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If you've registered for our forums, you're all set to chat.  Click on "Classic Chat" enter the name you use in our forums and your password.  All of our events and scheduled chats take place in the "Classic Chat"

Not registered? Just click here to go to the registration area of our TVFanForums.net.  Once you've registered and logged in, just click the "Chat" link at the top right of the TVFanForums.  Then come back often.  We have chat events all year round, including a live color commentary by Fuskie for the premiere of 24, and American Idol chats through the run of the series.  Stop by and meet our chat hostess, Dade.  Having problems getting in the chat room?  Now that you've signed up,  just post in the "Welcome" forum, and one of our moderators will try to help you. 

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Original Chat New Extra Crispy
This is our original chat, with five rooms:
The Lobby
The HoH Room
The Hot Tub
The Kitchen
The Jury House

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This is our new chat annex. It's easy to use, just enter your name and click Sign-In. You do not need a password or additional registration. The Annex has just one big room.
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  Original Chat Details For Newbies:     Chat Annex Details for Newbies:
You must be registered and logged into the message boards.   There are five rooms in "original chat."  When you enter, you'll find yourself in the lobby.  If this area is crowded, pick another room.  If you're meeting someone here, be sure to tell them what room you'll be in. If you don't like the crowd in one room, move to another, or start your own.

  People currently in chat:

The annex is easy to use (although it takes a little longer to load).  You do not need to go through a separate registration process to chat in the annex.  Just log-in using your name, and click "Sign In."   Our annex was donated by the good people at JungleSpot.com.  We are visitors, please behave as you would if you were a guest in someone else's home.

The annex is just one large room.  This requires a little extra netiquette.  If you're meeting friends in our chat rooms, be sure to tell them which one you'll be in.

    Applies to Both:
We try to keep hosts and hostesses visiting the chat rooms, but you are entering and using these services at your own risk.  Please respect the greeters and moderators as well as your fellow chatters.  If an exchange between chatters upsets you, it's best to just leave.  After all this is just for fun, Big Brother is just a  TV show, and in real life, the difference of opinions we have don't amount to a hill of beans.

Users of Windows XP, service pack 2, and other browsers without Java, will need to install it.  click here. for help with that.

    And Games Too!
Click Here To Enter
Our hosts at JungleSpot have also provided some games to play while we're waiting for those damn FoTH's to be over.  They're flash games like puzzles, racing, casino games, and classic NES games.  I think we'll all be experts by the time the season's over.

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