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Monday, September 21 2015  Now It's The Waiting Game
All we have to do is get through the mind numbing boredom of today and tomorrow, and it'll be Wednesday.  The feeds will be off most of the day, and then at 9:30PM, 6:30PM BBT, is the big 90 minute finale.

7:45AM BBT: Good Morning to All! The lights are still out in the BB house and the house guests are still sleeping. Just a reminder, there is only about two hours left to vote for the HGs that you think deserves to win $25,000. Vote at:

10:00AM BBT: We now have FotH, BB could be waking the HG.

10:13AM BBT: The HGs are up, Vanessa the ocean bedroom taking meds, Steve is in the kitchen then goes to the backyard, Liz is checking laundry and then goes back in the house to fold clothes.

10:27AM BBT: Liz is walking around the house, Vanessa standing in the kitchen then puts her sunshades on, Liz now goes outside to lay by the pool.

10:33PM BBT: Steve and Vanessa are back in bed sleeping, Liz on the lounger by the pool .

10:45AM BBT: Liz now in the kitchen making a bowl of cereal.

10:54PM BBT: Liz finished eating her cereal and is now running water in the bowl then heads back out to the backyard to get a drink from the fridge, She now goes back in the house to get lemon for her water.

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11:00AM BBT: Liz is walking around the house then goes to the backyard and gets on the elliptical. Vanessa and Steve are still in bed sleeping.

11:08AM BBT: Vanessa is up and comes to the backyard to eat breakfast, Liz tells her she is dying but she is getting so thick that she just wants to workout.

11:10AM BBT: Liz and Vanessa talk about how skinny Julia is and Liz says it's because she does not eat as much as her. Liz says she can not believe they are going to shut down the backyard so early.

Vanessa asks if Steve has talked any game to her at all, and Liz says no. Vanessa says give me your word that you have not told Steve anything, and Liz says, "I haven't." Vanessa: "I trust you and I want you to know I am going to keep my bargain with you 'cause Steve has betrayed me many times so I will keep my deal with you."

11:13AM BBT: Liz is says she tried so hard in the crossword puzzle and she now feels like she's dead in the water. Vanessa: You're not dead in the water. OK, if Steve wins this and takes me I need to know I have your vote." Liz: "Yes, of course." Vanessa: "I have won and have helped so many people in this game." Liz: "I told you before, you are going to win this game."

11:14AM BBT: Vanessa: "Your word is good with me. You never did anything to me, if it wasn't for you I would be out of this house you kept me safe when Steve was betraying me for Johnny Mac."

11:19AM BBT: Vanessa says, "Dude, I want to win this so so bad." Liz: "I told you that you will win>" Vanessa: "No, no, I mean the final HoH part three, I want to beat Steve so I can do the speech and keep you."

11:21AM BBT: Vanessa and Liz are talking about past competitions they played in and Vanessa is pacing as she seems nervous. Vanessa tells Liz, "Steve's argument to me is if I take Liz then I will have voters against me and if he wins he has to take me 'cause he will have three votes against him with me, Julia and Austin." Vanessa says, "You have to have five votes to win." Feeds switch to Steve sleeping in the ocean bedroom.

11:27AM BBT: Vanessa goes in the house to the Have-Not room and looks at Liz's blue dress then goes back to the backyard and tells Liz her dress is very pretty. Vanessa: "Did you wear that dress in the house?" Liz: "Yeah, once." Vanessa tells her she has the white shirt with orange buttons on it that's all she has because she did not plan for finale. Vanessa: "I thought I would be out of here first and now I am still here." Liz: "We'll make the shirt look good." Vanessa: "I want to say I am proud of you for making it this far and I promise I will win this so do not worry I got."

11:34AM BBT: Liz and Vanessa are talking in the backyard about Johnny Mac and how he voted Austin out, Liz says he hates me so I know I will not get his vote. Liz says, "I left him a mean message in his goodbye message so I know he hates me." Liz says, "I do not know why he voted Austin the way he did." Vanessa says, "I know why, because he hadn't made any moves in this game and that was a big move for him."

11:39AM BBT: Vanessa: "When I evict Steve, I have to remember who had my back when Austin wanted to backdoor me and who wanted me up and who had my back in this game and Steve had Johnny Mac's."

11:41AM BBT: Liz says, "I have nothing to do but sit and look pretty now, what do I do while you guys are doing this?" Vanessa: "You get to stay here and watch." Liz: "Like in here?" Vanessa: "In the living room when we do the final eviction."

11:43PM BBT: Vanessa says if Steve asks if we talked just says no. Vanessa asks if Liz wants to play Gin and she says yeah so they head in the house to wash their bowls then to play cards.

11:46AM BBT: Liz and Vanessa are now at the table playing Gin. Steve is sleeping in the ocean bedroom.

11:58AM BBT: Liz and Vanessa playing Gin at the table in the kitchen and Steve still sleeping.

12:01PM BBT: After a brief FotH Steve is now up and walking around then goes back to the ocean bedroom takes his hoodie, glasses and mic off and gets back in bed. Liz and Vanessa still playing Gin.

12:26PM BBT: Nothing has changed in the BB house Liz and Vanessa still playing cards as Steve sleeps.

12:33PM BBT: Liz and Vanessa go to the ocean bedroom and Liz says he is creepy when he sleeps does he always sleep with his hands like he is scampering like that? Vanessa says he is scampering in his sleep. Liz and Vanessa are getting clothes and Liz says shower time.

12:38PM BBT: Steve gets up and moves to the colorful bedroom and gets in bed to go back to sleep where it is quiet. Liz is in the shower yawning.

12:48PM BBT: Vanessa in the bathroom area brushing her hair while Liz is in the shower.

12:50PM BBT: Liz is now out of the shower and Vanessa is getting in the shower as they talk about Steve being a night person since he is still sleeping.

12:53PM BBT: Steve is now up in the kitchen just walking around and snacking, Vanessa is in the shower and Liz is doing her hair.

1:00PM BBT: Liz tells Steve in the bathroom area that she had a dream that when she saw Austin that he shaved the pony beard off. Steve says, "I do not see that happening so do not get to excited for it."

1:06PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz and Steve who all hates her in the jury as she says everyone but Julia and she says Julia does not hate her. Liz says, "James hates me though." Vanessa says, "I had the least connection to anyone in this house so I had to wake people up and get them out."

1:12PM BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the storage room she goes in and gets the finger nail clippers and goes back to the bathroom area with them. Liz is picking up her clothes and asking when they will get their luggage as she says she is so excited. Steve is sitting there .

