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Wednesday, September 14 2005:  HoH Part Two Today
12:08 AM BBT: Maggie and Janelle are in the kitchen making grilled cheese and tomato soup. As a joke, Maggie put a jar of peanut butter in April's suitcase. Janelle says that physical endurance comps aren't her thing. That is why she has never tried out for Survivor. Maggie reminds Janelle that the HOH is a 3-parter. Janelle thought that Ivette had won the HOH room for the night and got to sleep there tonight. Maggie says no. She says that the final HOH is on Friday. Maggie says she could have gone for hours if she hadn’t tripped. She says only her fingers were sore. Maggie says that Jenn would have done well in that comp but adds that all of the guys would have sucked because they were all clumsy. 

12:33 PM BBT: Ivette says she asked in DR about giving Maggie a scooter. Maggie says not to do that and that she fell off. Ivette says she didn’t fall. (Ivette believes Maggie threw it for her.) Ivette wants to make sure that Maggie is rewarded for being such a good person. Maggie says that she has Dave, and a wonderful life. Those are her constant rewards.

12:36 AM BBT: In the bathroom. Ivette: How come we got blisters? Maggie: ‘Cause we ran for 4 hours! Maggie whispers to Ivette that she is disappointed that Ivette lost faith in herself out there and that they both beat Janelle.

12:51 AM BBT: Maggie and Ivette. Ivette again stresses that she knows if Janelle wins she is taking Maggie and so is Ivette. Maggie isn’t convinced that Janelle will. Maggie says the lasted 4 1/2 hours. Maggie clarifies that it was actually Dave’s cousin that won the New York Marathon.

Ivette expresses surprise that Janelle was out so quickly. Ivette doesn’t think Janelle threw the comp though, and is happy Janelle has no guarantees. Ivette doesn’t think Janelle works well under pressure. Maggie disagrees and says Janelle just doesn’t care. 
image April on The Early Show

1:03 AM BBT: Ivette and Maggie.
Ivette: If we're not fortunate to have the 2 of us at the end of this, I'm fighting for you 100%.
Maggie: What do you mean?
Ivette: If for some reason, it comes to the end and you and I aren't face to face sitting next to each other: I will be fighting for you 100%.
Maggie: You better. You have to.
Ivette: 5 more days and we can see our loved ones.
Maggie: I'm so ready for this to be over.
Ivette: What did April tell you?
Maggie: She loves you and knows you are a great person. She wanted to talk to you but didn't want to fluster you or make you sad before the HOH comp. She wanted you to know that she loves you.

1:09 AM BBT: Janelle comes out of the DR and goes into the bathroom where Ivette is. Janelle hugs and thanks Ivette for cheering her on tonight. Janelle says it meant a lot to her. Ivette says that it was nothing and that no one should feel all alone and like no one is pulling for them. Ivette tells Janelle that regardless of anything else, she really respects her as a really strong player in this game. Janelle thanks her and says that she also respects Ivette. 

2:30ish AM BBT: Janelle heads off to bed in the GR after talking with Ivette and Maggie in the Rainbow Room. Ivette says she is proud of all of them. Janelle and Maggie agree and Janelle says her good nights.

Maggie this morning.

10:44 AM BBT: Maggie gets up and goes to the bathroom. Then Maggie, leaning on counters as she goes, feeds the fish. Maggie heads back to bed.

11:00 AM BBT: Ivette gets up. Maggie tells her she thinks there will be another competition today. Ivette heads into the kitchen to make coffee.

11:15 AM BBT: Janelle wakes up. Everyone is sore today. Janelle has sore hips, Maggie has sore calves, and they all have sore and bruised hands.

11:39 AM BBT: Maggie says only Jennifer, Rachel and Ashlea could have handled yesterday’s comp. Janelle remembers when Kaysar was HOH and says weeks 2 and 3 were her favorites and that Howie’s favorite was probably when Kaysar was HOH too. Maggie’s favorites were weeks 3 and 4 because there was very little game talk in week 3 and she was HOH in week 4. Ivette’s favorites were when Eric was there and she tells Janelle that Eric made her laugh all the time just like Howie did for Janelle. Ivette also enjoyed Maggie’s HOH week. Ivette’s least favorite week was seeing Beau leave. Maggie and Janelle’s least favorite week was week 6.

12:15 PM BBT: Ivette says if they have a one year reunion she could be pregnant then. Janelle thinks she could be too. Maggie says Ashlea was cute and she wished she would have stayed longer meaning Kaysar would have been out in the first week. Janelle says Rachel almost nominated Jennifer though because of the HOH room incident. Janelle says she wouldn’t have gotten mad about that incident. Maggie said BB reviewed the tapes and did say that Jennifer did nothing wrong when she was locked in the HOH. Maggie said they did a good job casting this year. Maggie doesn’t normally get bored but was bored during the comp last night and was hoping BB would ask them some questions. Maggie thinks she goofed last night because she was talking. Janelle just flat out hates endurance competitions. Maggie said it hurts to just sit down today.

12:55 PM BBT: Ivette has Maggie alone for a second and checks on how Janelle is doing. Maggie says she doesn’t think that Janelle ever gets nervous about anything.

Picking colors.

1:30 PM BBT: Janelle sees her gloves in a drawer that she forgot to use last night and promptly curses about it. After that it was back to general conversation with Maggie. Janelle displayed a real command about everyone’s birthdays and other details. This really surprised Maggie who didn’t think Janelle cared about people’s personal details. Other tidbits from all three of them talking were them noticing that there was no shopping spree this year, and a discussion of who in the house needed fashion help. Maggie also used to sew scrubs for money.

1:43 PM BBT: Ivette said something about who wants to go first and Janelle says she does but then says Maggie can. Maggie says she doesn’t care either way so Janelle seems to be going first. Also, Ivette held a sack with two colored stones, one red and one Blue, Janelle got the blue one and Maggie pulled red.

2:05 PM BBT: Maggie wants to get dirty during the next competition, but Janelle doesn’t. Every time Janelle leaves the room, Maggie and Ivette try to whisper. Janelle just left and Maggie told Ivette that it seems like Janelle doesn’t want them to talk alone together. Maggie says she has to keep her cool.

2:10 PM BBT: Maggie and Janelle have their gloves on. Maggie has decided to stop worrying saying if it’s meant to be she will win it. Maggie does have an upset stomach though.

2:25PM to 4:09 PM BBT: FoTH. 

4:14 PM BBT:  Feeds return.  Maggie, Ivette and Janelle are sitting at the new smaller table eating.  No news yet on who won the second part of the HoH competition.

That's a whole lotta money in that table.

4:55 PM BBT: Janelle won the second round of HOH. Maggie read a question wrong and lost because of it. She complained in the DR about it but the DR told her the question must have been okay because someone won it. The new smaller kitchen table has money in it. Ivette can’t believe Janelle still believes she has a chance at winning. Both Maggie and Ivette say they will not vote for her. Ivette wants Janelle to take Maggie with her to the end.

5:10 PM BBT: Maggie says her team played very well. She also revealed that she cried a lot in the came. Maggie noticed that the other team never cried but put it down to them not loving each other like The Friendship did. Ivette says she is going to give 110% on Friday. Ivette thought they had it in the bag and wants it to be her and Maggie in the end. Maggie tells her to win then and make sure it happens. Ivette thinks James would vote for her over Janelle but isn’t positive. Maggie is positive that James would never vote for her.

Watching the fish.

5:15 PM BBT: Maggie says she would have won today had she not read a question wrong. Maggie observed that in her opinion, even when someone’s partner leaves, they are still playing for two people. Maggie realizes that they have been playing the entire game against Janelle.

Apparently the Second Part of the HOH comp involved matching the numbers 1 – 8 with statements. (Something like: how many beds are in the HOH … 1)

Maggie reviews the rules of the alliance (Friendship) with heavy emphasis on their commitment to taking each other to the end and voting for a Friendship member to win the money.

6:02 PM BBT: Ivette is walking laps around the backyard. Maggie is sleeping. Janelle is trying to sleep in the GR.

6:30 PM BBT: What do you do with no TV in the house? You stare at the fish tank! This is exactly what Maggie and Janelle are doing.

Maggie and Janelle in the hot tub.

6:40 PM BBT: Maggie and Janelle are in the hot tub. They speculate that the HOH room may not be opened again. Janelle says traditionally the final two have slept in the HOH room. Janelle thanks Maggie for her encouragement in the endurance comp. Maggie was genuinely concerned that Janelle would pass out. Maggie says she lost that comp because she picked the wrong hand to hold onto the key with. Maggie says she was told in the DR that the person who tried out the comp only lasted 5 minutes before falling off. She believes that BB thought the comp would only last as long as the live show. BB: HG's you are not allowed to discuss your DR Sessions. Maggie thought they were in for another 14 hour event. Maggie said the comp was designed for girls and even Beau would have fallen “and he's not really a guy."

6:50 PM BBT: Janelle tells Ivette and Maggie how she convinced Howie she had a twin in the house. Ivette asks Janelle what she thought was in the third safe. Janelle thought it would be a car. Ivette is disappointed they didn’t get a shopping spree this year.

7:42 PM BBT: Ivette says that through all the craziness, she had fun. Ivette gets the wine and offers to pour it for Janelle and Maggie.

7:55 PM BBT: Janelle and Maggie toast. Janelle says to the Final 3. Maggie: We had an alliance all along. Janelle laughs. Janelle refers to all the money in the table. Ivette says it’s the root of all evil. Janelle comments how weird it is with the big table gone.

8:45 PM BBT: Janelle says she is going to get tipsy tonight. Ivette doesn’t like wine so isn’t drinking with Maggie and Janelle. Maggie is worn out and ready for bed.

Animal charades.

8:55 PM BBT: They decide to play a version of charades where the answers are animals. Janelle and Maggie are doing the most acting out while Ivette guesses occasionally and does her toenails. Rotating turns, Janelle does an owl, frog, a flamingo, crocodile, tiger, penguin and white toe deer. Maggie does a bunny, elephant, and kangaroo. Ivette does a seal. 

9:20 PM BBT: Maggie heads off to bed as does Janelle. 

9:25 PM BBT: Maggie and Ivette. Maggie says Ivette needs the money more than she does. Ivette says it’s not about need and that Maggie deserves it as much as Ivette. Maggie says they all deserve it.

10:45 PM BBT: They all start emerging from their naps or attempts to nap. Ivette and Maggie are outside, unnoticed by Janelle yet. Ivette says there is a part of her that is calm now. Janelle joins them.

11:00 PM BBT: The Final 3 are very bored. Ivette wants a movie played in the HOH, or even cards. Maggie wonders if they will just talk to her in DR, not game, just a conversation.

11:15 PM BBT: Ivette tells Maggie that she would be very happy for Maggie if she won. Maggie hopes she is sitting beside Ivette in the end and says it’s up to Ivette now to make that happen. 

11:30 PM BBT: Maggie begs BB for a riddle. Ivette jokes that they should climb the wall and leave. Maggie says that Beau is a princess that needs to be slapped around a little but he’s a good person. Maggie hopes to maintain friendships outside of the house with all of The Friendship. Ivette says they have to give Janelle credit for still hoping she can win the money. Maggie says Janelle will not win. Ivette says Beau was hurt by April when he was evicted and left upset. 

11:40 PM BBT: Ivette said Janelle told her that she would have beaten Janelle in Round Two of the HOH comp. Maggie tells Ivette that April said she told Janelle she wouldn’t vote for Janelle because of the promises she made to The Friendship and that April couldn’t break those promises.

Thanks to - Angelo Joe, BigSis, blackberry, Catniptoy, CurlyQs, DewaltDakota, dumblonde, jammer, Jem, kkelley, Lakeshow09, leelee, Lynnmurr, ranster627, RRF, Shockalot, squirrel, supatah, wolfrider and all the live feed team.

Tuesday, September 13 2005:  Eviction Day

To read our  LIVE Televised Show coverage Click Here! Video has now been added.  

Morty covered the Endurance competition.  Click here to read.  We also have video of, Janelle and Maggie falling from the competition and Ivette's prize from the safe. (Just click their names.)

12:00 AM BBT: April and Maggie continue their very long conversation. April is sure that BB is going to air her argument with Ivette because they have been asking her about it for two days in the DR. Maggie says Ivette thought she could control James but really couldn’t. April talks about Ivette influencing her to get rid of Kaysar before James.

12:30 AM BBT: Maggie says the things she saw Michael doing did disturb her. April says Janelle told her that Rachel was very nice and didn’t talk about people. Maggie hopes Rachel knows Maggie likes her. April is going to make a point of telling Rachel that. They both discuss that Rachel knew James was a snake. Maggie doesn’t want Eric brought up in sequester because he won’t be there to defend himself. Maggie says it is weird for her that she always believed someone hated her and now finding out it wasn’t true at all.

1:30 AM BBT: The sleeping arrangements: Janelle alone in HOH, Ivette alone in the Rainbow Room, and Maggie and April in the Gold Room.

10:48 AM BBT: Ivette and April are up.

11:07 AM BBT: Janelle was woken up by BB saying: Janelle, it’s 11:00, time to start getting up.

11:15 AM BBT: Everyone is gathered in the kitchen. While Ivette is cooking eggs, Maggie, April and Janelle are engaging in conversation.

11:20 AM BBT: Janelle announces that her period has started and it usually lasts 4-5 days. 

12:10 PM BBT: Ivette is vacuuming. Janelle tells Maggie that James kept the fires burning by always saying how much Eric and Ivette wanted her out. Maggie says she never knew that.

12:45 PM BBT: There will be a 15 minute lockdown in the HOH after which the HOH will be closed for the day.

1:30 PM BBT: It might as well be a Thursday with everyone primping and cleaning for tonight’s live show. Janelle has moved out of the HOH and back into the GR. Maggie and April are almost packed. It’s a slow general day in the Big Brother House!

2:22 PM BBT: April’s bag is very heavy and Maggie jokes they are going to need a really big guy to carry it. April doesn’t want to get her hopes up that she will talk to Matt tonight.

3:35 PM BBT: April says she is going to talk the ear off of her handler. April hopes Shawn isn’t her handler.

3:45 PM BBT: April can hardly wait to get to the sequester house to see what James really does for a living and how many girls he really has been with. Maggie: Who the fuck cares? April wants to make sure the girls will watch her picture go black and white. Maggie and Janelle agree to do that for her. Janelle says in past seasons the houseguests came back into the house for the finale, but April doesn't want to come back into that freaking house. Someone, a male's voice, started talking to them, it sounded like he was in the house, about the live show. 

4:00 PM BBT: April is nervous, wants to see Matt and wants to be on Entertainment Tonight. Janelle suggests Oprah, and April loves the idea. April tells Maggie the show is live tonight and she hopes that Matt knows she is going to be evicted. April said the show starts in two hours. April wants to feed the fish early because the HOH comp will be going on. April is looking forward to getting drunk with Beau in sequester.

4:50 PM BBT: April says she’s excited about leaving. She doesn’t see it as a negative thing. She says she never came into the house thinking she was going to win the money. Janelle has a bad case of diarrhea from her period.

5:17 PM BBT: Maggie tells April to tell James he’s a mean person and he should feel bad because people have feelings. Maggie also thinks that no one is sequester is rooting for her. April tells Maggie to fight for herself and Maggie says she will.

5:50 PM BBT: Janelle makes a little effort at safe cracking. 

5:55 PM BBT: Janelle tells BB they’re ready and April asks them to start the show.

LIVE Televised Show: Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another busy show and another night of lasts! We begin with the announcer recaps starting with Ivette evicting Howie. Janelle wins HOH and begins becoming closer to April, making Ivette and Maggie uncomfortable. Janelle nominates Maggie and Ivette. Julie tells us it’s Day 73 inside the Big Brother House and the final four are in a fight for survival! Tonight they will go from 4 to 3. Ivette knew she and Maggie were going to be nominated and said "things are probably going to get ugly now." Ivette says she knows Janelle wants to take April to the end and "without that veto I'm going to take home nothing." Ivette expresses her concern over Janelle and April talking for forty minutes alone in the HOH. Ivette tells Maggie that April has played the game very well. April asks Maggie not to fight for the veto since both of them will take her to the end. April wants it to be a fair fight just between her and Ivette. Ivette says if Maggie doesn’t compete then it’s two against one. Maggie sums it up nicely that no matter what, “someone from The Friendship is going to have to evict someone from The Friendship.” Janelle: “The Friendship alliance is cracking.”

The Jury House is as divided as ever with Jennifer and Beau on one side and James and Rachel on another. Rachel dreads that it might be Howie who enters sequester. It is Howie and he promptly thanks James for the lucky underwear that never worked. Howie loves the house and the setting but says: “Welcome to my banishment.” They watch the tape. James was not happy to see Maggie throw the HOH for Ivette. The tape proceeds right up to Janelle’s HOH win. Rachel says she will never vote for any Friendship people and is fighting for Janelle to win. Rachel also says Jennifer better keep her hands off Howie!
image Jury House. [3 minute 12 seconds]

Julie tells us that tonight is the final Veto Competition of the season. In the backyard are four stations separated by walls.
There is a chain like set-up on two levels on the back with round holes for houseguest face disks. In between the holes are clues. The game is “The Missing Link” and the objective is to place the face disks next to the phrases (clues) that pertain to them. In some cases there are multiple answers and the faces not on the end must have both clues (on either side) pertain to them. Maggie just kept changing and running to hit the button on the pedestal. April did very poorly. It really came down to Janelle and Ivette, with Ivette ultimately winning the Veto.  

image Veto Comp. [5 minute 08 seconds]
Ivette screeched in joy and bounced herself off the wall. Ivette: “Final son of a bitch three!” April thought Ivette’s wild celebrating was rude because she was in a sense celebrating one of her friends leaving. April said her feelings were hurt. Ivette says it was joy (mixed with relief) because she was certain she was leaving and then saved herself. April tells Ivette she would have been more reserved and sensitive to other’s feelings. April cries and knows she’s leaving. Janelle consoles a crying April in the HOH and agree that Ivette could have been more reserved. Janelle said she acted concerned for April out of strategy. April realizes she may not have given Janelle the benefit of the doubt. April tells Janelle she will vote for her if she is in final two with Ivette. Janelle says that makes it more tempting to take Ivette to the final two. Ivette claims that April is trying to make her feel bad for winning the veto. Ivette tells April: “When you told Maggie I don't want you fighting for veto, think of how that made me feel.”

Julie tells us that Ivette holds all the power in the house. Ivette says that nobody wanted the responsibility of the POV. Ivette says she won it for her family. The veto ceremony begins and Ivette does all the talking. She says she’s “been very misunderstood” and that she can’t put “someone before her family.” She uses the veto to save herself. Janelle puts up the only person she can: April. That was the last Veto Ceremony.

April knew Ivette would save herself. April talks to Ivette. April explains that knowing she is leaving has made her more reflective and she realizes she wouldn’t have made many of the decisions she did without Ivette’s influence. Ivette is not happy and wonders why she gets all the blame. April is ashamed of some things and honestly feels it’s been Ivette’s influence. Ivette blows up! Ivette: How dare you blame stuff on me! Ivette says it’s because she won the veto. April says it’s been brewing for a while that she hasn’t enjoyed where she's been in the group. Ivette says she would never have blamed April! April tries to explain it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Ivette. Ivette tells April to shove the veto up her ass! Ivette is in shock and it really bothers her that April pretended to be her friend. Ivette says they will not be friends outside of the house.
image Veto Meeting and aftermath [5 minute 08 seconds]

Julie interviews Janelle as HOH. Janelle said she has tried to play the best game she could. She says she “did cause a huge fight” and is proud of herself for that. She says that April is very hurt but she’s excited that April will go to sequester and complain about Ivette. Julie asks Janelle for one word answers to these names: Maggie: “quiet”; Ivette: “loud”; and April: “talkative.”

This is not the typical eviction because there is only one vote, Ivette’s. Maggie says there is no real good reason to keep her over April and that they have all played amazing. She says they are strong brilliant women and everyone is an incredible person. April says she’s happy to be where she’s at and will not campaign against Maggie. She wishes them all luck. Ivette says she loves the two of them. In tears she says: “I have to evict you April and I'm so sorry.” Hugs are extended all around and April stops to say good-bye to the fish. She tells Ivette not to feel bad. She leaves. Ivette takes a moment to touch her mother’s picture and Maggie says: I’m sad, I lost one.

April races to her interview with Julie and exclaims “I’m Alive” as she approaches the studio. April says Ivette’s decision was likely a mixture of both personal and strategic. She says Ivette was better friends with Maggie and Eric and that she and Ivette did butt heads quite often. April said this is a game and she won’t hold it against Ivette. April says she took a lot of things too seriously and no, she doesn’t feel betrayed. April has decided to blame everything on the house and not the HG’s. She said Ivette’s speech was the “sweetest thing ever.” April says Ivette is very vocal but that’s what makes Ivette, Ivette. She does think she was influenced by hearing things over and over again but she takes responsibility for her actions. The good-byes start with Janelle saying she thought April was funny and she missed her but was glad they got to spend some time together. Ivette apologized for bring the worst out in April. Maggie: “I want you to know how much you mean to me” and explains that April means the world to her. April says everyone deserves to win. April is excited because this will be her first time on any jury.
image Eviction [8 minute 43 seconds]

It is time for the final HOH to begin. This is Part One of a three part battle. Janelle is allowed to compete. The winner of Part One advances to Part Three to meet the winner of Part Two. The winner of that final round becomes HOH. Tonight features Part One, an endurance competition. In the backyard is what looks like a huge faceplate from a safe with a combination lock. On 3 poles equal distances apart are keys with their names on them. They have to stand on the rim of the lock and hold onto their key. The last one standing wins Round One and the combination to the last unopened safe. They must always have at least one hand on their key and stay balanced on the rim. Julie says they will go for “a little spin” and the rim they are standing on starts moving. They have to keep their hand on the key which is on a fixed pole and move their feet as the rim revolves under them. 
image HoH Comp [5 minute 26 seconds]

On Friday, there will be a live show special with another eviction! In one week the winner will be crowned live!

Contributors: ranster627 and smirnoff. A big Morty's Thanks!

7:10 PM BBT: They are all on the rim of the combination lock and holding on to their keys. Maggie tells Janelle and Ivette it is an honor to be in the final three playing against them and thanks them. 

7:35 PM BBT: Now the dial goes faster and they have to pick up their pace to stay on while holding their keys.

7:44 PM BBT: Ivette takes off her jacket while maintaining her grip on her key. Janelle pulls her sleeves up and looks visibly uncomfortable.

