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Saturday, August 1 2015  PoV Competition Today

After five straight weeks of the Sixth Sense Alliance holding onto power, the tables have turned and now we have a game!

Just to recap, Thursday, Jason was evicted and an epic two hour endurance competition left Johnny Mac, James and Shelli on a cliff wall struggling to hang on to become the first solo HoH of the season. As Johnny was falling off, Shelli and James made a deal to keep her and Clay safe from nomination, both front and back doors. James even threw in protection for John even though he never asked for it, and Shelli certainly didn't volunteer.

But after tossing around a bunch of ideas with Meg, Jackie, Becky and Vanessa, James settled on a plan of his own. In a surprise move, the Asian Hillbilly ex-Army turned Correction Officer proved to have cojones the size of Texas and answered the prayers of many feeders and fans by going back on his word and nominating Clay and Shelli for eviction.

Needless to say the happy couple, who had been cruising through the game to this point, were not happy. Shelli went through frequent bouts of tears and not understanding how James could break his promise like that. Clay was angry and wanted to confront James if not for Shelli holding him back.

In fact, James is not the first HoH to make and then renege on an Endurance competition deal as HoH. Jennifer was the first, promising Kaysar safety after an epic endurance competition that lasted until dawn, then backdooring him during BB6, leading to much animosity and his eviction.

More recently, in BB10, Dan made a deal to let Ollie name one of the front door nominations and the replacement nomination if he gave up the endurance competition and let Dan be HoH. After putting fellow Renegade Memphis in danger at Ollie's request, Ollie wanted the other Renegade Keesha nominated after Memphis saved himself with the Veto. Dan instead nominated and evicted Ollie's showmance Michelle in the first half of a double eviction. Ollie followed her in the second half.

But this is the first time that an HoH backed out of an endurance competition deal on the front end, nominating Clay and Shelli right off the bat. Not surprisingly, this has drastically altered the dynamics of the house. Steve feels he has new life in him, though in truth he's still everybody's disposable vote. John is relieved to not have to worry about eviction for a second week in a row as apparently James' offer of safety to him was genuine.

Vanessa is in overdrive, promising Clay and Shelli that she has a fool proof plan to backdoor Becky. Except for the part where she has no influence on James.

In the meantime, Liz and Julia are catching up between themselves, having not spent more than 15 minutes together at a time for the last six weeks, as well as with their fellow HGs who are trying to figure out which one they were with for different events.

Austin, meanwhile, is trying to make good with Julia by claiming, with Liz's help, that Jason was lying about his wanting Julia gone so he could be alone with Liz. His primary goal is keeping himself, Liz and Julia safe while also exploring relationships with the other side of the house in case this week spells the end of the Sixth Sense alliance.

Clay and Shelli head off to bed early, Shelli no doubt crying herself to sleep and Clay holding her tightly in his arms.

Need a quick review, check out Fuskie's Morning Musings.

8:00AM BBT: FotH at 8AM, could this be a wake up call?

8:31AM BBT: Meg is out of the shower, Shelli is doing her make-up. John washes his hands. Austin tries to cuddle Liz while in the dentist chair. [He slept with his head on her back. Yes, over the gap between the chairs.] Julia has her bandana over her eyes in another chair.

9:55AM BBT:  For the last hour, the feeds have shown Johnny eat a bowl of cereal, bouncing a beachball and sweeping up that filthy kitchen. The other camera has been on James in the HoH room, he has been sleeping on the couch or listening to music.

10:05AM BBT: The feeds have switched to Jeff's Highlights Reels--It's time to pick the players for the PoV competition.

10:30AM BBT: The feeds are back.  In addition to James, Clay and Shelli, Jackie, Becky and Vanessa will be competing. James apparently got the "Houseguest's Choice" chip, and didn't pick Austin-- James is apologizing for not picking him to play in the PoV.

Shelli tells Clay that both Austin and Vanessa have been talking with James in the Have-Not room. Clay says they only have each other. Shelli says that Becky isn't going to win it because she doesn't want to have to pick a side.

12:20PM BBT: Austin, Vanessa, Shelli and Liz are on the lounge in the bathroom. The girls ask Austin if he ever snaps. He says only if it is really personal, and then he only yells at people. He would never hit someone even if he hated them, he doesn't want to hit anyone. Liz agrees that it can all be handled with words. Liz couldn't believe as a bouncer he had never been involved in a fight.

Vanessa is pacing while the others sit on the lounge. Shelli and Liz are about to do their nails.

James is sleeping on the couch. Shelli and Vanessa have moved to the kitchen area. Vanessa is drumming on a can, and it sounds pretty good actually. [Better than any of the conversations going on.- Monadyan] Shelli is amazed at her drumming talents, "WOW! How did you just do that? You just thought that up, that fast? OMG!"

Shelli left the drum area and went to the bedroom where Meg and Jackie are in bed resting. Shelli hops on the pull out and climbs in and covers up with a blanket.

Austin and Liz are talking about who is home watching the feeds. We keep getting FotH so Austin might be mentioning folks that didn't sign waivers.

Shelli is so visible moving around the house and Clay is not in sight. [Not sure I have ever seen one with o the other. -Monadyan]

The Best Big Brother Alliances of All Time!

CBS has put together a gallery of the The 12 Craftiest Big Brother Alliances.   
Their top pick is Chilltown's Mike Boogie and Dr. Will Kirby.  
My top pick is from BB3, Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy it was such a super secret alliance it didnít have a name. Every day they played cards in the bathroom area where they could see everything going on in the kitchen. They communicated by pointing to the cards. Danielle didn't sleep in the HoH room, she preferred the bedroom, where she could be with her alliance, and listen. Remember listening? 
12:35PM BBT: Julia has joined Austin and Liz in the bathroom area, where they complain about having to get up early. FotH

The wake up song must have been "These are the Good Old Days," because Julia is mentioning it and saying it must be a foreshadowing (she didn't use that word) that things are about to get bad in the house. Liz agrees that something might be about to happen like a double eviction. Austin says, "These are the good old days because we don't have to worry about going home this week. No worries this week."

