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Welcome to the Big Brother 15 "Yesterday Page"

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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 18 2013  The Finale
8:00AM BBT: Oh of course they're sleeping, and when they wake up, we won't see much.  Just remember, the finale is tonight at 9:30PM, following the premiere of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.  

9:03AM BBT: We have FotH maybe a wakeup call as it is the last day in the house and they need to pack.

9:31AM BBT: All the HGs are in the living room talking about drinking last night and Andy says, "That was the drunkest I have been in the house all year," and they laugh.

9:43AM BBT: More bashing of Amanda and Elissa going on in the living room.

9:51AM BBT: Spencer tells GinaMarie that it's cool that they have out lasted the live feeds and she says right. Andy is in the colorful room putting on Chap stick, then goes back to the living room.

9:53AM BBT: Andy and GinaMarie are sitting in living room talking general talk and we get FotH.

9:55AM BBT: Spencer is talking to the live feeders saying, "Hey live feeders it's been fun it's been crazy and we have enjoyed this season and he says ya'll are awesome."

Andy: "Live feeders we are honored that you got to share this with us and your dedication to this is awesome also if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here and it has been a crazy 90 days. One of the worst things in the house was being a Have-Not and we live you live feeders and what ever you do don't vote for Elissa as America's player she is awful."

GinaMarie: "Live feeders this is GinaMarie from Jersey and we hope we kept you guys laughing and crying all season and we hope you love ua as much as we love you guys and it's been crazy times and sad times and before we say goodbye we want to say we love you."

They all three yell goodbye and Andy says, "That was a pain... Remember don't vote for Elissa please. "

Spencer adds, "She was the worse player ever, and ...."

10:00AM BBT: We now have: "Thanks for watching this season's Big Brother Live Feeds."

Rumors: Now let's get down to the talk on the net.  This season has had more outrageous rumors than any other season I can think of. One site had said that Amanda is a close personal friend of Allison Grodner, the executive producer of Big Brother, and that it was predetermined that Amanda would win BB15. When things weren't going well for Amanda, the site said that since the story of the show being rigged "leaked" out, that CBS was going to cover it up by having Amanda get evicted.

These outrageous rumors don't bother me as much as the people that believe them. Forget about the ridiculousness of the plot, any fan of Big Brother can see that there is a huge element of chance built into the game, with competitions requiring balancing balls, running on slippery floors, and even a roulette wheel, rigging the game for a predetermined outcome would be impossible.

Besides the rumors, various websites have interpreted information to sensationalize it to the max.  When the Prudential Real Estate website in Florida removed Amanda's picture from their directory of realtors, it was reported that Amanda had her license taken away. Whereas it might be true that Prudential would want to distance themselves from Amanda's reputation, it is up to The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) to determine if she in some way violated the Florida Division of Real Estate statutes and codes.

Yesterday it was reported on Qwerty, a usually reputable gay news site, that Andy was fired from his teaching position at the College of DuPage.  This was an assumption made based on a post on the college's Facebook page that read:

“Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.“

While in the Big Brother house Andy has said that he does not know if he will be re-hired when he gets out, if DuPage wants him, his employment would begin in January. It sounds more like Andy was working on a per diem, or more precisely, a per semester arrangement, and the college had not determined if he his services would be required in January.

But wait... there's more! 

BBluver is going to write up tonight's big finale, and we'll cover Big Brother Live From The Backyard with Jeff Schroeder tonight at 11:45PM EDT/8:45PM BBT (PDT).  Then, tomorrow, we'll have all the press reports and links to interviews with the most politically incorrect, rude, vulgar houseguests in Big Brother history.  I, for one, can't wait to see their reaction to finding out what the public thinks of them.

While we wait for the show to begin, let me just say,

I would to thank the moderators on the  Once again this year you could follow us on Twitter and Facebook. This season the number of followers on social media was very impressive. I wasn't aware that Facebook had a limit on how many friends you can have until we hit their limit. (You can still join our group and follow us.) This area of participation is run by Fuskie who coordinates the schedule and every aspect of our Twitter feed and Facebook postings. Speaking of Facebook, I'd like to thank Samantha [laladoopiedu] who oversees our Facebook page and helped moderate the forums. Thanks to Cecimom, who moderates the message board, Jedi for moderating helping to make it run. Thanks to Dade, who moderates our chat rooms, did Tweets, and posted updates. 

