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Week Eleven: Three on a Roof And then A Mime
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Monday, September 22, 2003:  Two Days to Go
Another restless night, 10:45AM Jun's just starting her day, Ali still has the blankets over her head.

1:00PM Ali has branched out from jewelry making to beading clothes.  Jun is taking a nap. 

1:10PM Outdoor LD  There have been a couple FotHs and now this LD, but I don't think anything's really going to happen today. 

2:00PM The girls can hear people in the house and they know BB taping scenes with the evicted HGs. 

Ali:  "Did you ever have sex at work?"  Jun: "Uhha"  Ali: "Where? In the bathroom?"  Jun: "No.  It was in the graphics design room where they keep the marketing stuff."

3:30PM LD Over. 

7:00PM  I haven't quit, there's really nothing to report.  They sleep a lot.  They talk about food...  Really nothing going on.  I think BB is going to let them watch another movie tonight, so there's more FotH time.

Joey in happier times.
Joey after being torched. 

9:20PM The wicked ones were bored and decided to burn the dog's head (Joey) from Erika's piñata.  As they set fire to the paper mache pooch the cameras switched to FotH, when they returned we saw Jun putting the fire out with the hose. 

Ali has it down to the hour, 45 hours she tells Jun until they get out.

I thought they had already seen their movie, as we had about two hours of FotH, but Ali has mentioned that it's twenty minutes to show time.  Joker's Updates reports that the girls watched "Menno's Mind" from Big Brother/Amazing Race director Jon Kroll (maybe as some kind of punishment), earlier today, so maybe they're getting a double feature. 

Ali asks how MP3s work.  Jun explains how you can download them from Napster any more, but there are other sites you can still can music from.  Ali was unaware that "music sharing" of pop music is illegal and says it's a good thing she's technologically illiterate, it's kept her from breaking the law. 

Sunday, September 21, 2003:  9:42AM Jun Gets Her Period
Noon  It's really getting difficult to tell where one day ends and the next begins.  As we tune in on the duo today, they are poolside and Ali is pondering the result of a Justin/Dana union, "Oh gawd, can you imagine little mantrolls running around.  I told them in the diary room, they would be the ugliest kids in the world."   

There's nothing else scheduled for today.

Haters:  Ali asks Jun "Who did you hate the most?" Jun replies "Robert"  Ali asks "Who did you hate the least?" Jun says "Justin, because he cleaned up after himself."   After Robert Jun said she hated Erika because she was always hovering, then comes Nathan.  Jee didn't bother her.

6:15PM Alison confirmed that the jury has already voted, "They locked the votes in."

Jun gave in and tried making jewelry with the bead kit they were given.  Ali was also working on a project, hers was a necklace for "Alex"  a BB staffer. 

Last night Jun had asked BB in the DR if they would like her to make some wings for them.  BB's reply was "Umm yum." which Jun took to mean "yes."  When Jun took the prepared wings to the storage room tonight, she was told they couldn't accept the wings or the necklace.   "Peace offering for a movie tonight, please...."

6:45PM Jun is called to the DR.  She returns with the news that BB is going to show them "Narc,"  Ali loves whoever is working tonight. They are both happy, neither have seen it. It will start in a half hour.  Jun says Ray Liotta is in "Narc."   Ali doesn't know who he is until Jun tells her that he played Paul Krendler in "Hannibal." 

11:00PM They went to bed early talking about what they're going to do with their lives after BB.  Jun wants to start her own business, Ali wants to get a gig doing commercials for a car dealer because she wants a free Lexus.  Ali's just not sure she wants to be a lawyer and really doesn't know what to do with her life.  Jun tells her to get a job through or 

Saturday, September 20, 2003:  It's Jury Day!

 Jun and Alison Will Face the Jury Today  FotH

9:00AM  The girls were restless sleepers last night, a couple times I heard Ali saying unintelligible things in her sleep.  They're both up now, following a brief FotH.  They were told the inquisition will start between 12:30 & 1:00PM.   