7:50 PM BBT: Janelle works her sweater up her body with one hand, slowly, attempting to take it off. 

8:01 PM BBT: Janelle has successfully removed her sweater. BTW, Maggie is wearing fingerless gloves which she has had on all along.

8:23 PM BBT: The dial is really turning causing everyone to pick up their pace. Janelle keeps looking at her hands, like she's having grip issues. Maggie looks like it's all she can do to keep up, and Ivette looks pretty relaxed.

Still going.

8:43 PM BBT: The dial slows to a stop and switches directions. It has been doing this randomly. Ivette: You've got a good grip there with those gloves, huh, Maggie? Maggie says yes, and then says she thought that the other two would bring their gloves, too. Janelle says she forgot hers. Ivette says that she was going to wear hers: then thought no. 

9:02 PM BBT: Maggie asks if any of them want to talk, and Ivette says she thinks they need to concentrate. Ivette says her mouth smells like ass, and Janelle says hers does too. Ivette asks Maggie if she's hot, and Maggie says she's not. Both Janelle and Ivette are hot.

9:20 PM BBT: Janelle is noticeably sweating. 

9:28 PM BBT: Maggie just pulled off her jacket using her teeth.
Ivette: You got hot huh?
Maggie: Finally. Tell them to make it go faster!
Ivette: What?
Maggie: I want it to go faster!
Ivette: Why??
Maggie: Because it will be FUN!
Janelle: I wish I had gloves.
Maggie: I'm sorry, all!
Ivette asks her if her hands are cold, and Janelle says no, they are sweaty! Ivette says hers are, too.

Morty Special

Even while our team was doing our coverage of last night’s endurance competition in our Updates Forum. MORTY HIMSELF was on the job doing a live blow-by-blow commentary in a special java box he activated just for the occasion. We realize many of you may not have caught it, so here’s Morty’s coverage, in Morty’s words, up to Janelle’s elimination. 

7:10 PM BBT: Maggie tells Ivette and Janelle she's honored to be in their company.

7:15 PM BBT: This is the quietest contest I ever covered. No one is saying a word. Just hanging on to their keys. Hi everybody. I'm Morty, your host. Jem and Ranster are also watching with us tonight. 

At 7:25 PM BBT: Maggie asked BB "Jim" a question and we got fish for a few seconds

7:30 PM BBT: The speed increased again and you can see they're moving faster to keep 
up. Even faster at 7:45 PM BBT. This could be a short night

7:45 PM BBT: We only have 45 people in chat, come on in. I am still with you, just very uneventful. One hour and all is well.

8:05 PM BBT: And we have fish, but I think everyone is still in.

8:10 PM BBT: Back from fish, everyone is still in.

Even faster at 8:40 PM BBT. This could be a short night. Enter Our Chat Room, Not everyone loves Janelle. Were you too cheap to buy the feeds? You did not miss a thing! This is so much better than looking at Cowboy. Janelle seems to have hand fatigue and it is her period. Ivette seems to be struggling the least.

8:55 PM BBT: Looks like another speed increase.

Round and Round they go, it is 9:25 PM BBT. Ivette and Janelle feel hot, Maggie says she's not

9:30 PM BBT: Now Maggie takes off jacket. Maggie says it would be more fun if it spun faster.

9:45 PM BBT: I am bored, how about you? Maggie has been wearing gloves, seems to be an advantage. Three Hours.

10:10 PM BBT: Janelle admits she is getting dizzy and may not last much longer

10:25 PM BBT: I think Janelle is nearing the breaking point.

10:40 PM BBT: Janelle is out! Ivette and Maggie worried they can't win the second two parts.

9:55 PM BBT: As the dial stops and then switches directions, Ivette wants water and Janelle wishes for a towel to wipe her sweat. Janelle is sweating so much she feels like a horse! Ivette: Trotting? Janelle: Yeah! I feel like a fucking horse, you guys! My makeup is probably smeared!

10:03 PM BBT: Janelle almost lost it, but recovered.

10:08 PM BBT: Janelle is having a very hard time of it. 
Janelle: You guys I don't think I am gonna make it.
Ivette: Why?
Janelle: I'm tired.
Maggie: Janelle, come on you can make it. Hold on.
Ivette: Come on Janelle you can make it.
Maggie: This is nothing.
Janelle: Yes it is.
Maggie: We got hours left in us y’all.
Janelle: Not me, I got 5 minutes left.
Ivette: No you don't. Come on Janelle. COME ON JANIE!!!
Janelle: I am getting dizzy.
Maggie: Whatever you do, don't fall off and hurt yourself.
Ivette: Mommy, mommy I want a Janie doll. Nobody wants a Janie doll that falls off. Come on Janelle.
Janelle: The Janie doll doesn't like to sweat.
Maggie: Just don't fall.
Janelle: I won't fall, oh God this thing is making me dizzy as hell. 
Maggie: At least you have a sense of humor.
Janelle: I bet they are laughing. I feel like an experiment for an animal to see which one can go strongest. You know those ones they do on rats. Oh God I don't think I am going to make it.
Ivette: Yeah you are.
Janelle: You guys don't understand. I got my period, I need water.
Maggie: I am sorry y’all, I got a lot left in me.
The dial speeds up.
Janelle: Oh God I don't think I am good at endurance. I really don't, I have hope in the last 2.

10:14 PM BBT: BB keeps randomly starting and stopping, speeding up and changing the direction of the dial. Maggie looks very strong. 

10:16 PM BBT: Janelle almost fell during a direction change. Janelle thinks she threw her neck out.

10:19 PM BBT: They're going really fast. Ivette saying she's never seen Janelle sweat before. Janelle says she doesn't sweat. 

10:21 PM BBT: Janelle says her hands are purple: "These people are sick!" Under her breath, Janelle says: “Oh Howie."

10:31 PM BBT: Ivette keeps looking over at an ever weakening Janelle. BB is slowing down and then speeding up the dial over and over again. Ivette and Maggie look very strong.

10:40 PM BBT: Janelle falls off. Maggie announces to Ivette that she intends to keep going.
image Janelle falls. [5 minute 17 seconds]

Janelle falls.

10:42 PM BBT: Janelle goes in to get something to drink. Maggie and Ivette talk while holding on to their keys. Maggie says she has to keep going because she cannot handle the skill challenge against Janelle. Maggie says she doesn't care about the safe. Maggie likes this endurance. She tells Ivette that she has to keep going and that she will take Ivette to the end. Ivette isn't going to just hand this one over to Maggie.

10:48 PM BBT: Ivette doesn’t want to battle Maggie on this. Maggie said she feels like this game was made for her and it feels like she is on a treadmill.

10:49 PM BBT: BB told Janelle not to get into the hot tub, because she was already feeling faint. 

10:55 PM BBT: Maggie: “Ivetta, do you want what's in the gold safe?" Ivette: "I don't care what's in the gold safe. I'd give it to you."

10:57 PM BBT: Ivette loses her balance but recovers. Janelle goes inside. Maggie immediately says "she's inside."
Ivette: "Ask Janelle if you’re safe."
Maggie: I'm not going to ask. What about us? Maggie says what if the next comp is skill? She's better at skill!
Ivette: "Janelle will take you to the end. You'll win!"
Janelle comes back out and Ivette says under her breath "just ask." 

11:05 PM BBT: Janelle went back inside.
Ivette: Let's take this time to decide what to do!
Maggie: Okay.
Ivette: What time is it? Somebody tell us the time! What does your gut tell you?
Maggie says her gut tells her that it has to do with order of things and around the house. She says Ivette is better with that. She says that if Ivette has no confidence in herself, then she guesses that Maggie will have to find some!
Ivette keeps saying that she knows that Janelle will pick Maggie.
Maggie says that has nothing to do with what they are doing right now!
Ivette: I know.
Maggie: We have to decide who is better at the next event!
Ivette: Look, she fell off today! It's meant for us to get this! We're gonna be okay! I didn't think she would fall off this quick, did you?
Maggie: No.
Ivette says she dreamt about a treadmill. Maggie dreamt about tennis shoes. Ivette says she gets the feeling that it will come down to Janelle and Ivette, but just in case it is Janelle who picks, she will take Maggie!
Maggie: But Ivette, I don't see what that has to do with RIGHT NOW!
Ivette says that if Janelle wins, Maggie is still going.
Maggie: I'm not letting her win!
Ivette: Do you see what I'm saying?
Maggie: Let's say you get off, and you beat her in tomorrow's comp!
Ivette: Maggie, there is a better chance that you are making it to the end than me.
Maggie: Okay. 
Ivette: I've been fighting this for weeks, already! Ivette says that she knows that Maggie's chances are so much better than hers. She says that it sucks that she knows that everyone is going to vote for Maggie and not her. She starts naming the people that will vote for Maggie.
Maggie: I don't want to hear that right now!
Ivette: Okay, then. I won't say it right now, then. I'll shut up! Ivette doesn't shut up, and instead says that she knows that Janelle likes Maggie, has been talking to her for the last three days, and she knows that Janelle would pick Maggie. She says she knows April talked shit about her to Janelle this week.
Maggie: All I know is that April said she lies!

Ivette says that she knows that Maggie is going to the finals either way! Ivette is very frustrated.

11:06 PM BBT: Janelle comes out and says "Congratulations Houseguests, for reaching the four-hour mark!" New rule: You're now supposed to pick just one hand, and you have to hold on with that hand and that's it! As long as the lock is moving a certain way, you have to stick with that hand, but when the safe stops, you can switch hands but you can't touch it with the other hand.

Maggie falls.

11:13 PM BBT: Ivette wins Round One of the HOH contest! Maggie fell off and said “I’m off.” Janelle is inside. Ivette doesn’t believe Maggie fell, she thinks Maggie gave it to her. Janelle comes outside and Maggie Janelle that she fell. Maggie congratulates Ivette. Maggie hugs Ivette.
Janelle wants to know what is in the safe.
image Maggie falls. [1 minute 22 seconds]

11:20 PM BBT: Ivette is opening the final safe. Maggie and Janelle are eagerly watching her. Inside is a note that reads: “Your prize is in the backyard.” They run for the backyard but BB tells them it is a lockdown.

11:26 PM BBT: They are waiting in the kitchen to go outside and see the prize Ivette won. Everyone is speculating about what Ivette could have won. Ivette says a house. Other guesses include an SUV, an escalade, or even a horse. Maggie thinks it might even be a kitty or a puppy. Maggie announces she has a cousin that won the New York Marathon.

Maggie says the key was hard to hold because it was too far away, and asks if they saw what a jackass she was at the beginning when she thought she had to hold the pole? Ivette says she wondered what Maggie was doing!
Ivette: What I won is a prize for everybody. Trust me. I always win the community prize.
Janelle asks what in the world they could win now for everyone?
Ivette: Shopping.
Janelle: Oh.
Maggie: It's a car, Ivette.

Janelle hugs Ivette.

11:35 PM BBT: They rush into the backyard. There is a pair of Vespa scooters outside. Ivette yells "for me and Tush!" Ivette announces that one of them is Tush's favorite color. Maggie says that it is her favorite color too. Janelle says it is a great prize. Janelle says this is why they measured their heads because there are helmets with the scooters. image Ivette's prize. [1 minute 18 seconds]

11:40 PM BBT: Janelle likes the scooters and would love to have one. Janelle says she would trade her TV for one and Ivette asks BB if that is okay. (It is not.) Janelle says she totally has to get one in pink or baby blue. Janelle: I thought it was a car, you guys. Ivette: I thought it was going to be a car. Maggie: I think that's better than a car. Maggie thinks they cost about $3-4.000 each. Janelle: Congratulations! You got the best prize yet! 

11:58 PM BBT: Janelle and Maggie are in the shower together. They agree this was the hardest competition. Maggie misses April. 
Janelle: Me too. She's funny. I would have liked to have done that comp with her.
Maggie: She wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes.
They agree that April is the nicest girl ever, but the minute that the movement started, she would have been OFF that thing.
Janelle: I hope that my family isn't embarrassed of me for doing so bad.
Maggie: I don’t even know what you're thinking. 3 1/2 hours is great! That is intense!

Thanks to - Angelo Joe, BigSis, Catniptoy, dumblonde, Jem, kwflatbed, laurennnnn, MsMommyx5, Ptmsf, ranster627, stac1012, suechick, TrulyScrumptious, wolfrider and all the live feed team.

Monday, September 12 2005:  Ivette Pouts all Day


12:00 AM BBT: The HG’s are bored and playing with BB. Maggie asks if BB is going to mess with her tonight and she gets a ding. Maggie asks about taking the wool blankets for Rachel’s horses and gets no response. April says both HG’s and the cameramen are bored and gets a ding response.

12:20 AM BBT: Maggie is once again trying to peer into the mirror-windows to see the cameramen. She keeps making requests of BB, BB starts playing various recordings: BB: HG’s, there is now a bed available. BB: HG’s, before you play basketball, please flip the protective window covers into place. BB: Hello, HG’s. The water will be temporarily turned off in five minutes. BB: The live show will being in 30 seconds.

12:31 AM BBT: Ivette is outside by herself, looking at the sky, arms folded across her chest.
12:39 AM BBT: Maggie offered to mud wrestle naked for the gold safe combination and BB rang the bell continuously. They ask if the gold safe will be opened before Tuesday and BB remains silent. They ask for the combination and get silence. Is there a live show on Tuesday and they get a ding. Is there a luxury competition tomorrow is responded with nothing. They go on with more inane questions getting responses for yes, buzzes for no and silence. Maggie tries to get Ivette to play but she says no. Maggie: They're actually making us laugh. They're showing more of their personality tonight.

12:43 AM BBT: Maggie asked BB if she'd been seen naked and got one ding. She says Jennifer used to talk to her all the time and fool around with the curtain so she figures every one of the camera people have seen her by now. 
12:48 AM BBT: April tells Maggie that she's tired of Ivette’s attitude. Maggie says I don't want to talk to either of you about this anymore, I'm emotionally drained. Maggie says Ivette is emotionally down because of the game. April: I can't do anything right by her. She's an influential person and because she does speak her mind people listen. Maggie groans to stop April and says, "I've actually been having fun this last hour and I want to keep having fun." April says, "I'm the one going home on Thursday and I still want to have fun." Maggie said she had a low point last night. April is repeating why she's upset with Ivette. April tells Maggie she'll see when this is over what really happened. Maggie doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and April says there's nothing else to do.

1:40 AM BBT: April is still trying to talk about Ivette. Maggie says that Ivette doesn’t care if Janelle likes her and all Ivette is really worried about is how her family sees her. Before sleeping in the GR with April, Maggie visits with Ivette in the Rainbow Room and strokes her hair gently. Maggie tells Ivette she will be fine, that she knows she is hurt but Ivette will be fine.

Maggie tells April about her brief chat with Ivette and says they both hurt each other, Maggie says she doesn’t care if April hangs out with Janelle because she hears them laughing so Maggie is happy that April’s happy.

10:04 AM BBT: Ivette gets up and feeds the fish and then puts the coffee on.

10:16 AM BBT: Ivette is outside drinking her coffee. BB: “I said it’s time to get up for the day!” April tells the BB voice that he is rude and they are at the end, does he not see that? BB: “I said it’s time to get up for the day!” April: That is fucking rude; I am not going to respond to that.

10:32 AM BBT: April and Maggie talk about the final 2, April gives Maggie all the reasons why Janelle would

Maggie this morning.

never pick Ivette over Maggie to go the final 2. April said they would kill her if she chose Ivette to go with her. They also were talking about how America views them and say the ones that watch the internet feeds were nothing but losers who didn't work. 
10:38 AM BBT: Janelle is in bed in the HOH room with the lights on. Ivette is puttering around doing chores like laundry. Maggie and April are in bed in the GR with the lights off. BB: The lights must remain on during the day.

10:46 AM BBT: April and Maggie are in the kitchen. Ivette walked through and April thanked her for making coffee. Maggie thanked Ivette loudly for making coffee. Ivette just walked outside. Maggie said it is really going to bring her down if Ivette is down the rest of the game.

11:09 AM BBT: April asked Maggie what she would do with $500,000. Maggie said she would buy clothes and see from Eric what she could buy for the firehouse and then see what she could give the Humane Society.

11:52 AM BBT: April and Maggie discuss good-bye messages. Maggie said she wasn’t going to say good-bye to April. April wants her to because she thinks she will get a mean one from Ivette and a nice one from Janelle and wants a nice one from Maggie. April said that Janelle told her that she needed to apologize to Jennifer for her message because in the message she blamed Jennifer for evicting Kaysar and that was the reason she had to go. Now they discuss James and that James said he would never vote for Maggie because of Eric. Maggie said that is pure hatred. April said when she gets to sequester she wants to talk to Beau and Jennifer before anyone else and bring them up to date.

12:05 PM BBT: Ivette goes to the DR for her good-bye message taping. Maggie rushes to the bathroom to get some make up on before she is called.

12:13 PM BBT: Maggie and April. April: I want to be happy today Maggie. Maggie: I want to be happy today April. April feels bad for Janelle because Janelle said that she is so sad that April is leaving. April said that they all have each other for their cheerleaders but Janelle has no one. April says she isn't going to wish that Janelle doesn't make it because it isn't nice. Maggie and April say they are not campaigning against each other. April said that Ivette told her that she wished she could give money to charity but she cannot because she has to give it to her family. Maggie said there is no excuse to not give because it is much more than what they bring home. April said when she gets home she is going to get involved in a charity. 
12:23 PM BBT: Maggie and April are still talking.
April: I hate to bring this back up but I think Ivette thinks I don't like her but I just don't like the way that she makes me feel in this house. I don't know what to do.
Maggie: Me either.
April: Did she just go on and repeat herself?
Maggie: Yeah. You just hurt her feelings.
April: She sat there and told me ‘shove the POV up my ass’ and called me a little Texas girl. I told her that I wanted to wait until we were out of the game. I know that I hurt her feelings and I put the majority of the blame on her but normally I would not sit there and listen to someone making fun of someone else and join in on it.
Maggie: That was Beau-Beau’s thing too. He made fun of a lot of people.
April: He liked Jan though. I usually don't hang around the loud person that makes fun of everyone but I had already made friends with her and the minute that the SOS’s came out I had already made promises so I wanted to stick with them.
Maggie: I didn't make promises to anyone.
April: Well, maybe not promises but I had established a friendship.
Maggie: I was the last one to make promises. Did Eric ask you to protect me or take care of me?
April: That could have possibly happened, I don't remember. The words might not have been exchanged but at least understood. I don't remember. Rachel told me that as soon as she got to sequester that she was going to tell Jenn that she screwed the pooch.
Maggie: Both sides were rooting for her.
April: I cannot help it that I felt that I was controlled by Ivette. Should I have told her? Probably not. Matt would have told me to keep my mouth shut but when she told me the POV thing then I changed my mind about shutting up. I really wanted her out the week the Howie was HOH, Jenn and I thought about getting rid of her.

No signal and a frozen picture.

Maggie: I would have seen that as going against because we had already made our deal.
April: It isn't that I hate her. Maggie is going to hate me
Maggie: Really?
April: I have talked about it in the DR.
Maggie: They have asked me about both of you.
April: They asked me about you too. 

12:26 PM BBT: April and Maggie sitting outside. April says that Ivette is a very vocal person and because of that people listen to her. April says she based a lot of decisions on Ivette’s desires and not her own. She says James would still be there if she had always listened to Ivette. April says she just finally stood up for herself. Maggie compares the time Ivette spent with James vs. Beau and says Beau wanted James out too. April also says that Ivette controlled her in the game but that no one can tell April what to do.

12:35 PM BBT: The feeds went to black (due to power outages in LA).

1:40 PM BBT: The power and feeds returned but the feeds are on FoTH.

2:20 PM BBT: April and Maggie pack. Ivette is watching. Janelle is walking in the backyard.

April talking to Janelle.

2:35 PM BBT:
Ivette and Maggie. Ivette tells Maggie that she is all Ivette has in the house now. Maggie doesn’t want to hear any complaints about April because she has two friends having a hard time.

3:12 PM BBT: Janelle cannot believe Ivette says she has no friends and lists the Sovereigns and April as her friends. April is worried about Janelle seeing her DR tapes after the show and tells Janelle to remember that everything she was saying was based on what other people were telling her. Janelle asks April if she really believes Ivette used her so much. April says she really doesn’t think Ivette meant to and that she knows that Ivette loves her as a friend. April tells Janelle to just focus on the game after she leaves. April then proceeds to review her fight with Ivette for Janelle. April also tells Janelle that she thinks James was the main problem in the house and that she thinks the final safe will be part of a competition.

3:21 PM BBT: More tidbits from the Janelle-April conversation. Janelle said Ivette only saw things one way. April says even though it many appear she is blaming Ivette for everything, she isn’t. She says it’s her fault because she fell into the trash-talking trap. April thinks she went wrong by basing her feelings on other’s thoughts and not on her own feelings and thoughts. Janelle says you have to go with your own thoughts and feelings. April says she tries to see other’s points of views and feelings and she was trying to make to many people happy, she is like that she is a social person. She likes to be liked and she likes to like, but she accommodated too many people and she stretched herself too far. April said she never second guesses her friends outside of the house and that transferred into the house with her. Janelle doesn’t see why Ivette is mad at April and tells April that Ivette did influence her.

3:29 PM BBT: April tells Janelle what an honest player she is and uses the last HOH comp as an example where


she could see Janelle’s feet but ignored that. April says that she is weird but if you win the money the bad way, bad will come to you. April tells BB that next time they need to make the comp better and to the floor. April says if Janelle gets asked any questions just act like they never talked about this. Janelle: “No shit, why would I?". April is called to the DR.

3:47 PM BBT: Ivette is walking laps around the yard and Maggie is sitting out there. Ivette says she never thought she would be so sad in this game, she knew she was sad when Eric left but she never thought she would be this sad. Maggie says she doesn't think anyone would think they could get this sad in this game. Ivette is so sad she doesn't even look forward to waking up. Ivette says she has nothing to look forward to because whatever she would have to look forward to is 8 or 7 days away. Ivette is worried about what is going to be said in sequester. Maggie says why worry about that because there is nothing you can do about it. Ivette says because she is worried shit is going to be talked and she can't defend herself and it is going to piss her off. Maggie says that happened in the house all the time: people talked all the time and they couldn't defend themselves. Ivette says when she heard it she defended herself. Maggie says there was plenty Ivette didn't hear and worrying about that stuff is a wasted worry. Maggie can't let herself get down about things she can't control.