Vanessa enters with her protein powder can bongo drum and Austin give her pointers.

Vanessa is using her wee leprechaun voice and talking about Scotland. They are all amazed at her vocal talents.

Vanessa looks at Austin and says, "OK, if one of us gets back-doored we have to work together to get votes for us, OK?" He says, "Oh yeah, yeah, no problem." Vanessa: "We have to assure that one of them goes home." "Its scary because you never know," says Austin.

Vanessa is making sure Austin will 100% keep her if one of them wins the veto and comes off and she goes up. She keeps asking, 100% He assures her that she's OK, that he will campaign for her and she'll be good.

Julia assures Vanessa, who is near meltdown over the possibility of going on the block, that one of them (Julia or Liz) will go up before she does.

Vanessa is worried about pissing off whoever stays (Clay or Shelli) if she campaigns against the other one.

Liz says you're going to piss James off if you use the veto, he doesn't want it used.

They agree that Clay needs because Vanessa feels more comfortable moving forwar working with Shelli over Clay. Liz also says she wants Shelli to stay and Vanessa agrees. "Shelli can be controlled and she'll be gunning for James and Clay will let it all blow over. Clay won't be mad and Shelli will."

Vanessa say, "We have to remember that next week James can't compete in the HoH, we have to count on Steve winning it."

They agree that Johnny Mac is a wildcard, he can't be controlled like Steve, they feel they can control him as HoH.

Liz pours a quart of almond milk into her protein shaker and Austin takes it from her to shake for her. She smiles at his gallantry. Julia gets a new sponge to wash her glass out before she makes her protein shake. Liz says, "OMG!, she has to get a new sponge before she washes her glass. You should see her at home, she has to put on the gloves to wash her dishes."

They notice the bright lighting outside and think it must be about time for the competition.

Liz suggests they go into the cabana lounge room and take a little nap. She says there might not be enough room for them all to sprawl, but they can try.

Shelli crawled in the bed with Clay and woke him up.

Liz says she can't believe that Steve is asleep and Austin agrees, "He is always scampering about listening, so it is unusual that he is in bed asleep."

Liz and Julia are picking the lollipops up and talking about them, "This is a Gobstopper, and I don't like Gobstoppers so I am not going to eat this one." Austin tells her that it's a jaw breaker and she says, he's right. She looks at the camera and says, the slop is getting to me, I just called this a Gobstopper.

Austin and the twins are going to the cabana lounge room to lay down.

1:17PM BBT: Liz, Austin, and Julia are hanging out in living room drinking protein shakes waiting for PoV. Vanessa is hanging in the living room, alone. Shelli, Clay, Meg sleeping in ocean bedroom, everything pretty quiet and awkward waiting for PoV to start.

1:22PM BBT: Liz, Julia, Austin are in the living room talking about TV shows - Goosebumps episodes, Meg goes to cabana lounge room and talks to Vanessa mentioning that if veto stays the same it would be so much easier.

Meg says that James does not want to put up anyone else and his points are valid. Vanessa is paranoid of being back-doored. Meg saying that is not his plan.

Meg saying that if Clay wins and uses it on Shelli it would be very sad. She doesn't want him to have any regrets in this game. Vanessa reiterates that she is on board but is super stressed out that she got picked to play Veto. Meg thinks James would put up Liz as a "pawn." [Not a good idea, I think that pawn would end up leaving. -Morty]

1:31PM BBT: Liz, Julia, Austin still talking about TV, catching up on episodes of Ghost Ship, The Shining, Psycho, some sci-fi movie called Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead seasons and Game of Thrones Julia is obsessed with these shows with Austin, but Liz is kinda silent.

1:43PM BBT: Vanessa told Meg her logic to defend herself is to not use the veto because she could go up. Meg appreciates Vanessa's talks.

James walks in the ocean bedroom with Vanessa and Meg. They discuss the competition that is coming up and Vanessa said this whole situation is rotten for her.

While Recapping of Walking Dead seasons, Julia is called to DR!

Back in the ocean bedroom Meg and Vanessa were running scenarios again when Julia was called to the DR and Meg said, "This is it."

1:47PM BBT: Vanessa left the ocean bedroom leaving Meg and James talking. Jackie joined them and James asked if they thought the PoV was going to be a crap shoot. The girls agree and then they all leave the room.

1:51PM BBT: Steve, John and Becky are in the colorful bedroom talking about the twists in BB. Steve told them that last year was the most twisted summer ever then we get FotH.

1:52PM BBT: The feeds have switched to Jeff's Highlights now so possibly time for the PoV.

4:15PM BBT: Clay is asking Johnny that if he and Shelli remain on the block that he votes to keep Shelli. Johnny gets teary eyed after Clay leaves. Clay won a trip for a week to Ireland. Shelli has a punishment. Clay asks Vanessa to keep Shelli and she agrees. Clay says that he can go home and has a great family and that she deserves to stay.

James Won PoV There were prizes and punishments Clay won a trip to Ireland, Becky won $5K, Vanessa is shackled to someone, Shelli has a 24 hour punishment.

Shelli has a punishment (Knight Training with a sword) to do 2,400 times... every hour, 100 times. If she doesn't do it within 24 hours, then she can't compete in the veto next week.

Austin and Vanessa are in bedroom talking about how Clay wants them to save Shelli.

Becky, James and Jackie in are the HoH room talking about the $5K. Becky says that she's going to share the money. Jackie has to wear a costume for a week and also has to be tethered to Vanessa.

4:22PM BBT: John is in the cabana room lounge with his eyes closed. Becky, James and Jackie are in the HoH room. Becky says she's splitting her $5K with James after the show is over. James says he felt bad about doing it, but did it so no one else had to do it. Jackie has to wear a costume for a week.

John's been crying. John told Meg he's upset about breaking up and Clay before jury. Meg got pissed at that and called him a pussy, but he told Vanessa he's been bottling his emotions up and losing another ally (after Jeff) that has gotten to him.  

