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hat is the meaning behind the name "Calvada" used in the show? I know it was used as the character name for the gangster "Max Calvada". It was used on a big billboard when Rob takes his little motor bike out for a ride "Drink  Calvada Soda", and it appears in the end credits, the show is "A Calvada Production".

Hope you can help.
Kenneth Smith

It was also used in "The Great Petrie Fortune" when one of Rob's relatives inherits stock shares in "Acre Mining" and "Calvada Carbon."

Calvada is a word they made up out of parts of the show's owners names:
"CA" for Carl Reiner, "L" for Sheldon Leonard,  "VA" for Van Dyke,  and  "DA" for Danny Thomas.  It was agreed that each partner would receive a percentage of the profits from the series.  Others associated with the series got residuals only for the first six airings of each episode.    I think Mary Tyler Moore received something extra in 1990,  but it was a "gift" from Calvada,  not Viacom that distributes the show.

Combining the owners names was common.  Ashmont owned "Bewitched." Can you guess the owners?

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