Ivette wonders why they didn't give them shopping this year, Maggie says because they expected it. Ivette says they did it the other years, it doesn't make sense. Maggie says she doesn't know she never asked. Ivette hates it when she really loves someone because she really gets hurt when that happens. That is why she distances herself, so she won't get hurt. She is very picky about who she loves and let’s get close for that reason. Ivette says the fact she loved April and trusted her so much really hurts Ivette. Ivette says it is very hard not to take things personally in this house. Ivette says she has never been a quitter but she has wanted to quit so bad.

4:02 PM BBT: Ivette has stopped walking and is sitting down beside Maggie now. Ivette tells Maggie she hates every second in this house. Maggie: Well, I don't know what to say, everyone hates this house, your low is a big low. We have all been low. I have at least. Maggie tells Ivette that now she is okay. Everyone wants this game to be over. Maggie thinks of all the good times in this house and it makes it easier. Ivette says when she thinks about the laughs and stuff all that comes to mind is she is responsible for all the bad things that have happened in this house. Maggie: You’re doing that to yourself then. You know deep down you’re not responsible for all the bad things that have happened. Right now you’re eating yourself up. Maggie tells her that they have to do an HOH comp sometime and it is going to be an endurance one so she is trying to save herself up as much as possible.    
4:21 PM BBT: April goes outside, fresh from a DR Session. April says to Maggie, she told "her" that she is balls to the wall. April tells Maggie that she told "her" that they love her. Maggie says that she knows she doesn't want to talk about this but what was Jenn doing in the comp and stuff. April wants to know why Maggie would think April wouldn't want to help with the game and Maggie says April told her that she didn't want to talk about the game anymore. April says that it was that day. Maggie says that she remembers one comp where there was a pillar and you had to answer what other HG’s said about you. Ivette says that was in 3 but she couldn't remember what they did in 5. Ivette says the first one is endurance. She goes into detail about the last comps in past BB shows. Ivette gives the impression that the last comps were split into sections where there are different stages to the final HOH. Start with three and the last two compete for the HOH. April says they haven't done crap from season 3; everything is the same as season 5. Ivette says that they did do some of the same comps from season 3 this year. Ivette gets up and leaves.

April says Cory makes her feel good about herself, she thinks Cory is her friend. Maggie says she makes things strategy more than what it really is. April says Cory does put things in their head. Maggie says all Ivette talks about is how she wants to be out of the house. Ivette comes back out and so does Janelle.

4:45 PM BBT: April wonders if she is going to be nervous talking to Julie, she wants to know the questions before hand, she wants to be prepared. April says she hates this place; she is going to have nightmares. She is already having nightmares.

Memory wall changes to Janelle's day out.

4:46 PM BBT:
The pictures on the Memory Wall have changed to Janelle’s trip to the set of Two and a Half Men. Janelle describes the pictures and the people in them and there is general conversation about them. Maggie comments that she would like to watch the show because it looks funny.

6:50 PM BBT: Maggie and Ivette. Ivette says Janelle claims not to be good at endurance comps but she wonders if she was lying. Maggie says Janelle did not fall off the surfboard, she chose to jump off. Ivette says Janelle has to be more determined because Ivette and Maggie only have to beat one, while Janelle has to fight off two people. Ivette says she and Maggie are determined, but Janelle is also determined. It irks Ivette that Janelle and April are all buddy-buddy. Maggie says they can't let Janelle win the first round.

7:29 PM BBT: Maggie thinks one reason Janelle does so well is that she doesn't expect to be here. Ivette talks about how Janelle is so determined and good at this game because she knows her back is against the wall and she wins. Ivette was wondering a while back what would happen if all the lights in the house went out, then that happened today. Maggie says it would have been fun to play hide and seek.

7:40 PM BBT: Ivette tells Maggie it eats Ivette up to know April is blaming her for not getting a phone call from Matt and that April missed out on a lot of things because of Ivette and maybe it will be better when she is gone, and Ivette is sorry Maggie is going to miss April so much. Maggie says she is going to really miss April, but each relationship in here is different. Ivette asks Maggie if she would have missed Ivette a lot if Ivette was leaving. Maggie told Ivette that was a stupid question and is she crazy. Maggie says Eric didn't hate someone and Ivette says: I didn't hate her either but she annoyed everyone. Ivette says that when that person left she didn't go to them. Maggie says she did and she has said bye to everyone. Ivette says not Michael.

7:45 PM BBT: April and Janelle in the HOH. Janelle tells April she has played an okay game. April said she really

Janelle talking to April in the HoH bathroom.

hasn't played though. She has just gotten along. They think that the HOH comp will be endurance. April asks Janelle what Howie said to her before he left and Janelle said, "Get rid of Ivette." Janelle said she really misses Howie; he is just so cute and cuddly. Janelle tells April that Matt is going to be so proud of her. April can't wait to see him. Janelle asks April if she would play in an all-star BB and April said not for three months. April said she could do Survivor and Janelle told her no she couldn't. April said yes she could because it’s all mental and Survivor is only a month. April said a friend of hers from college was on Amazing Race with her mom

8:04 PM BBT: Janelle wants to know if it was only Ivette that was angry about Janelle getting the veto. She says Howie said they were all crying, April said they weren't crying they were sad that Howie was going to leave, they liked him and they wanted Janelle out because she was the stronger player. April says Howie was a strong player but he lived in Howie-land. April said he was moping around in the kitchen and they were watching him; and they all felt so sorry for him but Janelle saved her ass that week and whoever won it had to save it. Janelle says but didn't you guys ask if she was going to use it to save him? She says Ivette told Howie he needs to try to talk Janelle into using it to save Howie. April: Yeah it had to be Ivette, it wasn't me. I wouldn't have thought about that. That is stupid, just stupid. She acted like she didn't know anything about it.

April wants to know if she should apologize to Ivette and say she is sorry she hurt her feelings but that is how she felt? Janelle says Ivette should apologize to April, for April not to say she is sorry. Ivette was wrong to cuss at April. April says she was the one who said what she felt first, she told Ivette it was going to hurt but Ivette said she could take it. Janelle says not to apologize. April says Ivette doesn't get to say a reason why she wants to evict April so she can't go on and talk to April on eviction day. Janelle says Ivette can say what she wants. Janelle tells April she is a good player, April says thanks.

April is telling Janelle that she tried out for a reality show and that is how she met Jennifer, she tried out for the Hilton project. She thought it was going to be different, she didn't expect for them to pick county bumpkins. April made it to the semi finals. The people they brought back were attractive and well together. She tried out for it over a year ago, it was supposed to air over a year ago but it came out last June. Janelle says she never tried out for a reality show before. They were talking about how the casting people send in their tapes.

8:21 PM BBT: April wants to be on the Apprentice. Janelle wants to know if she could be on that show since she is a cocktail waitress. April talks about college degree team versus high school degree. April is talking about the contract with BB that they can't do another show for a year unless it is approved by CBS. Janelle says she wouldn't want to.
8:36 PM BBT: Janelle tells April about her house romance with Michael. They had their first kiss in the gold room in the second week. They held hands when they slept together, he was really sweet. They stayed in the Gold room a lot and kissed so the others wouldn't see them. April didn't think it was anything really big, she was asked but April figured since Janelle and Michael only knew each other for two weeks how big could it be? Janelle says it was bigger. Janelle says they talked about what they would do when they got out of here. April says it got blown out bigger than it needed to be blown out. April said Mike was doing those things but Eric shouldn't have approached him, no one needed to be approached about it.

Janelle says America hated Eric. April says no, Eric and Kaysar were the final two. Janelle says Kaysar won by a lot. April: You can't be sure. Janelle: Yes I can. April: Well, Eric still won over Michael. Janelle says Michael was sweet, she really likes him. April says it will work between them, now that she talked to Janelle about it, no one know how much she liked Michael before. Janelle says Howie and Kaysar were the only two in the room with them. April asked Janelle if she thought she would be here. Janelle: Hell no, you guys wanted me out of here early. April: Yeah, I remember your name being mentioned.


9:04 PM BBT: April wants to know if Ivette or Maggie wants her to tell anyone in sequester anything. Maggie says to tell Jennifer what they talked about in bed last night. Janelle comes in from DR and Maggie is called to the DR. Maggie returns from the DR and said that was strange, they called her in to ask about Jim Ballsack. Janelle: Maggie, you’re not aloud to talk about your DR. Maggie wanted to know if they fuck with Janelle in the gold room like they did Maggie and April last night. Janelle says no and Maggie says they pick on people's weaknesses. Maggie wants to know about the wrap party and Ivette says she asked and they told her she will know when she needs to know. Maggie asked if Janelle was staying in LA and Janelle says not too long. Janelle is going to Mexico with her mom, but she is going to stay with Michael for a while and then go home and see her puppies.

10:20 PM BBT: April and Maggie sitting at table. April asks if Maggie is nervous. Maggie says if she doesn’t win and gets evicted there is nothing she can do about that. April says she will tell Jennifer and Beau separately about her fight with Ivette because it’s nobody else’s business. April worries about Ivette saying something mean when she evicts her. Maggie says she will talk to Ivette about it. April says if Ivette goes off she will.

April calculates the voting scenario for Maggie and says she, Jennifer and Janelle will vote for Maggie for sure. April says Janelle noticed too how Ivette is always saying how her family needs the money. April says people don’t like that way of talking and that everyone is in the same boat. April says Ivette’s family will be mad at her when she campaigns for Maggie. Maggie says she made it this far without campaigning and she doesn’t want April to say bad things about Ivette.

11:00 PM BBT: Maggie and April. Maggie tells April that there was a binding agreement that they would vote for a Friendship member to win the money at the end.

11:20 PM BBT: The Maggie-April conversation continues on to James manipulating Ivette, the April-Ivette fight and hurt feelings, and Ivette manipulating April’s perceptions. April kids around about how much she talks and says when she was asked one question in the DR she would answer 5. Maggie thinks April is being too hard on herself and putting herself through more than she needs to because everyone has made judgments based on what others have said. April tells Maggie what Janelle said about the fans and who they liked and what they said. Maggie says Janelle can say whatever she wants because it can never be proven. April repeats that Janelle has never said a bad thing about Maggie to her. Maggie thinks America not liking them may be because of Kaysar but basically also because they don’t have the full picture of what went on. April goes back to Ivette hurting her feelings with the Veto win reaction.

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Sunday, September 11 2005:  Ivette explodes at April

12:00 AM BBT: Janelle wonders about April’s strategy when she came into the house. April said she wanted to stay with her partner, be herself and be as honest as possible. April says they used to ask her in the DR if being nice was part of her strategy and she would answer that was just who she was. April says Jennifer got picked for the game, not her and that she never really had any expectations. She always knew she would sacrifice herself to help Jennifer.

April asks Janelle about all the stories she has heard about her. Janelle says it is true that she gave a beggar fake money and that it is also true she made a girl pee her pants when she was fighting her. On the latter Janelle says she was defending herself. About the first, Janelle still thinks it was funny. Janelle says she was only kidding about dating men in a certain income bracket. Janelle also swears that she really was abducted by aliens. April still thinks it was mean to give the beggar fake money.

12:05 AM BBT: Maggie and Ivette. Ivette asked BB if she could keep the veto for the day because she was proud of herself for winning it. Maggie thinks Ivette should just be able to have it outright because it is the last one.

12:25 AM BBT: Ivette is talking to Maggie about the many times she did things for the benefit of The Friendship including sharing everything James was saying. Ivette says April is not doing that with Janelle information. Maggie says they have to go easy because April knows she is leaving. They both lie down and drift off to sleep.

12:26 AM BBT: April wonders if they all get their own room in the sequester house. Janelle thinks they will, but if not, Howie will share. April asks Janelle if she isn’t curious about the sequester house. Janelle says yes she is and wants to experienced everything about BB; she even wants to walk around behind the walls. April wishes she had researched more BB stuff before she ever came into the house.
12:35 AM BBT: April says she never called Michael a sexual predator but did not like some of his actions towards women. April doubts anyone will ever know the full story there. Janelle says between the tapes and being in the house she will piece it all together. April says Michael wanted her to clear his name in the DR and she wouldn’t. She also says she put his bag by the door on eviction day.

Janelle isn’t happy that when April leaves it is going to be 2 against 1. April says America loves an underdog. April tells Janelle to keep going for her family and fans. April thinks Janelle can get to the final two but also thinks it will be a fair fight between the three of them. April says the worst case scenario is that Janelle doesn’t make the final two but has won a lot of prizes and has the love of America. If Janelle does make it to the final two she gets $50,000 for sure and America will be outraged if Janelle doesn’t win the big money. Janelle says she just wishes she was going to final 2 with April.

April says that there is nothing that she can do and that she was manipulated a lot in the house. She does say though that it was her4 own fault for letting it happen. Janelle basically says that at least April realized this now, before seeing the tapes and discovering it that way. April still wants to see the tapes because she is sure there are a lot more things she needs to realize.

April asks more about the Two and a Half Men outing. Ivette mentions again the young fan with braces who said she loved Janelle. April says that is exactly what Janelle needed. April is positive that Janelle will have a lot of fans when the show is over. April is worried that when she leaves America will want to shoot her. Janelle says America loves April too. Janelle says Ivette never won the phone call because she was probably too cocky and expected it. Janelle also reveals that she wanted a call from Michael because she thought she would break down if she heard from her mom.

Janelle and April hug.

April apologizes for putting Janelle through so much in the house. Janelle says it was most likely Beau and Ivette responsible for that. Janelle says she would have probably really gotten along with Beau if he hadn’t been so influenced by Ivette. They laugh about the Janelle-Beau fight. Janelle says the funniest fight was between Michael and Eric. April says it wasn’t even a fight and that there was more of a fight between Janelle and Beau. April made it a running joke in the DR about Janelle winning all the prizes. Janelle was surprised she won them and never dreamed she would win the phone call.

1:05 AM BBT: Janelle believes if there had been no partners then the game would have played out very differently because people would have chosen their friends for themselves. April feels Maggie has been the most real of everyone in the house. April says she never really started playing the game until Jennifer left. April says when you hang out with dirt you get dirty. She feels guilty by association and says the game makes people do things they would never normally do. Janelle feels she has been consistent and isn’t any different than when she is outside of the house. April feels free now from her bad links. April does confess that Janelle’s name came up as a target very early on in the game. April says she used to feel really bad about lying about not having a partner. April said she was kind of relieved when it turned out everyone had a partner and were lying too. April remembered being freaked out by Michael telling her he knew her secret and walking by her and saying “I kno-ow.” Janelle said she thought that was all very funny and that Michael had a weird sense of humor.

1:25 AM BBT: Janelle says Howie said who he didn’t want to win the game, Ivette. April wonders if this season got good ratings. April ponders whether she would have played differently and isn’t sure because she did make it far with the choices she made.

1:35 AM BBT: April and Janelle are bored to tears. Ryan from BB gives them a riddle: “What is greater than God; more evil than the devil; the poor have it; the rich don't need it; and if you eat it, you'll die?” They beg Ryan for the

Janelle in the kitchen talking to April.

answer saying it’s mean to give them the riddle and not the answer!

Janelle says she wishes April didn’t have to leave. Janelle says it’s personal now and April says it’s just a game. April comments that it was nice of Maggie to contain herself when Ivette won out of respect for April’s feelings. Janelle repeats how rude Ivette was.

They are both still frustrated that Ryan hasn’t given them the answer to the riddle. (Ed. Note: The answer is “nothing.” Nothing is greater than God; nothing is more evil than the Devil; the poor have nothing; the rich need nothing; and, if you eat nothing, you'll die.)

They give up on the answer to the riddle and head off to bed. They have a long hug and apologize to each other for "anything they might have done to make life hard for the other." They accept each other’s apology and head off to bed.

10:00 AM BBT: Maggie is up. She puts on the coffee and feeds the fish.

10:13 AM BBT: BB: “Good Morning HG’s, the veto ceremony will begin in two hours."

10:26 AM BBT: Maggie goes in to talk to April. April says she is happy for Ivette winning the veto. Maggie says she can tell April doesn’t want to be there anymore. April: I'm looking back at things I said. I would never say some of the things I said in the outside world. Maggie says no matter what, because of giving her word, she has to take Ivette to the final two. April keeps telling Maggie that she will find things out sooner or later. April says they felt like they were so sweet but she doesn’t think that’s how America sees them.

10:46 AM BBT: Maggie and Ivette. Maggie tells Ivette that April just wants to make amends to everyone because she knows she is leaving. Ivette implied she is set in stone as to what she wants to do. Maggie said that whatever April wants to do is fine with her even if it is hanging out with Janelle. BB: Good morning HG’s, the veto ceremony will be in 90 min. 
10:53 AM BBT: April dreamt she was leaving Tuesday and when she got out her family told her things people were saying about them. Now she's almost scared to see them.   

It's a little heated.

11:19 AM BBT: The remaining Friendship girls are outside talking. April says Janelle thinks Ivette was mean to her. Ivette said she was not mean in the beginning but when Janelle started being mean, she wasn't going to go kissing her ass. April says she feels like shit because outside of these walls she would not act this way. Ivette says she feels like giving April the veto because she’s tired of all this. She tells April she already apologized for the way she celebrated and then gives April examples of all the other times she reacted the same way for everyone else. April says she is mad because when she looks back she realizes that all of the decisions she has made are because of listening to Ivette. Ivette is stunned and cannot believe April is 'pulling this card.' April says she told Janelle yesterday about all the shit she said about her and how she cannot believe that she said the things she said about The Friendship. Ivette gets angry and tells April to take the Veto and shove it up her ass and storms into the house. April says she was just being honest and why can she not be honest after Ivette is honest with her. 
11:25 AM BBT: Ivette comes back outside and the argument really gets going. April and Ivette shoot general

It's still going....

accusations back and forth. April tells Ivette that she has done a lot of bad things in the game she would not have done without Ivette’s influence. April tells Ivette that she makes her feel like shit when she is around her.
Ivette: I haven’t gone out of my way to make you feel shitty and you constantly go out of your way to make me feel shitty.
April: I feel like you have done that to me in the past too.
Ivette: Really, the day that you asked me to stop calling you a lemon, I fucking did on the dime. Beau and Maggie kept on calling you a lemon and I stopped right at that second and a number of times they were going to call you a lemon I told them “Hey she doesn’t like that.” When they kept saying “Hey, April gets horny off of farts” I would say you guys she doesn’t like that.
April: I think you are thinking I think you are this horrible person.
Ivette: I really do think you think I’m this horrible person.
April: I don’t think that.
Ivette: Now that there is a veto and this and that you wanna bring out all these horrible things about me.
April: I am just looking back. You wanted me to be honest with you.
Ivette: I would have never done that to you. I wish you would have been honest with me before the veto because this makes me feel like you are being honest because you want to be an asshole not because this is the truth that is in you.
April: I have been telling Maggie this for the last however many weeks how you make me feel.
Ivette: You should have told me weeks before that you didn’t like me and I would have played this game alone. If you had won the veto and saved Maggie, like you had planned to do all along, I would never have sat here and told you all these horrible things about you and said you know what I am gonna vote for Maggie in the end or I am gonna vote for Janelle at the end so you don’t get the money. You make it a point to make other people feel like shit when you are not feeling good.
April: Okay that is a fault of mine I guess.

11:40 AM BBT: Ivette is furious that April is blaming her decisions on her. She told April that she is 31 years old and needs to take responsibility for her own actions. April told Ivette that she told Maggie that she was a good person. She said that she went to Janelle and talked to her and she never would have done that without Ivette telling her to do so. Ivette says that April sent her to go talk to James and she never would have done that without April. (Ivette is yelling) Ivette asked April if she won the veto would it be her epiphany. April said for the last several weeks that she has not enjoyed being in the group but it was a promise that she made and like you said I am 31 years old and I didn't have to be apart of it but that is why I am hanging out by myself because I do not like the decisions being made. I have told you a long time that you make me feel like shit. April says Ivette makes her feel like a shitty person.
Ivette: “After all the shitty things you have done and said and I just let them run off my back and you sit here and tell me that I make you feel like shit.” If you would have won veto I would not sit here and tell you that I hate you and have hated you for so long. If I knew that you hated me then why did you hang around me? I should have hung around Jan and Howie.
April: Outside I know we are so different.
Ivette: I am myself and I have been myself. You want to pretend to be a country girl.
April: I never.
Ivette reviews a conversation she had with April yesterday when April told Ivette that Janelle would take Maggie over her. You don't tell people that. I don't tell you that you are going home. You take the time to make me feel like shit.
April: You make me feel like shit too. You are thinking that I think you are a horrible person.
Ivette: I do think you think I am a horrible person.
April: I am just being honest.
Ivette: Why the fuck are you telling me now after the veto?
April: I have told Maggie this forever now.
Ivette: I wish you would have told me before and I would have played by myself now. You make it a point to make people feel like shit when you aren't feeling good. There isn't a reason for you to go the extra mile to make someone feel like shit by telling them that they won't win the money.
April: If Maggie would have won, she would not have jumped up and down when winning. If I would have won, I wouldn't have jumped because I would have to choose between you 2.
Ivette: Why don't you put yourself in my shoes? Look at my track record, I have celebrated for EVERYONE! There were 2 people going against me. I have an easy time putting myself in other people's shoes.
April: I wanted to play it fair and square.
Ivette: I just want you to be human and just take responsibility that you took a part in all the decisions and admit that you don't like me.
April: It's not that I do not like you. I just want to go back and watch the tapes and it will give me my answers.
Ivette: They will be edited so ask me now.
April brings up the week that Kaysar went home and it never would have happened if not for you and Beau. Everyone except for Ivette and Beau took the blame for someone leaving.
Ivette said she admitted to Janelle and Kaysar that it was her idea.
April said it wasn't until James brought it up and you have to remember that James was playing both sides.
Ivette: I never believed James.
April disagrees.

Ivette directs a question to Maggie and Maggie ignores it. Ivette said “you are not taking part?” Maggie shrugged and covered her face.
11:57 AM BBT: Janelle came out of the HOH, stopped and listened a second to Ivette talking loudly outside. She went, got some clothes and returned to the HOH with a few backward glances to the backyard. 

