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Program: The Adventures of  Ozzie and Harriet
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: October 1952
Last Telecast: September 1966
Network(s): ABC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On: Disney
Available Formats: VHS / DVD
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This theme song, and over 60 others, are on the CD: Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.4: Black & White Classics

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The Ozzie and Harriet Story (Short Version)

Our story begins with Ozzie.  He was born Oswald George Nelson on March 20, 1906 in Jersey City, New Jersey.   After graduating high school, Oz went to law school.  On the sly, he put together a dance band, which beat the odds and became very successful.  Ozzie left law school and concentrated on music and entertaining.  He played hotels and ballrooms up and down the east coast. 

 In 1932 Ozzie met Peggy Lou Snyder of Des Moines, Iowa.  Peggy was playing on a New York vaudeville stage when Ozzie spotted the beautiful 23-year-old showgirl and offered her a singing gig in his band.  Changing her name to the more lyrical, Harriet Hilliard, she was the perfect counterpoint to Ozzie’s mellow, stumbling personality. Their blended personalities were the grounds spontaneous comedy relief in between songs that clicked with audiences. They married in 1935.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the TV series, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” wasn't filmed at the Nelson's real home. Ozzie patterned the exterior of the Nelson's fictional TV home after their real home.

Soon their popularity extended into radio as they became regulars on the Red Skelton Show as well as being popular guests on other shows of the late 30’s.  In the 1940’s, their spark lit up the silver screen in musicals such as “Sweetheart of the Campus” (1941), “Strictly in the Groove” (1942), “Honeymoon Lodge” (1943) andTake It Big” (1944).

 In 1936, David Nelson was born and Ozzie was determined to maintain a strong family unit by integrating their two careers as one and seldom working apart.  In 1940, Ricky was born.  Ozzie and Harriet were billed as “America’s Favorite Young Couple.”  In 1944 "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” debuted on radio with two young actors playing their sons.

When the series went to TV in 1952, their real life sons, David, 16, and Ricky, age 12, were cast as themselves.  To introduce the family to America, Ozzie and his brother Don, wrote, “Here Come the Nelsons” and got Universal to make the feature film.  After about a decade of Ozzie being portrayed as a bandleader, the feature film has Ozzie Nelson as an advertising agency executive.  Because this is the same “Ozzie Nelson” on the TV series, you’re welcome to believe this was Ozzie’s ever-mysterious occupation, but I won’t confirm. 

 In “Here Come the Nelsons” Ozzie tries to get some publicity for an underwear company, David and Ricky get mixed up with Rock Hudson and gangsters; Sheldon Leonard and Jim Backus.  The low budget flick was a financial success, and the critics, well they didn’t hate it…

Although Ozzie's dad character came off stammering, hesitant and slightly absent-minded, which meshed perfectly with Harriet's smart, wisecracking appeal, Ozzie was anything but fumbling offstage. A dynamic businessman and workaholic, he supervised his show completely as writer, producer, director, and editor. His brother Donald was also on the payroll as a writer.  "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” never made it into the top 20 Neilson ratings.  ABC, was the number three network and had plenty of shows doing worse than “Ozzie and Harriet,” so with Ozzie offering the series at a discount price, it remained on Friday nights thru 1956.  In 1957 a move to Wednesday night didn’t seem to help, as CBS’s “The Millionaire” won the time slot.  Then something happened, 17 year old Ricky sang.   

In 1958, "The Donna Reed Show" joined the ABC line-up both shows were cancelled in 1966. 

Elvis was already rocketing to stardom, but the gyrating kid from Kentucky was seen as a threat to parents, Ricky was safe.  Ricky’s cover of the Fats Domino hit, “I’m Walkin’” was just what radio stations that didn’t play “negro music” were looking for.  In June of ‘57, Ricky’s version of the song, written by Fats Domino, was #17 on the Billboard Charts.  Ricky followed “I’m Walkin’” with “Be-bop Baby.”  The tune, written by Pearl Lendhurst, sounded like a less erotic version of Gene Vincent’s big hit, “Be-Bop-A-Lula.”  “Be-bop Baby.” peaked at #5 in the fall of ‘57.