10:00AM  Jun reminds Ali, "We get a movie tonight.  Ooops, we aren't suppose to say that."  And then there's an outdoor LD. 

10:20AM  LD Over.  Since this will be a TV moment, the girls go through their usual primping.  Even way before 12:30 there are lots of FotHs.    Jun wants to know why the other HGs get to see them, but they can't see the jury.   Ali agrees and says you don't know how to react when you can't see them.  Each jury member can only ask each one question. 

While getting dressed, Jun's telling Ali how she's always been a non-conformist.  She says she had her tongue pierced.  One day following a business meeting one of the women noticed it and told her if she wanted to get ahead in the corporate world that she should take it out.  Since she was going to be meeting  Bob's parents she did.  

1:30PM  There's a brief return from the FotH, and we hear Ali say, "It's nice to know Dana still hates me." 
Jun: "I think she's not too happy with me either."
Ali: "Why?  She didn't sound like it."
Jun: "I heard some sarcasm in her voice."
Ali: "I hated hearing them laugh."
Jun: "I think they were just having fun.  Not laughing at us, but, oh well, I guess they were."
Ali: "Well I think it's rude."
Ali "Nathan did leave the dirty socks in your bed.  I didn't think he would do something like that.."
Jun: "I told you."
Ali: "Ahhh. I miss him."
Jun:  "Robert sounded very ethnic today, didn't he sound so Hispanic?"
Ali: "Oh yeah,  I almost didn't recognize the the voice  What did Jee ask you?"

Last night I wrote that the BB shrink told Jun she was concerned that Jun was addicted to Tylenol PM.  I goofed.  Jun didn't get to see Dr Zachary last night, she'll be in tonight to see both Jun and Alison.  It was a BB producer that expressed concerns about Jun becoming dependant. 

5:15PM End of FotH All four feeds just showing two empty chairs on the patio.  Jun pulls the outside shades up, and we're back to FotH.   Jun finds out they took away the Tylenol PM.  Ali hopes her brother will be at the wrap party, "'cause I know he'll go right up to Nate and say 'My sister played you dude, she played you so bad." 

7:00PM Dinner  Tonight they got Indian food, shrimp, rice, etc..  While they're eating they talk about things they said in the DR.  Ali tells Jun she was never really mean to her in the diary room, "Well maybe a coupe bad remarks early in the game. "  Hmm I guess Ali forgot about last week when Ali won the movie screening and said it doesn't bother her at all that Jun didn't get to see the movie, "the little witch could use some time to herself." 

Ali:  "Oh this is awful!"
Jun: "Now remember our internet viewers that would kill to be in our position. "
A chuck of conversation [30 minutes]

8:00PM Ali got her session with the house shrink, Jun's began at 9:00PM.   At 10:00PM we got a long FotH, so I think they were watching a movie.

11:30PM Movie's Over (They never talked about the movie, and may have actually watched "The Amazing Race").  Ten minutes later BB switches the lights to the sleep level and Ali says, "Sweet.  That means BB wants us to go to bed."  She continues worrying about whether Donny still loves her.  Out of the blue, Ali asks Jun, "Cut my hair off?" Jun says she's crazy and Ali says she just thinks it would look good short.  Jun says she doesn't cut hair and doesn't want to her mother a heart attack.  More Talk [22 minutes]

1:00AM Girl Talk.  They've covered dozens of female subjects tonight, the funniest was waxing.  Jun says she has to get her "cooch" waxed so she can get laid.  Ali's never been waxed there and doesn't like the sound of it, "Doesn't it hurt." Jun: "Oh yeah." Ali: "For how long?"  Jun: "The throbbing pain usually goes away in a couple hours.  Then you're silky smooth..."  With Jun's description of sex afterwards, Ali changed her mind and want to get waxed too.

