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Welcome to the Big Brother 16 "Yesterday Page"

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Update Entry
Thursday, August 28 2014  Live Eviction Tonight
Hurry! CLICK HERE to Vote on Team America's Mission  Voting Closed This week Team America was given the task of making up their own mission and letting us decide if they completed it to our satisfaction.  I haven't cared about most of BB's dopey votes, I had hoped BB would give us some real power, like we had in BB Canada, but I voted 20 times in this one. I have been complimented many times on my updater's unbiased coverage and the fact that we don't tell our readers how to vote, so I'll let Frankie explain it to you: "If Julie says we failed, then we know America hates us for not saving Donny." But vote as you wish, this is Morty's, you don't have to vote with the house. You can vote up to 20 times until 10AM BBT today  (please read the two options carefully).

8:00AM BBT: It's another eviction day Thursday in the BB house, but so far everyone is sleeping.

9:03AM BBT: All the HGs are still sleeping.

10:31AM BBT: We have FotH - it's wake up time! Perhaps they are playing Donny's song he requested.

10:53AM BBT: Donny is up eating breakfast, Victoria is sitting with him, the rest are still asleep.

10:58AM BBT: After enjoying what may be possibly his last breakfast in the Big Brother house, Donny washes his dishes. Donny asks Victoria if he should just reheat the coffee or make fresh. Victoria says she has no idea and then asks him to repeat himself. She suggest he reheat the coffee.

11:03AM BBT: Victoria pours another bowl of cereal while Donny heads off to do possibly his last ADLs in the house. Derrick comes into the kitchen and asks Victoria where everyone is. She replied "I don't know. Sleeping or upstairs maybe."

11:07AM BBT: Christine comes out of the bathroom area in a towel and her hair in a towel. no shower was taken.

Donny wipes away a couple tears.  
11:13AM BBT: Donny sits in one of the nominee chairs and starts to tear up. You can see him just look around the house and take it all in.

11:18AM BBT: The HGs are all up and moving around. No one really talking. A few good mornings.

11:20AM BBT: Christine is in the storage room putting away milk. She says to no one "I am so over Frankie it's not even funny" and makes a growling noise. The HGs head upstairs to the HoH room.

11:25AM BBT: In the HoH bed Christine is with Victoria between her and Cody. They are giggling and laughing. Donny is in a chair. Nicole is on the sofa. No one is talking to Donny. Frankie and Caleb in the kitchen getting breakfast.

11:27AM BBT: Frankie and Caleb talk. They both say they were thinking all night. They both said they came up with some interesting things. They talk about asking him to swear that he would go after the girls. Frankie says that Donny is a man and he feels he would swear to help them. Caleb says he will talk to him after LD in the HoH.

11:29AM BBT: We now have Jeff's reels. There is the HoH LD going on.

1:08PM BBT:  Everyone is leaving the HoH room and Cody taking his things downstairs.

1:10PM BBT: Derrick is brushing his teeth. Donny is passing out the activity bracelets and asks, "Who else wants a hair cut besides me?" Christine is just walking around the house.

Caleb whispers to Derrick, "If we tell Donny that we will keep him but the girls want him gone, and then we let the girls vote against him." Derrick says, "Yeah."

1:13PM BBT: Nicole is getting in the shower as Derrick finishes brushing his teeth and we get FotH.

1:14PM BBT: Victoria now brushing her teeth. Caleb goes to the bedroom. Christine and Cody are going to bed in the Earth room. Caleb asks Donny what they said to him and Donny says, "If I stayed, I would have to put the girls up." Caleb: "Would you?" Donny: "I would and I would stick to it, anything I have to do to stay here I will do." Caleb: "OK that's what us guys are working on right now." Caleb goes to Frankie and says Derrick said ask Cody, and Caleb says, "I can't with that (Christine) there."

[Little Nicky on FaceBook asks this intriguing question: "When the season started, didn't Julie say that Team America had the option of revealing TA to the other HGs if they wanted?  If Donny is evicted tonight, on his way out, couldn't he blow up Team America by telling everyone about them sabotaging and pulling stunts for $5,000 a week?"  Yes Nicky, that's how I remember it, I don't think he'd do it, but it would be fun to see him tell the other HGs it was him, Frankie and Derrick that hid their stuff.]

1:18PM BBT: Caleb walks through he Earth room wanting to talk to Cody alone but he is laying with Christine.

Frankie goes to make fish salad. Cody leaves the Earth room and goes to storage room with Frankie. Frankie says, "We want to keep Donny but we want to make sure that if we do that you are OK with it." Cody asks why, and Frankie says, "She [Nicole] is a beast." Cody: "I don't want Donny out over Nicole, but whatever if you guys want Nicole out instead of Donny." Frankie: "So you will be pissed?" Cody: "Yeah but if that is what you guys want then OK."

1:22PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody what Donny said that if he is safe this week and he wins HoH he will put the girls up. Victoria walks into the storage room and Cody says, "Do whatever you want to do." They all walk out.

1:25PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie tell Derrick what Cody said. Caleb: "Me personally, I am about honoring what the HoH wants but then we all know that Cody is safe so are we playing Cody's game or our game?"

1:27PM BBT: Donny is sitting in the living room with Derrick eating his slop. Donny finishes eating and goes to wash his bowl.

Frankie says, "We can't all be dancing around him like a lil baby you know. We got Zach out last week so we are getting screwed." Caleb: "Yeah that is what it is coming down to."

Donny comes in and asks Frankie if he needs to talk to Derrick and Frankie says, "Yeah I think so."

1:31PM BBT: Cody, Christine, Derrick and Donny are in the bedroom and Donny asks what to wear tonight for eviction. Donny leaves and Derrick says, "That was awkward." Christine: "Yeah, very awkward." Frankie comes in and ask what's up? Everyone is silent.

1:33PM BBT: In the storage room Frankie says to Cody: "I don't want you so upset." Cody: "This is two weeks in a row that Donny has been up and he has to go." Frankie: "Yeah I understand."

Frankie says, "I don't want Nicole to go, but when Donny says he will do what you say." Cody: "But if I go to her today she will do what I say." Frankie: "We are on board to do what is good for the group." Cody: "How confident are you that Donny will do what you say he will do?" Frankie: "I feel he will stick to his word."

Cody says, "I totally see what you are talking abut."

Caleb comes in and says, "I want to honor what you want to do Cody, but what I said to Frankie is, we vote to keep Donny then he will know that the two girls will voted him out and he said he would put them up."

1:44PM BBT: Cody says, "Either way, whoever stays we have a chance that one of us will go against the other and one of us is leaving. But I think Donny will be the first one to do that."

Frankie says, "We are talking like this so who is getting nervous? Nicole Christine and Victoria are getting nervous and if we keep Nicole the three of them could work together."

Frankie and Caleb say, "If we keep Donny he will not put us up he will put the girls up." Caleb: "I asked him and he said he gave his word as a man that he would put the girls up. Donny told me last night if he doesn't stay he wishes them all good luck."

1:49PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody that Christine said, "If Donny goes home then the girls are all even and that scares me." Frankie says, "It is game time." Caleb: "I want to go to Donny and tell him to go to Cody and say he is a man of his word that you are safe. Honestly the only thing that separates it is the three girls being together 'cause they are close and have been eating cereal together every morning."

1:51PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody go to Donny and ask Donny, "What do I get if I save you, cause it is in my hands right now? So go ask him what he will offer you." Caleb says, "We just have to decide something pretty quick!"

1:54PM BBT: Caleb: "If we keep Nicole then Frankie feels threatened, but she told Donny she is going after Frankie and Donny won't put us up."

1:56PM BBT: Frankie says we took Zach out last week and we need to take Nicole out this week, "she is going after us."

2:04PM BBT: Frankie and Caleb try to talk Cody into them keeping Donny. Caleb tells them Nicole goes tonight and then next week Donny and Christine or Victoria in the double eviction. Cody tells them he trusts them.

2:07PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody to shake Donny's hand and look him in the eyes. He is from the south and it means something.

2:11PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody to think about it and talk to Donny. Caleb says that he is scared for everyone's game. Caleb says they will be fine. They are all beasts.

2:19PM BBT: Donny and Cody go into the bee hive. He tells Cody that they told him if he puts up the two girls he has a chance. Donny tells Cody that Cody was never a target. Cody tells Donny that he heard Donny said to save Zach. Donny tells him that was a complete lie.

Caleb comes into the bee hive. Donny tells him he was never the target. Tells him why he nominated him. He says he hoped Caleb would win BoB and was happy when he did.

Cody tells Donny that if he will put up the girls then they would do the same. Donny asks if there is a double eviction tonight-- is he going home second? Cody and Caleb both tell him no.