1:14PM BBT: Vanessa asks Liz if she is making coffee? Liz says no and Vanessa says, "I feel like we're bums and we need to stop sleeping and do something." Steve says this is what final three do.

1:24PM BBT: Steve is making oatmeal and says he has to have that since there is no slop anymore. He then says he wants slop to be at the finale and Liz yells Ewww. Steve says, "I want my mom to try Slop, I really do."

Vanessa asks if Liz wants to finish their Gin game and Liz says yeah I want to make eggs first. Vanessa says One more day guys without our family then we get to see our families.

1:31PM BBT: Liz and Steve talking about what the other HGs might have to say and who they are excited to see on finale night.

1:38PM BBT: Vanessa, Steve and Liz talking about Austin giving Jackie a massage one day and Vanessa says what he touched her and Liz says yeah he gave her a massage. Vanessa says no way. Liz is finishing cooking eggs while Vanessa watches and Steve walks around the kitchen.

1:42PM BBT: Vanessa and Steve are at the kitchen table as Steve teaches Vanessa to play solitaire.

1:53PM BBT: Steve and Vanessa talking politics while Liz eats her eggs.

2:00PM BBT: Vanessa asks Liz and Steve if they are interested in learning a new game. Steve says no because his bowl doesn't have legs. Vanessa asks if he liked that came from her mother. Vanessa looks disappointed that they don't want to try a new game.

2:04PM BBT: Liz and Steve are joking and teasing about cleaning up their plate. Vanessa has convinced Steve and Liz to learn a new game. As they sit down, Steve whispers "so much estrogen." The ladies ignore him.

Vanessa starts explaining the game. Steve figures out part of it and Vanessa says that he'll win this game. Liz complains that she doesn't like this game. She doesn't get it. Vanessa keeps giving examples to demonstrate to Liz. Liz lays them out to test her understanding. Vanessa says that Liz's setup is valid and then explains how points work. She works through the points they would get with the two hands dealt, and then suggests an alternate way for Liz to have laid out her hand.

2:11PM BBT: They deal out a hand for each player, but instead of laying them out, they have to arrange their cards into three hands while holding them. Steve says that sounds hard, and Vanessa suggests that he can lay down groups of cards as he arranges them the way he wants. Steve asks Vanessa to repeat the ranking in order of weakest to strongest. Vanessa tells him one pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind. Then straight flush, but that won't happen.

2:13PM BBT: Liz is ready to go, but Steve isn't done sorting his hand yet. There are two five-card hands, and one three-card hand. They finish sorting and then reveal their hands.

Steve asks Vanessa to tell him the order one more time. Vanessa walks them through the points in each hand and how Liz's layout compares to Vanessa's. Vanessa beats Liz on all three hands, and gets an extra point for the "scoop" (beating all three hands). In Steve's vs. Vanessa's hand, Steve wins two points and Vanessa wins one. Steve wins four points vs. Liz's hand. Liz asks what they would have done with her hand and Vanessa gives her pointers.

2:17PM BBT: Vanessa asks if they like the game. It's called Chinese poker. Liz says it's fun. Steve is shuffling. We get FotH. When feeds return, the HGs are going to the storage room for treats. They exclaim over cake pops designed to remind them of former HGs. There is one for Grandma Meg and Audrey, and Jason "Oh Mylanta"... even Zingbot and OTEV. Vanessa says they look too good to eat. Liz says they need to have some right now. Liz holds up different cake pops for the live feeders and then they sit down to have another hand of Chinese Poker.

2:28PM BBT: The HGs are sorting through hands for the next round. Vanessa tells Steve she is going to give him a run for his money. Vanessa is called to the DR. Vanessa tells them what she has. They count up points and Vanessa goes to DR. Liz asks Steve to explain the points to her because he understands it better than her. She counts it up and asks him to confirm whether she has it right.

2:31PM BBT: Steve picks up all the cards to shuffle them. They talk about Vanessa being called to DR.

Steve figures that they will all be called. Steve says he is going to fool with Vanessa and give her an awesome hand. Then he changes his mind and decides to make it believable by giving her a royal flush and then junk. Liz is giggling. Having pulled out Vanessa's hand, he deals out hands for himself and Liz. He deals too many cards, and has to fix it. Liz asks if a straight is as good as flush. Steve says Vanessa is going to flip when she sees her hand, and he will have to act as if he just dealt it to her. He makes sure her hand looks adequately shuffled so that Vanessa is not suspicious. Liz does her set-up and asks Steve if he would do what she did. Steve gives her feedback and they discuss different layouts.

2:35PM BBT: Steve helps Liz with her hand and then says he can hardly wait to see Vanessa flip when she sees her hand. Liz does dishes while Steve paces. They chat back and forth as they wait for Vanessa.

2:40PM BBT: Vanessa returns from DR and they all sit down to play. Vanessa looks at the score. Liz and Steve have 9 so far, and Vanessa has 11. Close game. Liz is smirking and hiding her smile. Vanessa lays her hand out decisively and munches on chips and dip. Steve asks if Aces are high or low, and Liz frowns and says "high, Steve." Vanessa shows no sign of being surprised by her hand as she waits for Steve to finish his layout. They reveal their hands. Steve says we are very sneaky. Vanessa says what did you do? Steve says we may or may not have given you a royal flush. Vanessa says she was so happy! Liz razzes her that she didn't show any sign. Vanessa says she had her poker face on. She was planning to show a big smile when she revealed her hand. They ruined her surprise by telling her before she even got to reveal. The jokes on her. They re-deal.

2:50PM BBT: The HGs continue playing Chinese Poker. Liz asks again which hands beat which hands. Steve affirms that a flush beats two pair. Vanessa is concentrating on her hand as Steve helps Liz.

Steve says "Oh Mylanta!" and comments that Jason left his mark on the season. Steve says he likes that Jeff's main contribution to the season is the word "Scamper". Liz is still checking the rank of hands with Steve as Vanessa works out her hand.

2:53PM BBT: They reveal their hands and count them out. Liz gets no points in the round. They talk about the royal flush they planted in Vanessa's hand. Vanessa deals again.

2:58PM BBT: Another hand is revealed, and the points counted up. Vanessa says that Steve needs a nickname. Steve is Sneaky Steve. Liz is Grabby Fingers. Vanessa is Grandma Four-eyes. Steve points out that she is not wearing her four eyes. Vanessa puts on a grandma voice and says she has misplaced her glasses. She recaps.

They are playing Chinese poker and Grandma four-eyes is in the lead with 26 points, followed by Sneaky Steve with 18 and close on his heals Grabby Fingers, who's gainin'. They joke around, talking with accents as Vanessa deals and says "good luck."

