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Program:  Daktari
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: January 1966
Last Telecast: January 1969
Network(s): CBS
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:  Animal Planet
Available Formats: (none) See Related VHS
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"Daktari" (a Swahili word for "as") was a spin-off from the 1965 feature film, "Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion."  Scenes of The Wameru Study Center for Animal Behavior in East Africa were filmed at Africa, U.S.A., a wild-animal park in Soledad Canyon, CA.

The Cast:

Marshall Thompson as Dr. Marsh Tracy
Cheryl Miller as Paula Tracy
Hari Rhodes as Mike
Yale Summers as Jack Dane
Hedley Mattingly as District Officer Hedley
Erin Moran as Jenny Jones
Don Marshall as Luke
Jan Clayton as Mrs. Fosby
Judy the Chimp
Clarence the Lion

Note: Check out the pictures above.  The little girl with the dark hair is Erin Moran who would later gain fame as Joanie Cunnigham, Richie's little sister on "Happy Days."


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Daktari Related:

Daktari: A Surgeon's Adventures With the Flying ass of East Africa
by Thomas D., Md. Rees   "Daktari" is Swahili for "as," this book is not associated with the series, but offered for those interested in the subject.  Rees's memoir of his experiences with the Flying ass of East Africa, as one of its founders and practitioners, offers a refreshing look at humankind's better nature. In 1956, Rees, along with two others, parlayed his interest in Africa and compassion for others into an effort to provide emergency medical and surgical care for people living in regions of Kenya, Tanzania and other areas where those necessities are rare. The book opens with a graphic yet sympathetic view of Rees's operation on a warrior gutted by a charging rhino, setting the scene for the many challenges the physicians face. While Rees does examine Africa's political transitions, he also delves into the human aspect, depicting how Africans have tried to cope with the ravages of infant mortality, disease, poverty and even practices such as female genital mutilation. Particularly memorable are the stories of the big game hunter who wants a sex change and so starts with breast implants; the warrior who values his cattle over the life of his ailing son; and the young mother whose baby dies of malnutrition because of her aversion to using a glass feeding bottle. Rees has written an unforgettable memoir of courage, empathy and perseverance.

Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion(1965)
Wonderful family adventure, set in an African animal care compound, that led to the TV series "Daktari." Marshall Thompson and Cheryl Miller are a father/daughter team who must protect their charges from poachers, with some help from cross-eyed "kitty" Clarence and Doris the chimp. 92 min.

The Daktari Soundtrack

 Remastered digipak reissue of 1968 album. Cut in the birth pangs of electric fusion and afro-funk, West Coast drummer Shelly Manne's brilliant score for the popular '60's TV series Daktari still stands as a global fusion landmark.
Track Listings:
1. Daktari
2. Out On A Limb
3. Clarence
4. Africa
5. Stay With Me
6. Elephantime
7. Wameru
8. Toto
9. Galloping Giraffes
10. Judy Judy
11. Ivan
12. Rhino Trot

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