12:00 PM BBT: April basically says that she is not blaming anyone for her actions. She says that she would not have done some things without the influence that The Friendship had on her.
Maggie: I want you to know that it does make us feel like shit.
April: I understand
Maggie: Now when I have conversations with you both I feel like shit for even being in this house (she says she cries when she goes to the DR now).
April: I think we all agree that if we had this to do over again, we wouldn’t make friends in this house.
Maggie: See, I don’t feel that way
Ivette: I don’t feel that way either
Maggie: I would not play this game without my friends. My friends in this house are what have made me stay in here.
April: I would do some things differently. I am so happy to have met you guys.
Ivette: I will never accept that. My feelings have been so hurt by you. I will leave this house and I will never say that I would have done things differently and people’s actions influenced me in a bad way. I will never forget you blaming your actions on me.
April: I am not blaming my actions on you.
Ivette: Do you know that they blame you and Jennifer for everything that happened to Michael?
April: Yeah, you are included in that.
Ivette: What the fuck did I say? Do you realize that they tell you pretty things and then they tell other people pretty things? I never called him a fucking sexual predator.
April: No one has ever called him a sexual predator.
Ivette: I wanna know what blame I have for fucking Michael.
April: Again, they are gonna say different things to different people.
Ivette: All I know is yesterday since I won the POV I have asked you to forgive me and all you can do is ignore me.
April: I remember in the gym you said you were sorry. Upstairs you yelled at me and walked out. I feel whenever we talk you scream at me and never give me a chance to speak my mind. Everyone hears and interprets things differently but you are not wanting to accept that.

April says they are both stubborn and she doesn’t want Ivette to think she is being mean ‘cause Ivette won the POV. At the end she is gonna vote with her heart for the winner she will not vote based on who needs it the most. Ivette thinks that if she is in the final 2 she will not win over anyone that is left. (Ivette has been teary for awhile now)


Ivette: I know all the shit she (Janelle) has talked about me.
April: Did you hear that from James?
Ivette (yelling): NO! NO! I heard it from Beau and to this day he will not tell me what she said because the things she has said are so horrible that he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. I would rather hear honestly than to think that you like me!
Ivette gets up and goes inside followed by Maggie and April. Janelle heads outside.

April now says that she is not claiming innocence and blaming Ivette. Ivette says she would never blame her actions on anyone else. April tells her to take that as a compliment.
Ivette says she would never steer someone the wrong way and you might want to sit here and think Janelle is a wonderful person and America loves her. She gives examples of taking up for Maggie and April. You want me to take responsibility for your actions.
April: I would have done some things differently.
Ivette: What?
April: I am not going to sit here and tell you what I would do differently.
Ivette: I have never met anyone like you. You change your mind more than you change your underwear. You say you aren't going to the wrap party and then you are and back and forth. Then that you don't care about the money and then you do.
April denies ever caring about the money. She said to ask Maggie because she is closer to her anyway.
Ivette: Good for you.
April tells Ivette to go watch the tapes and you will see how different you are.
Ivette says this is her in here and you don't like her in here and if you don't like her in here then you wouldn't like her in (reality).
April reviews how Ivette treats her differently than how Ivette treats Maggie. April says she based a lot of her decisions on Ivette’s feedback. She says it isn't bad and it isn't good and she based it on how Ivette felt and not how April felt. She said she was sorry that it hurt her feelings but it was how she felt. She told Ivette that everyone feels things differently. She said she never would have acted the way that Ivette acted yesterday. She says to look at how she acted when she won the HOH and the Veto.
Ivette interrupted and said that her ass wasn't on the line so she cannot say that. You are so blind.
April tells her to stop cussing.
Ivette said that this is how she talks and she isn't from West Texas and isn't all pretty.
Maggie said that the only one safe is Janelle this week.

Ivette comes back out firing.

Ivette says again how excited she was EVERY week for EVERYONE. I cannot control the emotions that come over me.
April: It is my fault because I listened. She says it wasn’t right that Howie went off the way he did and said that she told Janelle that she didn’t appreciate her laughing at Howie.
Ivette: Jenn didn’t tell who she was going to put up and we didn’t know who was going to be nominated. She called us up individually and asked what we thought and still through all of it never said who she was going to put up. She had a right to do whatever she wanted to do. She was never going to tell us so we would be shocked. The fact that you are feeding into them…
April: Do you not understand that James was going to protect you and Beau?
Ivette: Maggie has been more sarcastic to her than me so don’t say that James is protecting. You are saying a lot of things that don’t make sense.
April: I don’t know why we have conversations because you don’t listen. When the game is over I hope you sit and think. It is my fault and everyone has a hand. I spent the most time with you and looked up to you.
Maggie said she feels like shit.
April: I would never do it again, I would never make friends.
Ivette: I will never accept that. My feelings have been so hurt by you. Maggie and I will be the same way when I leave this house. I will never forget you blaming your actions on me.
April: I never blamed them on you.
Ivette: I am myself in this house, the way I put myself out there and I have done nothing but constantly protect everyone regardless of being called a psycho because I am honoring someone who played a hell of a game (Eric). Everything she did was to protect the people she loved in the house. She does not apologize for loving Eric and that a lot she has done is for Eric.
April says she withheld information that may have hurt Ivette.
Maggie says they didn't share information that was not about the game and would hurt someone's feelings.
April says the money is not important to her, but she doesn't like people saying she doesn't deserve the money. Everyone deserves the money. I'm gonna vote from my heart, money is not going to be the reason about who needs it more.
Maggie says we know that otherwise The Friendship…
Ivette accepts that she will not win the money no matter who she sits next to at the end of the game.
Maggie: Don't you think we all feel that?
Ivette: I am content where I've gotten this far in the game.
Maggie: If America blames me for what I've done, I blame it on the TV show. She is only concerned about it if it hurts her parents.
She tells both Ivette and April that she loves them and they are both great people.

April says she is being reflective, says it is different when you know you are leaving.
Maggie says she doesn't see any of them being mean and malicious or playing dirty.
Ivette brings up Janelle blaming Ivette for the petty stuff
Maggie says we have all taken the blame for things in this game, if people want to blame me fine, I know what part I took in things. To April she says: If you're looking back and seeing things you don't like that happened I am fine with that, but it hurts my feelings.

Ivette has left.
April said that these things are just what she is thinking and she should just keep them inside.
Maggie: No, even though they hurt my feelings, I want to know.
April: I did not mean to hurt her feelings but it was the way that I feel. I am not going to talk to her anymore about it because she will just yell at me and cuss me out. I feel that my feelings toward other people were influenced by Ivette and James.
Maggie agrees that her opinions toward people were influenced by James.
April: I don't want to blame it just on her but that is where I got most of my info. In the DR, I would say that I know most of the people don't like her but I am going to like her. Even Kaysar…
Maggie: I like Kaysar, he still hurt me, he took out my partner and he took out Jennifer.
April said that Janelle told her that Kaysar said to not go after Jennifer but go after Ivette. Janelle told April that she couldn't let Jennifer go on after getting rid of her second partner. April tells Maggie that no matter what she will be Janelle’s choice because she will not pick

Janelle, not a care in the world.

Maggie: I realize that but it still hurt her feelings.
BB: Ivette to the DR.
April: Let’s go brush our teeth. I am not going to cry anymore.
Maggie: Me either, I did all last night.

 image Ivette yelling [36 minutes 31 seconds]

BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown, please go to the backyard and close the sliding glass doors.  

12:39 PM BBT: Maggie says this is a terrible day in every sense of the word because it is September 11th.

12:43 PM BBT: Maggie and April in the hammock. They agree that America loves Janelle because she is funny and doesn't care about the game, not because she is a nice person.

1:20 PM BBT: Ivette and Maggie.
Ivette: It hurts my feelings because she wants to blame me.
Maggie: Everyone's feelings are hurt. This game is set up this way. I know that you and April are not wanting to hurt each other’s feelings and I let you both know that when you guys hurt mine. That is enough; that is everything. No more crying, okay?
Ivette: I love you.
Maggie: I love you. Don't forget that, Ivetta.

1:43 PM BBT: April is sad that she will only get good-bye messages from Maggie, Ivette and Janelle and not everyone else.
Maggie: They will welcome you with open arms when you get there though.
April: I just want out. I shouldn't feel guilty, I don't think she realizes the influence she has on people. Once you get out, you will sit back and think. I told Jan that what you see is what you get with her. That doesn't make her a bad person. April keeps talking about the convo between her and Ivette and specifically the comment that Ivette made about taking the veto and shoving it up her ass. April asks Maggie to tell Ivette that these are things that she has wanted to say for a long time now. It doesn't make it right or wrong. I can say these things now that the game is over for me. She says that Matt is going to be upset with the things she said to Ivette.
Maggie talks about how they are portrayed. She says that they are going to portray her as the boring person in the house.
April wonders how she is being portrayed because she has no grasp on it. I do like Janelle but I have talked shit about her, I don't know why.
1:48 PM BBT: April is talking about what DR has asked her including about religion. Maggie says she hasn't been asked about religion. BB: HG’s, you’re not allowed to talk about the DR.

2:11 PM BBT: Maggie comes back outside and joins Ivette. Ivette said she guessed she was the cause of all the turmoil in the house, not Janelle. Maggie says she doesn't feel that way nor does she see how Ivette can feel that way. Ivette says that is what April is saying. April came out and lay on the other side of Maggie.

2:26 PM BBT: Ivette got up and left. Maggie is afraid that Dave and her parents aren't proud of her. She never worried about what her parents thought about her till she came in the house, now she realizes how important what her parents thinks of her is to her. She said her parents don't believe in lying, her parents taught her not to lie. April says Maggie made her a better person being in this house. Maggie kept her in check and kept her grounded. April is complaining again about how someone influenced her to go bad. She is proud of herself for standing up to Kaysar. There are sometimes she is so proud of herself for standing up for herself, but you become what you hang around and she isn't proud of that.

Ivette returns. Maggie forgot to ask about the wrap party, she asks if anyone else has asked. April says she hasn't gone in there yet, and Ivette says nothing. Maggie is afraid Dave can't get that much time off. April says Eric will be here so Dave will be here, but Maggie says he will be there when she gets out but she isn't sure he can stay that long for the party. April assures Maggie that they will give Dave that much time off for her, but Maggie says he is taking time off for the wedding so she isn't sure he can get that much more time off. April says Vegas is rooting for her. Maggie says Vegas would have disowned her if she had screwed up the casino comp. Maggie wonders if Eric is watching her. She is sure him and Dave are talking about it. April is comparing Maggie and Janelle regarding their partners leaving early, and Maggie is trying to draw Ivette and April in a comparison. Ivette is having no part of this talk. Maggie hears a siren in the background and is getting homesick again. April talks about lying on the concrete when she leaves and screaming she is free. She is having anxiety about leaving because she doesn't know what to expect. She compares it to leaving jail where the light hurts your eyes and such. Maggie says she is going to be obsessed with looking at other people. April says she better get a bunked handler because she wants to talk and talk and she wants to hear others talk about themselves. Maggie says it is going to be weird driving a car and looking out the window. They want to know if their handlers can tell them what is going on in the world.

2:45 PM BBT: April is saying it is weird she can walk out of there without ever being nominated, she was used as replacements. Maggie says she can not walk out of there saying the same thing. Ivette says she was nominated three times. April corrects her. Ivette says she has been on it three times during eviction night.

Maggie missed a trip to Hawaii to come to the house. April says she missed her birthday. Maggie lists all the birthdays she missed including Dave's birthday, a charity event that was on 4th of July, the trip to Hawaii, what Dave was going to do with the project, planning for the wedding. Maggie has no regrets because she made this choice but she did miss a lot of things that were special to her but everyone will understand this was a once in a lifetime deal. April says she did it for Jennifer and her mom didn't want her to do this.

2:57 PM BBT: Maggie doesn’t see herself as a celebrity. She is just a normal person who is going back to her job

Janelle in the HoH room.

Maggie and April talking.

and to do her thing. Now she smells fire and it is turning her on. Ivette leaves. Maggie can’t wait to be able to pee without someone listening. April says she can't wait to leave on Tuesday. She can't wait to talk to Jennifer and Beau. Maggie can't believe James told Janelle he made a promise to vote for Ivette. April repeats what Janelle told her about how far she made it to the end. She tells Maggie that Janelle said that if Ivette and Maggie are at the end it would be a vote of 5 to 2 and it would be a pretty clean sweep for Maggie because Ivette has pissed off a lot of people in this house. Janelle knows she isn't going to win the $500.000. Janelle told April that the only way Ivette could win the $500,000 is if she picks Ivette. Janelle told her she understands why The Friendship would vote like they do but April says Maggie has the $500,000. She understands Maggie doesn't want to think about that. Ivette returns and Janelle is still in the HOH.

3:06 PM BBT: April says she won't take her eyes off Matt when she gets home, even when he goes and takes a dump and it stinks she will sit on the floor and watch him. Maggie says "how romantic." April is explaining that she is the type of person who cares what America thinks. Maggie says no one wants to have their feelings hurt. Maggie: Guys we are going to drive cars, we will have places to go; right now the only option is the backyard. April wants to know if Maggie gets married can they help her plan it, Maggie says it will be a Big Brother reunion. April wants to be in the wedding. Maggie says she will screw formality when she gets married; it is going to be so laid back. She wants a white tent with candles in a park across the street from her old house. April wants to wear shorts to the wedding. Maggie says her and Dave talk about getting married but not the ceremony. Maggie wants babies. April wants two babies max. Maggie says it had been a long time coming in wanting a baby. She wanted her career first, and she loves how her life is now, how she can take a nap, her time with Dave alone, and how she wanted to be able to support her kids. Now things are falling into place and steadily things have warmed up to her thinking about being a mom. None of Maggie's friends have kids, all of Aprils friends have kids.

3:54 PM BBT: April asked Maggie to sleep with her tonight and Maggie agreed. April asks Maggie if Ivette is going to talk to her anymore. Maggie says she doesn’t know. April says she told Ivette not to discuss this with her till after the game because she was going to say something that was going to hurt Ivette and Ivette kept going on so she told her what she thought and she isn't sorry.

Maggie talking to April.

4:13 PM BBT: April tells Maggie that she knows Ivette and Maggie need to talk about the game so if Maggie needs to leave and talk to Ivette that is okay. Maggie says thanks. April says that Maggie needs to let Ivette know she has been saying things to Maggie for a long time. Maggie says she isn't going to tell Ivette what April has said about Ivette because it would hurt Ivette. April repeats all the mean things Ivette said to her about shoving the veto up her ass and being a sweet Texas girl. April says it hurt, but you have to respect how others feel. She tells Maggie that she understands Maggie is in the middle.

April tells Maggie that after April leaves for Maggie to continue to be herself, that is what is going to get her the money. April understands that Janelle is selfish and gets on everyone's nerves, just be nice to her. Just because someone in the house doesn't like Janelle that doesn't mean Maggie needs to treat her badly. Maggie says what people see is what they get. April says that Janelle hasn't said anything bad about Maggie to April, even though Ivette tells Maggie that Janelle hates her. Maggie says it doesn't matter. April says that her feelings got hurt because Ivette always pointed out that Janelle only liked April, Maggie hasn't done anything for Janelle to not like her. Maggie says she doesn't like the idea that Janelle is going to take her. April says Janelle thinks it is a crapshoot to take Maggie. April says Janelle told her that Janelle knows she isn't going to get the money because of them being on the jury. Maggie says Janelle sees Ivette and April fighting and it will prompt Janelle to take Ivette. April says no, there have been a lot of things told to Janelle about Ivette and Janelle doesn't want Ivette to have the money.


April tells Maggie that Ivette fed James information all the time. Maggie says if someone wants to judge me from what other people say there is nothing she can do about that. April tells Maggie none of the other group hates Maggie, only James hated Maggie. April says that Janelle felt Maggie hated her because of Eric, Maggie said she told Janelle whatever Eric and Janelle had against each other: it wasn't her thing. April said she told Janelle that Maggie had no grudges whatsoever. Maggie tells April she never thought Janelle had anything to do about Eric being gone. April says that James told that group who to put up and how things were going to go. April says it is going to be funny to watch this and Maggie says she doesn't think so. April says Janelle said Rachel and Howie joined their group early in the game. Maggie wants to know why Janelle is telling her all of this. April said she only told Janelle about her strategy. Maggie said the only strategy she had was to not be evicted. April doesn't want Maggie to tell Ivette or Janelle anything she has told Maggie after she is evicted. April says Janelle told her Rachel NEVER gave them any information about what The Friendship was talking about, she said Rachel would say it was smack talk and not worth repeating.

4:31 PM BBT: Maggie wants to be able to go to the wrap party and be friends with most people no matter how hurt she got. April can't figure out why James hates Eric so much, Eric was a good person. April says that Eric played the game too hard too soon. April explains again that James saved Ivette and got Eric out. April is making sure Maggie knows Ivette and James had an alliance but Beau wasn't in that alliance. Maggie said she knew Beau wanted James out.

Ivette pouting.

5:01 PM BBT: The Friendship trio is in the hot tub. Maggie is discussing her career as a nurse. Maggie deals mostly with heart attack and stroke patients. Maggie would like to own a business and create things to make nursing easier. Maggie says she will always be in the nursing career because she was born to be a nurse. Maggie said her last name was Osborne and then said that wasn’t her real last name.

5:15 PM BBT: Maggie said her previous hospital was poor and did a lot of good even with the lack of funding. Now she works at a hospital with resources but they can not find ways to give their patients the excellent care. She was upset that there was a state of emergency declared when the psychiatric patients in Vegas took up so many beds and that she could not get care to regular patients. Maggie would like to invent something that will help humanity. She was allowed to pick which schools she could go do sex education classes at and she picked an inner-city school where 1 out of 3 kids were parents before they graduated. She said it was really difficult but she did it and it was more rewarding too. Maggie has the song 'Eye of the Tiger' in her head. April has the song 'Another one Bites the Dust' in hers.

5:48 PM BBT: Janelle gets up briefly and then goes back to bed (probably just staying out of the way). The posturing in the hot tub is Maggie in the middle with Ivette and April apart from each other.

6:36 PM BBT: Janelle, Maggie and April are eating nachos while Ivette does laps.

6:41 PM BBT: Ivette feeds the fish inside and they all gather around the tank to watch and talk about the fish.

Janelle and April.

7:33 PM BBT: Ivette and Maggie in the bathroom. Ivette says it’s crazy for April to get her facts from Janelle. Ivette: I guess everyone thinks I am a horrible person. Maggie says she doesn't think Ivette is a horrible person. Ivette says April thinks that. Ivette feels it is wrong for April to blame Ivette for her actions. Ivette says that she doesn't have a chance at the money so she is fighting for Maggie to get to the end. Maggie tells Ivette she doesn't feel Ivette doesn't have a chance, if she wins she is taking Ivette. Ivette knows Maggie would take her but if at the end it was between them, Maggie would win, Ivette isn't the chosen one. Maggie says this was the first time she heard that recently and it doesn't matter, you don't know how it will end.

Ivette tells Maggie she is really hurt, Maggie says she knows that but she doesn't know how to fix that. Ivette says she doesn't have the balls to blame anyone in the house for her actions. Maggie says the only thing Ivette can do is either agree with what is said or not, if someone says Maggie is like something and Maggie has to agree it sucks, but if she doesn't agree then so what. Maggie says Ivette stayed friends with Howie and Rachel, and she is just hearing about things now, they all get blamed for things in this house. Ivette says it is worse to get blamed for things by someone she thought was a friend in this house. Maggie says April isn't working against Ivette. Ivette wants to know if Maggie told April that she was going to take Ivette and not April. Maggie says no. Maggie says she hasn't asked for assurance from anyone in The Friendship. Ivette says that is because everyone loves you. Maggie: Yeah, I love everyone in the friendship. I don't have to agree with their actions to still love them. Ivette tells Maggie she is lucky to have people love her and protect her.

Ivette says Beau sat and trashed everyone and got by with it, but she is getting the blame for it. She doesn't understand it. Janelle tells Maggie to go fuck herself and Ivette is the horrible one. Maggie says it isn't fair. Ivette says she hasn't told April if she is friends with Janelle then she can't be friends with Ivette. Maggie says April never said Ivette said that. She knows Ivette is worn down right now and she doesn't know how to fix it but it is going to tear Ivette down until Ivette lets it go and realizes she can't control other people. Ivette says she is hurt: how can April be hurt about how she acted when she won the veto? April is going out of her way to be a bitch to Ivette. April doesn’t know how hard it is for Ivette to be herself and work hard and then be told that she isn't going to win when she has worked so hard. You don't go out of your way to make someone feel shitty. Maggie says she knows and if she could have prevented it she would have, but she doesn't know how to fix this.

Ivette is in shock. Ivette knew that Kaysar was a smart player but she didn't know how much he was manipulating the others till April and Janelle told her. She found him a threat and it bothered her because she cared about the others, but she would never say her thoughts about Kaysar. Ivette says she didn't throw Janelle stuff around or tell April to do it. There is so much shit that is bothering her. She just made a suggestion because they decided as a group to talk about things and she thought they had a big problem with Kaysar being there and they went through so much to get rid of him the first time and it bothered her when he came back. He was a big reason why Eric was gone and he came back again, so to say it was all her... Maggie says there is no reason to rehash this; they know all that happen in this house. Ivette says she didn't tell Janelle to be the biggest fucking bitch to Jenn. Maggie says she knows that.

Maggie says April feels the game is over for her, she is having regrets on how America is seeing her because of what Janelle is telling her. She can't control what Janelle says to her or what she is taking from Janelle, but she feels she is out of this game and misery loves company. Ivette wants to go home where everyone knows she isn't a horrible person, or goes out of her way to make people hurt. She is horrible to people who go out of their way to be mean to her, she was really hurt when Rachel didn't offer her food. Maggie says she knows that and they have families that love them to go home to. Ivette is justified in feeling this way. Maggie just wishes she could make it end for her, in 8 days they will go back to people who love them and know them. It is hard hearing something from someone who has been your friend, it is probably hard to hear that she still loves and cares about you, she is suffering and things come out the way they are not suppose to. Maggie has told April she has hurt her feelings too and they all have to accept she is having a hard time right now as well. Maggie says there is no way she can tell Ivette that the things April says isn't hurtful but she is looking at the big picture and she thinks they will be friends out of the house but both April and Ivette have big hearts and sometimes they say things that hurt others on purpose and accidental. They need to realize they don't know what it is like to be leaving the house like April does.

Ivette says Beau was really hurt by April for voting him out, he understood where Maggie was coming from but he was hurt by April and if he could see how she is acting now he would be really hurt. Ivette is worried about what April is going to go back and say because April blows things up badly. Maggie says everyone in the sequester house has bad things to say about everyone in this house. Ivette says Beau had NOTHING negative to say about Maggie. Maggie says she can't control if others are hurt by her and want to spread tales about her.

