OK, language warning, etc.,   throughout the Big Brother updates you'll see the guests quoted.  Although many are verbatim,  I'm not a court transcriber.

After the HoH competition:

Hardy congratulates Monica, and asks her if he can have her bed. She says she may sleep in the HoH room by herself a day or two, she doesn't think she'll like sleeping by herself. 

Will is in the bathroom now, he's going to take a shower, understandably, his clothes are wet with urine.  

Nicole comes up and congratulates Monica. Hardy comes into the bathroom, and says congratulations, Will. Will says he thought the prize would be something like a vacation for a week or something. Hardy says "Well at least you are in the gambit, what happens now, who the fuck knows?"

Hardy and Nicole on the patio:

Hardy: "Monica I feel the need to apologize for my foolish decision tonight"

Monica:  [Silence]

Hardy: "Poor Bunky, he never did anything to anybody and I chose to keep that cock sucker [Will]" 

Nicole: "Oh well, I'm not even fucking going there dude"

Hardy:  " I can't believe I voted Bunky out over that piece of shit - what was I thinking?  He sold us out. He walked away - for nothing.."

Nicole:  "This is the worst day cumulatively that I've ever had on this planet - I'm sorry I'm so fucking sorry

Hardy:  "I've had worse days..."

Nicole:  "I'm sorry I let go of the fucking key"

Hardy"  "Look you've got more important things to deal with - this game is nothing at this point."

Nicole: " I'm going out first you motherfucker" 

Hardy:  " I'd imagine...  We can't count on Will. It should be guaranteed now - for her to put up you and Will and we vote out Will."

Nicole:  "She's not going to want to be up against me and you in the final."

Hardy:  "She's definitely going to keep Will in here that's her best chance of winning. I don't believe this fucking shit. Whatever. "

Hardy goes inside to make a shake, Nicole goes in and grabs a jacket.  Nicole comes outside and asks Monica how her stomach is...

Nicole:  "I ain't sitting in this house for another 7 days for nothing."

Nicole:  "Monica, aren't you happy?"

Monica:  "Yeah I'm happy [she's playing it low key] believe me I feel happy. I just want something from home, that's all I've been talking about. I want something from home."

Monica says she can't wait to get the stuff from home, that is what she's feeling right now. Nicole says she wants to break everything in site, says she has felt like that three times in this house. 

Monica:  "ya first the banners and..    Is that what's eating you up, the marriage thing?"

Nicole::  "The day just got worse and worse, and fucking worse. The one banner alone would have been bad enough? Fuck!"  She said if she was single, this house would have been a piece of cake. 

Monica:  "That's what I said there's a difference  between boyfriend and girlfriend....  A husband means something. You gotta sit down and talk to him about it"

Nicole: "No.  No matter what the Diary Room people tell me, I don't know anything unless I hear it from Jeff himself. "  She says she can hear it in his voice,  how he really feels. "I know nothing it doesn't matter what they tell me. I apologize if you feel it came out on you."  

Monica:  "I didn't take it that way."

Nicole:  "The thing that really infuriates me - Will pulled the sheet off me - and caused me to take my hand off."

Monica:  "I thought it was me cause I closed my eyes."

Nicole: "Then he has to say, I'm sorry, but you hand was off, it was totally off, like 'they' didn't see it?"

Monica:  "I didn't see none of that."

Nicole: "When we started that competition I was thinking we are all fucked,  none of us were going to give it up. And to lose it like this. . .  and it went down like that  ... and Hardy made me keep his fucking ass in here  ...  and to friggin' evict Bunky over that piece of shit.   Screw over Krista, and now this. I want knock Will's fucking head off. ..   Fuck  Fuck Fuck  Fuck  Oh my God, oh my God, this is my fucking life, start a rumor about that! Now I look like a strung out loser..."

Monica:  "I haven't eaten yet. I gotta find something to eat. I"m gonna go fry me some bacon and eggs.  I  want to eat before midnight, they are going to take the food away."

Nicole - I'll fry you a porkchop, there are only two, I'll fry both of them"

She goes over to start the grill, and it won't start, she slams the lid down, and walks away,  then realizes she didn't have the gas on. It still won't start. "Have you ever seen a woman throw a grill through a wall?"

Monica:  "Don't do that. That's not necessary."

