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Welcome to the Big Brother 16 "Yesterday Page"

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Update Entry
Sunday, August 31 2014  There's Got to Be a Morning After
7:31AM BBT: The HGs are still sound asleep.

8:00AM BBT: Still sleeping. ZZZZ.

9:34AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:48AM BBT: Frankie and Christine are up in the kitchen. Frankie is talking about Disney music, which was likely included in the wake up call. He asks for music from the Hercules movie tomorrow. Frankie is walking around singing Disney songs. BB is letting him do it. "Wow, that was everything. Thank you. That was awesome." Christine heads back to bed.

9:52AM BBT: BB calls Victoria to the DR. Frankie heads back upstairs. On the balcony he looks directly at the camera, puts his hands together to make the shape of a heart and says "I love you. I love you I love you" He goes into the HoH room and does it again. He takes off his pants, crawls into bed, and turns on the spy screen.

10:08AM BBT: All the HGs are still sleeping. Occasionally you can hear some pretty loud banging off in the distance.

10:18AM BBT: Christine is in the kitchen she grabs three Advils. She proceeds to the bathroom. She comes out and washes her hands. she heads back into the kitchen and blows her nose with toilet paper. Christine makes her way back into the Earth room and lays down on her bed and covers her face with a pillow. Back to sleep she goes.

10:49AM BBT: No movement, all the HGs are still sleeping it off.

10:55AM BBT: BB: "Derrick, HOLLA." Derrick "Really? While I'm sleeping? Fuck me."

11:21AM BBT: Not much going on this morning in the BB house. The HGs are sleeping in. BB has been giving Derrick some Hollas about every 10 minutes or so. BB "Derrick, Holla, Girl."

11:31AM BBT: All HGs still sleeping.

11:58AM BBT: BB: "Derrick, HOLLA." No one stirs. "Derrick, I say HOLLA." Still no reaction.

12:03PM BBT: Victoria is awake. She grabs some clothes off the bed and heads to the bathroom.

12:06PM BBT: Victoria comes out of the bathroom and starts to put her hair in a pony tail. BB "Did you wash your hands?" Victoria "Geez."

12:08PM BBT: Victoria has gone back to bed. Once again, all the HGs are in bed. BB "Hello HGs, it's going to be hot out there today. Don't forget your sunscreen."

12:13PM BBT: Caleb is awake. He taps on his activity bracelet and sits up on the edge of the bed. Frankie asks him how feels. Caleb says he is still sore. BB "Buenos Dias houseguests." Frankie says the music this morning was great. Caleb heads to the shower.

12:22PM BBT: Derrick gets another Holla that he ignores. Caleb puts on his cowboy hat and grabs a snack. It looks like a Reese's cup. He then heads downstairs.

12:28PM BBT: Caleb has gone to the bedroom to collect some laundry and heads outside to the washer. He starts a load then heads inside for some ADLs.

12:44PM BBT: Not much is changed. Caleb is making a snack. It looks like he is attempting to make some kind of tuna salad. He takes out the trash. BB "D-Bomb Holla".

12:45PM BBT: Cody in his Dino suit gets up and goes into the kitchen. Caleb looks at him and quietly laughs. Cody "This thing is just so hot."

12:48PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody how they were up until 1AM last night. He tells him about Victoria being drunk on the floor. Cody goes to brush his teeth. Christine is now also awake. Caleb is called to the DR.

12:52PM BBT: Cody is complaining to Christine about his Dino outfit. He says it is just so hot. He also says every time he raises his arms up it pulls at his crotch. Christine gives him a rehash about what happened last night after Cody went to sleep early. #hangover

1:02PM BBT: Cody and Christine in the kitchen talking about getting Christmas stuff down to decorate and how Cody does it.

1:10PM BBT: Victoria is up and checks the washer and dryer before she gets in the shower. Christine says she will fold Derricks clothes for him since she is awake.

1:15PM BBT: Victoria is in the kitchen with Cody and asks him if he had a headache this morning and he says, "No, I just feel like crap." He says he doesn't remember what he was doing. She says that he was just telling funny stories.


'Big Brother 16'
Frankie Grande Offends Contestant's Family With 'Rape Joke'
8/31/2014 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of "Big Brother 16" houseguest Victoria Rafaeli is fuming mad over a joke Frankie Grande made about 2 guys teaming up to take Victoria's virginity ... and they want apologies from him AND his sister Ariana.

During the livestream on Saturday, Grande told two male houseguests they should "double team" Victoria and "take all her virginities." He then made a bunch of extremely sexual gestures. Just watch the video.

Victoria's mother, Lizabeth, tells TMZ she definitely took Frankie's comments to be a "rape joke" and feels her daughter is now a "target for rape" because producers did nothing to stop Frankie's rant.

Lizabeth wants an apology from Frankie's parents and Ariana Grande... and she wants Frankie to apologize to her daughter.

She tells TMZ, “I want Frankie to imagine people saying this stuff about his sister and see if he thinks it's funny.”
1:18PM BBT: Cody goes to the storage room and comes out singing, "I hate this outfit." Victoria laughs at him.

1:21AM BBT: Nicole is up and in the bathroom area getting ready to go lay out in the sun. Christine is putting her swimsuit on now also to go lay in the sun. Cody is in the kitchen making breakfast for himself. Frankie is up asking Cody if he wants to lay out, and then asks him if he had a good nights sleep last night.

1:28PM BBT: Most HGs are going out to the backyard to lay in the sun for the day BB tells Christine to put on her mic and she says I am going outside I will in a minute and BB yells Christine put on your mic in a stern voice.

1:34PM BBT: Derrick is sitting in the living room alone. Frankie, Cody and Christine sitting in backyard just general talk about the holla's Nicole's laying in a lounger in the sun alone.

1:42PM BBT: BB tells Christine again to put her mic on. Cody is laying on the backyard couch saying he is hot in the dino costume.

Derrick comes out and Frankie is telling everything BB has said this morning like, "Did you wash your hands?" BB said also this morning to be sure to use the sunblock when you go outside.

1:51PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around chatting about being drunk last night. BB says, "That's what she said." Caleb says the photo booth will be open in about 10 minutes.

1:55AM BBT: Frankie, Derrick, Christine and Caleb lower the backyard awnings and Caleb breaks one. Frankie sits it on the ground and says, "OK, it is a stable environment now you don't have to lock us down."

1:56PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are now sitting at the kitchen table eating. Caleb, Christine and Derrick are sitting in backyard talking about Derrick opening his mouth when he yells holla and BB says, "That's what she said."

2:00PM BBT: Victoria is sitting at the kitchen table using her hand mirror and painting on her own face. Caleb is in the backyard telling Christine and Derrick about cars. Christine says she works at a rich Starbucks and people are always saying how much their cars cost.

2:03PM BBT: BB says, "Hey everybody, it's photo booth time." Caleb yells, "alright I'm getting photo bombed."

2:05PM BBT: Christine tells Derrick that Nicole said that if they keep her she will not put them up. Derrick says, "I know, but that's what Donny said too.: Christine says, "Yeah Donny said that twice."

2:12PM BBT: Frankie and Caleb are taking pictures in the bee hive. Derrick and Christine are in the backyard just general talk as BB keeps doing Holla's.

2:24PM BBT: Derrick and Christine are talking about making it to the final three.

Frankie, Caleb and Nicole are in the bee hive taking pictures.

2:26PM BBT: Derrick says this week is probably another double eviction. Christine says, "Yeah, at least it is pretty much a guarantee that one of us will win this game." Derrick: "Watch Victoria win..." Christine: "I swear I swear if that girl makes it to the final three I will be livid." Derrick: "I don't see it happening, 'cause if anyone lets her get to final three it will be stupid."

2:31PM BBT: Caleb says, "I feel that Frankie will put me or Cody up, and he knows he can't beat us at the end and I think he will be the one to make the big move before the end." Christine: "Honestly, Frankie just thinks about himself all the time 'cause that's the way he is."

Caleb: "I'm all for doing what you have to do to get to the end, but I have been getting us five to the end and doing what has never been done but Frankie is in it for himself, I feel it is best to get rid of Nicole and get her packing but Frankie can not win this next part."

Caleb says, "I'm down sending Nicole home, she has had her chance to win she had four chances to save herself and she didn't." Christine: "Then we have to play hard." Derrick says, "You can send Frankie packing this week and hope Nicole doesn't win next week."

Derrick says, "Just go with your instinct." Christine says, "I'd rather sit with any of you boys and lose than sat next to Frankie and lose."

2:42PM BBT: Victoria is in the kitchen alone making food and BB calls her to the DR. All the other HGs are in the bee hive room taking pictures and laughing.

2:45PM BBT: Caleb and Nicole are now laying in the sun talking about sweating out there as it is very hot out. Caleb says, "I'm not going to lie to you, I am ready for this game to be over with." Nicole says, "Yeah me too it is a very long game." Morty says, "Yeah, me three."

2:46PM BBT: Caleb and Nicole are talking about Nicole getting asked if she would want to go to the end with someone she knows she can beat or someone that she might not beat. She said, "I would rather go against the best, it makes it more fun that way." Caleb: "Yeah I would want to go against Cody then it would be a game." Frankie comes out and talking stops.

2:49PM BBT: Caleb says in DR they said that these HGs don't drink as much as last year. Caleb: "I told them they never give them the beer and wine and BB said that they have to request it and then we get it." Frankie says, "What? Now they tell you that on day 73?"

2:54PM BBT: Derrick heads to the backyard to to sit with the other HGs. Nicole and Caleb are laying on longer. Christine and Cody are sitting by the hot-tub just general talk going on .

3:06PM BBT: Frankie is asking Nicole about Advil dosing. He thought he could take eight in twenty four hours but she said no, he needs to stick to six or fewer. Caleb is talking to Cody and Christine about that gland in his chest. They notice a lot of debris sitting in the bottom of the hot-tub and that BB needs vacuum it. Just general chit chat.

