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Dear Morty,

If you can help me with this question, I would be a hero in my wife's eyes (which would be a VERY good thing). What kind of tractor did Mr Haney sell to poor old Oliver Douglas?

Sincerely and hopeful,
John Dear

It was a Hoyt Clagwell.  I hope you don't need to know what it really was,  they used two different tractors and I haven't a clue what they were made out of, however a tractor expert friend of mine says they were old John Deers.

UPDATE:  My tractor friend was wrong (although the prop people may have added some John Deer parts).  The tractor was a Fordson.  A Fordson,  not a Ford?  Well there's an interesting story behind that too.

In 1907 Henry built his first experimental tractor.  When he was ready to show his tractor to the public, he found that he could not used the "Ford" name for his tractor because it was already being used by the "Ford Tractor Company". So he adopted the name of "Fordson". A new company, "Henry Ford & Son" was created to mass produce the tractors. By 1920, the distribution of the Fordson was shifted to the Ford Motor Company.  

So there you have it,  Morty was wrong.  

Happy Viewing,

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