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What is the name of the song one of the "M*A*S*H" characters was singing with the lyric "I Love Swimming with Bowlegged Women"?
-D.C. Lyles

Dear D.C. Lyles,

The song falls into the category of "Folk Songs," and therefore has no "official" title. It is sometimes referred to as "Here's to Bowlegged Women" and "I Love Swimming with Bowlegged Women." I'm not a music expert, but I think it has it's roots in the Navy. 

A folk music expert, by the name of Oscar Brand could tell you more. He runs a web site: www.oscarbrand.com that was not operational tonight for some reason. Mr. Brand is the host of the longest running program with a single host in the history of radio, "Folksong Festival", which he began in 1945. He is an amazing person who has attempted to document every folk song that went unwritten. Among his efforts is keeping track of all "folk" lyrics to the Popeye theme song (i.e. "I'm Popeye the Sailorman. I live in a garbage can...").

Although I'm a fan of M*A*S*H, I don't recall the episode. It sounds like it could have been sung by Captain Phil Cardozo, who when asked if he would like a drink, replied: "I have a wife back in the states, I promised her that I'd be true to her and that I'd never touch a drink. You'd better make it a short one, I have a date tonight." Or it could have been Col. Potter, as Harry Morgan used to ad-lib little ditties like that. 

Thanks for writing, stay tuned,


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