. Everyone is in different conversations so it's hard to tell what they're saying, but no game talk. Just complimenting Bruno's eyes and lashes. Cass is mostly focused on the photos while everyone else is in separate conversations.

2:54PM BBT: Karen and Dre in bathroom area. Dre and Karen are trying to figure out the alliances. Karen doesn't think it's good that Jackie exposed Cassandra's game. She says that if Jackie would do that to Cass, she will do it to anyone else. Karen says peeps like Cass and Jackie are loyal to you until they no longer need you. Karen thinks there are still strong alliances with some of the vets (ie. Neda, Bruno, Kevin).

3:05PM BBT: Dre tells Karen that she and William don't really think alike, even if they are in an alliance. She trusts him, but they aren't the same. Karen points out the Gary and Kevin are both trying to bring William in. Dre says everyone thinks there is a Jackie versus Karen thing happening. Karen says, "Not in my mind." Karen wants Cass to leave. She says the vets will take the game if they don't get them out.

Screen Cap by Cathyar

3:49PM BBT: William, Cass, Ika, Neda, and Kevin are studying pics. All is silent. Cass is standing under the pictures (not in the way like Ika/Neda discussed because they're too high up).

3:08PM BBT:
Cass comes in the bathroom area and Karen and Dre change the subject. Cass asks what she thinks the competition might be and Karen thinks it might be a timed competition. Ika walks in then she and Cass leave. Ika asks Cass if she's sure she didn't "say that" (about Ika putting Bruno's name out there) to Jackie. Says she is going to ask Jackie about it. They go into HoH and Cass talks about Jackie throwing her under the bus.

Cass says, "If I don't win the veto, so what. I'll go home." Ika says she doesn't want to see her leave in a bad place. Cass says Neda called her out and said she doesn't trust her. She says Neda twisted her words in saying that Cass told her to put up Dillon and Em. Cass says she was pointing out Neda's options. She says she knows Neda has wanted her out since they came in the house. Ika asks her about making deals with everyone. Cass says she isn't sure why she's being singled out about making deals with everyone when everyone else in the house is doing the same thing. Cass says she feels worse than she did in Season 4.

Cass is crying because everyone feels she is a liar and not loyal. She says she is drained and upset and that she WAS loyal to Jackie and that she wanted to work with Neda too. She is upset because she's looking like the bad guy but just playing the game like everyone else. She is upset that everyone is avoiding her. Ika is trying to console her. "The whole house is against me." Ika says that if she uses the veto, she is worried Neda will put Gary up.

Cass thinks Gary will stick by her. Cass says she has been targeted since week one for everything that goes wrong in the house and everyone hates her. She said Neda took a strip off her and said she was told before they came in the house that Cass planned to go after her. I think Cass is going to talk to Neda. Cass leaves HoH and Demetres goes in. Ika tells him about the conversation with Cass.

3:25PM BBT: Neda and Sindy now with Ika in HoH. Ika is throwing Cass under the bus to Neda and Sindy. Demetres returns to HoH. Ika says Cass said she was trying to block everyone else from studying the pictures (I didn't hear her say that). They all think Cass' crying was fake. Total Cass bashing going on in HoH. Ika told them that Cass said Jackie is lying and throwing her under the bus. Neda says Jackie is so not lying. Called Cass a bitch.

3:31PM BBT: Bruno talking with Dre in the bathroom area. Bruno says Cass got caught this week telling lies about others in the house and changing names depending on who she is talking with, throwing peeps under the bus. Dre seems to be believing him. Says she is trying to decipher lies from truth and Bruno says he wanted to talk with her because he wanted her to know the truth (not sure if there is a specific "truth" --or "alternative fact" lol-- of which he speaks).

3:43PM BBT: Dre says she doesn't believe in isolating someone and Bruno says he is the same (however, he has not put forth any effort to talk with Cass, but justifies that with the fact that he just doesn't trust her). Bruno leaves and Dre whispers to herself that she doesn't believe Bruno.

3:49PM BBT: William, Cass, Ika, Neda, and Kevin are studying pics. All is silent. Cass is standing under the pictures (not in the way like Ika/Neda discussed because they're too high up). See photo!