3:16PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick are in the HoH talking about the option to backdoor Frankie. Derrick says if Frankie is gone next week, who is left for Nicole to target? Caleb "We can easily send her home, she hasn't won crap since she came back. Do we send her home now or someone who wins competitions?" Caleb says Frankie is a mental and physical beast and it's tough. It sucks that he doesn't know what Frankie would do. Derrick says he doesn't think Frankie would start targeting them this early.

3:19PM BBT: Derrick says he supports Caleb either way. Caleb says he wants it to be a group decision. Derrick: "What is your heart telling ya?" Caleb: "Not to do something alone. All of us need to do it together." Derrick says you and Cody are beasts. That will be in everyone's minds if they win. Caleb: "What's on my mind is who can I beat? Frankie is a beast." Derrick reminds him that if Nicole makes it to the final two then nobody would beat her. She has Hayden, Donny and Jocasta already.

3:24PM BBT: Caleb is talking about the pros of getting rid of Frankie because Nicole is not a good competitor. Derrick is talking about the Con's. Caleb says there is no way Frankie would take him or Cody to the finals. Caleb says it was Frankie that got paranoid and threw him under the bus to Christine. Derrick "Are we just talking or have you made your decision?" Caleb "Who is more dangerous?" Derrick "Depends on the competition." Caleb "Doesn't depend on the competition."

3:27PM BBT: Derrick reminds him that if Frankie is gone next week there will be three girls and two guys in the next HoH. Caleb says it doesn't matter because they can smoke them in the competition. Caleb wonders if Frankie is really with them or not. Derrick says he gets where he is coming from but doesn't think Frankie would hack him off with so many people still in the house.

3:36PM BBT: Derrick is saying no one can take Nicole to final three. She has too many votes in the jury. Caleb "two of them will be gone on Thursday. I think it is smarter to send Frankie." Derrick says they still need to talk to Cody. Derrick "It comes to down to what you can live with more." Derrick says the only one he could beat is Victoria and she isn't going there with him.

3:39PM BBT: Derrick says he will support Caleb either way. Caleb "So you don't personally think Frankie would come after me in the double?" Derrick "I can't say that he doesn't see you as a weapon." They both agree that they don't know who Christine or Frankie would target for the double. Derrick says people would cheer for Nicole if she sent Caleb home. Caleb says Frankie would want to do it himself more.

3:46PM BBT: Caleb says if it comes down to it, why put up someone he knows he can beat. He says Frankie is probably going to target Cody and Caleb because they are competitors he can't beat. Derrick: "And what about Nicole?" Caleb: "She isn't coming after me. She is going after Christine."

3:48PM BBT: While Caleb and Derrick discuss backdooring Frankie, Victoria joins Caleb and Derrick in the HoH. Derrick says, "I need a sponge bath Victoria." Victoria: "What's that?" Derrick: "Pretty self explanatory. A bath with a sponge." Victoria: "OK." Derrick laughs, "I think that would get me divorced." Victoria: "What about in a swimming suit?" Derrick: "Nope. Still would get me divorced."

3:52PM BBT: Caleb and Victoria are talking about Victoria's drunken antics last night. Meanwhile in the fire bedroom, Frankie is talking to Nicole. Nicole says Frankie is not back stabbing like others in the house have. "If we could get somebody on the block that is a bigger target than me... I have nobody and I would owe you my life. I would not put you and Caleb up." I have to go out on a limb because it's such a unified house.

3:55PM BBT: Nicole tells Frankie that she isn't done fighting to stay in the house. She says she should have won the competition and she had four chances to do so. Nicole says it appears that Frankie and Caleb are on the weaker side of "them" even though Frankie isn't weak. Nicole is proud and it sucks but she is still trying. She will campaign and not stop playing until she walks out the door.

4:01PM BBT: Caleb is shouting out to the house guests family. He's rambling off the list to remember for the HoH blog. He's decided he should include Victoria and Nicole's family in the blog too.

Nicole says she respects Frankie as a gameplayer. She says that's why they weren't super close because they were both hardcore game players.

Frankie changes the subject to the next HoH that he's prepared to stay on the wall all night for him to win. He also expects to be on the block if he did not win HoH. Nicole says that Frankie going up was not his idea, that the whole house wanted it. She agreed to it only because they promised her safety as HoH. Frankie said she was not the head of the plan. He blames Zach again and says him going was the best thing that happened for his game. Frankie is excited to see his edit after he put Zach up in a backdoor. Nicole says she is being sincere and would love to see him in the final two.

4:08PM BBT: Frankie is telling Nicole that a past winner was never nominated (he's right it was Drew in Season 5). He then tells he read every single Wikipedia page dedicated to Big Brother and memorized facts. He also said he found out that Adam from S9 was a drug dealer with the money he won and he was appalled.

Frankie and Nicole agree they can bury the hatchet and be friendly until she leaves. Nicole says thank you for listening to her. Frankie says in the first week she went up and cried to him and Frankie made fun of her. Frankie says one of his biggest regrets was brushing her off in week one.

Frankie is tells Nicole what it felt like for him to be nominated by her. She is apologizing and he is telling her that he thought he was 100% safe with her that week and was stunned and hurt when she put him up.

Frankie tells Nicole that he still is scarred by her screaming at him in the bee hive room after Hayden got evicted. She apologizes to him. Frankie says for awhile he thought she might be a monster, but he does like her as a person. They hug it out and leave the fire room.

Caleb is talking to Christine, Cody, and Derrick by the pool. Caleb is making fun of Victoria. She asked him if he thought he was putting her up and he said "Yep." Nicole comes out and tells Caleb that Frankie and she mended their relationship. Cody says that kind of makes him jealous. Nicole says she feels better about herself now after at least trying. Cody says she looks so adorable with her hat on and he likes it.

4:22PM BBT: Everyone is outside at the hot-tub. Christine is saying that Nicole has been feisty lately. Nicole says, "This what happens when you make me a Have-Not!" Caleb says "In my defense I was pressured by everyone here to do it." Nicole says it's fine, she was expecting it.

Frankie plans on laying out and Nicole says she might join him. Cody is making dinosaur noises and is mad that his dinosaur suit is wet because Nicole splashed him. He tells Nicole he cannot get over how great Nicole looks in the camo hat she's wearing. Caleb says he thinks so too. Christine says "Hayden's not here, Caleb." Caleb says his favorite thing is a girl in a camo hat. Cody says Caleb is going to get tons of pictures now of girls with camo hats from Wal-Mart.

4:29PM BBT: Derrick and Christine are sitting in the hot-tub. They are talking about how good the water feels. Caleb is saying it's really hot in California today, but it's way hotter in Afghanistan in the summer and within ten minutes you could get sunburned. He starts talking about visiting Saddam Hussein's palace in Iraq. Caleb says he got super sunburned and almost got an Article 15. (which is a reprimand from the army).

4:36PM BBT: Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, and Christine are debating how a final four veto works. Only Christine and Nicole are accurate on how it works. They talk about the final three competitions and how hard the final one usually is.

4:47PM BBT: Nicole asks Caleb and Cody if they think she's a monster and they say no. She's playing the game like they all are. Caleb says no way, Devin was a monster, not her. Nicole says she can get feisty and is a firecracker.

Caleb says he opened the door to the annex HoH room and thought for a split second that he was getting Pandora's box. But it still from the Scorpion preview competition that Cody won. Cody says it will only be a Pandora's box if they film you going in and it will be set up beforehand. We get fish because they are talking about production.

4:52PM BBT: Cody is telling them about Season 14 and how Frankie threw Ian when he won the double eviction HoH and was threatening Ian not to put him up.

Frankie says that Brittany hit Zach in the face 100% on purpose. Nicole cannot believe Brittany got away with slapping Zach. They said Zach deserved it though and had it coming. They talk about Nicole's wedgie again and how it was one of the funniest things to happen in the season.

4:54PM BBT: Nicole says he works at a gas station and subway in her hometown. She works there on the weekends when she was home from college. She said she ragged on everyone who would come in on their unhealthy habits like drinking energy drinks and smoking.

HoH keeps calling out hollas to Derrick, but Derrick is fast asleep in the grass beside the hot-tub. They are talking about the past competition and how Derrick went for the prize and they are glad he did, since he kept falling and wasn't going to win the regular one. Nicole said some seasons they also had a medium sized bowl for safety.

4:59PM BBT: Caleb and Cody want to request alcohol again tonight. Caleb and Nicole are talking about different flavored liquor. Nicole says she can have three strong drinks and she's on the floor. Cody perks up at that and asks her about her drinking.

Caleb and Frankie get up and play badminton. Cody, Christine, Victoria, Derrick, and Nicole are talking about what they are going to wear for finale night.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
Derrick tells us it takes some "big you- know-whats" to turn to a camera and tell America that he doesn't care. "America, don't include me in that. I don't want to be guilty by association!"  
Previously, on Big Brother, Donny wanted a mission to save his own behind but Frankie thought America would prefer a play instead. With two outsiders on the block, Donny seemed like the easy target but after Frankie got worried about Nicole, he pulled in Beastmode Cowboy so they tried to get Cody's blessing on flipping the votes but Derrick wasn't convinced it was the best move so at the live eviction, it was time to say farewell to the beard. With only seven HGs remaining, a slippery and sloppy endurance began. Who will become the new HoH and who will be nominated? Find out right now on Big Brother!

Frankie adds that this is competition that is built for someone like her. Nicole tells us she found out earlier that day that there was a plan to get her out of the house. Cody told her four hours before eviction about Frankie's plan. Nicole tells us hearing about Frankie's plan motivates her to win the competition. She wants to get some power and get him out of the house.

Caleb tells us his strategy was to be slow and steady. Because slow is smooth and smooth is speed. And Beastmode's fast is faster than most other people's fast. Christine tells us she finally comes up with some strategy to keep her feet under her and go up and down the lane.

Victoria tells us this competition is a nightmare. This feels like she's running up an escalator at the mall. It sucks. She's literally staying in one place but her energy is gone. Caleb tells us he's seen a newborn horse with more coordination than Victoria.

