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What happened to the woman who played Mike's secretary on Spin City. She was an Italian girl I think her character name on the show was Stacie. It seems that they just dropped her suddenly she wasn't even on the final episode where Michael J Fox left what's up with that? Where is she from why did she leave and what is she doing now? Thank you,

Hi Ed,

Jennifer Esposito joined the cast of "Spin City" as Stacy Paterno, the wise-cracking, feisty secretary to the Deputy Mayor of New York in 1997. She had the challenging job of appearing on two primetime television shows simultaneously, since she had a recurring role as a "Mafia princess" on "New York Undercover." She's done over a dozen movies since "Spin City." She couldn't appear on the "final Mike episode" due to scheduling conflicts. She's considered one of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

Jennifer is 28 years old. Her birthday is April 11th (she's an Aries). She was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She is single. Her mother, Phyllis, is an interior decorator. Her father, Bob, is a former music producer who now works as a computer consultant on Wall Street. 

Here's a list of her credits:

Don't Say a Word (2002) .... Det. Sandra Cassidy 
Welcome to Collinwood (2002) .... Carmela 
"First to Die" (2001) (mini) TV Series .... Jill 
Backflash (2001) 
Beyond City Limits (2001) 
Proposal, The (2000/I) .... Susan Reese 
Dracula 2000 (2000) .... Solina 
Boys Life 3 (2000) .... Michelle 
Bachelor, The (1999) .... Daphne 
Just One Time (1999) .... Michelle 
Summer of Sam (1999) .... Ruby 
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) .... Nancy 
He Got Game (1998) .... Ms. Janus 
No Looking Back (1998) .... Teresa 
"All My Children" (1970) TV Series .... Tanzy (1998) 
Brooklyn State of Mind, A (1997) .... Donna Delgrosso 
Kiss Me Guido (1997) .... Debbie 
Brother's Kiss, A (1997) .... Lucy 
"Spin City" (1996) TV Series .... Stacey Paterno (1997-1999) 
"City, The" (1995) TV Series .... Connie Soleito (1995-1997) 

I've attached a pic for you.

Thanks for writing, stay tuned,

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