3:58PM BBT: In the HoH room, Ika tells Bruno about Cass crying earlier. Bruno didn't really react.

4:02PM BBT: Now William is standing with Cass studying the pics. Cass says Ika's picture is flawless. Neda appears to be napping.

4:05PM BBT: All feeds are down.

4:10PM BBT: The feeds are back. In the kitchen area, Kevin, Karen, Emily, and Dillon are hanging out, there's no game talk there.

4:12PM BBT: Bruno, Sindy and Neda are in the HoH room. Bruno says Gary has been trying to buddy up to him today. He says he talked to Dre and thinks she is with Cass. Neda says if Jackie wins veto, he'll put up William She feels he would stay over Cass.

They discuss Jackie briefly saying she will go far in the game. Then they discuss what they think the competition will be and how much they're studying. They are impatient for the competition to begin. Neda says there "couldn't be worse players picked to play." Bruno leaves.

Sindy tells Neda that Cass isn't even trying to talk with her. She thinks Dallas' goodbye speech about her (Sindy) came from Cass. Neda is slamming Cass saying Cass told her she hates everyone in the house and doesn't want to associate with anyone in there after the game. Says Cass is a "very mean person." [Pot, meet kettle. ~Cathyar]

Screen Cap by Morty

5:20PM BBT: Neda and Sindy studying dates and events in HoH.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

4:56PM BBT: Emily is doing Dillon's hair and flattens his Mohawk. She's going to pick his clothes too. Neda says, "It's like the worst comb-over I've ever seen." Sindy thinks it looks good. They're telling him to leave it for the rest of the day.

Jackie is called to the DR. Dillon asks the camera to nod if they can let Emily cut his hair. The camera nods yes. They all hoot n holler... lol! Doesn't take much to amuse these hamsters! Dillon asks the camera if his hair looks good; the shake moves from side-to-side, saying "No!"

5:20PM BBT: Cass notes to Dillon that if his GF outside is watching the feeds, she's going to be upset. Dillon says he doesn't give a F. Cass says if it was her, her boyfriend would be out the door. Dillon says his gf knows what he's like. Said if they were in totally committed it'd be different.

5:28PM BBT: The feeds go off and come back again; they always go down when they talk about outside relationships.

In the kitchen are Dillon, Em, Cass and karen sitting at the counter. Just laughing and joking around. Cass eating is slop. Dillon said he wants a meal on the table after a long day at the gym. Cass and Karen admonish him for it. He doesn't understand why they got upset.

5:31PM BBT: Dillon says he adores his GF and she knows it. He says it's up to her what she does afterward with what she sees on the feeds. Dillon says she knows he loves women and can't help that he and Emily have a connection. (Em looks a tad jealous). Feeds go off again.

6:01PM BBT: The feeds are down; must be PoV competition time.

12:19AM BBT: The feeds were down for over five hours. We know Cassandra didn't win... Neda and Bruno, happy in HoH about the PoV results. Apparently William won the veto! Neda and Bruno agreed that Dre and Gary should leave next. Neda said out of Emily and Dillon, Emily could go first. Neda and Bruno talked about having Ika chill when it comes to Dillon or they won't be able to prevent him from putting her up.

Neda and Bruno agreed that Dre and Gary should leave next. Neda said out of Emily and Dillon, Emily could go first. Neda and Bruno talked about having Ika chill when it comes to Dillon or they won't be able to prevent him from putting her up.

12:31AM BBT: On feeds one and two we have Demetres and Ika in the Bridge room and Demetres tells Ika he likes Bruno, and wants him to stay in the game, but he would never put Bruno over Ika.

On feeds three and four we have Dre and William are speaking together in French. [I'm not bilingual but feeders are hoping for subtitles. ~Cathyar]

12:30AM BBT: Ika and Demetres are complimenting each other and agreeing they would both like to be in a final two together.  

12:33AM BBT: The HoH room feeds have Sindy and Neda in the HoH bed talking about where the game sits now. They say Cass brought her situation on herself. Neda tells Sindy she is in a good spot.