Those of you that have been coming here year-after-year know that this page is written by a team of devoted updaters that write most of what you read on this page, while I just fill in the blanks spaces and paste it together. Thanks to all of my updaters, the people that really wrote this page: 6Borders, BBLuver, BBLurkerPlus, BigSister15, CajunBoiler, Cathy, CAVEgirl, CoDkiller87, Crawford, crazynak, Dade, Debra749, debmcc34, DRG, Drummer1, EmilyCaitlin, Fuskie, GeorgeCTV, Goldylucks, gsmall99, GwennyLou, IndigoAquarius, JackyStacky, jayman228, JEDI, jennain2003, JzWmn, kakidoodle, Kekila, kitten_200, Kronnie, laladoopiedu, LoneTWolf, loripav, LynLyn, MissCrisECN, NiteSlacker, NotTheRealWes, nslisa, omahaguy, Phortune, pierceka, PlasticCastle, Relevart, SAUCY1, sassy2565, Sayre, scarletkate, SeaLilly, Slimcruz, smartyparty, snancypants, sparklet, Spikes_Luv, SueNRob, tojingka, TranCutie, valleyofthesun, varm, VinTanner2, WesternU, ZuZuMamou.

Every name on that list is a valuable cog in the wheel and if I left your name off, it was completely by accident, send me a PM and I'll add it. 

Help Wanted:  Big Brother 2 Canada begins in February,  It's like BB USA, only with better houseguests. We had a lot of fun watching and covering BB Canada last season, but many of our updaters are from the lower 48, we need updaters, some people to help with Tweeting, and so much more. If you live in Canada, or get Slice TV on your cable system,

There's another list of important people who's names are not mentioned.  They are the generous people that donate money to cover expenses. THANK YOU!   If you haven't donated, and maybe you're low on cash,  just come back for BB Canada or BB16 and help with the updates. If you do have a few bucks you can spare, here's how to donate.

Don't go away.  the TVFanForums are open all year, and you'll find forums devoted to other reality shows, like: The Amazing Race, which stars Sunday, September 29th (it's the 23rd season, can you believe it), Survivor (the 27th season), which started tonight,  Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars that premiered Monday, I'm hoping a new show, The Quest, will be worth covering, that starts January 2nd on ABC, and we always have a lot of fun with American Idol, which starts in January.  Our motto is "Why watch TV alone?" because it's more fun to watch with other fans, live online in our chat room. And, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, the whole gang will be here all year long tweeting about all your favorite reality shows.

Tonight's Live Finale Show on CBS: 
Remember, you can watch the Big Brother finale as it airs on the East coast, three hours earlier than BB time HERE.


Julie Chen: "It's been the most controversial season of Big Brother ever and tonight this epic 90 day social experiment comes to an end as either Andy, Spencer or GinaMarie walk out that door, half a million dollar richer. Welcome to the LIVE season finale of Big Brother."

Announcer: "Previously, on Big Brother, for most of the summer, Amanda and Helen dominated the game and they helped orchestrate some of the summer's biggest evictions. But when the time came to turn on each other, Amanda drew first blood. Feeling untouchable, no one was safe from Amanda's wrath until a group of outsiders banded together to take her down."

"So first they took out one of Amanda's biggest allies, then the Queen Bee herself and after Elissa was evicted, only one obstacle remained. When McCrae saved himself, one Exterminator had to be sacrificed but after Andy won HoH and veto, their final obstacle was exterminated. With only Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie remaining, the stage was set for The Exterminators to go to war in the final three part HoH competition."

"Now, after a summer of outrageous behavior, crazy twists, romance, tears, and epic battles, it all comes down to this: who will become the final HoH and who will make it to the final two? 13 HGs have departed, and tonight nine must make a difficult decision. Who will be crowned the winner of BB and walk away with a half million dollar prize and who did America vote as their favorite HG? Find out tonight, LIVE, on the 90 minute season finale of Big Brother!"

