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Mr. Haney's first name is from Green Acres?

-Audie Smith

Dear Audie,

This is a tough question. Not because I don't know, but because the writers didn't know. In an early episode it's revealed that his name is Eustice Haney. In "The Deputy," Mr. Haney's nephew (Heston Haney), calls Mr. Haney Uncle Charleton. Eustice is the answer most trivia buffs give. This was bolstered by the Nick at Nite cast reunion, when Pat Buttram said that he believed Mr Haney's first name was Eustice.

It's hard to believe almost all the episodes were written by the same two guys. Take for instance the Sarah confusion: Oliver asks Mr. Kimble if he knows anyone at the phone company. He tells Oliver that his mother, Sarah owns the phone company. Later, Roy Trendell speaks of Sarah as being HIS mother. We're not even sure what day Sarah's away from her switchboard to baste her rump roast.

I guess they didn't expect us to tape them and still be watching 30 years later. 

Here's a bit of "Green Acres" trivia that might surprise you: For the last several years, Bette Midler has owned the movie rights to the Paul Hennings/Jay Sommers series.


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