7:48 PM BBT: Ivette apologizes to Maggie for being loud; she is trying not to raise her voice. Maggie says it is okay she knows how Ivette is. It just shook her for a while because she and Dave never raise their voice. Then Maggie started talking to Ivette about Eric. Ivette is crying saying if it wasn't for her family she would have never used her veto. Maggie says she knows that, everyone knows that. Maggie says she is competing and she is going to take Ivette if she wins but she is fighting for her family. She said Ivette is vocal about her family, everyone knows she is vocal. Eric is vocal, and it is okay, there is nothing wrong with it. Maggie tells Ivette she knows where the


money is going if Ivette wins, to help her family and to have a baby. Ivette says if her family wasn't depending on her. Maggie said if she had won it she wouldn't have used it.

Maggie tells Ivette this game is awesome because you can fight to take friends to the end. Maggie says it would be awesome if she could say “Ivette, I take you to the final two.”

Ivette says no one would have told her those things that April said to her today. April doesn't know what it feels like to be wanted out of this game since week 2, and to still be here: to be able to save yourself. April doesn't understand the feeling it brings to you to save yourself. Ivette says Maggie is different and more reserved. Ivette: Look at my history, I am always like that. Maggie: That is what I am saying either of you rehashing this doesn't benefit anyone at all. Maggie tells Ivette that she knows Ivette is hurt and the game isn't worth it. Ivette knows this game isn't worth the hurt but Ivette’s family is worth this fight. She tells Ivette she has every right to feel horrible and hurt but no one in her family would tell her to stop playing this game just because someone is hurting you right? So get your shit together. Maggie says you can only control your own actions.

Ivette says she is tried of feeling bad because she saved herself. Maggie says no one would have done anything different, they all talked about it, she did the right thing. Maggie says it is tough, when you advance in this game someone you care about leaves. They control their actions when they leave but you can't control that. She knows it hurts because it was someone from the friendship. We all have seen how people cope with things. Maggie reassures Ivette she knows she is hurt, but Ivette's family wouldn't want her sitting here unhappy. She has to sit here, she has no choice about that, but she has a choice about being happy.

Ivette says she knows she isn't the only one that sat here and trashed talked and she isn't one that proclaimed being perfect. She says she admitted she is loud and some people love her and more people hate her and it really pisses her off that someone wants to blame their actions on her. Maggie: We all trashed talked, but you can't control someone else’s actions. Ivette talks about winning that dinner for everyone and she came out to make sure it was a group choice and she is a giving person. Ivette says April is impossible to please. Maggie says if you know what you are doing is not bad and you’re not a bad person. Ivette says that April was saying that Ivette would always tell her how Ivette would be so hurt if someone was lying and she would go off and cry and Ivette is tired of being responsible for April’s feelings. Ivette: It is like we are girlfriends and it is fucking annoying. There are days that she wouldn't even hang out with me and I am still getting blamed for all the fucking shit she did.

8:02 PM BBT: Ivette says she has tried hard to protect Maggie and everyone else in the group. She might have won HOH late but she always told the girls she wanted to make sure the girls were safe if she left. Ivette says she knows Maggie gave her that HOH but April has kept reminding Ivette how Maggie gave Ivette that HOH. Maggie says when did she do that? Ivette says that night. Maggie says she doesn't like that. Maggie says they both had to answer all the questions to get there: Ivette earned that. No one gave her the answers to the magnet questions.

Ivette says she is emotionally drained and Maggie says she is. Maggie: You just had your ass kicked. Ivette says she won that veto fair and square. Maggie assures her that everyone knows she won fair and square. Maggie reminds Ivette what is meant to be won't be taken from you, does that sound familiar. Ivette says she told them in the DR that the veto has caused so much trouble in the house. Maggie says it wasn't the veto that caused the trouble it is April. She is going home, they don't know how that feels and Ivette and April have been butting heads for a while. Ivette says that when Maggie was put up she figured what would happen, would happen. But there was nothing she could do. Maggie: You’re saving yourself; there is nothing else you can do.

Maggie tells Ivette she is extremely lucky that Ivette is taking Maggie with her, it is a blessing, she didn't earn that veto and that is why she wants to win HOH and repay Ivette for taking her. Maggie didn't think they would both be safe, but Ivette set the reset button and now another person that Maggie really loves and cares for is going home. Maggie says she knows Ivette doesn't want to hear her says she loves April but she does. She loves Ivette too but she doesn't like Janelle, but it is sad to be having a good friend leave. Ivette says Beau suffered because of a promise. Maggie says she knows that. Maggie keeps saying she can't do anything about that. She knows it would be better if Beau was here with her because they would win as a pair. Ivette tells Maggie she is just as meaningful to Ivette as Beau is. Maggie says she knows that.

8:17 PM BBT: Ivette says she hasn't smiled in a long time. Ivette says she has lost smiles and that it was pointed out to her from a few people. Maggie says smiles don't go away they get lost in things and this house makes your smiles get lost. Maggie says she was the same way but she has to think of the fun things in this house. Maggie says if Janelle wins and she picks Ivette to go to the final two Maggie will be thrilled for Ivette. Ivette says that won't happen. Maggie reminds her that Janelle could be lying to April, but Ivette is sure that is one of the truthful things she has told April.

Maggie is going to pack tomorrow. Ivette is going to lay out things for seven days but Maggie says they won't give Ivette her suitcase because she isn't leaving. Ivette wants to know why Maggie is packing tomorrow and Maggie says because they say the eviction is Tuesday, Ivette says they don't know that, but Maggie doesn't want to take a chance. Maggie wants to know if Ivette wants to be quizzed about the house to keep her mind off the other things. Ivette says sure and they start studying.

8:49 PM BBT: Maggie tells Ivette that if she gets knocked out in the endurance comp then Ivette needs to keep fighting and Maggie will pick up the veto. Ivette says Janelle is so with it sometimes, Janelle said something about the veto comp and Maggie says they need to wake up and smell the coffee. Ivette: Yeah, if I had thought about it that way I could have won faster. Ivette assures Maggie that what is meant for them to have they will have. They are talking about the rainbow room, Jerry called it that last night and Maggie didn't know what room that was.

Ivette says she said thanks 100 times for being her partner in all this. Maggie reminds her they were a group of 6 and they all stuck together. Ivette says this made her a better person. Ivette says Janelle is feeding a lot of shit to April. Maggie says she promised to her that she was going to protect April because she didn't have anyone to protect her. April is back. April tells Maggie that they told her the eviction would be sooner than later so she thinks it is going to be Tuesday. BB: Maggie, please go to the DR. April is going to take a shower now. Maggie is going to ask for Benadryl and Ivette says you have to ask for the house not for a person.

9:15 PM BBT: Maggie returns from the DR and apologizes to BB for not being in a good mood tonight. Maggie things there won’t be a shopping spree this year. Maggie says with all the times she gets in trouble she wouldn’t be surprised to leave without a pay check. Ivette says she never thought it would end so ugly. Maggie says maybe it won’t. Maggie says she’s not a forgiving person and Ivette says she isn’t either.

9:25 PM BBT: Janelle and April play volleyball in the backyard. Janelle tells April she doesn’t want her to leave.

9:35 PM BBT: Ivette says it is hard on her to hear Janelle and April laughing together. April runs in and tells them that Janelle farted and shit her pants. Maggie says that brings her a little bit of joy. April tells them last night’s riddle and leaves. Ivette says she will be happy if Janelle takes Maggie to the final two.

9:50 PM BBT: Janelle is speculating about the HOH comp and wonders how Maggie and Ivette will do if it’s endurance. April says they will all do well. April says she knows that Janelle has no support but tells her to do her absolute best and to think of Howie and Kaysar. April says winning the first round in HOH gets you to the third comp with a rest in between. She asks Janelle if she is scared and Janelle says she is.

10:21 PM BBT: April says to Janelle that Ivette will not pick Janelle and Janelle won't pick Ivette. So to look at the bright side: she'll either be here in the final two or in the sequester drinking. April says "if you've made it this far, you can make it another seven days." April says she's getting a "pimping" outfit for the wrap party. Janelle says "me too." They're hoping BB will give them a shopping spree.

Maggie and Ivette come outside. Ivette announces she solved the riddle! Ivette: I just said "what is greater than God? There is nothing greater than God." That’s when they put it together that the answer was “nothing.” Janelle and April said they couldn't put it together. April: We were saying "NOTHING makes sense." Maggie: That's funny you said 'NOTHING.'

10:31 PM BBT: April is curious about the last safe. She speculates that it might be the winner. She says it might hold the $500,000. Janelle: Ya Right. I hope not, that would be dumb. Janelle and April want to get wine. April says I know, they wouldn't give us any last night. They both hope they'll give it for April’s going away party.

10:50 PM BBT: Maggie: By now, Howie and Beau have slept together. There’s so much sexual tension between

In the rainbow room.

them. Did Beau ever talk about that?
Ivette: He’s just fun to mess with.
April: Howie’s going to be trying to hook up with the girls! It’ll be interesting to see what the third safe is. I even wondered if it could be the $500,000 check.
Ivette: What?
Maggie: They could. They could do anything. If they do the evictions Tuesday and Thursday, what will they do for Saturday’s show?
April: Janelle was saying they do footage at the sequester house.
Maggie: Oh, that’s right!
April: And then on Tuesday there will be a recap of the whole show.
Maggie: Oh, ‘cause it’s two hours.

11:06 PM BBT: Everyone is in the Rainbow Room. Ivette is being silent. The HG’s are playing a game with BB. The HG’s ask questions and BB “dings” when it is a yes answer and stays silent for no. April asks if they have seen her naked in the shower and BB dings yes. Janelle asks if April has a nice cooter and there is no response from BB. Maggie says it must be “roast beef.” image  DING [11 minutes 08 seconds]

11:44 PM BBT: Janelle tells about her now ex-roommate Christina. Christina imitated everything Janelle did including trying to dress like Janelle. Janelle discovered her roommate was dating her girlfriend of 4 years behind her back. Janelle wrote her roommate a note and stuck it in her bedroom door with a steak knife telling her to move out. 

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Saturday, September 10 2005: Veto Competition Today

To see who won the Veto. Click Here!

12:05 AM BBT: April says that Janelle thinks the next comp will be physical. Maggie isn’t happy that April has been talking to Janelle about those things. Maggie jokes that BB is a once in a lifetime experience that she will always be mad at herself for doing.  April says that Janelle told her that she could do this for four more months. April tells Maggie about Janelle saying that Howie had lost it one other time. Maggie talks directly into her microphone and says: "I would like to thank all my fans. I would like to thank America for believing in me and supporting me."

12:17 AM BBT: More random comments. April says someone is going to be stuck with Janelle for 10 days. Maggie corrects her and says it will not be that long that only two people will be alone together. April says the DR is mad at them. April apologizes to Jerry, the night crew.

12:27 AM BBT: Maggie talks about the house being reflective of a mini-society where everyone plays a role. Maggie says it is a game, but more than that too. She says that the other side only played a game, and didn’t care about each other, and that is why there is only one of them left.

April hopes Matt brings Pepperoni to get her but worries about him being in the luggage compartment on the plane. Maggie says that he is small enough that he would be in the cabin area. April asks Maggie if she thinks Janelle was lying about having all those fans at the Two and a Half Men set. Maggie says she was. April is disgusted that a young teenage girl is watching the show and is a fan. They say good night to each other and go to sleep. Meanwhile, Janelle is in the HOH listening to her CD.

Maggie, Ivette and  April this morning.

9:27 AM BBT: BB makes the wakeup announcement. April feeds the fish then joins Ivette in the kitchen. They complain about the early wake up. Janelle gets up too.

9:39 AM BBT: BB announces that the POV is in two hours.

9:45 AM BBT: Ivette dreamt about treadmills so they take it as a sign that there will be treadmills in the comp. April does point out though that they have yet to guess a comp right.

9:57 AM BBT: The Friendship is speculating about the POV. April says she had a dream that it was a shooting game. Maggie said that’s awesome. (Ivette just staring at April like she knows April really didn't have a dream she's just saying that.) April says she thinks they will all be separated again. She doesn't like being isolated from the HG's it flips her out. April says they need a hostess for the POV and Ivette says that doesn't matter. Maggie says that she hears a hose spraying something outside. April says it's probably an obstacle course. Maggie says they haven't done that yet. Janelle is in the HOH shower.

10:34 AM BBT: The Friendship.
Maggie: Do you believe in honesty?
April: Absolutely!
Maggie: This is what I think: I don't recognize it from before, but I saw rings and I saw a blackboard. So we're going to be running up to a blackboard, throwing rings, or finding rings in water.
Ivette: It could just the background set. Remember the treadmill.
April: Ohhhhh, water!
Maggie: A couple of weeks ago I thought there was a treadmill there. That was when Howie was here.
April: Could be another question and answer thing.
Maggie: Vetoes are rarely Q & A; more physical than mental.

10:35 AM BBT: April tells Maggie that she knows Ivette will take her to the end. Maggie says she doesn’t have a promise from Ivette like she does from April. April still says Ivette will. April says she studied the Memory Wall last night. Maggie: Good. Let’s do it right now.

10:40 AM BBT: Maggie and Ivette.
Maggie: She doesn't want me to fight for it. She says she wants it to be a fair fight between the two of you. She says she knows that

Maggie and Ivette.

you would bring me and that she thinks she knows I would bring her. I said if you were in my position, would you give up and not fight? That's putting all of my trust in people that I do trust, but there's no security. My security is in winning the veto, just like yours guys. Well, you told me you would take me.
Ivette: Well, I haven't been telling you that right now. That's been a known forever.
Maggie: Well I don't think it's new for her either. We just don't talk about it. 
Ivette: So she's pretty much saying that she and Janelle are going to be fighting for the same thing: to keep it as is. That's not level playing ground. And then, what if Janelle wins the final HOH? I love the way April only thinks about herself. That move of saving Janelle and Howie only benefited herself. And now, don’t fight for me Maggie: she sees that as a way to get me the fuck out of here. That turns my stomach.
Ivette leaves the room. 
10:46 AM BBT: Now Maggie and April.
Maggie: She just brought up a really good point. I asked her how she felt about me fighting for the POV today, so what do you think about me just not competing? She said April would be fighting for the POV to leave it the same; I'll be fighting to take myself off; Janelle will be fighting for it to leave it the same. That means I have to fight for it!
April: Well, that's what I mean. You have to do what you have to do. I'll be fine with that. I'm not going to depend on Janelle. She might want me out. I'm not going to look at it as she's fighting for me. I'm looking at it as I'm fighting for myself. We don’t know what she's going to do.
Maggie: No we don't. But we pretty much know she wants Ivette out.

April and Maggie.

April: But who frigging knows? She changes! She could be playing it like that!
Maggie: She could want me out! It doesn't mean anything. I get that but I don't because I think Ivette is the only one who could get James' vote. 
Maggie: I have more of an understanding now of what you would do, but when I talked to Ivette I didn't get that same understanding.
April: It does not make sense why she wouldn't bring you. Maybe I'll just say to her look Ivette, I know you'll most likely bring Maggie. My feelings won't be hurt.
Maggie: What I was offering was to take myself out of the running.
April: And she said no? Maybe she's thinking strategically that it would be better to bring me. I don't know. She's in it only for the money. And she knows that you're supposedly a stronger competitor than I am, and that the only chance she has of winning is for Janelle to take her. What has she said?
Maggie: Yeah, she's implied it in the past absolutely: Absolutely.
April: You really don't know who you would pick?
Maggie: I don't want to be in that situation unless I have to. It's a lot less stress.
April: Last night I was ready to feel bad for her just cuz she was looking really really depressed.
Maggie: After talking to both of you I wanted to say okay both of you guys go, but then being told it's not 100% it's like whoa!
April: She's probably just trying to make you feel...
Maggie: She said you've got to fight.
April: I can't rely on someone else to win it for me.
Maggie: That's my situation though. I can't rely on someone else to win it for me. It's so weird that Janelle and Howie would make a deal with Ivette and not to you. She talks to you way more.
April: But with me, it's 3 against 1. Ivette was going to have to be the tie-breaker. And she knows that we haven’t broken any promises. She said how Howie spoke to Ivette about giving her the vote, but that you all haven't broken any promises except for the week that Jenn was HOH.
Maggie: How did they know that?
April: They see! They see every time we have to evict one of our own. We cry. We care. We hug each other afterward.

11:01 AM BBT: Maggie and Ivette now.
Maggie: I told her (April) that I'm fighting for it. I said we know that Janelle wants Ivette out. James would have wanted you or me out. When Beau and Ivette had each other, we said we'd fight for each other. It's not against Beau and Ivette, it's just for each other. But to stand back and not fight for it, it's an almost certainty that someone's fighting alone. I don't like things to be unfair. I never have.

11:13 AM BBT: You guessed it: Back to Maggie and April!
April: Did she say anything else?
Maggie: Nope.
April: I feel so bad. I mean I feel bad for the both of us: me and her. We're not in the best situation!
Maggie: Correct.
11:21 AM BBT: Finally, all three of The Friendship together in the dorm bedroom. April is trying to convince Maggie not to fight for POV because both she and Ivette will save her anyway. April leaves the room.
Ivette: You, me, Janelle at the end, it’s a toss up who she takes. Me, April, Janelle HOH, it’s a given. You, April, Janelle it’s a given. I just love the way April only thinks about herself. That move of saving Janelle and Howie was only benefited herself
Maggie: I don’t see it as a move of saving Janelle and Howie; I see it as a move of eliminating James.
Ivette: And now, “don’t fight for it Maggie, I want it to be a battle between Ivette and I.” Janelle is fighting for the same shit to keep it as is to get me the fuck out of here. Who does that err to?
Maggie: You are right

(Ivette leaves and April comes back in)

Maggie: She brought up a really good point.
April: Did you ask her about it?
Maggie: No, what I said was, how do you feel about me fighting for the POV today? I said I think I am in a situation where April will probably bring me and you haven’t promised me but I think you will bring me and I said so what do you think about me just not competing. She said well April will be fighting for the POV to leave it the same and I am going to be fighting to take myself off and Janelle will be fighting to leave things the same.
April: Possibly.
Maggie: That points out that I can’t just let things happen. I have to try to fight for it.
April: If you gotta fight for it you gotta fight for it I wouldn’t hold that, you know what I am saying. All I am saying is that I would bring you. You have to make your decision on that.
Maggie: I don’t want to feel like I am getting a free ride in this game.
April: I don’t think you should throw it or anything. I am not going to depend on Janelle. We don’t know what exactly she wants. She might want you out or she might want me out so I am not gonna look at it like she is fighting for me. I am looking at it as I am fighting for myself. We can’t bring her into it and say she is fighting for me: that’s not fair. We don’t know what she is going to do.
Maggie: But we pretty much know that she wants Ivette out.
April: Pretty much, but who friggin’ knows? Shit changes. She could be playing it like that. She talks to Ivette more personally than any of us. I don’t talk to her about personal shit ever. Out of the 3 of us, I think the person she thinks she could possibly win the $500,000 over is Ivette.
Maggie: See I get that but I don’t, because I think Ivette is the only one who could possibly get James’ vote.
April: So you really don’t know who you would pick?
Maggie: I don’t want to be put in that situation until I have to. That’s how I have played all along and it has kept me a lot less stressed
April: The thing that has me stressed is that if you had to pick she would play the Eric card because she knows that is your heart and soul.
Maggie: There is no Eric card, I have said that so many times. Eric is at home. He is no longer playing the game.


Maggie tells April she needs to play to save herself. April keeps trying to convince Maggie that she will take care of her. April leaves and Ivette comes back in. Maggie tells her she is going to fight for the POV.

11:36 AM BBT: Ivette is depressed holding her stuffed animal and lying down. April leaves the room and talks to Maggie. Maggie asks April if Ivette is mad.
April: All I can say is that if you and me are left together you have no worries; but with her it's a different story, with her you'll have to fight to win it. If Janelle leaves it the same, I'm just not going to believe in that. I’m going to do what I've gotta do.
Maggie looks nervous: Yeah.

12:28 PM BBT:  FoTH.

1:50 PM BBT: April, Ivette and Maggie are working out. Ivette is telling them that she knew that they were out there to win the veto for themselves and that she knows April would take Maggie. Ivette won the veto.

1:55 PM BBT: Aprils is very upset that Ivette celebrated her win. Maggie says she feels like an asshole. Ivette is lying on her bed alone and upset. Janelle enters the workout room and asks Maggie and April if they want nachos. April says she doesn’t have much of an appetite. After Janelle leaves, April says Janelle will never pick Ivette. April said Janelle went up to her and said she was sorry. Maggie noted that Janelle never said she was sorry to her.

2:01 PM BBT: April is crying and saying she was nice to everyone and that it sucks to know you are leaving. She tells Maggie: Thank God you are staying.” Janelle went in with Ivette and said her family would be proud of her. Ivette says Janelle’s family will be proud of her too.

2:02 PM BBT: April is happy for Ivette but thinks Ivette’s reaction to winning was mean. Maggie says everyone’s emotions are out of control. Maggie says she’s sorry and April says she’s sorry for her family.

2:10 PM BBT: More reaction from April.
April: It sucks to come to reality and know that you are walking out. It sucks. It's not even about the money. It just sucks knowing that you are walking out that door. You know it sucks, the feeling of it sucks. I have felt like I have played it so right. I have been nice to everyone in the house and I haven't been mean to anyone in the house.
Maggie: You have. No one can take that away from you.
April: Just what she did out there really hurt my feelings. ‘Cause I knew that if she won I was going home and to do

Janelle and April.

that really hurt me but she’s always right so it doesn't matter. 

2:15 PM BBT: April is bawling in the HOH bathroom. Janelle enters and sees her there. April tells Janelle she is upset that Ivette jumped up and down and screamed ‘final 3.’ Janelle tries to console her and asks her if she heard Ivette celebrating in Spanish.
April: Her reason is that if you won you would have brought me.
Janelle: She’s a fucking liar -- well I would, but...
April: I wish it was over. Maggie is so so sweet.
Janelle: Yeah, she is sweet. Yeah she didn’t act very appropriate (Ivette). She threw it in your face.
April (imitating Ivette): Let me in the DR; let me in the DR. I didn’t ever rub my HOH, veto, or $3,000 in anyone’s face.
Janelle: You're right, she acted very poorly today. She hung up her veto on her mom’s picture and said: ‘I’m winning the money for my mom.’ I was like; you didn’t win any of the money yet, one step at a time.
April: If you won would you take Maggie or Ivette?
Janelle: Maggie, I can’t win it so I might as well give it to someone with a good heart.
April: Yeah, Ivette has second place no matter what.
Janelle: Unless she takes me to final 2.
April: She wouldn’t do that.

