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The Mothers-In-Law


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Program:  The Mothers-In-Law
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: September 1967
Last Telecast: September 1969
Network(s): NBC
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The Mothers-In-Law

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The Mothers-In-Law Video Library

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The Mothers-In-Law VHS
Domestic hilarity abounded in this NBC sitcom produced (and often directed) by Desi Arnaz, which ran from 1967-1969. Jerry Fogel and Deborah Walley are college-age newlyweds Jerry and Susie, who must deal with the interference and in-fighting of their parents, Eve and Herb Hubbard (Eve Arden and Herbert Rudley) and Kaye and Roger Buell (Kaye Ballard and Roger C. Carmel, who was replaced after the first season by Richard Deacon).

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 1 VHS
Includes the pilot episode "On Again, Off Again, Lohengrin," in which the Hubbards and Buells argue over wedding plans; "Everybody Goes on a Honeymoon," in which the two families surprise their honeymooning children; and "All Fall Down," about the time Eve and Kaye break their legs skiing. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 2 VHS
Includes "A Night to Forget," in which Kaye and Eve get locked into a store at night and Desi Arnaz guest stars; "The Newlyweds Move In," which shows what happens when the kids move into an apartment; and "The Career Girls," featuring guest Rob Reiner, detailing the antics of Kaye and Eve when they audition for a play. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 3 VHS
Includes "Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?," which shows how Eve and Kaye react when their hubbies say they'd sleep with Liz; "My Son the Actor," detailing the two families' efforts to land Jerry a part in a play; and "How Do You Moonlight a Meatball?" in which Eve and Kaye go into business to help pay for Susie's ring. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 4 VHS
Includes "I Thought He'd Never Leave," with Larry Storch as a fugitive bank robber who hides in the Hubbards' house; "The Great Bicycle Race," with the Buells and Hubbards joining a bicycling club; and "Through the Lurking Glass," in which Roger is saved by costumed Kaye, Eve and Herb after being arrested. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 5 VHS
Includes "Divorce Mother-in-Law Style," about Jerry and Deborah showing their families a lesson by creating a fake divorce; "The Not Cold Enough War," in which Kaye gets upset when the refrigerator Eve gives her breaks down; and "You Challenge Me to What?," in which Roger and Herb's disagreement leads to a duel. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 6 VHS
Includes "Everybody Wants to Be a Writer," in which Eve and Kaye's TV script turns out to be swiped from another writer; "The Kids Move Out," which finds Jerry and Susie packing when their parents' interference proves too much; and "Don't Give up the Sloop," about a boat fought over by the Hubbards and the Buells. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 7 VHS
Includes the two-part "The Hombre Who Came to Dinner," with Desi Arnaz as a matador who stays with the families for a while, then invites them to join him on his variety show in Mexico; and "I'd Tell You I Love You But We're Not Speaking," in which Jerry and Susie go the group therapy route to help get their parents to talk to each other again. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 8 VHS
Includes "Herb's Little Helpers," in which Eve fills in for Herb's secretary when she calls in sick; "Bye, Bye Blackmailer," in which Roger and Herb get involved in a loan mix-up; and "The Wig Story," focusing on Roger's obsession with Eve's blonde wig. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 9 VHS
Includes "Jerry's Night Out with the Boys," telling how the in-laws get involved when Jerry's night of card playing leads to a fight with Susie; "The Long, Long Weekend," which finds both families stranded in a cabin in the snow; and "Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder," which finds Eve getting jealous when Herb greets an old flame (Beverly Garland). 78 min

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 10 VHS
Includes "How Not to Manage a Rock Group," in which both families invest in a rock band called The Warts (guest stars include Joe Besser, The Myhers and The Seeds); "Here Comes the Bride Again," involving Jerry and Susie's second wedding and introducing Richard Deacon as Roger; and "The Match Game," with guest Paul Lynde, which shows what happens when the Buells and Hubbards try to help Jerry keep his computer dating job. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 11 VHS
Includes "A Little Pregnancy Goes a Long Way," in which Kaye and Eve believe their husbands are planning a cruise to Hawaii; "Love Thy Neighbor, If You Can't Get Him to Move," offering flashbacks of how the Hubbards and Buells first met; and "I Didn't Raise Myself to Be a Grandmother," in which Eve and Kaye try to improve their lives when they decide they haven't done enough. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 12 VHS
Includes "It's a Dog's Life," involving both Kate and Eve giving the kids a puppy as a gift; "The First Anniversary Is the Hardest," which tells of Susie giving away Jerry's jacket...unaware that his parents have hid money in it; and "The Birth of Everything But the Blues," in which Susie tries to earn some extra cash as an animal babysitter. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 13 VHS
Includes "Nome, Schnome, I'd Rather Have It at Home," in which the kids tell their folks they're moving to Alaska; "Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here," in which Eve and Herb try to hide from Kaye and Roger under the bed; and "Didn't You Used to Be Ossie Snick?," an episode about Kaye's former bandleading boyfriend (Ozzie Nelson) visiting her. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 14 VHS
Includes "Make Room for Baby," in which the in-laws try to save cash by adding another room to the kids' apartment; "Haven't You Had That Baby Yet?," detailing what happens when Eve and Kaye lose Susie on the way to the hospital; and "And Baby Makes Four," in which Susie gives birth to twins and a fight over names begins (all this, and Alice Ghostley and Avery Schreiber, too!). 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 15 VHS
Includes "Nanny Go Home," involving Kaye and Eve trying to get rid of a strict nanny; "Double Trouble in the Nursery" offers the mothers-in-law babysitting the twins for the weekend; and "Void Where Prohibited by In-Laws," in which Eve and Kaye enter a contest to win money for a college fund. 78 min.

The Mothers-In-Law, Vol. 16 VHS
Includes "Guess Who's Coming Forever," with Scoey Mitchell as a black man who rents the kids' apartment after they move out; "Every In-Law Wants to Get Into the Act," with the Hubbards and Buells taking Jerry's place in his nightclub act after he gets sick (Jimmy Durante guests); and "The Not-So Grand Opera," in which Eve and Kaye try for spots in an opera production. 78 min.

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