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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 HoH Camera Day
9:00AM BBT: The house is quiet except for the occasional snore.

9:16AM BBT: FotH showing. Looks like it is wake up call for the HGs. Hopefully, they get some lively music today to get them up and moving about.

9:28AM BBT: The feeds come back up. Frank and Michelle in bathroom area doing ADLs. Da'Vonne walking in from backyard carrying her laundry.

9:31AM BBT: In the bathroom area, Frank and Paulie talking about game. Paulie tells Frank not to worry because he is voting Bridgette out. They said that both Michelle and Zakiyah will vote her out. Paulie said that Bridgette is saying she wants to go home. James walks in and says that if Bridgette is wanting to go home, they will all vote her out.

9:32AM BBT: Paul and Michelle are sitting in backyard chatting. Paulie, Victor, and Da'Vonne are in bathroom area doing ADLs.

9:34AM BBT: BB announces that HGs need to lower the awnings. Victor and Paul ignore the announcement leaving Michelle to do them by herself. Paulie comes outside and starts to help her.

9:35AM BBT: The feeds keep going down because both Paul and Paulie keep singing some lyrics from Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins. (Maybe this was the song they woke up to this morning?)

In the backyard, Da'Vonne says she had a dream about Babadook last night.

9:40AM BBT: In the kitchen, Paul, Paulie and Frank are talking about what some of the girls made for dinner last night.

9:45AM BBT: In kitchen, Frank started singing Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three. Feeds went back down again.

9:47AM BBT: In backyard, Victor is lifting weights. Paul, Paulie and Frank sitting outside eating breakfast. They are talking about how Corey went to sleep at 5AM BBT: . Frank said that Nicole and Corey are always up late whispering. He says you can't hear what they are saying except every few words are said really loud.

Paul starts talking about how by the age of 16 all girls have either had a nose job or a boob job. He says that he even asked Natalie if she had fake boobs. She said no, but said that they have some really great plastic surgeons in Venezuela. So the guys said that since she did know about the plastic surgeon, they must be fake.

9:52AM BBT: Victor walks over to Frank, Paul and Paulie. He says that he had been working out with Natalie and she said she couldn't do certain chest exercises because she says it hurts her. They think that is because they are fake. Paulie said that you could tell in the outfit she wore for eviction last week. Corey is now awake in the kitchen making breakfast.

9:58AM BBT: Nicole is now awake and in bathroom area doing ADLs. Talk in backyard has changed to James and Michelle and if they are worried that Bridgette is coming after them. Paulie said that he feels that Nicole and Zakiyah also feel the same way.

9:59AM BBT: Bridgette walks out to the backyard. Frank and Bridgette talk about sleeping so great last night.

10:00AM BBT: The conversation in backyard changes to Paul and Paulie being attacked with shaving cream last night by Zakiyah and Michelle. Frank was laughing and said that they were covered. They are trying to find a way to get back at the girls for doing it. They say they should either freeze Zakiyah's giraffe or put it in boiling water. Bridgette says that it would ruin the giraffe. Paulie said they were going to put baby powder on them after the shaving cream.

10:11AM BBT: Paulie said he is glad that they went with shaving cream. They originally were going with ketchup and mustard. Paul talks about putting one hand in hot water and one in cold water to make them piss themselves. Paulie said that they next time they are cooking, they are going to put tons of fiber powder in their food. Frank said that Bridgette put a lot in the snickerdoodles the other day.

10:14AM BBT: Corey and Nicole come outside. Paulie tells them what Michelle and Zakiyah did with the shaving cream last night. So now they are all scheming to get them back. Someone suggested putting eggs in their shoes. Paul says to crack an egg on their forehead. Up in the HoH room, Natalie tells James not to eat any of the bananas from downstairs because she thinks Paul put one down his pants.

10:17AM BBT: Paul asks Nicole how she feels about fake boobs. Nicole says she had always been against getting them until recently. She says if she does get them it would be after she has kids. Bridgette says you can still breastfeed with fake boobs. Paul busts out with "I wish I could breastfeed". So Nicole asks Paul if he has a problem with fake boobs. He said only if someone lies about having them.