Cody tells us Derrick could not stay on his feet to save his life. Cody could've yelled 'timber'! That's how hard Derrick was going down. Derrick tells us once he realizes he's not going to win, he feels relatively safe so he is going for the 5K. Frankie tells us it's a good idea Derrick goes for the 5K; he is going to need that money to buy himself a new hip. Caleb tells us this may be funny, and may look like fun and games, but Beastmode Cowboy started to break apart. Nicole tells us she is huffing and puffing, her legs are cramping, she's thirsty. This competition is hard, but not has hard as this week will be if she doesn't win HoH.

At two hours in, Caleb, Christine, Frankie and Nicole are basically neck in neck. Frankie tells us he wants to win because the only people he is guaranteed safety with are Caleb and Derrick. Anyone else wins, he could be up on the block.

Caleb tells us combat training didn't stop him, war didn't stop him. Sloppy the Snowman, he ain't no joke. He's kicking Caleb's butt - for real. Nicole tells us she ended up with a cricket in her lane, being a pain in her butt. He's the most annoying cricket she's ever seen. She doesn't want to kill it, please go away. Derrick fills his snowman, pulls out the ball and gets $5,000 dollas and 5,000 hollas! Derrick calls out that's for you, Tenley. Later, Nicole tells Christine the liquid at the back of the pool is thicker. Christine tells us sure enough, she's right and that makes it easier. Nicole tells us she gives Christine the advice, thinking maybe later on it will work to her advantage. Derrick tells us Caleb and Christine are neck in neck. They are both in his alliance, but he'd rather see Caleb win. He's been in his alliance since week two.

Caleb tells us if Christine wins, she may try to get an all girl alliance to get the boys out. Not in his house; he can't let that happen.

Caleb tells us his knee is giving out on him, his lower back is aching like crazy, his feet are killing him but he's so close to winning that he has got to push through. Caleb gets his ball out first and WINS HoH! Caleb tells us he won HoH, he could not be happier, it's exactly what he wanted this week but he is pretty banged up. He feels like a 90 year old man.
Derrick and Frankie help Caleb inside.

Christine tells us she's glad Caleb won, he's the most trustworthy in the Bomb Squad and won't nominate them. Nicole tells us she's bummed she didn't win. She'd love to work with Caleb going forward and she needs to let him know that.

Christine goes inside, puts her towel on the kitchen floor and lays on it. Nicole and Derrick follow suit. Derrick tells us this is by far the most brutal endurance competition in the game so far. They wanted a endurance competition they got one. Cody and Frankie carry Caleb to the DR.

Victoria joins them, Frankie goes on the kitchen chair. Derrick tells us it's his favorite competition so far, he got 5K for his daughter. Victoria and Nicole say how gorgeous Tenley is. In the storage room, Frankie and Cody are celebrating Caleb's win. One of them will win again next week. Christine heads to shower before he muscles give out too much. Nicole is on the couch in the bathroom area, Derrick moves to the storage room to join the celebration there.

Derrick warns them that Nicole is already talking to Christine. (Christine asked Nicole to stay in the bathroom area in case she falls while in the shower) Derrick says it could be just talk, Frankie cuts him off and says it's not - he was right.

Derrick tells us he has no idea what Christine and Nicole are talking about in the bathroom area, but that doesn't matter. Nicole is enemy 1 in the house tonight. He'd rather Christine go home but they're talking. That's all Frankie needs. Cody recounts what Nicole whispered to Christine during the conversation. Frankie and Derrick go into the fire room to discuss why they didn't get the 5K for their TA mission. Frankie is convinced it's about Donny. Frankie tells us they are down a member of TA but he doesn't feel like they are. Honestly, he cannot be toting around dead weight like they were with Donny. TA missions are going to be so much easier without him. Derrick comments that it sucks that America hates them. Frankie looks at the cameras and tells America he didn't pull his weight.

From the DR, Derrick tells us it takes some big "you-know-whats" to turn to a camera and tell America that he doesn't care. "America, don't include me in that. I don't want to be guilty by association!"

Cody and Derrick carry Caleb out of DR later and to the living room couch. His knee and leg are wrapped. Caleb tells us he has been through a lot in his life and he's going to be hurting in the morning. The boys fill Caleb in on what Nicole told Christine during the competition. Caleb tells us he is going to put Nicole up anyway. Christine, if she is going to align with Nicole and try to keep her, could be his worst nightmare.

In the kitchen, Frankie mentions what a great competition that was. Nicole is asked by BB to put her microphone on. Frankie wonders why she is talking game again; her game is over. Christine defends that just because you don't have a mic on doesn't mean you're talking game. (Nicole is actually in the bathroom area about to take a shower) Frankie says he is not an idiot. He's been in the house long enough, he knows what she is doing. Christine says sometimes you are just talking about your life. Frankie asks why she is defending Nicole.

Christine tells us he has got to be kidding. She's her friend and she will still be nice to her, even though she is going home. Frankie says Nicole doesn't deserve special treatment, Christine didn't think she was giving her special treatment.

Cody and Christine later in the kitchen, Christine is venting about Frankie. Cody tells us he is caught in the middle between Frankie and Christine. He likes Christine a bit better, but it's a tough situation and he's laying low because he doesn't want to get caught in the middle by either side.

Who wants to see my HoH room!!! Caleb got an army hat that he says has been through combat. He also got a flag that threw in Baghdad. Caleb tells us he is crazy excited; he gets his own HoH room, gets to see his family, enjoy some fishes. Gets to chillax for the week being HoH, man. Caleb is telling the HGs that they were the last infantry unit to leave Baghdad so they took flags of each that were there and flew them in the soil. He gave it to his mom when he got home. He got a blue infantry cord that he asked his dad to present to him when he got home. Christine tells us after seeing all this, it occurs to her that Caleb fought for her life. that's amazing. She has more respect for him after seeing his room.

On the hammock, Derrick and Victoria are swinging. Victoria is complaining about Christine, her laughing and flirting with Cody. When Derrick doesn't reply, she asks him if he is in the conversation. Derrick says he was listening and asks if she wants him to repeat it. Victoria tells us Christine's giggles drives her insane. She laughs at everything. She will drop a Cheerio on the floor and she will crack up. It is so annoying! Christine if your strategy is to laugh your way to the end, then keep laughing your way on the block! Nicole goes to HoH to offer to work with Caleb; she can be as real to him as she was to Hayden. She is tired of being on the block. Caleb tells her she is good at this game, she has won more competitions than him! Good to have on his side, she points out. Caleb says the fear was that she would work with Victoria and Christine for a girls alliance. Caleb brings up her helping Christine, Nicole denies it and tells us she needs to zip her mouth shut.

Nicole says from one country folk to another, she would love to work with it. Caleb says he will ponder it. Derricks hollas start shortly after the competition. Every time he gets a holla! the rest of the house hollas back. Derrick tells us this 5,000 hollas is a lot, it is going to be a long couple of weeks. By the end of the clips, Derrick is not so excited by the hollas. Time for the Have Not food - Snot Roast! Caleb, as HoH, it is your responsibility to name two new Have-Nots for the week. They can enjoy Snot Roast. It is a combination of meat products, mushrooms and garlic and it is theirs to enjoy all week long. Bon Appétit.

Derrick volunteers to be a Have-Not. He needs to take as much heat off him as possible because of the 5K. No one else volunteers to be a Have-Not, so he picks Nicole. Christine tells us Frankie has only done it once, everyone else has done it twice. Give her a break!

After being picked, Nicole goes to the backyard couches and bursts into tears. She just wants to go home; she is going to be so skinny! Nicole wonders if she should self evict. She is so sick of being picked on.

Derrick tells us he wanted to talk her through it, try to make her feel better. Most importantly, let her know she has a friend in the house. She may stay this week, which might come in handy. Nicole tells us the fact that Caleb pointed her out clearly makes it that she is going on the block. She doesn't want America to think she is a baby.

Up in the HoH room, Caleb is scared to put up Christine in case she wins PoV and takes her off; she may put him up next week. Cody, the only other person up there, agrees. Cody tells us it is clear his alliance wants to go after Christine and Nicole. Christine is a valuable asset in his game.

Caleb doesn't have a solid read on Christine. Cody says Christine is intimidated by him because he is THE MAN. Girls are intimidated by good looking, strong guys. Caleb is not afraid to put Victoria up either. Cody tells Caleb about some of the stuff Frankie has been saying and throwing other people under the bus.

Caleb tells us if Frankie thinks he can throw Beastmode Cowboy, the king of the castle, under the bus and Caleb won't find out about it, he has another think coming.

Nominations Today. Christine tells us she is not that worried about Caleb's nominations. She is convinced it will be the two people not in the Bomb Squad: Nicole and Victoria.

Cody tells us he wonders how long Frankie will skate by in the game. Caleb tells us the main thing in nominations is what is best for his game. What will make the most sense to keep him safe for the weeks to come. Caleb nominates Nicole and Christine. Nicole is was a no brainer, she played her life in the game well. She is funny, cute and smart. She has had three chances to save herself and she failed at all of them. Most of what she said last night fell on deaf ears. He nominated Christine - she knows why. He hopes Christine wins because Nicole's last lifeline walked out the door with Donny.

Nicole tells us everyone is telling her that she is super good at this game, She wants to prove them right and win the veto. Christine tells us she is not happy to be on the block but the number one target is up there with her so she is happy about that. Derrick tells us the house is happy with who is on the block and Christine feels safe against Nicole. She should be careful - she might see Julie sooner than she thinks.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save Nicole and Christine from the block. Find out Wednesday at 8PM on Big Brother!

Tonight's Big Brother TV show play-by-play was written by BBLuver.
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5:07PM BBT: Nicole is telling Christine and Cody that she's afraid that all their goodbye messages are going to be really mean, especially Frankie's. Christine laughs and says not to be mean, but you should probably plan for that.