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4:33PM BBT: Vanessa and Shelli are in the bathroom. Vanessa is crying and asks Shelli if she heard. Clay walks in and tells everyone he wants to go home and leave Shelli.

Vanessa says Clay is the most romantic man she has ever met in her entire life. Shelli is now crying in his arms.

4:38PM BBT: James and Jackie are in the HoH room saying they'll (Clay and Shelli) will be OK. James says Clay came up to him and said no hard feelings... it's just a game and that he loves him bro.

Jackie talks about voting out Shelli. James is going to convince everyone to vote her out. Jackie said if they don't then the PoV was all for nothing because Shelli had the PoV.

James and Shelli hugging in the bedroom while she's crying.

James and Jackie talk about the risk that James took in nominating Clay and Shelli and how it was meant to be. James said that Clay came up to him and told him that there were no hard feelings.

James thinks that everyone will be trying to get Steve out next week after a big week this week. Jackie talks about getting Clay out next (after Shelli this week). James said that Clay winning HoH will be the worst thing for his game.

4:42PM BBT: James and Jackie discuss how next week's competition will probably not be physical and they need to get Shelli out this week because if she stays then she will team up with Vanessa and put their side up.

James says that next week the worse thing if one of them is put up against a twin. James made a deal with Vanessa to keep him safe.

James thinks that everyone will be going after Steve next week. Jackie asks "what about the double eviction?" Jackie suggests getting Clay out first and then Shelli, and James says "get Clay out first? And keep Shelli?" Jackie clarifies to get Shelli out and then get Clay out, and then Steve. James is worried about Clay getting HoH because he knows Clay will come after him.

4:45PM BBT: In the the HoH room, James tells Jackie about how the double eviction works and that you need to ask someone else to pack your stuff up because it happens so quickly. He has plans to put his stuff in one spot so that it will be easy for them to pack if he's the one to go.

Jackie tells him he's not going anywhere and if they get through this week, he'll be fine.

James says that the worst thing that could happen next week is if Clay wins and puts James or Jackie up against a twin because Austin and the other twin will not vote to keep them. They discuss other votes they might have if that happens.

4:47PM BBT: Jackie and James talking about how Vanessa is scampering around trying to get a group together before double eviction. Jackie is ticked off because they already tried that once and Vanessa ruined it.

4:49PM BBT: Clay is sitting alone in the Cabana Room Lounge.

The feeds switch to the Storage Room, where Austin congratulates James on his win. James says he wanted to keep everyone safe and didn't want anyone else going up. Austin tells him it means a lot that he did that so that Liz won't be going up. James says he's a straight shooter and if he says he'll do something he does it.

4:53PM BBT: James comes into the cabana room lounge to talk to Clay and Shelli. James says he really likes them, and feels horrible about the situation. He says that this is a game move, and he's playing for his little girl.

James is glad they got their trip to Ireland. James says that whatever happens, happens. He hopes they'll all be friends after this, but it's a game. Clay says he understands, James has to do what to what he has to do, and that it is what it is.

Clay just wishes that he had have made it to Jury, and that's the only bad thing about it. James says the two of them tough cookies. He hopes that Clay and Shelli go far outside of the house.

Clay and Shelli say they appreciates him coming to talk to them.

5:04PM BBT: James tell Meg that he won that veto for her. He offers his HoH food to Steve and John. John says he was crying [he will miss Clay] and he knows what has to be done.

5:05PM BBT: Meg tells James that Shelli and Clay were dumb to think they'd both make jury.

Meg says that John is a baby and loser for crying over Shelli and Clay. John says yep, he finally cried. Steve says he cried last week for the first time too. John says he's such a hard ass in the DR. Meg and James laugh.

James is teaching Steve how to be rude to Meg. James tells Steve to tell Meg, "Shut up you dirty gutter slut." Steve wants a meaner line to use.

5:11PM BBT: Shelli and Clay are trying to figure out they can both stay and say they will approach James, Jackie and Meg and offer to join their alliance and turn on the others if they keep them both. Clay says if they don't bite, they'll threaten them that all of them will be targeted by everyone on the other side and picked off one by one.

5:15PM BBT: Clay says that if they win HoH next week and are saved, they'd collaborate with James, Jackie and Meg and let them pick who they nominate. Shelli says they'd have to talk all three of them together at the same time with this deal.

5:17PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay she feels bad for trying this move because it's selfish on their part and Steve has been good to them. Clay says that's what we have to do if we want to stay. We have to give James someone he can put up and that is James. Shelli says that Becky did say that no one liked Steve in the house, outside of Vanessa and would vote him out.

5:22PM BBT: Clay and Shelli are still going over their plan to try and get Steve up on the block so that the house will vote him out over them.

5:29PM BBT: Shelli tells James that she thinks he's had this agenda since Audrey not being put up in her first HoH and going against Da'Vonne. Clay and Shelli wonder if James will even listen to them. Shelli says, "We aren't low enough like him to go back on our word."

Shelli says they'll offer James a two for one jury vote if he keeps them for jury. She says we'll also offer them a few weeks of safety and not voting against them.

5:39PM BBT: Shelli and Clay are trying to figure out how to get James to believe they won't go back on their word in their deal. Shelli says she's not like that and could never betray someone like James did to them.

5:48PM BBT: Austin got a "stop that!" for trying to move the dentist chairs closer together so he could get closer to Liz. Austin says, "Why are they trying to block me from getting closer to her?" [They should make it an America's vote restraining order. -Morty]

5:51PM BBT: Austin is complaining about the slop messing up his digestion. James says he has been having some digestive issues today and he can't figure out why.

Austin tells Liz he got called out by production for trying to make her dentist chair more comfortable. She thanks him and says he's her hero.

5:58PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that they have to vote with Clay. Austin says if Clay lays down and dies and doesn't campaign there is nothing James can do and they don't have to save him. Liz says that James is just scared of Shelli winning and putting him up. Austin agrees.

6:10PM BBT: Meg refuses to promise Clay her vote to evict him. He asks her why and she says she has no idea what's going to happen but she won't vote to evict him. She starts to get mad that he would ask her.

