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Why was Theodore Cleaver called "Beaver?"
-Junele Guice-Fink

Dear Junele Guice-Fink

Watching the Beaver Fandamonium? Writer/Producer/Creator Joe Connelly always wanted to be a writer. He carried a book around with him and wrote down ideas to use in his plays. While in the army, he met a guy who's nickname was "Beaver". He wrote it down, thinking that some day he'd use it. When he started to write about a little boy, he decided to call him "Beaver". 

In an early episode, Beaver asks his teacher, Mrs. Canfield, to call him "Beaver". Mrs. Canfield asks, "Is that your given name?" Beaver replies "Yeah, my brother gave it to me."

That was the only explanation of his name until the last season. The family is looking at a scrap book and Beaver asks how he got his name. June tells Beaver that Wally couldn't pronounce Theodore, "It kept coming out 'Tweever'." And from that it became Beaver.

Hope that answers your question, I gotta go, I've got 28 hours more of Beaver marathon to watch. 



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