Julie Chen: "Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother. Before the night is through, either Andy, Spencer or GinaMarie will be crowned the winner of Big Brother, but only two of them will face the jury tonight for the chance to win the half million dollar grand prize. And who those two are depends on who wins the last HoH of the summer. This final HoH will be determined shortly and the winner will cast the sole vote to evict tonight. That evicted player will immediately exit the house and take their seat as the ninth member of the jury. The jury will then interrogate the finalists before casting their vote for the winner."

"But first, when we last left Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie, they were spinning their wheels in part one of the final HoH competition of the summer."

We flash back to where we picked up from the HoH competition; the Roller Disco. Spencer tells us the stakes could not be higher. If he can win this, he can rest easy until part three on finale night. "The great thing about winning the final HoH is you get to pick who sits beside you in final two."

GinaMarie tells us at this point in the game alliances don't matter; "it's everyone for themselves."

Their ropes begin speeding up; Spencer starts hitting the cones. He tells us it's like Cirque double eviction Spencer. GinaMarie jokingly tells us she was thinking that Spencer wasn't supposed to be going backwards.

Spencer tells us he tried everything to not let go of his rope and the next thing he knows, he is on his butt. It sucks, he wanted to win this and now he has to rely on trying to win the second part of the HoH.

GinaMarie jokes that she liked Spencer better in a tutu.

Andy tells us he's nervous because GinaMarie is an endurance beast in the house; he has to suck up and use all his inner strength for this one.

DJ: "Time to cool things down!" Water is sprayed across the floor. Andy tells us all of a sudden he was going backwards and knew he wasn't supposed to. It's time for a foam party! Soap suds start falling.

GinaMarie tells us she was watching Andy; he was all over the place. "Backwards, upside down, spinning, losing control. He's making weird sound effects." She just has to hang on a little longer.

Andy tells us he was struggling, and then he manages to get his act together and stabilize again. He looks at GinaMarie and sees she is struggling so if he can hang on and win this, he automatically goes to part three of HoH.

Another few laps around, and Andy falls. Congratulations, GinaMarie, you have won part one of the HoH competition and move forward to part three! Glitter rains down on them. GinaMarie tells us she won and can go straight to round three, she's on step closer to $500,000! Andy tells us the slip of his could have been a $500,000 slip and now he has to beat Spencer in round two because he doesn't want his fate to be decided on by one of the other two players.

Spencer tells us knowing he has to face Andy, he'll have to give it everything he's got. If he can get to part three, he can control his own destiny.

We move forward to part two of the HoH competition. Andy tells us he walks into the backyard, he sees a treasure chest, he sees fish and an octopus and he knows he is at the bottom of the ocean. It kind of feels like he's the Little Mermaid.

Welcome to part two of the HoH competition. To start the game, jump from the ship and head down to the ocean floor; search for the crabby ex-HGs. Your goal is to find all the HGs that were evicted this summer and place them in the order they left the house. Then shut the treasure chest to lock in your time. If you're incorrect, you'll have to try again. The HGs with the fastest time will earn the right to battle GinaMarie in part three of the final HoH competition of the summer. Get ready to play Crab Grab!

The horn sounds and Andy is off! Andy tells us he is an educator and he doesn't make that much; he does his job because he loves it. If he won the $500,000, it would radically change his life. He is looking through the crabs and all he wants to see is HGs faces and all he finds is useless crabs like the Zingbot baby and Super Ian. Who cares about Super Ian?

This competition is so hard. His arms are sore, his legs are sore, his brain is sore - everything is hurting. He keeps remind himself that $500,000 is on the line and he might be tired now, but not enough to stop trying. He is down to the end, all he needs is Candice's crab and it is nowhere to be found. Finally, after 19 years of searching, he finds it and is so happy. He shuts his chest, and he's got Aaryn and Helen wrong. What's wrong with him? It's a timed competition and he does not have time to make mistakes!

What does he do though? He makes a mistake. Andy quickly corrects is and shuts the treasure chest again. He's correct this time.

