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Wednesday, July 19, 2017  Eviction Eve

9:15AM BBT: The house is quiet, but soon they'll all be up, changing their clothes and their minds, then trying to flip other HGs to go with their newest rationale on who to evict.

Note:  The feeds have been screwy since 2:00AM, they loop and the time is off by about three hours; so no, it's not just you.

9:56AM BBT: The time-stamp on the live feeds is still wrong, but we do have FotH instead of sleeping HG. Hopefully BB is aware of technical difficulties and will fix the time on the feeds. We're pretty certain they're not showing us feeds from six-something AM.

It might be the rose room, but the bouquet Matt left for Raven was made of condoms.

10:15AM BBT:  The feeds return (still with the wrong times). Elena and Jason are in the storage room talking about the songs that were being played when the woke up. Jason says it was Billy Idol. BB makes an announcement that they aren't allowed to talk about Production and they both laugh. Jason wonders if the same guy is on duty that was on last night. Wonders how that has anything to do with Production. BB announces that the bedroom lights must remain on.

Feeds one and two switch to the kitchen and Matt is at the sink. Feeds two and three are in the Rose bedroom and sleeping HG.

10:25AM BBT: Paul comes through the kitchen and says hello to Matt. BB tells Raven and Jessica that their microphones need new batteries. Raven is seen popping up in bed in the Rose bedroom. Kevin comes through the kitchen.

Paul comes into the Rose bedroom and says, "Raven, Jessica... what part of wake the F up do you not understand? Raven says she doesn't like people telling her what to do. Paul starts talking about all the things he wants to make for breakfast and Kevin says that's too much. He'll have it for dinner, but not for breakfast.

They talk with Matt about who is in the DR. Paul says it's cold in there and Kevin agrees. Paul heads to the bedroom, presumably to get warmer clothes. Raven joins Kevin and Matt in the kitchen. Paul is now in the Rose bedroom and he asks Jess how much money she would take to make out with Josh. She says, "Nuh uh." We get FotH.

10:31AM BBT: Kevin and Josh are in the bathroom area while Ramses is washing his teeth. Jessica is sitting on the lounge couch. Kevin goes to the kitchen. Paul keeps repeating his name in deep voices. Kevin gets some coffee and says he's drinking it like a police officer.

Christmas comes into the kitchen wearing sunglasses. Ramses leaves the sink in the bathroom area and Jessica makes her way there.

Feeds three and four are focused on Jess in the bathroom area by herself. The rest of the HG, with the exception of Alex and Elena, are all in the kitchen. Jason tells them that if they are a have not they better not eat anything because they ARE watching. Everyone laughs. Paul says, "Did you eat something?" He says, "I may have." Kevin asks him what the consequences are and he says thankfully, it's a warning.

10:35AM BBT: Paul is making eggs and Kevin comes over to inspect them. He tells Paul they are pretty and goes to get a plate. Paul continues to say "Kevin" in various low voices. Jessica has the bulk of her hair tied back but is washing her bangs in the sink. Kevin starts to say the words, "She's just a small town girl..." and we get FotH.

We return to hear Christmas say that "Jason, you got your d**k broken and your complaining about lunges!" He starts to lunge and Christmas laughingly tells him that she doesn't know anything because she's not an athlete or a coach. Jessica goes to the bathroom and flushes the toilet as soon as she enters. BB focuses on the door that says OCCUPIED. We are treated to the sounds of Jessica using the restroom and then we get FotH.

10:40AM BBT: Just general talk in the kitchen. Feeds three and four are focused on Elena sleeping in the Rose bedroom. BB makes an announcement that HGs must be awake between the hours of 10AM and 10PM.

People in the kitchen talk about going to wake Elena up and Ramses makes his way there. He quietly says, "Hey Elena." Then he forcibly says, "Wake the F up." She asks why they won't just let her sleep for a couple more years. He says, "Why are you leaving your eye remnants around everywhere?" She tells him that she throws them away every day or there would be a huge pile of them. Ramses then says, "Who has a penis pump?" --looking apparatus Christmas came back into the house with to help with her lungs after surgery. Elena says that it belongs to Christmas and he says that he's going to go ask Christmas how she uses it. 

10:50AM BBT: In the kitchen, Paul brings some food over to the table for Christmas and she tells him it's very good. Someone asks what it is and she says it's egg with burger meat. She can't get over how good it is.

Raven now makes her way to the rose bedroom to try getting Elena to get out of bed.