Caleb tells him that it should be 3-2. Donny says that he will take the deal. They continue to hash the same info over and over.

Donny offers his hand for the deal. Caleb leaves. Donny tells Cody that he is pulling for him and Caleb, but Cody over Caleb.

2:38PM BBT: Donny continues to tell Cody that he is behind him because Cody does not have the tight number behind him like the other HGs do. In the Cody and Donny hug and leave the bee hive.

Meanwhile, Nicole saw Cody and Donny talking in the lounge and is now worried. Nicole says she knows the vote may be flipping. Derrick tells Nicole that she doesn't have to campaign to him. He tells her to trust in him. Derrick says he will talk to Cody. Nicole: "I know Frankie is trying to flip the votes. Obviously if I win HoH you know you are safe."

2:39PM BBT: Nicole and Cody go into the fire room to talk. She says she knows Frankie is trying to flip the vote. Nicole asks if it is something she said. Cody tells her no it's not. She tells Cody that Derrick told him it's best to keep her. Cody tells her Frankie is worried he will go up on the block if she wins. Cody: "A lot is getting throw around today." Nicole: "If it's something that I said..." Cody: "It's not, it's not." Nicole tells Cody that she will keep him safe and isn't a target of hers. Cody: "Frankie is scared shitless of you. He thinks he's going up on the block; me, I know I'm not going up."

Cody tells Nicole that Frankie is flipping the house. Nicole: "Frankie gets what he wants every week! Don't give him what he wants." Cody says he knows but he didn't know about this plan until this morning.

2:43PM BBT: Derrick enters the fire room. He says that he wants to keep Nicole. Derrick says Nicole is not going in front of Cody and Nicole. Nicole says if she doesn't wear her best dress she will be upset if she goes out. Derrick tells her "I just told you that you are not going anywhere" and leaves.

2:52PM BBT: Derrick, Caleb and Christine talk. Derrick tells Caleb that Donny talks crap about him all the time. Christine says Donny needs to go. Derrick tells Caleb: "I would hate to see you sitting on the block cause he played us. Nicole's head is not even in the game anymore."

Cody tells Frankie and Caleb that he's not comfortable with keeping Donny. Derrick said Donny won't look directly in their eyes.

Nicole tells Victoria and Christine that Frankie was saying that the three girls are working together; they're pissed.

2:55PM BBT: Cody, Frankie and Caleb go to the bee hive. Cody tells them Donny never looked him in the eyes. He tells Frankie he is not comfortable with keeping Donny. Caleb says that Donny never looked at them in the eyes ever. Frankie says OK.

[OMG, this is the most suspense we've had all season. Kudos to Kekila and kitten_200 for their reporting this afternoon; the tension has kept me on the edge of my seat.  Of course if I just asked Zoe on FaceBook; she called it, when she said Derrick would not let them flip. -Morty]

2:58PM BBT: Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Christine are in the bee hive. Christine asks Frankie if he farts, and he says, yes, come closer. Derrick tells HGs that if Donny stays and wins HoH, one of them is going home. Caleb says he's scared of Nicole. Christine is scared that they will go after her, and Frankie asks if she's serious. Caleb says, so Donny goes. Christine says, either way, she's going up. Derrick says it's a double eviction, and she has to leave second. He says she is ready to cry. Cody says up to vote, she's going to be scared shitless. Frankie says he wants to talk to her, to bury the hatchet. They all hug, and some leave the bee hive.

3:01PM BBT: Victoria goes in bee hive, and they all walk out. Caleb goes to the kitchen to hug Nicole, and tells her they've been going back and forth about who to vote for to stay. He says that's what you have to do is go back and forth. Frankie goes to kitchen, and has Nicole go to the fire room with him. Frankie asks her what her plans are if she gets HoH. She tells Frankie that she just got back in the house, the past is the past, and she would talk with the other people in the house, to see what they want to do. She is agreeing with what Frankie is telling her. Christine, Derrick and Cody go to the storage room. Christine stands behind Cody, and hugs him from behind for a few minutes. Derrick leaves the storage room.

3:04PM BBT: Christine and Cody whisper that Frankie says he wants to talk to Nicole. She says that Donny is probably coming after her. Cody says that he (Donny) says that was one scenario he mentioned to her, and that he probably shouldn't have. Nicole and Frankie finish the agreement talk. He says, let's go play this game that we love, side by side. They give high-5's, hug each other, and walk out of fire room.

Caleb and Victoria are in kitchen at the table. He is standing there, and she is sitting. Derrick is using hair clippers on Donny's hair in the bathroom area. Nicole went to bathroom, comes out and washes and dries her hands at the sink. Derrick tells her she is quite the popular girl today, and she asks if Donny is the only person getting his hair cut today. Cody and Christine leave the storage room, and she is looking for white bread.

3:09PM BBT: Frankie and Cody go to the storage room. Cody tells him they have to be confident. He tells him if he's not confident, they won't be, because he's the best competitor of them all. They hug each other.

Frankie tells Cody he needs to have his back too, and Cody says he does. Caleb goes in storage room, lifts his shirt up, and starts bouncing. He says he's hung like a horse, as he shows them, and bounces again, making sure they see his shorts. They walk out of the storage room. He starts singing, and we see FotH.

3:12PM BBT: Live Feeds come back, and Caleb says he's sorry to BB for it being the second lock down, and singing his heart. out. Christine tells Caleb that he can't clean better than her, and he says, "Woman, you don't know who you're talking to." Her and Cody are goofing around by the kitchen table.

Frankie walks in a drags Christine out of the kitchen, by her arm. Victoria goes in the bathroom area where Derrick is shaving, using one of the girls compact mirrors, so he can see the full view in the big mirror. She puts her robe on, and Donny is getting himself ready to take a shower on the COLD side of the shower.

Frankie and Christine lay on a bed in the fire room, and are hugging. They are talking about Nicole and Donny. Frankie says she told him she hopes to come back. Christine says Donny scares her more, and she feels she can beat Nicole more. Caleb is showing Cody how high the walkway part is in the kitchen.

We go to Jeff's Highlight Reels.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Ariana, Grandmom, and Mom

Donny's brother, Tommy sends his greetings.  

Cody's mom, sister and dad.

Julie tells Donny she heard from the producers of The Bold and the Beautiful and they'd like to have him guest star this fall.  
 Tonight, your alliance is in jeopardy as Team America must decide if it's time to turn on one of their own. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously, on Big Brother, after Cody went round for round with Donny, Cody threw the knockout punch and he contemplated making a big move. But instead, he honored the wishes of the Detonators. When Team America received a new mission, Donny hoped it could be used to keep him safe but Frankie had a different idea in mind. In a must win veto competition for Donny and Nicole, they didn't have the confidence to outplay Cody. Frankie organized a play for America but Derrick and Donny wondered if it would be enough to impress the voters. With all the power, Cody once again contemplated pulling the trigger on a huge move but ultimately he was too gun shy.

Tonight, will Donny's luck finally run out or will Nicole be evicted a second time? And Christine's husband speaks up about his feelings on Cody. And the power is up for grabs in an epic endurance battle for HoH. It's all happening right now, live on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. Last week the Detonators alliance suffered their first casualty as Zach was sent to the jury but tonight their domination continues as Donny and Nicole sit side by side on the chopping block and while Nicole's win to get back into the game last week was impressive, if evicted this week, Nicole stands to make Big Brother history: Going from HoH to evicted to back in the game and then evicted again all in a matter of two weeks. Will she suffer the ultimate BB sweep? But first, they may fear the beard but Nicole's return to the game has the house questioning "Is it safe to keep her another week?"

In the backyard, Donny and Nicole discuss the fact they are both on the block. She feels like she's been on the block for three weeks. Nicole tells us she only needs three votes to stay. She hears the target is Donny but that could easily switch to her. Donny mentions he feels like he's been on the block all season. Donny tells us he thinks Team America is his only hope but he doesn't think TA is as strong as America would want them to be.

Cody tells us he left nominations the same this week because Donny is a huge player in the game. He doesn't know what Donny would do if he was HoH so sending him home is the best game move for him. Nicole goes looking for Derrick; he hides behind a table in the living room and scares her. She asks him what his plan is this week, he says she is safe. Nicole says she is a lot more sensitive now that she is back. It's hard for her to trust people. Derrick tells us at this point he is hedging his bets because if Nicole does stay and become HoH, he doesn't want her to come after him because she thinks he doesn't trust her. But behind the scenes, he's not sure if he's ready to send a TA member out the door yet.

In the backyard, Nicole and Christine are tanning. Nicole tells Christine when she came back in the house, the first person she looked for was Christine to hug her. Christine tells us although a lot of stuff has happened between them, she loves Nicole to death and she'd love her to stay around for awhile. She is voting to keep Nicole and send Donny packing. Christine and Nicole both say no hard feelings. Frankie, who is watching this moment, tells us up until a short while ago he was ready to send Donny packing this week but watching Nicole cozy up to Christine is changing his mind. Her social game is pretty on point. If Nicole isn't targeting Christine, maybe she is targeting him. He has to rethink this!

