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Sunday, June 28 2015  The Day the Slop Hits the Fan
6:31AM BBT: All the HGs are FINALLY in bed.

8:18AM BBT: Vanessa gets up, goes to the backyard and lays down on a lounge in the sun.

8:38AM BBT: Vanessa is still the only one awake. She moved from the lounge to the bedroom to the hammock.

9:04AM BBT: Vanessa has moved from the hammock to the backyard couch. Everyone else is still sleeping.

9:11AM BBT: Austin joins Vanessa outside. She says Clay isn't in that alliance as much as he thinks he is. Why would he throw people under the bus. Clay said that Jace was going home and that was that.

Vanessa tells Austin he can trust Liz. She says Jason and Da'Vonne are probably together. She says Audrey is very very smart. She might be smart enough to know I am smart enough to throw people off.

9:20AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin his size put a target on him to start with. He wonders if he should fake an injury. Vanessa says do NOT let on to Audrey, Shelli or Clay that they are working together.

Austin says so he should just let the Jace blindside happen, she says let it happen. Maybe go to James and say he can tell by the way people are treating Jace that he is going home, just tell him (Austin) so he can work with James.

Vanessa says this is all douchey. She is not that kind of person, she is a kind person.

9:36AM BBT: Vanessa and Austin go inside, Vanessa comes back out. She goes to put the awnings down but says can't do it by herself. She tells BB that when someone comes out they will put them down.

9:38-9:50AM BBT: Austin is back out in the yard. Vanessa tells him BB asked them to put down the awnings. Austin asks if he should talk to James. She tells Austin to tell James, if James is putting up Jace, he wants James to know he's not the enemy. Austin says he will tell James to please tell him otherwise he doesn't think he can trust him.

Vanessa warns against talking to Clay and Audrey. Audrey apparently tells everyone she wants to go deep with them. Austin says, "Let's tell that to James." Vanessa thinks that's risky. She says Audrey has the skills to get people to do what she wants. Vanessa doesn't think James has any game play or tight alliances.

They say both James and Jeff make inappropriate comments which makes them targets. She thinks Austin will not be a big target after Jace goes home. Vanessa says if th HoH competition is Q&A, try to win, if not then "get hurt."

Austin is totally confused as to how all this happened. Vanessa says she would bet her life 100% that Clay is Audrey's main alliance. She says as a professional gambler, BEFORE she became a DJ, she is sure of it. Austin asks," Do they usually play like this (on BB), like out of the gate like this?" Austin says they (the other alliance) are covering every base.

Vanessa says she is really good at riddles. Austin says should be just go along with this. Vanessa says at this stage of the game let it play out, that everyone else is in on it. She says she just figured it out from what different people have told her. She says she wanted to work with Austin, Jace, Shelli, Clay and wanted to trust them. Austin says it's all going to go ape-shit and be a bloodbath! He thinks Jace is going to lose it and totally flip-out over the blindside. He says he does not think Jace will get violent even though he has the tendency, but he will start calling out names. Austin says if Jace goes off won't it make those people leery that it might be done to them. [Sorry, Audrey already has those bases covered -6Borders]

Austin says all the people he though were the loyal ones are not, and Audrey really disappointed him.

Austin asks who they want out if they get HoH next week. He says he would not put up Audrey. Vanessa says it depends on what Jace does. Austin says he might be able to use the Jace thing to his advantage and if he does not freak out it might help him get farther... basically sacrifice him.

Vanessa and Austin agree that Audrey has played to hard, too fast. They should wait to see who James nominates and how people react to decide who to put up if one of them wins HoH next week. Vanessa mentions how last night in the kitchen it was mentioned that Jace/Austin's long hair song needs a remix.

9:56AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she heard John tried to throw the BotB to get Becky out. Vanessa says this is a long game of patients. She tells him he has to look out for himself. If Jace explodes before her goes up he WILL go up. Austin says some times he explodes and doesn't know it.

10:06AM BBT: Vanessa says the morning talks are great, but just quick talks during the day so no one suspects they are tight. She is going to try to build relationships with others. Austin asks if he should build one with Da'Vonne. Vanessa agrees. Austin says he just came in to do his wrestling character, knew he was going to be in trouble. He didn't want to leave his life.

Vanessa and Austin talk about him needing to fake getting hurt. He says he has to work out though or he will go crazy. Maybe he can be working out and just drop to the ground and need help to the DR. Vanessa moves on to talking about Clay, how he doesn't work out as much as he does. She says he will be able to work out again after his "injury" or work out privately.

10:17AM BBT: Wake-up call.

10:27AM BBT: Vanessa is washing dishes. Austin and John on backyard couch talking about what to work out today. Maybe just legs. John gets wished a Happy Birthday by one of the girls.

Steve dries and puts away the dishes as Vanessa washes. Jason and Meg talking in HoH talking about journals and diaries. They LOL about Meg writing an entry about someone decorating a tissue box.

10:38AM BBT: Becky washes a pan out so she can make French toast for everybody.

Surprise: He has to work to get that look.  

It's your birthday!


Austin is in the bathroom area straightening his hair. Jason wonders why country folk are saving egg shells, "We city folk throw them away." [They're good for plants.]

10:45AM BBT:  Jason and John are chit-chatting on the patio about the HGs beds, and Shelli's going to be bed forever. Talk turns to iced coffee/hot coffee. Jason says he drinks iced coffee even if it's freezing.

John says before he left his assistant bought him a strawberry colada. Jason says they are disgusting. He says once it's a straw it's an iced coffee! Silly and educational talk about straws.

John says "Jason and Meg making babies". They talk about how much energy the Veto competition took. [It must have been brutal because they talk about how hard it was a lot. -6Borders]. More rehash about the PoV competition and what letters they were looking for.

10:53AM BBT: Vanessa says she used a lot of water to wash the dishes, especially in a drought. Jason and John discuss recycling and cereal cooked into a bowl that was left outside.

11:28AM BBT: John is in the kitchen then heads to the bathroom area where most HGs are doing ADLs Just general talk going on.

In the HoH room, Audrey is talking to Austin and asks if he has any idea what James is going to do then we get a brief FotH.

11:31AM BBT: Austin is telling Audrey he just does not want to be left out of the loop because he talks to Jace. He says, "I feel like people do not talk to me 'cause I hang with Jace. I want to work with people you know you can not be a hot-head in this game you know."

Jeff comes in to the HoH room to take a shower and Audrey asks him if he knows what is going to go on in the ceremony and Jeff says, "No I literally just woke up."

Jeff asks if they have to go outside for the veto ceremony and Austin says, "Yeah we will be locked outside for a minute, or I actually don't know for how long." Jeff: "I guess I will prepare for the worst."

11:36AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Jason are in the Have-Not room whispering about Vanessa when Austin walks in-- and the talking stops.

11:39AM BBT: The HGs are getting ready for the PoV ceremony. Audrey is telling James, Jason and Shelli that Da'Vonne is outside talking to herself and freaking out, James laughs. James then tells Steve he needs him to use the veto on him and they start laughing.

11:46AM BBT: Audrey whispers to Clay about they do not know if they can trust Jeff. Clay walks off and goes to the kitchen.

Steve is sitting at the kitchen table listening to Jace and Becky talk about having iced coffee. Austin is eating breakfast as the other HGs are getting ready to go outside.

11:55AM BBT: Jason is in the bedroom talking to Meg about wanting to go back to bed and asking why they could not do the ceremony later.

Audrey is doing her make up and Jace is putting socks on. Jason: "Why can't they make men's clothes with the flair of women's clothes? 'Cause if they did I wouldn't have to shop in the women's clothes."

11:58AM BBT: BB calls James to the DR, Meg, Jason and Audrey are still in the bedroom getting ready and just general talk going on.

12:09PM BBT: Liz, Clay and Austin are in the have not room Clay leaves, and Austin says, "Everything he says is a lie. He is working this with Da'Vonne and Audrey and I have an inside source, and I just want to go outside and hide 'cause everyone is freaking out in here."

Clay goes to Audrey and whispers that they are not protected, "I know for sure we aren't." Audrey: "Why do you say that?" Clay: "Da'Vonne is not playing this game, she is in there sleeping."

12:14PM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that it was brought to his attention that Austin is not trustworthy. Austin: "It was brought to my attention the same thing about you." Jeff: "We need to talk about this soon." Liz leaves the room and Jeff starts whispering about them talking soon.

12:19PM BBT: The HGs are around the house in groups whispering and talking about the PoV and repeating themselves a lot.

Austin and Jeff tell Jace he needs to go make James promise that he is not putting him on the block. Austin says to Jace, "If you go on the block dude you re going home 'cause no one will vote Jackie out she will not leave."

12:23PM BBT: Jeff is in the living room talking to Da'Vonne. He tells her that Audrey is the biggest problem in the house and she feeds everyone bullshit. Da'Vonne says, "Yeah, she tried to make it look like it was all me and put me in the middle of everything."

Jeff: "The reason you and Jace were fighting was because of Audrey." Da'Vonne looks at him and says, "She is the one ruining my game. She is making everyone fight so she can sit back and relax." Jeff: "Yeah, she made Austin mad at me and I had to go fix things."

Jeff: "Lets get out of here before people think we are talking to much." They hug. BB calls Steve to the DR.

12:31PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the kitchen getting drinks as they start to head outside to wait for the PoV ceremony to begin.

12:31PM BBT: BB tells the HGs to please go outside and close the sliding class doors. The HGs complain it is hot out there and we get FotH.

12:32PM BBT:  PoV Meeting Time!

1:35PM BBT:  The feeds are back and Jace was nominated as planned.

Jace and Jeff whispering in the bathroom area Jace walks off and heads to the DR.

Audrey and Becky are in the HoH room talking alone, Becky says, "|I never knew it would be this hard to be HoH, but it is good to be safe for a week, but it comes with a price." Audrey: "I want to be HoH next week."

In the backyard, Jason is talking to Austin and Da'Vonne saying that this is week one, but it is really week two.

1:38PM BBT: In the kitchen, Jeff, Liz and Steve are making drinks then head out to the backyard. James heads upstairs then comes back down to get a snack. Jason comes in the kitchen to get milk and tells James that he is mad and wants to talk later so he is probably going to throw you under the bus and try to do damage control. James goes upstairs and Audrey asked if he said anything to him, and James says, "He is pissed." Clay is telling James that Jace has to realize that it is just a game.

