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Week Eight: Jun goes to the VMA Awards
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Monday, September 1, 2003:  No PoV Meeting Today
The PoV Meeting Will be Live on Wednesday

It's a Holiday, No Wake-Up Call  10:00AM Erika is first up today, by the time she gives the kitchen a quick clean-up, then Robert's up,  and checks the pool chemicals.  Ali and Jun are up now.  Erika had nightmares about being pregnant and the father of the baby  trying to kill her with a screwdriver, and Alison and dreams about Donny, "And they were all bad."  Jun's dreams were all about sex, "I'm super horny."  Jun's dream was about Will from BB2. She couldn't remember which room was he was, went into the wrong room and ended up in a threesome.  Jee was dreaming that he was fighting vampires with Carmen.

The morning routine begins
[Click to Enlarge]

Ali got up to take a nap today.
[Click to Enlarge]

10:40PM Robert asks Erika how to get into Spanish speaking commercials.  She tells him to get headshots done and go to the Samuel French [Theatre and Film] Bookstore on Sunset and buy an Agency book, then look for agencies that specialize in Spanish speaking clients.  Looks like Robert Roman's thinking about heading to Telemundo.

Robert asks Ali to clarify how the golden power of veto works. 

A Banner Day:  An advertising banner flies over the house it says "Survivor Starts September 18th" Now Robert thinks they'll be out in two weeks, but they're wrong, it's the 24th (although CBS could do a show after the last show, that features all the HGs at the wrap party and going back to the real world).  They figure it's a CBS banner since BB didn't stop them from reading it.  A few minutes later, at 1:15PM, a "Z-100" radio station banner flies over.  Ali asks the same thing I'm thinking, "Why all these banners today?  We never saw them before."  Later they see the channel 7 helicopter.  At 1:45PM they see a banner for the LA Kings.  Then they saw a hawk fly over head (big deal, we all got to see a buzzard crotch this year.).   It's a busy day up there.

They were talking about how easy they have it compared to "Survivor"  and how one of the producers on BB also works on "Survivor."  "We don't like the Irish Spring soap, we're out of sun screen, our dryer doesn't work right, we're out of garlic, we need nail polish remover, this isn't the kind of beer we like,  we need more chlorine for the pool, our hot tub control keeps shutting off." Ali, suggesting a Survivor's response, "Big fuckin' deal.  Today I ate a cockroach."   Talk around the pool [20 minutes] image 

2:30PM Erika can hear stuff being moved on the other side back yard wall.  She suspects they're getting ready for something big.  Today is Jee and Carmen's third anniversary of their first date.  He's been in the DR several times recording messages to her in the hopes they'll air one on the TV show.  Robert reminds him, "Do it now man, there are people watching on the internet."

De Plane Boss, De Plane
Who lets their maid dress like that?
This is the way we wash our clothes.
Everyone needs a hobby

3:30PM  This was an odd scene, Jun giving dating advice to Robert.  He asks her what type of guy she likes?  A: One who has a sense of humor about himself, one who thinks family is important.  Q: How long before the first kiss?  A: At the end of the first date, otherwise you think he's not interested.  Q:  When do you tell a girl you have child? A: Before the first date. 

Meanwhile... Ali and Erika are talking.  Ali's saying how two faced Robert is and how she can't stand people like that (oh please, Ali!). 

Ali: "Did your mom like him?"
"No mom hated him. Everyone I introduced him to hated him."
Ali: "Why did you keep dating him then?"
Erika: "I don't know. I wasn't ever planning to make it permanent or anything."

There was a part I missed and Erika says, "See, that's what I told you.  I've never lied to you, that proves it."  For what Ali's looking for, that might not be a good thing.

3:50PM Ali and Jee are napping, Robert's in the DR .  4:30PM, Now Jee's doing his laundry, hardly worth writing about. 

4:00PM Jee and Robert are happy that they're in the BB, even if they don't win they're in the game, the one in the jury house are just passing time.  Jee thinks it's a cool game, because "you could be an amazing surgeon, a supreme court justice, and be booted out the first week."  Jee thinks Jack must have thrown a lot of the competitions so they wouldn't see him as a threat, Jee can't wait to ask Jack  if he was loosing on purpose.  Robert bets him a dinner that Jack didn't throw any contests.  They still think the sequester house is nearby.  He wonders where all the grand competitions are, the phone calls from home, the live web chat like Lisa got, the Sheryl Crow concert, and getting to see their fan web sites.

Is this BB4 Erika with BB1 Josh? Click Photos for a better look.

The Final Clue:  In case you're just tuning in, we're trying to find out if Erika is dating Josh from BB1.  We started with the pictures (at right), yesterday we found more evidence, and today, "Don" sent me some cool info.  If you type "JoshHawaiiAlbum Erika" into Google, like here,  you'll get two links to pages on Josh's web site that no longer exist.  If you click on Google's cached version, you can read the captions of two photos that have been removed, they read:

"Welcome to the slide show. Erika and I took a trip around Maui on our way to Hana, deep within a tropical rainforest. This is one of many waterfalls."  

"In this picture Erika and I are at the beach near Kanapali. There was a terrific rainbow behind us."

I think we can be pretty sure that Josh and Erika have, or at least had, some kind of relationship.  And thanks to Don for sending that!

