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Saturday, June 25, 2016  Daze of Our Lives
9:45AM BBT: The HGs are still in their beds, except for Frank, who is up and doing his morning ADLs. 

9:50AM BBT:  BB just gave the HGs a wake-up call.

10:15AM BBT: Frank is out in the backyard talking to the live feeders, he is the only one that appears to be up. "I do know James has a big girl crush on Nicole. James said that Nicole is wife material, so I have got to keep an eye out on that I'm not sure it's going to work out for him, but I know he does. As much as I love Da'Vonne and James, they do have kids at home and I want them to win money, but I'm nervous to go to the final two with them. I don't know about Vanessa, but the more I get to know Tiffany, I do feel good about her, a lot of people are worried Vanessa is going to come back into the game now."

10:50AM BBT: Paulie joins Frank on the patio. Frank: "They absolutely think I will vote you out; they're idiots.

10:52AM BBT: Paulie gives Frank the run down on his kitchen conversation he had with Jozea the night before. The two complain about how dumb Jozea is and what a liar he is. Frank suggests that Paulie not talk game with Jozea any more for the rest of the week.

The re-cap of the conversation continues and it's very clear how annoyed Paulie is with the situation. Frank just wants Jozea to feel comfortable because he wants it to be a blindside on Thursday. Frank calls Jozea is the mouth and "the glue" that holds that small group together (Jozea, Paul, Victor, Natalie and Bronte). Frank jokes that he thinks Jozea doesn't know the game and only watched a "YouTube compilation video of Frankie Grande" before coming.

Paulie says that Corey gave him the advice to find one person to vent to and let the rest go. Frank says he and Mike did the same. That they actually sat in the same spot and vented the whole time. Frank recaps with Paulie what it is like to play HoH after a blindside and how it messes with your head, which is why he wants it to be a blindside on Thursday.

11:05AM BBT: Talk continues about Frank and Paulie's annoyance (still the only two awake). They talk about the Veto competition and how it was mostly luck. Frank laughs that Paul said he won't be able to "beast it out all summer" like he did in this competition even though it wasn't a 'beasting' type of competition. They go over how close everyone was in the competition.

The two go over votes and Frank is sure it's going to be at least 7-4 for Jozea. Paulie is still a little nerve racked, so Frank goes over who is sure will vote out Jozea. Frank says that he thinks that Jozea will continue to act crazy and swing the vote further in Paulie's favor. Talk turns to Bridgette and how Frank is trusting her more and more as the game goes on. That she feels intimidated by Jozea, Victor and Paul and doesn't like the way they play. They go over how those guys continue to push away the girls (Bronte and Natalie) and that they are close to flipping. Talk turns to Bronte and how she may be smarter than they give her credit, that she observes a lot. Frank says he has to pee and we get FotH.

11:31AM BBT: The HGs are up. Bronte, Tiffany and Natalie are in the bathroom doing ADLs. Jozea, Bridgette and Paul are sitting in the backyard talk about the competition. James is helping Nicole who got her finger stuck in one of the lawn chairs. Bridgette comes to check on her, but Nicole says she is fine. Da'Vonne points out how quick James ran to help her when her finger was stuck.

Da'Vonne and James walk off, but Corey stops and sits down to chat with Nicole about the night before. Camera switches back to Paul, Jozea, Da'Vonne and James talking in another part of the backyard. James asking what he missed since he went to be drunk early. They all joke about the drunken antics of the night before. Paul is worried one of the girl's dad is "sharpening a knife" for him right now. Da'Vonne says it's too hot work out and everyone says it's pool time weather.

11:38AM BBT: One set of cameras is on Victor doing dishes in the kitchen. The other is on Paul and Jozea watching Paulie work out. Brief FotH, when it comes back they are joking about someone singing. Nicole and Bridgette are lounging by the pool, while Paulie continues his workout and Paul talks with Jozea about Tiffany (I think, they are talking in code), about how shady she is and that she's "f-ing with the wrong clique."

Victor and Natalie are making breakfast, Paul and Jozea continue to stare at people, everyone else is idling chit chatting, no game talk happening.

11:44AM BBT: Camera changes to Zakiyah and Tiffany are up in the HoH doing makeup and getting ready. Still on Paul and Jozea sitting in silence staring at the other HGs across the backyard.

11:45PM BBT: Paul, Da'Vonne and Nichole are in the HoH room. Paul has been discussing how people on his team would feel if he used the veto on himself. James knocks on the door and joins the group. Paul is worried what his other group members will think of him if he uses the veto on himself. James tells him to use the veto on himself and save his on ass. The group tells him if you win the veto you should use it on yourself. He thanks the group and tells them he appreciate their advice and leaves.

The people left in the room wonder if Jozea got in his ear about the veto. Nichole says that Bridgette came to the HoH room the night before to spy on them. Nicole says that Bridgette said the others were bullying her. The HoH group don't believe Bridgette and say they don't like bullying and don't think anyone would be doing that at this point in the game.

10:58AM BBT: Frank and Paulie talk in the backyard. Frank wants a blindside this week. He can't wait for Jozea go be gone, no one is buying into his crap. No one likes his talk about the second coming.

11:15AM BBT: WBRB wake up call.

11:48AM BBT: Paul and Jozea are watching some HGs in the pool, some HGs are in the kitchen, some are changing into swim suits.

11:50AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Zakiyah getting ready for the pool. James, Frank and Bridgette are in the pool, chatting with Paulie and Corey who are working out. Everyone is joking about missing their phones. James and Bridgette start a water splashing fight, Frank gets in on it and they play a while. James jokingly sings Hollaback Girl, but we don't get a FotH.

Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are still up in the HoH, chatting about musicians who sing about 'reality girls' while getting dressed and putting on lotion.

Playful pool time continues as James and Bridgette break out into a full blown pool toy battle while Frank is completely lounging.

11:58AM BBT: Nicole joins Da'Vonne and Zakiyah complaining about how weird Victor is being. Apparently the girls complained about always having to do dishes and Victor took it personal. Da'Vonne says 'those boys' are moody and just mad that they have to clean up. They all say that they clean as they go.

Nicole asks about 'the meeting' from the night before. Da'Vonne tells her that they were trying to paint the picture that they were worried about going up and that Jozea was saying no matter what, Paulie is going, then James walked in and it threw off Jozea, so he was just talking in circles. When Michelle walked in, Victor, Bronte and Natalie left which effectively ended the meeting.

Da'Vonne tells Nicole that while in the Safari Room Jozea was all about mirror angles and how to spy on people. Zakiyah asks Nicole if she asked Bridgette how the meeting went. Nicole says she said it as a joke to James, but Da'Vonne says it's a card Bridgette is playing a card saying that Nicole 'called her out'.

Da'Vonne and Zakiyah tell her that Bridgette had been sent to spy during the meeting. Nicole talks about how Bridgette was complaining that 'they' are bullying her and how much she doesn't like 'their' game play. Nicole says she never said that Bridgette 'ratted them out'. She already new about meeting. Nicole says she like Bridgette and wouldn't do that to her. Nicole wants to talk to her about it, Zakiyah tells her she shouldn't.

The debate continues whether or not Bridgette was trying to spy or not.

12:14PM BBT: Nicole is in the bathroom area talking to James about how she didn't know that she wasn't supposed to say anything about knowing about the meeting. Nicole and James debating if Bridgette was really spying. Nicole is annoyed that Bridgette 'tried to make her look bad'.

Paulie joins the conversation about how weird last night was. Nicole is annoyed about having a target on her back because of people misunderstanding her. James decides to go make breakfast.

Frank and Bridgette still in the pool, Corey joins them for idle chit chat. More recapping of the drunken antics of the night before.