They think if Ika wins next HoH, she will put up Dillon and Emily. They think another shockwave is going to happen soon.

12:39AM BBT: In the blue room, Kevin tells Jackie that Jackie should get closer with Karen. He says he's going to continue working on her. Jackie says she was pitching to "French Connection" to get closer to Bruno and Kevin. She's not sure how much she got through. They're thinking Dre might try and flip the vote to keep Cass and they say they don't think they can get the six votes.

Confirmed: William Won PoV

12:44AM BBT: Jackie and Kevin are in the blue room. Jackie says Sindy told Cass to her face she is going to be voting her out. Jackie is asking Kevin how his relationships are with people. He says with Neda it is growing. Sindy would never vote him out. Emily and Dillon isolate themselves together and Bruno hangs out with them a lot.

12:48AM BBT: Cass and Dre go to Have-Not Cave and Dre tells Cass that William is not going to use the veto. Cass is hoping he can be swayed. Dre says that William already told Neda he won't use it. Cass says even if he doesn't use it, she wonders how William will vote.

12:49AM BBT: Neda and Sindy are tackling several topics. They are worried about Gary. He is a smart player and very competitive. They agree Karen is the biggest blabbermouth. Neda is worried something crazy will happen tomorrow, but she thinks they are doing OK.

12:50AM BBT: Cassandra and Dre are in the Have-Not room. Cass is defending herself because people in the house have been talking about her and Jackie's relationship. She continues to call Dillon "boxer guy". She tells Dre that Jackie is not going to be loyal to Dre and Will. Jackie is with Dillon, "what's her name" (Emily), Bruno, Sindy, Kevin. Cass says Demetres and Dre will be on the block next week. Cass said she talked to Demetres and he told her she only has him, Gary and Ika's votes. Cass is saying she can't afford to have Jackie making a scene with her because she cannot make her boyfriend at home look bad. She says Bruno is talking to her like she is already gone. Cass asks her what she is doing wrong. Dre says Cass is very direct. Cass says the house just wants her to act phony.

12:51AM BBT: In the bathroom Gary asks Kevin if Cass is going. He says yes. Gary is now in the living room styling Dillon's eyebrows.

12:55AM BBT: Cass tells Dre that Jackie won't stay loyal to Dre and Will. Cass asks Dre who Will's targets might be and Dre says she doesn't know. She only knows that he is loyal to Jackie. Dre says she and Will get along, but she isn't sure if his loyalty is 100% with her. Cass says they have to ask Will who he is closer to...Dre or Jackie and explain how Jackie threw Cass under the bus in trying to save her own ass.

Cass says she is assuming it was Bruno who threw her under the bus week one and wonders if she should throw in the towel or fight. She says the only move that can save her is if the veto is used on her. Cass says Bruno came up to her offered to be a venting post for her. Cass was insulted by that, feeling that they think they are all "in charge" in the house.

1:09AM BBT: Cass tells Dre, maybe they need to talk to Will and she may need to bring on fake tears. Dre is laughing at this, but says they cannot talk to him together as he does not like being ganged up on. Dre asks her how you fake cry. Cass is explaining to her how it's done and trying to do it.

Dre leaves the room and Cass announces to the camera: Operation "Get William to use the Veto on me - Fake Crying."  She panics that she only has three minutes to fake cry. She taps her cheeks a few times, squeezes her eyes shut repeatedly and talks to herself. She is really trying her best to squeeze out some tears.

Meanwhile, Dre is up talking to William on the couch upstairs (all in French). Cass is squinting and squeezing her eyes, but has not shed any tears yet. She says to herself she has to be in a conversation to cry. Several minutes later, and no tears yet. [Maybe she could go cut an onion real quick. ~Pinkfrog] She rolls her eyes and says "waiting" not knowing Dre and Will are still having their conversation upstairs. She's still blinking her eyes and trying to look upset.

Dre leaves the conversation with Will and he remains on the couch. She goes to the kitchen while Cass sits in the Have-Not room "waiting".

Dre finally comes back to the Have-Not room and says William is not coming, maybe later. She says I don't think he wants to come in here. He is annoyed and tired. Cass suggests tomorrow maybe she will wake up and be really somber. Cass asks if she looked sad when Dre came in.