6:30PM Jun Torments Jee.  Jun is an artist when it comes to pushing Jee's buttons.  Jun took Jee's boxer shorts into the DR to record her message to Carmen.  She later told Erika she made the whole thing up, but the way she tells the story, getting Jee to say "Why would you do that?"  each time is priceless.  Then she tells how Jee cheated on her while the girls little sister was locked out in the next room.  Jee takes everything so seriously, getting so flustered "I don't unnerstan, why would you do that.  You're crazy..."  Jun torments Jee [18 minutes] image 

Another Scandal Investigated:  For several weeks viewers have been perplexed at the wild swings Ali's popularity has taken on the CBS "Love 'em or Leave 'em" poll.  Sen. sent me this chart that he made that shows that her ratings are as constant as her loyalty. Click Here 

8:45PM:  Ali once again checks with Erika to see if she's buying any of Robert's civility, "because he talks behind your back, and I don't like to see people I care about get hurt..."   What Ali's really doing is making sure there's no reason to move her eviction up a week.  9:02PM Ali is checking with Erika about Jun's loyalty when Jun enters.  Ali asks how Jee's taking it and says, "Jee, keeps reminiscing about the past thinking I'll show him mercy.  Doesn't he know we're not the kind of women that show mercy." 

10:00PM Girl Talk:  The Queen Team is in the bathroom trashing, Nathan:  For the fourth of July his daddy blew up tree stumps with dynamite.  They consider him racist and wonder if he knows his precious Michelle is Jewish.  Of course there's lot of Dana bashing, they call her a crack whore.  Then the conversation turns to masturbation and how Ali would never touch herself, whereas Erika considers herself her own best lover, and longs to have ten minutes alone,
           Ali: "Ten minutes, is that all it takes."
          Jun: "Are you kidding?  After being stuck in this house it'd only take me a couple minutes."

Jee tries to talk Jun into taking him with her,

Jee: "Do you think when I leave the other three people won't come after you?"  
Jun: "No"
Jee: "Just be careful."
Jun: "Why?"
Jee: "Because I think you could win and they know that too."
Jun: "That is because you know me. You know I made some good moves. They just see me as the bitch that switched sides a couple of times."

She says if she was on the jury she'd vote for Robert to win, here's why: "Ali's spoiled brat that uses sex and flirting to get what she wants.  She shouldn't win so she won't think she can get everything in life by manipulating people.  And then her dad can pay for her fucking law school. If Erika needed the money she shouldn't have gotten fake tits.  Robert's the black sheep of the family.  He never did anything with his life, and now he's got a kid so his family hasn't given him anything.  So I'd give the $500,000 to him."

Jee and is shrink.

Later Jee is whining about the game, the isolation, boredom,  and wanting to go home. I wanna go home [6 minutes] image  (The clip is just 6 minutes, if you want to hear what he said after that, just play it over again.)

11:00PM  My Closing Thought:  When Jee and the others complain there's nothing to do, Jun suggests charades and a couple other games, but they don't play.   Each time someone in the house says "This place is so boring."  I recall what a teacher once told me, "There are no boring places, just boring people."  Jeez that guy was dull.

12:50AM:  Everyone in Bed.

Sunday, August 31, 2003:  Alison and Jee Are Nominated

7:00AM Camera four had a shot of the pool, looked like it was raining, weather service said otherwise.

Erika says her boyfriend is 26.  Josh is 26.  Erika is dating a civil engineer, from Josh's newsletter, we see that he is a civil engineer. 
Erika and Robert talk in the backyard:
Robert:  "This isn't the same house they stayed in? "
Erika:  "Yes it is."
Robert: "Oh wow, that must be weird for you.... how'd he do?"
Erika: "First runner-up, $100,000"

Erika knows all the details of BB1 & BB3, Erika always makes it a point to say that BB1 and BB4 are produced by different companies, a detail not of importance to most people.

On the Josh / Erika Case:  I am very close to declaring this rumor true!  If Erika's boyfriend isn't Josh Souza there's a lot of freaky coincidences going on. 

9:32AM Wake-Up Call  A later announcement tells us the eviction meeting will be at noon (I'd guess closer to 12:30PM).

"Robert, you are safe."

Jun is in the HoH room, we assume putting the keys in the box. at 12:38PM Jun called the HGs in for the meeting. 12:50PM Jee says he knew it was coming, but didn't know  Ali was going up on the block too.  The first key pulled was Erika's, she turned and handed Robert his key, "Robert you are safe."  He was amazed.  Nominations [4 minutes]

Jee says that PoV isn't today, "probably tomorrow."  Jee's not always a reliable source for these details. 

Jun Studies the
Big Brother Rule
[Click to Enlarge]

4:20PM The Girls Feel they're Owed  Erika says that not once has Robert thanked her for getting him on the show.  Erika asked Jun if Jee ever thanked her, she said he "acknowledged it,"  but that's all.  Justin did tell Ali that he thought it was cool.   What the girls don't understand is, Robert and Jee  don't have the same priorities they have.  They weren't fans of the show,  they didn't apply, and BB almost had to lie to Robert to get him on the show.  In my opinion, with thousands of people dieing to be on BB, it's a shame we ended up with Robert and Jee, instead of two guys that are really in to it.

Jun: "So you you think Justin and Dana had sex all night that first night?"
Ali: "Probably.  Well,  not all night."
Jun: "Can he go all night?"
Ali: "No."
Robert: "But he said he'd get sick of her in three days."
Ali: "He said that?"
Robert: "So by the time any of us get there, me or Jee, they'll..."
Jun: "..already be ex's."
Ali: "They'll have their own show."

Ali says at some point Robert told her to stay in LA, he's got contacts at Warner Brothers and she could be a star.

1:50PM Robert re-read the letter from his daughter. 

Jee tries to block out the sound of Jun and her clippers.
[Click to Enlarge]

3:40PM During Jee's haircut, someone tried to communicate with the  HGs by throwing something over the wall.   No details as they switched to FotH.  There wasn't any chance of the HGs being to read anything that might have been attached as BB stopped them before the object could be examined.  When we came back from FotH, Jun was saying she didn't want to get hit in the head with anything. 4:40PM Haircut still in progress. 

