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What ever happened to Karen Grassle?


Karen Grassle, haven't heard her name for a while.  For those of you that may have forgotten, Karen played Caroline Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie." Following "Little House," she appeared in several TV movies. In the late '80's she appeared on "Murder She Wrote" twice, a move that some insiders feel signifies a failing career, and may have caused her to be passed over for more noteworthy roles. Her big screen come back was to be in a major Kevin Costner epic, this turned out to be 1994's bomb, "Wyatt Earp." She popped up again in 1995 at the Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, with supporting roles in "Trudy Blue" and "Middle-Aged White Guys." Her role in "Trudy Blue," received critical applause, but it was her supporting role in "Middle-Aged White Guys" that got the primary mention. Her character was described as "foul-mouthed sashaying around the stage in lingerie." "Middle-Aged White Guys" was also the only one of the plays to feature male full-frontal nudity on stage. She is currently the spokesperson for the "Little House on the Prairie" video series.

UPDATE :   [November 1, 2001]  Karen Grassle will be appearing in The Tennessee Repertory Theatre Presents Driving Miss Daisy, the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Comedy Nov. 28-Dec. 9 at TPAC's Polk Theatre.  

Driving Miss Daisy is a warm-hearted and humorous study of the evolving relationship between an aging, white Southern lady and the proud, soft-spoken black man her family hires as her driver.

Tickets for this production can be obtained by calling 255-ARTS. For group discounts call 244-4878 ext. 124.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE from Morty's TV News:

[April 24, 2002]  A few years ago I answered a "where are they now" email about Karen Grassle, Caroline Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie" .  Since then, tens of thousands of people have come to this site to read my reply.  I never expected that kind of response and I added a message box so people could write to me and tell me why that page is so popular.  I've received thousands of replies. 

Well have I got news for you!  The TV shy Karen Grassle will be appearing on Game Show Network’s Mothers Day salute on Saturday May 11, 2002. A three-hour event, The Mother of All Game Shows showcases women who are not only moms in real life,  such as Florence Henderson, Shirley Jones and Marion Ross, but also played them on TV! The event combines classic episodes of "Hollywood Squares," "Password Plus," "Tattletales," and "Family Feud,"  where TV moms compete  both with their television brood and actual family members, as well as a special episode of Game Show Network’s newest original, "Whammy!" "The All-New Press Your Luck," featuring appearances by television moms from "Little House on The Prairie," "Seinfeld" and "Dharma  & Greg." 

Karen  played well, got hit with two "Whammys,", came in third and left with $5,000 for her charity, The Sierra Club.

UPDATE [April 14, 2003]  On May 12th, 2003 Karen Grassle will appear on the syndicated game show, "Street Smarts."  Karen will compete against  Alison Arngrim.  

Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
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