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Monday, August 29, 2016 PoV Meeting Today
Nicole won the PoV.  Today we will find out if she keeps the nominations the same, or switches things up.

8:50AM BBT: We now have FotH maybe a wake-up call.

9:00AM BBT: Wake up music has played; Nicole is up and finding clothes. Other HGs still in bed.

9:11AM BBT: Michelle and Nicole doing makeup in the bathroom area. Hard to hear as neither has their mic on. Some laughter. Michelle says something about Corey and the Care Package. No real game talk as Nicole is moving around. BB now calls for Nicole to put on her mic.

9:16AM BBT: Nicole and Michelle talk. Nicole asks Michelle is she thinks it is a double eviction this week. Michelle says definitely. She says it always goes from 7-5.

9:17AM BBT: Michelle tells Nicole that's he is going to start dieting since she will soon be out in the public eye and they says, "Well, I already am". Makeup continues...

9:23AM BBT: Michelle and Nicole talk. Michelle says that her parents let her sister move into her room while she was gone. She says she is going to try and get it back when she gets home. She is concerned that all of her stuff in a box. She says that her sisters steal her clothes all the time and probably ruined them all. She says she bought all the stuff she brought into the house.

9:28AM BBT: Michelle continues on about how her room was raided when she went to college. She says that is why she has asked live feeders to tweet her sister to leave things be.

Nicole says she told her brother's GF that she could move into her room while she was gone. She says she hopes that she didn't move her stuff out though. She says she told her that she could borrow anything she wanted though. Michelle says that it sucks that when you leave people take over stuff like vultures.

9:41AM BBT: Nicole and Michelle still the only ones up doing ADLs.

9:50AM BBT: Nicole sitting on lounger in the backyard. Victor is crawling out of his bumper car. Nicole starts talking to the feeders saying she is lucky to have found a best friend in Corey; she says she has kept her sane.

9:56AM BBT: Victor comes out to the lounger and lays by Nicole. General chit chat about how he slept etc..

10:01AM BBT: Nicole and Victor are in the backyard talking about how they act in the house, and how they act differently in the house. They talk about how they have missed everything all summer and how everyone goes back to school tomorrow.

10:08AM BBT: Paul goes to the backyard and Victor asks, "Are you awake?" Paul: "Yeah, they forced me up to go to the DR." Paul tells them that last night Natalie was telling James that they need to wash the sheets. James told her, "Why, if there is a double eviction Thursday then there is no point?" Paul says, "Then they shut up." Victor says well let him sleep on dirty sheets.

10:12AM BBT: Victor, Nicole, and Paul head inside to get coffee. Paul says he better not drink it with his chest hurting the way it does, Nicole says, "Yeah, don't drink it." Nicole says they still have 20 minutes, and the coffee looks light, not dark.

Paul is looking in the fridge and talking about making eggs. James comes out of the DR and looks outside.

10:16AM BBT: James and Nicole in the backyard on the lounger and James says, "You know how it is when you leave this house, you do not know what will happen. I just do not know what's going to happen when I leave here." Nicole says, "Yeah, I know I told Corey that I hate texting so when I leave here I'm going to miss him so much; you know like, he is my best friend I'm going to miss him so much."

10:19AM BBT: Victor walks out to the backyard and goes to sit with Nicole and James and James tells him they are just talking about having 24 days left in the house. Victor says, "Yeah, I know man I'm counting it down I'm ready to get out." They then talk about visiting each other.

10:22AM BBT: BB tells the HGs to lower the awnings then BB calls Nicole to the DR and James and Victor yells, "That's it!"

Nicole heads to the DR. Natalie is sitting in the kitchen not talking and Paul is making eggs. Corey and Michelle are still sleeping.

10:25AM BBT: BB says HGs this is a lockdown please go outside and close the sliding glass door and then we get Jeff's Reels as the HGs do the PoV ceremony.

11:00AM BBT:  The feeds are back and Nicole kept the nominations the same.  On Thursday, either Michelle or Paul will be evicted.

11:07AM BBT: The feeds come back with Michelle laughing and everyone joking. They all head in different directions. Natalie and Michelle are in the bathroom area laughing and getting ready to go out to the pool.