11:00PM  Ali is still considering dumping Erika.  Although Ali's tried suggesting to Jun that Erika has an alliance with Robert, Jun's told Ali there is no such deal.  The problem is in the jury vote,  everyone would think that Erika "played honest and stuck with her alliance."  Alison thinks Erika's unbeatable and they should keep Robert to go up against.   I really don't understand Ali.  She has said to several people, on several occasions there's no one she could go up against and win, she's aiming for second place.  She's right. So what's the difference?  Only that Erika and Jun are strong players and she's trying to insure the final two aren't Erika and Jun. Although Robert's won two PoVs, he hasn't shown any endurance.  Maybe Ali wants a weaker person to kick out at the end.  Ali's referred to Erika as "psycho" because after a break-up she burned the guy's clothes. 

The HGs got alcohol tonight.  Everyone got a little tipsy, expect for Robert.  Gotta give him credit for that.  There was some play in the ball room, some plotting, the announcement that Jun's horny.  It's your basic Holiday weekend in the BB house.

1:00AM  Jee goes into the HoH room to listen to "just three songs," before bed.  Jun and Robert are in the living room talking about Jee's family.  Jun said that when Jee's father first got sick, the doctor warned them that he probably has cancer. Jee's mom went to a fortune teller, who said he didn't have cancer and would be fine. But as time passed Jee's father had more pain and went back to the doctor. That time the doctor confirmed he had cancer and had about 6 months to live. He died about 4 months later.    Rob asked how Jee's mother supported them after his father passed away. Jun said Jee's mother didn't know how to do anything and never even used a checkbook, never had any credit cards.  She got a job in a nail salon, but it was too hard. It had been so long since she had worked. Jun said Jee's mother got sick from it so she had to quit.  Jun said she helped them a lot and at one point had four jobs.  The conversation was interrupted by "Jun, this is Big Brother. It looks like Jee fell asleep." Jun jumps up hollering that she knew Jee would do that.  Jun jumps on the bed and chases Jee out.   At 1:30AM everyone was in their beds.

Saturday, August 30, 2003:  Happy Birthday to Jee
Another BB Birthday Jee Choe turns 24 today. 

9:30AM  Wake-Up Call  Jun is back in the kitchen. 

10:30AM The girls are talking about the naiveté of Michelle and Nathan.  Erika said that when he was about to be evicted during the live show, he leaned over to Jack and said "I really don't understand this, where am I supposed to go?"  See Nathan get lost going to talk to Julie [1 minute] image  Jack told his "Just go talk to Julie." They were talking about how Nate had never had rice or cauliflower before.

Robert filling the pool is a favorite shot of the BB cameraman .
[Click to Enlarge]

Their trip down memory road came at a good time, because  BB was about to give them an assignment that would require them to have clear memories of their evicted house mates. 

Jun reads the HGs the instructions.  They were given a camera and are to create a video of what they think the evicted the HGs are doing at the jury house.  If they complete their task by 2:00PM, they'll win a screening of their creation (edited and produced by BB) and popcorn.

They received wigs and a couple props so they could better take the roles as the sequester house HGs.  Each HG had to appear on camera. Erika took the role of Dana, and did a superb impersonation as Ali called out "mantroll".  Robert played Nathan, Jee did Justin, and Alison was Jack with a balding blonde wig.  Jun was the cameraman for the first round.  They had a blast poking fun at the people they kicked out.  Since the rules called for three of the HGs to operate the camera, that had to switch roles.  After Dana (Erika) gave Justin (Jee) a back rub, BB asked for more so they all switched roles and shot more.  With Ali playing Justin, and Jee playing Dana says "My girlfriend Joanie would love you, my short greasy little wop."  The whole house was filled with laughter, for an hour or so.   Some crappy clips [27 minutes] image

The HGs think BB won't show the video to the evictees until the wrap party, but the rules say quite clearly they can see projects like this.

Is this BB4 Erika with BB1 Josh? Click Photos for a better look.

Rumor of the Day:  The current story going around the chat rooms is that Erika is dating Josh Sousa from Big Brother 1.  These pictures don't look like casual snap-shots, in my opinion, it's from a professional shoot.  It does look like Erika without the dye-job, you be the judge. I've left an email for Josh, he hasn't responded.  The other story is that Erika's dating a BB staffer.  I've heard that too.  All we know for sure is that he's younger than her, and his first name begins with "J."

2:30PM After the production was completed Ali went for another swim in the ball room.

1:45PM Jun's making a meatloaf, Ali's doing laundry, the guys are in the HoH room, and Erika's taking a nap. 

6:15PM Jee gets his birthday pie.  Robert told Jee that Jun asked BB to get a boysenberry pie for Jee and Jun quips, " I told them poison berry, they fucked it up." Some said it was blueberry, some said blackberry, but it had whipped cream and it was enjoyed. 

7:30PM The sun is starting to set earlier as we enter the Labor Day weekend.  The HGs are on the patio playing cards.  Ali sings "The Star Spangled Banner," one of the few allowable songs in the BB house.  Erika tells her she has a good voice (it was pretty good).  They're waiting for their screening of the video they made this afternoon.

Let's all go to the lobby and get ourselves a snack...

9:00PM The Stock Room  had popcorn and movie size candy, and sodas and the HGs settled in to watch the debut of their own video.   They really enjoyed their performances.  The clip doesn't show the video, but rather the HGs watching the video. It's been a pretty light-hearted day in the BB house.  Consider that the ball room is still open, no one is up on the block, it's Jee's birthday, all-in-all, just a good day. BB re-ran the video for them again at 10:00PM  HGs see their video [11 minutes] image

Despite the happier house and the fact they've had things to do, I can't imagine having to watch this for twenty-four more days.