Nicole says all she wants is the last four days to be pleasant for everyone. She said Frankie promised, but she doesn't think Frankie will do anything. She says she looks like a fool because she tried to talk to him. Nicole says she knows she and Frankie didn't get along at all the whole season, but she just wanted to make the last week tolerable.

5:12PM BBT: Christine is telling Cody all about Devin forcing Nicole and Christine to sleep in the fire room because he told everyone where they were sleeping. Christine was saying that Devin was super rude about it and then asked her for her bed sheets since he gave up his bed. Christine said she did give him the sheets and he still told her that she was rude for not volunteering them. Frankie says everything was personal with Devin. Frankie says he had no idea what he was doing and didn't know the difference between personal and game.

Cody says Devin didn't realize how rude he was to people and that he would yell at and intimidate the girls and Devin refused to acknowledge it. Nicole said I refused to talk to him ever, because he always made me uncomfortable.

5:20PM BBT: Cody tells Nicole that she looks so good. She smiles and thanks him. They talk about grade school .Nicole says she got her first B in a class in Art. She said she was the worst teacher ever. She gave up on art because of her. Cody cannot believe a teacher would be like that. Nicole said she never took another art class again.

5:23PM BBT: Christine, Nicole, and Cody are talking about teachers they loved and hated. Christine and Nicole said their favorites were male teachers. Nicole said her favorite teacher was her kindergarten teacher who was a female. Christine said she was scarred for life by her kindergarten teacher. Nicole says she had a 4th grade teacher who told her she just wasn't smart and needed to accept it. Her parents were so mad.

5:33PM BBT: Frankie says he allowed Nicole the courtesy and respect to talk, because she deserves it. He says he let her make things right and good with him. Victoria says she's glad for it. She begs Frankie to let her know if the votes change at the last minute, but she doesn't want to leave. Frankie says don't worry, you're staying.

5:40PM BBT: The houseguests are talking about sleeping arrangements. Caleb says he's sleeping alone in the HoH tonight, so Frankie will be back in the fire room. Cody asks if Caleb already told Frankie that and he says, yeah. They are bashing Devin again.

5:48PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are outside talking by the pool. Cody is saying he honestly though he and Derrick would win the veto. Derrick says that the competition was pretty hit or miss. He says one of them has to win on Thursday night.

5:50PM BBT: Cody tells Derrick he told Caleb about Frankie's final two with Christine and Caleb was pissed. Derrick says it makes sense, because Frankie already tried to team up with Hayden/Nicole. Derrick says Caleb won't put up Frankie this week, I already talked to him and he wasn't interested. Cody says, "Yeah when I brought it up to him he wanted Nicole gone."

Derrick is telling Cody that Nicole is trying to work with everyone this week that will keep her safe and she's dangerous. Cody agrees. Derrick thinks Nicole could stay and get Victoria and Christine on her side. Victoria keeps interrupting their conversation. Cody says that he wants to have a conversation with Derrick later in the house. Other people come out and Derrick talks about beasting the competitions and how glad they were with their video messages.

6:00PM BBT: Derrick is in pool in backyard saying he just got $5K from the competition and says he needs to stop bitching about it. Cody puts his left hand down his dinosaur suit, and scratches himself down below. He does not have the top of his suit on.

Caleb is walking around the kitchen, while Nicole is at the table, cutting something up. Derrick tells Cody about how much money he needs for his house. Caleb gets a plate to get his tilapia out of the frying pan.

Nicole asks Frankie if he needs help with anything. He comes in the kitchen, and tells Nicole they are waiting to find out if they have a grill or not. She asks if they requested it, and he says, yes, that he just did. He asks her if she likes tilapia, and she says that Mariah made it for her one time, and she did not like it. Caleb is looking for parmesan cheese to put on his tilapia.

Derrick is telling Cody that he has parks that he works at. Caleb made asparagus to go with his Tilapia, and is eating it at the kitchen table. Frankie says they went through oil fast this week.

6:06PM BBT: Nicole asks Caleb if he's eating the rest of his asparagus, and he tells her no. that he has another bundle of it. He asks Frankie if he likes spicy? He says, yes, and tasted Caleb's food. Caleb says, the one piece he had got him good.

Derrick tells Cody that he loves his job, but he's ready for bigger responsibilities. He is talking about a girl he may or may not truly work with using his cover story. They are still in the backyard.

Derrick is now telling Cody about the different sports that utilize the fields for games where he is from. Nicole is standing out the kitchen wearing Caleb's camo hat, with her ponytail pulled through the back of it. She tells Frankie, she can't believe how much mushrooms cook up. He is cooking them in a pan on the stove, using a metal ladle to move them around, in a non-stick pan. He is breaking up the big pieces of mushrooms to add to what he's already cooking. Cody and Derrick are still chit-chatting in the backyard, with Derrick still in the pool, and Cody sitting on a lounge chair.

6:12PM BBT: Nicole asks Frankie if he still uses a lot of oil to cook with, and he says, "So much oil, when we cook Marinara sauce there is a layer of oil on the top of it." Nicole asks him if Ariana is careful with what she eats? He tells her that she watches everything she eats, and explains it to her.

6:14PM BBT: Nicole is taking mushrooms out of the pan, and says how hungry she is. She adds some hot sauce to them. Frankie is yelling out to the backyard, that he should play pool. Nicole goes to the backyard, and tells Derrick there are mushrooms if he wants some. Frankie shouts to everyone in the backyard, that he will just keep cooking everyone dinner. He is using a voice that is mimicking someone who is mentally handicapped.

He goes to the pan, puts mushrooms on a plate, and goes to the backyard. He tells Derrick, "Hey D's nuts, I made you some mushrooms, I'll bring them to you, and feed them to you." Again, in the same voice. He lays down by the pool, where Derrick is. He takes the fork, puts mushrooms on it, and says, "Choo choo," and swirls them like an airplane, as if Derrick is a small child. Derrick eats them off the fork.

6:18PM BBT: Victoria is painting a design on Christine's left shoulder. Nicole and Christine are talking about family birthday's they've had while being in the house. Christine says the first one she has is on September 12. An airplane goes overhead. Frankie tells Derrick that when he has heart to hearts with her (maybe Nicole), that he takes it, and he's to smart to let it bother him. He says with that level of subtlety and manipulation, it's dangerous. He says it started Caleb's wheels turning, and he knows her game plan for the rest of the week. He says she wants a different person to go up, but it's not happening. He is picking his left arm, while still lying down. He tells Derrick that she would have to convince them, that someone is going after them. He says she's so good, that she may be able to sway someone, other than the three of them. He says no one suspects he and Derrick are working together, and that's so fun.

6:23PM BBT: Frankie sees a balloon in the sky, and says, something in the sky other than a plane or a cloud. He burps and doesn't say excuse me. Christine says she wants someone to come in the house, and Frankie says, after this week they should get hooked up. She says that if a former HGs doesn't come in the house soon, she's going to get pissed. Christine says she'll be so excited if someone comes in. Derrick is still in the pool with the water still up to his head.

Frankie says, it's amazing what she (Victoria) did to her tattoos, and she should get it done in real ink. She says, she doesn't think she would like it like that forever. Frankie says, it would look good in black light. Frankie says what tattoos he's going to get when he leaves the house.

6:25PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are whispering in the bathroom area, and Nicole says she thinks that Caleb or Frankie will go next. Victoria says that she doesn't think the Cody likes her at all. Nicole asks her if she can tell her a secret, and they pinky swear she won't say anything. Nicole says that Cody says how Hayden doesn't like him, and she says that if Hayden came back, he was going to be his number 1 target.

They sit down on the couch in the bathroom area. The HGs are told to, "Please raise the outside awnings." Nicole says, "Yeah, I've avoided that twice today." They keep whispering about game.

6:28PM BBT: Christine and Frankie are raising the outside awnings. She tells him she is crappy Christine. They are talking about the awnings that need to be fixed. Frankie says, hopefully they will fix it, and bring us the grill in one foul swoop.

Derrick walks to the hot-tub, covered in his towel. He takes the towel off, and gets in the hot-tub. Christine was on the couch to raise the one awning, and then says, she wonders how she's going to get down, and she jumps off the couch.

We hear, "HGs, this is a lockdown, please go inside the house." Frankie says, they are going to fix the awning, and bring us the grill.

Nicole says she has to go number two, and Victoria asks if they already closed it down? She said she needs to get the clothes out of the dryer. Frankie says they need a hot towel for Derrick, because he's showering outside.

6:31PM BBT: Caleb and Cody are in the HoH room. Cody tells him that Frankie's stuff is more all over the HoH room, then his. Caleb says, that's alright, because I'm sleeping alone tonight. Cody asks if he's broke the news yet? He says, no. Caleb asks Cody who he thinks will make a big game move next? Cody says, Frankie.

They continue to talk, and Christine goes up to the HoH room. Before she gets up there, Caleb says, "Gosh, Christine can not give us five seconds, can she?" Cody asks if she's coming up there again, and Caleb says, yes. She goes in the the HoH room, and is singing. We see FotH.

6:34PM BBT: The live feeds are back with Frankie, Nicole and Victoria in the bathroom area. Christine is chomping down some of Caleb's beef jerky.

Frankie goes to the the HoH room, with an armful of clothes. He says he's lost a sock.

All cameras go to fire room, with Nicole saying she made a heart for Victoria. We see FotH.

The live feeds come back with all cameras still on the fire room. Nicole tells her she can keep the heart. Victoria says that Cody is playing the game so well. Nicole says she tries to tell everyone, but no one will listen to her.

Derrick goes in the fire room, and Nicole says, dang Derrick, you are skinny. She asks why a cracker is in the bed? Victoria says, she doesn't know. Nicole tells her, she folds her clothes inside out sometimes, and she says she knows.

