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Program:  Life of Riley
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: October 4, 1949
Last Telecast: August 22, 1958
Network(s):  NBC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: VHS / DVD
Related Links: Information page with pictures and sound clips

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Life of Riley on eBay

Life of Riley on Video

The Life Of Riley/ The Great Gildersleeve VHS
As harried pop Chester A. Riley, Jackie Gleason faces a "revoltin' development" when he's convinced son Junior pinched $5 from the family kitty. Then, Gildersleeve (Willard Waterman) turns poet to win a young lady's heart, but his nephew and niece make an impromptu substitution. 60 min.

50s TV Comedy Double Feature: Life Of Riley/Our Miss Brooks [DVD] DVD
Includes two episodes from the vintage comedy classic "The Life of Riley" starring William Bendix, and a pair of the funniest installments from "Our Miss Brooks" starring Eve Arden. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

More titles available from:  Eldon Russell

DVD1950s TV's Greatest Shows Featuring: The Jack Benny Program / Dragnet / The Burns and Allen Show / The Lone Ranger / The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet / Sea Hunt / The Red Skelton Show / Suspense / Our Miss Brooks / Mr. & Mrs. North / The Life of Riley / Racket Squad The Golden Age of Television lives again with this treasure-trove of TV favorites . DIGITALLY RESTORED ON DVD!!! J This collection of "family-friendly" programming includes 4 complete TV shows on each of the 3 DVDs - 12 shows in all - 5 hours of viewing fun!

DVD #1
The Jack Benny Program 10-31-54 "How Jack Found Mary" w/ Jack Benny . Dragnet 09-09-54 "The Big Crime" w/ Jack Webb . The Burns and Allen Show 10-09-52 "Free Trip to Hawaii" w/ George Burns and Gracie Allen . The Lone Ranger 12-29-49 "Cannonball McKay" w/ Clayton Moore

DVD #2
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 02-13-53 "Valentine Show" w/ Ozzie & Harriet Nelson . Sea Hunt 1956 "Mark of the Octopus" (pilot) w/ Lloyd Bridges . The Red Skelton Show 01-25-55 "Trailer home" w/ guest, Mary McCarty . Suspense 06-29-54 "The Hunted" w/ Ward Bond

DVD #3
Our Miss Brooks 05-13-55 "Here is Your Past" w/ Eve Arden . Mr. & Mrs. North 12-05-52 "The Comic Strip Tease" w/ Richard Denning and Barbara Britton . The Life of Riley 04-24-53 "Riley's Operation" w/ William Bendix . Racket Squad 02-28-52 "Hearse Chaser" w/ Reed Hadley

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