1:41PM BBT: Jeff and Liz are talking in the backyard as they play pool. Jeff: "I do not know what his game plan is. but I do not even want to talk to him right now."

In the comic bedroom, Jace is walking around cursing and flipping off the cameras. He then starts whistling loudly as he changes clothes. Jace then goes outside and starts running.

1:45PM BBT: Austin tells Jace that now the only thing he can do is try to rally votes.

1:53PM BBT: James and Clay talk in HoH room about how intense the PoV ceremony was. James saying maybe he needs to talk to Austin about making the next vote to backdoor Jace a house vote so he doesn't paint a target on his back.

Clay agrees saying he should just go to Austin like he has his best interest at heart and what is the better game move. James says it's probably a good move in case Austin wins HoH and wants revenge for Jace. James said Jace came in the game too hot all ‘I'm a beast, and I'm going to win all these competitions'. Clay agrees he doesn't want to go against him in competitions. James says he understands why Jace is mad because he doesn't get any chances to pull himself off the block because they back-doored him.

1:49PM BBT: Jace asks to speak to James alone in the HoH. Jace says he's had James back since day one with every decision he's made and he wants to know why he put him up. James says he respects him as a person but game wise, I don't want to compete with you. It all comes down to a strategic move. That's all it is, it's not personal. Jace said it is personal, and he's asking if he's been lying to him the entire time. James said it was kind of a last minute decision. Jace said everyone has been lying to him, the whole house is full of liar and James fucked up because he wasn't one of the liars.

Jace goes on to tell him that even if he doesn't stay, this move will bite him in the ass and there is no way he can win this game. Jace continues his rant about how he trusted James and how he's full of shit. James is just kind of taking it and saying, "It is what it is". James tells Jace, all I can tell you is to go rally up votes and do what you gotta do as a game player. Jace tells him he came into the game to strong and people are afraid of him as a competitor and maybe when the game is done and Jace can see how things went down they can be friends. Jace says no way, you ruined it because you tried to get me out the first week, you embarrassed me and you embarrassed my family. James says why did you sign up for this game, did you think everyone is going to tell you the truth and tell you what you want to hear? This is Big Brother! James tried to compliment him by saying he respects him as a competitor and doesn't want to go against him in competitions.

Jace says he's actually a man of his word unlike James and he hopes America sees that. He points out the bracelet James is wearing "WWJD", and says "You know what Jesus would do, he wouldn't go back on his fucking word," and James replies, ‘Hey this is What would James Do, why are you bringing Jesus into this?'. James then says what were you planning to do, tell the truth and make it through the whole game? Jace says, exactly 100% [Has he seen Big Brother before?]

James reminds him that this IS Big Brother and you can't make it through the game like that. Jace says you don't have to play dirty, you can be a man of your word. Jace says no one is taking to him like he's a leper and James tells him it's because everyone is afraid he's going to blow up. Jace wants to know why people would think that [gee I wonder why]. James tell him his aura is aggressive, he gives off aggressive vibes.

Jace rants again about how James stuck a knife in his back, and how he's afraid of him and he can't be trusted. The conversation kind of ends on, "it just sucks."

2:05PM BBT: James rehashes his conversation with Jace to Clay in HoH room. James said he already made up in his mind he won't hate anyone in the house, it's just a game and he would reach out to everyone after the game. It might suck but he said he'll see it as ‘you got me' instead of something hateful.

2:10PM BBT: Jeff talks on the glass bridge with James about Liz throwing Austin under the bus because she knows she doesn't have the numbers in the game. Jeff says he can't trust her but they should come up with a plan to play her. Jeff jokes he should ask her to join him and James in the hot-tub. Jeff says he can manipulate Liz but he can't manipulate Austin and they need to get him out next.

In the purple room, Jace leaves and goes to the DR. Vanessa, Shelli Jackie and Becky are talking, saying that they think Jace is handling this well.

2:15PM BBT: Audrey asks Vanessa to talk to her alone, that there is something personal she wants to talk to her about. They go to the living room, and Audrey says, "So I'm a direct person, and I'm transparent more than people think, and I want to say I am disappointed in you and you told someone what I have said, and it came back to me, and I have also told people that I could not trust you." Vanessa: "No I haven't." Audrey: "Several people told me that you did not trust me." Vanessa: "That is a lie." Audrey: "Someone came to me saying they did not trust me anymore 'cause you went to them and told them things." Vanessa: "No, I did not do that."

Vanessa says, "I went to Shelli, and told her that I was not sure about something and she said to talk to you and I did, and that is all that was said." Audrey: "This morning, Austin followed me to the HoH room and told me that there is a group that is starting to formulate and I need to know if this is true." Vanessa: "He asked that?" Audrey: "Austin said there was a plan to backdoor Jason." Vanessa: "I never said that, I was sleeping I guess."

Austin and James went to the bathroom area, and Austin says, "I had a feeling this was going to happen." James says, "Yeah I know you did, and listen, I will tell you like I told Jace, I was scared of him and did not want to be against him on the block."

2:25PM BBT: Austin telling James in the bathroom that he respects his decision, he's not mad and he understand why he made the choice to put up Jace. Austin says he still trusts James, he does wish he were just more in the loop on everything and hopefully he will be in the future.

2:55PM BBT: Jace and Shelli are in the comic book room. Shelli says she's not in any alliances and she hasn't been in the conversations and she wants Jace to know that she wants him here. She starts crying saying it's breaking her heart to see him on the block.

Now Jace starts crying. She tells him from an outside perspective that he's just a big threat and paired with Austin it was just too big of a threat. Jace says he doesn't even have a house to go back to. He said he had an awesome house and now he has nothing. He goes on to say how he didn't get to fight to save himself and he says he should have played a more quiet game, be less competitive. He said it wasn't in his nature.

Shelli gives him a pep talk about how he's a great guy and he has real friends in the house regardless of what happens. Jace wants to know who stabbed him in the back because he doesn't think this was all James' decision. Shelli says people have to play the game and it's just awkward.

3:07PM BBT: Jeff is lying in bed with Meg, he just called her a dirty bitch in Spanish.

3:08PM BBT: Liz and Austin in the hammock talking about how Audrey is running the game and she has to go. Liz said she trusts Austin and they can only trust each other, and can't talk in front of other people anymore. Austin says not to be around Jace right now, he said he can hang around him because everyone knows they are friends, but she can't go cuddling with him or anything. Austin says Audrey and Clay are winning this game.

Austin is talking about how to manipulate Clay and Audrey to their advantage by only giving them information they already know and constantly act vulnerable and asking them for advice on what they should do. Austin tells Liz to work the Jeff angle to see if they can get him on their side.

3:23PM BBT: Liz and Austin are still in the hammock. Liz is talking about James being creepy. He asked Liz where she was sleeping one night and one day when she was getting in the pool he was like "Damn Liz" and Liz says he says really disgusting thing to her like ‘I'd be your one night stand' or ‘you'd be my weekend girl'. Austin says, what is wrong with these people. Austin says for today they should just lay low and work Jeff.

3:31PM BBT: Audrey is still interrogating Clay about who say what, and who is talking about her.

3:42PM BBT: Vanessa is trying boost Jace into a positive mood instead of being negative. He says he feels like he has been poisoned.

3:48PM BBT: Austin is telling Steve that "they" want to call a house meeting, and Steve says he hasn't heard anything about it. Steve is trying figure out why Austin wants this house meeting.

4:05PM BBT: Austin tells Jace that Clay is behind him being put up. Jace had just told Clay all was good with them.

4:18PM BBT: Meg and Jace are talking and Meg tells Jace, "If I was going out, I would go out with a bang." Jace says he is going let the cat out of the bag and tell it all.

4:25PM BBT: In the Have-Not room, Jace says he feels like he is letting his family down and they will be disappointed if he is the first one evicted.

4:47PM BBT: Jace is talking to Liz and Austin and he wants them to promise that if he goes they will get Audrey out. He says she is ruining the game.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:06PM

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Previously on Big Brother, after learning the BotB was back, James became the first HoH of the summer. Then six new HGs entered the game. Among them, the cashier, the South Beach hottie, the geek, the poker player and the dentist. A surprise guest officially kicked off the Big Brother Takeover and he twisted up the game by putting in two Amazing Racers.

At the second HoH competition, Jason proved he was out of this world. Before the night was through, Phil teased the next part of his takeover. Which four HGs will be nominated for eviction? And which two will be saved by the BotB competition? Plus, how will the Big Brother Takeover twist up the game tonight? Find out right now on Big Brother!

We pick up after Phil's tease about the Big Brother Takeover. Da'Vonne tells us she knows this will be something good in this game. Vanessa tells she would bet it is going to mean something good for her.

Meg tells us she is excited by all the new HGs and the new twist that is coming. She has no idea what to expect. Jason teases that he and James are probably going on The Amazing Race. Jeff tells us he hoped Jackie would pull off the HoH win but she didn't so right now it's important for both to figure out a way to decrease the target on their backs.

Jace and Austin are in the kitchen; Jace tells Austin to let him know anytime he sees anything in his teeth. Jace tells us he and Austin are like the male version of Romeo and Juliet, multi dimensional. Austin is the ying to his yang. They make up bro codes in the kitchen while other HGs listen, smirking.

Who wants to see the HoH room?

All HGs follow James and Jason upstairs. They squeal with excitement over the HoH room. Jason tells us it's a huge change from his mother's basement. James tells us it's important to establish some sort of foundation with the HoH in case he's dethroned and at risk himself. Jace tells us he wants to boogey with some babes in the the HoH room bath. It's time for Jace to take over the room and make the honey's his.

Jason tells us he hasn't really had time with James. Being alone in the HoH room is his first opportunity to discuss game and see how they can work together in the game. Jason joins James in his room and they talk over a few people. Jason hasn't had any interaction with Steven, something about the "dentist guy" didn't say dentist to him. Jason thinks he's hiding more than Steven is. They are concerned about how social Jace is, and James says he was a beast in the HoH competition.

Jason is concerned about the big strong guys but he doesn't want to put them up, it'd be bad for his game. The girls take longer for their masks to slip, he adds. James tells us they're working together could benefit the both of them.

In the bedroom, Jackie and Jeff are talking. Jeff tells us the relationship they have coming into the Big Brother house was shaky. Jackie wanted more once the race was over, but it wasn't going to happen. Jeff thinks they'll be a target because of their time on The Amazing Race. Jeff tells us he wants to distance himself from Jackie so the house will consider them individuals, not a pair.