Everyone in the kitchen is just chatting. Kevin is told by BB to put on his microphone, but he makes his way to the bathroom area and goes to the bathroom.

Paul makes his way to Elena with a plate in his hand. Without talking, he starts to feed her. They don't say a word and he just feeds her food. They start to walk back to the kitchen and he tells everyone he fed her half the plate before even getting to the kitchen.

Paul comes out and starts to shave. Feeds three and four are focused on him. Christmas is completely focused on how good the eggs and burger are. Ramses says he just wants to eat something other than slop. She jokingly screams that's too bad... he can eat real food in two days!! She says that's all she hears about is him and slop. He tells her that ever since she became an alcoholic she doesn't want to hear about him or his baby. She says she became an alcoholic because of him!

10:55AM BBT: Elena tells Jessica she is pissed because they wouldn't let her sleep. Jess tells Elena that she feels like they won't have the Den today because she feels like they always wake them up early when they have the Den of Temptation. However, she says she's going to put her face on like they're going to have it, anyway. She is sitting on the floor by a mirror putting on her makeup while Kevin is still shaving.

11:00AM BBT: FotH

11:21AM BBT: We have sleeping puppies. Den of Temptation?!

12:45PM BBT:  The puppies are awake. [I really like the puppies ~Morty]

1:30PM BBT: The feeds are back and the HGs have the done the Den of Temptation process. Jessica and Raven said that this week's curse will affect the entire house.

Paul goes around asking everyone if they were tempted. Jessica replies, "No. I wish. I would pull myself off the block."

Elena is nervous that Dominique got the temptation and will be able to save herself. Paul: "Who gives a s**t? Then she will go out the next week."

Paul goes on to predict that an evictee will be returning or there will be a game reset.

Jason says he didn't get the temptation, and Matt denies receiving it also.

3:12PM BBT: Elena, Mark and Jess are in the bathroom area. There's general conversation about sex. Elena tells Jessica that Mark is getting a stiffy. There is then a shout-out to Mom and Jess says she is getting uncomfortable and leaves.

3:24PM BBT: The majority of the HGs except Matt and Raven are in the wave room. Dominique is sitting in her regular chair, then she offers it to Christmas when she comes in. No one is speaking to Dominique. Just general goofing around and chatting.

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Previously on Big Brother, before the marine was discharged, he threw Mark and Dominique under the bus. With the power up for grabs, it came down to Alex and Elena, so a deal was struck, making Alex the star of the stars!

Despite the house gunning for her, Jessica convinced Jason she could be an asset, and the cowboy was buying what she was selling, but the gamer (Alex) had a different strategy. Paul and Alex decided to secretly work together, so he filled her in on Cody's intel.

Due to their deal, Elena told Alex who she wanted safe (Mark, Raven, Matt, Dominique, and Paul), but Alex warned that Dominique and the teddy bear (Mark) could be in danger. Hoping to gain favor with the head of household, Dominique implied that an ally had betrayed her, and it sealed her fate.

At the nomination ceremony, Alex set the stage to decimate the dominator. Tonight, with the Power of Veto on the line, will Jessica or Dominique secure safety? Plus, another night, another fight. All this right now, on Big Brother!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Alex tells us that she nominated Dominique to take away a number from the other side, and Jessica because the whole house wanted retribution for what Cody had done and she doesn't really like Jessica.

Jessica tells us that she was preparing for this and now she just has to go out and win this veto because she can only rely on herself.

Dominique tells us she knew something was up. Although Alex put her up, she has a feeling people on her side knew about it, and she's going to get to the bottom of it.

Paul checks on Dominique, asking if she's OK and offering to be there for her. Paul tells us that the puppetmaster is speaking, saying we are going to get Dominique out... he uses his hands like puppets, cheering to get Dominique out.

Mark goes in to check on Dominique who is hiding under the blankets in her bed. Dominique tells Mark that she had to step away because she would explode on people. She's still assessing it... she's pissed. She thinks Paul is involved. Mark doesn't think it could be Paul, but Dominique says he started acting strange around her three days ago. She has tears in her eyes as she tells Mark that she goes hard for her team, and her team betrayed her. If her team can't see that she goes hard for them, she doesn't want to be part of it.

In the DR, Mark is in tears, unable to speak for a moment. He tells us that Dominique is one of the sweetest people he's ever met, and it hurts him that she's in a tough spot.

Dominique tells Mark that when she sat at the table, she heard the Holy Spirit say she was going up. Mark asserts that she is not going home, and if there's anything he can do, there's veto. She says "yup."