10:29AM BBT: Paul says he wants a duck phone. Natalie tells him they had one on Jersey Shore. Paul says he doesn't want one now. Paul asks Natalie if she was in the Jersey Shore House. Natalie said that Jozea told her she looked like Snookie.

10:31AM BBT: Most of the HGs move inside into the kitchen. Michelle said "It will come back so quick." Paul responded with "like herpes" He was upset that no one laughed at his joke.

10:34AM BBT: Da'Vonne is making scrambled eggs. She picks something out of the bowl. They ask her why she was picking out the little white bit. She says that when she was little, her cousin convinced her that it was chicken sperm so it grossed her out. She has been picking it out whenever she cracks open an egg and sees it.

10:39AM BBT: One of the HGs (not shown on the feeds) is singing. BB announces that HGs must stop singing. A few moments later, you hear overhead from BB "What about STOP do you not understand".

10:40AM BBT: In the backyard, Corey is aggravating Nicole. He is purposely mispronouncing gourmet, filet mignon and other words. He said it is because he is loopy from not having enough sleep in the past two weeks because someone keeps waking him up. She is getting upset. Corey tells her that he is just joking.

10:05AM BBT: Paulie is called to DR. Michelle said see ya, wouldn't want to be ya. Corey said see you two are being mean girls. Nicole said I'm through. I'm not talking to him for the rest of the day.

10:48AM BBT: Michelle said she thinks that Da'Vonne should sleep with Victor at night since all the other girls in the house sleep with a guy. Da'Vonne says H*LL NO!

10:50AM BBT: Corey is trying to apologize to Nicole. She said no because he went too far.

11:05AM BBT: James is call to the HoH for his blog and to get the camera.

11:11AM BBT: Zakiyah and Da'Vonne talk - they want to talk to Paulie about Corey and Nicole but they feel Paulie is too close to Corey and will tell Corey.

11:14AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Zakiyah decide they are going to lay low today instead and sleep. Da'Vonne says they need to rest.

11:26AM BBT: Da'Vonne asks Michelle if anyone has approached her about flipping the votes. Michelle says no. Day asks that it just go as planned. Frank. Bridgette, Victor and Michelle says then they will be done with the dingbats.

11:38PM BBT: Paulie and Victor talk. Paulie tells him Da'Vonne is paranoid and is everywhere in the house.

11:47AM BBT: Paulie, Paul and Victor talking in the backyard about starting a business when they are hired to be party boys. They can travel and be the life of the party. They will get the party started.

11:53AM BBT: Paul and Michelle talking in the backyard. Paul talking about Frank saying that Bridgette wants to go home so they should vote her out. Paul says that he is going to call her out on all of her crap once he is gone. Michelle says that Bridgette is so self righteous.

11:56AM BBT: James is called to the DR. Nicole says it's time for him to get the camera.

12:08PM BBT: James is now out with his camera taking pictures in the backyard.

Frank, Victor, Paulie, and Bridgette are in the kitchen chatting.

12:15PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the backyard taking pictures. Bridgette and Frank are in the living room sitting on the couch talking general talk. Bridgette throws a pillow at Frank then laughs.

12:31PM BBT: All feeds on Frank and Bridgette in the living room talking about movies.

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12:38PM BBT: The HGs in the pool are now taking pictures and laughing while Frank and Bridgette still sit inside talking about movies.

12:50PM BBT: Picture taking in the pool under water continues then BB calls for James to go to the DR to return the camera.

1:03PM BBT: The HGs are just sitting around the pool soaking up the sun and talking general talk.

1:12PM BBT: Nicole, Da'Vonne, Corey, Paul, and Victor are all in the kitchen talking about playing poker. Zakiyah, Paulie, Michelle, and Natalie are in the pool. James in the DR.

1:34PM BBT: Victor and Corey are in the kitchen cooking. Most HGs in the backyard in and by the pool just general talk going on about eating cheeseburgers.

1:44PM BBT: The guys are making chicken in the kitchen and asking Da'Vonne if she wants any. Most of the HGs are in the backyard still around the pool.

1:52PM BBT: Most of the HGs are now in the kitchen eating. Frank and Bridgette now go out to the backyard to lay in the sun with Michelle laying out also. Paul and Zakiyah are sitting in the shade chatting.