2:21 PM BBT: April continues crying and Janelle continues consoling. Janelle tells her to let it all out and not let Ivette see her crying.
Janelle: I could never pick Ivette over Maggie. I couldn’t do it.
April: Fight hard. Maggie’s an amazing person. She has a huge huge heart.
Janelle: What does she say about this whole thing?
Janelle: It was REALLY rude, it was so shocking. She was way overboard with that one. 
April: Maggie will be in the final 2.
Janelle: Yep she will.
April: I don’t wanna be around anybody.

April: Money is money but Ivette is always giving me all these sob stories about her family. I am not gonna give someone the money just because they feel like they need it. We all need it, we all deserve it, it doesn't matter no one needs it more than the other. April goes on to say that if it is Ivette and Janelle in the final two then she will give the money to Janelle.

2:33 PM BBT: Ivette and Maggie in the workout room. Ivette says she would never campaign when she was on the block but April did. Then Ivette goes to find April.
Ivette: Do you wanna talk to me?
April: No. I wanna be alone.
Ivette: Are you upset with me?
April: I told you why my feelings are hurt.
Ivette: You can’t say you wouldn’t have been excited. You don’t know what it’s like if your ass is on the line!
April: I want you to understand Ivette. I’m happy for you. I promise. I was just in shock when you said ‘let me in the DR, I’m in the final 3!’
Ivette: I didn’t say that.
April: YES YOU DID IVETTE. I was there!
Ivette: Maggie is gonna get super upset about this but I don’t care. Go tell her. When you said to Maggie 'I want me and Ivette to fight it out fair and square,' think about how that made me feel.


Ivette and Maggie.

Ivette leaves and goes back to Maggie. Ivette: I’m sorry Maggie. I am. Nobody is gonna sit here and make me feel like an ass. Hate me if you want to hate me. Ivette leaves.

2:41 PM BBT: Now April has gone to the workout room with Maggie. She is upset that Ivette was looking at her mom’s picture with the veto hanging on it.
Maggie: We all have to remember we are friends. My feelings are hurt too. Just because I'm not the one going home doesn't mean my feelings aren’t hurt. I would have been very sad to win that veto.
April: I wish the eviction was on Tuesday. Please BB, change it to Tuesday.

2:50 PM BBT: April tells Maggie how nice Janelle was in consoling her in the HOH room. Maggie tells April to remember that they are all friends even though they might be doing things that hurt each other right now. April says Ivette gloated over her win and she is not letting it go.   Maggie points out that Janelle will be pointing out things to each one of The Friendship to try to get them to turn on each other. April tells Maggie that she wants to be by herself the next few days otherwise she will get in arguments with Ivette. Maggie says she feels bad that she isn't going home.
April: For Janelle to think it was rude?
Maggie: Janelle wants us to break apart. She will point out everything we do that is wrong.

April and Maggie.

April: No, I'm sorry, it's rude.
April tells Maggie she may not vote for Ivette win the money over Janelle.

3:16 PM BBT: Janelle says she would like to do The Amazing Race with Kaysar. April would like to do it with Matt.

3:22 PM BBT: Maggie and April. Maggie wants to know why Janelle thinks Ivette might take her to the final two. April says because Janelle thinks she may have a chance at manipulating Ivette into taking her for the money. Maggie says she doesn't feel comfortable with that. April wants to know how Ivette could go against the alliance. Maggie says Ivette knows that if she gives away one of her alliance for the money, she won't win.
April: Well I don't know. They are going to make Ivette feel like shit for the next week.
Maggie: I know but they've been saying that in the DR for a long time now.
April: I know but now we're further in the game and they will lay guilt trips on her about her family and the need for Ivette to win the money. The money is closer in range now. 
3:31 PM BBT: Ivette joins Maggie in the backyard. Ivette says April is being really selfish because everyone needs to protect their own safety at this point. Maggie tells her that this morning when she talked to Ivette she said that for some reason she thought that April and Ivette were both providing safety for her. Ivette asks doesn’t Maggie think that Janelle provided security for April? Ivette says that everyone was upset with Ivette and James talking and April talking with Janelle is the same thing.
Ivette: I get excited. I won HOH, or VETO or if someone else in my alliance wins anything: I jump for joy over everything. This isn't the first thing I've jumped for joy here. I've been this way from day one. April can't say that she hasn't acted excited when she's won things, or people that she loves wins something. I can't take back that moment Maggie. I can apologize and move on, that's all.

Ivette and Maggie.

3:37 PM BBT: Maggie is trying to clear up any misunderstandings about earlier conversations about her possibly not trying to win POV and letting Ivette and April go head-to-head. Maggie keeps saying that she presented not playing the POV as an offer and that April had nothing to do with it. Ivette keeps talking about her reaction to the veto, Maggie just agrees with Ivette's side as she did with April. Maggie said that a "bigger person" fights their battles head on. That's why she chose to play the veto.
4:09 PM BBT: Ivette: You know who is going to fill her head full of shit. Maggie: The jury is a done deal. Ivette says that tomorrow April is going to shit her pants. Maggie says that she doesn't see Janelle working with April because April’s partner secured the jury. Ivette says that doesn't matter because she can see the division as it happens and they will take it as an opportunity.
Maggie: I plan on beating her (Janelle) in the HOH comp. No offence: I'm going to make sure it's me and you sitting next to each other in the end.
Ivette: I think you and I have overcome a lot in this game.
Maggie: I think this house has made me aged. I've become attached to people and that makes it incredibly difficult. Ivette says that her attachments in this house have hurt her in this game
Maggie: I know that. I know.
Ivette: We were the most wanted girls out of the five.
Maggie: I know that.
Ivette: And we're still here.
4:45 PM BBT: Maggie tells April that Ivette is sorry for her actions after winning, but April won't accept it. April says that the way Ivette acted shows she only thinks of herself.
April: I care about her. I have not enjoyed her in a long long time. I can't do right by her. I haven't enjoyed her. I don't know what else to say. I tried to talk to her up there and she wouldn't even listen to what I have to say. I do care about her.
5:42 PM BBT: April says being around Ivette has made her say bad things about people that she normally


wouldn't have said, even in the DR. She says Ivette made her feel bad things about the other HG's. She tells Janelle that she has a phenomenal chance at winning. Janelle says she has never said anything bad about people in the DR and wouldn’t stoop to that level. Now April feels bad about all the bad things she said in the DR and knows that Janelle will see it and nothing can be done about it.

5:55 PM BBT: April and Janelle tidbit. Janelle said that people on the outside were really pissed at Ivette and she thought it was funny. April wanted Beau to stay and Janelle says she did too but Howie wanted Beau out over Ivette. Janelle said she and Howie laughed all through Howie’s last 5 days.

6:14 PM BBT: It’s volleyball time in the Big Brother House and everyone is playing. It is Janelle and April versus Maggie and Ivette, with Maggie and Ivette dominating. Janelle fell into the net and felt really bad. Maggie keeps changing the rules bit Janelle and April are calling her on it. Maggie doesn’t want any arguments so just keeps calling “do-over.” Ivette thinks Janelle is playing too aggressively.

7:44 PM BBT: Janelle has a wrist band that she got on her trip out. April asks her if she wants to save it and Janelle says no. April says she would.
April: America loves you and hates us.
Maggie: Thank you America.
April: Thank you America.
Janelle tells April that America loves April too because she doesn’t trash talk too much. April says they have all done their share. Janelle says she loves everybody and then softens that to she tries to love everybody.

Pre-Taped Televised Show: Saturday. September 10, 2005

Well we are coming down to the end of BB6, and every show will now have lasts. Tonight’s show began with recaps. Ivette became HOH, nominating Howie and Janelle with the intention of having Janelle evicted. Janelle won the veto and saved herself. Howie made a last ditch attempt to make a deal with Ivette which failed resulting in his eviction. Janelle won the HOH. Everyone was sad to see Howie go, and April said she saw herself as the “girl version of Howie.” Janelle said Howie was her soul mate in the house. Ivette says she won’t miss many of the things he said but Howie had a lot of personality and “Howie is just a funny guy.” It’s Day 68 in the Big Brother House and Janelle has won HOH. Maggie wonders if they shouldn’t have evicted her in week one but sends her congratulations. Ivette says after everything they have tried Janelle “continues to play and still be in this house. Can you top her? No!” April says she won fair and square. Ivette says people will be fighting to stay. She loves these girls but we’ll definitely see some claws come out this week. April: “We're going to have to vote one of our own out.”

Maggie says that everyone has gotten horny in the house but April has been the most vocal about it and everything is about “getting some.” After a montage of April talking about how horny she is week after week, BB shows us Matt rubbing his belly and saying “you want some of this?”  image Horny April [1 minutes 07 seconds]

Janelle enters her HOH room. She got Mary Kay products, a picture of her family and dog Cupcake, and a picture of her best friend in high school Nate who wrote "I believe in you sweetheart" on it. Maggie said it was nice to see that Janelle has the same things in her life as they do. Janelle invites everyone to sleep in the HOH room. She tells us it was just strategic and she would die if they brought Eric’s picture up with them. April sums it up in a conversation with the remaining Friendship that it was “too little too late." April says it will be a free-for-all this week and will be interesting to see what Janelle does with the nominations.  image HoH Room [1 minutes 53 seconds]

Ivette and Janelle have a conversation about wanting to be moms. Janelle says it is something they have in common. Ivette is dying to have a baby. In the DR, Ivette makes fun of Janelle’s potential kid saying:  “my mommy says I look like a Barbie doll.” Janelle thought it was nice to see that side of Ivette. Maggie did not want to sleep in the HOH because night time was Friendship time and she wanted to be able to discuss things without Janelle. That night, The Friendship talk and Maggie says her hardest time was losing Eric, but then this alliance formed and has dominated. Maggie calls this lengthy alliance (since week 3) “groundbreaking” and says they each have a role to play in their family. Janelle interrupts this serious review and joins them to socialize. Janelle says warming up was simply strategic on her part. She says contrary to what Ivette says, she has a warm heart. Janelle is also thinking about the jury and swinging a vote or two if one of them screws another over. Ivette is very confused by Janelle’s new friendliness and says “wow, she’s really human.” Maggie says not to be fooled and it’s way too late.  

Everyone gathers in the Living Room and the stars of Two and a Half Men appear on the plasma screen. We get a lengthy clip of best moments from their past season. Then the cast announces that it is America’s Choice and that one of them will be seeing a live taping of the show. Charlie Sheen opens an envelope announcing that the winner is Janelle! There is a limo waiting outside and Janelle was “absolutely floored.” Right after Janelle leaves, Ivette says the three bitches are together. April feel just awful. Ivette is confused about America not loving them and says “I’m constantly doing unselfish acts.” We flash to Janelle riding in the limo and smiling and saying she is sure they are all talking about her. Janelle couldn’t have been more right, as we return to the house and everyone having a go at Janelle. April says she has never said she hated anyone before, but BB flashes back to April saying just that, that she hates Janelle. Ivette says Janelle “has no morals and not a bit of a soul.” All three are in the DR together when April says: How can America like a girl… are you taping this? Maggie: They are always taping, be very careful with what you say

Angus of Two and a Half Men rolls up on his scooter to greet Janelle and give her a tour of the set including the working fridge. Back at the house, April says she has a life and Janelle doesn’t, that they have real jobs to go back to. Ivette just cares about her family and Maggie’s family thinking they are bad. We get a CBS flashback to Tush saying she likes Janelle. April is now worried about all their families having to take up for them. Meanwhile Janelle of BB6 is being introduced to the studio audience. She felt like a celebrity and was given a shirt from Charlie Sheen with all the casts’ autographs on it. She met with the cast who asked her generic questions about BB. Janelle did answer one question by saying “all the people that I liked left the show." Then Janelle watched the taping of the show. Janelle said it was amazing and thanked America for being supportive. Janelle re-enters the house blindfolded. She tells them all about her special time and shows them her shirt. Janelle said she doesn’t know if they were all that excited for her when she came back but she enjoyed rubbing the experience in their faces.  image America's Choice. [13 minutes 01 seconds]

April likes to talk “girly-girly” stuff with Janelle but says Janelle is very high maintenance. Referring to plastic surgery, Maggie says she is “not a huge supporter of vanity.” Janelle asks April to talk with her. April says she would vote off Ivette. Janelle asked April in to talk because April talks incessantly and slips out information. She also thought she might cut a deal. Maggie and Ivette are extremely suspicious about Janelle and April talking. Maggie says April would not cut a deal, but is very loose with information. Maggie says that Ivette didn’t like April being in the HOH and that Ivette now sees it as Ivette and Maggie versus April and Janelle. Ivette says April is good at seeming like she's not selling herself when she is. Maggie said April can’t make a deal because it would be like making a deal with enemy and that would cost her the money. April reports back on her conversation with Janelle saying Janelle never said what she was doing, but whatever she did do it would be strategy. Ivette simply doesn’t believe her but keeps silent. Maggie says she was never asked to talk to Janelle. April just says that Janelle probably just came to her because she talks to everyone. Maggie lets us know that she sees that conversation as a problem.

Right before the nominations, April says it is just like they are all up anyway. Janelle is intending to split up the Friendship 3. Maggie says their only chance of survival is winning the veto. Janelle says the person not nominated will be the only one voting. Ivette says there is a “75% chance I am going home.” Janelle considered the partners people had on the jury in undertaking her nominations. Janelle calls the nominations ceremony to order. There is just 1 key in the box. Janelle says it is the final Nomination Ceremony. Janelle says they should all be proud to be in the final four. She reminds them how they have attacked her and made her an outcast. She gives credit to Michael, Ashlea, Kaysar, Rachel and Howie for her survival. She turns the key: “April you are safe." Janelle nominated Ivette for strategic reasons calling her a strong player who does not give herself enough credit. She tells Maggie, the other nominee, that is wasn’t personal, “just business.” Maggie says Janelle’s whole speech was lies. Ivette agrees and says it was a poor speech. April says if she gets veto it will be tough because strategically, voting Maggie out would ensure her a win. Janelle says the POV will be very cutthroat. image Nominations [4 minutes 30 seconds]

LIVE on Tuesday, who will win the POV, will they use it, and it is a Live Eviction episode!

Contributors: jammer, ranster627 and smirnoff. A big Morty's Thanks!

8:23 PM BBT: April doesn’t want to see the tapes and particularly the DR’s. Janelle says anything bad people have to say should be said straight to the person and that’s what she does. April is worried about BB’s editing. Janelle wishes the million dollar prize had remained a secret. Janelle always thought James would last a long time. April says Maggie will probably win the whole thing and she deserves it. April reveals the whole Kaysar eviction story from The Friendship perspective, exactly how it came about, but gives full credit to Beau and Ivette for it.

8:45 PM BBT: April says Janelle has a great chance at making it to the final 2. Janelle says she has no choices and won’t make any deals with anyone. Janelle wanted to know if Maggie was a person of her word, and April quickly says yes she is. April says Maggie stays silent rather than lie. Janelle wonders if the jury will see Ivette’s over-reaction at winning POV and April says she intends to fill them all in. April feels she may have been manipulated while in the house. April explains that although she wanted Beau to stay, she voted him out because

April and Janelle.

Ivette had applied for the show. Janelle says the studio audience at Two and a Half Men were yelling out things about Ivette, but no one else. Janelle would not say what they said.

9:10 PM BBT: April tells Janelle to really go for it. Janelle says it is no longer about winning the money for her but is about who she doesn't want to win the money.

9:15 PM BBT: Maggie tells Ivette that after an accident once, she and Dave got estimates on a car repair for their insurance company and took that money and used it for a vacation instead.

9:20 PM BBT: April tells Janelle that James said he would vote for Janelle if she was at the end with anyone but Ivette. April thinks America hates her because she is connected with Ivette.

9:50 PM BBT: Janelle tells April she was pushed around in the game with what she should do. April tells Janelle she has to fight. Janelle feels like she is fighting for a lost cause and April assures her she’s not.

10:01 PM BBT: Janelle asked April if she thought Eric was bossy. April said it was just the way he was because of his job. April is going to give everyone in the sequester house updates of how evil Ivette acted after winning POV. April says everyone was petty and she is just as guilty because she did sit there and listen to them about Janelle. Janelle says she took things out on April and Jennifer when her real targets should have been Beau and Ivette. Apparently the Veto comp was about former HG’s and Janelle missed questions about Eric and Michael. April says she is going to the wrap party for 10 minutes and then leaving. April wonders if people will question her for playing with her heart and not her head. Janelle says April should have stood up for herself more, played for herself more and not been pushed around by Ivette.

10:09 PM BBT: Maggie and April. Maggie is worried that Janelle is using April’s emotions to manipulate her right now. April says she knows when Janelle is lying and that tonight Janelle is being herself and not lying. April tells Maggie that she should have stood up for herself more and not been influenced by Ivette as much as she was. April feels she just fell in with the group and became someone she wasn’t. She is ashamed about the things she said in the DR. April just wants a few peaceful days now. April said she had to put up with Ivette before but doesn’t have to now. Maggie feels April is being selfish because Maggie enjoys her company. April makes it clear that it is Ivette that she doesn’t want to hang around with, not Maggie. April says at this point in the game she is thinking back on every step she took and she realizes how much Ivette influenced her to do and say bad stuff.


April says Janelle is still playing the game and knows that she's not winning the $500,000. April says she is attempting to influence Janelle to take Maggie with her because Maggie deserves the money. April says there are two sides to Ivette and feels "out" of the group. Maggie says "well for us to see you spending time with someone like her…" April says she is done treating Janelle horribly and that Janelle is a person. April says she feels like she let Ivette manipulate her into doing and saying things she wouldn't normally do.
April says that after Ivette pulled that stunt today she started thinking about the game, how people came in here and when her opinions changed about people and what she heard and she pieced it together and she really liked Janelle but when James and Ivette started talking about Janelle she started talking smack about Janelle in the DR. April says that Janelle has lied, and she told Janelle that she did things that April didn't like and that Janelle didn't have to do that even if it was part of the game. April says there is a reason America likes her. April says Janelle doesn't go in the DR and trash people, but April did and that is why America didn't like her. April says when you’re around people that bang things in your head over and over you become that kind of person. In the real world April would never make fun of someone with extensions. April says she has four or five days to redeem herself to America and she isn't going to hang around the negative anymore.

April says Janelle told her things she would never have known if Ivette hadn't told James. April also explains that Janelle did not want Eric out that week, but wanted Ivette to go. She explains that James manipulated and orchestrated the Eric eviction. April says she was a grown woman and it was her fault but if you look back the people they got out were the ones Ivette wanted out. April says she lost Jennifer because of Ivette and Kaysar would have never been on the block if Ivette hadn't brought it up. Maggie says the Kaysar eviction was done to secure the jury. 

April says Janelle doesn't care about the money, she would be happy with the $50,000 but she loves the show and she wants to be in the final three. April says that Janelle told her if BB said if you let go you could win the other safe Janelle would let go. Maggie understands April feeling manipulated but also says she doesn’t see how that influence went in to the DR with April.

10:44 PM BBT: Maggie is surprised that the other side said to get rid of Ivette because she lies. April says she feels horrible for saying so many bad things about Janelle. Maggie says she liked Janelle a lot too at first. April is pointing out how many lies Ivette told about Janelle and April started believing Ivette and she didn't base her opinions on her own feelings, but other’s observations. She says Ivette can’t stand Janelle the most and Ivette is nice to Janelle one day and shit-talking about her the next. April says Janelle has noticed this and doesn't understand where Ivette is coming from.

April tells Maggie to just take Janelle out of the game because she knows she isn't winning the game. April says Janelle has not talked about the $500,000 and that Janelle’s goal now is not letting Ivette make it to the final two. Janelle told her she has nothing to lose and that Rachel told Janelle to get Ivette out. April says all the meanness isn’t her and she is sure that America doesn’t like her because of her association with Ivette. April swears she didn't talk game with Janelle but if she wanted to she would. April says Ivette has been playing the game all along even if she has said she wasn’t. April says Janelle wants Maggie to have the money and not Ivette.

April says the only decision she made on her own was backdooring James even though Ivette told her she was doing the Sovereign’s work. Maggie says she understands what April did and that it saved her and she would be forever thankful. April says Ivette started throwing her family stuff on them for the last two weeks and April says when she started that, she felt like she needed to bring her family in. April feels she has to redeem herself and she doesn't want to be around Ivette because she doesn't want to be around trash talking anymore. The type of person April is outside the house would not have taken the trash talk and ran with it. Maggie says she respects that and won't talk the game any more but she misses the good talk with April.

April asks what Maggie thinks about how Ivette acted and Maggie says she already talked to Ivette about that and what she thought, and Ivette didn't mean for it to come across that way. April says see no matter what Ivette is right and she is always wrong. Maggie says what April is saying mortifies her.

April says Ivette hasn't taken the blame for one eviction, Maggie says she knows that. April says she has been used and abused. April says she is going to have to tell Matt she didn't realize what Ivette was doing. Maggie says they are all going to have to look at this and say ‘what the fuck?’
April repeats all the bad stuff Ivette said about Maggie early on for not giving up information and how Maggie needed to be evicted. April tells Maggie about the bad stuff she said about Maggie in the DR. April is looking at the root of all the things she had done and Ivette planted the root. April is disappointed in herself. None of this made sense to her till ‘week freaking 9’ when Ivette wasn't going to get what she wanted.

April would do this again if it was only a month, and play strategy. Maggie says she wouldn't. April is banking on Maggie winning and Maggie says she could still be evicted. April says if it comes down to Ivette and Janelle, she is going with Janelle. April says her goal is to have the winner be someone that will do good with the money and has a kind heart. She intends to be honest with Beau and believes Beau will agree.
Maggie says she is mortified to see what is going to happen and that Dave will probably say ‘Maggie don't watch the DVD.’

April says there is a reason America keeps picking Janelle. There is a reason why she didn't get a phone call from her husband and there is a reason why Maggie didn't get a phone call. Maggie doesn’t think she has really done anything wrong in the DR.

11:09 PM BBT: April says that her partner left because of Ivette and she is leaving because of Ivette. Maggie says she feels guilty because she let her in her heart and she played with her heart so she let things go on. Maggie doesn't want to leave the house and discover that when she thought she was doing something right it was wrong all along. April says America doesn't want us to win the money, they want Janelle to win. Maggie says that makes her very sad. April is now in tears. Maggie wants April to do what she needs to do to make herself happy. April says she doesn't want to hear Ivette say how sorry she is that she is saving herself, April has been an idiot and she deserves to be run out. April said that Ivette approached her and wanted to know if April was going to vote her out a few weeks ago and even though she wanted Ivette out she voted to keep Ivette for Maggie. Maggie says that makes her feel guilty about that and April should have followed her heart on that. April says ‘you told me to vote the way I wanted to vote, you never pressured me.’ She just felt like she owed Maggie the respect to do what she wanted to do. Maggie wants out of this game.

