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Two questions: No. 1, Who were the two actors that played officers in "Adam- 12?"  No. 2, Who were the two actors that rode in the paramedic unit on "Emergency"

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"Adam-12" (1968 - 1975) was a spin off from Jack Webb's "Dragnet" (1952 - 1970).  Kent McCord made several appearances on "Dragnet 1967" as Officer Jim Reed, the most memorable as a rookie cop that was mistaken for a liquor store hold-up man.  Although "Adam-12" drew from real police stories like "Dragnet" did, "Adam-12" was different in that it had a young good-looking cop that women wanted to watch too.  Rookie Jim Reed's partner was a senior officer,  Pete Malloy,  played by Martin Milner (previously Tod Stiles of "Route 66"). By the end of the series, Malloy was promoted to Patrolman 3, a notch below Sergeant and Reed was promoted to Officer (not very impressive for seven years of service).

Other cast members included: Sgt. MacDonald (William Boyett), Officer Ed Wells (Gary Crosby), Officer Jerry Walters (William Stevens),  Sgt. Jerry Miller (Jack Hogan),  Norm Green (Claude Johnson), Officer Grant (William Elliott),  Officer Woods (Fred Stromsoe).  The voice of the dispatcher was Shaaron Claridge.

Emergency aired from 1972 thru 1977 and followed the rescue efforts of Squad 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Paramedical Rescue Service.  That Jack Webb,  he became a millionaire just reading newspapers and making TV shows out of real life in LA!  The two paramedics that starred in the series were Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe) and John Gage (Randolph Mantooth).  Other cast members included: Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller), Nurse McCall (Julie London), Dr. Morton (Ron Pinkhard), Captain Stanley (Michael Norell) and the firemen: Chet Kelly (Tim Donnelly), Lopez (Marco Lopez), Stoker (Mike Stoker) and Vince (Vince Howard).

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