The following transcript is from a live chat with Gerry Lancaster from Phin's  The following transcript was made from a live chat and has been edited for ease of reading. Every effort was made keep this text true to the poster's original meaning and intent.

< Kitty>  Gerry -- have you been watching any of the show or tapes? If so -- have your feelings about any of the other HG's changed?

<Gerry> I'm more disappointed with Danielle and Marcelllas than anything else. 

<Jenavee7> Thank you chatting with us Gerry, Who would you at this point of the game, now, would you like to see win? Stil Dani? as that was what you said on the last show.

<Gerry> I think most likely Jason.  Maybe Roddy None of the Women!

< lildrafire> Gerry, loved you on the show. What do you think it is going to take to win this game? Any predictions?

<Gerry> Luck

< TeaLC> Hi Gerry ! Did you feel compelled to run out a buy one of those exercise machines? Great job on the weight lose BTW!

<Gerry>  Haven't bought one yet, but I will.

< Cheryl>  How did your wife like her tree?

<Gerry>   She loved it!

< FastChatter> Hi Gerry, just wanted to say you played a good game! I would like to know what you think about Marcellas now that you have had a chance to see the "true Marc"?

<Gerry> They were all very surprised Marcellus....aging queen's are very sad.

<unk> Gerry, welcome.  Do you think you Big Brother portrayed you well on TV?

<Gerry> CBS did not portray me in the manner I had wished, but it didn't surprise me.  Overall I think my personality came through.

<GoJASON> Gerry, what did you mean by "Chiara reminds me of my daughter?"

<Gerry> She is outspoken and a very free spirit.  They are the same age...but my daughter is not as...well...promiscuous.

< Baby_belle> Gerry, How did you feel being the oldest person in the house?

<Gerry> It made things really difficult. 

< rzeplica> Hi Gerry.. Do you now regret using the power of veto on Marcellas?

<Gerry>  Absolutely NOT! Despite his attitude and remarks it was the only right thing to do.  I'm only sorry no one else ever had the guts to use it.  Unfortunately all my suspicions about their duplicity was confirmed.

< Mikrsmith>  Without bringing up any specific instance, what do you think about what you've learned about your former housemates pasts after you left the BB House?

 <TxCaveman>  Welcome Gerry, & Hi Deb,  Judging by your parting words on the CBS page, I am guessing that at that point, at least, you had not reviewed a whole lot of the tapes. Well, one request... If you haven't, PLEASE DON'T. Anyhow, I am sure I am just wishing, so let me ask, has your opinion of Marcellas changed, realizing just how vile he could be?

<Gerry> Um...not really.  I knew Marcellas could be a bit of a bitch but still his antics were entertaining But I don't think I'll be having him over for dinner anytime soon, nor will any of my gay friends date him. < A_Shay> Hi Gerry Thank you for stopping to talk to us.. I was wondering how you are adjusting to being outside the house. and I really enjoyed you on the show.. Best of luck to you in your life!!!!!

<Gerry>  Thank you - I love being out!!! My life is great. I started back at work rest for the weary

<Aries94>   Gerry, you were for sure the nicest, and coolest person on the show, Just wanted you to know you had peeps rooting for you.

<Gerry> Thanks so much It means a lot to me.  Do me a favor, find a teacher you remember and thank them.

<new_name1>  Are you surprised that Danielle and Jason have a secret alliance?

<Gerry>  Not really - I had my suspicions.   But Jason is the true Christian between the two.

<Asiina> What are your favorite memories about the House?

<Gerry>  Exercising.  Philosophical debates with Roddy.  The lizards.  Some of the food competitions, and Sheryl Crow.

< maryclare>  Gerry, have you watched the videos? ... and what do you think about it?

<Gerry>   I have watched some it saddens me that the people in the house were as vile, vain, vacuous.

< Quench> Evening Gerry it's nice of you to take time out for us. Just wanted to know now that you are out of the house is there anything you have seen since, that would change your opinion on anyone left in the house?

<Gerry>  No, I think Jason and Roddy are the only two people worth a damn.

< katt>   Kudos to you and your family!! Gerry, being a baby boomer myself, how much do you think the "age factor" mattered in the house?

<Gerry>  I think it's the #1 contributing factor to my getting kicked out.

< new_name1> Which remaining houseguest do you believe does NOT deserve to win?

<Gerry>  Danielle

<ByteMe>  Welcome Gerry, Do you still want Danielle to win after hearing the house scoop?

<Gerry> No, she has shown herself to be a hypocrite.  We all need the money,  she wasn't the only one with kids.

