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Can you give me the cast list & a little trivia for the television series, "Hawaiian Eye."

Hi Peter,

"Hawaiian Eye" was made at Warner Brothers and aired on ABC from 1959 thru 1963. Set against the landscape of Honolulu, Hawaii, this series centered around the cases of Hawaiian Eye Private Investigations and the two handsome, slick, tough-guy detectives who ran the firm - Thomas Jefferson Lopaka (Robert Conrad), or Tom for short, and Tracy Steele (Anthony Eisley), a Korean War veteran and former city police detective. 

They operated out of a swank office at the Hawaiian Village Hotel, where they were also the house detectives. Assisting them occasionally was a funny, ukelele-strumming Hawaiian taxi driver named Kazuo Kim (Poncie Ponce), whose wardrobe - consisting of a straw hat and crazy Hawaiian shirts was The Hawaiian version of the "77 Sunset Strip" character Kookie. "77 Sunsest Strip" was also produced at Warner Brothers at the same time, and critics noted the simularities of the two series. Both Kookie and Kazuo provided comic relief. 

They were also aided by a dim-bulbed, scatter-brained, flippant nightclub singer and photographer named Chryseis "Cricket" Blake (Connie Stevens). Later joining the team was private eye Greg MacKenzie (Grant Williams), an old friend of Tom's from the mainland. Troy Donahue came along in the last season as hotel social director Philip Barton. Lt. Danny Quon was their contact on the police force who was always on call to provide any vital information that could help the Eyes crack a case.

They made 134, 60 minute episodes.

Robert Conrad .... Tom Lopaka (1959-63) 
Troy Donahue .... Philip Barton (1962-63) 
Anthony Eisley .... Tracy Steele (1959-62) 
Douglas Mossman .... Moke (1960-63) 
Poncie Ponce .... Kim Quisado (1959-63) 
Mel Prestige .... Lt. Danny Quon (1960-63) 
Connie Stevens .... Cricket Blake (1959-63) 
Grant Williams .... Greg MacKenzie (1960-63) 

You can find an episode guide and cast photo at:

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