6:38PM BBT: Nicole says it's cold in the fre room, and she likes it. Her and Derrick look for his clothes. They went to a dresser in the hallway, and to the ice room. Nicole goes back to the fire room, where Victoria is folding her clothes. Victoria says that Brittany was so hurt, because Cody was being so disrespectful. Nicole asks to where her jacket because she is so cold, and she says yes. Victoria tells Nicole about when Cody put her and Brittany on the block. She says that Cody wants everyone to pity him, and Nicole agrees.

Nicole says she was happy when Caleb won HoH, because she thought he would go after Cody. She says, they are wasting it on her. Victoria says, and then it will be her. Nicole says, they all decided as a group, and that's not the way it should be. She says she could of promised them loyalty. She says, if they put Victoria up against her, she has no chance. She says there is no social game here, it's all about the competitions. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production."

6:40PM BBT: Nicole says, they don't change their mid ever. She says she thinks that competition was for her to win also, but she didn't. Victoria says she didn't understand it. Nicole says he (Caleb) is being manipulated. She says she told him to read his letter several times, before putting her up.

The cameras go back to the HoH room, with Christine laughing continuously, and trying to put her stringy hair in a bun. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production," because Frankie and Cody are talking about things from the house. They both say it's from outside the house. Cody says, "So, don't feel special." We see FotH.

6:44PM BBT: Frankie is hogging down on Caleb's food. Cody is telling Frankie how he eats sunflower seeds, and Christine tells them how Tim eats them.

Victoria tells Nicole how they took all of her tops. Nicole tells her some of her shirts are so nice, and she tells Nicole, that they were only $5.00. She tells her that they put the clothes on sale, and that's when she got them. Victoria tells Nicole she's going to ask BB for her top back, that they took.

Nicole says, it might not be a double eviction, because they are anticipating it. She says, it may be the following week, but that wouldn't make sense, if there are only a couple weeks left.

Christine is scarfing down some more of Caleb's food. She tells Frankie that they jury members are going to be soo pissed when Nicole walks out the door, and then Victoria right behind her. She says, she can't even imagine Victoria voting in the finale. She says, "Victoria voting for a winner scares me."

Cody starts bad mouthing Victoria, saying she will vote on how they are dressed. Christine follows suit with bad mouthing her. We hear, "HGs the lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house." We hear, "Derrick...Holla." HGs in the the HoH room laugh.

6:50PM BBT: Caleb asks if they think they got the grill? Frankie says, "OMG, I'm so excited." Christine starts to sing, and then coughs, and is acting like she is coughing up a lung. She says, all nasally, "I want to meet a freaking former HG," and is whining about it.

Christine says that Victoria is scared to be on the block next to Nicole. She laughs, and says there is nothing she can say about it.

Frankie, Christine and Cody are all making fun of Victoria, saying she has no clue. Frankie says, "Who do you think will vote to keep Nicole, who?" He says, that Victoria said, "She could be crafty." They are saying that she is a mess, and she is the worst. We see FotH.

6:55PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are chatting about Victoria's clothes in the fire room, and Derrick is in there also. Christine keeps laughing, and saying how fun it's going to be. Cody says, we have to get something next week. Frankie says, it should be a money competition or Pandora's Box, or something. Caleb is copying the Holla voice that was played a few .

Christine and Frankie are talking about a friendship bracelet. Nicole says she feels dizzy from drinking to much coffee, and not eating enough. Victoria says, that's not good. She says the paint didn't come off her bra. HGs in the the HoH room can't remember what the other things were in the competition last year. Cody says they kept requesting alcohol all the time also. Christine says, she doesn't understand that. We see FotH.

Cody is talking about the alcohol they've gotten. He says that Derrick and him don't usually drink at all. He says, his stomach is still so messed up. He says he loves the tuna they get, but it's so expensive. Christine says, "Do you think I'll eat that after we get out of here, NEVER." They talk about making salmon now.

7:00PM BBT: Christine is flirting with Cody telling him that she'll make him the red potatoes, because they are so much healthier for him. She then says that Tim can flip people off with his feet, and that he can pick up Cheez-It boxes with his feeds. She laughs again. Frankie asks what she said? She repeats it, and says, it's unbelievable.

Victoria tells Nicole that she can't believe that BB would tell them to pack so much, if they were going to take 90% of her clothes. Camera 1 gets a close up of Christine's dirty feet, and her rubbing them together.

Christine says she feels so bad for Derrick, and says something about someone not knowing something before they got married. She yells to Caleb so he can hear her, and he says, yeah. Frankie tells Caleb that he looks good in his hat, and Caleb says, yeah. Frankie tells him he looks like he is doing dip, and he says he is.

They talk about Donny not having his dip, and if they think he would get it. Caleb says if he was in jury, he would ask for his dip, and they would give it to him. He says, he's a star, get him whatever the fuck he wants. Frankie says, from the sound of it, they get you whatever the fuck you want. Caleb yells to Derrick, whose downstairs, and then starts to sing.

Frankie asks who will go home on DE? Christine says she will. Frankie says, he's not kidding, he wants to know. Christine says Victoria's last name. Nicole tells Victoria that even if she won Veto, she wouldn't talk to anyone. Nicole says that no one in the house hangs out, but they will when she leaves. Victoria tells Nicole that Frankie is telling her stuff to get her paranoid. Nicole says that he wants her out of the house, more than anyone has wanted anyone else out. She says she was the only one to put him up on the block. She says if Caleb threw the competition this whole thing would be different. She says, now they are best friends.

Frankie obsesses about drawing Skittle live on National TV, and that America will hate them for it.

Nicole says that they are going to use the next HoH, after she leaves, to get out someone big. Victoria says, she doesn't think so.

Nicole tells Victoria that she thinks that Christine is working with Cody and Derrick. Victoria agrees, and says they talk all the time, and it's obvious. She says, when they talk together for three hours, she knows. She says, she's been thinking this for a while now. Nicole says that Derrick is the only one that she trusts, besides Victoria. Nicole wants Derrick, Christine and Cody to put up Frankie, but...

Derrick walks in the fire room, and Victoria asks him what up? She asks him if he's going upstairs? He says, no, he wants to get his prop bag cleaned out.

Christine asks Frankie if she should tell Nicole now that she's been working with the guys? Frankie says yes, because she's not coming back again.

Nicole tells Derrick that they take all your props when you leave. He asks if it's for good, and she says, she doesn't know. She says she wanted to have her stuff with her, but she understood their explanation. Derrick asks what their rationale behind it was? We see FotH.

7:12PM BBT: Live Feeds come back with Nicole asking Derrick if he's OK, and he says he's in game mode, getting his bag in order. She says she tried to talk to Frankie today, so that things aren't awkward, but she tired.

Frankie keeps obsessing in the the HoH room, about drawing the Skittle on live TV, and Christine laughs continuously.

Nicole says, she took a full bottle of wine, and they took it. She says, she probably won't get that back, but she thought that would be cool to have. Victoria is talking about her clothes, and Christine is acting like she's coughing up a lung again, after she laughs.

7:15PM BBT: Frankie says something about a piece of dead skin, and putting it in a locket to save it. Caleb says he'll come up with something, like a loogie. He says, he'll put it in a plastic bag, and give it to him. Frankie says, "You can just put it in my mouth." Caleb says, OK, back to FLA/GA Line.

Frankie goes over to Caleb in the nest bed, and tells him to give him a piece of him forever. He tells Frankie that he's going to make fish every night this week.

Cody is acting silly, and Christine keeps laughing at his every word. She starts tickling Cody's foot, and he puts it in her face. She says, it feels weird, having someone forcefully push something at her, and then she puts her right hand on his leg. Christine asks if anyone heard clapping just now? Cody says he heard it.

Derrick is sitting in the fire room with Nicole and Victoria. They are talking about the stuff that they are able to keep and not keep. She doesn't know if they get it back or not. She says she only got to keep three or four things, and they didn't have any meaning to her.

7:19PM BBT: Nicole says she had a lot of stuff, and hopes that they will give it back to her. She says, they let her keep her BB Bag. Victoria says that she traveled with hers. Derrick asks about his comic book cover. She says she wishes her bag had her name on it. She says they took her name off of something. She hopes to get her key when they leave. Derrick says, they do. He says, they sent a small box with to someone he knows. Nicole says her BB bag was in the bottom of her suitcase, and Derrick says his was also. Derrick says that Caleb said he traveled with his also.

Christine says the last season of BB she watched, she doesn't know how to compare to this season. Caleb screams, and Christine asks him, if he's trying to scare her, and he says, no. She says, "Good, because it never works."

7:23PM BBT: Caleb heads to leave the the HoH room, and says, "OK, no game talk while I'm gone, O.K.?" Frankie screams, "We got to get him out." Frankie asks what Caleb just said? Christine and Cody say, "You have to beat me first." Frankie says, it's so funny how Caleb thinks he's won so many competitions. Christine is still sitting with Cody on the grey couch in the the HoH room, and she is constantly rubbing Cody's right arm, with her right hand.

Caleb goes to the fire room. Nicole asks what's in his mouth, and he says beef jerky. Derrick tells Caleb that they take all your props when you leave here. Caleb says, that's probably what you get in your care package, after you go home. We see FotH.

7:26PM BBT: The live feeds come back, and Christine is making a ton of noises.

Nicole says she wants her Germitard. Christine is singing that she wants some hot-tub, baby, this evening, and still rubbing Cody's arm.

Everyone was quiet for a moment in both rooms. Christine says Caleb looks different in his picture. She says, in the house, she's never found him attractive, but in that picture, wow. Frankie says, he's hot in the picture. Derrick is trying to come up with different things he can make with the slop, and some how change the flavor of it. Christine,

Cody and Frankie all say they could never go hunting with Caleb's family. Cody says he will not kill an animal. Christine says that Caleb's stories make her upset. She tells of a time she cried over a picture of a hurt dog she saw on Facebook. She is now rubbing on Cody's right leg, because he's lying down on the couch.

7:31PM BBT: Nicole says how she needs to eat something, because her stomach is hurting. Derrick says that this is the last week of Have-Nots, so they need to break the cycle. Caleb asks Derrick to play a game of pool with him, and they leave the fire room. Frankie is telling stories from back home. Nicole tells Victoria that she usually gets herself out of crap. She says if she's borderlining an A, she's going to get that A. Victoria says she drank way to much coffee, and Nicole says she drank two glasses also.

