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Halloween Movies You May Like

I have a confession, I like kid's movies-- I liked them when I was a kid, and still like them today. When it comes to Halloween movies, I still like the kid's stuff.  Some of my favorite kid's movies are Disney titles from the 1960's, as with most things, they were made better back in the day. 

I can remember where and when I saw these movies, they made such an impression on me.  I saw Disney's Blackbeard's Ghost in 1968 at the Circle Drive-In in Maple Shade NJ, it was a double feature with The Son of Flubber.  I like both movies, but Blackbeard's Ghost had some great spooky gimmicks that fired up my young imagination. 

The movies back then had a certain charm to them that you won't find in today's movies.  Although the plots were hokey, I think the primitive special effects helped. Today, you never wonder how they achieved an effect, it's all computer generated. But in 1966 when the organ in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken played, with no one at the keyboard... wow, now how did they do that?  I saw that at The Broadway Theatre in Palmyra, NJ. 

Movies like The Ghost and Mr. Chicken didn't just throw a story at you, it pulled you in with a supporting cast of  familiar faces, all those great character actors, from every 1960's TV show, people like Charles Lane, Rita Shaw, Dick Sargent, Hal Smith... then you put them all in a small town, that you feel like you've been to before, then put Don Knotts in a role that resembles Barney Fife, a haunted house, and you have a hit. 

   Bette Midler conjures up a hit movie with Hocus Pocus

The Broadway Theatre building is still in Palmyra, but hasn't been a movie theatre for 45 years, the Circle Drive-In is long gone, and the casts of many of my favorite movies may now be real ghosts, but turn on the TV, and everything is safe and easy to understand again.

There are also TV shows from the 1960's that are also a lot of fun at this season, like the first TV families' of Halloween, The Addams Family and The Munsters. So which show was the best?  If I had clear choice, I'm not sure I'd want to say, it's like the "dogs or cats" debate, no matter what you pick, you're going to tick-off a lot of people. 

Another show that is required Halloween viewing is It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Did you know this was the third Charlie Brown special, it was proceeded by: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and Charlie Brown's All Stars! (1966) and it's been followed by 49 more outings for Charlie Brown.  

Don't get me wrong, I have an appreciation for the new witches and wizards, like in the Harry Potter Movies, but my Top 13 List of Halloween Movies, might give you some suggestions that you have forgotten, or never heard of, so check it out, and have A Happy Halloween!

Posted on 16 Oct 2014 by morty
AMC Renews The Walking Dead for a Sixth Season

 AMC has renewed fan-favourite, The Walking Dead for a sixth season, even before the fifth season has started to air.

AMC also recently announced that it has ordered a pilot for a potential companion series to The Walking Dead, based on a new story and new characters from Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead is the highest rated program in cable TV history, and, for the past two years, has been the #1 show with adults 18-49, so it’s no surprise AMC wanted to lock it down for a sixth season.

“We could not be more excited for October 12th as we share new episodes of The Walking Dead with fans around the globe,” said AMC President Charlie Collier in a press release.

“In advance of Sunday’s season five premiere, AMC proudly confirms a sixth season order of this extraordinary series.

“Thank you to Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, the terrific executive producers, and the entire team who brings this compelling world and these rich characters to life. There’s plenty more Dead ahead thanks to their impressive, collective effort.”

The Walking Dead, season five, premieres, Sunday, October 12, at 9 PM and is followed by the live season premiere of Talking Dead at 10 PM when host Chris Hardwick welcomes this week’s guests, showrunner and writer, Scott M. Gimple; executive producer and special effects make-up supervisor, Greg Nicotero and superfan Conan O’Brien.

Posted on 08 Oct 2014 by morty
The 16th Minute, after a Reality Star's 15 Minutes of Fame

LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2014 – AXS TV presents a behind-the-scenes look at the world of reality television, in the compelling and timely documentary The 16th Minute, on Wednesday, October 22, at 10pE/7pP. The 16th Minute is produced ad hosted by former TV personality Paul Grassi, best known as a finalist on season five of The Mole, and examines the highs and lows of reality stardom and society’s hunger for fame.

Joining Grassi in his search for answers is an impressive roster, featuring original reality villain and inaugural Survivor winner Richard Hatch, who blames his portrayal on the show for his tax evasion conviction; Jersey Shore bad girl Angelina Pivarnick; Big Brother All-Star Marcellas Reynolds; Hell's Kitchen standout and celebrity chef Robert Hesse; Survivor alums Billy Garcia, Russell Swan, and Mike Shurpin; and more.

In interviews juxtaposed with footage from their various television appearances, the panel provides in-depth access to the world of reality TV, as they discuss the allure of fame, the audition process, the pitfalls of bad editing, the entertainment aspect, and the difficulty of maintaining stardom once their stint is over.

After Grassi was propelled into a short-lived super-stardom, taking pictures, signing autographs, and making appearances as a local celebrity, Grassi quickly found himself once again relegated to obscurity. Curious as to whether or not other reality personalities had suffered similar fates, Grassi set out on a quest to discover what happens when the fifteen minutes of fame run out, and  The 16th Minute begins.   