Dominique tells us that she's in the restroom praying, and she's having a conversation with God asking him what's up? Who is it? Who is the person behind this? She's praying and praying and praying, and all of a sudden, she hears Paul's name three times. She exits the bathroom, and to her surprise, guess who's waiting? Paul.

Paul and Dominique talk in the HoH room. She discusses that one person in their group really wanted her out, and Paul frowns, saying he hopes she doesn't think it's him. She says she hopes that he isn't either. Paul says he hopes she has trust in him. She asks him if he would betray her and he firmly says no and claims that dishonesty does not work for his personal game.

Paul tells us that last season he was tossing out friendship left and right, but it came back to stab him in the back quite a few times. He took a lot of bullets. He's not here to get stabbed so if he has to play a sneaky or more strategic game, that's just how it has to be.

Paul tells Dominique that he may have to abandon ship. This is the week of the downfall of their group.

Dominique says this week she has been praying to God to show her who she can trust. God is with her and she won't leave this house until it's time, no matter how many stabs.

Dominique tells us she's certain Paul is the snake, but she has a veto competition coming up and she's going to wait it out and expose him at the right time. Paul tells Dominique to do what she has to do.

It's time for the veto competition. Alex gathers everyone and explains that six people will play: HoH, the nominees, and three people picked by random draw

Alex tells us that she wants to pick either Jason or Paul to play. Jason is her ride-or-die, and Paul is her secret alliance, so if either one gets picked, they can work together to get Dominique out of the house.

Alex picks first... she picks Kevin. Mark tells us he's dying to get picked right now because he wants to save Dominique and wants to keep himself safe. Dominique is an amazing person and he likes having her in the house.

Dominique pulls Christmas' name. Christmas tells us that she's stoked that she got picked, but also a little concerned. She just got into the house after surgery. She hopes it will be something she can play and that she won't have to sit out.

Jessica pulls "HG choice" and she chooses Jason to play. Jessica tells us that she and Jason have been getting closer since Cody left and she hopes he chooses to take her off the block should he win.

In the HoH room, Alex, Jason, and Kevin discuss the veto. Alex tells us that picking players went fairly well. Jason is her ride-or-die and Kevin is in her inner circle. They'll make sure one of them wins so they can get rid of Dominique. Jason says he will pull Jessica off if he wins, and Alex questions him... why not leave nominations the same? Jason thinks that's too risky. He suggests putting Raven up as a pawn.

Jason tells us that Jessica is public enemy #1, so they can't leave her on the block. If Raven is up, no one in their right mind will vote her out, and it's a 100% guarantee that Dominique will go home. Alex tells us that putting Raven up will just make people feel sketched out about her. She wants to leave nominations the same.

The backyard is decked out for the veto competition. Elena tells us she walks into the backyard and it feels like a Tarzan meets Indiana Jones, meets gymnastic competition vibe. As excited as she is to find out who will win the competition she is more excited to figure out why there are so many squirrels!!

Paul is hosting. He welcomes the players to the Temple of Temptation. He announces that Christmas has not been medically cleared to compete and must sit out. Christmas is emotional as she tells us that she's a competitor. It's one of her strongest assets in the game, so she is feeling frustrated. She loves to compete. She doesn't care that she broke her foot...she cares that she can't give everything to this.

Paul continues, telling the HGs that legend has it that the one brave enough to back and forth across the lava 50 times, touching the sacred squirrel on each trip, will be blessed with the golden power of veto. At the sound of the gong, players will make their way across a suspended beam over the lava pit. Once across to the other side, they must press the button on their sacred squirrel to earn a point. They must then return on the beam back to the start platform, and run around their sacred post before traveling back across the lava. The player earning 50 points will win the veto. Beware...if they fall into the lava pit, their score will reset to zero and they will have to start over. This is the Temple of Temptation after all, so the first player to lift their chalice up will receive a cash prize but will be eliminated from the competition. Who's ready to play Temple of Temptation?

The players begin. Kevin falls into the lava pit immediately, sounding surprised that the beam moved. Jason is across quickly.

Kevin is struggling and falls in again. Jessica takes her time and locks in a point, quickly followed by Dominique. Kevin continues to struggle.

Alex tells us this veto is extremely important. She needs all the power to send Dominique home this week. Dominique tells us she's a survivor and needs to win this veto because her life in this game is on the line. She knows who the snake is and she wants the chance to chop off its head.