Nicole and James in the British bedroom getting ready to go out to the pool. Victor and Paul are in the backyard, Victor says, "We are good man, you do not have to do anything extra we are good."

11:14AM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the backyard laying in the sun by the pool. Corey is in the kitchen getting water.

11:22AM BBT: Nicole in the bathroom area telling Paul and Victor that some of her swim suit bottoms are missing as she puts her hair up to go out to the backyard. Corey and Paul are in the backyard going to lay out. Just general talk going on about the heat.

11:26AM BBT: Michelle and James tell Paul about Dan being the best player of all time in BB history and then they tell Paul about Dan and his funeral.

11:33AM BBT: James and Corey are in the backyard laying out talking about songs they like. Michelle and Natalie are just laying there listening. Nicole and Victor are in the bathroom area getting ready to go outside. Paul is in the DR, James starts singing and we get FotH.

11:42AM BBT: All the HGs are in the backyard laying by the pool; no talking going on. Michelle has been called to the DR.

11:50AM BBT: All the HGs are now in the backyard and BB tells Michelle to please put her mic on. Nicole ask Corey if he is doing laundry today and he says yeah. Paul is walking around in the pool.

12:05PM BBT: The HGs are in the backyard, Paul and Victor playing around in the pool and Nicole and Corey talking about washing underwear.

12:17PM BBT: Nicole and James talk about music and Nicole says, "I love the summer country songs they are so fun." James starts saying the lyrics then Nicole starts singing and we get FotH.

12:22PM BBT: James and Victor are talking about auto insurance they have on their trucks. All the other HGs are just laying by the pool.

12:30PM BBT: General talk going on about Nicole family to Corey and Paul. Nicole tells about her cell phone and how Zack tries calling her and she always declines him. Victor and James in the pool talking about credit cards.

12:34PM BBT: Paul goes inside to bake muffins as he is bored and Natalie goes inside to get something to eat. All other HGs are still by the pool.

12:43PM BBT: Natalie and Paul in the kitchen cooking and all other HGs laying by the pool with just general talk going on.

12:51AM BBT: Natalie is walking around the kitchen looking for hot sauce while Paul makes muffins.

Corey and Nicole have moved into the shade now in the backyard because they are getting really red and say it is very hot out. Nicole goes and gets them a cold drink from the outside fridge.

1:00PM BBT: Nicole and Corey on backyard lounger talking about using the bribe on Victor and Nicole agrees that is the best thing to do since Victor and paul are honest and James will flip flop on us. Corey says since Victor has been evicted two times already means he is not a good game player.

1:15PM BBT: Paul, James, and Victor are talking in the kitchen about this week possibly being a double eviction.

1:30PM BBT: Paul's muffins came out good and he takes them out to the backyard showing Natalie.

1:45PM BBT: Paul is doing dishes and Victor is walking around gathering up the dirty laundry to be washed, James watches Natalie laying in the sun and says she can lay out there all day.

1:50PM BBT: Paul and James in the kitchen talking about a double eviction and how it works when they go to Jury and

looking at the memory wall.

2:00PM BBT: Victor and Paul talk about James talking about the double eviction and Victor tells Paul do not stress over it, they are good with strong people now as Nicole and Corey are good players. Paul says he is not stressing. James walks in and Paul and Victor leave. Paul goes to HoH to shower and Victor goes out to the backyard.

2:15PM BBT: Paul is in the HoH room talking to Nicole. Paul tells her that James is being weird today and she ask how and he says that James keeps talking about the double eviction and how whoever wins this week is going to have to play the game now.

Nicole says he is just trying to get you to come after me and Corey. Paul and Nicole think James is playing mind games. Corey joins them now in the HoH room and Paul tells Corey how James is acting, he says that if he stays this week he will tell James he'd better win HoH or Natalie is going next.

2:25PM BBT: Corey lays down with Nicole and Paul gets in the shower. Corey says maybe he needs to offer the 5k to James to throw the HoH competition Thursday. Nicole says that is crazy and Corey says, "I know it is."

Nicole says that James will never throw the competition and will not be OK with Natalie leaving the house so she tells him it is not a good idea at all.