Caleb and Derrick are in the backyard, at the pool table. Derrick tells him that Frankie is bad, but Christine is the worst. He says, she is literally up that kids ass 24/7. Caleb tells Derrick, he doesn't know how Frankie is going to take it, but he's going to tell Frankie that he wants to be in his HoH room by himself, to read his letter and look at this pictures alone.

7:33PM BBT: Derrick asks Caleb what Cody says about Frankie. Caleb tells Derrick that Cody says Frankie is going to be hard to beat, and he probably won't take either of them to the final two, so they need to get him out first. Derrick says, he said that, huh? He tries to talk Caleb out of sending him home. Caleb says, he thinks they send him home right after Nicole.

Derrick tells him that he may put Cody up, but he can't see him putting him up. Caleb says that Nicole won't beat him in an endurance competition. Derrick says that Frankie won't either.

Victoria is worried about how people are going to see her on the cams. Derrick says he wanted to thank Caleb for helping him through the competition before someone comes out, because they can't ever get a moment alone. Derrick tells Caleb that if he votes out Frankie now, that's one less person he'll have on his side. He says, Nicole won't vote with him.

Caleb says that he hopes whoever wins the double eviction HoH, that they get rid of Victoria next, after Frankie. Derrick says that Frankie and Christine are going to have to go against each other. Caleb says that Frankie will not put her up. Derrick says, "We'll know if she wins HoH won't we?"

7:38PM BBT: Caleb says they really can't take that chance, Frankie has to go.

Derrick and Caleb are running through the order of events of the game. Derrick says Cody knows it better than him, that he is a wiz kid. Caleb says, he bets that Cody knows every bit of it.

Frankie comes out to the backyard, and says, "Hey boys," in the messed up voice again. Then he says, "There's my sock."

Nicole is talking to herself in the fire room about the things that have happened to her in the game.

Derrick and Caleb go inside with Frankie, and we see FotH.

7:43PM BBT: The feeds come back with Frankie, Derrick and Christine sitting the the living room . Frankie questions Christine about the Veto competition and how she has to get a speech from Nicole why she should use the Veto on her. He says, they didn't do that with Zach.

Christine is playing with her dirty feet on the couch in the living room . She says that is stupid that she has to do that with the Veto. She says, she wants to says something, and ask if she really has to.

7:50PM BBT: Cody, Caleb and Frankie are in the HoH room. Cody says they will be inside all night. Caleb says, he literally just opened his can of red bull, and played a game of pool with Derrick, and then they had to come in. Frankie is hugging on Caleb. Caleb says it was a megaphone person outside yelling something again.

Frankie says, it's malicious at this point, because they know were stuck in here all night. Caleb says he couldn't hear what they were saying, he just heard there names. A brief FotH, and Caleb says, "At this point we don't care what they say." We see FotH again.

Caleb confirms to Derrick that he heard exactly what the fan screamed. Derrick tells him that Frankie isn't going after them. Derrick says his head is spinning after hearing what the fans yelling outside said... but he just doesn't believe it. Caleb sings: "I heard it, I heard it." Caleb says Frankie is using him. Derrick: "I don't think Frankie would come after you or me." Caleb: "It's not that he is coming after us, it's that he's crushing us in the DR."

7:53PM BBT: The feeds come back with Frankie saying he's going to feed the fish. Caleb says, "Derrick's pooping." Frankie says, "Please, it's not like I haven't been in there with him a million times while he's pooping." He gets the fish food, goes in the bathroom, and asks Derrick how his poop is going. Derrick says, it's going great. Frankie stands on the bathtub to feed the fish.

Caleb goes out of the the HoH room, and goes to the fire room. Victoria asks what happened? We see FotH.

7:58PM BBT: Cody is dancing in his dinosaur costume. Victoria says he really looks like a dinosaur, and Caleb agrees. Caleb is acting like he is playing drums for Cody to dance around. Christine is sitting on the living room couch, laughing at his every move.

Victoria and Nicole are in the kitchen, by the table. Nicole walks by Cody, and dances with him. Her and Derrick go to the storage room.

Cody pulls a pillow out of his costume in the living room . Caleb is still playing drum noises on everything in the storage room. He walks out of the storage room, playing the drums on everything, along the way.

Christine is complaining, and saying that she doesn't think she can have what they are making. Caleb is acting a fool, and screams, Okie Dokey.

Derrick tells Nicole to keep trying again, and that he's just having conversations that's all.

Cody lays on a bed in the fire room, and looks at his knee.

Derrick says they are going to try to make a broth with ketchup. Nicole tells Derrick that she doesn't want to sketch people out. She says that Caleb asked her if she new she was going home, would she drink. He walks back in the storage room, playing the stupid drums again.

8:10PM BBT: Caleb is talking in Larry the Cable Guys voice, and playing the drums on everything. Frankie is talking about the salmon he's cooking.

Cody and Christine hug each other. Cody rubs her head, and says, Shhhh, like she's a baby. She tries to bite his finger. Nicole Zings Cody. Cody walks in the bathroom area, and says, "My fucking towel is outside."

Cody goes to the fire room. Derrick says they are probably not getting the backyard back, and he didn't see the grill out there.

8:15PM BBT: Cody takes off the dinosaur suit, and Caleb says, "Oh yeah, you got Calvin Klein's? So do I." He is showing off his abs, and saying how good it feels to have the costume off. Cody and Caleb are singing. We hear, "Cody, Stop singing." He screams, "NO, I'm in the shower, so leave me alone." We hear, "SHUT IT DOWN." Cody sings a little more, and then stops.

Christine is now eating potato chips in the kitchen. Victoria says she feels nauseous, and Christine says that's not good. Cody is rinsing his hair in the shower, and Caleb scares him half to death, when he walks in the bathroom area, and screams.

8:20PM BBT: Cody starts singing again, and we hear, "Cody, stop that." He says, OK. He screams, "I dropped the soap." He says, "It's on the gross side." He screams, "Shit, if I was in prison, I'd be screwed."

Caleb goes in the bathroom area, and asks Nicole what's going on? She says she told Cody to come out and show her what's up. He says, how about I stand in for him, she tells Caleb to back off. Caleb is acting a fool. Christine goes in the bathroom. Cody sings again, and Caleb talks in the Larry the Cable Guy voice again. We hear, "Cody, I realize that English is hard for you to understand, but Stop, still means, Stop. Now, Stop that." He screams, "OK."

Cody screams, "I can speak perfect English." Then he starts to sing again, and stops.

Caleb is in the bathroom area, and tells Cody, when he's done to meet him in his, and he says he's serious. He compliments himself in the mirror, saying how handsome he is, and he's never seen anyone more handsome.

Christine goes in the bathroom area, by the sink. Cody screams to her, and she is talking to him. He turns off the shower, and shakes his hair. She says, it's going to be weird not seeing his hair for a week. He starts singing again. We hear, "Cody, Stop singing."

Nicole walks in the bathroom area, and asks Cody, why he keeps getting in so much trouble today. He says, he keeps singing. She asks why, and he says he's in a good mood. She asks why is he in a good mood? He comes out of the shower, and sings some more.

Derrick gets called to the DR. We hear, "Cody, stop that," again. Caleb is sitting in the living room with his right leg propped up, and a candy wrapper on the coffee table. Victoria is walking towards the bedrooms. Christine asks where Derrick is, and Caleb tells her, he's in the DR. She is laughing at everything Frankie is doing in the kitchen.

8:27PM BBT: Christine says she's upset she only guaranteed her safety for this week, and not the next one, because of the double eviction. Nicole says, "You never know, it could be next week." Frankie says, he would like to see it go from 5 to three people.

Cody goes to the HoH room and puts on Caleb's headphones.

Nicole says she likes it being from seven to 5, because you have back-up people. She says, if it goes from 5 - 3, people are going to be super pissed.

Christine asks why she had bald spots on her head, and Frankie says it because she has Alopecia. She says, she hates it, and Frankie says, she has very thin hair.

Cody is singing in the the HoH room, and we hear, "Cody, Stop singing," again. Christine says he's probably singing. Cody is watching the hallway upstairs on the TV.

8:33PM BBT: Caleb starts to go to the HoH room, and Frankie talks in his voice, acting like he's mentally handicapped again, and tells Caleb bye, and he'll miss him. He says, he missed him every minute he's not with him. Caleb tells Frankie to get a plastic bag, and he'll poop in it, so he'll have a piece of him to carry around. Caleb gets called to the DR.

8:38PM BBT: Frankie talks about when he was in Malawi, and staying with a better off family.

Christine, Victoria and Derrick are sitting at the dining room table. Christine wonders why it's so blinged out with the gold chains. Frankie says, thank you to BB. He asks everyone how long they think it will be when Caleb gets out of the DR, and asks to have it. Christine says, "We'll see."

Frankie is still looking at himself in the mirror. Frankie says, "DAD BOT, you're on blast." Derrick asks, "Why?" Frankie says, "Because the they are following you." (The cameras were not following Derrick)

8:44PM BBT: Nicole and Derrick are talking about slop in the kitchen.

Caleb goes to the HoH room, and tells Cody, "It's basically who we can beat, meaning you, me and Derrick." Cody says, "We won't beat Frankie." Caleb says, he knows.

Cody tells Caleb how the people in the jury are going to vote. He says it will be tougher to beat Frankie, and asks him who he thinks Nicole will put up. Cody tells Caleb that Frankie says if he stays, he's going to continue to pick Skittles. Cody says, that's NOT happening. Caleb says, we see Nicole packing, and we need to see the best whatever way we go. Caleb says, "It has to be the best for you, me and Derrick."