Nicole tells us Christine stabbed her hard in the back two weeks ago and it's nice they're saying all these good things but the saying is "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Frankie and Derrick are tanning later. Derrick jokes that they are the before (Derrick, who is pale) and after (Frankie, who is tan) of a tanning commercial. Frankie tells us he is pretty sure Nicole is coming after him, and he doesn't want to break up TA, but in order to do that he has to make sure his entire alliance is on board. Derrick mentions Cody walks on water, everyone likes him. Donny won't nominate Cody. Frankie thinks that if they save Donny, he won't nominate them. Derrick comments that America would be happy. Frankie tells us he has to trust that America put Donny with them for a reason and Donny's target is most likely not Frankie or Derrick. They decide to work on Caleb, sway his vote to keep Donny.

Frankie goes into the kitchen where Caleb is alone. He mentions Nicole doing a wonderful job re-integrating. They know where she stands, Caleb points out. Frankie says she wants him (Frankie) out. Caleb wonders who Nicole would put up beside Frankie. Frankie thinks she's too close to Christine to put her up. Caleb says she'll do what's best for her game.

Frankie goes into the DR and reads a card. "Team America, you were asked to create your own mission and it's time to find out if America was impressed. During the live show, Julie will ask a member of TA "If you were to become a Have-Not, what special food would you like to request from America. You must answer apple pie. If Julie says yes, you have impressed America and will each receive $5,000. If Julie says no, you have not impressed America and will receive no money for the mission." Frankie tells us he hopes he impressed America. God Bless, America!

Frankie goes into the fire room and tells Donny and Derrick about the update. Frankie thinks they are going to get apple pie. Later, Derrick and Caleb are in the fire room discussing what to do. Caleb says Nicole is a big threat too, she's not dumb. Derrick says she's smart and athletic, Donny's just smart. The biggest question is, who's the bigger threat? Should they look at it that way? It's a big decision. Derrick tells us he doesn't want anyone to think he's the mastermind behind the idea of keeping Donny. They'll have to discuss together and decide. Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick in HoH. Frankie says Nicole has been with the girls all week while Donny's been by himself. That says something.

Frankie goes into the fire room and tells Donny and Derrick about the update. Frankie thinks they are going to get apple pie. Later, Derrick and Caleb are in the fire room discussing what to do. Caleb says Nicole is a big threat too, she's not dumb. Derrick says she's smart and athletic, Donny's just smart. The biggest question is, who's the bigger threat? Should they look at it that way? It's a big decision. Derrick tells us he doesn't want anyone to think he's the mastermind behind the idea of keeping Donny. They'll have to discuss together and decide. Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick in HoH. Frankie says Nicole has been with the girls all week while Donny's been by himself. That says something.

Christine hasn't won a single HoH so if she wins, bonus to them. What makes them think Donny will work with them? Cody asks. Derrick says it's lose-lose. Cody points out that Donny is not a competition dud, Frankie disagrees, Cody reminds him of the competitions where Donny has beat them. They took one shot at Nicole and got her out. They've taken 3-4 shots on Donny and this is their chance to get him out. Cody is not flipping off Donny. Frankie wants Nicole to go. Derrick tells us up to this point, he's been able to skate by playing both sides and here is the situation where they are all looking at him for an answer. The last thing he wants to do is make his opinion public because it could be used against him later in the game. He tells the room he's torn.

Tonight, you America will have the chance to influence the game live. The upcoming HoH competition will be a battle of endurance. You can add a punishment and a reward to this all important game. Do you want to tempt the HGs with $5000 dollas and 5,000 hollas? Where the winning HGs will be harassed incessantly with shout outs for the rest of the summer? Or do you want to tempt them with 5G's and 5T's where the HGs will be stuck wearing the same 5 embarrassing shirts for the rest of the summer? To vote, use either #BBHolla or #BBTs. The results will be revealed right before the HoH competition.

Let's go to the living room and talk with the HGs. Julie asks Victoria how she is feeling. Victoria says she feels amazing and BB took great care of her. Julie tells her she looks beautiful. Good news! This coming week is the last week for Have-Nots. Frankie, if you become one, what special food would you like to request from America. Frankie says ordinarily he'd say tofu but that didn't go over so well this week so he'll say his favorite dessert: apple pie. Julie says that'd be an overwhelming no. (Mission failed) Cody, what are you missing the most from home? Cody says he misses messing with his dad on a regular basis. As motivation to keep everyone in the house going, here is a taste of home for everyone.

The HGs are shown clips of their family members with a quick message for each of them. Cody's is from his father, reducing him to instant tears. Victoria's mom brings tears to her eyes. Nicole's mom brings tears to her eyes too. Frankie's message is from his sister, mom and grandma. Donny starts crying when he's called a comic book hero. Derrick starts to bawl (along with America, we imagine) when his wife gets his daughter to say "We miss you. I love you." Julie asks how much Tenley has changed since he's been in the house. Very emotionally, Derrick says a lot. She wasn't talking like that when he left. It's tough to see but nice to see. Julie congratulates him on his beautiful daughter.

David, Christine's brother, would like to think Cody's family is a little concerned about their relationship because of how it looks.

Over to Cody's family, Paul, Cody's dad, shrugs and says he's flirty. He's young. Paul was raised in an Italian family being touchy feely. That's the way his family is. Angelina, Cody's sister, says flirting with the house is definitely part of Cody's strategy. Flirt with anyone. Boy, girl, heck, a plant if you have to. But the fact that Cody and Christine are that cuddly - she personally thinks he should back off a bit. Paul thinks he absolutely leads Christine on, but that's the life of the game. Tim loves the Zingbot zing - he thinks they both needed to hear that. At the finale, Tim will support Christine. But when they are alone for the first time, he will tell her how uncomfortable it was for him to see her do other things. When he sees Cody, he plans to bring him in for a close hug, maybe play with his hair a bit and see what the fuss is about. He fully expects Cody's arm around him the entire evening.

Time for final pleas. Donny: First, I thank God for this opportunity to play this game. I'd like to say I love you to my wonderful family and my beautiful girlfriend Christine. I would like to tell y'all that it's been fun playing this game. I'd like to continue to play this game with you, it's been an honor. Thank you.

Nicole: I feel like I've been in this situation before. Mom, Dad, Jessie, I love you so much and miss you guys. HGs, I love you guys and I am so grateful to be back in this house with you guys. I would love to stay and appreciate if you could keep me so I can keep playing this game.

Time for the live voting to begin.
Christine voted for Donny
Victoria voted for Donny
Frankie voted for Donny
Caleb voted for Donny
Derrick voted for Donny
With a vote of 5-0, Donny is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Donny is welcomed into the studio to LOUD cheering. The HGs comment about how emotional that was. Julie comments that Donny has tears in his eyes on stage (he starts crying). Donny says he's a little emotional. His feelings are hurt, and he just saw his brother (from the messages) and all kind of emotions are running through his heart. He has a big heart. No one particularly hurt his feelings tonight. He feels a little let down by Team America because America obviously voted them a team, but they broke that - he doesn't blame them. It's an individual game. Julie comments he played it that way - was that an choice? Strategy? Donny knew coming in because of his age, he was going to be different. If he made it past the first week, he'd be-friend people. He has an art for doing that. As the audience giggles, Julie adds, "If you do say so yourself!"

Julie says seven times on the block, the seventh time not so lucky. Why was he such a target? Donny doesn't know, maybe likability is not so good in this game. The most of the people who have been evicted, most have loved Donny. That wasn't good for the rest of the people in the house. Julie comments on his routine, how Donny was always in bed at midnight while the rest of the house were up talking, bonding, strategizing. Why not stay up? Donny had nothing in common with them, what could he have done? In the beginning, he tried. He'd rather get his sleep for competitions, keep his routine. Julie tells him he's been accused of being an actor, a ninja, ex-military, a doctor. For the record, what is Donny Thompson? He is just a simple man from North Carolina. He was a groundskeeper. He had to resign to do the game, he prays he gets his job back. Julie thinks he'll be OK.

Goodbye messages. Christine says he is one of the most intelligent men she's ever met and the sneakiest which is why she's been trying to get him out since week two. See you on the flip side! Caleb says they've been trying to get him out for more than 1x now and it seems like he has suction cups on his finger tips cause he hangs on for dear life. If they didn't get him out right now, he'd probably win the game. Frankie is Team America till the end but as he's said, he cannot throw his personal game out the window to save his. Derrick says he gave it a valiant effort to save Donny. He enjoyed working with him in TA and can't wait to see him after the jury house. Before saying goodbye to Donny, Julie tells him they've been contacted by the CBS Daytime series "The Bold and the Beautiful" and they want him to guest star on their show!