4:12PM BBT: Corey and Nicole having thumb wars. Victor, Bridgette, and Frank in the Safari room talking about general life outside the house.

4:39PM BBT: Paul, Nicole, and Corey are talking about the private room and if you could get back in. Nicole says she got back in and then they announced something. We get FotH.

4:42PM BBT: Paul and Victor decide to try dialing other countries on the phones to see if there is another puzzle.

5:25PM BBT: Corey, Paul and Nicole talking about Frank. Paul wonders if it is a twist and Bridgette and Frank are actually a couple. Corey says he doesn't think so.

5:31PM BBT: Paul, Nicole, and Corey talking. Paul says he is not worried about if Frank comes back in. Frank has never beat him in a competition that was a single person competition.

5:39PM BBT: Victor asks Paul, Corey, and Nicole how everyone knew Tiffany was Vanessa's sister. Paul says she told everyone except he was the last to find out.

5:51PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole, Corey, and Victor that he let Bridgette with the PoV the week she did. He threw the competition. They had no idea.

5:58PM BBT: All four feeds on Corey, Nicole, Paul and Victor in the backyard. Just chatting about life.

6:13PM BBT: Victor and Paul in the storage room. Victor telling him that he likes Corey but that he is not comfortable how close he is with Nicole. He feels they will take each other at the end. Paul doesn't agree.

6:19PM BBT: Nicole trying to give Corey a hairstyle. Victor trying to help. Lots of laughing. Paul in the Safari lounge talking to the feeds. He tells the feedsters what products she uses for his beard and how he maintains it.

6:38PM BBT: Nicole now working on Victor's hair. Paul still doing an infomercial.

6:45PM BBT: Paul has moved on to a tattoo-infomercial about his tattoos and how he follows tattoo artists on Instagram.

7:01PM BBT: In the Safari Room Paul is talking about tattoos. He says that if you want to prolong the fading process you need to use lotion and suntan lotion He says that UV rays will eat up the tattoo. He says to always cover and protect it as long as you can. He says it will fade eventually, but you can prolong the process. He says lotion is your best friend and lotion is your friend. He says that eventually, you will need to touch things up. He says that every artist is happy to go back and fix things.

Victor goes in the Safari Room with him. He says the most painful spot to get a tattoo was his nipple. Paul says he has a big eagle on his chest and he wants his nipples to be black since eagles don't have nipples. He says that he will eventually have a full body suit. He says the sternum hurts a lot because it's on the bone. He says the belly doesn't hurt a lot. He says the ribs, side, hips and V-line in front hurts. He says the chest into to bad and is tolerable. He says the collar bone hurts. He says the thigh is not bad, he fell asleep during his tattoo. He says the feet hurt a lot. He says the anchor on his foot took 1 hour and 20 minutes. He says it hurt during the healing process because you wear shoes. He says that you need to wear open shoes to heal it. He says the arms shouldn't hurt as much. Victor says the ribs hurt, but his arm didn't hurt that much.

7:09PM BBT: Paul says that he can sit for seven - 8 hours now for one sitting. He says don't talk to your tattoo artist, because they are working. He says to take music or a movie to watch on your phone or iPad. He says that tattoos are addicting. He says if someone only has one they have real good self-control, or they really hate and regret it. Victor says that he wants to get more. He says he wants a sleeve. Paul says you are going to want more if you are into them. Paul says never get the name of your significant other tattooed. He says portrait tattoos are hard to get done. He says you have to get a great artist that can really do them. He says they will cost thousands of dollars and you will have to wait for a year or more to get them. Paul says he would never get a portrait done. He says it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time and there is a long waiting list. Paul says the belly button was painful, tickling and it felt weird overall. He says it was very uncomfortable. He said the inside of his lip didn't hurt a lot. He has the K with a heart next to it tattooed inside his lip. He says that tattooed healed that day. He says that lip tattoos can go really bad. He says that if it's on your actual lip it can go away fast because your lip sheds a lot.

Paul says that James just showed his butt in the door. He says it's a fun tattoo to get and you can show only those that you want to see it. Paul says that his parents were super against it. He says he's still at home and his parents haven't disowned him. He says they still love him. James is listening in now. Paul tells everyone to respect their parents, especially if you live under their roof.