1:30AM Jun and Ali can't sleep.  They get up and have tea. They talk about grilling tomorrow night and Ali suggests they throw Joey's head [from Erika's piñata] on the grill too.  Jun says, and then we can smash Robert's gnome.  Ali asks BB if they can smash it and there's a FotH.  Yes, it's never too late in the day to call Robert "Ricky Retardo," and further trash his family.  Ali wonders, "If you were Dana's family or friends, I don't see how you could be proud of her."  At 2:45AM they were still "reviewing."

Meanwhile, back home in Meadville... 
A few weeks ago I looked around the internet to see what the folks in Alison's home town thought of her.  I found and there was no mention of her.   I've been to Meadville and it isn't a hick town, it's not even that small of a town, I thought for sure there'd be something said.  I forgot about Meadville until Ali got her HoH basket and she read a letter that said "The Meadville Tribune even carries a column called 'Alison Watch.'"  Ali's hometown newspaper does have a web site, but you can't read "Alison Watch" on line.

Today I was looking for stuff to steal, I mean I was researching,  at The BB4 BBQ and saw "Alison's Hometown Speaks Out"  It's a juicy, nasty (anonymous, damnit) letter, that says in part, "Right now, the parents are getting a divorce, but with the extra notoriety from their TV appearance, they have been seen walking up and down a street in Meadville, holding hands and all smiles. They are also eating up all the attention from the local paper."

So I had to go and get a copy of The Meadville Tribune and see just what they see when they watch Alison.  The column "Alison Watch" appears on a page "Home Town News."   It explains that Ali is a former Meadville resident, and the former Miss Crawford County, then it explains what Big Brother is, and gives a rundown of the last TV episode.   So, basically, they're taking the "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" approach. 

Friday, September 19, 2003:  A Really Dull Day
11:00AM Indoor LD and the girls can hear people in the back yard. 

Ali works on a craft project to kill some time.

3:00PM It's been a really dull day.  There has been the usual talk: They don't see why they have to stay in the house.  They don't see why they can't have music and TV.  They're bored.  They don't want to face the jury.  They want to go home.

There have been a few FotH, they were more interesting than usual, there were ants crawling on the lens.  They were given jewelry kits.  Ali's working on it, but complaining as she goes.

They also keep talking about a BB staffer, "Gary" that does the shopping.  They know it's against the rules to discuss them, but they've been deliberately annoying them by constantly using their names, with talk like, "Gary didn't bring us avocados." "Well, Gary made a craft run."  and "Can't we send Gary for a pizza?"

There's also some remodeling going on in the DR.  The girls can hear drills and can see the vibration in the mirror on the DR door.

They were later given another tie-dye kit.  Jun didn't want to do it, she said she never like tie-dying. 

9:45PM Jun Can't Take it Any More!  It was during their regular workout that Jun cracked.  Jun was jumping rope when she just stops and tells Ali she's depressed, Ali say she is too, Jun tells Ali she is seriously depressed.   Jun keeps saying "I can't do this." She wants to talk to the BB shrink. Ali say's it's f'ing awful and no one should ever have to go through this. 

Jun's crying and Ali's doing her usual consoling, being compassionate and calming.  Jun tells her she is going to OD on Tylenol PM and go to bed.  Ali follows her into house and they both take some Tylenol.  Jun heads toward the bedroom.  Ali goes back outside to continues to workout, but says under her breath  "Great, leave me in this house with a fucking manic depressive." 

Jun continues walking around the house crying.  Eventually she gets to speak with BB, but the shrink wasn't in.  When Jun comes out Ali asks how she's doing and Jun tells her that they're concerned about her having an addiction to Tylenol PM.  Jun says, "But I only took three."  She tells Ali she's sorry for being so bad, and the real cause is just homesickness and PMS.

11:30PM Bedtime.