2:40PM BBT: Most of the HGs are napping, Nicole and Corey are up eating just general talk going on.

2:48PM BBT: Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor are in HoH room studying for the HoH competition.

2:58PM BBT: Studying still going on in the HoH room about who won HoH when. Corey says, "I'm finally learning this game."

3:04PM BBT: In the HoH, Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul studying for possible competitions. Natalie asleep in her bed in the British bedroom.

3:11PM BBT: The HoH crew decide to get together tonight to study. Nicole will come up with questions.

In the British bedroom, Natalie and James are sleeping (in separate beds). Michelle not on the feeds.

3:18PM BBT: Victor and Paul leave the HoH. Nicole explains to Corey that she wants Victor or Paul to win HoH but she doesn't want to give them all of her knowledge. She says she doesn't want to go out on double eviction by giving them everything. She is explaining to Corey the before/after competition.

3:30PM BBT: Victor is preparing food again (shocking - I know) and all other HGs are sleeping.

3:43PM BBT: Victor still cooking. Corey chatting with him. All other HGs are quiet.

3:48PM BBT: Victor and Corey discuss the HoH competition that Corey lost to Natalie. He lost by four seconds. Victor ready to play HoH this week. They continue to prep their slop.

3:58PM BBT: All four cameras on a sleeping Michelle. I think it is Michelle. The blankets are pulled over her head but it is her bed. Corey, Victor, and James are awake in the kitchen and Nicole is in the DR.

4:09PM BBT: Michelle still sleeping. Guys telling stories in the kitchen so no feeds on them.

4:19PM BBT: Victor wipes his armpits with a paper towel. He says he feels sticky. He and James talk about if Corey will use the bribe card or let it go to waste.

4:26PM BBT: Just Victor and James cooking in the kitchen on all four cams.

4:36PM BBT: James is making mac and cheese. The mac is boiling in water and he adds slices of American cheese to the pot and stirs. Corey laying in the hammock in the backyard.

4:40PM BBT: James has now added the cheese packet, regular cheese, more American cheese and milk to his mac and cheese. Victor says that this is real mac and cheese now.

4:50PM BBT: James and Victor are just chatting.

5:00PM BBT: Victor is in the kitchen putting lotion on his body as he talks to James while he eats. Corey is making a glass of ice water. Talk is about dry knuckles and skin.

5:15PM BBT: Victor and Corey are trying the slop bread that Victor made and Victor says it is sweet but not over bearing. Corey gets him a piece of it and is now trying it and keeps eating it.

5:23PM BBT: James in the British bedroom getting his tennis shoes on. Paul, Natalie and Michelle are sleeping. Nicole asleep in the HoH room.

Victor and Corey are in the kitchen eating the slop bread that Victor made and they say it is their sweet slop. James now in the backyard walking around.

5:30PM BBT: James is talking about there might be a double eviction again and talking about the 5k bribe. James says, "If you don't win HoH, and you go up on the block then you have a chance at the veto." James and Corey laughing.

5:40PM BBT: James, Victor, and Corey in the kitchen talking general talk and all other HGs are still sleeping.

5:49PM BBT: Michelle is now up in the kitchen making herself something to eat. James, Corey, and Victor are talking about milk and how much almond milk is better.

5:53PM BBT: Victor and James tell Michelle that you can take and pour Coke on battery terminals to clean them, and we drink this stuff and they laugh.

Corey goes to the HoH room and wakes Nicole and they snuggle and whisper quietly.

5:55PM BBT: Corey and Nicole talking about offering James the 5K to throw the HoH competition Thursday and Nicole says offer it to him now. Corey says, "I'm scared to offer it to him, and then he will know we are after them. I'm going to tell him that I'm going to tell you that you will go on the block 'cause I'm going to try to win it, but are you OK with that." Nicole says, "Yeah, tell him that." She then tells him to wait until Wednesday night to do it and Corey says I don't know.

6:04PM BBT: Nicole and Corey talk about James and that he never comes to hang out with them. Corey thinks James is worried about who is left in the house.

6:14PM BBT: Michelle and Victor are chatting about their favorite places to eat. Michelle starts to tell Victor about the roommate she had in college who would leave food lying around.