Meg says she believes in Clay more than Shelli and will not vote him out. Clay says she needs to not say that. Meg is pissed that he wants to go home. She is mad that he says he'll have no one if Shelli leaves. She calls him a pussy for saying that. Meg says you know how I feel about you, and everyone else can vote you out, but I will not do that.

6:55PM BBT: James, Jackie, Becky, and Vanessa are in the bathroom. James debating if he can keep his knight costume for Halloween this year... Becky is cleaning up and walks out.

Vanessa asks if nominations are staying the same. "100%" replies James. Vanessa: "We should talk about a plan going forward. We have had two brutal weeks. Lets have some kind of deal because we are so traumatized. It depends who wins the next HoH we gotta keep the votes off our people.:

Vanessa says it's good to have an idea and a backup. James says to Vanessa, "You are sitting in a good position this week, but we are all vulnerable if it is a double evict next week."

BB tells Vanessa the pillows are blocking window. She moves them and James says all eyes on you Vanessa. They were hoping knights costumes meant chess, but they are glad with the way it turned out.

Talk turns to timing, games, double evicts, and still 12 in the game.

7:08PM BBT: Vanessa tells James: "You have two HoH wins, and you won two BotBs and you survived eviction, you have the most competition wins." James: "Yeah I'm done."

They are now predicting what competitions are left. They are waiting for the ice skating one. They think it is 325 slides to fill the HoH globe.

6:12PM BBT: Clay goes into the bathroom, still wearing his knight suit from PoV competition, and Meg follows him. They act like they had liquor at competition Johnny Mac said he was drunk earlier.

Clay brings her in for a hug, they start blubbering, Clay asks Meg to vote him out and, while crying, she hits him. Meg tells him to STOP, that he can't ask that of her. She tells him if he wants out to look around the house but not at her, she can't do that.

They start whispering. I caught Meg saying "I am giving you tough love baby, it's not up to you anymore. If I am in jury and you are final two - you are getting my vote, so stop acting like this, you came in here alone and you came to play.... I know you don't want to hear this, but Shelli's game is better, my peeps want her out... You had to go off with your lady friend... you are campaigning to the wrong person..." She says she loves that Shelli makes Clay happy, but when it comes down to it, she loves Clay more.  The only thing I caught from Clay was" "Don't tell anybody about this..." They, hug, hug, cry, sniffle, mumble... they split up.

6:34PM BBT: Clay is drying his hair after a shower, Johnny Mac is asleep in the rainbow room, Shelli and Steve are in the kitchen and Steve is explaining that after every 100 sword moves she has to ring a bell. He tells her not to worry, that she has everyone's support in the house as well as America.

He tells her how Brittany was so much more likeable with her soccer penalty last year.

Shelli says the punishment should start soon, they are changing Jackie in DR now. He thinks it will be in the backyard and she will come in to ring the bell.

Shelli goes into bedroom to get some rest... Becky is in the bathroom curling her hair and whispers to Clay, "Tell people how to vote and we are good, I was so scared to win that veto..." Clay mumbles... I can't make out his words...

6:40PM BBT: FotH

6:41PM BBT: Clay goes in to get in bed with Shelli, they are talking about her jousting 100 an hour - she says that's more than 1 a minute. Vanessa helps her with the math and says almost two a minute. 1.4/per minute. Vanessa promises to help her out and do a few hundred with her.

6:44PM BBT: James is in Have-Not room drinking a beer talking to Austin while Liz and Julia are sleeping in the chairs next to him. James covers Julia with a blanket.

They are talking about being lactose intolerant from the milk in the slop.

Then game talk: James: "Yup, I can't wait this over with so I can blow people up. I will have fun with that part because it gives me something to do - well, I will let you two get some sleep."" He calls the twins cute with their bandanas. "don't tell Meg, I think Jules here might be my new girl..." jokingly.

James turns off lights in Have-Not room. BB: "You are not allowed to turn off bedroom lights during the day." [Someone should have told Audrey.] James: "alright, alright, sorry guys," and leaves the room.

7:25PM BBT: James and Jackie are in the kitchen;
James: "I am just stressed if Clay wins HoH next week, I am F'd."
Jackie: "I don't think so, It will be a memory competition.."
James: "We don't know..."
Jackie: "We are going to keep you."
James: "It depends, you they put me up with..."
Jackie: "If it was you and me, you would definitely stay."
James: "You think?"
Jackie: "But if it's like you and Meg, that would be brutal."
James: "Don't say that."
Jackie: "We will have to figure it out."
Jackie: "If Vanessa won, would she put him up? (Clay)"
James: "Probably not."
Jackie: "God..."

The talk turns to food.

7:36PM BBT: Most of the houseguests are sleeping off whatever they drank during PoV.

Becky is talking in the bathroom with Jackie, James, Vanessa are rehashing past competitions from last year.

James does a really good imitation of Donny. They all liked Donny and find it odd that there isn't anyone from "that" generation in the house this year.

James says he saw an older lady at one of his interviews. Becky remembers Vanessa from an interview. She saw her in a baseball cap and thought she was punk. Vanessa said she was aways behind Becky.

7:41PM BBT: BB calls Vanessa and Jackie to DR. Vanessa tells her to pee now or forever hold it. James: "I wanna see this... " and belches. Vanessa laughs, "I am sure this will be ridiculous. 24 hours... this will be interesting." Vanessa thinks she sees a cockroach James says it's just a leaf.

7:43PM BBT: You can hear Jackie happily shriek from the DR while she and Vanessa get their costume and shackles.

8:05PM BBT: Becky is talking and talking and talking - but saying very little. James looks like he is in a coma listening to her. Everyone else is out for the count.

We are still waiting for Jackie and Vanessa to appear from the DR chained together.

8:14PM BBT: James calls Shelli the Brittany from last year.

8:25PM BBT: James and Becky are talking about the last HoH competition and how it was made for James. They also say that Jason would have killed it.

Becky, says that people like James, Asian people, are used to stuff like that because of the rice fields. James says that's our roots.