Tonight's Broadcast:  The show was titled "Big Brother's Most Outrageous Moments,"  but should have been called "A Trip Down Memory Lane."  The promo showed Scott yelling at the camera, but he wasn't in the show. Most of the show featured the jury reminiscing the early days of BB4, when Dave was still making everyone laugh, the stooges numbered three, and Michelle wore a lettuce bikini.   They promised never seen before footage, and that included Ali getting her HoH basket on Wednesday night, Ali and Jun celebrating Rob's eviction and the food competition where Ali broke her ring.  It was revealed tonight that the sequester house is located in Puerta Vallarta Mexico.  The end of the program showed the jury packing and leaving their house, perhaps Robert didn't get to go.  On Wednesday, they told Jun that Robert would get to go, but not stay a full week.  All-in-all the show was a nice little scrapbook, but no big deal. 

Today's FAQ:  Who do you think will win?
Who cares?  To me it really makes no difference to me.  It's possible Ali could win by a landslide.  First, we have Robert who told Julie Chen he thinks the goodbye messages were sincere.  Rob's said he'd voting Ali, and doesn't really like Jun, he never talked to her until his last week.  Next we have Erika, she too told Julie she holds nothing against Ali, and was not a Jun fan.  Maybe she thought about it on the plane to the jury house, but I think she'll stay with original plan and vote Ali.  Next they've got Jee.  I think on his own he'd vote Jun, but I believe the stooges will vote as a group led by Robert.  Also, with it getting real close to a reunion with Carmen, I think Jee won't do his ex any favors.  I see no reason for Justin to vote for Ali, but then there's no reason to vote for Jun either, might as well give the vote to a friend, and Rob will agree.  Jack might be the smartest in the jury house (that's a low bar to reach), he was never a Jun fan, I think as a former FBI he might appreciate the way Ali played, and there's a good chance he'll vote the same way Erika does.  Jun and Ali were laughing at the way Ali used Nate and that he was so stupid that he didn't even know it.  They wondered if the people at the jury house explained it to him.  Every week they show him at the jury house saying he misses her and wants to cuddle with her, so if they explained it him, he still doesn't understand. I think he's an Ali vote.  Lastly, we have Dana, there's a vote for Jun. 

They didn't Keep them in the House alone for a week last year? 
Pretty close, four days.

Is Big Brother Rigged?  
Not that I've seen.  Every year they alternate the HoH challenges from mental, physical and chance, it's natural that one contest will favor certain HGs over others.  People keep writing me about the graphics, the silhouettes  used to represent the jury.  They're the same graphics they used last year, and used all this season, a long haired female, short haired male.  It's just a coincidence that they looked like Robert and Erika.  Now, the big argument is: Why would they want to fake it?  How would they benefit be faking it?  If they faked it, why did they evict all the funny/sexy people first?  Why would they want it to end like this with no one caring which witch wins what (well how long did you think I would go without name calling)?  The idea the Big Brother is fixed is absurd to me.  It sucks, but it not fixed.

Thursday, September 18, 2003:  Let Them Eat PB&J

Odds for Big Brother 4
(Odd calculated by John Avello of Bally's Paris)
 (For entertainment purposes only )

Houseguest: Opening
Alison 8/1 8/5 5/6
Jun 25/1 2/1 1/1
Robert  9/17 10/1 9/5 --
Erika  9/10 4/1 -- --
Jee   9/3 40/1 -- --
Jack  8/27 4/1 -- --
Justin  8/20 12/1 -- --
Nathan  8/13 6/1 -- --
Dana  8/6 15/1 -- --
David  7/30 15/1 -- --
Michelle 7/23 20/1 -- --
Amanda  7/16 22/1 -- --
Scott  7/12 18/1 -- --

Morning:  The girls get up after a restless night.  It's as dull as you think it is.  They do their ADLs complain about how dull it is, lay outside, complain etc..  They were given some more games and puzzles to play, but they don't hold their attention.