 Ricky’s success was just beginning and his every song, every move was carefully planned by Ozzie.  In August of 1958, Ricky’s recording, “Poor Little Fool” reached #1 on the Billboard charts.  Ozzie thought it was important to project the family image the Nelsons had been known for.   

Vol. 2-Best of Ricky Nelson
More Songs by Ricky/Rick Is 21
Ricky Sings Again/Songs by Ricky
Ricky/Ricky Nelson
Best of Ricky Nelson
Ricky/Ricky Nelson

More Titles from Ricky

In 1959 Ricky became a singing movie star, appearing with John Wayne and Dean Martin in the western with romance, “Rio Bravo.”  The trailer featured Ricky playing his guitar.  He then turns to the camera and talks about the exciting film. After some scenes are shown, they cut back to Nelson who lists the cast members. When he does not mention his own name, we hear the voice of Dean Martin say off camera "What about Rick Nelson"?.  His big screen debut was a hit, and the following year he teamed up with Jack Lemmon to play Ens. Tommy J. Hanson  in “The Wackiest Ship in the Army.” 

On May 20, 1961, David married June Blair at Forest Lawn Cemetery's Church of the Hills. Brother Ricky Nelson was the best man.  June not only joined the family, but also the family business and was written into the show.  The TV David Nelson was going to law school and moved out of the house, into an apartment with his young bride. 

 In 1963 Ricky was seeing Kristin Harmon, the pretty daughter of Tom Harmon, a Heisman Trophy winning football player, and then an actor.  When it was learned that Kristin was pregnant with Ricky’s child there was only one thing that could happen, Ozzie had them married, immediately, but not quite immediately enough.

Eric Hilliard Nelson and Sharon Kristin Harmon were married on April 20, 1963.  In October, Kristin gave birth to Tracy Kristine Nelson, six months to the day of their marriage.  Ozzie insisted the baby was born premature, had that “fact” added to the hospital records, and had the healthy normal baby put in an incubator. 

 With eyes rolling, reporters were feed the premature baby story, and it’s the story most of America heard.

Ricky continued to introduce new songs on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” but Ozzie believed in leaving them wanting more and not every episode had a musical number.  The plots would call for Ricky to sing at a party or special occasion.  By 1965 Ricky’s record sales were slipping.  His wholesome image might have been holding him back, the country was changing, and “Ozzie and Harriet” were out of step with the times.  While the real world protested the war in Vietnam, Harriet was still making sandwiches for a keg-less frat party that she and Oz would chaperon. 

In 1966, after 22 years (eight on radio, four-teen on TV) the fictional "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” came to an end.   Until 2003, Ozzie and Harriet held the record for longest running sit-com.  The record was broken by “The Simpsons,”  but it would take a few more years for “The Simpsons” to catch up to Ozzie’s record of 435 episodes.

Ozzie by: Ozzie Nelson
[Ozzie's book is long out of print, but amazon.com will help you find a copy.  Be sure to check eBay too.]

David Nelson followed in Dad’s footsteps and went on to be a producer and director. Ozzie and Harriet attempted another series entitled "Ozzie's Girls" in the early 70s, which was syndicated to local stations, but it lasted a mere season.

Ricky (now preferred being called “Rick”) Nelson appeared at The Rock Revival at Madison Square Garden in 1971.  Unaware that he was to appear in clothing from the era of the height of his popularity, he appeared in contemporary clothing and was booed because of this. Afterwards, and as a result of this, he wrote the hit song, "Garden Party".

 Ozzie died in Laguna Beach, California of liver cancer in 1975 at age 69.  Harriet became somewhat reclusive but would make guest appearances on shows like “Love Boat,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Happy Days.” 