8:35PM BBT: Clay is up and walks into the living room, Becky tells him that they are talking about traveling and waiting for Jackie and Vanessa to come out of the DR; they have now been in there for about an hour.

8:40PM BBT: Vanessa and Jackie are out of the DR, Jackie is wearing a knights armor, and Vanessa is dresses as Jackie's squires.

8:50PM BBT: The other HGs are awake to see the big reveal of the punishment costumes. Vanessa has a round buffing brush, she has to buff Jackie's armor to keep it shinny, they are not chained together.

The others are in the kitchen making food. Jackie can hardly move in the big plastic suit of armor.

9:00PM BBT: Shelli is next to be called to DR for her costume and instructions. She gets out of bed and goes to bathroom to freshen up first. She pulls out her kabuki brush and starts going to town with the make-up.

9:00PM BBT: Jackie is sitting in the living room with Vanessa buffering her knight costume. Steve, Liz, Shelli and Vanessa talk about the Adam and Eve costume from a previous season. James and Becky are in the living room as well.

Shelli goes into the DR with her costume on. Meg joins other HGs in the living room . Vanessa says, she knows after this, her arms are going to be buff. The HGs laugh.

9:08PM BBT: The HGs in the living room are pretty chill, and are watching the Squire (Vanessa) buff the Knight's (Jackie) costume. Vanessa says, she has to sleep on the floor next to Jackie. She says, she has to buff her costume continuously until Jackie falls asleep. Jackie has a special one piece swimsuit that she has to wear with her helmet.

9:11PM BBT: Austin is in the living room also watching the buffing going on. Jackie is having a hard time readjusting herself. Vanessa is talking in an accent. Her and Jackie are laughing. James puts on a Knight costume also.

9:18PM BBT: Vanessa says, her name is the lowly squire. Liz is pretending to talk in a microphone with her right hand. She is trying to talk in an accent. Vanessa calls Jackie Jaclyn the Great. Liz isn't doing a great Scottish accent. Vanessa's is a we bit better.

9:20PM BBT: Steve tries to talk in a Scottish accent also. He says, he can't roll his R's. Jackie is laying on the couch, holding her helmet up so she can see. Vanessa is telling a story in a Scottish accent.

9:22PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Meg tells Clay that Steve can't be America's Player, because all of the votes were right this week. Clay is telling Meg how Audrey thought he was a twin also. Meg says, his hair looks different then when James cut it. Clay says, he hasn't cut it since then. Meg says, it grows fast.

Clay says, Shelli is going to hate this punishment. Meg says, it is. Meg says, she has to run in the living room every 100. Clay wants to know how Shelli will count. Meg says, there may be a counter. Clay says, she should skip a couple hundred. Clay says, it's not going to be that easy.

9:26PM BBT: Meg says, she remembers Brittany kicking the balls last season. Clay asks Meg who America's Favorite will be? Meg says, Johnny Mac. Clay says, he can picture his DRs and him yelling in them. Meg says, yes, they are probably funny. Clay says, James probably has some good ones also. Clay says, his eyes are so heavy, he wants to go to sleep. He says, he tried to nap but couldn't. Clay wants the backyard opened.

9:28PM BBT: Meg says, hopefully they open the backyard up for Shelli to start he sword. Clay says, yeah. He says, he wants to go to sleep so this day will be over.

Meg tells Clay that her parents live 5 minutes from Philadelphia, but on the New Jersey side. Meg says, she takes the train all the time. She says, she does a lot of work in New Jersey and takes the transit for that. Meg says, she doesn't need a car in New York. She says, she gets a monthly Metro card for the subway. She thinks her Metro card costs either $128 or $130 for the month.

9:31PM BBT: Meg says, it's $2.75 each way, and she uses the train at least twice a day. Clay says, his truck is $80 to fill up, and that may last two weeks. Meg says, she only wants a car when she goes on vacation with her friends. She says, they either rent a car, or take a tour bus. She says, her parents will pick her and her friends up.

Megs says, her parents are the bomb, and are way cool. Clay says, his parents are funny. He says, his mom is hilarious. Clay says, he asks his mom for her opinion on everything, but at the end of the day, he does what he wants.

9:33PM BBT: Meg says, she wants to talk to her parents about all of this when she leaves. Clay wants Meg to keep it between them that he asked for her to vote for him to go. The camera view switches to the kitchen. Jackie is walking around with Vanessa. The twins are holding up Jackie's cap.

Shelli comes out of the DR. She says, "Here, here, my lords and Ladies, your Castle Guard is here to protect you." She goes to Jackie is uses her orange cap and bows to Jackie the Knight. Shelli has two seconds to brush her teeth.

9:36PM BBT: Clay goes in the bathroom area with Shelli. Shelli tells Clay that the punishment is outside for 24 hours. She says, she is not allowed to come inside until she finishes swinging the sword 2,000 times.

Steve was in the bathroom area playing with the beach ball. Shelli is putting on shoes. Shelli has to go outside before everyone else. Becky puts her squirrel hat out.

9:39PM BBT: We see a close up on the sign in the backyard. Shelli has to do 2,400 battles in 24 hours. Shelli says, no one mush touch her sword but her. She says, 2,400 in 24 hours, no pressure. She has to hit a punching bag with the sword, put the sword in a bull's-eye, and knock a bar and that's one. She says, she has to use the bathroom in the backyard. No one is allowed to help her with any of it.

9:42PM BBT: Shelli says, if any of the stuff breaks it's over, and she fails her task. She says, the HGs can bring her food, water, toothbrush if she needs it, deodorant if she needs it. She has to hit the punching bag up against a post. The sword goes through the bull's-eye to touch a target behind it, and there is a padded area on the bar that gets knocked down. She has a bell to run in the living room with to ring after every 100. She is happy she's not a Have-Not having to do this. Becky says, she looks like she has it easy now.

9:46PM BBT: Shelli says, she may need a glove. Jackie says, she has hers if she needs them. She says, she may need them eventually. She says, the dentist chair may look good soon. She completes the first 20 of 2,400. We see a close up of the sign.