1:29AM BBT: Cassandra gets called to the diary room. Dre is giving Kevin a massage.

Screen Cap by Pinkfrog

Emily and Dillon are in the living room making Oreo sandwiches with top and bottom cookie and about 10 icing layers in between. Gary is styling Bruno's eyebrows.

1:38AM BBT: Bruno and Gary are in the bathroom talking; both are saying they are definitely voting Cass out.

Updaters Needed
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When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free.   

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Update Entry
Friday, March 24, 2017  Nominations Tonight!

The BBCAN Live Feeds are Free, and you can even watch them in the USA with the BBViewer app. You can get the viewer here: and there are instructions here, in the TVFanForums..

8:45AM BBT: Ika  tells Gary Neda is nominating Jackie and Cassandra, and if Jack or Cass wins the PoV, he'll be the replacement, however they have the votes to keep him.

Did you notice the Alliances and Deals Chart link in the Spoilers At A Glance box. BBJunkie updates that graphic as needed, like he did last night after the eviction.

9:30AM BBT: Neda and Bruno are in the HoH room talking about the nominees today.  Bruno told Neda that Dallas told Cass about a "Wise Guys" alliance that he and Kevin were supposed to be a part of, but weren't. Neda tells Bruno that Dallas told Ika the same thing.

Bruno explains to Neda that he talked to Cassandra last night and she is super paranoid. Neda said that Jackie or Cassandra have not tried talking to her yet. Bruno said that Cassandra's pitch is going to be put Dillon and Emily up.

Neda said that she talked to Dillon and Emily last night and they told her if she keeps them safe they will go after Gary and Jackie next week. Bruno thinks that is perfect. Neda thinks that they are putting themselves in a good position and she is glad they do not have to get any blood on their hands.

Neda asks Bruno if she should pull in Jackie and tell her that she really likes her but her alliance with Cass is really screwing her over. Bruno agrees and said that Cass told him she has Jackie, Dre and Gary.

They both think that Dre is pretending to like Cass, but Neda talked to Dre and told her that Cass is aligning herself with everyone and Dre said that she did not know that. Neda said if anyone tries to do a dumb speech this week she is going to stand up and tell them to sit down. Bruno said that he will help her by saying he is not doing it this week and walk away.

They discuss when the nominations will be and wonder if the Have-Nots will be done today.

They continue to discuss this is what the house wants (Cassandra out) and wonder if there will be a pre-jury buyback. Neda is worried about a fan twist that would save Cassandra.

Neda doesn't know how to tell Cassandra, but she is going to say in her speech that she has made an alliance with everybody and how it is hard to decipher the truth from her mouth and she is going to tell Jackie she is just a pawn.

Bruno thinks it is good and maybe they can pull Jackie on their side. They discuss how they get nervous making speeches.

9:44AM BBT: Kevin and Neda are in the blue bedroom discussing who she will put up if Cassandra wins veto. Kevin suggests Gary. Neda said that would make Gary mad, but he is scary and he would leave anyway. Kevin asks Neda if she gets house-guest choice who would she pick. She don't know, but she thinks it will be Demetres because he won't throw it. Neda is nervous about a fan twist that wants to save Cassandra, but if not then they have the votes.

They discuss if someone does come back pre-jury it would be good if it was Cassandra because she is not good at competitions. William and Sindy walked in and interrupt the conversation.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

9:52AM BBT: Everyone is getting ready for their day, no more game talk going on right now.

12:38PM BBT: Neda throws Cass under the bus to Emily. Tells her that Cassandra claims to control Jackie, proposes final three with Neda, Ika and herself. Neda tells Emily that everyone she has asked wants Cass out, and Cass is the only one that suggested putting up Dillon and Emily.

12:45PM BBT: Emily leaves the HoH room. Neda sitting with Jackie on the HoH room couch and repeating what she said to Emily.