Now divorced from Kristin, Rick died in a private plane crash on New Year's Eve, 1985.  It was long speculated that the fire that caused the crash was the result of drug use, either by Nelson himself or by one of his crew. This theory has since been discredited by, among other sources, the Civil Aeronautics Board in their official report on the crash. Their evidence shows that the cause originally given for the crash (an on-board heater short-circuiting and catching fire) is the correct one. Rick was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall Fame in 1987. 

Harriet was the doting grandmother of actress Tracy Nelson, and twin rockers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, who were simply called "Nelson," when Rick died. It’s said that she never recovered from the shock of the news.   Harriet was a heavy smoker most her life, although she never smoked in public feeling the image was not befitting of her "perfect mom" image. She died of emphysema and congestive heart failure in 1994.

 David divorced June, and in 1975 married Yvonne O Connor Huston.  His daughter, Teri Nelson, was married to Chuck Woolery. David’s had success in both directing and producing.  In 2002 a ticket agent at John Wayne Airport stopped David after the letters in the name "David Nelson" were red flagged for terrorists. Two police officers recognized Nelson and allowed him to board his flight.

 In the January 23, 2005 issue of TV Guide, Ricky Nelson was Ranked #2 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 25 Greatest Teen Idols."


Ozzie and Harriet on Tape and Disc
The Best Of The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet [DVD]
Endorsed by the Nelson Family, this collection features 24 of the greatest "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" episodes--including "The Fall Guy," "Ricky the Drummer," "The Circus," "The Newlyweds Get Settled," and "The Game Room"--in a four-disc set. 9 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary by David Nelson, others; home movies; "making of" documentary; radio show episodes; trivia.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 1 [VHS] VHS First, Harriet tells a story of how Ozzie once sent her a rose every day when he was on a business trip--though Ozzie doesn't remember sending the flowers--in "A Rose a Day." Then, the Dean gets Ricky and his pals to set a school record for staying in bed in "A Bedtime Story." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 2 [VHS] VHS Ozzie and Harriet discover that David has been neglecting his car payments in the appropriately titled "Dave's Car Payments." Then, Ozzie must get Ricky's girlfriend over to the house for a surprise party without her spoiling the secret in "Ozzie Keeps a Secret." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 3 [VHS] VHS June wants to buy a lamp, but David doesn't think they can afford it, in "Lamp for Dave and June"; then, Harriet is upset that Ozzie always forgets to tell her about his day in "No News for Harriet." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 4 [VHS] VHS Harriet and Clara want their men to enter a "Why I Love My Wife" essay contest in "A Letter About Harriet," followed by Dave and Ricky investigating a suspicious law client whose identity they need to verify in "The Petition." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 5 [VHS] VHS Ozzie, after claiming that women are more curious than men, is challenged by the gals to keep his mitts off of the mysterious "Little Black Box." Next, after getting a new sidewalk, Ozzie and Harriet look for a place to store the cement block with the boys' handprints in "Little Handprints in the Sidewalk." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 6 [VHS] VHS The Nelsons babysit a neighborhood boy while the tyke's mom is at the hospital giving birth in "The Little House Guest." Then, Dave hits a hole-in-one, prompting Wally to write a newspaper article in which he takes credit for the feat, in "Dave's Golf Story." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 7 [VHS] VHS Ozzie builds a "Suggestion Box" so that the family can air out their problems with each other, but things get out of hand. And Dave's attempt to land a job as "The Law Clerk" on his own merits hits a snag when he learns that everyone is out to help him. 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 8 [VHS] VHS Dave and Ricky attempt to make money by taking paper routes, but Ozzie soon takes on the job and makes a mess of things in "Boy's Paper Route." Then, the neighbor's "Barking Dog" keeps Ozzie awake on the eve of his big fishing trip. 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 9 [VHS] VHS Ricky's girlfriend gets suspicious when he starts hanging around with a new female student in "The Girl That Loses Things." Next, after Joe gives him an ugly table, Ozzie returns the favor by giving his friend an equally hideous painting in "The Table and the Painting." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 10 [VHS] VHS When Ozzie helps Clara pick out a fishing pole for husband Joe's birthday, Joe suspects that Ozzie is running around with her in "Jealous Joe Randolph." Next, Dave and Ricky do some menial tasks for a private investigator while their parents worry about their safety in "Manly Arts." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 11 [VHS] VHS Dave's boss wants him to deliver some important papers, but he isn't home, so Ozzie and Harriet deliver them instead in "Kelly's Important Papers." Plus, Dave invites June's old boyfriend to dinner, then gets stuck at the office with his beautiful new secretary in "Old Friend of June's." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 12 [VHS] VHS The girls' sorority vows not have anything to do with Dave and Ricky's fraternity until its members start dressing better in "A Question of Suits and Ties." Next, June tries to get Dave to take a Hawaiian vacation, and Ozzie offers his own brand of advice in "The Trip Trap." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 13 [VHS] VHS Dave promises to call June from work but gets too busy to phone her in "Dave Goes Back to Work." Then, Ozzie pretends to go fishing so that he doesn't have to play cards with Joe and Clara in "The Prowler." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 14 [VHS] VHS Trouble brews when the boys each want ``Separate Rooms,'' and blooms when Harriet receives ``Orchids and Violets.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 15 [VHS] VHS Will ``Pills'' help Ozzie beat Thorny in a weight loss contest, and which son will he pick for the ``Father and Son Tournament''?