The Drama's Back:  Jun and Ali are concerned that Erika's been talking to Robert, they're thinking it might be better to dump Erika.  Right now the deal is to evict Jee.   11:00PM Ali and Erika talk, and there's some air clearing about things Robert said.  Ali and Erika feel they need to win the next two HoH contests (well yeah...).  Erika says they do the endurance contest in the boat where they can't let go of keys every year.  She's incorrect, in BB2 it was in a bed and they peed the bed rather than give up the key.  I thought it was wise that the next year they had it in the pool where everyone was already wet.  Ali and Erika continue reviewing the type on contests that were used last year, looking for clues as to what this year's final challenges might be. 

11:30PM Ali finds the biggest spider in BB history.  Jee tried to kill it with a broom but the bug was only stunned.  This is the second time Ali shrieked over a spider and woke me up.  They should use her voice in smoke detectors. 

Robert conjures up an old argument by asking Jun who wore the pants in her relationship with Jee.  Jun says that Carman has Jee wear an ankle bracelet that shocks him if he tries to go too far away.  I think the argument ended in a draw.  They went back to playing Uno. 

Friday, August 29 2003:  Jun Comes Home - Nominations on Sunday
12:30AM Jee asks Ali to tell him how they voted so he won't be surprised.  Ali reminds him that telling how you voted is against the rules.  Jee "unnerstans" and asks them to tell him what they're planning.  The girls tell him that they planned to make this week HoH's choice.  Erika's doing Ali's hair (why?) and Robert's in the DR.  They may plan to wait up for Jun, but I can't. 

10:25AM Wake-Up Call.  Erika is already up.  Jun isn't home yet.   Ali's up second, Jee at 10:45AM, and Robert up at 11:00AM. 

Jee's Plan:  Jee talks to Robert because he doesn't want to work behind his back.  Jee's idea is to talk Ali into using the PoV by showing her that she wouldn't have the votes to win if she goes up with Erika or Jun.  Jee's idea:  Jun nominates Robert and Jee.  Ali uses the PoV, thus forcing Jun to nominate Erika.  One guy and Ali will be the voters, they vote out Erika, and go after Jun next week.    What Jee doesn't know, is that Erika and Ali think their chances of winning with the jury have increased with Jun's trip to NY, because the jury may feel she already got a big prize (that's their thinking not mine).

12:30PM Jee Takes His Plan to Ali:  Ali seems receptive to the idea at first, it's a little tough to tell because BB keeps giving us FotH.  She tells Jee, "I don't come from money.  My father's a lawyer, but it's a small town, we're not rich, but I don't need the money.  I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the game and playing it my way."    Robert puts his pitch in again to evict Erika, "Don't think that she's [Erika] not going to try to get rid of you."  Ali pretty much said she wasn't interested, but warned that she really doesn't know who Jun is going to nominate. 

1:00PM Jun's Back!  Jun flew business class from LAX, on the same plane as rapper Iggy Poo, to NY with her handler (Shawn) to JFK.  She stayed at a Times Square Hotel (she's not allowed to say the name).  No one recognized her at the airport or in public away from the awards.  BB had her wearing sweats and sunglasses.   While in the hotel, she got to see herself naked in front of a full length mirror for the first time since see entered the house.  She was surprised at how fat she got.  They dressed her and did her hair and make-up.  She did interviews with CBS News, Access Hollywood, E!, and ET. Her favorite interview was with the guy from Extra, "He really seemed like he was interested in my answers."   Jun Comes Home [3 minutes] image

When she emerged from the the limo, they announced her name, "Here's Jun Song house guest from the Big Brother House."  Every one was yelling "Hi Jun," and she heard one little girl say, "Oh my God that's Jun from Big Brother, she must have got kicked out last night." 

They didn't let her near any magazines, newspapers, TV, or radio.  She said she road down Fifth Avenue, near where she works, could talk to anyone, and wanted to grab a cell phone and call everyone and say "Here I am!"  The limo driver told her "Jun, take it all the way.  I'm rooting for you." and her handler whisked her away.  Jun tells her story [26 minutes] image   More video, Dreamer, cap girl extraordinaire, caught the moment Jun re-entered the BB house in this four minute clip:  Jun's home [4 minutes] image

2:00PM Jun Still Hasn't Received Her HoH Room.     Nominations Are Sunday!

2:15PM Ali Tells the Erika and Jun all about Jee's offer.     Then Jee tells Jun how jealous Ali was when she was away, trying to get Jun to turn on Ali.  Later Jun tells Ali what Jee said.  Later, Jee tells Robert what a little f'ing hypocrite Ali is for telling Jun how happy she was for her.  Robert's still counting the days, so anxious to get out, he keeps counting, and still coming up a week short. "We're a week away from the end. The dream team made it to the end.  If Jun has fans, then you know you have fifty times more."

2:45PM Jun gets her room!  And a penguin.  He basket included homemade cookies, English toffee, a Pet shop Boys CD, but the biggest coolest thing is the picture from Bob.  Unlike the one on the necklace, she knows this one is new because he wrote on it, "Congrats on winning HoH I'm heading over to the VMA awards now, to see if I can get a glimpse.  Hang in there you're doing great."  Jun's flower is a tulip, and she got some Coronas (beer).  The stuffed penguin was from her first date with Bob.  Jun gets her room [2 minutes] image
Jee's trying real hard to work a deal with Jun

Here's What Will Happen:  The plan for Sunday is that Jun will nominate Ali & Robert (Jun says she doesn't want to hear Jee complaining) and Ali will use the PoV to save herself, then Jun will put up Jee.  Don't forget, if Jun lies, she could put up Erika and there'd be no PoV to save her. Ali asks Robert if he wins HoH next week, who he'd put up.  He says Jun, and he doesn't know who else.  Ali tells Robert she knows who she'd put up, and it's not him.