Nicole: "Maybe I should just put my head fucking head in it."  It finally lights, and she shouts, "Hallelujah!", goes in the house to the storage room to get some food. BB Tells her they are going to be on lockdown, she says I know, but I just want to get the food out of the storage room. They won't open the storage room. "Just open the fucking storage room so I can put the meat on the grill"  They open it for her. 


Production assistants perplexed about how to handle the urine contaminated HoH set.  Standing around trying to figure out how to remove pee soaked waterbed. Five of them standing around looking at the disgraced waterbed.

Nicole's been sitting alone in the red chair for a while, Monica comes in - says she beat a game of solitaire and is heading to bed.  Nicole asks Hardy what he and WIll were talking about. Hardy explains it was nothing important just small talk. She asks if they were talking about her, he says no. She asks if he'd tell her if Will said something to make her angry and he says he would. 

Nicole:  "I going to wait up and be a cunt to Will.  [ Will is in diary room, has been there a long time] If he does anything else to fuck my life up, it's going to be VERY painful. [She looks at the camera] "and I don't mean that in a threatening way, just a disclaimer."

Nicole gets in bed waits for WIll.  She hears door open but he doesn't come in.  [In a whisper]  "Fuck"  Sh e gets up, puts on a sweater, walks through the house then back to bedroom.    Will is  walking around the house. In kitchen getting water.

Will:  "I'm trying to play the game for me."

Nicole:  "So you like me and care about me so fuck me is that what your saying?"

Will:   "I don't know what I did to you personally."

Nicole:  "You made it clear that I was out of HoH - and then you threw it up for a fucking peanut butter jar. You threw it out.  What did we agree to?  Were you not playing for three people.. or were you just playing for yourself?"

Will:  "Listen things change day to day - I certainly misled you - I can't justify anything I've done - "

Nicole:  "So you misled me on purpose?"

Will:  "I didn't mislead you at the time - situation changes it's a game."

Nicole:  "What situation?"

Will:  "I don't have an answer your going to be satisfied with."

Nicole:  "Just answer it - why you just threw it."

Will:  "It wasn't that I just didn't know how long I could go on - so I took the prize."

Will:  "I gave the jar to..."

Nicole:  "So fuck me and Hardy?" 

Will:  "Yeah,  did I fuck you guys?  Yeah,  absolutely."

Nicole:  "And that's just cool?"

Will:  "No you guys were in an alliance, it's just strategy - just like any alliance."

Nicole: "We kicked out perhaps the best person on this planet..."

Will: "I know other good people have been kicked out."

Nicole:  "You're a smart motherfucker,  I'll give you that - disrespectful - misleading - obnoxious - but smart. It really hurts my feelings."

Monica walks in - 

Monica:  "Nicole how do you do this blind in here"

Back to Will & Nocole:

Nicole:  "So in the context of the game I'm your FRIEND - that you can fuck up and that's cool - so outside these doors what am I? A piece."  

Will:  "We will be friends outside the house."  

Hardy:  "Dude let me assure you - after your dog assed fucking performance you gave today - we will NOT be friends - the bullshit you pulled - you're a piece of shit dude - I'm not the motherfucker  you want to play with.   You think you can make all the noises you want but you will not get shit this week I assure you."

Nicole:  "After all I told you - you were going to say fuck it?"

Hardy:  "Why waste your time on that piece of dog shit?"

Nicole:  "I just want some information that's all and I think I deserve some info."

Will:  "I honestly don't think you'll be satisfied with any answer."

Nicole: "And you think this fucking game or fame is worth more then people? Yes?"

Will:  "Yeah..."

Nicole:  "Am I offending you?"

Will:  "No not at all."

Nicole:  "The least you can do is give me the consideration of a conversation with you."

Will:  "I really would like to have a conversation.   I just don't think I can tell you anything you would be interested in.

Nicole:  "No I'm interested!"

Will: "OK"

Nicole:  "What is it because Shannon got evicted it was like knock everyone down and fuck everyone?"

Will:  "Yeah,  that's true - I can't say I wasn't bitter after she left - the term is constantly said this is just a game - don't take it personally - but I have to admit from a strategy standpoint - just like you said Krista had to leave or she'd pick us of - well it's no secret ."

Nicole: "So it was like a little party - when..."