12:51PM BBT: Bruno joins Emily and Neda on the HoH room couches. Jackie tells Bruno she thought she could trust Cass but now realizes she can't, so she wants to be open with him. Jackie tells them about Cass trying to get her to lie about Bruno, but Jackie refused. Also that Cass told her that Bruno is more of a back-door person. Jackie wants everyone to come directly to her if they hear something about her. Jackie is offended that Cass asked her to lie. She prefers to be open.

Neda repeats her story about Cass saying she can control Jackie, and that everyone wants Cass out so she is just doing what the house wants. She feels like it will be a clean slate and get rid of the "weird sense of doubt we have with each other."

5:45PM BBT: The feeds are back.  I think they did the Have/Have-Nots reveal. 

Cass and William are Have-Nots.

7:58PM BBT: Pretty much everyone is in the kitchen eating and chatting. Karen and Bruno are in the pink/orange bedroom talking about who Neda might nominate. He is reassuring Karen that she is safe. He says he is almost positive Neda is putting up Jackie, but not sure who the second nominee is going to be. Karen said she would love to get out Jackie this week as she is the biggest thorn in her side. Karen says Cassandra is sketchy and it wouldn't be a bad thing if she was nominated.

Feeds down (likely the nomination ceremony).

8:30PM BBT: The feeds are back up.  Neda tells Cassandra she's going on the block.

9:50PM BBT: The feeds are back again. Neda nominated Jackie and Cassandra, with Cass as her target.

9:55PM BBT: Cassandra and Kevin are talking alone on a couch upstairs. Need told Cassandra she was being told Cass was making final two deals with everyone. Kevin said if we voted right now, I would vote you out right now. He said he is sorry, he's just trying to be honest. She says I know.

10:00PM BBT: Cassandra goes into the Have-Not room and Dre joins her. Cass rhetorically asks Dre who she can trust in this house. She says Neda, Bruno, Kevin, Dillon and Sindy are clearly all working together. She figures she would have Gary, Ika, Karen and Demetres votes, then would need two more. Dre says she does not want to have to choose between Jackie and Cassandra.

Cass said Neda told her she is her target. Cass wonders if Ika is with Neda and would she be going back and forth giving information. Dre thinks she would not do that. Cass is making promises to Dre if she votes for her to stay over Jackie. Dre says Jackie would never forgive me.

10:08PM BBT: Kevin, Bruno and Neda are in the blue space bedroom. They're talking about Ika and how paranoid she is. They wonder if she would turn on them because of how she has been acting all day.

Neda questions if they have the votes to get out Cass. They assure her they do have the six votes of Dillon, Emily, Kevin, Bruno, probably Sindy, and maybe Karen. They say Ika thinks Dillon and Emily are after her and that Cass is after Bruno and Kevin. They are frustrated that Ika lets her emotions get the better of her. Neda says Ika is supposed to be her #1 in the house, but she is emotionally draining. She misses having Jon.

Neda says Ika is acting like Neda made the decision entirely herself to nominate Cass when they spent all day talking about it together. She says right after the nomination Ika started acting strange and said "It was your decision and you should be happy with it" as if Neda surprised her with the nominations. Neda thinks Ika would have preferred Emily and Dillon up as they are specifically after Ika. They are worried if she flips, they are in trouble because Ika controls Demetres and the French Connection. They say this week she can choose which side she goes with. They feel like they are walking on eggshells around her.

They discuss best case scenario if Cass goes this week, next week they could nominate the French Connection and back door Ika. Neda says she likes Ika, but she is too irrational to play with.

10:36PM BBT: Demetres and Dre are sitting on the couches upstairs having a deep conversation in French. [I understood only one word: "HoH" ~pinkfrog]

10:41PM BBT: Cassandra is talking with Gary and Karen in the kitchen. She says we know these people are working together: Dillon, Emily, Neda, Sindy, Bruno and Kevin. They talk about what a strong alliance that is. Cass says she is depressed. Karen turns the focus back onto herself. She says she is already completely stressed out.

10:45PM BBT: Cass goes into the bathroom where Demetres and Ika are. She says she has the 6 votes to stay: Ika, Gary, Karen, William, Dre, and Demetres. They tell her don't go around the house all confident and talking like you have all the votes.