Cody says, "So does that mean sending out Frankie or Nicole?" He says he doesn't know. Cody says, "But if you keep Nicole, you can force her to vote your way, because you saved her life." Caleb says, "Do you think Frankie will pull the trigger on us now or later?" Cody says, "When he wins the next HoH." Caleb says, "Nicole can win this next HoH, and slam us up there." Cody says, "Frankie is a monster." Cody says, she knows her game is on the line, and she's underperforming in these competitions.

8:48PM BBT: Caleb says he wants to talk to Nicole later, but he wants someone else to ask her, who she will put up. He says she will not put up Derrick, because she knows she can beat him, because he hasn't won anything. Cody says, that everyone wanted him to go to the end of the competition yesterday. Caleb says, "The thing that bothers me most, is because Frankie is whispering to everyone. Frankie is running to everyone, and telling them things." Cody says, "He's covering his tracks, to make sure he isn't the target, and he's giving them a scapegoat to target the other person." Caleb says, "It's a big decision." Cody says, "If Nicole stays, and we send home Frankie, that will be her number 1 target." He wants to know who she will target next then. Caleb says, he doesn't think he's her target. Cody says, "If Frankie stays, he will probably put us up together."

They keep playing back and forth, and trying to guess who she will put up.

Victoria is using a rolling pin for Play-Doh at the dining room table, and Christine uses it also. Frankie is sitting at the table with them.

8:52PM BBT: Victoria and Christine are talking about their favorite TV shows.

Cody tells Caleb that he thinks Christine would target Nicole. Caleb asks if he is for sure, and says he wonders what the next competition will be, because he can't play. Cody says, no one knows what the next competition will be. Christine belches as loud as she can into her microphone, and does not excuse herself. Caleb says that Derrick will not win, unless he goes to the final two with Christine or Nicole. Caleb says he's probably get Donny's vote if he goes to the final two. He says the next two HoH's are huge, because we need to get the targets out.

Christine asks Derrick to tell Cody that their dinner is ready. Derrick goes to the the HoH room, and tells Cody that dinner is ready. Caleb locks the the HoH room door, and says, he doesn't care. Caleb starts talking game.

8:56PM BBT: Derrick says he's totally down with sending Frankie home, but what if she wins HoH, and puts Caleb up on the block. He's worried about her getting back with Christine to get on board with her and Victoria to flip the house. Caleb says, that's not happening. So does Cody. Derrick keeps telling them that if they put him up with one of them, they won't have the votes to keep them all. Caleb says that Frankie will take a shot now, because he won't be able to play in the next one. Cody says, "Yyou don't win an HoH, and waste it now, because there may not be a next time."

Frankie is sitting at the dining room table eating fish that looks really raw. Derrick says if we send Frankie home, and then Nicole with the double eviction, would we all be safe? Cody says, "After this HoH, we only need two people to vote to keep us." Derrick says, "If you put up Frankie tomorrow, he will go home no matter what." Derrick says, if she wins the HoH, and decides to cross them, one of them will go home. Cody says if she puts him up next to Christine, he will stay. Caleb says, if Frankie gets HoH, he will put two of them up, because he knows they will win against him.

9:01PM BBT: Derrick asks Caleb what he'll say for the reason putting Frankie up, and he says, it's about him whispering to Christine the other day, and saying he will take her to the end. Caleb asks in the DE, would they be more likely to beat Nicole or Frankie? We hear, "Holla boy, Holla girl." They keep debating the competitions that Nicole has won.

Christine is eating at the dining room table with Frankie, and Victoria is using pants to draw.

9:02PM BBT: Caleb says the next HoH after the double eviction is probably going to be the wall. Cody says he still needs to have the conversation with Nicole. Caleb says, he will crush Nicole on the wall.

Caleb unlocks the the HoH room door, and runs to the bathroom. Derrick sits on the grey couch, and Frankie comes up, and sits in the nest bed. Cody tells him the Caleb is taking a poop, and he needs to go down to get a plate, and bring it up.

Frankie tells Cody that Christine is sad and upset because she doesn't like to do anything without him. Cody leaves the the HoH room.

Frankie keeps trying to clear his nose with opening his mouth. He says, he thinks they are all losing their minds. Derrick says on Day 73, everyone is. Cody is singing in the kitchen. Frankie tells Derrick that Cody wants to draw Skittles on National TV to chose who goes up with Victoria. Frankie says that will be funny because it will be done Live. Derrick says, he's so down. Frankie says, they will hate them. He says he will tell Victoria to have a seat, and I will now draw a Skittle for the second person to be nominated.

9:06PM BBT: Cody is singing and messing around at the dining room table while he's eating. Frankie tells Derrick that no one can be back-door'd anymore this season. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Christine is laughing at everything Cody says and does. Frankie says that the backyard will be open tonight. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." He tells Derrick to help him up, and they both leave the the HoH room.

We hear, "Cody, please move your microphone higher." Frankie goes back to the HoH room bathroom to brush his teeth. Cody is singing, and we hear, "Cody, please move your microphone higher." Caleb and Frankie are talking about cards and potatoes.

9:11PM BBT: Cody gets told to, "Please stop singing," twice. Then he gets called to the DR. All HGs say, wooooo. Caleb says he will be told to were his costume all the way up, all the time. Cody says, it chokes him when he sits down. He is still at the table eating, and hasn't gone to the DR yet. All HGs give shout-outs to TVGN. Caleb gives shout-outs to his family, and then they do a cheer for TVGN.

Frankie does shout-outs, and then Christine does. Derrick and Nicole says how disgusting the slop looks. Caleb is standing on the balcony upstairs, and burps. He does not say excuse me. Frankie says the storage room is temporary unavailable. Christine is screaming that she needs chocolate. She takes her hair out of her bun, and shakes her head around.

9:15PM BBT: Frankie tells Christine how he didn't get to play in another motherfucking Veto. Christine asks how many he has gotten to play in, and he says three.

The HGs at the dining room table talk about who won the Veto's in what week.

9:16PM BBT: Frankie says week 9 with Kathy Griffin, and everyone makes the Zing noises. Cody gets up making noise and walks to the kitchen. He gives Nicole a hug from behind, and she tells him how cute he looks in the dinosaur costume, and then asks if he has it on backwards.

Caleb makes some gestures upstairs by the chess board, and Derrick goes up there to play a game of chess with his.

Christine and Cody go in the storage room, and are singing and dancing together. Christine says that Nicole is a nightmare, and she walks out of storage room. Cody says they have a lot of Almond Milk. He walks out of storage room, and belches, without excusing himself. He says he has the Greek Dino outfit on.

Christine sits at the table with Victoria and Nicole. Then, Cody sits down also. Frankie is singing about a cookie tin, and then says props a few times.

9:20PM BBT: Christine won't stop laughing at everything Cody says and does. She says how Cody told her she was repulsive in her bathing suit today. He says, she took it the wrong way. Nicole starts to draw on Cody's arm, and says she got a B+ in the only Art Class she took. He says, he does need to take another shower. Christine says, she's going to go to her tattoo artist to have her color in her tattoo, she loves it. Cody starts to sing again, and then stops. He keep making loud noises, and says, what up to the camera. He says, he's getting tatted.

Christine is eating chocolate candy, and says, they are on TVGN, and she's so wrecked. She says, it's Saturday night too. Cody belches, and this time, he says, excuse me. Nicole tells Cody he can't move at all. He says, he's not, and she tells him, he's talking.

9:24PM BBT: Frankie says #Frankieindickies, and Christine starts singing. Frankie talks in his British accent about cleaning up the tilapia when he cleans up the kitchen. Caleb tells him, yeah. Caleb and Derrick are playing chess. Cody and Frankie keep saying, Props. Christine says, isn't it funny that random people can be scanning between channels and see us? Cody says, yes. Nicole tells Cody that his tattoo looks cool outlined. She says she doesn't know how to draw skulls. She asks him if he wants her to draw a unicorn? He says, yes. She asks if he wants nerd glasses on his arm. He tries giving her ideas. She wants to do a weird design. Frankie asks if he should throw away something in the kitchen, and she says, they may still be eating them. Christine says, her tattoo artist doesn't like for her to watch, until it's finished. Frankie says he has a lot of good ones planned.

9:27PM BBT: Cody starts to sing again, and then says it's on TVGN. Nicole asks if there's a delay, and Christine says, yes, because they bleep us out. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Christine says, "Oops," in a weird voice, and then says, "My bad."

9:29PM BBT: Cody describes twice baked potatoes, and Victoria says she never heard of them. Cody gets told to put his microphone on. General chit-chat is going on in the dining room, while Derrick and Caleb are playing chess. Cody says, we should go and request booze. Christine starts talking in a weird voice, acting out for TVGN.

9:31PM BBT: Derrick beats Caleb in chess, and they set up for another game. Caleb says, that won't happen again, and then he burps. He does not excuse himself. He says, man it's hot in here. Cody tells Christine she is the canvas, and tells her to say it. They are looking at each other intently across the table at each other.

Christine says the bathroom floor was a little wet today, and she cleaned it up. She says, she hopes it wasn't pee. Christine asks Cody what his problem is, and he tells her that it's her. She laughs about Nicole painting on his arm.

9:36PM BBT: Camera three is panning all over the kitchen, and looks in a mirror there to see Cody from the dining room. Nicole gets told to move her microphone higher.

9:38PM BBT: Christine and Frankie are talking about Heffalumps and Woozles, and different Disney rides. Derrick and Caleb playing second game of chess.

9:42PM BBT: Christine is making circles out of Play-Doh, and says she wants to see how many pieces of fruit are in the fruit basket tonight. Cody starts to sing, and says stop, stop, stop. We hear, "Stop that." Victoria says the Play Doh is super soft, and is not working. Cody sings about his cookies, and Christine follows suit. Cody and Nicole discuss colors for her to use for painting his arm. He is humming now, and tapping something on the dining room table.

9:46PM BBT: Christine tastes her Play-Doh, and says it tastes good, tastes like salt. She says she has cavities in her two front teeth, and it's probably stuck in there now. Victoria tells her to go and wash her mouth out. Derrick and Caleb discuss their chess moves.