6:20PM BBT: Corey and Nicole talk about who would go if they were nominated against others in the house. Corey thinks he would be OK against Natalie but not against Nicole.

6:25PM BBT: Michelle, Victor, and James continue to talk about roommates outside of the house.

6:38PM BBT: James and Victor playing pool. Nicole has gotten a bowl of James mac and cheese. She says it is better then Zakiyah's. James says he thought so but didn't want to say it.

6:45PM BBT: Michelle is laying in bed with her eyes open; just staring. Victor cleaning in the kitchen and Nicole eating.

6:52PM BBT: James and Nicole are relaxing in the backyard and Victor cleaning the kitchen. Corey is working out.

7:01PM BBT: Victor is putting gray pillow cases on the two pillows on the day bed in the Tokyo bedroom. He leaves when he is finished doing that. Michelle is sleeping in the bed in the corner in the Tokyo bedroom.

Nicole goes in the house from the backyard to grab some sheets to wash them. Corey is working out. He stops to rest a little bit. Victor starts to workout with hand weights. He is making faces as he watches himself in one of the mirrors in the backyard.

7:06PM BBT: James goes in the Tokyo bedroom and lays on the princess bed. He and Michelle start to talk about Natalie. James tells her that you never know what type of mood she's in. Michelle says she wishes she would tell her if she mad at her or not. James says it may have something to do with him. Michelle says he didn't do anything. Michelle stretches her right arm.

Michelle says Paul sometimes rubs her the wrong way. She says he's a know it all. James says he was thinking about who may win the double eviction and who should go home.

Michelle says Nicole should go home. She says Corey would be a lost puppy without Nicole and Victor would be a lost puppy without Paul. James asks if she's trying to take the brains out of the house? She says, yes. Michelle says she doesn't think that Victor is in it to win it.

Michelle says Nicole is going to be the one the slides to that Final two seat, she's calling it now. She says she will always not be seen as a threat. Michelle says she is very strategic.

James says it's good to get Nicole out during the double eviction. James says if Corey wins HoH he will put him and Victor up for sure. Both scenarios that Michelle give is that she and Natalie will both be voting, so he will be safe. James says everyone is calm today.

James asks if they should take Nicole out this week? She says that's her gut feeling. She says that Derrick never ruffled any feathers, and Nicole is doing that this season. She says that Steve laid low like Nicole is. She says she doesn't get blood on her hands and she's not a big target. She says Andy was the same way on his season. She says it's going to be easier to get Corey and Victor out. She says they need to get Nicole out, then Victor and then Corey. She says that's her opinion. She says if she wins HoH she won't be voting.

James says it's going to be a double eviction. James says two votes will send someone home. James says they can send Nicole home then. Michelle says if that's what they think is best because that's what her gut tells her. She says she guarantees that Nicole knows the days and has been studying. James thinks that Corey and Victor don't know a lot about the days. Michelle says that Nicole will nail face morph, days and comic book. James says they will know going into a double eviction they will know she wants Nicole out if she's still on the block.

7:16PM BBT: James tells Michelle that Victor will do good in the next endurance competition. He says there's an endurance competition coming up before the Final 4. Michelle says they need to get him out. James says he can beat Corey in an endurance competition all day long. Michelle says she can also. James says Natalie can also. Michelle says it should go Paul, Nicole, Victor and Corey in a best case scenario. She says it's going to be all puzzles and mental competitions. James asks Michelle if she's studying her days? She says she is every night. They talk about the different competitions that they've had.

7:18PM BBT: James tells Michelle to make sure she studies her days. Michelle says Natalie knows them really good and the others probably don't think they know them. Michelle is worried if Nicole knows that she knows her days. James says they can turn the days competition into an HoH competition. They discuss the possibility the next HoH competition can be A and B or Before and After. James says if they lose the next HoH competition it will be one of them going home.

Michelle says if Paul stays that will suck for them. James says he is going home. Michelle says she feels like she's going home. James tells her to hush her mouth she is staying. He tells her she has block paranoia. James says that Victor is distancing himself because Paul is going home. Michelle tells James he is a competition beast.