Time to crown a new HoH! Let's get things started. This competition is called "Sloppy the Snowman" and here is how it works. On Julie's go, they will fill their cup with as much liquid as they can and transfer it across the yard to their snowman. As the head of their snowman fills, a piece of coal will rise up. The first HGs to fill their snowman head to the point where you can remove the piece of coal will be the first HoH.

But, there's more at stake in the competition than HoH. There is a smaller snowman that might draw your attention away from your HoH snowman. Be the first to fill this smaller snowman and remove the coal, and you'll receive a reward and a punishment. This temptation was determined during tonight's live broadcast and America voted to tempt you with $5,000 dollas and 5,000 hollas. So, whoever fills the small snowman first will win $5,000 but will be harassed incessantly by hollas all summer. Once the HoH is crowned, the game is over and the temptation is no longer in play.

The HGs are a slippery mess as Victoria gets lapped, Christine can't even move right and Frankie says there is a learning curve. Caleb and Nicole are not saying much, both determined and actually getting liquid into their snowman heads. Christine wipes out.

Tune in on Sunday to see who becomes HoH and who gets nominated for eviction. On Wednesday, the PoV is back up for grabs. One week for tonight, it's the second double eviction of the summer. One week worth of Big Brother in one night! For now, let's eavesdrop on the HGs! Julie gives them a sample of the hollas they'll get if they go for the temptation. Good night everyone!

Tonight's Big Brother TV show play-by-play was written by BBLuver.
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7:01PM BBT: The feeds return to Victoria struggling to stay up. Derrick is crawling on the ground. Christine and Nicole are both jogging. Christine busts hard. “Oh, Dang it!”

7:04PM BBT: Christine has a pretty good pace going but she is breathing really hard. Victoria says “Damn it” as she struggles to get back to her pool and resorts to crawling. Derrick has given up on crawling and is now on his feet again, but he seems to be packing himself. Christine, Nicole, and Frankie are all jogging.

7:11PM BBT: Nicole and Christine seem to be getting back and forth the fastest. Derrick says "How you doing Christine?" She says she feels like she is going to die. Victoria looks absolutely miserable. Caleb is channeling Beast Mode and has picked up his pace. Cody gives words of encouragement. "You are doing really good, keep it up" when the HGs come back towards him to refill their scoop.

7:14PM BBT: Caleb falls on his butt. "Dad-gum It." In trying to stand he falls again. "Well, that aint going to work." He crawls back to his pool after reassuring Frankie that he is uninjured.
7:17PM BBT: The feeds have been in and out on highlight reels. It appears that Christine and Nicole are keeping the best pace but there still isn't anyone clearly leading at this point. Christine says her shoes are falling part and part of her shoes have folded up under her toe. Frankie is now out packing Nicole.

7:22PM BBT: Frankie starts to slip and almost grabs Nicole. He tells her, "This is a dream Nicole." She agrees with him. It is too hard to tell who is leading, but it isn't too hard to tell who isn't: Victoria and Derrick.

7:24PM BBT: Frankie keeps letting outs "Woahs" and "Shit" as he loses some of his liquid in the delivery. Christine has gone from panting to coughing. Nicole appears to have decided to take a slower pace but she is losing less in the walk back than she was before. Derrick is now getting confident enough to start jogging back and forth. Cody continues to give words of encouragement to everyone.

7:27PM BBT: Frankie lets out another squeal and he almost falls. Christine has a near miss but manages to stay up. Derrick falls and lands flat on his back. His scoop goes flying. Christine has another near miss. Nicole "Good job Christine." We get another two squeals from Frankie. He keeps crashing into his snowman and say "I can't help it. I am afraid I am going to break it."

7:31PM BBT: With this almost clear color fluid, it is hard to tell who has the lead. Based on what I am seeing it would have to be close between Frankie and Christine. Frankie says "If Amber was playing this she could reach my ball already, those skinny fingers."

7:32PM BBT: Frankie has the fastest pace and when he runs back for a refill he waves his left arm like a windmill. Christine is still awfully fast. Nicole is the most steady of the group. Victoria is doing a lot better but she slips with almost every pass. Derrick appears to be in no hurry. Caleb is at the very end so he isn't getting as much camera time and it is hard to tell about his progress. Derrick to Cody "Caleb is smoking. So is Frankie and Christine. Nicole is right behind them." Christine falls again.

7:36PM BBT: Derrick asks Christine how long she thinks this is going to take. He guesses three hours. She says one more. Derrick asks Cody to tell a story. He says no. Frankie "I met a magical princess and her name is Elsa." He starts to sing "Let it Snow, Let it Snow" and we get WBRB.

7:38PM BBT: When the feeds come back Frankie says he thought it would help if he changed the words. It appears BB told him to stop singing. Derrick falls again. When asked if he is alright he says he is good to go. Derrick talks to his family "Jana, don't you dare laugh. Don't you do it. Matt, Amy, kiss my ass."

7:40PM BBT: Cody hates where he is positioned, behind the pools. "I wish I could see." Cody tells Frankie (I think) "Getting too close on the outside bro." Derrick falls yet again. Frankie "You got it D-nuts." Cody says "He is hurting. He is really hurting. He is taking a lot of falls. And Derrick falls yet again.

7:43PM BBT: Nicole and Christine have gotten theirs filled up to the bottoms of the snowman's smile. It appears with all the falls, Derrick has decided to go for the small snowman now.

7:47PM BBT: you can hear Frankie saying a little prayer under his breath "Please help me. Please." Derrick is the only one going for the small man. Frankie compares this to Harry Potter. He says it like the locket in the water that you can't drink. Derrick Frankie to Cody "I feel like I am falling behind." Cody "No, you're fine."

7:50PM BBT: Caleb has what appears to be a really good pace until you look at Frankie. Frankie is easily twice as fast. Derrick falls again. Caleb "Come on D." Derrick crawls back from this fall with an "Ah...ah fuck you."

7:54PM BBT: Cody continues to give words of encouragement. "good job Victoria, come on Beast Mode." Derrick falls yet again, this time right in front of his snowman so that entire lap was a waste. Victoria falls and when she gets up she has lost all of her momentum. Christine complains that there is a bee in her lane.

7:56PM BBT: Nicole falls and lands face first flat on the ground. Victoria falls again as well. Nicole "I'm OK mom if you are watching." We are getting lots of coverage on Nicole and Christine who are pretty much neck and neck. We are also getting plenty of footage of Derrick because he keeps falling and is going after the smaller snowman. We are seeing very little of Frankie's globe or Caleb's. Based on his interactions with Cody, Frankie may be leading.

7:58PM BBT: It's Frankie's turn to fall. He is back up so fast that I almost missed it. Derrick is still going after the smaller globe and is taking his time with it. He has no competition for it. Derrick falls again. Cody "that sounds like he hit hard." Derrick stays down a moment on this fall. "Fuck." Nicole falls again. "I freaking hate being clumsy."

8:03PM BBT: We finally get a good shot of Christine's and Nicole's globes. Christine has a clear lead over her now. She has reached the top of the smile on her snowman's face. Frankie's globe is still off camera. Christine has a really good close call. She doesn't drop her liquid. Caleb has just realized that Derrick is going for the small snowman.

8:09PM BBT: the feeds went to WBRB. When they return Derrick is trying to get up again. He must have fallen again. Nicole says there is a dead cricket in her lane and Frankie lets out another squeal as he slips and almost falls. Victoria is still trying her best but she really isn't in the running to be able to win. She is too far behind. Frankie has slowed down considerably. Nicole falls. "That freaking cricket." Derrick falls again. He gets up and goes back down again.

8:18PM BBT: Caleb has almost reached the halfway point on his globe. Derrick, after a dozen falls, has reached halfway on his small globe. He falls again. WBRB.

8:19PM BBT: The feeds come back and Derrick says "Thank you production, or Heath, whatever." FotH.

Nicole whispers "Come on Christine." [Christine intends to nominate Nicole AGAIN, but still Nicole trusts her-- Sheesh! -Morty] Frankie stops for a water break. Cody agrees to open her water bottle for Nicole because her hands are so slippery.

8:26PM BBT: Nicole's cricket has gone missing. She fears it may be on the bottom of her shoe. We finally get a good shot of Frankie's globe. He is at the bottom of the nose. Nicole is halfway between the smile and the nose. Victoria hasn't reached the bottom of the smile yet. Caleb is over halfway now, but there is no face on the side of the globe so it is very hard to compare. Frankie asks BB if they can have more water if they run out Gatorade. WBRB.