Cooking and pool time general chatter continues as Natalie runs laps.

12:31PM BBT: Most of the HGs are the kitchen or backyard, chatter continues. Tiffany joins Zakiyah in the HoH room doing hair and makeup.

12:40PM BBT: Tiffany asks if Zakiyah if she thinks she can trust Paulie. They aren't sure if they can say anything to him. They are concerned what the house is thinking about them. Zakiyah says he's cool, but she only trusts her 'peoples' as she heads out of the HoH.

12:53PM BBT: Paul, Da'Vonne and Nicole talk about the competition. What their strategies were and how they felt after. Paul thinks it was less than 10 minutes, how he hammed in the pieces and how things were dangerous.

Nicole leaves and Da'Vonne tells Paul how Nicole told her she felt like people were isolating her. Da'Vonne says she is going to spend some time with her to help with that. Paul talks about how they all feel that way at times. They chat about how 10 days in they feel like a family and can't play like robots because all you have is each other. Paul says he doesn't want to burn bridges and keep those friends, because these are the only people who get the experience, they all have to stick together.

12:58PM BBT: Frank and Nicole are in the kitchen. Frank whispers, telling her about the conversation he had with Paulie, telling him to calm down. That he just needs to stay calm and not put himself in a bad situation. Michelle finally gets out of bed and now all the HGs are awake.

12:56PM BBT: It's pool side tanning and cooking in the kitchen.

1:38PM BBT: They're still in and around the pool and backyard.

1:45PM BBT: James, Da'Vonne', Nicole and Paul in HoH. Paul saying he is going to use the PoV. He doesn't want others to freak out because he saved himself. James says to save your butt. Da'Vonne says he earned it he deserves it. James says it's his veto, use it, don't ever risk it. Paul says thanks guys and leaves.

Meanwhile in the backyard: Victor and Jozea chat on the lounge. Victor tells him to do what he has to do but know that he is on Jozea's side. It won't be tie vote. Bridgette might be a lose vote. Who ever gets on the block can't vote. Victor says they will have six votes regardless. They shouldn't stress people out. Bridgette is stressed out.

2:15PM BBT: Jozea and Da'Vonne  are whispering, Da'Vonne gets told to stop playing with her mic, she says she is trying to fix it. Jozea says Nicole did come downstairs and asked him how the meeting went. Jozea says he held his stuff. If she had asked if they had a meeting he would have told her. But at the end of the day it is what it is.

2:44PM BBT: It's food in the kitchen and sunning in the backyard.

2:52PM BBT: James tells Jozea that he may be one vote but as long as you know where his vote is going he is loyal. Jozea says he is bold in what he says, "Have a good meeting, boom, done." James says he has to roll with his team, if they are for it so is he. Jozea says take out the weakest link that my be a problem at the end or take out a floater. James tells him he's got him. James swears, right hand to God that he is not the Road Kill person.

2:56PM BBT: James and Frank tell them that their cell phones will blow up the first time they turn it back on. "You are not allowed to talk about production."

James counts votes for Jozea and tells Jozea that he is good. James tells them that BB social media has all their social pages on one page, they don't have to worry about shout-outs.

3:02PM BBT: Tiffany is gently scratching Corey's back. Da'Vonne is talking to them and rattling ice in the bottom of a plastic bottle. WBRB

3:04PM BBT: Tiffany says Natalie is such a Jersey girl, she reminds her of the girl on season six with Janelle and Kaysar. Dark hair... anyways. WBRB

3:21PM BBT: Natalie is talking about her favorite songs. She loves romantic songs and movies. In the bathroom area Bridgette and Bronte are fixing their hair.

3:27PM BBT: Frank jokes with Michelle by telling her to hit that red button for him. James says, Nooo, don't hit that button. Michelle says she is on to Frank, she didn't even look at it.

In the bathroom area Bridgette and Paul talk about how Bridgette had left love texts and hey listen to this song for her BF and now with her phone shut off he won't get them. Paul says that you have to be careful what you say, you don't know who you might offend, even your future potential boss. Da'Vonne comes in and Bridgette says she is avoiding the pool area for now.

3:32PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Bridgette move to the Safari room to talk about food. Da'Vonne is folding laundry. Da'Vonne says Bridgette can cook! Bridgette says she loves her life, loves travel nursing. Her dream is to go overseas, Doctors with o Borders. Da'Vonne says Bridgette is on top of things in the house, she is glad she is here. Bridgette says it was scary when Michelle passed out, she was probably just dehydrated.

3:38PM BBT: Tiffany whispers to Michelle saying she can trust Victor 100%. He's good, he likes you. and Zakiyah. Tiffany is the only one not is a suit, she is sitting with one leg in the pool dribbling water down her leg.[Its hard to hear them with the water, talking and plane noise.] Talk moves to how much Tiffany pays for an apartment.

3:46PM BBT: Victor, Zakiyah, Jozea and Paul in the backyard. Jozea decides to give Zakiyah a recap. He and Victor tell her that Paulie said he wasn't sure about her vote. He's making it seem like Paulie doesn't trust Zakiyah. Victor keeps trying to interject, but Jozea just keeps talking about re-capping all of last nights game talk.

The conversation changes to Bridgette and the votes. They aren't sure exactly where the vote are, but they feel comfortable enough that things are going to go their way. Once one of their 6-7 wins HoH, the other side will be on their heals.

Zakiyah asks what they think of Michelle and Victor calling her a scallywag. Jozea says he extended the olive branch and she wouldn't take it, but pops up every time they are talking. Bronte joins and they talk about how Corey, Tiffany and Nicole all gotta go. Jozea tells Victor that he is sure they have James' vote.

3:56PM BBT: Da'Vonne and James are in the safari room. Da'Vonne whispering about the conversation she and Bridgette had, that she couldn't get anywhere with her. James tells Da'Vonne about what he told Jozea. Zakiyah come in and fills them in on the conversation she just had outside. They are not happy about Paulie's conversation last night and that they think Tiffany is a little shady. They think Tiffany and Paulie are too close and even though she is a part of their group, there are certain things Da'Vonne doesn't say in front of her. They notice that Tiffany is always following Paulie and they are whispering.

Frank walks in and they fill him in on the Paulie/Jozea conversation as well. Frank tells them Paulie is fine and they shouldn't worry. Zakiyah is annoyed that Paulie said he had her vote to Jozea. Frank tells them he told Paulie not to talk game to Jozea anymore.

4:02PM BBT: Bronte, Victor and Jozea continue their conversation in the backyard. They are debating Bridgette's actions and that she is too paranoid. They talk about the smart player cast and how you can't play alone. Corey walks by and conversation changes. Bronte leaves saying she will relay any info she gets.

4:05PM BBT: The Safari room conversation continues with Frank, Zakiyah, James and Da'Vonne. They continue to make fun of the way Jozea thinks he knows everything going on. Frank comments that he saw them trying to count votes on their fingers and just laughed. Da'Vonne saying Victor is Jozea's secretary.

The conversation changes to Frank being annoyed about not getting new underwear for his costume and we get a brief FotH.

4:11PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are the only ones left in the safari room, still discussing votes and who to trust. The start to talk about Bridgette, but we get a FotH.

When the feed comes back, Tiffany has joined Da'Vonne and Zakiyah in the Safari Room. They tell Tiffany what Jozea was saying in the backyard conversation just then. Tiffany says she doesn't care, he's going home, but she is going to need help biting her tongue. Tiffany says she wasn't talking game, that she was just talking about non-game stuff. Da'Vonne is getting annoyed with people being worried about Jozea, just tells everyone to keep doing them, that Nicole is the only one in charge of anything, because she is HoH. Zakiyah tells them that Bronte is making awkward jokes about Paulie going home and how rude it is because he is on the block.