Michelle asks him how much longer he could have gone on the Dub Step competition? He says he could have stayed up there. Michelle asks what will happen if it's not a double eviction? James says they will be down to 6 people and he will bet her a buffalo nickel it's a double eviction. Michelle asks if there is anything else they can do for HoH? James says no. BB tells Michelle to please stop playing with her microphone.

Michelle tells James to wake Natalie up. James asks if she wants him to die? He says Natalie will kill him. He says she will wake up in about an hour. He goes in the British bedroom.

Paul is sleeping with a face covering his eyes since the lights are on. James lays down in a bed that Natalie is not in so he can nap in the British bedroom as well. We see FotH briefly twice.

7:28PM BBT: Victor and Corey continue to work-out in the backyard while everyone else except Nicole is napping. Victor asks Nicole if the biceps or triceps are the bigger muscle? She guesses the biceps. Victor says the triceps are actually bigger. He says they are longer and they split. Nicole says, OK She is lounging in the hammock in the backyard watching Corey do sit-ups while sitting on a turquoise towel.

7:32PM BBT: Michelle is sitting in the living room eating a full pack of Kale chips. She chews every bite with her mouth open and chomps constantly. She goes in the storage room to throw the package away. She starts humming and we see FotH.

7:38PM BBT: In the kitchen, Nicole tells Corey she thinks he's mad at her. He tells her he's not mad at her. He is trying to read the packaging on the protein powder. He tells her it's good, as he makes himself a protein shake. He asks Nicole what she's thinking and if he did something? She doesn't answer. He tells her he's not acting weird. She tells him she is. He asks why he would be acting weird? She tells him she doesn't know, but he is.

He asks her what's on her mind? She says she's trying to figure out what he's thinking. She asks what % milk it is he's using? He says it's 1%. He puts the milk in the refrigerator and shakes his protein shake vigorously for a little bit.

Victor goes into the house, closing the sliding door quietly. Corey tells Victor they have better protein. Victor says they aren't the same. Corey says he thinks the new one is better for them. Victor says it's nice. Corey says he's using the 1% milk from now on and he will use the almond milk for a sweet treat at night. Victor says that's a good call. Victor asks Nicole to pass him a shaker that's on the table, and she does. He thanks her. Corey says he needs to get in the hot-tub. Victor says he's about that life. Victor says there is a lot of protein and it has more sugar than he thought.

7:44PM BBT: Nicole says she can't believe there is so much sugar in the protein powder. Victor says the protein powder is only about $20.00. He says if you get it at GNC it's about $60.00.

Corey goes to the backyard to get in the hot-tub. Victor asks if they are mad at each other or something? Nicole says they aren't really talking that much. She says he gets really moody when he's on slop. Victor starts to say what he's feeling and Corey opens the sliding door to get Nicole to go to the backyard with her. She is on his case wanting to know what's going on for her benefit. He says everything is fine and they go to the hot-tub.

Corey gets in the hot-tub and Nicole sits on the side with just her legs in it.

Michelle is back in bed to nap in the Tokyo bedroom.

Corey asks Nicole if she's feeling OK? She says, yes. He says he feels like he's been pretty nice. He asks why she looks so sad? She says she's not sad. Nicole tells Corey that she doesn't believe him that he's not mad. He says if there's nothing to be mad at then he's not mad. Nicole tells him to admit why he's mad. There is an airplane overhead.

Corey tells her if she did nothing then there's nothing for him to be mad at. She says, boys. He says, girls. Victor goes to the backyard to join them in the hot-tub. Corey tells him he's tan. He sits on the side of the hot-tub that Corey is sitting on, and puts his legs in the water.

Corey says there is always helicopters going overhead with spotlights on. Victor says there were literally five choppers with their lights on and it looked sketch. We see FotH.

7:51PM BBT: Victor says there's another one. They all look up to the sky to see what's going on. Nicole says it seems closer. Victor says it's so low. Nicole asks what they do from up there? Victor says the chopper makes sure the people don't get away and they radio the police car. Victor says the news crew sometimes follows to help out.