Jun's been instructed not to talk about when the Q&A with the jury is so we won't know. They practiced answering what they thought they'd be asked, but Jun wasn't real interested in that either.  By 4:00PM Alison sounded like she might crack before the end of the show.  Instead of everyone writing CBS to cancel the show, maybe we could talk them into keep the girls in there until next summer. 

There have been several FotHs today, perhaps they were singing, but there wasn't any apparent reason for them.  They've wanted DR sessions, but when they buzzed, there was no answer.  Ali's so desperate she told them they could even bring the mime back.  Typical Talk [5 minutes]

7:45PM Because they complained all day, Jun and Ali will get to watch a movie.  Tonight's  feature is "Unfaithful" starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere.  The opening scenes were filmed in the Soho section of New York City, near where Jun lives.  While watching the movie, Ali considered Connie unfaithful when she held another man's hand.

11:00PM They went to bed early again tonight, they don't seem too sleep soundly.  Here's some more talk before bed [4 minutes]

Today's FAQ:  What does the jury get to see?

The jury gets to watch all competitions and group events.  They If you watched the HGs watching themselves on video, they were seeing the same scenes provided to the jury.  They do not get to see any DR scenes or discussions of strategy.  Is sounds like (this is my opinion) that after they vote, they'll see everything.  If they do this like last year, the vote and jury is not live.  They taped the inquisitions, then live, they revealed the votes.

Julie Chen:  "Eleven weeks ago  Thirteen guests entered the Big Brother house prepared for anything.  As the weeks past, alliances were formed, secrets betrayed, and tears shed.  All of this as the "X" factor twisted it's way through the Big Brother house.  Thirteen house guests have now become two and at this very moment the jury is preparing to crown the winner of Big Brother.  Tune in Friday at eight, seven central for the next episode of Big Brother.  And one week from tonight the jury will come together to cast their final votes, and then after watching the entire season on tape, they, along with David, Amanda, and Michelle will reunite one last time to take care of unfinished business and settle outstanding scores.  Tune in next Wednesday for the moment we've all been waiting for-- Who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother Four."

Wednesday, September 17, 2003:  Big Live Show Tonight!
10:00AM:  They're all still asleep. 10:55AM Wake-Up Call  Robert asked Jun to make him pancakes for breakfast last night.  He told her he likes them and would like them one last times in case he's evicted tonight.  Today Robert got his pancakes. 

11:45AM Outdoor LD The HGs can hear the BB theme coming from inside the house. BB has played music in the past to mask the sounds of what they're really doing.   In addition to the music, they even had to stay away from the house, sitting out by the basketball court.

1:10PM LD Over  Ali's about to take a nap and Robert goes in and tells her that even if he gets evicted tonight, "We'll still be friends, right?"  And Ali assures him, "Oh for sure.  It's just a game, don't worry about it sweetie."  After Rob leaves, Jun enters and they go over they're hatred for Robert all over again.  Meanwhile Robert's cleaning the bathroom.

During the LD BB re-installed the TV monitor under the plasma screen, and removed all the alcohol from the house.  The HGs finish loading their BB mementos and extra clothes into the storage room to be shipped back home.  With everything clean and packed away, the house is getting that end of the show look. 

Tonight's Live Broadcast:  Opening review showed Robert confidently offering the girls jury security by not voting him out, or else, he'll turn the others against them. Rob's threat  [1 minute] image   And Back at the jury house [4 minutes] image  The second quarter showed a review of how the final three played the game, with Alison's mother and father commenting on their daughter's game play, Robert's parents commenting on his performance, and Jun's friend Nami cheering her on. Friend and Family  [4 minutes] image 

The second half of the show was the third part of the HoH competition.  It was a yes/no answer game, based on their relationships with their ex's, with the ex's providing the answers.  Jun threw the last two questions of the game, just as she said she would. HoH Contest  [9 minutes] image