4:18PM BBT: Paulie joins the Safari room conversation, with Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Tiffany. All game talk pauses and they are just talking about how dirty the house is, bright lights, sleeping and food. Da'Vonne is going to go cook to wake up and Zakiyah says she is going to go sleep in the HoH bed.

James and Bridgette are in the kitchen talking about how the girls wants Bridgette to teach them to bake. Frank joins talk about his 'old lady's' cooking. Apparently she doesn't cook that often. Bridgette says she can't make pancakes. They are talking recipes as Bronte walks in saying she has hit her sun limit for the day.

4:23PM BBT: Victor is in the backyard explaining how to play jacks to Jozea. Camera switches to Frank and James wandering the house. James complains that the Have-Not room is tough. He farts as heads past the safari room and up to the HoH with Frank.

They decide they are going to nap after Frank showers. Frank and James debate how the game is going to change after the first eviction. James is convinced that Victor won't be as strong at competitions as he thinks. Frank jumps in the shower and James goes to check whether or not they need to feed fish.

Safari room crew discusses astrological signs and what everyone is. Bronte joins them, telling them she had a nip slip while adjusting and hoping there wasn't a screen shot moment. Paulie starts to talk about competitiveness and then the conversation goes back to everyone's signs. Conversation lags and Tiffany asks about people's Chinese signs.

4:31PM BBT: Nicole, Michelle, Natalie and Paul are talking about relationships. Debating being single vs. long term relationships. They discuss how it changes you being in a relationship and you should find yourself while single.

Back in the safari room Bronte is explaining her name and where it comes from. Tiffany apparently doesn't know who Charlotte Bronte is. Apparently her name changed from Brittany, to Alaska to Bronte by the time she was one.

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All is pretty mellow in the BB house. General get to know you conversations happening, no game talking.

5:15PM BBT: Tiffany is in bed talking to Vanessa, she doesn't know what to do later on. Jozea has got to go. She only trusts Corey, Nicole, Michelle. And on the outside of that is Paulie then Zakiyah. She has to talk to Da'Vonne more then on the outside of that is Frank and James then no one else. Wish you could tell me. Use sister telepathy, who would you bring in as your real number 2? I hope it's Da'Vonne, but I haven't talked to her enough and my guy feeling is she wants Zakiyah as her number two. Tiffany really trusts Michelle and Nicole. You would say, keep low and keep observing. Get more info the longer the game goes on.

5:21PM BBT: It's snack time in the kitchen again. A few girls are doing some exercises and stretches. Jozea is going to wait a bit to do his. Nicole says she feels like running, BB used to tell them how many laps was a mile. Nicole resigned from her job because wanted to be on days. She is glad this happened because now she can go back and find a position on days.

5:25PM BBT: Back to Tiffany talking to us: BTW, if you guys were wondering who knows Vanessa is my sister. it's Da'Vonne', James, Frank, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah and Paulie. And I'm going to use that to my advantage. She might tell Corey he is on her team. She may wait until Victor is out.

5:31PM BBT: Nicole has lost her HoH key. Bridgette has misplaced her pixel sandals. Jozea dropped his mic pack in the pool, BB told him to replace it with one in the DR. Jozea spin cycles every Friday, he even spun with Madonna once. Jozea hopes a cool celebrity comes into the house. It's been the general chat most of the day.

5:43PM BBT: Jozea real name is Josie, Jozea is his alias name for stage, make-up etc. His friends call him Josie everybody else Jozea.

5:55PM BBT: Natalie tells Paulie and Bridgette that she didn't expect there to be so many hot guys in the house. They are lounging in the backyard. Jozea and Da'Vonne are in the kitchen. Da'Vonne is marinating at the counter. Jozea is chomping on his food that he's eating out of a Cool Whip bowl. He says it's all going to go to his ass anyway. He says the house is quiet. Victor walks by and says everyone is in the backyard or sleeping.

6:00PM BBT: In the backyard, Nicole starts to run the length of the backyard with Corey. Bronte starts to stretch by Bridgette, Paulie and Natalie, near the pool table. Natalie asks Paulie if he's ever heard of her since he seems to know her friends outside the house.

6:03PM BBT: Victor is going room to room. He talks to Paul in the Tokyo bedroom. He goes in the storage room and tells Jozea he has the same shirt as him. He goes to the Tokyo bedroom and gets his shirt to show Jozea. They have different sizes, but they are they same. Both of them say they bought them at Target. Victor asks Jozea why he's eating junk food? He's says he's really hungry. He says they are baked chips so they are 80% less fat. Victor says that's great. Victor tells Jozea that Nicole is sprinting in the backyard. Jozea continues to chomp on his potato chips as he eats them. They go to the backyard.

6:06PM BBT: Da'Vonne is still prepping food in the kitchen. In the backyard, Bronte says she had a healthy lunch today. Jozea tells everyone that Da'Vonne is cooking good food in the KY. Bronte says her muscles are quivering, and she can't even walk to the shower right now. Bronte starts to talk more in a baby voice than she just was. Bronte asks Paulie if he wants her to put olive oil in his hair? He asks what it does. Bronte tells him it's a treatment for your hair to make it softer.

6:10PM BBT: Natalie and Bridgette talk about baking tonight. Bridgette says they will do it when Da'Vonne is done in the kitchen. Bronte is now sitting next to Paulie. Natalie is now sitting next to Bridgette.

6:12PM BBT: Bronte tells Paulie that he needs to be brave enough to ask the DR for what he wants. She tells him to go ask if they will write his name on his cup and leave it in the storage room when it's done. Natalie stands up and he butt cheeks are hanging out of her shorts.

6:14PM BBT: We see FotH.

6:15PM BBT: The live feeds come back with Bronte talking in more of a baby voice again. Her voice seems to change. Corey tells Bronte that he thinks she likes Paul, because she kissed him. She says, he wants to go on a date now. She blames Paulie, and says it's all his fault. Bronte seems to have told Paul that she would go on a date outside the house with him if he stops swearing for a couple days. Paulie says he picked her to kiss Paul. Paulie says, he didn't know that Paul had a crush on her. Nicole says, she didn't know he had a crush on her. Corey says, she may have turned that frog into a prince.

6:18PM BBT: In the kitchen, Natalie tells Da'Vonne she can wash the dishes. Jozea, Victor and Bridgette are sitting at the kitchen table. Da'Vonne says that Jozea seasoned the chicken, so if it's salty it's his fault.

6:20PM BBT: Jozea says he only put what Da'Vonne told him to put on the chicken. Jozea and Natalie talk about getting Brazilian waxes. Jozea says he gets them. Natalie says she can't get them while she's in the house. She says she hasn't eaten one cookie today. Natalie gets excited and raises her arms. Jozea tells her that's going to be her meme.

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6:26PM BBT: Victor and Corey are playing with a gorilla and an alligator as a puppet show in the kitchen.

6:29PM BBT: In the backyard, Michelle is laying on the hammock. Nicole is sitting on the ground next to her. They are talking about different types of food, and how you get your food from animals in the wild. Jozea opens the backyard and tells them they are going to have a puppet show, since they just did one in the kitchen, and it was f'n awesome.

6:31PM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle that the shipped sailed a long time ago when trying to talk to Jozea one on one. Michelle says she told the DR how gullible he is.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Victor and Jozea try to figure out what voice and names to give the puppets. Natalie asks if they are really going to do the puppet show tonight. Jozea says he wants to. Victor talks in a different voice for a turquoise puppet.