Jessica tells us she really wants to win the veto this week. The only person she can trust to take her off the block is herself. She falls into the lava pit and her points are reset to zero.

Kevin is struggling but finally gets across to get a point. At least he's ahead of Christmas by 1 point.

Jason tells us that he really wants to win because he can't afford to let Dominique get that power of veto. If she pulls herself off the block he and Alex are in big trouble. He's keeping his core tight and his feet fast and that lava is never going to touch him.

Alex tells us that she knows it's a teeter-totter competition. Her strategy: go slow and figure out how much the beam gives and walk across until she makes it onto the platform.

Kevin falls into the pit again and his three points are wiped out. Jason tells Kevin he has to walk around the pole, so Kevin has to go back, and then Kevin falls into the pit again.

Jason is up to 12. Raven tells us that Kevin's playing the veto and it's the funniest thing she's seen in her life. She thinks he knows he's not supposed to fall in the lava, but at this point, the lava is his friend. Kevin tells us that the competition is not going well, so he's debating whether he should take the temptation.

Kevin lifts his chalice, taking the temptation. Paul congratulates him on claiming the chalice of cha-ching. Since this temple was erected in 27 A.D. Kevin will be showered with the wealth and riches in the amount of $27. Kevin wants to know if he will get it tonight.

Kevin tells us that he's really bringing in the cash this summer. The first night he won $25,000 and now he really hit it big....$27 for a total of $25,027.00 going back to Boston with him.

Paul gives us the status: Jason is at 22, Alex is at 19, Dominique is at 13, and Jess is picking up the pace at 12. It's still anybody's game. Dominique tells us she's moving along on the beam. It's going pretty well...she might have a shot at this.

We see Dominique slip and fall, but she manages to hang onto the beam. She tells us that then she plummets. "Jesus! Pick up the phone! I know you hear it ringing! I need your help!" Dominique keeps fighting in the competition and getting back onto the beam.

Dominique tells us she knows she's behind but she does still believe in miracles. The HGs applaud her effort. Dominique tells us that thank God she's back on the beam. "Jesus! You answered the call!"

Jessica is next to have a near miss, but like Dominique, she clings to the beam and tries to pull herself back up. She falls into the lava and loses her accumulated 17 points.

Mark tells us he's watching this and hoping that Dominique can step it up a couple notches and somehow pull this out and keep herself safe. She can get herself off the block and the target can go back on Jess.

Dominique takes a wrong step, falling completely off the beam. She tells us that this sucks, but even though she's behind, at any point, someone could fall. She hopes that happens.

Jason is in the lead with 36, following by Alex with 35. Alex tells us that Jason wants to pull Jessica off the block but she wants nominations to stay the same. Even though she's working with Jason, she'd feel more secure if she has the veto. She has to do what's best for herself.

Jason tells us that it's coming down to the wire. He's in the lead, but one wrong step and he ends up in the lava pit and his points go back to zero. He has to make sure he maintains his lead and gets that veto because he wants to take Jessica down.

Jason and Alex remain neck and neck....they are tied at 49....Jason pulls it out, reaching 50 before Alex. Jason wins the golden power of veto!

Jason yeehaws...this is what it feels like to have bling bling! He tells us that now he and Alex have all the power, maybe he can use the veto to use some of that power in his favor and get someone else on the block. Dominique tells us that Jason wins and she's not happy about that. Her life in this game has been placed in his hands. All she can do is talk to him... that's her only saving grace for her game right now.

Jessica tells us that even though she didn't win, she hopes she is not the target this week. She is going to lay low and stay off peoples' radar and hope someone else pops on theirs.

Alex tells us that Jason wins veto and that's great for their plan, but Jason is sometimes not rational and that could jeopardize her game.

Paul tells us that Jason wins and that's excellent because Jason does whatever Alex says and Alex and Paul are secretly working together. Now all Paul has to do is come up with a game plan.

The HGs come in from the backyard. Paul tells us that it's great that Dominique is still up on the block, but he can't risk any chance of Mark batting for her, rallying votes or protecting her in this situation, so Paul needs Jason to use the veto, pull Jessica off, and have Alex replace Jess with Mark.

He has a plan to get this done. First, he has to convince Alex to put up Mark as a pawn. We see Paul pitching that to Alex, saying it takes a vote away and secures one at the same time. Mark is going to be campaigning to keep Dominique... it's an A-plus move. She says OK but she wants everyone in on the plan. Paul agrees.