Victor is grunting as he sits down in the hot-tub. He asks if Corey just sat in there? Victor says it's really hot. Nicole says being in hot water is not good for your heart and it's proven. Victor asks for a long period of time or in general? Nicole says if you have a heart problem you shouldn't be in it at all. Victor says it increases your heart rate. Nicole says your body has to regulate itself.

Nicole says that Bridgette told her that putting your head in hot water kills some brain cells. Nicole says there is a record of a person that lived so many years and they smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. She says they are over 100 years old. Victor says, no way. He says it must be genetics then.

7:55PM BBT: Victor asks Corey if he's ever watched the adult cartoon, Archer? Corey says he's seen commercials, but he's never watched it. Victor says he's his idol.

Victor says he's scared to cut Corey's hair. Nicole says she can't believe that Corey's hair isn't really growing that much. He says he's had it cut three times. Nicole says Victor cut it really good the last time. Victor says to just call him Paul Mitchell. Victor talks about some disgusting things about the adult cartoon.

7:58PM BBT: Nicole checks the laundry. Victor asks her to put his stuff by the washer and dryer. Victor asks Corey if he and Nicole are fighting? Corey says, no. He says he's just been up and down with being a Have-Not. They both want a shower inside tonight.

Victor tells Corey he can ask Nicole to make them some slop. Corey says they can. Nicole goes inside the house.

Victor says he's keeps thinking about the after party that's in 24 days. Corey tells Victor that he thinks Nicole is upset about a story he told him earlier of something that happened 10 years ago. Victor says, that's 10 years ago. Corey says he doesn't care she can say whatever she wants. Victor says they will be cuddling later. Corey says he doesn't like dealing with petty stuff like that.

Victor says they are getting down to the wire. Corey says talking about the wrap party and everything after might be making her feel weird. He says she wants to go home and he wants to stay there and hang out afterward.

8:02PM BBT: Victor tells Corey about Nicole asking him the other day if Corey would really go with her to see him in New Orleans after the show. Corey says, of course, he will go. Corey says they both just got out of relationships. He says there's no way they should have to deal with this. Corey says he will be mingling after this. He says even if Nicole is his girlfriend he will be mingling and drinking and she will probably be jealous. Victor says she seems to really be jealous. Corey says that Nicole talked to him about not talking to her after the show. He says that he told Nicole he will still talk to her and he still wants to hang out with her.

Victor has a spot on the left side of his face where his beard isn't growing in like the rest of it has.

Corey says Nicole is going to have a hard time after the show without being by him 24/7. He says he wants to go to Ubly and he wants her to go to Dallas. He says her and Hayden went from Showmance to dating in the jury. He says he's not going to be in a relationship like her and Hayden were. He says she probably thinks it has to be better than her and Hayden were when they leave. He says, no, that's not happening. He says she will have a lot of cool guys hitting her up when she leaves the house.

8:08PM BBT: Victor says James has to have Natalie by his side. He says he's so glad he doesn't have her by him. Corey says if he has a girlfriend she would be part of the shots. Victor says he doesn't have a girlfriend so it's OK Corey says, exactly.

Corey is flicking the water in the hot-tub. Corey asks if Paul is still asleep? Victor says he's F'd. Corey says he's not sleeping tonight.

We see a camera view of Paul lying on his left side in his bed in the British bedroom. Corey and Victor talk about the backyard shutting down again. Victor says he hopes it's Wednesday at 6AM.

Victor says the hot-tub is making him sweat. Corey says, yeah, same, he needs a shower. Victor says he's going to get out to eat slop and get a shower. They both get out of the hot-tub.

8:12PM BBT: Victor says they are the only ones on slop and the only two that worked out today. Corey says he hasn't seen Natalie working out lately. They both put towels on.

Corey says he needs to drink water tonight because he's dehydrated. They go inside the house. Corey says he is peeing a color that looks like a highlighter. Victor rinses out his shaker cup in the kitchen sink. He smells it as he's washing it out. He smells it again before putting it in the strainer.

8:14PM BBT: Victor washes other dishes that are in the kitchen sink. After rinsing them, he puts them in the strainer. Michelle is tossing and turning in her bed in the Tokyo bedroom.