Tonight's Broadcast:  We start with Jack's eviction and Robert's reaction to being surprised that the girls one-upped his dream team.  I was surprised they aired so much about Rob's anger towards women.  This subject has been smoothed over in the past.  Backtracking, they showed Jun winning HoH, and the HGs discovering that Jun is missing.   The second quarter was the HGs trying to solve the puzzle of Where in the World is Jun.  There was some talk about what the HGs would do if they won the $500,000.  Then they covered Jee's pigging out after promising to eat PB&J with the rest of the house. This led up to the ball room food challenge [5 minutes] image .  The second half started with some plotting with Ali talking to the guys about the voting, and then clue #2, the video tape.  Then we got to see Jun in New York, getting ready for the VMA.  The HGs got clue #3, The astronaut.  And the last scene was the HGs seeing Jun in NY and Alison winning the PoV. HGs see Jun in NY [2 minutes] image   And three cheers to CBS for putting together a great show, literally overnight. Jun's NY Adventure [2 minutes]

 8:30PM Jun has told the girls everything little detail of her conversation with Jee.  The girls are review the HGs game play, and dis'ing most of the male players as dim.  It's OK, while the girls are trashing the guys, Robert's in the BY with Jee talking about the "evils whores." 

9:00PM They all sit down to dinner together like a happy family.

10:30PM  BB just made an odd announce to the HGs, "House guests:  If you win the $500,000 prize it means you'll never have to eat PB&J again."  Then Erika found the oasis room door was unlocked (the key was hanging on the doorknob).  The balls were still there and they took Jun for a swim in the ball room.  The boys didn't join them.  Back in the ball room [3 minutes] image As everything is calm, this will be the last update for the night.

Thursday, August 28 2003:  Where is the World is Jun Part II
8:00AM BBT The HGs got up before me today and BB had prepared a continental breakfast for them in the BY.  There was a reason, of course, BB was setting up an early food challenge in the oasis room the the HG were on an outdoor LD.

9:15AM The Challenge:  The foods the HGs can win are written on the balls.  The HGs must find the balls with a food item written on it, and put it in the tube in alphabetical order.  They have five minutes.  They won:  almonds, applesauce, berries, bratwurst, brie, cola, corn, cream, deli, meats, dips (but the chips ball was out of order), donuts, egg substitute, ground beef, guacamole, halibut, hot dogs,  Italian sausage, lasagna lute fish,  mozzarella, nectarines, refried beans, rigatoni, salmon, shrimp scampi, sour cream, and tuna .  The ball room food challenge [5 minutes] image

9:30AM  My web site is down due to networks problems in Florida, but the HGs are having a blast playing in the room full of balls.   Ali was doing back-flips off of the camera window ledges.  They asked BB if they could keep the desert room filled with balls. While they were playing they found the lobster ball they had missed during the game.

After the competition BB staffers went in and aliened the balls in the tubes so that the food labels faced out for the cameras.  If you watch the clip, after the HGs play, you can see BB in the room setting up the shots.  The Ball Room [2 minutes] image

Noon:  It's an indoor LD As BB prepares clue number two. 12:30PM The HGs get clue #2 and it's a video tape.  Jee thinks he has the answer, "She's at the Apple Tape."

1:00PM  All the HGs are asleep in various places.

Questions:  When the contest ends tonight, will the HGs see Jun on the plasma screen at the awards?  Will the HGs get to watch any of the awards.  Will Jun make her nominations from NY?  For the answer to these, and other questions, don't miss the next thrill packed episode of Big Brother 4, Friday night (or just read it here later tonight).
Jun Song on the red carpet at the
MTV Music Video Awards

2:00PM Robert took a shower while the others sleep.  Ali snores. 

3:30PM They're hungry, they've got food, and without Jun they haven't a clue what to do with it,  well they're eating sandwiches, but not like when Jun whips up a meal.  BB getting ready to give the next clue. 

7:10PM EASTERN TIME! Jun Appears on the Red Carpet at the VMA.  Here's Jun's MTV Debut Interview [1 minute] image

4:15PM BBT  HGs get the third clue.  It's the astronaut from the MTV logo. Instead of helping, I think this clue is confusing them. 

Robert was the first to lock in his guess by ringing the bell, followed by Jee, Ali and Erika.   The HGs spend the next 45 minutes talking about their guesses, without revealing what they guessed.  They're all very excited.  Jee and Robert guessed a place, Ali guessed an event.  Erika brings up Curtis from BB1 going to the Emmys, but says the rules changed since then, and they'd never do something like the now.  They talk about the space suit, and how it looks like the real deal, and might just be.  Erika says the real one is worth over a million, which is why BB was clear that they shouldn't touch it.

5:45PM The Realization Hits Them:  Without saying what their guesses are, Ali and Erika have pretty much let each other know.  And Ali says, "And by the way, if Jun's where I think Jun is, I'm  totally jealous!"  Erika and Ali talk about events like the one they guesses, like The Grammys, which Erika went to once.   At 9:00PM Jee finally gets it and is pissed that Jun's got to go there.  Robert, who guessed the Space Mountain in Disneyland, figured it out soon after.  Jee's guess was the Space Needle in Seattle Washington.  Let me clarify, Jee and Robert figured out the puzzle, and what the girls were talking about.  It's Ali that will later win the PoV.