7:16PM BBT: Victor asks Paul if he does a different talk every day? Paul says he tries. Victor says he might do a fitness talk tomorrow at this time. Victor leaves the Safari Room. Paul says that he got a Love sucks on his pelvis before he came to the show. He shows us the tattoo, and you can see it because he has his pelvis shaved. He says that he got the Love sucks tattoo after a bad break up. James goes in the Safari Room with Paul. James says if you get tattoos make sure you are willing to stick to those tattoos for the rest of your life. James says now he has to be a Clemson fan for the rest of his life because he has a tattoo on his left arm of Clemson. Paul says that you can have a tattoo lasered off, but it's really expensive. James says he might get another tattoo when he leaves the show. James wants a half sleeve. He says it will look bad a. Paul says that he will either get Friendship or Patty sunglasses. He says it will be related to his BB experience. He says it will probably on his ass. James says they took a lot of cool photos today. He tells everyone to check out his HoH blog and pictures on He says he's out because his breath stinks because he just woke up.

Paul says all these great people are popping in. He says he likes his friendship talks. He says he's sure everyone has questions for him, but he can't see them. He says that he has a band, but he's not sure if the music is uploaded. He says the name of the band is Strange Faces. He thinks the song Pity Kids is on there. He says they can be found on Instagram at Strange Faces LA. He says to comment that Paul says they are all idiots for not uploading the music. He says if the music is up to tell them he said great job and he hopes they don't suck. He plays guitar and does back-up vocals. He says that he was a model before he started his clothing line. He says he doesn't post too many selfies. He says when people ask for pictures he has put them up on Instagram. He says he didn't like other people's clothes that he had to support when he was modeling.

7:26PM BBT: Paul says he came up with his own ideas for his clothing line. He says he hired an Illustrator, Baker2D on Instagram. We see FotH.

7:27PM BBT: Corey says hello to Paul. The camera view goes off of him after he says that he came up with three shirt designs. In the kitchen, Corey asks Nicole if she wants a fried egg on top of what he's cooking for them to eat? She says that she's never even heard of that. Frank goes in the kitchen. Corey tells him that he's making turkey burgers. Bridgette comes in from the backyard. She asks Frank if he wants to wash his sheets? He says that he washed them last week and he might be leaving on Thursday.

Frank asks Corey if he's leaving on Thursday? Corey says that he hasn't talked to Paulie about it because he's the one that went off in the meeting the other day. Frank says that he thinks people are sick of hearing him talk so he hasn't said anything.

Corey says that Natalie and Michelle keep sleeping in the bumper cars and he doesn't know why.

Nicole goes back to the kitchen. She asks Corey if he's going to eat with her at the same time? Corey says yes. Corey says he's not sure how long to cook the turkey burgers. Nicole says they cook quickly. Corey says that they look done. Nicole asks which one is the good one? Corey says that they are all good. Nicole gets some condiments out of the refrigerator along with iceberg lettuce to put on her burger.

7:34PM BBT: Zakiyah takes dirty clothes outside to wash. Paulie goes to the kitchen. He says he didn't expect to still see the sun still up. Nicole tells Corey the turkey burger is really good. Zakiyah goes back in the house. She yells that she was trying to get Paulie the Advil.

She asks Paulie if he wants her to cook them food? She is going to make them the same thing they are eating. Corey says there is another one there for James if he wants it. Nicole says that James is one for eating what other people cook.

Nicole and Corey are sitting at the kitchen table eating their turkey burgers. She asks if it's 1/3 of a pound? Corey says it is. She says it doesn't seem that big. Paulie sits with them. He says he's going to shave his beard this week.

Nicole says she put Triscuits on her sandwich. She says she likes to crunch on her subs and burgers. She says that Funyuns on pizza is really good.

Zakiyah goes back to the kitchen. Paulie says that he realized out think his beard and mustache is when he pushed on his mustache. Zakiyah opens the sliding glass door and asks James if she can have his turkey burger? He says, yes. She is still making one for Paulie. Paul goes to the kitchen and says that wasted about four hours of his time. He says he was giving friendship to live feeders.

7:39PM BBT: In the backyard, Victor is teaching Da'Vonne how to do the Russian Twists ab workout. She says it's hurting. Victor says for her to give herself 15 more.