In the bedroom, Liz, John and Steven discuss pick up lines. Steven comes out with one that gets everyone laughing. "Liz, are those space pants? Your butt is out of this world!"

The HGs run to the living room when the Takeover music plays. Phil comes on to explain his twist for Da'Vonne and Vanessa.

On the The Amazing Race, they have the Fast Forward, which allows a team to skip all tasks and go right to the end of that particular leg of the race. So, inspired by that, Phil is introducing a twist called the Big Brother Fast Forward. Da'Vonne and Vanessa, as of this moment, their game will fast forward to next week. They can't be nominated or evicted this week. The girls scream excitedly.

Da'Vonne tells us the new couldn't be any better. No one can touch her for this week. Phil adds that Da'Vonne and Vanessa each get to take one HGs with them. Da'Vonne tells us her heart drops to her toes. Her job was to sit and be pretty this week, and now she has to make a decision!

The girls have 30 minutes to make a decision and with that, his takeover is complete. Vanessa asks if one by one people can chat with her in the hammock room quickly.

Shelli follows Vanessa right away. Vanessa tells us she wants to pick someone who will win HoH the following week and will keep her safe. Shelli tells Vanessa she is mentally strong, and she'd never put Shelli up. Vanessa tells Clay she's sure he is not going home, he's too likeable. Same with Becky. Vanessa tells us she wants someone with a different skill set than she has.

Da'Vonne tells Shelli she doesn't want to put Audrey or Shelli up because she wants to keep their alliance under wraps. Shelli tells us she feels no one would be targeted by who Da'Vonne puts up so why not one of their alliance? Da'Vonne tells us she didn't want to choose them and blow up her spot. So she asks everyone where their head is at.

Da'Vonne tells Steven he gives off an Ian vibe, and Ian won last season. She advises him to up his social game a bit.

Liz offers Da'Vonne her word; she will win HoH next week and keep Da'Vonne safe. Da'Vonne asks John if he's really a dentist. He assures her he is.

After 30 minutes, the girls make their choice. Da'Vonne chooses to save Liz. Liz tells us she is so elated. Vanessa chooses Austin. Austin tells us he is not surprised, but he is going to act like it. He's going to be loyal to Vanessa unless there is someone else who needs it more, then he'll part ways. Da'Vonne tells us the only person who offered her anything worth value was Liz.

In the DR, Shelli wonders why Da'Vonne didn't pick her or Audrey. She's now second guessing their alliance.

The HGs are in the backyard. Austin and Jace have their feet in the hot-tub and have some shells, making puns with the word shell. Jace tells us he wasn't expecting to "bro" down so fast but when he met Austin, that was it. Austin tells us meeting Jace was a dream come true. But Jace is a huge target because of his big mouth and will take the fall before him.

Clay and Shelli are in the Cabana room getting to know each other. Clay tells us he is enjoying to get to know her better. Shelli tells Clay's mom she raised her son right. He's the type of guy she'd like to get to know. Yes, he's younger but that doesn't matter. She feels safe with him and like he's someone she can trust in the game.

Da'Vonne walked by and Da'Vonne notices them, so she tells Audrey they may need to keep Shelli at an arms length in case her relationship with Clay interferes. Da'Vonne tells us she's more interested in touching and hugging Clay than making it to the end and getting the check.

Audrey suggests bringing Jason into their alliance. She tells us she and Jason are bonded by culture. If someone was going to win HoH, it needed to be him so she could secure herself with one HoH this week. They are worried about Austin and Jace and their alliance. They don't trust Jace.

Audrey tells us Jace is a beast, and that's an issue. They have to get the HoHs on their side.

Audrey and Jason chat later in one of the bedrooms. Jason tells Audrey he doesn't think she has a reason to be worried. He admits they discussed Jace, which relieves Audrey. Audrey tells us Jason and she are on the same page.

Da'Vonne and Steven discuss when nominations will be. Steve tells us he wants to get in with Da'Vonne; he respects her game. She's playing a quiet game and them being in an alliance is something no one would expect. Da'Vonne assures him she thinks he's fine. He tells her that if she needs something, he wants to help her.

James and Audrey are in the HoH room; he assures her she doesn't have to worry this week, even as a replacement nominee. Da'Vonne shows up, and then Jason. Da'Vonne says these four are a good vibe. It's about as diverse as it can get, Audrey chimes in.

Da'Vonne tells us, "Why not ally with people in power, even if it is only for this week?" They all discuss back dooring Jace because they don't want him to save himself with PoV or BotB. Jason tells us if this plan to get Jace out is going to work, they'll need pawns and votes to get him to leave.

James takes Jackie into the Cabana room. He tells us in order for their plan to work, he has to go fishing for pawns. James tells Jackie there is a back-door plan for someone, she is not the target. Oh, and she looks amazing in a bikini. Anyway, he's not telling her he's nominating her, but he wants her to be prepared. She's here to play, she says. She'll do it - no worries.

Jason gives John the same spiel. John tells us he's not comfortable being a pawn, but he'll roll with it and see how it goes. The next one that gets the speech, this time from both HoH's, is Meg. They reassure her everyone loves her and anyone next to her is going home.

Becky gets the talk next, again from both HoHs. James keeps staring at her chest, and in the DR Jason comments he needs to keep his eyes up. Just cause she's pretty doesn't mean they can keep her safe.

Steven is next, and he's not comfortable being a pawn. He thinks he's a target. Jason thinks Steven will never go home because he is so grateful for the experience that no one will take it from him. Steven reminds them that pawns go home.

Time for the nomination ceremony! Jason nominated first, then James.

Jason nominates John and Becky. His personal connection has not been that strong with them, but he sees them as strong competitors and he wants to give them the chance to save themselves this week.

James nominated Steve and Jackie. He is pretty sure they will take themselves off the block, which is why he nominated them.

Jackie tells us it's weird being on the block, especially week 1. James guaranteed her safety, but she hopes it doesn't come back to bite her.

Jace tells us he wasn't worried, his social game is strong and he feels his relationships will take him far in the game.
Audrey tells us she is happy the plan was executed. On the outside she is acting surprised but on the inside she is acting like a 15 year old girl at her quinceañera.

Steven and Jackie are in the Cabana room, discussing how to work in the BotB. Steve cautions her to be confident but not too cocky. Jackie says they'll win, she wants to get the positivity out there.

Becky is crying in the bathroom area. Becky tells us she went into the ceremony with too much confidence. She's surprised and a little hurt too. Jason takes her into the Cabana room to reassure her. Jason tells us he didn't want to make a girl cry and now he is doing damage control. Becky tells us she tells him what he wants to hear. She and John will win BotB and then she'll put him up next week.

Time for the BotB! Vanessa is hosting. In the backyard, the HGs are on top of a sky scraper. Seagulls are flying around.

"Welcome to DuBoB, the fastest growing city in the world! Teams will add to the skyline by building a new sky scraper. When the horns sounds, uncover the blueprint showing you how to construct your tower. Each person may transport one block at a time from the supply platform across the beam to the build platform. But if you drop one or fall off, you have to go back to the last platform before continuing on. The first team to correctly build their tower and get both players back to their supply platform and hit their buttons wins. Who is ready to play DuBoB?"

Becky tells us her strategy is to find out how she and John can be on the beam at the same time without knocking each other off and quickly bring things to the other side. Jackie tells us she has really great balance so she knows she will do well in this challenge.

As the competition continues, the HGs fall off quite a bit. Jace jokes about the worker's comp bill being high and John hopes no one bangs their teeth or he'll have more business. Steve starts crawling across the beams begins working for him. Meg tells us it's like watching a mouse chase his cheese to the finish line. Jackie tells us she wants to get this done, win this and get her and Steve off the block this week.

Jeff tells us he can't show joy about Jackie being close to winning because he doesn't want to increase the target on his back. James is rooting for Becky and John to win so he can stay HoH for the week and move forward with the plan to back door Jace.

Becky and John win the competition!

Jason is de-throned as HoH and Steve and Jackie remain on the block.

Becky tells us she has shown the house that she can compete; she didn't want to play that card too early in the game so we'll see how next week goes. Jason gets cement poured on him when he is dethroned. Jason tells us he is back downstairs with the peasants but hopes James sticks with the plan to back-door Jace. Steve tells us he didn't want to fight for his life in the first PoV but he will do it to save himself.

Who will win PoV and will it be used to save someone from eviction? Find out on Wednesday at 8PM on Big Brother!

Tonight's Big Brother show play-by-play coverage was written by BBLuver.

6:05PM BBT: In the backyard, Clay and Shelli are on the hammock. Jace is sitting next to them. He says that James turned his back on him. "Whoever is lying to me, we are going to find out soon." Shelli: "This was James' idea." Jace: "That's not what he told me."

6:07PM BBT: BB: "Jace, stop that." Jace is just sitting there. He looks up to the sky and says "What?" with a slight attitude. Shelli tells him not to take it out on them (BB) because it's not their fault.

6:10PM BBT: Shelli and Clay are on the hammock talking about food on feeds 1/3.

On feeds 2/4. we have Jason, Jackie, and Becky. Jason is telling them about the bee that was stuck to his leg. He said he ran halfway around the yard and the bee stayed there. He calls it Bertha the Bee.

6:12PM BBT: Feeds 2/4 switch to Da'Vonne and Audrey whispering in the living room about future nominations. Da'Vonne says that she (Meg?) has to be back-doored. Audrey said Jackie has already volunteered to be a pawn if needed.

Meanwhile feeds 1/3 are now on Liz and Jace laying on the ground in the backyard. Jace says that he isn't going to throw anybody under the bus.

6:20PM BBT: Jason has joined Audrey and Da'Vonne in the living room . They are discussing that their next move is. Jason says he trust Shelli and Clay more than Jackie and Jeff. They agree that Clay is more trustworthy than Jackie though.

6:22PM BBT: Audrey and Da'Vonne are assuming that tonight might be a very long night so they are considering taking a nap. Meanwhile Jace is still talking to Liz about how he was wronged. He says it's embarrassing. Liz says if she gets put up next she will cry like a baby.

6:28PM BBT: Clay are Shelli are still in the hammock. Shelli says she has to remind herself when she doesn't have even a minute to herself how bad she wanted this, to get in the house. Clay says he appreciates that he can talk to Shelli because she doesn't want to talk game all the time.