8:45PM  We didn't get to see the HGs watch Jun on TV, the feeds returned shortly after.  Robert was the happiest of the HGs for Jun.  Ali admitted she's not sure how she feels about the possibility of Jun getting information about the house from the outside.  They saw more than I did, they saw Jun in the front row with Madonna.  We also got confirmation that Ali won the PoV.  Ali was also impressed that Jun got to be on national TV, Robert was thrilled she was on TV.  They don't seem to understand, they're on national TV three times a week, on a show that has much better ratings than the MTV Music Video Awards.  The clip I have has the camera focused on Erika through most of it.  I didn't choose that, it just happened.  HGs after seeing Jun on TV [8 minutes] image

9:30PM As the girls soak in the hot tub, they have men of the house lower the shades, the are in an outdoor LD.  The girls that joked about being jealous, admit that they really are.  Jee was less impressed "She lives about twenty blocks from there."  Jee did say that he was happy for her.  9:50PM LD Over.  BB thanks Jee and Robert for raising the shades.  The girls that thought this was such a great day just hours ago, are now bored and complaining that all they have to do is play cards while Jun got to get out.  Robert realizes that if the four of them had sex together in the house tonight, the media would forget about Jun pretty fast.

Wrap Up:  Just to clarify, there hasn't been a nomination ceremony yet.  Before winning HoH, Jun told Jee that if she did win, she'd nominate Jee and Robert, they'd evict Robert.  Erika's in favor of evicting Robert.  Yesterday Robert took solace in the fact that his impending eviction just meant that it was getting nearer the end of the game and closer to seeing his daughter.  Tonight, the guys speak as if it's Jee that's leaving.  Either they're in the dark again, or I've misinterpreted again. 

My opinion:  If Robert was smarter, he'd work his charms on Erika, at times he manages to pull her heartstrings.  Jee should be making sure Jun's still on his side, he's done nothing to make her happy.  Ali, who can't be trusted, has two teammates that could pair off with an ex if things don't go well.  With Ali being disliked by the jury, she should look to be in the final two with Erika, who is also disliked by part of the jury.  Jun, although not liked, isn't hated by anyone.  Next week a guy could HoH and make it to the finals and ruin all my typing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003:  Jack is Evicted  -  Jun Wins HoH
While They Sleep...   I appreciate all the mail and ideas, but I didn't have time to reply before, and now I may not even get through reading them all.  Let's start with one popular notion, and that's that Jee is getting kicked out for breaking the rules.  First, he was told about revealing his nominations before the meeting in week two, but it wasn't a big deal, and they wouldn't wait until now to punish him. Then he revealed that he bought the PoV before Julie told them. But I watched the tapes again, she tells them not to discuss it while the talks are in progress, and says she'll be back to reveal the winner(s).  I heard  no rule about self-admission.  If these rules broken, there is a procedure where the violator becomes nominated for eviction.  They would not remove him unless he threw chairs or put a knife under Jun's chin.  I pretty certain there's no punishment involved. 

Another popular scenario is that it's the turtles that are leaving.  How could so many of you missed that the turtles are already gone?  They left Thursday.  I always thought that BB2 Will, who is an authority on Sulcata tortoises,  would have at some point turned up to take them away, or something.

The rumor that a HG is going to the MTV Music Video Awards started here, sorry about that.  I got a phone call from a usually reliable source, that said the MTV Music Video Awards were being taped in LA at 8:00PM on Wednesday, giving them time to get the HG ready and get to the theater.  And yes, CBS and MTV are owned by the same company.  The problem is, the show is in New York at Radio City Music Hall, not L.A. (live on Thursday).  They've never left someone out over night,  and there's ten hours of flying involved. So although possible, I removed it because it wasn't as probable as if it was in LA.   I had my possible scenario listed for just a couple minutes, long enough for it to spread, and I'm sorry about that. 

To all of you that wrote me with praise and compliments, gosh, thanks gang. To those of you that hate me and my ancestors,  why torment yourselves, it's a big internet, go visit some other web site.  And oh yeah, Jack is the mole.

Jack and Erika woke up at 10:15AM to a LD.  Jack tells Erika that when he got up at 8:15AM he caught two workers pulling down the outside shades. One was tall, one was not, one had light hair, one had dark. one had a dark shirt.  They were both in their twenties.  Later when telling the story also said she was up and saw them too.  This was a really big deal to them.   By 10:45 everyone but Jee was up.

12:48PM Girls are resting in their beds, got to be their best for tonight's contest. Jee and Robert have been reminiscing about the game.   Poor Jack, the man without a team, says he can still hear them working outside.  They heard electronic sound effects at one point.  The boys discuss that the live votes are a little unsettling.  Jee suspects there's a twist coming up tonight.  Robert : "I know Erika better than anybody.  I know her face, man, an'  she knows she's leaving. She even gave Ali a dress as a goodbye. She knows she's leaving"

1:15PM LD is Over The HGs can see the set built in the BY for tonight's show, but they're not sure what the game will be.  In the past, some physical games, like the bottle of ping pong balls, and the Bocci ball, BB let them start practicing the night before.  Even Q&A contests have brief rehearsals before show time.   1:30PM The HGs rehearsed, they haven't said what they did. 

3:30PM  The HGs are doing their usual primping before show time. The view is interrupted by an extended FotH. 4:45PM, End of FotH, everyone's still doing what they were doing an hour ago (I hate that). Tonight our HGs will be wearing new clothes that they got from the BB Boutique.  It amazes me that both sides still have stuff to whisper about this close to voting time.  Jack tells Erika that he has a lot of info, stuff he can only tell her at the wrap party. 

The Broadcast:  Tonight's show began with a recap of the week. Erika's trust and relationship with Jack and Ali's clever manipulations and lies.   Jack blames himself for the situation they are in.  Erika's not an Ali fan, but is willing to be nice to win.  Julie asked Jun how she feels about finding out the HGs thought her fishnet top was tacky. Julie asked Jee if it was tough going without cigarettes, ask Robert if it tough going without food.  She also asked if Robert would have been as forgiving if someone else had done what Jee had done.  Robert admitted he wouldn't have been so forgiving if it had been someone else.