Now she has finished 23. HGs in the backyard chant for her. Shelli tells them she has to go into the house to ring the bell after 100, but she can't stay in there. Vanessa asks if she can sleep? She says, she can sleep, but she can't get behind.

The HGs figure out that she can do 100 an hour. She says, she's cooking with gas right now.

9:49PM BBT: As Shelli is going around to all of her stations. HGs ask who came up with this? Shelli says, some asshole. Becky starts a game in the backyard. She is thinking about an animal. Shelli tells the HGs that they can not pick the bar up for her. Steve tells her she should hit it from the bottom up.

Becky's animal was a polar bear.

They want Shelli to do one now, but she says, she has to much on her mind. Shelli guesses an anteater that Julia was thinking of.

9:54PM BBT: Shelli says, Liz, your turn. Liz says, pick an animal, yes she said animal. Julia tells her to think of an insect, but she is thinking of a fish. The HGs go around guessing. Shelli has finished 50 times around to her three stations. She says, yes, halfway through the first 100, baby.

9:56PM BBT: Liz was thinking of a crab. HGs say that's a crustacean not a fish. Clay thinks of an animal that HGs are trying to figure out.

Becky goes in the house. Steve comes out with some food in a bowl and a drink.

Shelli finishes #58 and she hit the bar from the bottom up. She does another round, and hits it from the bottom up again. Shelli is making noise when she makes her sword moves now. She says, she's there to guess and protect. She guesses a skunk, and she was right.

9:59PM BBT: Clay asks what number Shelli is at right now. She says, 63. Clay asks if her arm is hurting? Shelli says, it's going to, and she will have to do some with her left arm. She says, her wrist will hurt for sure. Shelli thinks of an animal now for HGs to guess. She wants them to stay with her outside until she finishes the first 100 times.

10:01PM BBT: Vanessa guesses a panther, and is right. Shelli says, she wanted to say pink panther, but she doesn't think they are real. Shelli finishes #70. Clay says, you are getting into this. Liz is having the HGs think of a bird. Shelli finishes #75. The answer to Liz' bird was a woodpecker. Shelli finishes #76.

10:04PM BBT: Meg has an animal she is thinking of now that they HGs are guessing. Austin is laying in the push-up position working out. Shelli finishes #80. Some more guesses are still going for Meg's animal.

Shelli finishes #84. They want to figure out Meg's animal. Liz is laying on the round lounger in the backyard with Clay. Jackie is sitting in the double lounger with Vanessa buffing her armor.

10:07PM BBT: The animal Meg was thinking of is a rhino. Shelli finishes #92. Becky wants to hear the purple wombat story. Steve asks if they really want to hear it? Becky says, yes. Shelli finishes #95. She runs through #96. She runs through #97. She says, the enemies are coming, I must protect. She runs through #98. She skips through #99. She makes noise at every station to finish the first 100. She grabs the big gold bell, runs in the house.

10:10PM BBT: She runs in through the living room , and screams, "Here here the kingdom is great, all is well in the kingdom." She runs back outside. Steve asks when she started? Clay says, she did that in the 31 minutes. James was asleep, and woke up. He came out of the the HoH room. Shelli goes to the backyard and asks why the counter only says 99, what's up with that?

10:13PM BBT: The counter says Shelli finishes 107, 108, 109, 110, 111 Liz looks at the counter. At #112 Steve looks at the counter. Shelli says, thank God it has a counter, it changes to 113. Shelli asks if someone is watching her? HGs say yes, and she has completed 114. Shelli's crown is sitting on top of the timer. She now has completed 116.

10:16PM BBT: Shelli says, the sword definitely has weight to it, it's not light. She says, it's metal. She talks about using the costume for Halloween. She says, she's going to ask them when she's done. Her crown is still sitting on the timer. Shelli takes a break for a minute, and puts on some purple shorts, over her costume, that Becky has brought to her. Becky has a green cape on now. Shelli has her hair up in a pony tail, and taken her orange cape off.

10:19PM BBT: Shelli is laughing in the backyard. Shelli tells him to get out of here. She says, that's hilarious. Steve just realized that Shelli has orange tights on. He thought something was wrong with the lighting in the backyard. Shelli messes up on a rotation. BB still counts it, and Shelli says, thank you BB. She is relieved that they counted it. Becky says, she underestimated this punishment. We see FotH.

10:24PM BBT: Live feeds come back. Jackie tells Shelli, it looks like fun, Shelli is making her want to do it. Shelli says, it is fun for now.

James, Liz and Julia are sitting by the hot-tub with their feet in the water. Liz and talking to James about beer. She asks him if he likes Bud Light better than Budweiser? We can't hear what James is saying, because Jackie's microphone is coming through on Camera 4.

10:26PM BBT: Shelli finishes a round and says, it didn't count it, and wants to know what happened. She went again, and it didn't count it. She lost one rotation and is at 148 now instead of 149. Jackie asks if she got it, and Shelli says, no. Clay says, the interns need to be fired. Shelli finishes #150.

John is by the hot-tub now. Steve gets called to the DR. HGs ask him to request pickles. James asks him to request alcohol. John says, some of them are hung over. Julia asks Meg if she's hung over? She says, no. Meg says, she was a little tipsy. John says, he was also.

10:28PM BBT: Liz cheers on Shelli, and tells her she can do it. Shelli says, all day, all night, you don't want to miss this. Jackie says, she feels like a fat ass Vanessa asks if they can switch sides, because her arm is getting sore. Jackie says, yes. Vanessa takes a drink, and is holding a shield in the hand she is not buffing with. She finishes another round. Steve comes out and tells Shelli that he has to confirm to her that she may not catch the bar, it has to fall to the ground.

10:31PM BBT: Jackie wonders why he was called in to tell her that. She says, this is so official. Shelli finishes #168. Shelli laughs that she's doing this, and how everyone thinks it's normal. Jackie says, while they are on TV. (Shelli put the shorts on for the costume, because the skirt is short, and that way she could take her orange cape off).