6:31PM BBT: In the backyard Liz and Austin are laying on the ground. He tells her that they can't have a whole house alliance. Somehow, they are going to have to find a way. He thinks Shelli and Clay are forming their own separate alliance.

6:34PM BBT: Austin and Liz whispering in the backyard has caught the attention of Shelli and Clay on the hammock. Shelli asks Clay if he can tell what they are saying. He says that he can't hear them.

6:38PM BBT: Austin approaches Clay and Shelli on the hammock. They ask him if he plans to talk to Liz about her throwing him (Austin) under the bus. Austin says he needs to talk to her because he thought he could trust her, but he doesn't wasn't to put a target on his back by confronting her. Austin is disappointed that James knew about this and never told him.

6:40PM BBT: On the hammock, Clay is telling Shelli that he thinks everyone in the house is sketchy but her.

Meanwhile Jason and Becky are playing a friendly game of pool.

6:50PM BBT: Jason is now playing pool with Steve. Austin is working out in the backyard with Jace while Liz jumps rope. Jace and Austin shake hands. Austin says "I had your back from the get go." It seems Jace is resolved to the fact that he is probably leaving.

6:52PM BBT: Austin and Jace are talking in the backyard. Jace wants advice on what he can do flip his situation. Austin says he might be able to reach out to those who might feel left out. Jace is open to just about any suggestion as long as it doesn't involve throwing his friends under the bus.

6:58PM BBT: Jason joins Austin at the weights. Austin tells him that he is just about done. Jason says "What, after doing it for nine hours now you are just about done?"

7:01PM BBT: In the backyard, Jason and Austin are having a conversation about HGs not throwing competitions this season, while they are working out. In the kitchen, Clay and Becky are talking about family vacations they have taken with their families.

7:04PM BBT: Shelli goes in the kitchen to help with making dinner, and she asks Clay what he wants for his birthday dinner. The camera view switches to the HoH room where James and Jace are talking. James tells Jace, if he stays it will be great, and if he guns for him it's o.k. Jace tells James, he's stressed. He says, he lost his job and house before coming to the game. He also crashed his car.

7:06PM BBT: Jace tells James, there are rats in the house. He wants to know who threw him under the bus, but knows that James probably won't tell him. James says, there were multiple people that have told him things, and he's not going to say who. James says, he's been in the the HoH room all day, and no one has come to talk to him. Jace says, he doesn't have the votes, and he's been dealt a bad hand.

Jace says, if he does stay, James won't be his target. He says, he wants to find out who started this for everyone to be against him. James says, if he does stay, that will be awesome, and they will have things to talk about. James tells him, that he probably will give him the answers if he stays. He says, things have already been set in motion with him and the house.

James tells Jace, the train has already left the station. James tells Jace, if he goes to everyone trying to change their minds, then they will be mad at him. Jace says, it will hurt his game as well. He says, he doesn't know how his name got thrown under the bus, except that people are intimidated by him. James says, he will sleep on it, and then try to talk to some people.

Jace says, he wants to make it further in the game, at least to jury. He says, he's scared of the other side right now. He tells James, he's sorry for the mean things he said about him earlier. James tells Jace, the people that he thought were close to him may not be. He says, this is BB, and you can't trust people. He says, it was across the house and last minute info he got.

7:15PM BBT: Jace is adjusting his himself while he's still talking to James. He thinks Audrey is the one who went to James to start everything against him. James says, he heard that he would be Jace's target next week. Jace says, he never said he would do or say that. James says, he has more evidence in his ear about everything by everyone that talked to him.

Jace keeps talking to James to try and sway his decision. James is sprawled out on the couch in the the HoH room, covered with his light blue blanket, and he has his leg propped up, with his cowboy boots on. Shelli, Becky, Jackie, John, and Austin are all in the kitchen. Everyone walks out except for Jackie and Becky. Liz walks through the kitchen. Austin goes to the backyard.

7:21PM BBT: In the backyard, as Austin starts to work out, the camera view changes to the couches. Jason, Clay and Jeff are all talking there. Clay tells them that he told Jace that he has to vote with the house when Jace asked him who he's voting for. He says, Jace is going to start campaigning. Jason says, Jace is going to go after all the girls. Jeff says, that's weird. Clay leaves.

7:24PM BBT: The camera view changes to the kitchen. Jackie, Liz, Clay, Becky and Shelli are having a conversation about what temperature to cook chicken on in the oven.

Jace leaves the the HoH room, and James says, shit after he leaves. The camera view changes to the backyard couches.

Jason tells Jeff and Austin that Jace's butt shots are on the feeds. Jason says, they've had people having sex on the feeds before.

7:26PM BBT: Jace comes to the backyard, and he and Austin go by the workout equipment.

Jace tells Austin that people went to James last minute, and that's when he changed his vote. Austin says, that's not true, because he had the song all made up. Jace says, there were two or three people in his ear. He says, he was told the people he trusts the most, he needs to not trust.

Austin tells Jace that it's Clay and Audrey. Jace agrees, and says, he going to campaign to stay. He says, he will tell everyone that they will not be his targets, and he will gun for them, and make sure they get out. Austin tells him he needs to be calm and not abrasive. He says, he needs to be Dan with the Bible in his hands. Jace says, he's not going to use the Bible.

Austin tells Jace to try and cry when he says it, and that will be much better.

7:31PM BBT: The camera view changes to the couches in the backyard.

Jace joins Jeff, Jason and Clay on the couches. Jace tells them he's sorry for being abrasive earlier with James. He says, he's sorry for the way he spoke to him, and it's not in his nature. Jeff says, it's human nature.

Jace says, when he gets like that he feels like a caged animal. He says, he's not happy, but he feels a lot better than he did at the time. He says, at least he has a couple more days to hang out with his bros. Jeff says, a lot can happen between now and then. Jace says, he made it in there. If he goes out the first week, he goes. He says, he's a bigger target in the game.

Jace tells them that someone in the house went to James at the last minute, and lied about him. Jace says, he's a very honest guy, and shoots straight.

Clay says, everyone knows that about him. Jace says, he would have like to play a Veto or something. He says, he would have like to spell zones. Jason says, he'll never live that down. He was going to spell running, but the g's were gone.

7:35PM BBT: The conversation on the backyard couches changes to the movie Cool Runnings. They say it's a true story, and everyone needs to watch that movie. They start talking about what they want to eat tonight. Jeff says, Jackie likes the pizza, but he doesn't like them. Jason talks about previous seasons and who liked pizza and who didn't.

7:38PM BBT: James is in the grey bedroom talking to Meg. Audrey is asleep in another bed. Austin walks through. James says, he's going to get away, because he doesn't want to look sketchy. James asks if Austin is gone? Meg says, yes. BB tells Meg to please re-attach her microphone. James says, thanks BB for blowing our cover. He says, Austin saw him there next to her.

James asks her to try and smooth things over for him by saying he's upset about things, and try to find out if Jace is mad at him. He tells Meg, he's going to get away from her for now, because too many people are walking through. He walks to the kitchen. James found ants in the food, and says, they probably need to keep the food on the counters.

7:42PM BBT: Shelli says, they can't keep all the counters. They have to throw a lot of food away because ants are in the cereal. James says, it's a delicacy in some countries to eat ants in their cereal.

Vanessa, Jace and James are by the couches in the backyard. Vanessa talks to Jace about the glute muscles.

The camera view switches to the pool table. James is setting the table up.

7:46PM BBT: Jace tells James, he was drying his laundry, but the dryer wasn't started. He and James begin to play a game of pool. They talk about school while they continue to play.

Jackie, John, Shelli and Jeff are all still in the kitchen. Jeff is eating something at the counter, and Becky walks into the kitchen. Jason walks through the kitchen, and John goes to the counter by Jeff.

7:50PM BBT: Jeff says, Happy Birthday to Johnny Mack (John). John is sitting at the kitchen table eating with Shelli. Jackie asks if they have steak sauce, before she sits down to eat. Meg is walking around in the kitchen. Becky says, Steve must have tried to kiss someone. She heard the boys cheering, and says, whenever they do that it has to do with Steve trying to hit on someone.

7:54PM BBT: The camera view switches to the grey bedroom. Jason is talking to Audrey about what he said to Jace.

Meg walks in the grey bedroom eating an apple. Audrey says, she was told that Da'Vonne'Vonne is the problem. Jason says, he thinks they think is Audrey though. Audrey says, they may be using reverse psychology. Meg is chomping on her apple into her microphone.

Audrey tells Jason, that it's probably better that people ignore them for now. She says, if they want to target her, they can bring it on. She says, she is there to compete, and they can bring it on. She says, bye Felicia. Meg says, bye. Audrey says, there is so much changing, and it's hard to keep track of everything. Jason says, it's not the same week 1 like other seasons.

7:58PM BBT: Jason says, it's not usually like this for any other season. He says, that it may be because of the first week isn't on feeds. He says, when feeds do come on, that it's usually all over the place, and there are probably a ton of alliances that never get talked about. Jason says, he told Austin if he heard the song one more time he would go off on him.

8:00PM BBT: Meg says, she thinks Jackie was there when the song was being said. Jason says, Jackie is trying to keep her name out of things. Meg says, their tactic is trying to convince people they are going to try to vote Jason and James out. Meg says, they aren't smart enough in the game. Jason says, he's hungry, and he tells Audrey he's sorry to wake her up.

Jason says, he will sleep when he is dead. He tells the girls, Jace has been talking game in the backyard all day. Jason says, he's trying to flip sides way to hard, because it will flip back on him. Audrey says, she told Jace he doesn't have her vote to stay. She says, she told him she's not the mastermind in the house. She says, she told him to try and get people to sit down in a room.

Meg says, she doesn't think that he will get the people to sit down together. Audrey says, she would love to take the credit for trying to get him out, but she can't. Jason says, he probably sealed his fate early on, because of his personality. Audrey says, she told Jace to back off her. Meg says, she's so offended he hasn't come up to her yet.

Audrey says, it's pretty much everyone in the house that wants Jace out. Jason says, he was following him at one point, when he was trying to go pee. Audrey says, he could be pretending also. Jason says, he's toned down some. Audrey says, he is probably just taking things he's heard, and he doesn't know facts. She says, that's why she can't get along with a Sagittarius.