Before going to break, Julie teased us by telling us an interview with Ali's boyfriend,  Donny was coming up. The Donny Interview [3 minutes] image Donny has been watching and he is mad, hurt, and distrustful of her.  Is it over?  He wouldn't bet Vegas odds on it lasting, but a decision hasn't been made.   Julie asks us, "What will the HGs do when one of them turns up missing?"  I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see Robert's picture on a milk carton. 

When we returned we got more footage from the sequester house, and then the live vote. Jury House [3 minutes] image  Robert voted first, and voted to evict Erika, Jun voted Jack, and Ali voted Jack.  Erika whispered to Jack that  she made a deal with Ali and Jun, so he'd know what happened. Julie ask him if he was throwing competitions, and he said he tried to win all the HoH contests, he took a dive on the Quoridor game because he had a deal. Voting and Jack's Eviction [9 minutes] image The HGs are in the BY, ready to compete for HoH. It's a Q&A regarding the disappearing items.  Jun won when Erika appeared to choke on the last question.  Now that Jun won, she'll be leaving the house. HoH Competition [6 minutes] imageFor the last quarter of the show, we returned to house, where Julie asked everyone how they felt.  The Julie called Jun into the DR where see was told she's going to New York for the MTV Music Video Awards.  The other HGs will not be told where Jun is. Julie gives us an important detail, this twist will effect the this week's PoV. 

Robert's really mad that Erika is still in the house.  "It wasn't meant for us to win the money.  She's a scumbag bartender that needs the money.  They're the whores that will win."  "Three sluts that don't deserve it.  And people like Justin that are too fuckin' honest are voted out."

7:47PM It sounds like the HGs know that Jun is on her way to NY, Robert  just said he was sick to hear her baby voice saying she's on her way to the airport.  (I think that's what I heard, noting after that seems to confirm that.)

8:00PM The boy's rant continues with Robert calling the girls evil filthy f'ing whores.  He says the game is set up for the girls to win, "It's always that way, so the evil ones are the ones that get the money.  Not a father, or an honest person like you or Justin..." This line of thinking goes on and on.  8:07PM, Jee: "What the hell is Jun doing?  That is the question."  Judging from other remarks they may not know.   Robert says he'll eat Jun's cooking but he won't talk to her. Hmmm, Robert the restaurant manager better know his way around a stove...   Robert's so excited that there's only two weeks to go, which is great, except it's three weeks to go.   Robert says he knew all the answers to the HoH competition, but he never hit the buzzer at the right time.

The MTV Music Video Awards:  Yes, it was posted here last night, but my source had too many facts wrong, he was 24 hours and 3,000 miles off.  But he did know first, before Tuesday night's show went off the air on the East coast!

8:25PM  Robert: "I don't want to hear from Jun if they sent her some place nice."  Erika joins the patio group.  Jee: "I just want to know the news.  What's takin' so long.  Expect the unexpected."  The girls have asked the DR where's Jun, they wouldn't tell them anything.  Erika: "They kept asking 'How does that make you feel?'"  Ali thinks they're giving her an hour to watch them before she makes her nominations. After the show [4 minutes] image

9:00PM The Thai Dinners Arrive The portions aren't as large as usual, they wonder if they should save some for Jun, but there were only four trays, so they assume it's just for them.  The conversation is minimal and uncomfortable. 

After Dinner The boys return to the patio.  The conversation continues with them both talking about how much they want to get back to their real lives on the outside.  They both say they didn't apply to be in the game, it's because of their ex's that they're there, and that it's planned for the ones like Ali that applied to be on the show to win.   Robert: "I've got to apologize to Ali, that sucks"  Jee: "Why do you got to do that?"  Robert: "Just to keep things cool, cause I shouldn't have gone off on her."

10:00PM  Jee tells the girls the they need to add three of their favorite dishes to a list for the next food competition.  10:15PM Indoor LD.  The HGs thought they heard the DR door and Jun was back, of course it wasn't.  All of a sudden Robert is talking about how fortunate they are to be indoors, with food.  Robert sees there's clues outside and they be playing another competition tonight.  Everyone scrambles to get dressed and ready for a new game.   This might be the PoV contest.

PoV Competition:  The HG's must figure out where Jun is.  The first HG to correctly guess, the location wins.  When the HG is satisfied with their answer they ring a bell, and give their answer in the DR.  The PoV contest will end thirty minutes after the last clue is given, and the winner will be announced Thursday evening.  The first in a series of clues is a big apple.  In the event no one wins, the PoV will go to the HoH. 

The girls ponder Clue #1, a really big apple.

The HGs are thinking about ruling out NY, because it's too far away and they wouldn't have time to get her there and back in time for nominations.  [Well damn if that's not what I said!]  The HGs will need to figure out precisely that she's at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  The rules say they may need to guess the event.  They'll need to get some darn good clues to narrow this down to the MTV Video Music Awards.  Ali's certain that they would not fly her all the way to NY, and back just so they can guess a city.  She doesn't think they'd put Jun in a public place because of the game.  Both Ali and Erika have been drinking, and aren't at their best.  Jee says he thinks he knows the answer.  Erika and Ali are getting warm thinking it might be The Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman does his show.  They also said "...well, if they give us a radio as a clue..." so they might even be as close as Radio City Music Hall.  But have no fear, all four will receive more clues.

Ali says Jun will be back tomorrow for her nominations.  "She's probably at a hotel, ten minutes from here."  I don't know if she believes it or is just saying it to throw the boys off.   Ali also says that Jun might be on a virtual trip, like in a studio in front of a green screen, "...with like the Statue of Liberty on it.  But you know they aren't going to take her all the way to New York just so we can guess where she is."

11:20PM Already the conversation is off the PoV contest and on to us.  Erika is explaining about the internet fans.  How they [us] follow everything, and are writing about it as they speak [I'm trying if she'd talk slower].  Erika says we're all fans, so the internet sites won't say bad things or bash any of the HGs [Huh?].  Jee is shocked when Erica tells him that he has fans that have made up fan pages with pictures and stuff about him. 

