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My friends and I have a nagging question that we would appreciate if you could settle.  It has been rumored that Marilyn Manson, the rock star, was the oldest son on the TV show Mr. Belvedere.  Even though I watched this show numerous times, I cannot recall the son's face.  Please clarify this for us.  Thank you for your time.

This is one of several urban legends regarding the origin of Marilyn Manson.     His real name is Brian Warner,  he is 29 years old and was brought up in Canton Ohio.  He dated  Rose McGowan Graduated Glen Oak High School in Plain township in 1987.  Manson was originally a photojournalist before he got into music. He moved to Florida when he was 18 and began to write stories & poems.  He tried to get his poems and stories published by various magazines,  but continued to be turned down.  He then met up with Scott Mitchell (a.k.a. daisy berkowitz) who originally played guitar for the band.   I saw an interview with some of the people he attended church with.  They described him as a good boy,  a little square,  and only doing the Manson act as a put-on for the money. Manson got married in 99.

On the other hand:  Rob Stone played Kevin,  oldest of the Owens sibs on Mr. Belvedere,  is also pretty much a good boy.   He is 37 years old and not a rock star.   His last TV acting job was in the TV movie: "Matlock: The Fatal Seduction"

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