Now it's Spencer's turn. Spencer tells us he wants to be the one making the decisions; if he can win this he is one step closer to winning the HoH competition and the money. First, Spencer gathers all the HGs crabs, then he will climb the wall and place the faces. Spencer was trying to climb the wall, and it's killing him. He's sweating like a pig. He doesn't have any energy left; he knows where they have to go but he doesn't know if he has the energy. Spencer is staring at the wall; he thinks about his brother's and girlfriend and how the money will affect them. He has to do it and not let anyone down; he finds the strength and starts to place them. He thought the competition was the hardest, but he found the strength, changed his technique a bit and flew through the second half of it.

Spencer closes the treasure chest and he's correct.

Time to find out who won the competition! Andy's time was 9:54, while Spencer's time was 36:11. Congratulations, Andy, you won part two of the HoH competition!

Andy tells us he cannot even begin to describe how ecstatic he is; this was something he needed to do and he did. Spencer tells us he lost and this is horrible; he can only hope that both Andy and GinaMarie realize that they will have a hard time beating each other in the finals and if they want to win, they have to take him.

Later in the kitchen, GinaMarie and Andy solidify a final two deal. Andy tells us if he is unable to play his way in the final two, he needs to ensure GinaMarie will bring him with her. Andy says he thinks Spencer would beat them both if he went; he thinks he'd play for second place against GinaMarie - Andy backstabbed everyone.

GinaMarie tells us if she happens to win the last HoH; it's a dilemma. She's probably going to go with Andy but she doesn't think she has the jury votes to beat him. (She starts crying) GinaMarie thinks he deserves it more than Spencer does because it's a big jump from $50,000 to $500,000. It could change a whole life and she doesn't want to make a mistake by taking the wrong person and then she gets no votes because everyone loves him. She doesn't know what to do.

Just days ago, the jurors were gathered and were schooled in BB by one of the best to ever play the game. Dr. Will Kirby enters the jury house and is greeted enthusiastically by everyone. Dr. Will says he is a former BB winner and a former jury member; he knows what it's like to be in their shoes.

Before they get started, who do they think will be joining them? Amanda and Jessie agree it should be Andy; Elissa wants it to be McCrae (if looks could kill, Amanda would have killed Elissa right here).

Dr. Will bring in juror number 8 - McCrae. McCrae tells how his eviction happened; Amanda tells him Andy voted her out. McCrae knows, he tells them about Andy's back stabbing and The Exterminators. He apologizes to Elissa, who is none too forgiving.

Judd mentions being the first guy in the jury house with all the girls. Will asks if the few weeks in the jury house fixed the problems. Amanda says she is not mad at anyone, not even Andy for lying to her face. She's not mad at Elissa for being passive aggressive;

Elissa's not used to being around people who were in your face and she didn't mean the things that may have come across that way. Candice says you don't just forget what people say because "the game is over"; Amanda says the only reason Candice doesn't like her is because she wanted Howard gone from a game standpoint. Candice is not mad about Amanda wanting Howard out of the game; that's the point of the game; she gets it.

Candice doesn't like Amanda, and that's it. It's just not happening. Amanda is not with her in Candy Land, and that's it. Duh! Will asks who owes Candy Land an apology. Candice says she and Aaryn have exchanged apologies and are very good friends. Will says he's sure they are (sarcastically). Aaryn interjects and says they got along well, Will asks if Aaryn helped Candice make her bed in the jury house.

Will is fine with everyone yelling at each other; he's all for it but they have to move on. Did GinaMarie make the biggest move of the summer? Helen says "Oh yeah. She made the move everyone was afraid to do." Judd is jealous; he wanted to get Amanda out but GinaMarie did it and he's proud of her.

Elissa says GinaMarie did it flawlessly; the girl has guts. Amanda says it's not what she did, it's what she didn't do. She did not really play the game until she joined The Exterminator alliance. (She got you out, Will says behind his hands) Exactly, Amanda replies, and it wasn't until she joined that alliance that she played the game and started making moves. Amanda thinks the alliance told GinaMarie to do it.

Aaryn thinks it's awesome Amanda couldn't manipulate GinaMarie because she could to so many others, and the fact that GinaMarie couldn't be manipulated makes Aaryn want to vote for her even more. Candice came to play a game and for her, lots of things were personal. Will points out Candice will be voting based on character. Yes, Candice replies, GinaMarie really hurt her.