Bridgette goes to the backyard. She skips over to the hammock area to join Frank on the hammock. He says that she is Princess Bridgette coming to her Duke to check on his heartburn.

James joins everyone in the kitchen. Paul asks if the Paris room is open? Nicole says she got through the tunnel, but it wouldn't open. Paul goes upstairs to try. He pushes the numbers in the phone booth. He hears the congratulations message. The camera goes off of him.

7:43PM BBT: Nicole asks Corey what time he wants to run? Corey says in about 30 minutes. She wants to wait an hour. Corey says, OK Nicole asks Paul if the room was open? He says, no. Frank and Bridgette go in the house from the backyard.

Victor is still in the backyard working out with Da'Vonne. He has ponytails in his hair. They are tied up with what seems to be light blue shoe strings. Da'Vonne starts to use a crate type of box to go up and down on holding the weight in her hands. She finishes and says it feels good. Vitor tells her she did a good job.

Bridgette walks into the kitchen. Nicole tells her that she really digs her hair the way she has it put up. She says she can't wait until it gets a little longer and she can put all of it up. Paul goes in the kitchen, and then James walks in also.

7:47PM BBT: Corey leaves the kitchen. Zakiyah sprays cleaner on a napkin and cleans off the counter by the sink. Nicole suggests to Paul what to put in his salad. Corey goes back to the kitchen to join the others at the table. Paulie says that he made coffee and never drank any of it. Paul sings Wayne's World and we see FotH.

7:51PM BBT: Paulie says that Victor asked him by the pool if he has any women back home? He says he said no. He says that Victor said he has two women at home. He says that Victor asked him if he's ever been with an older woman? He says he said no. Paul says that Victor says he doesn't play games that he can't win.

Paul tells live feeders and Tiffany that she didn't smoke him in chess. Corey says that Tiffany was using the live feeds as a strategy.

Da'Vonne is sitting at the dining room table. Paul says it would be cool if the live feeders could call them. Paulie says that live feeders are the ones that give them the questions that Julie reads to them.

7:56PM BBT: Da'Vonne says that Frank and Bridgette are still on the hammock talking about Star Wars. She says that Frank tells her the movies from start to finish. Paulie says he's telling her everything that happened in the movies to a T.

Paul says that Frank or Bridgette could have the card to come back in the game. Da'Vonne says to rebuke that in the name of the Lord. Paul starts to sing. We see FotH.

James says that he will cuss up a storm if Frank comes back and wins HoH. Paul says that Victor said he has won five competitions already and he wants to win 10 before he leaves.

James says he has won 11 competitions out there, but they don't count. Da'Vonne says that Victor won different competitions each time with the different people. He says, but he can't get to 10. Paul says he hopes the next competition isn't one where he gets out at the beginning. Corey asks how many crap shoot competitions there are in a season? Nicole says probably just one.

Paul wonders how the Have-Nots are going to work for next week. Da'Vonne says that Frank leaves on Thursday and he hasn't ever been a Have-Not. She says that he won't be on the jury. She says he could actually go home on Friday.

James says he doesn't want Frank to have the card to come back, and then they would have to wait another week to jury. He says they've had six evictions and haven't hit jury yet.

Paul says he was stressed by the fact that he could not lie about the secret room. Victor says that he put all the times and typed in Paris and it let him in. Da'Vonne says that she didn't take a nap today and she's pretty proud of herself. Paul says he got a good night's rest last night.

8:07PM BBT: James goes in the Have-Not room to wake up Natalie and Michelle to see if they wanted to sleep this late. Michelle gets up and leaves the Have-Not room. James says that Natalie just rolled over and went back to sleep. Michelle is scraping her microphone on her cup because it's not clipped to her shirt. Corey goes to the Tokyo bedroom. He puts a towel around his waist to take his shorts off.

In the backyard, Victor, Paul, James, and Nicole are all lounging on the couches. Natalie goes out there to say hello and goes back in to go to the bathroom. James says that she's really grumpy when she first wakes up.

All the cameras are on the backyard. Frank and Bridgette are discussing what the votes may be on Thursday. Bridgette says she doesn't care. She asks if that's bad, or if she should be doing anything? Frank says he's not doing anything. He says that he can count four votes for him, so he will probably be going home. Bridgette says she is tired of hearing about it. She says she is just sad. Frank starts to tell a story about a big child that was born.