< Alise>  Hello, I wondered if you are watching the live feeds, and how are you feeling about Roddy's manipulation of Amy over the Veto?

<Gerry> I haven't seen it yet - had to work today.  Can some one elaborate?  Did Amy Veto Roddy?

<unk> No, no she didn't.  I'll tell you later.  It's a long story,  hahaha -it always is....

<Janene>  After watching the DR sessions who's were you most surprised with and did they change your view either positively or negatively for any certain person and if the final two were Jason and Dani who would you vote for?

<Gerry>I was very disappointed in Marcellas's DR tapes, and no question Jason over Dani. 

< sageBB3> Have you continued your morning exercises outside of the house?

<Gerry>  Yes and no - there is weight equipment at the school, but I don't have the same amount of time to spend. But I will continue to keep working out.

<GoJASON>  How much weight did you end up losing and are you still working out? 

<Gerry> Ahhh...I think I've lost about 20 lbs, but I've also gained muscle weight.

<Asiina> I know you've done other game shows in the past. After you get settled, do you think you will audition for anything else?

<Gerry> I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Family Feud (seems appropriate), or BB3 Hollywood Squares seriously though, laugh out loud, I'll be there I won't turn down any reasonable offer as long as it doesn't conflict with school that comes first.

<sageBB3>  Knowing what you do now about the house and the other house guests, would you do it again?

<Gerry> Yeah, I really think I would.  It was such a unique experience you must take advantage over every opportunity you get carpe diem.

<Geri-43>  Gerry, did you have any idea that being on BB3 was going to be so intrusive?

<Gerry>  Well, lets put it this way, BB is a theme park for the paranoid but even paranoids have real enemies.

<jasto24>  Hello Gerry, so glad you are  with FRIENDS tonight  Have you had a chance to read or see the live feed update board and has your views of other HG changed??

<Gerry> Haven't seen much of the live feed since I'm busy at school my opinion of Dani and Marc have gone down I never took Amy or Lisa very seriously Roddy is who I expected him to be and that a compliment And Jason is just Jason

< evil_dani> Hey Gerry, are you disgusted and mad about what Marcellas said about you behind your back?

<Gerry> Disappointed not disgusted.  After all, I don't have to wake up in the morning and be him.  I have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about and he does.

<char8377> Gerry, sorry to see you go. Are you glad to be back home with your family?

<Gerry>  YES.  YES. YES. Laugh Out Loud My family are what make me a rich man.

< sageBB3>  How much of the behind-your-back slurs were you aware of while you were in the house?

<Gerry> Ummmm...I had my suspicions. After all - I teach 14 year-olds whose insults always run to the most obvious, so it doesn't surprise me that people said thing behind my back.  I think that my 14 year olds are actually wittier.

< fuchia>  Hi Gerry. Have you gone back to teaching this year or are you still busy with BB3?

<Gerry> School starts tomorrow, I can't wait to start talking to interesting people.

<GoJASON> What do you think of Jason,  now that you're out of the house?

<Gerry> Jason is a nice boy, but very naive and easily manipulated.

< Asiina>  Have you been watching the feeds and/or the show?

<Gerry>   Watching the show, but not the feeds,  I don't have enough time.

< LadyJane>  I would like to ask how your family dealt with the pressure of the way the people reacted towards you in the house?

<Gerry>  Let me ask my daughter who is sitting with me--->  (Morgan says) It was difficult to have him gone for so long. He missed 2 birthdays and an anniversary.  We missed him so much And honestly we didn't watch the show I got all my updates from the website or friends. 

< new_name1>  Why did you choose to nominate Lisa and Eric over Chiara and Roddy when you were HOH?

<Gerry>  The bond between Lisa and Eric was stronger and I liked Roddy and Chiara more.

<CoyLady>  Gerry, do you have regrets how you played the game?

<Gerry> Not really, good question though.  Had I survived, my last week I might have been able to play it until the end. 

<joe>  Gerry,  how are your students (and coworkers) are dealing with him now that he is a very well-known TV star?

<Gerry> I haven't talked to any students yet, but my colleagues have been very supportive.  I have however, been subjected to a lot of teasing.

< JasonsGonnaWin>   What was the one thing that you missed the most while in the house?

<Gerry>   Besides my family, I missed my tools,  my guitar, being able to write, and read books, and go to movies, and In-and-Out Burgers.

< evil_dani>  What did you think about Lisa's good bye comment to you?

<Gerry>  Laugh Out Loud She could have said anything more guilt ridden and I still don't take her seriously, even if she's lucky enough to win.