11:18 PM BBT: Janelle comes out and says that she is bored. April says they were talking about going on

Janelle is bored.

Housecalls and talking to Marcellas. April loves Marcellas but thought he was mean to Amy. Janelle really liked Amy.

11:30 PM BBT: Ivette left the DR, went to the bathroom and went straight to bed.

11:35 PM BBT: Janelle misses Howie. April offers to take a message with her to Howie for Janelle. April tells Janelle that she is going into the DR tomorrow and going to make some apologies. Janelle asks her for what? April tells her for some of the things that she has said in the house. Janelle and April agree that Sarah was a nice girl and sweet. Janelle talks about Howie entertaining her with funny stories. April says that would be stress relieving and Janelle says it was. Janelle says there were two sides to Howie, one serious and one funny. Janelle also mentioned that Howie was a little intimidated around Kaysar. Janelle says she became close to Howie in the second week. April says she was clueless about that. April says that early on Rachel must have been a great source. Janelle says Rachel wasn’t and that she would only report that the other side was saying mean things but never elaborated. April is laughing that she never really knew what was going on around her. 

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Friday, September 9, 2005: Nominations and America's Choice Today.

Nominations are over.  Click Here to see who Janelle nominated.

Who won America's choice?  Click Here!

12:45 AM BBT: Janelle has been chatting with The Friendship for quite a while now about her dogs and stuff like that. Ivette says she liked Rachel until Rachel stopped cooking for the group. Maggie said Rachel was very mature. Janelle says Rachel couldn’t even be immature when she was mad. Janelle says Rachel wore madness on her face but could not be mean to anyone. Ivette says her definition of maturity is very different and she holds James up as an example. She says even when being attack, James helped out and talked to people. After James, she said Howie acted the best, except for his one blow-up. She says even today, Howie was helping out, knowing he was leaving.

12:52 AM BBT: April talks about being nervous during the HOH comp. Janelle says she was too and almost fell over because of nerves. Ivette says Janelle never seems to be nervous about anything.

1:50 AM BBT: Janelle finally leaves. April says Janelle has said a lot of mean things. April says it is sad because Janelle can be nice but chooses to be mean. Ivette says Janelle says she likes to share. Maggie said it’s too little and way too late. Ivette says Janelle will never get her vote. April says Janelle is okay one-on-one, but in a crowd

Ivette and Maggie this morning.

Janelle makes it all about Janelle and needs to be the center of attention.

10:10 AM BBT: The screen says “Nominations Today.” Ivette gets up and goes to the bathroom. Ivette goes and makes some coffee.

10:28 AM BBT: April says she forgets that nominations are today because she feels like they are all on the block. Maggie tells April she is having a hard time getting up because they were us until 2:30 in the morning and will not do that tonight because of the veto tomorrow. Maggie is nervous about the Veto comp.

10:32 AM BBT: Janelle is still in bed. Ivette is outside. Maggie and April are getting a coffee.

10:35 AM BBT: Maggie just realized that the summer is gone and that they have spent the whole summer on a stage. 
10:53 AM BBT: Maggie and April are outside alone while Ivette is in the DR.
April: I want this week to be over. I have a really bad feeling that I’m going home.
Maggie: Don’t start with that stuff: you can make that shit happen. If you say that you’re not going to win a competition, you won’t.
April: That’s how I felt yesterday.

Janelle and April this morning.

Maggie: Ivette never said anything to me about you throwing the competition.
April: I think it was just a general, you know… I’m never gonna be able to sleep until after this.
Maggie: Really?
April: I think you’re in a good position. You know Ivette will take you to the final two. Whether you’re up or not up, you’re in a good position.
Maggie: You’ve never told you that you’d take me. I think if you went with your heart, you would, but I don’t have a sense of security. If you thought about a sense of strategy…
April: Why would I start using strategy now?
Maggie: There are things that make me feel secure, and things that make me feel really insecure.
April: I think you’re in a really good position. I think you’re in the best position of the three of this. You know Ivette will bring you because of Eric; because she genuinely loves Eric and you.
Maggie: I just don’t know.

11:20 AM BBT: Ivette says Maggie saved April by not using the veto. Maggie says she saved Ivette too. Ivette believes Janelle will also save April.

11:30 AM BBT: BB announced that Nominations would be in 2 Hours (1:30 PM BBT). April is nervous that there will be a comp tonight because the nominations are so early.

12:16 PM BBT: Everyone is talking about strip clubs and strippers. Maggie said only 10% of the bachelor parties she bartended for were “innocent.”

12:30 PM BBT: BB: HG’s you have one hour till nominations are announced. Ivette calls April a camera whore and April says she never said she was prettier or better than anyone else.

12:45 PM BBT: April and Maggie speculate about night time POV’s. Maggie is thinking about Dave all the time and isn’t sure when he would be watching. Maggie tells Ivette that this is the day they are nominated. Maggie anticipates April’s key being in the box because Janelle has a bit more of a relationship with April.

1:00 PM BBT: Maggie describes an eerie calm in the house today knowing where things stand. Maggie says Eric is likely disappointed that Janelle won HOH.

1:05 PM BBT: BB announces one hour till nominations.

1:22 PM BBT: In the HOH, Janelle and April are talking. Janelle does not want Ivette to win the veto.
April: They know you and I get along.
Janelle: You think so?
April: Possibly.
Janelle: You think Maggie would want to get rid of you?
April: If we get along, and we go to the final 3, they'd think you pick me.
Janelle: I probably would, but you can't plan that far ahead, because who knows.
April: It's totally a toss up.
Janelle: Ivette would vote you out and you would vote Ivette out. That's obvious. I can't imagine Maggie picking you over Ivette.
April: I know Maggie would keep Ivette because of Eric.
Janelle: If Ivette wasn't in the final 3, who would Maggie pick?
April: I don't know! It's 50-50. She has never said she'd take me. She has never told me. Has she told Ivette? I don't know because I've never asked her.

Janelle and April talk.

1:27 PM BBT: April thinks BB will add the third safe into the mix for the last veto comp. April tells Janelle to go for the veto and make a run at final 2. Janelle wants either Maggie or Ivette to leave. Janelle says Ivette is a strong player. April says Ivette knows a lot but buckles under the pressure. April says if Maggie decides it could go either way. April says if veto comes down to April and Janelle, Janelle should let her have it, if not then April wants Janelle to fight for her. April says she wouldn’t be mad if she was nominated. Janelle says she still hasn’t made up her mind. Janelle worries that if she doesn’t nominate April then Maggie and Ivette will think Janelle and April have a deal. Janelle really wants Ivette out. April worries the veto might not be winnable but Janelle says it will be.

1:33 PM BBT: April said she would vote off Ivette but not Maggie. Janelle says if April hears anything from Maggie to report back, April doesn’t think she’ll get anything out of Maggie until after the POV. April thinks Maggie will do what she thinks Eric would want. Janelle is surprised by this and says even though she liked Kaysar, she is not doing what she thinks he would want. April is worried about creating a cover story for this conversation. Janelle said say whatever she wants; just not that she has made up her mind because she hasn’t. Janelle tells April that Howie would have taken April. Janelle asks if they have all kept their word except for week six and April says yes. April thanks Janelle for wanting her to stay and again asks Janelle to fight for her.

1:37 PM BBT: Ivette and Maggie are very suspicious of Janelle’s long conversation with April. Ivette says if April has lied to them she has lost her vote in the end. Maggie agrees. Maggie says all her deals have been with The Friendship and she wouldn’t start making deals outside of that now. Ivette says she hasn’t made any deals either and she had two chances.

Ivette before the nominations.

1:46 PM BBT: April tells Ivette that Janelle wanted to know who they would all vote for but April told Janelle they hadn’t discussed it.

2:08 PM BBT: Now it’s time for April’s report to Maggie and Ivette together on her conversation with Janelle. April said Janelle didn’t tell her who was going up but did say it would be based on strategy. She said Janelle was looking at all scenarios. Ivette thinks whoever she goes up against in the end, she loses. If she was up against Janelle Maggie and April said James would vote for Ivette. April said Janelle doesn’t know where any of them stand. Ivette tells Maggie and April she will have no hard feelings with them after this. April says she thinks Janelle will put her up.

2:30 PM BBT: Ivette wonders how next year’s HG’s will talk about her and whether they will comment on her crying all the time. Ivette says at this pint she might as well just laugh, no more crying.

2:45 PM BBT: April says if she is in the final 3 and there’s a comp where you have to hang on to something she’s
going to hang on forever.

Ivette crying after nominations.

2:51 PM BBT: Janelle is inside while the others are on an outside lockdown. The camera zoomed in on the backyard trees where a cameraman was spotted.

2:55 PM BBT: Two male BB staffers placed the nomination box, with one key in it, in the workout room.

3:25 PM BBT: Ivette has been nominated and is crying.

3:28 PM BBT:  Nomination Ceremony is over.  April says her key was in the box so Maggie is confirmed as also nominated. Therefore, Ivette and Maggie were nominated by Janelle.

Maggie and Ivette.

4:34 PM BBT:  We come back from Fish to Ivette, April and Maggie are sitting in the living room. Janelle is missing because she won America’s Choice and has gone to the Two and a Half Men set.  image America's Choice aftermath [5 minutes 40 seconds]

4:39 PM BBT: The Friendship just can’t understand how Janelle could win America’s Choice. They blame BB editing for making them look bad. Ivette doesn’t get it with April being from a small town in Texas and married and Maggie being a nurse with a firefighter partner. Ivette lists all of Janelle’s failings and behavior. Ivette says BB is adjusting the game in Janelle’s favor. Maggie says they will get a lecture from BB about this. Ivette hopes her family is paying the price for her being on the show and she hopes she isn’t betrayed in a nasty way. Ivette is furious! April worries about the lives they have to go back to and having a job. April says she is not going to the DR to talk about this. Ivette says America must view them all as awful people. Ivette announces that the morals and integrity of the game dictate that one of them wins the big money at the end and BB better not mess with that. Maggie hopes her family isn’t being affected by her being on BB and says if her parents are ashamed of her portrayal it will kill her. Ivette says that’s what happens when you sign a release but that Maggie’s mother will know that’s not Maggie. Maggie says her town won’t. Ivette only cares what Maggie and their families think. April says that not everyone will know it’s just TV and that “just TV” could ruin her job. April is crying.

4:45 PM BBT: The aftermath of Janelle’s America’s Choice win continues. Ivette says she knew Janelle would win. Ivette says no one forced her to come on to BB; she wanted to be on it. Ivette says this is her payback, a kick in the ass to say be careful what you wish for. Ivette says everyone warned her about signing a contract. Ivette says Tush and Mario wouldn’t sign them and that’s why they weren’t auditioned. Maggie said “they” had to know their feelings would be hurt and make them not want to play. Maggie says Janelle’s winning isn’t the problem, it’s the thought that they may be seen different than they thought and different "from how we see each other."  image AC Aftermath continued [7 minutes 24 seconds]

4:54 PM BBT: Ivette thinks America hates her because she’s a lesbian. Ivette says if America comes up to her and tells her she is a bitch, she will say "Fuck you!" 

4:57 PM BBT: April says Janelle is entertaining and they are boring. Ivette says "I'm a hoot!" Ivette thinks they are hysterical. April thinks that 75% of the viewers must be men so they wouldn’t vote for Ivette because she’s a lesbian, Maggie because she has had a steady for 7 years, and her because she’s married. Ivette tells America: I don't want to see any of your faces; you can all burn in Hell! Ivette says if you think she is a tiger in BB house, she is a bigger tiger in the real world, and don’t fucking approach her!

Ivette says Janelle is the sweetheart and they are the three jealous bitches. April is the blonde who wants to be Janelle the blonde bombshell, Ivette isn’t a bombshell either, and Maggie not as sexy as the blonde bombshell. Maggie says she should just walk out. Ivette says they all should. Ivette says they should just sit back and let Janelle win everything. Ivette says America hates Cubans anyway, but is shocked they don’t love April and Maggie. April says Janelle won all the America’s Choice contests; even Kaysar owes her for his return. Ivette says it they had sent Janelle out, she’s come right back in. April says she’s not going to the wrap party and then changes her mind because those might be the only people left that like her.image But wait... there is more. [1 minutes 38 seconds]

5:45 PM BBT: Now outside again in the backyard. April wonders why BB even wakes them up because they aren’t part of the show. Maggie is wondering how BB will keep people from whispering things to Janelle. April thinks they will keep Janelle backstage.

Ivette is going to start breaking the rules by forgetting to put on her microphone and wearing white shirts. April says she'll have to win the money now because she'll lose her job or wind up a bum on the street. BB tells Ivette to stop playing with her mic and she starts laughing and says: “What more do you want from me?” BB: Thank you. Ivette: Okay, kill me with kindness. BB: Thank you very much! Now they say BB worries about Janelle’s mic more than theirs. Maggie is happy Ashlea took herself out of sequester because “they” would have brought Ashlea back for Janelle. Ivette just wants out of her contract and isn’t worried about any losses. April just wants to cry. Ivette said they should just put the veto necklace around Janelle’s neck without even playing. April thinks the safe will be a part of veto. Ivette says with their luck Janelle will win the last safe and the veto. Maggie says not to tell her this is a chance reality show. April announces to America that this isn’t reality, it’s pre-planned.

5:58 PM BBT: Ivette hopes her mom isn’t saying: “I wonder why Ivette is being so mean to that girl.” April says if it’s anything physical, Janelle is right there. Ivette: Like superwoman. Ivette says James warned her about Janelle. April says they’re making $750 a week to put up with this. Ivette says that’s not enough to cover the therapy bills when she gets out. Maggie reminds them they will have to greet Janelle when she comes back. They are not impressed.

6:25 PM BBT: Maggie tells April who she is taking to Final 2 is "friendship matters only." She says it’s not any of Janelle’s business. She’s not telling April either or Ivette. Maggie said there are no guarantees in the game and she has to win the veto to stay now.

8:24 PM BBT: April hears car brakes.

8:29 PM BBT: Ivette says they only have ten more days to go. April thinks someone will be evicted Tuesday and another on Thursday. April thinks they may be showing Janelle the outside of the house now because it has been so long since she heard the brakes and Janelle still isn’t back inside yet.

8:31 PM BBT: Janelle re-enters the house and everyone screamed when she came in. Janelle shows them an autographed t-shirt she was given that the cast of Two and a Half Men signed. It was Charlie Sheen’s shirt. Everyone seems excited and happy. Janelle said the whole thing was awesome. She was given a tour of the set by the young actor who plays the kid on the show. He took her to his trailer. It was a live taping of the show and Janelle said a lot of their fans were there. Ivette asked what people were saying and Janelle said she wasn’t allowed to

Janelle back from AC.

repeat everything. Janelle got to watch the complete taping of the show. She said she met the whole cast and the writers and producers too. She wasn’t allowed to talk about anything current in the game. Janelle said when they messed up scenes they just shot them over again. Janelle was given her own director’s chair to sit in. She also ate a lot of food and loved the chicken pot pie. Janelle says people yelled “I love you Janelle” and other things. Janelle referred to a young teenage girl who was a fan and some older people that yelled “I love you Janie.” April said they all have fans. Maggie says she doesn’t. Janelle said there was a sign there that said Big Brother and that people came specifically for that.

Janelle said Charlie Sheen was older looking than she expected. She said the cast did not know WHO was going to be there. Janelle said they seemed to know a lot about the show. Janelle said most of the questions to her were about the house itself and one question about Michael. She said the set was very close to the BB house, a 5 minute ride in a limo and she was blindfolded. There were also a lot of photographers around and she said she was embarrassed at all the pictures being taken. April said they probably wanted pictures of the cast of Two and a Half Men and Janelle said no they were with her the whole time. Janelle said it was a lot of fun. Janelle said people couldn’t believe they had been in the house so long. She said people knew she was HOH. Janelle intends to wear the t-shirt on the show for them. Janelle can’t believe she won it and Ivette says “America loves the Janie doll."  image Janelle returns from America's Choice. [8 minutes 49 seconds]

8:57 PM BBT: Janelle discovers the wine in the fridge.

9:06 PM BBT: Janelle and Ivette in the kitchen area. Ivette says she knew Janelle would win America’s Choice and says she has incredible luck. Janelle says she now realizes she is pretty lucky. Ivette says she has wondered what it would be like to sit next to Janelle in the end, the two that hated each other. Janelle says that has happened before. Ivette says she knows she won’t be at the end. Ivette asks Janelle if she ever thought about securing the jury. Janelle says no, she never worried about that. This confuses Ivette and Janelle says nothing is set in stone. Ivette asks if Janelle isn’t worried because she thinks it may be America’s Choice or because other seasons have show it just doesn’t matter. Janelle says neither of those reasons. Janelle asks how they knew she was coming back. Ivette said they were told 5 minutes before Janelle’s return.

9:17 PM BBT: Janelle is called to the DR and takes her wine with her. Ivette fills Maggie in on her conversation with Janelle. Ivette tells Maggie that Janelle just realized today what good luck she had. 

9:20 PM BBT: April says BB shouldn’t let Janelle drink tonight. Ivette says just let her drink. Maggie is having a drink to help her sleep. April worries that with drinking Janelle will start running her mouth at them.

9:30 PM BBT: Ivette is called to the DR, leaving Maggie with April. Maggie says Janelle won’t win and won’t even be final 2. April says Ivette doesn’t believe in herself. Maggie said Howie made it clear that April wasn’t a target. April says being at the end with Janelle isn’t an option for her. Referring to the Pressure Cooker, Maggie said she let go because her fingers hurt. Maggie said Jennifer saved her in the game and April said Jennifer saved all of them. April says if she makes it to the next round she is going to do whatever she can to make it to final 2. April asks if Ivette thinks she and Janelle are together. Maggie says no but Ivette thinks Janelle will take April to the end. April says she would never make a deal with Janelle. Maggie says she knows that. April says Janelle really knows Ivette because Ivette is an open book. She says Janelle doesn’t really know Maggie except for the wonderful things April says about her. Maggie said saying good things about her to Janelle could hurt her in the game. April says Janelle thinks America will pick the winner. Maggie said if that happened she would lose all faith in the game and that their morals in the game wouldn’t even matter. April says there’s nothing they can do about it.

9:42 PM BBT: April, Maggie and Janelle. April says that the final episode is September 20th and the wrap party is on the 22nd, 2 days later. Ivette has now returned from DR. April thinks their loved ones will be in the audience on finale night. April believes there is an eviction on Tuesday (she is right). Janelle says the one after that is evicted right after the competition and then the next day is the finale. Janelle believes that means that the last eviction will be on a Saturday. Janelle asks April to have a drink with her. April will have a beer with her. Ivette and Maggie are going to bed.
9:57 PM BBT: Janelle talks about really missing Howie with April. April says that he was such a "sweet little guy." April tells Janelle not to drink to much wine but Janelle says it helps her think. April says she feels fortunate that she won $3,000. Janelle says she hopes the safe doesn't go with the veto but April says she thinks it will be because they will want to see who wants to stay and who wants the money because they believe there is a money offer in the safe. Janelle wants a physical comp, April wants a mental one. April really hopes she stays and Janelle says she hopes she does too. Janelle asks if April and Maggie will leave the nominations stand. April said Maggie would save herself if she won veto. April tells Janelle they have to make it to the end together to have a chance. April says it is going to suck to vote someone out. April would be happy to make it to the final three but hates kicking

Janelle and April talking last night.

someone out. Janelle hopes it isn't April that is leaving. Janelle keeps asking if there is really only 10 days left. She says she could do this for four more months; she could do this for a year because she is psychotic. Janelle asks what April's favorite day was in the house. April says her birthday. Janelle had three: when Kaysar won HOH, today, and the day Kaysar came back. April says Kaysar was such a sweet guy, she really liked him. April says Kaysar needs to date and kiss a girl. Janelle says Kaysar has kissed a girl before, April is surprised. April tells Janelle that James even tried to be partners with Maggie.

10:15 PM BBT: Janelle says she intends to hang out with Howie a lot. She really misses him. April brings up her shock at Howie’s attack on her. Janelle said she saw it before when there was a rumor in week 2 that Ivette was trying to get her out. April says she would not make alliances in the beginning. Janelle points out that the guys made an alliance in the first 20 minutes and now they’re all gone.

10:23 PM BBT:  Janelle asks April to stay up with her because it's only 10:30. Janelle: "What are we, 90?" April wants to go to bed so her ass doesn't get evicted. April comments on Janelle’s drinking and Janelle said that one glass of wine will not kill her. 
10:40 PM BBT: April says she kept Janelle company because she didn’t want to be mean. April fills Maggie in on her conversation with Janelle. She says that Janelle told her that she only wanted to make it to final 3, and now that she has, she isn’t going to stress about anything anymore.

10:45 PM BBT: April: I know I am going to have to go to the DR. Maggie: It is an intense one. April: I wish we could all win the golden power of veto tomorrow. They hear banging behind the walls and Maggie goes to look through the window-mirrors. April tells her not to because she will get in trouble. We go to FoTH for a minute and return to Maggie sitting on the bed. Ivette comes in and notices the bed that was made for her but doesn’t want to sleep in the GR. Maggie says they all have to sleep in here because it’s a rule.

11:00 PM BBT: Janelle goes into the GR where Ivette and Maggie are to find out what was going on. Apparently BB called Kaysar to the DR. Then they corrected it to April. April wanted an apology and BB said: April, you have not been to the DR yet today. Janelle stays and engages in conversation. Janelle says she used to wish she was a twin. Ivette said she did too. Ivette tells Janelle she was a very wholesome kid. Janelle doesn’t miss a beat saying: "And I'm not now?" Janelle talks about not getting a pony when she was a kid and being very disappointed. She says her parents can now afford a lot more and really spoil her sister. Janelle also says she is very close to her mother who had her very young. Janelle gets called to the DR so says her good-nights.

11:35 PM BBT: Maggie and Ivette review the conversation for April. Ivette reiterates that in the end she is voting for someone from The Friendship! Ivette does wonder about Janelle’s human side though and all the things she has in common with her. April says there are only two outcomes, Janelle on the jury or Janelle in the final 2.
11:40 PM BBT: Ivette announces again that she is not sleeping in the GR because it gives her a bad vibe. Maggie says if Ivette won’t then she and April won’t either. They all move out to the dorm bedroom. April says if she loses veto because of sleeping on a cot all night, it’s Ivette’s fault. Ivette tells them they can sleep in the GR if they want too but she isn’t. Maggie says no, they are staying right there.