8:08PM BBT: Clay walks in the grey bedroom. She tells Jason he's an asshole. Jason says, "I'm a castle?" Audrey says, "Yes. I said asshole, but that works to." Jeff walks in the grey bedroom, and then so does Shelli and James. Audrey says, they aren't specifically saying names, they are implying names. Clay says, Jace has been talking to people all day about reasons to stay.

8:11PM BBT: James says, he's a bullet magnet and he's been taking them all day. He says, Jace has been drilling him all day, trying to get him to throw names, and he won't. Vanessa walks through the grey bedroom, and goes to the Have-Not bedroom. Shelli asks her to sit down, and she doesn't. James says, BB, how about a warning next time. Meg says, she's going to walk out here again shortly.

James tells BB, he's so board right now, and asks them to throw some strippers. Jason says, he has numbers. Jackie joins in with all the people in the grey bedroom. James says, that bed is comfy, really comfy. Shelli says, it's a comfy hang out spot. Meg says, you can't get out of the bed in the morning. Meg says, she hates Jason so much. He says, for calling you a panther?

Meg says, stop that. Jeff says, he has nightmares of Meg coming over the speaker, and saying that. James says, everyone is going to have screen shots of themselves when they get out of the BB house. Meg says, she feels hers will be horrible, and mean-looking. Jeff and Jason say, there will be ones of Meg in every bed in the house.

James wants to ask Jeff a question and tells everyone to rock, paper, scissors for it. He says, he has to drop it, because he lost. Meg tells her mom and dad she's sorry. James says, man, her dad's a mayor dude. Jeff says, just don't go to that town dude, or you'll get detained with 6,000 tickets. Austin walks through the grey bedroom and goes to the Have-Not bedroom. He comes back out.

8:18PM BBT: Austin gets called to the DR. James says, he can't wait to watch all of the DR sessions. Jeff asks James, if his have been intense? James says, he can't always get his dialogue right, that's why he's talking to the wizards so long. Jason says, call someone hot, he says it, and says he gets to leave. Jeff says, he wonders what Steve says in the DR.

The conversation continues about the DR sessions. They all agree it's cold in the DR. They say, Austin went in there again without a shirt on. Jason says, they should go in there with winter coats in there next time. They start talking about the table behind the chair that has the tissues on it. BB says, HGs you are not allowed to talk to other HGs about your DR sessions.

Some of the girls say, they've cried in there already. Some haven't had a need, maybe when they get their period. BB calls Liz to the DR. Jeff says, Austin just went in there. They don't think that Austin has come out of there yet, and wonder why they both would get called in at the same time. They discuss what they are going to eat for dinner.

Jason says, maybe they called Liz into the DR for them to have sex together, and BB must be OK with it. He says, that would be the most awkward pair in bed ever. He says, if Austin is out of the DR, he will see him in the kitchen. He says, BB just doesn't do that.

Jason walks out of the grey BB. They all can't wait for the live eviction show, and trying to do shout-outs.

8:25PM BBT: Liz walks through the grey bedroom. The HGs left in the bedroom discuss upcoming birthday's.

Audrey is in the backyard with Jace and Austin. Jace is jumping on Audrey about who went into James' ear. Jace tells Audrey, that he doesn't know what is going on. He says, he's being treated shitty, and doesn't understand why. He says, he's been dealt a shitty hand.

8:28PM BBT: Jace says, he doesn't know why no one is trying to help him. He says, she is only trying to help herself. Audrey says, she is not going to tell him anything, and the chips will fall where they lay. Jace says, he's F'd, and doesn't know what to do about it. She tell him, to call a house meeting and find out what's going on. He back tracks what he's saying to her and she calls him out on it.

Jace and Audrey keep going back and forth. Jace says, he's never upset anyone, and all he's done is try to make people laugh. Audrey says, as an outsider, she knows of two people he has made upset. They discuss this, and it ends up being Becky and Da'Vonne'Vonne. Audrey wants to know why he's trying to take her down with him? He says, he wants to know who did this to him, and it could be her.

Audrey wants to know who came up with the plan to backdoor Jason. She says, she wants to know why people want her to be upset with him.

Jace says, he hates this game, and wants to know why all this is happening to him. Audrey says, she is pretty direct, and she genuinely likes him. She tells him, to think about everyone he's confided in. She doesn't know who it is, and because her name is going around, she doesn't want to throw out names.

Audrey tells Jace, she went to sleep for 5 hours, and wakes up to all of this. Jace says, he has to be there for three more days with nothing to do. She tells him, to start thinking about people and who they are connected to. He asks her if she wants to sit down? She says, she wants to go back inside, and doesn't want to deal with the gossip. Jace wants to know who talked to her.

8:38PM BBT: Austin and Steve are talking in the cabana lounge room. Steve tells Austin to just lay back. He tells him, he's sorry about Jace. Steve tells him, it would be awesome if one of them win HoH next week. Jace discusses a house meeting with Audrey in the backyard. He says, he's royally F'd, and he's sorry for bringing her name into. She tells him, if he calls someone out, a house meeting isn't the right place.

8:42PM BBT: Audrey asks Jace, how does he not know if Steve was the original target, and he won the Veto? Jace says, he knows, because he's the one on the block. He says, it's different. He tells Audrey someone is flat out lying. She says, she knows, and she's trying to figure it out. Jace says, he has to try and figure out how to stay in the game. She tells him, to talk one on one with people, and don't throw someone under the bus.

Audrey tells Jace to try and find his friends in the game that will stand by him. Then, get them in a room, and see if they will stand by each other to save him. She tells him, to think about what she just said, and she spells it out even more. He says, he's been planning on finding out who the mole is. He says, someone is lying, again. She tells him, she knows.

Jace tells Audrey he's not spreading bullshit about her. She says, if that's the case do what she told him to do, and it will work out. Jace says, it's tough for him, he definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. She tells him, he has a glass box. She says, she's going inside to probably confront the people that are talking about it.

Jace sits in the backyard, with his hat falling off his head, and looks like he's about to cry.

8:48PM BBT: Audrey goes back to the grey bedroom, and tells them she just had a conversation with Jace. They ask her what he was dumping out? She says, frustration.

James walks out, and Audrey sits in the chair. Audrey says, it's like trying to raise him with a 4-year-old. She says, at the end of it, it's completely squashed. She says, he was thinking about calling a house meeting to call out specific people.

Audrey says, hopefully she diffused the thought of that. She says, the only advice she could give him, was to stop causing drama. Also, to stop trying to find out who the mole is, and find his true friends.

The camera view changes to the couches in the backyard, with Jace and Jason talking. Audrey gets called to the DR. Jason burps, and says, no one talks shit to him.

Jace asks Jason, what he would have to do to get him to vote to keep him. Jason says, at this point he's going with the majority of the house. He says, that's pretty pathetic to say, but in week 1, you have to do that. Jason tells him, if he can convince people to vote for him, he's with it. Jason tries to give him advice to help him.

Jason says, he would have to prove that he has the majority to vote with him. Jace says, he's trying to find out who went to James right before the nom's to tell him he was gunning for him, because that's not true.

Jason asks Jace, if it could be Steve? Jace says, no, because he's cool with Steve. Jace says, there's really nothing he can do. Jason tells him to just not say anything for another day and a half. Then, he can try to talk to people. Meg comes to the backyard by them on the couches. She says, she feels like she's done nothing today, and feels helpless and worthless.

8:58PM BBT: Jason tells Jace, as a BB fan, it's better for him to just lay low for the next couple days, and opportunities will present themselves. He says, Jackie isn't saying anything, and maybe he can out game her.

Jace says, the difference between him and Jackie is that if she stays in the game, she'll be a big target. Jason says, she will be a big target because of being on The Amazing Race.

Jace tells Jason, he's very smart. Jason says, he just watches too much of this shit, and he knows that as much as BB likes to repeat things in the game, they are always coming up with new things!

Jason tells Jace, if there's nothing he can do to change things, then start talking to the cameras. Jace says, he's not one to give up, but not one person seems to want to vote for him.

Jason tells Jace, he'll be in a better position if he just chills out like Jackie. Jason says, he couldn't do it, and says, he doesn't know how she's doing it. Jason says, he's smoking to much, because a pack he opened this morning is already gone. He also says, PETA will hate him for killing so many ants while he's been in the house. Meg says, she has been also.

9:05PM BBT: Liz, Steve and Austin are the kitchen. Liz is cleaning off the clear island, while Austin is making himself a bowl of slop. Steve walks out. Austin says, there's the Mack Attack. He says, there's nothing like some Johnny Mack in his life (referring to John), as he walks through the kitchen.

Liz asks Austin is he's voting with the house? Austin says, yes, but next week something is going to go down, if he has anything to do with it. Austin is trying to find out who's talking stuff. Liz asks, if Vanessa is? Austin says, no, she's been in the Have-Not bedroom.

Liz and Austin go to the cabana lounge room. Austin calls it the Parlor. They start talking about who could have done this to Jace.

Austin says, Audrey could be just saying this to throw them off, and blame other people. Liz says, everyone seems to be brainwashed by her. Austin says, he hopes Jace calls the house meeting and outs her. He says, she's going to burn next week, unless she gets HoH. He says, if she doesn't get HoH, then she's F'd.

Austin wants to wait to see what Jace does. Liz asks if she should do anything, and she says, she's done, and probably won't be friends with any of these people after this. Liz says, after Jace told him his plan, why is he still wondering what to do? Austin says, he doesn't want to deal with this anymore. He says, this whole thing has given him some new friends.

Austin says, he's happy that he's friends with Steve and John. Liz says, she thinks Clay and Jeff are starting things. Austin thinks Audrey is the brain behind everything. Austin says, he doesn't know what is going on, and he's about to yell at Audrey. Liz says, he's the person she doesn't want to see mad. He says, he can't do that, because that will be the end of his game.

Austin says, Audrey is untrustworthy, and she is playing a bully game. He says, how is she doing this? Does she have a microphone on him? He says, she keeps coming up and asking people why they are saying something, and trying to intimidate them. He says, if she comes up to him one more time, he's done.

Liz says, she told Audrey that she's voting with the house. Austin says, we have three more days, so let's see what happens. He says, we can always decide on the voting day. He says, they already have planned out there game, and they have to fight it. Austin says, she's playing with the wrong people, and he would've helped her to get to the final four.