Will: "Did you think me saying it was going to let it go by?"

Nicole :"Don't you think it was absolutely ruder to pop that out then follow it up with 3 more sentences? [Referring to Will pointing out that her hand was off the key]

Will:  "That it was rude of me?"

Nicole: "Do you not care that your rude to me?"

Will: "Yes."

Nicole:  "uh huh? Are you inhuman?"

Will: "I was at the time."

Nicole:  "So what human trait - that I've been optimistic enough in the last 4 or 5 days - to believe in you about is true."  

Will:  "There's no answer that I can give you that you will be happy with. OK do I have nice traits? Yeah.  Do I have traits that are bad? Yeah, The difference is everyone playing this game has those - it's just that I admit them. In order to play this game you have to want people eliminated - it was easy for me to embrace the evil quality is when all my friends were eliminated.  

Nicole:  "So you pulled Nicole in to be the sucker - and Hardy was the door prize."

Will:  "You guys have each other - Mon and Krista had each other."

Nicole:  "Oh excuse me you and I have been just as close as me and Hardy."

Will:  You and Hardy are much closer then I have been with anyone of the opposite sex. You and I don't have relationship like you and Hardy have."

Nicole: [laughs]   "Are you... serious?   [she laughs again]   Are you once again - trying to use your manipulation on my brain? Cause I really know your not saying that to me."

Will:  "OK if you and Hardy are nominated tomorrow you won't send me out in one second?"

Nicole:  "If it took thought before it certainly won't NOW."

Will:  "You would have before."

Nicole:  "Well at least we are HONEST."

Will:  "You are but I'm not."

Nicole:  "Besides your name - is there anything we know about you that is actually the truth?"

Hardy:  "Besides the fact that your a fucking asshole..."

Will:  "The stories I tell you are true."

Nicole:  "So your hours of talking to me - and your manipulation - was just bullshit?"

Will:  "No that's not true. I think you've been an amazing listener,  but I don't feel that you want to be as close to me as you want to be with say Hardy."

Nicole:  "Let's see the score for a second.  Hardy: Truth honestly goodness brotherly love.  You: lying deceiving manipulative childlike - What do you think?"

Will:  "I understand your point."

Nicole:  So all the time I spent talking to you - much like I do with Hardy is what?"

Will: "I like it."

Nicole: "It's hollow and dishonest?"

Will:  "It's second place."

Nicole:  "At best that's what you'll be getting here."

Will:  "That'd be the best I could hope for and I realize that."

Nicole:  [laughing]  "Did you actually feel bad when you voted Krista out ?"

WIll:  "I felt terrible."

Nicole:  [laughs] "Really?" 

Nicole: "And tonight you feel good about that - cause your the evil doc again and Shannon will be proud of you?"

Will:  "No I don't feel morally good - I feel like I maybe hopefully made it another week - which has been my goal all along."

Nicole:  "Well you sure as fuck have done that.  Those 89 women did you fucked 'em over too? You sure as fuck bent both of us over at the same fucking time. You know that when you accepted the peanut butter jar - that you were fuckin' us over didn't you?"

Will:  "I knew that you ..."

Nicole:  "And your going to come to Atlanta and hang out and be jolly good friends? You really think we will be friends when we get out of here?"  

Will:  "I think by gones will be by gones and we will bury hatchet and we can chill."

Nicole:  "I am not sure if you've been here the last nine weeks.  This is a game you are living as well as the rest of us - you disrespectful manipulative motherfucker.  If I was hatched out an an anti-Christ egg - I do not get it - I swear to fuckin' God as much as I've fuckin' went into that diary room. Great move yourself ahead in the game - and fuck over my world and ruin everyone's life in the process.  Is that what your hoping for?"

Will:  "No."

Nicole:  "If you want to ruin my world any more - I would really appreciate a call ahead - that's the least fuckin' respect you can give me the very fuckin' least. At least try to be human a second. Nothing else that you need to tell me? You sure? I'm glad you can sleep at night."

Will:  "I've just become accustom to it.  Can I explain it from day one? Your not going to find a redeeming quality - but maybe I can give you insight.  I sent tape to show - sat down with brother - he's intelligent - and we said how are we going to do this is I will be so unique apart and it has to be something that you can clearly do and something you have within you because if you fake it. He said let me tell you what it is - the one thing you have and always had a hold on - is you really are one of the coldest people are you - to friends your warmest but once they establish themselves as a friend you go out of your way - you put friends through hell and they have to probe to you they won't leave you. He says you've lost a lot of friends through hell they have to scream at you before test is over.