8:13PM BBT: Frank says his name was Paul Bunyan.

In the living room , James tells Da'Vonne that he thinks people are trying to push different agendas this week. Da'Vonne says after he did all of this he shouldn't go on the block. James says it depends on who wins HoH. Da'Vonne says she has to so he stays safe.

Da'Vonne goes to the British bedroom. James runs to the British bedroom. Da'Vonne tells him that she doesn't trust anyone out there. He says he doesn't either. He says if Bridgette wins HoH he knows that he will go on the block. James sits on a bed and says that the blanket smells like straight up B.O. Da'Vonne laughs and says that's where Paul and Michelle sleep.

Da'Vonne says that Nicole and Corey can't win HoH because she is gunning for her. James thinks she will put Bridgette up. Da'Vonne says that she doesn't trust her. She thinks that Nicole and Corey were working with Frank and Bridgette. James says that Nicole and Corey were probably only saying they would work with Frank to keep his mind at bay. Da'Vonne says that Nicole denied saying something to Frank during the competition. She believes that she was working with him. She says that no one is going to vote out Nicole. She says it's way to early. James says that you have to make big moves sometimes like him.

8:20PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she has no problem voting out Nicole if her and James are put on the block. They try to figure out what the votes would be if that happened.

Da'Vonne leaves the British bedroom to see what is going on. James followers her out. Frank, Bridgette, Paul and Paulie are all in the Tokyo bedroom. Da'Vonne goes up to the HoH room. James is in the kitchen with Michelle, Zakiyah, Natalie and Victor.

Natalie tells James that she's eating baby grapes. Natalie says she had a nice nap in the Paris room today. She tells Victor she is just messing with him. He is washing dishes. Victor asks if anyone has tried to sleep in the Paris room yet? James says, no.

8:27PM BBT: James goes to the HoH room. Da'Vonne asks Frank who he thinks is leaving right behind him? James says he doesn't know. James is feeding the fish. He says that Frank squashed his beef with him. Da'Vonne is lounging on the couch in the HoH room.

In the Tokyo bedroom, Frank tells Paulie and Paul what Bridgette wanted him to call things from the Star Wars movie. Frank tells Bridgette that she's skinny. She gets upset because he's commenting on people's weight. She says she is who she is, and she doesn't want comments like that. She pretends to fight with him and he farts. She punches his arm and pretends to kick him.

Frank and Bridgette leave the Tokyo bedroom. Paul tells Paulie that he can see the sexual tension a mile away, they just need to bone and get it over with.

8:32PM BBT: Paulie says if Corey and Nicole both get put on the block they will vote Nicole out.

Paul goes in the British bedroom to tell Da'Vonne and Zakiyah that Frank and Bridgette were in the Tokyo bedroom acting goofy. Paul says that Frank called her fat and then called her skinny after saying that she has chub to take off. Pal says that is how his sister became anorexic and he doesn't like this.

Paul says that when Frank asks if he has his vote he will tell him no. Paul says that Frank isn't learning his lesson. He says first he was slapping girls asses and now he's being disrespectful calling people out on their weight.

They all leave the British bedroom. Natalie goes to the Tokyo bedroom and taps Paul on his leg. Paul pulls her down. She gets up and says she's leaving.

8:38PM BBT: Natalie goes up to the HoH room. She tells James that ants were all over her and her stuff in the Have-Not room. She is laying down on her stomach on the HoH bed. Her shorts are so short that you can see her bum hanging out of the bottom of them. She tells James that's she's going to work out tonight and she's going to go to bed tonight at a decent hour. She says it will be around 11:11PM BBT:.

She asks James if all the fish are still alive? James says that no fish have died on his watch so far. Natalie says she's sad that she's missing Finding Dory, but she would rather be there.

She tells James that Victor aggravates her. James asks her why? She says she doesn't know, but he just does. James says if someone used the Veto he would have put Victor up. He says that he would have said something clever about it taking two back doors to actually get him out. He says that he would tell him to say hi to Julie for him. They both laugh.

Natalie asks James what he did today? He says that he slept. BB tells Natalie to please not obstruct her microphone. He tells Natalie that he technically woke up her up twice today.