6:35PM BBT: Nicole and Michelle are still chatting in the backyard by the hammock. Nicole tells Michelle that things can get misconstrued in the house. Michelle says Bridgette threw her name under the bus yesterday, and it was not meant the way she said it. Michelle wonders how Bridgette is going to act if she gets put on the block. She says, she will really act like a victim. Michelle says, she will talk to her if she wants her to. Nicole says, it's not meant to be mean. Nicole says, things like this bug her, and she's not going after her. She says, she has to have a legitimate reason to go after someone. She says, she only put Jozea up and made him her target, because she was his target. They both say they feel awkward around her. Nicole says she feels so bad for her.

6:39PM BBT: Nicole says that James told her today that everyone thinks she won the Road Kill competition. She says, if Bridgette goes up they will definitely think it's her. She says, she likes her, but she is a lot more of a threat then she is coming off. Michelle agrees, and says all of the guys like her. Nicole says, she's very sweet and well educated. She says, she's a nurse, but she's taken breaks.

Michelle says that Bridgette told her that Victoria was her favorite player. Nicole says, that's who's card she's playing for sure. Michelle says all she does in cook, bake and clean. Nicole says, she might be someone's relative. She says, she bakes so much. Michelle says it gets to be too much, because she comes up to her all the time asking where her head is.

6:43PM BBT: Nicole says that Bridgette isn't as peppy and talkative as she was at the beginning. Michelle says, she never used to swear, and now she's like a sailor. Meanwhile, in the Tokyo bedroom, Corey is sitting on a bed next to Natalie, and Paul is sleeping on another bed with a red rag over his face, since the lights are on.

6:47PM BBT: Jozea is talking about the previous competition while sitting at the kitchen table. Victor saying they are really on a television show. Jozea says he's on a cereal box. Paulie sits next to Nicole by the hammock. Nicole tells him that she can't vote to keep him there, but he's safe. Nicole looks at Paulie's arm and says she would love to put an IV in his vein. He tells her that Bridgette said the same thing.

Nicole asks if he's going to go hard for HoH next week? Paulie says, for sure, because he knows who needs to go next. Nicole asks him if he's going to put her up? Paulie says he doesn't have a reason to put her up. She is worried because she put him up as a pawn. Paulie says, the people that have been chirping and think they have control of the house have to go. He says he would put Paul up next to Natalie. He says, he can't get a read on Bridgette at all.

6:51PM BBT: Paulie says, depending how the vote count goes, he may have an idea of who voted for him. Nicole tells Paulie that Bridgette may have been spying yesterday. Paulie says he thinks she may have been, and he confronted Jozea about it. Paulie says, he doesn't believe a word that comes out of Jozea's mouth. He says, Jozea and Paul thought they were so slick when they talked to him.

Nicole says that majority of the house is going to keep him there. Paulie says that the replacement person may change the vote. He says, if the anonymous person puts Bridgette up it may not matter. He says he may need to try people to vote for the third person, since they won't leave anyone. Paulie says, Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie are doing their own little thing to.

6:55PM BBT: Michelle says she doesn't trust Bridgette. Paulie says, he really doesn't either, but Frank seems to trust her. In the Tokyo bedroom, Victor is laying in the bed with Natalie, and she is rubbing on his left arm.

6:58PM BBT: Victor asks Natalie when she is going to work out. She says, probably soon. Victor tells her she should go Soul Cycle with Jozea. Victor tells Natalie he thinks whoever wins HoH while pick the Have-Not's for next week. He says he really wants Jozea to win it so they will be OK next week, and also not be Have-Not's.

Natalie tells Victor she likes his long hair. She says, Jozea's hair is growing out and it looks cute. Victor says he wants to ask the DR if he can shave. Natalie tells Victor he needs to wear his retainers more. He says, he only wears them at night.

7:03PM BBT: Jozea is dancing around in the bathroom area in his t-shirt and underwear. Bridgette says it's freezing in the house. Victor walks in asking where Paul is. Nicole goes to the British bedroom, she tells Tiffany that Da'Vonne is making some good food, and she will go get her when it's done cooking. She asks her if she likes chicken, and Tiffany says, yes.

Back in the bathroom area, Bronte is in the shower, she is whispering to Jozea, but you can't hear what she's saying. Jozea acts like he's dancing when Nicole walks in. BB tells Michelle to stop playing with her microphone. Jozea and Nicole leave the bathroom area.

7:06PM BBT: Jozea goes in the kitchen and tells everyone that he's going to do a full on two hours Soul Cycle tonight. He takes part of Paul's banana to eat it. In case you are keeping track...He was eating something out of the Cool Whip bowl, potato chips and now the banana.

7:07PM BBT: Jozea whispers to Bronte in the bathroom area that Paulie is flirting with all the girls, and they know the game he's playing. Jozea goes back to the kitchen. Frank walks through and smacks Jozea on the bottom. He tells him and Da'Vonne that he's trying to get a fresh pair of the bottoms to put on for the costume he's wearing, so he can wash the ones he has on. Da'Vonne is still in the kitchen making dinner. Jozea goes to the backyard.

7:11PM BBT: Paul walks through the kitchen, after coming from the backyard. Da'Vonne takes two trays of chicken out of the oven. She adjusts her bathing suit cover.

Frank asks Da'Vonne if she put cheese and crackers on the chicken. She says, yes. He asks Da'Vonne who is still upstairs? Da'Vonne tells him that Zakiyah was up there napping. Frank things James might still be up there also.

7:13PM BBT: Corey is in the backyard when Frank comes out. Corey asks him where he's been. Frank says he crashed out for a long time. Corey asks him if he was in the Paris bedroom. Frank says, "He was on the couch in the HoH room." We see FotH.

7:17PM BBT: Live Feeds come back. Corey is on the hammock with Michelle while Paulie is on a bicycle in the backyard. Corey says he gets a lot of phone numbers at work, but he doesn't call any of them. Michelle asks if he saves the numbers in his contacts. He says, he doesn't know who they are, but if they are regulars they will add him on Instagram. He says his bar is known for the girls. He says if anyone wants to pick up chicks they go to his bar. He says a guy named Mitchell that he works with is the hottest dude ever. He says, the girls love him. He says he's a model. Michelle asks what he looks like. We see FotH briefly.

Live Feeds come back. Corey says they look a lot alike, but Mitchell has fuller lips and looks like has more of a baby face. Michelle asks if he puts notes on the contacts of who the girls are? Corey says he puts in his phone who they are. He says a lot of times he'll get their last name from his social media.

7:21PM BBT: Corey says that there was a girl that went crazy on him with late night texting, so he saved her name as crazy in his phone. He says she went crazy on him the next day.

In the British bedroom, Bridgette tells Natalie and Bronte that she's worried about being put on the block. She says she thinks that her name is being tossed around about being the replacement nominee She says the vets haven't gone up at all. Bronte says half of the house is gunning for Paulie and half are gunning for Jozea. Bridgette says her vote won't count if she goes up. Bronte tells her the less she talks about it, the better off it will be. She says, she is going to pretend to be sleeping if it's not them. She says, she doesn't want to get cornered. Bronte says no one knows who is the anonymous person. Bronte says no one is breaking to tell anyone. She says, she might think it's the other side of the house, but she doesn't know.

7:25PM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that if she does get put up, she needs to chill. She tells her there will be more speculating, and she just needs to sit back and watch. Natalie says she's worried about yesterday with Nicole finding out about the meeting. Bridgette says she knew about it. Bronte says Nicole looked bad because she was running her mouth.

Nicole walks in the British bedroom. Bronte says she is going to see if there is laundry. Nicole says she is getting her laundry together, but she doesn't have a lot. Nicole is going through her drawer and pulling clothes out that are dirty and are mixed in with her clean clothes.

7:29PM BBT: After Nicole, Natalie and Bronte leave the British bedroom, Bridgette says, "You better watch out Nicole," lightly, while reattaching her pixel costume to her underwear. She puts on a beanie hat and wraps herself in a towel. She leaves the British bedroom.

