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Program:  Northern Exposure
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: July 12, 1990
Last Telecast: August 9, 1995
Network(s):  CBS
Currently Airs  On:  Occasional on Hallmark
Previously Shown On: Hallmark Channel (from 2002 thru 1/2003)
Available Formats: VHS  & DVD
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Northern Exposure on DVD

Northern Exposure: The Complete First Season [DVD](1990) DVD
All eight episodes from the debut season--including the pilot, "Brains, Know How and Native Intelligence," "Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes," "A Kodiak Moment," and "Aurora Borealis"--are collected on a two-disc set. 6 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: French, Spanish; deleted scenes; featurettes; more.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Second Season [DVD](1991) DVD
All seven episodes from season two--including "Goodbye to All That," "All Is Vanity," "What I Did for Love," "Spring Break," and "Slow Dance"--are collected on a two-disc set. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Third Season [DVD](1991) DVD
All 23 episodes from season three--including "The Bumpy Road to Love," "Oy, Wilderness," "Seoul Mates," "Burning Down the House," and "Cicely"--are collected on a three-disc set. Standard; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: Spanish, French.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Fourth Season [DVD](1992) DVD
All 25 episodes from season four--including "Northwest Passage," "Blowing Bubbles," "Love's Labour Mislaid," "Kaddish, For Uncle Manny," and "Old Tree"--are collected in a three-disc set. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish; deleted scenes.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Fifth Season [DVD](1993) DVD
All 24 episodes from season five--including "Three Doctors," "A Cup of Joe," "Hello, I Love You," "The Gift of the Maggie," and "Lovers and Madmen"--are collected in a five-disc set. 18 1/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH); deleted scenes.

Northern Exposure on VHS

The following titles are out of print, but are usually available through Half.com.  Just click on the title to check availability.
Northern Exposure "Cicely"  The bittersweet history of Cicely is revealed in flashbacks to the turn-of-the-century when two liberal young women arrive in town with plans for a free-thinking, egalitarian society.  
Northern Exposure "Northwest Passage"  Maggie spends her 30th birthday camping on the river, where, feverish and hallucinating, she is visited by all her former, now dead, boyfriends. In town, Maurice drives everyone crazy recording his memoirs and Marilyn decides to learn to drive. 
Northern Exposure "The First Episode"  Incorrigible young New Yorker, Dr. Joel Fleischman, indebted for his medical education, is irate to find himself forced to practice in Cicely, Alaska, population 500. He hits massive culture-shock when he encounters the curious and unforgettable characters that make up this town. 
Northern Exposure "Spring Break"  The Spring thaw causes an inhibition meltdown and personalities change overnight. When will the insanity end? With the annual Running of the Bulls when the male residents charge through town... In the buff? 
Northern Exposure "Seoul Mates"  A Christmas of surprises as Maurice expects another lonesome holiday only to have a Korean man claim to be his illegitimate son and Maggie, expecting another boring family obligation, finds herself alone. 
Northern Exposure "Aurora Borealis: a Fairytale for Big People"  The northern lights bring other strange visitors to Cicely. Chris, the DJ, meets the brother he never knew, a black man on a Harley. Dr. Fleischman meets the mysterious Adam, a bigfoot like man who happens to be a master chef and disappears as suddenly as he appeared. 
Northern Exposure "Thanksgiving" 
Thanksgiving in Cicely is a quirky mix of tradition and eccentricity. 
Northern Exposure "Northern Lights" 
The town deals with the long Night of Alaska in very different ways.
Northern Exposure "Burning Down the House"  Maggie gets a visit from Mom that turns into a double dose of disaster. First Mom, announces she's divorcing Maggie's father, then if that isn't enough, she accidentally burns down her daughter's house. 
Northern Exposure "The Big Feast"  The whole town prepares for the 25th anniversary party for Minnifield Communications. Additional cast: Darren E. Burrows, Peg Phillips, Elaine Miles, and Doug Ballard.
Northern Exposure "The Body in Question"  The sleepy little town of Cicely may cause a worldwide historical revolution when Chris discovers the frozen body of an 18th-century Frenchman. Additional cast: Darren E. Burrows (Ed), Peg Phillips (Ruth-Anne), and Elane Miles. 

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