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Hi Morty,
I would like to know if the actor who played the French gigolo type on Cheers who was always threatening Woody with "I'm going to steal your girlfriend" is the same actor who played Guy on an episode of Frasier (The episode where they all go up to the ski lodge, including Marty who at the time, has a problem hearing due to stuffy ears. They all sit around drinking hot buttered rum, Daphne's friend is along who is crazy for Niles, but Daphne wants her to be "hot for Frasier". In the meantime, Guy thinks Daphne and her friend are lesbians and he is trying to make a play for Niles.

Hi Linda Dittrich, 

The French gigolo on "Cheers" was Henri, played by Anthony Cistaro. The character was first seen in the episode "Woody Interruptus". Anthony reprised the Henri role for four more episodes. He can also be seen in a "Seinfeld" episode, "The Masseuse" playing Joel Rifkin.

Guy, was played by James Patrick Stuart in the "Frasier" episode "The Ski Lodge." James is the son of Chad Stuart, of the 60's singing duo of "Chad and Jeremy"

Now I want you to apologize to him, and no more arguing or you both get a time-out.


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