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Program:  I Married Joan
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: October 1952
Last Telecast: April 1955
Network(s):  NBC
Currently Airs  On:  FamilyNetTV (limited availability)
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: VHS
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I Married Joan on DVD

I Married Joan: Classic TV Collection #1 [DVD] DVD
This special collection includes the episodes "The Prizefighter," "Wall Safe," "Joan's Haircut," "Changing Houses," "Talent Scout," "Bad Boy," "Honeymoon," "Home Movies," "New House," "Neighbors," "Alienation," and "Sister Pat." 318 min. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English; biographies.

I Married Joan: Classic TV Collection #2 [DVD] DVD
This special collector's set includes the episodes "Home of the Week," "Acrobats," "Mabel's Dress," "Bev's Boyfriend," "Mountain Lodge," "Broken Toe," "Dreams," "The Jailbird," Clothes Budget," "Class Reunion," "Allergy," and "Jealousy." 6 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; biographies.

I Married Joan, Vol. 1 [DVD] DVD
Includes "Talent Scout," "Bad Boy," "Honey-Moon," "Neighbors," and "Sister Pat." 122 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

I Married Joan, Vol. 2 [DVD] DVD
Includes "Mountain Lodge," "Joan's Haircut," "New House," "Acrobats," and "Prizefighter." 122 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

I Married Joan, Vol. 3 [DVD] DVD
Includes "The Jailbird," "Home Movies," "Wall Safe," "Dreams," and "Changing Houses." 122 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.


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I Married Joan Video Library

I Married Joan VHS
"I married Joan. What a girl, what a whirl, what a life!" Joan Davis starred as Joan Stevens in this fondly-remembered sitcom from the early '50s, which caught a glimpse of the harried lives of a homemaker and her long-suffering husband, Judge Bradley Stevens (Jim Backus). Except where noted, each tape contains two episodes and runs about 50 min.

I Married Joan Gift Set 1 VHS
This special four-tape collector's set includes the episodes "The Prizefighter/Wall Safe/Joan's Haircut," "Changing Houses/Talent Scout/Bad Boy," "Honeymoon/Home Movies/New House" and "Neighbors/Alienation/Sister Pat."

I Married Joan Gift Set 2 VHS
This special four-tape collector's set includes the episodes "Home of the Week/Acrobats/Mabel's Dress," "Bev's Boyfriend/Mountain Lodge/Broken Toe," "Dreams/The Jailbird/Clothes Budget" and "Class Reunion/Allergy/Jealousy."

I Married Joan, Vol. 1: Home Of The Week/Jealousy VHS
When Joan borrows expensive furnishings for a "Home of the Week" photo shoot, accusations fly that Brad is taking bribes. Next, a marital expert leads Joan to believe Brad doesn't love her because he never shows his "Jealousy."

I Married Joan, Vol. 10: Talent Scout/Home Movies VHS
"Talent Scout" finds Joan being unknowingly used by Brad and the DA to catch two con men posing as talent scouts. Next, friends come over to watch "Home Movies," but Joan and Brad are in the middle of a big fight.

I Married Joan, Vol. 11: The Maid/Brad's Class Reunion VHS
Joan promises "The Maid" that a favorite movie star is a close friend in order to keep her working for her. And Joan becomes jealous when she meets a former girlfriend of her husband at "Brad's Class Reunion."

I Married Joan, Vol. 12: Clothes Budget/Bev's Boyfriend VHS
Brad gives Joan her entire "Clothes Budget" for a year at one time, and hilarious complications ensue when she spends it on one dress. Also, Joan steals the affection of "Bev's Boyfriend," much to her best friend's dismay.

I Married Joan, Vol. 13: Two St. Bernards/The Allergy VHS
After much discussion, Brad and Joan get not one, but "Two St. Bernards" as pets. Also, Joan can't stop sneezing when a local TV camera begins filming for a story on Brad's political campaign, thanks to "The Allergy."

I Married Joan, Vol. 2: Lady And The Prizefighter/Changing Houses VHS
Joan learns about the "Lady and the Prizefighter" after losing a boxing match bet prompts her to stage a fight for her woman's club. Also, Joan and Mabel partake in "Changing Houses" by swapping homes for a week.

I Married Joan, Vol. 3: Joan's Haircut/The Jail Bird VHS
In "Joan's Haircut," the Stevens get a taste of their own medicine when, after making of someone else's haircut, they accidentally get radical new styles just before a college reunion. Then, a thieving crow has everyone thinking Joan is a kleptomaniac in "The Jail Bird."

I Married Joan, Vol. 4: New House/Wall Safe VHS
The Stevens' "New House" is their dream, but problems arise when it's sold to another couple. In that new house, Joan goes to great lengths to find out what's in a "Wall Safe" she discovers.

I Married Joan, Vol. 5: Mabel's Dress/Dreams VHS
After ruining "Mabel's Dress," Joan tries to make good with a birthday cake gift--that explodes! Also, Joan has special "Dreams" about what her life could have been if she hadn't married Brad after attending a school reunion.

I Married Joan, Vol. 6: Acrobats/Broken Toe VHS
In "Acrobats," Joan ends up as part of a floor show at a restaurant when she tries to disguise herself to throw off the wife of the dean of the law school. And Joan finds herself in the hospital after she makes fun of Brad's "Broken Toes."

I Married Joan, Vol. 7: Mountain Lodge/Honeymoon VHS
Brad surprises Joan by buying a "Mountain Lodge" and Joan surprises Brad by buying a boat--with the same money! Then, Brad shares the story of how he wound up locked in a burglar-proof closet on his and Joan's "Honeymoon."

I Married Joan, Vol. 8: Neighbors/ Alienation Of Affections VHS
After noisy "Neighbors" move away, Brad and Joan don't know what they're in for. And Joan is sued for "Alienation of Affections" when she comes between a doctor and his wife.

I Married Joan, Vol. 9: Bad Boy/Sister Pat VHS
In "Bad Boy," Joan and Brad watch a convict's son as a favor, and Joan figures out how to teach the ill-mannered kid a lesson. And when Joan's "Sister Pat" moves in, Brad hires actors to impersonate his cousins.

I Married Joan: Career/Country Club VHS
Tired of housework, Joan sets out to land a new "Career" as an actress, only to find she's being typecast. Next, Joan must juggle hosting a dinner party for some antagonistic guests with getting accepted into a "Country Club."

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