8:42PM BBT: James tells Natalie that he thought she was going back to sleep. She says that she turned over to go back to sleep, but it wasn't working. He tells her she was a grumpy nugget. Natalie says that she's going to sleep with a ketchup bottle and she will squirt her. He says that he will sleep with a spoon and mustard. He says that he was worried about Natalie not being able to sleep tonight if she napped tonight. She says she wants to go to bed at 11:11PM. He says they will push for that goal. He says they can wake up tomorrow and stay awake all day.

Natalie asks what today is? James says today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday. He says, no, wait a minute, tomorrow is Tuesday. Natalie says, time out, she's very confused. James says he is confused also. She says she has to start working out twice a day. James says OK Natalie says she thinks today is Tuesday. James says someone is coming in with heavy feet. He thinks it's Corey. It is Corey. He asks if he can take a shower? James says yes. James asks Corey what day it is? He tells him it's Tuesday and they will get locked out at 6AM in the morning.

James tells Corey that he thinks Nicole squirted conditioner or shampoo on the glass in his shower. Corey says he has to cool down before he gets in there. He says he hates to shower when he's hot. He tells them that Frank is going to work down there talking to everyone about his votes. He says that he asked him and Paulie.

Corey says that he told Frank that his best is three votes. He says that he's asking still.

James asks if Bridgette knows he's asking? Corey says that she doesn't know. Corey says that he has no chance, but he's trying though. James says that Bridgette probably doesn't even know he's campaigning.

Corey says that Bridgette told him she wants to go home. Natalie says she said the same thing to her. She says that neither one want to go to jury, but now he's campaigning to stay. Corey says it's a headache waiting to happen if they keep Frank. Natalie says he's just really good at talking and competitions.

8:50PM BBT: James says that Bridgette is good at competitions also. He says neither one are ever the first ones out. Natalie says that Bridgette does everything that Frank wants her to do. James says he wants to keep Bridgette over Frank this week. He says she's not a social game talker. Corey says that's been a big thing lately. James says he's not a big talker for campaigning. In the British bedroom, Paul is talking to Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne says that Paul could have voided all of the envelopes by ripping them open, but not picking them up. Paul says that he doesn't think BB would have let him do that. He says that they stressed to him not to lie. She says that the other envelopes probably have something else in them. She says they may be tempted to open them, but they will say void inside. Paul says that Zakiyah woke them up. He says that she's a homie, a ride or die. Paul says that he wanted to see who got in the booth. He says he was pissed when Victor was saying Paris.

In the bathroom area, Victor is talking to Paulie. Paulie has his hair wrapped in a red bandana. He tells Victor that Da'Vonne keeps pulling Michelle and Zakiyah into different rooms. Victor says, with enough people that's votes. He says if you put two of them up against each other one will go home. Victor says he doesn't have to have an excuse to put them up. Victor says that Paul would put up Bridgette and a pawn. Paulie says that you have to strike before you get stricken. He says if you clip Da'Vonne you're good. Victor says, you clip off the head. Paulie says, 100%. He says with her on the block she would actually have to win. Victor says she would have to prove herself.

8:58PM BBT: Paulie goes in the British bedroom where Da'Vonne and Paul are. He says it smells like baby powder in there.

Back in the HoH room, James says he's shaking in his Crocks because he doesn't know who is going to win HoH. Corey says this week is going to be the most interesting. Corey says that Bridgette is mad at some of the girls. He says she got into arguments with Michelle, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne. James says if she wins HoH he will talk to her.

9:00-10:00PM BBT: Bridgette and Frank talk, Bridgette says she wants to go home. Frank tells Bridgette to tell the other she wants to go so he can stay. [What a pal.  ~Morty] Frank tells her that he thinks the votes are going to be to send him home right now.

They then start talking about James and how he is a liar. Frank says, "Sorry America, but he is a liar."

Da'Vonne, Paul, and Paulie are talking about how Corey and Nicole are working with Frank and that is why Nicole did not wake anyone up when the message came on the screen yesterday. Paul is shocked and Paulie just sitting there listening quietly.

Nicole talks to Corey about Frank being an idiot and she will not flip her vote even if the house does. She says she wants Frank gone. Nicole worries that Frank has the round trip ticket and will come back in the house.