7:31PM BBT: Frank shows Bridgette his new undergarment shorts. He tells her they used pins to attach his pixels now instead of Velcro. He, Bridgette, James, Jozea and Da'Vonne are in the kitchen. Bridgette says she has a red blanket on (so it's not a towel).

Da'Vonne opens the back door and tells everyone if they want to eat the food is ready. Jozea has his plate getting his food and says there won't be any food left. Jozea and James both took enough food for 5 people. Jozea says they are men. Da'Vonne says there is only three pieces of chicken left and everyone hasn't eaten. Everyone is chomping there food and pounding their forks on their plates. Da'Vonne tells them that she stuffed the chicken with cheese.

Tiffany is sitting with her legs in the hot-tub and Paulie joins her to chat. They have idle chit chat for a little while.

Tiffany asks Paulie if anything has been going on since she has been napping. It's hard to hear what Paulie tells her, since he is in the hot-tub. He says something about Michelle and Corey.

The conversations briefly switches to sports and then back to Tiffany hearing she's on a hit list. Tiffany asks if anyone has been asking him where she stands, he says that Jozea and Paul have been. Tiffany is wondering if the Road Kill nomination will be tomorrow.

Most of the other HGs are in the kitchen eating the food Da'Vonne cooked. Everyone is raving. Michelle walks through looking annoyed or upset and heads to the bedroom's.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

7:38PM BBT: Tiffany asks Paulie what he thinks his best competitions will be. He tells her that he likes puzzles, but he will have trouble with memory stuff, like the what happened on what days thing. Tiffany says they will need to quiz each other. Tiffany says that people are being nosey and everyone is asking about Paulie and she tells him how Jozea was telling people she was trying to convince Michelle to vote out Jozea. Paulie says he tells people they talk about poetry. They head in side to join the other HGs in the kitchen.

7:40PM BBT: Paulie says he hasn't had to do much convincing because Michelle straight up said she wants Jozea out. Paulie says he tells everyone the two of them talk about poetry. Paulie uses the water in the hot-tub to rinse his face off. Tiffany asks him if he wants to go in? He says he needs to get a towel. He dries off and picks up his stuff, with his pixels and they head in the house.

7:42PM BBT: Bronte goes to the backyard to check on the laundry. Frank goes in the bathroom area where Nicole is starting to blow dry her hair. They whisper so you can't hear what they are saying.

7:46PM BBT: In the backyard, Corey tells Frank that people are freaking out about Tiffany. Frank tells Corey he doesn't understand why they would be freaking out if they were confident. Frank says, Bridgette was sent up to spy, but she is not on their side fully. He says, she is a super nice girl, and she has the possibility of going on the block. Jozea goes to the backyard.

7:48PM BBT: Corey tells Frank that when he talked to Jozea earlier he told him that he couldn't wait to see who the celebrity guest is going to be. Frank says, "Yeah, I hope he enjoys watching that from home." Corey tells Frank that Paul went to Pepperdine. He says, you have to be smart to go to that school, and it's like $60,000 a year to go there. James comes to the backyard and joins in the conversation.

7:50PM BBT: Frank tells them that he has his pixels on with bobby pins for now. He says it keeps coming off. He says he tried to only wear the front piece, but they told him he has to wear the back piece. Frank says he wants to put on a sweatshirt since the girls can walk around wrapped in a blanket. BB tells the HGs to raise the outside awning. Bronte is complaining about not being able to find her cup. She finds it outside by the bikes in the workout area. Bronte says she will help raise the awnings, but she can't do it by herself. Jozea asks Victor to help him raise some awnings, but he is working out. He tells Jozea that Paul is sitting right next to him. Paul says he's checking out for a second.

7:54PM BBT: Tiffany is talking to Da'Vonne in the Safari Room. Da'Vonne tells Tiffany that she thinks that Zakiyah likes Paulie, because they are getting close. Da'Vonne says, she really likes him, and he really likes her, because he flirts with her differently than the other girls. She says, that's cool, but do that in September. Da'Vonne is chomping on the ice cream she is eating.

In the bathroom area, Natalie is putting make-up on Nicole. She is applying eyebrow pencil to her eyebrows. Natalie says she is really hairy, but she waxes everything. Natalie asks Nicole if her best friend watches the show? Nicole says, yes, she is probably watching right now. Natalie tells Nicole that she might smell bad from the pool, and she doesn't know if her mom knows about the live feeds. Nicole tells Natalie that she got her concealer just before going to the show. Natalie says she goes to Mac because she has a discount card from dancing.

7:58PM BBT: Nicole says she wears the same makeup all the time. She says she uses the Naked Palet with Sidecar. She says, she has to blush colors. Natalie says that she will be putting on more makeup than she normally wears. Natalie says that Jozea tells her to wear less makeup. Natalie says her aunt died last year from cancer, and she is using all of her stuff that she can. Nicole says she doesn't need to use it on her. She says it's all she brought.

8:00PM BBT: Natalie says Hayden needs to look out. She asks Nicole if he knows she's there? Nicole says she does now. They keep talking about makeup. Bridgette is in the bathroom area now doing her makeup also.

Michelle says is been a quiet day, everyone has been sleeping. Michelle says it's been boring. Da'Vonne says that "they" have not all met yet. Michelle is concerned about Paulie. Tiffany assure her that she, Zakiyah and Paulie talked for an hour and he can't stand Paul or Victor.

Da'Vonne is getting antsy not doing anything. She wants stuff to be happening and that she feels like she is starting to go crazy. Michelle says people are getting on her nerves. Listening to Bridgette is bugging her.

8:04PM BBT: Natalie tells Nicole that she's really bad at doing eyeliner on other people. She tells Nicole that she has good stuff. Nicole puts Chapstick on her lips while Natalie is still doing her makeup.

8:07PM BBT: Bridgette goes in the bathroom. Tiffany asks Da'Vonne and Michelle if they like fish? They are discussing what food to make for dinner tomorrow. BB tells Jozea to exchange his microphone with one in the storage room. Michelle says they have so much fish in the house because Victor doesn't eat fish. She says it's not a joke, it's the truth.

Back in the bathroom area, Bridgette and Natalie are talking about using glitter at their first jobs. BB tells Jozea to exchange his microphone with one in the storage room, again.

8:11PM BBT: Natalie says she used to work at Hollister, and she would sneak away when they had to fold the clothes. James walks in the bathroom area and tells the girls that they finally got nail clippers if they need them. Natalie is drinking water with lemon in it. Nicole and James go to the Safari Room.

8:13PM BBT: The conversation in the Safari Room goes to nicknames. Tiffany says she likes Tiffany. Nicole says she likes Nicole. Da'Vonne says she like Dae. She says she does not like Mama Dae. Tiffany asks where that came from? Da'Vonne says it was from Clay.

Nicole asks if Zakiyah is still asleep? Da'Vonne says, yes, she needs to wake up, or she will be up all night. She says if she lays down it will be over. She says she drank the coffee and her body is ready to shut down. Nicole says she's yawning when she's drinking her coffee every day. Da'Vonne says she feels she is the only one eating Nicole's Butter Pecan ice cream.

8:16PM BBT: Tiffany says the peanut butter cookies are really good. Da'Vonne says that there is just a lot of butter in them. Da'Vonne says she's starting to get really really bored. Nicole says she's starting to get tired. She gets up to walk around. She leaves the Safari Room. Tiffany asks James if she can use the nail clippers when he's done? He says, yes. Michelle says she needs to use the clippers on her toes. Michelle says shellac on her nails. Natalie brings glitter spray in the Safari Room. When she puts her leg up you can see the bottom of her feet are black. Natalie tells Da'Vonne that the chicken was bomb. Michelle says you can hear James using the nail clippers. You can hear him in the other room.