Paul tells us that the next step is to go to Jason and tell Jason that Alex has a plan that Jason should go talk to her about. Paul catches up with Jason in the Have-Not room and explains "Alex's" plan and endorses it as a smart idea that Jason should agree with. We see Alex and Jason talk in the HoH room.

Jason says it's Alex's HoH but then tells her that they really need to stick with sending Dominique home. Paul continues telling us about his plan....the last step is to make them believe this was their plan, and now that they are involving him, he thinks it's not a bad plan....wonder who thought of it...."me!"

In the HoH room, Paul tells Alex he is only agreeing with her plan if Mark completely knows in advance. He goes to get Mark.

Mark joins Jason and Alex in the HoH room and asks if he should be concerned. They say no, but he won't like this... they want to use him as a pawn. Mark is downcast.

Mark does not want to be a pawn...he doesn't feel safe in any way. Elena comes in, followed by Paul.

Mark tells us he can't believe this is happening right now. Not only is his best friend on the block, but they want to use him as a pawn to get rid of her. If he's up on the block, people will have a chance to take a shot at him, and he can't let that happen right now.

In the HoH room, Mark argues against being put up as a pawn. Alex tells us "come on buddy!" It's scary, but if people assure you, you should take a leap of faith. She did, and look at her... she's HoH! Mark clarifies that he is not campaigning for or against Dominique....he won't evict her and that won't change whether they put him up as a pawn or not.

Dominique tells us that Jason holds the veto and she wants to get off the block. She feels if she tells Jason about this snake in the house (Paul), Jason will develop trust and will maybe use the veto on her.

Dominique goes to the HoH room just as Paul leaves for the DR. Elena, Mark, Alex and Jason are there and Dominique asks to talk to Jason. They leave and Alex looks worried.

In the wave lounge, Dominique tells Jason it's apparent her team has betrayed her. He asks her who she thinks it was. She tells him she knows but can't say. Dominique reminds Jason of the saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, telling him to pay attention to who is getting close to him... then he'll know who the snake is.

Jason goes back to the HoH room and Paul asks if he bit his tongue as much as he could. Jason says he didn't say much...he just listened. He tells them that Dominique referred to a snake and he thinks she thinks that the snake is in the room (the HoH room). They all look at each other.

In the living room, Dominique talks to Alex about how snakes operate... they have to be familiar with their environment and will do whatever they have to do to bit you. She names Paul as a tempter.

Dominique asks if Alex is OK if she talks to everybody about what they talked about. Alex tells us that Dominique is freaking her out... she's talking about a snake, a tempter, and something about Paul. And now she wants a house meeting?

Alex returns to the HoH room and reports to Paul, Mark, and Elena saying she found out who the snake is. She points to Paul. Paul feigns surprise and says he will wake up the house right now and put Dominique in the center....

Alex interrupts saying Dominique wants a house meeting. Paul says he'll call his own party and invite her. He pre-empts Dominique's call for a house meeting, going down the spiral staircase dramatically imitating a snake movement with his hands. He calls Dominique out of her bed, asking her if he wants her to start hissing or does she want to talk?

Dominique gets out of bed and follows Paul to the HoH room. Paul tells us that he is shocked that Dominique is talking about him. She better have the right ammunition pointing the right fingers at him. If not, he'll bite those fingers off.

In the HoH room, Paul confronts Dominique asking if she thinks he's the snake. He's all ears, but he doesn't think snakes have ears.

Dominique is calm, saying "that's cute" and telling him he does have snake tendencies. She says she doesn't know and he tells her she shouldn't open assumptions if she doesn't know and she asserts she can do whatever she wants.

Paul presses his point, and Dominique is firm in saying that there is a tempter and she has been targeted for something she didn't do. She warns others that the same one who betrayed her will betray them too. She swears to God and Paul says that she can swear to God as much she wants but God can't vouch for her.

In the DR, Dominique asks, can't they see what Paul is doing? He's a vet and he's using his expertise to manipulate everyone and make them think he has all the answers. Her answers come from God and God will never lead her astray.

Dominique tells Paul he is going home and he says yes, at some point. Dominique says earlier than later and Paul tells her she's pretty smug given that she's on the block right now.

In the HoH room, Alex, Jason, and Mark talk. Mark tells them he can't campaign to keep Dominique in the house.

Jason still wants to put Raven on the block in Jess's place. Alex points out that Mark will have to vote for Dominique to leave. He promises he won't screw them... he doesn't want to be on the block.