Austin says, she has a very touching story about what she went through. Liz says, she hasn't even heard the story.

Austin tells Liz what Jace and Audrey were talking about in the backyard earlier. Liz says, it's F'ing Sunday, and they have until Thursday. Austin says, if she does this to him again tomorrow, he's going to tell her to F-off. He says, he will go home next week and play basketball.

Liz says, she's not letting this game get to her. Austin says, he's not either. They both agree they have good lives out of the house. Austin says, the wrap party is going to be crazy as fuck. Liz says, Rachel, won't invite half of these people, they are crazy. Austin agrees.

Austin says, Aubrey is probably making this five person alliance with him while she's making a five person alliance with the other side of the house.

9:23PM BBT: Vanessa is in the bathroom area setting her stuff up to take a shower on the cold side. Meg goes in the hot side of the shower. Jason comes out of the bathroom, and washes his hands, while Vanessa is cleaning her face at the sink.

Shelli goes in the bathroom, and when she comes out she washes her hands at the sink. Vanessa walks out of the bathroom area. Jason jokes with Meg about getting in the shower with her naked, and then he walks out of the bathroom area. He goes to the grey bedroom.

Jackie is lying in a bed. He says, he should just go full out. He goes back to the bathroom to change. Jackie says, she's getting hers also.

Jackie walks to the kitchen with her bikini in hand. Meg comes out of the bathroom area, walks to the kitchen, and is in her bathing suit. Jason walks out of the bathroom area, and says, hello, I'm in my whore bikini. Meg tells him the cameras are following him. He says, yes, because this is the first time he's looked like a whore. He says, it looks like he's walking around with no pants on. He walks to the backyard.

9:31PM BBT: As Jason walks out to the backyard, he says, whore bikini time. He says, hello, Rachel Riley. After he takes his shirt off, one of the guys playing pool whistles at him.

Jason walks into the kitchen. Jackie and Meg are in the kitchen as well. Becky is at the kitchen table, and is complimenting him on his bikini. She says, it's not too revealing at all, and it's cute.

9:33PM BBT: Jason and Meg go to the backyard to the Jacuzzi. Jackie goes out as well, and has her revealing bikini on.

Austin and Liz are still in discussion in the cabana lounge room. Liz says, they need to just lay low. Austin says, he thinks it's Jeff, but Audrey may just be making stuff up. Austin says, Jace wouldn't sell them out to anyone. He says, there's no way that six people came up to her.

Liz says, the plan seems to be to get Jace out, and then her and him. She wants to plan now, if they find anything out they tell each other. Austin says, they can still hang out, just not as much. He says, maybe at night and in the morning or whatever. Liz says, she really doesn't get along with anyone else. She says, she really only feels comfortable with him and Jace.

9:38PM BBT: Austin says, Becky is nice, but weird. He says, Jeff is a frat boy. He says, James said some derogatory comments. He says, he didn't hear what James said to her. Liz says, they just need to get the power. Austin says, they are geeking out way to hard, way to soon.

Jace comes to the cabana lounge room with them. He plops down on the couch in between the two of them.

Jace says, he's screwed. Austin asks, why? Jace says, he thinks it's Clay more than Audrey. Austin asks, do you really think she's making friends? Jace says, yes, because there's only one person that he talked to before the ceremony, and that was Clay. Austin says, Clay was going to do it anyway, so that's not true.

Austin tells him about the five person alliance on both sides of the house.

Austin says, he doesn't even want to do this anymore with the games between Audrey and everyone. He says, if she comes up to him one more time, he's going to call a house meeting to find out what's going on. He says, all he wants to do is work out and eat protein. He says, if he goes home next week then so be it. Jace says, there's nothing he can do, and he just wants to go home now, and not have to wait three days.

Jace tells Liz, he yelled at her earlier in case she didn't hear him. He tells her, Audrey is completely blowing his game up, and he can't do anything. Liz tells him, Audrey is telling her to stay away from him and shit. She tells Jace just to lay low. He says, he's done, F'ing done, and he didn't even get a chance to play. Liz says, she can't believe it.

Jace says, he should be a douche bag like Evil Dick was. Liz says, Audrey is running the house. Jace says, you really can't trust anyone at this point, no one gives an F at him.

He says, Jackie just went out there in the sluttiest bathing suit ever trying to get votes. Liz says, she's trying to show off her tits. Jace says, her tits are ugly, and he doesn't like them.

9:47PM BBT: Jace says, they are all voting with the house. Liz says, she doesn't understand why people do that. She says, they should just go with who can help them in the game.

Jace says, he just wants to go home, but he doesn't even have a home to go to. He says, he can't believe he gave up his house one block away from the beach in Venice, to come sit with these people in this house. He says, it's been a huge waste of his time.

Jace says, Jackie doesn't even need to be there, because she has a lot going on, and she's already been on TV.

Liz says, I know. Jace tells Liz not to throw her game away, because she has a chance to go far in the game. He says, he likes them a lot, and doesn't want to see them go up in flames. Liz says, she doesn't really like any of them, except him and Austin.

Jace says, everyone will forget he's been in the house three days after he leaves. He says, no one can even look him in the eyes, it's crazy.

Liz gets up and closes the cabana lounge room door, and then sits on the side of Jace. They hug each other. She says, it feels like they are the targets. Liz says, she knows for a fact, and people are sketchy as fuck. Jace says, Shelli is crying, and it made him start tearing up.

Liz says, he should go around and tell people that he has no where to go, and that Jackie has been on The Amazing Race already. Jace says, Audrey told him that she's going to start saying stuff about him. Liz says, he has such a vibrant personality, and she thought they were going to put Jeff up. She says, it sucks. Jace says, James is just trying to get rid of him, and it's a game.

9:54PM BBT: Jace says, no one believes anything he says. Liz says, it's pretty apparent that everyone is voting with the house, and it sucks. Jace says, he just wants to go home, but everyone tells him he can turns this around. He says, how, when no one likes him, and they're full of shit. Liz says, it's only the beginning and they're already like this.

Liz says, she doesn't want him to leave. Jace says, he hopes that her and Austin still talk to him when it's over. He tells her not to go crazy like GinaMarie did, and he will see her in a couple months anyway. She says, for sure. Jace says, it would be awesome for one of them to win the 500K, and say F them. Liz says, you can't trust anyone.

9:58PM BBT: Jace says, he was only paying $1,100 a month for his house, and all of the houses there are $2,500 or more a month. He says, he can't afford that amount a month to pay. Jace says, he wanted to stay longer.

Audrey opens the door to the cabana lounge room, and asks where everyone is. Jace says, she's so sketchy. Liz says, she's trying to work with Austin, but she hasn't said anything to her hardly.

Jace says, James is such a pussy. He says, he's 5'2". Liz says, that's the way to do it though. Jace says, to get back-doored on the first week is crazy. Liz says, everyone feels so safe, and they want to make a big move. Liz says, it kind of sucks for her and Austin, because they were relying on him to help them. She tells him not to give up, tomorrow's a new day. She tells him not to show his emotions.

Jace says, it was either him or Jeff. He says, it could have been him that said something to James. They both believe Clay has something to do with, and Jace says, he's going to ask him if he blew his game up. Jace says, he's not going to even watch the show when he leaves. He says, he just wants to smash all of the cameras.

10:15 - 10:31PM BBT: Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa and Audrey agree to create an alliance (either Sleeper Cell, Splinter Cell or Splinter...Shell as per suggested by Shelli). They agree to have each others backs.

Austin is tired of the BS within the house and is ready to play. They all agree. The party breaks up and most of the HGs attempt to leave one by one as to not appear sketchy. Shelli and Clay hang back and chat a bit.

10:40PM BBT: Out in the backyard we have general silliness and exercise going on. Meg says the daybed is covered in ants. Jason is smoking and the rest of the HGs are having several conversations while wandering around. Meg made Johnny a cake. Back in the HoH Clay and Shelli continue to talk while watching the spy screen to see if anyone comes up-stairs. Audrey comes back up and says she chased everyone outside to dance for the those two to escape. Audrey says she wants to lay low the next week and keep her mouth shut. [I'll believe it when I see it - Niteslacker]

10:41-10:46PM BBT: Jackie runs through the backyard in her bikini. Meg, Da'Vonne, Steve, Liz and Johnny are hanging out on the couches in the backyard. General ant chat. James and Jeff are playing pool and Austin can occasionally be seen running and doing handstands in the backyard.

Up in the HoH Shelli and Audrey are going back and forth about trust. Shelli says tries to ask questions when tidbits of information are given to her but she never gets the whole picture. Shelli says this may have been to her own benefit at this point because she literally knows nothing. However, moving forward she will eventually want to know more. Shelli says the eight person alliance is taking small snippets of conversation and blowing up the house by running around the house and divulging parts of it.

10:47-10:53PM BBT: Shelli says this five person thing they just did and the first thing Audrey did was try to splinter everyone up to different parts of the house. Shelli runs her mouth quickly mimicking Audrey "...and you're going to do this and I'm going to do this...and we're all going to do that. Great? Good!" Shelli says then she has to sit back and go "....neat...." Audrey has a good laugh.

The three are concerned for Austin. Clay says he's going to stay in Austin's ear. If Austin gets HoH next week he may target Jeff and they'll have to distance themselves from him. Clay says they still have the five....the three of them (Clay, Shelli, Audrey, Meg and Jeff). Clay says they are the core until they get Da'Vonne out. Audrey wants to get Jace out this week because he keeps throwing her name out there.

James can be seen on the spy screen heading towards the HoH. Audrey hides underneath the blanket. James sees the two of them and looks to the camera and points at the two of them and says "look at this!" Audrey jumps out as James walks by. He seems unphased.

10:54PM BBT: Down in the backyard Jeff and Vanessa are now playing pool. Back in the HoH Audrey suggests that they have an eight person check in at 5AM. They worry that Becky or Steve may get up and wander around the house to look for people. James suggests that the majority hide in the shower and James will flip the lights off and act like he was being woken up.

Talk turns to what will happen next week. Jeff is going to go get cake and then he may work out with Shelli. Audrey really wants to meet up with everyone. Clay suggests doing it when it's not sketchy by them all being up there.