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 16 [VHS] VHS John Carradine guests to lead the Nelsons in ``An Evening with Hamlet,'' and Jerry Mathers shows up at the front door on ``Halloween.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 17 [VHS] VHS Ozzie doesn't take kindly to the new ``Hair Style for Harriet,'' and later breaks the sound barrier as a ``Jet Pilot.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 18 [VHS] VHS ``Ricky the Drummer'' becomes the singing star at the local teen dance. Next, Ozzie volunteers to lead some kids on ``The 14-Mile Hike.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 19 [VHS] VHS The laughs take to sea when Ozzie plans ``A Cruise for Harriet,'' while back home ``Rick's Dinner Guests'' arrive the same night as Ozzie's poker game.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 20 [VHS] VHS When ``David Goofs Off'' it's sure to rouse the ire of boss Joe Flynn. Next, the Nelsons get a ``Little House Guest.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 21 [VHS] VHS ``David Hires a Secretary,'' but the gorgeous coed who applies isn't exactly what he had in mind. Next, Ricky gets in trouble with his gal in ``Girl Who Loses Things.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 22 [VHS] VHS There's no time for partying when ``The Fraternity Rents Out a Room'' to prof Wally Cox, and when Ricky is ``Making Wally Study.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 23 [VHS] VHS ``An Old Friend Of June's'' means green-eyed trouble for David. Next, ``Kris Plays Cupid'' for Wally and Ginger.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 24 [VHS] VHS Ozzie and Harriet are stuck in the middle when ``Rick's Raise'' at work is in the hands of David. Then, the Oz cooks up a storm for ``Breakfast for Harriet.''

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 25 [VHS] VHS David and June have it over a Hawaiian vacation in ``The Trip Trap,'' followed by Ozzie ``Flying Down to Lunch'' in...Mexico?