The last quarter was the eviction  and as I predicted, Alison, not only didn't dis' Robert, she kissed his butt to help insure her votes.  As the door was closing, you could hear them giggling.  Before Julie began the interview, we saw Jun and Ali jumping up and savoring their victory.  Both Jun and Ali's farewell remarks were saccharine sweet, and Robert told Julie that he believes their words were sincere. The surprise moment was when Julie had Robert's daughter come out to welcome him.    Last eviction [9 minutes] image

Two on an outdoor LD

7:05PM  The Queen Team Celebrates their victory and continue to disparage Robert.  They got all their stuff out of the storage room.  Then Alison lies to Jun telling her what a nasty farewell message she left.  While commenting on the video competition, Alison says she also hates Justin.  The two whiteboards from the HoH competition were left in the house after the show, so they got to doodle.  Ali drew stick figures of her and Donny.   What they said after the show [9 minutes]

8:00PM Jun was told in the DR that Robert will go to the jury house.  Ali whines, "How 'bout running like ten America's Choices now.  Maybe we could win a couple."  

8:22PM Alison puts out this plea: "Someone on the internet: Please hire me.  I need a job."  8:30PM Ali gets her HoH basket that includes a letter from home dated August 11th.  The letter says they talk to Donny almost everyday, and they were invited to his home opener game, everyone's proud of her.  Her brother wrote, "If you loose you're kicked out of the family."  The letter from home [6 minutes]  

8:45PM They toast their success in the game, before digging into another sushi dinner.

9:15PM Ali says she didn't like Lisa last year, "She was too nice.  She always said  nice things about the person she was voting out..."

Tuesday, September 16, 2003:  More of the Same
10:00AM:  They're getting up.
11:30AM:  Rob Plays his Only Card.  Sunday night Rob threatened Jun that he'd swing the votes to Ali if she evicts him.  While Jun's in the DR (presumably recording goodbye messages) he tries the same with Ali.  And as soon as Jun returns they start trashing him.  Rob's threat  [1 minute] image  

Just so you don't thing I just slept late today, I made a clip of last night.  It includes Jun's remark about Elena's butterfly Spread a little sunshine [28 minutes]    

I don't think Robert's wasting his time by packing.

Here's what goes on:  The girls make real nice chit-chat with Robert (like now Ali's telling him all about cheerleading and her calendar) then Robert leaves them alone and they go off on him.  There's not much point in me writing it all out for you, so I'm not. 

2:00PM Robert's Packing.  As Robert tries to cram all his belongings into a suitcase, he occasionally mutters something, sounds like he's taking inventory.  The "girls" are outside tanning. 

4:40PM The Irony of it All:  I've been listening to Ali and Jun talk about how much they hate Robert for what he's done.  Other than giving Ali the ticket to the premiere, I couldn't think of anything he's done.  Ali clarified it.  She's upset about Robert calling them "bitches, sluts and whores."  Remarks he made to Jee after Justin was evicted.

At the end of that week, when Robert was HoH, Julie Chen asked him about those remarks, and he explained that he said those words in anger because he didn't know how to express his feeling at the time.  Robert told the girls that Julie asked about his words, and this was the first the girls heard about it.  Again, last week, when Robert had the live internet chat, and an internet chatter brought the subject up again.  Robert told Ali and Jun, that once again he was asked calling the women of the house "bitches, sluts and whores." 

This is the reason Ali now gives for her hostility towards Robert.  She's adding in Roberts threat to tell the jury not to vote for the one that gets him thrown out, but this is a recent development, a deal he tried to make after the hatred started. 

As Ali considers the words she'll use on live TV during the eviction, she tells Jun that, "Robert's a father, how would he feel if someone said those things about his daughter.  Can you imagine how our fathers felt when Robert said those things about us?"  From there the speech will admonish him for underestimating them both as game players and as women.  Then Ali asks Jun she thinks he'll try to hit her.  Jun says "no," but I really doubt you'll hear much, if any, of Ali planned agenda on TV. 