8:18PM BBT: Corey walks through the kitchen. Victor asks him if he's fresh? Corey says he's fresh and clean. He takes his dirty clothes to the Tokyo bedroom and gets clean ones out of his drawers in the hallway. Victor is still scrubbing a pan in the kitchen sink.

8:21PM BBT: Victor is cleaning out the muffin pan that was used earlier today. He puts it in the strainer when he's done washing it. Corey is dressed and goes up the stairs to the HoH room.

Nicole puts her glasses on and gets her microphone. She asks Corey what's up? Corey asks if she wants to clear the air? Nicole says she thinks something is wrong. Corey asks why she looks so sad? She says she's not sad. She tells him the light blue color looks good on him. She asks him what's up? He asks the same thing. She asks if he showered? He says, yes. He lays down on the bed on his stomach and is looking at Nicole. He tells her she's acting weird lately. She says it's not on purpose she's just stressed.

Corey says she seemed to be acting weird when she went outside while he was working out. She says she saw something on his face and she didn't do anything wrong. She says she doesn't think she's been acting weird. She tells him he doesn't tell her the truth. She thinks he got mad about something stupid with the umbrella. She says that James said something for her to get under the umbrella and then Victor said something like Paulie said to Natalie. She says that Corey told her to go ahead. He tells her she was acting sketchy before that. She says she never did anything. Corey says then he shouldn't be mad at anything. Corey tells her she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Victor goes into the British bedroom, gets some clothes from his dresser in the hallway and goes to the bathroom area to take his shower now.

8:28PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that he really wanted her to go watch him workout to motivate him. He says he thought she was acting sketch before that comment. He tells her he doesn't want to have any problems between the two of them. He says she looked heartbroken. Nicole says she had a lot on her mind.

Corey tells her he thinks she's mad about the story he told her. She says she's not even mad about the story. She says she is stressed out and moody. She says she is cramping and probably will be starting her period anytime within the next day or so. She says she may have thrown her game away and she doesn't even know that yet. She says she is used to getting her space and she has gotten any space. She gets up from the bed and goes to the HoH room bathroom area.

Nicole gets a tissue to wipe her tears away. She goes back to the bed with Corey. She tells him she's not talking about him, she just gets overwhelmed. She says she really likes Victor and Paul, but she just can't hang out with them all the time.

Corey laughs and makes her laugh a little while she's drinking her water. She says she feels bad that she didn't help them study earlier and they may get her on the block.

Nicole says that Michelle is going to try to take her down before she leaves if she even leaves. She says she needs to stop trying to ruin her game. She says she is little and she can't carry all this stress of everyone going up to her since Day 1. She says getting their votes at the end is going to be difficult.

Nicole is crying her eyes out now. She says she can't make all of these people happy all of the time. She says she can be strong for so long, but she can't always be strong. She says she puts a lot of stress on herself and it catches up to her once in a while. She says she's going to start her period that's why she's crying. Corey says, fools emotional. Nicole says she is.

Corey tells her she's in a good spot. He wants her to be happy and not bring negative attention to him. He tells her who cares if Michelle craps on her. He says no one is going to care except probably Natalie, and she should go next, if not James will. He tells Nicole that she should be there a while. Nicole says she could go home Thursday and she's not ready. Corey says he can too and that's the possibility each week in this game. He tells her she loves the game and she's really passionate about it. She says she needs to cry every once in a while. She says she has hardly cried in 76 days. He tells her he is just trying to cheer her up.

8:38PM BBT: Nicole says she had a breakdown like this in BB16 when she was HoH. She says getting the letter and pictures from your family is such a blessing, but it makes you miss things. She says she just has to realize that this is a game. She says she refuses to give the jury members the satisfaction of seeing her go in that house. She sits back and yawns.

Victor is finished with his shower in the WA; he has a towel wrapped around him looking in the mirror. He flips his hair back and walks out of the bathroom area. He gets his underwear and shorts and goes back to the bathroom area to put them on.

Nicole tells Corey that she doesn't get to cuddle him at night so she doesn't get to release her stress and that has something to do with it. She says she can literally see herself getting to the final two. She says she didn't see that with BB16. She says she won't be satisfied if that doesn't happen. She says things can flip quick. She says she may not to get to talk strategy with him if one of them goes.

