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What's the longest running TV show?
First TV couple ever to be seen in bed together on television?
Who played Bart Maverick
A little trivia for the television series, "Hawaiian Eye"
Where did Hawkeye order barbecued ribs from? And Hawkeye's Hometown..
Was Vin Diesel on any television shows?
Names for the sheriff and Lucas son on "The Riffleman"
TV show called "Whirlybirds.,"  what  were the names of the two pilots?
"M*A*S*H"  "I Love Swimming with Bowlegged Women"
The name of actor who played Peter Gunn in TV series
About Cleavon Little 
Family Matters and Judy Winslow
Where can I get the A.C. Niesen Ratings?
 Leather and Pinky Tuscadero After "Happy Days" 
Who was Patty Poole?
A French gigolo and a gay Guy aren't the same.
Who knows the Shadow?
What was the most popular TV show in 1961?
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr
"Truth or Consequences"
 Mr. Haney's first name on "Green Acres?"  
Who was the actor who played Ben Casey on the hit TV series?  
Morty' learns about "The Invaders"  
"Gilligan's Island, " how did they ever get off the island?  
Who was the first woman to wear pants (trousers) on television?  
What actress played Ann Romano on "One Day at a Time?"  
What year did "All in the Family" first run on T.V.?  
Why was Theodore Cleaver called "Beaver"?  
Who played Sophia's sister on "Golden Girls?"  
Who was the little boy on "The Andy Griffith Show," not Opie?  
Who were the hosts on the TV show "Hee Haw" 
What was Geraldine Bodine's mother's name on "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Who is Eva Savealot, the 1800collect girl?  
Who sang the theme song to the Television series "The Wonder Years"
What happened to the woman who played Mikes secretary on Spin City?. 
What was the name of the lead actor in "Have Gun Will Travel?"
Why did the they cancel "Pretender?"  Are there any movies in the works?
 What ever happened to Karen Grassle?
"Adam-12" & "Emergency Cast"
Fredrick Gately, director of photography on  "Bewitched" and "Trapper John"
"Tootie"   in the series "The Facts of Life."
What was hot in 1966?
"McHale's Navy"
Who Was That Snooty Guy?
What kind of tractor did Mr Haney sell to poor old Oliver Douglas?
Who were those Indians on F-Troop?
From the Brady Bunch:   "Greg in the Attic"
What was the name of the Professor character in Gilligan's Island?
Why were there two Mr. Frenchs on "Family Affair?"
Marilyn Manson rumors...
From "The Dick Van Dyke Show": What is  "Calvada" ?
Why was "Happy Days" character Wayne Weber  called Potsie?
I'm Lefthanded.   I always watch TV actors/actresses when they write...
Sharon Tate, "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Petticoat Junction" Girls

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