< bwermer>  My question: Have you spoken with any of the other evicted houseguests since you left the house?

<Gerry>  No, but I would talk to any of them except Josh

< abfab> Thanks for joining us. I would like to know how your children reacted to the rude things said about you by other houseguests?

<Gerry --  Morgan> It was really hard to hear Chiara say things like "I already have a dad" because I could only think about how she didn't deserve to be in a house with mine and I just wanted him to come home.

<abfab> the houseguests voted today to evict or not evict the lizards what would your vote be?

<Gerry> I like the lizards, they are the most down to earth and honest things in the house.

< Cheryl>  Did you wife like the tree you gave her?

<Gerry> Yes. We have a lot of fruit trees,  besides live plants are far more special than flowers that wilt and die.

<abfab>   If you had the opportunity to do it all again what would you do differently?

<Gerry> Nothing,  except maybe veto Chiara when I had the chance.

<abfab>  What was the first thing you did when you got out?

<Gerry> I spent the night with my wife -duh

< abfab> Is there a webpage or email that we can get updates from and about you?

<Gerry> Not yet, but I'll try to get something.  I am opening up a webpage or something...

<abfab> Of all the houseguests who do you feel will be the friendship that continues?

<Gerry> I hope Roddy - he's an interesting guy.

< tazmama>  Gerry, what exactly was the process for you being chosen for the show? I think you were the best and was so sad when you were evicted.

<Gerry> Thanks. I was selected for BB3 thru the open call process here in LA.

<unk> How does he feel about the issue brought up about him starring at Marcellas by the other houseguests?

<Gerry>  People will see what they want to see.  The people in the House were looking for anything they could use against me and not being very clever, or observant, they reverted to stereotypes and innuendos .

<lion_and_lamb>  Gerry, what are you doing to prepare yourself for the final vote, and what will influence your decision?

<Gerry> I will watch some more tapes and live feeds.

<unk>  If you could send one message to one person still inside the house, who and what would it be?

<Gerry>  I would tell Roddy to hang in there and to not trust Jason because of Danielle.

< Mikrsmith>  If you are allowed to speak about it, what is your opinion of the spin the CBS put on the now infamous "Shower Scene," the one where CBS made it look like you were looking at Marcellas in the shower the one with Chiara and Tonya after the peanut butter bathing suit, take your pick Gerry.

<Gerry>  Regarding Marcellas' paranoia fit: For a gay man they always think any man is looking or interested in  them.  Marc clearly has never spent enough time in straight locker rooms. LOL.l

< honeySC>  I am a teacher, so I have to ask this question. Are you on leave from teaching? How are your students reacting to your sudden fame and is your wife a teacher, too? What experiences from the house will you use to enhance your teaching?

<Gerry>   I don't get students until tomorrow and I plan to teach them lessons in tolerance sticking to your integrity the importance of sticking to your beliefs and when an opportunity comes, dare to take risks.

<unk> If you had a chance to go back in and nominate two people who would it be?

<Gerry>  Danielle and.... Lisa

<unk> Gerry were you told not to look up at planes or banners

<Gerry> Yes.  We were instructed to go inside.

< M3gabyt3> If houseguests nominated each other, and the public did evictions do you think you would have stayed longer or shorter in the house and why?

<Gerry>  If the public had voted I would have stayed longer. 

<CGinCA> Gerry, You Square Dance according to some reports. Do you enjoy it.... And did you miss it when you were in the house. And did you attend either State or National in the past two years.

<Gerry> Yes I do love square dancing.  It is very corny, but that's why I love it.  And I did miss it.  I didn't make National COnv this year...busy in the BB3 house.

< Amanda21>   Gerry, how do you feel about getting voted off? Are you angry at any of the houseguests for evicting you?

<Gerry> Angry? No. Disappointed, yes.

< abfab>  If you could have taken one item from the house what would it be?

<Gerry> I tried to steal spoons for my daughter.  ha ha ha ha ha, but they weren't in the bag when I got home. Big Brother sees ALL!

<TrinitronDancer>   What surprised you most when you left the house.  More than Chiara thought, she was shocked that they showed nudity on the feeds. 

<Gerry>  That I am as popular as I am.

< lion_and_lamb> Gerry, how did you adjust your strategy as the game went on?

<Gerry>  No permanent enemies, no permanent allies.

<Moderator>  OK Gerry, how about some final words for your fans before we say goodnight?

<Gerry>   I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, their support, and their good humor.  Remember to take advantage of all your opportunities and Go out and hug a teacher.