3:10PM BBT: The game of Chinese Poker continues.

3:20PM BBT: The HGs sort through their hands getting them ready to lay out. They reveal their cards. Liz's turn to deal. Vanessa recaps the score is 49, 30, and 34 (Vanessa, Steve, and Liz). Steve is really tired. Vanessa asks him why he is so tired. What is he doing? Steve says he scampers with the beefcakes. We get FotH briefly. Steve tells Vanessa and Liz that he stays up quite late. Last night he was very nostalgic.

3:32PM BBT: The HGs still playing cards at the kitchen table and Steve says he is very sneaky as he wins second place with 38 points.



3:35PM BBT: Liz gets a cake pop with Audrey on it and Steve ask which one is the red velvet cake and Liz tells him it is the Mylanta ones so Steve goes to get one.

3:53PM BBT: The card game has broken up and HGs are walking around the house and Steve tells Liz he cut lemon wedges this morning so she looks in the fridge and yells oh yay. Steve is playing with a beach ball in the kitchen while Liz is cleaning.

3:56PM BBT: Liz goes to the bathroom as Steve plays with the beach ball in the kitchen then drops it and walks around the house.

3:59PM BBT: Steve and Liz talking about where they can watch the season at and where they can read everything about them at on the internet.

4:03PM BBT: Steve goes and lays down with Vanessa and says I am a bad person and Steve says no you are a good guy you made mistakes in here as we all did so you just move on but you are not a bad person.

4:06PM BBT: Steve and Vanessa are now talking about what the names of the competitions they played in were and who they beat in the competitions. Liz is in the bathroom area filing her nails.

4:07PM BBT: Liz gets her drink and goes to the ocean bedroom where Steve and Vanessa are talking about what competitions they played in, Liz gets in bed and Vanessa asked if she took off her nail polish and she says yes, Vanessa ask are we doing our nails later? Liz says sure.

4:14PM BBT: HGs are talking about reading things on the internet and about how this game is an emotional roller coaster, Vanessa says you can not say that again and Steve says OK. Vanessa starts laughing. Liz then tells about Steve and Austin playing pool.

4:19PM BBT: Liz tells about her mom being pregnant with her and Julia and how big she was. Vanessa ask how much did you weight and Liz tells her that Julia was 5lbs and she was 6lbs. Vanessa says her sister was 11lbs when she was born. They ask Steve how much he weighed and he says he says he doesn't know.

4:23PM BBT: HGs are quiet and Liz looks to be going to sleep. Steve gets up and goes to his own bed to lay down.

4:31PM BBT: Liz and Vanessa sleeping in the ocean bedroom and Steve in bed in the colorful bedroom.

4:49PM BBT: Steve is now in the bathroom and Liz and Vanessa are sleeping.

5:07PM BBT: Steve wandering around the house. Vanessa was sleeping but BB just called her for her meds in the DR.

5:11PM BBT: Vanessa at the table eating chips and cottage cheese. Steve says he just wants to see his Mom. He wonders what his parents think now that he has been on BB. He says they have judged it as garbage his whole life.

5:18PM BBT: Steve says it is funny that they know exactly what BB is building outside. Vanessa says that they don't know for certain that BB can be changing it up (why start now?) Steve says it has been the same since Season 2.

5:23PM BBT: All HGs are now vertical and playing cards in the kitchen.

5:36PM BBT: Vanessa explaining to Steve and Liz that if they come to a table and only play a few hands and win and leave it's called a hit and run. Vanessa says it's poor etiquette not to stay for an entire session. Steve asks what a session amounts to. Vanessa tells her that it is 3-4 hours. Steve says he will be a hit and run player only then. Liz laughs and says her too.

5:45PM BBT: The poker game continues. Steve is excited that they are building the set for the press junket. Liz gets chips for her and Vanessa to enjoy.

5:58PM BBT: Poker continues. Vanessa telling them who has won the hand. Steve says he needs more Mr. Goodbars. Vanessa tells him she doesn't want anymore so for him to please not get anymore.

5:59PM BBT: Vanessa says she wants to do a talk show tonight about the life and times of the BB HG. She wants to host. Steve says so basically the Jeff and Austin show. Vanessa says yes.

6:08PM BBT: Steve wanted a snack and got some broccoli. Liz complaining because he is putting salt on it. Vanessa says there are no health issues with salt. It just makes you feel bloated. The poker game continues.

6:21PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve and Liz that she is impressed with how fast they are picking up the poker game.

6:27PM BBT: Steve has a stomach ache so he took Pepto Bismol. Liz is smacking some snacks down. And Vanessa is counting who is winning the game.

6:34PM BBT: The poker game continues.

6:42PM BBT: Steve and Liz are bantering back and forth about tickling.

6:55PM BBT: The poker game continues with very little conversation.

6:58PM BBT: Liz goes to the storage room and yells no wine yet but we do have out luggage how sad is that, Steve ask can I go see for a second and Vanessa tells him no as they start another hand of poker.

7:00PM BBT: Steve says he is up shit's creek with this hand it is so bad. Liz laughs at him as he says I have three hands that are good and one that is bad .

7:07PM BBT: Steve is talking about the last time different HGs saw their luggage last.
Vanessa's first time packing.
7:09PM BBT: Steve, Vanessa and Liz are all at the dining table playing cards. Steve says, he's had three bad hands and 1 good one. He gets up and says, he needs to calm down. Liz is playing with the ends of her hair. Vanessa is looking through her cards.

7:12PM BBT: Vanessa says, "OK" They all show their cards. Liz and Vanessa each win 2. Steve wins three with Vanessa winning 1. Steve and Liz both win two each between them. Vanessa says, they are too good at this game. Vanessa shuffles the cards for the next hand. She asks what time it is? Liz says, "7:15PM." Vanessa asks what time the Finale is? Steve thinks it at the same time or at 6PM. (It's at 6:31PM won Wednesday.) Vanessa thinks they have about 46 hours left. Steve says, they should be in the backyard in 48 hours.

7:16PM BBT: All the HGs go through their cards again. Liz says, "I have a rotten hand." Vanessa tells them she's ready, and everyone flips their cards over. Vanessa and Steve each win 2. Vanessa wins three against Liz who gets 1. Steve wins two with Liz winning 1 and they tie on one. Vanessa shuffles the cards again. Steve asks Liz if she misses Austin's ponytail beard? Liz says, she doesn't she says, she hopes when she sees him there's a surprise. Liz starts talking about her sequester person and we see FotH.

7:19PM BBT: The live feeds come back to the HGs playing cards. Liz sings the very sneaky tune and doesn't get buzzed.