8:31PM BBT: Victoria has fallen again. Christine and Caleb have clearly reached the halfway point. They might be the only ones left with a reindeer in this race.

8:35PM BBT: Caleb has a great technique. He uses his larger hands to keep the liquid in this scoop. He then practically ice skates back to the globe. Nicole is using the slow and steady. Frankie stops himself from falling "I just threw up in my mouth a little again."

8:39PM BBT: It's between three people now: Frankie, Christine, and Caleb. They are all three at the wide part of the globe now. Christine falls but gets up quickly. Frankie lets out another squeal followed by a "Wow". We hear Christine say "Holy Fudge" off camera. Nicole falls again.


8:46PM BBT: When the feeds return Christine is almost to the eyes of her snowman. Frankie is at the nose of his. Nicole is also at the nose. Victoria is still just getting to the smile. Caleb is giving himself pep talks "Push through it. Push through the pain." "Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. REPEAT over and over. No pain. No pain. No pain. Push through the pain."

8:51PM BBT: Christine falls. Caleb to himself "What you talking about? We don't fall. We don't fall." It sounds like Caleb is back at basic training. "To my mom and brothers, to my fallen brothers" Then Caleb falls. He gets back up and begins his chant again. Cody is just watching with little words of encouragement for everyone.

8:53PM BBT: Nicole says Derrick wins for the most falls. Cody "And the hardest." Derrick jokes he is going to need a medic after this. He wants oxygen and a catheter." Caleb "We don't stop. Stopping is for sissies. Run baby. Just run. Victoria falls off camera. Nicole "We are definitely going to see a clip of this on Thursday."

8:56PM BBT: It appears to be between Christine and Caleb followed closely by Frankie and then Nicole. Frankie looks over at Cody who isn't completely covered and sweating and says "I hate you."

8:58PM BBT: Christine has a very ill timed fall and Frankie has been slowly catching up to her. We hear Frankie whisper "Oh go go go." It appears he has realized this fall may be what he needs to catch her.

9:02PM BBT: Christine says that bending down is the worst part. Derrick appears to be very close to filling the small bowl and Cody asks him if he can reach in and grab it. He says he won't do it until he knows the rules about it. Then he wipes out on his back. Caleb is completely silent. Christine is panting. Nicole says "Good job Christine." Frankie is moaning. Derrick tells his sister Megan that if she is watching the feeds right now she is " laughing [her] ass off right now because you are the worst person in the world." He says she likes to see people fall.

9:04PM BBT: Caleb tells Derrick to get the 5K for his baby. They talk about what his daughter said to him during the show. Frankie says "Derrick just get the F'in ball. What are you doing?" We get FotH. [It may be that he is afraid to pull it until he is told it is OK to do so. --Morty]

9:08PM BBT: Derrick has the ball! He says "That's for you Tenley!" he tells whoever wins HoH that he is volunteering for Have-Not. He goes and sits down Nicole's liquid is above the carrot nose. Caleb says he needs some muscle relaxers and Percocet after the competition and we get FotH.
9:12PM BBT: Frankie's liquid is at mid-eyeball level. He screams every time he makes a turn. Christine's liquid is at the top of the eyeballs.

9:16PM BBT: Frankie's is hurting. He is limping. He says they finally got the endurance competition they have been asking for. Derrick tells Christine she is a beast. Derrick tells Nicole to keep on going. Derrick tells Cody he doesn't think he will be able to walk tomorrow and that the last fall he took was literally right on the microphone. Christine hasn't said a word in quite some time, neither has Caleb.

9:19PM BBT: Frankie tells Caleb that he is catching up to his ass. Then he says he wants a mental competition. Caleb's liquid is at the top of his snowman's eyeballs. It looks like he and Christine are fairly close, but Caleb may be a little further. Frankie calls out, "Christine, you're a beast." Right now the order is Caleb, Christine, Frankie...

9:22PM BBT: Frankie tells Ariana, his mommy, and his Nona that he loves them and that he's happy they are watching the lives feeds. Derrick gives Beast Mode some encouragement. "Let's Go Beast Mode." Christine looks over to Caleb's lane and almost takes a spill. Caleb is reaching into his bowl, but can't reach his ball yet. Caleb is talking to himself again. He says "One more...."

9:24PM BBT: Caleb reaches in and has the ball... falls to the ground. Christine says "Damn... I was so close."
 Caleb Won HoH!

9:25PM BBT: Caleb is the winner. Frankie goes over to hug him and crawls on top of him. Caleb is on his stomach and says his knee is killing him. Nicole says she wants to hug him, too. Frankie tells her to be careful of Caleb's knee. Christine is still reaching into her bowl to see if she can reach hers, then she goes over toward Caleb, and we head to FotH.

10:00PM BBT: Feeds return and Caleb has an icepack on his left knee. He is laying down on the living room couch. Nicole and Victoria were laying down in the bathroom area. Frankie is getting undressed to take a shower in front of Victoria. Nicole leaves and heads to the living room .

The HGs are talking about how the next three days are going to be very sore days. [Good! -Morty]

10:07PM BBT: Frankie and Christine are talking about Tim. Frankie says he has enormous hands. Christine says that at the age of 14 she fell in love with Tim's hands. We got to FotH.

When we return, Derrick is entering the bathroom area and he is telling Christine and Frankie that he wants everyone drinking lots of water and eating bananas. He wants everyone hydrating and he doesn't want everyone cramping up.

In the living room Caleb is saying that it's not about how you start a race, it's about how you finish it. Cody says he never slowed down. Cody tells him that he is so pumped.

10:13PM BBT: Frankie is saying that his F'in family is so F'in gorgeous. He says it is such a big deal that she sent a video into the show. He is telling Victoria and Christine that she is so opposite of him.

In the living room Cody asks Caleb what's wrong with his lip. Derrick says he is dehydrated. Cody gets up to get him something to drink. Caleb says to Derrick "Dude, you fell like a hundred times." Derrick says that he did, and the last one was horrible. They are talking about how much their toes hurt. Caleb says his hip flexors are hurting. Derrick says that usually it's the width of the yard and it was a big incline... more than the usual. He checks with Christine to see if she agrees.

10:18PM BBT: They are all talking about how they can't believe they got to see messages from their families. They say that Donny got a loud cheer from the audience and he really cried when he heard from his brother.

Frankie goes to the kitchen and asks Cody if Nicole is unpacking. He says if she is, she probably shouldn't be. Cody laughs. Frankie keeps saying he couldn't be happier. He's never been happier about anything in his entire life. Caleb, Derrick, and Christine are talking about how hard it was to maneuver in the shoes they were provided. Christine tells Caleb that she was able to get her ball out right after he got his out.

10:24PM BBT: Derrick went into the DR to see if he can get Caleb the ball back from the competition. Frankie is talking about how he thinks America is obsessed with Donny. He keeps saying it. America is obsessed with him. America is obsessed with him. He says that America has been voting and that's why they have been having nothing but mental competitions. Frankie keeps saying how seeing his family gives him more of a drive. Cody says that he can't believe he got to see his dad right after talking about him. Victoria says that she can't believe they got to hear their parents' voices.

Derrick and Frankie are helping Caleb to the bathroom area so he can take a shower.

10:28PM BBT: Caleb says they may have to put him in the jury house for the rest of the summer. Frankie admonishes him not to say that and Derrick whispers do not to say that. Frankie tells him that they will compete for him while he heals.

BB has allowed Nicole to shower (for medical reasons --so she doesn't cramp), but she isn't allowed to eat until midnight. She asks Frankie if he will save her some fish until then. He says he will. Everyone is walking around very slowly and gingerly.

10:31PM BBT: Cody and Caleb are talking in the bathroom area while Caleb is showering. Cody tells Caleb that Nicole told Christine to scoop the jelly and then Christine's level started going up, up, up, up. It is impossible to hear Caleb's side because he isn't wearing a mic. Caleb says he won't be able to play in veto. He says this is just 20 minutes later and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

10:36PM BBT: Frankie calls to Caleb that he is getting Beast Mode Cowboy tattooed on his chest with a heart. He was going to get it on his ass, but decided that was inappropriate. Again, Caleb is talking to Cody, but we can't hear him because he isn't wearing a microphone in the shower. We get FotH.

10:44PM BBT: Christine and Victoria are laying down in the living room . Derrick is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the living room . Cody helps him get out of the shower. Caleb walks out of the bathroom area of his own volition. They talk about how Donny's family said he is a hero in their town and how it made Donny cry. Caleb says his brother looked different to him. His hair was different and he had a beard. Derrick says as soon as his daughter said "I miss you," he was done. He said that his daughter doesn't talk...she didn't talk when he left. He walks over to help Caleb put his boxer shorts on and says that they just reached a whole new level of friendship.