Weighing in on the cultural and psychological impact of reality television is esteemed radio and television host Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose landmark 2006 study determined that reality stars rate the highest on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Additionally, Pinsky explains the disturbing effects of reality television on the current generation, as it glorifies behavior that “is not a good model for human existence.” 

Posted on 08 Oct 2014 by morty
Homeland Returns Sunday October 5th on Showtime

When Homeland concluded it's third season, last December, many fan were concerned this phenomenal series couldn't go on without Brody (Damian Lewis), not to mention Saul Berenson's (Mandy Patinkin) retirement.   
Season 4 of Homeland begins Sunday, October 5th at 9PM on Showtime. Be prepared different sides of Carrie, Saul, and Quinn (Rupert Friend).  

From the trailers, we can see some thing haven't changed; Carrie is still highly driven to exceed in her personal mission to wipe out terrorism. Also unchanged is Carrie's drinking and self-medicating. 

Carrie is now the CIA Chief of Station in Kabul, Carrie makes a critical decision when her  counterpart in Islamabad delivers urgent intelligence on a high value target. From the trailers, we've also learned Carrie is busy working angles in Pakistan and screening the calls from her ousted mentor, Saul.  

"I think he's homesick for the relevancy," Danes says.

The Carrie/Saul duo will not drift apart for too long — especially considering what Patinkin has to say about their dynamic. "Now Carrie's the boss," adds Patinkin. "In Saul's mind, Carrie was the boss from the minute that he met her."

Back in the States, Saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector.

"I don't know if retirement is a word that fits with Saul Berenson," Patinkin says of his character's move into the private sector during the latest promo. "It's clearly politics, and this is the minefield we are playing in."

I'll be tuning in on Sunday to watch Claire Danes Juggles Drones, Treason and Motherhood, and decide if Homeland is still epic. I have season 3 on my DVR, and I'll re-watch a few to refresh my memory, Showtime has been re-running the series, it's available on demand on many cable systems, but not on Netfix (which is getting pretty crappy these days). 

Here are the links you need:
Talk about Homeland in the TV Fan Forums
Watch Homeland Season 1
Watch Homeland Season 2
Watch Homeland Season 3

Get Homeland: Season 1 on DVD
Get Homeland: Season 2 on DVD
Get Homeland: Season 3 on DVD


Posted on 30 Sep 2014 by morty
American Horror Story: Freak Show Begins October 8 on FX

Anticipation Builds Ahead of the Premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show

The forthcoming season of the highly anticipated, critically acclaimed anthology of American Horror Story, entitled Freak Show is begins October 8, 2014, on FX.

The new season will tell the story of a struggling Freak Show, one of only a few left across the United States. The members of the Freak Show are so desperate for their business to survive, are willing to anything to ensure its survival. The series central focus will be the freaks battle with unknown evil sources that they are struggling to understand. The show is also set to feature a bearded lady and a clown killer.

Although Freak Show takes place in 1952 in Jupiter, Florida, filming was actually completed place in Louisiana.

Speaking about filming in New Orleans for a second time, series co-creator Brad Falchuk said:

''There’s something that's so non-American but totally American, so sexy and dark but there’s hope everywhere''.

American Horror Story was created for FX Television by Ryan Murphy, who also directs the premiere episode of the new season. This will be his first time directing an episode of the show since he directed the pilot in  2011. The first trailer for the new season, which is titled ''Admit One' was released on FX's official YouTube page and heavily features scenes that were directed by Ryan Murphy. 

The trailer also features the shows official twitter hashtag for the season -

#WirSindAlleFreaks. Although the tag is in German, translated in to English it means “We  Are All Freaks.”

Speaking at the 2014 Paley Fest American Horror Story panel, Ryan Murphy had this to say of about the highly anticipated new series:  "It feels ... presentational, the horror is unexpected. Unlike last year, which was crazy ... this year feels different."

As for the cast, it has been revealed that there will be some returning cast member from previous seasons as well as some new talent. This will help set 'Freak Show' apart from the previous seasons. Cast members to be featured in the fourth season include Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Patti LaBelle and Skyler Samuels. It has also been confirmed that the series will feature Jyoti Amge in a special role.  Jyoti Amge was considered a major addition to the cast as she is currently the world record holder as the world’s smallest person and her first role in a scripted television series.

You can catch the debut of  'Freak Show' beginning on October 8, 2014, on FX.

Get The First Three Seasons on DVD

American Horror Story: Season 1 Murder House, takes place in Los Angeles, California during the year 2011 and centers around a family that moves into a house haunted by its former deceased occupants. The first season drew consistently high ratings for the FX network, ending its first season as the biggest new cable series of the year. American Horror Story: Asylum The second season takes place in Massachusetts during the year 1964 and follows the stories of the inhabitants of an institution for the criminally insane. The season garnered seventeen Primetime Emmy Award nominations, more than any other show. American Horror Story: Season 3 - Coven The third season of the FX horror anthology television. Returning cast members include: Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe. The season garnered seventeen Emmy Award nominations.
Posted on 29 Sep 2014 by morty

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