Nicole: "OK, at that point,  I'm already at Dante's inferno level six- how many more levels do I have to go through?"

Will: "No more let me finish.  I sent them my tape,  Ian said the thing I'm good at is being bad - that I have no conscious - simply lie - and absolutely nothing good - your going to be the opposite of anything good. The most popular person was Colby - you'll be the opposite of Colby and people will tune in to see you. He asked what happens if I befriend people. I talked to Lisa - that I threw competitions that resulted in the eviction of my friends - they were counting on me. It's hard now not to keep throwing competition and lose Hardy.  When I threw competitions cause of my deal with you. You guys wanted to get rid of Krista - because you knew she'd get rid of us one by one - and you said if I don't do it - What I knew was you were going to pick off me and Monica one by one. And I would have come in third, ad got nothing. 

[Missing transcript] "None of that would have made any sense and it wouldn't have fulfilled Shannons request or my best interest. The simple matter is I would have lost to Monica - I wouldn't have made it.  I hadn't eaten, had to take a dump - figured I might as well do it early to try and get something."

Nicole:  "It's not about my fuckin' alliance and you fuckin' know it."

Will:  "Keep in mind - she may not nominate you two,  and honestly I hope she does nominate you two.  And I think you know what will happen. Regardless of anything - I told Lisa tonight ,  I told Lisa tonight that Nicole deserves half a million for what I've put her through.  Off the record I think your a phenomenal person.  You've gone out of your way for me and I hold that dear.  And I think we will be great friends if you ever give me a chance outside of this house. I hold myself responsible for so many bad things that have happened to you."

Nicole:  "And I'm getting fucked for it."

Will:  "How are you getting fucked?"

Nicole:  "First of all will how am I supposed to believe a word .. how many times have we had this talk?"

Will:  "Not this talk. Want to know worst part of it?  I promised if it came down to it I'd cut friends,  so it worked for me cause they got cut out at beginning. Then I got close to you."

Nicole:  "That is bullshit!"

Will:  "I am jealous of your relationship with Hardy.  Ad your affiliation with him is stronger then mine and I want to break that up - absolutely."  

Nicole:  "You've taken so much out of me I don't even have the strength to hate you."

Will:  "I don't want you to hate me but if you do I totally understand it.  But I do think that any way you feel towards me you are justified. I knew Hardy wouldn't be happy - he's verbally abusive - and he proved that tonight. Do I think anything you two can do to me verbally - the worst days I have here are days you don't talk to me. If you don't want to talk to me I'd understand."  

[transcript missing]

Will:  "What  was I supposed to do? What would have happened and you wanted to nom Monica and myself - who do you think hardy would eliminate?"

Nicole:  "I couldn't talk about it."

Will:  "It's not personal it's all a part of the game - you'd nom me and Monica - he'd evict me and say it's nothing personal. And this wasn't personal either."

Nicole:  "I don't understand you mouthing off - when I pulled my hand off."

Will:  "I didn't mean to.  

[transcript missing]

Will:  "There are so many things - a million things that bother me - like I gave you that shirt and I didn't have much shit in here - and not that it matters but you didn't thank me for it - and I really meant it. I felt horrible about hot tub banner. I deserve nothing - and you deserve everything."  

Nicole:  "You tell me this every week and every week something happens. How do I know what the fuck you mean?"

Will:  "I'm just winging this day by day."

Nicole:  "I'm a caregiver - and I give the underdogs a chance - and I do it till I get fucked and fucked and fucked - and here I am again doing it again. And now my husband is mad at me and I'm stuck in this prison and I'm getting fucked. And I really don't think you have any human qualities."

Will:  "I have some - and if I have them for anyone left in this house it's you."

Nicole:  "What is Shannon going to think of you now?"

Will:  Boogie's gonna fuckin' hate me. They ask me in the diary room how do I even go on - knowing everyone's going to hate me. "

NIcole:  "Which definitely leads me to believe your gonna fuck me over on Thursday."

Will:  "That's not going to happen."