10:47PM BBT: Nicole comes through with her suitcase and Derrick calls it her house on wheels. He then talks to Christine about sleeping arrangements. He says he thought the girls all might like to sleep together in the Earth bedroom. She says she doesn't like to sleep in there but that her and Cody will be sleeping in the fire bedroom. He says that he and Cody will be sleeping in there. Then he tells them about when he hit his head in the competition. Nicole comes out of the fire bedroom and sees Caleb. She asks him if they can talk in a little bit. He says sure.

10:54PM BBT: Frankie has called everyone to the kitchen for dinner. Nicole has gone to the bathroom area to shower. Caleb has put the ice back on his knee. Frankie does a shout out to Ariana, his mommy, and his Nona. Frankie tells Ariana that now she has to sing with Caleb. Frankie leans over to whisper to Derrick. He drops his microphone down his shirt so we don't hear what he says. BB says, "Frankie, stop that." Whatever is said, Frankie says let's just say he never has to worry about fending off a man for her. She's more than capable of doing so herself (sounds like it was about Ariana).

11:02PM BBT: Frankie is yelling/asking Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Cody, and Victoria in the kitchen what Donny did in BB to get such a large fan base, judging from the crowd reaction walking out of the house.

Derrick has left the kitchen and went to the fire room and is now apologizing to the cameras/live feeders about their TA mission, he said also said he got the picture and understands.

11:06PM BBT: Derrick is now taking a shower in the bathroom area, Nicole was in the same room and Derrick asked her if she heard how loud the crowd was for Donny. Nicole said she knew America loves him.

Derrick tells Nicole that even during his interview with Jeff that his biggest fear coming into the BB house was his daughter changing a lot while back home. Frankie, Caleb, and Cody are all complimenting how their dinner turned out. Victoria was called to the DR.

11:13PM BBT: Derrick and Nicole are talking in the bathroom area about the HoH competition. Both agree that they should have done better scoops during the competition. Derrick says that whatever mixture was in the slippery flooring is still on him, even after washing his body. In the kitchen, Cody and Caleb are still eating. Christine has her head face down on the table but is still conversing with the HG, and Frankie announced/sang [giving us brief FotH] that he was going to make cookies.

11:20PM BBT: Frankie, Cody, and Caleb are wonder when Caleb will get his HoH key. Caleb asks Cody how long he had to wait last week for his key. Frankie says that they shouldn't take too long setting up Caleb's HoH room because they might have known for a while who was going to win.

Derrick and Caleb are now talking in the bathroom area about Caleb's HoH win and Derrick getting his $5000. Derrick is saying that next HoH will be a mental competition so Derrick, Cody, and Frankie should be able to win since Caleb will be sitting it out.

11:26PM BBT: Caleb walks back in the kitchen, Frankie tells Caleb that he is the greatest person on the planet and hugs him. We get a brief FotH.

When the feeds return Derrick and Victoria are in the fire room laying down talking about trying to get the $5000 reward during the HoH competition. Derrick is said he is glad Victoria let him go for it. Derrick says he knew he wasn't going to win the HoH so he wanted to try to win money for his daughter's college fund.

Caleb and Cody walk into the fire room and Derrick thanks the two guys again for letting him go for the money because he didn't want to also annoy the HGs with the Hollas for the rest of the season.

11:32PM BBT: Christine and Frankie are talking in the kitchen about what the Veto competition might be, hoping it's mental since everyone is sore from tonight's HoH competition. Derrick tells Caleb, Cody, and Victoria in the fire room that the best part about tonight are the videos with their family members. Derrick knew he would cry after seeing how Cody and Victoria reacted while watching their videos.

Talk in the fire room has turned to the HGs falling during the HoH competition.

11:41PM BBT: Christine tells Frankie in the kitchen that while Donny was in the house she would try to get up early in the morning to have the backyard to herself but Donny was usually there as well.

Frankie still wonders who Donny really is, he says, "just a high IQ groundskeeper, I guess."

Derrick and Caleb are in the fire room still comparing how they got their balls out of the snowman head. Cody has joined Christine in the kitchen, they hug while Cody tells her it's OK, Christine says she wanted to win because she has already been feeling good all week.

11:45PM BBT: Christine tells Cody that she will stay clear of the girls this week and she needs to keep her own mouth shut. Caleb tells Derrick that Cody told him he heard Christine trying to help Nicole during the HoH competition by telling her to scoop the slush at the bottom of the container. Caleb says he sort of heard Christine mention that to Nicole. Frankie says he heard it too but Derrick didn't hear anything. Caleb doesn't think that was a big deal but Derrick tells him that it is because Christine was only telling Nicole and that could have helped her win the competition.

11:51PM BBT: All the HGs are in the fire room except Cody, who is showering, and Nicole, who is in the DR, are talking again about seeing their family videos. Frankie and Derrick get up and say they are going to eat the cookies they just baked.

11:58PM BBT: Caleb and Christine are left in the FR. Christine asks Caleb if he is stuck in the fire room due to his injury, Caleb says he will move around and then he starts talking about how his knee and back injuries are resulting from his army days from wearing all his gear.

12:00AM BBT: Caleb tells Frankie that he drank the mixture that they were using for the competition. He says he didn’t realize it was chemicals, and it burned his eyes. They are in the fire room talking to Cody and Christine. Victoria and Nicole are in the kitchen, and Nicole is getting ready to eat. Victoria goes in fire room, and Frankie goes to kitchen to be with Nicole when she gets to eat. Nicole tells him it’s 11:58PM.

Caleb tells the HGs in the room with him that Donny still ate slop before he left, and he was by the book, and followed the rules. He says if it was him, he would of broken the rules and ate, if he knew he was leaving. Nicole waits until both clock say 12AM BBT: She says, “I can eat, yeah, I can eat.” Frankie yells to her asking if she can eat yes, and she says yes. She is saying, “Yum, yum, yum.” She says, “That was horrible.”

12:04AM BBT: Caleb gets up, and notices his ice pack is leaking, and Cody tells him to throw it out. He says he’s going to stretch the muscles in his leg. Frankie and Caleb both go in kitchen to tell Nicole congratulations that she gets to eat. Cody asks how Caleb is going to get up the stairs to the the HoH room? Victoria says, that’s what she was thinking. Caleb and Frankie both want to go to bed. Nicole tells Frankie that back of her throat is hurting. Frankie looks in her mouth. Caleb goes back in the fire room, and Cody says, he hopes he gets some FLA/GA Line this week, to have some good music.

12:07AM BBT: Frankie says he’s in so much pain, and doesn’t see himself moving a whole lot in the next few days. Caleb says he’s not going to compete in the Veto if it’s physical. He says if it’s a puzzle or something he may, if he can just walk fast. Christine complains about the Bees that were in her lane. She says they were pissing her off. Caleb says, there may have been something on the lanes that attracted them. Nicole tells Frankie not to be afraid of her, and to talk to her anytime. She tells him he’s not her target.

Cody says that Christine had left her rings in his blazer.

Caleb complains that BB used “Caleb” instead of “Beast Mode.” He says, his brother even calls him Beast Mode, and they call him that in the DR. He says that Shawn in the DR even called him that earlier. He says he has to get a BMC diamond necklace. Big Money Collector. He says if the little snowman was $10K instead of $5K, he would have went for that instead. He says he wouldn’t have even started on the other one.

12:10AM BBT: Frankie leaves the kitchen, and goes back to the fire room. Christine asks if when Boogie took the money, if it was $10K, and they say yes. Caleb wonders how they could tell who was leading the competition. Frankie says they probably went by the smiley face on the front of the snowman. Cody asks if some of the snowmen were tilted, and he says yes. He thinks they may be weighted somehow, and that’s maybe how they knew who was leading.

12:12AM BBT: Victoria goes to dining room table with Nicole. She asks her how it feels to eat, and she says good. She tells Nicole that her feet are killing her, and they are just talking in the fire room. Nicole asks if she can sleep with her tonight, and Victoria says of course. Victoria says she wants to talk to Caleb.

12:15AM BBT: Caleb asks Frankie if he’s rubbing his third boob? He says, yes. Frankie asks if they showed the show they put on in front of the HG’s? He says they should have asked a question about playing the other characters, and it’s odd that they didn’t. Caleb says he’s not the favorite anymore, because he didn’t get a question this week. Frankie says that he thinks Donny was the favorite. Cody says that Donny got more of an applause than Nicole. Frankie says he doesn’t “Give a fuck.” He says, he’s still their kicking ass, and this is how many fucks he gives, and shoes a zero on his fingers.

Caleb says that Donny was backed into a corner numerous times, and he saved himself by himself. He says that America says they are going after him, and he’s holding his own. Christine says double eviction is going to go like that, and snaps her fingers. Caleb says F5. Frankie says that Nicole is working already. Caleb says, she’s supposed to. Caleb says that Nicole is the talker, and Donny just sits back. Nicole and Victoria are chit-chatting at the dining room table.