7:22PM BBT: The HGs finish another round of card playing. Vanessa sneezes and says, she's getting dizzy when she sneezes. Vanessa asks Liz to shuffle.

Vanessa gets up and asks if there are any turkey burgers left? Liz says, Vanessa can eat them for days. Vanessa tells them they need to take a dinner break to eat soon.

She tells them their table stamina is good. Steve says, he can do this for a long time, but he would never do it for more than pennies or nickels. Liz deals out the cards for the next round.

7:25PM BBT: Liz and Steve both make noises about their cards. Steve hums some. Vanessa scoops Steve on this round. Steve wins against Liz three to 1. Vanessa shuffles and deals out the cards again. She says, she plays this game with locals who know people back home.

7:31PM BBT: They finish another round. Liz and Vanessa both scoop Steve. Liz loves to say, "I'll cash that ticket." Tonight is no exception.

Vanessa shuffles the cards and another round begins. Liz starts to sing and we see FotH twice briefly.

7:35PM BBT: The HGs finish another round. Vanessa says, they are like crack heads and just keeping going. They talk about what family members will be there on Finale night. They start another round. Liz starts to sing very sneaky again and doesn't get buzzed again.

Steve talks about Liz' vegetables. Liz tells him to stop talking about them. Steve says, "Much like you talking about my vegetables. Steve paces back and forth while they wait for Vanessa to be ready to show her cards.

7:39PM BBT: They the round. Steve says, "Good ole grabby fingers is grabbing all the points there," referring to Liz' nickname that was made up last night. Vanessa shows them the same magic trick she showed them the other day. Vanessa guesses her card exactly.

7:44PM BBT: Steve thinks that Vanessa has a physical marker of some sort. Steve guesses how the trick is done. Vanessa tells them that it will always be the one on top of the bottom card when the deck is placed on the card. Liz tries the trick on Vanessa. Vanessa tells Liz that the card is actually in the first pile. Liz guesses the card.

7:47PM BBT: Liz starts the trick again on Vanessa. Liz skips some steps and guesses the right card that Vanessa had picked. Vanessa shows Liz another way to fan the cards out and do the trick. Steve is messing around with a beach ball inside the house. He messed with Liz with it. He throws the ball at Liz, and then chases her around the glass table to catch her. They switch the way they are going in circles. Liz calls a truce and says, she can do this all night.

7:50PM BBT: Steve takes his sweat jacket off and he and Liz stand at the two ends of the glass table. He tells Liz not to throw food at him, but it's OK to throw the beach ball. Steve tells Liz that he's probably not going to wear the glasses for the Finale that he has on, because they are his Transitions. He says, he doesn't want to be in sunglasses for the Finale.

Steve and Liz go around the table again. Liz grabs the chocolates to throw at Steve. Vanessa tells Liz, she's going to get a, "Stop that." Steve catches Liz and tickles her. Liz complains that Steve hurts her when he tickles her. Vanessa wants to know what they are going to do now. Steve says, he's the only single person in the house. Liz says, "I came into the house single."

7:53PM BBT: Liz says, "Ewww, I need to get my hair done." Steve says, he has a crush on Juj. Steve tells Liz that she got in the way of his cuddling plans. Liz tells Steve, "Juj will bite him." She says, "The prettier the girl, the more bites he will get." Steve says, "I didn't ever get my cuddle seesh." Liz tells Steve, "You're going back to college, which is an open platform." Steve says, "I'm not going back to college until January."

Liz and Vanessa find mold on the plates of food. Steve says, it's scary for him not to know what he's going to do for several months of his life now. He and Vanessa toss the beach ball back and forth.

7:55PM BBT: Vanessa says, she would love to keep playing with the beach ball, but she might injure her neck. Liz says, she's going to eat steak and potatoes. Vanessa says, she wants a turkey burger. Steve asks, "So, what is the dinner plan?" Liz tells him to heat up something. Vanessa tells him what's there to eat. Steve says, "I'm feeling adventurous and I'm going to get out of his pajamas and into clothes. Vanessa asks, "Why at 8PM?"

7:58PM BBT: Steve says, he just wants to get dressed. Liz heats up her food and says, the potato is not ready. Vanessa asks her if she just heated up the potato in the microwave with the foil on it? Liz says, yes. Vanessa tells her not to do that because it can start a fire. Liz says, she's done it before. She says, not here, but at home. (She did it last night also, right after they came out of the oven.) Vanessa says, she's surprised the microwave didn't start on fire.

7:59PM BBT: Tonight's lip smacking and chomping session starts when Vanessa and Liz sit down at the dining table to eat. Liz has Steve check the storage room to see if there's alcohol. He says, "Nothing." Liz says, they may want them to wake up early tomorrow. Vanessa asks, "Why?" Liz doesn't say anything. Steve goes to the colorful bedroom to get some clothes to wear. He whispers to himself and we can't hear what he's saying.

8:03PM BBT: Steve paces in the bathroom area. He looks in the bathroom. He takes his microphone off, holds his clothes, and puts his clothes back on the couch. He leaves the bathroom area and tells Vanessa he might do his work out tonight. Vanessa asks, "Really?" Vanessa asks Steve why he is going to change into normal clothes and then change into work out clothes? She tells him he's being inefficient. She tells him to just eat in the clothes he has on and then change into warm up clothes.

Liz makes herself another plate of food. She sits down at the dining table and sings, "Butter." She starts to eat again, smacking her lips and chomping some more.

8:05PM BBT: Vanessa gets her suitcase to start packing her clothes. Steve tells Liz, "If you don't touch the ball the ball won't touch you." Liz says, "I'm not a Sim, Steve." Steve says, "I didn't realize you knew that game." They talk about the Sims game.

Steve asks Liz, "What sounds good for dinner." She tells him to eat the leftovers. Steve asks if he should work out or eat first? Liz wants to know why he wants to work out if he doesn't care about it. Steve says, he needs some kind of physical activity. Liz wants to play cards again. Steve says, he needs to get some physical activity. Liz says, he could have worked out on technotronics (the Elliptical) with her this morning. Steve says, "That was early."

8:09PM BBT: Steve says, they should play the BB Bowling on the last night, since it was the first game. Liz wants to play cards tonight. Vanessa asks what their favorite card game is? Steve says, "Gin." Liz says, "Chinese Poker, because they have kind of played out Gin." Vanessa says, "I have no idea what I'm wearing to the Finale."