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 27 [VHS] VHS Ricky wants a baking company to honor its money-back guarantee in ``The Pancake Mix.'' In ``The New Chairs'' a mix-up results in the Nelsons getting dozens of chairs from the department store. 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 28 [VHS] VHS In ``The Pajama Game,'' Ozzie and neighbor Thorny wind up locked out of the house in their pajamas. Then Ozzie's plan to clean out the garage snowballs into a neighborhood mess in ``Ball of Tin Foil.'' 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 29 [VHS] VHS A sudden urge for ``Tutti-Fruiti Ice Cream'' sends Ozzie on a madcap search throughout the town. Next, it's Ozzie's old jalopy against Ricky's hot-rod in "Road Race." 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 30 [VHS] VHS There are chills and thrills at ``The Circus,'' with David and Ricky performing on the high wire. Next, Ricky's involved in college frat hi-jinks in ``The Blue Moose.'' 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 31 [VHS] VHS ``The Big Dog'' is what Ricky buys wife Kris for her birthday, but she doesn't want it. Next, Ricky gets into hot water at the office thanks to ``The Desk Photo.'' 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 32 [VHS] VHS Ricky and his friend Wally spend their Christmas money vying for the romantic attentions of ``The Girl at the Emporium.'' Next, ``David Picks up the Tab'' for his parents' dinner, but comes up short. 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 26 [VHS] VHS David and Ricky, too, in two complete episodes: "Ricky's Horse" and "Ozzie the Babysitter." 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 33 [VHS] VHS Ozzie has a restless night after eating two huge triple banana sundaes in "Ozzie's Triple Banana Surprise." Next, Rick borrows David's car, only to get into a fender bender with a beautiful girl, in "Rick Gets Even," guest starring Tuesday Weld. 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 34 [VHS] VHS In "Ozzie and the Space Age," Ozzie tries to take a picture of a real flying saucer to win $1,000 from a local theater. Next, Ozzie lectures Rick about the importance of punctuality--although he can't seem to get anywhere on time himself--in "Be on Time." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 35 [VHS] VHS In "The Odd Bolt," Ozzie drives himself and the family mad while trying to find out where a found bolt came from. Frank Cady ("Petticoat Junction") guests. Next, Ozzie's stories make Thorny nervous about his son joining a guy's club in "The Initiation." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 36 [VHS] VHS Ozzie questions if Rick has any real friends after he lends a pal $100 in "A Friend in Need." Then, "Rick Counts the Ballots" for the Prom Queen contest, but has a problem keeping the results a secret. 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 37 [VHS] VHS First, Rick's girlfriend mistakes the autographed picture meant for his grandmother as a gift for her in "Rick Sends a Picture." Then, a teenage girl in Dave's apartment building has a crush on him in "David and the Teenager." 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 38 [VHS] VHS Ozzie decides to perform a mind-reading act at the women's club dance in "The Swami." Then, June becomes David's secretary while his regular one is on vacation in "A Wife in the Office." 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 39 [VHS] VHS There's big trouble when Dave falls for Rick's new girlfriend in "His Brother's Girl." Then, Ozzie helps Dave when he gets his briefcase mixed up with someone else's in "The Lost Briefcase." 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 40 [VHS] VHS Rick goes to Dave for help when the lease on his frat house expires in "Dave and the Fraternity Lease." Then, Ozzie and Joe are joined on a fishing trip by two models doing layouts for a magazine in "Ozzie, Joe and the Fashion Models." 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 41 [VHS] VHS While "Selling Rick's Drums," David hopes to be the first to meet a girl whom both the boys like. Next, Joe and Ozzie fool the girls into thinking that they have "E.S.P." 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 42 [VHS] VHS In "Rover Boys," an argument between Ozzie and Thorny leads to a lesson in Ancient Greek history. Then, Joe gives Ozzie a "Built-In TV Set" that comes with plenty of trouble. With Alvy Moore. 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 43 [VHS] VHS First, David, Rick and Wally race to procure "A Piano for the Fraternity" while planning a Christmas party. Then, Rick and Dave work at "The Christmas Tree Lot" to earn enough money for Ozzie's present. 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 44 [VHS] VHS In "The Motorcycle," the Nelsons try to squash David's need for speed. Next, Ozzie, Harriet and Darby try to get one of their single friends hitched in "The Bachelor." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 45 [VHS] VHS Ozzie suspects that "New Neighbor" Doc Williams may be a thief. Next, Ricky's band books their first gig and Ozzie wants to join them as "The Banjo Player." 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 46 [VHS] VHS David takes a fearful June on her first camping trip in "June and the Great Outdoors." Then, there's trouble aplenty when "The Puppy" the boys gave Harriet runs away. 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 47 [VHS] VHS In "A Matter of Inches," David is promised $50 if he grows to the same height as Ozzie. Next, "Rick's Riding Lessons" are given by a beautiful girl after he helps her learn how to play guitar. 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 48 [VHS] VHS David, Rick, and Wally plan a "Father's Night at the Fraternity" so they can hit up their patriarchs for some much needed cash. Then, Ozzie and Harriet think David is getting married when his girlfriend invites them to dinner with "David's Almost In-Laws." 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 49 [VHS] VHS First, "Dave Hires a Secretary" while his boss's assistant is on vacation. With Joe Flynn. Then, Ozzie uses Rick's tape recorder to give a "Treasurer's Report" at the men's club. 50 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 50 [VHS] VHS First, Ozzie tries to get the men's club to form a band so they can play at the "Old Band Pavilion." Next, Ozzie spends "A Day in Bed" relaxing. 55 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 51 [VHS] VHS Ozzie becomes "The Editor" of a women's club newsletter. Next, Ozzie becomes a temporary father to two female teenage houseguests in "Ozzie's Daughters." 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 52 [VHS] VHS "A Bird's Nest" in the rain gutter creates a problem for the Nelsons. Next, Ozzie tries to get the family to start spending more time in "The Reading Room." 60 min. 