12:18PM BBT: Christine says she straight out told Nicole she was going home when she was HoH. Frankie says, you are not allowed to confront them about that, when they are on the block. Christine says, what? Frankie blows it off, and changes the subject. HG’s are tired, and Christine asks why it’s taking so long. Caleb says the competition was so long, and they have to go and buy everything. He says if he gets collard greens and mashed potatoes again, he will be pissed. Frankie gets the hiccups and draws all the attention to himself, with being dramatic with them. Nicole and Victoria are talking about what family members were on the videos they saw. Christine says everyone got to see one, except for Frankie, who got to see three people.

12:21PM BBT: Caleb tells HGs that he didn’t grab his ball from the competition but that Shawn from the DR said she would get it for him. Nicole says her mom was monotone, and looked like she was reading something. She says, it worries her. Victoria says her mom didn’t seem o.k. either. Nicole thinks her mom was crying.

12:23AM BBT: Caleb leaves the fire room, and Victoria goes to the fire room. Frankie tells Christine and Cody that Nicole talked to him. Christine asks if she talked game, and he says that she told him he’s not her target. They talk about her already going home once. Nicole tells Caleb she definitely wants to talk to him, and he says tomorrow would be good. He gets called to the DR. Christine tells Frankie she gets nauseous if she has the hiccups for too long. Frankie says Julie hates him, and she was mean to him, when he asked for Apple Pie. Nicole goes to bathroom area, and comes back out to the kitchen. She says she has to go pee so bad, but Cody is taking a dump. Caleb is out of DR.

12:25AM BBT: Frankie complains that his fingers were really bad and really blue at the end of the competition because it started to get cold. He says there was no way that there’s no way Caleb couldn’t have reached his ball sooner, and that his water level was all the way to the top of his snowman. Christine wants to get this over with so she can go to bed.

12:28AM BBT: Nicole tells Cody in the living room that she can’t wait to go to sleep in a good bed tonight. Nicole goes to fire room. Christine is reciting a hiccup poem with Frankie to try to get rid of his hiccups. Victoria goes to living room to say hi to Cody, where he’s lying down on a couch. She leaves the living room , and he picks his nose, and throws his boogers on the floor with his left hand. Nicole tells Christine that she’s sleeping in the Earth room, and she says, “Hell ya, I’m taking my corner bed back.”

12:31AM BBT: BBT: Frankie says there will be another open bed, because he’s going to sleep upstairs with Caleb. Frankie is hiccupping and burping, and not excusing himself. Victoria lays on couch in living room with Cody, and tells him where her feet are hurting. They are talking about nom’s. Christine, Frankie and Nicole are talking about where Frankie’s family may have been in the video. Frankie keeps obsessing about his sister.

12:35PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody and Victoria that he’s there to entertain them. He goes in the fire room, and Nicole tells him that she’s leaving her suitcase where it is for the time being. Cody makes some noises, and Frankie says it sounds like Zach out there. We hear, “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions.” Caleb gets called to the DR. Derrick says that they (fans) don’t care about their families. Frankie says that Donny’s fans are the super fans. He says that if they pull in more viewers because of their fans, that’s good. Derrick says that they will find out on finale night if Zach or Donny have America’s Favorite Player. He says that Zach had a loud applause, but that the audience for Donny roared. Frankie says he’ll see on finale night if he’s a shoe in for America’s Favorite Player. Christine says she’s not sure about liking the alliance viewing it as a super fan. Cody tells Victoria that his dad was happy, so he probably still has his job, and he was worried about that.

12:39AM BBT: We hear, “Go on with your bad self,” and a few other Hollas. Cody says, “That’s so funny,” a few times. Frankie is trying to guess whose voice is doing the hollas.

12:42AM BBT: Frankie says he has haters galore. We hear, “DAD BOT HOLLA,” a couple times, and Christine screams out at production. Cody is saying what the reactions will be when Donny goes to the jury house with Nicole and Victoria. Cody says, “Last week of Have-Not’s, WHAT?” He says, they are probably going to give the worst food, and he starts saying who Zach called the worst.

12:44AM BBT: Derrick tells Frankie and Christine he was happy they allowed him to get that $5K. Cody goes in the fire room to tell Derrick he needs to answer back when he gets the hollas. Victoria tells Nicole in the living room , that she really wanted to hit Zach so bad. Derrick tells HG’s in fire room that he will get the most holla’s after midnight, and when he gets up. Nicole says that her mom didn’t have her cool-framed glasses on. Victoria and Nicole give shout-outs to the people that were in the their videos.

12:47AM BBT: Cody leaves fire room, and keeps saying holla, and names Rachel Reilly. He says Caleb is in the DR. Christine follows Cody out to the living room , and he says that where Caleb was lying on the couch, it looks like someone flaked off skin there. Christine says how gross it is. Frankie is holding on to Derrick in the fire room, talking game, and saying that he thinks they failed the mission because of dressing in drag. He says that a lot of American families don’t understand it, and it’s a family show. Frankie says it was an overwhelming no. They both think they have completed four TA Missions to be receiving $20K for those. (They have completed only three of the TA Missions, for $15K so far).

12:51AM BBT: Christine gives shout-outs to Tim, and Nicole says what Cody’s dad said. Victoria is back in fire room.

Frankie says that 50% of the people that watch the show hate him, and they hate him for having a hand in voting out Donny. He says he doesn’t care. He says, “Hate me, I’m going to continue doing well.” He acts confident and tells Derrick he loves him. Frankie says they (fans) love Zach and Devin. Derrick says they will probably be booed if they leave next week. Frankie says he doesn’t care, and guess how many fucks he gives. He says he gives zero fucks. Victoria talks about something that was put on her legs before the competition and it turned the lane orange. Derrick says she had an orange streak wherever she went. He says it was like a shit stain following her. He said he thought her knee was bleeding, but it wasn’t.

12:54AM BBT: Christine says how cute Tenley and Jana were on their video. HG’s in the living room , are still talking about the videos. Victoria goes to the living room . She tells HGs in the living room , that Frankie keeps saying he is a fierce b*tch, and how he’s going to have haters. Derrick and Frankie keep stressing out over the TA Mission. Frankie says they are equally loved, and the fact that they had to do the TA Mission, they are game players.

12:59AM BBT: Derrick says he fells bad for Donny, because it was his last mission. Frankie says he felt bad, until Julie said it was an overwhelming no. He says, now, he doesn’t feel bad at all, about anything.

1:01AM BBT: Victoria goes back to the fire room. Cody says, she can’t stay put to save your life. Christine says, thatfor someone who didn’t do anything, she is so hurt for nothing. Christine keeps complaining that her chest hurts, and she says she is dying. Victoria is walking weird, because she has to walk on the outside of her feet. Cody goes in the fire room, and Frankie tells Cody to get in the bed with them. Nicole says, “Holy crap, it’s four guys and three girls.” She asks Victoria if she had any entertaining falls? Victoria goes to the fire room looking for Cody. Frankie says Cody was using Victoria’s headband, being gay. Christine says she can’t remember the falls she had.

1:04AM BBT: We hear another holla for Derrick, and he responds. Christine says she can’t believe how long they did the competition for. Nicole says she hopes that’s not water that Victoria is drinking. Christine smells it, and says it’s Sprite.

1:07AM BBT: We see FotH a few times. Christine and Cody are in the bathroom area, and Frankie walks in to go to the bathroom. Derrick tells Victoria that they didn’t have any chance up against Caleb in the competition. Christine asks Cody if his rainbow shirt is his, and he says, yes. She says it’s nice, and then walks around him, feeling his stomach. She leaves the bathroom area, and Cody lifts up his shirt exposing his stomach, and keeps pushing on it. He says he doesn’t like that. Derrick says he hopes there’s no Have-Not competition tomorrow, or they’ll be screwed. Frankie comes out of the bathroom, and washes his hands in the bathroom area. We see FotH.

1:10AM BBT: Cody goes in the bathroom. Victoria tells HGs in living room that she fell so many times. Frankie yells that it was so weird seeing his family, and how supportive they are. Derrick walks in bathroom area, and says it was so sick. Cody comes out of bathroom, washes and dries his hands. Victoria says that she fell like 5 times, while they kept going back and forth. Frankie says he hasn’t cried in like two ½ weeks.

1:12AM BBT: Christine tells the girls that she thinks she has a UTI, and then says TMI. Cody sits on couch in bathroom area, and Derrick comments on people taking Q-Tips in the bathroom. Christine comes out of the bathroom, and washes and dries her hands. HGs ask where Caleb is, and Derrick tells them he’s in the DR.