Tonight's Broadcast:  A quick review brought us back to Erika's eviction and Ali in the DR bragging that the tears that were shed were fake, "I give myself a 4.5 on my acting scale.." Ali comments on her performance [1½ minutes] image Then we get back to the three standing on the roofs of the little houses while the snow and ice fell on them.  The subject of Robert calling them offensive names was mentioned again during the HoH competition. Three on a Rooftop [7 minutes] image After Ali's 99% promise to take Robert to the finals, we see her saying goodnight to Jun, promising 100% to take her.  The second quarter saw the arrival of the mime.  The HGs put up with the mime for three hours before revealing the movie screening/premiere prize.  A DR scene shows Ali saying it doesn't bother her at all that Jun didn't get to see the movie, "the little witch could use some time to herself."  The halfway point showed the America's Choice prize and the HGs getting to see "what fans are saying on the internet."  They didn't refer to the posters as web sites.   After Rob's chat with America, we saw a DR scene with Ali annoyed at Jun for saying the when it comes to endurance competitions, Ali's the winner and Jun can handle the mental contests.  This led up to Ali making a deal with Robert that if he wins part two, she'll take him the the end.  The last quarter showed Jun winning the second part of the HoH competition.  Afterwards, and over confident Robert says he thinks they'll turn on each other and take him to the finals.  HoH Competition Part II [6 minutes] image

Meanwhile, back at the house...  Jun naps and Ali snores, while Robert fidgets on the patio. 

7:00PM  Ali didn't feel like solving the puzzle today, so the had a barbecue.  They still get their groceries, whether they use them or not, so they wanted to use the food before it goes bad.  Now Ali's wondering if maybe they [BB] would feel like surprising them and ordering pizza.  They're on outdoor LD, and Ali's still trying to kill all ants in California.

8:00PM Jun says she has no interest in going to the wrap party and seeing a bunch of people that talked about her behind her back. 

What's it Like on the Other Side of the Wall?  I've heard it from a couple reliable sources, so I don't think it's a chat-room legend.  BB was testing their equipment.  You could hear a tech, repeating, "One, one, one, one, oh she is so annoying!"   Now who do you think he was talking about? 

Poor Alison  She gave up her apartment, so she has no place to live.  She'll have to move in with her family.  She'll have to get a job, because missed the start of law school.  I’d like to help my dad do paralegal stuff.  She might become an NFL cheerleader, "I’d be like a Laker girl." or she could get her certification and teach aerobics.  

Alison was talking about her brother's friends finding her picture on Hottest Coed, and thinking she's hot.  You can judge for yourself by clicking the button.

9:45PM Robert nervously asks Alison if she left him a nice goodbye message. In a comforting tone she says "Yes, I left everybody a nice message, you and Jun..." Robert leaves and the girls continue to pack.  Ali figures since they will be leaving next week she can pack the bulk of her stuff and just leave a week's worth of clothes in the Big Brother bag.  They try not to leave anything behind because they feel Robert's looking for stuff to sell on eBay.

10:45PM While Ali and Jun workout, Ali goes over what she'll do on tomorrow night's live show, "I think I'll cry, they won't be tears of sadness, but anger.  Have you ever been so mad you cried..."

Midnight:  Jun and Ali are a little excited about tomorrow and needed to wind-down a little before sleeping.  Girls forget their prayers [23 minutes]

Monday, September 15, 2003:  Another Day
Today's BB food riddle:

Four people are on one side of a bridge that they need to cross. It is dark, there are holes in the bridge surface, and they only have one flashlight which must travel with them as they cross. To add to their troubles, the bridge will only support two people at a time.

Now person #1 can walk cross in 1 minute.
Person #2 has a limp and can cross in 2 minutes.
Person #3 has a sprained ankle can cross in 5 minutes.
Person #4 has a cast on his leg and takes 10 minutes to cross.
No matter how fast a person can cross, he must wait for his companion. If #1 goes with #2, it takes 2 minutes for them to cross. If number #2 goes with #4, it takes them 10 minutes. The flashlight cannot be thrown, instead it must be carried and delivered from person to person. The 4 people are trying to make it across in the fastest possible time as the bridge will collapse in 17 minutes.