9:48PM BBT: Christine asks if Frankie can see her cavities, and Cody feels them, and asks her if it hurts, and she says yes. She says she has a bump on the roof of her mouth also. She says she has a weird mouth.

9:51PM BBT: Christine and Frankie are talking about family members that are probably watching. She says her grandmother makes "Better than sex" cake. Frankie says his grandmother is a nudist.

9:54PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick are done with their chess game. Caleb asks Cody why he's breaking the rules, and not wearing his costume? Derrick is in the HoH room, and Caleb goes in there. Caleb says he will lock the door, he doesn't care. Derrick asks him if he's pretty set on this? Derrick says that it worries him what's going on at the table. Derrick says that Nicole says she would never put you up, before you put her on the block, but do you think that she would still not put you up? He is trying to twist Caleb's mind about sending Frankie home instead of her. Caleb says, if Frankie says, he's not putting you up. Derrick says, really? Caleb says, yes, because he knows you will not beat him.

9:58PM BBT: Frankie sings in the kitchen, and we hear, "Stop that." He says it wasn't a real song. Nicole is done with Cody's arm, and Christine says, "Oh I love it, a stained glass with a skull." She says, "Cody, you need to get a half sleeve." Christine asks when the next Friday the 13th is because she wants another tat for $13.00. She says, every tattoo shop in Tucson does it. Cody asks if it's any tats? She says, no, they are on a flash sheet, already made up. Cody says, so small ones. Caleb wants to know what Nicole has to say, and she wants Derrick to talk to her. Caleb says that Frankie is three times the beast that Nicole is. Derrick says she was a beast in one competition. They go back and forth about the competitions. He says Christine is starting to become a beast in competitions. He says Cody and Christine are super tight, and will never go against each other.

10:09PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie are in the HoH. Frankie asks Caleb what he is thinking. Caleb says that it sucks being locked in. Frankie quietly says "yes it does". Frankie then asks if they want to study. Derrick listens to Caleb's CD.

10:18PM BBT: Derrick and Frankie do some training. In the kitchen Cody, Christine, Victoria and Nicole play with play doh and talk about past jobs.

10:31PM BBT: Victoria comes into HoH. She tells Derrick that she is feeling nauseous. Derrick jokes with her. Victoria tells him she wants to talk. Derrick tells her he is trying to work on something to keep her off the block. She tells him that she knows he works with other people. Derrick says he talks with other people.

10:34PM BBT: Derricks starts to pressure her on why she thinks he is working with other people. She tells him that she feels he is working with Cody. Derrick says that he likes Cody but he isn't working with Christine. He steers her away from Cody. He continues to say that he isn't working with Christine. Victoria says that she feels Nicole would go after Cody. Says that she also doesn't like Cody.

10:40PM BBT: Victoria is trying to tell Derrick that everyone knew Christine was going on the block. Derrick says that the HoH can't say that. Victoria continues to say she can't stand Cody. Says he keeps talking about her being a Have-Not. She doesn't understand why he wants her to be weak.

Derrick tells Victoria that he doesn't trust anyone but her 100% in the house. Derrick says that none of the others will give him the money for his kid.

10:48PM BBT: Derrick and Victoria keep rehashing the same comments. Derrick tells Victoria he needs to get downstairs and do his work. She pouts a bit and he tells her he is joking but has to get downstairs. He heads out.

10:51PM BBT: The HGs talk about cleaning. Victoria is asked if she wants to do the dishes. She says she can't do dishes. The dishwater hurts her hands and she is allergic. (she is saying this with all seriousness) Cody is cleaning the mirror in the bathroom.

10:58PM BBT: In the bathroom area Christine is popping pimples on Cody's back. She tells him more will need to be done tomorrow.

11:02PM BBT: The HGs are all cleaning the kitchen except Victoria who is sitting at the kitchen counter. Cody has finished the bathroom and has come into the kitchen. They are talking about the smell of Play-Doh.

11:04PM BBT: Victoria is enjoying a neck massage from Cody. She then goes back to eating. Frankie and Nicole finishing up the dishes.

11:08PM BBT: Cody and Caleb talking in the HoH. Caleb worrying abut making a bad decision. Cody tells him that he feels they have a better chance of Nicole losing. Cody tells Caleb at this point in the game you never know.

11:12PM BBT: In the kitchen Victoria washes her cereal dish with soap (her hands live to see another day). In the HoH Caleb and Cody going over the options.

11:21PM BBT: Frankie heads into the the HoH room. He and Cody and Caleb talk about the competition this Thursday. Cody says he doesn't want to wear the dino costume for Thursday's competition.

11:31PM BBT: Derrick, Nicole, and Christine laughing about the HoH competition. Derrick said he wanted to slide down the lane.

11:40PM BBT: Frankie complaining that BB hasn't told them if they are going to be locked out or locked in. Derrick has made Nicole laugh so hard she has actually peed her pants. Derrick is proud.

11:46PM BBT: Derrick and Christine talk about the turkey roaster he bought. She keeps telling him it sounds awesome.

11:51PM BBT: Victoria is painting a "sleeve" on Caleb Frankie and Derrick talking about RI. Frankie talks about visiting.

12:10AM BBT: Caleb and Frankie are talking about who the biggest threat in the house is. Caleb mentions Cody saying he is well liked, but since jury doesn’t vote that way sometimes and Caleb and Frankie have been planning their game play out much more than him they should be OK with a jury vote.

12:20AM BBT: Derrick and Nicole talking alone, Derrick asks Nicole who she would nominate if she was HoH, she says Christine would be her target and Victoria would be a pawn.

12:25AM BBT: Derrick says to Nicole that he is going to try to keep her this week but doesn’t want to make himself a target.

12:31AM BBT: BBT: Nicole tells Derrick that the house wants Frankie as a replacement nominee but Caleb doesn’t have the courage to nominate him.

12:35AM BBT: Derrick is wondering to Nicole if him talking to the house about saving Nicole is a good game move for himself, Nicole tells him not to do it then. Nicole tells Derrick that he is in a good spot in the house. Nicole swears on her parent that Derrick is not her target.

12:40AM BBT: In the the HoH room, Frankie brings up to Caleb that he heard that Caleb told Nicole he wants to be next to Cody in the final two. Caleb says he was just agreeing with her about Cody. Frankie asks Caleb who he wants to be with in final two and he says any of Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Christine would be good for him.

12:45AM BBT: Nicole tells Derrick that she might want to put Victoria up since she might be the one evicted instead of Christine, she suggests Cody being next to her. Derrick says to Nicole that he is going to tell Caleb about Nicole wanting to nominate Christine and Victoria, Nicole is OK with it. As Derrick leaves Nicole he tells her that he will try his best to keep her safe this week and Nicole wishes him good luck.

12:50PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie in the the HoH room discussing who are the big targets in the house. Frankie tells Caleb that since no one will waste a HoH getting Victoria out then she will go to final two so she needs to be evicted next. Caleb asks Frankie why he should keep Christine because she could beat everyone in a competition.

12:55AM BBT: Derrick and Cody talking in the Have-Not room that Christine is a big target, Derrick says if Nicole was able to get off the block then Christine would be the one going home, she is good in competitions. Cody tells Derrick that Donny was good at Veto competitions but wasn’t able to win many HoH competitions. They agree that Frankie is good in competitions. Caleb tells Frankie in the the HoH room that Frankie is his best friend in the house.  Derrick tells Cody that if Caleb puts Frankie up tomorrow he will score a lot of points in the jury, "Biggest move of the game."

1:05AM BBT: Caleb leaves the the HoH room and heads downstairs to the Have-Not room with Derrick and Cody. Caleb tells them that he feels scared since he isn’t able to compete in the HoH competition that he would be nominated. Nicole, Victoria, and Christine in the living room talking about how BB might edit something for the episodes.

1:10AM BBT: Derrick tells Cody in the Have-Not room that Christine would win an endurance completion due to her performance in the last HoH competition she was right behind Caleb. Derrick says to Cody that he doesn’t see Victoria making final three.

1:20AM BBT: Frankie and Cody hugging/saying good night to each other, Frankie is acting like someone named “Sid” telling Cody to have fun sleeping upstairs. Victoria asks Derrick if he knows something she doesn’t, he asks Victoria if she trusts him.

1:31AM BBT: Frankie, Caleb, Christine, and Cody in the kitchen talking about who they want to guest host an upcoming HoH competition. Derrick is telling Nicole that Caleb told him if they grill the liver it tastes like steak and is thinking about making one.

Derrick heads to the kitchen leaving Victoria and Nicole in the Have-Not room. Nicole tells Victoria that if she is put up as a replacement nominee then Nicole’s game is over and she accepts that.

1:40AM BBT: Caleb is cooking with Derrick, Christine, Cody and Victoria in the kitchen as well with general talk. Nicole tells Victoria that she doesn’t want Victoria to be sad and asks if Derrick was sad earlier. Nicole asks Victoria how it was alone with Caleb and Cody, Victoria says it was awkward and that Cody was saying that “it was that point in the game”.

1:45AM BBT: Caleb and Derrick still making food in the kitchen, Frankie, Christine, and Cody talking about addiction. Victoria and Nicole in the Have-Not room, no talking for the past few minutes. Nicole finally tells Victoria she wants to go to sleep soon and Victoria leaves.

Victoria joined the kitchen crew, talk has turned to kosher food. Caleb has finished cooking the liver, everyone is trying it, they mostly say it has the texture of dog food and doesn’t taste good.

1:55AM BBT: Talk in the kitchen with everyone except Nicole about the punishment costumes BB makes them wear. Cody was wanting to take the dinosaur costume home but Derrick says that Nicole told him she hasn't seen the frog or the Germitard costume in Jury. Talk about production brought FotH briefly.

Nicole leaves the Have-Not room and asks Derrick if the liver is cooked, he tells her that it was cooked perfectly but it was still disgusting. Frankie is talking about his love for the movie Showgirls, no one else in the house has seen it.

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