1:15AM BBT: Derrick says the DR asked him about his falls during the competition. He says his transmitter slipped on his last one.

1:17AM BBT: Frankie says he can’t wait to hug his family. Derrick says it’s three weeks from today. Frankie says 21 days. Frankie says, America is probably laughing at us, because we don’t know shit. Frankie asks about how America voted so quickly for the little snowman reward. (He didn’t think about Twitter).

1:18AM BBT: Derrick gets a “Holla girl” shout out. He says they probably started recording them as soon as he started going for it. Christine says they probably recorded the Holla Girl, after Derrick responded that to the Holla Boy one earlier. Nicole and Victoria are still talking about the competition in the living room . Christine wonder how many calories they burned. Frankie says, thousands.

1:20AM BBT: Frankie says, it was like ice skating during the competition. Cody walks through the living room . Nicole says it was hot out there, and Victoria agrees. Total silence on all cameras for a moment.

1:22AM BBT: Frankie wonders if they will do a montage of him, and says they probably will. We see FotH for a moment. Frankie says every single decision from this point on, could be wrong.

1:25AM BBT: Frankie says you can see the camera’s getting ready, he gets up and goes to the kitchen. We hear, “Cody,” and he says yes, no response. Cameras are on DR door, and Frankie says, “Who wants to see my penis, cock, balls, and cock,” while singing in separate sentences. Frankie is still obsessing about seeing their families, and says, that’s huge. Cody and Nicole are talking about puppies in the living room . Derrick sits in an orange chair, and Frankie goes to the living room .

1:27AM BBT: Frankie asks everyone for a new rule, that he’s not saying the cup is his, but if there is a drink in the cup, not to be upset if he drinks out of it. Whatever he’s drinking now, he says tastes like gross soda, and it’s what they gave him to drink. It’s called Emergen-C. Frankie asks Nicole to bring a packet to him to read.

1:29AM BBT: Frankie says he hopes Caleb comes out of the DR, before Donny goes to bed. Derrick says he’s shocked they haven’t gotten the backyard yet. HG’s say they didn’t get it until the morning last time. Everyone is sitting in the living room waiting on Caleb to come out of the DR now.

1:31AM BBT: Derrick says that 200 is the highest IQ you can have, and that Donny told him his is 129, before he left. Caleb comes out of the DR, and says, “Who wants to see my HoH room.” They all get excited and head upstairs. Caleb and Derrick say they are going to hobble up the stairs. Frankie asks Caleb is he needs help, and he says, no. Everyone Cody is complaining as they go up the stairs.

1:32AM BBT: Caleb asks if they have everyone? He and Cody ask where Donny is. He has the key in the door, and all go in the HoH room. Caleb says, “My beautiful mom, baby.” Caleb has a box with his blue cord and flag in it. They are all looking at his pictures, and commenting how beautiful his mom is. Derrick looks at his basket. Frankie says, “I want to go and see what the other HoH got.” He got seven Monsters and three Red Bulls. He got FLA/GA Line for music. He got a turkey and asparagus. Frankie says he is finally hooked up.

1:35AM BBT: He tells the HGs that he was the last infantry unit to leave Bagdad. He says they each pulled their flags up and saluted them. He shows everyone the faded blue cord from his uniform. He says, “This is my heart, it means a lot to me.” He says, very few people get these. He says it means, you are the front dude.

1:38AM BBT: He says he received it at a Turning Blue Ceremony after Basic Training, and his dad presented it to him. He says it means you are infantry, and not everyone gets them. He explains where it goes on the uniform on his left arm. He has his military soft hat as well, that has “Specialist Reynolds,” on it.

1:38AM BBT: Derrick gets another Holla shout-out, and Caleb laughs.

Caleb’s HoH Letter:
Dear Caleb, For starters, Just know we love you bro. We are proud of you for all that you have accomplished. If there were going to be a Reynolds on T.V. first, for something good, it would be you. Keep your head in this game. DON’T GET SIDE-TRACKED backyard ANYTHING. At the end of these 90 days, you will either be $500,000 richer, or you will leave with a few new friends. Either one is great, but you have plenty of friends, so focus on your mission to win. Keep your eye on the prize, bro. We love you, and we want you to hang in there. Put your man pants on, keep tough.

Frankie, Nicole, Victoria, and Derrick are all in the kitchen eating the freshly baked cookies.

5:54AM BBT: Frankie and Caleb are just going to sleep in the nest bed in the the HoH room. Victoria and Nicole are asleep in the same bed in the fire room. Derrick is asleep in another bed in the fire room.

5:58AM BBT: Victoria stirs in her bed, and fixes her head band. She gets up, and walks through the dimly lit living room . Caleb struggles to move his left leg and knee. He fold up a pillow, and puts it under his knee, to have it elevated.

6:08AM BBT: Victoria goes back in fire room, and seems to be having a hard time walking. She was walking on the outside of her feet, and had her toes pointed inward a little bit. She lays back down in bed with Nicole. Derrick stirs in his bed when she walks in.

6:12AM BBT: We see FotH.

6:15AM BBT: Live Feeds come back, and Victoria is not in her bed in the fire room. Caleb keeps moving around in the nest bed in the the HoH room

6:25AM BBT: Victoria goes back in the fire room with an ice pack. She lays in the empty bed, and puts the ice pack on her left leg. She covers up, and lays down.

6:31AM BBT: Victoria moves around to lay on her back.

6:45AM BBT: Victoria and Caleb both turn onto their left sides in their beds.

7:00AM BBT: We see FotH twice and back to the feeds on the fire room and the HoH room with HGs sleeping.

7:07AM BBT: Victoria is stirring in her bed, and changes positions again, now lying on her right side, and partially off her pillow, with her right arm under her head.

7:09AM BBT: Victoria gets out of bed again, and leaves the fire room. She walks through the dimly lit living room , and goes into kitchen. She gets a box of something and sets it on the counter. She goes to the dimly lit bathroom area, stands by the HOT shower, and puts something in her mouth. She places a towel and something else on the shower door. She unwraps an ace wrap from her left foot, and puts it on the couch in the bathroom area. She walks back to kitchen, and takes more of what she is eating out of the box.

7:12AM BBT: Victoria goes back into bathroom area, and goes into the HOT shower. House lights in the bathroom area come on fully, and she turns the water on in the shower. She takes her hair extensions out, and undresses to take a shower.

7:23AM BBT: Victoria gets out of shower, with a towel on her body, and one on her head. She goes to the mirror by the bathroom, and is using tweezers to tweeze her facial hair. She sets the tweezers down on the sink in the bathroom area, and goes to the cabinet under the sink. She takes something out of a bin, grabs her clothes off the shower door, and goes in the bathroom.

7:27AM BBT: Victoria comes out of bathroom, with a zip-up hoodies on, partially sits on the couch to apply her make-up in the mirrors on the wall in the bathroom area. She gets up
to grab her ace wrap, sits on the other end of the couch, and straightens the wrap out. She starts to put it back on her left foot and ankle, starting at her toes, and working her way up to her ankle. It has Velcro on it to hold it together. She takes her towel off her head, and brushes out her natural hair. She grabs a grey blow dryer, and uses it to blow dry her hair.

7:31AM BBT: Victoria has finished blow drying her hair. She opens the COLD shower door, and picks her hair extensions up off the floor. She puts them in a yellow and white towel, grabs her brush, and goes in the bathroom to brush them out.

7:35AM BBT: Victoria comes out of bathroom with her extensions back in her hair, with a bun at the back of her hair. She puts on a pink headband that has a bow on it. She puts some of her stuff back in her bin under the sink in the bathroom area. She walks into the kitchen, where the house lights are on fully. She looks through the freezer drawers, and then walks with a limp to the storage room. She changes her battery in her microphone pack, and opens the refrigerator. She gets a container out of the refrigerator, and takes something off the shelf next to it. She goes to the table in there, opens and closes a bag, grabs a banana. She takes her items to the dining room table.

7:39AM BBT: Victoria gets a bowl and spoon from the kitchen, and then sits down at the dining room table. She is making her breakfast, with looks to be like plain yogurt, and adding other things to it. She gets up to put the yogurt container in a refrigerator drawer, and throw her package away. She goes back to the table and squirts some honey into her bowl. She is now eating her breakfast.

7:46PM BBT: Victoria gets up and walks to kitchen. She puts her bowl in the sink, opens a box of cereal, and eat some of it out of the box. She walks, still limping, and goes back in fire room. She trips over the stuff at the end of the bed, in the dark. She gets back into the bed by herself, and lays on her left side, all the way on the edge of the bed.

7:50AM BBT: We hear some background noises. Victoria puts her right arm over her face. Frankie flips to laying on his back now, and wipes his face. Caleb wipes his face with his hand also. Victoria clears her throat.

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