Nicole then tells Corey that Frank threatened her and she needs to stay up all night so he can not talk to anyone else to make sure he leaves on Thursday.

Frank is now talking to Michelle and asking for her vote this week. He then asks her to talk to Zakiyah and see if she can get her to flip her vote and keep him in this house.

10:00-11:00PM BBT: Nicole and Corey are laying in bed talking. Corey asked her what's wrong. She says, "Nothing, I just get nervous when you talk to Frank because he is so good at this game."

In the HoH room, Da'Vonne is talking to James about Nicole and if he can trust her or not. James says, "I do not know, if I was on the block, she might vote me out." Da'Vonne says she does not trust Nicole because she talks to Frank a lot.

11:00-12:00AM BBT: Michelle, James , Natalie, Da'Vonne, and Paul are in the backyard talking about how bad it was for Frank to tell Bridgette she is fat and how it upset Bridgette. Paul says, "I understand how it hurt her 'cause my sister was anorexic."

Michelle says, "Frank probably thinks I'm fat too since he thinks that about Bridgette."

James asks Michelle if she will vote Frank out this week and then get Bridgette next week when she wins HoH. She says she can put Paul up against Bridgette and she will leave.

James then tells Michelle and Da'Vonne how a double eviction works. Da'Vonne then tells James that she and Michelle are doing good in this game.

12:00-1:00AM BBT: Michelle and Da'Vonne are talking in the backyard about where they live.

They then talk about making it to the jury. Da'Vonne tells Michelle they will have fun in the jury. She then says she will vote Paulie over Zakiyah to win this game.

Michelle says she is worried that James will not vote Natalie out when the time comes.

Nicole and Frank come out to the backyard and they just talk about working out and music. Paul and Paulie are playing chess.

1:00-2:00AM BBT: Paul and Paulie are playing chess and Da'Vonne comes up talking bad about Nicole and how they can not trust her after what Frank said. Paulie says he will go to Frank and tell him if he wants the votes flipped then tell him who he can trust to see if stories are staying the same or changing.

Frank and Michelle are talking about how Frank is disappointed in James. Frank then tells Michelle that if she keeps him in the house that she will not go on the block when he wins HoH that she is safe but she has to keep him in the house.

Talk in the house go back and forth about voting out Frank or Bridgette as most of the HGs want Frank gone but Frank is campaigning hard.

2:00-4:00AM BBT: Paul and Bridgette on the hammock in the backyard. Paul tells her everything Frank has said and done in the game behind her back while Paulie has Frank in the bedroom talking so Paul can tell Bridgette everything.

Paul says, "Frank tells everyone that you want to go home so just send her home." He then tells her that no matter what one of you are leaving and I do not want you to leave. He then tells her to keep quiet about this and start talking to others and be more sociable.

Paul then goes to Paulie and tells him about the conversation with Bridgette and how she wants to stay.

Bridgette then tells Paul when he comes back to the backyard again that Frank told her if she stays to put Corey and Nicole up then changed it to Nicole and James. Paul asked why, and then Frank comes out to the backyard and talking stops.

Paul then goes to Frank after Bridgette goes inside and ask him if he said that Bridgette wanted to go home and Frank says no I hope you did not tell her that.

The conversation gets a little louder as Frank says we joke about wanting to go home but I would never tell anyone that. Paul then goes to the London bedroom and tells them that he just told Frank he does not have his vote and that he told Bridgette everything.

5:00-6:00AM BBT: Paulie and Frank talk and Paulie asks did Paul tell you he told Bridgette that you said she wanted to go home? Frank says, "No, and I hope he did not tell her that I do not want her upset thinking I'm campaigning against her."

Frank leaves and heads to bed.

Da'Vonne, Paul, and Paulie are talking in the London room about Nicole and how it was confirmed that she is lying about being in an alliance with frank, Bridgette and Corey. Paul says Jozea was right about Nicole she is a liar.

Frank gets up and goes to the backyard with Bridgette and tells her that he never told anyone to vote her out. Bridgette says everyone knows Frank and it hurts. Frank tells her to look at him and she can not look at him.

Today's updates were written by Cassondra0222, Dade, Kekila, Kitten_200, and Wakela.
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