10:58PM BBT: Audrey is going to get members of the eight person alliance and will slowly send them upstairs. Shelli wants to talk to Da'Vonne. Audrey says that everyone needs to stay upstairs and wait. She (Audrey) will be the last one up. Clay says to hurry. Audrey can be seen talking to Jackie in the backyard. Meg and Da'Vonne come into the HoH. James wonders who invited her. Meg tells him to shut up.

11:02PM BBT: Out in the backyard Audrey and Jackie are in the hammock with Becky sitting nearby. Someone asks Audrey how her day is. Audrey says "other than Jace trying to blow me up all day because he thinks I masterminded his demise."

BB calls Becky out for microphone obstruction.

Back in the HoH Jason has joined the crew. Meg says Austin and Steve has been talking a lot today. James says that Jace said Austin said James will be a target next week. Da'Vonne says she's been sleeping a lot today.

11:08PM BBT: Up in the HoH more "he said she said." They don't like the person(s) they see on the spy screen in the kitchen.

Down in the storage room Vanessa appears to be giving Jace a pep talk. Vanessa says he probably can't change things right now and it will be two days but at least he hasn't made any enemies.

The feeds switch back to Audrey, Jackie and Becky at the hammock. Audrey is holding her mic to her mouth. [Nothing sketchy about that.... -Niteslacker]

11:12PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she can't believe Jace told Production to "F off" earlier when they called him out for singing.

All four feeds switch to Audrey, Jackie and Becky in the backyard before BB calls Jason out for talking about Production.

Feeds two and four switch back to the HoH and Jason says "Ya'll know you heard him whistling!" Meg wonders if Vanessa is putting on a show about not realizing how difficult the show would be. Jason agrees it's a possibility.

11:17PM BBT: Out in the backyard Becky says Jace is going to try and take down many people with him when he goes out on Thursday. They all agree.

A loud thumping can be heard along with Jeff's voice.

Back in the HoH James says Austin told someone that James is going to be a target next week. The conversation pauses briefly and they stare at the screen wondering how they will get out of the room. They agree to start going one by one. Clay goes first to get cake. Jace gets called out by BB for singing.

11:23PM BBT: Idle chit chat up in the HoH about Jace knowing he's dead in the water.

Out in the backyard the loud thumping can be heard intermittently still. Audrey and Jackie are in the hammock, Becky has wandered off. Jackie says they've all made sacrifices to be here. Audrey agrees.

11:26PM BBT: Assorted chats about HGs continue in the HoH. They (Jason, Da'Vonne, James, Shelli and Meg) all think that Becky is playing like she doesn't have anyone in the house. They feel if it's true then it's her own fault for not making connections.

Out at the hammock, nothing new to talk about. Jackie says she needs to get off the block. Audrey thinks "...that we're all solid."

11:31PM BBT: The hammock feeds switch to Liz and Jeff in the storage room. Liz wants to talk game. Jeff says it should be obvious she's on her own. Liz knows. Jeff says when they (Austin and Jace) started making songs about themselves then he knew he had to get away because they would be targeted quickly. Jeff says she needs to distance herself from those two.

11:33PM BBT: Liz says she's jumping ship because they're sinking and she knows it. Jeff tells Liz not to talk to Audrey because he knows she's working with them. Liz is freaked out. Liz says Audrey is not with them. She tells him before the veto competition Austin said to Da'Vonne "who do you think is playing both sides of the house?" Da'Vonne said Audrey. Liz agreed. Liz said Audrey is running the house.

After the veto competition Da'Vonne pulls Liz into a room with Austin and Audrey and Audrey had found out everything that was said and Liz says she thinks Da'Vonne told her (Audrey). Liz says she felt done with Audrey at that point.

11:38PM BBT: Jeff says he needs Austin to stay because he wants Austin to take someone out for him. Liz asks if she's the next target then. Jeff says no but he's going to try and keep both around but he can't be seen talking to her otherwise he'll be F'd.
Back in the HoH Da'Vonne, Meg and James are talking wondering if Vanessa is stirring the pot. James is playing with his MIC which is making hearing him difficult. James gets called out for his MIC being off.

11:42PM BBT: Jeff continues to coach Liz to try and lay low and realize that yes she has a target on her back but to remember that there are bigger targets than her in the house. He recommends that she stops hanging out with Austin because he's the bigger threat. Jeff says Jace formed an alliance with someone who already had alliance.

Back in the HoH Da'Vonne, Meg, James and Audrey run scenarios for next week. James offers to go up on the block with Becky. Meg asks Audrey what she feels about Vanessa. Audrey agrees that something seems off with her.

11:46PM BBT: Down in the storage room Jeff says he's going to start planting seeds. Jeff says to really stop hanging out with a certain someone that runs around and "you know who I'm talking about. Liz says she understands and agrees and is glad to hear that he sees through Audrey's game. Liz hopes this conversation will stay here. Jeff says it will and Audrey has already caught on to things he's saying and confronted him about them. Liz swears this conversation will stay here in the storage room.

11:50PM BBT: Jeff and Liz hug it out in the storage room.

Back in the HoH Meg is concerned that Austin is a smart dude and will figure out how big/true group is. Audrey doesn't think so. James says someone in their group told someone about the song and they told Austin about it. James offers to ask but he'll have to throw Audrey under bus. Audrey asks to not be thrown under the bus. James wonders how many tire tracks she has on her. "Enough...." she says.

11:55PM BBT: Down in the bathroom area Austin and Vanessa are chatting about casinos. Back in the HoH James continues to try and figure out who told whom about the song.

12:00AM BBT: Up in the HoH James wants to go find out who told Jace about the song about him. Meg asks what his gut says. James says Jeff, Jackie or Clay. Meg says no way Jeff. James agrees because Jeff helped created it.

Down in the backyard Jason is giving Becky, Steve, Da'Vonne and Vanessa? A history of the BBCA and about other fan sites.

12:10AM BBT: In the HoH James, Meg and Audrey continue to try and unravel who told Jace about the song. They wonder if it was Clay. Meg is going downstairs. Audrey is going to get Clay and bring him up.

Down in the backyard we have idle chit chat.

12:13AM BBT: Jace comes over to the couch in the backyard and mentions that his Bible is missing. He can't find it anywhere. Steve says he can use his. They question whether someone may have hidden it. Meg can be seen walking across the yard. Steve calls out Johnny for "getting buff!"

Back up in the HoH James is telling Da'Vonne, Audrey and Clay about Jace knowing the song. Da'Vonne laughs.

They continue to run scenarios about how to ask/find out who told him. If they can't figure it out Da'Vonne says she's done with the group. It's too big and and this is such a minor thing and she can't trust her BB life to a group.

12:23AM BBT: Meg and Jackie are near/on the hammock. Meg needs to get caught up on that TV show (Amazing Race?).

Back in the HoH Jason has joined the others and discussion continues about who knew about the song and told him about it.

12:27AM BBT: Mole talk continues in the HoH. Audrey seems reluctant for James to confront him.

Down in the backyard Johnny and Jeff hang out near the hammock while Jeff talks to Jackie.

Feeds switch to Austin whispering to Vanessa in the Have-Not room. Vanessa says it will give him a day or two until... and Austin agrees. Austin says he can't sit with Jace and be a martyr right now. He wants to spread his wings and become social. Austin hopes the group they were pulled into earlier was real. Vanessa agrees and says if it's not she's going to blow stuff up.

Da'Vonne comes into Have-Not room and the conversation stops. Vanessa tells her that she folded her blanket for her.

12:32AM BBT: Da'Vonne is complaining that she needs to poop but she can't do it around people. Every time she tries to go somewhere quiet people come in or she simply can't go. Vanessa said she had a bad one today where she had to chase someone away before they walked in. She said it was super embarrassing.

Back in the HoH they continue to discuss how to smoke out the mole in their group.

12:38AM BBT: SongGate continues in the HoH while the non pooping conversations continues in the Have-Not room.

We are pulled away from the Have-Not room and sent to the storage room where Austin and Liz are chatting. They both know Jace is going home and have to distance themselves. Liz says a small group got up and left when she came outside. Austin wonders if they are targeting her. She doesn't know but she points out that Jace walked up at the same time so maybe they were avoiding him as well.

12:41AM BBT: Jason, Meg and James comes into the storage room looking for Advil, abruptly ending Liz and Austin's chat. The three of them whisper in the Ocean Room wondering about Audrey and Clay. Meg thinks those two have something going on.

James says Audrey has her hand in every cookie jar. The three figure that Audrey is their mole. A door opens and the conversation stops. Steve walks through and the conversation starts. Meg tells Jeff "go shower smelly" as he walks through. James thinks he may let the whole thing go (SongGate). The Ocean Room party breaks up and goes their separate ways.

12:46AM BBT: Feeds jumping all over the place as HGs move around. Audrey tells James that she straight up asked "him". James says he's probably going to just drop it because he doesn't want to create any more waves in the house. James says his head hurts. He's done talking game tonight.

Out in the backyard Jason, Meg and Da'Vonne are talking. James joins them. James says he's going to drop it. Audrey comes out and says "Jace says it was you Jason!" Jason says go get him and he'll go Chima on him.

12:53AM BBT: Idle chit chat in the backyard. Steve is working out. He's letting some facial hair grow out and asks for Jason, Da'Vonne and Audrey's opinion.

In the kitchen Shelli and Clay appear to be cleaning.

12:55AM BBT: Johnny and James are chatting near the hammock. James can't wait until next week so he can just sit back and chill. Johnny says if he wins he'll keep James safe. James says he needs to keep Jackie safe as well (she's nearby working out in her yoga pants/sports bra). James says if he gets booted out before he sees her do a handstand then he lost the game. Johnny agrees. Johnny tells Becky she's safe until she stands on her hands.

Back at the couches in the backyard we have idle TV chit chat.

1:07AM BBT: In the Ocean Room Vanessa tells Jackie that Vanessa was trying to start an all girl's alliance. Shelli and Jackie says no way. Jeff says Vanessa must be on someone's agenda. Jackie asks Jeff's "Jason and James?" and Jeff says yes.

In the Cabana room Audrey and Clay are whispering. Clay asks her if she's talked to Vanessa. Audrey says no not yet. Clay says Jeff was supposed to come in here.

1:10AM BBT: Audrey asks Clay to go sit outside with Da'Vonne and others. Clay wants to go find Jeff to see why he was abandoned.

The feeds switch to Jace reading the Bible in the Comic book room.

Back in the Ocean room Shelli, Vanessa and Jackie talk about massages.

