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Dear Morty,

What happened to the show "Truth or Consequences"? I remember Bob Barker was the host. How was the game played. 

Hi Toni, 

"Truth or Consequences" started in 1950. Ralf Edwards was the host. The CBS show lasted one season. In 1954 NBC brought the show back with Jack Baily as host, he was replaced by in 1957 Steve Dunne. The show was canceled again in 1958. NBC also aired a daytime version of the show with Jack Baily who was later replaced with Bob Barker in 1966 and stayed with the show until 1974 when he felt the show had run it's course. A short-lived syndicated version came back in 1977 with host Bob Hilton. One last try to revive the premise was made in 1987 with Larry Anderson as host. 

Bob Barker has been doing the game show host gig since 1966. He is currently 77 and hosting "The Price is Right," just like he's been doing since 1972.

The "game" in "Truth or Consequences" was that contestants were to answer a quiz question, usually a trick question, before the buzzer sounded. If they failed to answer the question, they had to face the consequences. These were elaborate stunts, some done in the studio, and others done outside. I read that some stunts could take a week or more to complete. I don't recall those. The ones I do remember were similar to the sort of stuff they did on Nickelodeon's "Double Dare." The stunts were pretty much designed to embarrass the contestant, and the prize amounts weren't all that great.

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