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Sergeant Preston
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Program:  Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: September 1955
Last Telecast: September 1958
Network(s):  CBS (Thursdays at 7:30PM)
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: VHS / DVD
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Take Home Sergeant Preston on VHS or DVD

Reel Values TV Classics, Vol. 3 (Judge Roy Bean / Sergeant Preston of the Yukon)
Vintage television at its best is what this program has to offer. Six episodes of the best law enforcement the west has to offer. Featured are JUDGE ROY BEAN and SERGEANT PRESTON OF THE YUKON from television's hey day.

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon VHS
The call once again goes out: "On, King! On, you huskies!" There's plenty of action and adventure in the Great White North with Richard Simmons as the intrepid Mountie who always gets his man. Each tape contains two episodes and runs about 55 min.

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Vol. 1 VHS
Includes "One Bean Too Many" and "Crime at Wounded Moose."

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Vol. 2 VHS
Includes "Dog Race" and "Phantom of Phoenixville."

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Vol. 3 VHS
Includes "Trapped" and "Skagway Secret."

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Vol. 4 VHS
Includes "Relief Train" and "The Black Ace."

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Vol. 5 VHS
Includes "Scourge of the Wilderness" and "Blind Justice."

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon/The Cisco Kid VHS
Double bill of `50s TV adventure fare. Richard Simmons (the other one) is the courageous Mountie who was joined by faithful Yukon King ``in the relentless pursuit of lawbreakers in the wild days of the Yukon,'' followed by Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo as the Southwest's crimefighting caballeros. 55 min.

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