Nicole tells her mom she's fine. She says she might be watching right now. She says she's honestly fine, she just doesn't know.

Victor is cleaning his ears out with Q-Tips in the bathroom area.

Nicole is rubbing the inside of Corey's hand. Her hand looks so small compared to his. She starts rubbing his forearm.

8:43PM BBT: Nicole asks Corey if he had to talk about Ubly? He says no, but Victor and Paul did. Nicole says that's funny they all had to talk about the school house. She says BB must be worried about what to air.

Nicole says she's worried that Victor won't vote Michelle out. Corey says he can offer him the $5,000. Nicole tells him not to. Corey says he wants to give it to her. She says she wants to give it to him. Corey says he wants it to be hers. She says she doesn't want it. Nicole says who needs $5,000 when you have $500,000.

Corey tells her she will make top two. Nicole tells him not to jinx it, she will be so happy. Corey says he's optimistic. Nicole says she's pessimistic. Nicole says she doesn't want to get her hopes up to get let down. She wants them to be the Final Two. She says that will be so crazy and that's never happened before, ever.

Nicole gets called to the DR. She asks Corey if they want to get her when she's emotional or what? Corey says probably. He asks her to take the remote to get the batteries changed. They leave the HoH room.

Nicole asks Corey where he got the shorts he has on? He says he's only worn half of his clothes. She tells him to start wearing them. Corey says he is lightheaded. He fills his water bottle with more water and then sits at the kitchen table.

Nicole goes to the bathroom area to get herself ready for the DR. Victor asks if she was sleeping or hanging out? Nicole says she was listening to music. She says she's going to shower after the DR.

Victor says he's done combing his beard and he needs some beard oil. He says he feels like a hobo if he wears his baseball cap forward. Victor asks if Corey is eating? She says she doesn't know, but he needs to make sure he's eating and drinking. She tells Victor that's his job for the week. Victor says it's her job to do that. She says when she's not around. He tells her he will be inconspicuous about it.

He leaves the bathroom area and tells Corey that it's his job to make sure he eats and drinks. Corey says sometimes he feels like he's in an old people's home. They all laugh.

Nicole is reapplying her makeup, using the small mirror by the bathroom. She tells herself she's going to shower after this. She puts her makeup in the bin, looks at herself in the mirror, puts on chapstick, looks at herself again in the big mirror, and leaves the bathroom area to go to the DR.

Victor tells her they need more slop. She says, OK Corey says he's going to sleep good tonight.

Natalie, James, and Paul are all still sleeping in the British bedroom. Michelle is still sleeping in the Tokyo bedroom. Victor says he put lotion on his body and he feels fresh as crap. Corey asks why his knuckles keep drying out? He says he doesn't know. He says he wants to go to bed at 11PM. Victor says he wants to relax tonight.

Corey says the bumper cars are not comfortable at all. He sits down to eat some slop at the dining room table. Victor puts his bowl and cup at the table. He gets the protein bottle to read while he eats. Corey says he read it earlier. Victor sits down to eat with Corey.

8:56PM BBT: Victor says people that are trying to lose weight should be eating the slop. Corey agrees. Corey says it's weird that there are only four jury members and they have to add 5 more jury members. He says it seems a lot closer than that. Victor says there will be two people leaving Thursday for the jury. Corey says there's no way it's not a double eviction, but it may not be.

Victor says he honestly thought Frank would last a lot longer. Corey says, yeah. Corey says it went down hill when he and Da'Vonne started butting heads really bad. He says they started spilling the beans about each other. Victor says he didn't see all of that. Corey says Frank changed, or he didn't really see it all. He says he was playing like Paulie did with all the alliances and it all came out. He says he was throwing people under the bus all the time.

Corey tells Victor they got in a huge fight in the Tokyo bedroom yelling and screaming at each other. Corey says that he even told Da'Vonne that he was going to put Corey and Nicole on the block and then said to them, "You all know I wouldn't put you up right?"

Victor farts and Corey holds his nose from the smell. He says his were bad last night, but they were better today. After the smell goes away he says the worst part of being a Have-Not is the farts. They continue to eat their slop.

OK, Does Everyone Know the Drill?
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