10:34PM BBT: Clay and Meg are laying on the round lounger in the backyard watching Shelli do her round. Vanessa asks what number Shelli is on? Steve says, 170. Vanessa asks if Jackie wants to switch her outfit and go in the Jacuzzi? Jackie says, no. Vanessa wants to move to see the numbers on the counter. They move, and Vanessa says, now they can see. Shelli has finished #180. She has a towel, and wiped sweat off her face a little while ago.

10:36PM BBT: Shelli tried her left hand for a moment. Steve wonders what something in the backyard is from. Shelli tells him that was where her sword was. Vanessa tells Shelli, she is doing good. Vanessa and Steve try to figure out how many Shelli should do before taking a break to sleep. Shelli says, she's at #188. Vanessa says, she needs to do the most through the night because of the heat. Steve says, her arm may become a problem. Shelli uses a chop for the bar. She says, she can't do it that many times, because it could break. Jackie says, that sucks if it breaks she is done.

10:39PM BBT: Steve says, that's the advantage to doing it up, instead of down. Shelli goes a few more times and is done with 197 out of 2,400. She finishes 198, 199, and 200. HGs in the backyard cheer her on. She grabs the big gold bell runs in the house. She says, "Here, here, the kingdom is safe, all is well in the kingdom. She did 200 in 1 hour and two minutes. Austin says, that's twice as fast as she needs to go, she's on pace for 12 hours. Shelli is not taking a break. She drinks some water, and pats her face with the towel. She has 2,200 more times to go.

10:42PM BBT: Shelli says, only 11 more times to go. (She has 12 more times to go). Shelli puts a white glove on. She tells them she feels it in her wrist. Clay is eating ice cream as he watches Shelli. Shelli says, some pizza tonight sounds good. She finishes #212. She says, she will eat later, and have pizza or a ham sandwich. Vanessa is still buffing Jackie's armor. Clay tells Shelli she looks hot in her costume as she finishes #213. She makes noise and finishes #214. She finishes #215, and is walking fast to complete #216.

10:47PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli he will stay outside with her all night. Shelli says, all day, all night. Clay repeats that. Shelli tells Clay she's not allowed to go in the house, except to ring the bell. Clay tells Shelli to let him know when she wants her pizza, and he'll make it fresh for her. Clay's microphone is covered by a pillow.

10:49PM BBT: Shelli does more and wants to finish another 200 before thinking about food. She is on pace for 100 every 30 minutes. She says, her toes is hurting, and she may have to ask for some socks. She says, the tennis shoes are as comfortable as her other ones. She says, if she sleeps, it's outside. She says, she has to use the bathroom outside. She says, if she brushes her teeth, it has to be outside with a bowl of water. She says, that's disgusting, so she wanted to brush her teeth before. She says, she will definitely take a break for alcohol.

10:51PM BBT: Shelli asks Steve if he's jealous? Steve says, for the first 100 yes, but not for the rest. Shelli asks how many goals Brittany had to? Steve says, he doesn't remember, but she had a timer and a counter. Jackie wonders if she should go in the pool. She says, she has a different outfit to wear to swim. Vanessa has to shine her breastplate if she's sleeping. If Vanessa goes to sleep she will get woke up to shine. Shelli finishes 250. She says, a little over 1/10 of the way there.

10:56PM BBT: Steve says, the house won't sleep tonight, so they will crash on Sunday.

We saw behind the wall on Camera 1 a little while ago, and now it flashed to the Have-Not room for a split second.

Vanessa is doing more figuring in her head. We see the bathroom area for a split second.

Clay is walking abound the backyard. Shelli tells him she's 1/10 of her way there. Clay tells her tomorrow because he will in the pool. Shelli repeats it. Steve tells Shelli he will make her pizza for her and he goes in the house to make it. He is going to make her a pepperoni pizza.

10:59PM BBT: Shelli says, she may have a ham sandwich with some avocado to make it real. She says, maybe with some lettuce for the crisp. Jackie and Vanessa are going inside for a potty break. Shelli is doing some more of her rounds.

11:05PM BBT: Clay brings Shelli a pair of fingerless gloves. Shelli cheers. As she puts them on, she laughs about how all the guys are so jealous of her sword. She resumes her task and Becky says "Seventeen more!"

11:07PM BBT: Jackie and Vanessa are in the bathroom area. Vanessa says we literally have 24 hours to kill.

They move to the kitchen where Liz and Austin are hanging out. Jackie is getting something from the fridge as Vanessa continues to buff her shield.

There is a commotion from the backyard. Shelli has finished 100 rounds of her task and is ringing the bell and everyone is cheering her on. She decides to keep going and do the next 100.

11:16PM BBT: In the backyard, Clay and Steve look on as Shelli continues her task. Meg is heard in the background. In the kitchen, Vanessa is munching and wondering about Shelli's pace. She thinks that Shelli is going twice as fast as she has to.

11:20PM BBT: John is at the dining table with Vanessa. She asks him to tell a story and he begins relating a story about a blonde chick who is rubbing a shield. He's describing the current moment and he keeps repeating it. Steve comes in and is listening and says "are you telling a story about what's happening right now?" Steve jumps up and down gleefully and starts laughing. Vanessa starts repeating the story too.

11:24PM BBT: In the backyard the conversation is about pigs. Clay used to have pigs, and he talks about 4H. He hunts wild pigs but doesn't eat them because the meat is chewy. Other conversation between Meg and Becky and either Liz or Julia is about "the desperate housewives of Big Brother" while Shelli silently carries out her task.

11:31PM BBT: In the kitchen, John is telling Steve and James about the structure of a tooth and how a root canal is done. Austin comments that they are having a very interesting conversation. When a cavity reaches the nerve it hurts so removing the nerve and blood supply is all done as a "painkiller".

James and Austin leave and Steve comments to John that it's an angry house this week because of all the punishments going on. Steve is worried about voting and that it will be a hard choice. John says that hopefully they'll tell us what they want.