Will asks what is the best move that Andy made that could win him the game. Dead silence from all until Judd, who says working with a group at the end and not being a floater. He was so scared of being a floater this whole time. Will says, his big move is not being a floater to get to the final three? That sounds like the world's worst move. Elissa says framing her for the vote to get Amanda out, Jessie points out that Andy backstabbed and what point does that play into it? Aaryn says it doesn't, Jessie points out that's her opinion, Aaryn shoots back it's a lot of people's opinion because it's a game. Candice says it's cute when he's backstabbing you, darn it! Judd says don't vote for your friend, vote for who deserves to win the game!

Will asks Candice why she can forgive Andy for back stabbing but not GinaMarie. Candice says he never got personal. McCrae points out Andy knew how to say things to people, he is more well spoken. GinaMarie is blunt, and if based on that, Andy played a more tactful game. But Amanda is very blunt, Will points out. "I know," McCrae smiles, "that's why I knew she'd go before me." McCrae admits his plan was to cut her off at the very end. Amanda says she never really believed McCrae would take her to final two because he'd be afraid she'd win over him; and she likely would've.

Will asks if anyone was nominated against Spencer when they were evicted; six out of eight raise their hands. Why not vote him out? Aaryn says they were keeping him because they know they could beat him, so he has no blood on his hands and that's why he made it so far. Will says he is pretty good at BB and one of his strategies was not getting blood on his hands. He's not saying he and Spencer have the same game play, just that it's a viable strategy in his opinion.

McCrae mentions that pawns usually go home in BB, but he was the biggest pawn and never went home. There's something to be said about that. Helen agrees, Judd says it's amazing how many times he was nominated and never evicted. At the same time, what else has he done? He survived losing Howard and the demise of the The Moving Company, Helen points out. McCrae thinks he's survived the most based on who is in the house.

Will asks if they are deciding the vote based on who is the nicest person and who you would have come over for Thanksgiving or who is the biggest bad ass? Elissa is not set on any one person.

Will implores them to decide on who they want to vote and don't let anyone else sway them. At this point, they need to decide on the question they will ask the final players. Those questions are extremely important because they could have a huge influence, despite what they think now, on their final vote.

Time for part three of the final HoH competition! For the last time this season, the power is up for grabs! GinaMarie and Andy will now go head to head for round three.

It's time to see how well you know the members of the jury. Julie will read the beginnings of statements made by the eight members of the jury. For each, she'll give the choice of two possible endings. The HGs must decide how the juror completed the statement. The answer will be either A or B. For every correct answer, they'll get one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of eight questions will tip the scale in their favor and be crowned the final HoH.

Question 1: Candice said the most shocking moment in the house was a) when Aaryn flipped her mattress or b) every time she took someone to candy Land. The correct answer is A. Both Andy and GinaMarie are correct!

Question 2: Jessie said the moment in the house that irritated her in the house was a) when Helen didn't follow through with the plan to evict Amanda or b) when she fell off the wall and didn't get back into the house. The correct answer is A. Both are incorrect!

Question 3: Helen said the most uncomfortable moment in the house was a) watching Judd plead for his life or b) when Jeremy yelled at everyone for drinking the wine. The correct answer is A. Andy gets it right; he leads two to one!

Question 4: Aaryn said if she had to spend a romantic evening with an HG, she'd choose a) Judd because he has manners or b) David because they didn't get enough time together. The correct answer is A. Both are correct!

Question 5: Amanda said the moment in the house she's afraid to have her friends and family see is a) none, this is who she is or b) every single one. The correct answer is B. Andy gets it correct again, GinaMarie wrong. Andy leads four to 2!

Question 6: Elissa said the HGs whose behaviour she is most shocked by was a) Amanda because being a bully is never acceptable or b) Aaryn because everything about her is cute and adorable except her personality. The correct answer is B. GinaMarie is correct, Andy wrong. GinaMarie now has three points and Andy has four.

Question 7: Judd said his biggest regret in the game was a) not working closer with Helen or b) quitting the super veto competition. The correct answer is A. Both got it wrong.

Question 8: McCrae said the best thing about being in the house was a) He doesn't know, he guesses being with Amanda or b) free food. The correct answer is B. They both got it right; GinaMarie has four and Andy five. Congratulations, Andy! You are the final HoH!