1:17AM BBT: Audrey's game continues to unravel. In a darkened Have-Not room Austin is telling Liz that Audrey has an eleven person alliance and she is getting him to constantly butt heads with James so they won't trust each other. Vanessa comes in and says she's glad she handled it. Austin wonders if she told them to quiet down. Vanessa said she just had to get some things straightened out. Jace heads into bathroom.

In the Ocean Room Jackie and Shelli remain sitting quietly

1:20AM BBT: Shelli and Jackie are chatting in the Ocean Room. Shelli says she's making fun of this week because she has no game to chat so her and Jackie can just sit there. Jackie laughs. Shelli says this game is being playing ridiculous today. Shelli makes fun of the alliance names saying "today we're the grey alliance....tomorrow....maybe the pink alliance.

Meanwhile in the backyard Jeff, Steve, Jace, Meg, Da'Vonne and Clay are gathered around the hot-tub chatting randomly.

1:27AM BBT: Shelli and Jackie whisper in the wash room about how certain people seem to know everything about everyone. Jace comes in to the rooms smiling. Jace says a wave of contentment just suddenly washed over him. Jace says he read the Bible and realized "God loves me...." Jeff walks into the room.

Back at the hot-tub side we have random chit chat.

1:38AM BBT: In the storage room Jeff is talking to Jackie. Jeff says Audrey isn't as big a target as Austin is. Jackie says she feels like the rest of the cast are kids which Jeff agrees with. Jeff says this week will be fine.

Back in the living room, Jace is pleading for his BB life to Clay. Jace says if he goes home he'll have to call his parents. He didn't expect to leave the first week.

1:44AM BBT: General silliness around the hot-tub with Steve, Jason, Jackie, Becky, Johnny, Da'Vonne and Becky.

Back in the cabana room, Jace continues to beg for his BB life. James and Jason whisper about Audrey near everyone else but they agree that she's the mole.

1:51AM BBT: The living room party breaks up. Jace heads into a darkened ocean room where he finds Jeff whispering to Audrey. Jace apologizes to Audrey for exploding earlier. Audrey understands and plans on staying in bed for the next four days.

Out in the backyard James is telling Jackie about SongGate and how he and Jason figured out it was Audrey.

1:56AM BBT: Jace now continues to pour his heart out to Audrey. Audrey says she's seriously going to sleep the next couple of days away.

Out in the backyard Jackie, Jeff and James continue to talk about Audrey.

2:04AM BBT: Jace finally finishes up his speech to Audrey and Shelli about keeping him while sitting on their bed in a darkened Ocean Room.

Out in the backyard James continues to talk to Jackie about Audrey. Others can be heard playing pool in the background.

2:10AM BBT: Audrey and Shelli whisper in their bed. Audrey wants to backdoor Da'Vonne. Shelli isn't sure it's not a good idea. Audrey thinks it is.

Out at the couches in the backyard, we have Meg, Da'Vonne and Jason. Jason and Jackie continue to talk near the weight bench.

2:13AM BBT: Jace pulls Steve into the cabana room to convince him to vote for him. "How would anyone else in this house know that you voted for me?" Steve says they wouldn't. Liz walks in and Steve quiets. Jace asks Liz to step back out. Steve tells Jace over and over again that he doesn't have to sell him on anything.

Out in the backyard James tells the group he can't trust anyone in their group.

2:22AM BBT: Becky is making something to eat in the kitchen while Steve and she talk about travel. Becky has never been to the East Coast and Steve has never been to Colorado.

Out in the backyard Jeff is talking about his ideal woman.

2:29AM BBT: Clay crawls into bed with Shelli and Audrey and starts whispering faintly. It sounds like someone's mic is rubbing against something, making hearing the words difficult.

Out in the backyard Steve probes for more information about his ideal woman. Becky, Da'Vonne, Steve, Meg, Jace, Jeff, Steve, James and Jackie all laughing and being silly.

2:38AM BBT: Idle chit chat continues in the backyard.

Inside the house in the Ocean room Clay, Shelli and Audrey try to come up with a name for their new alliance.

Clay gets into his own bed.

2:53AM BBT: Steve and Da'Vonne are the only two left in the backyard talking. Steve asks if there is anything wrong between the two and Da'Vonne says no but she believes she was lied to by someone. Steve asks who or about what. Da'Vonne doesn't want to say. Jason comes out and starts chewing obnoxiously. Da'Vonne heads inside in an effort to use the bathroom. Becky and Jackie crawled into bed in a darkened room.

3:01AM BBT: Johnny stumbles around the darkened Comic Book room asking Jace if he is going to lay on him. Jace asks if he is hard. Johnny says "Wha?" Jace "Wha?" Johnny "Wha?" Jace "Wha?".

Out in the backyard Steve, Da'Vonne and Jason are talking about previous BBs.

3:04AM BBT: In the kitchen James, Jeff and Meg graze. Jeff is whispering fast while Meg crinkles up a bag of some sort. Almost impossible to identify words. Someone is chewing and swallowing obnoxiously.

3:15AM BBT: Idle chit chat continues in the backyard between Jason, Da'Vonne and Steve. Da'Vonne called to DR. Meg, James and Jeff out in the hammock. Lots of whispering. it sounds like they're going back and realizing how sketchy Audrey can be.

3:20AM BBT: Audrey has joined Steve and Jason on the couches in the backyard. Idle chit chat about the show and fan sites.

Meanwhile over at the hammock James, Meg and Jeff swing lazily and call Audrey a snake and Vanessa a mongoose.

3:31AM BBT: All four feeds on James, Meg, and Jeff in the hammock. More rehashing and realizing how Audrey is the source of their information leaks. Jeff makes fun of Audrey because she's had her hands all over Clay. James playfully gets mad and gets up and leaves the hammock telling Jeff he can have Meg.

The couch feeds are back, James has joined Da'Vonne, Steve and Audrey. James begins to sing some Lauren Hill and we get FotH.

3:41AM BBT: Idle chit chat between the group on the couches in the backyard and Meg and Jeff in the hammock.

The feeds are coming and going focusing on one, the other, or FotH as they talk about production. Audrey asks Da'Vonne if she's ever had a tarot reading. Da'Vonne says no. Audrey asks why. Da'Vonne says because she doesn't believe in it and she doesn't want to know what's going to happen. James gets up and wanders back to the hammock.

3:46AM BBT: James and Jeff are going to bed. Meg joins the couch group (Da'Vonne, Audrey and Jason). Jason says Steve asked him if he knows what's happening this week. Jason said it was the first time he was talked game to by Steve.

3:50AM BBT: All four feeds currently on James getting into HoH bed. Last we saw of the backyard crew they were discussing possible twist scenarios for the week.

Currently all four feeds are displaying horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

Just like that we get our backyard feeds back and Jason is talking about a TV show and how it might pertain to the Takeover.

3:54AM BBT: Meg comes in and heads into the bathroom. All four feeds flip back to horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Meg washes hands and face before heading towards the bedrooms. Out in the backyard Da'Vonne, Audrey and Jason Jedi train questions "Who would most likely steal your boyfriend...blank or blank?"

4:02AM BBT: The backyard crew continues to run scenarios and discuss the difference between feed watchers and TV watchers. Da'Vonne can't wait for Thursday because she wants to compete.

4:07AM BBT: Random chatter from the backyard crew. Talk turns back to their social media accounts. Jason had zero online presence so he simply deactivated his and they (BB) were OK with that. Others apparently had to give their PWs to BB.

Audrey mentions she didn't get to interview with Rachel and others because "the story broke..." Jason and Da'Vonne are shocked "Why do they even care?" Audrey said she felt like Lindsey Lohan. FotH.

All four feeds come back to horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

4:12AM BBT: The feeds are back briefly but then production talk begins again and we get more FotH.

4:15AM BBT: Feeds back Steve has joined the backyard crew. Steve and Audrey were dancing around a bit. Audrey wants to play charades and act out favorite cartoon characters. FotH.

4:20AM BBT: Feeds back briefly discussing how Steve and Jason remember the different years of BB (actual years they aired). FotH. Feeds back quickly. James joins the backyard crew. James says he got woke up. Jason asks why and we get FotH.

4:23AM BBT: Intermittent FotH as the backyard crew talks about the veto competition.

4:28AM BBT: Idle chit chat continues regarding the house and rules that are in place due to previous infarctions by previous HGs from other seasons. IE: No glass bottles, no hangers, etc because they could be used as a weapon.

Since these guys don't seem to want to go to bed we're going to take a bit of a break. We'll get everyone caught up once our updaters have gotten a bit of rest. ~NiteSlacker

4:45AM BBT: Da'Vonne, James and Jason are in the backyard talking about Audrey and how she is a manipulator. Da'Vonne is worried that if they go after her to get her out, America will hate them because of her story. Jason explains that there will be lovers and haters out there and not to worry about it.

4:50AM BBT: Steve finished eating in the kitchen and headed outside to sit by the others.

Discussions changed to sleeping arrangements and how James is going to sleep in the HoH room because he is going to have to give it up soon. Discussion turns to double eviction and how the HoH does not get the room they just get a basket. James is explaining that the pictures that are given to them are not real pictures they are printed on picture paper.

4:53AM BBT: They head inside, Steve went to bed and the others are in the kitchen whispering. Da'Vonne said Audrey can't win and Austin can't win. James said eight of them in the group, seven of them have a chance to win and questions who they should go for. Da'Vonne is going to put Austin up if she wins and she will back-door Becky.

4:55AM BBT: They walk over to the memory wall and start pointing out who has to go. Jason said his picture looks like he has a tattoo on his eye. James thinks Jeff's picture looks like a real estate agent.

James said that at least they found out there is a snake in the yard. James said that if he gets HoH again he is putting out the snake (Audrey) and he will make up a song for her.

Jason said that he will put Vanessa out if he wins HoH because she has not even said hello to him and every time that Vanessa says that people in the house are horrible Jason feels like she is talking about just him. Da'Vonne said that they need to make sure they take color all the way to the end.

Jason points out that the only two chicks not showing their teeth in the pictures are Liz and Audrey. James said yea snakes.

Jason asked the other two who told Austin that putting a pony tail in his beard is OK. He thinks that he should have to shave it. The three of them agree that Austin, Liz, Steve, Audrey, Vanessa and Becky have to go before Jury starts.

5:02AM BBT: They end their discussions and go to bed.

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