8:21PM BBT: Zakiyah goes in the Safari Room. Da'Vonne tells her that her food is in the microwave. Zakiyah says she is going to get it before someone take it, because they like with some hippos.

8:23PM BBT: Corey, Paulie, Frank and Nicole are on the couches in the backyard. Corey tells Paulie and Nicole the story about what Jozea told him earlier. Bridgette puts her red beanie on Paulie's head to hold while she goes in the pool.

8:24PM BBT: Corey says that Jozea needs to leave because he needs to stop running around in his underwear. He says that families and children are watching the show, and the parents don't want to see him running around with his dick out everywhere.  [I'm with Corey on that one.  I'm surprised production lets him wear them.  ~Morty]

Frank says he's doing these meetings because he's on a soap box and wants everyone on the live feeds to see him perform. Nicole says she's scared to see Jozea leave, because she thinks he will go off. Corey says that Jozea told him that he was hoping that they would have put someone in the house for him. Frank says someone in the house needs to hide his favorite hat before the show. Nicole says she would always pack, and says he may not pack. Frank says, "Get out of here ya bitch." He was using the phrase that Jozea uses.

8:28PM BBT: Frank says he's going to enjoy it, and sip it like a fine wine. He says he hopes Julie doesn't even talk to him. Nicole says he may come back. Corey says that Jozea told him that once they find out who he is they will want to hang out with him. Nicole says she doesn't care. Frank says he doesn't want to hang out with him ever. He says he wants to erase the last week so he never met him. Corey says that 9 out of 10 people Jozea hangs out with are celebrities. Paulie says he doesn't care who he could be or who he knows. Nicole says it doesn't matter.

8:31PM BBT: Frank says if Jozea is at the wrap party he wants to photobomb every picture he is in with a stupid face. He says, scratch that, if he's at the wrap party, I won't be, jokingly. Corey says that Jozea started saying weird stuff to him earlier about Tiffany earlier and having something to do with another girl in the house.

8:34PM BBT: Paulie tells them that everyone is questioning him about Tiffany and they are questioning Tiffany about him. He says, he really likes Tiffany. In the bathroom area, Natalie is painting Tiffany's nails. Natalie told Tiffany that her nails don't look bad for her biting them.

Natalie asks Tiffany who is watching her dog? Tiffany says her mom is. Natalie says she wants one, but she doesn't have time, and that wouldn't be fair to the dog. She says, her best friend has a dog she shares with her boyfriend. She says, they have been together for seven years, and they are going to get married.

Tiffany says she is going to do braids for the live show, and BB told her she could. Natalie tells Tiffany that she would look good in the braids or dreads, because she has swag to her. Tiffany says she went through a Ruby Rose phase when she was younger. Natalie says that is so fun.

Zakiyah walks in and asks for a cotton ball and some nail polish remover to take her polish off her toenails. She leaves the bathroom area.

8:39PM BBT: Tiffany says that BB told her that she can braid her hair now, but that they needed continuity in the beginning. She says she might do corn rolls on the side and then put the rest down. Natalie says that she can't find her self-tanning lotion, and she wants to give it to Michelle to use.

Tiffany asks Natalie how often she gets her nails done? Natalie says she does them herself usually. She says that maybe about once a month she will go to get them cleaned up, but that she usually doesn't go because she can do a better job and they don't always clean their equipment thoroughly.

Natalie asks Tiffany what TV shows she watches? Tiffany says she really doesn't watch a whole lot of TV, just some NETFLIX shows.

8:42PM BBT: In the backyard, Paulie tells Frank that his farts don't really stink. Frank says the only time his farts really stink is in the morning, right before he has to go and take a BM. He says, right before the gravy train has to leave the station. Nicole says, anything would be better than that. Frank says, right before the chocolate bar has to leave the station. Nicole, Corey and Paulie all laugh.

8:45PM BBT: Frank says that Victor needs to go take a shower before he lays all over the furniture in the backyard. Victor and Paul are lounging on the double lounger in the backyard.

Victor says he thinks he can go the full 100 days without having sex or masturbating. Paul says he doesn't know if he can. Victor asks Paul what he sprayed on himself to smell good? Paul says, it's a mix of what he brought. Victor says they only give you antiperspirant that doesn't even have a smell. Paul says maybe they will give them Axe if they ask. Victor says he put that on his sheet.

8:48PM BBT: All the cameras are in the backyard in two different locations. Paul and Victor are talking about how many episodes there have been so far. Victor says the third episode with be on Sunday. Paul tells Victor that he will hook him up with his friend named Dan's Beard after they get out of the house. Paul says he has something like 150,000 followers. Victor says they will have more than that when they leave, and it will be a privilege for him to hang out with them.

8:51PM BBT: Back in the bathroom area, Natalie is now giving Tiffany a pedicure. Natalie wants to request a nail file. Paulie comes in the bathroom area and tells them that he did a work out and then sat in the hot-tub. Natalie asks if it's really hot? Paulie says, yes, it's hot. Nicole, Bronte, Bridgette, and Zakiyah are also in the bathroom area. Corey comes out of the bathroom.

8:54PM BBT: Frank is trying to get the house to split the house for two days so they will get more alcohol. Frank says they got six beers and three bottles of wine. Some of the HGs are skipping on drinking tonight, so they can get more tomorrow.

8:58PM BBT: Zakiyah took a whole bottle of wine for herself upstairs. Tiffany doesn't believe that Zakiyah did that. Frank says he went in the storage room and got the alcohol, so he knows what was there. Tiffany tells him not to scream. Tiffany pours herself some wine. Corey is trying to figure out the saying of liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Paul guzzles a can of beer out the side of the can.

9:01PM BBT: Corey says he's drinking more tonight, because he was in the DR last night when they got alcohol. Nicole says she likes Coors Light, but she doesn't want to drink tonight. Zakiyah says she's not drinking. She says that everyone wants to be a cry baby. She puts the bottle back and walks off. Nicole says she was taking one bottle for four people. Paul is trying to find out whose wine is on the table. Corey says it's Paulie's. Frank says one bottle of wine for four girls is only like one glass of wine. The guys don't understand why they wouldn't want to hang out with them. Paul says he's getting trashed. He says he shot-gunned a beer, and is chugging the wine. He says if no one drinks the other beer he will shotgun that one also.

9:21PM BBT: The wine debate ensues. Nicole brings Tiffany the hidden bottle and pours her a glass. James complains about Paul's shot-gunning beers.

Paul complains about how he's going to puke (he shot-gunned two beers.

Most of the HGs are in the kitchen, trying to get what booze is left.

9:23PM BBT: James tells Tiffany about his season and what he tried to do, about challenges and things.

Paul is chugging wine and talking loudly as he stomps through the house and into the living room .

9:25PM BBT: Jozea and Paul are in the living room talking, Bridgette and Paulie were talking favorite wines as Bronte and Natalie walk in from the backyard. The girls say the hot-tub was really hot.

Paul says Bridgette looks like Doug Funny's sister. Paul calls Bronte Bridgette and says he's wasted.

Frank joins James and Tiffany outside at the hammock. James complains a bit about Paul and his drinking of the alcohol. Frank jumps up and kisses Tiffany on the cheek as she pulls her hat over her face.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

9:28PM BBT: Frank takes James' spot in the hammock when he goes inside. Frank is pushing Tiffany to tell him what's wrong. She says nothing, but he keeps asking. Frank is talking about what he's been doing wrong in the game and that they are cool, but that he can't trust her when he can't see her eyes. Tiffany says she's fine and Frank says she doesn't like people feeling bad. Tiffany says she isn't.