8:11PM BBT: Liz starts to clean up her dishes. Steve is playing with a beach ball. Steve tells Liz that he's taking the lullaby's his mom wrote for him and putting her name in them where his is. He goes to the bathroom area. Vanessa is packing her suitcase in the hallway near the bedrooms. Steve walks by her and tells her he's going to shave on Wednesday morning. Vanessa asks if they think that they will give them the razor early? Steve says, he can use a regular razor. He says, he's used to shaving every other day in real life. Vanessa asks, "What about your speech of leaving here with a different hair cut and a 5 O-Clock shadow." Steve says, he's already used that speech.

8:17PM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that she has him thinking about Johnny Mac. He says, if he didn't know the show it seems weird that he was strategic and he knew some of DR. Will's lines. Steve talks to Vanessa about All-Stars. They talk about Audrey. Vanessa says, "She stayed for a few weeks." Steve says, there have been more Jace's than John's in BB. Steve wonders if there are any more common names that BB hasn't had on the show. He says, there's never been a Ben or Tim. Vanessa asks if there's ever been a Tony or Anthony? Steve says, Survivor has, but not on BB.

8:21PM BBT: Liz goes by Vanessa and Steve and asks Vanessa why she's packing now? Vanessa says, "I want to get started." Liz looks for alcohol again. Vanessa says, she should go request it, since she already has. Liz says, "I think they want us to wake up early tomorrow." Vanessa asks, "Why though?" Liz says, "For debriefing stuff." Vanessa asks, "We have to have...We see FotH.

8:22PM BBT: Live feeds come back. Vanessa tells Steve that she's nervous because her family could be there. She says, she'll be more nervous with them there. Steve tells her that they've been there all along on Live eviction nights. Steve tells Vanessa, "If she's getting nervous, that's not a good sign for him. You're not helping my case at all." Vanessa says, "We are human beings and we are flawed." She says, "To expect perfection is ridiculous and that's great, the whole world got to see it." She says, "Not great, but that's OK" Steve says, "I would have never applied if I thought I would have gotten cast." Vanessa says, he studied how to get cast. Steve says, "Very thoroughly." He says, the numbers and "There are seven people on that Memory Wall that got cast." We see FotH briefly.

8:26PM BBT: Liz is tweezing her eyebrows. Vanessa asks Liz if they are the same size shoes? Liz tells her that their names should be in them. Vanessa says, Austin left his tennis shoes there. Liz says, "Obvi, he's never going to wear those." Vanessa wants her water shoes. Steve is sitting behind the couch in the living room with his legs propped on the wall. He's thinking about the outside world.

Liz tells Vanessa she's packing good with rolling her clothes. Steve wonders how many missed calls or text messages he has. He says, "I won't get any Facebook notifications because my Facebook's deactivated." Liz says, "Mine too." Steve says, he changed his phone password to something hard so BB can't get into it. He says, he made all of his other passwords hard to crack and he took a picture of it. Vanessa says, she is going to need another suitcase to get home. She says, she should be driving though. Steve says, "I'm flying." Liz tells Vanessa, "They are going to pay for a flight for you." We see FotH.

8:31PM BBT: Live feeds come back. Vanessa says, her flight is like 40 minutes and the drive is about four hours. Steve says, he has to go from LAX to Syracuse. Liz says, she lives close to her airport. Liz says, "Damn, Vanessa, you do have a lot of clothes." Liz tells her she likes a pair of her shorts. Vanessa says, they have a lot of bad luck. She says, James won the HoH and she was backdoored in them. Steve tells her, "You were not backdoored."

8:32PM BBT: Steve and Liz talk about Clay and Shelli going on the block. Steve says, he thought it might have been Liz and Julia at that point. Liz says, she's surprised it wasn't them. Liz wants to know where she can pack. Steve talks about the shirt she is wearing being from the competition she won by herself. Steve says, Victoria didn't have an strategy and she didn't help her. Liz says, she sees what he did there.

8:34PM BBT: Liz and Vanessa go through their stuff. Steve lays on the pull out bed and says, there's a 95% chance his mom is in L.A. right now. Liz asks him if he has any family in L.A.? Steve says, "No, I have an aunt and uncle in Sacramento, that's the closest." Liz says, "I don't either." Liz mentions Steve's aunt by name. We see FotH.

Live feeds come back and Liz says the words from the Orbit commercial.

8:38PM BBT: Liz says, she doesn't want to pack the rest because it's going to be too much of a hassle. Vanessa puts her hats on top of the dresser she is using the hallway. Vanessa puts her underwear in a tan mesh bag and tosses the in her suitcase.

8:39PM BBT: Steve dances and jumps his way to the bathroom area, snapping his fingers. He goes in the bathroom. We can hear him using the bathroom. We see FotH. Live feeds come back and Steve is still in the bathroom.

8:41PM BBT: You can hear Steve blowing his nose while in the bathroom. Liz is in the ocean bedroom, taking her clothes off hangers, while Vanessa is still packing her clothes. Steve comes out of the bathroom and washes his hands in the sink. He dries them off with the towel near the bathroom, puts his glasses on his face, and leaves the bathroom area. He goes to the kitchen to make himself something to eat.

8:42PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz she likes her jacket, it's nice. Liz says, "Thank you, I got it from Whack Street Boys, I don't want it to get ruined." Steve snaps his fingers and hums as he warms up food for himself. He calls to Liz and then goes to her in the ocean bedroom. Steve asks Liz, "What's the best way to reheat steaks?" Liz tells him to put it in the microwave for 1 minute. He goes back to the kitchen, puts the steak in the microwave, and paces to the bathroom area, snapping his fingers with his silverware in his hands. He takes his food out of the microwave, put his plate on the dining table and gets himself something to drink.

8:46PM BBT: Steve takes the apple juice container to the storage room and puts it in there. He goes back to the kitchen. Vanessa is almost finished packing and says, she thinks she's going to buff her nails. Liz is still packing her stuff. Steve sits down at the dining table to eat.

Vanessa walks through the dining area and says, "I can't wait to have my straightener back. My very very own straightener." She asks Liz if she brought one also? Liz says, she did. Vanessa asks if it's better than the one they had there. Liz says, "It's most certainly better than the one they had there."

8:48PM BBT: Vanessa says, "I feel like I'm forgetting stuff." Liz says, "I hope they don't rummage through our luggage, because the one time they did it, they didn't put stuff back...We see FotH. Live feeds come back. Vanessa says, "I don't think they would because we're moving out." We see FotH again.

8:49PM BBT: Live feeds come back. Liz says, "I'm not bringing them Asics, F that I'm never going to wear them." (Asics are pretty good tennis shoes. Wow!) Liz asks Vanessa if she wants to play more Chinese Poker? Vanessa says, "Sure." Liz puts hand lotion on. She says, "I have all this shit in here I forgot about." There is stuff in the stand by her bed.