11:55 PM BBT: April comes back from the bathroom kinda weepy from the beer and kisses the other two good night and tells them she loves them. Maggie says BB can lick her ball sack. BB: Thank you very much. That makes them laugh. Maggie is thankful for all the fun times she has had in the house and for Beau, Jennifer, and Eric.

Thanks to -  Angelo Joe, Catniptoy, DreamAngel, goldilocks39, jammer, Katydidit, kkelley, leelee, MsMommyx5, stac1012, suechick and all the live feed team.

Thursday, September 8, 2005:   Eviction Day

Howie and Janelle.

2:02 AM BBT:
Janelle and Howie talk about how surprised everyone would be if Ivette evicted April. They are resigned to Howie’s leaving though. Janelle hugs Howie and says she will miss him.

Howie does a quick bathroom trip with his light sabre and then comes back and gets in a separate bed from Janelle. Janelle asks him if he is going to “jerk it.” Howie says yes, if she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t mind. While Howie takes care of business under the covers, Janelle describes someone in their panties and bra. Shortly thereafter, Howie groans and Janelle squeals: "Oh what? You just DID? That was fast!" Howie says that was probably the 'biggest load yet.'

9:04 AM BBT: Howie gets up, goes to the bathroom, gets a drink in the kitchen, and goes back to bed. Everyone else is sleeping.

10:33 AM BBT: We were treated to a glimpse of the backyard and the set-up for tonight’s HOH. 3 crew people were seen standing next to a circular platform divided into three sections. Janelle and Maggie’s names were each on a section with the last one blank (for April or Howie).

10:45 AM BBT: Howie gets up again, goes to change in the bathroom, checks out the fish, and goes back to bed.

11:28 AM BBT: Janelle asks Howie which “jerk” was better, last night or before.

12:05 PM BBT: A lockdown in the HOH room. Ivette and Janelle are playing chess. April and Maggie like Brent waking them up in the morning, because he calls them “ladies” instead of HG’s.

12:23 PM BBT: April tells Janelle she accidentally found her tweezers in the bathroom. Janelle thought they were missing. April said Beau probably left them there.

12:45 PM BBT: Janelle is vacuuming and April says it’s because she told Janelle she had to clean today. Then April says she asked Janelle what she was going to do because she and Howie were on the block and shouldn’t have to clean and Janelle volunteered to vacuum.

1:41 PM BBT: Ivette gave Howie one of Eric’s old shirts. Howie: Should I wear it tonight? Ivette: No, not tonight. Howie: No I guess not. Thanks Ivettie bird.

1:59 PM BBT: Janelle and Howie.
Howie: You are the best player in the game.
Janelle: I don't feel like I am.
Howie: You are: mentally, physical and exotically.
Janelle: What does exotically mean?
Howie: You are a Jedi.
Janelle: I am?
Howie: Yup.
Janelle: I know, you taught me well master.
Howie: You are better than this, you are a Jedi. You are the chosen one Janie; you are here to bring this house back to balance.
Janelle: What balance? It is them against me.
Howie: When you do there will be peace, calm and serenity in this house. When I walk out those doors...
Janelle: I know. I can't let them take me out.
Howie: You are well trained; they will be no match for you. Their arrogance is blinding them. You have an advantage over them.
Janelle: Like what?
Howie: You name it you have it: physically, aesthetically.

2:16 PM BBT: April wonders what to say for her plea. Maggie said talk to her and Ivette. Ivette suggests thanking

Howie and Janelle talk before the show.

the Girl Scouts. April said no one knows they are the Girl Scouts.
Ivette: We were the dorks for awhile.
Maggie: The Nerd Herd.
April: Yeah.
Maggie: Shame on us for having a degree.

3:31 PM BBT: Howie tells The Friendship that there won’t be any cameras in sequester, so it’s on with Jennifer. He says he'll start with Jennifer and work his way up to Rachel. Ivette says she still thinks Rachel would be a good girlfriend for him if she loosened up. Howie agrees and says he loves her but she is too high-strung.

3:36 PM BBT: Howie is cleaning in the LR and April asks him if he has a maid at home. He says that the day before he left for the show they had one come in for the first time and she was HOT. He says they will have her come back because she did a good job and was hot. Howie asks April if she has a maid and she says yes.

3:46 PM BBT: Howie is giving Janelle a pep talk in front of the Memory Wall. Everyone else is getting ready for the show.

3:57 PM BBT: Howie approaches Maggie and says that if she votes for him he will give her free backrubs. Maggie tells him she can't take anymore money from him. They laugh and Howie leaves.

3:58 PM BBT: Howie and Janelle are back at the Memory Wall. Howie tells Janelle she looks awesome and America loves her. He tells her she will win the last and most powerful HOH. Howie says her looks are the least of her worries and to go out and show them the force. Janelle heads into the GR and Howie goes to the BR. Ivette asks Howie if he is going to join her and he says in a few minutes. April tells him they are going to miss him. April asks Howie if he used to get nervous before HOH comps and he said yes, every one of them. The ones with the buzzers really make him nervous. 

4:22 PM BBT: Howie goes into the bathroom saying he has to lose a load and Maggie asks him which kind? Howie thinks this is funny. Then Howie takes a shower and Janelle comes in and says: You’re cute Howie. Howie: You’re cuter Janie, Michael dreams of Janie (singing). 

LIVE Televised Show: Thursday, September 8, 2005

Finally a show back on schedule, the last one this season though as we near the end! The recaps stretched back to Howie winning HOH and Beau being evicted, splitting the last pair. Ivette won HOH and nominated Howie and Janelle, intending to evict Janelle who saved herself by winning the veto. April joined Howie in nomination, and Howie made plans to approach Ivette to save him. Julie welcomes us to Day 68 in the Big Brother House. Julie tells us that Ivette could have a tie-breaking vote tonight and that Howie was making a last ditch effort to save himself. Ivette was not surprised that Janelle saved herself with the veto. April says it felt weird being on the block and nerve-racking. She reasons that if she is evicted it will be a “lose-lose” for Ivette and Maggie.

Howie explains to us why he needs Ivette’s vote. It’s pretty simple, Janelle will vote for him, Maggie will vote for April, so that leaves Ivette. Janelle explains to Howie that if Ivette really wants the money she will do it because she stands a better chance against Janelle or Howie. Howie tells us that he has all his weapons at his disposal and will be “representing to Ivette.” Maggie and April are watching Janelle, Howie and Ivette via spy screen. April doesn’t think Ivette will change her mind, but there’s always a chance. Howie does put his point across to Ivette saying although Ivette and April would take Maggie to the end, who would Maggie choose? As well he asks her who she stands the best chance of winning against. Ivette feels closer to the prize and does realize she could beat Howie and Janelle for sure. She wants to be optimistic but the reality is she doesn’t know what Maggie or April are doing, she only knows what she is doing. Ivette shares Howie’s approach with The Friendship. April says everyone deserves the money. Ivette says April always said she wasn’t there for the money but the closer we get to the end, the more April talks about it. Ivette wants to win it for her family, and is afraid her “chances are becoming very slim."

Julie greets the HG’s and congratulates them for making it to the final 5. Ivette says they never thought they were going to make it and she’s content. When Howie is asked about being the only man in the house, he says he’s stuck with beautiful women. Howie says they are like family to him: step-sisters, not blood related. Howie is the last man standing. Janelle, answering a fan question, says the swimming challenge was the hardest. April says she will continue not smoking out of the house. When Maggie was asked how she has changed in the house, she said that was a hard question. Her schedule is messed up, and the real world doesn’t exist. She says “no one will ever understand what this world is really like.”

It’s time to meet Ivette’s mom and girlfriend, Maggie. Ivette’s mom says Ivette tells it like it is. Maggie says Ivette’s mouth gets her in trouble all the time and Ivette’s “strongest weapon is her mouth.” She says Ivette is emotional, but not a crier, and wonders if the house is getting to Ivette. Maggie does not like Ivette’s obsession with Eric. Ivette’s mother says Ivette forgot about Beau, and that Ivette went to BB to win the money and not make friendships. She also says April can start problems referring to April and Jennifer trying to get Ivette evicted. Ivette’s mom isn’t sure about The Friendship. Maggie likes Janelle and all her great qualities and speculates that Ivette may be jealous. Maggie is happy Ivette won HOH as Ivette needed to prove herself. Ivette’s mom is proud of her too. Ivette’s mom said she told Ivette to “bring the money home.” Ivette is interviewed by Julie. Ivette explains that April was put up as a pawn as a group decision, because April had never been on the block. She says her main reason for being on BB was to win the money for her family and that they “need it like you can't imagine.” image Ivette's Family [3 minutes 56 seconds]  

Their chances to win are over, but they are in sequester. Rachel loves the sequester house and calls it a “country paradise.” Rachel would love to see Ivette come in next. James enters the sequester house and was hugged by Rachel and Jennifer. James says Jennifer was acting. Jennifer says James flipped the bird as he came in. Rachel was disappointed to see James. James called the toast with champagne, toasting his death. Jennifer admitted she was getting bitchier the more HG’s showed up. Rachel was not happy to see April win HOH. James says he is not being nice to Jennifer and Jennifer says James was rude and obnoxious about her partner April. James said it was bad enough living it, but was worse watching the tapes. Beau’s surprise entrance thrilled Jennifer and Rachel observed that it helped her team. image Jury House [4 minutes 30 seconds]  

In the DR, talking about the nominees, Ivette says April would win the money against her, and that April is all about the money. Ivette questions whether April has a desperate need like herself. Janelle says it would mean a lot to her to keep Howie. Maggie says turning your back on The Friendship would mean no jury votes from The Friendship. In the end, Ivette is seen in tears. Julie gives the nominees one last chance to plead their case. April thanks Matt, her family, all the HG’s, and the dorks. She wants to stay another week. Howie thanks everyone, and apologizes for his hair and wardrobe because Beau wasn’t there. He said Jedi Janie was a great apprentice. He reminds them that April won a veto and he hasn’t, and also reminds them that pawns have left before. The live voting begins. Janelle votes to evict April. Maggie votes to evict Howie. The tie-breaker, in the living room is done by Ivette. She says April is a great friend and Howie makes her laugh. Ivette casts her vote to evict Howie! Everyone hugs Howie warmly. Making a cat sound, Howie tells them to have a good battle. Howie leave. Ivette says he was sad to go.

Howie goes into the studio and ignores Julie’s outstretched hand, leaning in for a kiss. Howie: Julie, you're cute, wow. Talking about the downfall of the alliance he says James betrayed them and it was downhill from there. He also reflects that he wanted to get rid of Maggie early on. Howie is happy though that he was the final guy in the Fab 5. He says absolutely the Nerd Herd played better and he was beat by a Nerd Herd. Howie called Janelle the strongest player. Kaysar was the smartest, James dominated physically, but Janelle was a combination of the both of them. He says Janelle “could go on to win it all.” In saying good-bye, Janelle called him a good friend and said they would be friends forever. April was shocked when he attacked her but realized he was hurt and does forgive him. Maggie thanked him for the laughter. Ivette says Howie was one of her favorite HG’s: “don't hate the HG's, hate the game.” Howie ended his interview by saying he loved them all. image Eviction [9 minutes 37 seconds]

In the backyard is a huge round platform divided into three pie slices separated with walls. There are rings on the ground that: One behind the player saying “before” and one in front of them saying “after.” Ivette can’t play as outgoing HOH, but tonight’s winner is allowed to compete next week. It is the HOH Competition: "Before or After." 7 questions will be asked with one point awarded per correct answer. In the end, the highest score is HOH. The questions are phrased like, did this happen before or after. The player steps appropriately to answer. Ivette is in a lawn chair with her back to the contestants. April misses the second and third question. Both April and Maggie miss the fourth. Maggie misses the sixth and seventh question. With a per4fect score, Janelle is HOH! Janelle gets hugs from everybody and is very excited. She says: “I did it Howie and I made final 3.” image HoH Competition [5 minutes 12 seconds]

Julie interviews them again in the living room. Janelle says winning HOH made her feel like Miss America and was awesome. Janelle is proud of herself. Julie tells her she got a perfect score. Maggie says coming into the house she packed like she was going camping and would bring a lot more things and missed a lot of stuff. A fan asked Janelle about growing up in Minnesota. Janelle said she was sheltered and bored there, but wouldn’t trade it or her childhood for anything.

It’s America’s Choice time again, and the prize is a day on the set of “Two and a half Men.” The results and a special clip will be shown on Saturday’s show. Saturday’s show is airing an hour later at 10 pm EST, and we will see who Janelle nominates. On Tuesday’s show will be another “Live” eviction. image America's Choice [58 seconds]

Contributors: fuskie, ranster627 and Smirnoff. A big Morty’s thanks!

7:00 PM BBT: It is pretty quiet since Howie’s eviction and Janelle’s HOH win. Ivette isn’t going to stress about it. She's not going to cry anymore and not make herself miserable.

7:35 PM BBT: April tells Maggie she could see Janelle’s moves during part of the HOH Competition but didn’t

Maggie is disappointed.

copy her because she didn’t want to cheat. Maggie says that by then it wouldn’t have mattered because April had already missed a question. Maggie doesn’t want the game to get ugly now. She says they knew that eventually one of them would be going home and that it sucks to get this far and leave. Maggie says she’s not going to campaign against the others. April says she won’t either.

8:00 PM BBT: Ivette wanders into the GR and has a light discussion about pictures they have in the house. As soon as Ivette leaves the room, April asks what she and Janelle were talking about.

8:08 PM BBT: Random comments. April says all Janelle did in the house was study and had no fun. Ivette is going to give her all in the Veto comp, but is not going to beg to stay.

8:15 PM BBT: Ivette and April are sitting outside, and it is obvious that Ivette thinks that April threw the comp. April is babbling about how she could see Janelle's moves and knew that Janelle moved back or forward. She debated whether or not to cheat. Ivette says that she should have cheated. April says that she didn't want to win that way, and she doesn't feel right cheating. Ivette says that Janelle does, though! Ivette says that April knew from the practice question that she got about Ashlea that she could see Janelle's place in the windows, and that she should have used that to cheat. She asks April what Maggie said about it, and April says that Maggie told her it was best that she didn't cheat. April claims that after Julie demanded that she give her answer that she was shaken up and couldn't focus after that.

April comments that really Janelle has to put up two people and it is a crap shoot as to who will be put up. Ivette quietly says she knows she will go up and she has made peace with it, and she isn't crying over it like she did before. April says that really it doesn't mean that Janelle will be putting up the two she wants out the most, because they will all be fighting for themselves for veto, and if they get it, then the other will go up, so Janelle really doesn't 

Ivette talking outside.

Maggie talking to April.

have control. Ivette says that is why she has said it would be foolish to throw it. April says Ivette doesn't think she threw it, does she? Ivette yells "No, NO!" and says she doesn't think that, because it would be stupid! April says she felt she was playing for three people today and that is a lot of pressure. April says she would never throw it and she was touching her cross to give her strength and praying she would win, but she lost focus.

Ivette says that even though everyone says Janelle is a good player, she would never vote for her. April says that Janelle has to know she will only get the $50,000, if anything. Ivette says that Janelle can't change their votes, no matter what. She says she won't beg, won't slither on the floor to get to stay. She says that she hopes that Janelle won't try to break them up, because she won't campaign against them. April says that Janelle was cleaning up the room, but the only reason was probably that BB insisted, and that would be the only reason.

8:36 PM BBT: Maggie comes outside and April immediately tells her about the comments that Ivette made about throwing the comp. Maggie thinks this is about her, and says that she didn't throw it! April tells her that Ivette was talking about April, and then says that the only way you are certain you are safe is to be HOH, and she would never throw it! April says that Ivette seems to be realizing that she doesn't have to win the money, and she is glad that they are having that attitude. Maggie says that she welled up with tears when she realized she would be finally going home soon. April agrees and says that the worst that can happen to them is that they will be home in two weeks. April comments how weird it is going to be with one key in the Nomination Box.

8:57 PM BBT: Maggie is crying outside. Ivette tells her no more tears and they only have 12 days left. Maggie says she will never cry about this game again: she will cry because she wants to go home. Ivette says why now, when there are only 12 days left? Maggie says she can get through that. Ivette says even if she leaves next, she will be seeing Beau. Maggie pauses and looks at her in a funny way and then says she thought Ivette meant that Maggie would see Beau.

Maggie asks why Ivette said "Ivette and Janelle" instead of Maggie and Ivette when Julie asked how it felt to be there up to the last four? Maggie says that she should have said "Ivette and Maggie!" Ivette says she looked at Janelle and it was her and Janelle who had been on the block the most. Maggie claims that Janelle was always a PAWN and was never on the block as the person who was going to leave, though! Ivette says that Eric wanted Janelle out, for sure. Ivette continues to say over and over that she is standing tall at week 12, and she has had people like Janelle who wanted her out from the first!

April starts to say that she was in danger, too, but Ivette cuts her off and makes it clear that she was the one who was in danger week after week, not April. April says that each of them has won something, and flying under the radar is when you don't win, so they all deserve to be there. Maggie says really Howie flew under the radar, because yes, he won comps, but he didn't take credit for taking anyone out. Maggie points out that they were smart to get rid of Sarah, because she noticed things and she would have won comps, too.

Janelle comes outside to tell them about her HOH room and to invite them up! They all go to see the room. Janelle

Cute little guy!

got a picture of her best friend from high school. The back of the picture says "I believe in you, sweetheart!" She got more Mary Kay products and some sour patch kids. Janelle's mom gave Janelle clothes that Janelle gave to her mom when Janelle became skinnier! So she gave Janelle some fat clothes! There is a picture of "Cupcake" and April says that will put a smile on your fucking face every morning! Janelle has a picture of her brother and Maggie immediately questions the fact that her brother is drinking, and Janelle says they all were. It was in 2000, and Janelle says they were all of age! Maggie says he doesn't look old enough to be drinking! Janelle says one of her friends named Sebastian must have sent the picture of her dog. Ivette says that Janelle looks Latin in a picture of her in Mexico. Ivette says that Janelle got an "awesome HOH!"

Janelle talks about Nate and says she doesn't know how he knew she was thinking about him a lot and that he came in to audition to be on the show with her. She says he is really sweet, and he lives in Minneapolis. Maggie says that is the sweetest thing to write on the photo, and "It's the inspiration in this house that matters" and Maggie says that people will never know what it is like in the house. Janelle says her Mom sent her mint scrub pedicure stuff for her feet, and they can all share it and do pedicures. Maggie: Congratulations, Janelle. Janelle thanks her. Janelle says Nate has been her best friend since Junior High. They congratulate her again and she thanks them again. Janelle asks them if they all want to sleep in the HOH with her. Ivette says yeah, they could do that! Ivette says they could all sleep on the floor! image HoH Room [8 minutes 45 seconds]

The Friendship leaves and goes to the kitchen.
Maggie: I think the best thing in that entire room was her friend writing that on her card.
Ivette: We've got to be very careful. I'll bet Howie told her that she has to make it with the girls. Asking us to sleep in there and stuff?
April: Yeah, too little too late. I've been treating people like I'd like to be treated by them. There's no need for any hostility.

9:05 PM BBT: The Friendship is outside and the two main topics are Janelle and patting themselves on the back. Ivette is amazed that some hated by everyone is still in the house. April says Janelle was liked by her own team. Maggie thinks if Janelle makes it to final 2 she is going to be mean to people on National TV. Maggie doesn’t want to sleep in the HOH.

Ivette and Maggie are left alone. Ivette claims April played the game more than her and Maggie. Maggie thinks she played the way Eric would have wanted. Ivette says if she wins then it is proven that someone can win with honesty. Maggie thinks they will be on the block together.


10:27 PM BBT:
April thinks it would be funny if she and Maggie were final two and James had to vote for one of them.

10:28 PM BBT: Ivette goes to the HOH room and explains to Janelle that The Friendship will be sleeping downstairs tonight. Janelle says that is fine and invites Ivette to do pedicures tomorrow. Ivette said sure and said she would sleep in HOH with Janelle one night this week.

10:30 PM BBT: Ivette tells Maggie and April that seeing Janelle’s pictures makes her more human, but she doesn’t care because she still doesn’t like the way Janelle played the game. April has decided not to unpack until after the veto competition.

10:50 PM BBT: April took her cross off and threw it on the table saying it didn’t help her.

11:12 PM BBT: In the dorm bedroom, The Friendship is getting organized for bed and Maggie asks Ivette if she wants her pictures on the shrine.

11:30 PM BBT: Maggie says their alliance dominated the game. She says The Sovereigns weren’t really an alliance because they turned on each other. Maggie calls The Friendship ‘groundbreaking.’ She says they formed a family and they all had a role in the family.

11:40 PM BBT: Maggie talks about the first weeks in the house. She missed talking to Eric the way she wanted to and she felt left out of the Eric-James-Ivette group. Maggie started enjoying things when The Friendship got together.

11:00 PM BBT: Janelle goes into the GR where Ivette and Maggie are to find out what was going on. Apparently BB called Kaysar to the DR. Then they corrected it to April. April wanted an apology and BB said: April, you have not been to the DR yet today. Janelle stays and engages in conversation. Janelle says she used to wish she was a twin. Ivette said she did too. Ivette tells Janelle she was a very wholesome kid. Janelle doesn’t miss a beat saying: "And I'm not now?" Janelle talks about not getting a pony when she was a kid and being very disappointed. She says her parents can now afford a lot more and really spoil her sister. Janelle also says she is very close to her mother who had her very young. Janelle gets called to the DR so says her good-nights.

11:35 PM BBT: Maggie and Ivette review the conversation for April. Ivette reiterates that in the end she is voting for someone from The Friendship! Ivette does wonder about Janelle’s human side though and all the things she has in common with her. April says there are only two outcomes, Janelle on the jury or Janelle in the final 2.
11:40 PM BBT: Ivette announces again that she is not sleeping in the GR because it gives her a bad vibe. Maggie says if Ivette won’t then she and April won’t either. They all move out to the dorm bedroom. April says if she loses veto because of sleeping on a cot all night, it’s Ivette’s fault. Ivette tells them they can sleep in the GR if they want too but she isn’t. Maggie says no, they are staying right there.

11:55 PM BBT: April comes back from the bathroom kinda weepy from the beer and kisses the other two good night and tells them she loves them. Maggie says BB can lick her ball sack. BB: Thank you very much. That makes them laugh. Maggie is thankful for all the fun times she has had in the house and for Beau, Jennifer, and Eric.

Thanks to -  Angelo Joe, bluelove2, dumblonde, jammer, leelee, LilTerror, MsMommyx5, myss911, Scram, Shockalot, suechick, TrulyScrumptious and all the live feed team. 

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