Paul is drunk and Natalie is dressing him. Tying his shirt to a crop top, putting earring on and girl sunglasses. He heads to the backyard to strut around.

9:32PM BBT: Frank and Tiffany continue to talk about the alcohol distribution issues. Frank is concerned about whether or not Tiffany got her wine. She says she did.

Talk changes to Tiffany's tattoos and the fact that she lived in France for a while and her tattoos are in French.

Jozea and Bridgette are on the living room couches when Paul walks in, decked out with fake boobs and all. Natalie and James join them and chat about what workout Natalie did today.

9:36PM BBT: Tiffany tells Frank her little sister is an eye doctor and her husband is a foot doctor who looks like Corey and plays baseball. Frank is grossed out by feet. Tiffany says that she and her sisters are all smart but that she and Vanessa terrible with direction.

Bronte joins Jozea, James, and Natalie on the living room couches. Paul is doing a pee-wee Herman dance and dances with Bridgette. Paul gets yelled at for singing. He goes and sits on the couch.

9:41PM BBT: Frank complains that the guys except Paulie got two beer and a glass of wine, while the girls only got a glass and a half. That's why he wanted half the house to skip but it didn't happen that way.

Their talk turns to Papa Johns. Frank doesn't like it and they talk about what fast food they like. They both prefer McDonalds, especially for breakfast.

Bronte and Jozea play pattycake while Paul says he's drunk and rambles about sunglasses. Bronte says he's sloppy and won't break her glasses

9:46PM BBT: James and Natalie do something in the bathroom, it looks like a prank, but the camera angle didn't show what it was. Da'Vonne heads to the bathroom area, but goes to the mirror.

Paul, Jozea and Bridgette talk ages, Jozea says he just turned 23. Paul says he doesn't know where his other boob went.

9:48PM BBT: Da'Vonne is washing her face. Paul tells Bridgette is such a nice person and that he hopes her boyfriend finds her scavenger hunt. She talks into the camera where all her love notes are hidden. She also scheduled text messages

Natalie and James are going the storage room talking about the different food. They want real cookies, but there is only gluten free.

9:50PM BBT: Victor, Bronte, Core, Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah and Paul are all on the backyard couches, Victor tells stories about drunken friends and their antics.

James, Jozea and Bridgette chat about whether or not there will be more booze. Bridgette misses being able to drink enough to pass out. Bridgette starts reading the ingredients of the cookie dough in a Brooklyn accent. Bridgette talks about her favorite ice cream combination.

9:54PM BBT: Natalie is dancing and Bridgette is squealing about loving it. Natalie runs and Paulie does the Dirty Dancing lift. He is teaching her different lifts.

The backyard group and hear the squealing and Paulie tells them about the dancing lift they did.

9:56PM BBT: Paul is wandering the house eating cereal, still in his ridiculous outfit, clearly drunk. Bronte comes back to the couch with Jozea and Bridgette. Paul sits down with them, sharing his cereal, asking if he can trust Bridgette to share. Bridgette compliments Paul's beard and loves it.

In the backyard, Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole Michelle, Corey and Victor are talking to Nicole about boys. She says her friend says she likes skater boys, but she doesn't. They pick on her about that. They joke that she wants a man.

9:58PM BBT: Bronte comes back outside, leaving Paul, who is drunk and falling on the floor, while Jozea and Bridgette are telling him jokingly that there is no sleeping on the floor.

In the backyard, they ask Bronte how to properly pronounce her name. They talk nicknames, Bronte goes by Ta Ta.

Natalie and James are in the kitchen chatting and James is saying he's going to sneak a bottle out to take it into the safari room with Natalie.

Victor and Corey hid alcohol in the bathroom and Victor tells him to chug it.

10:04PM BBT: Paul in the living room hollering at Da'Vonne and then Natalie while Michelle makes popcorn in the kitchen.

Out in the backyard, they talk about what Nicole would look like in a bob. Victor asks if they will flat iron his hair. Zakiyah and Bronte decided to do it and head inside. Michelle comes outside with her popcorn to join Nicole, Corey, and Paulie on the backyard couches. They talk about what kind of popcorn they like and make fun of Paul's laugh.

Paul is drunkenly trying to take someone else's alcohol. Bridgette and Jozea are calling him Patty Mayonnaise and jump up to take the alcohol from him. James and Natalie are sitting at the bar while Paul talks loudly about wanting ice cream.

10:08PM BBT: Frank joins the backyard crew talking about liking kettle corn and lets out the longest fart that ends up knocking off the pixels on his butt. Everyone laughs. He says it's one of his best farts.

Paul grabs Da'Vonne in a hallway into a hug. She half hugs him and then makes a face at the camera as she passes him by.

10:15AM BBT: Jozea, Bridgette, and Natalie are trying to take care of Paul he instead walks out to the backyard with everyone else

James is looking for the missing bottle of wine

Zakiyah is doing Victor's hair in the bathroom, Bridgette Natalie and James are in the room as well.

Natalie is an Aries. Bronte enters the room.

10:20AM BBT: Meanwhile, everyone else is dealing with Paul in the backyard, they're worried he'll throw up.

Victor comes out and they all love his hair

10:23AM BBT: James, Frank, Bronte, Bridgette is in the kitchen eating. James wonders why Moose Tracks ice cream is called that.

10:24AM BBT: Jozea and Natalie are in the storage room. Natalie telling him to relax and stop talking game and to enjoy tonight. Jozea goes to the bedroom and gets in bed to eat yogurt/ice cream. [Hopefully, he goes to sleep.]

10:27PM BBT: Paul trying to walk a tightrope, he fails because he's drunk and everyone tries to get him to stop before he kills himself.

10:28PM BBT: Victor and Natalie are in the bedroom doing his hair, he comes out and is not Victoria.

10:31PM BBT: James, Paul, Bridgette, Frank are in the kitchen, Bridgette is giving Paul a back massage. Paul asks why they don't put him in jail.

Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and another girl are sitting with their feet in the hot-tub they decide to put their swimsuits on and get in. They all leave to get dressed

10:33PM BBT: Backyard is now empty and most are in the kitchen watching Paul try the saltine challenge.

Nicole is talking to Tiffany in HoH room. Tiffany was/is crying. Zakiyah, Da'Vonne come in and ask Tiffany what's wrong. Tiffany says she's stupid. The girls try to get her to tell what's wrong. Tiffany said feeds are on can't talk. [It appears that she's upset from when Frank yelled at her when they were in the hammock.]

Nicole tells Zakiyah and Da'Vonne that Tiffany is fine and they leave the room to go in the hot-tub, leaving Tiffany in bed.

10:38PM BBT: James is upstairs laying on the ground trying to prank people

10:40PM BBT: Paul now passed out in the room next to the bathroom

10:41PM BBT: James and Tiffany in HoH. James is talking about Frank being mad about him getting Frank twice today with his pranks. James goes to bathroom and Tiffany leaves

Frank, Bridgette, and, Bronte are in the kitchen, all of the other ladies and Victor are in the hot-tub.

10:46PM BBT: Paul now goes outside to join everyone. Frank and Corey are in the kitchen talking about alcohol.

Frank now talks to James about his stupid joke and how Bronte is mad that James doesn't clean up his joke messes (apparently he threw oregano and pepper about). James goes outside to find Bronte

10:49PM BBT: James and Bronte talk about her cleaning up his mess, she thought it was Paul's mess

All eight girls, Paul, and Victor are in the hot-tub with James standing outside. They're now making up a story using three words at a time.

This is what it looks like when someone literally rolls on the floor laughing.

James Pranks Paul

Paul's a little drunky-poo

[Click Images to Enlarge]

10:51PM BBT: James goes back into the kitchen with Frank and Corey, still talking about his joke and Bronte. Frank thinks Bronte is funny.