Steve is pacing in the kitchen snapping his fingers and tapping his feet. His stands by the glass table and says, "Hayden, Christine and Victoria." Liz tells him they are playing cards in like 5 minutes. Steve says, "OK" Steve says, he's going to take some of her Wheaties." Liz says, "I don't even want Austin's tie dye shirt he made me, it's so ugly." She goes to the ocean bedroom.

8:52PM BBT: Steve is sitting at the dining table. He is shuffling the cards and he farts twice without excusing himself. Vanessa says, "Mel should be driving there tomorrow." Liz tells Vanessa she's sure that her parents are there already. She says, "They are making a vacation out of it." Liz says, her mom is going to want to do stuff with them, but she really wants to go to Vegas. Liz says, "Hi mom, bye mom." Vanessa says, "In a few days, you guys could be in Vegas partying our asses off, because boy did we earn it." Liz says, "Party, party, party."

8:54PM BBT: Vanessa says, "I'm buffing my nails hard core, trying not to move my neck." Steve goes to the ocean bedroom. Vanessa asks if he wants to play more Chinese Poker? Steve says, "That's the word on the street." Steve says, his bed feels really comfy. Vanessa asks if he took his nap for about an hour? We see FotH.

8:58PM BBT: Live feeds come back with Vanessa showing Liz what happens when you buff them. Vanessa says, "I'm ready." Liz squeals and gets up. Steve asks to be carried. Liz says, "Hell no, you get up and walk." They go to the dining area. Liz says, they have to pack their POP TV mugs. Steve wonders if they will get another POP TV card tonight. Liz says, they get them late. Vanessa goes to the bathroom, while Steve is chomping on steak and Liz is shuffling and dealing the cards. Vanessa leaves the bathroom area and doesn't wash her hands.

9:00PM BBT: Vanessa asks if they've been called to the DR today? Liz says, she hasn't been called to the DR in a couple days. (She was called there yesterday for POP TV.) Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve says, "It might be another POP TV surprise." Steve says, it might be her turn. Liz says, they both have got one. Liz and Steve go through their cards. Liz goes to the bathroom area and then back to the dining table.

9:02PM BBT: Steve says, "It's so weird to think of what's going on outside the house." He says, he's been gone since June 11. Liz says, there may be new Apps that have come out. She wonders if Instagram is even a thing anymore, because she loves Instagram. Steve says, "We have no way of knowing." Steve says, "That's why we are getting debriefed." We see FotH.

Live feeds come back with Steve telling Liz that he started watching BB on Season 2. He tells her his mom introduced BB to him. Liz asks if Steve liked Season 9 with all the making out? Steve says, "No." They talk about other BB Seasons.

9:04PM BBT: Steve goes to the bathroom and comes back to the dining area. Liz says, they got the other POP TV stuff at like 10PM. Liz asks if they have an open bar at the Finale? Steve says, "I don't know, they keep the Finale under wraps." Liz says, she's going to need one right away. Steve tells her he advises against it, because they are all still going to be together on Thursday, and it's going to be a busy day. Liz asks if they put them up in a hotel then? She says, "That's going to be the only they are going to keep me." We see FotH.

Liz comes back filing her nails with a metal nail file. Steve has his plate and silverware on the floor next to his chair. He gets up and walks to the kitchen snapping his fingers. He paces back and forth form the bathroom area to the kitchen, snapping his fingers and clapping.

9:08PM BBT: Steve is singing the lullaby's again with Elizabeth Clayton Nolan. Liz says, "You're singing the lullaby's again." Steve says, "I am, I have to stuff the Elizabeth in there, because all of my names are two syllables." Steve goes to the bathroom area and says, something is bothering him. He starts the water and scratches his behind.

9:10PM BBT: Camera's three and four are focused on the DR door.

9:11PM BBT: Liz makes faces at the camera while sitting at the dining table.

9:12PM BBT: Steve goes by the dining table and messes with Liz with the beach ball again. Liz goes by the glass table. Steve walks by the DR door and scratches his behind again, and goes to the bedroom area.

9:13PM BBT: Steve takes clothes to the bathroom area. Liz is in the kitchen and screams "Butter." She flips one of the POP TV cards into the air a couple times.

The fans on POP TV voted to send the HGs candy apples.

9:15PM BBT: Vanessa comes out of the DR. She says, "You're on BBAD." Liz says, "Thank you BBAD you've done it again," and snaps her fingers twice. She asks where Steve is? Vanessa says, "Hey HGs, Smile, you're on BBAD. One more treat from POP fans. Have fun making candy apples from Orwell's Night Owls. Tip: No need to heat up the caramel. Simply dip the apple in and add your favorite topping.

Liz complains about the competition. Steve says, "That is fantastic." Liz says, "Thank you," in a whiny voice. Vanessa puts out the toppings, the apples and the sticks. Liz takes the tissue paper to wrap up her mug.

Steve says, he's going to stop being a fatty. He says, "I have to do 10 of my laps and then I can have this. Vanessa and Liz want to make different things than what they were told to make. Liz says, she's going to give her POP TV mug to her parents. She says, they love their coffee mugs. Steve starts running from downstairs to upstairs and back. He says, he's earning his. Liz sings candy apples over and over and doesn't get buzzed. Liz says, this stuff is so good. She asks if they did this on purpose because they were candy apples a couple days ago. Liz opens a container with her mouth and spits out some of the wrapping. She gets a knife to open the container.

9:20PM BBT: Liz says, "Me and Vanessa will do the honors." Liz and Vanessa make their apples. Liz says, they should freeze them for a little bit. Steve is still running. Steve says, "I needs to slow down a bit, I'm tired, but I'm going to finish." Liz says, they are done and wants to cut some now to eat them. (Steve hasn't done his apple yet.)

9:23PM BBT: Vanessa tries to eat her apple, and says, they are hard to eat. Liz struggles to cut an apple with a butter knife. She talks in an English accent, and stuffs her mouth so full, she drops food into her hand. They continue to eat the cut pieces and dip them into the different toppings.

9:24PM BBT: Steve says, "One more." Liz says, "The pecans are her favorite." Vanessa tells Liz what cards she has. Steve finishes, and Vanessa looks at his cards.

9:27PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve to pick up his plate off the floor. Liz and Vanessa want to put their apples in the freezer and they see all the naps in the freezer. Steve says, "I want to take a shower, and then I will join you guys." Liz tells Steve, "You do everything at the worst times." Liz continues to eat, chomp and smack her lips." (Hopefully this is the last food treat.)

9:29PM BBT: Liz says, "Everything they've given us the past few days has been fat," as she literally shovels more food into her mouth with her hands. She washes her hands and sits down at the dining table. Liz and Vanessa decide to play Gin until Steve is done with his shower.