11:38PM BBT: In the backyard Shelli is at 99 and they organize a parade to follow alongside her as she does the 100th round with a flourish and brandishing her sword. She goes to ring the bell! There is a parade through the kitchen and back out to the backyard. Shelli comes out and shouts "Still on schedule! Yeah!? Shelli starts up again. She is determined to get there and even though she is hungry, she decides not to stop until she gets to six hundred...a quarter of the way there.

11:46PM BBT: As Shelli resumes, Becky is chatting to others about how drinking milk affects her complexion. There is pizza ready for Shelli but she says it's OK if it's not hot. She isn't picky and doesn't mind it cold.

11:48PM BBT: Vanessa, Jackie, James and John sitting at the dining table talking about costumes. James says that guys don't like to dress up. Jackie says she loves it, but only if it fits. Her costume is way too big for her. Vanessa says they need to get that fixed for her. Vanessa is dreading sleeping on the floor ..."it's gross"... Jackie says we'll get you a pillow and you can have a blanket too. Vanessa says "You're such a generous knight. You're so good to me."

11:50PM BBT: In the backyard Shelli says she is at 440 and everyone tells her how well she's doing. She needs a FitBit to help track. They count Shelli's steps and trying to figure out how many steps she will take to complete her task. It takes her about 25 steps. Clay says one stride is about a yard, and then asks how many yards are in a mile?

11:53PM BBT: Vanessa is composing a poem about herself in the kitchen. Jackie and Vanessa go out to the backyard leaving James and John at the dining table. James asks John how he feels about everything that happened this week. John says he's fine. It sucks, but that's the game we're playing. We move on and play again next week.

John tells James he handled it the best way he could. James feels like everyone has a fair shot to win now with the power couple split up. You don't have to beat two of them all the time. He notes that Shelli is a competition beast and Clay is pretty decent. He didn't want to waste his HoH.

James points out that he has been straightforward with John and has never pressured him to vote a certain way and he's kept him off the block and he hopes John will remember that when James needs his vote. John says he appreciates what James has done for him. John comments that he is glad that BotB is over.

11:58PM BBT: John notes that the BotB just invites a lot of pawns. He comments to James that four out of the five people gone were back doors, so there were 16 pawns total in those four weeks. James comments that everyone has been nominated except for Austin, Julia and Vanessa. John says that everyone's time will come and that they'll probably be up there again at some point. James is hoping for a week off next week.

12:07AM BBT: Shelli finishes her fifth round and there is another parade through the kitchen. Five hundred!! Shelli starts up again for her next hundred rounds.

12:10AM BBT: In the kitchen, James and Meg are talking about rabbits as pets as other HGs listen.

12:12AM BBT: Jackie and Vanessa go to the bathroom area. Austin is showering. Jackie apologizes to Vanessa that she uses the bathroom a lot and Vanessa reassures her that she does too, so it's fine.

12:18AM BBT: In the backyard, Shelli is still looking forward to her pizza. Steve and John are watching. John comments that the podcast lost it's focus. It was supposed to be spiritual and sexual healing but it became "Jeff asks questions and Austin plugs Irish Spring". They chuckle.

12:20AM BBT: The group in the backyard are talking about video games that they have played.

12:21AM BBT: Vanessa and Jackie go to the Ocean bedroom to figure out where to set up Vanessa's bed on the floor. James comes into the room and comments that Johnny Mac is NOT in bed [John is in the backyard] Vanessa tries out her bed on the floor and Jackie laughs saying she can't watch her. Vanessa says "that's done. Took all of four minutes, but isn't that a cute little squire's bed?"

12:26AM BBT: Austin and Meg are hanging out in the kitchen while Liz and Julia prepare slop. Steve looks on. James comes out of the DR, but says he has to go back in.

12:32AM BBT: John and Clay sit on loungers by the pool as Shelli continues her rounds. The counter says 585. They are talking about the HoH competition and how cold the rain was. Becky was talking about her strategy of thinking about a song during the rain to help her through the cold. That only worked the first time.

12:35AM BBT: Shelli completes 600 and is ringing the bell shouting "All is well in the Kingdom" She stops to have something to eat. She is feeling good because she is right on pace. She's excited to take a break for this meal. She takes off her gloves and her shoes and settles on a couch in the backyard to eat.

12:39AM BBT: In the backyard, Vanessa tells Shelli she has a great attitude about her task and compares her to the girl who had to kick the soccer ball and got angry about it. Vanessa thinks Shelli's attitude is impressive. Shelli wonders how far in before the girl got angry. Vanessa and Jackie joke about their own punishments. Jackie has to wear her costume for the whole week. Vanessa has twenty hours to go.

12:45AM BBT: Jackie says "This is the good life." She says she's never been cleaned before. Vanessa shifts position to avoid muscle cramps as she continues to shine Jackie's armor.

12:48AM BBT: Vanessa says that she's getting sleepy. She tells Shelli about her cute little squire's bed. They collapse in laughter at the thought of Jackie dangling her leg off the bed so that Vanessa can keep shining. Shelli says it's SO absurd! Shelli checks the time so she can make sure she gets back at it in good time. They admire the full moon ...or nearly full. Shelli feels like that was the best meal she's eaten in the house because she was so hungry.

12:53AM BBT: Meg and Becky are soaking their feet in the hot-tub. They are talking about Derrick and the "Hollaaa" challenge. Becky said that was hard for Derrick because he was trying so hard to blend in. Shelli tells them that she melted when Derrick first heard his daughter's voice, because his daughter wasn't talking yet when Derrick went into the house.

12:55AM BBT: Shelli is explaining to Steve where her slippers are. He is playing with the hula hoop while he gets instructions and then goes inside to retrieve her slippers for her. Shelli is stretching her neck and taking some deep breaths while Vanessa continues shining Jackie's leg armor. Becky is talking about her plan to become rich and famous....selling spa-tatoes....they're "spudining tableacular". Steve comes back with Shelli's slippers. Shelli says "Steve! Look at you taking good care of me!!" and thanks him.

12:58AM BBT: Steve says he slept on the floor in "prison" and Vanessa is dumbfounded that he would do that. BB warns not to talk about production.

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