First #1 and #2 go across which takes them 2 minutes. #1 comes back which takes another 1m (3m). He sends #3 and #4 across which takes 10m (13m). #2 comes back (15m). #1 and #2 go back across which takes 2m (17m). They can make it across in 17 minutes.

(Today's riddle was transcribed and solved by Michael, Good Job!)

They were up by 10:00AM, nothing to report.

Update:  Last night I wrote that the girls didn't get around to telling Robert he was out.  I thought that as usual Ali wanted to leave her options open, and why piss him off.  However "Kali" wrote to suggest that I missed something.  There were a lot of DR calls last night, the girls mentioned several times they were "in trouble," but they had been talking about BB staffers, and that's always cause for a FotH, and if too much a DR call.  Kali writes "John apparently told Jun 'your not giving away who your voting for yet, are you?' and Ali got the same speech."  It is against the rules to tell someone they're being evicted in advance.  This rule has been broken several times this year, each time those involved got a warning.  (Thanks Kali!)

At 10:45AM Jun and Ali once again stated they weren't bothering to pack, and wondered if Rob would check their luggage to see if they had. 

2:30PM Dull Day.  While the HGs Nap, let me thank "Nick" who directed me to an article: "This morning’s Variety reports that CBS has given the go-ahead to cast a fifth edition of “The Amazing Race,” even though the network hasn’t actually ordered a fifth season. "  This is real good news,  but to get it produced and scheduled you'll still need to send in a letter or two.  Addresses here.

Don't expect Ali and Jun to keep up their cheery disposition much longer, they announced today it's almost that time of month, and they should start PMSing soon. Poor Robert. 

4:30PM Ali did her laundry, Jun trimmed her toenails.

5:15PM Robert tells Ali that this is one of those weeks where anything can happen.  "I'm not scared because there's no point in worrying when you don't know what could happen."  Robert leaves and Jun enters.  Ali goes on and on about Robert trying to scare her by saying anything could happen.  She's furious that Robert would try to pull a stunt like that.  Ali says she might just tell him he's safe just to shut him up.  Ways to be mean committee [7 minutes]   They discuss how Jun will throw the last part of the HoH competition.  This is followed by a seething review of Rob's web site.  Robert walks in and they start saying how good he looks in the photo.  They turn their attention back to the food riddle. 

6:00PM Rob's Turn  While Ali's in the DR Robert takes his turn.  He's trying his best to pump up Jun into winning the last part of the HoH contest.  He tells her how Ali's smart, but she always chokes up during mental competitions.  He reminds Jun that the only HoH Ali won was the one with the balls in the tubes, because it was mostly chance.  He tells Jun she would be making a big mistake if she doesn't pack, because anything could happen, he says he's packing and so should Ali. 

More of My Opinion:  I don't know if Jun trusts Ali enough to put her fate in her hands.  Jun says she's going to throw the competition, but who knows for sure.  I also think that even if BB makes part three chance, and hands HoH to Jun, she'll take Ali to the finals.   I can not see any way that it won't be Jun and Ali alone in the house next week.  

7:00PM Dinner Arrives.  It's Mexican (I think I got it wrong last night), quesadillas, cheese enchiladas, shrimp, salsa,  salad, burritos, rice and beans, etc..

8:00PM After dinner speakers [16 minutes]

9:00PM Robert's concerned about how he's going to get all his junk from the BB house home, and how to pack.  While Robert's inside the girls come up with a solution.  They suggest wrapping all his stuff up and catapulting over the wall. Ali starts, "His fucking gnome, Joey's head..."  And Jun adds, "' Elena's butterfly?  That bitch is never gonna see it..."  Spread a little sunshine [28 minutes]


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