9:31PM BBT: Steve is getting in the shower in the bathroom area, while Vanessa and Liz play Gin at the dining table.

9:32PM BBT: Liz gets 10 points for the first hand. Vanessa shuffles the cards for the next round.

9:38PM BBT: Steve is finished in the shower. He goes in the bathroom to get dressed.

9:39PM BBT: Liz is up 20 - 5 now after another round. Steve comes out of the bathroom. He gathers all of his clothes in the bathroom area and takes them to the colorful bedroom. Vanessa and Liz start another hand of Gin.

9:40PM BBT: Steve goes back to the bathroom area to get his microphone, carrying his blue hoodie. He goes back to the bathroom area, and then walks back to the ocean bedroom, talking to himself. He puts his socks and slippers on and goes back to the kitchen.

9:41PM BBT: Steve puts his blue hoodie on his chair by the dining table. He asks them if the topping on the counter is nuts, and he says, they are. Liz says, "They are pecans, they are really good." Steve tries a little bit of the apple. He gets a butter knife out and asks if they will be upset if he cut up apple slices and dipped it in his caramel? Liz says, "No, that's what we did." Steve says, "I'm loving this caramel."

9:44PM BBT: Liz and Vanessa finish another hand. Liz gets up to get water and criticizes Steve. She tells him, "Eww, Steve, that's not how you cut it. You just cut the sides." She sits back down at the dining table.

9:45PM BBT: Steve asks if they intentionally left the ice cream out? Liz says, "No, it's throw away, the ants touched it." Steve says, "I'll take it to the storage room then. I'm also going to probably request 1% milk." As Steve goes in the storage room he says, "Thank you storage." He leaves the storage room and goes to the DR.

9:47PM BBT: Steve comes out of the storage room, gets his drink and apple slices with caramel and sits down at the dining table. Liz criticizes Steve again about putting his caramel in a white container instead of on the plate. They are beginning a game of Chinese Poker. Steve tells them he cleaned up one of their messes with their POP TV mug last night.

9:49PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve to, "Come on," while he's getting his cards together. (They usually are waiting on her.) She tells him to be careful with the cards. They all show their cards.

9:52PM BBT: Vanessa is 15 points from the win. They start another round. Liz eats some of Steve's apple and caramel. Liz starts to sing.

9:53PM BBT: Liz asks if they hear that? There is no response.

9:55PM BBT: BB Liz makes so much noise flipping all of her cards over instead of putting them in groups like Steve and Vanessa. Liz squeals after she is told she wins any part of the four sections each hand. They are starting another hand.

9:56PM BBT: They do some commercials for Mr. Goodbar as they keep playing.

10:00PM BBT: More card flipping going on as they continue to play Chinese Poker.

10:01PM BBT: Steve says, he's going to win, because they are playing by golf rules. Vanessa asks what he means? Steve says, "You're playing for the lowest score." Liz whines, "Steveeee." They begin another hand. Vanessa says, "And, they're off." Liz asks if they've ever done horse betting? Liz says, her mom does it sometimes for fun. Vanessa says, she's done some. Steve says, he's done a little. He says, he bet $2.00 and got back $2.10 each time he did it. Vanessa says, "Gotcha." Liz whispers, "This is a bad hand."

10:04PM BBT: All HGs show their cards again. This round is in the books. Steve says, the main reason he was trying to work out is done. Liz is trying to grab the cards as soon as Vanessa is done dealing. Liz keeping whining, "Steveee," after almost everything he says.

10:07PM BBT:  Liz comments on almost everything that is going on. They finish another hand with Liz having to turn over so many cards.

10:09PM BBT: Vanessa says, "She just won, folks." Liz says, "We are going to keep playing, and she just doesn't know it." Liz yells, "Steve, get another Mr. Goodbar." Steve comes back to the dining table with the bowl of chocolates. Vanessa eats one and does a commercial for it. Vanessa says, "I won, so you have to battle it out for second place." They start to play themselves.

10:12PM BBT: Steve and Liz talks about movies. Vanessa is getting ready to take a shower.

10:14PM BBT: Liz says, "Ha ha, beat ya." Liz wins three of the four rows. They start the next hand.

10:15PM BBT: Liz tells Steve he should go to Disneyland with his parents. Steve says, his parents better have brought his pin lanyard. Liz asks what that is? He says, you can trade your pins with cast members. Liz asks, "What if they don't want to trade?" Steve says, "They are Disney property, so they have to trade them pin for pin."

Vanessa walks by in her pink sleep pants. Liz says, "She's in her ninja pants." Vanessa sits down at the dining table. She didn't take a shower, she only changed her clothes. She starts to paint her nails. Steve and Liz finish another hand of Chinese Poker.

10:18PM BBT: Steve says, things are going to go a lot slower since there are only two people playing. Another round finished. On to the next one.

10:23PM BBT: Steve wants to try to shuffle the cards next. Liz says, "He's probably going to break them." (Meaning the cards.) Steve tells Vanessa how Liz took away his points the other day because he laid down too quickly. Steve and Liz go back and forth like little kids saying who hates who more.

10:25PM BBT: Steve looks for the other apples, and he cuts another one. Vanessa says, she loves how Steve keeps rocking the HoH slippers. Steve says, "I am. I'm a fan." Vanessa asks if he wears slippers at home? Steve says, "No." He says, he doesn't even live on his own yet. He says, "I'm going to have an R.A. again next semester." Liz says, "A Resident Assistant." Steve repeats what he said. Liz says, "Eww," and then goes in the bathroom.

10:27PM BBT: Steve and Liz finish another hand. Steve tries to shuffle. Liz is trying to show him, even though she still can't really shuffle and just said he shuffle was bad. Liz laughs at him.

10:32PM BBT: Another hand in the books. On to the next.

10:36PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that by the way she picks up the card games so well, she thinks she would be a good poker player. Liz squeals is excitement. They finish this round.

10:40PM BBT: Vanessa says, when they wake up tomorrow they will only have 1 more night in the house. Liz says, she is so done, more than she's been done with anything, she is ready. Steve and Liz finish another hand. Vanessa tells Steve he has, "A deuce to seven low." Liz says, "Steve is shuffling." Steve says, "Every day I'm shuffling." Liz shuffles the cards. Steve says, he likes the joke that came up about him making fun of himself because he couldn't tell them apart right away.

10:42PM BBT: Liz and Steve start another hand of Chinese Poker. Liz is actually looking at her cards at the top of her hand tonight. Vanessa gets up and comes back to the dining table.

