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Dear Morty,
I am hoping you can help settle a bet. I say that the sitcom
McHale's Navy took place in both the South Pacific and Europe, my husband thinks it only occurred in the South Pacific. Who is right?

Tell your husband to pay up.  The first three seasons of McHale's Navy (October 11, 1962 thru September 2, 1965) took place on the Pacific isle of Taratupa. The fourth and final season (September 9, 1965 - April 6 1966) had Lt Cdr. Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine) and the entire crew, including Captain Wallace Binghamton (Joe Flynn) transferred to Voltafiore Italy, where they were installed as peacekeepers against invading Germans.   By the late sixties military sit-coms fell out of favor with the viewing public, whether it was Vietnam, or the exhaustion of plots, McHale and the other series were discharged.

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