It's time for Andy to decide who will be the ninth and final jury member. Andy is guaranteed at least second place and $50,000.

Andy faces them and says, "Spencer, my word has been good to you in this entire game and you're one of my best friends, if not my best friend in the entire house but I gave GinaMarie my word on night one. Spencer, I have to vote to evict you, I'm sorry." Spencer is the last person to be evicted from the BB house. Spencer hugs them both and wishes them luck.

Spencer walks out to extremely loud cheering. He hugs Julie and tells her she looks beautiful. Inside the house, GinaMarie is pacing "OMG, I'm guaranteed at least $50,000." They briefly discuss the HoH competition. Julie comments about Andy stating his loyalty to Spencer but then being loyal to GinaMarie. It wasn't shocking to him, he was always worried about the depth of their relationship. Andy is a good dude, he was loyal to GinaMarie this entire game and loyal to Spencer for a long time. He has no hard feelings, Andy stuck with GinaMarie, good for him. Spencer kind of saw that coming, Andy evicting Spencer instead of GinaMarie. He's been kind of avoiding Spencer the past few days, hemming and hawing at questions he's been asked.

Julie reminds Spencer he should be proud of surviving nominations eight times and breaking the curse of "the pawn always goes". Not the record Spencer was hoping to break, but it is amazing.

Final thoughts: "This was an amazing experience." He loved every second of the entire 90 days. After the McCrae stuff, he didn't know he'd be around this long. Every day was a blessing and getting to participate in BB, his favorite TV show. Spencer is now the ninth member of the jury and they'll be reunited shortly for the live vote of who should win BB.

The decision of who will win BB now rests in the hands of the jury, who are brought out on stage. Julie asks them to guess who juror nine is; Helen thinks Andy is the smartest choice because if he makes it to the end, he'd probably get the most votes. Spencer is brought out. Julie brings everyone up to speed; moments ago Andy won the last HoH of the summer, he chose to take GinaMarie to the finals with him, evicting Spencer. The jury will get to question the final two before they have to vote. GinaMarie and Andy are brought up.

Amanda is up first: "GinaMarie, prior to joining the Exterminators it seemed you didn't make any big game moves. What's your biggest game move, other than getting me out?" GinaMarie laughs: "Well, Amanda, you're a tough cookie and it's all in a game move. Probably the biggest move was still getting you out, because I had been planning that for a while before it happened; I just needed a team to do it." Amanda reiterates "Other than getting me out", GinaMarie says she knows, but that was her decision before The Exterminators.

Elissa's question: Andy, Hi precious! Prior to your joining The Exterminators, what was your biggest game move?

Andy: "My biggest game move was aligning with Amanda and McCrae. I basically, with being aligned with them and being as tight as I was, and Amanda can attest to this, every week one or two people would try to get me to flip the house and every week he'd report back to Amanda and that person would go home. No one knew what a threat he was and everyone brushed him off; which was a big asset, and the fact that he adequately played both sides of the house was his biggest game move. That, or convincing Elissa to put up Nick week two instead of Jeremy."

Helen: "GinaMarie, what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in the game? GinaMarie: I play with my heart, and I always said I can only be the best me. The biggest obstacle was having Nick leave (McCrae starts laughing). It was really heart breaking and she didn't think she'd recover from it but having good friends helped her pull through and she got through it and she still misses him to this day."

McCrae: "Andy, you always said you'd be a bitter jury member if someone you trusted stabbed you in the back. So since you stabbed everyone in the back, why should we vote for you?"

Andy: "I know that I stabbed everyone in the back and I feel terrible about it, but I said that to cover my own butt. I didn't want anyone stabbing me in the back so I had to threaten to be a bitter jury member! I would not have been a bitter jury member, I appreciate a good game and I really think I played a good game and deserve to win this. Every week, except week four when Judd lied about Kaitlin, I knew what was going on and I was instrumental in everything that happened. I got everything I wanted in this game and that's because I played a really strong and strategic game. I feel really bad and I love all of you and I promise I am not a terrible person!"

Candice: "GinaMarie, since you've personally offended many members of the jury including calling all of us cockroaches, why should we give you the money?"