10:45PM BBT: Steve and Liz finish the next hand and Steve explains how the Finale will go.

10:47PM BBT: Steve gets called to the DR. Liz and Vanessa say they had to wait for the POP TV bag because they may have been coming back from a commercial or something. Liz says, they may all get called to the DR and "I don't have one ounce of make-up on. It's going to take me a long time." Vanessa says, "It could happen." Liz and Vanessa start to play Gin while they wait for Steve to come out of the DR.

10:52PM BBT: Vanessa gets Gin. Liz gets upset. They start the next hand. Liz is looking at her cards at the bottom of her hand again. Vanessa asks Liz if Steve has tried to talk game at her at all today? Liz says, "No." Vanessa says, he told her that he will tomorrow. Liz wants to know what he's going to say. Vanessa says, he's probably going to talk to her about taking him to the final two. Vanessa tells Liz she will not throw the Finales to Steve. Vanessa says, "I'm a favorite over him, and I'm going to beat him."

10:55PM BBT: Vanessa and Liz discuss the competition. Liz is bummed that she gave up on the apple competition. Vanessa tells her the way she has to look at things if fair, because she took her from 5 to four to 3. She says, she took her from four to three that was part of the bargain and she took her over Austin from 5 to 4. Vanessa tells Liz she has to have faith, because she's going to win.

Liz starts to cry, because she is sitting next to Steve who thinks he has the game in the bag. Liz says, "I can't play, so there's nothing I can do literally." Vanessa tells her she played the game well, has allies and has more than a 50/50 chance to make the finals. She tells her not to tear herself up about it. She tells her if she does get third she has America's Player. Steve comes out of the DR, and sits down at the dining table.

11:00PM BBT: Vanessa counts up the points... 35 to 37. Only two points difference. Vanessa says she made a big comeback. She only has five points. Steve asks if they are playing again, and Vanessa says yes. Liz says they are almost there.

As Liz deals, Steve hums. Vanessa says humming is the same as singing. They talk about another match and Steve isn't sure he'll play another match after this. As he sorts his hand, Steve says he's excited for the finale and excited to go home. Excited to complete the experience and to have this as part of it.

11:03PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if she can "sweat" him. Steve says he doesn't know what that means. Vanessa says "watch" and she pulls her chair closer so she can watch Steve sort his hand.

11:04PM BBT: Vanessa gives Steve some pointers and tells him that he didn't even look for flushes and straights. Vanessa tells Steve that his overall strategy is interesting but there are a lot of holes in it. Steve goes through his hand again while Liz waits patiently with her sorted cards laid out face-down.

11:06PM BBT: They reveal hands and Steve and Liz each get two points. Vanessa tells Liz about Steve's strategy. Liz deals another hand.

11:09PM BBT: Vanessa watches Steve sort his hand again. Steve asks her if she disagrees with his strategy. She tells him that she understands why he is losing. He's not doing the mental work to find the right answer. He asks how he can improve. Liz is revealing her cards while Steve and Vanessa discuss. Vanessa tells Steve he will re-arrange his hand after they count out between Liz and Steve. Vanessa says she is trying to prove a point that Steve doesn't put full attention in.

11:13PM BBT: Vanessa finally finishes looking through and rearranging Steve's hand and admits that she would have gotten the same score as Steve did. Steve and Liz are in the kitchen, and neither one responds.

11:16PM BBT: Liz deals out another hand. Vanessa returns to the table, grabs her cards and starts sorting. Steve is in the kitchen, then goes to the bathroom area to splash water on his face before returning to the dining table to sort his cards. Steve ask if they are all playing now, and Vanessa says she is just F'ing around.

11:19PM BBT: BB tells Steve to make sure his battery tray is plugged in. Steve fixes it. Liz says that never happens to her. BB says thank you very much and Steve says "you're welcome." Vanessa comments that she likes that BB is very polite. Liz has her hand laid out, and is playing with her hair while she waits for Steve.

11:21PM BBT: Cards are revealed. Liz beats Steve top and second, Steve beats Liz third and bottom. Two and two. Steve is at 180 and Liz at 197. She is three points away. Vanessa deals to Liz and Steve and includes a "dummy" hand for herself. Liz teases that Vanessa can't help it...she has to play with them.

11:24PM BBT: Steve says he is sleepy. He comments that this is their last full day in Big Brother. Vanessa says true story.

Hands are counted up... Steve gets 6 points. Liz still needs three points to win, and Steve still needs 14. Vanessa says that they both beat her on her dummy hand. Steve repeats that he is sleepy. Liz says everything makes him sleepy. Steve says he gets to see his mommy in a few days. She is 100% in LA or a close suburb. Liz teases that his mom isn't coming. Steve insists that she'll be there.

11:28PM BBT: Steve finishes sorting and they flip. Liz wins 1 and Steve wins three. Liz says this is going to be a long three points! She has just two points to go. The camera moves and Liz comments. Steve points to a camera and says they are on that one. Steve comments that the hanging camera used to be at the center of the table.

11:38PM BBT: Play continues. Steve beats Liz on each hand...he scoops her and gets six points. Liz complains that she is getting the worst cards. Steve needs three to's right down to the wire.

11:40PM BBT: Vanessa coaches Liz. All Liz needs is one point. If she has one sure thing...she just needs the one point to win. Steve tries to shush Vanessa. Liz whines about Steve getting does he do that when she hasn't gotten than in like, forever. Steve realizes he missed a card, and he re-sorts his hand. Steve finishes sorting first and is impatient with Liz. They reveal cards... they each get two points, and Liz wins the game!

Vanessa gives Steve credit for closing the gap. Liz says she is going to go brush her teeth and get ready for her slumber. Vanessa says "they don't want to play any more cards. They are all carded out." Steve is playing with the beach ball. He asks Vanessa for a hug, and she tells him to be careful of her neck. She says she is 60% better, but she still has 40% pain. Vanessa whispers that she is tired, and Steve asks if she wants to go to sleep. She says maybe and checks the time. She comments that they killed time well tonight.

Vanessa suggests putting away snacks. She starts and Steve doesn't help out, so she teases him that she meant she would do it. Steve asks Vanessa when tomorrow. Vanessa says they will feel it out unless he wants an exact time. He says it will be awkward after and Vanessa says she told him. They decide this time tomorrow. [When they will tell Liz that they are taking each other to final two, and not her.]

11:48PM BBT: Steve and Vanessa are in the bathroom area doing nightly ADLs. Liz comes out of the bathroom and washes her hands. Steve says that they all definitely have loved ones in LA right now. We get FotH.
But Wait, there's more.  Granny covered all the late night inactivity, and posted it the the forum.

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