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 53 [VHS] VHS  Ozzie and his friends become waiters at the women's club banquet in "The Magic of Three." Next, David and Rick plan revenge on Wally after a practical joke in "The Exploding Book." 60 min. 

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 54 [VHS] VHS Rick's girlfriend decides to knit him a present in "A Sweater for Rick." Next, "Ricky the Milkman" meets a beautiful girl while making deliveries for a friend. With Susan Oliver. 60 min.

The Best Of Ozzie And Harriet, Vol. 55 [VHS] VHS Fed up with Joe not returning his lawnmower, Ozzie recruits the aid of Rick and a hacksaw to get it back in "A Lawnmower for Ozzie." Then it's "A Special Cake" for Rick on the first anniversary of his proposal to June--unless he spends the night playing poker with the guys. 60 min.

Swing, Swing, Swing!, Vol. 1 [VHS] VHS Featured performers include Artie Shaw, Jimmy Dorsey, Red Nichols and Ozzie Nelson and their orchestras. 80 min.

The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet [DVD] DVD Ozzie and Harriet discover that David has been neglecting his car payments in the appropriately titled "David's Car Payments"; then, Ozzie unknowingly uses the neighborhood kids' rare coin collection for a night of poker in "The Pennies"; next, Ozzie and Harriet become the "Lonesome Parents" when it looks as if David and June are avoiding them; and finally, "The Tigers Go to the Dance" thanks to Ozzie who persuades his baseball team to attend an event sponsored by Harriet's women's club. 110 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Vintage Christmas Classics [DVD] DVD
Celebrate the holidays with some of your all-time favorite TV families, thanks to this collection that features two Christmas shows each from "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and "The Beverly Hillbillies"; Christmas- and New Year's-themed episodes of "The Jack Benny Show"; and the touching "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll" sketch from "The Red Skelton Show." 216 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

People Are Funny [VHS](1946) VHS
Based on the popular radio (and later, TV) show, this music-filled comedy follows the rivalry between two radio producers to please a sponsor. Jack Haley, Philip Reed, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee, Ozzie Nelson star, with host Art Linkletter as himself. 94 min.

Here Come The Nelsons [VHS](1952) VHS
In between the radio and TV versions of their long-running sitcom, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, plus sons David and Ricky, hit the big screen with this lively tale. Advertising man Ozzie (yes, folks, he really had a job) must cope with trying to develop a women's wear company's campaign while the town's centennial celebration has him and Harriet fighting over rival houseguests...and hers is Rock Hudson! Barbara Lawrence, Jim Backus also star. 76 min.

The Nelsons are on eBay!

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