GinaMarie: "As you know, the cockroach rant was when Nick left, it was totally shocking to me. I acted this way because I was shocked. To give me the money would change my and my family's life, would make my dream come true. I play with my heart, I can only be the best GinaMarie I can be, I try to be positive and a smile on people's faces and hopefully I achieved that in the house because there is something special about all of you and I know we share a certain connection and bond with everyone and I thank you guys."

Jessie: "Andy, knowing you need five votes to win BB, why did you lie to so many jurors unnecessarily?"

Andy: "It's partly because I am a coward and I love you all so much and it would've broken my heart to live in the house knowing I was going to vote you out. Especially you because you're someone I cared a lot about and it bothered me that you were in the dark all week but I was scared because I didn't want you upset with me essentially, but I apologize for that, and also if I kept people in the dark, they couldn't rat on me until they were out the door so if I kept them in the dark, and they left, my butt was covered."

Spencer: "Andy, you just cost me a whole lot of money, bro. Why should I give you half a million dollars?"

Andy: "I played such a strong game. One of the main reasons I took GinaMarie is because I knew you'd all be questioning my loyalty and saying I wasn't loyal. My problem in this game that I was loyal to a fault until I had to stab someone in the back. I promised this woman right here on night 1 that I'd never back stab her and I'd have her back through everything. When I was HoH, I never nominated her, and I carried through, that is the thread of loyalty that I think you all thought my game was missing. I kept my word to this woman all the way through the game. It's one of the reasons I didn't want you to win the veto in the hold or fold is because I wasn't going to put GinaMarie up and everyone wanted me to and I wanted to keep my word to her, and so I played a well rounded game and this final move shows that I have the loyalty element that you all think I don't have."

Julie Chen: "GinaMarie and Andy, it is time for the jury to cast their votes. First, you each have a chance to tell them why you deserve to win."

GinaMarie: "I gotta say, first night I walked in here, best looking crew around. You guys look awesome. You know me, I'm GinaMarie. First night I threw it on the table, my accent and personality. Everything in this game, every deal and every handshake I shook, I kept and I played loyal. This is an amazing opportunity. I'm only me, I'm GinaMarie and that's how I plead. I made a connection with everyone of you. You guys are unique and special in your own way. I'm very lucky to have met you. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry. In the heat of the moment, I do have a little bit of that Italian arguments and stuff but I really do appreciate all of you. If you do vote, you'll have a nice parting gift from me. I wish you the best of luck with your families, careers and jobs and I thank you for sharing your lives with me."

Andy: "Alright you guys I played this game with my heart and mind. I played this game with my heart and I mean that with every ounce of my being that every personal connection I meant but I played it more with my mind. Every day I'd lay in bed and think to myself "What can I do to make sure I'm not a target next week?" and I think that I accomplished that. I don't think I was ever on anyone's radar, I don't think I was ever in danger in this house and I made moves that in every situation I was in. When Judd came back, I was terrified that a juror came back but I instantly pulled him aside and I knew that was the move I had to make to get rid of McCranda. I told him all I could trust were GinaMarie and Spencer; that's how The Exterminators were formed - one of the most powerful alliances in the house."

"When I was with Amanda and McCrae, they were one of the most powerful alliances in the house. Everywhere I went in this game, people went home because of me, and what I was doing and because I was playing both sides and because each move that I made was expertly calculated. And I know that I hurt some of your feelings and I know I cost some of you the money but please understand that every move I made took so much thought but it got me to this point. I love all of you and I respect any decision that you make but I will really respect your decision if you vote for me to win because I deserve to. Thank you."

Julie Chen: "Alright, jurors it is time to vote for who you think should win BB. One at a time, step up and insert the key into the voting box for who you think should win."

Candice: "I'm proud to cast this vote for someone who I love and respect."

Jessie: "I'm voting for a good person who I think played the most consistent game."

Helen: "You both are winners in my book, this is very hard for me to do. I'm voting for the best game I wish I could have played."

Aaryn: "Congratulations, I love both of you so much but this person has always been there for me and I have to be there for this person."

Amanda: "I'm voting for the best person, the best player in this game."