10:52PM BBT: Paulie now joins the men in the kitchen. Frank is making a pizza. Paulie now talking about Victor stealing the alcohol and how the two ended up in the bathroom stall together. The boys are talking about alcohol and how people were getting Paul drunk.

10:58PM BBT: Everyone outside are playing a game where they only can ask questions.

11:01PM BBT: One of the boys in the kitchen just said he smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.

Bronte is now in the kitchen with the boys. Frank said he wouldn't want to deal with Bronte if she's pissed. They are still going on about her cleaning up James' mess. Paulie wishes they had another bottle of wine.

Victor and Paul come into the house.

11:04PM BBT: Victor and Jozea are talking in bedroom, Jozea doesn't seem to approve of Paul getting drunk and Victor understands why Jozea is in bed.

11:06PM BBT: The girls in hot-tub playing kiss, marry, kill with Paulie, Corey, and Paul as the three guys

11:08PM BBT: Bronte and Jozea in bathroom whispering. Bronte is trying to get Jozea to come out and enjoy the night. Jozea is mad about something. He doesn't drink because he wants to keep his mind clear. He's mad at a girl because she's pulling the card he's gay even though she's gay... [not sure what happened], she lied to him, he wants her to just tell him to his face. He's mad that Paulie is walking around happy even though he's going home. Jozea, "I see things that others don't."

11:11PM BBT: Jozea: "We are a family of truthful people [his friends/family outside], so I'm trying to be truthful in the house, even if it hurts me in the game."

11:13PM BBT: Victor and Nicole are talking in the hammock about him looking for a girl/relationship (outside of the house). He lists all of his positive qualities. He says nine times out of ten he gets a girl by being an asshole instead of a nice guy. Nicole said he likes nice guys. Victor says maybe one day we'll get married in another world. Victor has a girl back home, but they're waiting until he gets out of the house for the relationship.

Victor wants to go on a trip with everyone in the house away from the cameras, he hopes people don't get at him. He tells Nicole that she is not his target. Nicole said that she really isn't that much of a threat.

11:15PM BBT: Victor tells Nicole that they want to get Paulie, James, and another guy out since they are against them. Nicole tells Victor that she thought Paulie was with them. Victor goes on to explain why they don't trust him. Nicole asks who's all with him, he says pretty much the whole house.

11:18PM BBT: Jozea and Bronte are still in bedroom with Jozea venting and saying they're the best cast yet. Nicole and Victor in hammock as Victor tells all his secrets.

Jozea thinks that if everyone just plays the game and doesn't go back on their word, they can play a peaceful game with no stress. It's the right and smart way to play and he said that all the other seasons have never done it. They'll be the first season to do this. [He really is clueless. ~lindslis]

11:22PM BBT: Nicole continues to tell Victor that she isn't a threat. He tells her that she's a veteran so of course, she's a threat. Jozea, Paul, and Nicole are who Victor says are his closest friends.

11:23PM BBT: James now putting whipped cream or something on Paul's hand. Paul is passed out on the couch in the living room.

11:24PM BBT: Victor asks Nicole what her game plan is. He asks her about James, she denies being aligned with him. Victor talks about their meeting scaring James to make him vote with the majority.

11:26PM BBT: Back to James pranking Paul. Frank, Corey, and James are trying to get him.

12:08AM BBT: James and Natalie are outside, he asks how many boys she texts in a day. Natalie says she doesn't go on dates and doesn't get hit on that much.

Michelle and Tiffany whisper in the bedroom.


12:20AM BBT: Nicole, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Michelle are in the HoH room talking about ways to have fun.

James and Natalie are still outside talking.

12:27AM BBT: The girls are now talking about not trusting Bridgette.

James and Natalie now go inside

12:35AM BBT: Bronte James, Paul, Frank, and Jozea are in the bedroom talking, Paul is stroking Bronte's leg, BB keeps focusing on it. Bronte asks if they wash the sheets.

Paulie now joins the girls upstairs.

12:40AM BBT: Tiffany and Michelle leave and Nicole says they can't tell her much because she freaks out too much (Tiffany).

12:40AM BBT: Tiffany, Michelle, Paulie are now in the room next to bathroom talking about how to spell oregano. Walmart is the shit says Paulie.

Girls upstairs say Bronte is the biggest threat and needs to go

1:00AM BBT: Jozea, James and Victor are in the kitchen for food while Natalie says the ants are disgusting.

Michelle, Tiffany, Paulie are still randomly chatting.

Jozea talks to James about Instagram and how famous he got. They talk about how much Frankie's following grew from this. Jozea wants to get on Dancing with the Stars.

James joins Paulie, Tiffany, and Michelle, they're talking about how to get up before the music wakes you up. James leaves.

1:16AM BBT: Nicole sneaks into the Tokyo room to try to prank Corey with shaving cream. He wakes up before she can get him and he says it's on and gets out of bed. He grabs the Benefiber to put in her water as Nicole hides in the HoH room. Corey comes up, and Nicole opens the door before running out.

1:21AM BBT: Corey chases her around the backyard and the house. He has her cornered in the kitchen. James, Jozea, and Victor are watching. James opened the storage room and Nicole ran in, she's begging BB to not unlock it. Corey got in and Nicole runs for the Tokyo room before getting up to the HoH room and locking Corey out.

1:28AM BBT: Corey has joined Paulie, Tiffany, and Michelle. They're trying to get into the chest, Michelle and Tiffany can fit. I think this is how Corey is going to get Nicole later

Corey tries a chest on for size.
Screen Caps By lindslis

Jolly jokers.
Screen Caps By lindslis
[Click Images to Enlarge]

1:33AM BBT: James now joins them as they scheme how to prank Nicole

1:35AM BBT: Nicole and Da'Vonne in the HoH room watching TV waiting for Corey. They're watching James, Victor, Jozea, Bronte, and Natalie sitting in living room . Someone asks if Victor or Bronte are next and Nicole says she doesn't care, they can put both up. Nicole questions if James is in Jozea's alliance. Nicole switches to kitchen and sees Tiffany, Michelle, and Paulie walk out. They wonder what these three were up to.

1:42AM BBT: Corey, Paulie, Jozea, James, Bronte, and Natalie are all in the living room . Don't know what they're saying because I'm seeing what Nicole's watching in the HoH room. Nicole now peaks her head out the door to listen.

Tiffany and Michelle are talking in the bathroom area. Tiffany still going on about Frank and Michelle is assuring her it's fine. Tiffany, "I get vibes from people."

Nicole really is afraid of what Corey is going to do to her and continues to spy on them.

2:09AM BBT: Appears that Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Nicole have gone downstairs and Corey and Nicole are spraying shaving cream on each other, James is getting in on it as well.

BB tells them to please stop that. Then BB tells Nicole to put on her mic.

Nicole and Paulie are cleaning the floor

Corey showering downstairs and Nicole upstairs

Zakiyah and Da'Vonne come up to the HoH room to tell Nicole that James got her from behind so they need to get him.

James joins Corey are in the washroom and he has the extra can of shaving cream, he says he needs to carry it with him. They're contemplating if Nicole is done for the night.

2:25AM BBT: Everyone is in bed except for the three in the HoH room

Talk goes back to Tiffany and how they need to be careful with her. Tomorrow they will do damage control.

2:31AM BBT: Everyone is in bed. [Finally! I'm out!]

Very often there is a shortage of fans posting updates on the weekends.  If you have the live feeds, please share by posting an update telling others what's going on by posting an update here. Thanks!
Today's updates were written by Beth86, cassondra0222, Dade, IndyMom78, lindslis, and yaahyaah

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