Mark is in tears again as he tells us that he hates being in this position. He's convinced that if he goes up on the block he'll go home. The only way to stay safe is to convince Jason and Alex that he will vote to evict Dominique. He promises them he will do it.

Mark asks Jason if he wants to use the veto. Jason tells us that he wants to use it, but he wants to put Raven up and he can't convince the HoH to do that. When he just makes a decision and goes with it, it always works out. When he dances around a decision like this, it always blows up in his face. He's sweating it! He holds up the veto necklace saying the power of this thing is sneaky!!

Jason calls everyone together for the veto meeting and they all meet in the living room.

Paul tells us that Dominique has been telling everyone he is a snake, so he thought he would embrace it and dress up as a snake.

Jason calls the meeting and gives the nominees a chance to tell him why he should use the veto on them. Jessica tells him that she picked Jason to play because no one understands how crappy last week was better than Jason. Despite how crappy it was, she really wants to stay, and she hopes he will take her off the block. Jason thanks Jessica, and it's Dominique's turn.

Dominique stands and says hello to Jason, then tells him she was framed by her own team. There is a snake in the house, and she has made that known... he is dressed appropriately. He also has minions working for him. She won't call those individuals out because she knows that whatever they sow, they shall reap. If he sees fit to take her off the block, she thanks him, but if he doesn't she perfectly understands.

Jason asks Dominique what she thinks would happen if he uses the veto on her... would she and Jason rally?

Dominique tells him that she can't work with her team because they clearly stabbed her in the back. If he stood in her shoes and witness the behavior of Paul and Elena he would understand where she is coming from. They are not loyal to her like she was loyal to them. He thanks her and she sits.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E10 was written by App.

10:55PM BBT: In the rose bedroom, Jessica, Matt, and Raven are in bed, chatting and joking around. Jessica is continuously messing with Matt.

In the den bedroom, Kevin, Christmas, Ramses, Paul, Elena, Josh, and Mark discussing car crashes and air bags deploying. Elena details an accident that she was in. The rose bedroom group is loud enough to be heard on the feeds in the Den Bedroom.

11:00PM BBT: Matt and Raven come into the Den Bedroom and Paul asks them "WTF?" because of all of the noise from the rose bedroom. Matt shows him his water cup that Jessica poured IcyHot into.

11:05PM BBT: The den bedroom room talk turns to discussions of drunk driving and how horrible it is. They also discuss leaving animals in the car in extreme temperatures and then to various HGs pets. Matt and Raven are in the kitchen doing ADLs.

11:25PM BBT: The den bedroom group still chatting, discussing marriage. Kevin tells the younger guys (Josh, Ramses, Paul) not to get married until at least 30. In the kitchen, Raven is cleaning the mirrors above the sink and BB tells her not to climb. She drops down and says that she can't reach as well. Matt tells her to just do it anyway.

11:30PM BBT: One of the HGs in the Den Bedroom farted, leading to most of the HGs to evacuate the room. Ramses goes and gets air freshener to spray.

Kevin goes out to the kitchen where Elena is making him a grilled cheese. He tells her that it was a Have-Not fart.

11:35PM BBT: The HGs figure out it was Mark, they didn't suspect because he was on the other side of the room. Christmas says that it smelt like slop. Kevin and Ramses are arguing some as they had accused each other.

11:40PM BBT: The den Bedroom crew returns to general talk. Christmas discusses her past, working as an army contractor before getting into fitness. She says she knew she needed to change what she was doing (she used to smoke and quit at 22). Out in the kitchen, Mark tells Elena, Matt, and Raven about the drama he caused in the Den Bedroom.

11:55PM BBT: Christmas in the Den Bedroom telling more about her time in Iraq.

In the kitchen, Ramses is hassling Mark because he ate the last of his slop muffins. Raven walks him through breathing exercises to calm himself. Afterward, he speaks to Mark again and tells him that if he does it again that he will "murder" him.

12:15AM BBT: Kevin and Paul in the Den Bedroom discussing Kevin wrapping himself in Saran wrap before he goes to bed. Paul tells him that that is horrible for him.

In the bathroom area, Christmas, Mark, and Elena are doing nighttime ADLs.

12:20AM BBT: Kevin asks Paul who he thinks got the temptation, and Paul says he doesn't "give a F-". Paul says that too many get ramped up and care about stuff like that, and don't have fun and enjoy the game.

12:40AM BBT: All the HGs are in bed.

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