Elissa: "I'm voting for the person who had a flawless social game and had deals with everyone in the house which ultimately led them to the final two."

Judd: "Congratulations, y'all and let the best Exterminator win!"

McCrae: "I'm hoping whoever wins is going to be buying drinks tonight!"

Spencer: "I'm voting for the person I feel is the best player in this game, who is a fan of the game. It was truly a honor to play with you. The voting is now complete."

Please say hello to David, Nick, Kaitlin, Howard and Jeremy! Welcome back, former HGs! These HGs got to go home and watch the entire season unfold; they have a lot of thoughts but the jury is in the dark about a lot of things that they have witnessed. Before we get to that, Amanda has been going crazy trying to figure out the MVP. Who does she think it was?

Amanda thinks it was America, and she is right! The first three weeks, it was Elissa, the last three weeks was America. Amanda thanks America; she really thought it was someone in the house originally; she didn't think she was disliked until she was voted out. When she walked out and heard 50% boos, suddenly it made sense.

Julie tells Amanda she is sharp, Amanda says she is definitely not dull! Julie says that is for sure! To Howard, what surprised him the most when he was at home watching? "The severity of how some of the comments were taken, how America took the show. Being in the house, he was kind of weary of some of the things that would happen but he didn't know the depth of how it was being perceived. Any racial, personal things that were said." He didn't even watch the feeds or After Dark because it infuriated him, he felt bad for his castmates who had things said against them or for the ones where people said things were said that wasn't, and his sincere prayers to anyone who has said anything like that. It's more than one person, hopefully they'll grow from this, mature from this, own it and grow from the inside out.

Julie tells the jurors they made national headlines. What's Spencer's reaction? "It's unfortunate," Spencer says, "if people were offended by the language in the house and ugly comments. It's terrible. Did I say anything, Julie?"

The audience laughs, and Julie says, We don't have enough time right now."

Jeremy, what surprised you the most? Jeremy is a momma's boy, and while he doesn't want to call anyone out, Helen used the mom thing to her advantage. The crying thing, it threw him off hard core and whether it was true or not, it shocked him.

Helen says they were real tears; Julie clarifies - were any of the tears fake? Helen hesitates, everyone laughs, Helen says Jeremy evoked the most emotion out of her. There were times yeah she shed some waterworks. She's not an actress but she can get emotional and takes things personally. She tries hard not to but it's hard not to.

Julie has good news for everyone; there is another prize to give out tonight. America's Favorite Houseguest. Julie will announce the top three in just a bit. Julie would like to thank us at home for making this BB the most socially engaged season of all time. This summer we saw a 500% increase in fan votes.

After being cut off from the world for a record breaking 90 days, it's time to reveal the winner. The winner will win $500,000, and the second place person gets $50,000. Spencer voted for Andy; McCrae voted for Andy; Judd voted for GinaMarie; Elissa voted for Andy; Amanda voted for Andy; Aaryn voted for GinaMarie; Helen voted for Andy.

Congratulations, Andy! You are the winner of BB! Come on out!

Confetti explodes while everyone hugs each other. GinaMarie hugs Nick long and hard. When we come back, we will find out who America's Favorite House Guest is!

We are back. Jessie and Candice also voted for Andy. Final vote was 7-2 for Andy. Nick has his arm around GinaMarie, Julie comments how cozy it looks. GinaMarie says she's been waiting for this for so long! Julie: "I KNOW you have my dear!"

The top three vote getters for America's Favorite Houseguest were: Judd, Elissa and Howard. The winner is: Elissa!

I want to say a big thank you to all of our HGs for an unbelievable season. From outside the Big Brother house, I'm Julie Chen. We'll see you next summer, everyone!

Another re-cap of tonight's show will be posted HERE, tomorrow on the web site.  Did you miss tonight's episode?  See it Here

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Jeff interviews Kaitlin
Jeff interviews Jessie
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Jeff interviews McCrae 
Jeff interviews Aaryn 
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Jeff interviews Judd 
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Jeff interviews Amanda  
Jeff interviews Spencer
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Jeff interviews Andy
Jeff: "What about the controversy of the season?"
Andy: "I don't condone it, I hope people don't associate it with me, that the entire season isn't tainted."

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