10:50PM BBT: Bruno, Emily and Kevin are in the blue space room talking about how people are getting sick of Cass. Bruno goes into the HoH where Neda is still complaining about Ika causing drama after the nomination ceremony. They keep talking about how it was supposed to be an easy week. They decide that Bruno should talk to Ika and then later to Gary. He says he is going to let Cassandra know he is voting her out.

Neda is still concerned that Ika has enough friends on the other side to flip. They need to win over Sindy, Karen and Gary.

10:58PM BBT: Cass is alone in the Have-Not room talking to the camera about how she is a target and that she needs to win PoV and use her social game to win votes. She is reminiscing about last year and the similarities to her game-play, wondering if she's learned anything. Bruno and Demetres come in to work out sleeping arrangements, breaking up her "Live Feed Session". She leaves the room and Bruno and Demetres immediately start talking about her. Bruno wants to just tell her he is voting her out so she leaves him alone. He doesn't want her to think there's a possibility and make it another week like the last one. Demetres says he will just say he's voting with the house and the house wants her gone. He wonders who will go up if she wins PoV. They commiserate about what a long week it will be.

Bruno and Demetres talk about what a good team they are and are blown away that nobody sees the two of them being a good duo.

12:05AM BBT: Cassandra is sitting on the couch upstairs with William. She is saying she has a good group. She has him, Dre, Gary, Ika. She talks with Kevin and Bruno to keep them close and tell their group everything they say. She is loyal... to her people. She says she is not with "the boxer guy" or Emily. She says Sindy lies through her teeth. Demetres comes out of the HoH room. William leaves and Demetres sits with Cass.

Cass asks Demetres if he would use the veto on her. He hesitates and says he will cross that bridge when it comes. She says he could throw the competition to her. [Someone walks by so he doesn't actually have to reply to her.]

12:12AM BBT: Sindy is in the HoH room with Neda. Neda asks her what the heck happened with Ika today. Neda tells Sindy before she won HoH she was very open with what she was going to do for nominations. She is not sure why Ika made her feel so bad after nominations when it is so hard already. She repeats it was no surprise who she was voting for and that it was selfish of Ika to treat her badly for not putting up the people who are only after Ika (Emily and Dillon).

She tells Sindy how draining Ika is and that alliance members should not be draining. She wishes this were an All-Star season so she was playing with better, more logical players. Neda says Ika is going to make herself a target if she keeps playing like this. She says she won't personally go after her [not what she said to Bruno earlier], but that the whole house will get sick of it and she didn't seem to learn from her prior season. Sindy is agreeing, while remaining neutral. She is saying Ika and Neda just have different personalities.

Sindy says Jackie was spilling the beans about Cass and that she is ready to turn on her publicly.

12:25AM BBT: Karen is in the storage room telling Dre and Ika that she is voting Cass out.

12:27AM BBT: Karen is now in the HoH room telling Neda and Sindy how betrayed Jackie is by Cass. Karen says Cass told her and Gary that these people were in an alliance: Neda, Sindy, Bruno, Kevin, Emily and Dillon are all together. Neda just laughs and says that's a lot of people.

[Karen is hurling Cass under the bus right now telling Neda everything Cass has ever said.] Sindy jokes that she doesn't want to ever get on Karen's bad side.

12:45AM BBT: Karen and Sindy leave the HoH room and Bruno comes in. Neda is rehashing the events of the day again with him. She tells him that Cass told Karen she has the votes to stay. They aren't worried about this, but they just don't want Cass to win veto. She tells Bruno to keep the fact that they have Emily and Dillon with them from Ika.

12:50AM BBT: Cass is talking to Dre and William and is saying Canada is not rooting for a boxer and Emily to win, trust her.

12:51AM BBT: Demetres and Ika are in a corner whispering. He tells her that Neda is considering choosing him to play veto if she selects "player's choice". He says if it's a competition where there is a cash prize, he would choose the veto. [They are a bit flirty. ~pinkfrog]

In the pink/orange bedroom Emily and Dillon are talking to Karen and Kevin. Karen is doing more bashing on Cass. She has told them Neda is fed up.

And then what happened?
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