Robert and Jee are in much better spirits, all four are in the living chatting like the best of friends.  I think the food helped mellow the guys.

Midnight:   Erika thinks Jun might be at the New York, New York casino in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003:  No Voting Today?

Missing Items

It started with Amanda's picture. There are things missing moved or altered in the house.   Here's what my readers spotted:

One of the stools are missing from the bath area.

Ugly Starburst kitchen clock. 

The living room shelf that had the chrome "X" on it. 

A sea shell filled with scrubby poofs by the bathtub.

Different bottles on top of fireplace.

A kitchen area barstool.

Yellow bowl of blue marbles.

One gnome.

The rubber duck's rain hat.

One yellow chair.

Added a lamp

"Occupied" sign from bathroom. Was missing, and returned.

The mirror from next to back door.

The jokers from the deck of cards (Nope, Justin took them).

Bottles or vases that was on top of cabinet in kitchen.

Jee's rose in the HoH room.

The punching bag (I thought they were just done with it)

The toilet seat lid.

Plasma screen fish.

Wake-Up Call 10:00AM   Jack's coffee is good today. It's 76° in Studio City, the forecast calls for  Partly cloudy skies with  isolated showers,  mainly this morning. Highs in the mid 80s to mid 90s. Chance of rain 20 percent.  Erika is up before Jun today, and we'll start where we started yesterday with the missing items list. 

Since there aren't usually challenges on Tuesdays, it looks like the challenge involving the missing and moved items from the house will be for the HoH contest.  Several people wrote to suggest that maybe BB is doing this as a diversion to take their mind off the game, or is Jack the mole?  Besides the missing items, they're sure BB has been messing with the thermostat, but it's really been Erika trying to drive Robert nuts.

By 10:15AM Jack and Erika got their drugs, and everyone but Jee is awake, BB corrects that at 10:20AM.

At 10:30AM.  Ali tells Robert  they won't be taping their votes today.  Jun say's "There's no voting today" Ali replies, "No, let's lie to Robert like he lies to us."  The BB announcement last night said there'd be voting today.  I've only been writing for a half hour, and already they've confused me.   11:00AM, Confirmed, no voting today.

12:55PM Outdoor LD.  1:09PM LD over, Ali says she has to pee so she has an excuse to run in and check out the house, but so did Robert. 

2:00PM Lunch arrives. Jee's guest for lunch today is Jun.  Jun has ordered  chicken nuggets, a cob salad, Fillet-o-Fish sandwich and fries.  Jee is in a bad mood and says wanting a cigarette and the house are getting to him.  Ali: "All the other reality shows have million dollar prizes.  Just my fuckin' luck I get picked to be on the cheap one."

Odds for Big Brother 4
(Odd calculated by John Avello of Bally's Paris)
 (For entertainment purposes only )

Houseguest: Opening
Erika 4/1 4/1 3/1
Alison 8/1 6/1 7/2
Jun 25/1 8/1 4/1
Jack 4/1 4/1 6/1
Robert 10/1 10/1 8/1
Jee 40/1 12/1 10/1
Justin  8/20 12/1 5/1 --
Nathan  8/13 6/1 -- --
Dana  8/6 15/1 -- --
David  7/30 15/1 -- --
Michelle 7/23 20/1 -- --
Amanda  7/16 22/1 -- --
Scott  7/12 18/1 -- --

Tonight's Broadcast: The show began with more of Jun and Jee's dynamics over him taking the PoV. Next we saw the nomination meeting that put Jack and Erika on the block.   The second quarter started with Marcellas planting the gnomes in the backyard, and the subsequent food contest. Gnomes [7 minutes] image  The second half gave us both parts of the luxury fashion challenge in the BB boutique. Sacrifice & Boutique [8 minutes] imageThe last quarter was the PoV meeting, where Jee let his nominations stand. PoV [3 minutes] image Then the announcer teased us with another twist, "Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Jack, or Erika? Then, in an unexpected turn, another house guest will leave as well.  It all starts live tomorrow night at nine,  eight central on Big Brother Four."  Announcement [1 minutes] image

Eviction, or Luxury?  In both the announcement and the commercial it's only said an HG will be leaving the house,  they never say evicted.  So far, luxury outings included a helicopter ride, a trip to the Emmys and a boat trip with a gourmet meal.  With CBS ordering additional episodes, and a promise that no evicted guest will return, it seems unlikely that the cast will be reduced, but remember, expect the unexpected. 

More Strange Goings On:  The starburst clock is back, the fish are gone, no not the plasma display of the aquarium, but the fish in the aquarium, the background is still there.  The spice rack is missing,  and Jee's flowers are back.  The new commercial says, "Another house guest will be removed."  And remember, the producers said the end will have lots of twists. 

I also heard Ali say the sequestered guests were in Hawaii.  Robert said they couldn't be because it's a five hour flight and they need to have them close by.  Ali might be thinking Hawaii because of the skywriter message that said "Aloha," but she said it like it was DR info.  It's a beautiful beach and I'm surprised someone hasn't recognized it by now.

Sinking In.  Robert and Jee are starting to realize the girls have a deal, and their about to be punk'd again.  Yesterday, Robert was just certain he'd win HoH, tonight they're both talking about winning the PoV after the girls put them up.  I think my critics that say I give Jun too much credit for loyalty to Jee might be right.  All the alliances are pretty weak, and could shift with the roll of the dice. 

The HGs have been obsessing over Wednesday's vote, and complaining about the boredom.  One of the better lines:  Ali: "This is worst than prison. At least in jail you get visitors and food."  Jee: "Yeah but in here I don't have to worry about becoming somebody's bitch."  Ali: "You never know..."


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